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Fragments of Humanity

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The day started like any other, however, Tikki was still ill from their last battle, she was sick from joining with Longg for too long. It had caused too much stress on Marinette and Tikki, leaving the ravenette very sluggish and tired, overall weak, while Tikki could barely hold herself up.

Tikki just needed rest and sweets until she felt better. At least, that is what Marinette hoped.

Without Master Fu’s healing technique, she was unable to help her healing along faster.

Part of Marinette would hate him for that. An adult man had abandoned her at the age of fourteen to a job she had no training for, no support for.
Marinette was on her own. While she had the Kwami, they were not allowed to reveal their secrets.

“Miss Marinette?” Duusu’s large eyes looked at her. It was as if she was never broken as she moved to nuzzle into Marinette’s cheek. “Tikki will be okay.”

Marinette hadn’t put the peacock brooch back into the Ladybug themed box yet, something about Duusu being there while Tikki was sick, made her feel she was okay.

“You’re trying to make me feel better.” Marinette murmured, fingers caressing over the crest of Duusu’s head. She realized like Plagg was destruction and Tikki was Creation, the Peacock was able to see out emotions and make totems to represent them. She could build on strong emotions… or pull ones out from the depths of a soul.

“Yes!” She chirped happily, crooning as she nuzzled into Marinette more, enjoying the gentle affection.

During a battle with Mayura, there had been an incident. Mayura had collapsed coughing, her body trembling. Dragonbug had to stop and was worried about this woman, despite them being enemies.

Why had she pushed herself so hard for this idiotic reason?

When she fled, a brooch was left in the wake of Hawkmoth carrying Mayura’s civilian form away, the woman ‘s body curled to his chest and out of sight of the heroine.

“Duusu, is Mayura sick?”

The Kwami paused. “Yes.” Her voice was low, sad. “Mayura got sick from using me. For her and Hawkmoth’s goal, she willingly took my Miraculous on, despite it having been broken by the prior user. During your fight with Queen Wasp, my Miraculous was fixed.” She didn’t elaborate on why or how.

Marinette nodded and moved to stroke the Peacock Kwami’s head. Duusu was hyper at times, but she was very sweet and caring, sometimes a bit like Tikki.

She sighed and glanced to the red Kwami tucked on a pillow, Wayzz was fussing over her. 

Miss Marinette.” Wayzz had approached her, “For someone as important as you, you should take one of us to stay with you while Tikki is getting over her illness. I would offer myself up, but I would like to be the one to care for Tikki. I was Fu’s companion for a long time.”

It was the more forthright Marinette had ever seen Wayzz. 

“I understand, Wayzz.” She leaned down and pressed a kiss to his head, smiling as the turtle Kwami began turning pink. 

“Duusu, I know we haven’t known one another a long time, but would you be my partner until Tikki gets better?”

Duusu paused, hesitant for some reason. As if wondering if she should allow Marinette the knowledge her brooch offered. “Of course, Marinette.” Duusu smiled brightly before settling herself on Marinette’s head. “I’d be honored.”

If Marinette couldn’t know or handle the secrets of the brooch, then maybe it was too much for even the world to handle. 
Duusu just hoped that she could handle them… there was too much at stake for her Golems if she couldn’t. 

Marinette hoped this wouldn’t turn out badly. She knew how Chat could be when things happened without notice… but this was a situation she was unable to stop.

When she went to class the next day, she expected just her normal routine, However, upon going into the class she noticed the quieter of the Agreste cousins had changed seats, sitting in Mylène's usual seat, the seat next to hers. 

Prim and proper Félix Agreste sat silently, reading a book with a dark cover. The picture of sharp and ice from his cutting features; a sharp jawline, a narrow face, piercing blue eyes.

There was an unusual feeling that thrummed through the back of her mind. It was the same feeling she got when she used Lucky Charm. It was warm, and flooded her chest with comfort, like something she had--something that could protect her was near. She swallowed hard. 

Félix Agreste was not human. 

Félix Agreste was a Sentimonster.

And the smirk he gave her made her almost believe he could read her mind. However looking closer at him it wasn't her that he was looking at, but the Kwami that was peeking her head up from the navy blue scarf wrapped around her neck. 

