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the dreamer in the deep

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it’s a storm night in busan. 


jeongguk hates it, truly. he’s terrified of it, his anxiety flaring up as he looks outside through the glass windows of the closed café. he thinks seokjin can forgive him a night of all lights being on, because he’d have a full panic attack if he were also in the dark. 


it’s ironic, how terrified he is of the sea, considering where he lives and works. he usually tries to keep the fear away from his mind and locked at the bottom of his heart. except usually, he’s not alone in seokjin’s lighthouse café at night. usually, he’s working while the sun in shining and the sunset is beautiful and as soon as it gets dark out he walks along the galmaetgil with jimin there to hold his hand. 


tonight, he stays at the lighthouse on his own. it’s fine, he thinks. it’s just the first night of a month-long stay, and all he has to do is wait for the morning when the other employes will start coming in. jimin, surely. hoseok too. 


it’s not like he’s going to call seokjin up and tell him he can’t do it because he’s too scared of the way the waves hit the rocks, how violent it looks even from how high above he is. it’s kind of hard to not feel indebted to someone who practically raised you, gave you a job, is putting you through college. he can do this for him while he and namjoon solve their  grown people business in seoul. he can make him proud and keep the lighthouse and pretend he’s at his dorm. 


6 hours to go. 

he falls asleep in of the couches of the café, not even bothering to take the spare room seokjin kept for him in his living area. it’s a restless night, and he’s more toeing the line between sleep and consciousness than anything. his limbs feel heavy, and his dreams are strange, almost like…



in his dreams, he stands up, rubs his eyes lazily. it’s still dark, the tower being the only source of light. for some reason, he starts walking, almost absentmindedly. one foot in front of the other, step by step, and then he’s outside. 


the wind is unforgiving but the heavy rain has stopped, coming down to a drizzle that’s almost nothing at all. he’s wearing sweats and a thin white shirt, but as cruel as the wind is, he doesn’t feel cold. he’s barefoot as he walks down the flights of stairs. it’s weird, in his dream. the fear feels far away, too disconnected from his body, even though he’s getting closer and closer to the sea. he feels the wet ground under his feet but it doesn’t bother him. 


down, down, down. all the way to the rocks. 


he frowns, searches for the fear. the fear keeps him safe, keeps him away from the way the waves are now too close to where he is. right in front of him, now. the stairs stand behind him as he takes the last step. the light of the lighthouse doesn’t illuminate down there properly. 


if this wasn’t a nightmare, he wouldn’t have come down here. he’d be petrified. 


the rock he’s standing on doesn’t hurt his feet. in his nightmare, he’s not afraid to be so close to death. 


then in his mind, he hears a question. what are you called? it says. maybe in his dreams, the sea is talking to him. 


jeongguk.” he says. 




and then, his memory fades. 


jeongguk eyes blink open, the first rays of sunlight hitting him directly in the face. through blurred vision, he sees hoseok smiling down at him, heart-shaped pink shades on his eyes. 


“seokjin is going to kill you,” he says as a greeting. “did you leave the lights on all night and fell asleep here?” 


“uh,” jeongguk says, intelligently. “don’t tell him. please.” 


“it’s okay, gukkie,” hoseok laughs, already going about his business of turning on the coffee machines and blenders, methodically separating his, jeongguk’s and jimin’s orders. “it’s our secret. now please, go wash your face so you can help me get everything ready. the new guy is coming in today, too.” 


“yeah, yeah. okay.” he says defeatedly. 


his bare feet are weirdly sore when he stands up. 

by the time he’s back, feeling clean and less sleepy, it’s 6:30 on the dot and hoseok is taking care of the introductions between him, jimin and the new cook. he’s about jimin’s height, with thick rimmed glasses and much more polite than they all are between each other. 


“jeonggukie, this is kyungsoo-sshi. he’ll be taking care of the cooking while seokjin hyung is away.” he says. “kyungsoo-sshi, this is jeongguk. he works here and will be keeping taking care of the lighthouse while his adoptive dad is away.” 


“hyung, shut up,” jeongguk whines. “nice to meet you, kyungsoo-sshi. i’ll make sure to help you with anything.” 


“ah, our gukkie, such a polite boy. don’t get fooled, kyungsoo-sshi.” jimin snickers behind his hands. jeongguk has the patience of a saint not to flip him off in front of strangers. 


“hyung will do, jeongguk. for you both, as well. it’ll be a pleasure working with you.” jimin absolutely beams at him, gently taking him by the arm with the excuse of showing him how everything works. 


“well, that’s gonna go well.” jeongguk says. 


“you know chim,” hoseok dismisses with a wave of his hand. “besides, kyungsoo has a boyfriend, or so seokjin told me. i clearly remember him talking about how funny it was they were both chefs who had music producer boyfriends.” 


“oh,” is all jeongguk can say, watching as jimin uses his best smile on the new guy. well. 

despite all the university portion of the population being on their first semester break, the shop is not nearly as busy as usual. jeongguk blames it on the july rain season, because no one really wants to leave their house and walk all the way to the harbor just so they can get some coffee and baked goods, even though jeongguk thinks unbiasedly they’re the best in the city. 


however, clients are still there. a handful of unwarned tourists, some couples. most importantly, to hoseok, his writer boy is also there. the white-haired man they’ve come to known as yoongi-hyungie, who hoseok has been pitifully pining over for the past few months. jeongguk strongly suspects, knows really, it’s not even a little bit one-sided. 


it’s not a bad day at all. jeongguk is in charge of ringing up orders, but the movement is quiet. he busies himself with watching hoseok flirt shamelessly with yoongi, or indulging kyungsoo by tasting every single thing on the menu he prepared along with jimin, who enjoys it thoroughly, moaning with mouthfuls  of sugary goods. 


it’s a good day, and it almost makes jeongguk forget why this isn’t the best way to spend his july break. 


almost an hour and a half before the café is supposed to close, every patron has already left except yoongi. 


they all gather around around a table, eating the baked leftovers and fresh sandwiches, drinking newly made coffee. they get to know kyungsoo better, and sadly, jeongguk watches as his best friend’s face falls at the mention of a boyfriend. jeongguk holds his hand under the table. 


hoseok and yoongi leave first, the older blushing furiously as he accepts hoseok’s offer for a ride home. jimin and kyungsoo stay behind for a while, helping him clean the place before they, too, say their goodbyes.


that’s when dread kicks in, as he’s left alone once more. 


he decides to leave the lights on again, for as long as he can. seokjin will forgive him. tomorrow, he swears he’ll get over it. cross his heart. 


“is everything in order?” seokjin asks over the phone. the rain has started again. “how was today?”


“it was fine, hyungie.” jeongguk reassures him. “everything went well. kyungsoo hyung is nice. jimin is a bit infatuated.” 


seokjin laughs on the other side of the line. “of course he is. but he already knows kyungsoo is practically married, right?” 


“yeah, yeah. i’ll make sure he gets over it. how’s business in seoul?” he asks, knowing how touchy of a subject seokjin’s family is. he’s glad he has namjoon there for emotional support, glad they’ll get married soon when they’re both free of seokjin’s family problems. 


“you know how it is, i expected the stress,” he says tiredly. “i already told my brothers i want none of the old man’s properties or businesses, but i’m the oldest and there are things about the inheritance only i can decide. although i must say, seeing how much his twenty-something widow hates me is the cherry on top of this whole trip.” 


jeongguk grimaces at how fucked seokjin’s family is. “well, you kind of have their whole lives in your hands anyway. they’re lucky you’re such a good person, hyung. come back soon, please. seoul doesn’t fit you.” 


“i will, sweetheart. you can ask jiminie to sleep over with you, yeah? i hate to have left you alone at the lighthouse but that doesn’t mean you can’t have someone over. as long as you take care of everything like i asked.” 


“it’s fine, really. i’ll tell him tomorrow, he’ll be thrilled. he loves sleepovers.” 


“take care, gukkie. i’ll call tomorrow.” 


“you should take care of yourself too. goodnight, jin hyung.” 


