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Hitoshi watched as Denki gnawed the eraser on the end of his pencil. He’d been sitting there for half an hour, eyebrows furrowed, eraser between his teeth, a pout perpetually marked on his face. 

“Do you--”

“No, I’ll get it.” 

Hitoshi nodded solemnly and pulled his book back up to eye level.

Denki had started dragging him to the library late at night for “emotional support” a few months back, and Hitoshi really couldn’t be happier to oblige. They developed a routine quickly; Hitoshi brought books to read and Denki spent hours on the same math problem until, frustrated, he’d ask for Hitoshi’s help. It wasn’t that Hitoshi was the smartest or that he was even the best teacher; it was that he maintained patience with the blonde that no one else had. 

Or, if Hitoshi was being honest with himself, it wasn’t really patience so much as the fact that he could spend hours just looking at Denki Kaminari, which meant he didn’t mind sitting and watching him struggle. 

Over the months, Hitoshi etched into memory where all of the worry lines on Denki’s face scrunched together. The exasperated sighs he let out as he smeared yet another line of numbers away became the soundtrack Hitoshi would play over and over in his head when they were apart. He knew what the imprint of Denki’s teeth looked like the wood of his pencil. He admired the way that Denki could fit both of his knees in the bottom of his baggy sweaters when he drew them to his chest in the library chairs. 

Denki’s hair always hung lower over the sides of his face in his hunched over determination, and Hitoshi had to fight some primal urge to push it behind one of his ears. 


He had it bad. 

What other earthly creature could look so damned cute, so frustrated, and distraught over math problems? 

“‘Toshi?” came the small voice across the table. 

He quickly shook himself from his thoughts and lowered his book face down on the table. “Hm?” 

“Can you help?” Timid. Embarrassed. Even though they both knew this was coming. 

Wordlessly, Hitoshi stood and slid into the seat next to him on the opposite side of the table. 

Being this close, he was granted with new views and new things to etch into his memory for those nights when his brain taunted him with lack of sleep. He could see the dark flecks littered in his golden irises, smell the faint citrusy smell that Denki just emanated without having to wear cologne, and feel the way that the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end from the static electricity that seeped between them. 

Hitoshi sat a good head taller than the blonde and his large frame allowed him some liberties. He draped his arm over the back of Denki’s chair and leaned in close, daring to press their sides together. He plucked the bitten pencil out of long, slender fingers and moved to a clean spot on the paper. Mumbling quiet directions, Hitoshi solved the problem correctly, ignoring how cute Denki looked with his head resting pitifully on his knees. 

It was intimate, soft, and the whole interaction made Hitoshi’s head spin. It was so easy to just be so intimate with Denki. He was the boy who wore his heart on his sleeve, his thoughts on his lips, and drowned his feelings in physical affection. 

“Does that make any more sense?” he mumbled, turning his head to be greeted with a slack jawed, wide eyed Denki. He involuntarily cracked a sideways grin and rested his chin on his own shoulder. “What?” 

Their faces were only inches apart and Hitoshi thought he could probably count the faintest dusting of freckles on Denki’s nose. He’d never noticed them before, but the pinpricks of color were there if he looked hard enough. 

“I just don’t get how you do it,” he said, pushing his bottom lip out in a pout. “I worked super hard forever and in like one little swipe of your hand, you solved it. You’re like a wizard.” 

His hair was falling into his face again and Hitoshi’s fingers twitched with the urge to push it out of his face. He could almost guarantee that Denki would have soft skin, would close his eyes at the smallest brush of Hitoshi’s fingers, and would maybe lean into the touch. 

It was painful, but Hitoshi felt himself growing red in the face from his thoughts, so he leaned back ever so slightly. “Not a wizard,” he managed to croak out, praying that Denki wouldn’t notice the lack of his usual suave. 

With a forceful sigh, Denki closed his notebook and placed his pencil on top of it. Hitoshi raised an eyebrow and fought a smirk. He’d never quit this early before. “What’s wrong? Need me to explain it again?” Hitoshi offered. 

