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The New Super Ridonculous Race

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New Super Ridonculous Race
Episode 3: Monaco Meltdown!
Part 4: Middling Monaco!

I ran out of stuff to say, other than that is the fourth part of the episode and there's going to be a lot of interactions and actions happening that haven't been seen this episode!

Old teams may come back with a chance to win, minor rivalries are probably going to be re sparked and major ones are going to show up in really odd ways!

And that's not even counting the fourth flight that is now arriving, so this part won't be middling, but massive!

Also, I don't own any of the characters that are in this story, as they're all owned by their respective owners, including Disney, Nickelodeon, Time Warner, Nintendo, Sega, Capcom and many other companies and creators that have had their hands in creating these characters!

Yeah, this is part 4 and it is happening!

The race was back on the screen, probably after taking a quick whizz, putting food on the plate or doing a quick chore, as the Super Ridonculous Race was turned back on.

"Welcome back to the Super Ridonculous Race, which will probably take the title for the messiest season ever...but it's also the biggest season ever!"

Speaking on that part, Edd and Eddy were both situated in the dark and packed theatre in such a way that he was practically in the middle of several third flight teams.

Ken and Barker were sitting next to each other for no apparent reason and Bender was about to get his act on with Fry just spectating the minor drama.

"Whoa, whoa, why are you guys mad? I'm not mad!" Fry shouted.

"You sure? You don't need to chill like this old man over here?" Ken couldn't resist a diss at the old coachman sat right besides him.

"No, I'm not mad." Fry protested badly.

"Good, because it would be a shame if I would to say that this blonde man is losing his temper like an idiot." Barker smiled like someone that was plotting revenge.

Fry was just watching all of this go down, as he was way more entertained by the drama that was practically in his ears.

"Come on, those are some big words to say." Ken was just trying to see some good theatre. "...Ryu's going to struggle."

"Neat. Do you what's also neat?" Barker asked, as Ken was more interested in the bad acting. "Lad, I am asking a simple question..."

Ken was just getting tired of terrible conversations, as Fry was just ready to answer that question for no apparent reason...other than because Ryu messed it up.

"Hookers?" Fry answered.

"Jawbreakers." Eddy confidently answered.

"Was I asking that to you two?" Barker asked, having a smile that was almost menacing, but these two were just chuckling. "Forget it."

Being that they were both on opposite sides of the Coachman, things were not super great for the people that were sitting together and the act wasn't even getting any better at all.

Ryu, as Ken would know, wasn't an actor and he showed that on stage with his wooden acting and that would have already killed his chance at an tip...and then he stumbled.

"I'm sorry for my performance." Ryu said. "I'll try my best at the next attempt."

"Naw, don't be sad. You did pretty good for an first-timer!" Nino shouted at the stage, as Ryu was just awkwardly chuckling.

"Listen up, I'm about to blow your asses way!" Bender shouted, now coming off the stage. "Karate guy, get acting!"

"How?" Ryu asked seriously, being that made no sense. "I'm not an actor."

Bender ignored him, as it was his time to perform and had the smile of someone that read a lot of the old school stuff.

*The Adult Best Friends' confessional*

These two were more than confident with their good moves and average looks.

"Man, if we don't get on the first flight, that's an injustice!" Fry complained. "Some of those guys were always at the top!"

"Come on, have you seen me? I can act good!" Bender was just laying back in his chair. "This is easy as drinking beer."

"Yeah, I don't know. This is easy as relieving stuff from space !" Fry finally found his own moment to relax their best.

*Confessional cut*

The acting challenge was carrying a lot of teams and a lot of them were not that good at the challenge, as a good chunk of the second flight teams were about to show their lack of skills off.

Bender didn't have the data on Hamlet, but the way he was acting might as well be a download, as he acted it out pretty perfectly and Fry was on top of...the chair, as the other two contestants were.

"Really now?" The Coachman asked, pretending to be interested.

Bender just took the tip and threw a finger at the doubting coachman.

"Yeah, we're really at it!" Bender shouted at the shady old man.

"Halfway to the chill zone!" Fry added.

Ken was just shrugging, Eddy was just mouthing an 'ooh' sound, as the adult best friends left with some serious glee.

Felicia was the only one was more than happy to take on the stage, as she was just wearing the clothes and keeping herself from letting it all hang out and she was just acting like crazy.

"Knock 'em out!" Morrigan shouted.

Metaphorically speaking, she didn't knock them out too much, but she passed with her still decent performance and Stromboli wasn't really doing that either, as the bald puppeteer went up on stage and he tried his best.

"Wait, I want to see this." Felicia took a look back at Stromboli's...very loud performance.

His best was very loud and very aggressive, as everyone could hear it and no-one saw that it was anything good, as the over-acting kinda compensated for him forgetting this.

*The Monster Girls' confessional*

The cat girl was just feeling funky with Stromboli's performance, as Morrigan was just bored.

"I know that a puppeteer isn't much of a stage man, but wow, that was really terrible." Felicia said, being nervous. "It was like two loud people tried reading one thing."

Morrigan was just filing her own nails.

"Aren't you gonna say something?"

"Finally, a not boring challenge!" Morrigan shouted. "I'm about to make this...interesting."

*Confessional cut*

Stromboli didn't pass and he made sure to say a lot of loud things that the editor probably didn't care that much about.

"As some Italian guy complains to someone that doesn't care much ..."

"...everyone's hitting the sketching pad and showing their newfound art skills !"

Lightning was moving quick in the sketches in a way that it made it so that they sucked and Jo wasn't exactly disapproving it nor approving it, as the greenhouse wasn't super spacious there was now actually waiting outside.

"Wow, Brightening, keeping things quick." Jo said sarcastically.

