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When Romeo and Juliet can’t stand each other

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"And then I should say; forget what I have done, so on be the love I desire for you will get deeper as the time goes by? Uh... isn't it a bit too cliche...?" 



"I think it's good." Jimin hummed from besides him, looking down at the script. "Perhaps just... just make it sound less desperate." 



"That should be enough, Yeah." Taehyung flickered his tongue across his lower lip thoughtfully, highlighting his line so he could go over it when he'll rehearse later. "Something tells me you'll have a great future as a director, jimin-ah." 



Jimin's high-pitched giggle sounded, making Taehyung look to his side with a smile. "Oh, hush. You and I both know I better off as the set decorator." 



"Don't underestimate yourself, jimin-ah." Taehyung raised his palm to land on his bony shoulder and squeeze lightly. "You're nearly good at everything." 



"This conversation's getting sappy." Jimin snorted. "Let's go over a few more lines, then we'll wrap it up?" 



"Yeah, sure." Taehyung flipped another page of the script. "Don't think I won't recommend you to Mrs. Pae as a director for our next play, though." 



Jimin rolled his eyes, but smiled giddily as he helped his friend go over his lines for their upcoming play. Not so long afterwards, they packed their things and headed out of the auditorium and down the hallways of the school, chatting quietly. 



Being at their Senior year in high-school, the pair had experience enough skills as actors and directors for the future. Taehyung has actually started writing his own play, always dreaming about becoming either a writer or an actor himself. Jimin was more of a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, even though he participated in enough plays over the years to earn as much as acting skills as Taehyung. Perhaps they would presume their dreams and goals after high-school, when they would attend a special acting academy or university together as best friends. It's been their mutual dream ever since they were freshmen and starred in their high-school's own take of Romeo and Juliet. 



The hallways are merely packed as their made their way to the exit of the school. Jimin has offered Taehyung to treat him for samgyeopsal after school (and how could Taehyung say no to that?), so they took their time exiting the wide building and finally got out to the chilly weather of the afternoon. 



They might be the only few who stayed after school hours, Taehyung pleading Jimin to rehearse his lines with him and Jimin having no mind, since they stay afterwards a lot anyways (theatre club really should get them some extra credit points as it clears nearly half of their free-time). So that's why the school is nearly empty, aside from, a few musicians who stay after as well for practicing. The mathletes too, taking their brains out for their next competition (they already spared some good-luck cheering for their friend Namjoon), and oh— the jocks. The mighty, freaking jocks. As much as the theater club puts into practicing and rehearsing after school-hours, you could catch the jocks at their usual field nearly every day. Those literal beasts really have any kind of stamina controlled. 



Jimin is practically growling only from the sight of them. They really piss him off to the point that breathing the same air as them makes him tingle with rage. Jimin might look like a tiny, squeeshy ball of fluff (he is), but the flaming fire he holds inside his midget body is capable of destroying one's life, too.



it's nothing unnatural, really. Everyone is aware of the long-termed rivalry between the footballers and the actors of the school. No one actually knows how it started; long time ago, maybe, even when the school has first started his years. Somehow the hatred only grew as the reason stayed unknown, until it was only casual for a jock to sneer each time he passes by a theatre club-member, or for the latter to roll their eyes when the other bump their shoulders on purpose. 



You will never catch them together; never catch one befriend the other; nevertheless see couples of each. Even the teachers know better than to assign one to each for group projects or assignments-- it was somehow that serious. 



A few eyes already caught the sight of Jimin and Taehyung- known members of the club- striding their way over to exit the school's territory. Snarls and glares could already be seen and heard, and it is only convenient for Jimin to throw them his middle finger in response, a smug smile appearing on his plump lips.  



Taehyung only rolled his eyes, tugging Jimin away so his temper won't rise and he'll eventually do something he'll regret. It's not like Taehyung doesn't fight back as well sometimes, having his dignity high-up and floating, but he rather not today, simply for the fact a current Jeon Jeongguk is sending him a cruel smirk from all across the field , and he doesn't even want to start about that man. 



