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Katsuki Bakugo Saves Christmas

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Todoroki lowered his book and looked at the colorfully wrapped box being handed to him. It had tiny reindeer on it.

“It has tiny reindeer on it?” Todoroki said, in his usual monotone demeanor.

“It's a christmas gift!” Midoriya responded merrily.

Todoroki didn’t know why but every time Midoriya smiled he felt the urge to give him scraps of his food or leftovers. Perhaps it had something to do with the genuineness of the smile giving Todoroki a feeling not dissimilar to the way he felt around small mammals, like squirrels. Midoriya was not a small mammal, well not in comparison to Todoroki that is. Todoroki considered Midoriya the closest thing he had to a “friend.” Or at least he was the closest thing that qualified as a “friend” in his limited understanding of the word. He didn’t really have friends growing up, there was never really time for them between the intense training sessions with his father. He never really knew how to deal with a “friend” on a normal day, let alone on a day this “friend” was also giving him a gift.

“-my mother makes them for all my friends.” Midoriya continued, blushing.

‘Crap’ Todoroki thought. He had been so caught up thinking about squirrels and the non-existence of childhood friends, that he had neglected to notice Midoriya had kept on talking about the present. Was he informing him of the origins of the gift? Or possibly telling him it was for someone else? Todoroki internally panicked. Todoroki panicked often, but because of his emotionally crippling childhood destroying all sense of how to convey emotions externally it never showed on his face. It was a small benefit of having an utterly tragic upbringing.

“I mean it’s silly I know, and a bit early for Christmas presents but my mom wanted to make sure…” Midoriya continued, his words getting progressively more frantic as Todoroki continued to not respond.

‘DAMN’T’ Todoroki thought. He had once again not been paying attention to Midoriya and let himself get lost in thought. This entire interaction was sinking fast. He had to act quickly. What would a "friend" do in this situation. He grabbed a handful of chips from the bowl next to him and pushed the food into Midoriya’s face, stopping the green haired youth from talking.

Midoriya tentatively grabbed the food from Todoroki and slowly put it in his mouth. ‘Nailed it” Todoroki thought triumphantly. From down the hall, screaming could be heard.

“What do you mean you’ve never listened to My Chemical Romance?” Shouted two voices in unison.

Yaoyorozu came down the hallway, flanked on either side by an agitated Tokoyami and Jirou.
“I was just never into rock growing up, I listened to more classical music” Yaoyorozu said, with a hint of embarrassment.

“Rock is classic” Jirou countered, agitated by the complete betrayal she felt at the moment.

“Have you never longed-for the embrace of the darkness in your soul” Tokoyami said, more calmly than Jirou but definitely with a hint of frustration bubbling beneath the surface.

“I don’t know what the big deal is, so what if I don’t care about one band having a reunion concert in a few days? Is it really that important?” Yaoyorozu defended, unknowingly causing Jirou to almost die from a heart attack right there.

At this point Dark Shadow had taken to holding both Tokoyami and Jirou back from jumping on the unsuspecting Yaoyorozu; forcibly tying her down in order to make her listen to the band’s entire catalog on loop until they "fixed" her taste in music.

Bakugo and Kirishima were sitting in the kitchen, trying to ignore all the commotion, and study for their tests that were coming up before the christmas break. Bakugo was just doing a quick refresher, but Kirishima was struggling to stay focused on the material he had been neglecting for the past few weeks.

“I’m going to fail.” Kirishima muttered to himself, as the words in his textbook blended together.

“Only if you’re an idiot.” Bakugo responded, not even looking up from his book.

Kirishima looked around at his other classmates in the common room. Midoriya was trying to explain to Todoroki the concept of giving and receiving gifts from others, Dark Shadow was stopping Tokoyami and Jirou from killing Yaoyorozu for hinting that MCR wasn’t even that good from what she listened to, Mineta and Kaminari were off to the corner planning something (he worried what), and finally Mina also looked like she was trying to study, but upon closer inspection he saw that she was actually asleep behind the book. That’s when Uraraka and Iida strolled in wearing large christmas sweaters with their names on them, and knitted in their hero colors. Bakugou, who had been fixated on his book the entire time, glanced up to see them walking in before returning to the book. Most everyone would have missed the small look, after all it was for barely a moment, but Kirishima saw it. He smiled and went back to his “studying.” It wasn’t manly to pry, he would tell him in time, if he ever realized it himself.

Uraraka sat next to Midoriya at the table.

“Hey Deku, hey Todoroki!” She beamed as she sat down. Iida pulled a chair over to the group to sit with them. Todoroki wasn’t moving, he was too busy staring into the box that Midoriya had given him. Inside, there was a large knit sweater that Midoriya’s mother had made for him and the rest of Midoriya’s friends. It had his name written on it. Todoroki was fixated on it.


“Has he moved or said anything?” Iida questioned as he sat down.

“Nope he has been sitting there catatonic for about two minutes now” Midoriya said, not concerned, but not unconcerned either. He could never tell what Todoroki was thinking half the time, which he realized was still way more times than anyone else could figure out what Todoroki was thinking.

“I feel bad, your mom made these for us but we didn’t get you anything” Uraraka huffed.

“It does feel unfair Midoriya” Iida concurred.

“It's all right!” Midoriya frantically said, blushing. “I don’t really need anything, honest. these aren’t even technically from me, they're from my mother. Also I already feel bad enough that everyone else in the class didn’t get anything so-”

“That’s a great idea!” Uraraka exclaimed excitedly.

Midoriya and Iida both looked at her quizzically. They didn’t really understand what she meant by a "great idea."

“We can do a Secret Santa in the class!” She said merrily.

“Oh that’s a great idea!” Midoriya said pounding one fist into his hand. “We’ve all been so stressed with tests and villains, it would be fun for us to all give each other gifts before we all go home for the holidays”

“Exactly!” Uraraka said, hopping to her feet. “I’ll go get Tsu and the others, Iida why don’t you talk with Yaoyorozu about organizing the whole thing and setting some ground rules”

Iida nodded excitedly as he got up and went to go speak with Yaoyorozu.

Midoriya and Uraraka went off to gather their other classmates who weren’t already in the common room, leaving Todoroki sitting alone staring at the gift in his lap.

“I’ve never been given something so nice” he said quietly; his fingers played with the fabric.

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“This is stupid.” Bakugo snorted as everyone finished writing their names and placing them in the hat. Bakugo had refused to participate in the idiotic event, so Kirishima wrote his name for him and put it in the hat.

“Don’t be that way man, everyone is just having fun.” Kirishima said.

“You idiots should be studying instead of buying into this Christmas garbage.” Bakugo scoffed back.

“Don’t be a grinch Bakugo, Christmas is about being with family and friends.” Uraraka chimed in. “Isn’t that nice?” She asked adding a warm smile.

“Tch” Bakugo responded, avoiding actually coming up with any counter argument to bubbly girl.

After everyone had finished putting their names in the hat, Iida mixed the names around in the hat. “As your class representative I have taken it upon myself to set some ground rules for the gift giving. If you pick your own name simply show all of us and return it to the hat, no giving yourself a gift. We all have vastly different financial capabilities, so to prevent anyone from getting a gift far more extravagant than the others I am setting a strict 3,000 yen limit to the gift. Also after talking to Yaoyorozu about it we have decided that all gifts given should be PG. That means no giving of any risque gifts.”

Everyone turned to look at Mineta.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Mineta said, lying.

“Finally all gifts should be wrapped and placed under the tree within the next three days. All gifts will be opened on the 22nd, the last day we will all be in the dorms. After everyone opens their gifts you are allowed to tell each other who you are, but until then secrecy is key to a successful Secret Santa event!”

Everyone nodded their agreement as Iida walked around the room and had people pick a name from the hat.

Todoroki, wearing his new sweater, picked out a name first.

“I got Bakugo” he said reading the name out loud. The whole class groaned as Iida snatched the name from his hand and put it back in the hat.

“Remember NO ONE is supposed to know who you pick” Iida said.

Todoroki looked embarrassed, well as embarrassed as someone who never showed a single emotion could look, and picked out another name. One by one everyone picked a name from the hat. Most of the class managed to keep a straight face or smile, giving as little away as possible about who’s name they had gotten. Mineta let out a maniacal laughter when he picked a name out causing Yaoyorozu to slouch in her chair in mortification.

Bakugo kept his arms crossed in silent disapproval over this whole stupid idea. Bakugo knew he needed to work on his ‘interpersonal skills’, but everyone else made that so damn difficult all the time by being such wastes of spaces. The teacher’s recommended that he try to see the value in others, and Bakugo had been trying. He had REALLY been trying. He had forced himself to listen to Kirishima talk about Crimson Riot for three hours, he had taken “Earphone”’s music suggestions, and he had even tried to listen to Deku’s suggestions on how he can improve his close quarter combat skills. Sure, that last one ended with him blasting Deku through a wall and screaming at him, but he had LISTENED to the bad advice BEFORE blasting him. That was progress… kinda.

But this whole christmas thing was a step too far for him. If the hag didn’t make him go home every year for the holiday he would spend it ignoring everyone and just training. His idea of a good thing to do before the holidays did not involve shopping around for a present for one of these extras. It involved a lot of training, and a little bit of cooking.

Bakugo didn’t “hate” Christmas. His attitude toward Christmas was like a wrecking ball’s attitude toward a condemned building. It had no strong negative or positive feelings toward the condemned building, but it understood that the two of them would not be able to coexist in the same space as each other without a destructive conclusion. Bakugo may not have hated Christmas, but the whole holiday season just unnerved him. Something about people being so damn bubbly and “merry” put him on edge. Cheer that widespread was either a mass hallucination, or a lie, and Bakugo hated lies.

“Oh damn’t” Kaminari swore out loud, shaking Bakugo out of his thoughts for a moment to see the stupid Pikachu pretending not to look at him. “Well that will probably be a Starbuck’s gift card” Bakugo thought as he looked at the yellow haired idiot. Oddly the thought of Kaminari being his secret santa calmed Bakugo a slight bit. He wouldn’t need to worry about somebody trying to figure out what he would like and getting him some cheap version of that. No Kaminari would certainly ask around but the dull spark plug would inevitably give up and just get him a gift card to Starbucks or something. Bakugo didn’t drink coffee, that shit was terrible for you, but he wouldn’t mind getting some tea one day after a run. This soothing thought was interrupted by a noise that inexplicably put him on edge, Uraraka’s laughter as she pulled a name out of a hat.

“Well they might be hard to shop for” She laughed as she leaned back in her chair, examining the name in her hand. Uraraka was the complete opposite of Bakugo when it came to the Christmas season. She loved the holidays. She loved Christmas like a condemned building loved a wrecking ball. Sure, it knew that the wrecking ball not good for its overall health and stability, but it made the day far more exciting, which was a nice change of pace for a condemned building who never had visitors anymore. Christmas was always a stressful time for her family. Her parents couldn’t afford to give her many presents like other kids growing up, and she would often not even get the ones she wanted, but Uraraka didn’t care (much).

For her the important thing was that her family was together and that they shared the holiday season together. She would always decorate the halls and spend a majority of the month of December singing and laughing around her home. She brought this same manic Christmas energy to the halls of UA, to mixed results. It was tough to be away from her family during this time of year, but Uraraka did what she always did when she got sad around christmas. She pushed through it and went plus ultra on her holiday merriment.

Uraraka’s joy confused and annoyed Bakugo. It was impossible for anyone to be THAT merry. It couldn’t be genuine. He hated the way she skipped down the halls wishing everyone “happy holidays!” He hated the decorations she put up around the dorms, and he especially hated the way her face would glow when she smiled. She had that stupid smile on now. She looked like a damn angel with the light from the window highlighting her figure in just the right ways. She was talking to Deku about something but Bakugo could only hear her laughter, which he also hated. It was an obnoxious laugh that always managed to distract him. He would think about it for hours on end after he heard it, that and that damn smile. She was so… so…

“Pretty sure it's your turn to pick a name Bakugo” Kirishima said leaning over to him.

Bakugo snapped out of the trance to see four-eyes standing in front of him with the hat. How long had he been thinking about Uraraka?

“Tch” Bakugo spurted out. He reached his hand into the hat to pull out a name. He noted how few names were left as he rifled around the hat. He hoped to All Might that he didn’t pick Deku’s stupid name.

“You also shouldn’t say the name you get aloud.” Todoroki spoke up from across the room.

“I KNOW THAT ICY-HOT!” Bakugo shouted, annoyed.

Todoroki was like a construction worker who projected anthropomorphized personalities to wrecking balls and condemned buildings. The construction worker didn’t really understand other people, so they created entire narratives around inanimate objects to help fill the void of meaningful human interaction in their life. Maybe it’s because as a child they needed to give their toys and workout equipment personalities to make up for their dad preventing them from interacting with children their own age. Maybe it’s just a defense mechanism that they resort to when they are uncomfortable with the feelings that they have toward their green haired, not entirely un-squirrel-like, coworker who would invite them out to drinks after work, and compliment them on their ability to operate heavy machinery. The Construction worker would never go out with this coworker, instead choosing to stay inside and create increasingly more elaborate stories involving the wrecking ball and condemned building.
But this isn’t the story of a construction worker unable to process their feelings toward another construction worker. No, this is a story about Christmas and how Bakugo saves it, and this story really begins as soon as Bakugo pulls out a slip of paper from the hat and realizes that there was one other name he didn’t want to pull out. A person even worse than Deku to get.

“Fudge” Bakugo said.