Denki raised his hands, draped elegantly in too large sleeves, to his face and rubbed his eyes. “No, I think I’m just done for the night. Can we do something, I dunno, fun?” 

Hitoshi swallowed and finally let the smile teasing his lips dance across his face. “Fun, Denki? I thought I was only your emotional support insomniac?” he teased, using the cute title he’d been given when all of this started. 

Denki rolled his eyes and Hitoshi willed himself to stay sane because who the hell was cute when they rolled their eyes? He was gently reminded that their positions hadn’t changed when Denki chuckled and he could feel the ghosting of his breath on his face. It, too, smelled like citrus. “I mean, emotional support can include fun, right? Come on, ‘Toshi, I don’t care if we just lay around and watch cat videos, which I know you’re going to do for the rest of the night anyway. I can’t look at math anymore. My brain will explode.” 

The blonde crossed his beautiful golden eyes and poked his own nose to accent his point, and Hitoshi realized that he’d probably give the cute bastard anything he wanted. He internally screamed as he reached across the table for his abandoned book, shutting it without even bothering to bookmark his page. He stood and took a few steps away before craning his neck over his shoulder. 

“You coming?” 




Hitoshi’s room was his sanctuary. Due to lack of sleep, he’d learned a long time ago that his room needed to be all encompassing comfort and serenity. He’d spent a few months collecting stray pillows, fuzzy blankets, and plushies to create a sort of nest to lounge in once he’d moved into the dorms. After Halloween, he caught some purple string lights on sale and draped them around the corners of his room. He’d pinned a tapestry of a hypnotic spiral behind his bed because, why not? He did have a mind control quirk afterall. 

He wasn’t necessarily as proud of as he was thankful for his room, so no one had really been in it besides him. Hitoshi told himself that was why he felt butterflies creeping into the pit of his stomach as he unlocked the door, and not the fact that he was about to be behind a closed door with Denki Kaminari. 

“Holy cow!” the excitable blonde exclaimed, prancing over to said bed, kicking his shoes off haphazardly, and burying himself face first into the fluffy blankets bunched up on Hitoshi’s bed. 

Hitoshi froze, hand on his door knob, door still ajar, and watched as Denki flailed his arms and legs out in a starfish shape. He then curled in on himself, bringing the blankets with him as he did, and buried his face in the fluff. Without looking away, Hitoshi pushed the door closed with his body and leaned his back against it. If he were a weaker man, he'd been brought to his knees by the sheer effort it took him not to immediately bury himself in the blankets with the other boy. 

He settled for a chuckle under his breath and willed his voice to remain steady as he said, "Privy to my choice of bedding, are we?" 

Denki nodded into the blanket and Hitoshi peeled himself from the door, kicking off his own shoes as he crossed the room. He hovered awkwardly next to his desk, watching Denki sink further and further into his bed, until the blonde pulled his face out of the fluff to quirk an eyebrow at him. "Am I taking up too much of the bed? I'm sorry," he said, tossing his body and some pillows around haphazardly until he was perched on the side of the bed. "Here, now you can have the corner!" 

Hitoshi tried to be graceful as he crawled over Denki's legs and into the mound of pillows he piled up against the wall. He couldn't really focus on putting one hand or knee in front of the other because holy shit he was in bed with Denki Kaminari. 

The blonde shimmied down until he was slouching against the pillows, hair fanning beautifully and haloing around his face. "So, what's on the agenda, 'Toshi?" he said, turning his head dramatically to face Hitoshi.

He was still reeling at how gorgeous Denki would look folded under him, laid out on the fluffy pillows like an angel, his face contorted in pleasure--

It must have taken him more than the appropriate time to respond because Denki's face changed to a pout. "Entertain me," he whined. 

Fuck . Hitoshi's cheeks flushed with embarrassment at his thoughts, his inability to speak, and the implications that statement could hold. 

