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Locker room shenanigans

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Having a locker toom in class 1-A was an interesting dynamic. At first, everyone had stayed spaced apart as much as possible, or took turns. But that was so long ago. Friendships and trust bonded them all now, even if some less than others.

Deku remembers those first few weeks like yesterday. Eijirou was casual, just getting into the shower while barely covering himself. He said he "had no shame around his new buds." Or something like that. Izuku admired his confidence.
Bakugou took no shit, as expected. Deku thinks he hasnt changed at all in the locker room, besides tolerating everyone a bit more. He'd went on a very angry rant on how he would pummel anyone who tries to peek at him, and that no one better touch his shit.
Benki wasnt trusted, for a while. He could shock the fuck out of the water system and kill them all. Eventually some trust from experience took over the weariness, but it was a tense time. Electric and water dont mix.

Personally, Deku thinks the friendship developement is amazing. He was headed towards the showers now, rather casaully. No one up and went streaking to the shower, but he wasnt so paranoid about it anymore. He was extensively sore from traning, so a hot shower would soothe his muscles. He stepped in and hung his towel elsewhere to keep dry, before turning the water on blast.
He immediately relaxed into it, the knots in his shoulders easing if not just for right now.
He dips his head down, green hair wetting and cascading around his face. He pushed it back, out of his eyes. Then the water stopped? He furrowed his eyebrows, looked to the dial, and seen that it hadnt been touched. Then, why..?

"T-TODOROKI DONT!" He cried out immediately as he recalled the cruel, common prank. Yet ice water spouted out of the showerhead anyways, leaving Deku to shriek and try to stumble away. It ripped through his skin and froze his bones solid, metaphorically of course, leaving him to shake and try to get as far away as possible.

It was a great trick, honestly. He wasnt left with many options. Either run away from the cold and be seen shriveled and naked, or tough it out and freeze. Damn bastard. He decided he'd outsmarted Shouto, as he recalled he'd left his towel nearby. But as he hurriedly reached for it, he found it was taken. He miserably looked at the group of his chuckling classmates. By group, he meant Kacchan, Todoroki, and Kirishima. Mostly Kacchan.

He continued his drill sergeant lecturing, gesticulating and grabbing a towel. He thrusts it to Deku, so he can escape.

Though the towel isnt taken, so he looks back and sees the hot water is already running again, and Izuku simply went on with his showering. He gaped, wondering how long he had been lecturing without cause. He turned back to the men he was lecturing towards, and seen they had parted with a few scattered snickers.
"Well then. Very good!" He nods to himself, stalking off.

Deku had a bit of free time before he had to do anything, so he took a long shower. First Bakugou would shower in the one next to him, mostly rinsing himself of sweat. He kept a glare, staring at the wall.
Izuku looked over to him when he first stepped in, though quickly looked away realizing the nakedness they both wore.


This shook Midoriya, as Kacchan was yelling right beside him. And he hadn't even realised Shouto had froze Kacchans water. He didnt even flinch, just took the cold shower.
Todoroki snickered a little as he entered the shower stall on Dekus other side. Further unamused that he didnt get a reaction, he stopped the coldness showering onto Bakugous side.

"How very fucking kind of you," Kacchan grumbled.

The explosive hero left after rinsing in the hot water a bit longer, and as Deku turned to tell him bye, he realises that now that he was gone, everyone else had also piled out, besides himself and Shoto.

"Whatever, nerd."

Deku gulped a bit. Was it rude to get out, now? Should he care if it was rude?

"Oh look, we're alone.." Todoroki said, feigning innocence.
"No one to save you.."

Dekus eyes went wide, already frantically looking for a towel. He was left empty handed again, screaming the others name miserably as he was showered with freezing water again. He made an unconcious decision to get out this time, as no one was to see, anyways.

He heard before he seen the thin layer of ice creeping over the floor, covering everything. It came from all the exits, and slowly was making its way to Izuku from every direction. All while Todoroki casually washed his hair.

He quickly realised it was to freeze, or..or, go to the only safe place. Deku shoved the shower door open and entered Todorokis shower stall to avoid freezing to death. He smiled smugly for about 2 seconds, before realizing that they were both naked.

Shouto didnt seem phased, just pushing the last bit of bubbles from his hair. He turned to Deku, and smirked.
"You've played right into my trap, Izuku Midoriya."

And the green haired man gulped. Todoroki pressed his hand against Dekus chest, gently pushing him against the wall. Izukus breath caught in his throat, Shouto was close. Very close. He had his arm caging in Deku on one side. Their unsure, panting chests brushed against one anothers as they breathed. His lips, so close that if he were to press forward, he could easily capture them.
Deku felt steam rising all around them, letting him know that all the ice was melted.

"You can leave whenever you want," Todoroki confirmed, his eyes glancing down to Dekus lips. He moved closer and kissed him quickly, his other hand capturing Dekus freckled cheek.

Izuku kissed back for a few moments, before pulling away with furrowed eyebrows.
"What are you doing?" He mumbled.

Shouto grunted softly at the disconnection, his lips instead trailing down to Izukus neck, where he kissed hungrily, yet slow.
"The way you scream my name," he groaned a little, licking up Dekus throat.
"I want to hear it again."

Izuku relaxed a little at the explanation, although his cheeks burned red. He let an arm cautiously wrap up and curl into the others split hair. He pulled Shoutos head closer as he sucked a hickey, a small whimper escaping his lips.

They heard the door re open suddenly, and Todoroki was quick to shove Deku down out of sight.
Bakugou reenters, looking around suspiciously. He grabs his coat he'd forgotten, before narrowing his eyes.

"Where'd the nerd go?"

Deku kept quiet and out of sight, so long as Kacchan didn't look under the stall and see him on his knees. Though the idea thrilled him in a confusing way. He realised that he was eye level with the taller mans groin, and that Shouto was definitely hard.

He realised there was a silence, aswell. So, silently, he tentatively licked up the others cock. It bounced slightly, and he seen Todoroki's fist clench.

"I didn't see him leave," Kacchan said in a confused grumble, putting his arms through his jacket.

"Must have missed him. Im not his keeper." The half and half quirked male said simply, managing to keep his voice even as he ran his hand through his bicromial hair. Izuku, beneath him, carefully wrapped a hand around his length and brought it to his mouth.

Unaware to Deku, Bakugou chancedly glanced down at the bottom of the stall, his eyes widening. He didn't necessarily know who it was, he could only make out someones feet and knees from where he stood.

"Well, well. Who'd you sneak in here, icyhot? Who's the lady you managed to convince to kneel on this athletes foot floor?" He chuckled slightly, arms crossing.

Todoroki gulped, because even as Deku listened, he flushed and took the others length into his mouth as much as he could. Shouto was afraid that Bakugou would step closer to peek.

"None of your business, Bakugou. Get out."
His hands moved down to curl into a green mess of hair, pulling Deku impossibly further onto him.

He seemed to weigh his options. "No way. You want my silence, you can buy it. I want in." And just as slowly as he'd put on his jacket, he took it off again.

