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“Thar she blows!” Jason sang out as he fired a canister of herbicide from the rocket-launcher braced over his shoulder. He rolled out the long 'arrr' and injected a gritty texture into his tones in an exaggerated pirate drawl, then watched as the enormous tentacle vine that had erupted out the ground ten stories below shuddered and retracted. It let out a high-pitched wheezing sound as it wilted and deflated, and thankfully, none of the pods sprouting from the adjacent stalks exploded with pollen before the vine began shriveling away. Ivy really went all out this time, and Dick and the other bats had their hands full trying to control the spread of the vines throughout the city.

"You're having way... too much... fun with this, Hood," another voice piped up behind him, and Jason turned to see Tim had landed on the rooftop, the sound of his huffing breaths was slightly muffled by the respirator he was wearing. That was odd. Tim was carrying a large case of canister refills on his back, which was heavy and unwieldy if he was on foot or swinging through the rooftops, but Tim was as fit as any of the bats. It usually took a lot to get winded.

A spark of concern flared through him. Tim was covered in a thin layer of yellow pollen dust, much like Jason was. The initial fight with the vines had pretty much blanketed everyone that was within a certain radius, but Tim had his respirator on. It should have prevented him from being infected.

“What happened?” Jason asked.

“Nothing,” Tim panted. “I’m fine.”

“Really?” Jason could tell Tim was lying. That much was obvious, and to prove his point he reached a hand out to grab Tim’s shoulder.

The younger man immediately moaned, arching under Jason’s grip and leaning into him, and if it wasn’t for the fact that Jason was wearing a helmet and Tim a respirator, Jason was pretty sure he would have had a face full of Tim by now. With Tim so close however, Jason got a glimpse of the nasty scrape that ran along Tim’s temple. The cut was fresh and still bleeding, and Jason quickly realized that had been the avenue for his infection—the chemicals in the pollen had gotten through his wounds and into his bloodstream.

Shit. Jason let go as if his hand had been burned. “Jeez, Tim!” Jason took a step back to give Tim some space. “You need to get back to the cave and decontaminate, now!”

“I know,” Tim nodded, his breaths ragged, and Jason knew it was bad when he didn’t even bother to correct Jason for using his name in the field. “I just… needed to… get you the rest of this herbicide.” He hefted the heavy case off his shoulder and pushed it at Jason, and Jason leaned in just far enough to quickly pull it away. “There’s still... five sites we need to take down. Those canisters… should be enough.”

Tim was getting worse. Jason could see how tense he was, the way he had balled his fists and kept twitching. He was inching closer to Jason too, and Jason took another few steps back.

“I’ll take care of the rest of the vines,” Jason said. “Get out of here. Can you make it, or do I need to call someone?”

“I can… make it.” Tim gasped out.

Jason wasn’t so sure. He was about to insist on dragging Tim back to the cave himself, when there was a whoosh of air. Another figure suddenly appeared, this one floating several feet above the ground in a swath of blue and red, his cape billowing around him in the breeze. Superman.

“You boys need any help?” Superman asked.

Shit, Jason thought. Things had quickly gone from bad to worse.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Jason exclaimed. Superman wasn’t wearing a mask, and the pollen’s effect on Kryptonian biology was undetermined, but a sex-crazed meta was the absolute last thing they needed. “You need to leave, Superman. The area’s contaminated.”

“Okay,” Superman nodded. “I’ll get clear, but there’s a League emergency, I wasn’t able to get Batman on the communicator and we urgently need his expertise.”

“That’s because he’s been busy trying to keep this city from turning into a massive orgy!” Jason barked at him. “Seriously, you need to get the fuck out before you’re hit with this shit!”

“I’ll raise him on comms,” Tim responded. “But Red Hood is right. You need to go.” He had managed to straighten up, trying to put up a brave face in front of Superman, Jason thought, but he wasn’t fooling anyone.

Superman seemed to take note and lingered for just a second longer as if contemplating whether he should take Tim with him.

That was unfortunate, because in that moment, Ivy’s plants decided to reawaken. Another enormous vine erupted out of the ground, replacing the previous vine that had wilted. This one was thicker and taller, already sprouting pods and branching out to tangle around the building they were standing on.

Jason immediately grabbed a canister and loaded it into his launcher, firing off the herbicide in an attempt to stop the plant’s growth. His aim hit true right into the center of the stalk, and as the herbicide quickly took effect, the vine turned woody and brittle. The long vine began to creak and splinter, cracking along the length… and crap, a car-width of the vine was suddenly falling down, coming straight for them.

“Run!” Jason shouted, grabbing Tim by the arm and pulling him out of the way of the falling vine. They weren’t going to make it, and Jason readied his grapple to try and swing away in the last second, but Tim stumbled, still under the effects of the pollen. Jason turned to help him up, but it was too late, the vine was upon them. He jumped over and draped his body over Tim, hoping to shield him in some small way from being crushed, when suddenly there was a blur of red and blue.

