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Part.2 Under The Tree [Again, NO SPEAKING ROLES, Just Imagine]

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As nightfall was approaching on a cold Winter's night in December 1777, Lafayette and Washington sat together under a tree while the soldiers around them fell asleep one by one. Their battle for the next day was all they could focus on and they desperately needed all the rest they could get.

*Unlike my last story about these two gents, you know where Washington needed a bj? This time, things are completely different and I will not make this an MPREG Story*

While the men were falling asleep slowly, the brisk air brought Washington and Lafayette came closer together for warmth.

It was working. Their warm bodies were close together and that did help block out the cold, but they just could not seem to fall asleep.

After struggling to fall asleep, the Virginian and Frenchmen got up and looked around to find all the soldiers fast asleep. They whispered about several different things to each other and then made the decision to go for a night walk.

They couldn't really go too far since they were on a battlefield. It could be a dangerous thing to do if they went onto enemy lines, but they would never make that mistake. There is also no worry about a dangerous animal since they have useful weapons.

The only thing that could worry the grown men is if an enemy or enemies were still awake trying to jump scare them in some surprise attack. After their little back and forth whispers, they made up their mind and went on for the night walk.

About 30 minutes into the walk through the chilly clear sky night, all Washington and Lafayette could see was the bright moonlight shining through the hauntingly beautiful forest.

All the men could hear was the cold wind blowing and the crunching snow beneath their feet. It was a perfect path of thick, soft and glowing snowflakes.

Despite the beautiful winter wonderland, Washington and Lafayette accidentally touched hands. Neither of them seemed to mind that error, but after touching each other's hands a few more times, they just decided to lock hands together.

By the time they reached a flat thick wooded area where they could no longer see the soldiers, Washington suddenly lets go of Lafayette's hand. He stands in front of him, grabs him by the shoulders and kisses him.

To Lafayette's surprise, he slowly wraps his arms around Washington's waist while his soft lips were still pressed against his.

The two were french kissing and rough kissing in the cold winter air. Washington went for Lafayette's tongue as if it were tasty hoecakes.

Lafayette barely had time to catch his breath from Washington's mouth, but he did his best to breath through his nose. All they could hear now was the sound of them kissing and Lafayette moaning from the pleasure.

Eventually, the make out session had to come to and end for the gentlemen. They were lucky though. Being surrounded in the forest meant that no one could hear them, unless one of them were to make a noise.

Lafayette gazed into Washington's eyes. He gave a seductive look while rubbing the taller man's chest. No words were exchanged. It's as if they were speaking to each other telepathically.

Washington and Lafayette were kissing once again, this time biting each other's lips. He thought he was going to lead, but was taken by surprise when Lafayette brought him to his knees and laid him down on the soft snow.

It wasn't a problem anyway because he was wearing his cloak. Because of the Winter weather and there was obviously no tent in the middle of the woods, the two had to do their best with performing sex without getting naked.

Lafayette was rubbing Washington's cock as they both got hard. He undid Washington's breeches halfway and then undid his own halfway. He managed to get himself up on top of the leading general.

It was a little difficult to get into position because of the low temperature, but Washington felt himself enter Lafayette who was trying not to gasp from the slight pressure and pain. Lafayette was now riding Washington like no tomorrow.

Despite everything that's going on with the weather and the upcoming battle, it was worth the night walk away from the soldiers.

They had their privacy surrounded by trees and bushes. Even though the nights were shorter, Lafayette still hoped to make time to ride Washington and finish off with both of them receiving an orgasm.

It was a good thing that they were both still fully clothed, except for their exposed groins, but they didn't really care about that. The two men grunted and moaned as Lafayette went hard on Washington, who did not expect him taking charge.

Washington thought he was going to lead the whole sex thing and Lafayette thought it was going to be a quick due to the shorter Winter nights, but they continued to fuck each other with 0 complaints.

Soon, Lafayette was growing tired of being on top of the big man. He was using more energy because he didn't want to put all his weight on a general, even if Washington was a little taller than him.

Washington gave Lafayette, who had his eyes closed, a somewhat guilty look and wanted to change positions just as much as he did, but did not want him to be in the snow.

So in a generous manner, he removed his cloak and, with his penis still inside Lafayette, quickly carried him and got into missionary position in the freezing ass weather.

Surprisingly, the cold didn't seem to bother either of them because the sex was making their heart beat quicker, keeping them warm.

Lafayette began jerking off as Washington pounded his ass. They kissed and Lafayette was happy that he was offered to lay on his cloak instead of the snow.

Washington was thrusting Lafayette pretty hard and they were french-kissing at the same time.

They did not ever expect this to happen, but if they were going to lose tomorrow's battle, they might as well get the man on man experience out of the way.

As Washington was nearing his climax, Lafayette let out a loud moan and burst with an orgasm of white cream. Then before Washington could say anything to keep him quiet, he came inside him and also let out a loud moan.

Washington had used both of his small clothes to clean up their orgasmic mess.

The men quickly put their dicks away and froze in silence. They looked around and held their breath to make sure that they weren't being watched or heard.

All they could hear now, besides the cold wind blowing, was them panting from their sexual experience.

Washington put back on his cloak after he and Lafayette took a quick rest. They still needed energy so they could walk back to where the soldiers were still sleeping.

It took them awhile to walk back to the campsite because the clouds were beginning to cover the moon and it's not as if they had candles on them. Lucky for them, the gentlemen returned to where the soldiers were.

They closely snuggled under the same tree that they were at before and ended up having a good nights rest. Little did they know, someone was watching them, but you and them, will never know who it was...