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Chapter 6

As their mingling Bernie whispers I'm going to the bar "babe I won't be long" as she leaves Serena Edward and Robbie comes over to Serena and Edward says"well well Serena you've retired have you you never would of done that for me or Robbie from what he says so why now". Serena laughs and says"no I never would of done it for either of you because none of you were or are worth it unlike Bernie who never expects anything of me and who is the love of my life and who has been there for my through thick and thin and she put up with everything I did after Ellie died she never left me she understood and she never forced me to recover from it quickly she respects me and she would never ever cheat on me and she would never blame me for any mistakes at work like you did when you were drunk while in Theatre".

Serena just stands there staring at them both when Bernie comes back after ignoring Alex and Leah she hands her her drink then everyone comes up to her one by one hugging her and kissing her cheek telling her "that they will miss her so much and that they hope you enjoys her life with Bernie". She thanks them all and she calls the whole pub over so she can give a speech.

Serena says"everyone on AAU,Keller and Darwin are all her's and Bernie's family and she can't think of better people to call her family and she will muss each and everyone of them so so much but it's here time now to live her life with Bernie and enjoy her life without all the drama and paperwork but she will pop in now and again as well as text;write or ring all of them". Once she has finished her speech everyone buys her and Bernie drinks for the next few hours before Bernie helps Serena carry all her cards,presents then they say"their goodbyes" before they leave Albies for the last time hand in hand ready to start the rest of their happy ever after.