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The Dark Shines Bright

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"There she is again, all alone. She doesn't even interact with the people around her."

"I feel so bad for her, something happened to her in the past, she's probably traumatized."

"That doesn't matter, people move on."

"Yeah I guess, what was her name again?"

"Rachel, Rachel Gardner."

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

*‘Huh? You're not afraid of me?! I'm a monster!’*

*‘You're not a monster.’*

*‘How do you know that?! I- I am one, Ray. I don't want to darken your light.’*

*‘Your darkness shines brighter than my light could ever.’*

Rachel woke up with a start, her head was throbbing, she could feel sweat dripping off her forehead. She touched her head to calm down the pain in her head. As her headache decreased, her memory of the dream had also faded. Who was the person with her?

Rachel decided that it would be unnecessary to be hung over it, and so she started her morning routine to get ready for school. She went into the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. It's still me there, as always.
After she brushed her hair and washed her face, Rachel slipped on her uniform and grabbed her bag.

As she headed to the door, it was silent, after all her parents were no longer there with her and Rachel didn't mind, but she did feel quite lonely.

Her hand gripped the door nob to leave, and the other one waved.

"Goodbye, see you later."

If only there was someone who could hear it other than her.

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ •~

When Rachel approached the school gates, she could feel people stare at her like she was different from them, and that was the honest truth.

Since the rumors of her past have been confirmed people treated her differently, even before they didn't even notice her and she was okay with that, but now with the other students always looking at her, pitying her, it was uncomfortable.

Rachel pulled out her book from her bag, and quietly read it as she walked into the school, to make herself seem less awkward in hope that people don't stare as much.

Her eyes scanned the words, taking in the information, but suddenly the words disappeared when she dropped her book, the reason? She bumped into a wall, a wall that was weirdly talking.


Rachel quickly picked up her book, and looked up at the person in front of her, who was a man, she ended up locking eyes with him.

"Watch the fuck where yo-"

He suddenly stoped talking when she looked at him with her clear blue eyes. Rachel in return, studied his face to identify if she knew him before.

He had longish dark unruly hair, and bandages covered his whole body, well the parts of his body you can see. Instead of the uniform, he was wearing a brown hoodie and blood red jeans, he was quite handsome even with his bandages covering his face. But the thing that caught her attention the most, was his eyes. He had heterochromia, one eye was a dark onyx color, and the other was a bright gold.

A strange thing she noticed was that his sharp eyes, softened, when he saw her.

The man in question, clenched his teeth, and looked away.
"Watch where your going next time."

She felt a gust of air hit her as he paced past her. Rachel took a couple steps forward, but then she turned around at glanced at him once again.


He abruptly stoped and flinched, she thought he going to turn around but he kept on walking towards the front door of the school.

Any normal person would of thought that, the moment that just happened, was a strange experience but Rachel felt some sort of happiness as that was her first encounter with someone who didn't feel bad for her, and as you know, Rachel Gardner is nowhere near normal.

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
-In Class-

Rachel felt the usual stares as she sat down in her seat. She saw words on the board, it read out, "I'll be running late today, please get out your books. Mr. D."

She did as the board said, but then her book slipped from her hands when a loud voice called out to her.

"Mornin' Rachel!"

She turned her head and saw her seat partner, Edward Mason or as he goes by, Eddie.

" Oh, good morning Eddie."

He beamed at her brightly, it was obvious to anyone else that Eddie had a huge crush on Rachel.

Rachel had a feeling that their teacher was going to bust in the door any second, and so she picked up her book that was on the ground.
And her suspicions was right.
The door slammed open.

"Sorry students, I just had to get my peepers. Yours look as heathy as ever Rachel."

Rachel stared out the window as class was officially starting. She then became distracted as she noticed a brown hoodie sleeping underneath a tree.

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
-Lunch, Behind the School-

"What! You think that just because you had a horrible childhood that you can just ignore everyone else like you're better than us, like you're special! Huh?!"

Rachel had her usual blank poker-face, this was not the first time someone approached her, and decided to use her for their anger.

