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The moment Namjoon walks into the apartment with him, Seokjin knows.  


It's not like the boy hiding shyly behind his husband has a detectable scent. In fact, he smells of absolutely nothing, a rarity for a wolf so old. But it's something about him, about the way he looks like a skittish rabbit, prey instead of predator, that tells Seokjin everything he needs to know about him.


He's a runner Seokjin muses silently as he heads to the linen closet to fetch some towels. Returning to the living room, he stays quiet as he hands the towels to the shaking boy and then throws one set at Namjoon, glaring at him when the boy's head is covered by the towel.


Namjoon shrinks even further into the couch.


See, Seokjin isn't mad that Namjoon brought someone home. It's happened before. They had Yugyeom for a few weeks and then Lina for a month or so until the two wolves got back onto their feet. So Seokjin is no stranger to Namjoon picking up random strangers and then bringing them home to care for. But this...this time it's different.


Because while the boy has no discernable scent of his own, Namjoon's scent hangs over him like a raincloud, making it very hard indeed for Seokjin to not growl at this stranger that his mate had clearly rubbed himself all over. 


Instead he settles for prying the towel gently out of the boy's hands and settling on his knees before him to pull his hands away from his face too.


"Sweetie? Hey, I'm Kim Seokjin. I'm one of Namjoon's mates. Can you tell me your name?"Seokjin asks slowly as though he were talking to a child instead of a grown man.


Said grown man frowns and scrunches up his face and Seokjin has an irrepressible urge to coo at how cute he looks.


"I'm Jeon Jungkook. I'm twenty two years old and I don't know what the fuck your mate did to me, whatever that means, but I just want to go home."

The boy-no, Jungkook- snaps with venom, making Seokjin flinch at how defensive his voice sounds.

He moves back a little to get off his knees and sit on the couch near him, noting wryly, the way Namjoon had almost disappeared into the couch, his eyes guilty like the time he'd broken Yoongi's headphones. 


But something about Jungkook's angry accusation unsettles him and he shakes his head in confusion, "He...what did Namjoon do to you? What are you even talking about?


Jungkook rolls his eyes and scoffs softly,"Don't act like you're not in on whatever cosplay bullshit Dr.Strange here is into. First his bullshit about wolves and then you come and call him your mate? Dude, I understand kinks and shit, do your thing. But please, for fucks sake, leave me out of it."


"'re not a wolf?" Seokjin asks, bemused.


Jungkook raises an incredulous eyebrow at Seokjin and crosses his arms, "Do I look like I'm hiding a tail in my pants?" 


Seokjin's hands immediately fly out to wave his misconception away,"No, not a wolf wolf. Not a regular one, atleast. But don't you feel your wolf inside you?"


Jungkook is now looking at Seokjin as though he's completely lost his mind.

"No, no and no! Honestly you're all so fucking weird. I swear this entire day has just been a long ass acid trip. Well, day's over. So I'm just going to close my eyes and wait to wake up. Okay?Okay." Jungkook says with finality, scooting to the head of the couch to lie down like a block of wood, arms stiff by his sides.


He lies there for a few minutes before sitting back up with a groan, glaring at Namjoon this time.

"Well, alright, Dr.Who. So if this isn't a dream, then what is it? You've got some explaining to do, buddy."


But Seokjin cuts in and throws Namjoon the stink eye, "Oh, he has a lot of explaining to do. In fact, he's going to be explaining himself real well, so don't worry."


" Jesus , is that like, a metaphor for sex?" Jungkook scowls,crossing his arms and letting out another irritated sound.


The very tips of Seokjin's ears go red and he sputters out a negative.

"No…I...No. Look, you're gonna have to be more specific about what you said Joonie did to you."


Jungy rolls his eyes at the nickname but answers him anyway, "Ask Dr.Doofenshmirtz here. I wake up in a hospital  and he immediately tells me that I'm like, Superman or something. He didn't answer me and just dragged me here saying someone called Taehyung could help me. Honestly, I just wanna go home man."


When Jungkook takes Taehyung's name, Seokjin feels an odd calm settle over him as the realization slowly dawns on him. It all makes sense, the kicked puppy look, Namjoon's scent, why he'd brought Jungkook home. Turning to look at Namjoon, he points an accusing finger at him.

"You!" He yells," You turned him, didn't you?"


The fight drains out from Namjoon like a deflating balloon and he slumps forward, taking in a deep breath that only serves to annoy Seokjin further.

"Yah, Kim Namjoon! Answer me! Did you or did you not turn him?" 


Namjoon raises his hands placatingly, "Now, hyung, I didn't…"


"You didn't WHAT? Didn't think? " Seokjin snaps, hands at his waist.


"Look, I had no choice, okay? I really didn't, don't be mad, hyung.." Namjoon mumbles, head bent in submission.


Seokjin is immediately overcome with a brief, a very brief wave of adoration as he takes in his mate standing like a scolded child before him. He fights the urge to kiss Namjoon silly and instead levels the man with another glare. He's about to say something else when Jungkook butts in, his scowl even more pronounced than before.


"Wait, changed? Changed ? Did y'all turn me into a fucking vampire, what the fuck? Can SOMEONE fucking explain what's going on before I leave outta that window?" Jungkook finishes, panting slightly.

His eyes are unfocused and Seokjin realises that whether Regular Jungkook is aggressive or not, the Change has probably pumped him with a hundred Monster Energys worth of adrenaline. Upsetting him in this state would be, well...fatal.


So instead, he chooses to walk slowly toward Jungkook and motion toward the couch for Jungkook to sit. When Jungkook rewards him with an agitated growl, Seokjin prepares himself for what is bound to be a Very Long Night.


He sighs, "Joon-ah can you please get the guest bedroom ready. And see if you find something of Taehyung's to fit Jungkook." 


Namjoon makes a motion to leave the room but Jungkook stops him,"Wait, no, wait. Y'all seriously think I'm going to stay? Fuck no, duderos. Thanks for the superstrength or whatever but the moment you undo whatever he did, I'll be on my way. So thanks but no thanks."


Namjoon looks at Seokjin questioningly who only waves him off. Maybe Jungkook would want to stay after he had a better understanding of the Change.


So he instead fixes Jungkook with The Smile that has Namjoon and Hoseok submitting quietly to him, a kick of satisfaction coursing through him when Jungkook slumps back down into the couch.


"So, Jungkook. Look, I don't have a lot of information about what happened to you because I was born a wolf. Namjoon was right when he said that Taehyung can help you better but he's returning to Seoul only day after tomorrow. But I'll tell you what I can, okay?"


Jungkook nods slowly.


