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Mass Effect: A Hero Rises

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Being one of the first out of my room for breakfast wasn’t always a surprise. I generally woke early anyway, and after a piss and a shower, my stomach was usually grumbling after that, so after dressing, I’d wander out to usually find one or two people. I was slowly joined by others, Ashley, Chakwas, Garrus, Tali and the two asari, who seemed to be getting on rather well, I guess having a common bond.

Wrex was one of the last to appear, and he was looking rather smug. Alenko was the last to show up, which was unusual, but when he sat down, he noticeably winced, enough that most of us didn’t miss it at all. “Something up, LT?” Ash wondered.

Alenko didn’t say anything. Wrex replied, “Well, something was up him last night.”

I burst into laughter. Most of the girls had a giggle. “Wrex, please…”

“Yep, you moaned that last night too when I was balls deep in your arse. In fact, I’m fairly sure you were begging me to keep going.”

“So you were serious?” Liara wondered. “I thought you were… I thought you were joking.”

Wrex forked some food into his mouth before leaning forward. “Let me tell you something, young doctor. Our Lieutenant here now loves krogan cock. I fucked him hard, made him cum plenty of times, and I know he’ll want it again and again.” He glanced around the table. “He’ll just have to work on that gag reflex for when he’s blowing me.”

I looked at Alenko, who while blushing, glanced at Wrex and I noticed the small smile. “Alenko?” I wondered.

“Oh, I’m sore this morning, Shepard, but it was worth every second of it. I’m not expecting romance but I love to be fucked by something so long and thick. And I had no idea krogan had four balls! I’ve only got two hands!”

“Damn, sounds like LT will be seeing some action going forward,” Ash joked.

“How big?” Tali asked, to the groans of the table.

“You really want to see, little one?” Tali nodded. “I’ll show you in private later. I don’t want to just whip it out in the mess. Alenko will want to jump on it again.” That earned plenty of laughter, Alenko returning a rueful grin. “Hey, watching a human ride this thing was an interesting experience.”

“Anyway, where we headed, Commander?” Ashley asked, getting our minds away from what Wrex and Alenko had been up to.

“Three planets in total. First we’ll be visiting Mavignon in the Gemini Sigma cluster, then Klensal in the Hades Gamma cluster. Once we’ve dealt with the people based there, we head for Amaranthine in the Horse Head Nebula.”

“And this is for that woman who asked for your help on the Citadel?” Alenko asked, his mind now on the job.

“Aye, it is. I’m already thinking of how to deal with her.”

“Differently to Finch, I assume?” Shiala asked, a small grin, so obviously she was aware.

“No, I don’t plan on smacking her around, if that’s what you mean. But, as usual, everyone will be on the ground for the first two planets. When it comes to Amaranthine, I’m tempted to approach her alone and see if I can convince her to move on to other things. Use my own life as an example of how things could be better.”

“Not a bad idea, Commander,” Alenko stated.

“Thanks. Up here for thinking,” I pointed at my head, “Down there for dancing,” pointing at my feet, “And the thing in between is for fucking.” The whole table groaned before there were a few giggles at least. “Anyway, now that we know what we’re doing, let’s move on from Alenko and ask Garrus how his night with Chloe was?”

The turian just looked at me with daggers. “But we’ve already…” He trailed off with a sigh. “Damn it.”

Most of the team split up once breakfast was done, though that left Shiala, Liara and Ashley at the table. They were talking amongst themselves, and I was just getting ready to head up to the deck when they asked me to stay. Wondering what they wanted, I moved my chair closer. The three shared a look before Shiala cleared her throat. “So, Shepard, the fact you and I have slept together hasn’t gone unnoticed. I probably haven’t helped by being… well, I think the human term is ‘waxing lyrical’ about, well, everything about you.”

“She says you have a big cock, Shepard,” Ashley put rather bluntly, “But the best thing is, you actually know how to use it.”

“Anyway, we’ve already talked about our relationship, or the fact we don’t have one. We’re just having fun, blowing off steam between missions. The thing is…”

“I need you to fuck me, Shepard,” Ashley stated, “I know what I said before but I can’t deny the fact I need your company in bed.”


That just made her smile as we all looked at Liara, who blushed quite brightly. “Come on, Liara, no point denying it now,” Shiala stated.

“It’s not that easy and you know why, Shiala.”

“What is it?” I wondered.

Liara didn’t reply, I think embarrassed, so Shiala replied for her. “She’s never been with anyone, Shepard. Our young doctor here is a virgin.”

“Oh… Really? But you’re one hundred and six!”