"Fuckers." Jimin muttered under his breath, his jaw tight and clenched and Taehyung can only chuckle about how worked-up he is over small gestures like that. 



They only manage to make a few steps forward before there's something rolling down their way, marching through them in an enormous speed and nearly hitting both their heads off. 



"What the—? Hey, fucktards! Watch where you fucking aim!" 



By the time Jimin's squeaky screams are being heard, there are at least four jocks heading towards their way, and of course, Jeon Jeongguk has to be one of them. 



They're a bit, a lot, sweaty when they arrive, breaths heavy and un-steady and half of their matching jerseys are covered in mud. 






jeongguk was the first to greet, the fucker holding the sleaziest smirk on his face. 



"Cut the crap, Jeon. You nearly took both of our heads off with your lame aiming skills." Jimin spat out, crossing his arms sassily. 



Jeongguk quirked his left eyebrow at Jimin, before he spared a glance at Taehyung who stood next to him with a questioning expression. "Apologies, my friends. It's just that... Hoseok's here has a bit of a reflex and sometimes his kick is just a bit too forceful." 



"You did that on purpose." Jimin argued back, not going back without a fight. 



The innocent expression on Jeongguk's face only proved their suspicions further. "On purpose? Me? God, no. I would never want to see Kim's pretty face over here get bruised by a bad kick to a ball, mhm?" He told, smirk still vivid, and his teammates snickering from behind him. 



Taehyung raised his head to lock his gaze with Jeongguk's. He looked at him for a second, before he narrowed his eyes into a glare. "Wouldn't you like that, Jeon? Seeing my face all ruined and messed up?" 



"Would I like to see you get ruined by me, is that what you ask?" Jeongguk offered a questioning look, licking his lips and probably feeling so smug about the way he makes Taehyung glare harder. "If that so, then... mhm.. I would have to think about it, I guess." 



Taehyung only curved him a fake smile and tilted his head, challenging. 



"You guys should use your mouths for more useful things than talking to us, but first, I would advice you to work on your legs. God knows no one wants a ball kicked to their shin when they walk by around here." Jimin than interrupted the intense eye-contact by saying.


jeongguk could only nod, his eyes not flickering away from their tight gaze on Taehyung’s eyes. He threw the ball in the air, zooming out of his intense stare, before fleshing the brightest, fakest, smile to the duo, eyes glimmering. “I will make sure to take your advice very seriously.” He said, the sarcasm sounding clear in his tone. “I must head back to practice now, so i’ll make sure to see you around, boys.” 


“I’ll be more than happy to not ever see your ugly face near us again.” Jimin remarked, which only made Jeongguk chuckle lightly. 


Jeongguk stepped back, face still fronting the two, smile still awfully insincere. “Call me ugly again, and I’ll make sure to kick the ball harder next time, babes.” 


With that, he turns, all pleased and complacent with himself, leaving Taehyung to hold Jimin back from jumping on him. 



“I swear to god, tae—“ 



“leave it, jiminie.” Taehyung pursed his lips, tightening the grip on his forearm. “He’s not worth it. Let’s go and get some samgyeopsal, I know you’re starving.” 



And the offer for food getting inside his empty stomach seems to satisfy Jimin enough to distract him, and so he loosened up his tensive stature and sighed, nodding his head. Taehyung smiled happily at the attention, and both proceeded to continue their walk out of the school’s front.


Taehyung made the false deed of sneaking a look back at the field’s direction, and to his surprise, he spotted Jeon Jeongguk’s eyes already plastered on him, taunting him, and a vicious smile adding to the darkness in them. Taehyung narrowed his eyes, fixed and squinted at him, before he turned his back, walking away. 







it’s with eager steps that Taehyung makes his way down the packed hallway of the school’s building, backpack plastered only on one shoulder, eyes focused and determined, and the very unpleasant expression on his porcelain face. 


Once he made it to his aiming destination, he makes his presence be known by shoving his hand on the open locker’s metal door, shutting it close with a harsh ting. 


“You shouldn’t have done that.” 