Superman had interceded, putting himself in the path of the falling vine. It snapped in half as it fell over him, and he was able to push it harmlessly away, but not before a pod exploded in yellow pollen dust directly over him.

Superman didn’t move for several seconds, and Jason stared in horror as he watched the man in blue slowly try and wipe the yellow pollen from his face. He coughed slightly, and Jason’s gut clenched in fear. Superman had breathed the pollen in.

Jason got up slowly, keeping a wary eye on Superman. Tim didn’t follow to stand, and out of the corner of his eye, Jason could see him huddled on the floor. He was trembling, the pollen’s effects were probably overwhelming him at this point. He needed to get Tim out of there fast.

“Superman?” Jason heard Tim question from behind him. “Are you alright?” And shit, Jason wished Tim hadn’t done that, because the other man immediately snapped his eyes toward Tim. The look in his eye wasn’t good. Superman looked… tense. His jaw was clenched, and he had started to breathe heavily.

Jason put himself in front of Tim, trying to block Superman’s view. “Don’t look at him. You need to get out of here and decontaminate.”

When Superman didn’t move, Jason slowly drew his guns. “I’m not going to say it again. Superman, you’ve been contaminated, and you need to leave. Right. Now.”

He still didn’t move, and Jason realized Superman wasn’t even looking at him. He was still looking at Tim, who was struggling to get up on his hands and knees on the floor. Superman was panting now, and holy hell, Jason couldn’t help but notice the way Superman’s shorts had tented. The pollen was affecting him, and he wasn’t responding to Jason's entreaties.

Shit. He had to stop him from focusing on Tim. “Superman! Jesus fucking christ, don’t look at him. He is sixteen years old. Sixteen!”

He had to draw Superman’s attention away. He had to get Superman to focus on him in order to give Tim time to get away. “Look at me. Goddamnit, look at me!” Jason fired off several rounds. “If you’ve got to focus on someone, look at me!” The bullets pinged harmlessly off of Superman’s chest. Jason hadn’t expected to do any damage, but it was enough to shift Superman’s gaze away from Tim. He was now looking at Jason.

Good, it was working. “Tim,” Jason said softly through his comm, “can you run?”

“Jason….” Tim replied weakly. That was probably a ‘no’ then.

Jason turned back to Superman. “Hey, Big Guy. I know you’re in there somewhere, so listen to me when I say you need to get the fuck out of here.”

Before him, Superman was visibly straining, and in the blink of an eye, he had suddenly zipped forward from floating several feet away to standing just inches away from Jason.

“I… don’t think I can control it much longer,” Superman said through gritted teeth.

Jason contemplated his options, and they were few and far between. There was no way he could grab Tim and run fast enough. And even if they could somehow get away in time, he couldn’t leave Superman to refocus his attention on any other innocent bystander that might happen to stumble into his path. This particular strain of Ivy’s pollen was potent, and they had already had to field several attempted rapes by civilians earlier in the night who had been dusted with the stuff. While it made most victims affected extremely aroused, some had completely lost control of their executive function. It made some people unusually aggressive and violent, the sexual urges had been so overwhelming that some of the victims had severely beaten others into submission before the bats could intervene. Bruce hadn’t yet had time to devise an antidote for this latest strain, and the victims had been put into temporary comas until the antidote was available.

It seemed Superman’s Kryptonian physiology wasn’t immune, and if Superman was let loose to go on a rampage, it would be bad. Very bad. Jason had to find a way to keep Superman from doing anything he’d regret, and hopefully buy enough time that Bruce could get here with enough kryptonite to subdue him.

He had to keep Superman’s focus any way he could.

“Keep your eyes on me,” Jason couldn’t help the quaver in his voice. What he was about to do was crazy, but he couldn’t think of any other way to buy time. “Don’t look at anyone but me.” He reached his hands up for the latch of his helmet, unfastening it with a click.

“Don’t. Jason, don’t,” Tim wheezed behind him, but Jason ignored him.

“Keep looking at me,” Jason said, and it was working. Superman was staring hard at him. He was still clenching his teeth, but his lips were drawn back into something like a snarl. Jason pulled his helmet fully off, and Superman let out a rumbling growl as he suddenly reached out and grabbed the front of Jason’s shirt, right under the collar.

He hauled Jason close, so much that Jason could feel the puffs of Superman’s ragged breath against his lips. He could see the layer of pollen still clinging to his skin.

“I... don’t think I can stop myself,” Superman rasped. He licked his lips, and Jason could feel the other man’s hands were shaking even as he twisted his fist into Jason’s shirt. He lifted his other hand toward Jason’s face and Jason tried to pull away, but Superman proceeded to skirt his fingers along Jason’s temple. He picked at the edge of Jason’s domino mask, and then slowly peeled it away to leave Jason’s face fully exposed. “You’re so… handsome. Beautiful….”

