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Fuck you

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“Gah! Fuck you! Stupid Deku!” Katsuki shouted, snapping at the greenette for the umpteenth time that day.


“Fuck me yourself, you coward,” she quipped back, cocking a brow at him. He proceeded to choke on his spit as everyone reacted in a similar manner, his face turning pink from embarrassment.


“W-what?” he asked, completely caught off guard.


“You heard me,” she sassed, raising her eyebrows up and down at him. She looked him in the eyes, closed her notebook, grabbed her bag and walked out of the room without another word. Everyone remained silent for a little while, looking between each other in utter shock and confusion.


“So,” Todoroki spoke up, breaking the silence. “Are you going to go after her, or?


“Piss off, you Half’n’Half bastard!” Katsuki bellowed, slamming his fists down on his desk. He grabbed his things, shoved them haphazardly into his bag and stomped out of the room, absolutely fuming as he went. What did all those idiots think they were doing? And that stupid Deku, what had gotten into her!? When he saw her, he was gonna kick her fucking ass into next week! He grumbled irritatedly to himself as he stomped towards the dorms, his palms sparking angrily. As he drew closer and closer to their dorm building, he spotted Deku, easily able to identify her from her fluffy head of short green hair.


“Oi! Deku!” he shouted, causing her to turn her head in his direction. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw him before her face furrowed and she looked away. He seethed; was she ignoring him!?


“Hey!” he bellowed, breaking into a sprint to catch up with her. “Don’t ignore me, you fucking dumbass nerd!” He grabbed her by the shoulder and spun her around, to which she gave him a grumpy pout, which only caused him to seethe even more.


“Do you need something, Kacchan?” she asked, cocking a brow at him.


“You wanna explain what the fuck happened just now!?” he barked, shaking her by the shoulders.


“Did you not hear me earlier?” she asked, cocking her head at him. He felt his cheeks burn at the reminder and gritted his teeth.


“No, I heard you just fine,” he spat through clenched teeth, trying to will away the heat from his face. “I wanna know what’s gotten into you. You do realize what you asked me to do, right?”


“Nothing’s gotten into me,” she told him. “And I know exactly what I asked you to do. So?”




“So, are you gonna fuck me or not?” she asked, causing him to choke on his tongue.


“Are you fucking serious?” he asked, swallowing nervously.


“Yes,” she told him, her own cheeks starting to pinken as he met her gaze unwaveringly. “Unless you’re not up to it?”


“You challenging me, stupid Deku?” he asked, stepping closer in her space, although she didn’t back away.


“I don’t know,” she said, narrowing her eyes at him, “am I?”


“Well, fine then,” he smirked evilly, wrapping his arms around her waist and tossing her over his shoulder.


“Ah!” she exclaimed, kicking her legs in surprise.


“Shut your damn mouth,” he barked, using his free hand to swat her ass. She squeaked again but didn’t say anything as he carried her up to his room. He threw open his door and kicked it shut before he tossed her onto his bed haphazardly. He ripped off his shirt and whipped it to the ground before he climbed over her, pinning her wrists to the bed.


“You sure you want this, Deku?” he asked, his eyes half lidded with lust as he took in her startled but flushed expression.


“Yes,” she breathed out, biting her lip in anticipation. God he wanted to bite her lips himself, so that’s what he did. He surged down and captured her lips in a fierce, demanding kiss, already drawing a whimper from her.


“Keh,” he smirked, pulling back ever so slightly. “Submitting already? Stupid Deku.” To his surprise, she ripped her wrists from his grasp and flipped him over so she was straddling his waist.


“Don’t underestimate me, Kacchan,” she warned, pinning his wrists in a similar manner to what he had done. Before he could get a word out, she dove back in to resume kissing him, her kisses just as hungry as his were. She rolled her hips down against him, drawing an involuntary groan from his lips. He felt her smirk against him, an action which pissed him off, because he wasn’t about to let stupid Deku get the better of him. He bucked his hips up against her, catching her off guard as she whined, at which point he tore his wrists from her grasp. He grabbed the top of her shirt and ripped it open, sending a few of the buttons flying in every direction.


“Ah! Kacchan! My uniform!” she complained, pouting down at him. He merely smirked up at her as he wormed his hands under her open shirt and began to fondle her breasts through her bra.


“Maybe you should’ve taken it off then,” he snarked, showing no sympathy. She merely whimpered as he played with her chest, which allowed him to flip her onto her back again. He pulled her legs over his shoulders and folded her in half as he pinned her wrists down in a vice like grip, making it much more difficult for her to get out from under him.


