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It was a long stressful day at the academy, and Enid finally took refuge to the roof after studying for the evening, chilling and lying down, listening to her music as the sun set. It wasn't too long until someone interrupted her peace. Enid growled and took out a earbud, looking up to see who came to bother her.

"Oh, it's you Elodie." She sighed in relief and sat up. "Indeed. I hope I didn't interrupt." Elodie responded, sitting down beside her.

"Nah, not at all." Enid yawned and stared out at the sunset, the both of them enjoying the silent solitude. At the same time, It was a weird vibe for them, like old feelings reigniting and they both knew it. Before Enid was going to speak up about it, she felt Elodie's hand placed gently on top of hers, the blonde then resting her head on Enid's shoulders.

She trembled slightly from the affection, trying to relax as Elodie looked at her. "Is this ok?..." She quietly asked, nervous if she was overwhelming her best friend.

"Yeah.. It's.. Fine." Enid took a deep breath and calmed down, shifting a bit to get comfortable and leaned back against Elodie. She didn't understand what that was. Maybe just all of her emotions got a bit overwhelming because she desperately missed Elodie's comforting affection.

Elodie is just so.. Amazing. She felt like a kid again, meeting the love of her life for the first time. Enid missed the butterflies in her stomach and cherished this moment. They continued to stare at the sky, the beautiful purples, pinks, and yellows.

Then they both made their move. Enid wrapped her arms around Elodie's waist, slowly pressing their lips together. Elodie retaliated and moved her hands gently behind Enid's head, the both of them making out passionately until the need of air broke it.

"Enid.." Elodie panted, a little shocked from the kiss. "I've missed you so much, Enid.." She finally managed to say, Enid holding her close, gently hushing her as she was beginning to cry.

"Me too, Elodie.. I missed you too..." She cupped Elodie's cheeks and kissed her again for comfort. "It'll be ok."

As the sky began to get darker, the two pulled themselves together and left the roof, holding hands along the way to their dorm.