Silently he grabbed something from his bag, a small bowl with a lid, inside it was full of candied fruits. Duusu’s favorite snack...

She could practically feel Duusu holding herself back once she sat down in her seat. 

"So you're my new master." His voice was low, too low for people to hear unless they leaned in. "This will be very interesting."

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Marinette had no idea what to do or say as she and Félix moved to take a walk together. Her steps were slow and careful, keeping a watchful eye on him. She felt all sorts of things now that she knew to look for it. These feelings weren’t strong or anything, however, they were annoying now that she knew what they felt like. 

Marinette realized it was likely these emotions that were causing her to feel off all day. The tall Agreste, the supposed elder cousin, was walking, back straight, poised and proper, like any businessman would be.

Did that mean that at some point Félix’s parents had the brooch? Or if Adrien’s parents had their hands on the brooch at all. No one openly knew who Félix’s parents were, he was most often seen with Gabriel or Nathalie.


“If it is about who had the brooch prior to you, I cannot answer that. Nor can Duusu since it was not willingly given up.” Félix only spared her a half glance. 

“You can’t give me a hint?”

“No.” The blond commented as they walked. 

Unlike Adrien, Félix had not lived in Paris during their time through high school. He’d been attending a private academy in London, a short train trip away. He’d been seen with Nathalie in a lot of media. The Agreste Prodigy. 

There were many questions that ran through Marinette’s head, one that had always haunted her and many of their friends since they first were introduced to Félix.

Félix looked very similar to Gabriel. However, Marinette had noticed a few things that reminded her of Nathalie. 

“I can instruct you on your powers with Duusu.” He’d been part of Duusu for over twenty years. “Starting with your connection to active Sentimonster--those you create and those created by others.”

“Your power with Duusu is to animate objects based on a specific emotion, with practice you can decide what your sentimonster looks like.”

“Like you and the Ladybug Sentimonster.” Her voice was soft, quiet. 

“Yes…” He moved to take her to the fountain. The park was busy enough for them to have a quiet conversation without many people listening in on them. 

“We take up a lot of energy to create and sustain. Something happened when Duusu’s brooch was broken and then fixed.” He explained. “I stopped pulling energy from the ones holding the brooch and was pulling from Duusu.”

Duusu let out a light noise of agreement from where she was tucked into Marinette’s purse that was tucked against her lap. 

Duusu as a small god had more than enough energy to give to Félix. She didn’t mind, Félix was a good Golem, reminding her much before she was contracted to the box like the other small gods.

“Despite this, you, as the wielder of the Peacock Miraculous, have the power to command me like any other Sentimonster.” Marinette took in the way his lips curved into an annoyed sneer. “You can keep them active outside of suit or keep them dormant for a purpose while in and out of the mask. However, I am unsure if that will pull upon your energy or Duusu’s.” 

“S-so… if I were to demand you to… kiss me, for example, you’d have to do it?” She asked. It had been the first thing to enter her mind, her eyes falling to his lips before she turned pink. 

Félix turned to her, moving to carefully bring his fingers to cup her jaw as he looked at her, “Is that a demand?” He breathed, the pull to obey was tugging at the male, but there was no true incentive behind her request.

“I…” Marinette squeaked, her cheeks turning into a darker shade of red. “N-no.” She couldn’t do that to him. 

“Hm. Fair enough.” The blue-eyed blond pulled back. “The final bit that you’d need to really know was that you can communicate with all active Sentimonster through a link created by Duusu. A telepathic bond. So long as the line of communication is open, we can talk to you through it and you can talk to us through it.” He explained. He caught the way Marinette swallowed hard, likely anxious about what could be heard. He’d try not to take a peek too often.

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Things were tense in her class. Marinette was stiff and tense as she sat next to Félix, the information of him being a Sentimonster hung heavily on her mind. Félix wasn’t just a sentimonster, he was an old one. He’d been around for years, at least the last ten. It was only a brief encounter, but she’d met Félix once when she was fourteen. Young, baby fat on his cheeks, eyes still sharp. She’d seen him with Nathalie.