"Cat videos!" He shouted, too loud, making Denki jump and then let out a giggle sounding like bells. "I mean," Hitoshi struggled to regain some sense of control, "you said you'd be okay with cat videos." He scrambled to pull his phone out of his pocket and open the streaming app.

Denki's giggles tapered off as he scooted closer to Hitoshi's side. Oh, he hadn't thought about the small screen of his phone and what that would entail. Flustered with the boy so close, Hitoshi stuttered out something about getting his laptop if that'd be more comfortable. Denki grasped Hitoshi's arm with sweater covered hands and pushed it in the air to settle flush against his side. His heart flew into his throat and he froze, arm straight in the air holding his phone. Denki looked at him concerned.

"Oh! I'm sorry, is this-- is this weird? I don't have a personal bubble so I sorta forget that everyone else has one. You definitely seem like the type to have a bubble, though--" 

Hitoshi felt himself relax somewhere in the midst of the blonde's nervous chatter. Something about Denki being as flustered as he felt gave him more control over the situation and he found bravery somewhere within. Without a word, he slid the arm holding his phone around Denki's shoulder and pulled the boy closer so they'd both be able to see the screen out in front of their faces. As he pressed play on the video, he could have sworn there was the faintest tint of pink dusting Denki's cheeks.


Much to Hitoshi’s pleasure, they silently agreed to forgo their personal bubbles for the night. Denki burst his out of habit, and Hitoshi relinquished his out of pure desire for physical contact. By two or three in the morning, they were cuddled against one another on the bed, eventually sliding down to lay side by side. Hitoshi never made the conscious decision to spoon Denki, but his arm ended up around the tapered waist in front of him. Denki had the phone, then, and shimmied himself back against Hitoshi’s chest. 

Hitoshi was sure that he'd died and gone to heaven. Having Denki in his arms felt like coming home, like they belonged slotted together sinking into mounds of soft blankets and pillows. Denki rested his pretty little head over Hitoshi's one arm and splayed his fingers over the arm draped around his waist. It was peaceful, endearing, and arousing. Hitoshi found he really couldn't ignore the last one.

Every time Denki shimmied, sighed, laughed, or moved even a centimeter, Hitoshi was screaming at his loins to abort mission. They'd established the lack of personal bubble, but Hitoshi was sure that didn't excuse being poked in the ass with an unwelcomed hardon. 

Nevertheless, Denki shimmied his hips and shoulders like he was trying to sink deeper into the embrace, and Hitoshi felt his breath catch in his throat. He rested his forehead against Denki's shoulder and willed himself to stare at the cat video. 

But then the video ended.

And Denki laid the phone on the bed instead of playing another one.

"'Toshi?" the blonde said in a small voice. 

He was sure that Denki could hear or feel his heart pounding in his chest. The distraction was gone. They were just… cuddling now. 


Denki maneuvered himself to lay on his back in Hitoshi's arms, leaving his hand resting on a soft but toned, clothed stomach, his other arm slotted under the pillow beneath Denki's head. For the second time that night, Hitoshi found himself inches from Denki's face and struggling to count the almost non-existent freckles on his button nose. 

In all the years that Histoshi had struggled with sleeping at a decent hour, he'd learned a few things about being awake after midnight. The most important lesson wasn't that he had to find a good 24/7 cafe, but that the late hour sometimes lent itself to mysterious or unbelievable things just because . Shadows moved out of the corner of eyes, people sometimes called when they missed you, and crushes told you to kiss them.

"Kiss me." 

Hitoshi sucked in a sudden breath and blinked a few times. "What?" He searched Denki's eyes for some kind of tell that said he was joking. Golden eyes stared back at him and a grin slowly crept it's way across perfect pink lips below him. 

"You want to, right? It's pretty obvious whenever we're close like that, I mean, I'm not the one with the brain quirk thing, but my face isn't that interesting. You stare at it intently like three times a day and if I'm being honest, I kinda wanna kiss you, too because you're cool, ya know? Like really cool. I can't even fathom how cool sometimes." 

