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Truthfully, Yoongi was the idiot here.


This was the exact reason he didn’t date. This was the exact reason he locked himself up in his apartment and focused on his work. Work didn’t betray him, work didn’t embarrass him, work didn’t have him spend two hours getting ready to be sitting alone at his table for practically the same amount of time.


Why was he even still here? At first, he was going to leave. Fifteen minutes into sitting at the empty table and waving the waiter’s offer to order off, Yoongi was ready to go. But he got a text just as Yoongi was about to stand - an explanation about how his date had run into an old friend. Apologized for being late, and said he would be there soon; said he was excited . Yoongi gave him the benefit of the doubt. The guy was drop dead gorgeous, and Yoongi hadn’t brought someone back to his apartment in ages. Might have been the tiniest bit desperate for a lay.


But after an entire hour passed, Yoongi just wanted to cry. He could tell the pity his waiter felt at first was now replaced with annoyance because Yoongi had just ordered a bottle of wine, got a fourth of a ways through it, and had yet to order food. Last time Yoongi waved off the idea of ordering because he would be here any moment his waiter sighed out a quiet, “Of course he will.” before stepping away. That was almost twenty minutes ago, and Yoongi was a little anxious about his judgemental stare when he returned.


Sure, laugh it up waiter, laugh it up with the other patrons who kept turning towards him; it was hilarious, seeing him alone, chugging down wine in a cute, intimate restaurant. Point and laugh at the idiot who thought that he might actually have a nice date for once.


Yoongi hated men. He was going to marry his dildo.


About ten minutes later, and his waiter was there. Stiff smile, tapping his pen on his notepad, “Have we decided, yet? Or are you still waiting?”


Yoongi felt a burning in his stomach. Anger from being stood up and embarrassed, and annoyance with the cockiness of his waiter. He parted his lips, ready to say something unflattering that he would regret the next morning, when the chair across from him pulled out, and a man sat there. He had a pretty smile and fluffy brown hair, looking warm and soft. His skin was caramel, deliciously littered with countless blemishes Yoongi felt the need to study. But this man certainly was not his date.


“Just another few minutes. We’ll take some appetizers, though.” He turned to Yoongi, sweet smile on his lips, “How does calamari sound? It really good here, and I have an obsession with garlic bread, so that too.” Yoongi should have told him to move his ass, or maybe just gotten up and left, but instead he nodded dumbly, lips pressed firmly together.

“Sounds great. I’ll put that in and visit you guys in a minute.” The waiter scribbled and turned away without hesitantion, probably hating Yoongi’s fucking guts. He’s not sure he could blame him honestly.


Yoongi stared at the other man, wine glass in his hand, eyes narrowed. He just smiled back, shifting to get more comfortable, as if he planned on staying . Maybe he did, since he ordered food for them and all. “Uhm. Hi? Who are you?”


“Kim Taehyung.” He extended his hand, and Yoongi reached out, shaking it; noting how big his hands were. “I saw you were alone, I thought ‘Aw, that’s a shame.’ And decided to join you.”


“You just decided? How sweet.” Yoongi quirked a brow, tipping the glass against his lips, licking them as he set the glass back down, “Why is it a shame? Pitying me because I got stood up?” He scoffed, folding his arms over his chest, slouching in his seat.


Taehyung’s brow furrowed, lips pulling into a cute little pout, “No. I mean, it’s sad you were stood up, fuck that asshole. But I just that you were too pretty to be moping and drinking wine all by yourself.” Yoongi stumbled for a moment, had been pushing at his silverware and once Taehyung called him pretty he flicked his knife too hard and it knocked into his plate. He looked up, his cheeks warm and no doubt pink. It made Taehyung smile, “I’m not all that hungry, I just had dinner with my parents, but I’ll chomp on some garlic bread and keep you company while you eat.”


“ really don’t have to do that.” Yoongi flushed deeper, avoiding Taehyung’s gaze. “I should probably just head home, honestly. I’ve embarrassed myself enough here tonight.”


“Aw, I get that.” Taehyung hummed, tilting his head, “At least eat the appetizers with me...? Oh, you didn’t give me your name.” 


Yoongi looked up shyly, reaching to pour himself another glass, “It’s Yoongi. I think.. I can manage that. The waiter hates me enough as it is.”


