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Mass Effect: A Hero Rises

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Liara hadn’t been as full of information regarding the Justicar as she had about Thane. But that just meant we had to make do with what we had, though she did have some suggestions. “She is asari, so she’ll be biotic. And Justicars live by different rules to anyone else, Shepard. They live by a strict code. Black and white. Right and wrong. There is no grey area to a Justicar, Shepard.”

“She might be the perfect recruit then.”

“She will no doubt be willing to work alongside yourself, Shepard. Some of your allies might not be as appealing.”

“Are we talking Cerberus or also others?”

“Both, Shepard. I’m sure she will let you explain the Cerberus connection. But someone like Zaeed? Well, that could prove awkward.”

“Do you know about him?”

“I’ve researched everyone I can who I know is part of your ship, Shepard. I simply want to make sure…”

“I appreciate it, Liara. Don’t worry.”

She gestured for me to join her, rounding her desk as she showed me a map of the area. Leaning down, I inhaled the scent of her perfume. “The warehouse area is teeming with Eclipse mercenaries, Shepard. I know you’ve already dealt with them at Dantius Towers, but word would have reached the entire organisation that you’re here, and they’ll be wanting blood.”

“Well, all the more reason to locate a Justicar then.”

“You can catch a cab and land there. From that position, your only option is walking. Eclipse will have constant patrols, and they will control the area. You will be entering a heavily defended area, and they will certainly not take kindly to your arrival.”

“Well, I’d hate to disappoint them by not showing up now.”

That made her laugh. “I’m sure I’ll read all about it on the news tomorrow.”

I kissed her cheek, and when she turned her face, I paused a moment before she leaned forward, the kiss immediately deep and meaningful, feeling her breath out her nose as she managed to stand up out of her chair, sliding in between me and the desk as she sat up on her desk. I remembered the rather innocent Liara letting me take the lead. She was certainly wanting to take control right now but then she stopped suddenly. “Not now, Shepard. You need to go soon.”

“Sorry. Your perfume, and then… well, you… and…”

“Are you with Gianna tonight?”

“No, we spent all day yesterday together. It was… the perfect ending. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be here, but she asked I just keep in contact.”

“Come to my apartment tonight, Shepard.” I raised my eyebrows as she added, “For dinner. And then for sex.” I couldn’t help chuckle. “I might as well be blunt, Shepard. I haven’t had sex since you died.”


She nodded. “I didn’t want to commit to anyone as I was confident Cerberus would bring you back. And I’ve been far too busy to worry about personal relationships anyway. My fingers or vibrators do the job if I’m horny.”

“Okay, I’ll join you tonight, Liara. You’ll have my undivided attention until tomorrow morning.”

“Good, because I’m going to be blunt again, Shepard. I really need you to fuck me.”

“Done.” I paused before adding, “I like this new Liara. Knows what she wants and will just simply get it.”

“I just remember what it was like, Shepard. Some of the things we got up to. Goddess, we had such fun together, and with some of the others. I know it’s a little different now, but that means I just get you alone now, and I’m not going to waste the opportunity.”

I leaned forward and kissed her hard, her arms immediately wrapping around me. I lifted her up, legs immediately wrapping me too as I carried her across to the nearby couch. I continued to make out with her as my hands went underneath her dress, looking for her panties. She broke the kiss. “Shepard,” she breathed.

“Will anyone walk in?”


“Then fuck it. You’re getting fucked right now.”

A smile lit up her face as her hands immediately went to my jeans, undoing the belt the lowering the fly as I dragged off her panties, lifting her dress to reveal her bald, blue pussy. I lowered my mouth to taste her first, earning a moan as I lapped at her, just to tease her, enjoying it immediately as I was reminded of all the times we’d been together on the old Normandy. Then I stopped and lifted myself up, gently sliding my cock inside her.

It was nothing but a hard, fast fuck, Liara digging her fingers into my shirt as she spread her legs nice and wide. “Goddess, just fuck me, Shepard.”

I didn’t reply, just focusing on lasting as long as possible. “Well, one thing I know straight away is that you’re as tight as I remember, Liara.”

“My pussy has only ever had your cock in it, Shepard. It was made just for you.”

I kissed her hard for that as I upped my tempo further. I didn’t know if I’d get Liara off in such a manner. The look on her face suggested she was just enjoying being fucked by me again. Gently grabbing the back of her neck, I kissed her hard again as I really started to pound her, the sound of my cock thrusting into her over and over again the only sound apart from her moans and my grunting.

Then I noticed her eyes darken and I knew what she wanted to do. I closed my eyes and simply waited for the meld. I felt her search my mind, discovering what had happened to me since I’d woken up. I hid nothing as I had nothing to hide. She saw my opinions of certain people. She definitely saw who I’d been intimate with.

And she saw my relationship with Gianna. That made her gently break the meld.

The fact she was smiling almost caused me to stop completely. “You finally told her?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Good. Time to stop denying those feelings you have for all these women you like to be with. But only admit it when you feel ready and certain.” She kissed me softly on the cheek as I knew those words were aimed at me in regards to her as well. “You’ve stopped, Shepard. I need you to cum in me then I really need to get back to work.”

She got what she wanted a couple of minutes later, burying myself before I came hard. As I recovered, we continued to make out before I needed to pull out. All she did was roll her dress down and hand me her panties. “Keep them, Shepard. I don’t mind the idea of your cum trickling down my legs while I sit in rather dull meetings.”

“Okay, I am really liking the new Liara.”

She put a finger underneath my chin. “Just wait until tonight then, Shepard.”

“Oh, I’m definitely looking forward to it now.”

Once I’d cleaned myself up and was ready to go, she escorted me to her office door, sharing a last kiss, before I wandered out. Nyxeris gave me a look, and I had a feeling a lot of people were aware of what we’d just done. I simply smiled at her and wished her good afternoon. Back on the Normandy, I gathered the team I’d originally selected. Garrus, of course. Miranda and Jack, due to the biotics, and Grunt, because I didn’t mind having another shotgun wielding lunatic alongside me. I was tempted to take more, but if we were in the tight confines of a warehouse, I figured any more would cause confusion in our own ranks.

“Catching up with Liara?” Garrus asked after I’d thrown on armour, grabbed my weapons, now heading back off the ship.


“Shepard, it’s obvious what you were up to. You have this… aura about you after you’d done the deed.”

Jack chuckled behind me. “Fucking hell, Shepard, who haven’t you fucked yet?”

“Miranda,” I replied immediately, making sure I looked at her when I did. The fact she looked away but seemed to almost blush wasn’t the reaction I expected. “And most of the regular crew as well. Chakwas. Kasumi. So there are a few people I haven’t, Jack.”

“I’m still waiting for you to come downstairs again, throw me around a little then just pound my tight little arse.”

Garrus was gone after that. He had to stop walking due to his laughter, leaning against a nearby wall. Grunt I think understood but didn’t at the same time. Miranda looked like she wanted a hole in the ground to just swallow her hole. Jack? She just looked smug. “It’s still on my to do list, Jack,” I retorted.

“But you fucked that asari?”

“We’ve known each other a long time,” I replied as we moved on, “She was by my side on the old Normandy.”

“Fuck her then too?”

“If you really want to know, I had Ashley, who you met on Horizon, Liara, her mother, Benezia, Tali and also Shiala. And that’s just the women on the ship. I had others here and there.”

That’s when Jack turned to Miranda. “You know all about this, cheerleader?”

Miranda looked ready to say something else, but eventually she just said, “Yes, it was all in his file.”

“I have to ask. Is your cock the same as it was before, Shepard?”

