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Jimin is an excellent seeker. In any meaning of the word. He’s agile, and tiny, and has a great balance. Your eye can barely catch him as he glides across the field in a blur of green. It would be an understatement to say that Jungkook is jealous. It’s pure talent, Taehyung would say. Jungkook would think darkly that talent is being able to fit that kind of ridiculous, fat ass on the broom.

There’s a lot of pressure on him now. It’s an important match, will undoubtedly grant the winner the upper hand in the Inter-House Quidditch Cup. When Namjoon had given them their pep talk before the beginning of the match, he said their best chance is to end the game as soon as possible, and his eyes were trained on Jungkook. They all know how it is. Slytherin always plays dirty. It doesn’t help that Snape is the referee. Jungkook’s has done well in practice till now, and everyone says he’s learning pretty fast for a new player, but it will be his first real game, and against a very strong opponent, too. It would be a bit crass to say he’s nervous.

Jungkook hears a buzz, and shakes his head to see the golden snitch shooting right past him. He knows Jimin’s spotted it too when he feels a gush of air a moment later, and then sees a close up of a green robe. He leans forward on his broom to gain speed and manages to catch up to Jimin, the both of them chasing the glint of gold sneaking in the distance.

“New player?” Jimin shouts over the wind as they glide shoulder to shoulder, tilting his face to shoot him a smirk. Jungkook feels a tinge of jealousy tickling at his gut at the ease with which Jimin seems to control his broom, almost like an extension of his body, while if Jungkook were to take his eyes off his broom for even a moment in such a speed, he’d surely lose control and crash into the ground. So Jungkook merely presses his lips together and stares straight ahead at the glint of light.

Jimin doesn’t seem fazed by his lack of answer. He just chuckles happily and does some kind of a spin on his broom before leaning just so forward to move faster and pass Jungkook by an inch or so.

“There’ve been all kinds of conspiracies going in school, you know?" Jimin says. “The Gryffindors kept their new seeker a secret from all of us. Guess they wanted to make you their secret weapon, humm?”

“So?” Jungkook makes, trying to not let it show how the words affect him. The truth is that even among his own house, there’ve been people who didn’t want to have him on the team. He’s too big and awkward to be a seeker, they had said. No match for the Slytherin star. And the thing is that Jungkook knows it. That he secretly agrees with them, even if he plays it off like he doesn’t care when Namjoon and the rest of the team call him out about that. He’s not built like a seeker, that’s the thing. Isn’t as fast as he probably should be. Maybe being a chaser or a keeper would’ve been a better option for him. But the previous seeker had graduated the year before, and when given the opportunity, Jungkook just took it, easy as that. Being on the team has always been his dream.

And he wants to prove all those people who’d degraded him wrong. He wants to make Namjoon proud, wants to feel like a valuable player of the team. Wants the acceptance of the other Gryffindors. And more than all, he wants to prove to himself that he’s capable. So if it means beating Jimin, he’s gotta do it. 

Somewhere in the distance, the snitch disappears from sight. They both slow down.

“I’m surprised they took an underclassman,” Jimin says and looks him up and down in a rather judging manner. “I heard someone say you learned how to hold a broom like, only a month ago.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. “That’s not true,” he says, shooting Jimin a glare, and that moment of loss of concentration has almost cost him in falling of the broom as it sways sideways and a few feet down, and he barely manages to stay in the air as he grips it tightly and spins a few times before steadying himself.

Jimin stops to hover in the air just above him, looking infuriatingly smug, like he’s just proved his point. “Anyways, try not to make too much of a fool out of yourself. Remember the whole school is watching.”

Jungkook feels his face redden at the reminder, but before he can think of a retort, Jimin bolts through the air and off into the middle of the pitch, skilfully avoiding a bludger that tries to aim right at his face and goes immediately afterward for Jungkook. Jungkook narrowly ducks under it and speeds across the pitch to catch up to Jimin, now yards upon yards ahead of him.

Taehyung, one of the beaters, sidles up to him, and says, “You okay?”

Jungkook nods, eyes zeroed on Jimin’s butt in the distance, basically laughing at him. Taehyung follows his line of sight and frowns. “Whatever he said to you, don’t mind him,” he says. “He’s known for his slick tongue.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t,” Jungkook says.

Taehyung doesn’t seem convinced, but he lets is slide. “Listen, Jungkook, I really hate to say this, but we’re not doing very well. They’re leading 60 to 15. An early end of the game could really help us.”

“Wow, thanks,” Jungkook mutters.

Taehyung looks uncomfortable. “Sorry,” he murmurs. “I just really want to win this match.”

Jungkook hates that so much is depended on him now. As the seeker, it’s his duty to catch the golden snitch. Catching it will mean ending the game, and granting the team 150 points. It’s the lead they need. He glances at where Namjoon is dodging a bludger hurtling at him, and then at the three Gryffindor hooped goal posts where Taemin has just failed to prevent the Slytherins from scoring a goal.

They really need that snitch. So Jungkook gains speed and flies higher to circle the arena, eyes darting around the field to spot the golden little ball. There’s a roar from the crowd, and Snape declaring distastefully that Lisa has gained Gryffindor 10 points. Jungkook breaths in relief. They still stand a chance.

“Over there, Jungkook,” Namjoon shouts.

And Jungkook turns his head frantically in every direction until he spots it, just a few feet off the ground, and he ducks down, the cool air rushing in his ears, taking one hand off the broomstick to reach out for it. So close. He’s so close. Almost there. And then something hits his broom, and sends him a few feet askew. He shouldn’t be surprised when he looks up to see Jimin, smiling innocently as if he hadn’t just tried to literally knock him off.

“You’re too slow for your own good, darling,” he drawls, before he’s setting off in the direction of the glint, gracious and agile, making it seem so easy. Jungkook doesn’t let himself be deterred, and sidles right beside him, shoulder to shoulder again, just like before, till both of them are only 40 feet off the ground, the golden snitch buzzing with life so close. They both dive at the same time, leaning on their brooms to gain speed. It feels like everyone has stopped playing, and is just looking at them. Jungkook hates that he thinks about that at such a crucial moment, and forces himself to concentrate. He presses as much weight as he can onto the broom. He manages to take the lead. He stretches out his hand, the light of the snitch reflected in his own eyes, but then with a gush of air Jimin spins and gets between him and the golden ball, forcing Jungkook to come to a halt. And then the crowd screams and cheers as Snape announces the end of the game.

Through the rush of adrenalin, Jungkook looks down to see Jimin hovering just off the ground, the tiny snitch nestled in the palm of his little hand, buzzing gently as its golden wings struggle against the grip. The smile that splits Jimin’s face is so wide it turns his eyes into crescents as he waves the snitch, and then Jimin turns to him, and his smile turns to nothing short of vicious.

Jungkook bites on his tongue, and looks away.

“Here you are,” Namjoon says as he enters the changing room. “Everyone’s out looking for you.”

Jungkook looks up from where he’s been folding his uniform robe. He’s closed himself up in here since the end of the game while the rest of the team helped with clean up outside. He knows he should be helping too, be he can’t bring himself to meet their faces right now. Not after his failure.

Jungkook takes a deep breath and shoves his uniform in the locker. Maybe he won’t need it anymore after this. “I’ll understand if you want me out of team,” Jungkook hurriedly says. “It’s totally understandable.”

“What… what are you talking about?”

“Maybe, maybe I shouldn’t be on the team.” Jungkook puts his face in his hands and groans. “Ugh, It’s so embarrassing. I can’t believe I made us lose!”

He hears footsteps behind him, before a warm hand is placed on his shoulder. “Jungkook, right now you’re the best seeker Gryffindor has. You must understand this. The team needs you.”

“Uh, I don’t know about this.” Jungkook shrugs his hand off and turns around to face him, though he loses his confidence the moment he glances at Namjoon’s face, and looks down at his feet instead. “Maybe you should do auditions again.”

