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The Auction

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You wake up to a flurry of voices and hands, the room around you feeling sterile and cold. “Is she ready?” Says someone nearby as you try to sit up, yet you find hands forcing you back down. “No, I still have to– shit, she’s waking up, I’m not done yet!”

Your eyes fly open to a white room with people in white robes, and you start to thrash as strong grips clamp down on your arms, your legs, holding you down by force as you open your mouth to scream, yet a hand slaps down over that too.

“Put her to sleep! We can’t finish grooming when she’s like that! You know how much presentation affects price!”

Teeth gnash at nothing to try and tear off the fingers over your mouth, eyes still frantically looking for something, anything. What was happening?! Who ARE these people?!

There’s a sharp poke into your thigh, and your body slacks immediately, losing your consciousness before you even so much as felt tired.

Honestly, considering what you saw when you woke up again, sleep had been much kinder.

It seems like it takes ages for your eyes to actually open, lids feeling weighted and sluggish, your neck aching as your head lolls. Second after second passes as you just try to regain your grip on the waking world, and as you try to move, the realizations and adrenaline that follows bursts you awake. You’re sitting up and can’t move your arms, pulled behind your back, every struggle jerking not only your wrists, but something attached to your neck, effectively keeping bound hands perfectly in place and leaving you vulnerable. Your legs merely knock against something cold and metal when you try to stretch them, keeping you confined in a tight, small space.

A cage; you’re in a cage, gilded and golden, slim and tall around like as if you were a prized canary. Countless horrifying details flood your senses and overload your mind as you just try to piece together where you are, what you are. Someone had changed your clothes, no longer simple casual wear but an elegant, flowing white dress accentuated with gold chains and jewelry. Something sturdy around your neck helped anchor a necklace that wove chains and jewels in delicate layers, dipping low onto your chest, drawing one’s line of sight towards your breasts, only barely covered by a swooping neckline. Saying there’s even a skirt would be a bald-faced lie, the fabric moving inward, completely exposing your hips and thighs in favor of covering only what lied between your legs like a loincloth. There’s a weight on your ears that you can only guess are hanging earrings, shapes against your fingers that felt like rings, more shining shimmering bangles on your ankles, against your wrists, forearms, upper arms.

You’re decorated like some sort of little doll. It must have looked good, considering how many eyes were staring at you through the bars. The sight is frightening, seeing all these different people, all staring at you, smiling. This cage must have been on a stand or pole of some sort, because you’re practically eye level as they stand gawking.

“Oh, she’s awake!” Says a woman with a tone of excitement, and you can hardly tell any of her facial features –of anyone’s features—from behind the mask she wore. A big grin of pearly white teeth stretches from cheek to cheek as she comes closer to the bars, her voice dipping into a babying coo. “And what’s your name, pretty girl?”

The bars prevent you from jerking back any farther from disgust, your head whipping around to try and see the room. It’s large and open, like some kind of event hall, tables with candles and dishes, a buffet, waiters carrying trays, people laughing as they enjoyed their meals, or were served hors d’oeuvres as they browsed around. Every single person was hidden by a mask, countless outfits and jewels and watches all reeking of wealth. But that isn’t even the most horrifying detail.

There are other people in cages, men, women, different shapes and sizes and heights and skin tones, even those with Quirks that made them look inhuman. They all sat with dread and terror in their eyes, dressed up so prettily just as you were. One of them, a young man, was just close enough to you, angled just right, that you saw a placard attached to their cage.

It’s his name, his age, his status, and all sorts of other info all in proud letters:



You catch his eyes and share a look of mutual horror. Tears slip down his cheeks, and you quickly mirror him, your gut wrenching like you’re going to be sick. “What-what the hell is this…?” You can hardly even choke out, looking to the crowd of people gathering around your cage. “What’s going on…?! Who are you?!”

Some of them are cold and indifferent enough to giggle, holding their champagne and whispering amongst themselves, leaving to only catch traces of words.

“-so shy.”

