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The Tale Of The Convocation

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"So, Gray Damien. Do you mind telling us of how your group did it? Of how they changed us?" A reporter says. Their name... I don't know. But what I do know is that they came for the story of The Convocation. The group I was apart of, the group that changed the way people thought about society in Japan. One of the most important topics right now.

"Sure I don't mind having my story get out. I think we all need to learn from it, so we don't go back on our old ways and view people as lesser just because of a gene that some have and some don't." The story was the story of our group. Both the reporter and my self head over to some seats, myself taking a spot in a love seat while the reporter eagerly rushed to sit down in the chair in front of me. Why were they so eager well this would be the first time our story gets told by someone from the group to have our view out there. Waiting 5 years for the story of The Convocation. They come to me because I am one of the first out of jail, I did not have many big charges, I just jailed for being associated with them. "The first thing to talk about is the leader and the other members."

"So the leader and mastermind behind all of what we did is someone called Midoriya Izuku. Otherwise known as Hawk-Eagle, or to us Mastermind. He was the one that came up with the names of both, the groups and our codename out in the field that we would go bye. He wanted each name to have little to no relation to our personality types or jobs in the group." As I finished the sentence the reporter asked a question.

"Excuse me but, why Eagles and why would he name yourselves Convocation?" The reporter looked very eager to receive his answer. I looked around the room once more, to look at my old home that holds so many memories from living here before the group. I flicked a look over to a picture of all of us sitting around laughing in a cafe, back to the reporter. Then back to look at the shelves that held some pictures of me when I was younger.

"Well... I would say it deals with three things, but the name dealt with one of those three. Those three things would be laws, freedom, and quirks. While the name dealt with freedom and as for why we used types of eagles, well the United States believes that eagles stand for freedom and we all agreed as well. Now the group name was a stroke of genius."

"Convocation is a group of eagles and our code names were all a type of eagle. So we just used the word for a group of eagles and the name was born and while some may say our names weren't very inspiring or whatever... but we did this for people. Eagles are birds of prey, one of the top predators... comparable to a lion or tiger. And as such we would take on the little guys and small predators and prey on them. And as such, we believed it was a fitting name for us." I lean back into the chair and sigh, remembering the good old days of us out there taking on criminals and helping people.

After writing that down he looks up at me and responds, "That is a quite fitting name, especially after looking back on what you did. Changing Japan from a country focusing on heroes and villains to as it now and a country focusing on helping others to move past quirks and now back as one. Human. With and without quirks while also giving hope to those that are quirkless to those that had a 'Villainous Quirk'. And as such I thank you for giving me hope during those times. But back to the story please, and excuse my rambling."

I laugh and start-up "It's fine, it's fine. Yes now back to the story. Convocation had eight people in it, referred to as Mastermind, Tank, Damage, Damage, Support, Support, Intelligence, and Transport. We believed game names would make the roles easier to understand once we told our story. Personally I was Transport, code name Bald Eagle. My job was to get us from place to place or get us out of an ugly situation or to get help. Next, there is Intelligence or Harpy Eagle. He gathered our information. Such as were fights are or just needed information such as someone's name. Next are both supports, who were Martial eagle and Black eagle. One who would help us with medical problems and check our mental and physical health, and then someone who was good at inventing gear, tinkering with gear and making weapons, and clothes."

"The next two are both damages, called Verreaux's Eagle and Steppe Eagle. These two were more of the ones that took down villains or dealt with criminals and gangs. Now we have the tank. He was the one that we put as the face to lower the importance of the Mastermind. He also was the one that would attack big targets such as All Might or All for One if the need ever arose. And finally, there is the Mastermind or Golden Eagle. He made the plans that we followed or hacked into things or did security. Things that required smarts he was the one that did that for us."


"Now with that, I believe we can start on the tale...

When Midoiya Izuku was a child he wanted to be a hero. His only goal at the time was to become a hero to help people. He was always helping his mother and father, or anybody he could when he was young. He looked up to All Might, like most kids, but he looked up to him because of his debut. When All Might saved over 100 people from a disaster. All might did what Izuku wanted to do, help people. So from then on Midoriya Izuku wanted to be like All might.

From figurines stacked on the shelves of his room to posters of him. To pencils, to backpacks, bedsheet covers, pillow covers, anything that could be All Might he wanted it. But aside from All Might, he liked a few other heroes, heroes that did so much to help people. But he found an unexpected love of underground heroes at an early age. He always said that it was due to him wanting to learn anything he could about heroes. So to do this he learned how to read and write earlier so he could learn more about them. And after learning how to read and write those soon transformed into learning how to type, so he could search the internet for information on heroes.

Learning how to type would be one major moment right before another. A common event of big events that shaped him into who he is today. He learned how to somewhat type a month before the age of four. And at the age of four quirks appear. Almost everyone in the world has a quirk. Out of his generation, around 80% of the population has a quirk. Most of that other 20% are older people that have had lived a different life compared to the life he will have. And as such young quirkless kids were rare. But it happened, or what didn't happen. Is that he never received a quirk, he stayed quirkless. Never receiving a quirk caused a major shift in his life. This major shift would be that Midoriya Hisashi, his father, left. Although he gives money to help the Midoriyas' that he left, it still didn't do anything other than cause a wave of questions that his mother answered incorrectly. He once asked if the reason his dad left was that he was quirkless and the answer she gave him caused a little damage that neither of them knew until Izuku grew older.