The reaction he gets is almost priceless, because surly Jeongguk didn’t except him to approach him, not like that, mid lunch-time, eyebrows furrowed and eyes cold, his teeth greeted and if he wasn’t so baby-faced and somehow cute, he’ll find him intimidating. 


Jeongguk makes a swift take at their surroundings, watching as students already noticed the scene and ears already picked up, eager to hear and see any kind of drama they could give them. 


“What a pleasant surprise, Kim,” He started after placing his eyes on Taehyung’s face again. “I must say, having your face so close and eyes sending daggers at me that early in the morning is a sight to behold.” 


“Cut the crap,” Taehyung responded quickly, “what you did yesterday, you shouldn’t have done that.” 


“Yesterday? I did a lot of things yesterday. I got up in the morning, brushed my teeth, jacked off, got dressed—“


”for fuck’s sake—” Taehyung rolled his eyes. 


“I’m just messing with you.” Jeongguk let out a heavy laugh. “Now, care to elaborate?” 


Taehyung squinted his eyes at him, hot on his heels. He stepped closer, whispering so people won’t hear. “How you talked to jimin, that wasn’t nice.” 


“Nice?” Jeongguk titled his head in confusion. “Since when I’m suppose to be nice? Regardless, he was acting like a fucking brat. Always so fucking tempted to throw me one. He seriously needs to chill.” 


“Don’t talk about him like that,” Taehyung pushed his finger at his chest. “You know that’s the way it should be, you didn’t have to play around.” 


“I’m not playing around, not when it comes to you, broadway boy.” He teased, leaning back against the lockers to shift his eyes across Taehyung’s figure. 


Taehyung rolled his eyes, not pleased one bit by the nickname as he crossed his arms. “You’re so annoying sometimes, I swear to god.” 


“Ah, Yeah, but you love it when I tease you, don’t you?” He raises his eyebrows to provoke him, the playfulness sounding in his voice.


Taehyung groaned, pushing at him. “You wish, you jackass.”  


“Aish, that really hurt. I thought you like me, Kim!” 


And he laughed when Taehyung flipped him off, passing by him to walk away with a roll off his eyes. 


“Go to hell, Jeon.” 







it’s on a certain Wednesday that Taehyung is sitting down next to his theatre club friends in the cafeteria during lunch time, them casually chatting about an upcoming play they’re planning to work on, when he gets that nauseating feeling in his stomach. 


It strikes as right when he sees something at the corner of his eyes, and as he finally glance to his side to see what’s going on, he sees Jeon jeongguk approaching their table with with motivated steps. 


Before he can even process what is going on, Jeongguk  is slamming his palms on their table, making everyone go silence and stare at him in confusion, that until he opened his mouth. 


“You trashy little smurf!” His eyes are fixed on Taehyung as he calls. 


In all honesty, Taehyung shouldn’t get offended, he really shouldn’t. But his blue hair is something he tends to like about himself, and frankly, the smurfs are adorable creatures (so what if they’re not real? And the movies were awesome), but it still pinched his heart a little, because the intention behind it is clearly spiteful.


Of course, it’s only a matter of seconds before Jimin is raising up from his seat, pushing the sandwich he was eating harsh on his tray and is scowling at the jock in front of them. “What did you just call him?” 


Taehyung can’t blame Jimin, since he tends to find himself as the leader of Taehyung’s protection squad (it’s a soulmate thing, you won’t get it), but it’s embarrassing  enough, he can defend himself, he’s (partly) an adult, and when the rest of his friends get up as well, it makes him flush. 


“Can’t you hear, park? Or that bleach got into your ears?” Jeongguk peered his eyes at him, and really, what is it with him and making fun of people’s hair color today? “That dumbass put paint all over my uniforms!” 


“Oh, pity.” Taehyung cooed fakingly, deciding do chime into the scene. “Such a shame your uniforms are all ruined when you have a game tomorrow.” 


Jeongguk glared his eyes at him, almost growling as he did. “You little—“ 


“hey!” Jimin barged in again. “How did you even know it’s him?!” 