Denki's rant trailed off as Hitoshi reached up to give into primal instincts for the first time, brushing his fingers through incredibly soft blonde hair and pushing it behind the boy's ear. There was something about the ranting, the utter adorable ramblings spilling from those pretty pink lips that forced action out of Hitoshi. It was like Denki's words were pushing little buttons in his head that said it was okay to touch him. When the words trailed off, so did Hitoshi's bravery. 

"Keep talking," he said thickly, swallowing through the dryness in his throat. 

Denki's beautiful eyes darted back and forth. "Uhm, it's hard to do that when you put me on the spot, 'Toshi. Especially since I just laid it all out for you on a platter like--" Hitoshi brushed his fingers against the soft skin of a cheekbone. It was the other boy's turn to swallow, his nerves evident in the shake of his voice. It drove Hitoshi to lean forward a little more. "I asked you to come along for homework nights because you sort of calm me, not that that's what's happening right now because you're so close and I can't," he paused to suck in a breath and Hitoshi made eye contact with him, "I can hardly breathe and-- God, your eyes are so pretty up close and the lights in here just make you look like some ethereal being."

Hitoshi was close enough that Denki's labored breaths puffed against his lips. His heart pounded in his chest because he knew that once this happened, there'd be no going back for him. No more platonic study sessions where he struggled to keep his hands to himself. No more deep ache as Denki returned to his own room for the night and Hitoshi had to watch him walk away. No more wondering what those soft pink lips would feel like. 

They were almost like silk against his, soft and plush and parting in a gasp that allowed Hitoshi to slide his tongue between them. He felt Denki's body relax into the pillows, tension melting off him like it was Hitoshi, and he came to the realization that maybe Denki wanted this just as bad as he did. 

He deepened the kiss, sliding his arm from beneath the pillow to join his other hand in framing Denki's face. He rolled his body over Denki’s, slotting his knee between the blonde’s thighs naturally. Hitoshi wasn’t sure what was coming over him, but somehow it felt like something broke and came together all at the same time the moment their lips met. It was like he’d been falling and finally hit the bottom, but he’d landed on pillows. He was lost in the sensation, the small gasps emanating beneath him as he pushed his knee forward more. 

Denki pulled his lip between his teeth and something about the pain brought Hitoshi back to his senses. He pulled back and buried his face in the crook of Denki’s neck. He was treated with a soft giggle next to his ear. “Getting overwhelmed?” came a teasing, sensual voice that sent a chill down his spine.

He felt a smile spread across his lips. “No,” he huffed, finding his bearings somehow to respond. “I’m just trying to maintain my composure so I don’t ravage you so soon after our first kiss.” 

Hitoshi could feel the grin in Denki’s lips as he kissed along the shell of his ear and then whispered, “Who says you can’t ravage me, ‘Toshi?” 

If he wasn’t already so sure that he’d died and went to heaven, the carnal urge that surged through his body would have been enough sin to send him straight to hell. The growl that sounded deep in his chest was demon-like.

He pushed his knee forward and ground it into the growing erection between Denki’s thighs, using the accompanying gasp to once again lick into the other boy’s mouth. The noises he made against Hitoshi’s lips were so sweet and needy, more beautiful than he’d ever imagined they would be. He was lost in a sea of citrus and small pulses of static electricity for a while before Denki was clawing at the shirt on his back. 

“Off,” he whined. 

“Someone’s needy,” he teased, but carefully leaned back on his knees to pull his shirt off in one swipe. 

“You, too, come on,” he said, grasping for Denki’s hand.  

Denki gave Hitoshi a lopsided grin and raised his arms, biting his bottom lip. Oh, he wanted Hitoshi to undress him. "Brat," he half huffed, half growled as he slid his hands up Denki's sides, bringing the shirt up and over his head. 