“That’s still quite young for an asari, Shepard,” Shiala explained, “Though most of us have been fucking by half that age, if not earlier. We do take longer to mature but reaching triple figures as a virgin is unusual. No offence, Liara.”

“None taken. I’ve just not had many opportunities to be with someone. I spend most of my time on dig sites alone.”

“You prepared to deflower a virgin, Shepard?” Shiala wondered.

“Definitely.” Liara looked at me with wide eyes at my tone, then blushed brightly again, looking away immediately. “Come on, I think it’s no secret I find the three of you attractive. But I’ll put it plainly. I’m not interested in anything else except sex. If you can handle that, great, we’ll have some fun. If not, it would be best if we leave things how they are.”

“We’re already fucking, Shepard, so you know my answer.”

I looked at Ashley. “I’ve got my career to think about, but since this is a vessel commanded by a Spectre, I think that gives me just enough leeway to be royally fucked by my Commanding Officer.” The tone she used caused me to shuffle in my seat. She was keen. Very keen.

We all looked at Liara again. “Oh, definitely. Absolutely. I already masturbate thinking about it.” She seemed to realise what she’d just said, but simply shrugged. “Well, of course I do, considering I haven’t had sex yet. How else am I going to get off?”

“What about you, Shepard?” Shiala wondered.

“I’ll put it simply. I’ll fuck any woman who shows an interest. Granted, I have to like them in return, and I do like some sort of connection, but I don’t need to be in love to have a good time. If we’re physically attracted to each other, then it’s just sex. Usually the good kind.”

“I think we can all agree to that,” Ashley stated, and the matter appeared settled.

“What about Tali?” Liara wondered.

“What about her?” Ashley asked.

“Well, I think it’s obvious she’s nursing a little crush on Shepard. Should we include her in this?”

“While I like Tali, I think the chances of sex happening are minimal considering all that’s she told me about their immune systems and trying to get out of their suits,” I replied.

“Anyone else you can think of?”

I did glance towards the med-bay. “Reckon Chakwas could handle me?” That caused the three of them to laugh. “Hey, I know how old she is from her file. Trust me, she’s not as old as you think, and she’s fit for her age.”

“If you want to, Shepard, no-one is stopping you,” Shiala said.

Having got what they needed off their chests, the three left me to get on with my work. I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Tali would admit she’d been nursing a crush on Shepard since the moment he’d rescued her on the Citadel. But while it was clear he liked her in return, she didn’t think or believe it would ever turn into romance. And considering it was obvious that he did like to enjoy sexual relations with numerous partners, she didn’t know if she could handle that.

However, she had surprised herself that morning during the conversation with Wrex. She had blurted out the question, unable to stop herself, simply due to curiosity. She had heard Shiala talk about Shepard with a couple of other women, but from Wrex said, he was even… bigger.

Finishing her shift for the day, knowing they would arrive at the first planet the next day, she approached Wrex after dinner. “Remember what we talked about earlier?” she asked, “At breakfast?”

“I remember.”

“Can I… Can I see it?”

“You were serious?” She nodded rather keenly. The big krogan just shrugged. “Okay. We should definitely do this in some privacy.”

They found an empty room, walking inside and locking it, leaning back against the door as Wrex simply stood, looking at her. “I’m not going to bite, Tali.”

“I’ve never seen one before, and from what you said…”

He walked towards her, taking her gently by the hand, and led her into the middle of the room. “Get on your knees,” he instructed gently. She did as he asked, noticing him start to undo the lower regions of his armour. Once all that was off, she watched him grasp his cock and slowly stroke himself as it just grew… and grew… and grew…

“Keelah,” she whispered.

He finally stopped and looked down. “That’s about as big as it gets, Tali.”

“Keelah,” she whispered again, reaching forward without thinking. Wrex was about to say something when she brushed her hand against his cock, swallowing down whatever he was going to say. Tali took her time looking it up and down before leaning forward, noticing that he had a set of four testicles. She knew enough that every other species only had two.

Without really thinking, she tried to wrap her hand around his cock but couldn’t quite do it. “Um, Tali…”

“I just want to play with it a little,” she breathed.

“You play with it for any length of time…”

“How did Alenko manage… I don’t really understand…”

“A lot of patience, and a hell of a lot of lube,” Wrex stated with a chuckle, “Tali, you’ve never been with someone. Sure you want to do this?” She looked up and met his eyes. She was surprised to see his were so caring, which matched his tone. “I thought you liked Shepard?”

“Oh, I do but… I’ll never have him like this so…” She paused. “Oh, that must sound horrible, Wrex. I’m sorry.”