I chuckled but nodded too. “Yes, I look in the mirror naked and everything is the same, Jack.”

“Well, no wonder they all wanted to fuck you then. Nothing like a good, deep dicking to make people co-operative.”

“Hang on, does that explain you, Jack?” Garrus wondered.

She shrugged. “A little bit. I play ball with him, I get a good hard fuck occasionally. What, you think I’m into romance and shit? Fuck off, bird brain. Sex is a means of release. He cums, I cum, we’re both happy, then he can fuck off and do what he wants otherwise. If he wants to get a little rough, even better.”

“So you treat sex as a combat sport?” Miranda wondered.

“It’s not as fun if you don’t end up with at least a couple of bruises.”

Conversation ceased as we caught a couple of cabs in the direction of where Liara had told me to go. We landed at a spaceport, noticing a line of freighters in the middle of being loaded. Stepping out of the cab, there was a small group of people around, including a couple of asari that seemed to be in charge, and also a volus, who appeared to be under question. Approaching the asari, one of them raised a hand. “Sorry, this is a crime scene.”

“What happened?”

“Someone was murdered. I can’t tell you too much else.”

“I’m here to find someone. A Justicar by the name of Samara.”

Her eyes narrowed, immediately suspicious. “What would a human want with a Justicar?”

I pointed at myself. “My name’s Shepard. Council Spectre. I’m looking for Samara as I am recruiting for an important mission.”

She thumbed behind her. “Then I can only suggest you go speak with my superior, Detective Anaya. Only she can give you access to the crime scene. Before you ask, Samara is already back there, but you’re not a Justicar. And we don’t particularly appreciate Spectres sticking their nose in around here. This isn’t Council Space.”

“Not here to ruffle feathers. I’ll go talk to Anaya.” I glanced back. “You guys wait here, I’ll be back shortly.”

“Try not to trip and slip your dick in her too, Shepard,” Jack joked.

I chuckled to myself as I walked towards the door leading into a small office. There were only a couple of asari around, and when I asked for the detective, she looked in my direction and waved me over. She looked me up and down, noticing the armour and weapons. “Hmmm. Don’t get many humans in these parts. You… Alliance?”


“Well, there’s only one human Spectre and he’s dead.”

“Don’t take notice of the news? I’m back from the dead.” I offered my hand. “Shepard, looking for Justicar Samara.”

She took the hand briefly before asking, “Why are looking for her?”

“Important mission and I’m busy recruiting. Her name came highly recommended.”

“You know what, you take her off my hands, I think you’ll make all our lives a little easier. She’s currently investigating the murder that recently took place here. You have my permission to access the crime scene.”


“Don’t thank me yet. The place is crawling with Eclipse mercenaries.”

“I’m not worried about them. Already killed plenty.”

She put two and two together, quickly laughing to herself. “Dantius Towers?”


“Goddess, they’re still clearing the bodies out of there. What the hell was that all about?”

“I was recruiting.”

“You have an interesting recruitment process, Shepard. Anyway, head on back and watch your back at the same time. Eclipse mercenaries are unscrupulous bitches. Trying to keep a lid on their activities is impossible. If they’re wearing yellow, you’re best just shooting them.”

“I had the same philosophy at the towers.”

I was just about ready to leave when she added one more thing. “Just so you know, Shepard. My superiors have ordered me to detain the Justicar. They may operate with impunity in asari space, but life here is a little different. But if I detain her, she has her code and… well, if we hold her too long, she’ll kill us too.” I definitely raised my eyebrows in surprise. “Their code cannot be broken, Shepard. It’s deadly serious.”

“Right, I’ll work quickly.”

After gathering the others, we headed into the narrow paths in between the mountains of crates and boxes that towered above us. We were all armed and ready, waiting for the Eclipse to show their faces. When we finally ran into the first small group, I grinned and charged, colliding with one asari, immediately blasting with my shotgun, dead before she hit the ground. I then stepped into cover as fire rained down where I had been standing. Jack came running up and released a shockwave.

With so little room for manoeuvre, we had to be careful not to shoot each other, never mind being shot by the enemy. I was confident Garrus had found elevation, hearing his rifle crack every few seconds. I charged when I could, but I eventually took the rifle from my back and used that instead, leaving Jack and Miranda to link up. As for Grunt, I think he got a little frustrated by the tight confines, but he was a bullet sponge at least, nearly all fire being directed towards him.

Gunfire eventually ceased and we stepped out to see a pile of dead mercenaries. Most were asari but there was the occasional salarian, though when I found a human, I couldn’t hide my surprise at all. “I thought they were asari only?”

“I don’t know that much about them, but they have started recruiting humans recently,” Miranda replied, “The salarians have been part of the ranks for centuries due to their tech knowledge.”

“Well, learn something new every day.”

There were no other welcoming parties, eventually crossing another line of police tape and passing into another area. An asari mercenary went flying towards us, landing with a sickening crunch that suggested she was already dead. I checked to see a trickle of blood drip down her head from the wound. Looking up, I noticed another Eclipse mercenary on her arse, scrambling backwards as a tall, elegant asari matriarch, dressed in red armour, slowly closed on her like a predator. I gestured everyone lower their weapon as the pair shared words, neither aware of our presence.

When the Eclipse mercenary raised a hidden weapon, the other asari summoned her biotics and casually threw the mercenary across the room. “Fucking hell,” I muttered.

“Well, I like her already. That sort of power as an ally,” Jack added.

We approached cautiously as the asari closed on her now frightened quarry. No idea what words they shared, but I noticed the foot go to the throat, and with a twist, we didn’t miss the sound of a snapped neck. “Okay, I like her,” Jack said.

The asari then turned towards us, casually taking in our number, the fact most of us were armoured, carrying weapons, though we were clearly not there to cause trouble. Yet.

"My name is Samara, a servant of the Justicar Code. My quarrel is with these Eclipse sisters, but I see five well-armed people before me. Are we friend or foe?"

I stored my weapon. “Oh, we are definitely friends, Justicar,” I stated, “Why are you here though?”

“These mercenaries have information in regards to a person I am tracking. Unfortunately, they have proven unwilling to assist me with my enquiries so far.”

“Do you often execute people like that?” Miranda asked. I guess she was a little put off by it.

"I answer to a code that is clearly defined. If my actions are true to that code, then I am just. If they are not, then I am unjust."

“Wish my life was that easy sometimes,” I muttered.

“Anyone who wants to wipe out mercenaries is okay with me,” Garrus added.

“You know my name. Who are you?” Samara asked.


“Ah, yes, Commander Shepard. Word of your return has reached my ears. It pleases me to know you are well.” I raised eyebrows at that. “No matter what the ships were that attacked the Citadel, it was thanks to your actions that we are once again at peace.”

“Not quite, which is why I’m here. Ever heard of the Collectors?”

“I have heard rumours of them on my travels.”

“They’re attacking human colonies, taking everyone. I’m putting together a team to stop them. You come highly recommended.”

"I am humbled that you would approach me, Shepard. But I seek an incredibly dangerous fugitive."

“No problem. We can help with that before leaving Illium.”

A momentary grin appeared, a brief nod of the head in thanks. "I have tracked this fugitive for many years. I finally had her, right here. But then these Eclipse sisters smuggled her off-world. I need to find the name of the ship she left on before her trail goes cold once again."

Before I could offer help and suggestions, our conversation was interrupted by the detective I had spoken to earlier, I guess confident enough to approach now that most of the mercenaries were dead. "I wish you were willing to just leave with the human, Justicar. I've been ordered to take you into custody if you won't leave the area."

