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Mass Effect: A Hero Rises

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I was left with the feeling that Benezia wished we had killed her instead of taking her prisoner. I was willing to simply drop her off on the Citadel, but Councillor Tevos insisted they wanted nothing to do with her. When suggesting I take her to Thessia, it was suggested in return that probably wouldn’t be a good idea. I wasn’t sure the asari still practiced capital punishment, but from the sounds of it, her alliance to Saren was well known and quite a few wanted to make her an example. Showing up with Benezia would also lead to accusations against myself and my team. After conversing with Liara, we decided that we’d keep her with us and see if time away from Saren and his ship would help. I didn’t think it would but Liara was more hopeful.

By now, we’d moved Benezia up to the med-bay to continue her recovery from the fact I’d shot her a couple of times. She was restrained at all times, and didn’t really make any complaints. If I was honest, it seemed the fight had gone out of her. I spoke to her alone once or twice, trying to gain an insight into Saren’s mind. It was obvious he was a raving lunatic by now, and Benezia was unbelievably arrogant in how she thought she could deal with him.

It wasn’t a surprise she knew nearly everything about me. I thought she would try and fuck with my mind, question myself, but she just let it be known that if she knew everything, then Saren certainly did too. One question did amuse me though. “Have you fucked my daughter, Commander?” she asked during one session. I heard Chakwas stifle a laugh behind me.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but no, I haven’t.”

“Why not? She’s clearly interested in you.”

“There has been some flirting but there hasn’t really been an opportunity.”

She laughed. “Goddess, all you need is ten minutes and a room with a modicum of privacy. Don’t even need a bed. Just bend her over a desk and have your way with her.”

I couldn’t help chuckle. “Are you seriously suggesting I should just fuck your daughter like some… well, whore?”

“It’s obvious she’s rather uptight about things, particularly in regards to me. I think she needs it to release some of the stress she’s feeling.”

“It’s not my position to say, but you do know she’s…”

“A virgin? Yes, that comes as no real surprise. Always had her nose in books or hands buried in dirt. While most her age are out exploring the galaxy as mercenaries or commandos, and definitely fucking anything that moved, my daughter has always been… different. I guess it’s a good thing in some ways.”

“Look, I remember my first time. It wasn’t that memorable. If I was to be her first…”

That made her laugh. “Goddess, you want it to be romantic or something? Get your head out of the clouds, Commander. It’s just sex.”

I leaned back in my chair, and thought I’d attempt a retort. “Saren ever fuck you?”

That made her face fall, though she shook her head. “No. I may have been a slave to his desires, but he is past needing any sort of physical release. We may have followed his word, but it’s clear the ship influences him as much as he and the ship influence his followers.”

“You still hear his whispers?”

She nodded. “Still wish you killed me half the time. That part of my mind I blocked off does help, but it’s a constant struggle.”

“Anything we can do to help?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t know much about the indoctrination process. My only suggestion would be destroying that ship of his. Perhaps that will free my mind from his whispers.”

“I’m still not sure what to do with you otherwise. Effectively, you might have to remain our prisoner until that time, for your safety and ours.”

“Will you eventually release me from these cuffs?"

“Possibly. It will depend on how you behave.”

“That is fair, Commander.” Then she smirked. “Could always leave them on for a particular reason or two.”

I could help chuckle at her tone. “Now, now, Benezia, you were suggesting I fuck your daughter just a few minutes ago.”

“Well, I am cuffed here, rather helpless, and I’ve never been with a human before. Considering all the shit currently going on in my head, you might just be a welcome distraction.”

I rose to my feet. “I’ll see you later, Benezia.” I paused before adding, “Keep that attitude up and you’ll find yourself released sooner rather than later. If you want, you can bunk with your daughter. She’ll keep you in line.”

“She has certainly grown since I last saw her.”

“When did you last?”

I noticed her look away. “Too long ago,” she replied quietly, “It is a deep regret.”

“Now would be the perfect time to reconnect.”

“It is one of the very few reasons why I am glad you let me live, Commander.”

Heading back out into the mess, no-one was around so I headed back to my quarters, ready to simply lie back on my bed and catch up on some sleep. Noveria had been a wild ride, quite frankly amazed that we’d all survived. Though I was adamant at the time about releasing the rachni queen, I did wonder if that would eventually come back to bite me in the arse. Wrex and his warnings still echoed in my head, and the krogan knew a thing or two about fighting them. I guess it was a case of wait and see what happened.

Wrex had to admit that he was enjoying life on the Normandy. Sure, Shepard’s decision regarding the rachni was one he was still trying to wrap his head around, but in the end, like his own people, it was no longer his problem. He would simply serve alongside Shepard, kill geth, rachni or whatever else they happened to find, and in the end, they’d kill Saren, end the menace, then he’d piss off and continue to do his own thing.