The moment Denki's arms were free, Hitoshi was pushing him gently back onto the bed and kissing every bare inch of flesh. He was met with lean muscles and smooth skin, tiny pink nipples and the faintest of blonde, coarse hair leading down into his jeans. 

Denki arched his back as Hitoshi licked, sucked, and kissed his way around the canvas of his chest. He etched every tiny sound from Denki's lips and every stray freckle on his skin into his memory. He drank in with all of his senses and just prayed to the gods that Denki was as wanton with need as he was. 

“‘Toshi,” Denki whined, fisting his hands in the soft blankets surrounding them. His eyes were squinted closed and his eyebrows were furrowed. 

Hitoshi was kissing right below his belly button, fingers hooked in belt loops. He could feel Denki’s cock straining against the confines of his jeans, pressing against him where he was situated between thin, long legs. Hitoshi raised his head to meet a pout on Denki’s face. “What’s wrong?”

He huffed, throwing his head back into the pillow. “You’re driving me crazy,” he said, and Hitoshi made a mental note to store that pitiful whine in his voice in his memory banks. 

He grinned and went to work unbuttoning and unzipping Denki’s jeans to pull them down his hips along with his boxers. He was done wasting time and needed nothing more than to make the angel below him squirm and mew with more noises. Once his clothes were free from his feet, Denki groaned, wiggling his hips as his cock layed red-tipped, angry, and leaking against his thigh. 

Something comprised of awe, power, and need washed through Hitoshi’s mind and body as he stared down at the creature before him. He’d spent so many nights across the table from Denki, nose pressed into a book to distract himself from wandering thoughts. He’d wished so many times that this is where their nights would end. The sight below him was a little unbelievable, if he were being honest, but it was a beautiful one to behold. 

Without removing his eyes from Denki’s gorgeous body, he stood and slid his jeans and boxers down in one go, and then climbed on top of him once again. Their lips met, Denki’s hands and thin fingers raking up his back and into his hair. Their bodies slotted against one another, cocks brushing, and that small action emitted desperate moans into the kiss. 

Hitoshi kissed down Denki’s jawline, to his neck, lips brushing against the shell of his ear. 

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to have you like this?” he muttered. Denki shivered under him. Despite all doubts and apprehensions melting away by the minute, Hitoshi felt the need to validate himself. He needed to know that this meant the same for Denki as it did for him. 

He raised to meet golden eyes with his own. “Denks,” he started, taking in the glazed and already blissed out look that the other man held. Denki bit at his own bottom lip and nodded in acknowledgement, so Hitoshi allowed himself to continue. “I like you.” 

Denki smiled wider than Hitoshi had ever imagined he could. “I like you, too, Hitoshi,” he said proudly. They remained still, staring into each other’s eyes like they were grasping for purchase on falling ground. 

Hitoshi almost felt like the ground beneath his feet was falling, crumbling away in loose pebbles and dry, cracked soil. He was panicking because he felt like he wasn’t enough. Those words didn’t feel like enough. How was he supposed to explain the little idiosyncrasies of Denki’s personality and how those tiny characteristics were often the highlight of his day? How could he explain the feelings he felt so deeply ingrained in his soul that he could feel the intensity of them bursting out through the marrow in his bones? 

He cupped Denki’s face in his hand and slid his thumb across his cheekbone. It was then, his eyes darting back and forth over the planes of Denki’s beautiful face, that Hitoshi realized he’d spend eternity trying to find the right words to explain the immense feelings within him. 

It would only take a few touches, caresses, and presses of lips to make Denki feel good, though; right in this moment. 

With abandon, he closed the distance between them and kissed Denki with all that he had. Their tongues swirled together after finding entrance between already swollen, kiss-bruised lips. Hitoshi reveled in the sunkissed citrus taste of him and groaned when his lips were nipped and pulled by Denki’s teeth. It was a frantic crash of bodies, more desperate than before. Hands tangled in hair, dug stubby nails into flesh, and clawed at each other, a silent plea to be closer, closer. 