She hated to say it, but she’d nearly mistaken him for Adrien when she caught sight of him and Nathalie walking down the hall, away from her. However, Félix stood taller, with confidence. His body was not as broad as Adrien was, however still defined, his hair was lighter in color, a pale blond, not the honey shade the model had.

Artic eyes glanced to Marinette, having shut his book. “You may want to excuse yourself.”

“What?” Marinette narrowed her eyes slightly. A deep sense of foreboding was filling her, it churned her stomach and made her want to be sick.

What was that disgusting feeling?

That, Marinette, is what Sentimonster’s feel when an Akuma is out .” His voice filtered into her mind as he began to quietly pack his bag. It wasn’t unusual for people to leave early in this class, the instructions and assignments were handed out in the first hour.  “ Come on. We have places to be.

Marinette looked to him a huff leaving her lips as she began walking after Félix, ignoring the looks she was getting from Alya and Adrien who were also in her class.

However, she scowled when Lila Rossi caught her gaze. It made her follow after Félix faster, noting that he’d not only grabbed his bag but her own that was currently draped over his shoulder.

Oh… He grabbed it… ” She felt her cheeks warm as she glanced at her desk towards the back.

Félix glanced back at her, “We’ll need to practice that.” He commented as he began leading her down the back stairwell.

Listen well and listen close, Marinette.

A hooded figure was running along the rooftops.

“You have an advantage no other hero has, Marinette. Us."

She was moving swiftly, and the closer she got to the edge of the park, the more she saw rain falling from the sky, the air coming off the rain was icy cold compared to the warm sun beating down on her back.

They’d been experiencing a terrible heatwave despite it being Autumn. Many people were longing for the cold weather that was associated with the color-changing season.

“It’s too hot!” A feminine voice shrieked. “It is supposed to be cold! Books by the fire! Hot Chocolate! Warm pastries!” Each comment was accented by her swinging a parasol.

There had been a light storm this afternoon, the rain and moisture had made the air thick and even Marinette had been left frustrated by it.


It was easier to get distracted in this form, more so than as Ladybug… maybe it was because of Duusu or her newfound freedom, she didn’t feel a need to be as strict as she was as Ladybug. 

When the rain began falling harder, she saw Chat Noir come through. A small smile graced her features. 

“Who are you?” Chat called as he saw the hooded girl. She looked like a blue version of a female Robin Hood. A soft blue vest and darker blue pants with boots, two belts strapped at her hips. Around her neck and shoulders was a cloak with a hood, the hood had a stencil of a peacock feather, much like the outer thigh of her pants. Her dark hair and the hood created a shadow over her face a bit--it was something to help her in the dark of night, but on a bright day like this it was rather useless. . 

“Bleue Belle.” She tugged at the cloak a bit to reveal her face a bit more, a simplistic mask against blue-toned skin, was revealed when she pulled her hood down. Dark hair was pulled into a messy braid with the peacock miraculous pinned into it, holding the base of the braid together.

“Awesome.” Chat looked her over before looking at her. “Ladybug should be here soon. We’ll figure out how to get rid of the Akuma.”

Belle paused as she glanced to Chat, “She’s unable to come today. She requested for me to take her place today.”

Chat looked like someone sprayed him with cold water before scowling. “What can you do that M’lady would choose you to come?”

“You can destroy the Akuma. Ladybug is the only one able to purify them, but your Sentimonsters can destroy them. It is why the butterfly and peacock work so well together.”

“I can destroy the Akuma.” She spoke as she smiled, pulling out her fan. “Fly my little Amok.” She crooned as she waved her fan. It did not turn black like the ones she saw from Mayura, but it was a soft blue color. 

Chat narrowed his eyes before rushing off, knowing that she’d have to stay back. 

“Hey, Lady!” Belle commented. “Why are you taking the sun away?” She mocked the Akuma, fanning herself a bit with the fan. 

The Akuma let out an angered growl. “It. Is. AUTUMN!!”

“Fun? Can I play?” The new voice was very light and it made Marinette want to croon. 

“It's time to play, my Sentimonster.” She grinned. Though she did blink as she saw the sentimonster roll in, a canine looking golem. The Amok was a discarded dog lead, the canine Sentimonster was running before it was spinning, like a small bowling ball. 