"Yeah, Jo, Lightning's gonna be beat this fast!" Lightning practically pointed at himself.

"Cool, cool, twenty teams beat us. Please don't suck for the both of us." Jo stated, not caring that much about Lightning.

"Lightning and suck ain't the same thing. Lightning's about to make it happen!" Lightning was motivated to win, ready to draw his own conclusion.

"Please." Jo just rolled her eyes.

There was many teams that still heard their conversation and they were not the happiest people in the bunch...mostly about the challenge, but they weren't super happy either.

"Man, complainers are gonna complain." Alya said, as she gave her sketch to the flower lady and she had a look at it. "I'm just hoping that we don't have to do this challenge again."

"Nah, it was pretty good, Alya. She might have to-" Nino was going to finish the sentence, but...

The flower lady didn't exactly too happy to give them their tip, but it was their and they were feeling thankful.

"Thanks, flower girl!" The tan-skinned guy with the glasses shouted. "Let's get 'em!"

"Get who? We're apparently in the top twenty-something!" Alya said, chuckling nervously. "I have no clue where we are, though."

"Then let's do the next one!"

The supporting friends were out and there was still a lot of sketchers that were in this madness...ready to make their current attempt successful with mixed results.

Larry and Phoenix were both determined to make their attempt their last, as Lightning somehow made it through and was trying to rub in really badly.

"Lightning has some art stuff and you don't do art stuff! One hundred percent sure about it."

Jo was getting tired of not being at the Chill Zone, but Lightning just made it harder.

"Lightning's got the sketch and the biceps!" The black football player just earned a scoff from Larry. "Yeah, can't handle it."

"Dude, I don't think I care that much." Josh remarked, sketching his best on the pad. "Come on, there's probably like a million people that want to get into the first flight!"

"Yeah, what art boy said." Jo dismissed Larry with a slap. "We're not losers."

Jo and Lightning were just running out of the flower gate, as there was more opportunities to get themselves to the Chill Zone and board the first flight like no else would.

Heck, they were even going to meet another duo that was literally running at nearly the same place, though the sun was not as high in the sky as it was before and they were kinda mad.

"Yeah, we're going to catch you up this time!" Bender shouted. "You can bite my shiny metal ass in the next round!"

"Cool, stretch. I hope that you don't flunk out this time!" Jo remarked with a smug smile.

"Yeah, it's going to be comeback time and you're going to regret it!" Fry shouted, pointing at an un-intimidated Lightning.

"Lightning gonna see that and beat that." Lightning was just showing off the muscles.

Speaking of that...Don could see that they did what they were supposed to do, even having the tip in hand and they were both really smug about nothing in particular.

"You're the first team that you realised that you're in a race of 120-something teams and you're in 23rd!" Don remarked. "And you're on the first flight, still !"

*Jo's confessional*

The jock girl who was wearing a loose tracksuit had a certain smile on her face.

"Am I disappointed that Brightening didn't choose a challenge that would make us stay at the top? Yeah, but the first place team needed to be knocked down a notch." Jo proclaimed. "Those drunk guys are going to have to deal with us."

"Nah, Lightning's got that team under control! Sha-bam!" Lightning was pretty much flexing at this point. "Jo, you ain't got nothing."

"Get over yourself, this isn't a one-player game." Jo remarked.

*Confessional cut*

In their team's second challenge, Fry was going to have to do some car driving (which since travelling to the future, he might have forgotten) and Josh was acting on the stage.

Fry, somehow came way ahead in the line and since there was no rules for butting in line, he was up on the karts...but not without some complaints from the contestants that were waiting their turn.

"Yo, wait your turn, dude!" Duck King complained to Bender, who just shrugged. "I ain't that mad."

"I am that mad, please wait!" Johnny Bravo shouted, just raising his own fist.

"The wait's crazy long, so I understand." Sly Cooper smugly commented, earning a glare from Carmelita.

Fry and Bender were in it to win it and they weren't waiting, as Duck King, Pit, Ramon and Batsu were up against Fry's spaceship flying experiences and this time, it was going to be a tough one.

"Yeah, I'm gonna attempt to drive a car." Fry said. "I don't need that much luck."

"Nah, this is easy! All you need is steering and speed, then those jock guys are gonna have a problem!" Bender proclaimed.

"I was gonna do that, but I'm gonna do it more!" Fry shouted.

Some of the other teams in the karting challenge were a little bit understanding of the line pushing that the adult best friends were doing and others weren't.

"Why would you need to do that?" Ramon asked, ready to start himself up again. "You can wait, dude?"

"These guys don't care. They're probably some kind of menace." Tizoc made a big statement that Bender heard and just drank to. "At least the robot is."

The driving was now happening, as their partners were standing back and the drivers were waiting for the green light.

And the green light showed itself, making these drivers put their pedal to the floor and some of them were definitely learning how to get themselves out of the bad situation that they put themselves in.

Pit and Fry were definitely handling it like pros, as they had some experience with vehicles that are kinda like karts and Ramon was...doing pretty good, but then again, it was his third time.

The blonde wrestler definitely noticed that there was something bad between those two that pretty much no reason to exist and the course barriers that he was riding on the edge of.

"Yeesh, those two are fighting with karts." Ramon commented, not really disapproving of it.

"What's your problem, huh?!" Pit shouted at the Mexican guy, who just kept on driving.

"Nothing, man." Ramon replied slyly, keeping himself pretty close to the most competitive kart drivers at the moment.

The top three were insanely close and Duck King could actually drive, so he wasn't too far off and Batsu wasn't that much of a kart boy, so barriers were bumped and he got angry.

"Why is this damn thing so slippery?" Batsu complained, consistently under steering.

*The High School Fighters' confessional*

Batsu just groaned, as Hinata was looking at him.