He rumbled with laughter. “None taken, little one.” He reached down and lifted her up so she was standing. “But you don’t want it like this, not with someone like me. You want your first time doing anything special or intimate to be with someone you care about. I’m flattered that you want to do something with me, and a small part of me would like you too. The larger part doesn’t want to take advantage of your good nature. You’re a good kid, Tali. You should wait to be with someone who cares about you.”

“You care about me, Wrex?”

“I do, but in a different way. You’re my colleague, and you’re my little friend.” She wrapped her arms around him as much as she could, feeling his arms wrap around her. She started to giggle as his cock became trapped between the pair of them. “Damn, now I have an erection and no-one to use it on.”

“I could get Alenko?”

She leaned back to see an almost predatory grin. “Oh, that’ll do nicely.” He paused before asking, “Want to watch?”


He shrugged. “If you’re interested.”

“I never thought I would find it interesting, but I’ll admit part of me is. I’ll go get him.”

She practically ran out of the room and up towards where Alenko usually hung out in the mess. Alenko appeared amused by the fact she’d obviously run to find him. Before he could ask, she simply said, “Wrex wants you.”

There was no misinterpreting what that meant, Alenko shutting down his workstation and following Tali to where Wrex was waiting. He was leaning against a wall, his cock standing out proud. Alenko immediately went towards him, dropping to his knees, though turned when Tali stayed in the room, locking the door. “What’s going on?” he wondered.

“My little friend has now seen what I have. And now she wants to watch what I do to you.”

“Are you sure?” Alenko asked her.

“I think this is going to be a major turn on.”

Alenko ended up naked quite quickly and she couldn’t help appreciate how toned and athletic he was. She didn’t guess at the size of his cock, much smaller than Wrex, but it appeared adequate. She wouldn’t say what happened over the next couple of hours was loving. Not at all. Alenko was fucked, and fucked hard, but clearly enjoyed every second of it. Wrex seemed to enjoy himself too, contorting Alenko into various positions as he drove his massive cock into him. Tali switched on her Nerve-Stim Pro as she watched, and she definitely made noise of her own.

“I think she’s masturbating in her own particular way, Kaidan,” Wrex stated, watching the human ride him.

“Good for her. Shame it’s so difficult for her to enjoy something like this.”

“Oh, I can cum hard enough with this,” Tali breathed, turning the setting up to time the pulses going through her body with Alenko’s bouncing.

The three of them practically came together, which felt rather nice, despite the fact she was alone. Alenko collapsed onto Wrex, the krogan simply lay back and laughed to himself, while Tali nearly collapsed onto the floor herself, feeling her legs quiver as she’s used the highest setting possible. She lay there for a while until Wrex appeared in her eyeline, his cock now packed away, feeling one of his hands gently lift her up. “Well, big day, little one.”

“That was so hot, Wrex,” she whispered.

“Glad you enjoyed the show.” Both glanced at Alenko, still lying naked back on the floor, a pool of cum underneath him. “I think our Lieutenant here is worn out.”

“And very sore. Totally worth it though.”

It was only as she unlocked the door and looked around that she noticed the little camera in the corner. She looked at Wrex, then gestured with her head. He just roared with laughter again. “Looks like someone got a show then. You should head out first. I’ll help my friend here.”

Walking towards the sleeping pods, she was thankful the mess was empty, grabbing a tube of food paste to nibble on before heading to bed. She thought she would remain alone until Shepard wandered out of his quarters, heading to the fridge to grab a bottle of water, before he walked straight to her table, sitting opposite her.

“Didn’t expect that, Tali.” She could feel her cheeks heat up under her mask. “No need to be embarrassed about it either.”

“Did you see everything?”

“I noticed Wrex and yourself go in. I’ll admit I was curious to see what you would do. Once Alenko headed in, I tuned out and moved the camera away.”


“I did watch you though. That was… Well, it was hot, Tali. Watching your body writhe. I take it’s some sort of in built thing in your suit?” She nodded, still feeling embarrassed. “Shame you can’t take off your suit, Tali.”

She felt her eyes widen in surprise, jaw drop open, wishing he could see the reaction. “What?”

“Tali, just watching how your body moved, it was incredibly… erotic.”

“Guess I was a little turned on,” she said softly.

She watched him lean forward. “Tali, can we be serious a moment?” She nodded. “Are you interested in me? You don’t have to ans…”

“Yes,” she interrupted him, “I’m very interested, Shepard. But I’m in this suit, so…”

“There are ways and means, Tali. You’re a quarian, rather resourceful and definitely intelligent. I’m sure you can find a way.”

“You would be interested in me?”

“Yes, but you must be aware of…”

“Oh, I already know and, to be honest, while part of me wants you to myself, I’m not going to try and change who you are, Shepard.”