Taehyung laughed, loud and uncaring, and looked really handsome while he did it. Yoongi offered to pour Taehyung some wine, but he shook his head, so they talked instead. Taehyung more than Yoongi at first, but that was okay. He was talking about his parents mostly. Said they flew all this way to visit him. He apparently just finished college; got his first apartment and was about to start his career. His parents coming to take him out as a congratulations. Yoongi smiled some, remembering his miserable time in college. but Taehyung seemed to have liked school, at least, that was the impression Yoongi was getting. He thought Taehyung was cute, boyishly charming with a smooth voice and stunning eyes. More attractive than Yoongi’s original date.


The waiter returned, placing their appetizers down and asking what they wanted for dinner, Taehyung smiling politely, “Actually, we’re just going to leave it at the appetizers, and then be out of your hair. Thank you, though.” He nodded, leaving a few extra napkins for them and disappearing again.


Yoongi stomach ached, so he didn’t hesitate to reach out, starting to munch on some of the calamari, while Taehyung grabbed for a slice of bread. “So, how did you meet the asshole? Please tell me he’s not a boyfriend.”


He rolled his eyes, shaking his head. “Mm, no. I don’t really date. He’s a new guy at my job, we don’t work on the same floor, he’s more into management, but he asked me out and it’s been a while since I’ve been out with someone, so I said yes. All this did was show me that I really should stay in.” Yoongi mused, reaching for more, chewing thoughtfully before adding, “He texted to tell me he would be late; but then again, he apparently bumped into an old friend. My guess is they’re together now.”


Taehyung hummed, rolling his eyes, “Screw him. Not worth you time.” Yoongi nodded in agreement, because absolutely fuck that guy, and then he added on, “He missed out, I don’t know how he stands someone like you up?”


Yoongi smirked, licking his top lip, butterflies fluttering excitedly when he notices Taehyung follow the movement, “You wouldn’t stand me up?” He asked, allowing a poutiness to bleed into his tone before his lips tilted, and he batted his lashes. Taehyung fell for the cutesy act, making Yoongi positively ecstatic.


“No.” He said with a confidence that was kind of hot when it was paired with the intense gaze Taehyung had. Yoongi felt the need to squirm under it, but he tried with every bone in his body to sit still. He wondered if Taehyung could help turn this night around. Make a bad experience into a very memorable great one.


Yoongi glanced down at the food on the table, hungry but interested in something else. More interested in the young man across from him. He rested his head in his hand, fingers drumming against the table, “What are you doing tonight, Taehyung?” He asked, his gaze centered on the other. Taehyung wasn’t oblivious, read right into Yoongi words, into his suggestion. And fuck, that was nice. Watching the slight tilt to Taehyung’s lips, watching his hands smooth over the table cloth. Yoongi really liked those hands.


Taehyung shook his head, “Oh, my night’s free entirely.” He hummed, amusement apparent on his face. “But I can think of something to do.” 


Yoongi felt a lump in his throat, pathetically trying to swallow it down, and ending up making a weird choked noise as he spoke. “Y-Yeah?” He stumbled, cursing himself for the way his cheeks warmed at Taehyung’s endeared looking smile. “Would you maybe…”


“Let’s get out of here.” Taehyung stood up, and Yoongi pulled out his wallet, mindlessly pulling out a few bills and tossing them down, knowing he would regret the move later, but right now he only had one thing on his mind. Taehyung made it a point to grab his hand, and lead him out of the restaurant. Yoongi thought their hands fit nicely together, found himself liking it a little too much . The hostess wished them a good night, and Yoongi grunted, much more focused on Taehyung. Once outside, he turned his head to smile at him, “Did you drive here?” 


“Oh, no. I planned on drinking so.. I got an Uber. I can grab another.” He patted his pants, searching for his phone.


But Taehyung tugged on his hand, leading him down the street. Yoongi stumbled for a moment, Taehyung laughing as he slowed so Yoongi could catch his footing. “I live close. Lets walk, it’s nice out.”


“Uh, sure. Yeah.” Yoongi murmured, finding himself in step beside Taehyung. Their hands were still clasped together, and Yoongi’s cheeks were hot, felt like they were burning. His heart was heavy, but in a good way, an excitement buzzing over his nerves, making them light up.


Taehyung shifted his hand, intertwining their fingers, smiling so unabashedly as he walked beside him on the sidewalk, not concerned with passerbayers, or anything else. Yoongi thought he looked really pretty like that. Warmth in his eyes, and his lips upturned. Yoongi typically didn’t like PDA. Just liked keeping his relationship private, to himself, special like that. But with Taehyung just.. just being so confident and happy, he didn’t really mind the affection. That paired with the fact he hasn’t held a hand in so long made him just accept the move, follow Taehyung.