"We're not vampires. Or werewolves. Or to be more specific, we're not all shapeshifters. We are half wolf, half human but we never shift into our wolf form. doesn't happen. It isn't supposed to. Our ancestors originally were nomads who hunted and lived in packs. Archaic, I know, but as evolution progressed, we slowly gave up on our wilder instincts and instead learnt to integrate with civilization. Most wolves actually live in cities and towns. Very few still prefer to live in forests."


"And you don't hunt humans?" Jungkook asks, his face still etched with suspicion.


Seokjin feels a laugh bubble in his stomach but instead chooses to fix the boy with a deadpan look, "That's illegal, Jungkook."


Jungkook's ears turn adorably red and he huffs irritatedly, "Just because it's illegal doesn't mean people don't do it. Anyway, continue."


Seokjin does smile this time, but he moves on, "Most of us are born into this life. Our parents were half wolf, we were raised into who we are. Some catch rare genes and know of their heritage only once they present. And then there's the... minority of the lot that are turned. See, sometimes, a wolf can inject some of his venom into a person to save their life. It doesn't always result in a change, sometimes the person just walks away with a freakishly good memory or hypervision. But sometimes...and in your case too, it turns them into wolves. It's quite painful, but I'm assuming you were too deeply sedated to feel much of it."


Jungkook holds up his hands, "Hold on, so you're saying I was injected when I was unconscious, clearly without my permission, and then not told about it?"


Seokjin clears his throat and looks at Jungkook apologetically, "Ah that...that is Namjoon's fault, I agree. But he's not a bad guy. And he wouldn't have done it if your life wasn't absolutely in danger. He's just too awkward to have this conversation directly so he deflected it to me. It makes sense anyway since I'm Pack Alpha, so…"


"Wait Pack…" 


Seokjin watched curiously as horror begins to creep into Jungkook's featured slowly. When Jungkook looks back up, it's with an expression of comical panic.


" this like one of those...those Ao3 stories? Like with alphas and omegas and heats and all that?" Jungkook whispers.


Seokjin laughs at how flustered the boy has become, "It's not all that intense or all that sexual, Jungkook. Yes we do have alphas and omegas and betas and yes our omegas do go into heat, but it's once a year. And they may choose to not go into heat at all, or not have sex if they're not looking to have pups yet. So it's all good, really. We are more human than animal, Jungkook."


Jungkook doesn't look convinced but he stays quiet.


"So that's the crash course, really. I told you, I'm not the person to talk to. Wait for Taehyungie to come back and I'm sure he'll help you."

Seokjin concludes with a smile.


The moment he's done, Jungkook springs up from the couch, " Okay then, I'll come back when Taehyung does. Thanks." 


He turns to make for the door when Seokjin leans forward and grabs his arm, halting the boy.

" see Jungkook, here's how it is. Because Namjoon turned you, you're now his responsibility."


Jungkook shrugs off his arm and glares back, "Tell him not to worry, then."


"It's not that simple. You're now...well, it's an outdated word,'re part of our pack now. Our family. And at least till you present you can't break away from us. And I know it's inconvenient, but you have to stay. For Namjoon and for yourself."


"Present what? A PowerPoint?"


"No. As in, till we know if you're an alpha, beta or an omega, you can't leave the pack and go solo or join another. Besides, it'll be easier to get in touch with Taehyung too." Seokjin says. 

Jungkook could leave now, if he wished. But it would cause both him and Namjoon a whole lot of pain and by extension, the entire pack a load of heartburn. Besides, Seokjin's alpha had already recognised Jungkook as one of their own.

And he'd be damned if he allowed a member of their pack to wander the streets in the middle of the night, that too right after being released from the hospital.


So when Jungkook turns around with a defeated sigh and walks back into the living room, Seokjin's heart does a satisfied air pump.


The boy flops back down onto the couch and throws his head back. When he finally looks back at Seokjin, he asks, "So how many of y'all live here."


"Six," Seokjin answers, a stupidly fond smile immediately lighting up his face.

"There's Joonie, who you've met. Then there's Hoseok, our other alpha. Jimin and Yoongi are our omegas and Taehyung is our beta. Jiminie and Tae are out for work and Hoseok usually stays late at his studio. Yoongi too, so you may meet them tomorrow directly."


Jungkook cocks an eyebrow curiously, "And you're all together together?" 


Seokjin immediately feels himself clamp up, so used to people judging their relationship that he doesn't answer Jungkook at first.


"Hey man, it's okay. I mean, I won't judge or anything. Just asking."


Seokjin relaxes a little at that and smiles up at Jungkook, "Yeah we're all together. They're all my mates."


Jungkook seems satisfied, "And you're all like, super rich?"


Seokjin lets out a startled laugh at that, "I mean... we're... we're well off."


Jungkook nods, "Sounds like something a rich dude would say."


Seokjin is about to respond when Namjoon renters the room, armed with towels, a toothbrush and a change of clothes. He hands over the towels and toothbrush to Jungkook but hesitates before giving Jungkook the clothes.


He turns to Seokjin and asks, "Tae is into something new so I could only find satiny shit in his closet. And I didn't want to give him your clothes because he's more likely to throw a fuss if he presents while covered in your scent. So, I got him my shirt…?"


Seokjin nods, "As long as he's okay. Hey, Jungkook! You're okay wearing Joon's stuff right?"


And then Jungkook does something that Seokjin didn't quite believe he'd ever see him do. Jungkook turns a startling shade of red, his ears turning pink to their very tips and he stutters slightly when he answers.


"W-Whatever. I'll take Dr.Pepper's clothes. It's anyway just for the night. I'll get my own stuff from my apartment tomorrow." Jungkook mutters.


And then it all clicks, the way Jungkook couldn't meet Namjoon's eyes, the way he refused to say his name, the way he blushed so intensely when he was offered Namjoon's stuff. He looks over at Namjoon who's also smirking slightly with a look that asks, are you thinking what I'm thinking?


"Jungkook?" Seokjin asks, his voice teasing, "Do you perhaps find Joonie attractive?"


Jungkook freezes and mutters something that sounds like I have eyes? but chooses instead to say, "He's okay I guess."


"Oh I'm sure he finds me plenty attractive, Jinnie. When he'd just woken up from surgery, he was still a little woozy from the painkillers. I was waiting by his side and the first thing he said to me was 'Wow, thighs'. So…" Namjoon trails off, his voice laced with amusement.


Jungkook lets out a small squeak of indignation before stomping off, followed only by Seokjin's voice  calling to him to tell him that his room was at the end of the opposite corridor.


Maybe this won't be so bad, after all.

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It was safe to say he is having a Very Weird Day.


He'd woken up, dizzy with painkillers to an incredibly hot man leaning over him with a face that looked like he'd just been told off for chewing a shoe up. The man was very, very good looking , with his long legs and delicious skin and if Jungkook wasn't in the situation that he was ( aka naked under a flimsy green gown) he'd have definitely asked for his number.


