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jeongguk has been sitting on the train for barely three minutes before his phone rings. he wants to be exasperated, but seeing the contact photo of yoongi show up on the screen—a selfie he took months ago when he was first getting the hang of using a phone, his face far too close to the camera so it’s really just his eyes and furrowed brows and somehow a bit of jeongguk in the background, reaching for the phone and laughing wide—has butterflies swooping in jeongguk’s stomach. still, he peers out of the window and to the platform, where he can see yoongi standing and watching him, phone held up to his ear.

jeongguk makes a point of raising an eyebrow before he accepts the call. “hello?” he says.

jeongguk!” yoongi practically yells into the phone. “is this working?”

“jesus, hyung, yes,” winces jeongguk, pulling the phone away from him. “you don’t have to yell.”

“but the phone is so far away from my mouth.”

“it can pick up sound really well, remember?”

“i just don’t get it—”

“why are you calling me?” asks jeongguk, watching yoongi through the window. so he sees yoongi pouting at him, an ache building in jeongguk’s bones. he also sees the way yoongi’s eyes skirt from his, moving this way and that before he crosses an arm over his chest and huffs into the phone.

“because,” yoongi mumbles, not meeting his eyes through the window. “i miss you.”

“i’m still here,” says jeongguk.

“but i can’t touch you,” says yoongi. “or kiss you. i miss kissing you.”

jeongguk giggles. when yoongi gets needy, something like fire ignites in jeongguk’s veins, makes him fall in love all over again. he’s so used to yoongi showing his feelings in actions or doing loving things while pretending they’re not that big of a deal, so when he voices his feelings, it means more. and—it just goes to show that he must really be missing jeongguk just to say those things.

still—“you just kissed me three minutes ago,” says jeongguk. “and i’m only going away for the week. i’ll be back before you know it.”

yoongi finally lifts his eyes and meets jeongguk’s gaze through the window. the pout is still there. “a week is a long time,” he says. and it’s true—since they started dating, jeongguk hasn’t really been away for more than a few days at a time. he doesn’t really have anywhere to go, because anywhere that doesn’t have yoongi is a place that jeongguk doesn’t want to be. but it’s been a while since jeongguk has gone home to busan, to visit his parents and friends. he knows this is the right thing to do.

but yoongi looks a bit like an abandoned puppy standing on the platform, waiting for the train to take jeongguk away. and jeongguk feels the twinge of sadness he knows will remain until he returns to seoul; he puts his hand up against the window, spreading his fingers wide. “i wish you could come with me,” he says.

“i can’t,” says yoongi. “if i’m—”

“gone from the monster world for more than a day or two, bad things start happening to you,” jeongguk finishes. “i know. still wish you could be with me.” it’s another reason why jeongguk hasn’t gone on any long trips or left his apartment for more than a few days at a time—yoongi physically can’t come with him. he’s not from here, and it’s like he’s existing on borrowed time every time he crosses over from the monster world to the human world. they make it work as best as they can, learning how to be together even with so many divides between them. they’ve been dating for six months and have yet to find a tear in their relationship that can rip them apart indefinitely, so—

it would be nice if yoongi could stay in the human world for more than a day at a time, and it would be nice if jeongguk could cross to the monster world without needing yoongi there to protect him. it would be nice if they could be together like normal couples, to love each other like normal couples, but—maybe normal is overrated. maybe jeongguk likes his tentacle monster boyfriend just fine without normal.

yoongi looks away again, and jeongguk would dare to say he might be getting a little misty-eyed. “i’ll be here when you get back,” says yoongi. “well, not here, but you just have to call me and i’ll come. or actually, i might still be here in a week because i don’t know how the fuck to get back home.”

hyung,” giggles jeongguk. “you can use google maps on your phone, remember?”

that shit is of the devil, i swear,” says yoongi. “how does it know where i am? can’t people use that to stalk and kidnap me?”

“please don’t do anything stupid while i’m gone. just go straight back to my apartment. no one is going to try to hurt you.”

“are you sure? i don’t trust humans that much.”

“you trust me.”

“you’re different—”

the train suddenly lurches, moving out of the station and taking jeongguk with it—making him leave yoongi there all alone, to hopefully find his way home and not be sad about jeongguk being gone for a whole week. jeongguk frowns, leaning up in his seat so he can still see yoongi even as the train slowly moves down the track.

“you better come back,” says yoongi, “i’ve never been to busan but it probably sucks compared to being with me.”

despite himself, jeongguk grins. “i will, hyung,” he says. “i’m just going to visit my parents and some of my friends from back home.”

“what if you like them better than me?” asks yoongi. “i don’t trust your friends, either.”

“you’d like them. especially jimin-hyung.”

even though the train is carrying him further and further away, jeongguk swears he can see yoongi wrinkle his nose at the mention of someone else. it’s true that jeongguk doesn’t have a lot of friends—and namjoon and hoseok don’t count because they were yoongi’s friends first—but when he does have a friend, yoongi tends to get possessive.

tell me about this jimin again,” says yoongi, and jeongguk giggles, watching out of the window until the platform disappears, letting him turn back and sit in his seat properly. it’s probably a distraction technique—making jeongguk talk about something else, something he’s looking forward to rather than focusing on the fact that he’s leaving yoongi behind. he doesn’t mind it.

“jimin-hyung and i were good friends when we were kids,” says jeongguk, picking at a hole in his jeans now. “we went to school together, even high school, and he was my best friend from home. we would have sleepovers all the time and we were on sports teams together and he was just… he was really great, hyung. he’s so funny and caring and fun to be around. but when i graduated and decided to move to seoul, he wanted to stay in busan.” jeongguk shrugs, lips turning down in a frown. it was a hard pill to swallow at the time, knowing his best friend was going to stay in their hometown when jeongguk was ready to spread his wings.

“i bet that was hard,” murmurs yoongi, sounding so close even though he’s getting further and further from jeongguk.

“it was okay,” says jeongguk. “i missed him a lot, but we stayed in contact as best as we could. we’ve kind of drifted apart in the past few years, but we text and call when we can and i always go to visit him when i go back home.” he shrugs. “he’s a really good friend. and i’m excited to see him again.” it’s been a while; jeongguk hasn’t been home in over six months, since before he started dating yoongi. and although he’s spoken to jimin since then, it’s always different to see him in person, to hear that laugh, to just give him a hug.

yoongi hums, low in jeongguk’s ear. “well, i’m glad you’ll have a good time, even if i’m going to miss you,” he says. “you’ll call me tonight, right?”

“are you still going to be here?” asks jeongguk. “you know the phone doesn’t work if you’re in the monster world.”

“maybe i’ll just sleep in your bed. smells like you.”

“that’s so cheesy, hyung.”

what? i just love you, that’s all.”

“disgusting. please hang up.”

yoongi laughs, and jeongguk’s heart swells. god, he already misses yoongi. “i know you’re joking, but also can you actually stay on the phone with me until i get out of this train station?” asks yoongi. “i don’t trust myself. i won’t have to use money, right? because i still don’t get how human money works.”

“you’ll be fine,” says jeongguk. “but yeah. don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.”

“help,” scoffs yoongi. “i’m from a different world, jeongguk. i can shapeshift into any creature i want. i’m currently hiding six tentacles in my fucking back, and you want me to ask for help—”

“you got lost already, didn’t you?”

yeah,” mumbles yoongi. “there’s a lot of signs and words and i got confused.”

“aw, baby,” giggles jeongguk.

“this is why you’re supposed to stay home with me.”

“i love you, min yoongi,” says jeongguk, giggling when yoongi grumbles it back. oh, it’ll be hard to be without him—but jeongguk is kind of excited for it, because he can’t wait to come home. he can’t wait for the reunion that will follow, for knowing just how fond he’s grown in yoongi’s absence from his side.

(and, well. the sex. mostly, jeongguk is excited for the sex.)

jeon jeongguk!

jeongguk whips around at the sound of his name, eyes wide when he spots a man running through the crowded station toward him. an immediate burst of joy fills jeongguk as he begins running toward the man, already laughing about it all; they collide in the middle, arms wrapping around each other, and jeongguk lets out a sighed, “park jimin.”

“look at you!” beams jimin as he lets go, holding jeongguk by the shoulders at arm’s length as he looks him up and down. it’s been less than a year since they last saw each other, but jimin still looks so different from that last visit; his hair is a shocking orange colour, for one (although he’s always been one to boast rapidly changing hair colours, even when they were teenagers, and jeongguk still wonders how he isn’t bald yet), and he looks more tan, leaner, sun-kissed with freckles splashed across his nose. of course—it’s the summer and jimin lives by the sea. he must be enjoying all the sun he can get.

“look at you,” laughs jeongguk, ruffling jimin’s hair. “orange?”

“thought i’d try it,” shrugs jimin. “i’ve done just about every other colour of the rainbow. have you ever thought about dyeing yours?”

jeongguk puts a protective hand over his head. he likes his hair the way it is, thank you very much. although he can’t help thinking that jimin would like yoongi if only because yoongi likes to change his hair colours, too, often doing so in the blink of an eye when he sees a hairstyle he likes on someone else, since he’s a shapeshifter. they don’t always work out well.

(and—the memory of yoongi already has jeongguk’s heart aching, but he pushes it down in favour of grinning at jimin, letting the other man hook their arms together and pull jeongguk toward the exit.)

“how was your trip?” asks jimin. “how’s seoul? how’s everything? god, it feels like we haven’t seen each other in ten years. remember when you were shorter than me?”