Todoroki clenched his jaw. "And if 'she' doesnt want to?"

"Im sure she's a smart girl who doesnt want a stain on her record. Isnt that right?" He called over.

Todoroki looked down and released Deku off of himself where he'd held him. Izuku couldnt help but to gasp and pant softly, the sound echoing off of the walls. Katsuki smirked at the noises, they were highpitched enough to be believed to be female.
Midoriya nodded shyly up at Shouto, who grumbled.

"You're either blindfolded or you get cool about a lot of things really quickly." Shouto said in a deadpan to the explosive male.

Bakugos eyebrows rose. "I want to see."

"Then give me your word you wont tell."

"Look, if I'm in, I won't."

"Yes, Bakugou, but-"

Aggravated about the complexity after already getting confirmation, Katsuki stepped over and just ripped the shower stall door open.
The scene of Todoroki with his hands clenched into his childhood friends hair, as he held him down on his cock, invaded his eyes. What was most shocking was how Deku was also hard, gripping himself and staring up at Shouto as if this were perfect.

"DAMMIT DEKU," Bakugou growled, his hands subconciously flickering a few flames.

Shouto pushed Izukus off of himself and sparked his own right side threateningly. "Stay or get out. Just shut your loud mouth."

The blonde kept his jaw clenched for a few moments, before giving a gruff shake of his head. "No, no I've waited too long to make this nerd pay." He said in a cold tone.
Deku looked up at him with a slight flush of what was to come.

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"I've waited too long to make this nerd pay."

The words sent a shock through Deku. He may be a bit inexperienced, but he thought maybe he should make his stance known. The futures greatest super hero was Not a bottom bitch.
..Yeah, okay, he had a thing for giving head. But otherwise he wanted to be in control when it came to Kacchan! He blushed a bit, recalling how often his thoughts would go dirty when he Kacchan yelled at him. He wanted to tie him up and teach him a lesson for such rude behaviour. Yes, to break a headstrong alpha..that was Dekus fantasy. Kacchan wasnt some cutesy shit because Deku was submissive. It was more of a pet name. Well, in Izukus mind.

"Look at the nerd blushing. Tch," Bakugou smirked and slightly gripped himself, "I bet he's fantasized about taking my cock for years."

"No," Deku says rather casually, although there was a silent record scratch 'what?' moment. He stood up, gripping his own hard cock, and gave Katsuki a once over.
"But I've thought about how to break you, punish you for being so rude, Kacchan."
The way he said the nickname made his thoughts on it rather obvious, now. He'd even put two fingers on Bakugous chin.

You know whats better than a pretentious asshole being a dream dom? A pretentious asshole being a perfect sub.
Todoroki watched in fascination. He'd seemed so flustered when it was the two of them. It made his cock twitch to think that Deku wasnt an easy virgin. No, he had thought it through.

Bakugou wanted to shove Deku down and show him how much better he was than him, listen to the nerd scream that stupid nickname. Well. He wanted to want that. But he found himself melting into the others strong hold when Izukus strong hand grasped his neck.

"Would you like that, Kacchan?" He mumbled.
Katsuki flushed and looked away, but he could still see Deku smirk soundly at the reaction.

"Hey, forgetting someone?" Shouto grumbled.

Deku hummed and turned to look at him. "No, I hadn't forgotten. I just thought youd enjoy seeing me turn Kacchan into my bottom bitch."

Bakugou opened his mouth to object, but the hand tightened on his throat and he let out a small breath of fluster.
"Top or bottom, Todoroki?"

Shoutos eyebrows rose. "Top."

"Hmf.." Midoriyas eyes trailed back to Katsuki.
"I'm not sure I want to share Kacchan."

"I want to fuck you, Deku." Shouto reminded aggravatedly.

"You and everyone else," he chuckled, beginning to take Bakugous shirt.
Once it was off, he gripped the blondes jaw roughly.
"Suck him off." He said sternly, pushing him to his knees.

Todoroki was immensely suprised when he didnt blow up the entire place, but isntead hastily got to work doing as he was told. His cheeks were flushed dark as he tentatively began licking around Shoutos sack. Todoroki watched as Deku got behind him and began taking his basketball shorts off. Izuku looked up to watch Katsuki, but immediately gave an easily bruising spank.
Bakugou cried out slightly at the hit, his hands gripping onto Shotos hips.

"I said suck him. Stop fucking around."
Even Todoroki blushed at the commanding, cold tone in Dekus voice.

Katsuki immediately started swallowing Shotos cock, bobbing his head quickly and as far down as he could. Todoroki's groans let Deku know how submissive and willing Kacchan really was.

Deku pulled Bakugous boxers off next. He wound his hand into Katsukis hair, pulling him off Todoroki roughly. Instead, he shoved two fingers into his mouth. Shouto was a bit aggravated that the skilled lips were off of him, but the scene beneath him was enough to make him forget about his loss. Bakugou was looking up at him, almost pitifully, he could tell how horny and flustered the blonde was with fingers in his mouth, and noted that he hadnt been touched at all yet. Bakugou sucked and wet the fingers the best he could before they were removed.

He panted silently, going back to his job at hand. Katsuki sucked around the head of the half and halfs cock, as Deku pushed a saliva lubricated finger into him. Todoroki watched his eyebrows knit and eyes close. The blonde simply distracted himself from the stretching feeling by bobbing down on the others length.

Deku watched him work on Shouto as he curled the finger and determined he could slip the other in. He pushed the second finger in and watched Bakugos hand grip Todoroki's hip tighter.

"Are you a virgin, Kacchan?" Deku asked, scissoring and pumping in and out of the other.

Katsuki whined around the cock in his mouth and managed to pull off enough to shake his head. This amused Deku, but was important information.

"Of course not, Kacchan. Youre too pretty to be unclaimed, arent you?"
He carefully adds a third finger, watching his Kacchan cry out in pleasure.

He made a small signal at Todoroki, who shoved his cock into the others mouth at the moan, as silently requested. He gripped his hands into the blonde locks and kept him in place, pushing his hips forward until Bakugous nose was against his navel. The way the other looked up at him mirrored Dekus expression earlier, so he knew just how much he was enjoying himself. He can feel the vibration of all of Katsukis small whimpers as Deku works him open.

Deku must be doing something right, because he can feel an intense vibration that surely wouldve been a scream. He pulled Bakugou off so he could breathe, watching him gasp and sputter out intense moans, his body arching up. Behind him, Deku had found an interesting bundle of nerves, and instead of just aiming to pump into it, he shoved his fingers against it flatly, and rubbed it directly.

Bakugou had arched back so far his back was against Midoriyas chest, desperately gripping behind him to tangle his hands into the others hair.
Now, Bakugou didnt beg, and he wasnt a little sissy in bed, mind you. Yeah, he was submissive, and did what was told, but he'd never begged before.

"Please Deku! Please, r-right-right there-" he cried, shakily reaching for his cock to relieve its ache.

Midoriya gripped the hand and shoved his fingers into the nerves, keeping them there but giving no stimulation. He leaned his lips into Bakugos ear.
"Dont you fucking dare cum." He growled.