Not that it matters now, considering he's barely a few walls away from not just one, but two sex gods.


Fate is homophobic. There is no other explanation.


Jungkook groans and flops down onto the bed, his head clouding with Namjoon's scent. He lies back on the pillow and looks up at the ceiling, trying not to squeal like a school girl at the way Namjoon's shirt is making him feel.


Distractedly, he notes how fluorescent stars have been drawn onto the white ceiling.


Meeting Namjoon feels...odd and what terrified Jungkook is how good he feels. It's like diving into the deep sea in the moonlight.


Seokjin feels different, like home and warmth and power. He feels like warm Sunday mornings and home cooked breakfasts. He feels like tight arms around your waist and a low growl in your ears. He feels like morning sex and late night  cuddles.


Jungkook lets out another scream into his pillow.


It's okay he tells himself. They're very hot men and it's completely normal to want Namjoon to fuck you from behind while Seokjin fucks your mouth. Totally cool.


He doesn't even believe himself.


He sighs and closes his eyes. For some reason, he's taking this whole wolf thing far better than he should.


Of course, he's scared out of his mind, but there could have been worse outcomes. Besides, he's already broke, unemployed and almost homeless.


Being a wolf isn't a big deal when you've got rent to make.


Besides, Seokjin didn't look unhappy or uncomfortable talking about who he is. He'd spoken of his mate's with such fondness that it'd made Jungkook's heart hurt in that moment.


He forces himself to not cry and reminds himself that he'll be gone in two days. 


He scans the room he's been put in and bites back another scoff. Well off my ass, these guys are fucking loaded. The shower could have fit his entire bedroom from back home and the bedroom could easily fit his entire apartment. The room is done up tastefully in blue and white and it relaxes Jungkook immediately, despite how stressed he is.


Faintly, he hears Seokjin call for him from outside and he sits back up with a groan, too tired to want to go out again.


But he gets up anyway and trudges outside towards where he assumes the dining room is. Seokjin sticks his head out of the adjoining kitchen and beckons Jungkook inside.


He's got on an apron that says Kiss the Chef and Jungkook feels an odd urge to comply with a kitchnerwear caption. Maybe it's the way the apron makes Seokjin's waist look absolutely delectable.


Seokjin smiles at him and his mind immediately defaults to defense mode. He crosses his arms and pretends like he doesn't care about the way Seokjin's face falls slightly.


"I'm making kimchi jiggae tonight. You like?"


"Yeah.I do" Jungkook says, finding it very hard to lie when he's retraining himself from plunging headfirst into the pot and licking the damn thing clean.


Seokjin smiles another one of his brilliant smiles and gestures to the cupboard outside.

"If you could just lay the table...just for the three of us? Thanks so much, Jungkookie."


Jungkook pretends like the nickname doesn't make him want to melt into the floor. Instead, he distracts himself by quickly laying the table for two, holding his own plate hesitantly in his hands.


"Seokjin? Is it okay if I eat in my room tonight?" Jungkook asks.

"I need to process."


Seokjin seems surprised but he nods and makes a go ahead gesture with his free hand. Jungkook shoots him a grateful smile and walks back out into the dining room, surveying the paintings and art on the wall.


When he turns back, he feels his heart seize up.

Namjoon had apparently entered the kitchen when Jungkook was looking away and is now standing behind Seokjin in the kitchen, arms wrapped tightly around his waist.


Seokjin makes some sort of joke and Namjoon laughs, kissing Seokjin's cheek and pulling him closer to himself. Namjoon hooks his head into Seokjin's shoulder and the couple sway gently while Seokjin stirs.


It's painfully domestic and Jungkook can't shake the feeling that he doesn't belong.


See what scares him isn't that he's jealous or feeling awkward. He can explain all that away.


What he can't explain away is the indescribable need to slither between Namjoon and Seokjin and be held by them as they dance in the kitchen.


They look so perfect together

He swallows the lump in his throat loudly, making Namjoon turn around and offer Jungkook a sweet, dimpled smile.

"Hey? You joining us for dinner?"


And come between how perfect, how loving, how loved you two are?


"Ahh, no. No, I'll eat in my room. I need time to think."


Namjoon's face immediately turns serious and he nods, "Yeah, yeah it's important to think and take time for yourself. Just...ask if you need anything okay? You're my responsibility."


Jungkook feels the heat rise on his cheeks and he nods, making Namjoon smile even wider.


And as he sees Seokjin's fond grin as he heaps food into his plate and the way Namjoon encourages him to give him more, he's growing Jinnie , he realises that he's utterly butterly screwed.

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He just wants his dick sucked.


Nothing complicated, he just wants one of his incredibly talented mates to make him come so hard he blacks out. It's that kind of day.


So when he unlocks the front door and walks into the living room to find Seokjin and Namjoon sprawled across the couches, a half empty bottle of wine on the coffee table and worried expressions on their faces, he realises that something is very, very wrong.


Seokjin looks up as he hears Yoongi come in, a smile lighting up his face as his mate clambers easily into his lap and kisses him thoroughly.

"Mm, I missed you, Yoongichi." He whispers against his lips, delighting in the way Yoongi still gets flustered at the nickname.


In retaliation, Yoongi leans away from Seokjin and slides in next to Namjoons, allowing the alpha's arms to bracket him comfortably. He kisses Namjoon's neck and smiles against the tanned skin when Namjoon shudders. He grinds down against Namjoon's lap slowly, eliciting a small sigh from Namjoon.


But then, Namjoon's hands come to his waist and he thinks he's going to help him grind. Instead, Namjoon carefully pulls Yoongi off and tucks him into his side, between him and Seokjin.


"Hyung, Joonie? Is everything okay?" He asks, eyes flitting between their stressed expressions. Immediately his mind flits through a hundred possibilities, his brow creasing to match Namjoon's.


Sensing Yoongi's agitation, Seokjin stretches a hand out and begins to stroke Yoongi's hair to calm him down.

"Everyone's okay. Everything's okay. It's just...Joon-ah made a decision and we don't know if it's good or not."


Yoongi turns to look at Namjoon who's now looking at everything but Yoongi.

"What did you do Joonie? Don't worry, hyung won't be mad unless it's really bad."


Namjoon's fidgets with the cushion in his lap before look up at Yoongi guiltily, "A kid came into the hospital after a terrible car accident. He was going to die but I couldn' I bit him. And...he changed."


Yoongi puts an encouraging hand on Namjoon's shoulder, "That's's not ideal, I agree. But it's not a big deal, either, right? I mean, we'll have him for a month or two. Tae can help him with the transition and then he can live his life and we can live ours. It's okay Joonie. You did good by saving his life."