“I just know, he was near the lockers room this morning, a teammate of mine saw him, and he literally has pink splashed on his shirt!” 


It’s true, Taehyung does have, but it’s all apart of the plan, and he smiled smugly, giddy. “Huh, I have, don’t I? What a coincidence.” 


“I swear to god, kim—“ 


“What, Jeon? What will you do, mhm?” Taehyung rose up from his place, the corner of his lips curving into a snicker. “Didn’t you want to ruin my face, huh—?” 


“That’s it.” Jeongguk circled around the table, aiming to approach Taehyung with a sharp glare, but not before there’s a deep yell from behind them, and the two turn around to meet the face of their principal, not looking amused even one bit. 


“Jeon, Kim, you two again?!” The principal approached, and it’s only then that Taehyung can see a girl from him club has tagged along behind him, probably the one to call him. 


They got separated quickly, even though Jeongguk didn’t even get to him that close before the principal interrupted. “You two, my office, now!”


And when Jeongguk turned to examine Taehyung’s expression, Taehyung did nothing but look at him quietly.








“I swear, I am so tried of your two groups fighting and bickering all the damn time.” 


The two were sat next to each other in the office’s chairs, heads hung low as the principal glared at them with severe eyes. 


“What is it with you? The football team and the theatre club? What’s the cause for that stupid rivalry?” 


“It’s them that always mess around with us!” Taehyung was quick to jump and defend himself and his team, pointing at Jeongguk’s side.


”you literally put paint all over my uniforms.” Jeongguk spat out angrily. 


“Kim, is that true?” 


“Only because he almost took my head off while kicking a ball at me the other day.” Taehyung answered dryly. The glanced at each other, eyes furious, expression solid, but hearts beating faster and faster. 


“Jesus, give me strength.” The principal sighed heavily, gotten tired from having the two at his office all the time after stopping a fight. “What can I possibly do to make you stop that madness? I already gave you detention, already suspended you for days. What else could I do to make you give up on giving each other hell?” 


He seemed thoughtful, and Taehyung is almost taken aback from how easy this is going, because soon there’s a faint expression on the principal’s face, and he seems to come up with a certain idea. 


“You two, follow me.” 







they stop in front of a certain classroom at the other side of the building. The principal finally turned to look at them, face filled with exhaustion, before he took out a chain of keys from his side pocket, leaving out one of them to press to the lock of the room. Both don’t look at the other when they enter the dark room after him, and it’s when he finally turns the lights on that they see what stands behind the take to this part of the school’s building. 


“This was once a music room, but since we got a whole new music auditorium at the start of the year, there is no use for this space.” He started to explain. “This leaves the room usable for any other needs, and Mrs. Pae, the theatre club’s teacher, has informed me just yesterday that you guys need a new room for rehearsals.” He spared a look at Taehyung, who nodded in support of his statement. “So, you two will clean this place until it sparkles and empty of anything, and you won’t get out until you finish. Stay overtime at the school if you must.” He greeted his teeth angrily. “Maybe this punishment will teach you guys to stop mess with each other and actually get along.” 


“Wha—? But, principal, this is literally—“ 


“nonsense.” He stopped Jeongguk mid-complaining. “This is your punishment and you shall complete it because I am tired of you fighting all the time. Now, make sure to take the empty boxes and put the music equipment there before you start cleaning. If you need anything, you may come ask. When you finish, find me or any other teacher and inform them you are done. We will check on you afterwards.” 


With a final warning gaze, he leaves the two alone in the messy room and walks away, the room surrounded by utter silence and tension. 


Taehyung glanced around until his eyes located Jeongguk, who already had his eyes fixed on him, and the two shared an intense gaze, long seconds before Taehyung breaks the silence.




Smurf, really?”



jeongguk burst out in laughter, smiling widely as his eyes almost squeezed shut. 



“Fuck, I’m sorry, but that was hilarious, you have to admit.” 



“You called me a smurf, Jeongguk. In front of all the damn school.” Taehyung pouted at him, crossing his arms. 


