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It's a Lovely Day in Dragon City

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Zhao Yunlan marched around the park. The pond was there, so the place he was searching for must be nearby...

A goose honked loudly. Ah, there.

Zhao Yunlan sauntered to a distance near enough to the tree that he could have some sort of conversation with the people hiding in it, yet far enough that the goose wouldn't menace him. "Chief Zhao Yunlan of the Special Investigation Department. How may I help you?"

"There is a goose," Shen Wei said, supremely unimpressed and haughty considering his position as someone chased up a tree by the aforementioned goose.

"Ah, but is it a special goose?" Zhao Yunlan asked, deciding to have some fun first. "After all, you did call the Special Investigations Department. Is there anything odd or suspicious about the concerning waterfowl?"

Shen Wei glared at him. To be fair, geese were murderous menaces, and if not for Professor Zhou sitting next to him, he'd likely have just used Dixing powers to free himself.

"It's just a goose, and this old man couldn't run fast enough to escape it," Professor Zhou said.

Zhao Yunlan nodded seriously. "Then regular methods for dealing with geese should suffice. Let me distract it while you make your escape."

He pulled out the bag of millet and tossed some at the goose. It honked, but turned its back on the tree. Curiosity soon took the better of it and it poked at the millet and gobbled it up.

Zhao Yunlan slowly walked away from the tree and the Jeep, tossing out a trail of millet behind him. The goose was so far content to just eat it, but some of the ducks were eyeing the millet with hunger in their eyes.

Behind him, Shen Wei was helping Professor Zhou out of the tree. Zhao Yunlan continued his millet enticement for a few dozen meters more until he saw them both walk away from the tree. He tossed the rest of the millet at the goose, causing a feeding frenzy as the ducks seized their chance, and ran away from the upcoming avian war zone like the fires of Hell were licking at his ankles.

He did, however, slow down and approach Shen Wei and Professor Zhou in a restrained and professional pace. "Are you all right?"

"We're fine," Professor Zhou said. "Ah, Shen Wei, you have excellent taste in company." He winked at a Shen Wei who was growing more nonplussed by the moment. "This old man has a pile of paperwork to get to, but don't let that stop you from enjoying the day. Your Chief Zhao must be very busy with his job. You should seize the chance to spend some time with him!" With a final pat of Shen Wei's shoulder, he speedwalked off with such velocity that Zhao Yunlan didn't even have the time to offer him a ride.

Somewhere, a songbird chirped. Zhao Yunlan succumbed to paroxysms of laughter.

Shen Wei glared at him. "And what is it that is so funny?"

"You know, Brother Black," Zhao Yunlan said, trying to keep his voice level, "I do believe your mentor wants us to play hooky and go on a date. Where would you like to go?"

After a moment of staring at him with a novel expression of disappointed annoyance, Shen Wei relented. "Somewhere with no geese."

"Of course," Zhao Yunlan said, doing his best to hold in the renewed fits of laughter.

Then Shen Wei grabbed his wrist and dragged him towards the Jeep. Yes, this would be a fine day indeed.