“-must be her first time being-“

“-so sweet-“

“-pretty thing-“


Your cheeks are wet with tears, and you’re beginning to hyperventilate. “Someone…! Can someone…!” Pitiful whimpering leaves your throat, voice cracking, your gasps becoming sobs as you feel like you’ll choke on your own spit. It’s too small in this cage, you can’t move, you’re frightened–!!

scream leaves your mouth as someone sneaks their hands through the bars behind you to dig their fingers into your hips, and you can’t even sit up onto your knees to try and move away, only lean and squirm and cry. “Don’t touch me!! Let go!! LET GO!!

The hands retreat, and you tune out the voices as you bawl, loud and ugly, but you aren’t aware that for many, your cries are anything BUT a deterrent.

“Can’t any of you have some decency?” Comes a calm, if not scolding voice that sounds like it’s right beside you, an enormous man in a fine suit who currently had his back turned to you. “Stop with your crowding and come back later. You’re scaring the poor thing.” He gives a dismissive wave of his hand. “Go on now, shoo. I’d like to have a little chat with this one with some semblance of privacy.”

Many quickly disperse with large smiles that are much too fake before quickly stepping off, others frowning with disappointment as they shuffle away. Your head drops as the mysterious figure turns around to face you.

“It doesn’t seem like you are having a very good time at all, young lady.” 

His voice, undeniably masculine, is filled with an air of confidence as you find yourself glancing up. It’s an intimidatingly tall man in an expensive-looking suit, and unlike every single other person, he hadn’t bothered with a mask, like he either wanted people to know who he was, or he was too influential for this place to have any consequence. “Just leave me alone…” You can’t help but whisper out, a noticeable whimpering still in your tone as you sniff, avoiding eye contact out of spite and fear. “I don’t want to be here… I just want to go home…”

Surprisingly, the stranger chuckles. “Yes, I can imagine you’re awfully startled right now, aren’t you?” He says casually, your eyes focused elsewhere before a hand reaches through the gaps in the bars, smoothing along your side and causing you to jerk, although there’s nowhere for you to escape as these golden bars hold you. “What’s your name, my dear?”

You say nothing, eyes widened with fear and disgust as his hand lingers against you, and you quickly learn that, between these bindings and this cage, that there’s not the slightest chance of getting this unwanted touch away from you. “I suggest you answer.” The man says as he withdraws, his voice growing more stern, commanding, and you just shake your head in protest. Another laugh, one that’s amused if anything. “Do you honestly believe that being difficult will improve your situation? Perhaps if you look so frightened and pitiful that someone will take pity and free you?” He questions, and that formerly fondling hand moves to grab your chin instead, forcing you to look forward as he continued. “You’re being sold, little Omega, whether you like it or not. It would be wise to try and be on your best behavior to catch the eye of someone merciful rather than be bought by someone… more heinous.”

Tears form in your eyes with a renewed intensity. “I’m not an Omega! I’ve been a Beta my entire life! I’ve had every doctor I’ve ever had tell me—” Your voice cracks, and you try to shake your head free from his grip, but it only tightens. You didn’t want to accept it but you… weren’t entirely telling the truth. Just last month, you had gone in for a regularly scheduled check-up, and the same doctor who had been seeing you for years had some… surprising results from your tests.

‘Your charts are displaying hormone markers attributed to Omegas’ she had said with an air of fascination. ‘It’s very possible that you just had a delayed maturity; your body has definitely undergone some significant biological changes since our last visit. Honestly, judging by these results, I wouldn’t be surprised if you started producing pheromones within the next month’.

Shame and horror curl in your heart. Omegas were a rarity, one out of every thousands. While they were often considered weak and helpless, or sexualized to a disgusting degree, one thing always rang true: they were deeply, truly coveted. Omegas with sweet scents that calmed and attracted nearby Alphas, the most potent even affecting Betas. An Omega meant ‘a perfect partner’. An Omega meant more pups.

“Is that why… I’m here?” You choke out. “Because I might be…?”

He chuckles, bringing his face closer to the bars. “My darling, it isn’t even a ‘might’. I can tell you right now with the utmost certainty that you are a tried and true Omega.” A deep inhale is taken in through his nose. “And a fine one at that. Are you ever going to give me that name of yours?”