"That won't be a problem, detective. Shepard has already offered his services." She turned to look at me, keeping up a friendly appearance for now. "Shepard, while I assist the detective, can you find the name of the ship for me?"

“Sure. Any leads?”

“Speak to a volus named Pitne For. He will guide the way.”

We spoke to the volus, who was surprisingly helpful, as he seemed to be caught up in trouble of his own, so probably figured helping us helped himself at the same time. He also had some more warnings about the Eclipse, that I kept in the back of my mind. The last thing the volus gave us was a pass card that would allow entry into what was basically the Eclipse base, so I knew we were going to face another army of them.

“Want to call in some others?” Miranda asked.

“No. There’s you and Jack with biotics, Grunt and I as the tanks, and Garrus taking the head off anyone dumb enough to get in his sights. I think we’ll be right.”

Heading out, what we realised straight after passing through the entryway of their base was that, this time, Eclipse knew we were coming and they had prepared for our arrival. I didn’t expect the number of mechs were first encountered, simple VI machines that we managed to take down rather easily. I’m fairly sure Miranda even managed to hack a couple, turning them from enemies into allies, watching as they simply turned and fired at other mechs, those mechs being fired at to turn at other mechs. We could actually just stand and watch before moving on.

The Eclipse had dug in, and we remained cautious entering any corridor or open room, always searching for cover before I’d burst forward with another biotic charge. Their numbers were few to start with, but we still had to work had to get them out of cover then riddle them with bullets before moving on. I had one rule as we moved on. No prisoners. And there was not a murmur of disagreement to that order.

Surprisingly, Jack and Miranda seemed to work well together. They didn’t share a word, but they hooked up their biotics as if they’d been doing it for years, watching Miranda lift and pull plenty of mercenaries out of cover, Jack flinging warps and shockwaves at them. As for Garrus, he was always patient, waiting for either one of the biotics to lift someone or he’d wait until there was a moment when a mercenary would show their head then CRACK! The mercenary lost their head.

As we moved, we checked the bodies for the information Samara wanted, or any other information that might come in handy for later. We’d already dealt one major blow to them at Dantius Towers, so wiping out their presence here could exactly be a bad thing. We found one or two minor notes in regards to other operations that I’d pass on to Detective Anaya.

While we were moving, Garrus did grab my attention too, crouching over a pair of bodies. “Shepard, look at this. I’ve noticed something both times. These two are obviously Eclipse, but see the differences,” he gestured as he explained, “I think this one on the left if fully-fledged Eclipse. It’s not just the armour itself, this asari is definitely older than her counterpart here. See the different markings?”

“Yeah, what of it?”

“I think this must be an initiate. Remember what Pitne for told us? Anyone in that armour to the left has already committed murder. This one on the right? Obviously part of the gang but hasn’t killed yet.”

“While true, they are still trying to kill us, Garrus.”

“Oh, I’m not saying we don’t shoot back. But it’s something worthwhile remembering. Perhaps we do catch one or two initiates, take their armour and weapons, give them a firm kick up the arse and just send them crying home to mother. Worth thinking about.”

“If presented the opportunity, I’ll think about it.”

We moved on, running into more Eclipse mercenaries, searching every room we passed by, Miranda hacking into terminals, though nothing we found was terribly interesting. While I don’t think the business taking place was entirely legitimate, much of the cargo leaving the area was legal in Council Space.

Finding a locked door, Miranda hacked that one before I stepped in. Hearing a noise, I raised my shotgun as a young asari leapt out from cover, pistol in her hand but she immediately raised both. “Don’t shoot!” she cried.

“Drop the weapon!”

She didn’t, and I took a step forward, sensing the others enter and forming to either side of me. "I didn't shoot! Honest! My name is Elnora. I'm only here because all my sisters were watching me. I… I thought being a mercenary would be fun but…”

I stored my shotgun and she sighed with relief, though only so I could take the pistol from my hip, aimed, and shot her through the head. “Think I’m sort of idiot,” I muttered as I walked to her body, watching blood pool on the ground, her eyes now staring blankly at the ceiling. “You’re wearing the wrong armour, love. You’ve killed someone already.”

“Okay, remind me never to fuck with you, Shepard,” Jack stated with humour, “Goddamn, no hesitation whatsoever.”

“You should know by now I won’t accept bullshit, Jack. Anyway, let’s move on.”

Moving deeper into their base, the number of Eclipse grew. Grunt and I now really got to work, the enormous krogan simply charging head first, his enormous shotgun blasting at anything in yellow. I would summon my biotics and zip across the room, slamming into Eclipse, firing my own shotgun more than once, before doing the same again. More than once I ended up being fired at, only quick thinking as my shields failed saving me from taking serious wounds. But I found this method of fighting more enjoyable, certainly far more adrenaline pumping than how I’d fought before.

Miranda and Jack continued to work together, often supporting me by warping or pulling mercenaries I hadn’t taken care of after I’d charged into them. Jack continued to send more mercenaries flying as she fired shockwaves, even watching them fly up and over piled up boxes and storage crates, hearing her laugh away.

Moving through more offices, some mercenaries tried to catch us off guard, waiting until we had passed by, firing from behind, though they simply ended up with a bullet in their back from Garrus. He saved us more than once thanks to that. We tried to clear each and every room, but sometimes we’d try and door, find it locked, and simply move on.

Continuing to check terminals as we moved, we did find something I found somewhat interesting, Miranda playing a recent audio file.

"Well, it's official. Little baby Elnora is finally a fully-fledged Eclipse merc. I earned my uniform last night when I killed that ridiculous volus. Up close, exploding rounds. Blew the little bastard's suit wide open. Hah! I can't wait to see some real action. Next time I go home, my friends are going to be so jealous!"

“Looks like Pitne For is innocent at least,” Miranda stated, immediately downloading the information to her omni-tool, “I’ll make sure this gets to the right people, Shepard.”

“You know, Shepard, she’s not the first, and she’s not the last,” Garrus stated.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, think about what I was up to on Omega. I must have killed hundreds of these idiots, whether they were Eclipse, Blue Suns or Blood Pack. Asari leave their nests when they’re around what, one hundred or so?”

“Maybe earlier, but yeah, Liara mentioned during their maiden phase that they leave home looking for adventure.”

“And what do they do? Many seem to either join mercenary groups like this, or end up dancing or selling their bodies around the galaxy. I’m not complaining, everyone is aware the asari are quite sexualised people. They have no shame in enjoying sex.”

“I know, Garrus,” I stated, unable to hide the smirk.

“But, in the end, you hear stuff like this, then see all the young asari we put on the ground, and doesn’t a part of you think what a waste it all is?”

“I see your point, but they make the choice, Garrus. I’m all for adventure. I joined the Alliance for that reason as well.”

“That’s not the only reason, Shepard,” Miranda stated, “Something about running your own little empire… and a likely prison sentence…”

“Well, yeah, that too, but many who join the Alliance were like those first explorers who left Earth, that sense of adventure you had, heading into the unknown. I guess life for asari is… dull, for want of a better word. They’ve lived in peace for centuries. No wonder some crave the excitement and danger of being a mercenary. Still makes them idiots when shooting at me though.”

Moving on, we mowed down the opposition, though we took hits at the same time. Jack took a bullet in her arm, surprised to see Miranda scoop her up with an arm and take her behind cover. Jack swore at her, of course, though Miranda ignored it, simply applying medi-gel to the wound so Jack could get back into the action. Grunt had the best armour possible, most of his wounds on exposed skin, which was soon running slick with his own blood. He didn’t seem to care.

I took my first serious wound when a gunship appeared out of nowhere. Before I could react, it raked me with bullets, my shields failing immediately before I felt the next couple go straight through my armour. It was only the fact I charged ahead, blasting away a mercenary and leaping into cover, that saved my life.