“night, sweetheart.” 


the home-like comfort of seokjin’s voice disappears as the line goes dead, and the thunders outside immediately begin. this time, he closes the blinds and puts his headphones on. pulls out his sketchbook and starts drawing. he draws until his hand starts hurting and his vision blurs; jimin’s smile that day, the way hoseok and yoongi looked at each other when they thought the other wasn’t looking, kyungsoo’s big eyes and full lips as he talked. he doesn’t realize his drawings change, then. much like his dream, someone standing at the bottom of a rocky cliff where the waves are deadly, staring at the unruly ocean ahead. 


he dreams again. he’s lucid inside his dream, knows it is only because of the way he feels, like everything else is second to the pull he feels towards the ocean. no fear, no self-preservation instincts. so off he goes, out of the house and down the stairs. this time, the rain is still going strong enough that he’s completely soaked by the time he reaches the middle of the stairs. 


he keeps going, not caring if he could slip and fall. this is a dream after all, and in the dream he cannot be hurt. he can’t feel the cold, the fear. he just keeps going. 


the waves hit even worse this time, and he wonders what that means, what could his mind be trying to tell him. 


it’s quiet, for a while, the violence of the waves hitting too close to him the only sound he can hear. and then;


jeongguk. the sea says, you are back.


“you called,” he says. “so i came.”


be careful, little one. it says back. i might end up keeping you for myself. 


in his dream, he thinks he wouldn’t mind it that much. “i don’t feel threatened. in here, i’m not scared.” 


you should be. are you so carelessly welcoming me?  it asks. 


“yes. if i call, will you come?” jeongguk doesn't know why, but he asks anyway. it’s his dream, after all.


he doesn’t know how, but the answer that follows sounds amused. it comes from all around him as well as inside his head. that is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die. 


in his dream, something moves in the sea. he can’t see it in the dark, can’t make out its form. all he knows is that, somehow, it’s looking right at him. a shiver runs down his spine, but he still doesn’t run. 

the next day right after lunch, the café once again is anything but busy. jimin is right beside him at the cash register, chin in hand as he sighs. 


“he’s pretty,” he says. “i stalked kyungsoo on social media.” 


“what, did you need to stalk him to realize he’s pretty?” jeongguk asks, not really getting it. 


“i don’t mean him, gukkie, i meant his boyfriend. not only is kyungsoo so pretty but his boyfriend too.” he sighs again. “they look so good together, it’s crazy. his name is chanyeol. even that is pretty, ugh...” 


“you’re not trying to homewreck, are you?” jeongguk asks, eyeing him suspiciously. 


jimin gasps and hits him with a napkin, making jeongguk giggle. “you little shit, of course not.” 


“i’m sorry, jimin-sshi,” he says, both hands up in defense. 


“asshole,” jimin mutters, even as he pulls jeongguk close into a hug, mushes his cheek against his shoulder and squeezes his arms around his tiny waist. “i’d try to home trespass, though. right in the middle of their bed…”


“you slut,” jeongguk laughs, making jimin laugh as well. 


“hentai-watching virgin.” jimin mutters, and jeongguk can feel him grinning. 


kyungsoo makes them laugh even harder at the confused look on his face when he hears the insults out of context.

during the day, he thinks about the dreams all the time. he remembers them perfectly, up until the moment they end. he doesn't understand why he feels as if theres something deep inside his chest clawing its way out, a yearning and longing he didn't know he was capable of feeling. he loses count of how many times he finds himself zoning out, eyes glued to the sea outside, waiting…

that night, jimin sleeps over and he has no dreams. 


the following night, jimin sleeps over and he has no dreams. 


and so on, for the rest of the week. however, his nights are restless and he spends the most of it awake, listening to jimin’s soft, barely-there snores against the back of his neck, wondering what would he find if he looked at the window outside. the pull he feels happens when he’s wide awake. 

“i’m not sleeping over tonight,” jimin says mid-shift, carefully biting his lip. “i need to go home and, um. i have a thing later.”


“what thing? what are you up to?” 


“i might have said i was interested in his music, which i am, i swear! so, um…” his voice drops to a whisper. “kyungsoo politely invited me to go watch his boyfriend’s pocket show thing downtown.”


“jimin, what the…” jeongguk sighs.


“i know, i know. i promise it’s just friendly, i mean, obviously. they’ve been dating for 5 years. it’s a friend thing.” he pouts. 


“i just don’t want you to get hurt, you dumbass. this is a recipe for disaster.” jeongguk pokes him in the ribs. “don’t be stupid.” 


“you’re stupid,” jimin rolls his eyes. “but anyway, you should ask hobi hyung if he can sleep over. so you’re not all alone and depressed and jerking off to anime boys on a saturday night.” 


“fuck you,” jeongguk says, watching as yeonjun, the youngest that comes to help every saturday can’t help but laugh out loud at their bickering. “keep your voice down, oh my god. freak.” 


jimin only giggles, high-fiving yeonjun. 

as the end of their saturday shift gets closer, jeongguk doesn’t have the heart to ask hobi to stay over. saturday is their busiest shift of the week, despite the light drizzle falling throughout the day, and yoongi sits patiently all afternoon, waiting until hoseok is not as busy. 


he watches as the white-haired man shyly asks him something, and hoseok smiles so brightly that it doesn’t matter that the sunset outside is hidden behind clouds. a date, then. 


he smiles to himself, happy for them, but with a tinge of loneliness hitting strongly than usual. he doesn’t have anyone like that for him, not even to experience heartbreak. he thinks of jimin, and sometimes wonders what would’ve happened to them if jeongguk hadn’t ignored him when he had clearly been infatuated with jeongguk. but they’ve missed that window a long time ago, and the feelings that remained were even stronger, a deep love and partnership that might not have survived them not working out.


he yearns for it, for something. someone. 


as everyone leaves, so does jeongguk. he decides to go out in the city that night, invites yeonjun so he can be the hyung for once, and takes him out so they can eat all the street food they could possibly fit in their stomachs before they can barely walk. 


“gukkie’yung,” yeonjun slurs after too much tteokbokki and too many shots of soju. “carry me home, this is your fault.” 

“you brat,” jeongguk laughs as he pulls him up from the chair, the younger boy stumbling into his arms. “come on, i’ll get on the subway with you.” 


when he makes sure the younger is home safe, he starts going back to the lighthouse. the rains starts falling again. 

all the lights except for the main one from the light tower are off, and the rain is falling harder than before. the trek to the front porch is slippery and dark, and he’s soaking wet by the time he gets inside. 


as soon as he’s safe from the cacophony of the rain, he hears it. feels it, really. the pull. this time, he’s wide awake on his feet. it’s crazy. he’s not gonna go out there in this rain, it’s insanity. not when the waves are deadlier than before, not when he can barely see through the rain. it’s suicide. he would die. he definitely would die. 


so why does he go outside anyway? 

from the top of the stairs, he sees a figure on the rocks. it’s lying down, and he can’t see properly, but it looks…it looks like a person. oh god.


oh god. oh fuck. he thinks, cursing jimin inside for choosing this night to not be there with him. 


he descends down the stairs. 

as he gets closer and closer he can see him, can see it’s a man. he thinks there’s no way he’s alive, hates that he’s stupid enough to have come down instead of...something. the kickback from the waves fall directly over him, and jeongguk thinks there’s no way he hasn’t drowned. no way. 


he gets closer, puts a hand on his chest. and it moves. 


fuck. me. he thinks. a strong thunder goes off, the noise making the back of his neck shiver.  


in his mind, he can almost hear something. almost. 


you called, so i came.

it’s almost impossible to go up the stairs in this rain, especially holding a real, unconscious human person, but he manages it anyway. his legs burn and his chest feels like he’s going to give out, he can’t breathe with all the water on his face. he thinks, for a second, this is probably another lucid dream. except this time he doesn’t feel like it is. 


he pushes the already unlocked door with his shoulders, holding the man with both arms under his  and crossed over his chest, the man’s feet dragging a path of water all over seokjin’s floors. they’re both soaked everywhere, but he’ll deal with that later. thank god the couch is leather. jeongguk lays him there, immediately feeling for his chest. 


still moving, and miraculously not drowning. 


he’s still unconscious, however, jeongguk can see no signs of physical harm. no open wounds, no scratches, not even bruises. he fears he’s bleeding internally, fears he’ll start vomiting and choking. his wearing nothing but a open, long yellow coat that probably goes all the way to his feet when he’s dry and standing up, black trousers made of a heavy cloth jeongguk can’t recognize. he’s barefoot. 


