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My Claimed Mate

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In Heaven and Hell, there was a system that divided all angels, demons, sinners, and saints. At the top of the chain were the Alphas, beings that took charge of their respective worlds. Alphas were considered to be extremely powerful and were natural-born leaders of their societies. 

Alphas were also noted to be quite possessive when someone had either threatened their turf or mate. It was best never to cross an Alpha, especially when they were in a rut. To do that would mean certain death to the poor soul. 

The second-in-command to the Alphas were known as the Betas, while Alphas were known to be dominant (considering their natural-born leader skills and being possessive as heck), a Beta could either be submissive or dominant depending on the situation. Betas were supposed to be powerful, but they were not powerful enough to take on an Alpha. 

Most Betas made up the sinner and saint population in Hell and Heaven, but there cases when a sinner or a saint could become an Alpha in death. Those Alphas were quite rare but were known to be robust and dangerous during their human life. And then there were the Omegas, the ones that were at the bottom of this little chain. 

Omegas were submissive, and while they were weak, all Omegas were wanted by the Alphas. Omegas could only mate with Alphas and have the Alphas’ pups. Though Alphas could mate with another Alpha, they would only have one pup. Betas were always paired with other Betas, considering that no Beta could ever satisfy an Alpha or an Omega. 

Alphas would always prefer Omegas, and Betas were known to have a difficult time conceiving and carrying a child. While Omegas could have many pups as they wished, some believed that Omegas should have a limit to bearing pups.

Others did not see a problem with Omegas many children, as long as their Alpha desired it. But there was another thing about Omegas that made them unique. 

Omegas were quite rare in Heaven and Hell, especially Hell. Birth of an Omega only happened every millennium or so. A long time ago, the first documented Omega in history was recorded. 

Sadly that Omega had passed away due to the first extermination brought on by the angels of Heaven. But not many knew that a second Omega had been born in Hell, in secret. 

And this is where our story begins with the second-born Omega and her future Alpha mate. 

The young princess of Hell sat in front of a semi-large vanity mirror of the shared bedroom that belonged to the princess, her girlfriend Vaggie, and the princess’s goat boys, Razzle and Dazzle. 

It had only been a few weeks since Charlie had ordered Alastor, the infamous Radio Demon, in helping her fulfill her dream and to satisfy his growing need for entertainment. 

Charlie’s dream was one she always had growing up here in Hell. She wanted to decrease the overpopulation, which caused the yearly exterminations from Heaven. To do that, Charlie knew the best way to stop these killings was to redeem the sinners and send them to Heaven. 

Knowing that they would have a beautiful life up there. And maybe, one day get the chance of reincarnation as a human once again on Earth. Though, the princess secretly hoped that they didn’t waste that second chance and end up back in Hell. 

Charlie was grateful for Alastor’s help in changing the hotel to make it look nice. He also brought sweet Niffty and tough Husk onto the team. Something that was much appreciated, sure Angel Dust could get a little annoying with his constant flirting with Alastor and Husk. 

But Charlie was glad that Alastor didn’t throw Angel Dust out of a window for those constant sexual innuendos of his while Husk just flatly ignored the spider-demon and his flirting attempts. 

The only one who hadn’t been on board with Alastor in helping with the hotel was Vaggie. The moth demon had advised Charlie that after this big social event, the one that Alastor just sprung upon them without warning, the Radio Demon would need to leave. Especially once new investors came forward too from this little event. 

Charlie was mixed about the situation, a part of her wanted to bring Alastor on as a full business partner while there was another part of her, one that Charlie always kept under lock and key. That part of her agreed with Vaggie that the Radio Demon needed to leave before it was too late. 

Before he realized her little secret, one that should never tell her girlfriend, not even her father knew about this secret, the little princess kept. 

Charlie was a young and beautiful woman, appearing to be somewhere in her twenties. She was quite tall for most girls her age, even though she was a demon. Being 6’1” also had its perks! For example, Charlie was taller than her father. Something that hurt Lucifer’s pride deeply and while she could tower over some other sinners and demons. 

Alastor beat her in the height level as Charlie realized that he was 7’1”. The princess had long and curly blonde colored hair with soft pale peach-colored highlights; though her hair was usually let down, those soft locks of hers was placed in an elegant bun style, something that Charlie only did when there was a special event going on. She also had rosy-red cheeks from her father while Vaggie was currently doing her makeup, which is going to be somewhat difficult considering that the princess had pale-ass colored skin. But Charlie trusted her girlfriend to make this work. 


Vaggie was already wearing the outfit that she would be wearing for tonight’s big event. It was a strapless, knee-length, and v-neck collar deep purple colored dress. She wore a pair of matching purple-colored high heels as her long, white hair with pink undertones was tied in a wavy, sideways ponytail. 

Vaggie’s black, light-yellow bordered and sclera light-pink right eye narrowed in complete and utter concentration for this makeup. Her left pink-cross-eye was still hiding by some of her that escaped the sideways ponytail. 