Jeongguk looked at him, gaze tensile, before his eyes softened and he stepped forward, gripping Taehyung’s wrists to release them from their crossing. “I’m sorry, you may call me any nickname you’d like another time.” He tells quietly. “But how did I do? Did I impressed you, actor boy?” 


He walked Taehyung backwards until the older met the wall behind him, a small smirk placed on his face. 


Taehyung let out a small giggle. “You did well, I really almost believed you. You should consider joining our club, really.”


“Yeah, as if.” Jeongguk rolled his eyes, taking his hands off of him. “You want my teammates to take my head off?” 


“Mhm. Maybe.” 


Jeongguk smiled faintly, watching the blue-haired as he stared at Jeongguk back, keeping them once again in silence. 


Jeongguk took froward, his face coming closer in sight as he let his forehead briefly lean on Taehyung’s. “I can’t believe it worked out.” 


“Me neither.” Taehyung whispered, sighing deeply as Jeongguk pushed their foreheads together, his breath now mingling with Taehyung’s in the tight space between them. “How did you come up with the paint thing?” 


“Saw a pink stain on your shirt and decided to improvise.” Jeongguk admitted. 


Taehyung laughed, shaking his head. “And I thought I was a good actor.” 


“Please,” Jeongguk let his eyes linger around Taehyung’s face. “I was almost distracted when your hot-tempered of a best friend barged in again. I swear, he thinks he’s your bodyguard or something.” 


Taehyung chuckled. “Jimin can get really protective.” 


“I’ve noticed.” Jeongguk muttered. 


Taehyung felt Jeongguk’s hands ghostly touching around his waist, fingers slowly picking under Taehyung’s shirt to trace his smooth skin lightly. 


“This room,” Jeongguk started, “was it your idea?” 


Taehyung hummed lightly. “My friend from music class, Yoongi, said something about a new auditorium they got. I thought, the room must be so messy and empty, it could be put in a good use with two pairs of working hands, so i informed Mrs. Pae with the idea.” 


“Ah, you little genius.” 


Taehyung giggled when Jeongguk planted a small kiss to his exposed collarbones, slapping his chest softly. 


“I just— I really missed you, guk.” Taehyung huffed. “I got tired of seeing you two to three times a week at our own houses for three or four hours because our schedules are so messed up. And it’s hard not to reach out for you and act like I despise you at school.” He pouted. 


“I know, baby, I understand.” Jeongguk cooed at his cuteness. “It’s hard for me too. I almost called you baby instead of Kim that day at the field.” 


Taehyung rolled his eyes. “I hate when you call me that. And, did you really have to act like a douche?” 


“I was just acting up, you know that, babe. If not, people will grow suspicious.” Jeongguk hummed, taking off one hand from around Taehyung’s waist to caress his cheek gently, Taehyung leaning into the touch. 


“Five months.” Taehyung mumbled under his breath. “Five months and it’s all over.” 


He closed his eyes, thinking of that pure moment of finally graduating and having to officially get rid of that school. In five months, he’ll graduate, and while Jeongguk will still be at high-school, they won’t have to hide it anymore. At least, not from anyone they care about. 


“What about Jimin? Do you plan on....?” 


“I am.” Taehyung sighed. “I just don’t know when... he’s... he hates you so much.” 


“That’s a relief.” Jeongguk rolled his eyes sarcastically. 


“You know what I mean.” Taehyung sighed. 


“Tae,” Jeongguk brushed his thumb across his cheek tenderly. “I’m sure once you’ll explain to him how you feel, how serious it is, what you and I have, that it is real and vivid, I’m sure he’ll understand.” 


It’s seems so easy, yeah, just to approach Jimin and tell him ‘hey, so, I kinda accidentally hooked up with our mortal enemy last spring break and we kinda fell in love and kept it a secret from you and everyone else because it’s kinda forbidden for a jock and a theatre kid to be together, and now he’s my secret boyfriend and we planned a fight so the principal could lock us in a room for us to finally be alone. Oh, and every time he mocks me around school, I meet him hours later at his house and we make out for hours.’ 