in his desperation, the takes the man’s clothes off from where they are stuck to his skin and throws it on the drying machine along with his own. he changes, then decides against stealing seokjin’s clothes to dress the broad-chested male. he’s fucking exhausted, so he throws as many blankets on top of him as possible, then tries to stay awake and watch over him. 


his phone is soaked and dead, and it won’t turn on anytime soon.


all he can think is please, don’t die. please don’t die. 

his first thought as he blinks his eyes open is how bad his neck and back hurts. he realizes, after several seconds of sleep induced confusion, that he had slept sitting on the floor, head on the couch. 


it all comes crashing back to him. it wasn’t a dream, he knows. 


he flails to turn immediately to check on the unconscious man. he doesn’t expect the man to be awake, staring right back. alive, looking impeccable. his clothes are dry and back on him, and his pitch black hair is framing his face perfectly, not a strand out of place.


in his still asleep brain, jeongguk mutters a quiet fuck. god, he’s fucking gorgeous. it’s intimidating, and jeongguk almost turns his head away to hide the way he blushes all the way down his neck. he has questions, though. so many. 


but jesus christ. this man looks like a god. 


the man smiles, and he looks as terrifying as he looks beautiful. which leaves jeongguk petrified, considering he’s sure he’s never seen a human being this breathtaking ever, in his whole life. it’s almost...inhuman.


“hello, jeongguk.” he says. 


the hairs on the back of jeongguk neck stand up. his voice is deep, and even though he saw the man moving his mouth to speak, he could swear the sound travels all around him. 

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" do you know my name? how are you alive, even. oh my god. are you – are you okay?" jeongguk stands up, feeling immediately dizzy when he's on his feet. the man reaches out to him with one hand, placing it directly on his waist to steady him. 


jeongguk feels a whole body shiver overtake him. he pushes the man’s hand away as a reflex and stupidly hopes he won’t be offended – as if he isn’t a stranger with no regard for personal space.


"i'm not hurt, jeongguk. as to your name, it is written on the notebook over at the desk. i assumed it was yours." he says, unfazed by jeongguk's jumpiness. “i apologize for touching you just now. i only meant to help.” 


“you shouldn’t be in any condition to help anyone,” jeongguk murmurs, still finding it hard to believe the man is unharmed. “what were you thinking yesterday? what the hell happened for you to be unconscious and on the brink of drowning in the middle of the rain? are you an alcoholic or something?”


“i was not intoxicated, no” he chuckles, “i apologize for the scare, it was… difficult to wake up, but i promise you i am alright.” 


the man seems nothing but amused by the outburst, as if the mere notion that he could be hurt was funny. jeongguk would have been slightly annoyed if the man didn’t look so goddamn beautiful with his side smile. then he frowns, “are you alright? you could’ve hurt yourself.” 


baffled doesn’t begin to cover how he feels at the question. endeared, as well – unfortunately  just enough to make him blush again. “me? i’m fine. totally. ” he huffs. 


he hates that he sounds whiny, but it hadn’t been exactly easy to carry an unconscious grown man up those stairs, especially not when he had been on the verge of crying, panicking about the rain and the thunder and the possibility that the man was dying. 


he wants to tell him it was the scariest thing he’s ever gone through, that he had been so exhausted mentally that he couldn’t even get himself to lie down to fall asleep the night before. he wants to ask him how could someone be so nonchalant about almost dying, about a stranger having to risk their own life to save them, even if jeongguk thinks he would do it again in a heartbeat.


his lips start trembling just thinking about it, because this is not his dream, and in reality he’s still very much scared. 


the man says nothing as he stands up, taking the steps necessary to be face to face with him. he’s only slightly taller, but much broader. 


that’s not why he’s intimidating, though. if jeongguk were to use jimin’s words for once, he’d say it was his… aura. there was something about him that seemed powerful, overwhelming, almost threatening. something jeongguk couldn’t quite place his finger on, something that makes him want to cower as much as it makes him want to be curled inside him. there is an immensity to his presence that he had never experienced with another person before. 


“jeongguk,” he says, voice impossibly deeper than before, almost emotional. the charge in it so shocking that it makes jeongguk’s eyes snap back up, looking straight into warm brown ones. 


when he didn’t even realize that, up until that moment, he had been looking at the ground sulking. 


“it must have been terrifying, right, little one? i did not mean any harm. it took me some time to wake up, is all. you do not have to worry about it anymore, not about me or yourself, not even the sea. i will make sure of it.” 


jeongguk can’t help it when he starts tearing up, the situation finally catching up to him, not making a sound until he feels the man’s hand coming up to his face, wiping the tears away.  he’s not proud to say he lets out a tiny sob. 


“what does that even mean, you’ll make sure?” 


he tries really hard not to feel too soothed by the touch – the man hasn’t explained anything about ‘not waking up’, hasn’t even told him his name. for all he knows, he could be a psychopath. 


“it means just that. no harm will come to you,” he smiles and doesn’t pull his hand away from his face. instead, jeongguk can feel his thumb start to caress his cheek, a ghost of a touch. “is there anything else you want to ask?” 


“what’s your name?” jeongguk dumbly asks. because apparently his raw emotions are run by his dick, not his head. he just needs to know, thinks he’s owed at least this. 


the man seems to think for a while, and jeongguk just knows he’s trying to make something up. he tries not to be too disappointed that he would want to lie to him. 


“you can call me taehyung,” he says. “is that enough?” 


“is that your real name?” 


“i have many names,” he says, smiling again. jeongguk shivers at the fondness in which he says it. “but you can call me this one, as it should be more familiar to you. please, i would not lie. besides, my real one is difficult to pronounce.”


stupidly, jeongguk chooses to believe him. “ok, taehyung.” 


the silence that follows teeters on the edge of awkward, but it’s something else with the way this almost strange man is touching his face, intimate, and jeongguk is just letting him. he feels dizzy as the seconds pass by, and then taehyung pulls away from him completely, gently but surely, until they are at least at an arm’s length away from each other.


jeongguk would say he realized the oddity of the situation. he would have, if he didn’t think he saw the colors of his eyes flicker. 


fucking flicker. quickly, from warm brown to green. as if a flick was switched. entirely inhuman


“are you –” he starts, unsure of what to ask. 


“you must still be exhausted, sweetheart,” he cuts him off, voice strangely mechanic. “i...should go.”


and as if things couldn’t get weider, he starts to get wobbly on his feet. does brain damage cause this? jeongguk can’t come up with an explanation. 


“i told you i’m alright, but you should rest now, yes?” taehyung says apologetically. “i should go. i haven’t been in this form in a long time.” 


stupidly, jeongguk almost wants to whine and stomp his feet. what if something happened to him? what if he never saw him again? what if… this couldn’t possibly be where this ends. he’s practically decided to follow taehyung if he tries to leave now.


“sleep. i will return as soon as i can.” he smiles, and reaches up to touch his hair, runs his hand through the locks of his hair. the touch sends little tingly sensations all over his body, as if he’s one big nerve, the most calming thing he’s ever felt. his limbs start to fall asleep, and his eyes shut against his will. distantly, he can feel himself by what should be taehyung’s arms, and before he completely blacks out he hears, 


 “rest now, little one. dream of me.” 


so he does. 

jeongguk has no idea what time is it when he wakes up, the way you don’t when you have a very recharging nap in the middle of the day. he panicks for a second when he thinks about the café, only to remember it’s a sunday. they don’t open on sundays anyway. besides, he feels much better than he did hours before. he frowns, remembering what happened before this.


he blacked out as taehyung touched him, and woke up completely settled on his bed. he realizes his notebook is open by his side, a tiny seashell on top. 


on the page, there is a drawing of his sleeping form, and a message that says. 


i hope you crave to see me again as i do you. 


the drawing is almost a perfect copy of him by pencil, and the message is cryptic and intense. the whole thing is strange, stalkerish, and if he was as smart as people think he is, every instinct in his being would be telling him to run. 


but he wants to see him again. 


deep inside, he knows something’s wrong. something is not right at all, not if he has to ask this question. 


what in the holy fuck is taehyung? 

monday is a typical monday. he doesn’t know what he expected. 


did he expect taehyung to come bursting through the door of the café looking for him? he doesn’t know, but he has no other sign of him throughout the day. it’s ridiculous, and hoseok and jimin have to call him numerous times to get his attention back from wandering. 


all day long, he can think about nothing else, eyes wandering back to the ocean outside on their own accord. 


the only proof he has that taehyung has even been there was the one note and the seashell, both currently on the pocket of his plaid shirt and under his apron. he had dreamed of taehyung the night before, and he knows he will be dreaming of him again this night. 


he has enough time to start doubting his own sanity, too. why was he so unable to question him on simple things? what the fuck did he even mean, ‘this form’? ‘many names’ the eye color? 


it was laughable, he knew. even jimin would’ve told him so, dismissing it by saying he was watching too much anime, too many movies. but deep inside, he knew the question and knew the answer. was taehyung real? was taehyung even human

even after he’s left alone yet again, he doesn’t feel alone. 


