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loving is easy

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Lan Wangji and Wei Wuxian lived together, in the same apartment, despite the former having enough funds to provide for himself and the latter being able to live with Jiang Cheng.

"Well, I need to be independent, right Lan Zhan?" Wei Wuxian sticks three fingers up in the air. "I'll pay for my own share! I swear! I just think Jiang Cheng is fed up with me constantly hitting him awake in the morning, and stealing his snacks." Wei Wuxian snickers, and Lan Wangji focuses on the crinkles at the corner of his eyes, his scrunched up nose, and he's weak to it.

How could he ever say no to Wei Wuxian?

"Mn." Lan Wangji nods, and Wei Wuxian cheers.

Wei Wuxian sighs, dropping his bag in the couch as he drags his body to his room. Since Wei Wuxian had wanted to be independent, he had to take on multiple jobs just to get through. (He refused to take Lan Wangji's money.) Wei Wuxian grips the handle, and with the little strength he possessed, he opened the door to...

A bat...?

Wei Wuxian glances up, and the windows were open, a gush of wind blowing into the room. He probably left it open in his rush to get to work, hoping his pay wouldn't be docked as he scrambled to get everything he needed.

Sighing, he moves closer to the bat. Surprisingly, the bat seemed to trust him, not struggling when Wei Wuxian propped it up against his pillow. Scrutinising it, Wei Wuxian could recognise the long jagged scratches, most likely from scars, across its belly.

"Poor you..." Wei Wuxian scratched its chin. "Do you think Lan Zhan knows anything about feeding bats? Nah, it's late. I'll just call Jiang Cheng." Wei Wuxian imagines that Jiang Cheng would yell groggily at him for disrupting his sleep.

Wei Wuxian calls Jiang Cheng, and within a few rings, the latter picked up.

"Why did you call me this late?" Jiang Cheng grumbled and Wei Wuxian laughed, moving the bat onto its lap to stroke its back with a finger.

"Do you know anything about what bats eat?" Wei Wuxian coos at the bat when it leans into his touch.

"How the fuck would I know? Why do you even have a bat?" Jiang Cheng snorts and Wei Wuxian rolls his eyes, ceasing his movements until the bat reached out to put Wei Wuxian's hand on its head. So cute!!! "Feed it some blood, fruits or something, I don't know. Bye." A click. Wei Wuxian groans. Was that even helpful?

"Do you drink blood or eat fruits? Didn't know cute creatures like you could drink blood, hm?" Wei Wuxian bites his finger hard, and a droplet of blood oozes out. Moving his hand closer to the bat, it latches its tiny hands onto Wei Wuxian's finger and licks at it eagerly. "So cute! I should take a picture!" Wei Wuxian snaps a few pictures, and when the bat is finished, he grabs the first aid kit from the bathroom and patches the bat up.

"You look like a mummy now!" Wei Wuxian thinks the bat looks at him judgmentally, but he ignores it. Fatigue hits him like a truck, and he's hyper-aware of how sore he truly is now. Wei Wuxian yawns and snuggles into bed, the bat resting on his chest. Wei Wuxian adjusts the blanket to cover both parties.



The bat is gone when he wakes up, Wei Wuxian didn't even close the windows before he fell asleep. Opening the door, he was greeted with a bowl of cereal. Lan Wangji reads the newspapers, looking very much like the epitome of the word ethereal.

Wei Wuxian admires his sturdy, broad frame for a bit before calling Lan Wangji's name.

"Lan Zhan!" Wei Wuxian bounds over, sitting down beside him on the dining table. (He never really liked sitting on the opposite of him, preferring to be closer to him.) "Have you seen a bat laying around recently?" Wei Wuxian misses the calming presence of the bat, and he decided to name it Wangji with how much its demeanour resembles the man beside him. 

Lan Wangji stiffens, then relaxes. He settles for shrugging his shoulders, and Wei Wuxian narrows his eyes, scrutinising Lan Wangji's unusual behaviour.

