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Enid x ???

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Enid is currently 17-21
Eventual smut but not rn
The shows events past 'The K.O Trap' are irrelevant.

This is just for fun.


Nobody ever thought of this..

The canon ships aren't canon.


I don't support this shit ship but I think it would be fun to write.

Can you guess who it is?

Enid x ???

Vote and comment your thoughts

No its not Enid x KO so don't comment that :D

Guess that's about it.. Happy Reading!

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"Rad take out the trash." Enid orders not looking up from her phone. Rad let's out a tried groan.

"Ugh Eeenid I already did my job." Rad whines. "You know your up for garbage duty today so you have to do it." he continues, sticking his tongue out at her. Enid rolls her eyes at his immaturity.

"Ugh fine. Don't be such a whiney bitch." She tells himself getting up out of her seat. Before she could put her phone away it chimes and a text message appears on the screen. She opens it.

                   😝My Babey😝

Hey bb! ❤

                                          😘 Hey babe imu

Same 😭

So Wyd?

                                           Working. Wbu?

Thinking about you.



                                            Damn imu  
                                           Today was shit..
Really? If u want I could
drop by and we could take
a break 😏

No Rads being a bitch
I doubt he'd cover for me.

It won't hurt ask right?


Enid puts her phone on the counter and turns to Rad.

"Hey can you cover for me while I'm out?" Enid asks in a sweet voice.

"Nope your not going anywhere " Rad says, not looking up from his work. "Besides your just going out there to meet your girlfriend/boyfriend and get fucked. So no." He adds. Enid rolls her eyes.

"You don't have to be jealous you know?" she says picking up the garbage bag.

"Uh why would I be jealous?"

"Because you can't have me."

"Pfft like I'd ever want you." Rad scoffs, a light (barely noticeable blush) appearing on his cheeks.

"Denying it won't make it not true." Enid says.

"Shut up.." Rad mumbles, whispering something under his breath.

"Did you just sat what I think you said?" Enid asks resting the bag back down and walking over to him.

"Uh.. No?"

Enid grabs his shirt. "I. Am. Not. A. Slut. Okay?" Enid growls, her fangs showing and her eyes red. 

"I- I never said you were." Rad whimpers, wincing when Enid knees him in the stomach. She let's him go and he falls to the floor, holding his belly and groaning. Enid picks up the garbage again and walks out of the store, leaving Rad in a pool of tears.

~End of Chapter 1~

Omg finally I'm done.
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