And maybe this was a bad idea. Taehyung was some stranger who just sat with him at the table. Called him pretty, smirked a few times, but shit, Yoongi was caught. Perhaps he was just really starved for attention. Yoongi was ready and willing to take this risk.


They didn’t talk much on the walk to Taehyung’s apartment, and it wasn’t that long of a walk anyway. Before he knew it, Taehyung was opening the door to a building, and leading Yoongi to the elevator. Taehyung held his hand all the way up to the door, only pulling his away to unlock his door. “I have a puppy, I hope that’s okay.”


Yoongi smiled some, stuffing his hands in his pockets. The door opened, and little feet padded to the door immediately, Taehyung cooing and leaning down to pick up the tiny Pomeranian. Yoongi smiled some, but once the little thing noticed him it started yapping a moment later, Yoongi feeling a little embarrassed, but laughing softly as Taehyung look flustered, trying to shush his pup.


“He’s very opinionated.” Taehyung smiled, entering his apartment, and toeing off his shoes.


“Yeah, I can see that.” Yoongi shook his head, doing the same. Taehyung set the dog down, and he stood his ground, barking at Yoongi, but the moment he took a further step into the apartment as Taehyung shut and locked his door, the Pomeranian ran off deep into the apartment. Yoongi laughed, Taehyung joining in behind him. “What’s his name?” Yoongi asking tilting his head towards Taehyung. 


“Yeontan! He’s my baby boy.” Taehyung said, pride obvious on his face as his hand settled on the small of Yoongi’s back, “Can I show you something?” 


Yoongi quirked a brow, smile still on his lips, “Sure.”


That’s when Taehyung’s hand smoothed up his back, and Yoongi felt himself shudder. If Taehyung noticed it, he didn’t say anything, only taking Yoongi’s chin, and tilting it so he could slot his lips over his. The kiss was gentle—-like Yoongi is made of glass or something. It’s soft, languid almost. Taehyung’s lips were soft, his grip was firm, and his touch was warm. Yoongi tried to think of the last time he’s been kissed so softly, and his stomach knots and knots, nerves building, wanting more because soft isn’t doing it now, slow isn’t want he needs. 


Slow is scary. Slow makes his heart beat a little too fast.


So he twists in Taehyung’s hold, grabbing the collar of his shirt to pull his mouth more firmly into his. Yoongi parted Taehyung’s lips with his tongue, making him gasp out something close to a moan, but not quite there. Yoongi needed this picked up. He needed to be fucked, and then he needed to be on his way. Needed to get Taehyung out of his mind before he became dangerously addicted.


And Taehyung got the idea, met his mouth with eagerness, kissed him openly, licking back into him. And this was right. This was better. They were standing in the middle of his apartment but this was working him up just how he needed. Yoongi sighed against Taehyung’s mouth, the younger biting down on his lip and pulling back teasingly. Yoongi whined softly, letting his eyes flutter open. “Where’s your room?” He asked against Taehyung’s mouth. 


“You’re eager.” Taehyung smirked, but leaned back, guiding Yoongi to his bedroom. Yoongi shut the door behind them, just so Yeontan didn’t wander in, and he turned back to Taehyung, making quick work of his clothing. He tugged his shirt from his pants, and started on the buttons, expertly undoing them with his fingers, and then pushing the shirt from his shoulders. He walked Taehyung back to the bed, hands smoothing over his soft tummy, humming at the patch of hair wandering into his trousers. Yoongi grabbed for his belt next, tugging at it only for Taehyung to grab his wrists, “Whoa, whoa. Relax. We have all night.”


Yoongi stopped for a moment, huffing and sitting back on his thighs, “I just—-like things fast.” He admitted, flushing as Taehyung gave him a look that all but asked him to go on. “Slow makes my mind just.. like.. cloudy I guess. I think too much.”


Taehyung laughed softly, not in a mocking way, but just amused. “I get that.” He smoothed his hands up Yoongi’s thighs, and Yoongi tried not to think too much about the fact his thigh practically fit in Taehyung’s hand. “Will you let me distract you? I’m really good at it.” As he asked, his hands smoothed over Yoongi’s belt, carefully undoing it and sliding it through the loops to toss aside.


