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One drop, then two, then three.
The rain was not something that stopped, like life.
Damian's hood was quickly wet due to the heavy rain and counting every single drop that fell from his hood to his nose was almost soothing.
He wanted to scream at that moment.
Not being able to understand a situation or beat an enemy to him means a lot, it meant disappointing himself and above all disappointing his father.
No, it didn't have to happen.
At that moment he had to keep his mind focused so that he didn't go to create unnecessary thoughts.
Recently his grandfather had returned to stand in the middle of Gotham matters with his new hound.
There was not much information on the boy, better to say, there was nothing that was not obvious.
He had been personally trained by his grandfather for a total of unknown years, dressed completely differently from normal ninja and always wore a white mask with pink lenses.
Damn it and damn it again.
He shook his head hard to calm down when he heard his communicator sticking to a line.
"Hey little D, better come home"
Richard, his voice was not calm or cheerful as his usual, almost agitated.
"Richard what happens?"
"Better if you see perdoan, B and I are waiting for you"
He could not really understand what could be so serious as to call him but not so serious as to let him know immediately the situation.
Quickly he set off on his motorbike and ran towards the cave, the one he saw when he arrived and didn't like it.
Glasses filled the entire floor of the cave and broke under his every step.
The display cases used for important costumes were completely destroyed and valdalizate, the Bat-computer was broken and they came out sparkling from the screen in a thousand pieces.
He came closer to Richard, who was helping his father fix up the electrical box, luckily his father had emergency lights.
"What happened?"
The anger was fully felt by his voice.
"No one knows. When Alfred came down everything was how you see it now and no clue as to who it could be"
Richard's voice emitted a hint of pre-employment, Damian hated the fact.
His father made a verse like his usual to point out that he knew he was there even though he was busy in the other.
He looked around to see more details and understand better.
Todd was in a corner smoking, his bike not far from Richard's, which means that together with his father they were patrolling, Alfred had to be the only one in the house.
But how? How could they have entered without triggering any security system?
This was impossible ... even though ... his grandfather was one of the few capable of it all ...
He quickly turned to the darker areas of the place, it was not easy being in a very large cave, every place was a safe hideout.
A ticking took its total action, it was quite regular and melodic.
Everyone began to gaze around to see who was making that noise when he saw Todd aim the two guns in a very precise direction.
When he turned around he saw a boy, a sleeveless red-and-black collar jacket, blue trousers, pitch-black shoes like his hair, a mask on his face and surely too many arms on his face.
A growl came out of Damian's mouth without his noticing.
"Do you usually use these sticks to beat the bad guys?"
His voice was definitely altered and calm.
The person in front of him laughed so that he showed how much he wanted to tease them.
"What a pity"
He threw the stick in the air and with a swift movement and his sword cut it in half and then rolled it to the ground, one of the two pieces ended up at Damian's feet.
He wanted so much to jump at him.
"What do you want from us?"
His father's stoic voice made him return to himself.
"No classic questions, who am I? I like to go straight to the Detective point but I thought you were much more intelligent, than great disappointment."
At that moment Jason wanted to laugh, if he hadn't ruined his Robin uniform, to which he was strangely tied he would have given him a pat on the back and he would have been highly cheated by the rest.
"العبد الجيد يدرك نفسه في غياب سيده"
Jason's Arab was very rusty but recognized the saying, "the good servant recognizes himself in the absence of his father".
"You are a filthy ninja of my grandfather"
Damian hadn't stopped to say that sentence with full contempt and disgust, all he got was a laugh from the person in front of him.
"Oh no no.I am not any ninja, I am the best.
"Or just his whore"
Jason remained in the dark language of the little bat, thinking that B was doing a better job than his mother.
The masked person moves his hair close to his ear to touch a hidden communicator.
"Master, yes, I am here in front of me. The internal systems, the alloy systems and even the brother-aye have been disabled and rendered uninhabitable. I am pleased to have satisfied your master desires"
The man threw a note to Bruce who caught it.
"My teacher leaves you an official invitation, they are very rare to obtain. You will be able to claim your defeat and we will see if you are who you say you are. Maybe we'll see each other again"
He threw a smoke bomb and any attempt to hit him and catch it was useless.
He would have punched his new grandfather's new hound.