The whine of sweet misery that Bakugou released at the dirty whispering went straight to Shoutos cock. Yeah, again, he was left being untouched, but watching Bakugou act so erotically was just as amazing. He'd been gripping himself, he didnt want to finish yet. He couldnt hear what Izuku was saying, but he seen how flushed the blonde became, and noticed that Dekus fingers were slowly, slowly moving again.
Bakugou choked on his moans so he could hear the others husky words.

"-like a good boy? Is that what you want, Kacchan?" He'd been saying.

He nodded eagerly, tears welling up from the pain of his neglected cock, holding back his climax, and overstimulation.
"Please-please," he managed chokedly. Deku smirked against his neck and took his hands away.

Bakugou fell a bit forward, grasping Todorokis hips once more. He looked up at him and opened his mouth for use.
I swear I'm dreaming, theyd all think.

Shouto pushed himself back into the others hot mouth, lazily face fucking him so he didnt come just yet. He mostly watched Midoriya pump his precum over his thick cock, trying to get it a bit lubricated. He then pressed it against Bakugous hole, and slowly started entering the blonde.

To distract him from the stretch, Shouto leaned down after pulling away, and kissed him. Watching the two heatedly make out was beautiful, Deku decided. He was moving slow towards bottoming out, but he knew it had to hurt to be stretched so much without proper lube.

"Touch him," Deku ordered, watching Shouto quickly move his hand to Bakugous cock. It was the first time they touched him, so he cried out softly into their kiss.

It was slow moving and whimpering through kisses until Deku bottomed out. He let out a small breath he didnt know he was holding, slowly rolling his hips in circles as he allowed him to adjust. His hands rubbed over Bakugous hips gently.

"Youre doing so good, Kacchan, you look so pretty with my cock in you. Im going to move now, tell me if it's not okay."

Deku slowly pulled about half way out, then pushed back in a bit faster. He earned a small groan, so he did it again. He wasnt going to last long, and neither was Bakugou.

Todoroki stopped kissing him, finally, so he could listen and watch the two. It surely was a show. He didn't want to come until he fucked Deku, so he just treasured the entertainment and slowly stroked himself as he watched them.
Deku slowly sped up, but after a minute, his rhythm was gone, instead erratic. His arms were looped underneath Bakugous, curling around his chest and gripping onto his shoulders.

And holy shit, Katsuki was loud. He had his head thrown back over one of Dekus shoulders, body jolting up with each powerful, fast thrust.
"Deku," he nearly screamed out, "fuck, please!"

Shouto had to grip himself harder to not come. Midoriya thrusts hard three, four times before he buried deep and stayed there as he came. He'd only let out grunts the whole time, but a low groan was released when he finished.
He kissed along Bakugous neck, panting softly with his eyes closed.
"So good Kacchan, you take me so well.." he mumbled.

"Deku please," he whimpered as the other pulled out, a tear streaming. "It hurts,"

Izuku panicked and sobered up quickly, "wh-what hurts Kacchan?"

"You said he couldnt come," Shoto noted.

Midoriya rose his eyebrows and looked at Bakugou. His hands were fists next to his sides as his angry cock hung heavily. Honestly, Izuku didnt think he would listen, or have enough will power not to come. He frowned slightly and waved Todoroki over.

Deku kissed him apologetically for a moment, as Shouto got behind him and and kissed his neck.
"What would you want, Kacchan? I'm sorry, you can come now. You've been so good."

Katsuki blushed a little, lip trembling. "I dont care, please make me come," he whined, shaking his head.

Deku nodded to Shouto over his shoulder, and slowly wrapped a hand around Katsukis cock. Meanwhile, Shouto slowly pushed himself into the other. He sheathed himself before moving in and out of the other slowly.
Deku stroked Kacchan, who shakily wrapped his arms around his shoulders. He rocked forward with each gentle thrust, Midoriya stroking him at the same time.

And he shakily moaned, gripping onto Izuku like his life depended on it. It took not time for him to start panting and cry out his releasal loudly, and the two men slowly rode him through the climax until he relaxed against Deku.

He took a minute before he sat up, Todoroki already having pulled away. "You fucking nerd," he managed in a hoarse voice.

"Didnt take you as a begger," Todoroki smirked, looking over the others wrecked form. He squeezed his cock.

Izuku looked at his still hard member and rose an eyebrow.

"I told you. I want to fuck you, Deku. I waited my turn."

Midoriya nodded a bit, cheeks tinting. Bakugous jaw dropped.
"It was that easy?!"

"Well, Kacchan, I thought that if my first impression was as a bottom, youd never let me top." He grins innocently.

"As in we could do it again?" Bakugou asked.

"Oi." Todoroki grumbled. "Shut the hell up, it's my turn with Deku. You can leave if you want, or stay, I dont give a shit."
With that he gripped Deku and pulled him closer, clashing their lips together.

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Midoriya blushed as he kissed Shouto, the others hands already moving to knead his ass. Todoroki moved one of Dekus knees up and around his hip, hand curling to Izukus hole.

Bakugou took it to himself to move over to the shower that hed found them in and rinse off. Though he kept the stall open to watch the delicious happenings, his sensitive, recovering cock very much enjoying the show.
He watched Todoroki push a finger into him, and how Deku gripped his shoulders tighter. He was pretty sure the bicromial male didnt use much of anything as lube, yet pumped slowly in and out of the shorter man.

Deku parted their kiss and hissed softly at a second finger being introduced, and soon a third. He'd buried his face into Todoroki's neck, clutching him and moaning shakily, as if he was unsure or flustered.

"Do you want to ride me?" Shouto mumbled into his ear, feeling how inexperienced Deku was with bottoming.

Midoriya nodded, reaching between them to stroke the others member a few times. Todoroki groaned a bit and pushed into his hand before removing his fingers from Deku.
Bakugou watched as IcyHot lowered them and leaned back on his arms, Izuku straddling him. Deku was lifted up on his knees, hovering over the others cock. He breathed slowly as he lined him up and gradually sank down.

Todoroki groaned slightly, clenching his fists to resist bucking up. Luckily it didnt take too long for Midoriya to become seated. He covered his nose and mouth, a deep pink very apparent on his face as he closed his eyes. He rolled his hips slowly, muffled whimpers escaping.

This was what Bakugou expected when he'd agreed. This made his cock ache. It was a bit uncanny to happen after Izuku had growled and ravaged him. Todoroki watched the flustered male slowly pick his hips up a bit, thighs shaking, then press back down. As he dropped, he whimpered a bit louder, and then slowly repeated.
God, he looked sinfully beautiful.

But Midoriya didnt quite speed up, or pick himself up more, or drop harder, really. He just slowly bounced, huffing moans while hidden behind his hand. Todoroki clenched his jaw, and the next time Deku dropped down, he bucked up at meet him. He felt the other clench around him and jolt as he let out a sharper whine, so he bucked up at the next drop, too, elicting a moan.