“Okay, Shepard?” Miranda yelled.

“Not sure,” I shouted back, “Let me check.” I glanced down to see a couple of holes, one in my shoulder, the other into my side. “Fuck,” I muttered. I looked up to see the other four rushing to my position, Miranda immediately crouching in front of me. She actually looked concerned.

“Not your fault, Shepard. Fucking gunship came out of nowhere.”

“Yeah, what a bitch, eh?”

She pulled back the chest part of my armour and I definitely winced. She pulled me forward and said, “Bullet went straight through, Shepard. Give me a moment.” She applied medi-gel to both wounds. “Okay, that’ll do for now. What about the other one?” She moved my bloodied but gloved hand and I definitely hissed as she pressed my side, rolling me slightly. “Straight through as well, Shepard. You might have been shot twice but someone is looking after you.”

“Just apply the gel,” I stated through gritted teeth. Once she’d done that, she pressed the armoured pieces back into place.

“You good to go?”

“Yeah. Thanks,” I replied as she offered a hand to help me up. “Where’s the gunship?”

“Disappeared. It’ll be back though,” Garrus replied, “I’m thinking, Shepard. Same plan as Omega?”

“You got shot there, if I remember correctly.”

“Just get its attention, I’ll do the rest.”

So that’s what the four of us did, waiting for it to appear. I stepped out of cover and waved it over before flipping the bird, ducking into cover as it fired on our position. The four of us returned fired, causing its shields to fire. That’s when Garrus fired, watching the small hole appear in the canopy, the asari pilot immediately slumping forward in her seat, as the gunship veered off towards the ground. A few seconds later, flames billowed after the explosion.

All was quiet as we moved on, surprised we didn’t run into more Eclipse. I didn’t think we’d killed them all, so I could only assume they’d pulled back, waiting for us. Walking through more offices, we checked each one, but apart from finding a little information about what was being shipped, there were no more people around.

That is until we met a biotic volus. He was a rather amusing character, barely taking noticed of the five heavily armed people in front of him.

"I am a biotic god! Fear me, lesser creatures, for I am biotics made flesh!"

I got down on one knee so I was at his eye level. “Look here, my little friend. I am sure you are quite the noble warrior, and that armies have quacked at the sight of you on the battlefield.”

“That is true for I am destined for greatness. The races of the galaxy shall grow to fear me!”

“I’m sure they will. But we’re looking for the leader of this group of mercenaries. Do know where she is?” I said she as the leader would obviously be an asari.

"The next room. I am a great wind! I shall toss Wasea about like a rag doll!"

“Her name is Wasea? Perfect. Now, I think it’s time you have a little nap.” I gave him a shove and he fell to the ground. He stirred a few seconds later, obviously confused. “Are you okay?” I asked, as he didn’t seem to have a clue what was going on.

“What was I saying?”

“You were going to go home, sleep this all off.”

“Hmmm. Yes, sleep sounds nice actually.”

“Just watch where you are walking,” I suggested as he bumped off more than one wall as he staggered away. I chuckled to myself. “Fuck me, what next?”

Eclipse had pulled back and were waiting for our arrival. There were mercenaries all waiting for our arrival. We charged forward, firing either bullets or biotics. It was obvious that Wasea had a biotic barrier, so I left her to Jack and Miranda to start, immediately summoning biotics and charging into a group of the others. At such close quarters, I used the butt of my shotgun, slamming into the face of one, elbowing another, before quickly switching to my pistol, firing that into the face of a third. Charging away, I took a moment to assess, before charging again. Barrel straight into the chest, pull the trigger. Shields falter from a nearby burst of fire, turn and charge. Fire again before I leap behind cover, immediately turning to assess again. Miranda and Jack focused on Wasea. Grunt practically throwing mercenaries around for fun. Garrus nowhere to be seen but the crack of rifle could be heard.

There were no eyes on me, simply waiting for the biotic shield around Wasea to fail. She was exchanging fire with Miranda and Jack, obviously not noticing that most of her comrades in arms now lay dead. As soon as I saw her biotic shield falter, I charged. I arrived just as it completed failed, slamming into her. She was made of tough stuff, having turned as I arrived. But there was enough room for me to raise my shotgun with one hand, aim at her face, and fire.

“Okay, that was fucking disgusting,” Jack muttered as she and Miranda walked towards me.

“I don’t believe in drawn out gunfights. Kill them quick and move on.”

“You’ve adapted well to your new abilities, Shepard,” Miranda stated.

“Thanks. I actually find it rather enjoyable. Adrenaline certainly gets pumping.”

Grunt was busy ending the lives of anyone who was still breathing, Garrus appearing from cover as we found there was a small unit nearby that acted as an office. We searched for information and eventually found a datapad that I believed contained the information we wanted. There was no point hanging around after that so I ordered our little group to head back to where it all began.

Returning to Detective Anaya, the first thing I did was give the datapad to Samara. She was thankful for having retrieved it, and now that her mission was complete, she was free to join my crew. She then surprised me by taking a knee, lowering her head, fists on the ground, glowing blue as she flared her biotics, appearing to recite a new Code. When I asked what it was about, she said that my orders would now supersede her own Code during the duration of the mission. Miranda then forwarded Detective Anaya the information we had found, including the confession of Elnora, and a plethora of data we had taken in regards to the operations Eclipse had been running. She was rather thankful, Samara vouching as a Justicar in regards to anything we found.

Job done, I gathered everyone and we headed back to the Normandy. The others headed off as I showed Samara around, taking her through the same details as I’d told Thane. Chakwas would check her over, something that Samara seemed to find amusing, while Kelly would also talk to her as well. Other than that, it was simply a case of where she wanted to reside. She admitted to enjoying the idea of watching space as we travelled, so I offered her the opposing lounge to where Kasumi called home. She found that acceptable and shook my hand.

Walking into Miranda’s office after, she was actually sitting back on the lounge, looking rather drained as she drank from a water bottle. She was no longer surprised if I just walked in, though did ask, “Something on your mind, Shepard?”

“Just about what we’re doing next. If there’s nothing else for us here, I guess we’ll leave tomorrow?”

“I’ll see if I’ve received any news about another recruit but it’s your decision, Shepard. You don’t want to hang around for longer?”

“Part of me would like nothing more. But we do have a job to do, and the distraction isn’t helpful sometimes.”

“Okay, I’ll send a ship wide message letting the crew know we are departing tomorrow.”

“As long as they return by ten in the morning, ship time, we’ll try and leave by midday at the latest.”

“No problem, Shepard.”


Next stop was the med-bay, as I needed my wounds looked at. Taking off my chest armour and shirt, I lay back as Chakwas did what she needed. I winced and hissed a couple of times, as although the bullets had gone straight through, they still needed cleaning out. Medi-gel was a wonderful adventure but was still only a temporary solution. That’s why Chakwas was still needed on the ship. I was with her for a couple of hours before she told me I should be okay within a couple of days, and if I did suffer residual pain, to return and she’d check again.

Heading upstairs, I was in the middle of enjoying a shower when I heard the door swish open, glancing to see a naked Kelly Chambers walk towards me. I turned to her as she moulded herself into my body. “Miranda told me you’d been wounded. Just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“While I’m naked in the shower.”

“Maybe an ulterior motive. I know you’re off out tonight with Liara. Just wanted to steal a few minutes.” She looked up to meet my eyes. “Not even for anything sexual. I just wanted… you.”