" don't understand Yoongi, this kid, Jungkook, it's him." Seokjin says softly.


Oh Yoongi thinks.


For months after Taehyung and Jimin mated with them, they'd felt a sort of hole in their bond. Not a flaw, but a missing piece. They can all feel it's absence, Seokjin more than the rest of them. They'd tried to understand what it meant but after a whole week of research, they gave up.


And now, here Seokjin was, telling him that this Jungkook is their missing piece.


"Yoongi hyung? You've been quiet for a while." Namjoon pipes up, his voice still hesitant as though he's scared of angering Yoongi.


"You sure it's him, Joon?" 


"Yeah hyung. Even my visions told me to change him. I think he's the one. The seventh member of our bond."


"I'm not concerned about that, Joon. Things just settled down with Jimin and Tae. And you know how possessive Jimin gets. If Jungkook presents as anything but a beta, there'll be a whole lot of complications in our relationship. Is that worth it?" Yoongi asks.


Seokjin lets out a listless laugh, "He's lovable as fuck, Yoongichi. Reminds me of you. An emo ball of fluff and feelings. He's already caught the hots for our Namjoon-ah here. I'm not concerned about the other members either. I know Tae will love him and Hoseok gets along with practically anyone. I was scared about both you and Jimin. You'll know when you see him but I think it's most likely that he will present as an omega."


Yoongi takes a moment to digest the information. If the new kid is  an omega, the entire balance of their relationship will depend on how close Jungkook is with the two of them. While Jimin loves Yoongi just as much as the alphas and doesn't  feel jealous of anyone in the group, there's no saying how he'll react to a stranger trying to take his place. An omega that too. 


He lets out another sigh and falls back against Namjoon, "And you two? You like him?" 


Seokjin nods and Namjoon smiles, "He's a good kid. A little scared, but I trust him."


Yoongi then crosses his arms and lets out a sleepy sound, "Okay, then I trust him too. I'll meet him at breakfast, right?"


"Yeah, I've convinced him to stay at least till Tae returns."


"Mm okay. I'll tell you what I think tomorrow morning,then. Once I meet the kid, I'll know how workable this whole thing will be." Yoongi hums, all the soreness from his muscles relaxing.


Namjoon laughs throatily from below him and sits up to kiss Yoongi softly. When Yoongi pulls away, Namjoon smirks up at him, his fingers already at Yoongi's belt.

"So how bout that blowjob huh?"




Yoongi wakes up to screaming.


Before he can even think twice, he's out of bed, his feet getting tangled in the sheets in his attempt to get to whoever is hurting. He stumbles out of his room, sleep still heavy in his eyes as he throws a look behind him to see Namjoon barely stirring, the noise having awoken him too, but not thoroughly enough to have him in overdrive like Yoongi is.


Standing in the corridor, he gauges that the screams are coming from the room right next to him and he dashes toward it, throwing open the room door with no preamble.


His realisation that he's barged into the guest room where the new kid is supposedly sleeping strikes him belatedly. He's more focused on the way the boy's frame arches and shudders violently on the bed.


The years of dealing with epileptic fits at the orphanage kick in and he rushes to the boy-Jungkook's- side and switches on the bedside lamp, his heart almost throwing itself across the room at what he sees.


This Jungkook is clearly a beautiful man, but with his eyes rolled back to his head and his mouth frothing pink he looks downright terrifying. Yoongi lets out a scream of Seokjin's name and turns back to Jungkook, his hands frantic as he takes in the boy's sweaty brow and frantic movements. 


This isn't a seizure, he concludes, recognizing immediately that the boy is going through something far worse than a fit. He jumps when Jungkook lets out another scream of anguish, twisting away from Yoongi as his body thrashes uselessly against the bed.


The room suddenly brightens and now Namjoon and Seokjin are standing by the doorway. Namjoon immediately rushes to Jungkook's side while Seokjin leaves the room mumbling about getting Taehyung on the line.


Namjoon scans Jungkook's face and looks up at Yoongi with urgency, "Hyung, this isn't a seizure...I think...I think this is the last part of the Change. I've never seen it before and Tae had already changed and...oh God, oh God, what have I done?"


Jungkook lets out another whimper of pain when Seokjin bursts back into the room, phone clutched in his hand, the dial tone ringing incessantly.


It's no use…it's no use.


Yoongi looks at Seokjin and realises that they're on their own with this, this...change. He prays they're right about Jungkook presenting as an omega and pulls the covers away from Jungkook's legs, sliding into the bed next to him.


He stays away from Jungkook's flailing arms, not restraining him, but not getting too close lest he hurt himself. He motions for Namjoon and Seokjin to back away, which they do, with matching frowns.


"Yoongi are you sure-" Seokjin starts but is cut off when Yoongi puts a finger to his lips to indicate that he should be quiet.


Scooting over towards Jungkook's writhing form, he brings his hand forward hesitantly and brushes Jungkook's sweaty bangs away from his forehead.

"Kookie? It's Yoongi, I'm an omega with Seokjin hyung's pack. Can you hear me, baby?"


Jungkook lets out a whine that spurs Yoongi on,"Okay, okay just focus on my voice, okay? I'll scent you to help you calm down. I know it hurts, baby. But listen to my voice, don't focus on anything, focus on my voice."


Jungkook lets out a strained sound from between his gritted teeth and his eyes focus on Yoongi for a second before rolling back again.


"Okay Jungkook-ah. I'll tell you a story, okay? You want to know the story of how Namjoon-ah and I met? So we both studied at the same high school but we didn't know each other at all. I'd keep hearing about the great, hot, intelligent Kim Namjoon, but I dismissed him as a fuckboy. Then, one day, they were giving out caramel custard at the cafeteria and God was it the only good thing there. Anyway, I got there late and they only had one cup of custard left. I was relieved to have gotten there in time and I was about to reach for it when Kim Namjoon jumps up out of nowhere and snatches it instead. I said it was mine, he said he got it first. We had an entire argument right there, in front of everyone. Finally, the lunch lady came out and said that she would divide it between the two of us so could we please keep it down? We agreed and the lady split the custard into halves and gave us one each. Now see, you'll learn that your Joonie hyung is easily the clumsiest person on earth. But I suppose that day, I'd caught his bug and I tripped over my sneakers, sending my entire cup of custard flying to the floor. I was so miserable, I really did want the custard. And I was ready to just leave when what do you know? Kim Namjoon pops out of nowhere and offers me his half of the custard. I think I fell in love with him then, sharing half a cup of custard with him, in a high school cafeteria. But I'll tell you one thing, it's usually Namjoon who needs saving. One time…"

Yoongi found himself talking and talking and talking, his voice fading to the only sound in the room as Namjoon and Seokjin leave. 