“It’s too late for that,” Namjoon says, his voice a little stilted. Jungkook curls into himself, feeling small and miserable. Namjoon probably senses it, because he sighs. “Hey,” he makes, and Jungkook hesitantly looks up to meet his gaze. “I think you’ve done wonderfully. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re such a fast learner, and hey! There’s still the matches against Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. We still stand a chance.”

Jungkook cracks a feeble smile. “Well, yeah…”

The door opens and the rest of the Griffindor’s team begins to filter into the room. Namjoon gives him a pat on the shoulder, and says quietly, “Come to practice tomorrow, yeah?”

Jungkook only manages a weak nod before Taehyung tugs him into a hug. “We’re proud of you, Kook,” he says, and Jungkook sags into the embrace, wishing the rest of the Gryffindors were this forgiving.

They aren’t, of course. Jungkook feels it the moment he comes back to the common room later that day. It’s not something that they say. It’s the lack of, really. More like receiving the cold shoulder, the accusing glares, them ignoring him as he passes by them to climb to his room. He’s disappointed them, and he knows it. He hates it. Never mind what Namjoon says. They all know that match had been important. Slytherin had won the house cup 5 years in a row. That had been their chance to catch up to them.

It doesn’t help much that many of them hadn’t liked him to begin with. Some of them don’t even consider him as a real Gryffindor because the sorting hat had initially wanted to sort him into Slytherin. He had lost them so many points because of his mistakes. He had wanted to be useful. To make them appreciate him. In the end he’s just made a fool out of himself. He’s really useless. He curls in his four-poster bed with the curtains drawn shut, not wanting to see anyone for the next 100 years.

Taemin and Lisa come later on to nudge him into going to dinner with them, But Jungkook claims he just wants to sleep, taking comfort in the quietness of the room as everyone scatters to the great hall. He stares at the black sheets for so long that in the end he really does fall asleep. It’s dark out when he comes back to, judging by the shadows under his curtains, and the snores he can hear from Taehyung’s side of the room. There’s a dull throb behind his eyes that you get when you don’t sleep well. And with a quiet groan, he sits up and pulls one of the curtains open. He can just see the silvery moonlight spilling into the room and shrouding it with long shadows. Everyone’s sleeping. He swings his legs off the side of the bed as quietly as he can and ties on his night robe.

He really could use some water for his headache, and maybe something sweet to eat to lessen the pain, so he starts towards the kitchens. The house-elves are as kind as ever as they treat him to a nice piece of cheesecake and some water, even at this late hour. It’s nice getting some sympathy after having to deal with his disapproving housemates. Usually he’d go straight back to the Griffindor tower, but the truth is that he doesn’t feel tired anymore, so he resorts to strolling the grounds instead, using the tip of his wand to light the way as he walks out in the cool night air. Students aren’t supposed to wander out at night, but he doesn’t give a shit at the moment. He just wants to have some time alone.

As he’s deep in his own miserable thoughts he hears a rustle from the direction of the castle, and immediately hides behind one of the trees, whispering a spell to vanish the light from his wand in a case one of the teachers has noticed a student out of bed. But the two figures that sneak off into the night aren’t teachers, but a pair of students who run in the direction of the forbidden forest. Jungkook usually isn’t one to mind other students’ business, but when he catches a mop of blond hair and a glint of green under the light of the moon, his curiosity gets the better of him, and he finds himself following after the pair.

As it turns out, the forbidden forest isn’t their destination, but the Quidditch changing rooms. With his eyebrows furrowed, Jungkook presses against the wall of the small building, and crouches against one of the windows. The lights turn on, and there, pressed against the wall, with a boy at his neck, is no other than Park Jimin himself. Jungkook is so shocked that for a few moments all he can do is just stand there and stare, so it takes him a few moments to realizes that the boy who is now pulling Jimin’s shirt off his head is no other than Kai himself, one of the Griffindor seniors.

Jungkook forces himself away from the window, feeling his cheeks burn hot with the new revelation, and with his hand over his mouth he returns back into the castle, and makes the whole way back to the tower not fully processing what he’s just seen. It’s only when he’s settled safely back in bed that he realizes Jimin is fucking a Griffindor.


The next time he sees Jimin is during a shared quidditch practice between the teams. He can’t help the way he doesn’t exactly see him in the same light. A Slytherin and a Griffindor together. That can cause a real scandal. That boy is risking a lot. And not talking just school-wise. Yes, breaking the rules and sneaking out of the dormitories in the middle of the night can get you in huge troubles. But it’s not only that. If anyone were to find out, it’s Jimin’s social status that will take a toll. They will destroy him if they knew he was messing around with a Gryffindor.

The practice is tough, and the sun burns hot on their scalps, and Jungkook is sweaty and exhausted by the time it’s over. Even though the shower pressure here isn’t as good as in the showers in the castle, the water is cool and nice as it slides down his aching body. The lockers are almost completely empty by the time he emerges out, and after he’s pulled on his school uniform, it’s only him in there. That is until another figure emerges from the showers, water dripping in rivulets down its body. Jimin looks a little surprised too when he looks up from the floor to see Jungkook standing there packing his stuff. He tightens his hold on the towel wrapped around his hips.

“Oh, I thought no one was here,” he says as he paddles into the room to stand before his locker. Jungkook suddenly realizes accurately that Jimin’s messed around with another boy in this very room. He swallows and looks down. “I’m surprised they let you stay on the team. I heard the other Gryffindors aren’t happy with you very much.”

Jungkook wants to ask exactly how he knows this, because as far as he knows, Gryffindors and Slytherins don’t really tell each other about their business, but then he remembers. Kai. Obviously. Kai who’s meeting with Jimin in the dead of the night. Kai who has never been secretive of his dislike towards Jungkook. Kai, the head boy, who is so perfect at everything. Jungkook squeezes his fists at his sides.

“You don’t know shit,” Jungkook says.

“Umm, you’re probably right,” Jimin muses as he gets on his tiptoes to get something out of his locker, giving Jungkook a clear view of his smooth skin and the curve of his lower back. “Must say I’m pretty impressed, though. You didn’t fall off your broom even once today.”

As Jimin’s pulling on his shirt, Jungkook says as casually as he can, “Surprised you did so well with your ass being so sore.”

“Umm, what?” Jimin murmurs, sounding baffled.

“Are you making a habit of fooling around with Gryffindors, Jimin?” Jungkook spills the beans, and enjoys the moment it sinks, and Jimin’s eyes widen. He takes quick composure of himself, though, and says evenly, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Well, that’s funny,” Jungkook continues. “Because I heard you’ve sneaked out with Kai the other night."

Jimin’s eyes widen comically. In an instant, he darts across the room, and covers Jungkook’s mouth with his hand. “Shut up!” he hisses. “Who? Who told you?”

Jungkook pulls Jimin’s hand away from his mouth, and says, “They will kick you out of the team if they knew, wouldn’t they?”

Even as Jungkook’s saying this, he has a bitter taste in his mouth. But seeing the look on Jimin’s face has something close to satisfaction pouring at his gut.  

Jimin’s mouth parts around nothing before he takes a deep breath. “You can’t. You can’t tell anyone.”

“Well, guess you’ll have to do something for me in return.”

Jimin’s eyes narrow. “Who else knows?”

Jungkook sighs in exasperation. “No one. Or at least no one I know of.”

“Then how?”

And it’s almost comical the way Jimin stands in the middle of the room in just his underwear and unbuttoned shirt, frowning like a boy who didn’t get the toy he wanted.

“I saw you…”

Jimin’s cheeks turn suddenly very red. He seems to finally realize his nakedness, and tugs the shirt close around himself.

“You have no proof,” he murmurs.

“Maybe they’ll just ask Kai. He’s always been a shit liar.”

“What do you want?” Jimin snaps, suddenly antsy.