Shepard was busy talking to Garrus by the Mako, and he was waiting for the Commander to head over and have his usual chat with him. They’d talked about numerous topics, and it pleased him that Shepard was interested to know more about his species, as barely anyone cared about the krogan or their plight. The only people who the other species cared less about was perhaps the quarians, but at least they didn’t have the genophage put upon them.

Alenko was chatting away with Ashley nearby, the human giving him the eye every so often. Wrex was left feeling he might have to nip the entire thing in the bud soon enough. He thoroughly enjoyed himself with Alenko, and the human had a very high sex drive, and a high pain threshold, but he could see the human was starting to… like him. Not love, it would never be that but… He was only looking at a physical release, and like a lot of males from any species, except those weird salarians, he loved to fuck.

His eyes fell on Shepard, watching his hand rest on the shoulder of Garrus, the pair exchanging a nod and quiet words, and it looked like Garrus had got something off his chest, as there was definitely a sigh of relief as the turian turned around to resume his work on the Mako. Shepard headed towards him, but simply to say hello before he approached Alenko, grabbing the Lieutenant and the pair headed towards the elevator.

A few minutes later, he noticed Tali poke her head out from engineering, appearing to check for something or someone, before she walked across the garage to Ashley. The two then seemed to talk quietly, and he felt eyes fall on him. If anything, the human female seemed to grin then even burst out laughing at whatever Tali had to say. Wondering what was up, the pair then approached him.

Tali ran a hand down his arm. “Hi, Wrex.”

“Hello, little one.”

“So, I was just wondering… Are you busy right now?”

That made him laugh, but her voice was dripping with innuendo. “Tali, I spend most of my day standing around doing nothing if I’m not off the ship killing things.”

Ashley moved to his other side. “So, Wrex, Tali has been sharing one or two things that, I’ll admit, intrigue me.”

He cast her with a curious eye. “Thought you hated us?”

“No. If you listened to what I said, I was simply concerned about security regarding the secrecy of this ship. Shepard can recruit whoever he wants.”

He looked between the pair of them. “So what do you want?”

Tali grabbed him by the hand and led him off, Ashley falling in alongside. Ending up in the same room as before, the door was closed and locked, and this time Tali keyed her omni-tool, reporting that any cameras inside the room would now be off. He stood before them, appreciating the fact they both had to look up at him.

“Okay, what’s going on?” he wondered.

“Can you get it out again?” Tali asked.

He couldn’t help chuckle. “For what reason?”

“I want to play with it. And Ashley wants to see it too.”

He looked at Ashley. “For real?”

The human nodded eagerly. “Two reasons, Wrex. One, Shepard and I have flirted but he hasn’t made a move, and I’m really fucking horny. Two, Tali tells me you have a massive cock.”

“He does,” Tali stated, getting down onto her knees, looking at him, “Please, Wrex.”

“You know if we do this, it crosses a line.” She nodded as he looked at Ashley. “And you? Want to be fucked by an alien?”

“If you’re packing what Tali says you are, I’m willing to give it a damned good go.”

Wrex had to admit he’d never had such good luck before. So he had to take off parts of his armour, the women cooing over his muscles. Krogan were built quite differently to any other species in the galaxy. Their world made them hard, and he’d spent hundreds of years fighting. He was nothing but scars and muscle.

Whipping out his cock, he heard Ashley gasp as Tali’s hands went into her pockets, retrieving a bottle of what looked like lube. She poured a little onto his cock, and it felt rather warm, before she started to use both hands to get him hard. Once he was, Ashley couldn’t help but gasp. “Holy shit!”

He looked down and shrugged. “Well, there are reasons why, mostly to do with our females. Mating can be a difficult process.” Tali was now using both hands to basically jerk him off, Ashley getting down onto her knees and sitting alongside the quarian. He couldn’t help chuckle. “So what do you plan, ladies?”

“I want to make you cum, Wrex,” Tali replied. That definitely surprised him. “Then I want to see you fuck Ashley.”

“Whoa, hold on a minute,” he started to say before he looked at Ashley, who looked up at him and nodded. “Seriously?”

“I need to be fucked, Wrex. Alenko is out. I’ve heard about turian dicks before. And though interested, Shepard is either hesitating or… I don’t know. And this thing you’re packing with definitely do the job.”

“I’m not sure you can…”

“I’ll use some of that lube.” When her mouth lowered to his cock, seeing her run her tongue alongside his shaft, his eyes definitely widened in surprise. “Trust me, I’ll be nice and wet by the time you’re ready.”