"Unless... you stole my bat!" Lan Wangji's ears reddens, and Wei Wuxian tilts his head in confusion. He wasn't expecting that reaction, he was only teasing him as usual! Lan Wangji seemed both panicked and slightly amused.

"No. I would never steal what belongs to Wei Ying." Lan Wangji answers, and Wei Wuxian huffs and decides that the bat must have flown away after being healed through the window.

Wei Wuxian doesn't notice the bandages peeking out of the collar of Lan Wangji's shirt.


Vampires exist. 

Wei Wuxian knew that a long time ago, and humans are still somewhat terrified of them from all the news of vampires sucking humans dry in alleyways. Even if that happened to Wei Wuxian, he thinks it would be a cool experience to tell people. 

Well, the one vampire Wei Wuxian knew had existed was Jiang Yanli's husband, Jin Zixuan. Wei Wuxian had threatened him alongside Jiang Cheng, and Jin Zixuan looked like a kicked puppy. (Just saying the word puppy makes Wei Wuxian shiver in fear.) And Jin Zixuan never dared to use his vampire-y abilities to hurt them.

(If Jin Zixuan hurt them, Jiang Yanli wouldn't have been happy.) 

Wei Wuxian did have interest in vampire lore, always gushing to Lan Wangji over his interest in vampires, their cute fangs and pointed ears-

"I don't think vampires actually look like that," Lan Wangji gazes down at Wei Wuxian as they lounge on the couch, the latter using Lan Wangji's chest as a pillow. "Their fangs aren't supposed to be cute, Wei Ying." Lan Wangji turns his focus back on the television. Another attack. Wei Wuxian shakes his head.

"If a vampire bit me, that would be so cool! It's like an experience, I could show it off like a trophy!" Wei Wuxian snickers and the corner of Lan Wangji's lips curled up slightly, entertaining the thought.

"I wouldn't let anyone hurt Wei Ying." Wei Wuxian's heart pounded, and hedoesn'thaveacrushhedoesn't-

"I wouldn't let anyone hurt you either, Lan Zhan! I'll fight them off! Or I'll befriend a vampire and get them to kill whoever hurts you!" Wei Wuxian pumps a fist up in the air, fidgeting and squirming in excitement until Lan Wangji pulls him close with a hand curled around his waist, effectively calming him down. 

"Mn. Thank you, Wei Ying." And if Wei Wuxian leans closer to Lan Wangji, or if Lan Wangji tightened his grip slightly, no one mentioned a thing.


Every night, Wei Wuxian cuddles with the bat. It always came back, and Wei Wuxian would gladly open his windows anytime for the fuzzy little creature as it perched upside down on the tree right outside his room.

(Of course, he goes on and on about his roommate to the bat. After all, it couldn't understand him.)

"Don't you think Lan Zhan looks amazing in a suit?" Wei Wuxian grabs the bat, moving it close to his face as he lies down on his bed, his leg propped up on the other. "He looked great today, ahhh, whoever he marries is very lucky." The bat makes a noise akin to a growl, and Wei Wuxian's eyes widens, moving it a bit further away from his face.

"Okay, okay, calm down, let's talk about something else then," Wei Wuxian thinks Lan Wangji would think something was wrong with him if he entered and saw Wei Wuxian talking to an animal like it was a human being. Very weird. "Actually, I only can think about Lan Zhan now. What do you suggest we talk about, hm?" Wei Wuxian pets the bat, resting it on its chest. The bat must be getting a premium view of his double chin right now.

"...Do you think I like Lan Zhan? T-That way?" Wei Wuxian bites the inside of his cheek, suddenly nervous. "Jiang Cheng says I give him heart eyes too frequently and that it's gross, and Jie thinks I'm in love?" The bat claws at his clothes with dead eyes, and Wei Wuxian laughs.