Somewhere in the blur of hands, lips, and teeth, Hitoshi managed to slide a hand between their bodies. His hand found Denki’s weeping cock, encircled around it, and pulled soft gasps and curses, moans deep and desperate from his chest. Denki was relaxing, melting, arching beneath him, Hitoshi’s name a prayer on his lips. 

At some point, he sacrificed the kiss to watch Denki’s face; all furrowed eyebrows, eyes shooting open when Hitoshi ventured the grace the very tip of his cock with the pad of his thumb. He set an agonizing pace, watching Denki unravel below him in slow motion. Hitoshi could feel his own erection steadily throbbing and leaking against Denki’s thigh, begging for attention, but the masterpiece below him was enough of a distraction. 

“You sound so fucking pretty when you’re like this,” Hitoshi crooned, breath brushing over Denki’s face. He couldn’t help himself. It was the truth. He could spend all night just touching him and listening to his little cries of pleasure. 

The break in silence set of a tumble of words from Denki’s lips that had Hitoshi relinquishing his previous thoughts for a more ravenous need. “I-- fuck , ‘Toshi, I-- can’t even think. How’re you so shit --composed? Ahh--Oh my god, that feels so good. You’ve got to be some kind of-- fucking wizard.”

Hitoshi’s other hand swiftly and awkwardly found its way into the drawer of his side table, grasping for the bottle of lube he knew was there. He stopped his ministrations, eliciting a pouting, whiny moan from Denki’s throat. He held the bottle between his thumb and forefinger in front of Denki’s face, in a sort of question. 

Denki’s eyes widened and for a moment, Hitoshi thought he’d went too far or suggested too much. He surely didn’t want to overwhelm the delicate creature, but fuck if he weren’t desperate enough to beg to be inside of him. 

“Yes, yes please ,” Denki said, nodding vigorously. 

Hitoshi chuckled, shaking his head. He situated himself more to the side of Denki than on top of him, wedging himself to the side of the boy’s lean body. He popped the cap on the lube, coated his fingers, and then settled with his face buried in the crook of Denki’s neck. He nudged thin legs up to bent knees and slid his hand between them to rub the generous coating of lube between Denki’s ass cheeks. 

A shiver racked through Denki’s body as Hitoshi’s fingers brushed against the ring of muscle there for the first time. He slowly circled one of his fingers, and pressed his lips to the shell of Denki’s ear. “You ever done anything like this before?” he whispered. 

Denki nodded. “Yes, uhm, yeah. I--” he stuttered, eyes fluttering closed as Hitoshi pushed the tip of his finger inside. He arched his back and ground his hips downward a little, pushing Hitoshi’s finger a little further in. “ Fuck . Yeah. Just yeah, keep going,” he whimpered. 

Hitoshi pressed little kisses beneath Denki’s ear as he worked inside, easing in with slow little thrusts. Denki whimpered and whined beside him. Hitoshi could see the wanton need pushing and pulling at his thin hips, the incessant wiggle urging Hitoshi on and lighting fire deep in his belly with more desperation. He pulled out and pushed another finger in beside the first one. Denki nearly cried out at the new intrusion, but Hitoshi caught his mouth in soft, repetitive kisses. 

“Shhh, you’re doing so good for me,” he muttered against soft lips. 

Denki shuddered once again. “ God , every time you open your mouth I feel like I’m just going to-- ahh ,” his words were cut off as Hitoshi increased his speed, going deeper and deeper in small increments each time he re-entered. 

“Just going to what, Denki? Hmm?” Hitoshi was grinning now, drunk on power. His teasing nature giving a subtle lilt and edge to his voice. He experimentally moved his fingers around in search of the bundle of nerves he knew would be Denki’s undoing. 

“Y-your voice is just so-- sultry, ‘Toshi. I dunno it-- fuck , does things to me-- Ahh!” Denki’s whole body jerked mid-sentence as Hitoshi’s fingers finally brushed against his prostate. His mouth stayed open, his eyes wide, eyelashes fluttering. Hitoshi stilled his fingers and shot a sideways grin down at Denki's surprised and blissed out face. The blonde struggled to gain his composure, his eyes finally focusing on Hitoshi's.