"Why aren't you saying anything, you bitch?!" Scared?"

Rachel sighed as she was getting tired of being yelled at. She honestly didn't understand why it was her, but then she remembered that she, Rachel Gardner, was different in their eyes, and people dislike things that are different.

"No, I just don't get why I'm your source of anger outbursts."

"Why you-"

Rachel saw the hand swing towards her, but she already knew she didn't have to skills to dodge or even catch the hit, so she closed her eyes and accepted her fate, but fate had something else planned for her.

She didn't feel the impact of the hit, but she did hear the sound of fist hitting a face.

"Shut up. You're too loud."

Rachel opened her eyes to see a familiar person in front of her, who she assumed punched the person whose now on the ground.

He turned around to face her, in his eyes you could see annoyance but there was something else there.

Rachel thought it was a little weird for him to unintentionally save her but she was grateful, she didn't want to care for a swollen face.

"Thank y-"

"Don't thank me, that's gross."

His voice was deep and sharp, that was all he said before he walked away.

Rachel could only stare in wonder, in the direction he left.
What was he thinking? Who is he?

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
-After School-

When Rachel walked out the doors, she felt a drop of rain hit her head, so she pulled out her red umbrella.
She felt a pair of eyes on her as she left the front doors of the school. Almost all of the other students have already left so she didn't know who could be watching her.

"Oi, you."

Rachel turned around and faced the person she's been seeing constantly that day. His hair and clothes had been soaked by the rain, he must have been waiting. She looked at him curiously, waiting for what he was going to say.

Was the only word she could figure out, since he was mumbling.

"You're asking for my name?"

He gritted his teeth and glared at her.
"Don't think too much of it, bitch."

"Rachel, Rachel Gardner."

As soon as the words left her mouth, his eyes widened and his mouth hung open slightly. In the next moment, his mouth formed into a grim line, and his eyes, still sharp, had a element of softness. It seemed as if he was contemplating something.


Rachel continued looking at him, trying to figure him out in some way. One moment he's pissed, and next he's calm.

"Don't forget...............Ray."

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
-At Rachel's House-

When Rachel went to bed that night, his words were still stuck in her head. Weirdly enough that dream had crossed her head, but she thought that it would have been to much of a coincidence.

But what did he mean?
What did she have to not forget?
He called her Ray.

Soon Rachel fell asleep, the thoughts were still crowded around in her head, waiting to be answered, but they dispersed as the darkness settled in.

*‘Ray, please don't abou-‘*

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

Chapter Text

*’Hey Ray.’*

*’What is it, Death?’*

*’I- could you call me by something else.’*

*’Oh, what would you like me to call you?’*

*’I want a name, an actual one.’*

*’Hmm, how about ****?’*

*’.....****, yeah that sounds right......’*

As Rachel walked into school, last night's dream crossed her mind. This strange man in her dreams, who was he? Who was death? Apparently, she should know his name but she can't remember.

When she reached her locker, Rachel began to put her stuff in there, then she ended up dropping everything. She got startled by a short red head that bounced up to her. Poor Rachel was starting to think that dropping things was going to be a trend for her.

"Good morning, Rachel."
He seemed to be less enthusiastic than usual, which was strange for him.

"Good morning, Eddie. Is there something wrong?"

Suddenly, his expression changed dramatically in an anime fashion. Eddie clenched his hold on his shovel, that he always carried for some reason.

"That violent brute decided to come back to school regularly now. That means I have to see his face more."

"Oh, is that so?"

Rachel was pretty sure she's heard more of this "brute" from Eddie than anyone else.

"Yeah, and guess what he said when I asked him about it. He said "It's none of your business, brat." Can you believe that?!"

Rachel was gonna reply when she got distracted by something behind Eddie. She watched as a familiar face walked through the school doors. It felt as if time stoped, as he walked past them and made eye contact with her. It was like his fierce eyes pierced through her stoic face. Rachel felt her heart thump, she then thought she was going to have a heart attack but then he looked away.

"Rachel? Are you okay?"