“no,” says jeongguk. “i’m pretty sure i was born taller than you, hyung.”

hey, remember i’m the one driving you around this week and you’re going to be crashing on my couch for a few days,” says jimin, knocking their hips together. “if you don’t watch yourself, i’ll drop kick you into the ocean and leave you there.”

it already feels like he’s home. even the air smells different here. and having jimin at his side, happily leading him to his car so they can head to dinner before going back to jimin’s little cottage by the sea—he’ll see his parents tomorrow, but they can wait for now—has him already relaxing. he’s been anxious for hours about leaving yoongi on his own, even though he knows yoongi is more than capable of taking care of himself as he was doing it for an indeterminate number of years before they two of them ever met. but he still misses yoongi something fierce and was worried about being too homesick for yoongi to enjoy his visit to busan.

already, though, he feels relaxed and comfortable and excited. he’s never going to not miss yoongi when they’re apart, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a good time with jimin.

they catch up over dinner—discussing jimin’s work and jeongguk’s schooling, exciting things jeongguk has missed in busan since he last visited, and gossip about their high school friends that they’ve both since fell out of touch with. it feels good to be back in familiar territory once more, the two of them easily falling back into their banter, teasing, and laughing that can quickly turn to more serious topics with the blink of an eye. jeongguk hadn’t realized just how much he’d missed jimin until he’s sitting across from him at a restaurant and listening to jimin tell an animated story about the last speeding ticket he got and how he got out of it (which jeongguk will never repeat to anyone ever, even yoongi).

it’s only once they’ve hopped back into jimin’s car and driven out to jimin’s cottage that jeongguk realizes he hasn’t mentioned yoongi even once. it’s less about forgetting, more about a habit ingrained in him to not tell anyone about yoongi. at first, he wasn’t sure how to explain a tentacle monster that technically lived under his bed and showed up when jeongguk jerked off, and then he wasn’t sure how to explain that said monster had become his boyfriend.

even without mentioning the monster thing, it’s a hard thing to tell people about yoongi—because then people want to ask so many goddamn questions. where does he live, where does he work, what are his hobbies? and jeongguk likes to think of himself as a decent liar, but he can’t be fucked to make up answers that aren’t: in an alternate universe where everyone is a monster, he’s technically a criminal for a living, he likes fucking me and putting human technology on blast because he doesn’t understand it and stealing things. what about your boyfriend?

then, of course, people want to meet yoongi—but yoongi hates the human world other than anything that has to do with jeongguk. he can’t imagine forcing yoongi to sit through dinners or parties with jeongguk’s friends, and he wouldn’t want to force that on his friends, either. so—he’s just gotten used to not mentioning yoongi or even mentioning that he has a boyfriend.

but this is jimin. his best friend for most of his life jimin. it feels wrong not to tell jimin that he has a boyfriend, but he knows that jimin won’t rest until he’s wrestled every single incriminating detail about yoongi and their relationship out of jeongguk.


he lets it go for the moment, allowing jimin to show him around instead. his house is truly a cottage by the sea, a little stone house set against the beach with nothing more than a line of bushes between him and the water. it’s the only house for a mile or two on either side, giving him total privacy and an entire stretch of the beach to himself where he admits to swimming and sunbathing often when he’s home. the cottage itself is small, perfect for one person with just a single bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room filled with decorations and knick-knacks that truly scream jimin.

when they were kids, jeongguk never would have imagined that jimin would be the one living in a homely cottage by the sea while jeongguk was the one going off to college in the big city, but in a way, it does fit well. this feels like jimin. and as much as jimin loves people and bright lights and big cities, something about this feels right.

grabbing bottles of soju and two beach chairs, the two of them head out to the beach, parking themselves in front of the water and laughing as they sit together, reminiscing further.

“you ever think about coming back to busan?” asks jimin, squinting to look at jeongguk through the glare of the sun. “to stay, i mean.”

“i have, actually,” admits jeongguk. “when i first moved to seoul, i was so homesick. everything was so different even though it was the same country, but… i missed my parents and you and everything i had here. and i used to think a lot about getting my degree and then moving home, because i could probably do any job i wanted here, too. busan has everything i love, but…”

when he doesn’t elaborate, jimin raises his eyebrows, prompting jeongguk with a, “but?”

despite himself, jeongguk blushes. “i have a really good reason to stay in seoul.”

although he averts his eyes, jeongguk can tell jimin is smirking. “oh my god, jeon jeongguk,” he gasps. “don’t tell me you’ve gone and snagged yourself a boyfriend!”

ugh, hyung,” groans jeongguk. “don’t make this embarrassing.”

“you have, haven’t you!” shouts jimin. “and you didn’t tell me immediately? you’ve been getting the good dick for how long and you didn’t tell me?”

“oh my god, i’m going back to seoul,” says jeongguk, already getting out of his chair, but jimin just laughs, reaching out to stop him.

“sorry, sorry,” he says. “i’ll be nice, i promise. you’re just my little jeonggukie! i want to know everything.”

jeongguk bites at his lip, sitting back down. the truth is—it’s probably harmless telling jimin about yoongi. he can field the questions he has to lie about and it’s not like jimin is going to demand to meet him when they live halfway across the country from each other. at most, he can facetime yoongi while he’s here and let them meet that way and it’ll be fine. probably.

“alright,” sighs jeongguk, ignoring jimin’s rousing cheer in response. “i do have a boyfriend. his name is min yoongi and we’ve been together for about six months.”

“six months!”

“well, technically it’s been longer, since we were, uh—friends with benefits for a while before that.”

“god, you absolute minx.”


jimin puts his hands up in a gesture of innocence. this is going about as terribly as he imagined it would. “anyway, he lives in seoul and he’s really lovely and he treats me well. so you don’t have to worry about threatening him or anything.”

“who said i was going to?” asks jimin.

“jimin-hyung, you used to steal the valentine cards i got in primary school and interrogate every single person who sent one about if they actually liked me or if their moms just made them give me the cards.”

“and?” asks jimin. “that’s called being a good hyung.”

“that’s called being overprotective and, dare i say it, batshit crazy.”

jimin just shrugs. “alright, i’ll be nice. tell me everything about him, though. what’s he look like, what’s his dick look like, does he make six figures a year so he can provide for you if you decide to become a hatsune miku groupie like you always dreamed?”

“this is so embarrassing,” grumbles jeongguk, but he pulls out his phone anyway, finding an appropriate picture of yoongi to show to jimin. he’s not sure what he expects; he knows yoongi is the most attractive person in the entire world, but he’s not sure he wants jimin to think that. either way, jimin stares at the photo for a long second, eyes darting to jeongguk’s in confusion, and then he lets out a low whistle.

“got yourself a looker there, jeon,” he grins. “i just know his dick is great. i just know.

“i do not want to talk about my sex life with you,” says jeongguk, pulling back his phone has jimin makes a reach for it, no doubt to go digging for yoongi’s nudes. (which would be rather incriminating, considering yoongi doesn’t actually have a dick, but six tentacles protruding out of the middle of his back.) “he’s um, going to school, too,” he adds, trying to come up with a plausible lie. “doing his master’s. in… engineering.”

“oh, a smart one, too, huh?” asks jimin, but there’s something more in his expression now—something watchful. “where’d you say he’s from?”

“daegu,” says jeongguk automatically. “yeah, he, uh—moved to seoul for school and we met through a club at the university. the… sex club.”

“your school has a sex club?”

“no, i mean like one of those clubs that promotes safe sexual practices and screening for sexually transmitted infections and passes out condoms during sex week.”

jimin stares at him, dubious. jeongguk can feel himself sweating and it’s not from the alcohol. god, maybe he’s not as good at lying as he thought he was. “and you decided to put all of that to the test,” says jimin, “when you became friends with benefits.”

“yeah, exactly,” says jeongguk. “safe sex is yoongi-hyung’s number one priority.” not that he’s ever put a condom on one of his tentacles, but that’s usually the farthest thing from either of their minds. besides, jeongguk isn’t even sure monsters have sexually transmitted infections. or maybe he’s slowly dying from one right now and he doesn’t even know it.

jimin sits back in his chair, giving a little huh of contemplation. “how come you didn’t bring him with you?” he asks. “if you’ve been dating for six months, surely you’re thinking about introducing him to your parents.”

jeongguk pales at the very thought. he’s been avoiding the relationship question with his parents for longer than he’s known yoongi, but if he’s afraid of telling his school friends about his tentacle monster boyfriend, he’s certainly not going to tell his parents.

“he couldn’t come,” says jeongguk, which is at least true. “he… had a lot of homework.”

“it’s the middle of the summer, jeongguk. why would he have homework?”

“summer student! he’s really eager to learn and… engineer things. you know.”

“right,” says jimin, one corner of his lips curling up into a strange grin as he sips at his soju. god, jeongguk would like the ocean to swallow him whole right now.

although—that does give him an idea.

“enough about my love life, though,” he says shakily. “i’ve been away from the ocean for so long that i can feel it calling to me like in moana. we should go for a swim.”

thankfully, jimin lets them drop the subject of yoongi that easily, instead grinning as he puts down his alcohol and gets to his feet, not even bothering to grab them both swimwear and instead beginning to pull off his clothes right there. there’s no one around, anyway, and it’s not like jeongguk hasn’t already seem jimin in various states of undress over the years.

finally, it feels like they’re kids again, just two teenagers high on the promise of summer as they go splashing into the ocean, trying to drown each other and wasting the hours away with waterlogged laughter.

later, as they’re drying off from the ocean and still laughing about jeongguk getting a lungful of salt water, jeongguk shoving jimin into the door of his cottage, jimin says, “i bet yoongi is waiting for you to call him and make sure i haven’t eaten you alive yet.”

toweling at his hair, jeongguk grins. “yeah, he’s a little protective and worried about me. but he means well. he’s just not used to being away from me for a long time.”