Except he didn’t say fudge. He said a word far worse than fudge, because the name he had pulled out of the hat was: Ochako Uraraka...

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The mall was packed with people. Uraraka, Midoriya, and Iida sat at the food court sharing some snacks. They had just finished their exams for the day and decided to go out and celebrate. They could also get their secret Santa shopping done while they were out.

“What does Kirishima even like?” Uraraka asked, taking another french fry from Midoriya’s plate and eating it.

“I’m pretty sure he likes everything.” Midoriya responded.

“That doesn’t help me.” She groaned.

“Just be grateful you didn’t get Ojiro like I did. He’s so minimalist. I have no idea what to get him.”

“What about you Iida did you figure out what to get Sato yet?”

“I purchased him baking supplies.” Iida said in matter of fact tone.

“Ooooooooh...” Uraraka and Midoriya both responded, jealous of how easy it was for Iida. Midoriya slapped Uraraka’s hand before she could steal another fry.


Bakugo stomped through the mall, shoving past the crowds of people shopping. Kirishima followed behind the hotheaded youth.

“Bakugo, man, slow down! You’re not even looking in the shop windows” Kirishima said, stopping one of the people Bakugo shoved past from falling down in the crowd.

“I don’t need to look at any of this crap” Bakugo spat back.

He continued to shove past the crowd until he found a mall directory. He stopped and began to study it.

“You do if you want to find a good Secret Santa gift!” Kirishima said, catching up with him after stopping to comfort a small child who began crying when Bakugo stomped past.

“Tch, I don’t need to shop around for junk.” Bakugo responded. “I hate this stupid fudging* Secret Santa thing. But if you’re forcing me to do it, then I’m not going to halfass the gift for whoever I’m getting it for.”

Kirishima smiled at his friend scanning the directory. He leaned in closer.

“You mean Uraraka…” Kirishima said with a devilish grin.

Bakugo stiffened at her name.

“What does round cheeks even like anyway?” He said irritated.


Bakugo glared at his friend, before looking back and deciding on a store.


Uraraka had went off on her own to look for a gift for Kirishima. Midoriya and Iida were checking out some clothing shops to help Midoriya think.

Uraraka figured that the best place to start looking was the comic book shop. Not the most original idea, but she remembered Kirishima mentioning his admiration for Crimson Riot. Maybe there would be a poster or something there she can get for him.

As she walked toward the shop, she passed by Santa’s village. She loved all the decorations and fake snow that they put up every year. The Santa they had at the mall was the absolute best. He was a large reindeer headed man with a big bushy beard. She had seen him a few times around the mall and he was always so jolly and friendly. Passing by, she could see a long line of kids waiting to meet him up on his sleigh. She could hear his laughter above the whole crowd. It made her feel good. She was so busy paying attention to the mall Santa, that she failed to notice when she ran right into another person, causing both her and him to fall to the ground with a thud.

“Watch where you’re going!” Shouted the familiar voice of Bakugo, who had yet to realize who he had bumped into, or maybe he just didn’t care. It was hard to tell sometimes with Bakugo.

“Oh, sorry Bakugo. I was distracted” she said, picking up a bag that Bakugo had dropped. She thought she saw his eyes widen upon realizing it was her, but she probably imagined it. She looked into the bag and saw a Thirteen shirt inside it.

“Oh I have that shirt! It’s really nice! Are you shopping for someone?” She asked smiling up at Bakugo who was red as an angry tomato.

He snatched the bag from her.

“Tch” he said storming off like an angry tomato couldn’t. She saw Kirishima laughing a short distance away. He waved at her. “Another excellent conversation with Bakugo” she thought sarcastically to herself. She entered to comic book shop.

“I told you she had the shirt already” Kirishima said smugly as Bakugo walked by.

“Shut the fudge* up shitty hair” Bakugo scoffed, shoving the bag into Kirishima’s hands and storming further down the mall. He looked into a number of shop windows, but it was all crap. “I hate this whole fudging* holiday, it's just one big celebration of rampant capitalist bullshit that appeals to the lowest common denominator of an already idiotic population of sheep!”

Kirishima opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted. There was a large crash from down the hall as the ground began to shake. Bakugo and Kirishima steadied themselves. “What was that?” Kirishima asked cautiously.


“Friend of yours?” Kirishima asked with a grin.

Bakugo ignored him and blasted toward the screams of people. “Maybe this trip wouldn’t be such a waste of time after all.” he thought. When he arrived at the source of the crashes and booms, he saw a large man with what appeared to be two large cannons on his hands. Looking closer Bakugo realized that those cannons were merged to his arms... and were trash cans?

The man let out a salvo of fire from the trash can hitting the edge of Santa’s village. Bakugo didn’t have much time. Definitely not enough time to get his costume on. He would have to make do with what he had on hand. He jumped down toward the villain.


Trash Hands: Too simple.
Garbage Brains: Not mean enough.
Aluminum Dingbat: Not relevant enough.
Refuse Repellent: Too alliterative.
Scum For Hands: Maybe…

“-Waste Basket!”


“Surrender or die” he growled. “Please don’t surrender,” he thought.

“Oh cute, they sent an elf out to fight me.” The villain laughed.

Big mistake.

Bakugo launched himself with a loud crack toward the villain, who wasn’t expecting the attack, and took the fiery blonde’s blast at full force. It knocked him through one of the signs advertising Santa’s village, and into a few plastic reindeer with christmas lights. Bakugo wasn’t meaning to hit the sign or the reindeer, he had to be careful not to let his blasts get out of hand, otherwise HE might unintionally hurt someone stupid enough not to get out of the way.

The villain began to stand up, causing Bakugo to take a ready stance. The villain’s hands were no longer merged to the trash cans. One was absorbing the Christmas lights into it; the other hand broke off some antlers from the reindeer and was absorbing them. Slowly, Bakugo saw the villains arms begin to change and warp around the new items.

Osmosin! His quirk is that he can absorb any object or energy and rearrange the molecules to create deadly weapons! He can also use this same power to alter the appearance and utility of different objects he touches! He can’t use it on another living person though!

Osmosin aimed the hand that absorbed the antlers toward Bakugo. Spikes protruded from his arms like some grotesque porcupine. Before Bakugo could think of a retort, several spikes launched from Osmosin’s arm toward him. He had only a second to blast himself out of the way of the projectile. He cursed himself for being too slow as one of the “antlers” grazed his arm, cutting it deep.

“Tch” Bakugo scoffed. He could probably dodge those projectiles easily enough but he had no idea what the villain changed the line of Christmas lights into. If he wasn’t careful he would be very angry swiss cheese.

“No retorts for me hero?” The villain laughed. “Or are you too busy being a slave to the Christmas capitalist overlords.”

That pissed Bakugo off, and when Bakugo was angry, he got blasty. Bakugo threw his arms back. “Shit that one arm hurt like hell.” He thought. He let out a large blast, launching himself forward.

Osmosin smiled seeing Bakugo fly toward him, and adjusted his stance to add more momentum to his swing. The arm that had the Christmas lights began to brighten as he threw a punch forward toward where Bakugo was flying from. The electricity from the lights caused the bulbs to burst and shockwaves of lighting spewed out in a wave in front of the villain. As soon as Bakugo hit the wall he would be fried and paralyzed.

But Bakugo didn’t hit the wall. Right before he made contact with the wall he swung his arms below him and let out another blast that shot him above it. The pain in his arm caused the angle of the blast to be askew. The off angle cause Bakugo to spin in the air as he went up. “Crap.” He thought. He would have to time his next blast right, otherwise he would overshoot the villain or hit the electric field.

He noted how fast he was spinning and held his breath. When the angle was right, he let out a burst of fire from his hands. From an outside perspective, this all happened in seconds. Bakugo had learned that every second mattered in his explosions. One wrong boom and he would hurt himself more than who he was facing. He hadn’t timed it wrong.

He surged downward toward the confused villain.

“DIE!” He shouted, letting out a large explosion as he did so.

Bakugo hit the villain dead on. For most people, that sort of blast would have sent them flying, but as the smoke cleared Bakugo saw the man standing there. He was unfazed by the blast.

“That was close”

Osmosin’s skin was bubbling. Bakugo cursed internally. He was reckless. He was positive that hit would knock the villain back, and he left a clear opening that they could exploit, which they were about to. He tried to get his other arm up to block, but pain shot up through it, slowing his reaction time. Osmosin swung with his antler arm. The razor sharp spikes would undoubtedly cut into Bakugo, this was going to hurt.

He braced himself for the hit, but right before the spikes made contact with their target another figure managed to get in the way. The spikes bounced off the hardened skin of Kirishima. Bakugo smiled, that was close.

“Need a little help?” Kirishima asked as he and Bakugo jumped away from the villain.

“I had it handled.” Bakugo lied.

The villain stepped forward, aiming his light hand at the two heroes. He was about to fire a another shockwave, but was interrupted by a sudden and violent introduction of a boot to his face. The kick sent him barreling into the sleigh in Santa’s village. Midoriya landed with a bounce.

“Kachaan are you okay?” Midorya asked his “friend.”

“Damnt Deku I didn’t need your help!” Bakugo shouted at his “enemy.”

“Hey Midoriya wasn’t Iida with you?” Kirishima asked his classmate.

“He went to go get the other heroes, they should be here soon. Uraraka is helping direct civilians out of the way”

Osmosin rose up in the sleigh. “Damn.” He thought. He wanted a quick snatch and run, he wasn’t expecting so many heroes to be around. With more on the way his chances of getting away were dwindling. He had to act fast.


Uraraka helped the elderly man up.

“Can you walk?” She asked.

The man nodded and ran toward the emergency exit.

“Help!” Shouted another voice from nearby.

Uraraka looked around for the source of the call and spotted its origin. There was a man trapped under some rubble, his leg caught. She ran toward the trapped man, only realizing when she got closer that it was the mall Santa. He just wasn’t wearing his big red coat. The reindeer-headed man reached toward the girl.

“Help me, I’m stuck!” He pleaded.

Uraraka got close to the man. “Don’t worry, I’m here now.” She said beginning to float the rubble around his leg.

When his leg was free he tried to stand up, but stumbled forward into her.

“Hey don’t walk, I can help you.” she said catching him

“No, you don’t understand! I need to get my coat, I left it in the sleigh” he told her, desperately trying to walk again but collapsing.

“It will be there later, but right now I have to get you to safety” Uraraka spoke in a practiced tone that she had learned in her rescue classes.


Osmosin put his hand to the sleigh and concentrated. The sleigh’s frame began to shift around him. The runners began to break and warp into crude wheels. He focused the energy he absorbed from the hero into the back of the sleigh. He would blast his way out of here.

Both Bakugo and Midoriya noticed at the same time the Sleigh changing. They ran to try and stop it, but before they could the sleigh and burst forward like a rocket. Both of them barely had time to jump out of the way as the jet powered sleigh blasted past. Midorya was knocked back trying to get out of the way, but Bakugo managed to get a small explosion out to keep his balance and bounce back into action.

“YOU’RE NOT GETTING AWAY!” He shouted with venom. He blasted toward the rocket sleigh.

The sleigh barreled down the mall with Bakugo in hot pursuit. Osmosin, looking back, saw the hot headed youth giving chase.

“Try chasing this.” he scowled, more to himself than to anyone else.

Uraraka was pulling the mall Santa behind her toward the exit when she saw the sleigh dashing toward her. She quickly pulled Santa and herself out of the way of the sleigh as it crashed through the support pillar near her without slowing. The rubble smashed into Uraraka hard, knocking her and the Mall Santa to the ground over the slowly crumbling upper level.

Bakugo was close behind the sleigh when it veered off to smash into a pillar. He easily dodged the debri and pushed forward. He didn’t want to lose this guy, but then he heard a scream. He saw Uraraka trying to get herself to stand up as the upper floor crumbled around her. Bakugo knew he only had seconds to choose. Pursue the villain or save Uraraka. He cursed.

“GOD DAMN’T ROUND CHEEKS!” He shouted, shifting his momentum and exploding himself back toward Uraraka.

Uraraka had only managed to just get up when she saw the rubble falling toward her and the Santa. It wouldn’t do much, but she had to prioritize the civilian. She flung herself on top of the mall Santa in hopes to shelter them from some of the debris. She was preparing herself to be crushed when she heard a familiar shouting. She felt an intense and radiating heat from next to her, and was surprised when she found herself not pancake-ified. She looked up to see Bakugo panting next to her, his arm raised to the sky, smoking.

“Ba-Bakugo?” She said shocked.

“Damn’t Round Cheeks, save yourself next time.” He coughed from the dust.

“Son? Did you happen to grab my coat from the sled before it got awa-” The Mall Santa started.

“Who the hell cares about your stupid coat?” Bakugo interupted.

“You don’t understand, inside the coat there’s a watc-”

“Tell the police when they get here, that’s not my problem.”


“Shut the hell up old man and save it for the police! I really couldn’t give a crap about your stupid Chr-”

Bakugo was in mid rant when Uraraka fainted.

The paramedics, police, and other heroes arrived soon after to contain the event and treat the injured. Midorya, Bakugo, and Kirishima were all questioned in hopes of making a positive id on the villain.

Uraraka didn’t remember much of what happened after. She woke up a few hours later being treated by Recovery Girl. She had a pretty bad concussion from the rubble. She thought she remembered Bakugo sitting next to her in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, but that image must have just been the concussion. Bakugo and her were both brought to the hospital, sure. But she couldn’t see the flash of memory she had being real at all. After all, since when did Bakugo cry?


*Except he didn’t say fudge.