Your lips part to speak, but so many words become jumbled in your dry throat, your spirit dying, and the man releases his grip once your first name quietly tumbles out of your mouth. “That’s a good girl. A pretty girl with a pretty name.” He purrs, presumably pleased, and you suddenly realize that you probably have a label below your cage like everyone else here, and that this man was probably just trying to fuck with you by pressuring you into telling him. And you caved. How… submissive. How very Omega of you. It makes you feel sick.

Ever since this man has approached, you notice, the room seems to have gone quieter as you cautiously glance around, seeing that many conversations have either stopped altogether or hushed into whispering, countless eyes looking in your direction. Or perhaps it wasn’t quite at you, even?

“A-are–” There’s a dryness in your throat that is more than understandable, given your situation as your mind struggles to even decide what you could or should possibly even do. “Are you… somebody important or something?”

The corner of his mouth pulls up into some sort of smug grin. “Why yes, one could definitely say that I am.”

That answer wasn’t exactly satisfying, and you’re still shaken, opening your mouth to say more when a voice cuts you off. “Master, are we done here yet?” A voice rasped, and your head turns to see a young man, tall and gangly with powder blue locks as he strolled up with slouched shoulders. Red eyes that remind you of either blood or rubies, you couldn’t decide which, peer out from behind what looked like a human hand, clutched to his face like a mask. “These people are insufferable.” He gripes. “All they care about is their money or their—”

In mid-sentence, he suddenly trails off, and you can hear him sniff something in the air before his eyes snap to you, and you cower. His stare is piercing as he comes closer step by step, peering at you through golden bars, not even bothering to be subtle as he drank in every detail of your body from the top of your head to the bottoms of your feet. A glance is thrown downward, you assume at whatever placard is below your cage.

Your sweet little pheromones sang to him. He can feel his mouth begin to water. There’s a nasty glint in his eyes that you don’t like the looks of as his mouth slowly morphs into a twisted smile.

The gentile places a hand on the young man’s shoulder. “Ah, I see you’ve taken an interest in this one. Now that I think of it, this is your first time meeting an Omega, isn’t it Tomura?”

“Yeah, I guess it is.” Came the young man’s reply. “Not sure if I like this one yet, but…” That disgusting smile grows wider. “she’s certainly a player.”

You don’t even want to know whatever vague thing they’re alluding to, but you can guess, and it turns your stomach. The ‘Master’ only smirks down at his companion. “Well then, I’ll leave the two of you to become better acquainted. Perhaps you’ll find some common ground.”

Fat chance, you think as the imposing man walks away, leaving you with this silvery-haired creep, red eyes seeming to almost bore holes into you as they rake over your… more intimate areas.

You don’t like the way he’s staring at your thighs, or between them.

“So,” There’s a rasp in his voice as he steps closer to the cage, and for a split second his eyes dart at something below where you sat, probably that horrible sign with your price on it. “what’s your Quirk?”

You hold your tongue, wanting to run as he practically comes face to face with you, his pinkies lifted as his hands encircle around two of the cage’s bars. The look on your face makes him all but giggle, taking delight in that sweet expression of fear. “Come on, don’t be shy now. Don’t you know a good Omega always listens to her Alpha?”

“You’re not my Alpha,” You protest quietly. “No one is.”

He just snickers like you’ve said something funny. “Don’t be so hostile! I just want to get to know you a little better, is that really so bad? Maybe if you’re a good little girl I’ll let you out of this cage.”

You bite your lip. “…It’s called Skill Tree. The more I do something, the better I get at it.” Your voice is quiet as you add, “You know… like in an RPG.”

That seems to pique his interest, the lanky stranger’s eyes seeming to light up. “So you play video games? What do you like to play?”

“Um… I’ve been playing a lot of Beast Hunter lately.”

If he hears the nervous shaking of your voice, he certainly doesn’t acknowledge it, his tone chipper and smile almost childlike. “Oh, that’s a good choice! What weapon do you use? Have you played the new DLC?”