Yoongi bit down on his lip, letting Taehyung’s unbutton his pants, and pull down his zipper. Yoongi slid off him, stepping out of his pants. Taehyung sat up, patting the bed. “On your knees, Yoongi.” He said softly, and Yoongi compiled, doing as he said. He crawled back into bed, kneeling in front of Taehyung. Taehyung smoothed his hand up his back, and Yoongi flushed, was so bare and exposed from the waist down. “You can lean down.” He said softly, other hand smoothing up his thigh. Yoongi carefully lowered himself, pulling a pillow close and hugging onto it as he rested his head against it. “Good boy.” He cooed, and Yoongi flushed, his cheek hot, grip on the pillow tightening.


He let his eyes shut, feeling Taehyung shifting but unable to see him. The next sensation came in the form of Taehyung’s lips, pressing to the back of his thigh, and then peppering up over his ass cheek, hands massaging into his upper thighs. Yoongi let out a stuttered breath at the attention, that breath hitching as he felt Taehyung’s breath over his hole. His hands came up, cupping his cheeks as Taehyung placed a kiss over his rim. One kiss turned into two and three, and soft and sweet turned into Taehyung licking and sucking at his heat.


Yoongi bit down on his bottom lip as Taehyung delivered open mouthed, wet kisses to his rim, tongue laving over him, hands massaging and spread his cheeks apart so he could start to lick into him. Yoongi moaned as Taehyung pressed his tongue past his rim, taking his time working him open. Yoongi’s cock was hanging heavily between his legs, his breath rigid, stomach muscles clenching and unclenching as he tried to withhold his noises, tried to settle down. 


But it was all in vain when one of Taehyung moved from his ass to grip his balls, rolling them in his palm, and giving careful squeezes. Yoongi whined as he felt his cock leak, and Taehyung nipped at his cheek before he moved back to licking and sucking his hole, tongue fucking into Yoongi with more ease. “Fu-Fuck, Taehyung.” He shuddered, and Taehyung had the audacity to smile against him. Hand moving to grip the shaft of Yoongi’s cock. Yoongi moaned, burying his face into the pillow to muffle his noises, pressing his lips together and keeping his whimpers and whines against the pillow, fingers gripping desperately at the pillow.


Taehyung leaned back, the warmth of his mouth gone, and his firm grip on his dick vanishing. Yoongi leaned back from the pillow watching Taehyung pull open his end table drawer and Yoongi licked his lips as the sight of lube and a condom. “On your back now, sweetheart.” Taehyung said softly, smoothing a hand over the small of his back and patting gently. Yoongi complied, flipping over in time to see Taehyung pushing his pants off and getting back into bed. Yoongi was distracted by his cock, fat and veiny. Taehyung moved to Yoongi’s shirt, getting it off while Yoongi just laid back, chest rising and falling lazily.


If Taehyung minded doing the majority of the work, he didn’t say anything. Just had a fond smile on his lips as he tossed the shirt aside, leaned down to press his lips against Yoongi’s, lick at his top lip, and then the roof of his mouth. Yoongi’s head was spinning, hard cocking laying on his stomach, leaking. Taehyung continued his kisses downward, worshipping Yoongi in kisses, covering every spot he could. His forehead, his cheeks, his neck, collarbone, pecs. Taehyung mouthed over his biceps, took one arm and peppering kisses all the way to his wrist and over his knuckles. Yoongi was flushed, from his cheeks to his chest, the attention overwhelming. Had never been this spoiled with kisses but he loved every second of it. 


Taehyung kissed back down his chest, taking a moment to lick over his nipple, one of Yoongi’s hands threading into his hair. Taehyung moved to the other, nipping at it, before he sucked it between his lips. Yoongi’s kicked his hips up for a moment, hiss turning into a moan and then Taehyung was kissing lower, over his ribs, other hand smoothing over his chest, fingertips kissing his pale skin. “ Hah, Tae.” Yoongi moaned as the other man licking a stripe over his cock.


“So cute.” Taehyung purred, licking another stripe over him, Yoongi lifting his hips only to have Taehyung’s hand pin him to the sheets as he took the base of his cock in his hand and wrapped his pretty mouth over his dick. Yoongi’s moaned at the sight alone; Taehyung with his eyes closed, and lips stretched as he lowered himself over Yoongi’s cock, tongue swirling over his head and curling around the underside of his cock.