“I’m ready now.”

“Cum for Tali first, then you can fuck me.”

Shrugging his shoulders, he focused on the little quarian now on her knees, both hands jerking his shaft. She quickly got a good rhythm going and could only assume she’d done some reading, noticing her eyes behind the mask always looking up at him. “Didn’t think this would happen,” he stated.

“I’ve been thinking about it all the time since I first saw it,” Tali admitted.

“Keep going. It won’t take long. Where do you want it?”

“Well, you do cum a lot so… Well, on my mask and it can just drip down onto my suit. I can clean up later.”

Ashley had started to strip off by now, and Wrex couldn’t help appreciate the skin now on show. Rather pale but she had average breasts for a human female, an athletic tone to her body, and some hair above her sex. When she stood up, she definitely had a nice pair of legs, amazed when she kneeled back down and started to use her tongue on him. That sent his senses into overdrive.

“Don’t know what I’ve done to deserve this,” he muttered.

“You going to cum soon?” Tali asked.


He wasn’t used to this sort of attention. Before Alenko started to show any sort of interest, he usually paid for sex. Well, that was a lie. Not usually, he always paid for sex, but certainly spent credits on more than a couple of asari at a time. Now he had a quarian and a human on their knees before him, and if it wasn’t for the suit, he was left thinking Tali would want to be fucked by him too.

He groaned loudly as he finally felt the unstoppable surge, warning her he was about to cum before he unloaded all over her mask. He drenched it completely, leaving long streaks dripping down onto her suit. She squealed with delight as his cock throbbed in her hands, muttering about how much he came. Looking at Ashley, she was rather surprised by the volume too.

When he was finally empty, Tali kept stroking him until he had to ask her to stop, simply to give him a moment to recover. She turned to Ashley. “How do I look?”

“Well, part of me is kind of glad it isn’t your face, Tali, otherwise you’d be a real mess.”

“I really need to get out of this suit and be properly fucked.”

“By who though?”

“Right now, I’ll take anyone within reason. I think Wrex would probably tear me apart.”

“I’d be as gentle as possible, little one.”

“I know, but while I liked doing this… you know…”

“Well, I don’t know what Shepard wants, which is why I’m down here right now,” Ashley said, looking up at Wrex, “You’re still pretty hard too.”

“Oh, I can continue straight away if you’re ready.”

He watched Ashley stand up and move over to the table, sitting down on it and spreading her legs wide, sitting right by the edge of the table. He noticed she was wet, her pussy looking rather red having fondled herself as she’d watched Tali pleasure him. Tali stepped forward and appeared interested. “You can touch me if you want, Tali.”

“Are you sure?” Ashley nodded, and Tali ran a gloved hand down her body, over her breasts, down her stomach, before finally touching her sex. Ashley gasped at her touch. “Never been with a woman,” the human admitted.

“The female form has always fascinated me,” Tali whispered.

Tali continued to fondle her and it was obviously turning Ashley on. “Put a finger in me,” she finally whispered.

“Are you sure?” Ashley bit her lip and nodded as Tali gently slid a finger inside her. “Oh my,” Ashley muttered, “That’s just one finger?”

Tali giggled. “Well, we are different in many ways.”

Wrex moved to stand behind Tali, watching as Tali gently slid her finger in and out of Ashley. He had to admit the sight was rather erotic but also incredibly tender. Different to what was going to happen when he had his go. Ashley pulled Tali a little closer, resting her head against her mask, his cum having now dried a little. “Holy shit, that’s good,” Ashley whispered.

“Well, the way this is going, the only thing I need to do after this is actually get fucked,” Tali joked.

“If you want to be with a woman…”

“You’re serious?” Ash nodded. “I’d… I’d like that too.”

“If you want me to go,” Wrex stated.

“No, I’m ready now but… I like what Tali is doing…”

“We could always… you know, at another time…”

“Just me and you, Tali?” The quarian nodded. “You’d like to fool around with me?” Tali nodded again. “Well, this mission just got a lot more interesting. As I said, never been with a woman before.”

“Ever been interested?”

“Before I met you, no. But, I’ll admit, I like you, Tali.”

“I’d better stop, otherwise I won’t want to stop.” Tali removed her finger as Ashley leaned forward to give her a hug.

“Definitely soon, Tali,” Ashley said quietly, “But you must stay and watch.”

“Oh, my Nerve-Stim Pro will be going onto its highest setting in about thirty seconds!”

Tali moved out of the way as he stepped forward, Ashley now lying back slightly, resting on her elbows, her legs still spread wide. He lined up his cock and rested it on her groin. It looked enormous compared to her body. “If it hurts, Ashley…” She simply nodded, but her face spoke of determination. He used one of his fingers to gently fondle her. Probably not as gentle as Tali, but he could feel how wet she was. “Tali turn you on, Ashley?”