You stare down at the floor, your posture withdrawn and your golden chains clinking as your posture sags. “Yeah, I bought it a few days ago. I was… starting to try and learn the bow before… before this happened. I was just playing it at home yesterday, and now I’m… now someone is going to…” A whimper leaves your throat as you can’t help but begin to cry again, unknowing of how your pheromones shifted and changed, how they affected the man in front of you who all but pressed himself right up against your cage just to inhale more of your rich, coaxing scent. It’s so intoxicating and borderline hypnotic; the young man had never been this close to an Omega before, and now that he is, he’s not sure if he ever wants to be away from one again.

“Hey, maybe if you’re lucky, a Hero will come to your rescue.” His tone is snide, emphasizing the title like some kind of slur as you just shake your head, feeling hatred and despair and frustration all coil in your heart. “Maybe the big guy himself will come rescue you!” He barks out a laugh.”D’you want that? Want your precious All Might to come and save you?”

Tomura is just greeted with a look of fire and hate as you seem ready to spit at him, your jaw clenching as tears roll down your cheeks, but that feistiness only gets him hard in his pants.  “Just leave me alone!” You demand angrily. “Go away! I don’t need a Hero to beat your ass, you-you scarred asshole freak!

He’s only getting a rise out of seeing you upset, especially as, much to your dismay, you’re crying harder, your hormones an alarm of ‘sad Omega in need’. Already, there are heads turning around the room, and there seem to be some who are standing up, moving like they’re about to come over and play white knight.

That is, until the Master seems to have reappeared the next moment you open your eyes. “I see you two are… having a discussion.” There’s amusement in his voice, eyes drifting from you to his pupil. “So, Tomura, any thoughts?”

Tomura’s smile only grows, and he jabs a finger at you. “I want this one.”


Unfazed, the towering man entirely ignores your cry of despair as he scratches his chin. “Are you sure? You haven’t even seen all of the other candidates.”

The young man remains transfixed on you, and he even reaches a hand through the bars to drag his fingers along your bare leg, getting dangerously close to your crotch and making you jump back against the bars so hard that the cage rattled, which made me giggle. “Yes, yes, I definitely want this one! I can already see us having so much fun together!!

Distress and terror are reaching an all-time high as the Master seems to wave someone over, and you recognize the man’s robes as one of the kinds you had seen when you had woken up before being shoved in this cage. “What can I do for you, our esteemed guest?” Says the robed stranger, rubbing his hands together with an overly polite smile on his face, to which Tomura’s companion seems indifferent to as he points a finger towards your cage. “I’d like to purchase this Omega, but I see that she doesn’t have a price.”

… You don’t have a price? Are… are you not going to be sold?! Hope, if even as a tiny ember, flickers to life inside of you as you try to force down your crying so you could listen to the conversation.

Those hopes are quickly dashed as the salesman seems to light up. “Oh, you… you’re interested in this one? That’s-that’s wonderful! She’s going to be one of the ones put on the auction block, but I’m sure a man of your wealth and power will surely get anything your heart desires!”

Your heart sinks. An-an auction block? As in… anyone could buy you? What if you ended up with someone-someone sadistic and horrible?!

“Hmmm… is that so.” The unmasked man hums, silent for a moment before clasping his hands behind his back. “Then I suppose we’ll have to stay for just a little while longer. This auction of yours is soon after all, isn’t it?”

The pair of adults seem to go back and forth as you can feel your energy draining, your eyes glued to your lap, each heavy, distressed breath flooding your senses with whatever perfume and scented oils they had put all over you. Tears drip onto the cage floor as you hang your head, lost in despair until there’s a sound behind you. That creep is smelling your hair, and he trails a finger in circles on your shoulder with a sneer. “Don’t you worry your pretty little head,” He coos in a demeaning tone. “I’ll be the one to get you. Not any of these other NPCs.”

You just stay quiet. As horrible and unpleasant as he was, surely he wasn’t the worst person here… right?