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A six year old Ochako awoke excited. It was Christmas morning! She looked out her window to see that there was a fresh coat of snow covering her yard. Six year old Ochako didn’t know much about the world yet and hadn’t had many days to compare today with, but she was extra sure that today was going to be the best day of her life!

Most kids her age looked forward to waking up to massive piles of gifts from Santa Clause, but Ochako knew the truth. Her parents had told her that Santa wasn’t real and that because of the tough time her daddy was having getting steady jobs, that she shouldn’t expect MANY gifts this year. That was okay! She didn’t want piles of gifts, she couldn’t even think of that many gifts! No, Ochako wanted just one gift for Christmas. A Midnight Dream Sleep Doll! All the girls in her class had one! They were so pretty and they had a ton of different accessories and outfits. Sure those cost extra but Ochako didn’t mind not having those right now. She just wanted a doll of her very own to play with, and she had been EXTRA good this year. She ate all of her vegetables, even the gross ones (which were all of them!) It was the only thing she asked for, so she knew she would get it.

She slowly climbed out of her bed and moved toward her bedroom door. Peaking out she could see the light from the tree. She giggled with delight upon seeing a big doll box shaped package sitting under the tree. She couldn’t wait any longer. She burst out of her room with her kitty jammies on and ran into her parents' room.

“It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!” The tiny girl shouted bouncing up and down on her parents to wake them up. Slowly, her parents groaned awake and greeted their small and excited child. It took about ten minutes before they were both ready to actually face the day. The impatience on Ochako’s face was clear. She wanted to open her present and play with her dolly!

Eventually both mommy and daddy were able to drag themselves down the hall to the living room where the tree was. There were a few presents under the tree, but not many. Ochako made a beeline for the only one that could have been it. She was so excited, she felt like she would burst. She ripped the colorful wrapping paper off as quickly as she could, and saw... a Thirteen doll. Her heart dropped. Thirteen dolls didn’t have colorful and different costumes and accessories, they were just Thirteen. Ochako turned to look at her parents and saw the anticipation on her Daddy’s face.

He had been working late for a month now to afford a hero doll for her, by the time he could buy one the only hero they had left in stock was Thirteen. Ochako saw the look on her Dad’s face. He needed to see her smile, he was so tired.

“I love it!” Ochako smiled. Ochako lied.

Uraraka sat in the kitchen common area with a cup of hot cocoa. She hadn’t thought of that Christmas in forever, why now? She sipped her drink and looked outside to the dark morning. It wasn’t even 5 yet. She had woken up in the middle of the night and couldn’t go back to sleep.

“It snowed last night...” She thought seeing the sheet of white on the ground. She was still sore from yesterday, but that was to be expected. She pulled her mind away from that disappointing Christmas and thought instead of Bakugo in the ambulance. Why was he crying? She never saw him cry before. She sipped her drink in contemplation, and almost as if he heard her thinking about him, Bakugo entered the kitchen wearing a light hoodie and sweatpants.

“What the hell are you doing up Round Face?” Bakugo asked taking out a mug from the cabinet, it had All Might on it.

“Oh- um… Couldn’t sleep.” Uraraka confessed a little confused by Bakugo showing ANY interest in another human being. “What about you?”

“I’m always up this early to drink a cup of tea and go for a run.” He said, grabbing the kettle and filling it with water.


There was silence in the room besides the low rushing of the water. Bakugo turned off the water and placed the Kettle on the stovetop, turning the heat up high to get the water boiling. He began to dig through the cupboard looking for the tea packets.

“Hey were you crying yesterday in the ambulance?” Uraraka asked before her brain could scream at her not to.

Bakugo stopped moving. His head slowly turned toward Uraraka who regretted asking.

“No.” He said. The kettle began to whistle. Bakugo grabbed out a tea packet at random and poured the water into his mug.

“Thank you.” Uraraka spoke quietly.

Bakugo’s eyebrow raised at her in confusion. Uraraka turned bright red.

“Thank you for saving me yesterday, I’m not sure what I would have done if yo-”

“You would have figured it out” Bakugo interrupted, sipping his tea.

“Wha-What?” Uraraka questioned.

“You’re tough and smart, you would have figured something out” He said, not even looking in her direction.

Uraraka’s face turned an even deeper shade of red. “I… Thank you anyway”


There was a pregnant pause in all conversation between the two of them. Then Uraraka’s face brightened.

“Put on something warm.” She said excited.


“Put on something warm.” She demanded, hopping off her seat.


“Cause I want to show you something and you need to be dressed warmly.” She said putting her cup in the sink.

“I have to work ou-”

“No, you HAVE to come with me to see something special. You don’t like owing anyone anything, and neither do I.” She said standing up straight in front of him. She pushed her index finger into his chest and smirked up at him. “So put on something warm and meet me in the front in ten minutes.”

She skipped off with purpose before Bakugo could think of a response. Neither of them noticed, but the blonde was blushing.


Bakugo waited at the front of the dorms with his arms crossed. He was wearing a big knitted sweater that had his name on it with his hero colors. It was the warmest thing he owned, he had also thrown on a coat over it and worn gloves. Uraraka had told him to wait here 15 minutes ago. Where was she?

“Sorry I’m late, I couldn’t find my bracers” Uraraka said coming out to see him. She had a big pink coat on and a scarf. She was also wearing her anti-gravity gear underneath the outfit. She looked rounder than usual… she looked kinda cute. “Follow me.” She said walking past him. Bakugo thought about arguing but decided against it and fell in line behind her. They walked a ways until they reached a spot near the edge of UA’s grounds. There was a tree with some rope tied around it at the trunk. Uraraka began tying the other end of the rope around her waist.

“What did you want to sh-” Bakugo began but was silenced by Uraraka holding both hands out to him.

“Grab my hands.” She said with a smile.

Bakugo looked down at her hands and then back at her face. He didn’t move. Uraraka rolled her eyes and stepped closer to him. She pulled his arms from his pockets and grabbed his hands. “I want to show you my secret spot, now stop being a baby and hold on to me.” She smiled at Bakugo, and despite the cold he felt warm.

“Oh and close your eyes.” She said suddenly.

Bakugo gave her a look, but she just stared him down until he closed his eyes.

He gripped her hands tightly and Uraraka used her power to make them both float upwards. They floated up and up, until the rope was pulled taut.

“Okay, open your eyes.”

Bakugos eyes slid open and he saw possibly the most peaceful sight he had ever seen. Snow covered the landscape around them making the entire world black and white. The only color the two of them saw was the christmas lights from houses and buildings glowing radiant colors and reflecting off the smooth snowy surface around them. It was a completely tranquil sight, made even better when he glanced toward the girl holding his hands. She was smiling looking out at the scene below them. Her eyes looked a little sad…

“This is the perfect spot” She said quietly.


“Sorry. I found this spot a while back. You can see everything for miles. It’s sometimes nice to come up here and just look at it all; it’s even better this time of year with all the lights and the snow.”

“Okay… but why take me here?”

Uraraka shrugged. “You saved my life. Felt right to repay you with something like this.” She laughed. “Plus you’re always a grump around Christmas so I figured I’d try and show you the beauty of the season.” Uraraka’s big brown eyes stared up at him, He blushed again and looked away. She smiled and began to float them down.

When they touched the ground, Uraraka untied herself. She then started walking in the opposite direction from the dorms.

“Where the hell are you going round cheeks?” Bakugo asked confused.

“For a walk… Do you want to come?” She asked looking back at him.

“No. We should head back.” He said.

“Suit yourself” She responded, walking away from him.

Bakugo cursed silently to himself and caught up with her. She smiled when he matched his pace to hers.


“-the other girls made fun of me for having a Thirteen Doll.” Uraraka spoke quitely. Her and Bakugo had been walking for almost an hour now.

“That’s stupid, Thirteen is WAY better than Midnight. She’s the top rescue hero” Bakugo scoffed.

“I know that now, but at the time it hurt. I remember spending the rest of that year finding out everything I could about 13. She was still very new at the time but she had already saved a lot of people… Needless to say, the more I found out about her the cooler she got to me.” Uraraka said smiling softly. She laughed to herself. “I remember coming in with printouts of all the articles about her and her rescues to prove to the other girls that she was just as cool as Midnight was. They still laughed at me but I was happier.”

“Screw em’” Bakugo said with a smirk. He had never seen Uraraka geek out this much, he didn’t know why, but he liked it. Uraraka began to shiver, even under her massive jacket. Bakugo, without even thinking, took off his coat and placed it around her. They both blushed when they realized what he just did and in response stepped a slight bit away from each other to create distance.

They walked until they hit the shore. At the shore they saw a man with his head in his hands while sitting on a bench. Uraraka immediately recognized the reindeer headed man.

“Santa?” She asked, surprised to see him.

“His name isn’t-” Bakugo began but thought better of it.

The mall santa looked up at the two of them. He had clearly been crying but his eyes went wide when he saw the two of them.

“Heroes? I need your help!” He said jumping up and putting his hands on both of their shoulders.

“Um…” Uraraka began, thrown off by the sudden closeness of the man. “With what sir?” She asked carefully.

“Saving Christmas.” The reindeer headed man said, completely seriously.

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Bakugo blinked. Uraraka blinked. “Santa” didn’t blink. The only noise heard was the waves crashing on the shore. No one spoke for a while, neither of the teenagers really knew how to respond to the mall Santa; what he had just said was crazy. They hadn’t been taught how to handle crazy civilians asking them for help.

Uraraka was the first to compose her thoughts. She spoke in a soft tone raising her hands up and taking a defensive and calming stance.

“Sir, I respect your concerns, but have you gone to the police about this? They are the proper channe-“

“They haven’t been listening to me! I need heroes like you two to help me!” Santa interrupted. There was panic and anger in his voice. Bakugo stepped closer to Uraraka, his hand subconsciously moving in front of her as if to guard her.

“They don’t believe me! I need YOU to believe me, all of Christmas is on the line. That villain yesterday took my-“

“God damnit!” Bakugo shouted. “Don’t tell me that this is about your stupid coat”

Santa looked insulted. He stood up straighter. “THAT COAT was a gift from my wife, and is very special to me, but that’s not what’s important. There’s a watch-”

Bakugo rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in front of him (he hadn’t noticed but he had put his body in between Uraraka and the mall Santa).

“Oh a WATCH that’s sounds SUPER important.” Bakugo said sarcastically.

“You don’t understand, it’s not just an ordinary watch. It controls the spirit of Christmas itself!” Santa blurted out to the two of them.

Bakugo looked like he was about to say another comment when Uraraka stopped him and spoke up first. “Sir we respect that you find this watch valuable but-“

“This isn’t just about me! That watch is magical, it controls the entire feeling around Christmas time. In the wrong hands people will lose faith in the holiday entirely and see it as nothing more than some corporate cash grab that is just an excuse to be selfish and greedy!” Santa implored.

“Sounds just like Christmas to me” Bakugo scoffed.

“You see! This young man has already been affected!” Santa said pointing at Bakugo as if proving a point.

“No, he’s always like this… ” Uraraka said. Bakugo noticed a small hint of exhaustion he had not been expecting.

“Sir, we would love to help you but we have to get back to school. Put a report in with the police and maybe they can find your watch for you.” Uraka spoke patiently.

Santa slouched, defeated. He realized that he was not going to convince the two of them of the direness of the situation. “What’s the point… if its not found before Christmas, it's all over.” He lamented before walking away from them.

They both watched as he walked away. Uraraka felt a pain of guilt over seeing the man so pathetic. “I wish there was something we could do…” she said quietly.

Bakugo scoffed. “He’s just upset that the police are too busy to focus just on his stuff, it isn’t worth the headache.”


The two of them walked back to the dorms together. They slowly forgot about the mall Santa as they talked and got lost in conversation together. Bakugo may come off as loud and abrasive but he was a surprisingly good listener. Uraraka was embarrassed by how much she was rambling, she sounded like Deku, but Bakugo didn’t seem to care. It was a nice change of pace. Deku and Iida weren’t bad listeners, in fact they were more than supportive whenever she talked.

She just never felt comfortable talking about non-hero stuff with them. They would always vocalize how much they cared for her and how wonderful she was; sometimes it was a lot. Bakugo just listened. He asked questions when he didn’t understand something, and would chime in when he really thought somebody was stupid, but he would mainly just listen. It was nice…

Eventually they made it back to the dorms. Already some of their classmates were up and moving. A few of them were zombie-like as they tried to make themselves coffee to wake up. The two of them walked with each other to Uraraka’s room.

“Thanks Bakugo… weird people aside, it was nice to talk to you.”

Bakugo shrugged. “Whatever round face, you ruined a perfectly good workout this morning.” He said, only half serious.

Uraraka smiled and closed the door. Only after the door was closed did Bakugo shed a small smile. He was about to leave when he saw Mina walking down the hall.

“Shit” he thought. Mina would see that he was at Uraraka’s door and immediately go into gossip mode. Bakugo braced himself for the barrage of questions. If she asks, he’ll just say “none of your damn business pinky!” And stomp off. That wouldn’t stop her from gossiping, but at least he would avoid dealing with her in the moment. A perfect plan.

“Hey Bakugo.” Mina said in a depressed tone as she trudged by. And that was it.

Bakugo wasn’t upset about her not prying into his private life, but he was confused. Mina didn’t say anything, Mina ALWAYS says something. She once spent an entire week gossiping about Midoriya asking Todoroki for a pencil. She asked around trying to figure out what it could all mean. It turns out it meant that Midoriya needed a pencil and Todoroki had some. Uraraka and Bakugo had spent the entire morning together and Mina asked no questions.