While Vaggie looked truly gorgeous in her dress, Charlie was stunning. She was wearing a black and red ballgown dress. The skirt of the dress reached the floor as the sleeves were somewhat puff and short. It did have some black lace in some places while in the back of the dress was the silk, red and somewhat-hidden corset. 

A while, Vaggie had opted not to wear gloves; Charlie’s gloves were silky, ebony-black that went to her elbow. The shoes that she wore were a pair of scarlet-red, small heeled dress-like. The boots also laced-up with matching red-ribbon up to her legs.

Vaggie had pointed out that the shoes reminded her of an old movie, one called Wizard of Oz, something which sparked curiosity from Charlie. The moth-demoness had kissed Charlie’s cheek and promised that the pair of them would watch the movie at some point. 

Tied around Charlie’s neck was a laced and ruffled black choker. It had an oval and red-gem attached to the choker. While Vaggie was focusing hard on her work, Charlie stared into the mirror as her doe-like, sclera-light yellow and black colored stared right back at her. 

Our young princess of Hell was quite nervous for tonight. She wanted this event to go well and hopefully undo the disaster interview with Katie Killjoy. Charlie desperately desired to show demons and sinners that redemption could be possible. She wanted to prove to her subjects and her father that her idea could work. 

I want to save our sinners from being killed with every angel extermination, the princess thought to herself. 

But this was not the only thing that she was nervous about, oh no. This familiar feeling of nervousness whenever she was near the handsome Radion Demon or with Alastor’s blood-red orbs on her. 

A slight shiver of pleasure ran up her spine as thankfully, Vaggie had missed that sign. The moth had finished the makeup on her girlfriend and started to put the items away. 

I can do this; Charlie thought to herself as she kept chanting. Vaggie’s phone buzzed as the moth turned, picked up her hellphone to see that Angel Dust just texted her. 

Vaggie groaned, “Looks like I’m being summoned, babe. Angel says he needs me, Razzle and Dazzle right now.” 

The moth-demoness placed her hellphone back down in its rightful place as she turned to Charlie, smiling softly. “You’ll be okay in coming down later on your own, right?” 

Charlie gave a short nod and smiled, “Yeah! Don’t worry about me! I’ll be fine!”

Vaggie leaned down and gave a goodbye-kiss on Charlie’s cheek as she left with Razzle and Dazzle. And soon, Charlie was left alone in the first penthouse suite of the hotel; the second one belonged to the infamous Radio Demon himself, who decided to move in after fixing the hotel up. 

Just thinking about him being so near caused Charlie’s inner Omega to whimper in pleasure. 

Maybe I should call Aunt Felira and ask her to double the medication to repress my heats, Charlie thought to herself. It had been simple to restrain her heat cycles around the other Alphas and Betas of Hell, heck her ex was an Alpha, and never made her Omega self whimper or whine before! 

Charlie frowned as she grumbled, “Stupid Alastor. Stupid Radio Demon. Why did he have to be frigging different?” 

It was because of his stupid Alpha scent that had awakened her Omega side. “Wonder if Aunt Felira had this problem with her sister, Tinlisa before. Hm, maybe I should ask her at some point,” the princess muttered as she couldn’t find any memory of the princess’s childhood of Felira mentioning her deceased Omega younger sister, Tinlisa. 

Charlie groaned as she glanced over at her hellphone, sitting on her nightstand and side of the bed. Maybe I should text Aunt Felira and ask her, she thought. The princess stood up from the stool and walked over to her nightstand, picking up the hellphone as she started to text her aunt. 

Hey Aunt Felira, I was wondering if you could double my medication to repress my heat cycles. I am going to need them since if you haven’t heard by now, Alastor, aka the Radio Demon himself, is helping me with my little redemption hotel idea. 

Also, I do have some questions on why Alastor’s Alpha scent is sending my Omega side in overdrive? Did this happen with Aunt Tinlisa? Because I want to know, considering that I have never gone Omega around Harold or Helsa before. 

Thanks, Auntie! I hope I am not bothering you at work! Please answer me back as soon as possible! Bye! 

Charlie smiled at the satisfying text message, and she quickly sent it as she placed the device back on the nightstand and looked at the clock on the wall. Her eyes widen in horror. “Oh shit, I should get going, or else I will be late!” she shouted as she ran out of the room, leaving behind the phone that would become extremely handy this night. 

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The infamous Radio Demon decided to emerge from his bedroom after sending his shadows to check on the progress that the Betas were doing. The sole Alpha, mainly male, was watching with amusement.

Alastor was quite a young and handsome man due to him dying young, probably around his early thirties. He was taller than most other demons and sinners and was incredibly thin. Even if he had a lean stature, he still had some muscles underneath his clothes. He had grayish colored skin, sharpened yellowed teeth, and short but shaggy-like red and black colored tufts of hair.

Of course, he did have the matching colored deer ears too, along with the small black antlers, which only grew with his demonic form. Alastor’s red-colored sclera eyes with a brighter red for his irises while his pupils were just black, even though he could change them into radio dials, especially when using that Radio Demon form of his.