The salesmen are abuzz as you’re wheeled out of the showroom and into the back, once again in a room hauntingly familiar as you’re alone with all of these sick, twisted strangers. It was the room you woke up in earlier, what looked to be medical equipment and charts lining the place, cabinets full of files and vials and tools.

“We really hit the jackpot tonight!” Joyfully exclaims the man who had spoken with Tomura and his acquaintance. “He’s interested in this one! The All For One wants our product! He never wants to buy anything!”

A woman is the next one to speak. “If we play our cards right, we could make so much money that all of us could be set for life! Can you believe it?!”

“Everyone will be scrambling to post bids just to prove their ‘sense of taste’ or some bullshit, all because they know HE’S interested! They’re just going to bid each other up until we can all retire!”

“I know how we could get them to all bid more, though.”

The group quiets down to look towards the elderly man who had spoken, and he turns to grab something out of a cabinet behind him. It makes you anxious the second you see what it is he’s grabbed: a syringe and a small vial of pink liquid. A resounding set of ‘ooo’s and ‘ah’s courses through the room, and all their heads seem to snap towards you like some sort of horrifying hivemind.

“Yes… they would all be more desperate if we did THAT.”

“They wouldn’t be able to control their urges having to deal with THAT.”

THAT could make us hundreds of thousands… millions even….”

There’s not even a second of hesitation before they all lunge, and you scream. Hands grab your shoulders, your legs, anything they could get a hold on to keep you from squirming, fingers tangling in your hair to jerk your head back and expose your neck. “No!!” You don’t even know what they’re planning to do but cry out in fear regardless. “Please don’t!!! Please!! I’ll do anything, so plea—”

The needle sinks into your skin quickly, and the next thing you know is pure, pure warmth.

The auction room is less of a room and more of a theater, a grand stage at the front and surrounded by rows up rows of seats, a second level reserved for only the richest and most esteemed guests, and a private balcony for one certain man and his companion in particular. Seeing all of these people here, dozens upon dozens, has Tomura scratching at his neck with irritation. He had little doubt that his Sensei would follow through on his promise to get you for him, so it wasn’t in fear that he wouldn’t get his new toy. It was more like… he was angry that any of these side characters were even going to bid on you in the first place.

It felt like ages were crawling by as Beta after Alpha get wheeled out onto the stage, everyone throwing their money around to try and purchase the captive that most suited their fancy, but Tomura didn’t care about any of them. Where were you? Were you being saved for last?

The auctioneer taps his microphone to grab everyone’s attention, a sign that the intermission has ended and the next product was about to be introduced. “I have a feeling that this next item will get everyone a little excited!” She says proudly, twirling the cord of her microphone around a finger. “While we were preparing our next and very last adorable little mate-to-be for auction, something surprising happened!” With a grand flourish of her arm, she gestures to the stage, and the grand curtain parts to reveal… you. Your cage had been replaced by a table of sorts, with straps that held your legs apart as you were forced to kneel on it. You’re visibly trembling, sweat dripping down your body as your breathing comes out in huffs through your nose as there’s a bar gag in your mouth, making any and every sound you make little moans and whines that sound unintentionally arousing. For a moment he’s confused by why the front of your dress seems to be wet, until the realization slaps him across the face that you’re lactating.

Tomura knows instantly what’s happened, just from the way your pheromones quickly flood the room, thick as a fog that made him light-headed. His instincts know what it is already, and he’s growing stiff in his chair.

You’re in heat. For god’s sake, Tomura can smell you from the balcony, mouth watering at the smell of you, something in his instincts screaming, absolutely screaming at him to respond to your pheromones of need and distress. He has to protect you, comfort you, mate you. Whispers and conversations travel around the room, the one’s Tomura can overhear making his lips curl in disgust.

“Oh, isn’t she just a darling? Can’t we please get another Omega, dear?”

“Finest bitch I’ve seen in a while. Sure to give lots of pups, I can smell it.”

“You know she’s one of the better ones. Just look at all that milk!”

All according to plan, and the auctioneer shoots a look to her companions off-stage, giving her the signal as she straightens her posture, takes in a breath–

“Alright everyone, here we go! Bidding starts at 10 million yen!”

