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Chapter 5

It's the day Serena retires and it's also the day Bernie is back for her and to surprise her at her surprise leaving party which Serena has no idea about at all. Bernie is at Albies helping her daughter finish decorating because Cam couldn't because his at work.

At 3 they leave go back to Lotties so they can shower and get ready while everyone will go straight from work. Bernie is nervous and excited because she's looking forward to seeing Serena but also because she doesn't know what to say to her especially because she wants her back.

Everyone begs Serena to cone and have a few drinks with them seeing how it's her last day so they help her pack all of her things and them help her to carry them from the hospital to Albies but she gets them to carry on while she stops in the peace garden to see and speak to her mom one last time where her ashes are.

When Serena walks in to Albies everyone surprises her by shouting surprise which makes her tear up a little she looks around the room at all her friends smiling happily until she sees Edward,Liberty and Robbie and Alex who are standing at the bar watching and smiling and smirking at her she turns away from them and that's when she sees Bernie sitting in one of the tables in the booth with 2 glasses and a bottle. Serena rushes over to her takes her face in her hands and kisses Bernie in front of everyone who is watching,after a few minutes they pull away needing air as Serena says"I love you I love you so much is it to late for us to be together again forever where we belong". Bernie says"no no it's not to late do you really think I could or would want to be with anyone else when I love you your the love of my life your it for me just like I'm all of those things to you,let's enjoy the party with everyobe who is watching and listening to us by the way then I'm going to take you home and show you just how much I love you". She winks at Serena who's stroking her cheek then they turn around to see the whole pub quite watching them both with the whole hospital really happy for them big grins on their faces but Edward,Liberty,Robbie and Alex all giving them both disgusted looks but Serena and Bernie ignore them and start mingling with their family and excited collegues.

To Be Continued