Then he sat up, pushed forward as to shove Deku onto his back, and pinned his hands in one swift movement. Shouto immediately began pounding into him, this time able to hear all of his delicious sounds. He wasn't going to sit and watch as Midoriya held back because he was shy.

"Youre a big boy, you can take more than that. I said I wanted you to scream my name," he growled, releasing the males hands.

Izuku had immediately erputed into loudly cried out moans, his arms clutching behind Todorokis back.
Bakugou almost came as soon as the change of pace occured, watching contently as Shouto most definitely wrecked Deku.

"You're so big Shouchan-!" He cried out between panted moans, earning a small smirk.

The pace in which Todoroki thrusted into Izuku was brutal, to put it shortly. It alternated deliciously between fast, hard bucking, to rough, deep, slower slams.
Bakugou watched Dekus nails claw 10 deep, red marks down the others back helplessly in passion.

Todoroki sat up slightly and curled a fist into Dekus hair tightly, pulling his head back.

"You like this?" He growled.

"Yes!" He screamed desperately.

Todoroki slapped him roughly across the cheek. "You like my cock?!"

"Yes! Yes, Shouchan!" Izuku screamed out the words, his voice breaking as he cums in white ropes over their torsos.

"Good," Shouto growled, speeding up eractically, "so close," he said mostly to himself, eyes closed and eyebrowd furrowed.

He'd held out, edging himself the whole time so he'd be able to come inside of Deku. So he buried deep and moaned when he did come, a lot more powerfully than if he wouldve came earlier or not edged.
The moan that escaped Shoutos lips was sinful, Bakugou decided in the back of his, because it made him finally climax for the second time with a curse on his lips.

Shouto had rutted softly through his orgasm, panting and slowly opening his eyes. He moved off of Midoriya, bathing in the afterglow while he could, before tiredness would inevitably hit him like a truck.
Deku sat up and shakily stood, groaning at the already soreness that began settling in.

"Sorry for-the slap-" Todoroki said after a moment.

Deku rose an eyebrow at him and chuckled, obviously not very upset about it at all.
"Gosh, Todoroki, now I have to shower again."

"Yeah IcyHot, now we're gonna be late for dinner!" Bakugou commented.

Shouto simply smirked and shrugged. He got what he wanted and more.

"Kacchan that isn't fair! It was a group effort."

Katsuki shivered, pulling on his clothes. "Dammit Deku, now I'm gonna pop a boner everytime you call me that."

"Well gee, Kacchan, that's all I call you, Im sorry."

"Would you guys stop bickering for once?" Todoroki rolled his eyes. "Youre both a lot more bearable with my cock in your mouth."

They both flushed, but Katsukis came with a glare. He huffed softly, aggravatedly gripping Dekus jaw and kissing him for half a second. He'd finished changing, and had every intent on leaving. He grabbed his jacket this time, almost leaving before he turned around.

"Tch," he grumbled, stomping back over to curl a hand in Todoroki's hair. He kissed him, aswell, before turning back to the exit.

"Later losers. It smells like sex in here." He threw the door open and left.

"Thats because we fucked!" Shouto called, snickering as he entered a shower stall. He turned the water on so he could rinse off, stepping aside as Midoriya joined him.

They kissed softly for a few moments, arms wrapping around one other. Izuku pulled away first, looking up at him.

"We should do that with Kacchan again," he mumbled.

Shouto pushed some wet hair from Dekus eyes, pecking his lips a few more times. "Yeah. Let's go get some dinner, first."

Deku flushed a little, "like, together?"

"Well. Yeah, I mean, Dont be weird." He turned the water on after assuring they didnt have any cum on them.

He carefully dried them both with his heat, something his lazy self had learned around middle school, then began dressing.
"Should we invite Kacchan?"

"I uh. Was hoping we could be alone?" Shouto rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh. Okay, Shouchan!" Deku gave a grin, pulling his pants on now.


"How about I order some pizza?" Shouto offered as they climbed the steps towards the dorms.

"Alright! Wait, where are we goin?"

" room?"

Deku flushed a little, but gave a small nod to show he was okay with it. "No funny business, I'm tired." He said as an afterthought.

Todoroki snickered, giving a slight nod. "Okay. Me too."


They decided to pull up a movie. Or, Shouto didnt want it to be awkward, so he put one on. They sat against his headboard, pizza box between them, and Todoroki's arm slung around Dekus shoulder.

"Deku," he said softly after a bit.
He was met by two green eyes looking up to him.
"Do you like anyone? Just..wondering..incase you end up dating them, and we kept..seeing one another..til then."

Deku looked back to the television, flushing and putting his hands between his knees.
"Yeah," he said simply.

"Oh, who? If you dont mind my asking.."

"It's stupid."

"I bet it isn't."

"I don't know. Today was literally a dream come true," he mumbled. "I don't think I should say anything or date because of who I like.."

"What's that mean?"

"It's just weird, and wrong, I think. To other people, at least. I dont really get it either, but it feels good to me. I dont want to weird anyone out."

"Well, I won't tell anyone. So you could try it out on me, and I'll tell you what I think?"

Deku pursed his lips, giving a little nod and sitting up. He turned to face Shouto.
"I thought it just meant I had a little crush on more than one person, individually, y'know, but I think I'd really like if I dated more than one person? At the same time? Is that weird?"

Shouto cleared his throat a little, downplaying a smile. "Cmon, Deku. Don't you get on the internet? It's called a polyamorous relationship. It's not weird."

Dekus jaw dropped slightly, staring off as he furrowed his eyebrows.
"Oh, a polyamorous relationship, i couldve just searched couldnt have i? Poly as in multiple, right, ill remember that. I guess it has to be a semi common thing, of course im not the first one to think of it. I guess that means that it isnt weird or at least completely unusual, so i shouldnt be so worried but then there's the fact that-" he mumbled to himself as he thought,

"Oi. Youre rambling." Todoroki nudged him.

Deku looked up and rose his eyebrows. "Right, sorry," he laughed nervously, though was grinning. "Thank you, Shouchan."
He wavered closer, unsure, but planted a small peck on the others lips.

"Can I take a wild guess? Is it me and Kacchan?"

"What?!" Deku shrieked, falling back on his elbows.

"Oh calm down, Midoriya." He grumbled, grabbing the boys tee shirt and pulling him back over.
"I like you." He said simply.

Dekus intense freak out mode shut off and he looked up at the other man, eyebrows raised.

"Yes, I suppose I would live if I shared you with 'Kacchan'." He grumbled.

"No, I want it to be completely mutual," Deku nudged him, straddling the others legs.
"I want every person to like every other person," he mumbled, staring at Shouto analytically.

Todoroki huffed a small breath. "Dont make me say it."
Izuku pouted out his bottom lip.
"Fine, okay, I'd love if Bakugou was a part of it."


"You nerds want what?" Bakugou sneers, tinting pink just the slightest.
"This some sort of joke because we fucked? Ha ha, very funny. Dont fucking patronize me."

"No Kacchan we're serious!" Deku frowned, wringing his hands together under the table.