He tries to pull Jungkook as close as possible and scents him again, never once stopping his mindless chatter.


And Jungkook seemed to like it, for after about an hour of Yoongi murmuring softly in his ear, he stops thrashing about, settling back to sleep, his heavy breathing the only indication of the violence of the previous hour.


Yoongi smiles softly as he feels Jungkook bury his face in his neck sleepily. Wrapping his arms around Jungkook, he allows himself to fall back to sleep.


When he wakes, Jungkook is gone.


Chapter Text

Jungkook wakes up in the arms of an angel.


No really, he does. 


When he lazily blinks his eyes open against the morning sun, he sees a gorgeous man lying by his side, his arms bracketing Jungkook as he sleeps peacefully. The most beautiful man he'd ever dreamt of, soft, pale, with harsh, charcoal eyelashes and a sleepy smile. He looks like a living daydream, cloudy, iridescent, so full of longing and hope for a better tomorrow. Jungkook's hand shoots out of its own volition and gently strokes down the man's pearly cheek. The skin beneath his fingers is so soft and Jungkook just wants to press kiss after kiss after kiss into the skin.

Clearly he isn't familiar with the whole Stranger Danger concept.

The man whines a little in his sleep and snuggles back into Jungkook's side and Jungkook's heart just does this thing where he just wants to melt into a puddle and be held by this angel till he dies. 


His phone suddenly rings out in the silence and Jungkook scrabbles to put it on silent before it wakes the stranger up. He's about to turn the phone off when he catches sight of the caller ID and his heart freezes over, yanking him from the soft, sleepy comfort of this beautiful place to the ugliness that is his life.


He swipes across the phone to disconnect the call anyway and hangs his head in defeat, already looking for his clothes to get dressed.

He needs to return to reality.


He's always hated these stairs, always thought that one day, someone was going to take a tumble off of them and split their head open like a pinata.

He sighs and brushes his hair off his face that's still slightly damp from his trek to the seventh floor.

God, he's so not ready.

He takes another deep breath and knocks harshly on the door, palms sweaty and trembling.


" Who the fuck? Oh, it's you." The man at the door says with a scowl, pinning Jungkook with an annoyed glare.

"Where the fuck were you for the past three days and why won't you take my fucking calls?" 


Jungkook gulps but keeps his voice steady,"I'm staying with a friend for a while, Sungwoo-hyung. I came to get my stuff.


Sungwoo's eyes narrow in suspicion and he blocks Jungkook's path into the apartment, "No no, hold on. What friend is this? Last I checked you didn't have any friends."


Jungkook tries to ignore him and push past him, but he forgets, he always forgets how strong Sungwoo actually is. The man pulls him by the collar and shoved him back outside, an ugly snarl on his lips.

"Where the fuck you think you're going, bitch?"


"I'm not your bitch, Sungwoo." Jungkook mumbles quietly and tries to push past him again,"I want my stuff so I can get out of here."


"Wait?Where...God," he scoffs, "Darlin, don't tell me you forgot our rules. It's what keeps our relationship alive."


Jungkook bites back a taunt,"There's nothing in the rules about me going to see my friends. Back off, I'll return tomorrow night."


"You aren't going anywhere, bitch. Get inside and cook me some fucking breakfast. Bah! Stupid slut thinks he can mouth back just because he found himself some buddies." Sungwoo hisses, grabbing Jungkook's arm roughly.


Tears prick Jungkook's eyes and he swallows roughly.

For Jimin, for Tae, for Jimin, for Tae, for Jimin, for Tae.


He takes a breath, "No man. I'm going out. I'll be back. Please, just for two days. He's a really close friend."


Sungwoo only laughs dryly,"You disappear for two days, sleep God even knows in who's bed and then you have the balls to ask me to let you go somewhere? I wasn't born yesterday, kid. I know when my bitch is taking someone else's cock."


Jungkook ducks his head, a fresh wave of tears cresting when he remembers Seokjin's fond laugh and Namjoon's teasing dimples and the stranger's calming, raspy voice. Dream, just a dream.

"Come on, Sungwoo. You know I wouldn't. I swear, just for tonight. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon to cook you lunch."


"Nah, kid. Get inside. And be glad I amn't making you bleed for being so disobedient. Remember, I still got the tapes, yeah?" Sungwoo smirks, watching Jungkook duck his head again at his own helplessness.


Then Jungkook lifts his head and sneers at Sungwoo, "Don't fucking call me kid."


Sungwoo gapes at Jungkook who takes his surprise as an opportunity to try and enter the apartment again. But Sungwoo snaps out of it and grabs Jungkook's elbow, twisting it behind him painfully as he slams him against the doorframe.

Jungkook lets out a pained whimper.


"H-Hyung. Let me go." He pleads, twisting helplessly against Sungwoo's punishing grip.


But Sungwoo only tightens his grip and leans forward so Jungkook can smell the alcohol on his breath, "You gotta learn,baby. You gotta learn that you're all mine."

And he bends down to kiss him.


And it's weird and it's awful and all Jungkook can say is that he's done it over and over, over and over, over and over, so many times that it's a conditioned response. He immediately goes limp and unfeeling in Sungwoo's grip as the man slobbers over him, becoming a stiff block of wood that only prays, prays for it to end, waits for a gasp of fresh air.


He hates himself for allowing it to happen, hates, hates, hates that he's not strong enough. But he lets it happen. For them.

He owes them that much.


And then suddenly, suddenly, from nowhere, Sungwoo is being wrenched off of Jungkook like he weighs nothing. Sungwoo is punched hard in the nose by someone, a crack resounding through the empty passageway.

Sungwoo staggers back, clutching his nose in pain, "What the fuck??! "


The stranger walks forward into Jungkook's line of vision and he gaps. The man smells of Seokjin and Namjoon and the other stranger from this morning. And then, he smells of coffee and hazelnut an caramel and freshly baked bread and Jungkook just wants to collapse into his arms and breathe in his scent.


Doesn't help that he's the fourth strikingly beautiful man he's seen in the past two days. His sharp cheekbones and jawline converge at a soft mouth that is currently set in anger. His nose seems almost aristocratic in how perfect he is. He's dressed down in sweats and a hoodie but he looks far more intimidating than all of them.


"I said, what the fuck dude? Who are you? Why'd you fucking punch me, are you fucking crazy?"


The man smiles, and replies in a chillingly cold voice, "I'm Jungkook's friend. And you must be…?'


"Jungkook's you better fucking explain yourself or I promise I'll beat your pretty twink face in." Sungwoo growls.


The man laughs and this time it's clear that he's mocking him,"I don't need to explain myself. Jungkook, what do you need from there?"


"C-Clothes. Laptop... mostly my personal things."