"Right, why would someone as beautiful and upright as Lan Zhan like me? He's probably straight anyways," The bat sticks out its tongue and Wei Wuxian imitates it. "You're so cute, maybe I'll be stuck with you instead. No more love for me, only a colony of bats!" Wei Wuxian kisses the bat's forehead.


This carries on for a few weeks until...

Wei Wuxian woke up, and it must be because he couldn't breathe. Something heavy was crushing his chest, and Wei Wuxian gasped for air. His room was dark, and something... something was on him.

Replacing the bat, Lan Wangji was on his chest, awake as he tried to find a way to climb off the bed as discreetly as he could to try and sneak back to his own room.

"L-Lan Zhan...?" Wei Wuxian croaked out, and Lan Wangji stilled. "Where's the bat...? Don't tell me, you stole it!" Wei Wuxian was joking, and he got up and pushed Lan Wangji down onto his bed, pinning his wrists down. 

(Wei Wuxian knew Lan Wangji could turn the tables anytime, could pin him down easily and Wei Wuxian would not be able to break free.)

(Wei Wuxian tries to not think about that too much.)

"No..." Wei Wuxian ignored him, grinning as he patted him down, touching his chest and abs. (Just for fun, clearly. Wei Wuxian coughed and focused on the task at hand.)

"Hm, the bat isn't here." Wei Wuxian leaned back, straddling Lan Wangji's hips as he pressed a finger to his chin, pretending to analyse the situation.

Lan Wangji must have wanted to say something from the way his lips were parted, so Wei Wuxian motioned for him to speak.

"Wei Ying," Lan Wangji sat up, and held onto Wei Wuxian when he almost toppled over on his back. "I... am the bat."

What . Wei Wuxian crosses his arms. As much as he trusts Lan Wangji, he can't really believe that Lan Wangji was the adorable tiny creature. 

"Prove it." Wei Wuxian moves off of his lap, mourning the loss of the close proximity between them as Lan Wangji transforms and Wei Wuxian is taken aback.

"W-what," Wei Wuxian scratches the bat's head as he tries to wrap his own head around everything. "People transform into vampires, and you transform into... a bat?" Wei Wuxian cackles and Lan Wangji transforms back to his human form, sighing as he brings Wei Wuxian's hand to his fangs.

Fangs!! Cute fangs!! Wei Wuxian gulps as he feels the sharp point digging into his skin, but not pressing hard enough to break the skin. Did I not notice before? Was it always there?

No way, I always look at his mouth when he's talking. He must have hidden them.

"I do not have pointed ears." Lan Wangji brings his hand out of his mouth and onto his ear, and Wei Wuxian gulps at touching Lan Wangji so intimately, who hates close contact with others.

Wei Wuxian remembers their conversations, (He remembers everything related to Lan Wangji.) and he flushes at his promise to protect Lan Wangji despite him being able to do so himself.

"Do you still want... the experience?" Wei Wuxian snaps his head up at Lan Wangji referring to their conversation a few weeks ago, and he gazes into Lan Wangji's golden eyes. Nodding slowly, Lan Wangji moves closer, their lips barely touching, hesitating.

"Can I kiss you?" Wei Wuxian whispers, he feels like they might be going too fast since he doesn't even know what Lan Wangji feels about him. But and Lan Wangji ends up pressing his lips against Wei Wuxian's chapped ones, his fangs pricking his bottom lip as the metallic taste of blood fills both of their mouths.

Wei Wuxian scrunches up his face in disgust, and Lan Wangji lets out a low, short laugh. 

"Hurry up, Lan Zhan." Wei Wuxian pouts, and grabs the back of Lan Wangji's head to press his mouth against Wei Wuxian's neck. He shivers at the sensation of the fangs grazing against his skin, anticipating the sting when the fangs pierce his neck.