A full and Cheshire cat-like smile was on his face as he wore his usual red and black attire for this little party. His monocle was still over his right eye as were his gloves, and beloved cane with that vintage-style microphone attached. Adding a small balcony area to the renovated hotel was a brilliant idea considering that he was hiding in the shadows.

The princess’s guard dog was barking orders at Angel Dust, the spider-demon who was planning on flirting with any male that would walk right in for this little social event. Husk, the mixed-animal demon, was currently stationed at his beloved bar and chugging a drink down before Vaggie noticed. While Niffty had finished setting us all of the decoration as she stood near Vaggie, eagerly waiting for orders.

Alastor could easily spot the little goat-butlers who were always and continuously around Charlie. He raised an eyebrow as his smile became more of a smirk. Interesting, he thought as he could easily see the discomfort from Razzle and Dazzle. What secret is the little princess hiding that those two are nervous about?

He didn’t have time to ponder about that little secret when the princess herself entered the ballroom. Niffty immediately went to Charlie’s side and was praising how beautiful the princess looked. Angel Dust just flashed his hands while shaping them to be guns and gave her a toothy smile while saying something to make Charlie blush.

Husk just eyed the princess and continued with drinking, Alastor had a feeling that he was slightly disappointed that the princess resembled her father more than her mother, Lilith. Vaggie just turned and smiled at her girlfriend as Charlie joined them, which caused Razzle and Dazzle to appear at their beloved princess’s side.

Alastor had to admit Charlie did look exquisite in that red-black combo. Not to mention seeing her semi-exposed neck and shoulders was making his inner Alpha itch for a bite.

He shook his head, needing to calm that Alpha side of him down. No, he thought. She’s not an Omega. I remember reading that she was born an Alpha or Beta.

Idiot, his inner Alpha growled at the notion of Charlie being another Alpha or worse, Beta. Alpha senses something. Trust Alpha’s judgment.

Alastor rolled his eyes at his Alpha personality; You have been saying that since we danced with the girl. Either tell me what you sense or drop it and shut it. 

The only response to that was low growling, which meant that the Alpha part of him didn’t take too kindly to that last sentence insult. I should make my appearance known, he thought as he sank back into the shadows, another wide smile appearing as the Radio Demon couldn’t wait to see the look on Charlie’s face when he appeared.

Charlie looked around the ballroom, pleased by everyone’s effects as she turned and smiled at them. “You all have done an amazing job!” she cried out as she was now standing in the center of the ballroom. “I can’t wait to use this room for good!”

Charlie’s brain was racked with ideas on what the ballroom could be used for; she felt almost giddy at the imaginative sight of sinners hanging out with each other and having fun here. Vaggie, Husk, Niffty, Angel Dust, Razzle and Dazzle just watched Charlie as they could almost feel the pure excitement bounce off of her.

That’s when Charlie realized something as she looked around the room and back at the others. “Hey,” she started. “Has anyone seen Alastor?”

“Asshole must be plotting something,” Husk pointed out as he took another chug at his precious beer. “I would be on the lookout if I were you.”

Vaggie couldn’t help but agree with Husk, considering that Husk was still feeling salty about losing all of that gambling money when Alastor summoned him out of the blue for his new little source of entertainment. “I agree,” Vaggie muttered. “He’s up to no good.”

Niffty hummed, “Maybe he’s getting ready for the party tonight!”

Angel Dust licked his lips, “I can’t wait to see what Strawberry Pimp has on.”

Vaggie turned and glared at Angel Dust; her eye narrowed while her cross was slowly turning red. “Is sex all you think about?” she asked, with a low growl.

Angel Dust looked back and smirked, “Nope! I think about drugs and getting a rise out of you, bitch canoe.”

Husk and Niffty immediately grabbed onto Vaggie before she could lunge and stab Angel Dust repeatedly with her dagger. “Let me at him,” Vaggie growled.

Husk just leaned in and whispered, “You can chase him around with that thing later. We don’t want to upset the princess.”

Hearing that her girlfriend would be upset, Vaggie began to calm down as both Husk and Niffty released her slowly. Charlie turned to Razzle and Dazzle as the duo were speaking with their usual “Ahs” and “Ohs” again.

Charlie was just puzzled as she placed her hands on her hips, staring at everyone. “Seriously, where is that demon when you need him?” she grumbled.

“You called for me, sweetheart!” Alastor cried out as he appeared near Charlie, which caused her to jump a little, moving away from him while the others were surprised too. Alastor reached over and took one of Charlie’s gloved hands in his as he leaned down and lightly kissed her hand.

Charlie blushed a deep shade of red now as he whispered, “It’s so lovely that you care for me, darling.”

She could almost feel his hot breath sweeping through the clothing of her glove as her inner Omega sighing with content. Want more from Alpha, her Omega side moaned.

Charlie could feel the heat from her cheeks as he let go of her hand, which caused her Omega side to whine in disappointment. He smiled at her, “What’s wrong, sweetheart?”

He leaned a bit closer to her and whispered, “Something got your tongue, kitten?”

Hearing that little pet name had nearly caused her heart to explode as she could feel some heat in between her thighs. Oh no, she thought to herself. I can’t be on my heat right now!