The room ignites.

“I’ll give you 20 million!”



“50 million!”

Numbers soar higher and higher as you’re left weak and shivering, spit dripping down your chin from your gag as your wearily look around the room. So many flushed, red faces with expressions of perversion, all looking at you like they wanted to claim you right here and now. Your eyes continue to wander, hard to pick out shapes as stage spotlights shine right in your eyes, and you accidentally make eye contact with Tomura up on his balcony as tears wet your cheeks. He’s staring at you with utter obsession, his shoulders heaving with his heavy breathing, and from beside you, the Auctioneer not so subtly shoots a glance up towards the balcony as well, stepping closer to you and lifting your loincloth with her free hand, showing the crowd how underneath it, your bare, exposed pussy was positively dripping wet.

“75 million!”

“90 million!”

“120 million!”

It’s hard to focus with the throbbing in between your legs, in the core of your belly, but you see the young man’s Master, All For One, say something that has the youth turn his head before the older man stands up.


Tomura is ready to start reducing all these freaks to ashes when there’s finally signs of life beside him.

“This is going a bit far, isn’t it.” All For One muses with a slightly irritated tone. “I suppose it’s to be expected. They’re a business, trying to make all the money that they can, after all, even if it’s by using underhanded means.”

The Villain slowly brings himself to stand, walking to the edge of the balcony, and speaks.


There’s not a sound. You’re sure the man used some kind of Quirk, as you had heard that command so clearly in your mind throughout the yelling, and his expression morphs into a smug sort of smile.

“550 million yen.”

A palpable wave of defeat washes over the room, many hands raising their numbers to post their bid lower, expressions of disappointment and even respect decorating the room. For a second, a certain person opened their mouth, daring to bid against him, but the Villain sharply turns his head to silently stare at them, and they quickly shut their mouth.

Even the Auctioneer, with all of her scheming, seems shocked.

“5-550 million yen! Do we… do we have 600 million? … 575 million? Going once? Going… twice?”

Not a soul dared to speak. All For One stands proudly, statuesque, and his disciple stares in awe. Your head can’t hang any lower. It’s over. You’ve been sold.

You’re weak on your feet as you’re finally allowed to stand, but you can’t say your current situation is very favorable. You have to lean on Tomura as he gladly supports your weight, helping guide you step by shaking step to his room. You don’t have the strength to fight him, even finding some unnatural comfort in his touch, fighting your urges to bury your face in his neck and cling to him.

He has the biggest, widest smile. Sure, your heat was making you submissive, but surely the talking to Sensei had given you had been quite effective as well.

“Do you like your Quirk?” The man had asked, staring you down with unwavering presence. You’re still light-headed, finding it hard to form coherent thought, and you nod. “And you want to keep it, don’t you?” Came another question, to which again, you nod. All For One slowly stepped towards you, a hand coming down on your shoulder as you feel like electricity jolts through your body, and you feel so, so cold, skin prickling as you shake. He makes a show out of slowly leaning down to meet you eye to eye, and he smiles cruelly. “I’m sure you understand your position. I purchased you for my disciple here, and we’re going to be gracious enough to give you a nice new life. Isn’t that exciting?”

You’re too terrified to do anything but nod.

“So you’re going to be reasonable with him, aren’t you, dearest?”

Another nod.

“You’re going to do as he asks, aren’t you?”

Tears slip down your cheeks. Is this a Quirk? You can’t even speak. Suddenly fear is the only emotion you’ve ever known.

You nod.

All For One smiles as he removes his hand, and the veil over your heart lifts instantly. “I’m so glad we’ve come to an agreement. I’m sure he’ll be a fair Alpha to you. As long as you behave for him, you won’t have to experience anything… unpleasant.”

And now, Tomura has his very own Omega, and what a little cutie at that! He can hardly keep his hands to himself as he finally reaches his room, being a bit rough as he shoves you in only to quickly shut and lock the door behind you. You stumble, falling forward and skinning your knees on the floor, but he can’t even care, the way you look up and over your shoulder at him from your knees is so adorable! To think, you’re all his! He can do whatever he wants to you!

