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Chapter 2

The first ward Serena goes to is Keller ward where the first person she sees is Dom so she asks"him to gather everyone including YAU because she has something to tell them all".

Once everyone is gathered on the ward she starts by saying"I have really thought about this and in a month's time I will be retiring for good and leaving this hospital and Holby for good I know you will all miss me but it is time for me to live my life how I want to and it is time I put myself first for once and not have to worry about anyone here or Jason or this hospital".

Serena then goes to Darwin and tells them the exactly what she has told Keller. Just as she goes to leave Jac comes up to her and says"Serena you do reliase Holby hospital will never be the same after you've gone we will all miss you in our own way". Serena says"I know Jac but I need to go and I need to do it now I have lost so much being here and I have been through so much it's time". Jac just nods then watches as Serena leaves the ward.

As Serena gets to AAU she stands outside takes a deep breath then walks on to the ward she says"everyone can you all please come to the nurse's station there is something I need to tell you all". Everyone joins her including Ric and Cam she starts by saying"i have worked here 7 years and I have been through so much as well as losing so much but I have been to see Hansen and I have put in my retirement papers and Hansen has accepted I will retire in 1 months time I know you are all thinking that I have just decided this but I haven't I have been thinking about this now for the past 10 months I need to put myself first and not people here or this hospital or Jason I need to live my life how I want to and not worry about anyone in this hospital or Jason or paperwork that is all thank you". She goes to her office as everyone goes back to but Cam walks to Ric when he calls him over and says"we need to tell you mom because they belong together and your mom needs to come back for her so they can be together we know Serena kissed Leah but both of them are to blame for them splitting up". Cam says"yes they are both to blame but you and I know Serena is the love of my moms life and my mom is Serena's,he carries on by saying we need to contact my mom but we can't while Serena is in the office". Ric says"won't be a problem I will get Hansen in on our plan and get him to call a fake or pretend meeting with her and then you and me can go in the office Skype your mom and tell her everythink and sort it all out with her there and then".

Cam goes back to work while Ric sits at the nurse's station and diales Hansen's number ready to inform him of it all and ask for his help.

To Be Continued