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The night was dark and cold as expected.
No sound came to the ears of the great bat as he was attentive to everything, it sounded very strange.
The designated time would come soon but nothing was different from the normal, at least in appearance, had been there for so long that now you didn't notice any differences?
How would that be possible?
His thoughts were shifted to something else when Damian and Dick approached to bring them information.
As he imagined.
Jason brought nothing but his presence, his anger and his curiosity, what worried him was Dick.
He behaved strangely, as if he had ice on his back or worse, he probably had a bad feeling like him.
I will do the only thing that seemed right to do, they entered the meeting place which was an old abandoned warehouse.
The first thing that came to his ears was a very faint sound of a guitar, the hound was sitting on crates in the middle of the place as he slowly ran his fingertips over the strings of the instrument.
"Is all this a game for you?"
His voice was as serious as expected from Batman, he looked at the one who unlike him was a boy with a stern and severe look.
Dick looked around as Damian ... Damian was just angry.
The hound laughed a little and stopped moving his thin fingers.
"Quiet Detective I was just killing time"
"I'm sure time isn't the only thing you kill"
Damian spat out as an immediate response but the boy didn't shrug as if it didn't touch him at all.
"What does your teacher want from us? To be the best chosen by him, you are not very smart as to be alone against the four of us"
Hound laughed as he stepped down from the crates and laid the guitar down so it wouldn't break.
"Oh, but who ever said they were just? Remember? You can't be seen but the ninjas, the ninjas learn to be invisible"
All of a sudden the four were surrounded by many ninjas.
The hound did nothing but watch the four fight and be subdued by the ninja, if anyone could see under his mask he could see his expression satisfied and victorious.
He approached those who now seemed very close to those tied up people than to people and bent over to Dick.
"Why does your teacher want you to do all this!? What are his plans !?"
Dick wanted to free himself, why all this? Damn he couldn't stand that old man of Ra's, especially for what he had done to Damian.
"As if I answered certain questions and then .."
His voice stopped for a moment and in that brief moment he looked at everyone and stood up
"Who says it's a master's plan?"
His voice made her perplexed.
"Who says it's not my plan?"
"Why should you..?"
Slowly the follower rose the mask he had never raised to reveal who he really was.
Dick remained there to look after his little brother, whose dense eye was now green, without saying a word.
Tim passed the mask in his hands and his expression became disappointed.
"Nothing to say? As I expected from you"
"I saw you ... dead ...."
"Drake you idiot !!"
Tim's attention was taken by Damian now that he screamed his anger against the major, without a hairy tongue.
"Oh Damiano"
The younger boy was kicked in the face with no mercy.
"You don't understand, do you? I've become much better than I was before"
He walked away from them.
"N you're not that little brother"
Dick's heart was breaking at the sight of what Tim had become.
"Richard Richard, I have improved. I am no longer the boy who always cried, Ra's made me realize how much I am worth and how many things I can do, but now you and this city will pay for what you have for me"
Tim gave a small bow and looked at them with a smirk
"Gentlemen, the present Timothy Jackson Drake will be, with pleasure, the demon who will make your life hell because, whoever sows wind gathers storm"
The last thing Dick heard before being knocked out was Tim's laughter, it couldn't be like that.

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Drake Tech.
One of the small beating hearts of Gotham City, although the most important will always remain Wayne Industries.
Hundreds of people passed by that place every day, some to work, some just passing through, but it was undeniable that such a place was alive from morning until night.
It was eight in the morning when Tim passed through the revolving doors of the place.
The clothes he was wearing were the hound ones that now distinguished him among many.
Many people noticed him walking in the long corridor leading to the reception, including security guards.
One of them got up as Tim approached the elevators, surely very alarmed by the clothes he was wearing.
The man picked up his truncheon and looked Tim into the eyes, unable to recognize him because of the mask that did his job well.