“I wouldn’t mind seeing her out of her suit.”

“Long as you eat my pussy.” There was silence as she then added, “Keelah, I did blurt that out, didn’t I?”

“I’ll do it as long as you return the favour.”

“Definitely doing some research. Looks like I might have two Alliance members who might fuck me now.”

Wrex was ready to fuck again. He met Ashley’s eyes and she nodded as he positioned his cock at her entrance. Pressing forward, he tried to be gentle as he slid his cock inside her, but even with lube and the fact she was wet, it was one hell of a tight fit. He probably slid half of it in before she leaned forward, resting a hand on his chest.

“You are fucking enormous, Wrex.”

He couldn’t help grin. “I know.”

“Take it easy but I want you to fuck me.”

“As you wish.”

Wrapping a hand around each thigh, she lay back on the table as he started to thrust into her. Tali had moved around the table by this stage, running a hand up and down her body, Ashley grabbing one of her hands, placing it on her breasts, suggesting she play with her nipples. Wrex wasted little time picking up the pace, and he felt more of his cock sliding inside her each time.

“Fucking hell!” Ashley cried.


“Fuck yes. My god, Wrex.”

“Loving my alien cock?”

He noticed the smirk form. “If all aliens have cocks like you…”

He picked up the pace even more, and while he didn’t quite bury himself entirely, he was impressed at how much she could take, and there was no little doubt he was stretching her out. No wonder she was already delirious with pleasure. “Tali, find my clit,” Ashley moaned. He watched as Tali slid a hand down her body towards her sex, and after a bit of investigation, found what she was looking for. “Oh god, going to cum!”

Tali looked up at him. “We’re doing good, right?”

“I’m not sure if it’s me or you, Tali,” he muttered.

“Could kiss you right now, Tali,” Ashley moaned, her body now quivering under the dual assault, “No offence, Wrex.”

“Yeah, I don’t really do that anyway.”

Ashley lasted after thirty seconds before enjoying one almighty orgasm, feeling her squeeze his cock as he didn’t stop moving, Tali’s hand a blur as she continued to fondle her sex. He thought Ashley would ask him to stop, but although he did eventually slow down, she gave herself time to recover before looking at him. “Get on the ground,” she said.

He knew what for, so pulled out and lay down on the ground, Ashley sliding off the table and straddling his groin, lifting herself up and sliding down most of his cock. “Oh my god,” she moaned, looking around and reaching out for Tali. Taking hold of the young quarian, she positioned her so she sat on Wrex’s chest, looking away, “Get a look at that fine arse, Wrex.”

He did what any self-respecting man would do. He gave it a gentle pinch then a slap, earning a giggle. Then he felt Ashley start to ride him, while Ashley ran her hands up and down Tali’s back, eventually reaching her arse. “You need to get out of this suit, Tali.”

“You’re really attracted to me?” his little friend asked, “Or is it Wrex?”

“Oh, I’ve liked you since the start, Tali. You have a lovely personality. I’m hoping you’re as beautiful underneath the mask.”

He heard the catch of breath before Tali simply hugged her, though Ashley didn’t stop riding his cock for a second. “I’ll find a way we can do something,” Tali finally said.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” Ashley asked.

“Not right now but I’ll see if… I’m sure I can get part of my body out of this suit.”

“Your pussy?” Tali nodded. “If you do that, I’ll eat you out.”

He heard Tali gasp. “I’ll need to take off my mask to return the favour.”

“Okay, I’m loving this conversation,” Wrex stated with a chuckle.

“And I’m loving your cock, Wrex. Shame Tali can’t enjoy it too.”

“Would you be willing to fuck me, Wrex?”

He hesitated. “As I said, little one, your first time…” He trailed off and sighed. “Look, you guys know I love to fuck. I’m really liking you right now, Ashley. You have the tightest pussy I’ve had in years.” He noticed Ashley slow down and blush. That made him feel good, at least. “But Tali, you’ve seen how big I am. And despite the rough and tough exterior, I really don’t want to hurt you.”

Tali turned around and gave him a hug. “I know,” she whispered, before there was a loud slap, Tali crying out as Ashley couldn’t hep grin.

“That arse is on fire, Tali,” she exclaimed, before there was another loud slap, this time Tali expecting it and making a rather appreciative sound. “Okay, I am starting to feel sore. You need to cum, Wrex?”

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Tali, if you don’t mind moving…” Once the quarian was out of the way, Ashley leaned forward, planting a hand to either side of him. “Okay, Wrex, here’s your big chance. I love this big cock inside me, and now I want to feel you cum inside me. So, have your way with me.”