Bakugou squinted for a moment. He only believed them because Deku had that annoying whine in his voice when he was trying to get a point across, and he was sure the nerd wouldnt go along with a prank against him, anyways.
"Fine. But dont you dare touch or look at me outside closed doors."

"Awe, Kacchan!" Deku said. It sounded disappointed for the last part, but excited that he agreed.

He thinks for a moment. "Shitty half and half gets to look at me. Otherwise we are private," He decided.

"Kacchan thats not fair!" Deku whined loudly, to the point everyone at other breakfast tables looked over.

"Great, now we already have more attention than we need." He grumbled.

"What's the problem with that?" Shouto finally spoke, sipping his water.

"Because, IcyHot, I'm going to be the best hero, and I'm not dealing with the annoying shitty press asking about ruomours with my sexual affiliation with my sidekicks." He snickered, winking.

"Mhm." Todoroki rolled his eyes, a small smirk tugging his lip as he took a bite of his food.

"The press will leave us alone after a while!" Deku noted, leaning forward with interest.

"But IcyHot here wont get any attention if he's known to be off the market."

"It's true," Todoroki agreed. "I already have a hundred offers to sign with some modeling agencies after I graduate. It's a good back up."

"Oh," Deku nodded slightly, before looking up from his food and to them. "Well I guess we better have lots of free time in private!" He smiled cheerfully.

Bakugou snorted a little, swallowing his food. "In the mean time, have recovery girl heal your hickeys, or put on a scarf."
He looked pointedly at Todoroki. "Mark him, much?"

"Im territorial," he shrugged in simple explanation.

"Is it that obvious?" Deku mumbled behind his hoodie he had pulled up around his chin after the comment.

"Eh, nah. Just tell em Shouto did it."

"I thought we weren't-!"

"Say he burnt you, I don't know. Not my problem, just keep my name out of it." Bakugou stood with his tray of food, leaving to dispose of if.

Deku looked to Shouto.
"That's about as good as it could've went," Todoroki gave a nod.
"I have an idea for your hickies, though."


"Yo Deku! You rascal, who's the lucky lay?" Kirishima grins, pointing out the obvious hickeys that were now on display.

"Oh, I..I dont talk about my private life.." Deku chuckled uneasily, earning a small nod from Shouto in the background to tell that he was doing good.

"Aw c'mon, she lit you up! Oh, say, was it Ochaca?" He wiggled his eyebrows, leaning in. He'd said it just low enoigh that no one heard the name.

"No!" His eyes widen. "It was-someone... shes from. from my middle school!" He decided.

"Oo la la." He purred, smirking lopsidedly. "Say, isn't Bakugou from your school? HEY BAKUGOU-"

Deku swat at him in a panic to get him to hush. Bakugou, who just walked in, looked over as his nake was called. His eyes squinted as he seen he was being called over towards Midoriya, who's hickeys were quite seen. He glared, walking over.
"What, Shitty Hair?"

"You gotta listen to this," he turned to Deku, nudging him. "Go on."

"Oh-i-Kirimishima was-he asked about my-and i said-"

"DAMMIT DEKU," Bakugou growled,

"No kacchan!" He said immediately, glad he was heard before Bakugou yelled about it.
"It was someone from our middle school," he cocked his head, raising an eyebrow at the blonde.
"Kirishima wanted to know if you knew her." He said tightly.

The red haired man looked between them, but mostly paid no mind, they always bickered.

"Tch. If she doesnt go here, which no one else does, then I don't care enough to remember." He turned to find his seat, rolling his eyes.

Eijirou, who was sitting on the desk beside Izukus, waves his arms. "You havent even gotten any details!" He cried out.

"Take your seats," Aizawa mumbled in his monotone as he entered, scanning the classroom. He let out a long, exasperated sigh.
"Mr Midoriya, go see recovery girl. A classroom full of legal adults obviously cannot contain themselves upon seeing such..injury.."

Yes! Now All Might wont have a chance to see. He stood up to go do so, but Kirishima waved his arms frantically.

"I'll be good, I won't disrupt the class anymore mr Aizawa!"

He sighed once more, with an eyeroll, and just gave a small nod.
"Fine. Take your seats."

Oh no. No no no. It didnt hit him until that moment that All Might will see, and perhaps question him.


"I AM HERE." All Might greeted as he appears infront of Deku.

Midoriya shrieked slightly and made quick work to cover his neck. The unmoving smile plastered on his face looked a bit unnerving, and in a puff of smoke and spit of blood, he was in his weak form. He pointed at the hickeys he'd already noticed before their covering, then put his hand on his forehead.

"Listen kid, I don't want to think about you and that kinda stuff. You bein safe?"

Deku blinked a few times, cheeks tinting.

"Really kid?" He sighed and shoved a few coins his way. "Buy some. Be safe next time. Get yourself checked." He shook his head.


"They..?" He sighed. "Don't-Don't tell me. Calm down. Dont let it interfere with school or training."

Deku nodded, lip trembling. He stayed calm like asked.

"..and dont use one for all. That's no way to honor it. And..geez, okay just don't, if not for honor, then for having to explain it to recovery girl of something happens."

Izuku nodded quickly, pursing his lips. He seemed to flabergast the pro hero, because instead of doing or saying whatever it is he was going to, he just shook his head and let out a breath as he left.
Midoriya looked down at the yen in his hand, giving a nod to himself.

Chapter Text

The three boys sat on Izukus bed after classes. Deku was near the headboard, the other two beside eachother, and across from him. In the middle of them, a box of condoms and lube. They all stared uneasily.

"You want us to use condoms?" Katsuki grumbled.

"Yes! A-All Might said that-"

"WoAh-" Todoroki and Bakugou said at the same time.

"He seen my marks!" Deku defended, squinting at the two of them.
"He said," Deku restarted, "that we need to be safe.."

"Well, he probably thought you were gonna get some girl pregnant," Bakugou shrugged.

"But, as much as I trust you both for your honesty, I think maybe we should all make sure we're clean?"

Deku nodded in agreement, his cheeks tinted.
"And- if we're all good-and no one cheats-we can go without them..? But until then I think-we should.."

Katsuki grunted and reached over, grabbing one of the travel sized lube bottles and reading over it. He chuckled.
"I cant even imagine you buying these, Deku."

He flushed, giving one of the bottles to Todoroki to keep in his room aswell.

"You did not." Todoroki squinted.

"He offered!" Deku squeaked.

"Oh my god," Katsuki said as he caught on.


Looking at the yen, he realised he had to buy protection, as told. He suddenly flushed.
"ALL MIGHT-SIR-WAIT-" Deku cried out, running after him.

All Might pinched the bridge of his nose and turned to face Midoriya expectantly.

"How-where do I..?"
He looked down to see the Heros outstretched hand, timidly dropping the yen back in.
"Thank you.."

"I will not be doing this again, Young Midoriya. What," he rubbed his eyes, sighing.
"What do you need?"


Izuku groaned softly when there was a soft knock on his door, and then it opened. The dim hallway light gave way to a silhouette. The door closed shortly after, and the figure moved through the dark before crawling into bed. Deku wrapped his arms blindly around who he'd recognized as Bakugou. He hummed happily, inviting the spontaneous cuddling.