“Kacchan is mean,” she pouted, her eyes clouded with lust as her chest heaved.


“Shut up and get fucked, stupid Deku,” he smirked wickedly as he rutted his crotch against her ass, causing her to whimper pathetically.


“Nnh, fuck me, Kacchan,” she begged, pressing her chest against his own. He used his free hand and played with her breasts, massaging and groping them playfully.  She whimpered under his warm touch, her breath coming out in breathy pants.


“Fuck, you’re sensitive,” he commented before he dove in to bite her neck. She cried out as he gnawed at her neck, intent on leaving a mark for all to see.


“Ka-Kacchan!” she cried, a high pitched keen escaping her throat. “Nhh!” she quivered and writhed as he bit and sucked on her neck. He pulled back and marveled at his handy work, smirking at the teeth marks left in her skin, surrounding a purpling bruise. He leaned back down to leave another mark on the opposite side of her neck, higher up than the first, so that way there was no way she’d be able to hide it. She continued to turn this way and that under his ministrations, which made it harder for him to leave a decent mark.


“Quit squirming, stupid Deku,” he complained, nipping sharply under her jaw, causing her to jerk in surprise.


“What? Can’t handle it?” she replied, biting her bottom lip as she smirked at him. She looked so hot like this, face pink and contorted in pleasure. He moved his hand from her chest down her torso, moved her skirt out of the way and began to massage her through her panties, causing her to jolt beneath him.


“Kacchan!” she choked out, biting her bottom lip even harder as her eyes screwed up tight. He smirked wickedly into her neck as he moved his fingers around in circles, up and down, his chest swelling with pride as the fabric of her panties got damper and damper.


“So wet, Deku,” he teased as he alternated how much pressure he used against her. He hooked his fingers under her panties, bringing him in direct contact with her moist slit. “Fuck.”


“Mm, K-Kacchan,” she breathed out, resisting his grip on her wrists as her hands flexed and clenched above her. “M-more, please.”


“Not so tough now, are you, you little shit?” he asked as he pressed a finger roughly into her entrance, drawing a sharp whimper from her.


“Mnh,” she moaned, her brows furrowing as she bit her bottom lip. He growled as he leaned forward and pressed another kiss to her lips, pulling on her bottom lip with his own teeth. He pumped a finger in and out of her as she continued to whimper and moan beneath him.


“More, Kacchan, please,” she begged, rolling her hips down onto his finger.


“You sure?” he asked, half teasing, half concerned.


“Did I stutter?” she asked, leveling him with a challenging stare. He smirked down wickedly at her as he worked another finger inside of her, giving her no time to adjust as he began to spread and curl his fingers in her warmth. “Ggh, fuck,” she breathed out as her eyes fluttered shut, her back arching up a bit.


“So you do know how to curse,” he teased, earning a half hearted glare from her.


“I asked you to fuck me earlier, didn’t I?” she asked as her powerful thighs flexed, unable to keep still beneath him. Seeing the affect he had on her, it was intoxicating, not to mention she looked so cute like this. His fingers were continuously moving inside of her, prepping her for his cock. God, was she really willing to go that far, especially with him? His heart hammered in his chest at the thought, but fuck he was so excited. Her velvety inner walls already felt so good around his fingers, they would feel even better around his cock, he was sure. He curled his fingers inside of her as he added a third finger, and she suddenly cried out.


“Ah!” she cried, throwing her head back as she arched her back beneath him.


“What? Are you-“ he began as he started to withdraw his fingers, worried he had hurt her somehow.


“No!” she exclaimed, surprising him. “Please! Don’t stop! Touch me there again! Please, Kacchan!” she begged, rolling her hips down onto his fingers. With a confused expression, he curled his fingers until he found that spot inside of her again, eliciting another loud moan from her. A wicked grin spread across his face as he began to abuse that spot inside of her, drawing a symphony of moans from her throat. Her entire body spasmed under his touch, her cries turning incoherent.


“You like that, Deku?” he purred, taking in every expression she made.


“Y-yes! Yes, Kacchan, please, don’t stop!” she pleaded, only causing his grin to widen.


“Well, since you said please,” he drawled, increasing the speed of his fingers inside of her. She let out a broken moan at the change of pace, her hips undulating against him. Her chest heaved as her legs shook around him, clamping down on his waist as her moans got higher in pitch.


“K-Kacchan, ‘m so close, I-mm!” she moaned, her eyes closed as her head thrashed around. Her mouth fell open in a silent cry as her insides fluttered around his fingers. Her body twitched and spasmed as her orgasm washed through her, with Katsuki’s fingers stilling inside of her. He watched with fascination as euphoria overtook her, leaving her breathless and extremely sensitive. She was fucking gorgeous, the damn nerd.