“She must be just worried over exams” Bakugo thought absentmindedly before going to get ready for the day.


The day only got weirder from there for both Bakugo and Uraraka. At breakfast in the cafeteria it was unusually quiet. Everybody seemed just fixated on eating and weren’t really talking to each other. Uraraka tried sitting with Deku, Iida, and Todoroki like she always did, but instead of finding the three of them chatting she found them just quietly eating and keeping to themselves. It felt as if someone died. Uraraka tried making conversation with her friends, trying to smile and cheer them up but nothing was working. Iida didn’t even scold Bakugo for his uniform being untidy.

Meanwhile the Bakusquad was similarly down, not that Bakugo cared. It was just odd that instead of the usual moaning and groaning that he heard the day of a test, he instead was surrounded by a very quiet version of his friends. They almost made Todoroki seem cheery by comparison. Bakugo didn’t really know how to deal with this so he just ate his food. If something was bothering them they’ll tell him.

The rest of the class was similarly down in the dumps. Froppy was slouching more than usual and didn’t even ribbit once during the day, Ojiro’s tail dragged behind him wherever he went, Koda just walked by animals on the pathway without giving them his routine “hello.” Even Tokoyami and Dark Shadow seemed a little extra doom and gloom that day.

Uraraka was worried, she had never seen her classmates so down before. The only people that didn’t seem to be affected by this onslaught of hopelessness was Todoroki (who was always pretty emotionless and glum), Aizawa (who was more disconcerting when he was happy), and-

“Bakugo” Uraraka said catching up with him.

Bakugo turned toward her, only raising an eyebrow in response.

“Have you noticed anything weird about our classmates?” She asked in a quiet tone so that only he could hear her.

He shrugged. “Not really.” He said lying.

“Everybody seems really down today… its weird. You don’t think-”

“No” Bakugo cut her off, turning his back to her. Uraraka was not ready to give up though and followed him

“Isn’t it a little coincidental that EVERYBODY is in a down mood?” She asked.


“They’re just stressed about the tests cause none of those losers ever study” He said, not slowing his pace.

“Iida and Momo ALWAYS study (I actually think Momo is even more happy on test days), and even they are abnormally depressed.” Uraraka countered.

“Who cares if they’re depressed?” Bakugo scoffed.

“But what if Santa was right?” She asked, stopping her pace.

Bakugo also stopped walking and turned to her. “Look if that old crazy coot WAS right, why aren’t we affected?”

“Maybe because you’re already a grinch around this time anyway so it wouldn’t change anything?”

“One: I’m a friggin delight round face. Two: That still doesn’t explain you being still a bundle of sunshine.”

Uraraka got quiet.

“Exactly. Everything is fine. Stop worrying” He said shrugging her off and going to class for the test.


The test was a little difficult, even for Bakugo, but he was sure he passed it. He stretched in his chair before standing up. Uraraka was being crazy, there was no Christmas curse. Even if everyone was acting weird, that isn’t any reason for concern. These losers act weird EVERYDAY. He tried not to think about it, or her, to much.

For some stupid reason he just kept thinking her recently, it was infuriating. He still had to find her some stupid present for the Secret Santa. It had to be perfect, he didn’t know why it had to be perfect, but he felt it was important that he got her something perfect. He couldn’t think of anything.

“Crap.” He thought to himself. “I think I’ll probably have to ask Kirishima to help me brainstorm.” He thought begrudgingly.

He caught Kirishima after class. He was walking to his room. “Yo shitty hair I need your help.” He said walking toward his friend. Kirishima just looked at him and made a grunting noise in acknowledgment. That was strange, but maybe he was just tired from the tests. “Come on we can brainstorm some gift ideas while we spot each other in the gym. Round face ruined my workout this morning.” He said walking by his friend. Kirishima didn’t follow.

“Not today Bakugo”

Bakugo stopped walking and turned back to Kirishima.

“I’m not really in the mood to workout today.” Kirishima said shrugging.


Uraraka heard a frantic banging on her door. She went to go answer it and saw Bakugo, visibly shaken.

“That stupid reindeer may be right…”

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When Uraraka was 8 her parents took her to go see a mall Santa. She knew he wasn’t real, but they thought it would be a nice Christmas card for the relatives. The mall Santa had a heart attack and died while she was sitting on his lap. That Christmas her parents asked her if she was okay. Not wanting to worry them she smiled and told them she was. She wasn’t.

Uraraka didn’t know why she thought about that horrible memory, but it may have had to do with the fact that Bakugo was currently yelling at a different mall Santa who had replaced the one they were looking for.

“Listen you fake bearded piece of crap! Tell me where the reindeer-headed fat man went! We need to talk to him!” Bakugo shouted shaking the poor Santa, as three mall elves tried to wrestle him off. None of them were paid enough to deal with Bakugo.

“Mommy why is that boy trying to kill Santa?” Said one small child on the verge of tears behind Uraraka in line. Uraraka had her face firmly in her hands.

Bakugo stomped his feet while he walked down the street. Uraraka walked beside him.

“Stupid fake mall-cops, don't they know we’re trying to find a villain?” He grunted.

“You did give one of the elves a black eye while yelling at the mall Santa”

“It’s not my fault candy-tights didn’t know how to dodge!”

Uraraka rolled her eyes. The two of them decided the best thing to do was eat and discuss what they knew. They found a small ramen shop. They both ordered the spicy ramen and a bottle of water. Bakugo paid for both of them without thinking before Uraraka could get her wallet out.

“Why is it so hard to find a stupid Santa Claus?” Bakugo complained.

The truth is they had found many Santa Clauses running around, just not the RIGHT one.

“Unfortunately Santa’s are a dime-a-dozen this time of year.” Uraraka said with a pitying smile.

Bakugo only huffed in response. Uraraka fidgeted in her seat. They had been at this for hours and still no leads. She also had been trying not to address the elephant in the room. She failed.

“You don’t think… he’s the REAL Santa? Right?” She asked, embarrassed to even be entertaining the possibility.

Bakugo scoffed. “Of course not.” He replied.

“But whatever he is or isn’t doesn’t matter, he knows something about what’s going on.” He said, looking around at the other people in the restaurant.

It was clear whatever was affecting their classmates was also affecting people around here. Uraraka and Bakugo both noticed how lethargic and gloomy people they had passed had become. Everyone looked as though they had just saw Santa Clause die while sitting on his lap.

“It’s weird that we aren’t affected in the same way.” Bakugo noted.

Uraraka stopped watching people and looked back at him.

“I mean I already hated Christmas, but even if that is protecting ME, that doesn’t explain you.” He said eyebrow raising toward her.

“You seriously don’t have one happy Christmas memory?” She said, keeping the focus on him.

“Nope, I’ve always seen this whole damn holiday as just a cheap shallow excuse to indulge.” He said, smugly.

“Even baby Bakugo?” She said said in a baby voice.

“Even baby Bakugo.” he responded as he began to eat his ramen. "And if you ever tell anyone that I referred to myself in that way I will literally blow you up so badly that they only thing left of you would be a very round pile of ash."

Uraraka sighed and started eating her food. There was no point in pestering him further about it. Bakugo probably would never like Christmas.

Bakugo noticed Uraraka crying. “What the hell is wrong with you Round Face?”

Uraraka jumped a bit not expecting the question. “What? Oh…”

She wiped the tears from her cheeks. “Sorry the food is just a little spicy for me.” She said smiling. He was about to offer to switch (his wasn’t that spicy), when he noticed something in the corner of his eye. He turned to look out the window and saw it.

“Son of a-“ he said in an annoyed tone before standing up and rushing out the door.

Uraraka watched as Bakugo blasted himself across the street toward a reindeer headed man in red. It was the Santa! She quickly stood up and ran out the door behind him. She crossed the street just in time to see Bakugo over the older man, Hand ready to blast him.

“What the hell did you do deer-for-brains?” He shouted down at the man.

“What are you talking about, I haven’t done anything?” Santa said defensively.

“Well you sure as shit know why everyone around is suddenly so depressed!” Bakugo claimed.

Uraraka put a hand on Bakugo's shoulder. "Please sir, we just want to help our friends."

Santa’s face fell. “We should go somewhere we can talk about this more privately.”

Bakugo’s hand relaxed. He turned toward Uraraka who nodded. He looked back at Santa and also nodded.

“So you two finally believe me now about the watch?” Santa said when they finally found a spot in the mall where no one would be listening in.

“I believe you know SOMETHING is going on, I don’t believe it’s some Christmas bullshit.” Bakugo said crossing his arms. Uraraka kicked him.

“What is the watch?” Uraraka asked.

Santa sighed. “Do you believe in Santa Clause?”

Bakugo rolled his eyes so hard that they looked as though they would pop out of his head. Uraraka kicked him again.

“You’re not saying that you're… Santa Clause are you?” She asked, very skeptically.

“Not the original one no… but I am a decendent of him in a way.” Santa said without a hint of joking.

“So you fly around the world, breaking into houses, and leaving toys?” Bakugo asked sarcastically.

“No, that’s not exactly what I do…” Santa responded, sounding a little embarrassed.

Bakugo threw his arms up as if surrendering the point (and sanity itself), and leaned back to listen to the rest of what the man had to say.

“Have you ever noticed that there is a sense of jolliness around this time of year? In the air even?” Santa asked. Uraraka nodded, Bakugo shrugged.


“My job as Santa isn’t to deliver presents, but to extend people’s general good will toward each other. Instead of giving people gifts, I give them the desire to give gifts. The magic of Christmas doesn’t come from an old man in the arctic making toys with tiny elves, but from each other.”

Bakugo groaned. Uraraka kicked him again (he was starting to bruise on the spot she kept kicking).

“Well that… and a little bit of actual Christmas Magic. You see the first Santa, Santa Prime, existed before quirks did. When heroes and villains were just from comic books and fantasy. He was able to use magic, which only a few select people could. He decided to use his powers to try and give back to the people he held dear in the world. He made a watch. In that watch he imbued all of his goodwill toward man and his joy, that way it could act as a sort of beacon that radiates kindness every year.”

Uraraka sat forward interested, Bakugo struggled not to groan aloud.

“While his magic was great, it still was limited. The watch could only spread holiday joy so far. So to spread it across the world, Santa, every year during the holiday season, would travel around the world letting the watch spread his good will to everyone. When he got too old to do it himself, he passed the watch and mantle down to a new Santa, who passed it down to another, and another, and another. Each Santa through all generations traveling the world; trying to spread Christmas kindness to everyone.”

“If this is true then why is everyone so depressed?” Uraraka said, very much invested in Santa’s story.

“Similar to how one bad apple ruins the bunch, if someone who has strong negative feelings toward the holiday gets a hold of the watch, it could spell catastrophe. The watch radiates the user’s feelings. If those feelings are bad then that’s what is radiated. If we don’t get that watch back soon, that will be all that is radiated from here forward. This season will no longer be one of kindness, but of selfishness, and what we know of Christmas will be lost forever.”

“So how do we fix it?” Bakugo asked, cutting to the point.

“In order to expunge the bad feelings from the watch, someone with a pure, cherished, untainted Christmas memory would have to hold the watch and try to use it. But with everyone being affected by the negativity, finding someone who can still think of such a memory will be near impossible. Such strong despair and hate ripples back and taints everything. It makes you only think of the bad memories.”

Bakugo shoved his thumb in the direction of Uraraka. “She can do it.”

Santa and Uraraka both looked shocked by Bakugo’s statement.

“What?” They both said in unison.

“Find a pure Christmas memory. If anyone can find it, its little miss Whoville over here. She bleeds tinsel for god's sake.” Bakugo said, completely serious.

Santa turned toward the girl and leaned in close to look at her. Uraraka just leaned back and gave a nervous smile.

“How is it that you weren't affected by the watch? Him it makes sense, but you should be just as depressed as everyone else. Even I can’t think of a happy Christmas memory.”

Uraraka opened her mouth to speak but Bakugo cut in.

“What do you mean it makes sense that I’m not affected?” Bakugo questioned, insulted.

“The watch’s magic can only do so much. Those who don’t care for the holiday season aren’t really affected by it. Well… them and people who literally have no happy Christmas memories whatsoever. But an individual like that would be such a depressing and broken individual, I can’t imagine anyone that pathetic even really exists.” Santa said, letting out a small chuckle.


Todoroki paused while walking to the kitchen. He felt as though he had just been insulted.

“Do you think you can do it Uraraka?” Santa said looking her in the eyes. “Can you save Christmas?”

Uraraka gulped. That was a BIG question. She looked at both Santa and Bakugo who were looking at her. She realized that it really was up to her. She smiled.

“Yeah, I can do it.”

Chapter Text

“I won’t do this” Bakugo said, angrily looking inside the bag Santa had just given him.

“I’d rather Christmas die.” He pushed the bag toward Santa.

“It’s a disguise, stop complaining.” Santa said pushing the bag back toward Bakugo.

“Why do I need a stupid disguise?” Bakugo asked, increasingly aggravated.

“I’m connected to the watch, I can feel it where it’s been or is. There is a steady stream of Christmas energy radiating from that warehouse” Santa said pointing at a warehouse nearby. He then shifted his finger to point at a very decorated and fancy Santa’s village down the street from it. “There is a Santa’s village down the street where you and Uraraka will be staking out to make sure if the villain is inside. I’ve already made a call and pulled a few strings, so they are already expecting you guys.”

“How are you able to pull strings with a Santa’s village” Bakugo asked, confused.