“What I will do is leave it up to you, Tali. If you can find a way to get out of that suit, then we can have some fun together. If you don’t,” he leaned across, grabbing her hand, “I will always be a friend. A close one, I hope.”

She nearly started to cry at the sincerity in his voice. “Thank you,” she whispered, hearing the catch, feeling him squeeze her hand. “First Wrex. Now you. Why is everyone being so… nice… or caring, at least.”

“We like you, Tali. Your infectious enthusiasm definitely rubs off on the rest of us.”

“I’ll start researching right away, Shepard.”

“Well, nice to know that you’re eager.”

She finished her paste tube as he finished his bottle of water. Wishing her goodnight, he headed off towards his quarters as she found an empty pod to sleep in. Lying back once the lid was closed, she couldn’t sleep straight away, turning on her Nerve-Stim Pro again, this time using her imagination, thinking of being naked with Shepard, feeling his hands and mouth all over her body before he slid his cock inside her, making her his as much as the others. She definitely squealed his name as she came really hard, and it wasn’t surprising that sleep arrived quite easily after that.

Mavigon was a frozen, barren wasteland. Perfect place for a criminal to hide out. Or, at least, that’s what he had been doing. Approaching the base, we’d easily taken care of the guards on the outside, and once inside, we slaughtered them. Dealing with krogan mercenaries was a slight surprise, Wrex dealing with one of them alone, the rest of us ganging up to kill the other one as quickly as possible. We didn’t gain any real information; the data logs having been wiped. We took what we could, Tali suggesting she could find out what was deleted once we’d handled everything.

Heading straight for Klensal after that, I received a message from Helena, letting me know she’d received word that one of her colleagues was now dead. I didn’t question how she knew, simply letting her know I was on my way to the second planet.

Klensal was just as uninhabitable as the first planet, though not as bitterly cold this time around. We approached the base, and this time, they knew we were coming. The Mako came under sustained rocket fire, Garrus eventually having to resort to the cannon, watching as part of the base crumbled, most of my colleagues disembarking and providing a distraction as I drove in as close as possible. They fought hard and well, but could not stop our progress.

Heading inside, the crime boss introduced himself and tried to bribe his way out, figuring that it was Helena who had sent me. I neither confirmed nor denied, and flatly refused his offer. He threated to blow up the base with us in it, so I moved quickly and put a bullet in his head. I thought that would have made the other mercenaries at least surrender, considering their paymaster was dead, but I guess they thought we were going to kill them anyway. So that’s what we did…

Back on the Normandy as we headed to Amaranthine, I did sit back and think about what I should do regarding Helena Blake. Having a criminal past myself, it took one to know one, so to speak. But I also sensed some… good in her, much like Anderson had seen it in me. So I resolved to solve all of this peacefully but also see if I could convince her to move on. I could only hope she would listen to reason.

Arriving in orbit around Amaranthine, the team had already been told I would be heading planet side alone. Alenko and Ashley tried to argue but, in this instance, I put my foot down. They relented as soon as I did that, though told me to be careful.

Joker dropped me as close to the base as possible so I didn’t have to drive too far. The base she was in was similar to those I’d already encountered on Mavigon and Klensal. I did take out my pistol, just in case. Walking into the main room, Helena was already waiting for me.

“Hello again, Commander Shepard. I owe you a debt of gratitude. With my former partners now dead, this syndicate is now mine. I could not have done it without you.”

“While I was happy to help, Helena, you know I can’t just stop there.”

“You’re not going to arrest me, are you?” I heard the concern in her tone. “I promise you that, under my leadership, this organisation with restrict itself to gambling and smuggling illegal technologies. I know these crimes are hardly worth the time of a Council Spectre.”

I took a step towards her, sensing she tensed up. So I placed the pistol in its holster, before I closed the gap, taking both her hands in mine. “Helena,” I said softly, “The reputation of your organisation is already ruined. Once your associates started dealing in drugs and slavery, that is what you will be known for too.” She looked down and away, so I used a finger to lift her face towards mine. “You can be redeemed, though. You know my history?”

“A little.”

“I was once a criminal myself, Helena. Now look at me, Council Spectre, strutting across the galaxy. If you change your path, who knows where you might end up. You’re clearly intelligent, that much is clear. Put that intelligence to better use.” She met my eyes and I saw the conflict. So I leaned down and kissed her. She responded immediately, feeling her arms wrap around me. It was a hell of a kiss; I’ll admit that right now.

Breaking apart, her face close to mine, she whispered, “If I disband, I walk away free.”

“Come with me now. I’ll take you wherever you want to go. Just walk away.”

“And these men? What about them?”

“Do you really care?”