She looked at Eddie, he was waving his hands in front of her face.


"Well if you're okay, then let's head to class!"


~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
-In Class-

Rachel was working on her paper, when the door abruptly slammed open, it was him and he was late. Mr. Danny looked over at him irritated, and then at the student attendance list.

"Mr......Foster, why are you here so late?"

"Why is that any of your business, Danny se-ns-e-i?"

Mr. Danny just sighed, he didn't want to argue with him again.

"Go sit at your seat."

He said nothing as he walked over by Rachel, she was confused then she realized that the empty seat behind hers, was his.
When he sat down, Eddie turned around to glare at him, and he did it right back with a smirk.

As class continued, Danny approached Rachel's desk. Eddie didn't seem to notice but the person right behind Rachel did.

"Rachel, are you having any trouble?"

She looked up to see Mr. Danny leaning on her desk. He had this weird creepy smile.


"Rachel, may I say that you have very beautiful peepers. So blue and dark."

Danny started to raise his hands to almost touch her face.
Rachel was now uncomfortable but that was hidden under her poker face and calm demeanor.


"Oi, Danny! That bastard over there is raising their hand, go help them instead."

Rachel turned around to see him, he had a look of annoyance on his face, as he pointed across the room.
Danny shot him a look, and then preceded to go to that student.

As he left, Rachel faced the person behind her and whispered.

"Thank you."

With a grunt, he mumbled quietly.

"What did I say before.....don't thank me."

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
-After Class-

"Could Ms. Gardner and Mr. Foster stay after class?"

As the other students left the classroom, Rachel and the bandaged man went to his desk.
She didn't know what he wanted with them, she didn't think they did anything wrong.

"Mr. Foster you are far behind the other students in work, so I was wondering if you, Rachel Gardner could help him catch up."

Rachel was a little shocked, her help him?
Before she could speak, he spoke first.

"That's not necessary, Danny."

He glanced at Rachel, then looked away.
Danny sighed.

"Mr. Foster you are illiterate, having Rachel help you will be the best option, since Ms. Gardner is one of my smartest students. Unless you want me to help you."

The man in question, let out a tch sound and didn't know what to say. Rachel however had something to say.

"I don't mind as long as Mr. Foster doesn't."

She looked at him waiting for his reply. He had a small look of surprise, he sighed softly and glanced off to the side.


Danny clasped his hand together and placed them on his desk.

"Alright then, I'll let you two decide when and where. Now get to your next classes."

Rachel looked in deep thought as they walked out together. After a short while, she looked up at him, or at least tried too, he was probably over a foot taller than her.

"How about after school in the library?"

He glanced over at her, she couldn't read his expression but it didn't seem like he was mad in any sort.


That was all they said as they parted to go to their separate classes.

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

During the rest of her classes, she could only think of after school, and helping him. Now that she thinks about it, Rachel doesn't know his name, she only knows his last name is Foster. Maybe she'll ask him.

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~
-After School, Library-

When Rachel reached the library, she walked around to see him already there sitting at a table with the work book out. As she quietly approached, he turned around and gave a her a glare.

"Oi, you're late."

"Oh, but I think you came early."

"Shut up!"

The immediately got started as Rachel sat down. Surprisingly, he was quite easy to work with, but of course there was the occasional,

"Fuck, this is too hard!"
"What's that?!"
"That doesn't make sense?!"
"Why is it different?!"

And that ended them up with a couple of warnings from the librarian.

Flipping through the pages Rachel didn't notice him staring at as she put her blonde locks behind her ear. Her eyes scanned the page, she was trying to find the right information. Unintentionally, she bit her lower lip which is something she did when she was focused.

When she looked up at him, he was still staring at her. She felt her face heat up a bit, it seemed that he noticed he was staring so he looked away.

"Did you find out how to do this shit?"

"Yeah, it's right here......."

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

When they were finished, Rachel was packing up but then she noticed that he had already left, he also left his book and bag on the table. Quickly, she picked it up and ran outside, luckily he wasn't that far away so she could call to him, but what was his name?


