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Caution! Spoilers Ahead



The Pie Maker

A miniature pie appeared in the air, inches from his lips and fully formed. Castiel caught it neatly in his hands. Sugar crackled across its gleaming brown, perfect crust and the bottom of it was warm, as though fresh from the oven and just slightly cooled. 



The Device

Carefully, Dean picked the headset up from the table, clearing the cords to one side and placing it over Castiel’s head like a crown...
... Castiel swallowed and let his eyes slip closed for slow, quiet seconds as Dean’s fingers combed across his scalp.  


The Kiss

The other man twined a hand into Castiel’s shirt and Castiel suppressed a pleased groan, deepening the kiss and bringing up one hand to brush along the soft stubble on Dean’s jaw. It was perfect and quiet all around them, and the air smelled like change.


The Embrace


Slowly, with no rebuke apparent, Castiel held Dean closer. He dipped his nose low, burying his face against the curve of Dean’s neck, and breathed in the scent of him deeply. Was it possible that he might still have this? Could he be so lucky as to keep Dean, even after all the events of the past twelve hours.


The 'I Love You' Pie

. “I…I love you,” he said at last. Another gorgeous pie emerged. It fell into Castiel’s waiting palm.