“I could blow up the base once we’re clear?”

“If you want to, that’s your choice.” I stood back and offered my hand. “Will you come with me?”

She didn’t hesitate for a second, grabbing my hand, and I walked with her back to the Mako. Settling inside, I was busy driving us away when she keyed her omni-tool. Bringing the Mako to a stop, I heard the enormous explosion behind us. “Well, that’s all wrapped up then,” she stated as I slammed the Mako back into gear and headed for the pick-up zone.

Once back on the ship, I introduced Helena to my team as we headed back to the Citadel, where she wanted to be dropped off. After we had dinner, we sat together in the mess and she looked a little lost. I reached across to grab her hand. “You’ll figure it out,” I assured her.

“I know. I was good at what I did though.”

“So was I, until I was caught. If it wasn’t for this, I’d be sitting in a cell right about now.”

“Maybe I just need a certain Commander to put a good word in for me.”

“Find what your passionate about and I’ll help however I can.”

We continued to chat until it was time to hit the hay. Standing up, she simply took my hand and gave me a look I could interpret easily, so I led her to my quarters. Once the door was locked, our mouths met as hands started to explore, clothing quickly being removed. Once we were both down to our underwear, which didn’t take too long in all honesty, she rested both hands on my chest. “You don’t even know how old I am, Shepard.”

“I don’t really care.” I took a step back and looked her up and down. “You’re fucking fit as.”

That made her smile as our bodies pressed together, feeling her smile as she would have felt my erection press into her. Removing her bra, I dropped that to the floor, kissing down her neck before I grasped one of her breasts, sucking and nibbling at one of her nipples. She definitely enjoyed that, and definitely enjoyed my second hand moving down to gently rub at her sex.

Sliding my hand underneath her panties, I felt the trimmed fur of her pussy before I brushed her clit, feeling her jump before I found what I wanted. “Shepard,” she breathed.

Her hands went to the band of my underwear, those falling to the ground, one of her hands grasping my cock. That’s when she had to break the kiss. “Holy shit, Shepard.”

I tried not to look too smug. “I know. I’ve received compliments.”

The speed at which she dropped to her knees nearly made my head spin. Her tongue was quickly running up and down my shaft, her eyes always looking at me, licking me like a lollipop. I could only run a hand through her hair as she slowly started to lick the tip before taking some of my length in her mouth. “Helena,” I breathed.

“Let’s just say I’m old enough to have had some experience doing this,” she said.

“Think you can take the entire length?”

“Can you return the favour as I do?”

I lifted her up and lay on the bed, Helena resting on my crotch for a moment as we kissed again, before she swung around, lowering her pussy to my mouth. She tasted divine, hearing her joke that my cock seemed to grow after that. I managed to concentrate on eating her out as she blew me, but she wasn’t lying. She certainly knew her way around a cock, but returned a compliment, suggesting I was quite good at what I was doing to her.

All I did was bury my face and enjoy her taste. She had a fantastic arse as well, obvious she looked after herself, giving it the occasional squeeze, which made her giggle. But her blowjob was incredibly distracting, and when I felt her take my entire length, she moaned in triumph, and I warned her I wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Oh, I’m definitely swallowing what you give me, Shepard.”

She took a mouthful a couple minutes later. Probably more than a mouthful, and it was another fantastic orgasm. She laughed as I groaned loudly, feeling incredibly relaxed as she rested her body against mine, her pussy still in my eyeline, looking very wet and inviting. I gave myself a couple of minutes before I picked her up, spun her around, and placed her on her back.

Then I returned the favour, and she was now rather turned on. Not a single inch of her sex remained untouched, learning quickly where she liked my tongue to touch her. Once she started to shudder, I knew she was getting close, focusing on her clit. That caused her to cry out my name again, and then her orgasm hit like a freight train. I kept eating her out until she simply had to cry enough, reaching down so I kissed up her body before she leaned up to kiss me hard. “Holy shit, Shepard,” she whispered, noticing her body still shudder occasionally, “That was one of those all over, from toes to fingers, kind of orgasms.”

“Well, glad I could help.”

Resting my cock against her, I gave her a few minutes to recover as we simply made out, her hands running up and down my arms and back. I rolled onto my back, taking her with me, so I could run my hands up and down her body. “As I said, fit as fuck, Helena.”

That definitely made her blush as she lifted herself up, placing the tip of my cock at her entrance. She met my eyes and smirked. “Are you ready, Shepard?”

“God yes. Thought about this since the first time we met.”

I felt my cock spread her as I slid inside, both of us moaning as she slowly took every inch. “Oh god, Shepard,” she exclaimed. I simply watched my entire cock disappear at the first time of asking, her crotch nestling against mine. She leaned forward and gave me a hell of a kiss again, wrapping her arms tightly around her as I shifted my legs, earning a gasp for my troubles.