Katsuki crawled under the covers with him, leaning forward blindly to kiss him softly for a moment. Midoriya returned it sleepily, laying his head down to fall back asleep with his boyfriend.
Though, the other kissed along his jaw and neck, smirking against him.

"Kacchan," Deku whined sleepily, humming a small moan when a hot hand gripped his stirring length.
"It's so late.."
He opened his eyes as Katsuki rolled ontop of him, stroking the other slowly as he leaned down to kiss the reluctance from the boys lips.

Bakugou pulled back, moving to Dekus ear and whispering,
"Let me fuck you?"

"Quick," Deku mumbled, turning to kiss him shortly. Bakugou smirked against his lips.

The blonde reached into his basketball shorts, retrieving the lube that was given to him previously. He sat it safely aside, sitting up between Izukus legs. He pulled the boys boxers off, running his hands appreciatively over his thighs.
"Turn over," he mumbled as he scooted back a tad to make room.

Deku rolled over onto his stomach, feeling hands on his hips tugging upwards. He lifted his hips so he was on his knees, cuddling his pillows into his face to hide his flush, even if it was dark.
Katsuki grabbed the lube and generously covered two fingers, rubbing them over the others exposed entrance. He watched his Midoriya twitch at the feeling, cold, then press back slightly.

Remembering the urge to be quick, he pressed one in, curling it. Izuku whined softly, and Bakugou pressed the other in. He licked over his lips as he pumped and scissored. They could hurry later, he didnt want to rush the preparation and then have to be careful when it came to it. It took a few minutes after he slipped the third finger in before Katsuki decided he was stretched enough.

"Shh," he mumbled as he rubbed Izukus hips, slowly pressing himself in. They couldn't get caught, or wake anyone. He forgot to lock the door, either way.

"Fuck," Katsuki mumbled as he finally bottomed out. He pulled out slowly, and pressed back in, groaning under his breath.
Deku clenched his fists into the pillow, muffling all of his moans-for good reason, this time.

Bakugou fucked him lazily, yet still with a good fast pace. The urge to finish quickly not quite outweighing their sleepiness. Though Katsuki had been hard for a while before he came into Midoriyas room. He'd been ready to jack off, but realised that he had two boyfriends, and one of them has to let him tap, right? So he'd waited until he'd go unseen, and snuck into Dekus dorm.

He reached down and stroked Deku in pace, keeping his lip bitten to prevent waking anyone. There was already a loud, fast slapping of skin on skin resonating through the room to accompany their pants, but he didnt want to be louder than they had to.
He felt Midoriya spasm around him and come into his hand, his moan heard louder than the others before. He groaned at how Deku clenched around him through his orgasm, trying to finish quickly as to let the other sleep once they finished.

Bakugou double over as he came deep in the other-well, held deep inside of him, but coming in the condom he wasnt a fan of. He put his forehead on Dekus back, having taken everything in him not to groan out loudly. He panted as he slumped against the other, lazily pulling out and rolling off of the green haired man. After a minute of letting his breath even out, he took the condom off, bringing it to the bathroom trash.

He crawled back into the bed, grumbling at the sticky spot on the left side. He laid on the right side of the bed, pulling Deku to lay ontop him before covering up the mostly asleep boy. He kissed his forehead in silent thanks, drifting to sleep rather quickly.


Todoroki put down his utensils and looked up at his secret boyfriends sitting across him at breakfast.

"Deku," he said simply, "you look awful."

"Consider me swooned," he grumbled, covering his mouth as he yawned.

"Well, what kept you up? A late night of training?" He frowned, leaning forward.

"Well," he flushed a little, looking down at his food.

Todoroki blinked for a moment then turned to Bakugou accusingly, with a squint.
"You're such a teenager," he scoffed.

"You corned him in a locker room," Katsuki hissed back.

"Well at least I didn't disrupt his sleeping cycle."

"Shut up, nerd." Bakugou chuckled, taking a bite.

"Oh and another hickey for the record," he rolled his eyes, gesturing vaguely to the other.

"Hey, you started it."

Kirishima popped out of no where, shaking Dekus shoulders wildly.
"Your lady friend sure is somethin, aint she! Is he telling you guys bout it?" He grinned, looking to Todoroki and Bakugou.

"Shut up, Shitty Hair. Why do you care so much if someone took pity and laid the guy?" He snickered, earning a glare from Todoroki. He but his head at icyhot.

"I dont see anyone else getting ass." Eijirou shrugged, crossing his arms. He grinned when Deku stood to put his tray away, slinging his arm over him after shaking his shoulder again.

Todoroki rolled his eyes.
"Shitty hair better back off." Bakugou grumbled as he watched him talk with Izuku hushedly. He didnt like how suddenly connected he was with him.

"You guys are dumb," Kirishima laughed softly, leaning into Izukus space to whisper so no one else heard.
"It's real obvious."

"Wh-what?!" Deku looked up at him.

"Since when do you three sit together? All the time? Same day that happens, Deku has hickeys and Bakugou is less mean. It's fishy." Kirishima shook his head, looking forward. Deku put his tray up.

"Eijirou please dont tell anyone!" Deku waved his arms frantically.

"I won't, I just want in."

Midoriyas face reddened and he furrowed his eyebrows.
"What is it you think we're doing?!"

"I dunno, some weird orgy with your lady friend?" He smirked lopsidedly. They turned back around to begin walking Deku back to his table.

The two boyfriends looked up at see them speaking, noting how very distressed Izuku looked.

"No!" Deku furrowed his eyebrows. "That's not-well-But-" he looked miserably to his table at Todoroki and Bakugou.

"Then what is it? Something isnt adding up."

"Please dont pry, Kirishima! Bakugou is a very private person!"

"Yo shitty hair, return Deku. We were busy before you intervened." Bakugou called.

"Nuh uh, you tell me or I ask him." He shook his head, purposefully slowing down so he could possibly answer before they arrived back.


"Look, maybe no one else notices, maybe everyone else has. Tell me, and I'll make all suspicion go away. The people want to know."

They were very aware that theyd stopped walking, whispering in soft hisses, and Dekus boyfriends had a look that could kill.

"Look, the truth is," Midoriya began.


"What are they doing?" Bakugou growled, watching Deku standing there after he demanded him back. And on his tip toes, hand on Kirishimas shoulder as he fucking whispered to him?! Bakugou was gripping the table angrily to keep himself seated.

"Down, boy," Shouto teased, as if he were a growling dog. Because he sure as hell was acting like one.
"Stop watching him. You're in trouble, remember? The conversation we had 5 seconds ago?"

Yet Bakugou did, squinting as Kirishima pumped his fist in the air happily. He huffed and looked away after that, cheeks tinted pink.
"Let's go to class. Deku isn't making me late because he'd rather giggle with Shitty Hair than listen to me."
He stood, sparing a last grunt at the scene. As he watched, with his very own eyes, Kirishima put a single hand on Dekus face, and the other on his lower back, lightly. He could only see them from behind, but his entire jaw dropped.