Not heat, her Omega side calmly pointed out. Only turned on by Alpha!

While Charlie was pleased that Alastor didn’t cause her heat to appear right then and there, she needed to stay away from him as she needed to think of something to turn herself off from her Omega’s creative imagination on how their beloved Alpha would take her.

The party had started as guests started to arrive, thankfully Alastor had someone else do the broadcasting instead of Katie Killjoy. Which was a good thing because Charlie didn’t need her parents or aunt to see her getting into another fight with that woman.

After Charlie’s speech, the one she should have done at that interview as it was the one that she and Vaggie went over before, it was good to let everyone know what Charlie wanted to do, without a musical number and not getting into a fight.

The princess was speaking to a young group of sinners, ones who were secretly interested in redemption. Charlie was glad that she was getting into some of these sinners while the others were busy doing their own, and as much as Charlie tried, she kept on sneaking glances over to Alastor.

The Radio Demon was busy in a conversation with a group of female friends of his.

Alpha should be looking at us, not them! The standard submissive Omega was growling with low-key anger and possessiveness. Those two traits were quite rare in Omegas, as the rank shouldn’t have those traits, but apparently, Alastor made Charlie’s Omega side act completely different. If those Beta sluts touch Alpha, break their fingers.

Charlie nearly paled at the thought for breaking someone’s fingers as she quickly replied to her Omega side, No! We are not going to break their fingers.

Fine, Charlie’s Omega side grumbled underneath his breath as Charlie was going to breathe a sigh of relief when the little Omega decided to add something else, cheerily. Just maim them instead!

“Hey,” one of the sinners who Charlie was talking noticed how pale Charlie got. It was a twenty-eight year old woman with the ears and tail of a fox. She wore a punk-look as she eyed the princess in concern. “You okay there?”

Charlie, hearing that girl’s voice, immediately turned her attention to them. “I’m fine,” she said as she could see the girl was worried while the others were confused. “I’m just a bit hungry, what about any of you?”

The small group nodded as Charlie lead them to the food table, they continued to chat as Charlie’s hopes were flying through the sky when Mirai, the fox-girl had stated that she might want to move in as soon as possible. Mirai’s friends were still a little hesitant, but it was nice seeing that one of them was willing to try.

As Charlie and Mirai talked more, the princess still kept sneaking glances over at Alastor, and that’s when the low growling returned once again. It seemed that one of Alastor’s companions was lightly touching his arm and asked him something. That something was a dance as the music was playing and he agreed. Watching Alastor lead the woman out into the dance floor caused something inside Charlie to snap.

ALPHA IS MINE! NOT HERS! Charlie’s Omega personality screamed as the young princess watched the pair dance to the song. Charlie’s eyes narrowed as Alastor lead the female and then twirled her. To make matters worse, the girl was giggling with a faint blush on her features.

Charlie turned to Mirai and forced a small smile. “If you will excuse me, Mirai,” she started as Mirai blinked in confusion. “I’ll be right back.”

With that, Mirai watched as Charlie walked away, holding back her growls as she marched over towards Alastor and this mysterious woman. What the fuck was that all about? Mirai thought to herself.

Alastor was quite bored with his dancing partner as they continued to dance. He only was amusing the woman to dance, but he didn’t expect Charlie to tap his shoulder lightly and was glaring daggers at him and the woman. The pair stopped as they were looking at her.

She had her arms crossed her chest as her eyes were slowly turning into her demonic eyes with the sclera turning into a bright red, and the pupils were turning into slits. The smile on Charlie’s face was one of someone holding back their anger and jealousy. “May I cut in?” she asked, clearly irritated.

Alastor turned to his current dance partner and removed his arms from her body. “Sorry, my old friend...” his voice trailed off as he joined Charlie’s side. “But apparently, our young princess wants to dance!”

The woman nodded as she went back to her friends as both Charlie and Alastor got into a position for a dance. “I’m surprised that you are not asking your beloved guard dog for a dance,” Alastor muttered as the dancing began. Charlie was leading Alastor as her eyes were turning back to normal.

“She’s busy,” Charlie snapped as Alastor twirled her. “Didn’t want to bother her.”

The music’s upbeat tone continued as Charlie’s Omega decided to add in, Beta is alright. Alpha, however, was dancing with a Beta whore!

Charlie and Alastor continued the dance as it was reminding her about the first dance they shared when he first came to the hotel. Charlie was having fun as she was getting lost in a world with just her and Alastor, while the others were watching the pair.

The music’s upbeat tone had changed to the next song, one that paid tribute to tango. Charlie smirked as she twirled with the help of Alastor’s hand and then came very close to him. “Let’s see if you are good at the tango like how you are good at electro-swing,” she smirked.

Alastor’s smile slowly turned into a smirk as he took the chance to wrap his left arm around her thin waist. “Is that a challenge, kitten?” he teased, as the radio sounds quieted down a bit.

Charlie was slowly getting turned on by him called her ‘kitten’ as she smirked. “Maybe,” she whispered. “What are you going to do about, sweetheart?”

Alastor chuckled as the pair continued their seductive tango dance. “You’ll see,” he muttered. “You’ll see, darling.”