“Easy, Shepard,” she whispered.

I ran my hands down her back until they rested on her arse, Helena lifting herself up on her hands. She slowly started to ride me as I gently thrust up into her. She looked perfect in the low light of my cabin, her face expressing everything she was feeling. Moving a hand up her body, I caressed her cheek, watching her eyes close as I cupped her face. “You are beautiful,” I whispered.

“Have a thing for older women, Shepard?”

“I was attracted right away, Helena.”

She opened her eyes and smiled. “Me too. I just never thought… I thought you were joking.”

I held her as I rolled her onto her back, her legs wrapping around me, feeling her feet rest above my butt. “Oh, I never joke about something like this,” I said, starting to thrust into her faster.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned, “Fuck me, Shepard.”

I leaned down to kiss her, feeling her hand hold my head in place. She was now whimpering as I picked up the pace of my thrusts, starting to go a little bit harder as well. I knew was I going to last quite a while, feeling her shuffle to change the angle. That caused her to break the kiss and cry out.


“Oh fuck, Shepard…” I kept going as I watched her shudder. “Oh fuck, I’m going to…” She trailed off as a loud moan erupted from her mouth, dragging me down to kiss her quickly before she needed to break it again. “Oh fuck, how is this…” I picked up the pace further, and that finished the job for her. When she started to blink rapidly, I almost stopped. “Don’t you dare stop, you wonderful son of a bitch!” I couldn’t help chuckle at her tone as she definitely enjoyed one hell of an orgasm, holding on for dear life as I was now really fucking her.

Once she’d recovered, she placed a hand on my chest. “Switch.”

Wondering what she wanted, I pulled out and rested on my knees as she simply turned around onto her hands and knees. I leaned down to gently bite her arse cheek before I slid my cock inside her once again. She rested her head on a pillow, looking back at me with nothing but a smile. Grabbing her hips, I gave her a hard thrust. “Like that?”

“Fuck and cum in me, Shepard.”

So that’s what I did, wasting no time pounding her as hard as she wanted, the sound of skin slapping together echoing around my cabin. I eventually leaned forward to pick her up, resting her back against my chest. I loved that position for the intimacy, kissing her neck as I held onto her with one hand, running my right down her body towards her sex. “Another one?” she breathed.

“I want you to cum over and over again, Helena.”

I think she choked back a sob. “What have I done to deserve this treatment?”

“Listened to me as much as I believed in you. Plus, you’re a hot piece of arse as I said.”

That made her laugh as she turned back to kiss me. “Girl’s going to get feelings after a night like this.”

“Who said this was a one-time only deal?”

She didn’t say anything to that, simply leaning back against me. “Fuck me,” she breathed, “I need to feel you finish in me, Shepard.”

I let her go as I leaned forward, changing position so I could reach down to kiss her. Then I really fucked her, both of us moaning and groaning loudly. I could feel my orgasm approach but wanted to last as long as possible. She just begged for my cock and cum, not wanting me to stop while, at the same time, begging for me to finish.

I warned her I was close, feeling her squeeze my cock with her pussy, simply urging me on. I simply couldn’t hold it back any longer, really fucking her hard before I buried myself a final time and unloaded. The groan I released, they would have heard me all around the ship. Once I felt empty, and I mean really empty, I could only sit there on my knees, cock still buried inside her. She sat up and leaned back, giving me a gentle kiss on the cheek. “You ever want to do this again, Shepard, I won’t say no. Not at all.”

I pulled out and picked her up in my arms, earning a squeal as I carried her to my shower. Placing her on the floor, I turned it on and we washed each other down, continuing to make out as we did. Once we were clean, we dried each other down before heading to bed, as she was now exhausted, and I was feeling rather light headed myself.

Lying on my back, I wrapped an arm around her as she ran a hand up and down my chest. “Been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a night like this, Shepard. In my line… In my old line of work, you couldn’t afford to get close to anyone.” Giving her a squeeze, all she did was sigh with contentment. “Thank you, Shepard. I’ve really enjoyed tonight.”

“So have I. Fit. As. Fuck.”

“Maybe we could enjoy each other again in the morning?”


“Want to ride this thing to orgasm.”

So that’s what we did. Once we both woke up, Helena simply straddled my lap, slid down my cock, and rode me until she came at least twice before I finished inside her again. Then we made out for a little while before I suggested we get up. Wandering out of my cabin, the entire mess fell silent as we lined up for a tray of food each until I heard Wrex say, “Okay, Vakarian, pay up. I told you he was going to fuck her.”