“well, it can’t be that much different from being in entirely different worlds. isn’t he used to being in the monster world without you?”

comfortable, easily, jeongguk doesn’t even think before replying, “god, i know, right? he usually visits me every day or two if he can, but it’s not like we can text or call when he’s in the monster world, so i don’t know why he—” suddenly, he stops, realizing what he’s saying. he drops the towel around his shoulders, turning to stare at jimin with wide eyes.

“wait,” he says slowly. “i didn’t… how—what?

but jimin is grinning, something smug in the pull of his lips. jeongguk has never even heard another human mention the monster world or the existence of monsters, and to hear something like that from jimin’s mouth is causing his brain to short circuit. “yoongi’s a monster, right?” asks jimin, turning and heading further into the cottage. jeongguk has no choice but to follow him, still in shock. “a shapeshifter, i assume. i couldn’t see any of his monster parts in that photo you showed me, but he’s probably good at hiding them if he hangs out in the human world with you for any amount of time.”

“what the fuck,” whispers jeongguk, letting jimin manhandle him onto the sofa, heading into the kitchen to grab a glass of water. “how did you—how do you—you know about monsters?”

“their existence isn’t as much of a secret as you might think, jeongguk,” says jimin, appearing beside him and shoving a glass of water into his hand. “the grand majority of humans don’t know about monsters, but i’m sure all of the world leaders do. i mean, who says some of the world leaders aren’t monsters themselves?”

“but—” jeongguk gawks. “monsters can’t stay in the human world. that’s why yoongi couldn’t come with me. if he’s in the human world for too long, his body starts… glitching. he once tried to stay for longer than a few days and got violently ill and couldn’t keep up his human form and i thought he was going to die.”

jimin sits in a rocking chair across the small room from him, sipping at his own water. “there is so much you don’t know about monsters, jeongguk,” he says. “there’s so much yoongi doesn’t know about humans.”

“how did you know?”

“i’m suspicious of every new person i meet, to begin with,” shrugs jimin. “but there were a few things that tipped me off… first, that picture you showed me. you know shapeshifting monsters can’t take the form of something they’ve never seen before, right?”

jeongguk blinks at him.

“i knew i’d see that face somewhere before,” he says. “i’ve seen monsters that look like yoongi before. you’ve never asked why he chose to take the form he does when he’s human?”

“no, i… never thought about it,” says jeongguk. “you’re saying that he’s not the only monster who looks like that?”

“there are only so many forms that shapeshifting monsters take when they first enter the human world. they can change to look like whoever they want once they’re here, but my best guess is that when they’re being taught how to shift, monsters are given specific forms to try to shift into. different kinds of monsters, maybe even objects if their skills extend that far. shifting into humans is valuable, but they have to show every monster the same human image to make sure they’re doing it right. so… what yoongi looks like is probably what every shapeshifting monster is shown when they learn to shift. he just decided to stay as that human.”

the idea that there are other monsters with yoongi’s face just walking around makes him almost sick. he’d never bothered to ask yoongi about it, because it had never seemed strange to him—yoongi is yoongi. he doesn’t even question how jimin might know all of this, too shocked by this new information.

“then,” continues jimin, “there were the terrible answers to all of those questions. no offence, jeongguk-ah, but you suck at lying.”


“sex club? summer homework? what does yoongi actually do?”

“he steals things,” admits jeongguk.

“by impersonating people, right? shapeshifting into whoever he wants to steal what he wants?’

“how do you—”

“it’s actually quite common for shapeshifting monsters to do that,” says jimin. “when they don’t mind having shit morals.”

jeongguk frowns.

“also…” jimin laughs a little, nodding to jeongguk’s still-bare skin. “you have bruises all over your thighs. not normal bruises. they… look like they came from rope. or tentacles.”

jeongguk gasps, looking down at his bare thighs to see that jimin is right. he does have light bruising ringing around his thighs shaped like rope—or tentacles. they’re days old already from a bout of particularly rough sex he and yoongi had, but he hadn’t even thought about covering them up when they went swimming. there’s no point now, but he grabs a throw pillow from the side of the sofa and puts it in his lap, covering himself.

jimin just laughs. “it’s okay,” he says. “i think it’s actually pretty cool. and it’s not like i hate monsters or anything, so you don’t have to worry about me outing him.”

jeongguk is still trying to wrap his mind around jimin knowing about monsters, having figured out that yoongi is one, and the fact that they’re having this conversation at all. this wasn’t at all how he thought this was going to go when he got on the train this morning. fucking hell, he does need to call yoongi.

once he’s gotten over the shock a little more, jeongguk asks, “how do you know about monsters in the first place? unless you—do you have a monster boyfriend too?”

jimin laughs, so sudden and loud that it almost startles jeongguk into dropping his water. but then jimin shakes his head, leaning forward in his chair, and says, “no, no, jeongguk. i don’t know a monster. i am a monster.”

the room goes so silent that jeongguk can hear his own heartbeat.

“what?” he deadpans.

“my parents are monsters, too,” says jimin, “so when they had me, obviously i was one. not a shapeshifting one like your yoongi—this is my actual form. but um… i also—” he pauses, setting down his water before he stands up. jeongguk leans back against the sofa, eyes wide as he expects that jimin will let loose a bunch of tentacles like yoongi, or wings like hoseok, or fins like namjoon. but he just—closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

the room begins to rattle.

jeongguk startles, staring as objects around the room begin to lift off of their surfaces. books float away from the bookshelf, the pictures and decorations on the wall lifting toward the ceiling. the chair jimin was just sitting begins to float as well, everything other than the sofa jeongguk is on moving completely on their own.

when jeongguk looks at jimin, jimin’s eyes are wide open. jeongguk gasps. here, finally, is the change—jimin’s skin has gone almost translucent, revealing veins beneath that are pure black. his fingers are almost completely black, as well as the area around his eyes and lips. his irises are ringed with gold, his body seeming larger and much more intimidating than normal.

it’s clear, now, that he’s a monster. he’s the one making all of those objects move.

jimin lifts one of his hands, the mug from jeongguk’s hand flying out of his grasp and toward jimin instead, who catches it. upon that action, every other object in the room clatters back down to their original position, jimin’s body returning to how it normally looks.

jeongguk continues to stare.

when he doesn’t say anything, jimin coughs, sitting back down. “so, yeah,” he says. “it’s not tentacles or anything really flashy, but, um—it’s telekinesis, i guess you would say.”

he’s not entirely sure what he’s meant to say. his own best friend, whom he has known for his entire life, is a monster. he can move objects with his mind. his skin turns weird colours and his veins turn black and he looks like a monster when he does so. and jeongguk is just supposed to wrap his mind around that.

“holy shit,” he whispers. “this is… the coolest thing i’ve ever seen in my life.”

“wait, really?” asks jimin. “i was worried you’d be upset with me.”

“i mean, it’s super crazy and blowing my mind, but hyung, monsters are cool. that’s so cool!”

jimin lets out a sigh of relief, clearly having been worried that jeongguk would have a negative reaction to all of this. but honestly, his boyfriend is a monster. he’s become friends with other monsters. maybe it just makes sense that monsters have been part of his life since the beginning even without him knowing

“so… you’ve been a monster this whole time?” asks jeongguk. “since we were kids?”

jimin nods. “i’m sorry for not telling you sooner,” he says. “it’s just… well. humans don’t really know about monsters and my parents were scared of what would happen if we told people. but i’ve been a monster the whole time.”

his best friend has been a monster for their entire friendship. it doesn’t change jeongguk’s opinion of him, of course, but now he’s seeing all of their childhood memories in a new light. everything is just a little different. jimin has been a monster the whole time.

which means—“wait,” says jeongguk. “how is that possible? if you’re a monster and your parents are monsters, then how can you be here? how could you stay in this world for twenty-some years? do you have a portal to the monster world under your bed and you go back all the time? oh my god, that’s so much work.”

“no, it’s not like that,” laughs jimin. “i told you that you and yoongi know so little about how monsters and the human world interact. i’ve never actually been to the monster world; my parents were both born there, but decided to come here permanently before i was born and have never been back.” he turns a little, looking out of the window where they can see the water.

“it’s the sea,” says jimin.

“the sea,” repeats jeongguk.