So easy. 


“everything’s going to be okay, Tae, I promise. I’m here for you, don’t forget that, okay?”


Taehyung raised his head up, eyes locked with Jeongguk, and seeing how much genuineness he held in them, Taehyung couldn’t  help but fall in love even deeper with him.  


It’s weird, how he truly considered Jeongguk as his rival up to a few months ago for years. It was only approachable for the two to despise each other; the superstar footballer and the magnificent actor, both leaders of their own team and both should try and tear each other down. Somehow, a drunk mistake took them to a whole different situation, and this is how Taehyung finds himself almost wrapped up in Jeongguk at this moment, heart eyes and oh so deeply in love. 


“Okay.” Taehyung eventually nodded, smiling when Jeongguk bopped his nose cutely. 


Jeongguk leaned in, capturing Taehyung’s lips in a soft, tender kiss. Everything up until right now was planned along, but not really believing they will succeed with their plan, they had no clue what they’ll do now with the spare time they got to themselves.


”We should really—“ Taehyung started mid-being kissed, “—should really clean this mess.” 


“We should,” Jeongguk muttered against his lips, his breath shaky as he cupped Taehyung’s cheeks in his hands, almost smooching them as he smashed his lips on Taehyung’s for a fiercer one. 


Their kiss is still as felt and vivid as their first one. Even if they were both drunk, and even if both were calling it a mistake, it was as heartfelt and true a their others. Jeongguk’s taste was addicting, lips so effortlessly mingling with Taehyung’s and it makes Taehyung feel fire inside him. In the dim shadows of this room, Taehyung can still make Jeongguk’s face, so handsome and charming. The faint smell of men cologne; mint with a tint of fresh lemons, it’s a weird combination but somehow Taehyung’s addicted to that amazing scent of his. 


As much as he wanted to stare at Jeongguk a tad longer, they were kissing, and that would be weird, and so, he let the kiss swept him away. Let Jeongguk’s dart his tongue inside his mouth, warm and tingling with lust. Jeongguk is a pro at everything he does, Taehyung learnt, but kissing was a total different kind of profession, and damn it if Jeongguk wasn’t a master with how he handled Taehyung’s mouth. 



“Fuck, Tae, I really missed your taste.” He let their lips be separated for a moment, a trail of saliva splitting between the wetness of their lips. Taehyung hummed in satisfaction, almost purring at how soft yet rough Jeongguk was grasping him to hold him against the wall while kissing down his neck.



“Gukkie...” Taehyung whimpered, gripping at his shoulders tightly as the younger bite at his flesh. “Want you...” 



“shit, Tae, We should really clean this mess.” Jeongguk shook his head, yet neither did any effort to let the other go. 



“Missed you, guk, missed your touch.” 


It’s stupid, how Taehyung gets all mushy and whiny once Jeongguk locks them in an empty space. How he’s able to act tough and strong in front of Jeongguk when they’re surrounded by a crowd, yet he’s nothing but putty at Jeongguk’s mercy when they’re all alone.



”miss you too, babe, too much.” Jeongguk ts’kd. He rose slightly upwards again to meet Taehyung’s lips, sucking at his plump flesh. “Missed your warm mouth.” 



Taehyung whimpered loudly, and it made a shiver go down Jeongguk’s spine. “As much—“ He let his hand go under Taehyung’s shirt again, grasping at the soft caramel skin, “—as I love hearing you, you need to stay quiet, babe. We can’t let the principal or anyone else hear us, okay?” 



“Y-Yeah,” Taehyung breathed. He’s so whiny when he’s horny, he’s afraid it’ll be much of a challenge. “Maybe... maybe I’ll be less noisy if you shut my mouth up with your cock.” 



“Jesus, Tae.” Jeongguk groaned, gripping at the small hairs of his nape tightly. “You can’t just say things like that.” 



“Would you like that, gukkie? Would you want me to suck you off right now?” Taehyung ignored him, his hands tightening on his shoulders in compassion.