Rachel watched as he got further away, she had to say something.

*‘Hmm, how about Zack?’*

*‘.....Zack, yeah that sounds right.’*


~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

Chapter Text


Before Rachel could stop herself, she felt that name roll off her tongue. She didn't know exactly why she said that, it just felt natural.

Whoever the man in question, immediately stoped after hearing her call for him. He turned around with a shocked expression on his face, weirdly enough for a moment, he seemed excited. He started walking back to her with his hands in his pockets, he looked as if gears were turning in his head.

Rachel was still confused, but it didn't show on her stoic face, when he approached, she thought that maybe Zack was his name and she just got lucky. She tried to talk to him but her mouth felt dry.

"I Ah....."

"What is it, Ray?"

She looked at Zack curiously as he had a small smile on his face. That seemed to help her find her voice.

"You forgot your bag and book. So I just wanted to let you know."

Suddenly his face dropped a little, he looked slightly disappointed.
But what was he expecting?

"Ah thanks."

Zack quickly took his books and turned around in the opposite direction, but before he could walk away, Rachel had some questions.

"Wait, is Zack your name?"

Without turning around, Zack hesitated before speaking.

"Yeah, what 'bout it?"

"I just wanted to know."

"I see."

"Well........I'll see you tomorrow Zack."

After a second, he sighed and faced her.

"If you got more questions, just ask me damn it."

Rachel was quite surprised that he knew that she wanted to question him more, but maybe it was somewhere in voice, definitely not in her face.

"Why do you call me Ray?"

His face stayed the same but his duel eyes seemed sorrowful, perhaps he was remembering something.

"Why not?"

Rachel frowned at his vague answer but she continued her questions.

"Why do you not know how to read and write?"

"Just because."

"Why aren't at school regularly?"

"I don't want to."

"Do you know Eddie?"

"Huh? That lil shit? He always picking a fight."

"What's your favorite color?"

"Oi! Do you just wanna know my entire life?!"

Rachel shook her head, and stared up at Zack. He got slightly irritated at the barrage of questions.

"This is the last question I'll ask you.
Did we meet before?"

Zack seemed to hesitate and think about what he's going to say. Suddenly, he turned around and started walking away.

"Wait, could you give me an answer?"

"Let's just say that technically we did, but at same time we didn't, because it only means something if both people remember."

Rachel stood there trying to think about what meant that she almost forgot to say bye to him.

"See you tomorrow, Zack."

Still facing the his direction, he raised his hand to wave back, and then he was gone.

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

Rachel couldn't stop thinking about it as she went home. She was confused, did they meet or did they not?
He also said something about remembering. Remembering?

"Ray, don't forget."

Did she forget something or does she need to remember something?
Maybe it's both.

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~



*“Why are so nice to me?”*

*“Huh? were the only person who cared for me, Ray.
God, I’m gross.”*

*“No you’re not, you’re sweet.”*

~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~ ~•~

A/n: Sorry about the shorter chapter! School keeps me busy, but soon there will be a new one.

Chapter Text

The next morning, quicker than usual Rachel sprang out of bed and got to school. For some reason, she felt excited. She hasn't felt that way for a while but why? 

What was she excited for?


Was it perhaps Za-




Rachel broke of her day dream when she saw Eddie run up to her. He seemed happier than usual, which was the usual.


"Oh, good morning."


He smiled at her and greeted her back. It seemed that the reason he ran so quickly up to her was that he needed to tell her something.


"What is it, Eddie?"


"Well, I just wa-"


He suddenly stopped mid sentence as his eyes drifted to another face who was right behind Rachel. Rachel however turned right around to see Zack standing there.


"Good morning, Zack."


"Zack?! You guys know each other?! Wait, what are you doing here?!"


Eddie snapped at him, clearly angry that he interrupted. Zack had a mellow demeanor, he's already probably used to Eddie trying to swat him away like a fly.


"I'm here to talk to Ray, not you."




Zack walked around Rachel to stand right in front of her, blocking Eddie. Even from behind the big wall, Rachel could almost see his  anger fumes.