“Something that’s worth my time, obviously.”

Jimin squints at him. “And that is?”

“Make me shut up,” Jungkook says.

And suddenly Jimin is at his space, and getting on his tiptoes. He levels him with a gaze, before he surges in and kisses him. While Jungkook is taken by surprise, it isn’t exactly an unpleasant one.

“How about that?” Jimin asks as he pulls back, leaving barely a breath of a space between them.

Jungkook tries not to let his shock show. “Umm… pretty convincing. I’m not too sure yet, though.”

At that Jimin pulls him into a kiss again, a harder one that forces Jungkook to breathe through his nose as Jimin tilts his head to the side to deepen it. They are both panting as they pull apart.

“Not here, though,” Jimin says, looking to the door pointedly. “Meet me at the highest tower at 12 tonight.”

Jungkook licks his lips, and gives a tiny nod. “Will do,” he says, and with that he leaves the room.

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After a very boring class of History of Magic, the stream of students heads off into the great hall for dinner. Lisa sleepily leans against Taehyung for most of the walk there, receiving sympathetic glances from passing students.

“Ugh, why Mr. Binns sounds so fucking dead?” she says.

“Maybe because he is,” Jungkook says, deadpan, and Taehyung chuckles.

“I know he’s dead, dumbass! Pretty hard not to notice.”

“Have you heard he just died one afternoon while taking a nap in the teachers’ room?”

“I think he died of boredom. I would in his place,” Lisa says.

Jungkook hums thoughtfully. “Still think I should’ve taken that Muggle Studies class instead.”

“Or any other class whose professor isn’t an actual ghost.”

“Oh, don’t be so crass,” Taehyung says. “He really isn’t that bad.”

And at that, both Lisa and Jungkook turn to stare at him.

“What?” he says, a little defensively. “He always talks very to the point, and it’s clear he’s passionate about his subject.”

Jungkook snorts.

“Passionate doesn’t quite cut it,” Lisa says.

The great hall is already busting with life as they get there. The teachers are already sitting at the staff table, and the students are hovering around the four long tables that stretch from almost one end of the room to the other one. Hundreds of lit candles are floating in the air above the wooden tables, washing the students’ faces in a warm glow. The high ceiling is a deep blue with just a few of the stars out, reflecting the appearance of the real evening sky. Most of the Gryffindor students are already sitted at the table, and as Jungkook and his friends round it to find empty places to sit, his eyes fall on Kai standing at the end of the table with a group of girls, as per usual. He recognizes Jisoo and Yeri from Ravenclaw standing among the group too. He’s tall enough they have to tilt their heads to speak to him, smiling easily at whatever they are telling him.

Jungkook feels a pinch of jealousy pull at his gut. He can’t imagine what it’s like, being so confident and effortlessly charming, keeping the attention of so many girls at Hogwarts. It must be nice, having so much power. Having so many people to appreciate and love him. Jungkook sits down at the table and averts his gaze, unwilling to let this feeling consume him. Thankfully, it’s then that the dishes magically appear on the table, baked potatoes, and fried chicken, and pumpkin juice, and Taehyung’s favorite – white rice, and Jungkook digs in to distract himself.

It’s like his eyes are drawn to him, when Jungkook catches sight of Jimin and Yoongi entering the hall. They pass by them on their way to the Slytherin table, and Jungkook catches the way Jimin’s eyes trail over to Kai who doesn’t even acknowledge him, too engrossed in his conversation, the way his face breaks a little. Yoongi’s eyes furrow, too, and he wraps his hand around Jimin’s arm to drag him away, and then his gaze meets Jungkook’s, cat-like eyes glaring at him stonely. Jungkook quickly looks away, and back down at his meal. He lifts his fork and absentmindedly digs into his baked potatoes.

When he finally does get the courage to look across the hall, he finds the back of Jimin’s blonde hair already at the Slytherin table next to Yoongi’s black locks. Jungkook suddenly recalls all the times he had seen them passing each other on their way to classes, Kai always accompanied by his group of fans, Jimin usually by Yoongi, the way you would never think they even know each other’s first names. If fills Jungkook with a feeling of wrongness. It’s not the way they’re supposed to go about this. But it’s none of his business, he supposes, as he brings the first bite to his mouth.

After dinner, it’s double potions class in the dungeons with the Hufflepuffs, and after enduring Snape’s drawl for entire two hours, and narrowly preventing Taehyung from blowing his own head off when he overdoses with the dragon sulfur, they head back to the Gryffindor tower to settle in for the night, all with identical sour faces and stiff limbs after staying so long in the freezing, made entirely of stone classroom, except for Taemin who’s gotten a perfect mark, and can’t quite stop smiling all the way back to the common room.

“Ugh, stop with that smile. It’s actually kind of creepy,” Lisa says.

“Don’t mind her,” Taehyung says. “She’s just bitter because Snape compared her potion to bat’s droppings.”

She wrinkles her nose at that. “It really wasn’t that bad. He just hates me.”

“He hates everyone,” Taehyung says. “Well, maybe except for the Slytherins and Jungkook and Taemin.”

“No, he doesn’t,” Jungkook says, baffled.

“Jungkook, he’s pretty impressed with you. Like, he’s always complimenting your potions.”

Well, maybe he is. But it still doesn’t mean anything.

“It’s because both Taemin and Jungkook are from pureblood families,” Lisa pipes unhelpfully, oblivious, and both Jungkook and Taemin fidget on the spot. She seems to realize belatedly what she’s said, and covers her mouth with her hand. “Oh! Sorry, oh my, I always forget it’s a sensitive topic.”

An uncomfortable silence falls over the group as none of them knows what to say, Lisa keeping on shooting both of them guilty looks. During the Second Wizarding War, most of the Dark Lord’s supporters were wizards from pureblood families. Jungkook knows that some of his uncles and aunts had had a part in that. No one in the family mentions their names anymore, too embarrassed to admit out loud any relation to them. He suspects his own parents had played a role in that too from the whispers he had heard from some of the neighbors, but he had never dared to ask. Still, the question hangs heavily in the air. They had hoped for him to be sorted into Slytherin, to become a powerful wizard, and didn’t try to hide their disappointment at all when he was sorted into Gryffindor instead.

“’S fine,” Taemin says awkwardly as they reach their corridor and come to a stop before the picture of The Fat Lady. “The giant squid,” he chants the password and The Fat Lady swings aside to reveal the entrance into the common room. “I just don’t really like to talk about it, I guess.”

The rest of them nod in agreement as they crawl past the opening. There are several students reclining in the red couches around the lounging area, some lying on the carpet beneath the fireplace with heavy books open before them, scribbling down on a scroll with ink, there’s a pair of younger boys playing Wizard’s Chess at one of the tables, but Jungkook just bids his group goodnight and books it straight to his room. He has several spells he has to work on for his charms class, and an essay for Mr. binns due tomorrow to improve his grade. So he pulls out his books and gets to work.

The rest of his roommates have already filtered in by time he’s finished his homework. So he lies in bed in his uniform because he hadn’t even bothered to change his clothes, with his arms folded over his stomach and the curtains shut, staring at the ceiling and listening quietly to them getting ready for bed. He hears Taehyung’s indignant voice saying, “Stop stealing my underwear. Do your own laundry!”

To which Taemin replies, “I told you I didn’t take it!”

Someone shushes them, and Jungkook can hear their heated murmuring to each other before the telltale sound of a body hitting a mattress reaches his ears, followed by the whisper of a spell and the dull pop as the light in the room dims until the room is shrouded in complete darkness. There’s a murmur of goodnights, and then a silence falls upon the room. Jungkook waits until he’s sure everyone’s fallen asleep before checking the time. It’s 23:30. Carefully, he slides out of bed very much like he had done the night before, and shoves his wand into his back pocket. He quietly descends down the spiral staircase, passing by the girls’ quarters, before he reaches the common room. It’s dimly lit by a few candles on the tables, and the glow of the fireplace. He steps into the room, thinking it’s empty, but stops dead when he hears murmuring.