“Fun! Play!”

Belle tilted her head, looking at the pup. He was a dark gray bodied creature with six legs and glowing blue eyes. He wasn’t massive but he was the general size of a pit bull. A long pink tongue lolled out, his excitement was shown by the way the canine’s behind wiggled with a lack of a tail. 

“Be a good puppy, Jeu, have fun with the crazy lady.” 

“I am Seasonique and a cold front is coming!” The Akuma cried out as she slammed her parasol into the ground. 

“Yeah, yeah, you’re a knock off Climatika, we get it.” Belle laughed, moving back as she grimaced, the mud around her boots was thick and made her cringe a bit. This was so gross.

However, the mud didn’t bother Jeu, the pup let out a bark before his body curled back into a bowling ball shape, spinning rapidly as he crashed back into Seasonique, mud flying as his body rolled through it. 

Chat jumped back as Belle let out a whine, “Jeu… Now I’m all muddy!” She called to the canine sentimonster. Both heroes were splattered with mud, the creature was busy nipping at Seasonique, causing the woman to shriek, trying to smack him with her parasol. 

It seemed the more he played, the bigger Jeu got. His body steadily getting larger as his happiness bubbled over into Bleue Belle, making her giggle. She felt the unfiltered joy coming from Jeu. 

Hearing her giggles encouraged Jeu further as his jaw clamped down on the parasol, moving to bite down on it. His head beginning to shake, tearing the object from her hands. The action caught the attention of Chat, his eyes watching the canine creature, as it began teasing Seasonique. 

Jeu’s body was jumping back and forth, excited and playful, eyes wide as he shook his head, jaw clamped tight on the parasol every time her hands gripped at the parasol. 

“Ugh!” The woman growled, and rather than letting her grasp the Parasol again, the sentimonster began running away, making her chase after him. When he got too far, he’d turn around, playfully bowing, the parasol in his jaw as he watched her. Then once she got close, he began running again.

It was cute to watch. 

“Enough!” The woman lunged at the sentimonster, snatching the parasol. 

“Why didn’t you have it destroy it?” Chat Noir hissed at Bleue Belle. 

“Jeu.” Her voice was light, narrowing her eyes a bit at Chat. She didn’t like him scolding her when he wasn’t even moving to try and do anything. 

It was like a switch was flipped. The playful Sentimonster was growling, teeth bared. 


Belle shook her head. “Take back your toy, Jeu.” Her voice was soft, but the command was there. 

Jeu didn’t hesitate, his body running, because of his playtime, he was larger, heavier. Seeming more like the size of a mastiff rather than a pit bull. His body slammed into the Akumatized woman. She’d likely feel it tomorrow, but her eyes followed, watching as the canine ripped the parasol from the woman’s hands as she toppled over.

Jeu didn’t destroy it, rather he was trotting towards Belle with the parasol, holding it like a prize. Before he could bring it to Belle, Chat had pulled it from the creature’s massive jaws, earning a loud growl. 

“Jeu, don’t.” Her voice was soft, but there was an edge of panic. “Chat Noir. Do not just take from my Sentimonster. They’re bound to snap at your fingers.” She warned. 

“Then keep them in better control.” The response made her bristle, wanting to call him out on everything he’s done. 

“Cataclysm.” The black energy crumbled the parasol to dust. The rain and ice suddenly vanishing from the air, the woman was forced to kneel in the mud, confused. 

“Food!” Before Belle could stop Jeu, the canine creature jumped up, jaw snapping shut around the Akuma. The butterfly was gone, and Jeu, despite his massive size looked every bit the puppy he was when she summoned him. 

“How do I…” Her voice trailed off as she went to Jeu, stroking his large head. 

“You just… call back his Amok. Be careful to not call to mine as well.”

This hurt, Jeu was very simple, but a loving creature as he flopped onto his back. 

“Bye-bye.” He knew and it made Belle swallow harder. Why did it hurt her so much?

“Thank you for your help, Jeu.” Her fingers touched his head, and soon he was gone, the amok sitting perfectly above the mud, white and pure. She grabbed it and turned on her heel. 

Chat Noir was already gone with the civilian that had been the Akuma.