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Jimin closed the door behind them. Before he could turn around, he felt the weight of his alpha pressing him, more like smashing him into the door.  The scent of jealousy filled his lungs. 


He heard more than he felt as Jungkook tore his jeans off his body. 


“H-hey! Those were my favorite pair!” 


Jimin only got a growl in response, before his leg was lifted into the air and his ass cheeks were spread. He didn’t even have time to adjust to the stretch in his leg before he felt a hot wet muscle at his entrance. His breath was punched from his lungs and he felt his hole being sucked into the warm cavern of his mate’s mouth.


Growls reverberated against his leg and hole, large hands firmly gripping his thigh and cheek, keeping him spread. The hand on his leg slid up to cup the small bump of his belly gently.


“This is mine. Mine and mine alone to touch. No one else but I can have their hands on you both.”


“It’s always your’s Alpha, always has been.”  Jimin agreed readily, the slurping and the absolute possessiveness in Jungkook’s voice making him hard. He leaned his forehead against the door and arched his back, presenting to Jungkook. 


More growls against his hole before he felt Jungkook’s tongue pierce the ring of muscle. His legs shivered with pleasure and anticipation.


“Gods, Jimin! You taste so fucking good. Always so good  for me.” Jungkook growled against his skin, nipping at the inside of his cheeks. Jimin could only mewl in ecstasy, his orgasm fast approaching. 


“A-alpha! I’m g-gunna...Shit, Kook right there..” Jimin could only babble at this point. Jungkook continued his onslaught on Jimin’s hole, slick falling like syrupy rain into his awaiting mouth. He ate Jimin out as if he had been starving. He sucked on his rim, pulling the skin into his mouth with his tongue, sucking on the edges. He likened it to making out with Jimin’s ass. All sloppy and wet. He felt when Jimin came, the rim clenching around his tongue and lips. 


He kept going, until he felt hands yanking his head back.


“Kook, please, I need you inside me please.” Jimin said with a pout, his forehead sweaty, his hair sticking to it and flying away all at once. He had a beautiful flush to his face that made his pout even more undeniable, said pout red from being bitten.


Jungkook nodded a yes before he stood. He yanked his pants down, freeing his aching cock from it’s confines. Without preamble, he turned Jimin sideways, lifting his leg to rest against his shoulder. He pushed into his mate slowly, Jimin gasping at the stretch and pleasure. Both were panting by the time Jungkook bottomed out.


Jimin could tell that Jungkook was struggling to hold back. He was gasping and panting, growls in his chest that choked into whimpers. He needed to be rough but was afraid to hurt Jimin. Luckily, Jimin knew. He need Jungkook in that way as well. 


Jimin reached back and grabbed Jungkook’s hand and placed it on his belly, grabbed his other hand and placed it on his shoulder.


“Hold us Alpha and you won’t hurt us. I promise.” Jimin said with confidence. Something inside Jungkook snapped at the look in Jimin’s eye. 


He pulled back until just the very tip of his cock was still inside of Jimin and slammed back into the waiting warmth. The force of it left Jimin breathless, but even more so with the position giving Jungkook a straight shot into his prostate. He was pinned beneath Jungkook, a hand on his belly and shoulder, his cock impaling him with every thrust. 


Jungkook was desperate to mark his mate. He pistoned his hips into the male he called his. Mine echoing through his head. He was determined to carve his cock into Jimin’s ass for all eternity. He knew he was hitting Jimin’s prostate every thrust because his thighs kept jerking. He watched as Jimin came twice more untouched as he continued his relentless pace. He was starting to feel his knot swell. He wanted to make sure Jimin knew he was his alpha. He slowed down, but the depth of his strokes were deeper.


 When his knot swelled completely, he watched in astonishment as a clear liquid shot from Jimin’s flagging cock and felt him clench down as slick gushed around it. The vice clench of Jimin around his knot was enough to have him spilling his load. He felt his cock twitch, the belly beneath his hand growing with each pump of seed he let go. 


Jimin’s body suddenly gave, sending both of them to the ground, Jungkook just barely keeping Jimin from tearing himself off his knot by accident. Worried at first, Jungkook quickly rearranged their limbs so Jimin wasn’t pulling on the knot and his legs weren’t stretched so far. He grabbed Jimin’s face in his hands, searching for any sign of discomfort or pain. 


The shit eating grin and blissed out eyes put him at ease at once. 


“I’m sorry Jimin. I didn’t mean to be so rough.” Jimin nuzzled into Jungkook’s cheeks.


“S’okay. I liked it. A lot.” His words were slurred and Jungkook thinks he may have just fucked his mate stupid. 

“All of that, just because some random alpha cooed at my belly? Jesus Kook, she was just asking how far along I was.” Jimin giggled through this revelation.


Jungkook could only blush in embarrassment. He felt his knot going down and lifted Jimin into his arms bridal style. He held him up in the shower and carried him into the room. He laid his mate in their nest and dried him off with a soft towel. Then he brought out the cocoa butter and rubbed it into his belly and thighs, massaging the muscles so he wouldn’t cramp. 


“I didn’t hurt you did I?” He asked tentatively as he rubbed the lotion into Jimin’s arms and torso.


“Nah, I told you, you wouldn’t hurt us.” Jimin said sleepily as he brought a hand down to rub his buttered belly. 


“Come hold us.”


Jungkook did as he was bid and they snuggled up into the night. 





“Kook..” Jimin asked into the darkness


He got a grumbled ‘Huh?’


“Kook you made me squirt.”


A dark chuckle.


“Yes...I did. Through your cock.”


Jimin squeaked.


Jungkook cackled and tugged Jimin into his arms.


“Sleep now my love.”


“You still owe me new pants.” Jimin huffed into the dark.


Jungkook just groaned and pulled him tighter to his chest.