And there, seated on the loveseat, he sees the familiar figure of Kai with a girl next to him. He recognizes her as Rosé, another prefect in her senior year. It doesn’t take much to realize he’s walked in on a scene that supposedly isn’t for his eyes. He stays rooted to his spot as Kai tilts her chin and leans in to kiss her. A gasp leaves him without his permission, and Kai’s eyes fall open in surprise to see Jungkook standing there. But the surprise quickly morphs into his usual confidence, as he cradles Rosé cheek in his hand and leans in to kiss her again, holding eye contact with Jungkook the whole time, smirking as he pulls away. Jungkook averts his gaze and makes a beeline for the door, his face burning.

“Huh, did you hear something?” Rosé’s voice reaches him as pulls aside the opening to the corridor.

“Uh, no. Did you?”

“Just now –“ she says, but Jungkook’s out before he can hear the rest of the sentence.

He hopes Kai wouldn’t tell on him. It’s hard knowing with him. But considering Jungkook’s just found him in a compromising situation, he might keep his mouth shut. It takes about a quarter of an hour to merely reach the right wing, and another five to climb the stairs to the highest tower. The hallways are thankfully deserted, but he takes extra caution. He can’t trust his luck to keep him safe forever. It’s 23:53 by the time he reaches the destination according to the clock on the wall, and frankly, Jungkook isn’t sure Jimin is going to show up after all. You can never trust a Slytherin to keep their promises. Jungkook really hopes he won’t send a teacher his way instead. Or a group of students to beat him up.

He waits patiently by the wide window overlooking the lawn, gazing toward the forbidden forest. He swears he sees something silvery pass between the trees at one point, but it’s gone when he blinks. The clock shows 00:04. Jimin still hasn’t shown up. Jungkook’s beginning to really think he’s being stood out. 00:11. He presses his forehead against the cool glass. 00:13. Perhaps he should go back.

But then he hears a rustle coming from the staircase, and turns around when he sees a hooded figure setting foot on the floor, slightly breathless.

“You’re late,” Jungkook says. “I thought you chickened out.”

Jimin pulls the hood off his head and levels him with an even glare. “Don’t flatter yourself. The walk here from the dungeons takes longer than I thought.”

He fetches out his wand and murmurs a spell to unlock the door. The lock turns with a satisfying click, and they let themselves into the astronomy classroom. Jungkook hasn’t been here in years. They stopped studying the subject at their second year. It’s spacious and bracketed with floor to ceiling windows, and there’s a replica of the solar system hanging from the high ceiling. It’s also pretty chilly up here, the night breeze sneaking through the open window. Jungkook closes it.

He turns around to see Jimin standing in the center of the room with his arms crossed, lips drawn into a petulant little pout.

“Let’s get this over with,” he says, not quite meeting his gaze. “How do you want to do this?”

Jungkook frowns. “How do you usually do this?”

“None of your damned business,” Jimin mutters.

Jungkook sighs. “Come here,” he murmurs. And Jimin does, albeit reluctantly until their toes are almost touching. Jungkook reaches out to gently run his fingers over Jimin’s cheek, over his jaw, and down to cup the side of his neck. He can more feel than see him shiver. “Is this okay?”

Jimin nods. Jungkook leans in much like he had seen Kai do earlier tonight to seal their lips together. Unlike the last time, when he had been too startled to really let himself feel and relish the moment, this time he does pay attention to the little things he had missed earlier. The softness of Jimin’s lips against his, the way he smells like something sugary, like he had eaten a pastry before coming here. His small hands coming to shyly fist the front of Jungkook’s shirt.

He pulls back and flutters his eyes open, gaze tracing over Jimin’s face. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?”

Jimin opens his eyes to shoot him an unimpressed look. “Are you really asking this now?”


“Listen, I just want to have this over with, so can we move on?”

Jungkook grits his teeth but complies. He takes off his jacket and throws it on the floor, ignoring the way Jimin’s eyes widen a little.

“Get on the table,” he tells Jimin, who grumbles as he does as he’s told.

Jungkook comes to stand in the space between his legs, meeting Jimin’s slightly annoyed gaze. “You know,” Jungkook murmurs as he places his hands on top of Jimin’s thighs. “I’m quite surprised you actually suggested this.”

“That was what you had in your mind, wasn’t it?” Jimin gasps as Jungkook leans in to press his mouth against Jimin’s neck.

“Actually,” Jungkook murmurs as he tangles his fingers in Jimin’s hair and gently pulls his head back to expose his throat. He eyes the unmarked flesh hungrily. “I thought more in the direction of you giving me some Quidditch lessons, but this didn’t sound so bad either.”

“What?” Jimin makes. “Really? You want me to teach you?”

“Surprised you don’t have any marks,” Jungkook says in lieu of answering, letting his fingers trail down his throat, over his Adam’s apple.

“It’s one of the rules.”

“You have rules?”

“Yeah, like. Not telling anyone about our arrangement. No marking in places people will see. No strings attached.”

“No strings attached,” Jungkook echoes.

“Yeah, it’s all casual.”

Jungkook leans in to trail his lips over the expanse of Jimin’s throat. “Is it now?” he asks before closing his lips around the skin of his neck, pulling it into his mouth before releasing it, relishing in the small red bruise that appears.

“Why— What?” Jimin says breathily as Jungkook proceeds to nuzzle against his neck.

“It doesn’t look like that from your part. You look at him like he breaks your heart.”

Jimin places a hand on his chest to firmly push him off. “It’s none of your business,” he says acidly, and trails the fingers of his other hand over his neck before turning his eyes on Jungkook, scandalized. “I told you not to leave marks.”

“No, you didn’t,” Jungkook says cheekily, taking Jimin’s hand off his chest to bring it to his lips instead, to nibble playfully on the skin of his wrist.

“Well, don’t,” Jimin says.

But Jungkook leans in to murmur in his ear, “Well, I don’t give a fuck about those rules,” before trailing his mouth so the sensitive skin just behind his ear.

“Jungkook!” Jimin shrieks, hands flying to grip his shoulders but it fades off into a moan as Jungkook bites down, before laving his tongue over the same spot, soothing the sting.

Jungkook pulls back to stare at him. There’s a flush rising on his cheeks, and his hair is slightly matted from Jungkook’s hands. His eyes are hard though as he glares at Jungkook.

“Just get on with it,” he mutters as he fists his hand in Jungkook’s tie, forcing him closer until he has to brace his hands on either side of Jimin on the table not to fall on him. “Or I might change my mind and leave.”

“Aren’t afraid I’m going to bluff on you?” Jungkook murmurs.

Jimin’s gaze turns chilly. He shoves Jungkook off and gets off the table. Jungkook thinks for a moment he’s really going to leave, but then he just pushes him on top of it instead until his back hits the hard surface of the table, and climbs on it to settle over his lap.

“You piece of shit,” Jimin murmurs, bracing his hands on either side of Jungkook. “Didn’t know you Gryffindors were so much of rats.”

Jungkook’s too stunned to move or say anything, and just lies there as Jimin’s chubby, little fingers begin to work on the knot in his tie, pulling it free and throwing it somewhere behind them. They go next for the buttons in his shirt, popping them one by one until it parts around his chest. He gasps as Jimin’s hands brush his bare skin, dragging down his sides before returning to his chest, stopping with his fingers just shy of his nipple. Jungkook’s breath hitches when Jimin’s fingers press against the nub, can’t help the way he presses into the touch.

Jimin arches a brow at him, circling his hardening nipple with his pointer finger all the while regarding his reaction, before pinching it. Jungkook arches off the table, a hiss escaping him.