“Y-Yeah.” Jeongguk breathed out. “I would like that.”


It’s seems almost causal for them, for the two, to have Taehyung bent down on his knees in front of Jeongguk, hands fixed on each side of his thigh as his breath lended on Jeongguk’s clothed abandonment.


“C’mon, Tae,” Jeongguk is eager, Taehyung could hear it with the tightness of his voice and how pushy he is with his fingers already in Taehyung’s hair. He knows Jeongguk doesn’t like him teasing, and on any other circumstances, he would tease, but they’re at risk right now, anyone could easily walk in and see them, so they don’t have much time. So, Taehyung settles on zipping off Jeongguk’s tight jeans (and really, could he wear any tighter ones?), pushing them mid-thighs, and watching with doe eyes at the erection already forming behind the thin layer of cloth. 



Taehyung glanced up, seeing Jeongguk’s eyes already on him, impatient, awaiting, and he nods at Taehyung, as if signing to go on, so Taehyung does just that. 



His fingers grip the waistband of his boxers, and he slowly pushed them down where Jeongguk's jeans are also set, exposing his lower part and the hard erection he was sporting on. His thick cock was already throbbing, red and standing, begging to be inside Taehyung’s warm mouth, and Taehyung can’t do much but curl his fingers around the shaft, Jeongguk letting out a hiss as he did.


he worked his hand a few times before, finally, his lips grew closer to the tip. Opening his mouth slightly, he let his tongue dart out to lick at the slit, his mouth barely touching. 



“You’re teasing.” Jeongguk stated, and if it wasn’t obvious, Taehyung couldn’t help but do so, it was in his nature to tease, especially Jeongguk. It was do endearing watching Jeongguk lose his patient and act more rough up with him. 



“Mhm, Sorry.” Taehyung muttered with a slight smirk, and as he looked back down at Jeongguk’s shaft, his lips an inch mere apart from being wrapped around it, Jeongguk grasp his hair tightly in a fist, and with that, forced Taehyung all the way down until he was nosing at his pubes. 



And if Taehyung made Jeongguk labeled as a pro at kissing, Jeongguk will go on and label the latter as a pro at sucking dick, because truly, the boy didn’t even gag.  



“Fuck.” Jeongguk groaned, feeling Taehyung swallowing his dick as a whole. “Your mouth, Tae, Jesus.” 



Taehyung hummed around his cock, still being held on and he tried to breath through his nose in a steady rhythm, his eyes squeezing shut at the tight pressure holding at the back of his throat. He’s been through it with Jeongguk already, so it wasn’t much of a problem, and really, he loves sucking dick, loves sucking Jeongguk's dick, and the warm feeling of Jeongguk’s cock in his mouth right now is nothing but the pursuit of happiness. 



Eventually, Taehyung gagged, not being able to hold any longer, and Jeongguk let him go, loosening the grip on him as he patted his head softly, brushing his fingers through his hair as Taehyung let out heavy breaths. 



“You’re So good at this, baby. Such a pro.” 



And Taehyung is a goner for compliments, especially when it’s Jeongguk praising him, so he feels he should probably proceed and show off his skills even more, letting his lips wrap around Jeongguk’s again and bop his head up and down. His tongue licked around the long hilt, following the veins all through and even got on to suck at his balls.


Jeongguk is at heaven, really, Kim Taehyung is heavenly sent and Jeongguk is so far gone that he almost sees stars. Taehyung knows what he’s doing, and it’s Working, because Jeongguk is leaning against the wall with his head leaned backwards, eyes squeezed shut as his hand approached Taehyung’s face to caress him gently. He groans and he moans, Taehyung working him up so well he’s reaching his edge so soon, too soon. 



“Baby, hey... baby...” Jeongguk made Taehyung look up at him, and god, if the sight isn’t worthy of an award. Lips red and swollen, saliva mixed with pre-come at the corner of Taehyung’s mouth, eyes watery and hooded, looking up at Jeongguk so innocently Jeongguk might just drop it all off for this boy bent for him. His hair is all over the place from Jeongguk using it shove it down his cock, so beautifully ruined. This is the only way Jeongguk would ruin Taehyung, ever.