"Uhm? Woah?" He said breathlessly. 

Hitoshi pressed a kiss to Denki’s lips, then to his jawline, trailing them down to his neck. Denki squirmed against his unmoving fingers and whimpered. “Hitoshi, please ,” he whined. 

Hitoshi swallowed hard and licked his lips, nerves suddenly overtaking him. He leaned back to meet pretty golden eyes once again. “Denks, can I ask you a question?” he started. 

“You just did,” he said, a wide grin overtaking his features. Hitoshi could feel a blush creeping up his face, knowing very well that he was making their current situation awkward by interrupting the heat of it all with his questions. He had an idea, though, one that warranted a conversation. 

“Sorry, I just uh—” he blanched, searching for words. “I was wondering if you’d be okay with me using my quirk on you? I have an idea and—” 

“Yes,” Denki said matter-of-factly, face stern and sure of himself. 

Hitoshi laughed, the sound ripping out of him in a husky voice, deep with lust and affection. He leaned in and stole a soft kiss, still smiling as their lips touched. “Can I call you baby?” he whispered. Denki’s hands were suddenly in Hitoshi’s hair, pulling him down into another kiss, desperate, needy, and answering. 

Denki pulled back after a small groan rumbled deep in Hitoshi’s chest to meet his gaze with lidded eyes. “You can call me whatever you want if you just—” he tightened his hands in Hitoshi’s hair and bit his bottom lip. 

Permissions aside, Hitoshi felt sort of like Denki was at his mercy. It made him feel powerful once again, but ravenous. Carnal desire washed through his body and he lunged down to Denki’s neck for what felt like the hundredth time for the night. “If I just what, hmm? Make you feel good?” 

Denki nodded eagerly, hands still tight in Hitoshi’s hair. Hitoshi twitched his fingers inside of Denki, brushing gently against that spot that had made him gasp just a few minutes earlier. “Fuck, fuck, ” he gasped, fingers clawing down Hitoshi’s neck to his back. His stubby nails dug into Hitoshi’s bare skin, urging him on. He slowly started moving his fingers in and out again, the agonizing pace forcing Denki’s ability to form words out of his body. He simply crooned and moaned into the otherwise silent room. 

Hitoshi remained at Denki’s neck, kissing, licking, nipping at the flesh there. “You’re doing so good, baby,” he whispered. “You sound so pretty when you make such desperate little noises for me.” Hitoshi felt the body under him shudder dramatically, a long, low moan escaping his pretty pink lips. 

“Fuck, fuck, Hitoshi, I—” 

“What’s wrong, baby?” He stilled his fingers to give the other boy a second to catch his breath. 

“Your v-voice,” he whined, tapping Hitoshi’s back with the tips of his fingers. 

A wicked grin spread across his face and he slid his fingers as delicately out of Denki as he could. The other boy looked like he was going to cry from the loss, question written across his face. “H-hitoshi?”

“Shhh, come here,” he said, pulling the pliant body into his embrace, turning and puppeting him so that they were in their beginning position, Hitoshi spooning Denki. 

He molded their bodies together, pressing his hard cock against Denki’s ass, unashamed of the low groan that fell out of both of their lips. He wrapped his arms around the smaller boy, resting his head on a lithe shoulder. “Feel that, Denki? Do you feel what you’ve done to me?” he whispered against the skin there. Yet another whimper sounded in Denki’s throat as Hitoshi ground his hips forward. He held the lean, beautiful body in his grasp and continued moving his hips, placing kisses every once in a while. Denki whimpered uselessly in front of him, little gasps of “Please,” and “Hitoshi,” reverberating from his lips. 