“are you okay?” seokjin asks him over the phone. “you sound distracted.” 


“i’m fine,” he says, rolling the seashell from hand to hand, gently tracing the swirly lines along. “sleepy, though. can i call you tomorrow?”


“sure, guk. just,” seokjin hesitates, guilty coating his voice. “i’m sorry for leaving you there alone. i know it’s rough on you.” 


“hyung, it’s really okay. only three weeks to go, right?” he assures him.

it’s different the next night, too. he doesn’t feel nearly as scared, taehyung’s words coming back to him every few minutes, that he would make sure he wasn’t hurt. besides, it’s the first clear night in days, not a drop of rain falling from the sky. when he looks outside, the waves are strangely calm. 

it’s wednesday night when the dreams are back. 


in his dream, he’s at the beach. it’s night, the waves are calmly washing over the shore. as he looks down, he’s surprised to see he’s immersed waist-deep in the water. not cold, as he would’ve expected. just warm. nice, warm and comforting. safe. 


taehyung is there, right behind him. as jeongguk looks over his shoulder, the man smiles, bright green eyes looking at him with overflowing fondness. 


hello, little one, ” he says, his voice so deep jeongguk feels it right in his chest, vibrating. impossible. “ have you missed me? ” he sounds smug about it, content.


“i have not.” jeongguk denies stubbornly, turns around to stop facing him. he doesn’t know why he’s so bitter when it’s only been three days. he can hear taehyung chuckle behind him, a deep, rich sound. much like everything about taehyung, jeongguk thinks he would be scared of it if he was smarter. 


he doesn’t have to look over his shoulder again to know he’s coming closer, and has confirmation when both of taehyung’s hand settle on the sides of his waist. dream taehyung has big hands that cover almost the entirety of jeongguk’s waist, making him feel impossibly smaller even though they are practically the same height and built. taehyung seems to enjoy it with the way he starts running his hands over the skin underwater. 


i have, ” he says, mouth close enough to jeongguk’s ear to make him shiver. “ i have watched you even before you came to me the first night. i have waited for you, for a reason to be awake. it has been aeons. ” 


“what do you mean, wake up from what?” jeongguk questions even as he rests his head back on taehyung’s shoulder, as if it’s a natural progression. in response, he feels taehyung’s chest pressed fully to his back. “what are you? are you human?”


the question is whispered out in the air. 


no, i am not, but you already knew that, did you not?


“it’s so illogical,” jeongguk says, frustrated. “but i knew it. i thought i was going crazy, hallucinating...are you a mermaid, or something? none of this makes any sense.”


no, i am not a mermaid. i have created them, but many fear me. as they should. ” he chuckles again, and jeongguk can feel the sound all over him. “ i am the great old one. i am the dreamer in the deep, the eternal sleeper. i’m older than everything there is and i will continue to exist after this earth has been long gone by my hands.


“why… are you even truly here right now? i’m not just dreaming?” jeongguk asks desperately, even though it’s clear his imagination isn’t good enough to come up with this on its own. he needs to know this is real, even if he’s aware it’s a dream. the idea of the taehyung in his dreams being only his subconscious is devastating.


you are here, so am i, ” he assures him, the words spoken against the skin of his neck. “ i apologize for not being able to tell you all this before. for one, the fabric of this reality is still too strong around you. i am not meant for human eyes to see, and especially when keeping such a strange form. that’s why you unwillingly rejected trying to understand me better. ” 


“i couldn’t properly ask you questions,” jeongguk confirms. “even though everything was so odd... i felt distracted. by your face.” 


he blushes when he realizes his admission.


think of it like a veil that covers your eyes, ” taehyung says, momentarily covering jeongguk’s eyes with his hands. “ you are only human, and you should not be able to see me, nor communicate with me. you should not even be able to feel me. but you did, and it intrigued me, even before you knew. that’s why you feared the ocean so strongly. you knew what lied in the deep, even if you were not conscious of it. even farther than that, you managed to call for me. i could feel your longing, all the way from the deepest parts of the pacific ocean. ” 


it’s not cold at all, but jeongguk shakes as he feels embraced all over underwater, pressed impossibly close to taehyung’s chest. somehow, he feels relieved, even if he wasn’t consciously trying to call for anyone. he’s so glad he still did. “so this is what you meant by form. you don’t...look like this.” 


taehyung smirks, infinitely smug. i do not. although, i am aware you are very fond of this one, and i intend to keep it. mostly. ” 


jeongguk feels hot all over, embarrassed and tingly, skin raw to the touch. “wh– why me? why am i different?” 


taehyung sighs, as if the question is of no importance, too preoccupied with mapping jeongguk’s body with his hands, with mouth travelling over his shoulders leaving barely-there bites and kisses. “ i do not know. i am aware of all there is and has ever been, i have listened to this entire world for as long as it has existed. but you, little one. to me, you shine brighter than any dying star or planet i have ever passed through. i do not know why, it simply is.


underwater, it’s as if taehyung has multiple pairs of arms, all of them wrapping themselves around jeongguk, his calves, his thighs, his waist . he does not feel trapped, however. he feels content. home. 


“i do, by the way,” jeongguk murmurs, letting his eyes fall shut, his body at taehyung’s mercy as he keeps him afloat, jeongguk feet no longer touching the sand beneath. taehyung has a full hold on him, could rip him apart if he wanted to. jeongguk knows he’s able to. “want to see you again as much as you want to see me. is that silly? you are – what, a god? and i’m just…”


i told you, little one. you are no ordinary human. ” he says, a kiss below his ear. if you allowed me to, i could destroy this entire planet and leave you unscathed and immortal, as beautiful as you are right in this moment. you would belong to me and i would keep you for eternity and past that.


“no destroying,” jeongguk says, throat dry at the intensity of taehyung’s desire for him, little old him. “for now, just come see me again. not only in my dreams. i’ll try to be braver, then.” 


soon, taehyung confirms. “ i communicate better with you through dreams, but i so wish to see your eyes from up close again. i have witnessed supernovas that do not compare to the way light hits them.


jeongguk hums, laughs deriously to himself to the realization he’s being sweet talked to in his dreams by a god. not only a beautiful odd man, not only an entity, but a god. he burrows himself further into taehyung, wanting this dream to not end anytime soon. 


around them, the water splashes, and he opens his eyes to see what causes the disturbance.


oh, the thinks. oh my god.  


he hates it, the way the most impossible, terrifying, amazing thing is happening to him and he accepts it so easily, so naturally. and yet, the thing he didn’t expect – and in retrospect, it shouldn’t be that surprising – were the visual signs that taehyung really was something so beyong his comprehension, something wholly inhuman. 


his stupid, think-with-my-dick brain makes him break out in cold sweat as the looks around in the water, and from under it, he sees more appendages than he can count. 




he looks over his shoulder, only to also find the considerable wings coming out from taehyung’s back. it’s monstrous, something straight out of nightmares, something anyone with an ounce of self preservation would run away from screaming and crying, fearing for their lives.


but not jeongguk. he trembles with something else. he falls in love with it immediately. 


you are not scared. ” taehyung comments, pleased. “ you are a joy, little one. i want to ravish you.


jeongguk shakes his head. “can i see it fully? it’s beautiful.”


taehyung laughs, honestly throws his head back and laughs, a beautiful sweet sound, his human form’s smile turning into a perfect square. he’s so stunning it’s ridiculous, even for a god. 


when i come see you, you can see me. you can even touch.


jeongguk quite literally shakes in his desire. 


he trusts it’s a promise, and that’s how he wakes up, clutching the seashell tightly in his hand, a smile on his face. with the knowledge that he isn’t crazy, with the longing to see taehyung again. 


in his mind, he calls for him even though there is no need. he knows taehyung will come. 