Shouto pursed his lips, turning to leave as they'd planned. His eyes widened and he quickly gripped the back of Bakugous shirt, holding him back from nearly sprinting over to them.
"Come on," he growled. "Deku is a big boy. You're in enough trouble." He tugged him harshly towards the exit.


"The truth I like someone and they're trying to help me make them jealous!" He blurted out in excuse, furrowing his eyebrows as he watched the others reaction, hoping he bought it.


"Is it working?" 



"All right!" Kirishima grinned, happy for the boy, pumping his fist in the air. 

Kirishima nodded slightly as he thought it over. "I get it. Well, what about those noises last night?"

"porn," he said, flushing darkly.

"Ohh," Eijirou nods, before his face screwed up.


"You-" he laughed slightly, putting a hand on Dekus lower back and wiping some cream cheese off of his cheek. "I got it."

Deku stepped out of the others hold, nodding a little. He turned around, glad to see Todoroki and Bakugou seemed to miss that. Kirishima wasnt flirting, hes nice.
"Let's get to class."

"Sure thing," he grinned, slinging his arm over the other again. "Should I loudly exclaim about your hickies again? Will that make the mystery person more jealous?"

"Uhm! That's okay! Thank you, though."

Eijirou snickered a bit as they walked to 1-A.
"Yknow, i really thought you three were banging some chick from your middle school."

"We're not! Nothing like that is going on between me, Shouchan and Kacchan!"

"If you say so," he shrugs, turning into the classroom.

Chapter Text

As they entered the classroom together, Dekus eyes widened a bit to see the glare Bakugou was directing towards Kirishima.
They took their respective seats as class began. Deku watched nervously as Katsuki kept a glare directed towards Eijirou. The redhead didnt seem to notice, as Bakugou always glared at everyone.

"You know the drill," Aizawa drawled tiredly as their costumes were released for grabbing.

After dressing, they all followed outside to where their class would be held today. Their eyes followed up the tall building, 30 stories high. It looked completely frail, as if one wrong move would destroy the place.

"Another indoor playthrough?" Some people murmured, looking around for some sort of clue.
They hushed as Aizawa moved to stand infront of them to explain.

He gestured vaguely behind himself at the building. "Today we are doing one of the most critical things you'll experience if you go pro, or even as a side kick. We will rotate positions over the course of this week, so everyone has a chance to play hero and villain."

Tenya rose his hand immediately.

Sigh. "Im not finished, Iida."
His hand lowered.
"Hostage negotiation. What you do is completely up to you. Sometimes finding the Villains tell, how theyre bluffing, is a strong startegy, but only if you pick up on those things naturally. We will not be doing direct rescue. In this situation, it's important you hypothetically cannot sneak up and rescue without alarm, and you cannot fight the villain with powerful quirks."

"We have quirks for a reason," Bakugou rolled his eyes.

"You cant risk harming the hostage, or setting off any rigs that may be around. Assume you dont know the extent of their security. That's why I chose a beaten down building. Being a hero isn't always fighting. It's saving lives.
Your mission is successful if you safely get the hostage away. Bonus points to arrest the villain. Since you're so eager, Katsuki, you can go first."


Aizawa put Deku as the hostage, obviously trying to be funny, as most people think he hates Midoriya. And Kirishima as the villain. Oh, the irony.
Oh, and the setting? They were on the very top of the frail building. Now Bakugou definitely couldnt use his quirk. It would tumble. This was a bit nerve wracking for the students.
Unbeknownst to them, the building was simply made to look like so, it would definitely hold. But it helped them be cautious.

"Go!" Aizawa called.

Bakugou walked up the scene, glaring daggers into Kirishima. For the part, totally. He looked around, furrowing his eyebrows in frustration. He just wanted to blast this guy off the roof! It was salt to the wound that he had Deku.
Inside a building opposite of the one they were, the class watched on camera monitors so they could better see. Todoroki couldnt decide if it was amusing, the set up, or a reckoning bound to happen.


"You decide if you want to budge. You can decide if your villain persona will die before you release Midoriya, or you can wager. You can claim any weapons, it's completely up to you." Aizawa had informed Kirishima.


"Step down," Katsuki growled. "Ill blow you to smithereens!" He yelled angrily.

Kirishima smirked a little, leaning against the satellite Deku was tied to. "But you won't," he said simply. "Because you dont want to hurt Deku."

Bakugou growled in frustration. "Why don't you fight me like a real man! Pussy! Hiding behind leverage!"

Kirishima chuckled. "Well, anything to get under your skin," he shrugged. Eijirou looked at an invisible watch.
"You have 3 minutes before I blow this building down, along with little Izuku."

Bakugou tensed, looking to where the class was. He went in blind, Aizawa wouldnt say if there was special weapons or circumstances like this. He might actually have 3 minutes.
"Why are you doing this? What's to gain? Popularity? Spite?"

"Maybe I want something," Kirishima shrugged offhandedly, looking at his nails.


"Eijirou is so good at being a villain!" Ochaco bounced excitedly as she watched. "It's so silly to see Deku tied up, though! He could break out so easily!" 

Todoroki squinted at her.

"Yes, but I already told him he couldn't do anything but stand there. No signaling, no words, no moving." Aizawa explained.


"Then fucking spit it out! I cant mind read, Shitty Hair."

"Trade places," he shrugged simply. "Trade places and I'll stop the bomb. Maybe it'll attract a bigger hero."


"Now this is interesting. It isnt commonly seen, but this situation is special in itself. Assuming Midoriya is a citizen, Bakugou may trade places because it's the hero thing to do-but then he risks not being able to get Midoriya to safety, and hypothetically putting a larger hero on display and perhaps risking them being taken hostage aswell. Of course none of that is in his favour, so maybe the best thing is to try to do something else. Then of course he may run out of time and be forced to take the spot anyways, if not just to delay the bomb." Tenya ranted. He looked to the cameras again after he'd stared off in thought.

Bakugou stood still in thought. "How do I know that you'll let him free?"

"You trust me."

Katsuki barked a laugh. "No way. I need to bring him a safe distance away from the building."

"Well, how do I know youll come back?"

"Trust me," he mimicked.

He thought for a moment. "Come back or the building explodes like planned. That's blocks of damage, and even with the police barricading, the rubble will take out the force and everyone crowded."

Bakugou ran his hands through his hair, groaning in frustration. "Fine," he sighed out. "Stop the bomb. Untie Deku."

Kirishima pulled the loose ropes off of Deku, holding him by the back of his shirt. He slowly led the smaller man to the ledge of the building, peering over and humming.

"What are you doing?!" Bakugou screamed.

He snorts. "You really believed me?"

The class, watching, all watched tensely.
"Eijirou is giving him a run for his money," someone mumbled.

"What if he drops Deku?!" Ochaco cried, waving her arms in a cry to Aizawa.

"Relax. Midoriya could stop his fall easily, and even then, the floor surrounding the building is a special training material that will absorb all shock. And before that, there's safety netting. Either way, when youre out there, you act like those arent there. Anyways, nothing recovery girl wont be able to fix."