“Quite docile, aren’t you?” Jimin murmurs as he continues with his teasing on his nipples, switching to the other one to watch it harden too. With his eyes locked on Jungkook’s, he lowers his head until his lips press against his nipple, blowing on it just to watch Jungkook shiver before pulling it into his mouth. Jungkook’s hand flies to Jimin’s hair to have something to hold onto at the sudden warmth that engulfs him. Jimin laves his tongue over it, before pulling back to bite gently on the very tip. Jungkook groans, presses his other arm over his eyes as the sensation grows too strong. Jimin playfully nibbles on his areola, finally taking mercy as he trails his mouth lower. Jungkook removes his arm from his face when he feels Jimin’s hair tickling against his skin as he skims his lips down his stomach. Realizes startlingly that the panting he hears comes from him.

Jimin bites down on his abdomen, and grins when Jungkook jumps at the feeling.

“So responsive,” he breathes against his skin before sitting up. He reaches down to pop the button on Jungkook’s pants, and fumbles with the zipper a little before managing to get it undone too. Without a warning he shoves his hand into his underwear and wraps it around Jungkook’s girth, who makes a choked sound and instinctively rolls his hips in the air. “Don’t tell me you’re actually a virgin,” Jimin says.

“I’m not,” Jungkook says, opening his eyes to glare at him.

Jimin’s fingers trail thoughtfully up and down his length, barely putting any pressure behind his touch, and Jungkook bites hard on his bottom lip to stop himself from whimpering.

“Did you think about this, Jungkook?” Jimin asks as he moves his hand to press his palm against the head, just holding it there. “About fucking me?”

Jimin squeezes him, and Jungkook makes an embarrassing little sound.

“Did you?” Jimin presses, applying more pressure until Jungkook’s hips rock up into the air again. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at my ass.”

“What if I did?” Jungkook shoots him a glare.

Jimin just grins, his smile turning his eyes into little half-moons, like it’s exactly the answer he’s been waiting for.

“That’s quite dirty, isn’t it? Lusting after your upperclassman.”

“Says you,” Jungkook spits. “Sneaking around with a senior.”

Jimin’s smile drops off his lips. He gives Jungkook’s cock an almost mean squeeze before pulling his hand out of his underwear completely, ignoring Jungkook’s sounds of protest.

“Will you keep him out of this?”

“No,” Jungkook says, just to spite him.

Jimin’s lip curls very much like Snape’s when he’s very unpleased about something. Jungkook reaches up to cup his chin and bring him closer until he can trace his fingers over the seam of his lips, feel them part with surprise before pushing the tip of his index finger between them. Jimin’s round eyes widen slightly as Jungkook presses down against his tongue, though he doesn’t object when Jungkook pushes in another finger, watches the way Jimin’s lips close around them, tighten the slightest bit as Jungkook pulls them out to smear the wetness over Jimin’s plush bottom lip. He tugs on it, mesmerized.

“You have really nice lips,” Jungkook murmurs.

They stretch into a smile against Jungkook’s fingers. “I’ve been told.”

“Too bad you use them to say so much shit.”

“Should I be doing something else with them?” Jimin murmurs.

Jungkook uses his hold on his jaw to force his mouth to open and brings Jimin down into a kiss. Jimin gasps wetly against him, hands scrambling for purchase on the table as Jungkook licks into him, slow and dirty until his hands are shaking with holding himself up. He tugs on the little hairs at the back of Jimin’s head, tilts his head to the side to get a better angle, traces his tongue over the roof of his mouth and behind his teeth just to hear him whimper, kisses him until Jimin melts into him and sinks wholeheartedly into the kiss, so weak in Jungkook’s arms until he’s able to flip them over and press Jimin down into the table. Jimin barely seems to notice, merely tilting his chin up into the kiss, wrapping his legs around Jungkook’s hips and burying his fingers in Jungkook’s hair. A little whine escapes him as Jungkook pulls away.

“Now this is so much better,” Jungkook murmurs darkly as he gazes down at him. He unties the knot holding his cloak together and it falls around them, leaving Jimin in just his pajamas. Which have yellow ducklings printed on them. Jungkook just stares for a moment, and Jimin squirms.

“I like cute things, okay?” he snaps, growing red in the face.

“I didn’t say anything,” Jungkook says as he trails his fingers down his pajama top until he reaches the thin stretch of skin where it had ridden up, letting his fingers trace the smooth skin just to watch Jimin shiver, before letting them drag up his shirt and over his soft stomach, all the way up until he can feel Jimin’s pebbled nipples straining against his palms. He smoothes them back down and watches the way Jimin’s stomach ripples at the sensation, and takes hold of the hem of the shirt to start tugging it off, Jimin rising slightly up to help him out. It gets stuck a little on his ears, and then it’s off, and Jungkook is pushing him back to lie down.

He lets himself appreciate him in the silver light of the moon. Jimin is nothing short of beautiful. Everyone knows this. With his small waist, and pink lips, and small hands. But seeing him like this, bare and on his back, his small, dark nipples hardening under the cool air, really makes it sink just what a piece of art he is. Jungkook feels suddenly so undeserving. Jimin’s so out of league. Boys like Jungkook don’t get boys like Jimin. It makes him remember Kai, statue-sculptured perfect body, impossibly perfect proportions, his winner smile. No wonder Jimin goes after boys like him. It fills Jungkook with an ugly feeling he doesn’t even understand where it comes from.

He sits back on the table and tugs Jimin’s thighs apart to accommodate him better, lets his hands stay there on the firm muscle, feeling it flex under him.

“Did you let him fuck you like that?” Jungkook asks suddenly. “On your back for him?”

“What?” Jimin squeaks.

Jungkook trails his hands higher to the waistband of his pants, feels his own shirt fall lower on his arms with the movement. He tugs at the elastic, slips two fingers inside just to watch him squirm.

“Bet he did. Did he fuck you right here too, in this very room?”

“Jungkook!” Jimin complains, and then jerks slightly as he uses his hold on the waistband to pull it just over Jimin’s hip to expose his v-line. Jungkook traces the delicate skin with his fingers, makes a mental note to do it with his teeth later.

“I didn’t know he liked boys, honestly,” Jungkook continues as he drags Jimin’s pants and underwear over his ass and down his thighs, pushing his legs back to pull his shoes and socks off, smiling in satisfaction as Jimin kicks his clothes the rest of the way. He takes hold of Jimin’s legs by the ankles and pushes them up and up until he feels the protest in his muscles and he’s spread wide open. Jimin’s cheeks are burning at being pulled into such a vulnerable position, hands curling closer to his face as if wanting to hide. “He’s such a women-chaser, isn’t he?”

“Can you stop talking about him?” Jimin pleads feebly.

JJungkook slides one hand up Jimin’s thigh until he’s just barely grazing his pubic bone, inches away from where his cock is lying against his hip, flushed and erect. He revels in Jimin’s shudder as he tickles his fingers down to the base of his cock, lets his thumb press into it lightly. Jimin squirms, covers his face with his hands as Jungkook takes hold of his dick, flattens it against his belly, letting himself play with him just as Jimin had done to him before, pulling his hand away to run his fingers over the sensitive skin of his crotch and down to his balls, cupping the delicate skin in his hand, feeling the soft weight in his palm. Jimin whines as he gives an experimental tug.

“You like this,” Jungkook murmurs.

Jimin nods, peeking from behind his hands at Jungkook. He tries to stifle his soft moan into his hand as Jungkook slides his hand higher to his cock, but he hears it anyway. He closes his hand around the girth, able to cover it almost entirely with his fist, staring wide-eyed at the way the head disappears on the up-stroke. He swipes his finger over the sensitive tip, and Jimin’s hips instinctively jump as he concentrates on the concealed slit, stimulates it with his fingertip until a tiny drop of precum drips out, wetting Jungkook’s finger as he circles it over and over again until Jimin is pushing his hand away in oversensitivity.

“Get on with it,” he gasps out.