Chapter Text

the waiting is not bad, per se. 


jeongguk can’t explain, but it’s not anxious desperation he feels, not the dread of maybe never seen taehyung again. instead, it’s the anticipation of something good coming, when you count the days until you see someone you have a crush on again; if one could ignore he didn’t exactly know how many days it would be and his someone wasn’t a person. 


he keeps the tiny seashell on him at all times, and even makes it a pendant for a necklace he starts wearing. he thinks it looks pretty, and jimin agrees. 


“i don’t know, it’s very you,” he says. “cute and delicate.” 


jeongguk touches the shell with a stupid smile on his face. jimin squints, “did someone give this to you?” 


“no!” jeongguk answers a little too quick. “no, i just found it. around.” 


“do not lie to me, you little shit,” jimin hits him with a napkin. “i’ll get to the bottom of this.” 

he doesn’t like the lack of talking to taehyung through dreams. he goes through the week without having a single dream where they can speak, even though he always remembers dreaming of them at the beach or in the middle of the ocean, and always taehyung has a firm hold of him, keeping them both partially underwater. it’s comforting, and he’s sure taehyung has everything to do with it. 


it still rains plenty most days, thunder and lightning and strong, anxiety inducing sounds, but jeongguk is not scared anymore. somehow, he feels taehyung’s presence all around him. he knows he will not be harmed. he doesn’t have to be scared of the ocean when the most dangerous thing that lied at the very bottom of it is so fond of him. 


it’s hard not to be smug about it. 

the reason why he didn’t want to tell jimin, besides, of course, the fact that taehyung wasn’t human and if he told him that he’d be called insane, was because he wasn’t sure if jimin would’ve even been able to see him. 


taehyung had said he wasn’t for human eyes to see. so what if, even after he managed to show himself to jeongguk in a full human form, other people weren’t able to see him? it’s not like he could say anything. 


he thinks about it for days. 


and as always, as if he’s always aware of jeongguk’s every thought, taehyung walks into the café mid-afternoon. the first thing jeongguk realizes is how the chatter dies down, and everyone grows eerily quiet as they drop whatever they’re doing to look at the figure walking leisurely but sure of itself, likey the most beautiful man they’ve all ever seen. jeongguk is very aware they can see him, and he looks entirely human at first glance, but the power emanating from him is undeniable. 


to everyone around, they must be thinking of how shockingly good looking he is. but jeongguk knows. 


taehyung, however, seems to pay none of them any mind. his eyes lock with jeongguk’s immediately, and he ignores the world around as he beelines towards him, where he is ringing up orders. 


from the corner of his eyes, he can see the way hoseok, kyungsoo and jimin are all staring at him, the latter gaping. kyungsoo, always the hard one to read, seems frozen in his place, staring very intently. weird.


“good afternoon.” jeongguk says, unsure of how he’s meant to act. should he pretend he doesn’t know him? throw himself at his arms? he just waits, wonderstruck by a simple look.


“jeongguk,” taehyung answers, glint in his eyes, warm brown this time. welcoming and non-threatening. “i’m sorry it took me so long.” 


so no pretending. he gets it. 


“it’s okay,” jeongguk answers, already starting to blush like the stupid baby he is. god, that voice. in dreams, it was like taehyung was speaking underwater. in person, the sound is rich and low and feels like warm liquid. “i know you must’ve have been busy with your… thing.” 


taehyung reaches over the counter, hand going directly to where jeongguk’s shirt is a little too low, a little more revealing. he touches the seashell hanging from the silver necklace and hums in approval. 


“unfortunately, my return caused some… consequences.” taehyung says. “forgive me, little one.”


jeongguk blinks, and then somehow he realizes how the whole thing looks, some strange man none of his friends have ever seen touching him so intimately in a public setting, at his workplace , and flushes and even hotter shade of red. “do you want something to drink?” he asks stupidly, if anything to make people stop looking. 


they seem to realize how uncomfortable he is and snap out of it, slowly going back to their conversations. unbeknownst to jeongguk, all with a prickly sensation on the back of their necks, alert. hoseok, however looks like his eyes are going to pop out of its sockets, and jimin mouths i fucking knew it, virgin whore as he continues to stare shamelessly. 


“i want anything you want to give me,” he says, but retracts his hand from where the little portion of exposed chest. jeongguk feels like a raw nerve after the barely-there touch is gone. he’s done his waiting. the 2 hours left until closing time feel like a punishment he doesn’t deserve. he had been good , had he not? 


besides, how do you explain to an ancient creature you can’t drop everything to give them attention because you have a job? probably meaningless in his eyes, so inferior...


“time will pass quickly. i’ll be waiting right here, do not worry.” he says with one more smile, reaching out again to flick jeongguk’s chin, and whispers so only the both of them can hear. “i could feel your yearning so strongly i was ready to annihilate my way back to you.”


then he goes to sit down at a table where they can be in full view of each other, shamelessly on purpose. jeongguk chuckles at the scene that to anyone would seem normal, as taehyung pretends to be busy with a phone and airpods on. he wonders what seokjin would think of an all-powerful god sitting at his shop. he’d probably sass him, in all honesty. 


“jeon jeongguk, you’re such a liar,” jimin shout-whispers, looking between jeongguk and taehyung as they keep stealing glances at each other. “what was this all about? where did you even meet this guy, he’s so…” 


“so what?” 


“i don’t know,” jimin frowns, unabashedly checking taehyung out. “i mean, he’s fucking hot and all, look at those shoulders, holy shit. but… i don’t know. something about him is off.” 


jeongguk can’t help but pout. “he’s not off, you’re probably just not used to feeling intimidated. he’s, um… he’s very nice. just a bit overwhelming.” 


“sorry, ggukie. i didn’t mean to say he gives me bad vibes, i guess you’re right. he looks like some billionaire hot dude and i’m just slightly too impressed and a little scared. but like… wow, bun. of course you’d be the one to get a guy like this, someone to treat you like the babiest boy you are.” 


“shut up, oh my god,” jeongguk whines, pushing his best friend away. if he only knew. “we’ve just met. kinda.” 


jimin beams at him. “how did that even happen?” 


“i don’t know, he um. kinda fell at near the rocks so i helped him up.” he’s not lying, technically, just oversimplifying. he doesn’t want to worry jimin, neither can he explain the circumstances properly.


“that’s so romantic, oh my god. i’m happy for you, baby bun” jimin laughs brightly. “the look on your face, you poor little thing. i swear, you’re whipped. but him? he looks ready to swallow you whole if you let him. i’m just saying it doesn’t look like you’ve just met.” 


jeongguk looks down at his fingers, too embarrassed about how true that is. “we’ll see. i might just let him.” 

as they’re finally closing down, everyone starts leaving except for taehyung. hoseok tells him very pointedly to be careful, and then to text him everything. jimin and kyungsoo start getting ready to leave together, kyungsoo strangely stiff. jeongguk remembers how weird he had been acting since taehyung showed up, and that’s only even more confirmed when he asks jimin for a word with jeongguk. 


“hey, jeongguk. are you okay?” he’s clearly worried, and jeongguk is too surprised to do anything but nod. he watches as kyungsoo’s eyes travel from his face to the stop where taehyung is waiting for him, watching the two of them amusedly. taehyung waves at kyungsoo. 


“alright. you can call me if you need anything, okay? don’t hesitate. no matter how weird you think it is.” he says, then squeezes jeongguk’s arm waiting for confirmation. dumbfoundedly, jeongguk nods. 


“okay, go to kyungsoo hyung for weird shit. got it.” jeongguk nods again. “you can go, hyung. i’ll be perfectly fine.” 


it’s kyungsoo’s turn to nod, but his eyes go back to staring at taehyung. 


“goodbye, warlock.” taehyung says from behind them. kyungsoo freezes only for a second before acknowledging him with a tilt of his head and walking towards jimin, who’s distractedly texting on his phone.


jeongguk has no idea what just happened. 


“did you know, sweetheart? that your kyungsoo is a warlock?” he asks, still finding immense humor in kyungsoo’s worry, even after he’s gone. “he’s terrified for you, and even more for him.” 