I leaned down and kissed her for that, hugging her tight to my body before she grabbed the body wash and was rather excited by the prospect of washing down my body. She spent time focusing on my groin area, not that I minded, but she meant what she said. Nothing sexual, so after I turned off the water, we wiped each other down before I lifted her up in my arms, earning plenty of giggles, as I carried her to the couch, sitting down with her sideways on my lap, immediately resting back against me.

“Miranda has already sent the message about leaving. Why don’t you want to stay?”

“Because I might not want to leave if we do.”



“You love her, don’t you?”

“I do.”

She leaned forward and turned, the smile on her face a complete surprised. “Well, I knew it, but about time you admitted it to yourself.”

“I’ve had a few women say those words to me, Kelly, back on the old ship. That’s the first time I’ve actually said them back. I think part of me has now let Annie go. I’ve died and come back. As I said, the old Shepard is dead. I’m still him, but in some ways, I’m left feeling I’m nothing like him. I’ve noticed some differences in how I’ve acted. I guess I was never going to come back completely the same.”

“But why finally admit it to Gianna?”

“It was the right time. I loved her before. I love her now.”

“Does she want you to change anything?”

“No, she has no expectations, she simply had to tell me how she felt about me, and I finally had to admit those feelings were returned. But she’s not expecting monogamy as she knows I won’t offer it.”

She leaned forward. “So that means we can still fuck too?” she whispered.

“Kelly, there is no way that part of our relationship is stopping. Trust me on that one.”

“But you are meeting Liara tonight?”

“We’ve already had sex, if you’re wondering. Earlier today, before we headed out to recruit Samara. Spur of the moment thing. We were busy talking and she was wearing this perfume that, I’ll admit, was driving me a little crazy. We tried to stop but the temptation was too strong. Fucked her, right on her couch in the office. I’m sure plenty of people heard us.”

“But she’s not coming along?”

“Not at this point in time, and I’m no expecting her to drop everything to come with me. It’s been two years. Things have changed. People have moved on. And I have new people in my life who are helping me.” I met her eyes. “Some are even beautiful redheads who I definitely hope are in my future for a lot longer.”

It must have been something in my tone, as her hand went to my cheek before she leaned forward, the kiss soft and incredibly tender, wrapping my arms around her as she turned slightly, her towel falling away as she eventually straddled my chest, leaning back as she pressed her chest against mine. My hands made their way to her firm little butt, earning a giggle as I gave them a gentle squeeze. She broke the kiss, leaving her face close to mine. “I love your hands, Shepard,” she breathed.

I kissed her again as she started to grind herself against the erection now under my towel. All she needed to do was move that… which she did, lifting herself up and slowly lowering herself down on my cock. “Couldn’t resist?” I asked softly.

“Never,” she whispered back, kissing me again as she slowly started to ride me. I lifted myself up, taking her with me, taking her to the bed, laying her down, where we made love. She lifted her knees right back, moaning as I seemed to get even deeper inside her, both arms around me, fingers pressing into my back with each gentle thrust.

Grabbing a pillow, I slid that under her arse, changing the angle, something I knew would work once I upped the tempo. That’s when she cried out, now really digging her fingers into me, moving her legs so they were now resting around me. “Fuck me,” she asked quietly.

“You’re beautiful,” I said quietly, earning another of those wonderful smiles.

“God, I love your cock, Shepard,” she cried softly, “I’m so close already…”

I leaned down to kiss her as I upped the tempo, feeling her whimper into my mouth as both her hands rested on the back of my head, breaking the kiss. “God, fuck me, Shepard,” she shouted, “Harder. Faster. Just…” I don’t think she could tell me in the right words what she quite wanted.

I only knew she was enjoying an orgasm when I felt her start to squeeze my cock, her legs wrapping tighter as she moaned. That’s when I really started to drive into her, neither of us really concentrating on anything except our orgasms by now. Kelly was shuddering underneath me, moaning and giggling at once, as I simply kept going until I finally felt that sweet release inside her, pumping until I simply couldn’t keep going, stopping deep inside her as I looked down at her. She immediately raised her lips to mine, kissing me deep once again, and despite the orgasms, I managed to restart for a little longer at least.

I finally had to pull out and roll off her though, looking at the stars twinkling in the distance through the hole in the roof. Kelly rolled onto her side, resting her chin on my chest as I ran my fingers through her hair, watching her eyes close as I did. She leaned forward to kiss me, then with somewhat unsteady legs, got up and walked away to grab her clothes. I chuckled as she tried putting on her panties, taking at least three attempts before she finally managed to slide them up. “These are going to need a good wash later. I’ll be leaking cum all night.”

“You know, if I didn’t know you any better, Kelly, I would feel a little used by now. Come up for a shower, fuck me, then go.”

“Are you complaining?”

“Definitely not.”

“Besides, you’re obviously going to be fucking Liara later. Now you’ll last a little longer. I’ve just done you and her a favour.”

“Kelly, are you sure…”

She walked over, still topless, and leaned down to kiss me. “Shepard, don’t you even dare start questioning all of this. If a woman can admit to actually loving you and accept it, I can damn well accept it as well. All I know is that, when we leave here tomorrow, I get you nearly all to myself for a little while. The only person I might have to consider is Jack, but I know anything you share with her is… different.”

“It will barely be considered occasional, Kelly. I’m not that attracted to her but… there is something about her that is… intoxicating. I look at her and think, maybe if Anderson hadn’t come into my life, I could have ended up down the road she’s travelled. Perhaps not to the extremes but I have been left thinking.”

She was dressed by now, just putting on her shoes. “Shepard, I’ll be honest. I think they could write entire textbooks about Jack and barely scratch the surface of her issues. She’s dangerous, violent, unstable, and a list of other words to categorise someone psychotic. All the bluster is a mere shield. There are two identities that lurk underneath; one is the person that has shown on occasion. The other? I think there’s a scared little girl under it all that she keeps hidden away, and I don’t think anyone has seen that side of her.” She got up and walked towards me, leaning down for a last kiss. “You should probably have another shower before you leave, otherwise when she sucks your cock, she’s going to taste my pussy.”

“Maybe I want her to taste it?”

That made her laugh. “Well, I’ve heard stories about those last few months on your old ship, Shepard. Trust me, nothing you tell me would shock me.” She kissed me again. “Have fun and I’ll see you in the morning.”

“When we leave, you’re staying with me until our next port of call.”

That made her smile, earned me another kiss, and I watched her walk away. She glanced back once before disappearing. I headed back to the bathroom for another shower, dressed in my usual clothes of jeans, shirt and jacket, as I didn’t think Liara was thinking of taking me anywhere, and I headed out. Liara had sent me the address of her apartment, so I hailed a cab and was driven into one of the most affluent areas of Nos Astra by appearances alone. Some of the mansions must have cost millions. Even the apartment tower Liara lived in was exquisite and I was left thinking each apartment took up an entire floor.

I found the floor on which she was on and rode the elevator high, the glass walls allowing an unobstructed view of the city. The elevator didn’t open directly onto the floor. There was a small entrance hall and a door, and a doorbell to the side. I heard it chime inside, and the door was opened by a… green asari. Who promptly burst into tears as she whispered my name before I was wrapped in the tightest brace imaginable. I returned the hug but I had barely a chance to recognise who it was. Only when there was silence did she lean back so I could look at her face. The faint markings were memorable and I couldn’t help smile for a moment. “Shiala?” She nodded, tears running down her cheeks, leaning forward to kiss me immediately. I returned it briefly before I had to say, “You’re green. Why are you green?”

She laughed and sobbed at the same time. “Long story,” she choked out before she ran a hand down my face, “It’s really you? You’re really here?”

“Yeah, I’m here. I had no idea you were here though.”