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Meanwhile, somewhere clearly far away from the Hazbin Hotel’s big event, it seemed that a young succubus doctor had just finished her last appointment as the previous client left her as her clinic-home was closing. Felira fit the description of a succubus to a T, that curvy and hourglass figure with those massive breasts. Her horns were shorter than her friend’s, but Felira didn’t give a flying fuck on what the others thought about her appearance.

Her eyes were an eerie-yellow color as the sclera was blood-red, she had ivory skin as she also had waist-length, pale blue colored hair which was tied in a high ponytail. Glasses were posed on her nose as she was wearing her doctor’s outfit. Felira stretched as she smiled, “Finally done.”

Felira headed upstairs to the living quarters of her workplace as she took off the coat, her high-heels, and then sat on the couch as she turned on the television as she quickly checked her hellphone.

She was surprised at seeing the text message from her beloved niece.

Hi Auntie! I hope I am not bothering you at the moment! I don’t want to sound rude, but I might be needing more of those heat represents of yours. I might have made a mistake in ordering and being the entertainment of the Radio Demon himself.

Felira’s eyes widen as she couldn’t believe that the Radio Demon himself, the sole sinner who became an Alpha, was helping Charlie out with her little redemption hotel. Unlike Lucifer, who did not like Charlie’s idea, Felira believed that Charlie had a point.

“It’s better than dealing with those sons of bitches of exterminators all the damn fucking time!” she had screamed at Lucifer, back when he had deemed Charlie’s idea to be pointless and worthless which brought on an argument between father and daughter.

Felira still remembered the pained expression upon Lucifer’s face when Charlie screamed that she hated him and ran off, crying. Lilith had gone to go and calm Charlie down while Felira was in charge of making Lucifer see the reason behind Charlie’s passion project.

That ended up in a screaming match between her and Lucifer; it also didn’t help when Lucifer had brushed off the first extermination of demons and sinners, the first that took the life of Felira’s younger sister who, at the time had been the only Omega here in Hell.

Felira only saw red as she punched him and marched away from the palace, only calling Lilith and explaining that it would be best if Felira didn’t come back to the castle for a while. Thankfully, Lilith listened to Felira’s advice as Lilith probably, and most likely, saw the black eye Felira left on Lucifer’s face.

That was then, and this is now, Felira thought, as she needed to reply to Charlie. 

Charlie, sorry for the late text. I was busy at work. As for the heat represents, that medication should work as long as you keep your distance from Alastor. I.e., touching or being near him. Let me know if you need more of those represents and, please be careful with that Radio Demon.

Felira sent the text as she placed her mobile device back on her couch while her eyes went back to the television as she frowned. “Ugh!” she groaned. “Not another boring-ass hell-drama show!”

The succubus quickly changed the channel as she began to go through them, all mainly because she didn’t feel like watching anything with food or the damn news with Katie Killjoy. Sadly, Felira stopped at the channel that was hosting the Hazbin Hotel’s social event.

Felira’s eyes widen as her mouth just dropped in complete shock as she was watching Charlie dance, not just any dance mind you, she was doing the freaking tango with Alastor himself! 

Didn’t she get my text?! Felira screamed out in her thoughts as she scrambled back for her hellphone and immediately dialed Charlie’s number. How many times have those two touched or be near each other?! Oh, for the love of Satan, I hope I am not too late!

Felira watched the screen as she could hear the ring on the other line. “Hurry up, Charlie. Pick up your phone already,” she grumbled. Unfortunately, Charlie did not pick up her phone as it immediately went to voicemail. Felira quickly left a message as she placed the phone back near her.

She watched the screen nervously. For the love of Satan, please just let this be the first time they are touching! She cried out in her thoughts.

Charlie and Alastor continued their tango as their eyes never left each other. Angel Dust was slowly moving away from Vaggie, who was getting ready to jump in and strangle Alastor for touching her girlfriend.

Alastor noticed the glares he was getting from Vaggie as he smirked. He dipped Charlie and leaned in as he whispered, “I believe your guard dog is going to bite me, kitten.”

Charlie was brought back up and glanced over to see that Alastor was right. Vaggie did look ready to rip Alastor’s head and arms off from his body and feed them to Razzle and Dazzle. She could also see that Angel Dust was backing away from Vaggie as he just went to the bar as Husk just gave him a drink. Niffty looked like she was internally squeeing over them dancing while Razzle and Dazzle were eating some cake from the dessert table.

Charlie blushed as she turned back to Alastor. “I... Let us stop before Vaggie does kill you,” she muttered.

Charlie could hear the whining of her Omega self. No! she cried out. Don’t wanna be apart from Alpha! Keep dancing or talking with him!

Our princess was about to tell her Omega side off when Alastor stopped her. “I don’t think I want to stop dancing with you yet,” he hummed in pure amusement as Charlie could see that Cheshire-like smile grace his face. “After all, we did have our dance and song number cut short by that snake.”

Our Alpha is right! That rotten Beta snake did cut us short! Dance and sing with Alpha! Charlie’s Omega half squeed with complete and utter joy while Charlie, on the other hand, was not quite sure.