Santa just smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

“Why don’t you do it?” Bakugo asked, ignoring his intentional vagueness.

“What if the villain recognizes me? I would be in danger! No it’s better you do it. He’s far less likely to recognize you in the disguise. And isn’t a hero’s job to put the safety of others before their own?” Santa said in an exaggerated tone.

Bakugo stared at him for a long while before speaking. “You’re an asshole, Santa Claus.” He finally said pulling the bag back in annoyed acceptance.

“Hey, how do I look?” Said Uraraka, coming out of the bathroom she had been changing in. She was wearing a green and red dress. A belt at her stomach pulled the whole dress in a way that highlighted her curves. The bottom of the dress stopped a bit above the knee and underneath she wore candy stripe leggings with small elf boots that had bells on them.

Bakugo was speechless and couldn't stop staring. Santa nudged him. He snapped back into his usual self right away and looked away from the girl, his face beet red. “You look alright… I guess.”

Uraraka felt unsure, the dress was way too short for her liking and the leggings were definitely to tight. She put her elf hat on and slouched with a blush of her own. “I’m not sure…”

Santa chimed in. “Nonsense! I’m sure you both will look great when you’re in position!” He said as he pushed Bakugo with the bag into the bathroom.


“Welcome to Santa’s village! What’s your name little boy” Uraraka said with a kind smile leaning down to look at the small boy in line to see Santa. He was very nervous. She had noticed that a lot of the parents and kids that were there were in bad moods. None of them looked happy or excited to see Santa.

The child moved closer to his mother.

“He’s a little nervous.” The mother said slowly pushing her child forward.

“Oh there’s nothing to be worried about, Santa is the sweetest and gentlest man I’ve ever known” Uraraka said in a soft voice.

“WHAT KIND OF IDIOT ASKS FOR A PURPLE UNICORN FOR CHRISTMAS?” Boomed Bakugo’s voice from behind her. Her kind smile faded as she turned toward her partner.

Bakugo was dressed in a big red coat over a fat suit. His face was covered with a bushy white beard and fake glasses. On the top of his head he wore a big red Santa hat. On his lap sat a crying child.

The little girl's mother grabbed her off of his lap.

“You are an awful Santa!” She scolded Bakugo.

“Yeah we’ll teach your kids not to ask for stupid made up crap like unicorns lady!” He shouted back. The woman left in a huff and Uraraka had her face in her hands. She turned back to the child on line who was pale white at this point. This was going to be a loooooong night.


Two hours later they were given a 30 minute break before the next wave of children. It was 9 pm. Despite the craziness, Santa’s throne in Santa’s village was actually a pretty good spot for a stakeout. It was high above everything and gave a perfect view of the warehouse that Santa said the villain was hiding out in. Now they just needed confirmation so they could make a move. Confirmation that Bakugo was getting increasingly impatient for.

“That villain better show his face soon, or I’m going to blast that Reindeer-Shit into next Christmas.” Bakugo said, shedding the fat suit, beard and glasses from the costume. He was sweating like crazy in those things. He put the now highly combustible items to the side and sat back on Santa’s throne. It was getting late and they still had no sign of the villain. He wanted to just blast his way over there and forcibly drag that villain to jail, but it was probably better to wait for confirmation on the villain’s movements. He hated waiting. He also still had to figure out a gift for Uraraka before tomorrow, otherwise he was looking at giving her a gift card like Kaminari was going to give him.

He looked over toward Uraraka who was sitting at the edge of the platform that the throne was on. She was looking toward the warehouse, not paying attention to him. She glowed from the lights around Santa’s village. She was quiet. He groaned and made his way over to her.

“What’s wrong with you Round Face?” He asked sitting next to her.

She looked surprised by the question. When she turned to look at him he noticed that her eyes were red from crying.

“Nothing’s wrong with me.” She said smiling.

“You’re shit at lying.” Bakugo said turning his gaze toward the warehouse.

“Like you would know.” Uraraka said defensively, punching him in the arm.

She looked out at the warehouse. It was stupid. This wasn’t even close to the biggest and most dangerous stakes she had ever faced. She had fought against villains actively trying to kill her and her friends, villains way more dangerous than this low level jerk. Despite this, she was really scared.

“I’m cursed you know…” She said quietly.

Bakugo looked at her and raised an eyebrow.

“Last Christmas, my mom got really sick. She was fine but my dad had to work extra hours to cover the bills. Because my mom was in the hospital… I spent Christmas alone.” She said quietly. Bakugo just listened.

“The year before that we were supposed to spend it with my cousins, but a snowstorm hit and we were trapped in the airport on Christmas. The year before that the Christmas lights caught fire and destroyed all of our presents.” She said. She began to laugh. “I love Christmas, but it doesn’t love me.” Tears ran down her round cheeks. “And now because of my stupid curse, Christmas is going to be gone forever.”

Bakugo didn’t know how to react to the onslaught of emotions. Crying not something he knew how to handle. He would generally just yell at the thing that was crying, which would make them cry even more. He didn’t want to yell at Uraraka here, but he didn’t exactly know what people did when they weren’t yelling.

He put one hand on her shoulder and patted her. “That’s stupid.” He said in a calm, collected voice. “Nailed it.” He thought.

Uraraka looked at him, confused and insulted.

“Shit” Bakugo thought, realizing that he did not in fact, nail it.

She began to laugh. Which confused Bakugo even more than the crying did.

“You are the worst Santa Claus, ever” She managed to say in between laughs. She wiped the tears from her eyes. “I cry my eyes out in front of you, and all you can say is that what I’m crying about is stupid. No wonder you didn’t pass the hero licencing exam on your first try, you are TERRIBLE with people.” She laughed.

Bakugo's cheeks reddened. He was great with people when they weren’t being stupid.

"Thank you" Uraraka said smiling.

"Tch" Bakugo said looking away from her. "Just stop being dumb okay? You're not going to ruin Christmas, you're going to use that annoyingly endless supply of Christmas cheer you have to save it."

Uraraka blushed and looked away from Bakugo.

They both saw him at the same time. He was checking to see if anyone had followed him as he was going toward the warehouse. It was the villain they were chasing, Osmsosin. After being convinced the coast was clear, the villain entered the warehouse. Bakugo was thrilled.

“Finally.” He said with an evil looking grin. The night was coming together. It was time to save Christmas. He hopped to his feet and was about to say something when he heard a small click, like a camera taking a picture. He looked down at Uraraka who had her flip phone out and pointed at him. She quickly shuffled it away with a small grin.

“Okay” Bakugo thought. First he had to KILL Uraraka and destroy the phone, THEN it was time to save Christmas.

Chapter Text

Masanori, aka Osmosin, has only had a few nightmares in his life. None of them had ever been particularly scary or even memorable.

There was one time when he was twelve that he had a nightmare where he was trapped naked in the girl’s locker room at school. His mom was in that dream, she was laughing at him along with all the other girls in school. He remembered that he couldn’t look his mom in the eyes for weeks after that dream.

If Masanori was asked what kind of nightmare he would hate having today, an angry Santa Clause blowing through the wall shouting “DIE” would probably not make the top ten. It was so absurd he probably never would have thought of it on his own. Yet upon seeing the wall of his lair explode, and an angry child dressed as Santa Claus burst through it like some sort of demonic Kris Kringle, he realized that he may have to adjust that list now.

“DIE!” Shouted Bakugo, still dressed in his Santa outfit. He had decided that the best approach was to burst into the building to catch the villain off guard. It was a headstrong strategy, but damned if it wasn’t an effective one. Bakugo slammed into the now off-balance villain, knocking him to the ground. He advanced toward the grounded villain. He was about to blast him again when he saw a small movement. He only just had time to duck out of the way from a spray of rocks being shot at him. The villain had quickly absorbed the rocks around him and turned his arm into a freaking shotgun!

“Isn’t it a little early for Santa to be breaking and entering?” The villain asked coyly.

“Just give me the watch asshole, and maybe you won’t be spending Christmas in the hospital.” Bakugo sneered.

“Watch? Are you… robbing me?” The villain asked, now confused.

“What? You’re the damn robber! You stole the watch first!”

“Wait a second, you’re that damn kid from the mall!”


Uraraka and Santa looked in from skylight to see Bakugo and Osmosin facing off. She scanned the warehouse from above. While Bakugo was distracting the villain she and Santa were looking for the sleigh the villain had escaped in. The watch may be in there, and if it wasn’t Santa had ensured her that it would be vital for their escape. Uraraka didn’t know what that meant but wasn’t really in the mood to argue with the man.

They spotted the sleigh on the far side of the warehouse, tucked behind some boxes. She looked back at Bakugo, he was clearly speaking now but she couldn’t hear what he was saying. The villain's attention was only on Bakugo. If they were going to act, now was the time.

She slid open the skylight and floated her and Santa down behind the villain. Bakugo noticed her but was careful not to give her away. She and Santa began to move toward the Sleigh.


“All I want, is the watch, you sorry excuse for copy machine.” Bakugo said, attempting to keep the villain's attention on him.

“Why? What does the watch do?” The villain asked, perplexed.

“Tell time.” Bakugo sneered with a smile.

The villain glared at him.

Uraraka and Santa had covered a lot of distance to the sleigh, but still needed to avoid being seen. Uraraka could handle her own in a fight, but the unpredictability of the villain's quirk made it a bad match for her. Bakugo was far more adaptable, which made him the perfect bait in this scenario.

“You tracked me all the way down... for a watch?” The villain questioned.

“It’s a nice watch.” Bakugo said, taking a chance and stepping in closer to the villain. Osmosin’s gun arm shot right up and pointed at him immediately. “Not a step closer hero.”

Bakugo ground his teeth. The situation wasn’t ideal for him. Keeping the attention in one direction greatly limited his mobility, and with that gun he needed all the mobility he could get. He risked a quick glance toward the other two. They had made it to the sleigh and were searching for the watch. He must have been too obvious because Osmosin began to turn to look. He had to act quick.

He blasted his way toward the villain, letting out a huge burst of energy behind him. The villain, hearing this, quickly turned back toward Bakugo, but he was too slow. Bakugo slammed into him with a heavy impact, his boot firmly planting itself on the bad guy’s chest. Osmosin went flying back into some boxes in the warehouse.

Bakugo didn’t let himself even land before he was using his explosions to propel himself at the villain a second time. This time Osmosin was ready. Osmosin quickly brought his gun arm up and shot at Bakugo. Bakugo's reactions were quick enough to dodge most of the bullets. Most of them.

Pain radiated from Bakugo’s leg as he hit the ground rolling. His leg was bleeding badly. He only just had the energy to roll behind a pillar nearby to avoid being shot again. He looked at the wound. The bullet luckily went clear through his leg, missing any major arteries. That was good, it meant that he didn’t need to deal with removing the damn bullet. He bit down on one of his hands as he pressed the other to the bleeding wound. Letting out a small explosion he cauterized the wound, he then repeated the process on the other side. It hurt like hell.

Uraraka had seen Bakugo get shot and only just managed to stifle a cry. She was relieved to see that he managed to find cover, but he needed help soon. They needed to get out of here. Which meant they needed that stupid watch! Why was she always so damn useless!

Bakugo peeked from behind his wall to see the villain marching. He had to think fast...

Osmosin inched closer toward the pillar. The kid had nowhere to run now.

“Times up kid.” Osmosin said turning the corner of the pillar. He was about to fire when he was blinded by a sheet of red. He tripped backwards and began firing wildly.

Bakugo, now coat-less, moved quickly and blasted the villains legs out from under him, causing Osmosin to hit the ground hard. Before he could recover, Bakugo was already on top of him. He immediately punch the villain in the head hard enough to knock him out.

“Asshole.” He said grabbing his coat back and putting it on. He limped over toward the sleigh.

Uraraka and Santa were digging through the sleigh looking for the watch. Uraraka, upon seeing Bakugo okay, got out of the sleigh and hugged him.

Bakugo… didn’t know what to do with that. He couldn’t remember the last time somebody hugged him. He generally had an aura of “do not hug, or else” around him at all times. He never really considered what the “or else” actually was; this was an oversight on his part. Every part of his brain screamed at him to do SOMETHING, anything really. He decided to yell.

“Oi’ what the hell Round Face?” He yelled.

She quickly retracted the hug and blushed. The screaming in Bakugo’s head died down, instead replaced with a single internal voice that only said one thing: “Dumbass.”

Before Bakugo had the time for some much needed self-reflection, Santa shouted from the sleigh.

“Found it!” He yelled in triumph.

Santa hopped out of the sleigh and walked toward the two of them. “It’s a little worse for where, but it should have just enough magic for you to fix this whole mess.” He said handing the watch to Uraraka.

“Right” she said, determined.

They stood there for a moment. Nothing happened.

“How do I do that?” She finally asked, embarrassed.

“Just think of a pure happy Christmas memory, and try to channel that joy into the watch. That should be enough for the magic of the watch to pick it up and radiate it out. It’s been radiating a lot of negativity lately, so the magic is definitely weaker, but it still should work.” Santa explained.

“Magic can get weaker?” Uraraka asked surprised.

“Oh yeah. Bad feelings are like an illness to magic. It eats away at it until there’s nothing left.” Santa said nonchalantly.

Bakugo took a step away from the watch.

Uraraka nodded and focused in on the watch, trying to think of a happy Christmas memory. She thought real hard… but nothing happened. She searched her memory but found nothing. She remembered getting the wrong doll, spending Christmas alone, watching "Santa" die, her mother getting sick, being trapped in the airport, her house burning down, and all the other bad Christmases she had had over the years. “Why wasn’t this working?” She thought. “Why don’t I feel better?”