“How would you feel if I made you cum like this, baby? Untouched, desperate,” he paused his words to moan, burying his face in the skin of his shoulder for a moment, “needy.” He trailed his fingers down Denki’s chest with his left hand. Another full body shudder wracked through his body and Hitoshi felt a deep growl rumble in his chest. “ Gods , Denki, your ass is just-- fuck .” 

Hitoshi had no intention of getting so carried away, turned on, or close this fast, but — “You’re so fucking perfect, baby, Gods,” — words and desperate sounds were spewing out of his mouth against Denki’s neck. The other boy was rocking his hips back against his cock, shameless, wanton sounds pouring out of him. 

Hitoshi was sure that he could hear his name, amongst the begging. “Your voice, Hitoshi, fuck , I—” 

“Gunna cum for me like this, Denki? I’m not going to touch you, sweetie. I’m going to make you cum untouched with my quirk. How would you like that? Is that entertaining enough for you?” He didn’t know if his call-back to Denki’s earlier request went unnoticed or not because he was too distracted by the stuttering, near wail that erupted out of him. “All you gotta do is use your words, baby. Can you do that?” 

“Y-yes,” he answered, and was immediately captured under Hitoshi’s quirk. Maintaining concentration was difficult under the current pressure building in the pit of his stomach, but he managed. His hand moved from Denki’s chest to his hip, using his bruising grip to grind more forcefully against his ass. The pre-cum leaking from his cock provided just enough lubrication between the two of them to create bliss.

The sounds coming from Denki were noticeably more subdued under Hitoshi’s quirk. “Keep making noise for me, baby,” he whispered. “You’re so perfect and needy and just— Ahh, I really really like you, Denki. Thought about this for so long— never knew you’d be so fucking— fuck. ” His control was melting under the feel of Denki’s skin, the sound of his unrestrained moans echoing into his room, the heat building between them. He struggled to maintain control of his quirk and knew that he was very close to falling over the edge.

With soft kisses behind Denki’s ear, he thrust his hips forward a few more times and whispered, “Cum for me, Denki,” as he released his quirk. The feeling was like a wave crashing over him, drowning him in shaking bodies, nails digging into his arm as Denki struggled to find purchase on anything to help him stay grounded through his intense orgasm. He painted the skin between them with warm cum, his moans bordering on screams, as Denki spilled onto the bed. 

They came down slowly, grasping onto each other, shaking. At some point, Denki turned to face Hitoshi and crashed their lips together. Hitoshi couldn’t be sure above the buzzing in his head, but he thought he heard something like, “Incredible, fucking wow,” mumbled between the kisses. They tangled their limbs together, uncaring of the mess between them or under them. 

Finally sated, they ended up with Denki’s head resting on Hitoshi’s chest, Hitoshi’s fingers carding through soft, blonde locks. Their breathing was steadied out, Denki’s almost peaceful enough to resemble sleep. Hitoshi couldn’t stop the smile spread across his lips for the life of him. It was him who broke the silence, unable to contain the thoughts threatening to spill out, needing to find comfort in what had just transpired between them. 

“All those nights in the library,” he started. 

“Yep. All a part of my plan to get you all to myself, ‘Toshi,” Denki interrupted, voice thick with sleep. He threw his arm across Hitoshi’s midsection and cuddled closer into him. 

Hitoshi chuckled. “No, seriously, how long have you been pining for me?” 

“Only like — forever? It’s probably been mutual pining since the beginning? You’ve just been too much of a gentleman about me to do anything about it. To be fair, I’ve been too much of a pansy, so really we’ve just been idiots together for too long.” 

Hitoshi tugged at Denki’s ear and forced him to raise his head to make eye contact. “I really do like you, Denki Kaminari.” 

“Yeah, ditto, my emotional support insomniac,” Denki said, grinning, and then stretching and placing a soft kiss on Hitoshi’s lips. 

“Is that what we’re calling this?” 

Denki snuggled back down into his chest and Hitoshi felt his heart soar, butterflies riddle his stomach, and his breath hitch when Denki muttered a soft and cheery, “Yep!” against the bare skin of his chest.