“Impatient much,” Jungkook murmurs, and trails his hands down to the smooth skin of Jimin’s ass. The muscles there quiver under the touch, and Jimin doesn’t say anything, and just lies there as Jungkook lets himself feel him, the way he gives under him so easily. He reaches into his pants pocket to draw out his wand. He points it at his other hand and murmurs a spell, and in the next moment a wet, sticky substance appears on it. Both he and Jimin stare down at it.

“Didn’t think you’d know that spell,” Jimin says. “I thought it’s a little too advanced for you.”

Jungkook snorts and pockets back his wand, before sliding his knees farther on the table until he’s pushing Jimin’s thighs higher so they are slotted against his hips, leaving his ass nice and exposed in the air. It’s a really nice ass. Jungkook darkly thinks it’s bound to be one of his best weapons during the games. He can bet his opponents are too distracted by it to pay attention to anything else. It might include him too, though, he deflates a little as he thinks about that. Jimin wiggles his ass like the little shit he is. Because he knows what it does to people.

"Is that how you got your place in the team?” Jungkook bites as trails his fingers over his balls, and down to his perineum, leaving a wet trail in their wake. “Because of your fat ass?”

“Is that you asking if I fuck the rest of the players?” Jimin says, and his voice hitches in the end at the feeling of Jungkook’s fingers sinking between his cheeks. “Because I’m not.”

“Of course not,” Jungkook murmurs as he just lets his fingers slide up and down his crack. “Because apparently you’re only fucking Gryffindors.”

“Fuck you,” Jimin says.

Jungkook’s finger catches on Jimin’s sphincter, and he levels him with a glare. “No, I think I’m gonna fuck you.” And with that he pushes his finger inside. Jimin’s muscles contract around him, instinctively trying to push the intrusion out before relaxing and letting it sink deeper. And it’s been so long since Jungkook’s done this. Touched someone else this intimately, felt their warmth around him. And oh, if touching Jimin isn’t so satisfying.

“Uhh,” Jimin makes, desperately trying to get comfortable on the table, shifting his hips, squeezing his thighs tightly around Jungkook’s waist. Jungkook waits until he stops squirming to pull it almost all the way out before pushing it back in, feeling Jimin’s muscles squeeze around him.

“You do this a lot?” Jungkook finds himself saying.

“You, you mean on myself?”

“I mean in general.”

“Every now and then,” Jimin murmurs. “I know it might seem like we’re doing it a lot, but lately I’m not seeing that much of Kai actually.”

Jungkook hums, slides his other hand comfortingly up Jimin’s waist.

“Can you do another?” he asks.

“Yeah, but go slow. I’m a little, um, sore from last time.”

Hearing this actually makes slow be the last thing on Jungkook’s mind right now as he pulls out his finger to rub two over his rim, but he doesn’t want to be a dick, so he pushes into him much slower than he would’ve liked. Jimin still whimpers at the intrusion, his thighs tightening around Jungkook.

“Don’t expect me to treat you like glass, though,” Jungkook murmurs as he scissors his fingers to start stretching him out, met with pretty a lot of resistance for someone who had done this just the other night.

“Don’t want you to,” Jimin says, and it hits at Jungkook’s resolve a little, the way he sounds as he says this. It does.

He curls his fingers slowly inside of him, wanting to feel and relish the moment as much as he wants to rush through it and go to the next step. Jimin’s mainly quiet through it, his panting filling the space through it, but that’s all to it. It’s his face that gets expressional. The way he scrunches his brows as Jungkook’s fingers curl just so, the way his lips open in a soundless moan as Jungkook tugs on his rim on the way out. It’s fun to see what reaction will get any of his ministrations, the way Jimin’s fingers curl and uncurl at his sides, useless and having nothing to hold onto.

He presses his thumb against his perineum, curious to see what reaction that will pull out of Jimin, and is pleased to see the way his thighs quiver, to hear the little mewl he makes as he’s being massaged from both the inside and the outside. He drags his finger up the underside of Jimin’s length just to be cruel, just to see the way the muscles in his stomach jump and contract.

“I think you’re enjoying this a lot,” Jungkook murmurs into the silence, eyes hungrily drinking in the sight of Jimin on his back for him, with his legs spread, face scrunched with pleasure.

“Shut up,” Jimin says, but it’s meek. Jungkook leans down to press his lips against Jimin’s chest, drags them down to his nipple. He kisses it, pulls it between his teeth just to tug on it and feel Jimin go weak in his arms.

He enters the third finger without warning, and enjoys Jimin’s wet gasp.

“Jungkook,” he whimpers, arms flying to grip his biceps as he struggles to relax. Jungkook waits him out until he stops squeezing around him, and then pulls his fingers all the out, before pushing them back in so fast Jimin moans in shock, his fingernails sinking into Jungkook’s arms. “Ahh, it’s so much.”

“Still good?” Jungkook murmurs, circling them inside him tenderly.

Jimin nods.

“Gonna fuck you know,” Jungkook murmurs, and Jimin buries his face in Jungkook’s neck in preparation as he starts to piston his fingers in and out of him, hard and unforgiving, the wet sounds their skin is making are lewd in the quiet room. Jimin’s heels dig into his lower back, his little ah-ah-ahs barely stifled against Jungkook’s shoulder.

“Feels good?” Jungkook asks.

Jimin nods against his skin, shudders as Jungkook pulls his fingers out to just trail over the swollen skin of his rim before entering him again.

“Good, want you to feel good.”

Jimin just whimpers in response.

Jungkook chuckles, breathless with power at having Park Jimin spread out before him, ass up and whimpering around his fingers.

“Who knew all it took to tame you down is fuck you in the ass.”

Jimin smacks him weakly on the back of his head at that. “You’d better make this good for me or I’ll jinx you the moment we’re done here.”

“No worries, I have some self-respect.”

Jungkook pulls his fingers out of him and gets off the table, ignoring Jimin’s whine of loss. He finally lets his shirt fall off his shoulders and to the floor behind him, and works on tugging his pants and underwear off. Jimin stares at him with his eyes slightly wide, lips parted the slightest bit. Cute and sexy. After denying himself any sort of relief for so long, Jungkook can feel his sexual frustration finally catching up with it, his erection standing to attention, red and angry looking. Jungkook gives himself a much-needed pull to take the edge off, feels himself get even harder knowing Jimin is watching him, lying there with his knees bent and hands clutching the sides of the table.

“Sure you’d be able to make it inside?” Jimin jokes.

Jungkook just grunts in response. He crouches unsexily to search for where he had discarded his pants to fetch his want, and murmurs the same spell from before. He shudders at the sudden cool wetness that engulfs his cock, drags his hand over it to spread it evenly down his length, some dripping down to his balls. When he turns around though, Jimin isn’t lying down anymore but rather sitting with his legs crossed and fingers playing with his wand. He points it at Jungkook, all the while smiling easily at him.

With an easy whisper and a tiny pop he makes Jungkook's wand fall off his hand and scatter away on the floor. 

“What are you –“ Jungkook makes but stops dead when Jimin presses a finger against his lips.

“You know,” Jimin murmurs, long eyelashes fanning over his cheeks. “The problem with you Gryffindors is that you’re so damned trusting. So easy to take advantage of. Is it really smart to meet with a Slytherin in the dead of the night, Jungkook? Especially in a secluded place like this?”

Jungkook can’t help the shiver that runs through him. He doesn’t want to think about what Jimin is implying. Jimin easily hops down, all the while pointing the wand at Jungkook, and says sweetly, “Get on the table.”

Jungkook does as told, albeit a bit stiffly. Jimin lifts a knee on the table between Jungkook’s legs, and easily pushes at him to lie down. He moves to straddle his thighs, not taking his wand off Jungkook.

“I think you should’ve known that if you are going to fuck me, we’re doing this my way.”