"Anything important?"




"Great!" The man grins, "We'll buy you what you need, come on. Let's go."


"You taking the slut? You gotta know I earned him. Can't just have him like that." Sungwoo jeers with a taunting smile.


Jungkook is close enough to hear the hitch in the stranger's breath before he turns around and shoots Sungwoo another brilliant smile, "If I didn't need to take care of Jungkook, I promise, I'd break every damn bone in your pathetic body. But since I have to go, I'll give you a warning. Look, think, speak or even breathe in his general direction and I'll slap you with enough lawsuits to ruin your entire life and have you out on the streets. So take my warning. Come on, Jungkook." 


And the stranger walks away, pulling Jungkook behind him in silence right till they reach the man's car. He gestures to Jungkook to get in and then slips into the driver's seat quietly.

Jungkook avoids his gaze, shame burning in his cheeks as he feels the stranger look at him.

A few seconds later, he hears a huff and then a hand is thrust in his direction.

He looks up confusedly to see the man looking at him with an open and friendly expression, a complete one eighty from how terrifying he'd been up there with Sungwoo.

"Hey, Jungkookie. My name is Hoseok and yes Seokjin is going to fillet your ass once we get back."

Chapter Text

Jungkook leans back in the passenger seat and throws his head back.

"How'd you even find me?"


Hoseok smirks. That he can answer.

"Well, after you pulled a disappearing act, Yoongi hyung freaked the fuck out and thought he'd really hurt you. He's still pretty stressed actually, so I'm gonna call him. Anyway, he didn't know if it was them that did something and didn't want to come after you if you'd specifically wanted to run away from them . So he woke me me and gave me your home address and is probably biting his nails to the quick right now."


"Oh, that' Yoongi the one who slept with me last night?" Jungkook asks, slightly shy now that he can put a name to a face.


"Yeah, Yoongi hyung. He's your hyung too and he's touchy about that shit. You sure he didn't hurt you?"


Jungkook shakes his head vehemently, " just had to take care of something and come back here. Listen, Mr.Hoseok-"


"Call me hyung."


"Hoseok hyung I'd really appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone what you saw right now. They all already pity me and I don't want to give them any more reason." Jungkook says, turning his face resolutely to look out the window.


He hears Hoseok's dry laugh behind him,"So I'm guessing you don't want to talk about it."


Jungkook shakes his head, "Thanks for helping me but I had it covered. He's usually not that bad, he's just possessive and little worried since your Dr.Drake Ramoray  kidnapped me and everything."


Hoseok hums contemplatively, "Okay so I have orders from Seokjin to bring you straight back home. But I'm guessing you're not a huge fan of Namjoon's?"


"! I'm's a lot. But I don't not like him, no."


"Then why won't you...oh?" Hoseok says and this time Jungkook swears he hears the same teasing note as Seokjin had the previous night.

Hoseok smirks but begins to put the car in reverse, "So I'm taking you home for now, let's tell the geriatrics that you're okay and then what say you come with me to my studio for a while? Unless you have work or class or something, then I can…"


But Jungkook isn't listening. 


See, what they DON'T tell you in driving school is that when you're in the passenger seat with a gorgeous man and he puts the car in reverse, he tends to rest his hand against the back of your seat and then proceeds to give you a delectable view of the way the muscles in his arms flex slightly and his jawbone looks like the perfect place for your nose and oh no, oh no, suddenly you're half hard in a stranger's car.


It almost sounds like a Halsey song.


"I'm going to have to ask you not to think dirty thoughts while I'm driving, Jungkookie, it's not good road safety." Hoseok says making Jungkook snap out of his reverie.


Wait...wha..ho...n?nO? What? Jungkook thinks.

How did Hoseok know…? 


"You're just being horny too loud, my bro." Hoseok says mildly, his eyes back on the road.


Jungkook looks down at himself in mild panic and once he knows he isn't obviously turned on, he swivels to Hoseok and fixes him with a glare.

"How do you know what I'm thinking about? I could be thinking about Tony Stark."


Hoseok laughs softly, "I guess Seokjin didn't give you the whole lowdown. See, most of the time, wolves have some sort of subtle powers. Nothing big, but good for party tricks. Joon sees blurry snapshots of the future, Seokjin can read minds, Yoongi is almost automatically good at any craft involving his hands…and, uh...I can read people's emotions, which is why I could tell you were a little...bothered.But hey, no judgement, I'm team Tony too."


Hoseok looks over to Jungkook and almost crashes the car with how badly he needs to laugh. 

Jungkook is frozen against his seat, colour leaving his face rapidly as his eyes tremble.

"H-How far do Seokjin's powers operate. Like...what radius?"


"Hmm, why? And don't lie to me, Jungkookie, I can tell."


Jungkook only turns beet red and shakes his head, muttering, "Nothing. Leave it. I'll just astral project to another planet, thank you, bbye."


Hoseok laughs again and Jungkook falls in love a little with Hoseok's laugh.

"Can you really read emotions, though?'


Hoseok nods seriously, "You'll get your gift once you present, I guess. But yeah, I can tell what you're feeling. That's why... upstairs...I knew you weren't okay."


"No, hyung. I was fine, really, he's not that…"


"Why do you stay with him, Jungkookie? If it's about money or something he has on you…"


Jungkook smiles sadly, "Thanks for the concern hyung, but it's not a compulsion. It's like ... atonement"




"I'm okay, and I'll tell you about it sometime. But not today? Please?" Jungkook whispers and looks up at Hoseok who suddenly swerves the car to a stop by the side of the road.


"Out, out of the car." Hoseok orders, unbuckling his own seatbelt.

When he sees Jungkook staring at him with his mouth open, he rolls his eyes and leans forward to undo the seatbelt.

"Up, Jungkookie, out of the car!"


Jungkook is a little dumbfounded but he complies, stumbling clumsily out of the car to meet Hoseok.

He expects the older man to scream at him or tell him to walk back home or something or…


But instead... instead Hoseok gently grips the back of his neck and pulls his toward himself, warm arms coming around Jungkook to hold him tight. Hoseok's hand at his nape begins to toy with the soft hairs there as he stands there quietly, holding Jungkook till he's satisfied that Jungkook isn't as miserable as he was a few minutes ago.


Pulling back with a satisfied sound, Hoseok grins at Jungkook, "Better?"


Jungkook node shyly, "Thanks hyung...I'm ...thank you."


Hoseok shoots him a megawatt smile and moves to get back into the car.

Jungkook shoots him an incredulous look, "Did you just do all this so you could hug me?"


Hoseok smiles, "Wasn't it worth it, baby?"

Jungkook nods and blushes again and Hoseok swallows the urge to coo.

"Okay now gimme some music to play, I hate silences."