"Batsu-san, what's the problem? The kart's okay." Hinata stated, trying to comfort him.

"Is it! Then why do I keep hitting walls?!" Batsu shouted towards the camera.

"I don't know, it looks fine. But I haven't driven it either." Hinata said, probably erring towards her friend's side.

*Confessional cut*

"The battle for the last two tickets on the first flight only gets angrier and driven with the drivers!" Don described the situation perfectly, as the nudges and the bumps between the top three were getting a little out of hand.

Despite that, it wasn't out of hand enough to really

Pit, Duck King, Fry and Ramon all made it because they made it under the time limit this time, there was one team that was stuck at the challenge and of course, they had just a confessional and a sun that was a little further down in the sky to show for it.

"Damn, we all got tips!" Terry shouted, just checking his tip out.

"Hell yeah, now we're heading to the Chill Zone!" Bender yelled, showing it to the world.

"No, we're heading to the Chill Zone!" Duck King just blocked the path.

"I mean, we both are and I'm good at running." Fry said. "Could go my way, though."

The adult best friends and the hometown heroes were not the only team that was on their way to the Chill Zone, as two teams from two entirely different challenges were doing their business.

Kasumi apparently knew what the spirit of the greenhouse was about, as she was just sketching like her life depended on it and Hinako was looking at her like she just saw an unbelievable moment.

Kasumi was done with her odd art, as it was very Japan and very sketchy, yet oddly normal in a way, as her partner was just calling for the flower girl.

"Mother, I'm doing this for you!" Kasumi shouted, as the flower lady was just judging the sketch. "Flower lady-"

"Why are you so shouty sometimes? It's not that big of a deal." Hinako just told her, a little bit overwhelmed. "Is this passable?"

"That's why? I still don't want to disappoint my father after all." Kasumi stated, making sure that her akido headband was on tight.

She got through and her team just gave a very enthusiastic thumbs up, as Dedede grumbled at her.

And in the theater, Josh didn't have that much of a cool guy persona, but he had the acting chops and Drake trying to jeer him on was somehow working on him.

Josh didn't exactly do it perfectly, but he wasn't about to let Drake take the heat from the other team of stepbrothers and so, he made sure that every word counted for his tip.

He did get a tip by the way and Drake was just throwing some fingers up at the third flight teams that got in here.

"Man, I don't know what I did to you. I'm 'bout to do something-" Mortimer tried to explain his own words to Drake, before Vega just put a claw in his face. "-to him and you."

"Go on, your lack of beauty only hurts you more." Vega remarked.

"That's it, Spaniard!" Mortimer shouted.

Sure, at least two of the four teams that were heading to the Chill Zone were a little bit behind, but it wasn't like they were far away enough to where they weren't super visible.

The ordinary stepbrothers were just trying to run their best against the adult best friends, who were just booting it like there was no tomorrow.

Terry Bogard was ahead of Duck, leaving Kasumi and her half-Japanese friend to get in between the gap of both teams...but the power of random rivalries pushed them both behind.

At least that what the host theorised, as the stepbrothers and the delivery drivers were stepping onto the carpet.

"Fry, Bender, Drake and've all gained tickets onto the first flight! Also Fry's team got 24th and these stepbrothers got 25th!"

"Yeah, that's pretty good...wait, that's really good!" Fry exclaimed, as Bender pulled a little something out of storage place. "Here's-"

"Let me have some." Drake just barged through his brother. "I'm gonna show those stepbrother what's up."

"Don't drink, else you may not get on the first flight." Don told both teams, who were just running off camera to do their own celebration. "Speaking of-"

"Hey, man, we did all of this effort to get kicked out of the first flight?" Duck King asked, pretty peeved.

"Please don't interrupt the host, thank you." Hinako said, still having her long blonde hair be out there.

"Terry and Duck, you're in 26th! Hinako & Kasumi, you're in 27th! You're both on the second flight out, sorry!"

Terry and Kasumi really feel a sense of achievement, as Hinako, the sumo girl student was still pretty happy at what was happening and Duck King, the short breakdancer and his pet duck was feeling the salt.

"Eh, it's a bit of a problem, but you know, we'll be coming strong tomorrow!" Duck King boasted.

"This isn't that serious, we're still not that far behind the rest." Kasumi stated, as the blue-haired akido practitioner readied herself.

*The Ordinary Stepbrothers' confessional*

Drake and Josh were a little bit pleased.

"Man, those guys won't know what's going to be hitting them! Seriously, I've got something good!" Drake exclaimed to the world.

"Drake, I don't want to bet on something good." Josh wasn't that scared. "Just beating those guys is going to be hard!"

"We made all of the way to the top, so beating those guys won't be a problem." Drake shouted.

*Hinako's confessional*

The sumo lady was deep breathing, ready to focus on the next leg, letting her massive waist-length ponytails rustle in the big town wind.

"I feel like I don't know what just happened in the last leg, but I'm confident that sumo's only going to get more popular." Hinako was in a enthusiastic mood. "So, we'll keep on doing what we're doing."

"Alright, Hinako, you go and get them. My style's only going to get stronger." Kasumi stated, stepping into the confessional.

*Confessional cut*

"Sure, there's 27 teams that are done, but there's still a ton of duos that haven't shown their faces in this episode...including some from the third flight that are smelling perfumes!"

Speaking of the third flight, there was quite a few teams that chose the easiest challenge to the dating heroes, the fashion bloggers, the half-siblings, the assistants, the police officers, the lonely warrior and the best female friends were seeing the odd line for the kart racing challenge.

For a good chunk of the teams from the third flight, it was going to come incredibly easy to smell it out and actually find out what was going to happen in between the massive line that the kart challenge had and theatre being packed with arguments.