I don’t know; Charlie thought as she kept glancing back to Vaggie and then at Alastor. I should apologize to Vags and dance with her.

Charlie’s Omega side just huffed, How many hours do we spend with Beta?

Um, like maybe, around five or six hours during the day and like maybe eight hours at night? Charlie answered her Omega side back, clearly confused about what the inner Omega was getting at.

Exactly! The Omega cried out. Beta is always near us! We don’t have time for Alpha! Beta will understand!

Charlie was a little hesitant, she didn’t want to Vaggie’s feelings, but the princess wanted to feel a little like her true self. The one that she could never be around her father or her people.

Alright, Charlie smiled as her Omega self was jumping up and down with glee. We’ll do one more dance together! Then, we’ll go over and make Vags feel good, got it?!

Her Omega self nodded, Understood!

“Okay, you win. Just one more dance,” Charlie said, softy as the tango music was ending and another song was beginning to play. This song was different, and Mirai noticed the familiar tone and lyrics.

“Huh, I didn’t know that Hell had its version of Cendrillon,” she stated as she joined Vaggie, Niffty, Husk and Angel Dust. All looked slightly confused at the fox-girl. “What? It’s a good song.”

Vaggie groaned, “Explain in more detail since some of us died either before that song came out or after.”

Mirai grinned, “It’s a song by this group called Vocaloid. This song especially is done by Hatsune Miku and Kaito.”

“What’s it about?” Niffty asked, quite curious.

Mirai hummed, “It’s mainly about a different version of Cinderella. The girl, aka Miku, attends a ball to kill the prince who is Kaito, especially when the clock strikes twelve. They meet, dance, and fall in love with each other while Miku is conflicted about her killing Kaito. But eventually, she does kill him by stabbing him as the bell rings, so yeah.”

All stared at her with looks of judgment, as Mirai noticed. She blushed and looked away from them; her arms crossed over her chest. “Oh, fuck off!” she grumbled. “I know that I’m a fucking nerd, so leave me the fuck alone!”

Mirai, Angel Dust, Niffty, Husk, and Vaggie looked back at Alastor and Charlie dancing. After that dance is over, I’ll go and talk with Charlie in private, Vaggie thought to herself, itching to stab Alastor in the chest.

Charlie was surprised at how well Alastor could keep up with the tango and now this waltz. Did he do dance lessons back when he was human? Our young princess asked herself, curiously.

Alastor turned with Charlie right there as he was smiling down at her. Alpha has a beautiful smile; her Omega half sighed with content.

What are you talking about? He’s always smiling! Charlie pointed out in her thoughts.

Her Omega side just sighed and was probably shaking her head in disappointment; We have a long way to go, especially with you.

Charlie didn’t know, but she felt that her Omega half was insulting her. But she chose to ignore her Omega side while Alastor’s Alpha side was bugging him.

Breathe her scent more, the Alpha informed. More touching can tell if mate is Omega or not.

Alastor was a little taken aback at how his Alpha side had deemed the princess their mate. Or idiot could always kiss mate either way work; his Alpha part added, probably smirking too.

If I get punched by that guard dog, Alastor started in his thoughts. Then I am blaming you.

His Alpha side shrugged, Fine.

Alastor’s sensitive deer ears twitched at the music, and the couple was singing as he cleared his throat to get Charlie’s attention. Charlie immediately snapped back to reality; a faint blush stained her cheeks. It seemed that Charlie’s Omega side subtly asked if Alastor had a big cock or not.

“Y-yes,” Charlie stuttered as she mentally cursed her Omega half for putting that stupid question in her head in the first place. While the two were already close as it is, it didn’t help that Alastor leaned down as Charlie stared up at him.

Their lips were inches away apart as Charlie could feel Alastor’s hot breath on her black lips. Charlie’s Omega side was swooning while Vaggie’s cross-eye completely turned red. There’s no fucking way, I am letting that fucker kiss my girlfriend! Vaggie screamed out in her thoughts as she marched over towards the pair.

“My dear,” Alastor purred as he had Charlie’s full attention. “I have a small and selfish request.”

Charlie was memorized by those beautiful scarlet-red orbs of Alastor’s as she smiled softly at him as she asked, “What is it?”

Alastor was closing in, and their lips were about to touch when Alastor was pulled away from Charlie as Vaggie grabbed the princess and pulled away from the Radio Demon, slightly growling as the moth demon went.

That had stunned almost everyone in the ballroom and Felira (currently watching this on her television). Vaggie had dragged Charlie out of the room, as it was to assume that this little social event was now over.

Alastor’s shock disappeared as he turned back to everyone, smiling. “Well! I believe our little social event is over! I do hope that you all enjoyed this!” he cried out, as many demons clapped. While Husk, Niffty, Angel Dust, and Mirai were glancing at each other.

Vaggie had pulled Charlie into their bedroom as Razzle and Dazzle tried to get to their mistress, but was stopped from the sole glare from Vaggie. Both goat boys had to wait outside of the bedroom as Vaggie talked with Charlie.

