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anthem for the broken [yandere outlast works]

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Welcome to this fucked up booklet of your favourite yandere babes. x


So, if you're new, welcome! This isn't a new booklet whatsoever; the previous was deleted due to unfortunate events. But I'm glad you're here!

If you were here during the Bleeding Rain booklet/era, welcome back. Glad to see you! I'm back, baby.

If you're new, guess what you can do in this book?? That's right; you can request things. Woohoo.

So, same rules still apply, but since there might be some new people here, I will repeat the rules.


- These will be in Modern AU, and for some reason all of the characters are rich bastards.

 I like writing about rich yanderes. :3c You can pretend they have good mf jobs or something. We already know Jeremy has got that Bread though.

If you want a specific AU when requesting, lemme know. 


- I will write anything except for pedophilia. That shit is nasty bruh.

Want a chapter where you and your yandere babe are parents? Fine by me! I will write that if asked, but no creepy stuff towards children. Nastyyyyy.

- By anything, I mean...

Fluff, angst, smut, guro, kinkshots, oneshots, etc


- This book is full of Yanderes. 'Yandere' carries a whole book of things with it.

There will be mentions of murder, gore, death, etc in this booklet. Don't like? Click away. Here's some puppies for ya. 


- There are multiple ships in here for variety, and because I want more excuses to write for Val.

...I love her okay???


- If you want to request a chapter, it doesn't have to be about every single ship. You can request for just a specific character.



These are the ships/characters [none of them will sink like the titanic, I assure you] that I will be including in this cursed book.

Not in order ;


- Miles/Reader

- Waylon/Reader

- Blake/Lynn/Reader

- Waylon/Eddie/Reader

- Eddie/Reader

- Eddie/Val/Reader

- Val/Reader [with her heretics, obviously]

- Marta/Reader

- Trager/Reader

- Jeremy/Reader

- Chris/Reader


Variety is always good to have. ;)


- Friendly criticism is welcomed. 

Feel free to comment or chat with me as well. Love hearing from you guys!


So this is Bleeding Rain Pt 2. Or Season 2. whatever you wanna call it.


Let's get back into business babyyyy!