"Oi, look at me."


She leaned her head upwards to see Zack  since he was very tall, well much taller than her.


"Damn, your short. When do we have to do that tutoring stuff?"


From Rachel's point of view, Zack was just normally talking to her.

But Eddie vision saw something else........


"W-What are you doing?!"


Isaac leaned in close to Rachel, he gently grabbed the side of her face and pulled her in towards him. Her face turned bright red as she stuttered out words. 


"W-Wait! What a-are yo-"


"Close your eyes, Rachel."


She looked up at him, surprised.


"What are you gonna do?"


"Do you trust me?"


"Of course I do."


"Okay then, trust me right now, you'll like it too."


He held the nape of Rachel's neck, his other hand resting at her lower back. He slowly leaned in and kis-


"Wait, are you doing to Rachel!"


"Huuhh? We're talking dipshit." 


Eddie went in between them and examined her closely. Ray was confused as to why Eddie was acting like that.


"Are you sure you're okay?"


"Of course, why wouldn't I be? I was just telling Zack when we'll meet up for tutoring."


Zack just glanced to the side and gave a hmphed sound. 

Eddie still seemed suspicious of whatever Zack and Ray were.


"Hey Rachel, I was wondering why are you calling Isaac, Zack?"


"Is Zack not his name?"


Eddie looked at Zack curiously, Zack however didn't seem bothered at all. 


"Well, from what I know his name is Isaac Foster, a nasty brute."


Ray turned to look at Zack, she tilted her head to the side. She wondered if Zack lied to her or maybe that was his real name.




The man in question sighed loudly and looked her in the eyes.


"My given name was Isaac Foster, I prefer to be called Zack. Happy now?"




Eddie still looked confused by everything, who wouldn't be? The love of your life and the bane of your existence knowing and talking with each other.

Ray turned back to Eddie to further explain because it felt necessary.


"I'm tutoring Zack, so we meet up a couple days during the week."


"Oh! I could come too!"




"Rachel, could I go?"


"If you want too, but I think that you'll get bored with us."


"Hah get rejected."


                            *Bell Rings*


Before Eddie could ask Ray to walk with her, he watched as Zack casually pick her up like a rag doll and take her to the classroom with him. 


"Hey, Wait up! What are you-! Isaac Foster, you will not get the best of me!"




Immediately after each class, Zack dragged Ray to the next class, whether or not they shared the same one. And every single time, you could hear the frustration of a smol boy named Eddie.


The only time Rachel managed to question him was when they were fast walking, like old asian grandmas working out, to the cafeteria. 


"Zack? Is something wrong?"


He finally stoped when they were behind the building, he sighed and sat down.


"What am I doing, dragging you here. You probably have friends you want to sit with, right? Go ahead."


"Yes, I do have a friend I want to sit with."


He glanced off to the side, avoiding eye contact.


"Then what are still do-"


Shaking her head, Ray sat down right next to him. Doing so, she also pulled out her handmade lunch. It seemed that Zack got the memo.


"Hah, you must be crazy to consider me as your friend."


"I must be crazy then."


His head snapped over to her, he looked at her in surprise as she was just stuffing her mouth with food.


"You certainly are."


After swallowing her bite of food, she looked over at him.


"Zack, you're my friend because your kind."


He responded by dry heaving that soon turned into a fit of coughs. After a moment, he seemed to be okay.


"I don't understand you at all. How does me and kind even go together in a sentence."


"You were the first person to treat me as if I'm human. You didn't pity me or make me seem different. You are kind, Zack."


"Zack, you are so kind, more than you know."


Zack seemed lost for words as he quieted down. He glanced over at Ray, he wanted to what she was thinking, and he wanted her to know what he was thinking.


"Zack, I hope you don't mind if I sit here."


".....Do whatever you want."


"Thank you, do you want some of my food?"




"You must be crazy to call me your friend."


"I certainly am."


"I don't understand you at all."


"It's because you're kind, Zack. So I hope you don't mind me calling you my friend."


"Do whatever you want."