Jungkook grins back this time, "The gays love Red Velvet."


"The gays do." Hoseok agrees.


They stumble back the penthouse, Jungkook's ears still ringing from Hoseok's opera rendition of Red Flavour. They're giggling and laughing and he's kinda hanging off of Hoseok's arm and Hoseok is letting him.


Hoseok punches in the code of the apartment and the door swings open. Rather than go right in, he stops.

"Oh...I think...I think someone's back EARLY!?" He shouts into the house and then there's a childish giggle coming from the hallway as a blur of pink zips out and practically throws itself at Hoseok.


Hoseok drops his phone to the ground and bears the sudden force of the boy who's hell bent on climbing him. He grins against the boy's hair as he scents him thoroughly.

"Hey, Jiminie. We got a guest buddy."


And it's like Jungkook's heart stops.


Because the boy looks up and he's not in an apartment in Seoul anymore, he's in Busan, and there's salt everywhere from Jimin's skin, Jimin's lips, Jimin's cum, Jimin, Jimin, Jimin and he's here he's...he's here and Jungkook wants to kiss him so badly but he doesn't deserve it and God he wants it and God he's missed it.


Jimin's gaze grows icy and he looks away from Jungkook immediately.

"What is he doing here?"


Hoseok looks confused, "Baby do you know him?"


And Jimin lets out a bitter, bitter laugh, "I loved him. And I don't want to see his face ever again. Please ask him to leave my house. Tae can't see him."

Chapter Text

Hoseok balks a little at how frigid his mate's voice has gotten, "Hey, Chimmy, sweetie...what's…"


But Jimin ignores him, choosing instead to bore holes into Jungkook's forehead while Jungkook just... stands there , mouth hanging open, like he's forgotten how to form cohesive sentences.


"Hel lo? Can't you hear me? Get out!" Jimin says, his voice now bordering on dangerously panicked.

Hoseok doesn't understand. He can pick up that Jimin is very agitated and that Jungkook is feeling immense guilt but also...relief?


Jungkook snaps out of his reverie, "Jimin hyung, I-"


"I'm not your hyung. Now get out of my house, please." 


This time Namjoon steps forward, hands splayed out placatingly, "Hey, hey, baby, come on. Let's talk this out. Tell me what's wrong."


Jimin refuses to answer Namjoon but his eyebrows scrunch up as he tentatively sniffs the air.

" Namjoon hyung? " He asks, his voice deceptively placid, "Why can I smell you and the other hyungs over Jungkook?"


Namjoon looks down guiltily, "Ahh, Jimin-ah...that's...I...uh...Kookie here was going to die and I didn't know what to do and I really think he's the one so I...uh...I turned him."


Hoseok notes with some curiosity how Jimin flares with concern, brief as it is, when Namjoon mentions that Jungkook was going to die. 

It soon dies down, but it's followed by an odd mix of absolute white hot fury, disbelief and some emerald jealousy.


"You what?" Jimin grits out, finally.


"I'm sorry, I'm so so fucking sorry, Jimin. I please, I really, really wouldn't have done it without asking if I wasn't sure."


Jimin smiles and it's nothing short of terrifying, "Doesn't matter now, hyung. He's not one of us. I'll never let him be. He goes, now."


He turns back to Jungkook, "What? Leave!" 


Yoongi is visibly confused by now, "Hold on, Jimin-ah, if this is about your status , baby, you're our baby. He doesn't change that."


Jimin scoffs, "Are you serious? Hyung, I may be petty but I'm not that petty. I don't want him here because he is a liar and a coward and I won't let him do what he did to me, to all of you. So, he goes."


 "Jimin hyung, you need to listen to-"


"NO! You stay quiet and get out of here. I don't want to talk to you. I'm not letting Tae see you again."


Jungkook takes a step forward and Jimin takes a step back. Hurt, Jungkook is so hurt.

"Hyung, I can explain...please just let me…"


"There's nothing to explain. Here's what's going to happen. I'm going to take my mates out for brunch and when I get back, you won't be here? Is that understood?"


"Park Jimin!" Seokjin yells and Hoseok suddenly realises that Seokjin has stayed oddly quiet through everything.

"Jiminie, you need to give me a good enough reason for Jungkook to have to go. Otherwise he stays. You wouldn't have wanted me to turn you and Tae away right? So tell me what's wrong, baby."


Jimin clenches his fists and takes a deep breath, "It's not for me to say. It's for Tae. I can take a lot of bullshit, Jin hyung. But I'll be fucked if I let this bastard hurt my Taehyung again."


"Again? Jiminie, you have to be clearer...what did Jungkook do? Look if he hurt Tae…"


Jimin laughs and it's angry and it's pained and it's black with the weight of the secrets it holds, "Hurt? Hyungie, Jungkook was the reason I had no choice but to turn Taehyung to a wolf."

Chapter Text

" Chim? W-Why did Kookie leave us?" Taehyung sobs and Jimin doesn't know what to do. 


He'd learnt early on that he and Taehyung dealt with pain very differently. Jimin internalised and let it simmer till hurt and betrayal turned to pure white hot anger that would then fuel him through the next few months.


Tae grieves and grieves and grieves and cries for his broken heart.


Like how he's sitting on Jimin's bed, comforter gripped in his hands as he rocks himself back and forth. Jimin realises that he spaces out for minutes at end, escaping to a happier place, escaping to the past. 

And everytime, when he returns, his eyes are wetter than they were before.


"Tell me, Jiminie. If he loved us, why would he leave?"


"I don't know, Tae. But it's okay. We have each other."


"It's my fault, isn't it?"


Jimin looks up from where he's sprawled on the bed, eyebrows furrowing as he looks at Taehyung who's staring blankly at the wall.

"What's your fault?"


"That he left. You two were great on your own. I shouldn't have interfered, right?"


Jimin scrambles upright, "Tae I thought we talked about this, baby. This isn't because of you. Kook left because he's an asshole. Baby, please. Don't go there again."


But Taehyung shakes his head, "No. He wouldn't have left if it was just the two of you. I know that."


"Darling, you don't-"


"It's okay Chim. You don't have to lie to me." 


"Taehyung can you just fucking forget him already?! It's been months. Let him go, for fucks sake."


Taehyung follows him and slams the door shut, "I just wanted to CALL him, Jimin. I have the right to."


Jimin swivels around, "Why? So he can hurt you again? I won't let him."


Taehyung scoffs, "Look. I deserve an explanation. I've looked so hard to get his number. I want to talk to him. I'm not forgiving him, Jimin. I need closure."


"Why?? Look, I blocked him out of my life. You should do it too. We have each other, we don't need him."


Taehyung crumples a little, "I need him. I miss him, Jimin. Don't you miss him? I...some nights, you're on one side, but the other side of the bed feels so fucking cold."