“i don’t know how or why,” says jimin, “but the sea is like this… this blurred boundary between the human world and the monster world. there are full portals, like how yoongi moves between worlds to be with you. they have those all over the world, although they’re not all used. some humans and monsters make portals out of objects, or try to use magic. some monsters have abilities that allow them to move between worlds at will. but then there’s… the sea.” he shrugs. “the sea belongs to both the human and the monster worlds. it’s not a full portal, but it’s enough of the monster world that as long as i go into the sea once every few days, i can stay here and don’t experience any of those symptoms you said yoongi did when he tried to stay. that’s why my family is here and why i couldn’t leave busan with you. i can’t leave. or—i could go somewhere else by the sea, but it has to be the sea. that’s the only way i can stay in the human world.”

it’s suddenly every answer jeongguk has ever needed. the secret to monsters staying in the human world, the truth about monsters existing here, being able to exist here. for months, jeongguk has been desperate to find a way for yoongi to stay with him. it’s hard only being able to see him once a day or every few days, and only for a day or two at a time before yoongi has to go back to the monster world. it’s not fair. and the longer they’re together, the more jeongguk realizes that they can have no real future together if they’re forced to be in separate worlds.

but—they don’t have to live like that. jimin has just handed him the key to everything on a silver platter: they just have to go to the sea.

that night, after spending hours talking with jimin—both about his life as a monster in the human world and about the monster world itself (since, oddly enough, jeongguk is the only one between them who has actually been there)—jeongguk snuggles down into the mound of blankets jimin gave him to sleep on the sofa and calls yoongi. part of him expects it’ll go to voicemail, but the phone only rings once before yoongi’s voice is in his ear, practically shouting, “jeongguk!

“hi, hyung,” says jeongguk, pulling his phone from his ear before reminding yoongi that he doesn’t have to yell.

jimin didn’t try to eat or drown you yet?”

“no, hyung. i’m having a really lovely time,” says jeongguk. “did you get home alright? you’re not missing me too much?”

“would it be considered worrisome to eat your shampoo because i miss you that much?”

“for the last time, min yoongi, just because soaps and shampoo smell nice doesn’t mean you can eat them.”

“but it’s strawberry—”

“yoongi, no. bad octopus.” sometimes dating yoongi is like trying to take care of a badly-behaved puppy who barks every time it sees another human and wants to chew up all of jeongguk’s shoes. and wants to hump jeongguk’s leg all day. oh god, yoongi is a baby octopus puppy who needs behaviour lessons.

okay, well,” sighs yoongi. “what have you and jimin been up to?”

“we went for dinner and then to his house,” says jeongguk. “he lives in this really cute cottage by the sea so we went swimming. but, um—actually, that’s what i wanted to talk to you about.”


“hyung… jimin-hyung is a monster.”

he’s not sure what he expects yoongi’s reaction to him—something less serious than his own, since yoongi hasn’t known jimin for his entire life. but there’s still a long bout of silence before yoongi says, “what?

“he’s a monster like you,” says jeongguk. “well—not like you. he’s not a shapeshifter. actually, he said his monster form is human but he just has abilities.”

“and you decided to tell me this only now?”

“i didn’t know until now. jimin only told me because he, well… he kind of figured out you were a monster and then he told me he’s a monster and has been this whole time.”

“that’s fucked up.”

“it’s actually kind of cool, the more i think about it,” says jeongguk, scooching lower on the sofa and burrowing his toes into the arm cushion. “yoongi-hyung, he’s lived in busan his whole life. he lives in the human world. and he’s never been to the monster world.”

“how is that possible?”

“it’s the sea,” says jeongguk. “he said the sea is like a blurred boundary between worlds so as long as he goes swimming once every few days, he’s fine.”

again—silence. jeongguk can hear his heart beating so hard in his chest that he fears he might be having a mild heart attack. he holds his breath, waiting for yoongi’s reaction to this news—more relevant to his own situation than jimin being a monster. although jeongguk hasn’t admitted just how upset he is about he and yoongi not being able to stay in the same world indefinitely, he’s voiced his desires to yoongi multiple times over.

but when yoongi doesn’t make the connection—or at least doesn’t voice it, jeongguk adds, “this is how we could be together, hyung. you could stay in the human world if we—if we stay by the sea. you could be like jimin.”

“jeongguk-ah…” begins yoongi, already sounding exasperated.

“i’m not saying we have to,” says jeongguk quickly, although his spirits are already falling, “but it’s something to think about. i think you should come to busan. and we can try it out! you can stay for a few days and go into the sea and see what happens. and if it doesn’t work, then no big deal, right? but if it does, then… it’s something, right?”

“i’m not coming to busan. you think i can navigate a train station on my own?”

“it’s not that hard. you’ve been to a convenience store on your own.”

“yeah, half of the humans in your neighbourhood act shady around there, so i’m not out of place.”


“look, jeongguk, that’s… that’s really great.” but yoongi doesn’t sound like it’s great. “i’m glad you’re having a good time. and i’d love to come to busan with you and figure out if this sea thing works for me. but i’m not going alone. we’ll just have to come back another time.”

before him, jimin peeks his head out of the kitchen, eyebrows raise when he mouths, everything okay?

jeongguk offers him a thin smile, nodding before he says into the phone, “yeah, okay. we can come back together another time.”

but even as yoongi moves on to talking about something else, jeongguk tries not to let the rejection and lack of excitement sting. he just caught yoongi off-guard, of course—and besides, yoongi is right. there’s no way he could get to busan on his own when he can hardly walk down the street by jeongguk’s apartment without needing to call jeongguk about something on the sidewalk that doesn’t warrant any attention.

he’ll just enjoy this week on his own, then.

jeongguk comes back to busan a few weeks later—this time with yoongi in tow. yoongi did something to get them free train tickets, but jeongguk doesn’t ask about it, instead excitedly pulling yoongi around the train station with him, quietly answering yoongi’s insistent questions about everything, and trying to remind him to keep his voice down when speaking ill of complete strangers.

he tries to remain excited about what this trip means—testing if the sea will allow yoongi to stay in the human world the way it does for jimin—rather than focusing on everything that could go wrong: the sea not working and yoongi getting violently ill, which would ruin all of jeongguk’s hopes and dreams of them getting to stay together for any period of time; yoongi accidentally (or on purpose) murdering someone and/or getting lost in busan, a city even more unfamiliar than seoul; or, and this is the most grave of all, jimin and yoongi disliking each other.

yoongi is a notoriously hard monster to please, after all. he hates humans on principle because he thinks they’re backwards and strange and pathetic, considering they have no special abilities like most monsters do. it’s a miracle he likes jeongguk as much as he does, but jeongguk doesn’t question it.

and maybe jimin being a monster will help. but jimin is still jeongguk’s best friend and jeongguk is terrified that he and yoongi won’t like each other. the next week is going to be extremely awkward if that’s the case.

but it turns out he has nothing to worry about. after first introductions and all of them piling into jimin’s car, jimin turns to yoongi with a wide grin and says, “you’re a shapeshifter, huh? show me something cool.”

yoongi stares at him for a cool moment and then his face immediately shifts. in the blink of an eye, jimin is now staring back at himself, yoongi’s face now a perfect replica of jimin’s own, down to the slight sunburn on the bridge of his nose. there’s one noticeable difference, though—when yoongi blinks, the pupils of his eyes begin to widen until they bleed past his irises, taking over the whites of his eyes so that there’s nothing but black. he hisses like a deranged cat, making jeongguk frown, and then when jeongguk blinks again, yoongi’s face is once again his own.

jimin’s grin widens. “i like you,” he says, turning to jeongguk then. “gguk-ah, i like him! this is gonna be so fun.”

jeongguk lets out a sigh of relief as jimin starts the car and pulls out of his parking spot, heightened when he feels yoongi’s hand on his thigh, squeezing in reassurance. when their eyes meet, yoongi winks.

fun might not be the word for it.

“so how does this whole thing really work?” asks yoongi as he eyes the water. they’ve already been at jimin’s for a day, which means yoongi only has a day left before he starts experiencing harmful symptoms of being in the human world for too long. to test jimin’s theory, yoongi will have to take a dip in the sea and wait until tomorrow to know if it’s worked. he seems nervous about it—which is understandable, because if it doesn’t work, he’ll be in a lot of pain.

at his side, jeongguk holds yoongi’s hand. the tide of the sea rushes up to their feet, running over them and carrying the ends of yoongi’s tentacles out with them, stretching the black appendages as far as they’ll go. since jimin is obviously aware of the existence of monsters and lives in an extremely secluded area, yoongi’s allowed to be at least part monster here, which means letting his tentacles show. jeongguk likes that best, anyway—when his boyfriend is a bit of both, human and monster. and it’s funny to try to play with the tentacles when yoongi isn’t noticing to see how long it takes for him to say something.

“i haven’t done a lot of experiments with it,” says jimin where he stands beside them, kicking at the sand. “when i was growing up, before my parents had explained everything, they just took me to the beach a lot and i would swim for hours at a time. even now, i’ve just developed a love for the sea so i spend a lot of time in the water. but as far as i know, it’s really only a few minutes that you need. and the more time you spend, the less often you have to go into the water. i could probably go for a week or two at a time without needing the sea, but i love it too much so i’ve never tested it.”

yoongi wriggles his toes as the water glides over his feet again. jeongguk squeezes his hand. “is it like our bodies are absorbing the water?” he asks. “taking a bit of the monster world with us so that our bodies can survive without the full monster world?”

“maybe,” shrugs jimin. “my parents don’t really understand how it works, either. i’m sure someone has done a lot of research, but i don’t question it. this is what allows me to stay here with my family and friends and what i love. i’m not complaining.”

yoongi lifts his eyes to look at jeongguk, squinting with one eye. again, jeongguk squeezes his hand, feeling giddy about all of this. it’s like what jimin said—this is what allows him to stay here with his friends and family. if this works, jeongguk and yoongi could stay in the human world together for as long as they wanted. they could finally be together, properly. jeongguk wouldn’t have to worry about the barriers between them or about not knowing where their future is headed. this is where their future is headed.

“i can’t believe i didn’t know this before,” says yoongi. “they don’t talk about this stuff in the monster world.”