Uraraka collapsed onto her knees sobbing, as if all the emotions she had been feeling were pouring out of her at once. Bakugo quickly ran to her side.

“Uraraka?” He shouted, worried. “What’s wrong?” He asked.

She couldn’t stop crying. “Thi-this was supposed to fix everything,” she said, the watch shaking in her hands. “So why don’t I feel better?”

She looked up at Bakugo, eyes red. In that moment he understood. It wasn’t that she wasn’t affected by the watch, she was just hiding her true feelings behind a smile.

He was about to say something when all three of them, Santa included, were knocked back by a large gust of wind. They were all knocked back toward the sleigh. Bakugo looked back toward their assailant.

Osmosin was there, standing with one of his arms turned into some kinda deformed fan he must have absorbed from nearby. He was using it as a makeshift wind tunnel.

“Stupid!” Bakugo thought you himself. He should have tied the villain down before leaving them alone. It was a damn rookie mistake. Aizawa was going to kill him if the villain didn’t do that first. In fact he may prefer the villain killing him as opposed to whatever Aizawa would do.

Bakugo checked time see if Uraraka was alright. She was, but the watch was not in her hand. He looked back and saw that she had dropped it when they got blown back. Osmosin was already picking it up.

“A magic watch that controls Christmas huh? I thought it just told time?” The villain asked with a smirk. Before Bakugo could respond he was already absorbing the watch into his arm. Osmosin’s eyes and arms began to glow.

“Fudge*” Santa said.

*Except he didn't say fudge.

Chapter Text

Osmosin’s arm glowed bright as the skin in his shoulder pealed back to reveal the small pocket watch embedded into him.

“This power… it’s phenomenal!” He laughed as the wind around him began to pick up.

Bakugo had Uraraka in his arms. He was about to put her down and charge the villain when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

“Get in the sleigh, now.” Santa said in a commanding voice.

A part of Bakugo wanted to argue, but between Uraraka being a mess and the villain becoming a maniacal glowstick, he decided that it may be best to listen to the reindeer this one time.

He pulled Uraraka into the sleigh's back seat and was quickly followed by Santa hopping in. Osmosin was too distracted by his new found powers to notice them.

“Hang on to something kid.” Santa said.

Bakugo was about to object to being called a kid but was interrupted by Santa whistling.

“Now, Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! on Cupid! on, Donder and Blitzen!”

The sleigh began to shake, and then glow a ghostly blue. From the aura emerged several figures prancing out of the sleigh with exceptional grace. The figures bounced and slowly formed themselves into eight ghostly reindeer in front of the sleigh. It was at that moment that Bakugo and Uraraka realized that they weren’t just in any sleigh… they were in THE sleigh. Santa grabbed his coat and hat from the front seat and put them on.

“Is the coat also some magical Santa thing?” Bakugo asked.

“No, just warm.” Santa smiled. He grabbed the ropes in front of the sleigh, they were now attached to the reindeer. He snapped the ropes and the ghostly reindeer began to move. The reindeer quickly picked up speed, then they also picked up altitude.

Seeing the sleigh flying up and charging out the door snapped Osmosin back into the moment. He growled and lifted his hand into the air. Wind began to pick up around him, and as if being lifted by an invisible hand he rose from the ground and began to surge forward behind the sleigh.

Santa maintained their speed and weaved through the air, an expert pilot. The ride in the sleigh might have been exhilarating, were it not for the lack of any seat belts.

Uraraka slammed into Bakugo as Santa made a hard turn.

“Sorry.” She said, flinching in pain. Bakugo just grunted. She looked away from him.

“Are… are you okay?” Bakugo asked, not looking at her.

She looked back at him, shame evident on her face.

“” She said, giving a faint smile.

“What the hell was with you back there? I thought you said you could fix this?” He asked, a little angrier than he meant to.

“I… I thought… I hoped I could.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you were infected? Why the hell did you hide it?”

She shrugged. She wasn’t sure. It was an almost subconscious decision really.

“I… I didn’t want to worry anybody…” she whispered. Tears forming in her eyes.

That was always the way wasn’t it? What good did she do by being sad? She didn’t want to bother anybody else. So many people had more important things on their plate, way more important than her sadness. They didn’t have time to comfort her. She wasn’t worth that kind of energy...

“That‘s stupid.” Bakugo said, snapping her back out of her thoughts

“Bakugo I don’t thi-“ Santa began but was interrupted by Bakugo.

“No it IS stupid. Don’t hide how you feel idiot.” He said looking at her.

“Bakugo that’s going to-“

“Shut up and drive reindeer-brains” Bakugo said, again interrupting Santa Claus.

“Bakugo I… I didn’t want anyone to worry just because I’m too weak to care for myself…”

“If that’s what you think you’re a bigger idiot than antlers over there!” He said jerking his thumb in the direction of Santa.

“You are one of the strongest and smartest people in our class. Who cares if you’re sad and need to cry? If you’re sad, be sad! If you need to cry, cry damn’t! If anyone judges you for that, they’re an asshole! Stop saying you’re not worth other people’s worry or care. You hit like a damn truck, crying doesn’t change that.”

Uraraka looked at Bakugo, shocked. In his own messed up way… that was nice? She wasn’t sure what was more unsettling, how Bakugo “comforts” people, or the fact that it actually worked on her. The tears dripped down her cheeks and she smiled at him. She was about to say something when the sleigh shook.

Osmosin has finally caught up with them. He looked like some terrible winter storm demon as snow clouds formed around him. From his hands, wind and snow blasted into their sleigh.


“It’s a magical watch, magic is a lot more versatile than quirks are.” Santa said, trying to keep control of the sleigh. “He’s using a lot of that magic though… if we don’t stop him soon it will all be gone…”

Santa veered the sleigh to the left in hopes of avoiding another blast of ice and snow. This was bad, Osmosin was getting crazy. He needed to get away from him quickly or Osmosin would certainly kill them all. He attempted to adjust his course to better escape from the mad villain, but he miscalculated and they took an ice blast directly. Santa was thrown forward, smashing his head into the sleigh. He was out cold. The reindeer dissipated in a puff of smoke and the sleigh began falling from the sky.

Bakugo cursed. “You need to install some damn seatbelts in this thing!” He said, climbing to the front of the now free falling sleigh. Uraraka was only just holding on as they fell from the air. She thought about floating them but then they would just be sitting ducks. Bakugo pushed the unconscious Santa to the side and grabbed at the ropes that the reindeer once were.

Nothing happened.

“Shit… what did he say… Now Dasher! now, Dancer! now, Prancer and Vixen! On, Comet! on Cupid! Um…” Bakugo said, struggling to remember.

“ON DONDER AND BLITZEN!” Shouted Uraraka from the back, grip slipping.

The sleigh shook and glowed like before. The ropes pulled in Bakugo’s hands as the reindeer reappeared and began to pull the sleigh again. Uraraka slammed into the floor of the sleigh as the free fall ended right before they hit the ground.

Bakugo attempted to regain control. He barely had time to steer out of the way of a billboard, the runners clipped against the large picture of Endeaver, shredding up his face as the sleigh pulled up and around the sign.


Meanwhile at UA, sleeping soundly, Todoroki smiled.


Bakugo tried to keep control of the sleigh but he had never done this before. The sleigh shook as they were blasted again with snow and wind. “Damn Icy-Hot wannabe!” Bakugo gritted through clenched teeth.

He needed to land, and quickly. If they stayed in the air any longer they would be blasted out of it. Uraraka pointed. “THE MALL! We can try to hide there!” She shouted. A good idea.

Bakugo aimed toward the mall. It was when he was near it that he realized that he didn’t actually know how to land…

They crashed.

Chapter Text

They had crashed through the skylight right into, ironically enough, Santa’s Village in the mall. The sleigh had knocked over the big Christmas tree that served as the backdrop to the village, and had completely uprooted the lights and decorations that had been attached to it. There was glass and rubble everywhere, and the alarms were going off.

Bakugo crawled out from under the sleigh, which had been flipped during the crash. He dragged an unconscious Santa out from under it. Apart from a few scrapes and cuts they both were mostly fine.

“Uraraka? Oi! Round Face, are you alive?” He asked looking around the completely destroyed mall attraction.

“Yeah...” Said a faint voice from under the tree.

Uraraka crawled out from under the top of the tree, she had been thrown a bit further during the crash but managed to keep herself from getting too hurt by grabbing hold of the tree. She stumbled to her feet.

“You couldn’t have landed it any better?” She asked, still disoriented.

“Tch” Bakugo scoffed pulling Santa to the side and checking his pulse.

“He’s still alive, that’s something…” Bakugo said, relieved. He looked toward the skylight. They didn’t have much time before Osmosin would fly in and try to kill them all. With Santa in the shape he was in, running wasn’t really an option… not for all of them at least.

“Uraraka you float the fat man and get to safety.” He said, eyes still fixed on the broken skylight.

“What are you going to do?” She asked, picking up on his lack of inclusion in the running plan.

Bakugo shrugged. “Try to get the watch back maybe, mostly just distract him so that you two can get away. Maybe I can last long enough for police to show up.”

“That’s a terrible plan.” Uraraka said, too tired and beat up to beat around the bush.

“Do you have a better plan Round Face?” He asked looking back at her. She saw something in his eyes she hadn’t seen before, fear. Bakugo was afraid, he wasn’t sure if he could take this villain, and because of that he was sending them out of harm's way. He was growing up…

She wanted to argue with him but realized that any other plan would entail keeping Santa, a helpless civilian, in peril. It was a bad plan, but it was one that ensured the safety of the civilian, something they had been taught to do time and time again. She nodded, and then hugged him.

“Kick his ass Bakugo.” She said. If she couldn’t help in battle she would at least help his confidence.

Bakugo slowly hugged her back. Bakugo prided himself on his ability to read a battle. He had a good sense of his own limitations and how to handle them in any moment. The situation was bad; he wasn’t sure if he could handle it alone. He had only felt this powerless a handful of times before but as much as he hated to admit it, all those times he had someone else there to bail him out of the situation. He would at least protect Uraraka and the damn reindeer, if he could do nothing else he could do that.

“Aw what a touching moment. I’d hate to interrupt it.” Osmosin laughed as he descended into the mall, snow falling around him.

Bakugo instinctively stepped in front of Uraraka. He had to give them time to escape. “Uraraka, go now.” He growled. She nodded toward him and ran toward Santa.

Osmosin aimed his hand toward her, wind and ice shot forward at her with incredible speed. Bakugo moved quickly. Jumping in between the blast and her Bakugo swiftly exploded the barrage before it could hit her.

“You’re fight is with me, you demented snow man” He said smiling at the villain.

Uraraka, not missing the opportunity, quickly floated Santa and ran toward the exit, his unconscious body in tow. She needed to get him to safety and call for help; Bakugo wouldn’t last long. Thoughts of failure flooded her mind. “Christmas is ruined and it’s all your fault.” She thought. “And now Bakugo is going to die protecting YOU.” She tried to push them down, this was not the time for her to give up.


Bakugo avoided another ice blast as he maneuvered his way to the second floor. Osmosin was getting a better handle on that stupid magic. If Bakugo didn’t end it quickly, this fight would just progressively grow more out of his favor. He glanced over the guard railing toward the villain. Right now the magic was giving him powers similar to Icy-Hot, but unlike his fights with Icy-Hot this jerk wasn’t holding anything back. He also had a better defense, not only was he in the air being surrounded by a vortex of wind and snow, but he could also absorb Bakugo’s blasts if he saw them coming. Which meant that in order to do damage Bakugo had to catch him by surprise in a one on one fight, not an easy task. If Bakugo could just get that watch out of him, this fight would be a lot easier, but it was fused into his flesh. This wasn’t going to be easy.

Bakugo sprinted toward the nearest store and jumped through the glass, barely dodging snow blasts that were aimed at him. He had to keep
in cover. Adjusting the field of battle may give him the opportunity he needed. He looked around the shop he had broken into. It was a clothing shop. He shuffled through the racks of clothing and hid behind a corner.

Looking around he realized he still hadn’t gotten Uraraka a secret Santa gift. He understood that there were more important things going on than a stupid gift but it ate away at the back of his mind. She looked so pathetic sobbing about Christmas, most people crying like that would piss him off but he just wanted to make
her feel better. This whole damn holiday was stupid, but if he survived this ordeal he would find her a gift that will make her smile again. He hated that stupid smile.

Osmosin stepped through the broken window and began to slowly walk through the shop. Bakugo pushed aside thoughts of Uraraka smiling and focused on the threat in front of him. He began to think about his options.

If he attacked him straight on, Osmosin would just absorb his blasts and he would be at his mercy. How much can Osmosin absorb at once? Maybe if he overwhelmed him… No he didn’t have enough information, if he doesn’t overwhelm him he would just tire himself out and again be helpless. Sneaking up behind him might work but that’s only good for a hit or two not a full assault… Getting that watch off of him was his best bet but he didn’t know how to do that. No, guerrilla hit and runs were his best shot. He’s more agile than the villain, he may be able to keep him back.

Osmosin walked through the store slowly glancing around each corner. This power he had with the watch was incredible, he needed more. After he killed this child he would hunt down the other two and force that Santa to tell him all he could about this magic. From the corner of his eye he saw a figure in a red coat rush toward the window.

“I got you!” He shouted, bringing all his power to bear on the shadowed figure. Ice and snow pelted the figure, clearly ripping and tearing holes in them as the ice passed through. Osmosin moved closer to the now eviscerated form, but once he was close enough he saw his misstep. It was just a mannequin.

