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anthem for the broken [yandere outlast works]

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me, who has Borderline:


Why in the absolute shit are you relating us to psychopathic/sociopathic murderers. Please shut up. Oh my god. I came across this tryna look for ideas and my brain cells are collapsing. I am so confused because idk if this is OFFENSIVE to me or just idiotic?


Like...part of me is like "yeah it's unhealthy" but???? brooo nice gatekeeping. wow. I can romanticize yandere behaviours. anybody can. you don't need BPD. BPD is not special or VIP. oh my FUCK 


what guilt am I supposedly 'feeling'? I...please explain @ OP


But dw guys I HAVE BPD so I can...have a Yanderecore blog??


I'm still tackling 3+ chapters but feel free to discuss this w/ me...I don't consider you abliest if you make a yanderecore blog wtf? ummm


if you have NO clue what BPD is, i got you dawg

sure, a yandere can have BPD or symptoms, but they can also mainly have psychopathy/sociopathy, so idk what drugs OP are on,

not only that but it's similar to sociopathy.

you guys can do the math while i'm behind my screen, going