“he’s a what ?” jeongguk mumbles the question. 


“your kyungsoo has a set of skills, my love,” he comes closer, tilting his head until he’s whispering too close to jeongguk’s ear. “he cut a deal with yours truly when he was very, very young. his soul belongs to me to do with it as i please. he’s just never thought i’d be awake to collect it.” 


jeongguk gasps, and truly can’t tell if it’s because of the revelation of because of how sensitive he is to the deep lower register voice make goosebumps rise on his skin. “don’t... please, be nice to soo hyung. don’t be mean, i’m serious. i like him.” 


taehyung laughs, exactly the way he had back in one of his dreams, rectangular shaped smiled and twinkling eyes, head thrown back. “i am not here for your friend, little flower. it is just amusing to me. if you like your friend, his soul shall be intact. just don’t tell him that. also, he is lusting for your friend jimin.” 


jeongguk doesn’t know what possesses him to hit taehyung in the chest weakly. “stop this! i don’t wanna know people’s business, oh my god. is is right for you to be such a gossip?” 


taehyung flicks his chin again, “i find myself bored very easily. but now i don’t have to be anymore, do i? what is it jimin called you? baby bun. i enjoy it, you do resemble one.” 


“i do not. ” he denies it so weakly it’s pathetic. truth is he absolutely loves it. he loves to be babied, loves when his hyungs call him cute names, make him feel cherished and protected and delicate. he’s just not about to tell taehyung that, it’s just embarrassing. he’s painfully aware they are alone now. 


“yes, little one. you do,” taehyung says. “very much. such a delicate little thing… can i touch you, bun? will you let me?” 


jeongguk’s stomach turns itself up in knots with how badly he wants it, he’s not even able to speak. he just nods. 


taehyung’s hands immediately reach around his waist, keenly aware of where jeongguk wants them. he sneaks them inside his shirt, the skin-to-skin contact so heated it makes jeongguk shiver all over. “eager, little one? have you been craving me?” 


“yeah,” jeongguk says, all the wet dreams he had the past week catching up to him. he has a split second to think about this, about all the things that should stop him from handing himself over willingly to an elder god from the darkest pits of the ocean. 


like for instance, the fact that he didn’t really know taehyung. but then again, wasn’t that a ridiculous thought? trying to get to know a god, as if this was a sustainable relationship? as if he was worthy of it? 


taehyung was everlasting, implied to be older than the world. jeongguk was mortal, fragile, only human. he was but a blink in taehyung’s eternity. shouldn’t he just do it if this was going to be his only chance before taehyung god so easily bored? 


his bottom lip quivers at the thought. 


“little one,” taehyung interrupts him, one of his hands coming up to gently cradle the side of jeongguk’s cheek, forcing him to look into in his yes, flicking back to a deep, pearl green instantly. “oh, you silly little baby. you know i can hear your every thought, yes? i will repeat myself one more time. there is not a single being like you in this planet. i will not tire of you, you are not forgettable to me. i left aeons of slumber because i could feel you. i will give you anything you could possibly wish from this universe, and i’ll tear it apart if it tries to take you from me. do you understand it? you have eternity to know me if you want. all you have to do is ask.” 


jeongguk feels so overwhelmed by the words he just lets himself fall forward, knowing taehyung will catch him. what an unbelievable wonder to be here, he thinks. what an unimaginably soft creature taehyung is.


“show me,” he pleads, because it’s the only thing he can do. “please.” 


taehyung lifts him from the ground with one arm, a display of inhuman strength for no other reason than to fuck with jeongguk’s blood pressure. “i will. you have me at your feet, baby bun.” 

“say what you want me to do.” taehyung commands as he lowers jeongguk down on his bed. towering over him. he seemed to be unable to keep his hands off of him, watching jeongguk wriggle out of his jeans as if the item was offensive.


“can’t you read my mind?” jeongguk asks, already breathless. 


“yes, i can, but i enjoy you speaking it out loud. you flush so beautifully, and you sound like you want me to devour you.” taehyung uses both hands to rip the shirt from jungkook’s body, not caring for it flying off, not willing to wait for him to patiently undress.


“i want you to kiss me, tae,” he pleads, already pouting, falling into the headspace where he just wants to be pampered, coddled, treated like a treasure. call him a pillow princess, he doesn’t care because it’s true. “please.” 


taehyung takes a long second to look at him, run his hands through his bare chest, fingers playing with the little shell still hanging from his necklace. “gorgeous little thing, aren’t you? you are a treasure... what kind of being would i be if i let any other mere mortal ever touch you like this again, as if they deserve it, as if they’re anywhere near capable of pleasuring you...” 


and then he bends down, coming face to face with jeongguk. he takes a second to bury his nose in jeongguk’s hair, trailing down to the back of his ear, his neck. jeongguk whines and shivers, because yes , the touch is good and intimate and it makes him tingle, but he’s dying to be kissed. 


so naturally, taehyung does as he wishes. he’s shocked at how perfectly their mouths fit together, even thought he shouldn’t be, but even more at the sweet and unhurried way taehyung starts. he kisses jeongguk’s bottom lip once, then again, and gently pries jeongguk’s mouth open until he’s letting a pathetic little whine into the god’s mouth.


he expected taehyung to taste like salt, but there’s nothing but sweetness when he slides his tongue alongside jeongguk’s own, tasting him as if he’s truly ready to consume him whole. jeongguk can’t quite explain how taehyung himself tastes , a spicy bittersweetness to it, addictive and otherworldly, so strangely good he doesn’t think he’s ever had a taste of anything quite like it. 


when he feels little ridges on his tongue, and then realizes how much longer it is than any human one. his mouth feels stuffed, hot and wet and the taste is overpowering, and he chokes on it. he lets out a long moan around taehyung’s tongue, hoping the vibrations do something for him. 


he wants it, needs to please him too. to make him feel good, make the awakening worth it. 


taehyung lets out a low growl as he retracts his tongue from jeongguk’s mouth, eliciting a protesting little whimper from him. his breath hitches as the mouth travels down to the corner of his jaw with a teasing bite, and to the hidden spot on his neck with a stronger bite. taehyung’s mouth closes around the skin and he sucks hard, surely enough to leave a long lasting mark. 


taehyung slides his hands on his sides gently, teasing the naked skin until he reaches where his underwear is hugging his waist snugly. he flushes a deep red as he remembers the pale pink lace and silk he had particularly chosen that day, wanting to feel especially delicate. taehyung detaches his mouth from jeongguk’s neck, and the kissing seems to have done nothing but intensify his hunger. 


“as much as these are beautifully suited to you, i hope you’re not fond of these clothes” he says, voice deep and hoarse, as he proceeds to rip the remaining underwear off his body just as easily as he did the shirt, throwing the piece of cloth across the room, finally being presented with jeongguk’s full flushed, naked body. it’s easily the hottest thing that’s ever happened to him.  


“tae- hyung,” he moans, “uhn, fuck.” 


“look at you,” he says again, finger reaching out to trace the underside of jeongguk’s cock, curving up beautifully to his stomach, the tip already flushed a deep pink. “i have barely touched you yet.” 


jeongguk embarrassingly bucks his hips up into nothing, already out of breath. “then do it, please. please, taehyungie, let me see you. let me see you .” 


taehyung knows damn well that he means, and it’s not just the face that he’s still fully clothed while jeongguk is as naked as one can get. 


“be patient, little baby,” taehyung chuckles, refusing him anything but the tracing of his finger. “i want to taste you first.”  


taehyung pushes his thighs apart and keeps pushing them to their limit, leaving jeongguk spread open for him like a feast. he doesn’t even realize he’s holding his breath in anticipation, until he feels taehyung’s mouth on his inner thigh, teeth grazing the skin before closing around it to suck a mark, and he gives in tiny gasps. 


taehyung repeats the pattern all over the sensitive skin, paler than the rest of his body, surely enough to be now covered in deep purple. taehyung takes his time with them as an artist would a canvas, and jeongguk is already a mess, anticipation strong enough to have his muscles locked, bracing himself. 


he feels taehyung tonguing at his perineum, making him tightly shut his eyes, the instinct to close his legs almost too strong. taehyung gives the skin a gentle suck, and it’s so surprisingly hypersensitive jeongguk wants to scream. 