“DIE!” Bakugo shouted from behind Osmosin. He blasted him with a huge explosion, sending the villain careening out of the shop, through the once intact door. Bakugo breathed heavily and clenched his hand. He put too much into that explosion. He smiled softly as he picked up the Santa coat, the villain's reflexes were slower than his, a good thing to note.

He was about to put the coat back on and chase after the villain, maybe catching him off guard again, when strings of Christmas lights came shooting into the store and grabbed hold of him. He didn’t even have time to curse before he was forcibly pulled out of the store and over the guard railing.

Down below was Osmosin, floating in the air but this time surrounded by Christmas lights as well as wind and snow. “It turns out Magic can let me do all sorts of things.” He said with a wicked smile. “Including crush a hero with Christmas lights!” He laughed as he clenched his fist. The lights began to tighten around Bakugo, crushing him. He let out a loud scream.


Uraraka had just gotten Santa to a safe distance away and into the parking lot when she heard the scream. She looked back toward the mall.

Useless, pathetic, frail. These words echoed in her head as she thought about Bakugo dying in there. Deku, Iida,Todoroki, Kirishima, everybody in her class was so strong. She wanted to be like them, but she always came up short. In the sports festival, in the attacks on UA and the training camp. Every time she had an opportunity to help or prove that she deserved to be a hero, she… she failed. That’s why she smiled through it all… that’s why she tried to always be a rock when things were tough. She wasn’t good enough for their attention, for their worry. She wasn’t like Deku, or Todoroki, or Kirishima, or Bakugo… she was weak.

“That’s stupid” she heard in her head.

She blinked. “You are one of the strongest and smartest people in our class.” She remembered Bakugo saying in the sleigh. Bakugo….

She heard him scream again.


Bakugo screamed as the bonds around him tightened, his vision going blurry. He was going to die in Christmas lights. He hated the fact that he was dying, but it pissed him off even more that he was going to be killed by CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! What kind of second-rate hero dies by being crushed by Christmas lights? If he had to list all the ways he didn’t want to die, Christmas lights would not be on that list because it’s such a remarkably stupid way to die that he wouldn’t have even considered it. Yet here he was, Katsuki Bakugo: killed by Christmas lights.

The lights slackened, which was a relief, but confusing to Bakugo. He looked up through the haze and was immediately punched hard in the face, sending him sprawling to the ground, he coughed up blood.

“You heroes think you’re so special…” Osmosin began.

Oh god…

“Always trying to save the day…” Osmosin said with a kick into Bakugo’s stomach.


Osmosin froze his fist and smashed Bakugo so hard the ice shattered. “You all don’t realize how you’re all just puppets...”

“Please just kill me.” Bakugo thought, looking at the villain. Dying had to be better than listening to this idiot. Then he saw something move in the corner of his eye. Before he could focus on it, the Christmas lights wrapped around his throat like a noose and pulled him up to look at Osmosin whose face was fixed on him.

“All just puppets keeping the shitty status quo of a capitalistic society!” Osmosin sneered. Behind him Bakugo saw rubble and glass slowly float into the air. He smiled, and then spat into Osmosin’s eye.

He hit the ground hard as the noose loosened around him.

“Little shit!” Osmosin said wiping the spit from his eye.

Bakugo tried to stand up but had his head stomped on.

“I can’t stand this anymore! I hate all of it! I hate this whole damn society! I’m going to burn it all to the ground with this magic! Everything I hate will die! Capitalism, the sheep that buy into it, super heroes, YOU, and GODDAMN Christmas!!” Osmosin said stomping his foot repeatedly into Bakugos head. He was laughing like a mad man. Apparently having magic literally embedded into your body was not good for one's sanity, go figure.

“I will reinvent the world! I will become a king… no A GOD IN THIS NEW WORLD! ALL WILL BOW TO MY-“

“Hey new-shit-god, you forgot one important thing.” Bakugo coughed out.

Osmosin looked down at Bakugo, sneering.

“And what’s that?” He said.

“Her.” Bakugo pointed

Osmosin looked behind him and up toward the skylight. His eyes widened when he saw it. And entire cloud of debris, glass, and garbage floating above him with Uraraka standing on the second floor guard railing, staring down at him.

“Merry Fudging* Christmas, asshole.” She said releasing the entire cloud into a meteor shower.

Osmosin moved to try to use his magic to stop it, but Bakugo was already moving. He jumped up toward the villain and wrapped his fingers around the exposed watch, he could feel the magic of it running through him. It was dim, like a candle that was about to go out. Osmosin hadn’t realized just how much power he had used. Bakugo put his other hand into Osmosin’s face.

“DIE!” He screamed, unleashing the largest blast he could and repeatedly blasting him over and over again. The watch began to loosen form Osmosin’s hold. Bakugo thought as hard as he could of a happy Christmas memory.

The seconds slowed down around him to a snails pace. He felt every bead of sweat from his hand exploding as he blasted Osmosin, he could hear the wind rushing as the debris fell toward them. He thought of every Christmas he had ever had… but nothing stood out. They weren’t bad memories, but there wasn't a powerful enough one for the watch to ignite in Christmas magic. He just didn’t care about Christmas at all. It was meaningless to him… but not to her. He looked up at the girl standing on the guard rail. She was insane. She had so much strength and energy, and even when things were tough she would power through. She loved that whole damn holiday. He thought of her skipping down the halls humming Christmas carols, he thought of her smile as she wished people a merry Christmas, he thought of her excitedly suggesting the stupid secret Santa idea, and how she wanted everyone to feel good during this time of year, even a Grinch like him. He thought of her drinking cocoa in the middle of the night. He thought of her dressed like an elf and laughing at him dressed as Santa. He thought of them just talking for hours as they walked, and lastly he thought of holding onto her as they floated in the winter sky above fresh snowfall. Her face glowed as they looked out at the Christmas lights. She was… beautiful. She was his Christmas.

The watch began to glow a bright blue and peel away from Osmosin as it radiated with Christmas magic. In an instant it snapped away from him and into Bakugo’s hand as Bakugo was blasted away from the oncoming meteor shower and Osmosin was blasted into the direct center of it.

The meteor shower fell right onto the man smashing into him with a massive ton of force. He was unable to absorb that much debris, and collapsed under the sheer amount of rubble that crashed into him, he was out cold.

Uraraka floated down and ran to Bakugo, who had blasted himself hard against the wall. She felt… good. Really good! Better than she had in days. As if a shroud of grey had lifted and the world was colorful and magic again. Bakugo slowly stood up.

“What happened?” She asked. “I feel good again!”

Bakugo shrugged and showed her the watch.

She beamed. “So baby Bakugo DOES have a happy Christmas memory!”

Chapter Text

“In other news, Police now have the villain Osmosin in custody today after finding the villain unconscious in Santa’s Village in the mall after a reported breakin. At this moment the police have no leads on the identity of the hero that apprehended the villain. When questioned about it, the villain had this to say.”

The news broadcast switched to footage of Osmosin being shoved into the police car.

“I’m telling you, I had the powers of a god! Two Santas and an elf stole these powers from me before dropping a building onto my head!” He shouted as police quietly closed the door.

Kaminari flipped off the television. “What a crazy villain. Hey Bakugo didn’t you, Midoriya, and Kirishima fight that guy?” He asked turning toward Bakugo. Bakugo snored, half asleep and standing in the fridge.

Kirishima nudged him, shocking Bakugo awake. As a reflex Bakugo shot a blast forward, destroying the contents of the fridge. Kirishima leaned over looking inside the now destroyed fridge. “Well there goes the milk…”

Sato who had just poured a bowl of cereal slammed the bowl down on the counter and walked away grumbling with aggravation. Bakugo rubbed his eyes and slowly closed the fridge.

“Whatever, they had to empty that shit out for the holidays anyway. Kirishima looked closely at Bakugo, noticing the dark circles around his eyes. “Jeez man, what’s with you? You usually go to bed at like 8, why are you so tired?”

Bakugo grumbled as he filled the kettle with water and put it on the stove top. “I was out late last night shopping for the stupid secret Santa thing…” He said, still only half awake.

Kaminari choked on a granola bar that he was eating and dashed out of the room. Bakugo and Kirishima watched him run out.

Kirishima looked at Bakugo. “He forgot to get you a gift.” He said shrugging. He leaned against the counter and looked at his friend. “Seriously man? You were out that late looking for a gift for Uraraka?”

Bakugo bit his tongue. He couldn’t tell Kirishima how that was only HALF true. He did spend the rest of the night looking for stores that were open that he could find her a gift in. He only finally found one around 3am. What was he going to say he did before that? “Turns out I was up all night because Uraraka, Santa, and I were off attempting to save Christmas from the loon on the TV. Oh yes, Santa is real, and so is Christmas magic! I should know because I used a memory I had of Uraraka to save Christmas with it.” Bakugo thought to himself. No, he couldn’t tell Kirishima that. He barely believed it himself, not to mention the amount of damage they did to the mall would probably get him and Uraraka both suspended from UA. Even their provisional hero licenses could only get them so far. He just had to count the blessings that between the crazy magic and the multiple concussions, the villain had no real memory of the two of them. Just vague images of being beat up by Santa Claus and an elf.

“Why the hell is this tea not boiling already?” Bakugo asked, agitated.

Kirishima leaned over and turned the stove top on. Neither of them said anything.


Uraraka laid on her bed looking up at the ceiling. She couldn’t believe it. Her and Bakugo both saved Christmas last night! Well, Bakugo mostly saved Christmas, but she helped! She wondered what Bakugo thought of when he held the watch. He was so evasive about it afterwards. She smiled imagining a baby Bakugo on Christmas morning in some All-Might pajamas.

She heard a knock on the door and jumped up from the bed. Answering the door she saw Iida, Deku, and Todoroki standing there. Iida was dressed as Santa Clause, not nearly as entertaining as seeing Bakugo dressed in the same way but still funny. Deku had on an elf hat and ears, his smile stretching from ear to ear, and Todoroki had on reindeer antlers.

“Why are you three dressed up?” She asked laughing at her three best friends. Iida was the first to respond.

“We felt that it was appropriate to dress up for the gift giving festivities.” He said in a way that made her feel like it was the only responsible way to give gifts. Deku leaned in closer to whisper something to her.

“Plus everyone was feeling so down lately; we thought this might lighten the mood a little bit.” Deku whispered with a smile.

Uraraka smiled. That’s why she loved them. They always made ridiculousness feel so natural and warm. She looked toward Todoroki, who just shrugged.

“Midoriya put the antlers on me and said it was festive.”

Uraraka giggled and told them to wait one moment so that she could dress up too.


Gift giving was that afternoon, and slowly everyone piled into the main room. Bakugo was sitting off to the side trying to not care when Four-Eyes, Deku, Icy-Hot, and Uraraka walked in. Uraraka was wearing her elf costume from the night before, Bakugo blushed when seeing it. She smiled at him but he quickly looked away from her with a “Tch.”

Uraraka frowned, after spending an entire night fighting for their lives together, the least he could do was acknowledge her existence. She decided not to let it bother her as she joined the rest of the group for the gift exchange.

As soon as everyone arrived, Iida began by congratulating everyone for finishing their exams, and wishing everyone a merry Christmas and happy holidays. He then began to pass around the gifts from under the tree to everyone.

People immediately began tearing open gifts and seeing what was inside for them, some of them even were able to guess who gave them their gift and were greeted with a smile in return.

Momo sighed as she opened her gift and found some especially lewd lingerie. Looking over toward Mineta she saw him drooling like a fountain and staring at her. Iida was already beginning to scold the little demon-spawn for not following the rules. “Why is it always me?” She said, putting gift to the side and burying her face in her hands. She was nudged by Jiro only a second later. Looking through her fingers she saw a small wrapped box being handed to her. She looked at Jiro with surprise.

“I knew that Mineta was your Secret Santa… so I decided to get you something to make up for his sliminess.” She said, blushing.

Momo smiled and took the package. She ripped open the paper to find an old ipod inside.

“Its one of my old ipods… I loaded it up with a bunch of music that you can listen to.” Jiro began, not looking her in the eyes. “Not just my music either, though there is a bunch of that as well if you want. I made a playlist of some classical music that I thought you might…” She trailed off.

“I love it.” Momo said with a sincere smile. She then took out an envelope and handed it to Jiro. “I’m your secret Santa by the way.” She said. “I didn’t just want to leave it under the tree.”

Jiro took the envelope. She laughed as she opened it. “What? Is it an iTunes gift card?” She said taking out the folded card inside. Looking inside the card she saw two lanyards with passes attached to them. They were for the My Chemical Romance concert that would happen in Japan in March. Jiro’s mouth fell wide open.

“My father is good friends with the owner of the event hall that they are playing at… So it didn’t technically cost me anything to get backstage passes…”

Jiro didn’t move. Meanwhile Mineta had just opened his gift and was shouting about it. He had gotten a book on sexual harassment in the workplace and was screaming accusations at people trying to figure out who gave him the book. Koda quietly giggled to himself off to the side with his new book about birds that Shoji gave him.

“I’m sorry… would you have preferred iTunes… I can get-” Momo began, feeling as though she messed up.

Jiro immediately kissed Momo. Momo was shocked, but not displeased as she leaned back into the kiss. Jiro then whispered in her ear something only that Momo could hear, which turned the rich girl’s face as red as an apple before Jiro took her hand and led her away from the rest of the group toward their rooms.