“You sure?”

She nodded, a face of grim determination. Setting himself, he grabbed her by the hips and gave her a few short, hard thrusts. He noticed the grimace, but their eyes met, and she nodded, so he did it again. The reaction was better this time, so he fucked her faster and harder before she begged him to continue. He was never going to last long. Her pussy was too good, eventually needing to rest against his chest as he grabbed her by the arse and pounded her, his entire cock now disappearing inside her.

“Fucking hell!” she cried out.

“Okay?” he grunted.

“Fuck yes. Oh my god… You need to cum…”

“Soon,” he muttered. He wanted it to last as long as possible.

But no man can last forever and he felt the point of no return, warning her he was close. She simply held on tight as he pounded her until he felt the first release deep inside her, following that up with even more, thrusting away until he simply couldn’t keep going, collapsing back onto the ground as Ashley settled down against him. It was only when all was quiet that he heard the sniffle. “Okay?” he asked quietly.

“Think I overestimated my capacity to take massive krogan cock,” she joked, looking up to see her eyes shimmer, but there were no tears, “Felt fucking great though.”

“Well, at least I can cross human off the list now.”

“You’ve never had a human?” He shook his head. She leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “Well, consider me honoured, Wrex.”

She needed to stand up, no surprise that cum flowed out of her, trailing down her legs, much to the amusement of herself and Tali, making comment at the sheer volume of cum he released. He shrugged, as it was normal for him, standing up and giving his muscles a stretch. “This has been fun,” he stated, “Don’t get to do something like this very often.”

Ashley simply sat on the table, not bothering to get dressed yet. Tali sat beside her, and it was clear she appreciated Ashley’s body. He gathered up his armour and started to dress himself, as he didn’t particularly want to hang around. Whenever he did the deed with Alenko, it was just that. Fuck then go. He wasn’t interested in the intimacy some people shared.

“So, I guess I’ll see you later,” he said. It wasn’t awkward, but fun time was over, so he was just going to leave.

“Thanks, Wrex. I’m glad you agreed,” Tali stated.

“And you might have another human who’ll want some fun later too,” Ashley added.

Wrex shrugged. “I won’t say no. You have a nice body, Ashley.”

“Ash, Wrex.”

He nodded. “You have a nice body, Ash. Reminds me of asari, except, well, not blue. Nice tits though.”

Despite everything they’d done, she still blushed. “Well, thanks, Wrex. Glad you liked them.”

“I like them too,” Tali said.

“Tali, we are definitely getting you out of that suit,” Ashley stated.

“Can we play some more?”

Ashley looked at him. “Want to stay, Wrex?”

“No, you two have your fun. I think you need it. Tali, just keep in mind what I said, okay?” His little friend nodded, before Ashley lay back, Tali straddling her lap and he assumed things were going to happen. He simply unlocked the door, stepped through, and closed it behind him. Wandering back out into the garage, Garrus gave him a curious look but all he did was shrug. No point telling the turian what he was up to. Alenko turned up a few minutes later, wondering where Ashley was. He lied and said he didn’t know. Shepard turned up around an hour later, leaning against the nearby bench, folding his arms, a knowing grin on his face.

“Wrex, just so you’re aware, the camera was still on. But good for you. Guess Ashley is going to be disappointed if she ever wants to be with me now. God damn, my friend…”

And, with that, Shepard simply turned and walked back towards the elevator. Wrex could only stand there and laugh to himself at how this whole mission was turning out.

“I’ve been waiting for this day ever since the bastard escaped,” Garrus stated. His friend glanced in his direction but said nothing. “You’re not going to stop me, are you, Shepard?”

“I think you’ve seen the sort of justice I’m willing to deal out, Garrus. This is your show. I’m merely here as support.”


“What are friends for, right…”

Garrus didn’t have many friends left. Those from Palaven had moved on with their lives, either with their military careers, raising families or they’d simply lost contact over the years. Those with C-Sec, those he chose to let close, eventually distances themselves, thinking he was a loose cannon and would eventually find himself messing with the wrong people. He had an ingrained sense of right and wrong. But during his time with C-Sec, he had seen endless corruption, criminals buying their way to freedom, and far too much red tape for his liking. He didn’t quite like the judge, jury and executioner role that came with the Spectre system, but sometimes, he could understand why it existed.

He’d told Shepard all about Doctor Saleon recently and admitted that it was an itch that needed scratching. Shepard had listened and agreed to helping him track down the doctor. It had taken a lot of hard work but he’d finally tracked him down to a ship, the MSV Fedele, which was currently in the Herschel system.