“aren’t you a little pearl” taehyung whispers. “so sensitive to touch… tell me, jeongguk, has no one ever touched you like you deserve to be touched before?” 


jeongguk shakes his head, refusing to open his eyes. “no– no one.” 


he wasn’t a virgin, but he could count on one hand the times he’s had sex before. some of them good, some bad. nothing ever as overwhelming as this, and they have barely even started. 


he can’t seem to keep his thighs closed, even though he’s really trying. 


“do you want me to hold you open for me, little one?” taehyung asks, and jeongguk can’t find his voice to answer, just nods to get his consent across. 


he doesn’t know why he expected to feel taehyung’s hands to push harder, for him to use his inhuman strength to hold him in place, but that’s not what happens. he had almost forgotten about it. 


his eyes are closed when he feels it, on each side of his thighs, the gentle prodding of something he’s never touched before. he immediately opens his eyes to look around, and sees something very different from taehyung’s hands. he shivers and the tentacles – only two, for now – seem to work almost independently from taehyung. they look wet, as expected, but no thicker than two or three of his own fingers. the color is a deep olive, deeper than taehyung’s skin. he has a moment to realize this is his real skin. at the ends of the tentacles he sees the suckers, counts eight on each side in rows of two.  


he had expected a slimy, greasy texture, almost expected to recoil as he first felt them, but none of that happens. the liquid coating it is clear and not tacky or invasive at all, no thicker than saliva, and as the tentacles start to wrap themselves around both his thighs, how finds out much better and wetter it feels than actual lube. 


f–fuck, this is so fucking hot,” he whines. “god, please. do something.” 


the force in the tentacles are much more present than taehyung’s hands as they seem to actually lock him in place, and jeongguk almost screams when the suckers attach themselves to his inner thighs at the same time he feels taehyung’s plump lips around his rim, sucking around the most sensitive, private part of his body. 


his grabs the sheets around him in a white-knuckled grasp at how fucking good it feels, pleasure sending shockwaves all over his body, lighting up his nerve endings. taehyung tongues around his rim, only the tip of his tongue dipping in as he sucks, coating jeongguk’s hole with the same substance he feels starting to drip around his thighs. 


“inside,” he manages to get out. “please, taehyungie, please put it inside.”


taehyung, unable to deny him anything, starts to slide his ridged tongue inside, centimeter by centimeter. jeongguk’s tight, he knows, hasn’t touched himself there in so long, and hasn’t been touched there in ever longer. 


despite that, he feels no pain, the clear liquid seems to act almost numbingly as taehyung slides his tongue deeper and deeper, reaching places no man could. he feels so good, too good , and he almost regrets asking taehyung to keep him in place with how little, almost no space he has left to roll his hips on taehyung’s tongue, little hole clenching tightly around the strange appendage prodding his inner walls. it’s so different from a cock, so much more flexible and even though it’s thick, it doesn’t hurt, doing a delicious job of stretching him open.


with me, you will never know any pain, my little bunny, ” he hears inside his head, the same way he heard taehyung in his dreams. he works his tongue deeper, exploring the sensitive place, and finally his tongue circles around his prostate, making jeongguk let out a high pitched whine, eyes rolling back inside his skull. 


“fuck, right there taehyungie, p–please.”


taehyung doesn’t hit his prostate straight on, instead choosing to graze over it as he circles his tongue around the extremely sensitive place. one of the tentacles, even longer than jeongguk expected, detaches its suckers from his inner thigh until it stretches enough to reach and attach itself to his perineum and sack, the sensation of tiny little sucks at places he’s never felt before proving to be too much. 


the pleasure is so strong, combined with the small circles he manages to make with his hips, clenching tightly around taehyung’s long tongue as he gently brushes the tip over the prostate – it all has jeongguk’s brain short circuiting. 


he barely has any time to realize he hadn’t thought of touching his cock, barely computes the build up of pleasure to slow it down in time with how sudden it is before he’s coming like that, all over himself, back arching and hands seeking anchor on the sheets, no stimulation to his flushed, now soaked cock at all. 


the tentacles slowly let go of his legs, gently placing him on a comfortable position again as he can feel taehyung retract his tongue, the oversensitiveness more welcoming the gentle strokes than repelling it.


he feels messy all over, his thighs and ass absolutely covered in taehyung’s slick, whatever the fuck that was, his cock covered in his own come, dripping down to his balls. he must look depraved and dirty, and he doesn’t find it in himself to not love it. 


“fuck,” he looks down to his cock, realizing it’s still deeply flushed and hard, despite him coming only seconds before. “how is that even possible?” 


“you’re welcome.” taehyung chuckles, the corners of his mouth glistening with what jeongguk knows now not to be simply saliva. he’s still fully clothed and proper, not a single hair out of place. jeongguk whines in frustration, arms raising up in grabby motions. he wants to touch, wants to feel taehyung’s body, his whole body all around him. 


“please,” he lets out a tiny grunt. “taehyungie, don’t tease. i want it, want you so bad.” 


“such a greedy little baby, my bun,” taehyung chuckles, bending down to kiss him deeply, teeth pulling at his cherry-red bottom lip.


“you did this.” jeongguk pouts, lower lip sore, a good kind of sore. “take responsibility.” 


“i shall.” taehyung smiles against his lips, almost feral. he finally rids himself of his clothes, much more gracefully than any man could, and jeongguk mouth waters at the sight. 


he knows this isn’t his real form, but fuck if he doesn’t love it. even humanoid taehyung looks like an olive skinned god, chest and shoulders broad, lean body perfectly sculpted, perfectly round ass. still mostly human, except for the pair of rudimentary wings unfurling from his back, bigger than jeongguk remembered from his dream. and, of course, the tentacles. 


where before there were two, now were at least nine. he knows there are more, had seen it in his dreams, but this sight alone makes him almost come again on the spot, all uncurling themselves from behind taehyung’s cock. there was one, as well, thick and huge, fuck, a greenish tint to it that looked wholly inhuman. 


he squirms on the bed, almost begging at this point, just wanting– needing to be filled, stuffed full of taehyung. 


“i thought you would appreciate me looking as human as possible.” he says, hand reaching down to stroke his own cock, already leaking with the substance he produced. it’s easily, and jeongguk can’t stress this enough every five seconds, the hottest thing he’s ever seen. 


“i would appreciate you in any form,” jeongguk pouts, blushes impossibly pinker as he finds the courage to mumble. “i’ve dreamed of you stuffing me full. ” 


“oh, i will, little one. dreams will not compare.” taehyung smiles, offering his hand. jeongguk takes it without a thought, being lifted up as taehyung sits himself down on the bed. he lets himself be lead until he’s sitting on taehyung’s lap, pressed chest to chest, being kissed as if taehyung’s existence depended on it. 


he shivers as two of the tentacles once again curl around his thighs to spread him apart on taehyung’s lap. he chokes on moan as his cock brushes against’s taehyung’s, his cock finally having some friction, already on the verge of coming as he rubs himself against him. he looks down to see how it looks, and whines high-pitched at the sight. his own cock is not small by human average, a pretty decent girth, but he looks tiny as he pathetically rubs himself on taehyung’s unnaturally huge and thick size. to a lesser man, it’d feel emasculating, while to jeongguk it only spurs him on, hips fucking up to get more friction. 


“h- hyungie, ” he sobs. “inside, please. i’ve waited enough, please i can’t– i can’t wait any mor–fuuuuck.


“you know, my little baby,” taehyung whispers, leaving little kisses and bites over his shoulders. “these dreams you speak of, i could see every single one them. all your desires, all the places you want to be touched.”


“oh god,” jeongguk chokes, “ hyung. ” he feels fucking stupid using honorifics on a god , but he’s falling deeper and deeper into a headspace where he just feels tiny and needy and begging to be taken care of like a baby. taehyung has to know what he’s doing with the pet names and the coddling. he reads his mind, after all. 


“tell me, little one, aren’t you dying to be touched here?” taehyung says as two more tentacles slide over his body, gently prodding his belly until they finally find it, his pretty pink nipples, the cute buttons of extreme sensitivity jeongguk so rarely touched because of how good it felt, like a direct switch to his cock. 


“oh my god, o-oh fuck.” he shuts his eyes so hard as the little suckers attach themselves to his perky nipples that he swears he sees stars, the suckers leaking out enough slick to make his chest sloppy. 