Todoroki sat next to Midoriya and handed him a gift. Midoriya tore open the paper to see a pair of All Might sunglasses. “I love them… but why did you get me sunglasses?” He asked, trying to not sound ungrateful.

“Oh my mom used to always get me sunglasses for Christmas every year… and also for my birthday… and arbor day…” Todoroki said, trailing off at the end.

They both sat in silence as Midoriya examined the sunglasses. He looked over to Todoroki and gave a sympathetic smile. “Would you like to spend Christmas with me and my mom this year?” He asked sweetly.

Todoroki, handing Midorya a cookie from the table, smiled back. “That sounds like the best Christmas ever.” He said.

Everyone else in the class was fairly happy with the gifts they had gotten. Iida had gotten a year’s supply of cleaning cloths for his glasses from Kirishima, and as soon as Sato opened his gift from Iida he ran off to his room to begin baking. Jiro had gotten Hagakure a new pink winter hat to wear and she hadn’t taken it off, meanwhile Hagakure was Aoyama’s secret santa and gave him some glitter lip balm that the blonde was already applying.

The only person that didn’t have a gift was Uraraka. She had just told Kirishima that she was the one who gave him the Crimson Riot calendar when she realized that she didn’t have a gift under the tree. She wasn’t sure whether she should say something when a paper bag was shoved in her face. “Here.” Bakugo said in a gruff voice. Uraraka’s face lit up with a devious smile.

“YOU’RE MY SECRET SANTA?” She asked, shocked. Bakugo’s face reddened.

She took the bag from him, making note of the lack of any wrapping and looked inside. There was a small charm bracelet at the bottom of the bag.

“I didn’t have time after… whatever. I found this and thought you’d like it” He said, a bit more flustered than she expected him to be. “It has all the planets in their order from the sun as charms on it.”

She looked at the little metal bracelet and examined the tiny plastic planets. She laughed which made Bakugo confused. “Wha-What?” He asked.

“The planets are in the wrong order…” She giggled, pointing to Uranus and Jupiter which were placed before Mars in the order.

Bakugo’s face went from confused to incredulous in an instant. “That shitty store keep told me that they were-” Uraraka interrupted him with a finger to his mouth.

“I love it Bakugo” Uraraka said putting it on her wrist. “You make a great Santa.” She said with a wink. Bakugo’s face couldn’t get any redder.

“Tch.” he said as he stormed off.

Froppy was putting on the frog slippers that Tokoyami had given her when she noticed a missed envelope under the tree. She picked it up.

“Ribbit, hey Bakugo there’s a letter here for you.” She said holding out the envelope for Bakugo.

“That’s odd..” Bakugo thought taking the letter from her hand. He had already gotten the gift card to Starbucks from Kaminari that he knew he would. He noticed the sticker on the back that held the envelope shut. It was a reindeer.

He walked off to the doorway leading out of the room and leaned against it. He ripped open the envelope and took out the letter from the inside. It read:

“Dear Bakugo,

I wanted to thank you and Uraraka again for helping me save Christmas. Despite how grumpy you make yourself out to be you really do have a good heart deep down. I know this because whatever memory that you used to reverse things was such a pure memory and was filled with such happiness on a deep level that the watch has never felt this powerful in years. You gave the watch a much needed recharge, and for that I am grateful. (I wonder what, or WHO, the memory was of?)

If you are ever tired of being a hero feel free to give me a call! You would make a pretty decent Santa, if you worked on how you handled children! I hope you have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Your’s Truly,
Santa Claus”

Bakugo scoffed at the letter. That dumb reindeer. He then noticed a little note at the bottom of the letter.

“PS I left a little gift for you in the doorway.” The letter read.

Bakugo was confused and looked around the door for anything. It took him a minute before he noticed the mistletoe hanging from the top of the door.

“Hey Bakugo! What’s with the letter?” Uraraka said walking up to him confused. At some point during the day she had swapped her elf hat for Todoroki’s reindeer antlers. Bakugo paled in surprise when she came over to him under the doorway.

“You look pale?” She asked staring into his face. She then looked up to where Bakugo was looking earlier and blushed. “OH!” She said stepping back but bumping into the other side of the doorway. They both looked at each other for a moment. Bakugo then turned to walk off. It was just another stupid Christmas tradition. He almost made it out of the doorway when he felt a hand grab his arm and pulled him back into her. She quickly turned him around and pressed her lips into his. They were soft, and warm. Bakugo’s eyes went from wide with shock to closed as he leaned further into the kiss. The kiss itself only lasted a few seconds but for both of them it felt longer. When she finally pulled away, Bakugo opened his eyes to look into hers. She was bright red.

“Well… um…. Merry Christmas Bakugo...” She said before turning and quickly scampering off. She had completely forgotten about the letter.

Bakugo watched her as she walked away.

Maybe Christmas WASN’T so bad…

Chapter Text

-6 years later-

Uraraka stood at the corner of the street watching as cars passed. In her hands were two bags filled with groceries. Normally she would be visiting her parents for Christmas but this year they decided to come and visit her instead. She had made sure to clean the house and stock the fridge for their arrival, but as always when they visited it wasn’t enough. So here she was on Christmas Day, out picking up “proper” groceries that her mom had given her money for; at home her mother reorganized and cleaned her entire apartment.

She sighed as she crossed the snowy street. They offered to come because of her busy hero schedule, which was really sweet of them, but at times like these, it was less of a headache to take off and visit them. It wasn’t all bad, sure she had to walk twenty minutes to find a grocery store that was open, but it wasn’t busy out. The lights from the building reflected colorfully off the falling snow. She wandered past the local hospital and paused. She wasn’t on duty, but she was on good terms with all the staff there. She looked at her watch, her mother was probably only halfway done scrutinizing her apartment, she had time for a surprise Christmas visit.

She walked into the hospital and up to the front desk. The girl at the desk recognized her immediately. “Oh Uravity! We weren’t expecting you today, aren’t you off duty?”

“Yeah but I figured I’d stop in and see if the children’s ward would like a surprise hero visit, I have the time to spare.” She asked.

“Oh… well normally that would be great, but we already have an event today for the kids. You know… Santa Claus?” The girl said, a little too nervously. She didn’t realize that Uraraka didn’t mind at all, she only thought it might be a nice thing to do in the meantime. Uraraka gave her a warm smile.

“Oh no worries. My schedule is a bit lax during this season, maybe I can have my agent schedule a visit soon and-“ she started saying but was interrupted with a booming laugh from down the hall.

“HO, HO, HO!” The laughter was followed by loud cheers from children. Uraraka whipped her head toward the sound. She knew that voice…

Going down to the children’s ward, she carefully stalked through the halls until she saw the gathering of children. Sure enough, at the center of them all handing out presents was Bakugo dressed as Santa Claus. Uraraka had to bite her lip to keep from laughing at the sight. She instead leaned against the doorway and watched as her former classmate handed gifts to children. The most surprising thing she noticed was how good he was with the children. Bakugo had improved on his public relation skills since UA, but he still came off a tad more aggressive than most other heroes. He was crass and rude, it was part of his overall charm, but here with these kids he was… soft? He was loud, sure, but not in a hostile way. He felt welcoming in a way she was not used to. It was unnerving.

He eventually looked up from the children long enough to spot her standing in the doorway. His face paled when he saw her, but she only gave a small wave in response. He looked like
he wanted to say something but was interrupted by another child wanting to talk to him.

For the next ten to twenty minutes Uraraka watched as Bakugo spoke and listened to the various children in the room. Eventually it was time for Santa to leave, and so he left through one of the staff doors. Uraraka caught up to him after he had changed out of everything except the coat. He was speaking with the hospital coordinator.

“Thank you again for doing this Ground Zero! The kids love you as Santa.” They said, gesturing back toward the direction of the children.

“It’s no problem, just let me know if you need anything else.” Bakugo said, calmer than Uraraka was used to. He had gotten really good at his “public voice.”

Uraraka coughed from off to the side, earning her a side glare from Bakugo. He excused himself from the hospital coordinator and stomped toward her. Before she could say anything snarky, he had already grabbed her by the back of her jacket and was dragging her away.


They sat together in the hospital cafeteria. Bakugo was drinking some tea, while Uraraka had gotten hot chocolate for herself. They sat there silently drinking until Uraraka broke the silence.

“Santa Claus?” She asked, trying to hide the giggling in her voice.

“What of it?” Bakugo asked, his tone threatening her to think about her next words carefully.

“When did this happen? Did you lose a bet?” She asked, positively giddy with this discovery.

“Tch… I don’t lose bets Round Face.” He said, aggressively sipping his tea.

“Then how and when did GROUND ZERO, become Santa Claus?” She smiled. He hated that smile.

He drank quietly for a moment before answering. He was thinking about how to say this without her breaking out in laughter. Resigning himself to the mockery, he finally spoke.

“Since that one Christmas six years back…” He whispered.

Uraraka began loudly laughing in the middle of the cafeteria. There was no one else around to see it but Bakugo still blushed.

“Shut the hell up Round Face!” He responded defensively.

“Wh-Why?” She managed to choke out between laughs.

Bakugo turned away from her and thought about it. He had originally just did it because he had the coat and hat already, and it was good volunteer hours to do while on break. Eventually he realized it also helped him deal with kids better… and soon after that he also realized that he kinda enjoyed doing it.

“It’s none of your business Round Face!” He finally told her. “And if you tell anyone about this I’ll kill you!” He jabbed his finger into her face. She only laughed and held her hands up in surrender.

“Don’t worry, your merry secret is safe with me.” She said, slowly calming down her giggling.

They sat quietly again for a few minutes. Bakugo didn’t know what to say. This damn girl still pissed him off like she did when they were in UA.

“You were pretty great in there.” Uraraka said taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

Bakugo looked up at her in shock. “What?” He asked, completely thrown off.

“With the kids, they loved you. You make a pretty good Santa.” She said offering a warm smile.

“Tch.” He responded, turning away from her. Half to ignore her, and half to hide how red his face had gotten. He begun carefully sipping his tea when Uraraka spoke again.

“Hey! Maybe I can find my old elf costume and we can work together like we did six years ago.” She joked.

Bakugo choked on his tea and began coughing sporadically. Imagining her in that costume was too much. Especially now that her curves had come in more. He could only imagine the spots that the costume would pull in now.

Uraraka smiled and leaned toward him. “What did you think of that night?” She asked. He had never told her what he thought of; she wanted to know.

Bakugo’s cheeks burned. “Wh...what do you mean?” He asked knowing full well what she was asking.

“That night. What was the happy Christmas memory you thought of?” She asked. Her big eyes drilling holes into him.

He looked at her, not sure what to say. “Noth-Nothing” He lied. “I just thought about getting an All-Might action figure when I was six.”

Uraraka’s eyes narrowed. There was something he wasn’t telling her, but she couldn’t figure out what. She remembered the gift he had given her the next day and smiled. “I still have the bracelet by the way. The one you gave me. I don’t wear it much, but it's still in my jewelry box. It’s one of my favorite gifts.”

Bakugo scoffed, the gift itself was only 1,000 yen, hardly worth anything. She wasn’t lying though, he could tell by the way she looked at him. Damn he could get lost in those eyes. “Well I’m glad you liked it.” He said, acting nonchalant. “I still remember the kiss from later that day.” He said, not thinking before the words came out.

They both blushed now, and focused on their drinks. The tension between them was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Heck even Todoroki could have noticed it. “Sorry I didn’t mean to…” He began apologizing.

“Its fine.” She said quickly.

“It was a good kiss!” He quickly responded, trying to salvage the moment. The voice inside him screamed.

“Thank you I guess….” She returned, her round cheeks on fire.

They sat there in silence, not really noticing anything else around them (including a custodian who had been cleaning a table and had been watching this train-wreck unfold with extreme interest). Uraraka stood up. “I think I should go… I have to get home to make dinner...” She said getting to her feet. She was on her way out of the cafeteria when Bakugo finally spoke.

“It was of us floating.” He said, at this point acting only on instinct.

She stopped dead in her tracks. Her face was bright red at this point.

“The memory… it was when we floated above the snow and looked out into the city…” He said quietly.

Uraraka didn’t know what to do with this information. Her brain was on fire, and he had just thrown gasoline on it! What the hell was she supposed to say to THAT?

His brain was also in the middle of a meltdown. Bakugo could feel all the vital systems in charge of rational thought exploding in his mind. He had no idea what to do right now.

Uraraka finally spun around and pointed at him. “DINNER!” She shouted, unable to form a complete sentence anymore.

Bakugo stepped back at the shouting. Confused he looked around for any sort of translation. The custodian who had been watching them only shrugged.

“You are going to take me to dinner!” She finally said, getting out the complete thought.

Bakugo blushed. “Oh... Wait… NO! Who are you to tell me what to do Round Face?” He shouted back, not entirely sure what he was saying. “If I want to take you to dinner, then I will ask you…” He said, the triumphant nature of the idea slowly fading as the sentence went on.

She put her hands on her hips and stared at him, waiting. Her eyes daring him to continue.

“Would you like to go to dinner?” He asked.

“Yes, I would love to.” She said with a bit more force.


“It’s Christmas, I’m having dinner with my family” Uraraka responded, as if explaining it to a child.

They stood there in awkward silence for the third time that night. Finally Uraraka popped in again. “I’m not doing anything New Year’s eve…”

Bakugo smiled at her. “Mina is throwing a party that night… would you like to get dinner and then come with me to it?” He asked, stepping closer to her.

“It’s a date.” She said smiling back at him.