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Believing in fairies

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Hi everyone!

I'm sorry, this udpdate is NOT an actual chapter, but something just as exciting... (cue drum rolls):

I've recently taken measures to self-publish this story!

Yes, you read right: To Believe in Fairies is now available on Kindle AND as a paperback, thanks to the wonderful invention of print-on-demand!

Now, you can own a copy of that story, entierly revised and polished, as a book which you can carry around with you, lend your friends, take notes into... The possibilities are infinite!

I've tried to keep the price as low as possible. Unfortunately, since this is based on a public domain work, I can only own 30% of royalties, so I had to pull the price up a bit for the paperback.

Nevertheless, if you want to possess your own copy of that story, I'd be grateful a BILLION TIMES and more!

You'll find it under the title of To Believe in Fairies, by author Audrey Flynn on Amazon.

And since I'm into announcements, I'll also tell you that I'm working to turn I'm Dead Because You're Mine into a long novel, which I will self-publish and you will be able to purshase as well.

I will still post a few chapters of IDBYM online, but I'll leave it with loose ends and it will be less developped than the final paperback version.

In the complete novel, I'll add many more things (such as: more drama, more characters, more developement, and, obviously, more smut.) This will be published as an erotica novel, so make sure you're of age!

I don't know how long it will take for that to be finished, but I'm just. You know. Letting you know in advance!

So that's it, I'm not dead and I'm turning towards a new media to continue my silly stories. Still love you all, keep on being amazing!

Xoxo - VelvetGoldie