Jeongguk swept at the semen and spit on Taehyung’s lips using his thumb, letting Taehyung open his mouth so he could lick it off so gorgeously. “Such a good boy, Tae. I think it’s your turn for a reward now.” 



“Yes, guk, please.” Taehyung moaned when the footballer raised him up, having him turned around to face the wall. 



And really, it shouldn’t take long for Jeongguk to actually ruin Taehyung. It didn’t take long. Because soon enough, Jeongguk was having his cock deep inside Taehyung’s ass, having Taehyung smear his cheek across the wall as he moaned out repeatedly, having no thought of who can come in and when. It’s difficult with the lack of lube (Jeongguk using his spit wasn’t really contrasting how thick is cock is and how tight Taehyung’s hole is), but Jeongguk works his fingers well anyways. Once again, he’s good at what he does, Jeongguk makes Taehyung a mess, a pile of mess on top of the mess they already have to clean up afterwards. But it’s the least of their concerns right now as Jeongguk thrusts into Taehyung, firmly, strongly. The position is uncomfortable but the pleasure is unbearable, Taehyung feels ten times more rewarded than he should by how good Jeongguk is fucking him, how good he works him and how pleasant the praises that came out of his mouth sounded at the side of Taehyung’s ear.



”I-I’m close... Guk... i’m So close.” Taehyung moaned after awhile, having Jeongguk’s hand joining the party as he wrapped his palm around Taehyung’s cock, pumping him and urging him to reach his climax.



” ‘M too, Tae, so close.” Jeongguk breathed out heavily. He pushed his cock in faster, deep inside Taehyung’s tight warmth that covered his cock so perfectly inside. He watched as his tip pushed in Taehyung’s red hole, opening him up and the sight is really out of his world. In no time, Taehyung is crying out his name, and Jeongguk is milking him through his orgasm, having reaching his own a second after. 



Filling Taehyung’s ass with his cum must be Jeongguk’s favorite part, watching how the white semen drips out of his asshole onto the dirty floor of the room. Taehyung’s hole is wide and dripping as Jeongguk pulls out, and he’s glad to have some tissue paper wraps that were suppose to be for cleaning to clean the mess the two made. 



Taehyung is quiet, breaths loud, but Jeongguk knows it’s a part of his after-sex experience, and he let his palm rob his back soothingly to ease him down, covering his face with small kisses. 



“You should lay down a bit, want me to bring you something to drink?” Jeongguk asked tenderly, hoping Taehyung wasn’t too sensitive to their lack of the right equipment. 



“No, it’s alright gukkie. I’m okay.” Taehyung smiled at him, pecking his lips softly before pouting. “I’m so tired, I can’t believe we have to clean this room now.” 



“I’ll fix everything.” Jeongguk muttered against his lips, letting his fingers trace his jawline softly. “You just sit comfortably and look pretty for me, okay?”




and yeah, Jeongguk ended up cleaning the whole room by himself, Taehyung passing out on one of the chairs nearby, but that was okay, because Jeongguk is a pro at everything he does, and Taehyung has provided him much satisfaction that he feels like all Taehyung could do is smile and look at him and it’ll be alright. And even when Jeongguk made sure to finish extra quickly so they could cut short and go home right afterwards to cuddle together and watch movies, there’s nothing really wrong about that, right? 



Especially not when Jimin meets Taehyung the day after, looking all pitiful and sad, hugging his best friend close to his chest in a tight embrace. 



“I’m so sorry you had to go through it, Taehyungie.”



”huh?” Taehyung looked up at him, a little bit puzzled. 



“I heard the principal gave you and that ballsack a punishment to clean the music room till it sparkles. Must’ve been a torture staying with Jeon for hours on top of hours.” 




“Ah, yes.... was really a torture.” Taehyung tried to hide his smile, fiddling with his fingers. 



Looks like he just found his new nickname for Jeongguk.