The only reason they’d managed to track him down is that it was obvious something had gone wrong, the doctor now calling himself by a different name and he’d activated a distress signal. Garrus had picked it up and recognised it immediately, informing Shepard who, without any real lead to find Saren, agreed to go at once.

It would only be he and Shepard regarding this mission. The ship Doctor Saleon resided on was small, and while it was obvious something had gone wrong with his experiments, the two of them with an assault rifle each should be able to deal with any eventuality. The Normandy found the ship floating in space and eventually docked alongside it, the pair of them waiting as the airlock connected, and they stepped through, ensuring their helmets were secured, just in case.

The ship did appear to be deserted. Even through his armour, it was rather cold. After a quick search of the tiny living quarters, they entered the main hold, and that is where they discovered the horror of his experiments. Shepard mentioned it was like something out of a science fiction slash horror film. Whatever they were, it was horrifying, and the only thing they could do was shoot them, particularly as they were particularly aggressive, charging straight at them as soon as they came into view.

Not sure how many they killed but more than enough to believe Doctor Saleon had experimented on plenty of people, and Garrus could only wonder what he was trying do now. The experiments he’d discovered the first time had been sickening. It appeared his research had descended into the obscene.

They found the doctor later. He didn’t recognise Garrus at first. Didn’t seem to recognise Shepard either. “Thank you! Thank you for saving me from those things!” he cried.

“Doctor Saleon,” Garrus growled.

The eyes of the salarian met his. There was no recognition just yet. “What? No, no, no. My name is Heart. Doctor Heart. Please, just get me out of here.”

“Just want a positive ID, Garrus.”

“Oh, I’m sure it’s him, Shepard. One hundred percent positive.” He took the pistol from its holster. “There’s no escape this time, Doctor. I’d harvest your organs first, but we don’t have the time.”

Saleon took a couple of fearful steps back. “You’re crazy!” he cried, before looking at Shepard, “He’s crazy! Please, don’t let him do this to me.”

“Garrus,” Shepard stated.

Garrus levelled his pistol, aimed for the head, and fired. The bullet was perfectly aimed, straight through the forehead, exiting at the back. Saleon dropped to the ground dead. Garrus held the pistol level, amazed at how calm he was, before he simply placed it back in its holster. “Righteous,” he muttered.

“Good kill, Garrus.”

“Thanks, Shepard. Been wanting to do that for a long time.”

The pair wandered the medical lab and what Saleon had been up to beggared belief. There was no missing the blood stained gurneys and lab equipment. Garrus had enough know how to download the data, and Saleon had kept terrabytes of information regarding all the experiments he’d performed, and more than one video of what he’d been up to. Though he was intrigued, he knew he couldn’t sit and watch without throwing up everything he’d eaten for the past year.

With little more to discover, the pair headed back to the Normandy. He wondered if Shepard would ever regret letting him put a bullet in Saleon instead of arresting him, but he could only believe he’d made a convincing enough case that justice was done quickly rather than through the courts.

Assuming they were heading back to the Citadel, he headed back to the garage as usual, noticing Ashley was far friendlier with Wrex than usual, while Tali would pop out from engineering every so often, and would chat with Ashley while also giggling away with Wrex. He did wonder what was going on with the three of them. Everyone knew about Wrex and Alenko, as neither was shy about what was going on, but he did wonder about those three now.

He must have been staring as the two women sauntered over towards him. “How are things, Garrus?” Tali asked.

“Oh, you know, same shit, different day.”

“Shepard help resolve that issue of yours?” Ashley wondered.

“Yes, he did. Everything wrapped up nicely. Can sleep easier at night now.”

“I think we’re heading back to the Citadel for a couple of days. Any plans?” Tali asked.

“Why?” he retorted, immediately curious. And cautious.

“Well, we know you have a certain lady friend on the Citadel,” Tali replied.

“Fucked her yet, Garrus?” Ashley wondered. He couldn’t stop his jaw dropping wide. “Oh, come on, we’ve all been around when the good doctor has been in your company. She wants your dick, Garrus. We’re just wondering if you’ve given it to her yet. Never seen a naked turian myself but I’ve been told your dicks are weirder than human.”

“Or krogan,” Tali added.

“Hang on, wait, what?” he wondered, staring at Tali in disbelief. “How would you know what krogan look like?”

“I’ve seen Wrex’s,” Tali replied with a shrug.

“What? You’ve seen…” He trailed off, shaking his head. “Spirits, what is going on with this ship?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you’ve got Shepard with spirits only knows who off the ship. Liara clearly wants him. You do too, Ashley. And I’m assuming Tali does too, because all the women seem to want Shepard. I know Shiala has already shared his bed more than once. There was that cop on Noveria, that doctor we arrested, the old woman he made that deal with and that reporter who he helped a while back now.