Jason had known that it was a possibility, that Superman would succumb to the influences of the pollen, that he wouldn’t just stop after being guided away from Tim. Jason had hoped that drawing Superman’s focus would simply give him enough time to figure something else out, but with those words, and with Superman suddenly dropping his hands to grab Jason’s buttocks, pulling him forward so that he could press his erection against Jason’s groin… Jason faced the real possibility of being raped.

“No! Don’t!” He panicked, shoving hard at Superman and trying to twist out of his grasp, but there was no give. Superman held onto him fast, moaning as he began to grind himself against Jason’s hip.

Jason managed to unholster his gun, aiming and firing it straight into Superman’s face, but he might as well have been using a cap gun. Other than a brief jerk of his head, the bullets had no effect except to incite an angry growl that had Superman quickly yanking the gun out of Jason’s hand. He crumpled it like it was a piece of paper and threw it behind him, then he grabbed Jason’s wrist and squeezed.

There was the crunch of bone against bone, and then a snapping that Jason felt more than heard. He screamed, the pain shooting all the way up his arm as he struggled to pull away. He was sobbing, struggling to breathe through the agony, but then the next thing he knew he was being lifted off the ground. Superman was taking them up into the skies, and Jason desperately tried to get away before they went too far up for him to be able to drop down. It was to no avail however. He heard Tim shouting something below as Superman shot higher and higher, and Jason could do nothing but cling on for dear life.

It was probably only a few minutes, but it felt like eons as Superman flew them through the skies. Jason tried to simply breathe, with no choice but to tuck his face into Superman’s chest as he tried to shield his face from the freezing cold of the upper atmosphere. He tried to come up with some sort of plan to escape as soon as they were safely on the ground again, but he was coming up empty. He hadn’t been prepared for this. He had no effective weapons. He was starting to panic again, as he realized that with his helmet off and being held so close to Superman, he’d been breathing in the pollen too.

Jason was starting to feel a strange heat wash over him. He felt himself growing aroused, despite his fear and the gravity of the situation, but so far it seemed he was able to maintain control. Perhaps previous inoculations against the pollen offered him some protection from its effects, but if he could keep his wits about him, he might still manage to find a way to escape. He tempered his breathing, trying to stay focused as he felt Superman finally begin to lower them to the ground in some sort of clearing in a wooded area.

As soon as they were a few feet from the ground, Jason suddenly jerked in Superman’s grasp, twisting enough that he could kick out and launch himself to land several feet away. He hit the ground and immediately sprinted, trying to put as much distance between them, using his good hand to draw his remaining gun and firing off blindly behind him.

He tapped his in-ear comm, “This is Red Hood. If anyone can hear me, requesting immediate evacuation at this location! I repeat, this is–ah!”

Jason was suddenly seeing stars as something impacted the side of his head. He crumpled to his knees, managing to catch himself on his good hand before falling face-first into the dirt, only to have a second blow hit him in the ribs. He heard another crunch of bone, and he was suddenly on his back, choking on gorge and blood as he struggled to breathe. He looked up blearily, trying to blink through his blurred vision, managing to make out only an amorphous blob of blue and red that hovered over him.

“Superman. Clark,” Jason sputtered, hoping to get through to him by using his real name. “Don’t do this. You don’t want to do this… please.”

The only response he got was the feeling of hands on him, tearing away his leather jacket and armor like it was tissue. His vision cleared enough that Jason managed to look up into Superman’s face, and he nearly recoiled at the sight of the other man’s expression—it was contorted into something ugly. Grotesque. His ice-blue eyes were wide and crazed, his lips pulled back into a feral sneer. It almost reminded him of a similar scene from his past… of a white-faced clown with green hair, laughing maniacally as he hovered over Jason, holding a crowbar….

“No!” Jason fought back hard, rolling and kicking, punching with all his might using his remaining good hand, but he was quickly subdued when Superman grabbed his shoulder, pressing so hard with his thumb Jason heard his collarbone snap.

“Aah!” Jason cried out, but Superman followed on with a blow to Jason’s chest that had him hearing another crunch of bone, and then another blow to his gut that had him throwing up blood.

Jason struggled to drag in a breath, and he was nearly blinded with pain, but he could feel hands moving over him again. He could hear the ripping of his clothes, felt the tugging at his belt, and then his pants were being torn open. The hard rocky ground beneath him dug into the bare skin of his back. He felt cold. The chill of the outdoor air wafted over his skin as his clothes were stripped away and he was left fully exposed.