“i’m not surprised,” says jeongguk. “i mean, if you monsters knew that you could live in the human world without consequences, how many of you would?”

“we don’t all have human boyfriends, jeongguk,” says yoongi.

“you don’t all hate humans, yoongi,” says jeongguk.

“our worlds are completely separated,” says jimin, interrupting whatever weird banter yoongi and jeongguk were headed into. “although there are monsters here and some humans do know about the monster world, it’s… not something that would probably be widely accepted if monsters just started showing up. especially because not every monster can pass in the human world.”

“the world would fucking burn if i showed up in my full monster form,” laughs yoongi. “not everyone is a shapeshifter.”

“well, i don’t care about the rest of the monster world getting to stay here,” says jeongguk, leaning over to kiss yoongi’s cheek. “i just care about my tentacle monster octopus boyfriend.”

“i’m not—”

“actually, you are kind of an octopus,” says jimin. “two less tentacles, but that’s alright.”

“oh my god, not you, too,” groans yoongi as jeongguk cackles wildly, glad to have someone else on his side of the debate. it prompts yoongi to shove jeongguk away from him, rolling up his jeans a few more inches (he refuses to wear shorts even in the hottest of weather, much to jeongguk’s dismay; he may have a thing for yoongi’s legs) before wading further into the sea, allowing it to do its magic on him.

it’ll work, jeongguk thinks as he watches. it has to.

the only problem is that it takes a lot of waiting. jimin has told them they can stay for as long as they want, and as one day turns to two turns to three, jeongguk realizes that might just be what yoongi wants—because as it turns out, all of his worries about the two of them getting along were for naught. not only do jimin and yoongi not dislike each other, they get along really well. really well.

the two of them talk constantly about monsters and the monster world; since jimin has never been, he asks countless questions and listens to yoongi’s stories with rapt attention. likewise, yoongi has a mountain of questions but what it’s like to live as a monster in the human world and how he managed to keep it a secret from even his best friend for so long.

once they’ve gotten that out of the way, they move onto the other thing they have in common: jeongguk. yoongi drills jimin on what jeongguk was like as a kid and growing up, to which jimin is more than pleased to spill every embarrassing story about jeongguk in history. in return, jimin demands to know what jeongguk is like as a boyfriend, how he acts in the big city, and the real details of their relationship now that he knows the version jeongguk told him at first is bullshit.

within days, jeongguk begins to regret ever introducing the two of them. sometimes they seem to forget that he’s there, too, too busy chatting and laughing and sharing terrible pictures and videos of jeongguk with each other. briefly, he wonders if this is what yoongi feels like when he watches jeongguk hanging out with namjoon and hoseok: slight dread, muted jealousy, and an embarrassing amount of fondness.

it’s during one of these particularly embarrassing conversations, aided by alcohol, that the topic turns to slightly more intimate topics.

“i think it makes sense that you’re dating a monster, jeonggukie,” says jimin through laughter. they’re sitting around his tiny dining room table, knees knocking on all sides, but it feels cozy and warm and right. absently, jeongguk thinks they could just stay here here, as in jimin’s cottage by the sea. “you’ve loved monsters from the start.”

“what are you talking about now?” sighs jeongguk.

“don’t lie. you used to have the biggest crush on me.”

jeongguk groans, putting his head in his hands as yoongi crows, “what? you didn’t tell me that. gguk-ah.”

“because it’s not true!”

“yes, it is,” sighs jimin, patting jeongguk’s head. “he never said he did, but it was obvious. he had the biggest heart eyes around me for years. he’d follow me around like a little puppy, wagging his tail whenever i’d pay attention to him. just wanting some belly rubs.”

“this is so embarrassing.”

“didn’t you just wanna be good for me?” says jimin, grin almost cruel. “huh, puppy?”

jeongguk just groans in response, his face too red to show either of them.

“why didn’t you say anything to him?” yoongi asks, hand splayed almost possessively over jeongguk’s thigh. “i don’t think anyone could say no to you.”

“he’s my best friend,” jeongguk finally admits, lifting his head from his hands. “i was worried about ruining stuff. and you’re older and i figured you’d like… i dunno, find someone cooler than me. so i didn’t say anything and then by the time we graduated, it had mostly gone away, anyway. it was probably more of a puppy love to begin with.”

“fool,” sighs jimin. “i would have gone out with you if you wanted. i had a crush on you for a few years there, too.”

what?” shrieks jeongguk, shoving at jimin’s shoulder. “when was this?”

“when you were all gangly and hadn’t grown into your eyes yet. you were cute and endearing and hadn’t yet started being a little shit and teasing me all the time. sue me.”

jeongguk is both horrified and pleased to hear this. maybe if he had stayed in busan, it would be and jimin dating now. and of course jeongguk would never want to date anyone other than yoongi, but he only met yoongi because he happened to move into a house where his bed was hiding a portal to the monster world. had those specific circumstances never happened, he never would have known yoongi at all.

“fucking crazy,” breathes jeongguk. “the fourteen-year-old in me is crying right now.”

“so you mean you two never…” cuts in yoongi, gesturing between the two of them. “you know. never?”

“god, no,” laughs jimin. “no, i mean we did kiss once, but that was like sexuality exploring stuff. we’ve never fucked, if that’s what you’re really asking.”

jeongguk’s cheeks burn again, but he refuses to look away when he sees the curious expression on yoongi’s face. he seems to be contemplating something, eyes moving between jimin and jeongguk and then back again before he just says, “huh. alright.”

“but i mean,” says jimin. ”i’d fuck him. look at him.”

“i do,” says yoongi, grinning now. “quite frequently.”

“this conversation has taken a very sudden and strange turn,” mumbles jeongguk.

the three of them fall into silence for a few seconds, yoongi and jimin watching each other across the table. jeongguk tries to understand what kind of silent communication is going on between them—maybe some weird monster thing—before the moment breaks when the oven timer goes off, alerting them that their late-night snacks are finished cooking.

it’s only later, when they’re all heading to bed—jimin on the sofa this time, insisting that jeongguk and yoongi take his bed so they can sleep together as long as they don’t sleep together and get their bodily fluids everywhere—that yoongi, brushing his teeth, turns to look at jeongguk where he’s already getting under the covers, and says, “hey jeongguk. would you have fucked namjoon and hoseok if they were human?”

jeongguk, caught off-guard, just stares at him for a long moment as yoongi goes back to brushing his teeth. but it’s a serious question. “uh,” says jeongguk, feeling heated already at the memory of their rather intense sexual experience with yoongi’s monster friends. “i mean, they’re hot in their human forms, that’s for sure. but… i guess if i was single and we met at a club or on tinder and i was looking for a hook-up, then sure.”

“so because they’re monsters…”

“them being monsters is half of what appeals to me about them, i guess,” admits jeongguk. “i like monsters. i thought that much would be obvious by now.”

yoongi lets out a little huh. but then he doesn’t ask any further questions, instead turning back to finish brushing his teeth, and jeongguk is left to wonder what yoongi has hidden under his sleeve.

after the fifth day that yoongi experiences no symptoms of being in the human world for too long, they have to deduce that the sea is letting him stay, just as it does jimin. longer it goes on, yoongi stepping into the sea for a few minutes every day just to be safe, jeongguk realizes that this could work. this will work. he and yoongi can finally be together the way they want to be.

but they can’t stay in busan forever. they both have things to return to in seoul—namely, the monster world for yoongi. now that they have this option, jeongguk is already trying to think of plans for how to convince yoongi to stay in the human world with him, but they need to have that conversation without jimin in the picture.

on their last night at jimin’s, jeongguk is playing a game on his phone in bed when yoongi slips under the covers with him, throwing his leg over jeongguk’s and his arm around jeongguk’s stomach. he snuggles in close, nuzzling his nose into jeongguk’s neck as he mumbles, “what are you doing?”

“beating my high score,” replies jeongguk, twitching when yoongi kisses his neck. he’s too ticklish there to pay attention to a game while yoongi is touching him, but he tries to maintain his composure, hiking up his shoulder to try and knock yoongi away. but yoongi growls at him, tugging jeongguk’s shirt collar over so he can bite his shoulder.

“pay attention to me,” says yoongi.

“where’s jimin-hyung? go bother him.”

“actually, jimin and i were talking.” jeongguk winces when his character on screen almost dies, only half listening to what yoongi is saying and so he doesn’t quite catch what he says other than, “—when we fuck.”

his thumbs jerk, his character dying spectacularly as he turns to look at yoongi. “sorry, what?”

“i said jimin wants to watch us fuck.”

it’s the last thing he thought would come from yoongi’s mouth. “you’re joking, right?” he asks. “hilarious joke. that’s my best friend.”

“he said the other day he’d totally fuck you,” says yoongi. “so i asked him about it. you know, since i’m your boyfriend and all. and we got talking and he told me he’s basically super into voyeurism and thinks my tentacles are cool and also thinks i’m hot and you’re hot and basically he wants to watch us fuck.” jeongguk stares at him. “if you’re cool with that.”

unbidden, something hot curls in jeongguk’s gut. it’s been years since he thought of jimin in sexual terms, but he’ll admit that his teenage crush might have involved a lot more jerking off than he let on when yoongi and jimin were teasing him about it earlier. and jimin did say he’d fuck jeongguk. and this has nothing to do with that, anyway—it’s just jimin watching them. it’s jeongguk and yoongi doing what they tend to do best, only now they have an audience.

and jeongguk does so like an audience.

he worries at his lip, pink dusting his cheeks as he glances out of the open door. “really?” he asks again, just to make sure, once his gaze returns to yoongi. “you’re cool with it?”