Still fully adjusting to the situation, Tomura stands there, breathing heavily, unmoving, if only to take in more details of your body. The way the sheer clothing perfectly hugged your curves, the accentuations of gold against your soft skin, the fat of your hips and ass and thighs. His mouth waters at the sight of your breasts, covered still, but swollen with little white droplets of milk leaking from engorged, puffy nipples.

In an instant, he’s on you, lifting you off of the floor only to shove you onto his bed. Hands fully enclose around your dress, tearing it to nothing before four digits eagerly knead your tits, squeezing to feel that warm milk squirt out onto his skin. Your sensitive nipples get tweaked and pinched between rough calloused finger pads, soon replaced by a wet tongue licking stripes over the buds, lapping them clean only to leave behind drool. The young man fondles your chest, coaxing out more and more of your sweet cream before eagerly latching his mouth to a nipple, suckling it with a passion that quickly coats his tongue with your milk.

Shigaraki groans, rutting his clothed hips against your crotch while he nurses, his throat bobbing with every mouthful of cream, thick and sweet. Your intoxicating scent fills his nose and his mind, already clouded with lust and dying to breed you, to bury his cock in your wet pussy. His pants are uncomfortably tight, fabric straining against his throbbing dick, surges of arousal practically shaking him to his core. Ruby eyes stare through his bangs up at your face in some sort of silent request as your skin is becoming slick with sweat, beads of milk trickling down his chin and your soft belly.

The Alpha lets your nipple go with a wet smack, shoving his face into the crook of your neck and inhaling deeply, eyes fluttering in anticipation. He can’t help it, he’s too excited, too riled up; he bites down on a part of your throat, high on raging hormones as he claims you, leaving a telling bruise, a mating bite, and hearing your little whimpers of pain is a high he can’t come down from.

“Omega slut,” Tomura rasps, cracked lips forming an excited smile. “my Omega slut, so pretty and needy for my cock.”

The rest of the fabric covering your pussy is ripped away, shredded by impatient hands and replaced by a face shoving between your thighs. Your arousal is thick and dizzying, your fingers gripping at the bedsheets as an inexperienced tongue runs over your soaked, puffy cunt, tasting you, lapping over every fold. You weren’t thinking when your hand finds his hair, petting the top of his head in encouragement as he moans something into your pussy, taking your clit in his mouth to suck and tease, even grazing it with his teeth. He’s no expert but learning quickly, those piercing eyes half-lidded and drunk, watching your face as he eats your pussy, even shuddering as your fingers comb through his hair, blunt nails lightly scratching his scalp.

Shigaraki’s face is completely flushed red when he stops bathing you with his tongue, pulling back only to start tugging at his pants. A soft breath falls from your mouth at the sight of his cock, hung and fat, weighed down by its own thickness even when swollen with the pure need to fuck. Gripping it between thin fingers, he rubs his cock head over your sopping folds, smearing his precum over your perky clit, and you can’t help but squirm your hips, not when that delicious dick is so close to giving you what you need.

Rough hands hold your hips down by force, keeping you still with strength you hadn’t expected from such a thin frame while the young man brought his face closer to yours. “Want it? You have to tell me you want it. Don’t Omegas beg for their Alphas to fuck them?”

Denial isn’t even an option, and your neck cranes to expose more of the vulnerable skin to him, more of your scent wafting into his nose. “P-please Alpha,” You whine. “It hurts. I need it.”

His smile is all teeth. “Need what?”

You all but sob out a breath, needing something inside of you NOW.

“I need your cock, T-Tomura.”

Hearing his name does him in completely, and hips snap forward after the words leave your mouth. The young man instantly seizes up, lashes fluttering as he gives a ragged whimper. “Oh fuck,” His voice is guttural and low, eyes scrunching shut as he lowered his hips, sinking even deeper inside of you. “Fuck, how-how are you this fucking wet and warm inside, fuck, fuck…!” It’s like his legs tremble under the pleasure, his hands bracing on the bed, and instinct takes over as his teeth latch onto your shoulder, not breaking the skin but more as a sign of dominance as he starts thrusting with reckless abandon. The repressed Alpha jackhammers your cunt like it would save his life, his whines and noises of pleasure loud and unhindered as you’re literally rocking along with the mattress.