"You can't enter here ...."

As much as Tim knew that the man was doing his job, he considered the action a bad action as it did not even give him time to finish the sentence, with speed and precision he stuck a dagger in the cross of the guard's eyes.
And then.
This painful verse was eliminated by the strong explosion caused by the small explosive charge, which was on each dagger.
What before could be considered a human being now was hundreds of shapeless pieces of bone and flesh.
Tim was only sorry that he had stained his clothes slightly with blood, the blood was difficult to get out of his clothes.
Luckily he wasn't the same with the spots on the skin, he would hate his beloved dirty tattoos.
He ignored the screams of the frightened people and left the dagger now destroyed, there would be no fingerprints thanks to his black gloves, always useful.

He killed the rest of the guards in the same way, causing a spike to scream every time there was an explosion.
A serious blood loss thing according to his tastes, fortunately he should not have worn those dirty clothes for much longer.

He got into the elevator and hit the button to go to the top floor.
Like any good business building, the office of the most important person was located on the top floor, also symbolizing its importance compared to the other people who worked there.

He watched the clock as the elevator went up.
By now the policy would have been notified of all the deaths that had been caused and Gordon would have been there in a few minutes.
He would wait for him and Batman so that his plan would go as he planned.

He got out of the elevator and saw the secretary start from fear seeing a man covered in blood and wearing a mask.
He didn't do anything, he didn't care.

He sat down in one of the chairs that served to keep anyone waiting for an appointment with the person in the office.

He waited, waited and waited, until he saw it.
The lift indicated that someone was going up.
He stood in front of the doors and watched them as they opened.

Four armed men immediately aimed their weapons at him and yelled at him to raise their hands.
Tim remained calm while doing what they told him.
He opened his hands to drop a smoke bomb.
He ran quickly to one of the policemen and took the gun from him.
He needed four precise shots to kill them all.
He threw the bodies of the elevator and pressed the button to bring them back to the ground floor, he would have created enough panic.

He walked to the office door as he threw the gun under the secretary's desk, making a scream of fear on his part.

The plans were going as planned.

I begin to take off my hound's clothes as he took the headset hidden in a drawer.
He changed into clothes he had previously hidden in the office and put those of the hound in his place.
It did not take long to create cuts and blood loss as if it had been attacked.

He didn't have much time, three minutes at most.

He put the communicator in his ear and pressed once to connect to the line.

"Hello Oracle it's a pleasure to talk"

"Whoever you are or what Batman wants you will throw you in Arkham as you deserve"

The woman's tone was obviously full of anger, something that Tim had taken into account along with the other things.

"Batman won't come, not today. I made sure he wasn't able to come and disturb both him and the others."

Oracle was silent for a few seconds before speaking again.

"All this is impossible"

"Impossible is such a used word, I would say that nothing is impossible. Besides, do you talk to one of" family "like that? What rude you are, after ten years I thought you were happy to feel, Barbara"

Barbara said nothing as she listened to those words that sent her mind on tilt.

"T.tim i ..."

"I'm sorry your father is going up now, we'll see you again, this is a promise"

He quickly took off his headset as he heard the elevator doors open.

He was sitting on the ground holding his injured arm while Gordon and other policemen entered the large room to find the cause of all that mess.

Gordon was stuck in surprise for a moment as he looked at the boy on the ground, he didn't know he was there.

He quickly approached the younger one and stood at his height to analyze his wounds.

"How do you feel boy?"

"As if a madman had just entered my office"

Tim had always been a good actor but at the time he was acting in the best way, panting slightly and making a sore face.

"I haven't seen you for years but I preferred that what happened in another way. Now relax the doctors will also be here soon even if I wonder what Batman has kept"

Tim knew that his plan had gone exactly as he wanted when he was sure that Batman's image of perfection would have faltered due to his inability to protect someone as important as Timothy Drake.