He flicks his wand and suddenly something fluffy wraps around Jungkook's wrists and pins them to the table. He looks over his shoulder to see some sort of a pink chain linking his hands to the hard wood.

Jimin chooses that moment to wrap his hand around Jungkook’s cock, catching him completely by surprise, applying a bit too much pressure to be comfortable and starts pumping him. Jungkook throws his head back with a groan. After so long of denying himself any relief this much of stimulation is bordering on too much. He’s on the verge of begging Jimin to ease up on him when he stops and takes his hand off. Jungkook thrusts into air, suddenly neglected and throbbing.

“Pathetic,” Jimin murmurs, touching Jungkook’s dick with the tip of his wand just to make him hiss. “Did you really think you fooled me, Jungkook?” And then his voice drops into a whisper as he says, “Remember this, darling, never mess with a Slytherin.”

And with this Jimin reaches behind himself to take hold of Jungkook's cock and lines himself up, sinks in slowly and steadily all the while taking deep breaths. Jungkook’s eyes squeeze shut at the overwhelming heat that consumes him. He can’t help it when he ruts up slightly.

“Hey, hey,” Jimin makes, pinning his hips down. “Give me a moment.”

So Jungkook squeezes his fists and feels the muscles in his abdomen strain with how hard it is holding himself off from thrusting up into the tight warmth wrapped so deliciously around him. After what feels like forever, but can’t be more than a minute, Jimin starts experimentally rolling his hips, and then, a little breathlessly, he says, “Okay, okay.”

“Thanks fuck,” Jungkook mutters before getting his feet flat on the table and starting to thrust up. It’s messy, and he doesn’t have enough leverage to thrust in as deep as he’d like to, but Jimin’s warm and wet around him, and for now it’s enough. Jimin lets him, bouncing against him thoughtfully, keeps his hands on Jungkook’s chest, occasionally brushing his fingers over Jungkook’s nipples, wand discarded somewhere on the table. But then he seems to think he’s had enough fun, and braces all his weight on Jungkook’s hips to slow him down and takes all control back to himself. He gets his knees under himself, and rises till it’s only the tip inside of him before sinking all the way down again with a whine. He repeats the motion a few more times, before setting a steady pace, rising and falling in Jungkook’s lap.

And he looks so beautiful like this, the night stars haloing his hair, a deep flush adorning his cheeks, his mouth open in an endless gasp as he gives in to his pleasure. Jungkook wishes he had his hands free so he could squeeze the meat of Jimin’s thighs, feel them strain as Jimin moved. Wished he could place his hands on his waist, on his chest, in his hair. Jimin feels absurdly far away from him, with the only point of touch between them being their hips. An odd sound leaves Jungkook’s lips as he tries to take some of the control back, but Jimin merely concentrates more of his weight on Jungkook’s hips, just grinding now against him, eyes fluttered shut like Jungkook is grazing his sweet spot. And the thought of being just a tool for Jimin to use as he’d like makes a deep, hot feeling pool at his gut.

Jungkook pulls at his chains, but they won’t budge. Jimin smiles innocently at him as he picks up pace again, squeezing around him just to watch him throw his head back.

“You know, you’re quite cute like this,” Jimin murmurs. “I think I might make you my new play toy.”

Jungkook grits his teeth. “Let me out of these so I can fuck you like a man.”

Jimin slows down and just circles his hips around him with a thoughtful expression for a moment. “Umm, I don’t know about this. Maybe I should just leave you here with your cock out. I’m sure that would be quite the learning experience for the first years.”

Jungkook shudders at the suggestion. “You wouldn’t,” he says.

“It could be fun though,” Jimin says happily.

“Let me out of these, you little demon.”

“Oh, I like this name,” Jimin says as he resumes bouncing again, chubby cock bobbing up and down with his movements, dripping wet. “But you know what? I think I wanna teach you a lesson.” He adds a roll on his downwards stroke. “You really should know to mind your own business. It’s actually really not nice blackmailing people like this.”

“Like you are any better,” Jungkook says, voice strained. “I heard what happened with Hoseok last year.”

Jimin furrows his brows. “That shithead got what he deserved. He went out of his way to try to kick me out of school.”

“We both know he had a very good reason to do so,” Jungkook says, and Jimin just smiles at him, not denying this.

“I’m flattered to hear you know so much about me, Kookie. Wasn’t aware you even knew my name.”

Everyone knows your name, is what Jungkook wants to say. He just blushes instead, and looks away.

“Cute,” Jimin says with sigh. “I heard about you too, you know.”

Jungkook turns to look at him at that, daring him and fearing what he’s about to say.

“There are rumours concerning your family, you know. That they used to be dark wizards.”

Jungkook’s gaze hardens. “Kai told you that?”

“Maybe,” Jimin says easily. “He doesn’t seem to like you very much.”

“I’m aware,” Jungkook bites out.

“You know why?”

“I don’t give a fuck,” Jungkook says.

“I think that you do, though,” Jimin murmurs, staring him down with such a sharp gaze like he can see right through his defences. “It takes one to know one, right? It’s hard coming from families like ours.”

Jungkook just stares at him for a long moment, not even realizing Jimin’s stopped moving.

“I mean, I’m surrounded by people who come from backgrounds just like mine. I’m wearing green with pride. People like Kai hate you because they think it’s all pretence. That you’re faking who you are.”

Jungkook feels completely laid back before him, Jimin’s eyes piercing right into his. All those years, all he really wanted was to belong. He had always been different from his parents. From his younger brother. They just don’t understand him. He remembers how in his second year professor Albus Dumbledore had found him crying in the dark hallway about being incompatible to his classmates, about not being enough of a Gryffindor, and how the old man had shared a pastry and warm milk with him, explaining to him that it’s his choices that define him and not his background or what other people say.

“Park Jimin,” Jungkook says, “You’re a real piece of work.”

Jimin seems to like that, because he resumes moving again with a smile. After waiting for so long, the slow pace doesn’t feel quite enough anymore, and Jungkook finds himself struggling against his restraints again.

“Goddammit, move faster,” Jungkook says, squirming with frustration.

Jimin just smiles coyly and slows down to a grind.

“Ahh, stop that!” Jungkook almost yells, and to his horror, Jimin actually stops, just sitting on him with an innocent expression on his face. “No, no, don’t stop!”

Jimin furrows his brows at him. “Maybe you just need to beg.”

Fed up with all of Jimin’s playing with him, Jungkook plants his feet on table and puts all his might into his next thrust. It takes Jimin by such a surprise his whole body seizes up, and he gasps in shock. Jungkook’s doesn’t let up. He just keeps on going. Thrusting up and hard into the tight heat around him, setting an unforgiving pace that Jimin struggles to keep up with, his arms shaking where they rest on Jungkook’s chest until they give out and Jimin slumps against him, boneless and breathless as Jungkook fucks him over and over again.

“Yeah, that’s so much better,” Jungkook murmurs in his ear, and Jimin just whimpers in response, trembling against him. “Maybe you should just untie me to get the game really going.”

Much to his surprise, Jimin really does. He weakly reaches back for his wand, and in the next moment Jungkook’s hands are free. He wastes no time in flipping them over and turning Jimin so he’s face down ass up, pinning him into the table, wand still clutched tightly in Jimin’s hand, but Jungkook lets it go for the moment as he drives back into him in one long thrust.

“Ahh, that’s so good,” Jimin gasps out, pushing back against Jungkook’s thrusts. “Should’ve let you do this sooner.”

“You can also just let go of your wand,” Jungkook says jokingly, but Jimin tuts and tightens his grip around it.

“The wand stays.”

Jungkook turns Jimin’s head and leans in to crush their mouths together, relishes in Jimin’s answering whine. No mind the awkward angle, no mind the strain in his neck. It gives him a whiplash, the way Jimin goes from all slick words and aggressive body language to this whining, needy boy squirming under him. He can feel the moment Jimin melts into his embrace, the moment he grows weak in the knees, and uses the opportunity to grab the wand off Jimin’s hands and throw it across the room.