Charlie was sitting on the bed as Vaggie was pacing around the room. Charlie’s eyes were downcast as she was playing with her hands. “How could you do that?!” Vaggie started her rant. “First, you interrupted his dance with a potential sponsor, and then you continued dancing with him until he was almost kissing you!”

Charlie winced as she was holding back an Omega-like whimper from all of the yelling. Omegas never did well when Alphas or Betas started to scream at them. The princess’s hellphone laid on the nightstand, glowing with notifications that someone either texted her or tried to call her.

The princess glanced over at the device to see that her aunt, Felira, had gotten in touch with her. It also didn’t help that the woman had sent another text message, too, one that Charlie knew that she needed to see.

“I warned you that we shouldn’t let that stupid Radio Demon come in and help us out,” Vaggie continued as she eyed her girlfriend carefully. It seemed the moth demon noticed that Charlie’s attention was on the mobile device. “Charlie, look at me. Now.

Hearing that commanding tone caused Charlie to instinctively and to flinch immediately. Make Beta stop, the princess’s Omega side whimpered in fear. No like getting yelled at!

Charlie glanced up at Vaggie, the moth demon’s right eye was narrowed in a glare while her cross was glowing red. Her arms were crossing over her chest while her feet were tapping on the floor of the bedroom. “I-I’m sorry, Vags,” Charlie stuttered, trying to explain her actions tonight without going into full detail about Charlie’s actual status in this world. “I... I...”

Vaggie sighed, allowing herself to calm down in front of her girlfriend. It was almost heartbreaking to see Charlie on the bed, looking so lost and scared right now. “It’s fine,” she whispered as Vaggie walked over to her girlfriend and joined the seat next to Charlie on the bed. “I’ll let this incident go.”

Charlie relaxed as Vaggie reached out, pulling Charlie in a comforting embrace. Vaggie was stroking Charlie’s hair as the princess relaxed in the warm touch. “But,” the moth demon started as she glanced down at Charlie. “There does come a time where I would like to know what’s up with you. Okay?”

Charlie glanced up at Vaggie; the Omega could see that there was a mix of different emotions there. Jealously. Fading anger. Disappointment. Calmness. Charlie gave a slight nod as she returned the embrace.

“I understand,” the princess whispered. “I just need to have a small talk with my aunt, okay?”

Vaggie smiled as those feelings were disappearing. “Whatever you want, Charlie. Just know that I am always here for you,” she muttered.

Yeah, Charlie thought to herself as the pair immediately got ready for bed. But for how long will she stay with me? Especially when I tell her that I’m the only living Omega in Hell.

Chapter Text

The next day in Hell was a normal one; the decorations were coming down with the added help from Mirai, who informed Charlie and Vaggie that she was officially staying here at Hazbin Hotel. That brightened up Charlie’s mood as she avoided Alastor for that entire day.

Charlie had gotten her aunt’s previous text message and voicemail. The repressed Omega had been shocked to learn that just by either being near Alastor or touching could cause her heat to come back. I wonder if that includes kissing, Charlie grumbled as she snuck out of the hotel.

Charlie was wearing a short-sleeved, v-neck collar, white, and button dress shirt. She had a raven-black colored, knee-length skirt with a pair of white lace stockings underneath. A couple of knee-length, black colored boots were on her feet while she wore a black-red, hooded cape over the outfit.

She didn’t need anyone to see her go to Felira’s place, especially if that person was Alastor. Charlie needed to get a quick check-up and ask Felira if it would be alright for Vaggie to know Charlie’s secret.

I know that Aunt Felira is going to say no, the princess thought to herself as a determined smile appeared on Charlie’s face. But I’ll make her see my reason behind it! 

Charlie continued to walk down the street as she entered another part of the unoccupied land. The princess always wondered why Felira did not claim this part of the city for herself, but then remembered that Felira was already busy dealing with her patients.

I hope that Aunt Felira doesn’t have too many patients, Charlie paled with concern as the thought of smelling all of those different scents sent her hidden Omega instincts into overdrive. I hope that no one realizes that I’m gone too!

Back at the hotel, Vaggie was showing Mirai around while Niffty began to clean while Husk attended his front desk/bar. Angel Dust had excused himself from the hotel, saying that he needed to be somewhere. Vaggie was conflicted about letting Angel Dust go but allowed him to go if he promised that he would be back. Angel Dust agreed and left.

Alastor, on the other hand, was not a happy Alpha. The Radio Demon was sitting in his own office as he sensed that Charlie had been avoiding him all day until he noticed that the bubbly princess was no longer at the hotel and left without informing him of where she was going. Where did mate go? The Alpha part of him asked, quite worried about the little princess. We need to find her!

Alastor had gotten used to his Alpha side calling Charlie ‘mate’, but he was quite curious to where the princess went. After all, it seemed that Charlie didn’t bring Vaggie or the goat-butlers of hers. Something did not make any sense.

I’ll go out for a walk, Alastor thought to himself as he stood up from his chair. He smirked as he already had a plan formed in his head. Maybe, I’ll run into Charlie.