“It was a surprise,” she said, shuddering breaths between nearly every word, “I’ve been on Illium for a few days. Long story, as I said.”

I hugged her again, Liara appearing behind her, smile on her lips, no doubt pleased that she’d managed to surprise me. I just mouthed ‘thank you’ in her direction before I proved my strength again by picking Shiala up in my arms and carried her inside. Liara directed me to a lounge where I could gently place her down. “Wow, you’re stronger than I remember,” Shiala stated.

“Cerberus upgrade,” I muttered. I was sure she would have known about my story by now. Liara approached and I gave her a hug too. “You kept that well-hidden,” I added as I sat next to Shiala, Liara sitting next to me.

“It was a slight ruse on my part,” she admitted, “I knew you would be coming. Shiala is a regular visitor. I’m helping her deal with some arseholes who have taken advantage of the health situation regards the colonists on Feros. The biotics we left there are also having concerns of their own. The usual problems human biotics have with the early implants.”

“Is that why you’re green, Shiala?”

She was busy wiping her cheeks but managed to nod. “It’s all to do with the Thorian. We’re all links telepathically now, but also suffering health problems. Nothing lethal but the treatment we need is expensive, and the contract we signed… well, it’s leaving us worse off than ever.”

“So I’m helping her,” Liara stated, “Should only take a little more negotiation and the colonists will get the help they need and deserve.”

“Liara has been a great help ever since… you know…” Shiala couldn’t even finish the sentence, instead just leaning into me. I wrapped an arm around her, giving her a gentle squeeze. “The last two years have been awful. Well, except for Liara. She’s been a rock.”

“Not all the time,” Liara said, leaning into me too, so I wrapped an arm around her. “But the work has kept me occupied.” I kissed her on the cheek, before doing the same to Shiala. “Are you hungry, Shepard?”

“I could definitely go for something to eat.”

“I’ll just order some food in. You don’t mind asari food?”

“Gianna and I had some last night. It’s good stuff. Different, but it seems the base taste of everything across the galaxy is chicken.”

Liara opened her omni-tool and started to order, getting up and leaving me with Shiala. I eventually lifted her up so she could straddle my lap, no surprise she simply wrapped her arms around me tight and rested her head on my chest. I kissed her forehead and simply stroked her back over her shirt. She sighed and I felt her relax. “I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered.

“I’m sorry, Shiala. I’ve said that to nearly everyone.”

“It wasn’t your fault, Shepard. And at least you’re back. Two years later, but at least you’re back.” She leaned back and I met her eyes. She smiled before leaning forward, our kiss soft at first, almost hesitant, before she opened her mouth, deepening the kiss, breathing out our noses as I pulled her tighter. We pulled apart slowly, resting our foreheads against each other. “Okay, now I know it’s real because my heart is beating like crazy.”

“We’ll eat first, Shiala. We’ve got all night after that,” Liara stated. We both looked her way as she just laughed at us. “Trust me, Shepard, your last night on Illium is going to be a lot of fun.”

“When do you have to leave, Shiala?”

“I’d love to go with you, but I need to stay here then head straight back to Feros. Otherwise, you know I’d be with you in an instant, Cerberus or not.”

“Sounds like you’re their leader now.”

“Fai Dan… he still lives but he’s very sick. What happened took a lot out of him. We think he’ll see out this year, but after that, I think it’ll be day by day.”

“If I get there to see him, I will.”

“He’s like that.”

Shiala slid off my lap, sitting next to me, only for Liara sit on my lap and enjoy a little kiss with me as well. She’d definitely changed from the shy, young asari I’d met on Therum as she was already rather excited, breaking the kiss and actually leaning over to kiss Shiala at the same time before looking back at me with a smirk. “We’ve already fucked, if you’re wondering.”

Shiala scoffed. “I think he’d know that. Didn’t you already tell him he’s the only dick you’ve had? Real dick, anyway.”

“Ah, yes,” Liara then looked at me, “We have a plan for tonight, Shepard. Obviously, you’re going to fuck us both, I hope?”

“God yes.”

“Good. Then we might have to show you a little something and have a lot more fun.”

I glanced at Shiala. “Liara has really come out of her shell, hasn’t she?”

“Shepard, every time I’m here, I spend half my time naked in her bed. I’m fairly sure I’m not the only asari either.”

I glanced at Liara, who shrugged. “I might not have been with other men but I’m not going to live like a hermit.” She suddenly looked unsure. “You don’t…”

I put a finger to her lips. “One, I was dead. Two, I don’t own you. Three, I fuck other women.” Still, she sighed with relief and leaned down against chest, wrapping my left arm around her, pulling Shiala tighter with my right. “Well, at least I have my two favourite asari in the galaxy with me again.”

“I let Mother know you were here, Shepard. She’s heard of your return. She’s very jealous she’s not here tonight.”

“How is she?”

“Better. Since Sovereign’s destruction, the voices plaguing her mind slowly disappeared. I was worried she’d be left a mindless husk, so once we were sure, I melded with her and was able to restore parts of her mind that were empty. She not suffered any problems, from what she’s told me anyway. I just worry for if or when the Reapers return, if she will be susceptible.”

“We’ll make sure she’s looking after.”

The doorbell rang, Liara getting off my lap, joking she should strip off and surprise the delivery woman, as it would likely be an asari. She didn’t though, Shiala and I getting up and heading to the dining room. Liara brought out everything we needed from the kitchen, including some asari wine, which wasn’t as alcoholic as wine from Earth and far fruitier. We ate and drank, talked and laugh, plenty of reminiscing of our time before I died. Both of them shed a tear or two at times, but overall, the sound was one of laughter as we ate all the food, drank all the wine, then Liara bluntly stated that she wanted to fuck.

That’s how the three of us ended up in her bedroom, surprised that I was undressed first, rather rapidly, before we helped Shiala strip off, Liara next to end up naked. The two then dropped to their knees and shared the responsibility of sucking my cock. Having one of them would have been great. The two of them doing it was even better. And both were far more talented than I remember, particularly Liara, who managed to swallow my entire length easily, really getting into it. Shiala could do the same, but she certainly let Liara take control.

I warned Liara I was close, Shiala sitting back as she refused to stop until I’d cum in her mouth. I groaned loudly when I did, Liara moaning as I emptied myself. Once she was sure I was finished, she leaned back and opened her mouth, watching cum dribble down her chin, before she turned to Shiala, watching them make out. “My god,” I murmured. I’d never seen either of them do anything like that before. They broke apart and both looked up at me and grinned.

“Just as nice as I remember, Shepard,” Liara stated.

“Next time, I’m taking it first,” Shiala added.

I looked up at the ceiling. “Dear Lord, I know I don’t particularly believe in you, but I will thank you for these two beautiful asari.”

Both of them giggled as they stood up, Liara taking Shiala by the end, gently laying her down on the bed, the green asari scooting back, turning so she could face me, spreading her legs to show her bald pussy. And it was clear she was excited. “I think you should make her cum, Shepard. While you’re doing that, she’s going to make me cum.”

“Oh, I do love it when you sit on my face, Liara,” Shiala stated.

“Oh, really?”

“Liara is a little bossy nowadays,” Shiala replied, “I do like it quite a bit.”

So while I got to work on Shiala, I watched as Liara lowered her pussy to the waiting mouth of Shiala. Honestly, watching that rather distracted me from what I was doing, and I was hard again quite quickly as well. I finally just lowered my eyes and concentrated on Shiala, savouring her taste once again, and letting her know how much I enjoyed it. She couldn’t reply, busy as she was pleasing Liara, who was making the sort of noises that suggested Shiala was proving to be rather talented herself.