Through the tears in his eyes, Jason could see Superman’s face hovering over him again. He felt the other man pushing open his legs and lifting up his thighs, the movement jostling his broken bones and sending sharp stabbing pains through his gut. Jason tried to scream again. It came out a pitched keen, wheezing as he choked around the burble of blood in his throat.

There was a rustle of cloth again, and Jason felt the heat of Superman’s bare skin against his own. His entire body tingled in reaction to the contact, as if seeking out the warmth to ward against the cold. He felt Superman’s prick poke against his belly, and Jason jerked away as a spike of pain shot through him, then he felt it dragging lower to rub against his cock. He felt himself growing hard despite himself, the effects of the pollen still coursing through his blood, robbing him of control of his own body.

Superman humped against him, grunting and growling, and then, without warning, he pushed one of Jason’s legs back, shoving it toward his side until something popped. His femur had been wrenched out of its socket, and Jason cried out as excruciating pain shot through his hip.

With a guttural moan, Superman suddenly shoved his cock into Jason, a blunt force that pushed past muscle and ripped the soft tissue of Jason’s insides, splitting him open in one sharp movement that had Jason’s back scraping raw against the cold rocky ground. Hot blood quickly lubricated his passage as Superman started jackhammering into him, and that damn pollen—it was so fucked up—but he felt his cock hardening as Superman pressed into him. Jason whimpered as Superman wrapped a hand around his cock and started pumping Jason in time with each snap of his hips.

Jason sobbed. He could do nothing but lie on the ground limply as his body was rocked and jarred and plundered by the man above him. He could do nothing to stop it. He didn’t fight it as he felt his balls tightening, felt the tension build and build at the root of his groin as Superman quickened the pace, until Jason was screaming again as an orgasm wracked through his battered body, forcing his hips to curl and his back to arch. He writhed on the ground, crying and shaking as his body was caught in the simultaneous push and pull of pleasure and pain, as he spurted and spilled and gushed his seed, spraying strips of sticky white across Superman’s chest and across his own abs.

And then it was over.

Except it wasn’t. Superman hadn’t stopped. He was still fucking Jason hard, grunting with each grind of his hips. It went on and on as Jason lay there panting, trying to stifle his cries as he felt the friction of Superman’s cock rubbing him bloody and raw inside with each thrust. Even with the tremors of orgasm still lingering, it didn’t hurt any less. Superman was thick and long, and each time he pulled himself out and rammed himself back in, the pain and burn of his hole stretching to accommodate didn’t subside.

Jason felt his vision going black as it got harder and harder to draw in a breath, but then he felt a burst of heat inside him, a flood of wetness that brought a new sensation of pain as it stung the torn tissue of his anus. He felt it dripping down his back in a hot trail as Superman lifted him half off the ground to ride through his climax, shuddering so hard Jason could hear the grinding of his own broken bones as the movements rattled his entire frame. Then he pulled out, dropping Jason’s battered body carelessly to the ground.

He must have blacked out after that.

When he came to, Superman was inside him again, fucking him once more in a brutal rhythm. It was faster this time, with Jason face down on his stomach, a hand bracing his hip and the other tangled in his hair as Superman pressed his face into the dirt. Jason closed his eyes and cried.

It continued even after Superman came inside him a second time. Jason lost count of how many times Superman took him after that. The other man recovered quickly between bouts, giving Jason a reprieve of only mere minutes before he was violating him again. He was pulled up into Superman’s lap, pushed back against the ground, propped up against a rock. Jason took it each time limply and without protest. The pollen was still in effect, and sometimes he got hard halfway into it and came, each orgasm tortured out of him like some kind of spasm from an electric shock. Sometimes he didn’t, and Jason was grateful, though it probably simply meant his body was failing more and more on him each and every time.

He wished Superman would just kill him.

Finally, after what felt like hours later. Jason heard shouts, and the pressure of Superman on his back was suddenly ripped away from him. He curled into himself, too exhausted to care anymore.

There was a glow of green, and a movement of several bodies surrounding them. “Lantern, he’s down, the kryptonite has him weakened. Capture him, now!”

There were more voices–

“He’s down! He’s down!”

“Get him to the ship. Get him detoxed in the Watchtower!”

There were footsteps approaching, and Jason instinctively recoiled as they stopped beside him. He closed his eyes. At this point, he didn’t think he could reopen them even if he wanted to.

“Jason?” A rumbling voice. It sounded anxious and familiar. It was Batman. Bruce. “Oh god. Jason!” There was a shuffling, and then louder, “I need a medvac! We need to get him to the Watchtower. Get the stasis field ready!”

Jason felt hands on him again, and though they were gentle, he still shivered under their touch.

“It’s okay Jason,” Bruce said. “It’s okay. Don’t move. Just stay with me. You’re going to be alright.”

Jason wasn’t sure whether to believe him or not, but he could feel unconsciousness creeping over him again, and now that Bruce was here, he let himself fall into the darkness.