It was practically a sunny fast track to the second challenge, as the perfume stall fit the old-school French architecture and the guy that was standing there was sweating.

Which a certain guy with a massive green hat and a very laid-back attitude had to point out.

"Whoa, you're sweatier than a bunch of bulls." Snufkin was here to smell.

The model was a little bit offended at the comment, as Snufkin went in to comment.

"Yeah, you do!" Little My didn't exactly help.

Two heroes came up onto the scene and while Joe the hero was just fiddling around with one of the perfumes to check why it smelled so bad, Sylvia was coming in and standing up for her fellow short people.

Even if one of them was definitely a child.

"Seriously, what's wrong with you two? Didn't your mom tell you that you shouldn't insult people at random." Sylvia asked, posing like a superhero.

"I don't know, can you not butt in?" Little My suggested rudely, as Snufkin was still smelling the perfumes.

"No, because you're being rude." Sylvia said honestly, struggling to not roll her eyes.

"I just want him to take a breather, that's all!" Little My shouted.

While Sylvia was complaining about something, Joe was trying to rely on his nose that wasn't super good at smelling things, especially similar perfumes.

Along with him, the fashion bloggers and the assistants were not understanding any ofit, because they managed to get the smell at a ridiculously fast pace and also, they were not super interested in the drama.

Mostly that a fashionista guy with glasses and dog-like dude was just c

"Wow, you two are tight knit or something, like, we're kinda on that level." Tom said, really in a good mood.

"That's great, because the last time I saw you, you were all angry and what not." Digby commented, nervously unsure about some people's mood.

"Yeah, we dropped down a flight! Kinda of a big deal." Tom said, trying to get an idea of the smell that he had.

"But it's not that big of a deal. There's one hundred and twenty two teams left in the game." Digby was sniffing the perfumes. "So, what if you drop down a flight this time?"

"I don't know it could..." Tom didn't get time to finish the thought...

...As Jen (from his team) and Isabelle (the dog came back with smiles that would knock any enemy off their game, showing their tips off like they stole them.

"Wow, you guys are quick." Tom commented, thrown off completely.

"Isabelle, how are you so good at smelling?" Digby asked, also thrown off completely.

The both of them just shrugged casually as they did, as Tom and Digby were still in shock.

*Fashion Bloggers' confessional*

The both of them were willing to show their best weave snatching face, as they practically sped through the challenge.

"I mean, I was helping a lot out. There was no way that you could've figured that smell out on your own." Tom sarcastically said. "Come on, you're definitely a better smeller than me."

"Ew, thanks? We kinda get sent a lot of perfume and it's our job to check to see if it smells terrible." Jen explained with a cute smile.

"You know, we're mostly right all of the time. Sometimes we're wrong, but that's how being the best is." Tom said with confidence.

"Still not sure if we're the best...still top 5, though." Jen said.

*Confessional cut*

The dating heroes and the half-siblings were on less good terms, mostly because of their partners and Snufkin and Joe were all chill with each other...and they were still seeing Little My go at it.

"You should be helping your brother with the challenge!" Sylvia complained.

"Nah, he's good with smelling things! Because he's a forest guy!" Little My bit back. "You're an..."

Snufkin and Joe just saw their half-sister/girlfriend complain at each other and one of them actually had a reaction to it.

"Geez, dude, is that your sister? She's rude." Joe took a look at Little My. "Yo, what's your problem?"

"Yeah, but she's definitely my half-sister." Snufkin said, crossing his arms. "Don't worry, I've got the smell, mind your own business!"

Joe wasn't too happy at Snufkin's reponse, but he pretty much had to let it slide, as Little My and Sylvia were just angrily looking at each other and Snufkin practically helped him find it.

*Snufkin's confessional*

The nature guy that helped another team out had words to say.

"Sure, she's a pain in my butt, but she's my pain in my butt, if you know what I mean. I forgot that she was my half-sister, but forgetting happens." Snufkin explained.

*Confessional cut*

Four teams from the third flight somehow already passed the third episode's first challenge and yet, many teams from the second flight that still hadn't beaten the first one.

Five were still there and Johnny Bravo was proving that flirting was just...misused to say the least.

"Whoa, mama! There's some ladies here." Johnny Bravo said, making sure that both of the ladies didn't hear him. "I gotta talk to them."

April and Julia were all very confused at why he was coming up to her.

"You know, I know that we're in a race, but I'm good at these kinds of races!" Johnny Bravo was willing to bring on his ally point.

"No?" April asked, not taking him seriously.

"Ally with who, really?" Julia Chang just answered. "Also, no."

"As while the leaders from the third flight speed off and alliance attempts remain attempts..."

"...there's still teams from the first flight that are angry!"

Obviously, the theatre was where to go next and Ryu somehow benefited from the sheer lack of luck that the old men weren't, as the karate warrior was more than willing to let things go the way they were intended.

Somehow, his momentum and frankly ridiculously motions worked for him to get the tip for his own team, as Ken just grinned in confusion.

"Wow, this just keeps on getting better and better for you? Seriously, you got a curse or something?" Ken smugly asked, taking some time to rub it in.

"Obviously, if I had one, I'd give to you." Barker threw a snide comment towards the American karate master.

"Heh, you can try." Ken remarked, not taking things serious. "Ryu, I don't know how I did it."

"I focused." Ryu had some choice words about his performance. "The rest I don't know what I did, but I did do it."

Ryu and Ken just fistbumped each other, as they were just happy with doing their thing really well and really consistently.

"I will focus and then Stromboli will win it!" Stromboli shouted...again, as his "teammate" pretty much had to put up a fake smile. "Stromboli is good on stage!"

"Do that and you will win." Ryu actually helped Stromboli out with words.