Liara enjoyed an orgasm first, really riding Shiala’s face hard. “Fuck yes, Shiala,” she cried, “Goddess, your tongue is so talented. I’ve taught you to eat my pussy so well.” She said with such authority, I think my cock got even harder. “Now you’re going to make me cum again. Do you want to do that?” Shiala could barely reply as she was now close to her own orgasm, so Liara distracted her by almost forcing her to eat her out. Shiala eventually cried out, her body shuddering as she came, keeping my hands on her thighs to stop them from slamming shut. “Don’t stop, Shepard. Keep eating that pussy.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Oh, I definitely liked this new Liara. Damn, I didn’t know she could be so bossy.

I eventually brought Shiala to orgasm three times before I stopped, watching Liara just keep riding her face before she eventually turned around and lowered her mouth, eating out Shiala to return the favour. I’d seen them do it before, long ago, but there was a new dynamic to their relationship. Before, it had been one of almost equals. Now, it was obvious Liara was in charge, and it seemed Shiala was happy to go along with it.

Liara eventually fell onto the bed alongside her, both of them giggling as they breathed rapidly after their exertions. I shuffled closer to Shiala, kissing her softly on the lips. “I can taste Liara.”

“She is very talented with that tongue of hers,” Liara stated, turning around so she was lying the same was the us. “Shepard, do you mind if I tell you our idea now?”

“No. What have you got planned?”

“First, you’re just going to fuck me like before, though this time, I just want to ride you, Shepard. Is that okay?” I chuckled, so that was her answer. “Then, obviously, you can enjoy some time with Shiala alone. After that is when it might be fun.”

“Oh, now I am intrigued.”

“I’ll show you.” She rolled over and opened a drawer next to the bed, eventually rolling back to show me what she’d grabbed. I laughed as I actually should have expected it. “Before you ask, I actually bought this a long time ago but I’ve never used it with Shiala. Only with other asari I’ve met.”

“And your plan is…?” I asked, actually feeling slightly concerned.

“No, it’s not going up your arse, Shepard, so don’t worry.” She glanced at Shiala. “It’s going up hers. We’ll double penetrate her.”

I looked at Shiala, definitely wide eyed, before back to Liara. “You’re serious?”

“It was my idea,” Shiala admitted, “Liara and I were talking and she told me about the toy she used with others. I liked the idea, and once she told me you were back, I immediately suggested it.”

“This is for later, Shepard. The piece de resistance, as they say.”

Shiala rolled away as Liara could see I was hard and ready to go, letting me get comfortable before she simply straddled my lap, slid down my cock, and started to ride. She was enjoying herself immediately watching her breasts sway as she bounced up and down. “Just as great as I remember, Shepard. Goddess, I’ve missed you cock so much,” she cried softly. I reached up to fondle her breasts, earning a smile. “And I remember you loved them as well.”

“Perfect, Liara,” I said as she lowered herself down so I could use my mouth instead. She wasted little time really driving herself down, almost in a rush to have an orgasm. Not that I minded, as I assumed she wanted more than one. I moved from one breast to the other before I kissed her hard, running a hand down her back towards her arse, giving her tight little hole as tickle.

“I remember the last time you fucked me there, Shepard. I was so nervous.”

“And now?”

“Next time you’re here, I want you in charge of me. Do what you want.”

I couldn’t help grin. “I love the new Liara.”

“I’ve had to harden myself due to the life,” she said, before needing to stop, closing her eyes and releasing a cry, “Goddess, Shepard,” she moaned, “I’ve missed your cock so much. The things it does to me…” I kissed her again before she needed to break off, sitting back though grabbing my hands for balance. Shiala sat up and took one of her breasts in her mouth, using a hand to fondle her clit at the same time. That was far too much for Liara, feeling her squeeze me tight, the universal sign that she was going to cum, and when it hit, she seemed to shake and shudder almost like having a seizure. Whatever she tried to say was basically unintelligible, but once it passed, she leaned forward and seemed to ride me even harder. Reaching down to grab her firm arse, she said, “Fuck me hard.”

I did just that, making her cry out as she leaned up to hold onto the headboard. I fucked her as hard as I could straight away. I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon but I wanted her to have another orgasm. Shiala then got into position behind her and definitely started to do something as Liara moaned louder, glancing back. “Put two in Shiala,” she instructed.

Liara came again a couple of minutes later, my cock in her cunt and Shiala’s fingers in her arse. And she simply couldn’t go on after that, immediately lowering her body so she rested on my chest. Wrapping my arms around her, she pressed her legs tight against my body, squeezing me with her arms. And then she cried. Shiala immediately cuddled into us. She didn’t wail but the shaking and small sobs were enough.

Eventually, she lifted her head to look at me, lifting a hand to wipe her cheeks dry. “Well, big night so far,” I said softly.

“I just really needed that, Shepard. The office was fun earlier but I needed that, to really feel you inside me again and give me an intense orgasm. Two was more than enough though, otherwise I’d be nothing but an emotional wreck the rest of the night.”

She immediately slid off me, occasionally shaking as she cuddled into me. Shiala looked ready to go straight away but gave me a couple of minutes to calm down, perhaps thinking if we started immediately, I’d cum quickly.

When I finally entered Shiala, it was completely different. We definitely made what I would call love, the kissing affection, passionate, but soft and tender, her hands and fingers never leaving my face or body, and it remained slow until we needed to feel a release. It was no surprise when she said quite quickly that she loved me. She’d told me before I had died. Liara had known, as had Benezia, Ashley, Tali, everyone else. I had loved her then, I loved her even now, but I’d already shared my feelings for Gianna. I didn’t really know if I should say those words again so soon to someone else. I didn’t think you could only love one person, I knew such notions were outdated rubbish. Think of all the people you may love during a lifetime. Asari loved many people during theirs. I saw no problem with loving more than one person at once. But I couldn’t say it yet.

But we definitely made love, her legs around me tight as I did finally cum inside her. Neither had offered or chosen to meld with me that night so far. Perhaps they didn’t want to, or perhaps they just wanted to enjoy the physical act. I didn’t mind either way. They’d melded with me before during love-making. Liara had done it earlier that day, but I could understand why Shiala was hesitant. I stayed inside her, continuing to make out, before I needed to pull out and relax. We both sat up as Liara disappeared, returning with another bottle of asari wine that we just swigged straight from it.

“What time do you need to leave tomorrow morning?” Liara asked.

“I won’t be leaving before midday, ship time. I will want to make one last stop here before I do board.”


“I just need to say goodbye. She probably won’t like it, but I can’t leave without doing it.”

“Do you know when you might be back? To Illium, I mean.”

“No idea, to be honest. I’m sure I’ll have another couple of recruits. Then it’s about finding the Collectors. But the mission isn’t straightforward like it was with Saren, where I had clearly defined objectives. The Collectors pop up then disappear too quickly, so they’re hard to track.”

“Will you return before you go through the Omega Four?”

I met her eyes and I didn’t need to ask why. “Yes, I’ll make sure I return.”

“Good. I’ll make sure Shiala is here again.”

We drank at least half the bottle before we began to make out again, and eventually Shiala ended up on her back, Liara between her legs as Shiala quite happily blew me. She joked about tasting herself on my cock, but I’m sure she would have been eager for me to cum in her mouth this time. But while Liara was pleasing her, it was simply to get us all excited. Eventually she reached for the strap on, the dildo a little small than my own cock, and unlike mine, it wouldn’t cum in the end. Liara was nothing but prepared, as she also had lube. “Okay, Shepard. Do you want to fuck her arse or not?”