Then you have Alenko and Wrex, which I simply can’t explain. Don’t care who you want to fuck, but I just don’t get it. And now you’re telling me that you’ve done something with him, Tali?”

Tali giggled. “I’m not the only one,” she retorted in a sing-song voice, making an obvious glance towards Ashley.

Garrus could only looked at her. “Fuck. Off,” he stated bluntly, “Look, not to be rude, Ashley, but… Well, it was pretty clear earlier on…”

“Look, you know about my history by now, all the shit I’ve gone through. Yes, I wasn’t exactly accepting to start off with. But having spent some time with you guys, I’ve come to see all of you as friends.”

“But you’ve seriously been with Wrex?”

Ashley leaned forward. “He has a massive cock,” she whispered, “And Shepard was taking too long, and I needed to be fucked.”

“Yeah, but…” He trailed off again, shaking his head. “I don’t get it.”

“Want to see Ashley and I do it?” Tali asked.

He couldn’t help burst out laughing. “You been drinking or something?”

“No. I just know men love to see two women at once. I don’t really understand why...”

“While flattered, I don’t think Chloe would appreciate that.”

“So you are in a relationship!” Ashley exclaimed.

“Yes. Sort of. I don’t know.” He sighed again. “All I know is that I like her, she likes me, and every time we’re on the Citadel, we meet up.”

“Fucked her yet?” Ashley asked.

“None of your business.”

“He’s fucked her,” Tali suggested.

“Want to fuck me, Garrus?” Ashley asked.

“What?” he asked, completely deadpan.

“Well, I’ve had krogan dick, so why not try turian?”

He couldn’t help laugh nervously. “Ummm, I really don’t think Chloe would approve.”

“She doesn’t have to know.”

“No. I couldn’t do that to her. Spirits, this ship must fuck with people’s minds or something…”

The two girls laughed away but they left him alone after that. Wandering up to the mess for dinner that night, Shepard mentioned they would arrive at the Citadel the next day. He noticed Benezia had now been released from her shackles, and she was definitely cosying up to Shepard. So was Liara. Shiala watched but didn’t seem bothered by any of it.

He was thankful the Normandy arrived the next day, and Shepard gave everyone a three-day pass. Nearly everyone split up, though he hung around Shepard, as did Wrex and Alenko. Ashley and Tali disappeared together, now thick as thieves, while the three asari on the ship were spending time together. He knew Shiala and Benezia had spent a long time talking, no doubt the wounds of Feros taking time to heal.

Garrus was amused when Shepard found himself stopped for an interview. He’d never heard of Khalisah al-Jalani but would certainly not forget her after the questions that landed in Shepard’s lap. To his credit, the Commander handled them with skill, batting back most of her accusations with the wit and charm everyone knew he possessed. What Garrus did find amusing is that it appeared this was one woman who would not fall under his spell.

Alenko and Wrex disappeared once they hit the Wards, so that left him alone with Shepard. “Any plans, Shepard?” he asked.

“None, to be fair. Everyone is busy doing their own thing. To be honest, I was just going to spend most of my time relaxing, and by that, I mean sleeping.”

“Well, I’m going to go see Chloe so…”

“Message heard loud and clear, Garrus. Definitely don’t want to be a third wheel. Might go see Sha’ira.”

That made him laugh, the pair shaking hands, before Shepard wandered off in the opposite direction. He could have closed his eyes and found his way to her office from any point on the Citadel. Strolling through her door, she was busy with a patient, noticing there were no others, so he stood back and waited until she was finished. As soon as the patient was released and had departed, he locked the door as she strode towards him, wrapping her arms around him. “I’ve missed you,” she whispered.

“Missed you too, Chloe. The only reason why I regret joining up with his mission.”

She leaned back, glancing at her watch. “I have another couple of hours to go. Can you wait?”

“I’ll just take a seat. No rush to do anything else.”

Plenty of people came and went over the next couple of hours. He amused himself by playing on his omni-tool, reading plenty of messages from his old C-Sec account, which he still had access to. The news was boring as always, though he always kept an eye and ear on news from Palaven, though nothing much ever changed there either.

Chloe eventually finished her shift, her replacement showing up. Standing tall, she grabbed his and they headed off together. “I’ll cook us some dinner, Garrus.”

“You’ve just spent hours on your feet. At least let me buy you dinner.”

“Are you sure?”

“Chloe, trust me, it’s fine.”