“No! What are you doing?

Jimin pushes at him to try and go and fetch it, undoubtedly, but Jungkook merely pulls out and turns him over so he’s back on his back. He’s flushed from the torso down, chest rising and falling fast with his pants, eyes wide with emotion.

“Fucking you,” Jungkook murmurs easily as he reaches down between their bodies to touch Jimin’s hole, wet and hot to the touch. He presses a thumb into him, and Jimin’s rim can’t even close around it, twitching uselessly. Jimin seems to realize it too with the way his face burns hot. Jungkook isn’t in a hurry now that he’s got Jimin all helpless and to himself, letting himself feel him, how wet he is.

“Jungkook, come on, don’t tease,” Jimin complains, squirming.

“I think I’m allowed to after the hell you’ve put me through,” Jungkook murmurs, but he does take mercy on him, if only because he can’t wait to be back inside him again. He pulls his thumb out, traces it up to press against his perineum as he lines himself up, the added pressure on Jimin’s taint making him so much tighter as he presses inside him, not stopping until their hips meet.

“Now that’s more like it,” Jungkook says around a moan, before pulling out. He doesn’t bother with being gentle as he pushes back in, watches the way Jimin seizes up, relishes in his startled moan. “Not gonna go easy on you,” he mutters before setting a pace that he hopes he can keep up with for a long time. “Fucking useless without your wand, aren’t you?”

Jimin shivers, scrambling for purchase on Jungkook’s shoulders, hooking his heels against Jungkook’s lower back. He looks so beautiful like this. Naked, on his back for him, thighs spread wide. 

“Yeah, just take it. Like that,” Jungkook grunts as he pushes one of Jimin’s legs closer to his chest. “Bet Kai makes you take it. He likes it rough, doesn’t he?”

Jimin only whimpers in return.

“Is he being good to you?” Jimin stares at him at that, gaze calculating. “Because I think he isn’t.”

“What the hell?”

“I’ve seen him kissing one of the girls earlier tonight.”

Jimin evidently hadn’t been expecting this piece of information to be thrown into the conversation. Even though he's trying to hide it by tilting his head to the side, Jungkook can see that it hurts him hearing this.

“Yeah, it’s not like we’re exclusive.”

Jungkook slows down to a grind.

“But it still hurts you, doesn’t it?”

Jimin presses his lips together, his silence speaking volumes.

“Why not just end up things then?”

“It’s not that simple.”

“So you do like him,” Jungkook concludes, and then starts moving again. Jimin refuses to meet his gaze.

“He’s an asshole, you know,” Jungkook says. “He’s just using you.”

“You’re not that different from him,” Jimin shoots back.

Jungkook just gapes at him for a moment, but then he look away. He can’t even bring himself to deny this.

"Ugh, forget this," Jimin snaps, digging his heels into Jungkook's butt. "Just fuck me, come on! Fuck me like you mean it!"

That's something Jungkook can do. So gaining up speed, Jungkook works both of them with even long strokes. His hands grip Jimin hard around the waist, bringing him down against him on every thrust. The pressure builds and builds much faster than before until he can’t hold it back anymore. He tenses and spills inside of Jimin, the both of them shivering at the sensation. He pulls out and plops beside him, his chest rising and falling with exertion. Jimin squirms pitifully until Jungkook reaches down to wrap a loose fist around his neglected, leaking cock and lets him fuck into it until he spills all over it and his stomach.

“Fuck,” Jimin breathes, stretching out on the table, and Jungkook can’t agree more.  

As the rush of adrenalin calms down, and their breathing goes more or less back to normal, Jungkook turns on his side to face a sweaty and debauched Jimin. He reaches out to brush his damp hair off his face.

“You don’t have to answer. But I’ve been wanting to know how you guys met.”

Jimin looks reluctant to answer. He rubs his hand over his face. “It was in Hogsmeade last winter. We umm… were staying at the same pub with our separate groups of friends, and he kept sneaking those glances at me. Yoongi noticed too. And then as we were heading out, he asked me if I wanted to take a walk with him. It… kind of escalated from there.”

Jungkook’s brain catches on last winter. They had been at this for almost a year.

Jimin looks down at his hands self-consciously. “I know how it makes me sound, I just –“

“Jimin,” Jungkook stops him before he can say anything else. “You don’t have to justify yourself. Especially not to me.”

“No, hear me out. I was going through a really rough time last year, and he was kinda the only person I could talk to about that, because he’s um, like, out of the circle. I didn’t mean to catch feelings.”

“Jimin, you really don’t need to tell me this.”

Jimin doesn’t quite meet his gaze as he says, “I actually confessed the other night to him. He just said he’s sorry.”

And it really does break Jungkook’s heart, the thought of Jimin gathering the courage to confess, of how it must pain him knowing he’s with other people, hearing from the one person you care about the most they don’t feel the same. And here Jungkook’s been throwing his name at him all night, telling him about him kissing other lips.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Jungkook says, his eyes very wide.

Jimin sighs. “How could you have known?”

“I’m still sorry,” Jungkook murmurs.

Jimin just waves him off, and says, “Go bring me back my wand. We both can use a bit of cleanup.”

Jungkook does so wordlessly. Jimin murmurs a spell and in a moment the cum on his stomach and Jungkook’s hands disappears.

“Wow,” Jungkook says. “You gotta teach me this.”

Jimin just chuckles and leans back against the table. “You’re a good boy, Jungkook,” he sighs into the silence.

Jungkook wants to preen under the compliment, but he still looks at Jimin, feeling unsure, vulnerable. “Really?” And then, barely above a whisper, “I feel like I’m making mistakes all the time. And everyone questions my morality.”

“Just tell them to fuck off,” Jimin says. “And everyone makes mistakes. That’s humane.”

Not knowing what to say, Jungkook just cuddles into him, silently begging for reassurance. Jimin’s hand comes to tangle in his hair, gently scratch at his scalp.

“Is that why you wanted to have sex with me?” Jungkook murmurs. “Because of what happened with Kai?”

“I guess I wanted to forget,” Jimin says quietly.

“Was I good?” Jungkook murmurs. He knows he’s no match to him. How can he even stand up to the notorious sex god? The school’s heartthrob?

“Yeah,” Jimin sighs. “You did good.”

Jungkook lets himself close his eyes, content for the first time in a long time.

“You know,” Jimin says quietly after a long moment. “You’re not actually that bad in Quidditch.”

Jungkook opens his eyes to look at him at that uncertainly.

“I guess you just didn’t get enough pointers on it,” Jimin says. “Jin graduated before he could train you, after all.”

“Yeah,” Jungkook sighs, because it’s kind of true. “I mean, Namjoon and the other guys helped a lot, but they well… Yeah.”

“I can give you a few lessons,” Jimin murmurs.

Jungkook’s brows shoot into his hairline. “What?”

“I can take you up on that. Isn’t this what you wanted? So we’ll be even on this.”

“It’s not a competition,” Jungkook whispers, a feeling of wrongness settling in his gut at the idea that Jimin feels like he owns him for being his rebound.

“No, no, I mean like in the game,” he backtracks, a flush that doesn’t have anything to do with their previous activities rises on his cheeks. “It will be only fair. I mean, it’s gonna be boring if I win by practically default.”

“Wait, will you actually train me?”

There’s definitely a blush high on Jimin’s cheeks now. “Like, not gonna spill all my tricks, obviously, but… Yeah.”

“What if someone sees us?”

“We train together sometimes as it is. I don’t think it’s gonna cause a scene. Just maybe do it early before classes on the field behind the school?"

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

They both stay where they are, sharing warmth and gazing out at the night sky. Distantly, Jungkook knows they should pull their clothes back on and go back to their rooms before morning comes and someone finds them here, but for now, he lets himself have this.