“not only that, no,” taehyung presses a tiny kiss to his forehead, another to this open mouth. “you’re dying to taste, too. want one in your mouth, baby bunny?”


jeongguk can barely not as he hiccups, and one more tentacle comes sliding up his body. unexpectedly, the tentacle wraps itself around jeongguk’s neck, not anywhere near forcefully but a hot weight that’s just enough. he gasps and the tentacle finds its opportunity to slide inside his mouth. it tastes exactly like kissing taehyung but more intoxicating, the alien taste stronger, better, so much better it makes him dizzy. he moans as he remembers he can actually suck, so he does, sucks and licks around the appendage as it produces even more of the substance straight on his tongue. 


“look at me.” taehyung commands, so he immediately obeys. taehyung’s deep-green eyes look straight into his as he can do nothing but feel around him, another tentacle wrapping itself around both their cocks, the slide slick and impossibly tight, and it feels as if they’re both fucking into something, cocks dragging over each other inside the hot wet heat the tentacle creates. 


he feels the corner of his eyes start to pour, not even noticing how overwhelmed he was, on the brink of tears as he moans helplessly around the tentacle in his now slack mouth, letting the tentacle to all the work of fucking it. 


“i’m gonna enter you now,” taehyung murmurs, frowning as he jeongguk can finally see a crack in if façade. “little one, you have no idea how you look, all ruined, stuffed so full like this. this is what you wanted, isn’t it? such a smart little baby you are, knew how devastating you would look like this. all for me, my treasure.” 


jeongguk nods deliriously, feels two tentacles spread his cheeks open. he’s practically being held on the air and over taehyung by the appendages. “i’m going to fuck you with my mating tentacle. you should not fear any pain, but it might feel impossible to fit inside your body. worry not, my little one. it won’t harm you. do you trust me?” 


jeongguk nods around the tentacle in his mouth, feels the silky texture sliding around his neck. he can’t think, can’t speak, but he sends a enthusiastic yes, yes, please, wanna be split open, that’s all that’s missing because he knows taehyung can hear it. 


“so beautiful for me, aren’t you?” he whispers and jeongguk hiccups again, feeling the tentacle touch his rim, rubbing itself over his little hole. he clenches around nothing, eager to be fucked full. almost with a mind of its own, it keeps teasing rubbing himself over the fluttering hole, dipping the tip inside before pulling out again. jeongguk feels like he’s going insane, and just as he feels like he’s reached his limit, finally the tentacle starts pushing its way inside.


at first, he doesn’t feel many differences. while the other appendages are silky-feeling except for the suckers, this one feels textured, little bumps on it. it keeps pushing inside, the tip leaking with taehyung’s slick wetting him from inside out. he almost immediately realizes why it’s so different when it hits his prostate dead on with perfect precision, earning a cry from jeongguk as the tears spill, blurring his eyes. finally, overwhelmingly full, and the tentacle so deep inside him he can feel it in his belly. and then it starts expanding. 


the initial girth was little thicker than taehyung’s tongue, a nice stretch, but it doesn’t stop there. it expands slowly but surely, much thicker than any cock jeongguk’s ever taken. he eyes widen as he feels himself clech impossibly around it, so fucking sensitive and overwhelmed that the only reason he hasn’t come is because if the vice like grip one of the tentacles has on his cock. 


“i’ve got you, little baby.” taehyung whispers. “just a little more.” 


jeongguk nods because taehyung didn’t lie. it didn’t hurt, it just felt like an impossible fit. he’s surprised he wasn’t being literally split open by it, instead, feeling like he was one big exposed nerve being rubbed. the pressure on his prostate was a constant now, his head spinning with how hard he wants to come. 


as taehyung finally stops expanding inside him, he starts an in-and-out sliding motion, never leaving him fully empty but keeps moving, the little bumps of the tentacle rubbing deliciously over the pleasure gland. one of taehyung’s hand comes up to the underside of his belly, feeling the bump he’s putting there. 


the tentacle in his mouth slides out so he’s able to speak, but he can’t , throat raw and being fucked too stupid to string a sentence together, something stimulating every sensitive part of his body. 


“hnnng f uuuh– pleaseplease ” he sobs pathetically as the tears keep spilling from his eyes. he just wants to come, needs to, rolling his hips desperately. he locks his arms around taehyung firmly, holding on for dear life.


“let go, little baby.” taehyung whispers.


“t–taehyung–ie.” it has an immediate effect on him as if he’s a tight bow string being released, the white-hot pleasure spreading through his body as he starts to come and keeps coming for what seems like hours, deeply aware of taehyung releasing inside of him, so much that his belly feels full with it and it starts running down his thigh. that’s his come , he realizes. he’s coming inside of him. jeongguk trembles, fully seated on the appendage.


taehyung keeps the sliding motions until he’s milked him dry, until there’s nothing left and he’s absolutely soaked from his own come and taehyung’s, drool and tears running down his face, prostate ruined in oversensitivity. 


“i’ve got you,” taehyung says, kissing his temple lovingly. “bear with me, my little pearl.” 


first, the tentacle around his and taehyung’s cock slides away making him hiss in oversensitivity. the ones around his nipples and legs, too, and he looks down to see the tiny little purple marks they’ve left all over his body like a painting. 


they deposit him back over taehyung’s chest as he lies down, using his arms to pull jeongguk closer when he retracts most of his unearthly limbs, the boy lying over his chest uncaring for the fluids in between them. lastly, only the tentacle inside him remains, having reverted back to its normal size. 


“i’m sorry, little one. i have to slide out now.” taehyung starts to slide out, his come – much similar to his natural lubricant – dripping out of his fluttering hole in hot, excessive amounts.


it feels like it goes on for ages, but finally when he’s truly empty it feels like a punch to the gut. suddenly, he feels devastatingly sad that’s it’s over, loneliness overcoming him like a tidal wave even though taehyung is right there . he’s shaking like a leaf all over, making taehyung’s arms wrap even tighter around him as the creature peppers kisses all over his face and shoulders. 


“my poor little thing hates feeling empty, don’t you?” taehyung whispers.


jeongguk is so embarrassed but he can’t even deny it, can’t understand why his lips quiver and he starts to sob in earnest, just wanting the feeling of being so full back. “i will make it better, my baby. hush, now.” 


taehyung tucks his face on his neck, a warm little hiding place. distantly, he can feel taehyung adjust him higher on his chest, only to slide his cock inside, inch by inch. jeongguk lets out a long relieved sigh, still hiccuping, face hidden as suckles a mark on taehyung’s neck to comfort himself. he feels so tiny, such a floaty, fragile little thing but finally full again, safe and happy and like he belongs stuck to taehyung. like he’s supposed to feel like this all the time. 


“sorry.” he mumbles, refusing to let taehyung see his face. i never get like this , he wants to explain. 


“you were perfect.” taehyung kisses his hair before forcing him to look up. he knows he must look a mess, he feels a mess but he’s sated, happy. his eyes feel swollen and his nose is probably red, but when taehyung smiles at him as he wipes his face delicately off all the tears, he can’t stop himself from smiling back. “my little bunny, look at you. devastating… the things i would do you you...” 


he presses more kisses all over his cheeks, his forehead, one on his nose. “rest, now. i will be here when you wake up.” 


jeongguk nods and goes back to his hiding place on taehyung’s neck, inhaling his deep scent, even stronger now. he realizes taehyung’s moving inside him again, tiny little rolls of his hips, tip of his cock rubbing against his walls and oversensitive, ruined spot. his hole flutters around the length and he shivers, but doesn’t dare protest. it’s slower and gentler, and he’s too tired to do anything but take it, the only sign he’s still at least half-awake being the tiny little whines he lets out against the skin of the god’s neck.


it takes almost nothing at all for him to come again, dry and with a full-body shiver that seems like it never stops. after it’s over, he’s out like a light, unable to keep himself conscious anymore, falling asleep to tiny kisses on his hair. 


that night, he doesn’t dream, doesn’t need to. he’s right where he needs to be, tucked into taehyung’s body. 


unbeknownst to him, taehyung’s doesn’t dream either. he dreamed for an eternity before this. he doesn’t need to anymore, so he spends his night caressing jeongguk’s hair, smiling for no one to see.