“i think it’s pretty hot,” shrugs yoongi. “besides, i haven’t gotten to fuck you since we got here, so i’m kind of going insane. and i wanna know if jimin’s dick is like a human one or a monster one.”


“what? he’s hot. excuse me for wanting to see his dick.”

jeongguk bites back a grin. “okay,” he says. “i don’t mind him watching.”

yoongi pauses. “and if things get a little heated and he wants to actually fuck you for real?”

jeongguk flushes with heat again. when he glances out of the door this time, his toes curl. it’s embarrassing how quickly he has an answer, though. he does still think jimin is hot, and maybe finding out he’s a monster has just increased his sexual attractiveness by an infinite amount. jeongguk does kind of have a problem with that.

so he clears his throat, putting his phone down as he says, “maybe i’d like that.”

yoongi’s grin is predatory. immediately, he slides his leg even further over jeongguk’s until he’s straddling jeongguk’s lap, and all jeongguk sees is a hungry sort of smirk on yoongi’s lips before they’re kissing. a nervous energy thrums through jeongguk, less about not wanting jimin to watch them and more about realizing how much he does. he remembers, sharply, when namjoon and hoseok were fucking him, remembers how yoongi had sort of just sat back and watched for most of it, and how the very memory already has blood rushing to jeongguk’s dick.

yoongi kisses him hard and messy, already filthy when he licks into jeongguk’s mouth and their tongues curl around each other. he feels an urgency immediately, because yoongi is right; they’ve done little more than make out since arriving at jimin’s, not wanting to be immature about the whole situation, but even though yoongi was right there physically, jeongguk still missed him.

when jeongguk tries to touch him, he instead feels two of yoongi’s tentacles immediately wrap around his wrists, tugging them away as yoongi smirks into his mouth. “gotta put on a show for him,” he murmurs, his own hands running down jeongguk’s chest, tweaking over his nipples. “what do you think he’d like? wanna see you all spread out and flushed, begging for me? or all marked up and bruised, all of that proof that you’re mine?”

he doesn’t want to admit just how much those words affect him, but jeongguk lets out a little whine, rutting his hips up against yoongi. he struggles against the tentacles keeping his hands away, but yoongi’s fingers are tantalizing slow on him, knowing just what he’s doing. he lets jeongguk kiss him, seeking something more as he slides his hands under the hem of jeongguk’s shirt, toying with the waistband of his sweats. no doubt he can feel how hard jeongguk is already, trying to gain any friction.

“gonna do what he tells you, gguk-ah?” asks yoongi, pulling away enough to make jeongguk look at him. “what we tell you?”

“shit,” jeongguk groans, dropping his head back against the headboard as yoongi finally grinds down. there’s already so much heat pooled in his stomach, cock straining against the material of his sweatpants. god knows he likes overstimulation, but it’ll be over before jimin even gets here.

then, from across the room, there’s a quiet, “cute.”

jeongguk physically startles when he spots jimin sitting in the desk chair in the corner of the room, one leg casually crossed over the other as he regards the two on the bed. heartrate spiking, jeongguk wants to ask when jimin showed up, but yoongi grinds down again instead and jeongguk gasps out a breath. yoongi grasps at the back of his neck, lips against his ear when he whispers, “go on, jeongguk-ah. be good for your hyungs.”

across the room, jimin winks.

they could put on a show for him—could take it slow, strip and make out and grind against each other for hours—but neither yoongi nor jeongguk have the patience for it now. jeongguk is already so riled up that he’s afraid he’ll come merely from yoongi touching him, but he does want to make this look good for jimin. he’s stripped within seconds, his clothes along with yoongi’s shirt discarded on the floor, and jeongguk lies on the bed, yoongi between his legs as he runs his hands over jeongguk’s bare body.

yoongi’s tentacles, on the other hand, are a different story—two wrap loosely around his ankles, pulling his legs apart, a third wrapping around his cock and pumping it slowly as yoongi’s hands play with his nipples, trailing kisses over his jaw and neck. jeongguk wants to lose himself in it, wants to close his eyes and buck his hips up into the tentacle around his cock, but he can’t—because he wants to see jimin.

he lifts his head to look across the room, almost afraid that jimin will be bored, that he won’t like what he sees. but, to both his delight and surprise, jimin is now slumped down in the chair, jeans shoved halfway down his thighs and his hand working over his own cock as he watches. they make eye contact, jeongguk’s mouth going dry knowing that jimin is getting off to seeing jeongguk like this—naked, flushed, seconds away from being fucked. it’s a much hotter idea than he would have thought possible, letting his head flop back as his cock drools pre-come.

running his hands over jeongguk’s thighs, yoongi kisses him once more, then says, “gonna show him just how well you take my tentacles, baby? show him how pretty you look stretched on two or three of them? show him what a good boy for you are for me?”

yeah,” jeongguk moans, writhing against the tentacles holding him down. he wants it so badly he could cry, brought to the edge embarrassingly quickly. yoongi kisses his cheek, where jeongguk can feel him grinning. then—he can feel a tentacle sliding up his leg, curling around his thigh, getting closer and closer to where he wants it—

“wait,” says jimin suddenly. all movement ceases, jeongguk lifting his head to look at jimin through the haze already filling his mind. “no, don’t do that.” jeongguk deflates, thinking they’ve done something wrong, but then jimin looks at him and says, “i want you to fuck him.

jeongguk swallows tightly, gaze meeting yoongi’s again. yoongi cocks an eyebrow.

“what?” asks jeongguk. it would hardly be the first time—jeongguk and yoongi like to switch things up as much as possible, but it’s still their preference for jeongguk to bottom. yoongi just has so many fucking tentacles and jeongguk likes to put as many of them as possible inside of him at once.

“i want you to fuck yoongi,” repeats jimin. “i wanna see you falling apart trying to make him feel good. wanna see you beg and cry to come inside of him like the good boy you are. don’t you want that, jeongguk?”

jeongguk’s cock twitches, heat filling once more at the very idea. “yeah,” he admits. “god, yeah, i want to.” he watches yoongi again. “can i, hyung? can i please fuck you?”

“jesus christ,” whispers yoongi, which is as good of an answer as any.

flipping them over, jeongguk helps yoongi wiggle out the rest of his clothing. once he’s finally naked, jeongguk can’t help taking a moment to slide his hands over yoongi’s legs, admiring them. yoongi opens them for him, curling his arms behind his head as he wiggles his eyebrows at jeongguk, making him giggle. finally, jeongguk runs his fingers over yoongi’s rim, heart beating double in his chest before he pauses and looks over his shoulder at jimin, awaiting further instruction.

“oh,” says jimin. “he is good at following orders.”

“told you,” says yoongi. jeongguk flushes at the thought of yoongi and jimin discussing the intimate details of how jeongguk behaves in bed—but it’s true. he is good at following orders, and since jimin is somehow in charge of all of this, he wants to get this right. wants to tailor this to jimin’s liking.

yoongi’s hand is on his thigh, rubbing into the meat of it. “ask him what to do,” he murmurs, and jeongguk nods, not taking his eyes from jimin.

“what, um—what do you want me to do, hyung?”

jimin grins with all of his teeth. “i don’t want you to do anything, sweetheart,” he says, and jeongguk is confused before jimin adds, “i want yoongi to use his own tentacles.”

jeongguk’s mouth opens in shock before he snaps it shut, turning to look back at yoongi. they’ve certainly never done that before. but why shouldn’t they? as jeongguk swallows, he shuffles back a bit, watching the six black tentacles protruding from yoongi’s back. he expects yoongi might protest that, but instead, there’s a strangely smug look on yoongi’s face when one of his tentacles slides over his own body.

jeongguk begins to think maybe yoongi has done this before.

it’s one of the smaller ones, at least, and yoongi lifts the tip of it until it’s near jeongguk’s mouth. although all of his tentacles secrete a clear slick when he wants them to, yoongi still says, “wet it for me.”

jeongguk immediately opens his mouth, letting yoongi fit the end of the tentacle inside before he begins sucking at the tip of it in earnest. behind him, he hears the first real sign that jimin is enjoying this—a low, breathy groan, and if jeongguk listens hard enough, he can hear the slick sound of jimin’s hand working over himself. it only spurs him on further, swirling his tongue around the tip of yoongi’s tentacle to get it nice and wet before he pulls off, grinning at the awed look in yoongi’s eyes before the tentacle returns to him.

it’s a sight he never thought he’d see—one he honestly never thought about until this moment, but jeongguk’s hand flies to his own cock and he watches with wide eyes as the tentacle slides over yoongi’s entrance, wetting it before it pushes in just slightly. jeongguk lets out at a curse, enthralled by the way yoongi’s rim stretches around the head of the tentacle, as the tentacle slowly begins to wiggle in and out, back and forth, going a little deeper each time.

when he hears yoongi moaning, jeongguk can’t decide where to look—at the tentacle stretching yoongi out, jeongguk’s spit and its own slick shining around the rim as it pulses deeper, or at yoongi’s face, forehead pinched with pleasure as he looks down at himself. jeongguk settles on both, eyes swiftly moving between the two as he strokes himself, breathing hard.