“St-stop, please. I’ll cum.” Yoongi whined, hand fisting in Taehyung’s locks. Instead of pulling back, Taehyung sucked harder, bobbing his head over half of Yoongi’s length, his tongue devilishly licking and working over him. Yoongi covered his mouth, tossing his head back as he breathed against his palm, trying to withhold, find the strength to relax and maintain himself. It felt nearly impossible, Taehyung’s tongue was fucking sinful, and he kept looking at him through his lashes and fuck, fuck it was was useless


Yoongi’s hand tugged on Taehyung’s hair, making him groan as he was forced lower. Yoongi’s hips attempted to kick up on their own, but Taehyung kept him pinned and with a broken cry of Taehyung’s name Yoongi was spilling into Taehyung’s mouth. Yoongi’s breath was heavy, and he groaned softly as Taehyung pulled off him, giving little kitten licks to his cock, Yoongi hissing softly.


Taehyung leaned back, wiping his mouth and reaching for the lube on the bed. “Such a good boy, a pretty baby.” Taehyung whispered, pushing Yoongi’s thighs apart. Yoongi flushed harder, arm coming to rest above his head, trying to catch his breath after his orgasm. Taehyung didn’t waste any time, coating his fingers in lube, and pressing one between his cheeks. Taehyung pushed Yoongi’s thigh up, “Hold this for me, sweetheart.” Yoongi hummed softly, reaching and hugging his leg as close to his chest as he could stretch. Taehyung purred a soft good boy for the third time that night, and Yoongi found himself loving every second of it.


He rutted his fingertip against Yoongi’s rim, before he started to work it in and out. The stretch was nothing to Yoongi, didn’t pull much of a reaction from him, but when Taehyung pressed the second finger in, Yoongi gave a hum of approval, the stretch bringing the pleasant burn he was more used to, found more appealing. And with two fingers working into him, stretching him and curling, Yoongi was letting out soft moans and sighs of approval. The drag of Taehyung’s digits over his walls, searching and working deeper had Yoongi’s breath hitching in anticipation, his cock starting to stir again.


And Yoongi’s back arched when Taehyung fingertips grazed his nerves, lightning bolts of pleasure shooting up his spine, whine escaping his lips. Taehyung cooed, rutting his fingertips over the spot again, his other hand gripping Yoongi’s cock, broken moan escaping his lips. “T-Tae, too much.” He whimpered, oversensitive still. Taehyung didn’t let up, squeezing his cock as he worked his digits over his prostate.


Taehyung pulled out only to recoat his fingers and press back in with a third, stretching Yoongi more thoroughly. Yoongi tilted his head back, fingering digging dimples into his thigh as he held his leg up. “You make such cute noises.” Taehyung giggled, and Yoongi started to wonder if the younger man was a sociopath or something. If he was going to be pleasured to death—-and then he wondered if he would truly mind dying like this. The answer was no; Taehyung could kill him right now and Yoongi’s dying words would be thank you.  


“Please.” Yoongi whined instead, licking his lips, and looking down at Taehyung through half-lidded eyes. “Please fuck me, I need it. Need you.” He heard Taehyung hum, fingers stretching apart before pressing knuckle deep and curling. Yoongi’s breathing picked up, quiet moans escaping past his parted lips and Taehyung slowly dragged his fingers out of him, rim fluttering around nothing.


And then Taehyung finally reached for the condom, tearing it open and sliding it over his cock. Yoongi pulled his leg higher, ignoring the slight pain he felt from the stretch—-it would be so worth it tomorrow. Taehyung poured a liberal amount of lube over himself. Yoongi steadied his breathing as Taehyung lined himself up with his rim. Taehyung pushed his other thigh up, guiding his cock to Yoongi’s rim. Taehyung pressed in, making Yoongi’s breath hitch as he stretched over his cock. Taehyung took Yoongi’s thigh from him, slowly pushing them closer to his chest, folding Yoongi in on himself as Taehyung worked his cock deep, all the way until their hips were flushed.


Yoongi cursed, arms resting above his head, thighs twitching from the stretch. He didn’t know he could actually stretch this far, there was a dull ache in his thighs, but Taehyung starting to work his cock into him was a good distraction. And the burn from the stretch was delicious.


