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My Claimed Mate

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Hello there everyone, I am just letting you know that I am going to be updating My Claimed Mate soon with new chapters and whatnot, but there are some things that I would like to address. First of all, I am sure that you all may have noticed that some other Hazbin Hotel fanfics have been deleted from my profile. I am letting you know that I am not abandoning them.

I repeat.


I am going to be focusing on one story at a time and the story that I will be focusing is My Claimed Mate. Do I have other fanfics that I want to get done and posted? Yes. Do I want to lose my head with all of these stories? No.

I am taking my editor's advice on this and so, My Claimed Mate will be updated and will be my main focus until I have finished it and then I shall post a poll on my Twitter on which story I am going to be working on next.

That being said, I just want to remind everyone that I do have a life outside of writing fanfics or writing my own original content. I have a new job, one that is at a new senior living but I am in a different department this time. That being said, my boss has made me full time and thus, I am now working eight days straight on some weeks (right now, I am currently nearing the end of one of those eight day work weeks).

Which means that I will be taking my time, as I will be editing some chapters while working on new chapters for My Claimed Mate. While, I do have an editor and some beta-readers this time, I will say this... they do have their own lives as well.

So, please understand this and please stop sending me comments that read 'please update' or 'when are you going to update this story again'. I am going to be frank, no writer likes seeing those comments at all. And the more you bug us, especially me with those comments the more likely, I am going not going to finish a story at all.

I just wanted to let you all know what has been going on and what am I doing. I hope to see you all again once I have gotten some chapters of My Claimed Mate edited and once I am off of this stupid eight day work week hell.

And yes, I will be sure to work on My Claimed Mate when I am at work as my lunch break or 15 minute break (and when I am at home) will be those times I can work on My Claimed Mate.