“ask him if it feels good,” jimin says.

jeongguk swallows. “does it—does it feel good, hyung?” he asks, unable to resist reaching out and pressing his fingers against yoongi’s rim where it’s swallowing the tentacle.

god,” yoongi sighs. “yeah, baby. feels so good.”

jeongguk whines, his own cock pulsing as he watches, knowing—that can be him. it should be him. he throws a look over his shoulder, lips in a pout when he looks at jimin, asks, “can i fuck him now, please? please, jimin-hyung, i want—wanna do it, please?

“fuck,” groans jimin, hand moving quicker over his own cock.

“i’ve been good,” adds jeongguk.

“ask him, then,” says jimin. “he’s the one you’re fucking.”

twisting back around, breathless, jeongguk doesn’t even have time to ask before yoongi is reaching out for him, grabbing his arm, and tugging him down to give him a wet kiss. “go ahead, baby,” he says. “make hyung feel good.”

jeongguk has always known he’s sensitive—but the feeling of sinking into yoongi already has stars bursting behind his eyes, stomach clenching as he pushes his hips until he’s buried to the hilt inside yoongi. the tight heat around his cock makes him groan, hanging his head and panting already as he tries to get a hold of himself. there’s a reason they don’t do this often: jeongguk always comes too fucking fast.

now, though, he wants to be good—not only for yoongi, but for jimin, too. in a way, all of this is just for jimin. his own pleasure comes second to wanting to put on a good show for jimin and finishing too early won’t do any good. so he tries to calm down, opening his eyes to meet yoongi’s darker ones. he kneels between yoongi’s spread legs, leaning over to plant his hands on the bed on either side of yoongi’s waist, and then starts grinding.

ah, fuck,” yoongi gasps, and jeongguk feels two tentacles wrap around his ankles, not doing anything more than holding. maybe yoongi doesn’t even realize he’s doing it as his hands fist at the bedsheets below him. jeongguk grinds in again, harder and harder, cock pulsing inside of yoongi.

“so cute already,” comments jimin. “are you trying not to come, jeongguk-ah?”

“sh-shut up,” jeongguk stutters, biting his lower lip as he switches to thrusting properly. he goes slowly, knowing he can’t take much more, drawing his hips back before fucking into yoongi at an even pace, keeping his strokes long. he watches yoongi’s face, spine tingling with the pleasure he sees there, yoongi’s face flushed and sweaty.

once he gains his rhythm, jeongguk leans over more, catching yoongi’s hands with his own and threading their fingers together. he pushes their hands near yoongi’s head, leaning over so that jimin can get a better view of jeongguk’s cock disappearing inside yoongi, yoongi’s hole stretching around him, the leftover slick from his tentacles slipping around both of them.

“hey,” says yoongi breathily, watching jeongguk loom over him. two more tentacles slide around jeongguk’s wrists, tugging him a little more, making him fold yoongi up a bit more.

“hi,” breathes jeongguk, grinning almost goofily. and then yoongi lets out a moan, letting jeongguk know he’s finally found his prostate. jeongguk focuses on that, angling his hips just right to brush against it again and again, wanting to drive yoongi to the edge. and still—seeing yoongi like that makes jeongguk groan, feeling like he needs more.

he loves fucking yoongi, feeling that tight heat around his cock, knowing that he’s making his hyung feel good. but he’s still missing something.

“does—does it feel good, hyung?” he asks, panting as he picks up the pace somewhat and fucks in faster. “am i making you feel good?”

“of course, baby,” says yoongi, squeezing jeongguk’s hands. “ask your other hyung if he feels good, too.”

jeongguk whines, turning his head over his shoulder to shoot an almost sultry look at jimin, who is still slumped down in the chair and running a hand over his own cock. it’s wet with pre-come and spit, but jimin seems to be in much better control of himself than jeongguk could ever hope to be. jeongguk always gets desperate, wanting more and more until he drives himself insane. but jimin is slow, deliberate, dark eyes watching jeongguk and where he and yoongi are connected.

“h-hyung,” jeongguk stutters, groaning when yoongi rolls his hips to meet his thrusts. “are you—do you feel good? are we doing good?”

jimin groans, eyelids fluttering like the very question drives him insane. “yeah, gguk-ah,” he says. “you’re doing so good. putting on such a good show for me.”

jeongguk whines again, turning his head back to yoongi. it’s too much to look at jimin, to constantly be reminded that they’re being watched. if he watches jimin watching them, he’ll certainly come too quickly and ruin all of it. as though sensing some turmoil, yoongi wraps a tentacle loosely around jeongguk’s neck and pulls him in for a kiss, still rolling his hips as jeongguk begins to lose his rhythm.

“what about you, hm?” murmurs yoongi. and jeongguk whines once more, and that’s all it takes for yoongi to get it. of course he gets it. “not enough, huh? you need something more?”


“what?” asks jimin. “what’s wrong?”

“he’s used to being overstimulated,” says yoongi, something smug in his eyes. “it’s not enough just to fuck me. is it, jeongguk-ah?”

hyung.” he tries to make up for the embarrassing words by quickening his pace, thrusting faster int yoongi, but it’s still not enough. all it does is add another breathy quality to yoongi’s voice, moaning through his words when he says, “baby just wants to be full.

jeongguk moans, fucking in one last time and staying there, filling yoongi as he stares at his boyfriend accusatorily. it’s not fair that yoongi should out him like that, but it’s the truth either way. he does want to be filled. the tentacle around his neck unwinds, the tip wiping over the corner of his eyes; he hadn’t realized they’ve been wet until then.

“ask your jimin-hyung nicely and he might help you,” says yoongi. and that wasn’t part of the plan, but suddenly, jeongguk is filled with so much desire that it nearly floors him. he does want jimin—wants him to be more involved than merely sitting in a chair and watching them. so he leans back on his knees, looking over his shoulder at jimin carefully. he hopes jimin will just give in without having to be asked, but of course—jimin is a little crueler than yoongi. he probably likes to tease.

“jimin-hyung,” whispers jeongguk. “c-can you—can you please help me?”

jimin’s hand stills on his cock. “what do you want from me?” he asks. jeongguk whines, but yoongi pinches his thigh as a reminder to behave.

“i wanna… wanna be full,” he mumbles, keeping his eyes in jimin’s cock. somehow, that’s easier than his face. “wanna be fucked.”

“god,” groans jimin. “you’re so cute when you ask. and just because you asked so nicely…” jeongguk’s breath hitches, only able to guess at what jimin is going to do. but before he can find out, yoongi taps his thigh again, drawing his attention.

yoongi tilts his head. “c’mon,” he says. “you can do both at the same time, right?” he’s confused for a moment before he remembers his cock is still buried inside yoongi and then he nods eagerly. being able to take stimulation from both ends is a challenge he’s always able to rise to and he quickly begins fucking back into yoongi with renewed determination.

he’s so focused on that, though, that he almost yelps when he feels something wet and hard against his own rim. but he knows that—he’d know that anywhere. it’s one of yoongi’s tentacles. “hyung!” he gasps, thrusting in and unable to move further when the tentacle prods at his rim, wetting it before it circles around and around, always teasing. “i th-thought—”

“s’not me,” says yoongi, eyes wide. “i’m not doing it.”

jeongguk turns his head again, and then sees jimin as he did the first time he showed jeongguk what made him a monster. jimin’s eyes are glowing a rich gold, the area around them a ghastly black that bleeds out into the rest of his face with visible black veins. the rest of his body is almost translucent save for the black veins spreading through them, his fingers the same black as around his eyes. even his cock looks different, bigger somehow, pulsing with black and gold veins running down it.

he’s using his powers. he’s controlling yoongi’s tentacle, making it push past jeongguk’s rim just an inch, stretching him out. with a gasp, jeongguk realizes that jimin is fucking him with yoongi’s tentacle.

jeongguk almost falls forward, catching himself beside yoongi’s body as he trembles with the sensations. his own cock is pulsing with yoongi, but now he can feel his hole clenching around the intrusion of the tentacle. he gasps, trying to keep from coming again. he’s grounded by yoongi touching his face, but he stays there as the tentacle begins fucking him slowly, pushing in a little more each time as his entrance gets used to it.

he’s shaking with the exertion of keeping himself up right, blood hot knowing that jimin is the one controlling the tentacle inside of him, using it like a toy. he lurches forward when the tentacle sinks in deeper, only causing him to sink himself deeper into yoongi, and yoongi gasps, hand flying to jeongguk’s shoulder and gripping it tightly.

once the tentacle has stretched him fully, it pulls out just enough so only the head of it is inside jeongguk’s rim. jeongguk breathes hard, peering around his arm at jimin. when he speaks, his voice sounds different: lower, darker.

he says, “c’mon, puppy. you wanna get fucked, so do it yourself.”

jeongguk whines upon realizing what jimin is asking him to do. with shaky breaths and limbs, he slowly pulls out of yoongi, but the action only causes him to sink back onto the tentacle inside of him. he groans, letting the tentacle reach so deep inside of him that jeongguk can feel it in his stomach and then he moves the other way, fucking back into yoongi.

the twin sensations drive him wild, haze feeling his mind as he tries to stave off his orgasm. but it feels so good as he picks up a rhythm of fucking back and forth, letting the tentacle fill him and then filling yoongi in turn. he can hear the slick sounds of jimin jerking himself off as jeongguk works for it, snapping his hips back and forth and moaning wantonly. it’s too much. he knows he won’t last.

but he still has to make this good. he bends over a little more, giving jimin a better view of the tentacle disappearing inside of him as he fucks himself on it. and yoongi touches his face again, holding it carefully as he whispers praises to him. it’s a dirty move, because if there’s one thing to push jeongguk over the edge, it’s coupling overstimulation with praises—and he whines louder and louder, panting as he picks up the pace, fucking back and forth as fast as he can manage.

when he can feel arousal coiling his groin, dangerously close to coming, he finally stops, not wanting it to end just yet. the tentacle is so deep inside of him, but fuck if he still wants more, if it’s still not enough, and when he opens his eyes, he can see yoongi’s are closed, head thrown back as he groans around jeongguk’s cock inside of him.