With that, Alastor had snapped his fingers as he disappeared with the shadows, reappearing on the street outside of the hotel as the Radio Demon walked away from Hazbin Hotel, hoping that he would meet Charlie out in the city somewhere.

Shit, Charlie cursed in her thoughts as she frowned at the scene before her. It seemed that Sir Pentious had decided that he was going to try and take over the territory that Felira lived in as the snake-demon was piloting another machine of his, this time it was a new model.

He was causing quite a scene as Charlie had to hide somewhere to take cover, especially when a flying rock had smashed into the person next to her. Charlie peeked from her hiding spot, which was in a dark and creepy alleyway. The princess wondered if Felira knew what was going on either outside of her clinic or near that area.

“Ssssson!” the snake had cried out. “You all ssshall bow down to me!”

Charlie had peeked from her hiding spot as she and her Omega half, both rolled their eyes at the Beta-snake. She noticed that Cherri Bomb had just made an appearance. Oh no, the princess thought to herself. Please tell me that she’s not!

“Hey! Dick Lord!” Cherri Bomb cried out as she threw one of her bombs into the machine as it started causing some explosions. “This is my turf, so get your scaley-fucking ass off of it!”

Too late, Charlie groaned as she hoped that these two didn’t ruin Felira’s coffee break. To destroy that coffee break would mean that you would be stuck with Cerberus for five hours or so. She went deeper into the alleyway as she decided that it would be best to make a small detour, one that she would hope that would take her back to Felira’s place.

Soon, Charlie was in another part of the city, only this time she didn’t know where she was. Shit, Charlie cursed again in her thoughts as she was glancing around the busy street with many different demons/sinners either walking about, cursing each other, or were doing some sins. I’m lost.

Maybe, I should ask someone for directions! Charlie had cried out in her thoughts as she quickly started to ask if someone would help her find Felira’s place. It seemed that no one was willing to help the princess at all. Charlie sighed as she sat down on a bench. What am I going to do?

“Charlie, sweetheart! Is that you?” that familiar, radio-filled voice asked as Charlie froze as she slowly looked up to see that Alastor was standing over here. It just occurred to Charlie how the difference in height they were. Considering that she was 6’1” while Alastor was 7’1”. 

The princess was beginning to think that having horrible luck was being apart of being an Omega now. He walked over and sat next to her as his cane stopped swinging. “I was wondering where you went! What are you doing out here?”

Especially without guard dog and goat duo near you, he added to his thoughts. He smiled down at the beloved princess. Alastor had noticed that Charlie looked quite nervous as she started to scoot over away from him. That had gotten Alastor to cock his eyebrow in confusion.

“Is there something wrong, Charlie?” Alastor asked as Charlie stopped moving as she turned to him and faked a smile.

“Nothing’s wrong!” she cried out as she stood up from her seat. “I just remembered something! Bye!”

Charlie was going to make a beeline away from the Radio Demon, but Alastor quickly grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her into his lap and chest. Her back was facing his hard chest as she shivered at the contact.

“Now, now, now,” he whispered as Charlie had to hold back a shiver of pleasure once again. “I just found you, and you want to run away from me again? That’s pretty rude of you, my sweet.”

Charlie was sweating a little; she needed to think a way to get away from him before the situation became worse. Especially if her heat starts because of him. C’mon brain! Think of something! she cried out in her thoughts when she noticed that Angel Dust was making his way towards someplace.

Considering that he kept looking back and forth, it was quite suspicious behavior even for him. Something in Charlie’s brain clicked as she got an idea in her head. She glanced at Alastor and smiled, “Hey. Look, there’s Angel Dust.”

Alastor looked, and he could see that Angel Dust was indeed acting a little strange. “Let’s go follow him! See where he’s going,” Charlie pointed, as she hoped that the Radio Demon would agree to her little plan.

Alastor released Charlie. “Fine,” he stated as the pair stood up as they both ended up following Angel Dust.

Charlie realized that maybe following Angel Dust with Alastor to sneak off wasn’t the best plan in the world. Considering that both she and Alastor ended up in the porn district of Pentagram City.

While Alastor was looking bored and unamused by the people in this district, Charlie couldn’t help but blush a deep crimson color. Charlie knew that she shouldn’t be so flustered seeing the demons/sinners do intimate things with one another, but she couldn’t help it!

Being the second Omega born in Hell had caused both her mother and her aunt to be a little overprotective, especially when Charlie had that ex-boyfriend. He was a Beta like Vaggie, but the young couple were only allowed to hold hands or kiss each other’s cheeks, that was it.

When he tried to ask for something more from Charlie or do something more with her, Razzle and Dazzle would make sure to stop it. It didn’t surprise Charlie at all when he demanded that they broke up. It was painful, but Charlie knew that he would be better with someone who was not her.

Thankfully, when Charlie started to date Vaggie, both her mother and her aunt allowed some of that intimate nature to happen between the two. The only thing Charlie got out of that was knowing how to finger someone or the oral sex.

I should have sneaked some books from the library or something; the princess thought to herself as she and the Radio Demon followed after Angel Dust. I hope this doesn’t get any worse than this!