"Mommy, why did daddy leave?... Is it because I'm q-q-quirkless?" Izuku stammered out. He looked up at Midoriya Inko, his mother, for an answer.

"Oh, Izuku I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." She cried out in a hug as she tries to comfort them.

Izuku now in her shoulder somehow knew the answer she didn't say. Him understanding that caused him to slowly shut down. Knowing the answer he tried to fix it, as his mom receded back from the hug to go into the kitchen to start making some food for both of them. He went back into his room onto the computer to try to solve how not to be quirkless. And what he found was only a single boon in a sea of fakes.

Midoriya Inko although not a steller mom knew somethings would be bad for her son, and one of those would be her friend Mitsuki. Although, she recently hung out with her to catch up together after both of them having kids. The reason she kept Izuku away from her though was because of her habit of being a little aggressive with her child and in life in general. If her kid was bad a small smack upside the head or on the arm would occur. Although nothing too hard or too mean, these gestures would eventually have consequences that she didn't want to find out what they caused to Izuku in his life.

What Izuku found was a list of know quirks. This list was kept under a .gov URL but was public during that time. On that list was a quirk that helped him. The quirk was called smarts, this quirk allowed them to learn something after hearing it. So Izuku who thought this was better than being quirkless made his own spin on it because he knew, no two quirks were like each other. So he made an accelerated learning quirk. He figured if he learned faster than some people than it might be believable. But being believable and being real were two different things that he still had to learn between.

From then he wanted to learn, to convince people he had a quirk, and because he found learning enjoyable. At home, on the computer, he would look up things about heroes what they were like their quirks and so much more. On one random day however he found something called underground heroes. These heroes went around saving people and didn't take credit for the villain takedowns, they didn't care about fame or the media, they stayed out of it.

There were two things on the topic of heroes he loved, All Might and underground heroes. These loves continued in his life, writing things down about heroes that he found on the internet and looking up new things on All Might and underground heroes. But on one day in the first year of school, something happened.

This day was supposed to be a regular day but what he saw, is what he thinks is an older kid bullying someone his age. This being his first experience with bullying, although confusing, Izuku understood what he needed to do. "Hehe, what do you mean you want to be a hero! How could you be a hero? YOU! Your quirk is a villains' quirk how can you be a hero when it uses blood. Huh, how can you be a hero when you have to use blood. Blood is a villain's quirk, you can never be a hero so just give up!!" After saying that the bully started to raise his fist and before Izuku could blink he started running towards the bully fist raised up poised for striking, and jumping straight at him aiming for his face.

Izuku was closing in on the bully after jumping. He proceeded to punch the bully just before the bully could hit the kid he was trying to hit. Wincing from hitting the bully, he watched the bully fall to the ground. Hitting the ground the boy tried to stand back up immediately, but not before Izuku stands between him and the target of the bullying. The bully snarled towards Izuku as he stood in the way of his target, "WHAT, WHY ARE YOU DEFENDING HIM, HE'S A VILLAIN!! HOW CANT YOU SEE THAT!!" Screaming the bully tries to get Izuku to turn on the target. Izuku still looks at the bully as he stands there, just staring. The bully slightly wavering, but still not backing down shouts up again, "WHy ARe YoU STANdiNG ThERE?" Izuku still not answering the bully caused him to back off and leave both Izuku and the target alone, but not before insulting both of them over his shoulder then leaving.

After watching the bully leave Izuku turned around to look at the person that he was in front of. Turning around he tilts his head to look at the person before asking, "Are you ok, they didn't hurt you right?" Concerned, Izuku looks over them to see if they are ok.

The person who Izuku saved affirmed him that they were okay and thankful for the help. Although both of them didn't go and play together, Izuku still was quite excited that he helped someone. However this was not something major like stopping a rampaging villain and saving hundreds, but Izuku didn't need it to be. He was just happy he could help someone and make them feel better. The rest of the day at school wasn't as eventful as it was at the recess, only learning some things in math and Japanese in school.

Coming home Izuku runs to the door to their house, wanting a snack to eat after coming home for the day. As Midoriya Inko walks up to the door to unlock it, Izuku moves out of the ways so she can get right up to it to open the door faster. Once Inko opens the door Izuku bursts through going to the table wanting a snack from his hard day at school, of facing down that bully. Mrs. Midoriya goes to the kitchen and procedes to get some leftover senbei out of the fridge for both herself and Izuku. As she heats the senbei up once again she starts to talk to her son about his day at school. "So how was your day at school, did you do anything fun?"

Izuku perks up and answers, "YEAH, it was awesome we learned some things, in school. And, and I helped someone at recess. He was getting yelled at by someone older, I think, but he was... uh like um, oh 'You can't be a hero!!. Your quirk makes you a villain!!' And then he was going to punch them, so I ran up to them and stopped it before they could hit them. I saved someone it felt so good. It was also soo, fun helping them, I got to be like All Might helping them."

Mrs. Midoriya listening to him nods along while putting the senbei on some plates for them, "Yeah, you were just like All Might. But now you might even be their hero. So you might have to think of a hero name." Setting the food in front of them they both chant Itadakimasu, before eating. Izuku now starting to eat, thinks about what he should do for his hero name.