They ended up in the sort of establishment that catered to both their dietary needs. It was nothing extravagant but filled his growling stomach, watching as she ate something called pasta. She had to be careful otherwise it would have made a mess, meeting his eyes more than once and giggling as she made a few noises as she slurped long strings of pasta into her mouth.

Dinner complete, he thought they’d head out to the Presidium or perhaps a bar on the Wards, but she grabbed his hand and led him with some determination in the direction of her apartment. Once inside, she kicked off her shoes and practically pushed him back towards the couch, sitting him down as she straddled his lap. She had learned that kissing a turian, as a human, was difficult. What they’d discovered was touching their foreheads was a sign of intimacy. Looking into his eyes, he could see the love she had for him, as much as he had for her. She did eventually kiss down his cheek as his hands ran down her back, eventually finding the zip for the back of her suit. She wore a rather lacy black bra, helping her take of her trousers as well, pleased to see the underwear was matching.

“You told me you would be returning today so I wore it for you,” she whispered as his hands explored her body.

“And here I am in… whatever I’m wearing.”

“You always look good to me, Garrus.”

He still couldn’t understand what she saw in him. Not as a man or a person, as he liked to think he had decent qualities, but human turian relations were… difficult at times. Human females were soft and delicate, or at least a lot of them were. Turians were anything but that. However, she was attracted to him, and he was definitely attracted to her. He particularly loved her accent, turning off his translator whenever she spoke in her regional dialect. She was from a place called France, often speaking at length about her homeland, suggesting more than once that they really should visit a city called Paris.

With her half naked as she sat on him, he was always going to have a reaction, and when she got down between his legs and freed his cock, he couldn’t help but gasp when she swallowed his length. “Spirits,” he whispered as he looked down, her eyes showing nothing but devotion towards him. She pleasured him for quite a while before he wanted to return the favour. He couldn’t quite do what humans called cunnilingus. What he couldn’t quite do with his mouth, he could do with his fingers, albeit gently.

Standing up, he led her by the hand to her bedroom, where they both ended up quite naked. He always felt awkward naked, particularly in front of Chloe. It wasn’t that he felt unattractive, it’s just his body was so different to hers. But when she stepped forward and ran her soft hands all over him, he felt himself relax. “I love you,” he whispered.

She stood on tip toes to kiss him on the mouth. “And I love you, Garrus Vakarian,” she whispered back.

Leading him to the bed, she lay back, head on the pillows, as she spread her legs. He could only sit on his knees and appreciate her perfect body. Rather pale, though he was one to talk. Two perfect globes on her chest with pale pink nipples. Soft stomach than he loves to run his hands over. A small tuft of hair above her pussy, which glistened in the low light provided. Even her little feet were beautiful.

“I love it when you look at me like that, Garrus.”

“Still have to pinch myself that I’m here like this with you.”

She sat up and pulled him towards her, feeling his cock press against before slowly entering her. Once he was buried, he felt her legs wrap around him as they made love. He would admit that, after all the attention he’d received earlier, he didn’t last long the first time. Chloe certainly didn’t mind, her hands simply running all over his hard body before he flipped over onto his back, and he had the joy of watching her ride his cock to at least a couple of orgasms, switching off his translator as he listened to her speak in her own tongue.

Sex was very different with a human or so he thought. When she leaned forward and rested her head against his, she whispered, “Fuck me, Garrus. Make me yours again.”

Adjusting her legs, grabbing her arse with both hands, he gave her what she wanted. He loved watching her face as he thrust up into her. He sometimes wondered if he ever hurt her. He wouldn’t have lived with himself had he done that. But the smile every time told him what he needed to know. She loved it. She loved him. She loved being with him. Those feelings were returned and more.

He came inside her again, and that was the end of the night, as far as he was concerned. Sure, he’d get hard again, but they’d never get any sleep. So she grabbed his hand and led him to the bathroom, where he had the joy of washing her body, enjoying the touch of her soft skin. She giggled as he always marvelled at her body, and she always showed as much appreciation for his in return.

Ending up back in bed, snuggling under the covers, she spooned back into his body. He was always careful like that, make sure his hard body didn’t bother her too much. She’d always insisted he hold her tighter, that she just wanted his arms around her. He still didn’t understand, despite how much he loved her.

“We will make love in the morning before I go to work?”

“Of course.”

“And your plans while you’re here?”

“Apart from bother you all the time?”

“If I could take time off…”

“I wouldn’t expect you to, Chloe. What you do is incredibly important.”

“Maybe a blowjob before we make love. Definitely a blowjob.”

He couldn’t help chuckle. “Sounds like a fine way to be woken up in the morning.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He felt her quickly drift off to sleep, body shuffling against his as she got comfortable. He stayed awake a little longer, wishing he could pinch some skin, still not believing how lucky he was.