“Deku,” he cooed as she panted beneath him.


“Ka-cchan,” she panted, her eyes glazed over and foggy. “Mm,” she whimpered as he withdrew his fluid covered fingers.


“C’mon, Deku,” he growled, massaging her inner thighs with his sticky slick covered fingers. “We’re not done yet.”


“Mm, right,” she huffed, licking her lips as her chest rose and fell. “You still have to fuck me properly, Kacchan.” He growled as he shoved his pants down past his ass, enough for his cock to be freed. He hissed as the cool air hit his warm cock, which was already twitching in anticipation. He pressed his fingers against her lips and, without prompting, she took them into her mouth.


“Can you taste yourself on my fingers?” he asked, his voice low and gravely. She hummed around his fingers and nodded as she licked and sucked on his fingers before he pulled them out. Some drool dribbled onto her chin as he brought his hand back to his cock, giving it a few pumps to relieve himself a bit. She watched his motions with anticipation and lust, biting her bottom lip absentmindedly.


“Please, Kacchan, I need you so bad,” she whined, spreading her legs open for him as she moved her skirt up and pulled her panties to the side. He groaned as he took in her glistening folds, her leaking entrance still pulsing from her orgasm.


“Fuck, one sec, I gotta,” he mumbled as he leaned over to his bedside drawer and fished around for a condom. He pulled it out ripped it open with his teeth before rolling it on to his cock with a groan. He spat into his palm before he gave himself a few strokes to properly slick himself up again.


“Kacchan! Please, I can’t wait any longer! I need your cock in me, please,” she begged, circling her fingers against her clit as she panted softly, her eyes fluttering shut as she moaned. He growled and pulled her hands away, pinning them up above her head once more, tightening his grip threateningly. He used his free hand to position himself at her entrance, her warmth already so inviting.


“You ready, Deku?” he asked, looking down at her  with a smirk.


“Hurry up already!” she whined, before she let out a choked out moan once he thrusted forwards, burying himself halfway inside of her.


“Yeah, not so tough now, are ya, you little shit?” he asked, smiling sadistically down at her as he rolled his hips again. She merely whimpered as he sharply snapped his hips forward, her eyes screwed up tight as she took him.


“Ka-cchan, mm!” she moaned, her fists tightening in his grasp.


“Yeah, take it Deku, you little shit,” he growled above her, using his free hand to push her thigh up. “Grr, fuck, yeah. You’re so fucking tight,” he groaned as his head dropped between his shoulders, his forehead resting against her collarbone.


“Kacchan! Feels so good, mm! Fuck,” she cried out, her head turning from side to side as he forcefully thrusted his hips into hers. She tensed and squirmed under him, clearly oversensitive from her first orgasm. Her toes were curling as he went on, her face flushed up and contorted in pleasure.


“You look so cute like this, Deku,” he teased, grinning down at her as sweat dripped down his forehead. “You’re just taking my cock, aren’t ya? Fuck, I love it when you finally shut the hell up.”


“And, mm! And for once, you’re not all talk,” she panted, cracking one of her eyes open at him. His eyes widened in surprise before he narrowed them again, his insides aflame by her challenge. He thrusted forward brutally, drawing a sharp cry from her pretty throat.


“Shut the hell up, brat,” he barked as his hand squeezed her wrists. “You won’t be so smug when I fuck your brains out.”


“You still have yet to deliver, Kacchan!” she finished with a moan, tilting her head back to expose her neck.


“You doubting me, Deku?” he asked with a growl, getting close to her face.


“Mmm, maybe,” she breathed out, giving him a breathless smirk. Her eyes closed as he began to brutally pound into her, his balls colliding with her ass as he fucked her with all his might, refusing to let up.


“How’s this, brat? Eh? Is this better? You have any doubts about me now?” he asked with a grin, leaning down to mouth at her neck, sinking his teeth into her flesh. “Well? Huh? Are you still doubting me, Deku? Answer me!”


“Mm! No! Kacchan! Love your cock! Mmha! Fuck! Kacchan, please, don’t stop! Please, don’t stop! Mmm! Ngh! Haah!” she moaned.


“Yeah, fuck, baby,” he groaned, his palms burning against her skin. “Your insides are so fucking hot. Ngh, just sucking me in, grr, fuck!”


“Mmh! Fhh- ah! Ngh, ah, hah!” she moaned, her tongue hanging out lewdly as drool dripped down her chin.