“hyung,” jeongguk moans, not even sure which one of them he’s referring to. “please—fuck, more. n-need more.”

it’s yoongi who says, “you want jimin to fuck you, too?”

jeongguk groans so loudly it surprises even him, want curling within him. he doesn’t realize how much he wants it until then, not even able to look at jimin when he practically wails, “yeah, fuck, please—please fuck me, hyung, want your cock—”

“god,” jimin moans, and jeongguk keeps his relentless rhythm going, staccato thrusts inside yoongi causing the tentacle to only tease him. “god, yeah. ask your boyfriend first.”

when jeongguk doesn’t immediately comply, he suddenly feels an invisible force pulling his hair back hard. he knows it’s jimin using his powers again, but he can practically feel the hand in his hair, neck bared and back arched painfully as he finally stops moving. when jimin speaks, it’s in a low growl. “i said ask yoongi.”

ngh,” jeongguk lets out, and when jimin lets go of his hair, he falls forward, catching himself on either side of yoongi’s head. panting, he asks, “can he? please?”

it wouldn’t be the first time someone else fucked jeongguk. and jeongguk knows that yoongi gets off on it, too, watching one of his friends fuck jeongguk. watching jeongguk take it, split open on monster cock like he was made for it. jeongguk doesn’t know what he’d do if yoongi said no, but thankfully, yoongi just grins at him, leans up to give him a soft kiss, and says, “be good for him.”

almost immediately, jeongguk feels a presence behind him, the bed dipping when jimin kneels behind him. first, the hands: wandering over his shoulders, his chest, touching his nipples to make him keen and whine. jimin’s hand ghosts over the base of jeongguk’s cock where it’s still buried inside of yoongi, and then jimin finally moves to his ass, spreading his cheeks. “look so good, gguk-ah,” he whispers. “taking yoongi like that. fuck. think you can take both of us?”

“yeah,” breathes jeongguk immediately. “yes, please. please, i can do it.” he’s taken more. but he’s never taken that much while also fucking yoongi at the same time.

and still—with yoongi’s tentacle pushed deep inside of him, he feels the head of jimin’s cock rubbing against his stretched rim. jeongguk sucks in a breath, trying not to clench as he leans over and yoongi rubs reassuringly at this side, whispering to him again. when jimin pushes in past his rim, jeongguk lets out a moan that sounds embarrassingly like a squeal, hips kicking forward into yoongi.

jimin grips at his waist, holding him steady as he pushes in further and further until jeongguk is taking both his cock and the tentacle, breathing hard as he tries to calm down. jimin breathes against his ear, pressing a kiss just behind it before he whispers, “good puppy. you’re so tight even for someone who takes all of those tentacles up your ass all the time.”

jeongguk almost sobs, everything too much for him—he’s so full and he’s still buried inside yoongi, the sensations around his cock driving him mad as yoongi begins moving his hips, fucking himself on his cock since jeongguk seems incapable of doing much. jimin seems to understand that too as he begins moving, slowly fucking jeongguk with the tentacle still inside of him, making jeongguk moan higher and higher as he scrambles for something to hold onto. he settles on yoongi’s chest, nails digging into his skin as he hangs his head.

“m’good,” whines jeongguk. “wanna be good.”

“you’re so good, baby,” says yoongi, huffing as he swivels his hips around jeongguk’s cock.

jimin starts thrusting faster, skin slapping together as he forces his cock deeper. jeongguk knows his stomach is bulging with the tentacle but he doesn’t look down, afraid he’ll come just from seeing it. “wanted to do this since you two first showed up here,” says jimin. “fuck. could barely keep my hands to myself.”

he hears yoongi gasp, ass clenching around jeongguk, and it’s only when he finally opens his eyes and looks down that he realizes jimin has let go of him with one hand, instead slipping two of his fingers into yoongi alongside jeongguk’s cock. the very sight is somehow the mostobscene thing about this and jeongguk lets out another sob, jostled between the two of them. he can’t hold on any longer.

as usual, yoongi notices.

“gonna come?” he asks, sounding on the verge of it himself as jimin fucks into jeongguk hard enough to rock him forward, cock slipping deeper into yoongi along with the two of jimin’s fingers.

jeongguk whines in response, feeling incapable of proper speech, and jimin kisses behind his ear again, pounding into him now as he whispers, “come for us, jeonggukie. be a good boy for your hyungs.”

that’s all it takes for jeongguk to let go, coming hard enough that his vision whites out for a few seconds. by the time he’s once again aware of his surroundings, he’s shaking, body going lax—but neither jimin nor yoongi are done yet. jimin wraps an arm around jeongguk’s middle to hold him upright as he keeps fucking into him, groaning and breaths coming faster now as he reaches his limit.

it’s yoongi who comes first, though, moaning low and long as jeongguk feels the tentacle inside of him unload a thick stream of come. he gasps, feeling his stomach stretch with it, distended ever so slightly before jimin finally lets go of jeongguk and lets him fall forward onto yoongi’s chest. the action causes both the tentacle and jimin’s cock to slip out of him, and that’s how jimin comes—jerking himself off until he comes on jeongguk’s ass and back, adding to the mess of come that already begins to ooze out of jeongguk’s hole.

after that, jeongguk is only vaguely aware of what happens, too spent and out of it to pay much attention to anything other than the fact that he’s being moved, and then cleaned, and then wrapped up in one of jimin’s fluffiest blankets. someone puts a glass of water in his hand and he gratefully gulps it down. and then yoongi is back at his side, combing his fingers through jeongguk’s hair and speaking to jimin, whom jeongguk finds sitting at the end of the bed.

when they make eye contact, jimin grins at him. “hey.”

jeongguk clears his throat. “hello,” he says. he always expects that it’ll be awkward after; the two of them have been best friends for their entire lives and now jimin’s dick has been inside of him. but jimin’s grin is easy and warm, and for what it’s worth, jeongguk doesn’t feel any different. he just feels… good.

“that was fun,” says jimin. yoongi snorts, muttering something that sounds like that’s one word for it.

“thanks for letting us stay,” says jeongguk, finally remembering why they’re here at all—and what they’ve learned. what it means. “and thanks for helping us out with the monster world boundary thing.”

“it’s my pleasure,” shrugs jimin. “you’re my best friend and turns out yoongi-hyung is really cool, too. and if my knowledge about how to stay in the human world can help you in any way, i’m glad that i could share it with you. and also share your ass, because it was great.”

jeongguk tries to kick him, but his legs are cocooned in the blankets so it doesn’t work. “you’re never going to stop making jokes about this, are you?”

“of course not. i’m still making jokes about the time you shat your pants at a shinhwa concert.”

“you did what?” asks yoongi.

“oh my god. oh my god, hyung, shut up.”

“he did!”

“you have to tell me this story.”

“can’t you be nice to me for the rest of the night since you shoved your appendages in my asshole—”

jeongguk pauses at the door, turning to give one last wave to jimin as he drives away after dropping jeongguk and yoongi off at the train station. for the second time in only a few weeks, he’s back here, going back to seoul. it’s been a whirlwind past few days, from introducing jimin and yoongi to finding out that there is a way to keep yoongi in the human world to getting fucked within an inch of his life by the two of them. to say the least, it’s not what he expected out of this trip.

but it still went better than he could have hoped.

“i still don’t understand how the doors know to open when we’re in front of them,” says yoongi as jeongguk tugs him through the station by his hand. “is it watching us?”

“honestly, hyung, it’s not that hard,” says jeongguk. “you can literally shapeshift into whoever you want and you still don’t understand how automatic doors work?”

“do you want me to shapeshift into an automatic door?”

jeongguk rolls his eyes, but it’s done with fondness. he’ll never get tired of yoongi’s inability to understand the human world, although if he wants to spend any real amount of time here, he’ll have to put in some effort. and that’s a possibility now, something that makes jeongguk giddy. they haven’t talked extensively about it, about what they can do now, but jeongguk knows they’ll have that conversation soon. today might not be the best day for it.

instead, he allows himself to bask in the warmth of those possibilities, in the future that is suddenly wide open before them. when they make it onto the train, choosing two seats near the back of the carriage so yoongi can watch the other passengers at all times if he feels suspicious of anything, jeongguk can’t keep the grin off of his face.

when yoongi asks why, jeongguk just leans over and plants a kiss on his cheek, says, “nothing. just thinking about us. and how much i love you.”

yoongi makes a quiet retching sound but he threads his fingers with jeongguk’s anyway, bringing jeongguk’s hand to his mouth so he can kiss it. and yeah, jeongguk wouldn’t mind having yoongi with him forever without having to worry about going back to the monster world. he wouldn’t mind having a little house by the sea with him, wouldn’t mind spending the rest of their lives together without consequence. he really wouldn’t mind at all.

and hopefully yoongi wouldn’t mind, either. one day—he’ll get to find out.