Lan Wangji could only go along with Wei Wuxian's whims, pressing down as the trickle of crimson red blood flows into his throat, relishing in the whimpers Wei Wuxian let out. Wei Wuxian grabbed the back of Lan Wangji's clothes in fistfuls, burying his face into the crook of Lan Wangji's neck.

"So good, so good Lan Zhan." Wei Wuxian praises and Lan Wangji lets out a pleased rumble out from his chest. 

When Lan Wangji is done, he kitten licks the wounds and leans back. Lan Wangji wasn't a messy eater, but his chin was stained with a line of red dripping down the corner of his mouth. Wei Wuxian is honestly a little woozy, but he smiles weakly at Lan Wangji, grabbing his hand firmly. 

"Lan Zhan, you've heard everything I said to you in your bat form, right? You're really great, I like you," Wei Wuxian leans forward to peck Lan Wangji's cheek. He never really realised how cold Lan Wangji really was, perhaps because of the warmth his presence had always given him. "I fancy you, I love you, I want you, I can’t leave you, I whatever you." Wei Wuxian grabbed his shoulders, snuggling closer.

If Wei Wuxian could, he would spend every single hour awake just cuddling Lan Wangji.

Lan Wangji would have called him shameless, but he found himself responding by giving him another kiss, hugging him tight to his chest.

"Fancy you..." Wei Wuxian could feel more than hear the words Lan Wangji had said. "Love you... want you..." Wei Wuxian nodded so hard he was afraid his head might fall off any moment. "It cannot be anyone but you..."

Wei Wuxian released his hold on Lan Wangji, falling back onto the bed as he dragged Lan Wangji on him instead, ignoring the way his breath got knocked out of him.

What did Lan Wangji consume to be this heavy?!

"Take me to bed? Well, we are already in one but..." Lan Wangji shut him up by kissing him furiously, and Wei Wuxian gladly occupied his own mouth through other means.


"Why didn't you tell me in the first place? You know I like vampires don't you? Well," Wei Wuxian shovels a spoonful of rice into his mouth, chewing quickly. "I like you too, but that's besides the point."

"No talking while eating, Wei Ying," Lan Wangji sounds exasperated, reaching out with a handkerchief to wipe his chin lovingly. "I was... scared that you would leave me after knowing." Lan Wangji continued, setting aside the dirtied handkerchief.

Wei Wuxian doesn't point out that he's the one breaking the same exact rule now, nodding as he rubs Lan Wangji's thigh comfortingly.

"There's news about vampire attacks," Lan Wangji puts down his chopsticks, entirely focused on talking now. Well, if he isn't eating, it technically didn't break the rules. "I didn't want to be seen as a threat by you." Wei Wuxian's heart breaks, and he cups Lan Wangji's cheek, rubbing a thumb across his cheekbone.

"I would never be afraid of you, you would never hurt me intentionally." Wei Wuxian lets out a genuine, soft smile and Lan Wangji can feel himself melting into the touch. Wei Wuxian digs back into his feast made by Lan Wangji and he follows.

Wanting to move on to more light-hearted topics, Wei Wuxian settles on being shameless.

"Lan Zhan! You bit me everywhere last night!" Wei Wuxian whines all of a sudden, and clings onto Lan Wangji, pouting as he rubs his face against Lan Wangji's bicep like a cat.

"You can show it off like a trophy." Lan Wangji says deeply into his ear, referring to their previous conversation a few weeks ago and Wei Wuxian swats at him, ignoring the redness that creeps along his cheeks and makes him resemble a tomato.

"When did you learn how to be so naughty, hm?" Wei Wuxian pinches Lan Wangji's cheek and the latter lets him, merely wrapping his fingers around Wei Wuxian's thin wrist, holding onto him.

"You. When we moved in together." Wei Wuxian is petulant like a child and Lan Wangji gives him the gentle smile only his close friends and family have the honour of seeing, causing Wei Wuxian to only hope that he'll be seeing for many more years to come.