“Honestly, you know I’m not fussed either way. Do you want to?”

“Absolutely.” I looked at Shiala and I had a feeling they’d probably done it before as she looked rather happy by the idea.

So I lay down, Shiala straddling my lap and lowering herself down on my cock. Liara lowered her mouth, and while Shiala slowly rode me, Liara ate out her arse. “Feel good?” I asked.

“Liara is very talented, Shepard.”

Her tongue was quickly replaced by lube, which made Shiala giggled, before her fingers got to work. She soon had at least three pumping into her arse as I barely moved, Shiala riding me ever so slowly, thankful that I wasn’t going to cum anytime soon. Liara then moved slightly, showing me the lubed up cock she would soon have inside Shiala’s arse.

“Okay, stop for a second,” Liara asked. Shiala buried my cock inside her, leaning down and kissing me as Liara took her time sliding her strap on into Shiala. She broke the kiss and gasped when it seemed to slide in, and then she moaned as more and more until Liara stated she was all the way in.

Liara and I then got to work on fucking Shiala, and to put it simply, she loved every second of it, soon moaning and squealing as we slowly but surely upped the tempo. I eventually established a steady rhythm but Liara was soon really fucking her arse, definitely getting off on it herself. I glanced past Shaila and could see Liara was actually rather turned on. “There’s two small ones in me vibrating,” she groaned, “One in my pussy, one in my arse.”

“Technology today,” I stated with a chuckle. Liara giggled, her hands digging into the hips of Shiala even together, her face one of concentration.

Shiala came hard soon afterwards and almost stopped moving. There was a loud slap as Liara said, “Don’t stop. You will cum again and again until I say no more.”

Shiala then looked at me in the eyes. “Harder, Shepard,” she begged.

She was serious so that’s what I did. Soon, Liara and I must have been fucking her as hard as we both could. The noises Shiala was making suggested she loved every single second. I would glance to see Liara, her body glistening with sweat, her breasts swaying. I think she’d enjoyed an orgasm of her own at once stage from the small toys inside her. Eventually she started to slow down, admitting she was a little worn out. Shiala was now exhausted herself, but still going until Liara leaned down, kissing down her back before she kissed her cheek. “Enjoy it, my love?” she asked quietly.

“Every second,” Shiala whispered back.

I must have looked slightly surprised as Liara met my eyes. “Is it really that big a shock?”

Actually, it wasn’t, so that’s what I said. “I didn’t want to say anything in the office earlier, and I kept it hidden as we melded. I didn’t know how you’d react.”

“What, the fact you’ve fallen in love during the two years I’ve been gone? Think that would be rather selfish of a dead man, to get jealous.”

Shiala kissed me as Liara eventually pulled out, sitting cross-legged next to us as Shiala lowered herself down my body, kissing as she went, before taking my cock in her mouth. I knew what she wanted and I groaned loudly when I came a couple of minutes later. All Shiala did was look at Liara, open her mouth then close it, making a satisfied sound before she giggling to herself.

After all that fun, the one thing we needed was a wash and the bathroom is Liara’s apartment was not only enormous, but was fit for a queen. The shower cubicle alone could have fit a dozen people, with three shower heads! That meant we got one each though that didn’t stop plenty of playful kissing and touching as we washed.

Back in bed, I had the luxury of one asari to either side of me, both cuddling into me as Liara asked for the lights to be turned off. Shiala was asleep rather quickly, feeling Liara run a hand up and down my chest. “Shepard, thank you for being so understanding about everything. I know you weren’t here, but some of it must still be a shock.”

“Life moves on, Liara. I learned that within a couple of days of waking. Trust me, all is well in my world.”

“Shepard,” she said softly, using a finger to turn my face towards her, “I still love you too.”

“I know, Liara. I sensed that when we melded.”

“Okay, just in case you thought… I don’t know, I’d stopped.”

“I think the fact you went to all that trouble to find me and make sure I was brought back would suggest you never stopped. But I’m also glad you found happiness with Shiala while I was gone. You’re good for each other.”

“It wasn’t unexpected?”

“No. You were intimate while on the old Normandy. Without me here, a full blown romance blossoming isn’t a surprise at all.”

Liara leaned close to my ear. “She would choose you over me, Shepard.”


“I’m just being honest, Shepard. We meld and I can read her because she doesn’t hide it from me. She is not embarrassed about her feelings and nor should she be.”

“What about you?”

“We’ll always have a connection, Shepard. And you’ll always have a piece of my heart, long after you are gone next time. Which I hope is a long time from now.”

“Fingers crossed.”

She settled down and feel asleep before me. Waking up the next morning, the two had barely moved. I managed to move my arm to check the time, glad to see I had a few hours before departure. The pair of them eventually stirred, sharing a kiss with both before we got up and I dressed. Liara had food in for breakfast, and we sat around the table as Liara had to concentrate on work. I had a feeling she had put everything on silent the night before. Shiala sat with a mug of tea and watched with a smirk, and I was left thinking it was nothing out of the ordinary.

I couldn’t stay forever, and I did tell them I had to leave as I had one stop to make before boarding the Normandy. Hugging them both at the door, I kissed both before assuring them I would be back before going through the Omega Four. No tears this time. After the night we’d shared, there were only smiles and giggles, suggestions for what we might do next time, even suggestions for who we might even invite. I would leave that to them. After another final kiss with both, I wished them well and headed to the elevator.

Catching a cab, I headed straight for Gianna’s office, checking the time to see she would be in the office. Strolling through the door, she looked up from her desk, slight surprised following by an enormous grin, and then she practically sprinted and jumped into my arms. I hugged her tightly before we shared a long kiss. “I didn’t think…”

“Just had to see you before I go.” That earned another of those smiles that lit up her face, which immediately made me feel like a complete arsehole at times. But I hugged her to me, feeling her arms around me in return, and we simply held each other in silence. She didn’t need to ask what I was doing. All she wanted was my safe return, and I’d ensure I would in the end. “I’ll message you every day.”

“You will?”

“Even if the only thing I write is that I’ve been on the ship all day, bored out of my brain.”

“I’ll send you stories of my day instead. Keep you entertained.” She leaned forward, lowering her face. “Perhaps I could send you one or two other things as well.”

“Definitely,” I whispered back.

I kissed her again before I knew I really had to go. I didn’t really want to go, and she could sense that, so grabbed my hand and escorted me to the door. She hugged me one final time. “I love you,” she said softly.

“And I love you, even though I have a weird way of showing it sometimes.”

“You need to stop worrying. You love me, that’s all I need to know.” She leaned back slightly. “You didn’t say it before. You said it back this time. That’s how I know you mean it and how much I do mean to you.” One final kiss before she added, “And now you’d better go, otherwise I won’t let you go, and then you won’t finish your mission.”

“I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“And I’ll be waiting for you. Just be safe, Shepard. And save the day like you normally do.”

“I’ll do my best.”

I turned and wandered out, glancing back to see her smile before she closed the door. Walking back to the Normandy, I definitely grinned and chuckled to myself at the day I’d had yesterday. Honestly, it was all a little ridiculous at times but I certainly wasn’t going to complain about it.

Boarding the Normandy, I told Joker to disengage and to have us away in half an hour’s time, and that I’d let him know our next destination by the end of the day. Other than that, it was back to work, walking to my terminal, Kelly already at her own, letting me know I had new messages from the Illusive Man. I would have groaned, but after the day and night before, I was in a good move and not even him annoying me was going to bring me down.

Then I received a new message from Miranda. It was another dossier for a recruit and for a person I simply did not expect at all. All that did was cause my grin to broaden even more.

We were definitely getting the old band back together.