“Spirits, I shouldn’t have taken the bet.”

Taking a seat, with Helena sitting opposite me, Helena asked, “You bet on whether he’d sleep with me?”

“Listen, lady. I already know Shepard here. He wants the company of most women here, but as soon as he returned to this ship yesterday, I knew he was going to fuck you.”

“I was more than willing. I definitely wanted him in return.”

“Oh, we heard that this morning,” Ashley said, “Something about how great his big cock felt and how hard he made you cum.”

“Well, it does feel great and he definitely made me cum more than once. I feel like a new woman this morning.”

I simply sat in silence, enjoying breakfast, anticipation our return to the Citadel within a couple of days. Of course, life doesn’t always work out that way.

We were in orbit over Agebinium, having been ordered here immediately by the Alliance. Any plans for a return to the Citadel were put on hold for the time being. Helena didn’t mind as it gave her time to sit back and contemplate her future.

Down in the garage, I had my entire team ready for insertion as I gave them final instructions. “This mission comes directly from the top brass. Non-Alliance members, you are about to hear highly classified details. I expect your discretion.” After receiving nods, I continued. “An espionage probe has been located on the planet above. What no-one knows is that these probes carry nuclear payloads. Garrus, if you are wondering, they were sent out as the First Contact War was occurring. Not knowing who else was out there, it was decided that sending nukes out would probably help defend ourselves.”

“We’d have done the same thing, Shepard,” Garrus stated.

“Anyway, the request is to disarm and retrieve the probe, returning it to the Alliance. We don’t have to take the probe as long as it is disarmed when we leave. Even if it falls into the wrong hands afterwards, they won’t be able to do anything with it.”

Piling into the Mako, we were on the ground within a couple of minutes, everyone now used to an airdrop. Sure, the landing wasn’t always soft but the suspension captured the worst of it. Following the beacon, we ended up driving into an abandoned mining complex. I wasn’t the only one to immediately question what the probe was doing in a mine.

“I thought it would have crashed?” Alenko stated.

“You and me both, LT,” Ashley added.

“This smells wrong, Shepard,” Wrex warned.

“I hear all of you but we have a job to do. But we don’t all need to head down. Alliance personnel with me, the rest of you take guard out here and watch our backs.”

Even I thought it was a bit nuts as the three of us headed underground. I knew it was going to be some sort of trap, I just didn’t know what, but that’s why I left everyone else behind to watch our back. The mine was deserted, though whether recently or otherwise, I couldn’t figure out. All the lights were on, though, but it was spooky being so far underground and we were the only three alive.

“According to my sensors, the probe is just ahead, Commander,” Alenko reported.

We ended up going down another shaft, left thinking that we could really end up trapped. Exiting into a small cave, I could see the probe ahead. The three of us lined up and approached it cautiously. I didn’t think it was going to explode, but I wasn’t going to take too many chances with nuclear weapons.

Then we heard an explosion somewhere behind us, the entire mine shaking. “Shit, that wasn’t good, sir,” Ashley muttered.

A hologram of a turian appeared from the probe. Never seen the man before, but he seemed to know and see me. “Ah, Commander Shepard, at least we meet.”

“Well, I wouldn’t call this meeting. Who the fuck are you though?”

“My name is Elanos Haliat. I doubt you know it.”

“Nope, never heard it mentioned. Since I haven’t heard of it, I doubt you’re important.”

I heard the other two stifle chuckles, knowing I was just trying to provoke a reaction. “Who do you think runs the Terminus Clans, Shepard? Thousands of pirates, slavers, criminals of every stripe?”

I chuckled. “And you think I give a shit about a piece of shit like yourself?”

He wouldn’t react, not yet. “The strongest leads, Shepard. The one who kills the most men. Seizes the most ships. Pillages the most colonies.”

I faked looking at a watch. “What’s your point?”

“Three years ago, I was the strongest. I used my influence to assemble a fleet. We would drive your kind out of the Verge.”

“You son of a bitch,” I growled, “You’re responsible for…”

He cut me off. “I was the motivator. The instigator. The one who promised glory and riches for sacking the largest human colony in the cluster.” He paused before putting a thumb into his chest. “The one blamed for when the attack failed.”

“You’re going to die, Haliat.”

He simply smirked. “I was ruined when our kind held against the Blitz. What better way to recover my reputation than by eliminating the first human Spectre?”

“You’re a fucking dead man, Haliat. I’m going to take great joy in slitting your throat.”

He chuckled. “Empty words from a dead man. Goodbye, Shepard.”