Jimin relents and Tae realises that this is his chance, "It's just a phone call, Jimin. No harm done. I promise, I'll get over him right after."


"One call. Promise? I don't want you hurting anymore."


Taehyung throws his arms around Jimin.

"Thank you thank you thank you, I love you. Okay. Okay. I have his number saved."


Jimin looks at him incredulously, "You're calling him now?"


Taehyung shrugs and dials.


A steady dial tone echoes across the room.


The call connects.




"Hey Kookie. Tae here."




"I just want to talk, Kookie. Want to know why you left. Let's talk? Please?"




"You're our friend first right? Before our boyfriend? Please. Just talk."


"I'm sorry. You have a wrong number."


"No wait! Kookie I know it's you."


"Stop bothering me, Taehyung. We broke up. Get over it. Grow up. Don't call me again."


"Tae? Hey? Buddy I got your favourite Chilli Garlic Noodles, let's make it a night? Tae? Taehyung? TAE? Hey, where are you? Taetae? You in the washroom? Hey, yell and say you're okay. Taehyung? He couldn't have gone out...his shoes and wallet and here...umm...maybe he's asleep, bedroom, bedroom. Tae? Taeh- Oh my God, Oh my God, Taehyung, Tae, baby? Baby please wake up, oh God, please wake up for me, baby, please, I love you, I love you, I love you, stay with me, stay with me, please just listen, just breathe baby, oh God, Taehyung, pills, why- I'm going to KILL Jungkook, oh God, Tae why did you take those, baby, my baby, please, please stay with me, oh God, Taehyung ..."

Chapter Text

Jungkook walks away from his lovers quickly.


Tae and Jimin are probably still entangled in bed. Tae is probably whining at Jimin while Jimin holds him close, pressing occasional kisses to his sweaty skin.


He didn't want to get up, but he had to.


If he doesn't do this now, he won't ever do it.


He storms into the office, biting back a snarl at how the man spread across the chair gets air-conditioning while the rest of them boil like eggs.


"Manager-nim, I have a proposal."


The man looks up with a sleazy smile, "Tell me, Kook-ah. Did you finally realise I could fuck you better than that twink?"


Jungkook grits his teeth, but remains silent. He needs this to work.

"Somewhat, manager-nim. Can we talk?"


The man gestures for Jungkook to continue.


"Manager-nim, I know you've been harassing Tae and Jimin because of me. You want me, right? Well, I have a deal for you. You can have me. I'll be your bitch."


The man grins, "Finally came to your senses? What do you want in return?"


"Delete those videos of Taehyung and Jimin and swear never to touch, speak or even breath near them. You do that and I'll be yours."


The man thinks for a second, "Who's to say that once I delete the videos, you won't just leave?"


Jungkook shrugs, "You have to trust me."


The man scratches his chin as he deliberates, "Fine. Then you'll have to break their hearts well and good and leave the company so I know you'll have nothing to go back to."


Jungkook sends him a watery smile, "If I do this, no more threatening. No more harassment or lewd comments. No accidental touches. No more holding those videos over their heads. You trust me, I trust. You can have me, now leave them alone."


The man grins and it's toothy and ugly, "It's a deal, baby boy. Now go pack your stuff. You're moving in with me tonight."


Jungkook bows, "Yes manager-nim."


The man laughs, "Come on, Jungkook. I'm your boyfriend now. Call me Sungwoo hyung."


Chapter Text

Seokjin gasps as he is wrenched out of Jungkook's mind, a tear sneaking it's way down his face. He wipes at it, hoping no one has noticed. 


But looking around, seeing the way Jungkook and Jimin are locked in a death stare, Namjoon's hand braced against Yoongi's chest to prevent him from physically jumping at Jungkook, he figures that no one is really paying attention to him.


".....and his heart stopped, I swear. So fucking tell me, Jeon Jungkook. Give me a reason, any reason to justify what you did."


Seokjin looks to Jungkook waiting from him to explain all that Seokjin had seen so clearly in his mind. He waits for Jungkook to tell Jimin how much he loves him and Taehyung. He waits.


And waits.


But instead, Jungkook sends Jimin a smirk so painfully fake that it has even Seokjin cringing, "C'mon hyung, it was just sex."


Jimin's eyebrows shoot to his hairline, "W-What?"


Jungkook smiles, "We were literally gay teenage boys in a homophobic country. We fucked around, let off some steam. No big deal. Why are you getting so hyper about it?"


Jimin's mouth hangs open and Jungkook continues, "God, you guys were just, well, convenient. Don't tell me you actually thought I cared about you? I left because I was bored and I figured that the company couldn't give me what I wanted anymore. Literally stop making it about yourself all the time."


Jimin's eyes tear up and in a split second there's a blur of movement and a sharp cry and Jungkook is suddenly on the floor, cupping his face.

And Seokjin looks up, but Jimin is standing still.


And Yoongi is still four steps away from Jungkook, his fists clenched in anger.


And Namjoon, good, kind, mature, let's hear both sides of the argument Namjoon is standing over Jungkook, eyes almost red, cupping his knuckles.


Namjoon growls, "Who the fuck do you even fucking think you are? How dare you stand in my house and fucking disrespect my mate like that?"


Seokjin sees Jungkook's eyes tear up and he wants to growl at the anguish flowing through the room. He looks to the side and meets Hoseok's eyes, and he knows. He knows Jungkook is lying. He doesn't understand it either.


Meanwhile Namjoon has grasped Jungkook's collar and hoisted him back upright. He shakes Jungkook and snarls at him, "Didn't know I made such a terrible mistake by turning you. Should have...should have just…"


And Seokjin can see the pain, the hurt, the helplessness in Jungkook's heart, but Jungkook doesn't say anything. Instead he turns to look at Yoongi.



Yoongi shakes his head tensely, "Never call me hyung. You've lost that right. Get up and get out. Now. I don't want you upsetting my mates anymore."


Seokjin interrupts, "Jungkook come with me. Hoseok you too. We're going to discuss this and whether Jungkook deserves to stay. No...No Namjoon I'm furious too, I just need to do my duty as Pack Alpha."

He softens his voice, "Mini, little love, take the others to the cars and wait with Tae. Seokie and I will be there in a minute."


Jimin looks like he wants to argue but Yoongi pulls him away, allowing the boy to curl into him. Seokjin waits till the doors slam shut before turning to Jungkook.


" What the fuck was that?" He asks, "Why'd you lie?"


Jungkook seems surprised before a defeated look over takes him.

"You read my mind." He says flatly.


Seokjin nods, "That's why I'm giving you a chance. Explain, now."


And Jungkook only smiles bitterly, "I'd rather they hate me rather themselves."