That being said, it was not like the theatre wasn't packed with teams that had their fair share of arguments and one of them was sitting right next to the old men, as Edd was nervous.

His nerves were shaky, his knees were ready and he had a sock for a hat, but Edd was more than prepared to take on the challenge and Eddy was...talking everyone's ear off.

"Listen, I've got two reasons why you should be in alliance with me. One, there's going to be a lot of money for you. Two, I'm good at being cool!" Eddy proclaimed very loudly, barely standing on top of the seat.

"Hey, what the fuck?" Chris Griffin asked, very confused.

"Who are you?" Benimaru asked confidently.

"Come on, man." Falco said, not even bothered.

"Not good enough." Edgeworth stated.

Eddy didn't exactly take the negative reception well and Edd was actually on the stage, trying to say some words before he really got himself started again.

Luckily, while that was happening with Eddy and him stewing in his own negativity, Edd was just trying to make his own space to absolutely clean house with the acting.

It was quite a bit better than the other passing attempts, as he actually did bow politely and dramatically and it got some claps.

"Thank you, thank you." Edd told the clapping audience.

He also managed to get a tip and to the benefit of quite a few of the people that were there because Eddy was also leaving to make the atmosphere that much more...theatrical.

"See ya later, you're gonna regret not teaming up." Eddy was looking to all of the teams that were there.

Even if it wasn't that theatrical because of the lighting only working for auditions, which was happening at the moment.

"Jesus, what's wrong with this dude?!" Larry Butz shouted, actually ending the scene.

"He's a tween, I think he will grow out of that phase. I hope so at least." Phoenix Wright stated, as the defence lawyer was feeling odd.

*The Prosecutors' confessional*

The grey-haired and the white-haired, yet young prosecutors were not too pleased with the contestants that were actually at the challenge.

"Some of them are either people that haven't learned to not shout for an alliance or people who have no regard for other people's personal space. Those are the people that are also trying to do strategy." Edgeworth explained. "I swear the early-game alliances are going to back fire for the specific reason."

"Oh, because those fools are not respecting other's spaces? We're respecting people's space, but considering that there still over one hundred teams, it's impossible to guess who would fit our alliance." Franziska stated, trying to think of potential alliance partners.

"Honestly, considering that it is very hard to know people considering the high amount." Edgeworth stated.

*Confessional cut*

In the karting section, things were much more peaceful compared to the shout fest that was the theatre for an ironic reason.

Everybody resigned in wait for their turn and one of the teams that were not that far behind the rest and actually in a good place position-wise, as the third flight teams that joined Samus and Captain Falcon were not that few.

Sure, it was the skeleton brothers, the military strategists, the surviving siblings, the texans, the reluctant partners and the fired-up teens that were in here, but there was still a lot of waiting in line.

Captain Falcon, Roxas, Papyrus, Claire, Morrigan and Bobby were all here to drive to the end, beat the clock and do it for their teams, as their partners were either just disappointed or were anticipating their drive.

"Glad that creep's gone." Roxas commented, sighing in relief.

"Yeah, imagine if that guy went onto this one." Claire fired back. "Would be beaten by me."

"Fair." Roxas then looked back at his fellow spiky-haired teen. "how do you drive this thing again?"

"Big pedal moves, small pedal stops! Simple!" Hayner shouted, just throw a random thumbs up for that certain someone.

"Huh, not everybody's a kart-goer. Er, have fun!"

While Claire, Roxas and Hayner have an attempt at an conversation, the rest of them were just ready to get themselves karting with Bobby and Papyrus just being confused by each other.

"Are you part of the devil's work?" Bobby asked seriously.


"You're kinda cool." Bobby Hill didn't really have strong feelings, but was ready to drive.

And then they were off and Captain Falcon was controlling it like he had always been driving a car, Bobby, Morrigan and Claire was actually doing decently in the karts and the other two were not having the best of times.

Roxas somehow less so, as Papyrus was just in a weird mood where he couldn't really drive properly and they were in the same place.

"These pedals are weird." Roxas just sighed.


They pretty much had the opposite problem, but looked at each other with the acknowledgement that they definitely had the same feeling inside on the tunnel, leaving the rest to actually finish on time.

Morrigan did get pretty close to Falcon's time, though he didn't acknowledge her at all.

"Yeah, I did it out there!" Captain Falcon shouted. "One minute and eight seconds!"

Morrigan wanted to get some words out of him, but...

"You're really cool!" Bobby exclaimed, shouting at Captain Falcon.

"Thanks, small child!" Captain Falcon was excited to go onto the next challenge.

...Bobby ruined it and Morrigan had to make do with moving quickly back to the start, which was good because she definitely wasn't staying here any longer.

Bobby and Claire were close to not making it, Claire somehow being the worse of the two because of the slippery karts.

"I'm gonna show this to my dad!" Bobby exclaimed, going back on the thing.

*The Bounty Hunters' confessional*

Samus wasn't super excited to watch Captain Falcon get screwed over, but he was taking it pretty well.

"As much as I would like that I hate doing problems, you've got to face your problems sometimes." Captain Falcon said. "My problem is that I'm not good at smelling!"

"That is something that you don't want to be associated with." Samus said, having a bit of a smile. "Wish my problems were that minor."

"Yeah, I've got big problems too!" Captain Falcon exclaimed.

"I can't even say them, how that's for big problems?" Samus remarked, still retaining that expression.

Captain Falcon just was shocked at the revelation.

*Confessional cut*

Even then, there was still more teams coming into the Chill Zone with bad poses and much better positions.

"Ryu & Ken, you're in 28th!"

The karate warriors were practically doing variations of the "we got each other's back" pose, down to the crossed arms, though Ken was smiling and Ryu was probably focusing on something.

"Morrigan & Felicia, you're in 29th!"