And when Taehyung started to drive his hips into Yoongi it wasn’t as soft and gentle as the rest of the night had been. Taehyung gripped tightly onto the back of Yoongi’s thighs, groans leaving his mouth as he fucked into his heat, working up to as faster pace, obviously chasing his own orgasm. Yoongi can’t imagine how worked up Taehyung must have been.


Taehyung pressed his hips into Yoongi, nailing digging into his thighs, and all Yoongi was able to do was take it. All he was able to do was moan as Taehyung fucked deeper, eyes shut, grunts leaving his lips, completely feeling himself. That was hot, Yoongi was just in awe of his face. His brows knitted together, his stomach muscles clenching, his teeth catching his bottom lip. And then Taehyung grazed his prostate, and Yoongi whined, cock twitching as it started to leak again, “Tae—-there.” He gasped out, and Taehyung moaned, angling himself to fuck against his prostate.


Yoongi couldn’t help the chime of moans leaving his mouth, flushing as he heard the desperate whine to his moans, his nerves on fire as he felt his second orgasm approaching for the night. “So fucking tight.” Taehyung grunted, lips parted as his groans got their own desperation to them.


“M-More. Want it harder.” Yoongi shifted, reaching down between his legs to grab his cock and start jerking with desperation. Taehyung moaned, and pushed Yoongi legs flush with his chest his hips smacking so hard into Yoongi the sound was loud in Yoongi’s ears, joining the pounding of his heart in his ears. Taehyung’s moans, his own moans, the slapping of their skin—-it was overwhelming, it was so fucking hot . Yoongi was grateful he was stood up by now because holy fuck he was blessed with Taehyung and he could never ask for anything more than this


Yoongi felt the heat boiling in his gut, ready to spill over, ready to cum. And Taehyung’s hips were starting to fall off their pace, unfocused, desperate. Yoongi fisted himself tightly, whining out a so close . Taehyung nodded, as if agreeing and he let out a sudden whine, hips slowing and stilling for a minute as he released into the condom. Yoongi bit down on his bottom lip, flicking his wrist with his jerks. After a squeeze to head of his cock Yoongi hissed, cumming onto his hand and stomach, his breath heavy with Taehyung’s as they each settled down.


Taehyung grabbed the base of his cock, pulling out and then easing Yoongi’s legs back down. Yoongi hissed as he spread his legs out, Taehyung laughing softly. “One sec.” He leaned down, brushing his lips over Yoongi’s forehead before he leaned back and took the condom off, tying it up and tossing it out. He disappeared, and came back with a washcloth. Yoongi hummed, letting Taehyung wipe him down, smacking his lips together at the feeling of the warm cloth. Taehyung stepped back, searching for his boxers and then tugging them on. He turned to Yoongi then, “Do you wanna borrow something to sleep in?”


Yoongi blushed, “Uhm.” He wasn’t sure if he was staying. If staying was something he should do. Taehyung was addicting and Yoongi was sure if he spent the night in his bed cuddled up to him, he was never going to leave.


Taehyung frowned, tilting his head, “You’re staying, right? It’s late.. we can get breakfast in the morning?” He suggested, and Yoongi sat up some with a sigh, the start of an ache in his lower back, and his thighs, “I’ll tell you what, I’ll let you sleep in the hoodie I wore yesterday and you can hold Tannie’s leash when we walk him in the morning.”


Yoongi felt the corner of his mouth tilt into a smile, his heart melting, “That sounds awfully domestic.”


Taehyung grinned at him, stepping over to his computer desk, and grabbing the hoodie hung over it. He tossed it to Yoongi, and he sighed as he reached for it, pulling it over his head. It smelled like him for sure, was soft, and big. Fuck, he was already melting. He was positively screwed. Taehyung moved over to the bed, crawling beside him, and reaching to pull the blanket over them, “Oh, it’s domestic.” He mused, flicking the bedside lamp off, and wrapping his arm around Yoongi’s waist, curling into his side and tucking his head under Yoongi’s chin. “It’s domestic and you’re gonna like it, Yoongi.”


Yoongi smiled, laying back, arm wrapping around Taehyung’s back, other resting over his stomach with a soft hum. He already sort of liked it. He already sort of liked Taehyung. He could get use to wearing his hoodies and having the younger man clinging to him like he was now. Could get used to the idea of Yeontan not being afraid of him. Could see Holly and Yeontan playing together. And fuck, this was what he meant about Taehyung being addicted. Especially when he made a happy little humming noise, and cuddled closer to Yoongi. Fuck, he could get use to this.