The hologram blinked out and the countdown started. Alenko leapt into action, opening the cover and he seemed to know what to do, which was good. I’d had some training at disarming bombs, but not nuclear weapons. I could step aside and let someone with more knowledge to deal with it.

He managed to disarm it rather quickly, plenty of time still on the clock. We wasted no time trying to find an escape, the tunnel we’d come down having caved in. Alenko managed to open another lock, finding a second passage that eventually led us all the way to the surface. There was no sign of our team but we heard fighting in the distance. We headed in that direction, eventually finding my colleagues battling what looked like a small army.

“Nice of you to join us, Shepard,” Wrex muttered.

“Sorry, got caught up down below. It was a trap.”

“Spirits, only you, Shepard,” Garrus joked.

“Who are we dealing with?” Liara wondered.

“The man responsible for Elysium.” They all fell silent. “Name is Elanos Haliat. He is mine.” Taking out the sniper rifle I rarely used, I managed to locate him. “You lot press forward. I’ll cover you from here. Once he’s isolated, I will deal with him myself.”

I observed as my team pushed forward, slowly but surely taking out all of Haliat’s men. He was taking cover and I was simply waiting for him to give me a big enough target. Checking the wind, the elevation, taking everything into account, he eventually gave me the target I was looking for, pulling the trigger, putting a bullet through his shoulder. He collapsed to the ground, now completely exposed. I put a second bullet in other shoulder, then one into his leg so he didn’t even think about moving.

Packing up my rifle, I took out my assault rifle and helped mop up the last mercenaries. They’d fought well but could not withstand the forces at my disposal. With Haliat groaning a few metres away, I called my team over. “Head towards the Mako and wait for me to return. I will deal with Haliat alone.”

No-one dared argue. They all knew what happened on Elysium, who I’d lost. “We’ll wait until you return, sir,” Ashley stated, she and Alenko coming to attention and saluting.

As they walked away in the opposite direction, I slowly walked towards Haliat, but now trying to crawl on his back away from me. “You can’t do this!” he cried.

Taking off my helmet, I made sure he could see my face, particularly my eyes, as I closed the distance between us. Stepping onto the wound in his left shoulder, I’ll admit the scream he released filled me with joy, making sure I pressed down nice and hard.

I eventually sat down on his chest, taking out my pistol and putting it into his mouth. “You know you killed her, Haliat. You killed Annie. I always said I would eventually find the person responsible for Elysium, and when I found that person, I was going to kill them. I’ve already put three bullets in you. One more, then I’ll cut your head off.”

He tried to mumble something, so I removed the pistol to hear it. “You can’t do this! It’s not right!”

That just made me laugh. “First of all, what you did to Elysium wasn’t right. What you did to me was always going to come back on you. Secondly, I’m a Spectre, pretty much answerable to no-one. At moments like this, I can’t help but appreciate the freedom that gives me when dealing with sacks of shit like you. Now, open wide…”

Putting the pistol into his mouth again, I simply met his eyes, smiled, thought of Annie… and pulled the trigger. His brains splattered out of the back of his head, standing up over his body, and putting another couple of bullets into his face for good measure. I was tempted to cut off his head and take it as a souvenir, but I think that would have been overkill. No, what I did do was find something to burn his body with, sitting back against the crate as I watch the flames consume him.

The Mako stopped nearby, everyone piling out as they approached me. I simply watched the flames before I remembered something, unclasping my chest armour and reaching into the pocket underneath. I took out the photo and felt the smile form before I brought it to my lips and kissed it.

“That was for you, Annie,” I whispered. I kissed it again before placing it back in my armour. I’d always carry her with me. Killing Haliat did make me feel better, I won’t lie about that. But it wouldn’t bring her or anyone else back. But vengeance was now served. The man responsible was cooking nearby and I’d been the one to put the bullet, or bullets, into his head.

“Ready to go, Commander?” Alenko asked.

I’d sensed they’d formed nearby but I was too busy thinking, glancing their way. All of them, even Wrex, came to attention and saluted. “With you all the way, Shepard,” Garrus stated.

“Until the end,” Tali added.

Ashley stepped forward, offering her hand to help me up. “How do you feel?” she wondered.

“Righteous,” I said, “The bastard responsible lies dead. Annie Stewart now rests easy.”

“You really loved her, didn’t you?”

I met her eyes so she could see mine. “She was the one, Ash. Ever felt that?” She shook her head. “I knew the moment we met, I wanted to be with her forever. Haliat took that from me. I carry on as before but I can now sleep at night, knowing Annie will look down on me, smiling at what I’ve just done for her.”

“Guess we should head back to the Normandy then?”

“Aye. We’re finished here, and we have bigger fish to fry now. Time to head to Noveria.”