Morrigan, in line with her nature, just threw the opposite of a peace sign, as Felicia, her friendly cat lady partner, was a little unnerved.

"Edd & Eddy, you're in 30th!"

These two schemers were very different, as Edd had no real pose and Eddy was clicking his fingers for all of the young ladies out there.

"But you messed up on the-" Edd commented honestly.

"Save it later, Double D, we're winning here!" Eddy complained.

"We could do better obviously." Edd was more into evaluating his team's performance.

"Come on, I know!"

"While there's 30 teams that are done with the business, the acting business is only getting bigger..."

With 30 teams already done, the theatre was only getting more and more packed, as the third flight teams were joining the odd show that was the auditions for a play that will never exist with them in it.

They didn't care because there was a lot of money on the line, even for fourth and the stragglers from the first flight were feeling that more than ever.

"...And not getting any better either!"

"Wait, you're a part of those villains! Man, you must be feeling bad." Alya noticed, not really mocking him.

"I don't feel very bad. I am, in fact, very fine, Frenchie." Barker said, smug as ever.

"Uh, okay, I was just asking an question."

"It definitely sounded like you were mocking you, so I decided to mock you in jest!"

"But I'm not, so what's the problem!" Alya got a little bit confrontational, but that change when Nino just got himself on stage. "What's good?"

Alya was trying to pick on what was happening, as Nino, Stormboli, Falco, Edgeworth, Benimaru and several others were ready to get themselves back on stage and Nino was on it.

"Dude, you're about to be...I dunno, Shakespeare'd. It was the best I got." Nino proclaimed, as Alya was watching.

"Don't worry, you could do much worse!" Benimaru actually cheered his non-fashionsta dude on.

"Thanks." Nino was just ready to start the thing. "To be or not to be..."

It wasn't like why he did his best was solely down to being in Monaco once again or because of Alya, but it was a little bit more complex than that...because he wasn't doing super well at all.

He was, in fact, definitely in his groove and that worked enough for him to get his team a tip and Alya was on the end of some serious passive-aggressive words, but Nino just was too excited about his tip.

"Yo, Alya, it's time for the chill!" Nino just showed her his tip.

"That's insane! Bye, old guys!" Alya didn't really have any animosity.

Stromboli was back on the platform and he really showed why he deserved to be on the platform...for the fifth time, because he had presence, was very loud and very motivated to not lose and to not get insulted by his partner.

He made every word count (by accident) and combined with his gestures, he finally managed to get the tip for his partner, who was plainly relieved at the news.

"Stromboli finally got this! Now, Stromboli's going to show-" The bald and fat Italian yelled.

"-Listen, none of us have all day. Let's get moving!" Benimaru exclaimed, letting his long hair go down.

"You're not smart! Stromboli has the money!" Stromboli threw an angry yell at Benimaru, who literally shrugged it off.

"Yeah, but I'm about to show off." The blonde model with very long hair sparked it up to be straight.

Stromboli just laughed himself out of the theatre, as his teammate was just finally smiling for once for obvious reasons and they were...going to the Chill Zone.

"Listen up, you're about to get the Benimaru experience!" Shingo shouted, trying to help his teammate with words. "I'm sure that he can do that!"

Benimaru was just smiling like he was about to impress some people who were not that impressed like Chris Griffin, Falco and a few others that were in the theatre.

He did that, as he was just definitely a massive performer and this time, he was doing it a little more dramatically than usual and he made it cute for the girls in the waiting area and in the seats.

Of which there was a lot of, even throwing a kiss at the end of the dramatic speech to some random girl that he definitely didn't know the name of and Carmelita rolled her eyes at the move.

The theatre kid appreciated the Japanese model's performance, as he cringed at the kiss blow.

"Thank you very much!" Benimaru shouted, seeing the people that were not clapping were a lot. "Tough crowd, eh?"

Benimaru smugly walked off-stage, as Shingo was just hyped to see the tip and these two were packing heat, informally speaking.

"Dude, shut up for a second." Larry Butz said, seeing that his lawyer friend was up to do it again.

"Seriously, it's not that big of a crowd." Falco remarked, just pushing his arms out like no problem.

"Come on, let's get outta here!" Shingo shouted, getting a little bit frustrated.

*The Japanese Guys' confessional*

Shingo was plain excited for his challenge, as Benimaru was smiling with confidence.

"What's up? I'm about to do my challenge and show that I'm more than a fighter!" Shingo shouted, very excited. "I'm about to go onto the karts."

"Good luck, Shingo. There's a very long wait time." Benimaru was relaxing. "I would hop onto it, but I've got long hair that can't be tied up!"

"No, there isn't! I saw no line!" Shingo said in disbelief.

*Confessional cut*

"As more teams finish, a certain bounty hunter will try to get her smell on!"

The perfume challenge wasn't getting any easier, but there was definitely some advantages to coming later that Samus and Kurt were definitely taking advantage of in completely different ways.

Namely the fact that the smell somehow became stronger and the bounty hunter had a good sense of smell and Kurt had a good sense of what hot ladies are.

"I miss this smell of these flowers." Samus said, feeling relieved. "It's a rose."

"Yo, it's the bounty hunting lady!" Kurt shouted, running to Samus.. "It's kinda like a white rose or something."

"Hello? That's definitely coming off too strong!" Samus was a little bit taken aback. "Thanks for the help, though."

"You're welcome. Kinda was stuck here for a while." Kurt said, keeping things simple. "Kitty wasn't good at smelling."

"Kurt, you coincidentally found out the smell as soon as Samus was here." Kitty pointed out something. "We're both kinda bad at perfume things."

"Yes, I could tell." Samus said, as Falcon was just at the stand guy. "My partner definitely has it, though!"