Your hands reach for his hips, trying to hold him back, to try and get him to slow down, but even feeling your soft hands graze his pelvis sends his flying even higher. Hands with pinkies extended easily capture your wrists, pinning them above your head as that stupid huge dick drives into you, and there’s saliva on your shoulder as Tomura pulls back.

“H-hey, I know a fun game we can play together. I bet you’re gonna be reeeeally good at it.” He coos, voice playful and jeering. “It’s called ‘how many times is the little Omega slut going to cum all over my cock?’

He doesn’t even give you a chance to reply before his balls are slapping against your ass, wet squelches making your cheeks burn as he stirs up your pussy so hard your breasts rock back and forth, and he starts covering your neck with nips and hickies while you wail, eyes pooling tears from not anguish but pleasure as you’re losing your mind to your heat. You want him deeper, you want him faster, and you’re moaning like a whore as you adjust your hips only to help his cock drive in at a different angle and make you cum, convulsing and squeezing down on his manhood, trying to push him out as your back arches off the bed. The Alpha laughs triumphantly.

“One point for my new bitch!”

His words are cruel, but his hands are careful not to touch you with all 5 fingers, observant enough not to squeeze too hard to hurt, but enough to pin you down, a sign of his strength, of his power over you, his ownership of you. Your legs hook around him to keep him close, his thrusts short and fast as it feels like he’s never going to tire. How is he still going?! Is this stamina what it meant to be an Alpha?! You cream again, more fluid splashing over his cock and onto his bedsheets.

“Cumming again? Are you shooting for a new high-score?!”

Tomura sounds overjoyed, his cheeks a flushed red and his tongue all but hanging out of his mouth, drooling as your pussy twitches around his cock. Oh, you clamped down on him so tight when you came! He’s stuffing you so nice and full! You’re such a good little cocksleeve for him!

It’s like you’re being fucked by a soda can, his girth letting you feel every drag and push against your walls. Whenever it felt like you were starting to get sore, you could just wiggle your hips and have him fucking you on a brand new level, each pump eased by your never-ending slick, making his dick slip in and out of you and filling the room with wet slaps.

You pulse and quiver around him again, and Shigaraki can feel his knot beginning to swell, adding a ridge to pull against your lips as it slides in and out. He bites his bottom lip, feeling like he could scream as he lets go of your wrists to wrap his arms around your back, pulling you up so he could thrust upwards into you from his lap. Your arms tuck around his neck, eyes shutting tight as his knot is starting to become too big to fit.

He finally gives one hard, final thrust, letting his bulbous swelling lock you together, stuffing your greedy little pussy to the brim as shot after shot of cum fills you up. Tomura’s trembling from the stimulation, your cunt still throbbing and kissing him with every passing second, and he’s clinging to you as he lets your back hit the bed. His face buries in your tits, tiredly craning his neck, lazily using his tongue help guide a swollen teat into his mouth, resting his body while his greedy mouth nurses from your leaking tit. You feel like you can hardly move, your entire body pulsing, the fresh mating mark on your neck giving dull little throbs, and a shaky hand moves up to just… run through his hair. A small groan escapes against your skin, the arms wrapped around you squeezing just a little tighter, a cheek all but nuzzling into your chest, listening to your heartbeat as he suckled.

You’re absolutely exhausted, temporarily coming down from your heat and your stress and all of the horrors of today. There will be much to think about tomorrow when you can actually form thoughts outside of ‘oh my god someone please give me some dick, I need dick in me right now’. For now though, as you’re falling asleep, virile cum threatening to claim your fertile womb as it fills you drop after drop, you feel… sated. Full.

A glance downward and you can see all too well; Tomura’s cummed himself out, using your swollen breasts as a pillow while the steady thudding in your chest and a belly full of sweet milk helps lull him to sleep.

For a perverted creep, it’s actually kind of cute.