“Khh, you can’t even speak, can you brat?” he asked, grinning victoriously. “Feels so good you can’t even manage a word, eh?”


“Mmnh! Hah, ah! Hnn, aah ah!” she cried out, her legs spasming around him. “Ka-ah! Kahh! Mm! Fah!”


“Yeah, baby, fuck,” he growled as her powerful muscles tensed in his grasp. “Take my fucking cock you little fuck. Gah, you’re so hungry for my dick, arent’cha? Ngh, shit, fuck, Deku, ngh, gonna cum. Oh, fuck, your pussy is just sucking me in, it’s so damn tight!”


“Mm! Mm, mm! Haah! Oh, fmm, aah!” she whimpered, her chest heaving and tits bouncing. He ducked his head down to suck marks between her boobs, mouthing and grazing his teeth across her scarred skin.


“You sound so good, Deku,” he groaned, barely pulling a few inches out before slamming back in, his thrusts becoming sloppy. “Shit, Deku, m’close, fuck!”


“Maahah! Aaah! Ka-ah! Mm!” she continued to moan incoherently, her thighs spasming as she body arched and shook beneath him.


“Fuck-Deku!” he cried out, burying himself completely inside of her as he came with a low groan. Deku’s spasming was decreasing now, although she was still panting heavily and her eyes were unfocused. “Keh, you alright there?”


“M-mm,” she nodded, slowly blinking at him as she sat up a bit, wincing in the process. “Ow.”


“Tch, that’s what you get for challenging me and being such a brat, stupid Deku,” he smirked, pulling out of her with a grunt. “Not so tough now, eh?”


“Kacchan is mean,” she mumbled with a pout, wiping at the tears pricking at her eyes before straightening out her skirt.


“Oi, you alright?” he asked as he tied off the condom and threw it into the trash.


“Y-yeah, I’ll be fine,” she said, rubbing at her lower back. “Just gonna be sore for a while.”


“Here, turn over,” he said as he readjusted his pants so he was modest. Deku gave him a confused look but did as she was told, looking back at him expectantly. He walked over and placed his hands on her lower back, activating his Quirk at a low frequency so it was emitting a soothing warmth. She let out a low, appreciative moan at the contact before relaxing underneath him.


“Mmm, thank you, Kacchan,” she sighed, her eyes closed and a pleased smile spread across her face. “That feels really nice.”


“Whatever, Deku,” he said, his voice soft and soothing. “Sorry if I went too far,” he apologized lamely.


“Don’t apologize,” she told him, sighing again. “I wanted it.”


“Tch, freaky nerd,” he scoffed as he laid down next to her, still rubbing up and down her back. “‘M fuckin’ tired,” he huffed. He was mildly surprised when Deku snuggled closer to him, wrapping her arms and legs around him. “What’re you doing?”


“Cuddling,” she answered, hiding her face from him. “Sorry, I’ll stop if you want.”


“Nah, it’s fine,” he shrugged off. “Figured you’d be cuddly.”


“Kacchan is so warm,” she praised. “And soft.”


“Eh? What the hell do you mean soft?” he asked, glaring down at her. “I’m not soft, I’m hard muscle!”


“Well, you’re not hard anymore,” she mumbled before laughing. “You have just enough fat on you to be perfect for cuddling,” she said, nuzzling at his chest. “Plus, your skin is so soft.” He huffed in annoyance but didn’t object as she got comfortable.


“Whatever, you’re softer,” he sighed, silence prevailing over them. “So, um,” he began, looking over her instead of at her, “would you wanna do this again?”


“Not right now, too tired,” she said, to which he scoffed.


“I didn’t mean right now, dumbass,” he said with a roll of his eyes as he flicked her forehead. “I meant in the future. Maybe we could, I dunno, go out before hand,” he mumbled, his cheeks turning pink as he bit the inside of his cheek.


“Are you asking me out on a date, Kacchan?” she asked after a moment, her voice soft.


“If that’s what you wanna call it, sure,” he forced out, his face heating up even more. She giggled into his chest before leaning her head up to give him a quick peck on the nose.


“I’d like that, Kacchan,” she beamed, nuzzling under his jaw.


“Obviously,” he huffed, bringing a hand up to massage her scalp. “Now shut up and go to sleep, you little brat,” he ordered, to which she giggled.


“Okay, Kacchan,” she answered, “sleep well.”


“Mm,” he hummed as he closed his eyes and relaxed, sleep soon taking over him.








They got an earful from Aizawa-sensei the next day, but neither of them were too upset over that, not when the sexual tension between them was finally resolved. Plus, they both got a date out of it.