"Good job, Samus! Now, we're going to the Chill Zone!" Falcon shouted. "Mutant guys, you found it out first."

Both teams finally said their correct answer and correctly, the sweaty attractive guy that was standing near the perfume stalls accepted them and let them go on their way.

There was a third team that was getting tired of the wrong answer.

"Uh, is it rosemary?" Mordecai asked, the blue jay finally back on camera. "Come on."

"Dude, it's your fault that you picked this one." Rigby commented.

*Samus' confessional*

Samus was relieved.

"Never knew that a man could be so bad at drawing things. I'm not that much better really, so I guess we're equals, then!" Samus remarked, as she realised something. "That was a waste."

*Confessional cut*

Don was seeing more teams finish their part of the race.

"Bounty Hunters, you're in 31st!"

Samus and Captain Falcon were both pretending to shoot guns, though Falcon was a lot happier.

"Supportive Friends, you're in 32nd!"

Alya and Nino were both definitely not ready for their pictures, as Nino was in the middle of putting his hat off and Alya accidentally covered their eyes.

They were still in good spirits, though.

"Kitty, Kurt, you're in 33rd!"

These two were pretty much serious about something, just keeping things simple with the thumbs up.

"Old Men, you're in 34th!"

Stromboli didn't really care that much, so he just showed his fist to Don with a smile, as Don had to say something...but really couldn't with the fist nearly in his face.

"Stromboli always wins!" Stromboli shouted, still showing the fist.

"Honestly, sometimes, you have to lose." Barker commented, just pulling the fist back.

"Haha, we're going to do it." Stromboli boasted to Don, who was done backing up.

"Do what?"

Don finally figured out a remark to this.

"Congrats on beating a difficult situation, I guess!" Don was definitely happy for them, even if neither of them were on the same level.

"As the most unfriendly team finishes, much friendlier teams finally get their groove on!"

While Don didn't really mean it literally, things were actually going much smoother for the remaining 41 teams that were either on their first challenge or doing their second challenge.

Speaking of the theatre, it was attracting a great many of the third flight teams, wherever they were doing their first one here or attempting to get their tip to the Chill Zone.

The fashion bloggers were definitely there and were sitting in the crowd of teams that were attempting to have some fun.

"Wow, people are really out here doing their acting!" Tom stated, eating some popcorn. "I'm one of them and I'm proud."

"Yeah, Tom, maybe you should save the popcorn for later." Jen said, seeing that someone was about to slap Tom in the head.

"You're right!" Tom got up...before Chris fell down into his seat. "I'm about to get my act on!"

"Haha!" The fat kid that attempted to prank the fashion blogging man he was just head down in the seats. "It's my popcorn now."

"I'm on a diet, so sure." Jen sounded exasperated.

That wasn't the good part, as there was some decent performances that were actually tip-worthy.

Phoenix may not have been the best at acting, but he did do it okay enough to let everyone know that he did the thumbs up and Larry...attempted to do a flip before falling down head-first.

"Ow." Larry Butz just got himself up.

Falco finally used his wings for dramatic effect and Fox was kinda surprised that it took him this long to finally figure it out, but he made it really work and it got him a tip.

"Yeah and-" Falco was expecting a clap from Fox.

"Falco, you might want to be careful with your words." Fox didn't really get any sanctification from seeing himself proven right.

"Well, it's your turn to do it first try." Falco proclaimed, making him remember.

The prosecutors had finally done it, as Edgeworth put down his facade for enough time to do the speech as it was intended and he was definitely relieved when he got his tip.

As it meant that they could move onto the next challenge.

"That took a lot of effort." Edgeworth said. "I am hoping that you can do it on the first try."

"I'll smell these perfumes on the first try and then I will make a plan for us to win in the next leg." Franziska remarked. "Honestly, you should have been out of here earlier."

"Acting isn't easy, though!" Edgeworth pointed out the obvious loudly.

The fashion bloggers were up next and Tom was about to do something that none of the others would do...kill it metaphorically, as he probably had seen a few plays.

He definitely had heard of the scene, as he acted like that he was really questioning himself and Jen was just wiping a tear for the fact that he moved around the stage like he cared.

Once he was done, he had some words to say.

"Didn't know that I had it apparently." Tom was way less sure than the clapping crowd and his girlfriend.

"You really had it!" Jen exclaimed.

"The competition only gets hotter, as more teams finish their chance! two of them to be exact."

These two teams were pretty much at the end.

"Phoenix Wright & Larry Butz, you're in 35th!"

These two were just plain very tired of the challenges that were now behind them, as their sweat was very apparent.

"This race does take a lot out of people with some great challenges. So it's still a pretty great reality show!" Phoenix had to compliment Don. "And-"

"Hey, uh, we're here." Jen snarkily commented.

"Fashion Bloggers, you're in 36th!"

The fashion bloggers were just as sweaty as the childhood friends, but they just had to roll with it.

"Dude, you're sweating like crazy. I think you need to wash it properly." Larry remarked.

"I know, but this is Monaco, though, it's crazy that we're finally not stopping over in Cannes." Jen stated, as happy as she was. "Ew, though."

"Man that deodorant was a bit of a ripoff, but it's cool." Larry was just trying to get into Jen's personal space.

"Larry, they're in a relationship for sure!" Phoenix shouted, sounding as though he had saw the truth and Larry Butz just backed off.

The spiky yellow-haired artist was not super excited about not hanging with some more cool teams, but Tom wasn't hyped about someone violating his friend's personal space.

"Okay, just don't do that." Tom told Larry, who shrugged the obvious.

"Come on, man, I'm not dumb!"

Only 36 of the 75 teams had finished, but there was going to be a lot more finishes happening and more teams landing in the location.

