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god is love, but satan does that thing you like with his tongue

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No one is born the Antichrist, and He was no different. He was born a small, scrawny child, with freckles, buck teeth, and a big heart. More than anything, the boy just wanted to be loved, but the world refused to love him. His parents were never home, and even when they were, they never paid any attention to him, none of the other boys at school wanted to be friends with him, he was always last picked in gym class, and any girls he ever liked rejected him.

By the time he was in fourth grade, He was infatuated with a girl in his class, the only one who tolerated Him. She had shiny blonde hair, which was always tied up in uneven pigtails, wide blue eyes with long, dark lashes, and a big smile. He would have taken any opportunity he could to hang out with her, and that opportunity arose when her mother invited Him to go to church with their family.

Church terrified Him. The preacher, a tall, imposing presence with frighteningly straight, white teeth, delivered a sermon about the Antichrist and the Rapture, and He was fascinated. Every night after that, he had nightmares about the Antichrist ascending from Hell and taking all the sinners with him. What if He was a sinner? He had never done anything evil, per se, but He did listen to Black Sabbath and KISS, bands that He had heard the neighborhood church ladies whisper about being "the devil's music", and he didn't always obey his parents.

As he reached adolescence, His childhood fear of the Antichrist became a teenage obsession, and sketches of hellish creatures with huge horns and razor blades for teeth filled his notebooks. The mythical creature that had haunted His nightmares as a child had morphed into the thing He wanted to be when he grew up, and his childhood innocence had completely left him.

Then, as the years went by, He found Himself getting worse and worse. It got to the point where any empathy He had had was gone, and the sunlight burned His eyes like mace. He was becoming the very thing He had once feared. The abused child, rejected by everyone He ever loved, was finally getting revenge.