"By the way, the fourth flight has now landed and has been landing for a long while, but they're not in Monaco yet!"

The coach ride to Monaco wasn't any less beautiful for some, though, as being stuck in one place does tend to do weird things to people and quite a few teams were experiencing the grass.

Other teams were just waiting for Monaco to reveal itself, as they had found that they were not in fact in Monaco, but Nice.

"I'll be honest, the internet does not do these mountains justice." Peridot stated. "It looks so much cloudier."

"Uh, that's because when they took the picture it was cloudy, dipshit." Rick told her, being blunt as always. "What do you not know-"

"Yes, I know! That's why I said it." Peridot just explained the obvious to Rick.

"Listen, who gives a shit." Rick burped after that, as Peridot was just trying to wave to Morty. "Morty...Morty, don't move."

"Why? It's not like you would be any more pleasant anyways?" Lapis Lazuli just threw a truth bomb. "I'd be with my...friend. Be an dummy somewhere else!"

"Yeah, Rick!" Morty spoke up from the comfortable seat of a coach.

While that was happening, two critics were actually enjoying the sights of the mountains in between Nice and Monaco.

*The Angry Critics' confessional*

Despite the fact that these two were known as the angry critics around, they were somehow in a pleasant mood.

"This is the type of area that I need to go to after I play some of the shittiest games around. No-one's there to annoy the fuck out of me and I can play some not shit games, obviously." The Angry Video Game Nerd stated. "You're one of those people."

"Geez, thank you for the insult. It's not like I would go here too! Sometimes, you've got to let creative mind go out and scream like..." Nostalgia Critic screamed for a few seconds. "...some other directors should go and do that."

"Cool, you should go and do that because your new stuff fucking sucks. Take a damn break." AVGN just shrugged simply.

"I definitely needed that." Nostalgia Critic definitely felt the salt.

*Confessional cut*

Dipper and Mabel were reading some book about monsters, knowing that they did see some of them and no-one believed them, but Mabel didn't care that much.

"I swear, it's real. But I understand why people believe it's fake." Dipper said, chilling in his seat.

"Come on, who wouldn't like to see gnomes and all that!" Mabel exclaimed.

"Most of those things are monsters, Mabel. Kinda serious." Dipper wasn't willing to do some revealing. "You know-"

"Still gonna miss my friends." Mabel said, just watching out of the window. "I know that they're out there supporting me!"

Dipper was just putting his ear mufflers on, as Mabel was shouting.

"Which bored bus riding team will shake up the leader board again? Who knows...that will be revealed after the break!"

---On the first flight:--

1st: Jacques & Josee AKA The Ice Dancers (Ridonculous Race)
2nd: Sonic & Knuckles AKA The Fast Friends (Sonic Boom)
3rd: Heather & Alejandro AKA The Evil Couple (Total Drama: World Tour)
4th: Tails & Zooey AKA The Foxes (Sonic Boom)
5th: Ryuji & Yusuke AKA The Contrasting Students (Persona)
6th: Ralf & Clark AKA The Mercenaries (Ikari Warriors)
7th: Sanders & MacArthur AKA The Former Cadets (Ridonculous Race)
8th: Mario & Luigi AKA The Wholesome Brothers (Super Mario)
9th: Dante & Trish AKA The Demon Hunters (Devil May Cry)
10th: Tori & Jade AKA The Stage Rivals (Victorious)

11th: Ryo & Yuri AKA The Karate Siblings (Art of Fighting)
12th: Beth & Leshawna AKA The Reality Show Pros (Total Drama Action)
13th: Kaio & Dendy AKA The Kid Heroes (OK KO)
14th: Mai Shiranui & King AKA The Fighting Women (Fatal Fury & Art of Fighting)
15th: Chloe & Sabrina AKA The Fashionista Friends (Miraculous Ladybug)
16th: Frank & Chuck AKA The Zombie Hunters (Dead Rising)
17th: Wario & Waluigi AKA The Competitive Brothers (Super Mario/Wario)
18th: Sam & Cat AKA The Babysitters (Sam & Cat)
19th: Rad & Enid AKA The Bodega Heroes (OK KO)
20th: Chet & Lorenzo AKA The Ridonculous Stepbrothers (Ridonculous Race)

21st: Captain Hook & Mr. Smee AKA The Pirates (Peter Pan)
22nd: Jasmine & Shawn AKA The Survivalists (Total Drama: Pahkitew Island)
23rd: Jo & Lightning AKA The Jock Rivals (Total Drama: Revenge Of The Island)
24th: Fry & Bender AKA The Adult Best Friends (Futurama)
25th: Drake & Josh AKA The Ordinary Stepbrothers (Drake & Josh)

---On the second flight:---

26th: Terry Bogard & Duck King AKA The Hometown Heroes (Fatal Fury)
27th: Hinako & Kasumi AKA The Japanese Girls (Art of Fighting/King of Fighters)
28th: Ryu & Ken AKA The Karate Rivals (Street Fighter)
29th: Morrigan & Felicia AKA The Monster Girls (Darkstalkers)
30th: Edd & Eddy AKA The Schemers (Ed, Edd 'N' Eddy)

31st: Samus & Captain Falcon AKA The Bounty Hunters (Metroid/F-Zero)
32nd: Alya & Nino AKA The Supporting Friends (Miraculous Ladybug)
33rd: Kitty & Kurt AKA The Young Mutants (X-Men Evolution)
34th: Coachman & Stromboli AKA The Old Men (Pinocchio)
35th: Phoenix Wright & Larry Butz AKA The Childhood Friends (Ace Attorney)
36th: Thomas & Jennifer AKA The Fashion Bloggers (Ridonculous Race)

To be continued in the fifth part, where some more teams get themselves finished and the fifth flight also arrives on deck!