They all turned to the camera broadcasting onto the televisions, Todoroki's fists clenched beside him. He knew he should pay attention, learn, but Deku was being held right to the ledge by his shirt.

"THAT ISN'T FUNNY EIJIROU," Katsuki growled, his hands flickering flames.

"Ah-ah," Kirishima shook his head, gripping Dekus forearm and quickly plunging him over the side. He held onto the boy by his arm, leaving him dangling. The safety nets weren't seen to the naked eye, so the green haired boy closed his eyes.
"Step back, or I drop the boy."

Bakugou had surged forward as Deku was dangled, but stopped and took a small step back as commanded. His jaw clenched.

"Now," Eijirou hummed, peering over the building again. "Go sit by the ropes."

He watched Bakugou do as told angrily, and as compensation, put Deku safely back onto the ground.
"Go sit with him. No funny business." He said into the males ear.

As Deku timidly made his way over, Bakugou stood and surged forward once more. He knew he should grab Deku and bring him to safety, Kirishimas quirk couldnt have stopped him.

"He's gonna win!" Iida exclaimed happily, assuming he'd grab the hostage.
His grin fell when Bakugou tackled Kirishima instead, throwing a punch (which had to be more like being hit with a blunt object, due to Bakugos grenade like cuffs.) Eijirou growled at the hit, hardening his hand and punching back.

"Deku get out of here!" Katsuki called out.

"Midoriya is to be treated as a citizen with a quirk that cannot be used in this situation." Akzawa called from a speaker.

"DAMMIT," Katsuki yelled, throwing a harder punch across Kirishimas cheek.

"30 seconds on the clock before the building explodes. Get off of Kirishima or Im ending your run. It's unncessary violence." Aizawa said in a monotone.

"I thought he turned it off?!" Todoroki demanded.

"Always assume he was bluffing. He has a signal for me to catch to stop the timer. He didnt signal." Aizawa shrugged.
Everyone watched nervously.

At 20 seconds, Bakugou pushed himself away from the fistfight, stumbling back as he took in his decisions.

At 15, he used some smaller blasts-as to not disturb the weak structure-to get to Deku.

At 10 seconds, he gripped the boys waist and blast off the building. Deku clutched to him tightly.

He landed on the ground carefully, chest heaving.
Everyone cheered in the building, sharing grins.

"Mission failed." Aizawa called through the speaker.

"What?!" Bakugou demanded.

"You, Midoriya, the police force and the crowds would be dead in 2 seconds. You failed to secure the threat, the building exploded. Kirishima wins."

"I couldve blasted the rubble like I did in the Hero Cup!"

"Mission failed, Bakugou. It wouldve been too much. And even then, the rubble has to fall somewhere. You cant make messes just to try and clean them up. Go retrieve Kirishima."

Katsuki scowled and blast himself back up and grabbed Shitty hair by the straps.
"Bakugou what was that?" He growled softly to him as he was grabbed.

"What was what?! You were going to drop him!"

"You couldve won if you didnt attack me!"

Bakugou shrugged with a scoff and blast back off, bringing him down. He dropped him to the ground when he was a foot up, then landed himself.

"You should go to the nurse Kacchan!" Deku frowned, grabbing Katsukis hand to look it over. Kirishima actually wasnt hurt besides the first punch, having hardened after it.
Bakugous knuckles were in the shape you'd imagine them to be if you pummeled a jagged rock. He pulled his hand back, cheeks tinting, as he knew everyone could still see them.

"I'm fine," he sneered.

"Kacchan." Izuku said in a small growl, sternly looking at the other.

"Okay!" He broke, throwing his arms up in the air to distract from his blush.


"Why didn't you stop after the first punch?" Recovery girl tsked, kissing Bakugou better. She bandaged his hands and used the stitch tape to heal his slowly closing split eyebrow. All his scrapes healed fast enough to go without dressing.

As they left the nurse, the halls were empty. Deku linked hands with him, watching Bakugou look around suspiciously.
"Why'd you go for him?" Deku frowned.

"He needs to back off! I seen him this morning! The fuck were you guys whispering about?! He was all over you." Bakugou scowled infront of them.

"He wanted to know what me you and shouchan are doing," Deku flushed, whispering.
"He almost figured it out! But I-I convinced him it was something else.."

Bakugou nodded a little, relaxing the smallest bit.
"What if he dropped you.."

"Kacchan, Im sure there was some sort of precaution for that. Besides, I could've broken my own fall."

He sighed. "I wish he used someone else. I couldnt focus with you two."

They found their way into the building to observe. As everyone looked back, Bakugou quickly pulled his hand out of Dekus hold. They looked at the screen, seeing the replay of Todoroki's turn.

He had stepped forward, froze the villain-Momo- and casaully walked forward to free his hostage-Denki. It all lasted less than a minute. He walked back in with the others-momo was still shivering- and stood beside his boyfriends.

"I'm sorry we missed your run Shouch--Sho-T, Todoroki!" Deku stuttered. He was trying to be less suspicious. Kirishima caught his eye for a moment before he looked away quickly.

They went through two more runs before class came to an end. Ochaco also failed, and Tenya gained a success by analyzing his opponent and finding their bluff.
They went through their afternoon classes before all heading to Bakugous room. To strategize, they lied.

They all sat on his bed in a triangle, setting their backpacks on the ground.
"So, Kacchan has been bad," Todoroki says as if it's fact, and normal.

Bakugou looked for Izukus reaction, jaw dropping when he nodded in agreement.
"But! Shouto you were mad about Kirishima this morning too!"

Deku rose his eyebrows and looked to Todoroki.
"It's true that I didn't like him being handsy, but I believe Eijirou has always been such a way, we've only noticed more strongly because we're dating." He said simply.
"But I'd like to know what the whispering was about. Midoriya?" He prompted, looking to him expectantly.

"He's suspicious! He said everyone might be!" He puffed his cheeks, slowing down. "We didn't stay exclusively around one another before. And at the same time we did, I have hickeys..he thought we were..having an orgy..with some chick..and uhm. Yeah." He flushed.

"And what?" Bakugou leaned forward with a scowl.

"He said he wanted in! But I told him nothing like that is happening! He thinks you guys are just helping me make someone jealous.."

Todoroki barely managed to play off a laugh as a cough. "M..right. Well, we'll discuss it at a later date."

"Discuss what?!"

Shouto rose an eyebrow at Katsuki. "Kirishima. He does look like fun.." he looked away, before clearing his throat.
"But for now, I thought I'd share my plan to punish you with our Deku."

Bakugou retreated his anger, flushing with crossed arms. They're just going to discuss infront of him?

"So I was thinking about torturing him all day," Shouto shrugged. "A remote controlled vibe, a cockring. Just to teach him a lesson," he shrugs again, as if it were casual.

Deku grinned a little, nodding in approval. "May I suggest some ideas?"

Chapter Text

"Edge him all night..maybe let him finish..then the toys tomorrow."

Bakugou groaned as two hot mouths pressed into his neck, his arms tied above his head. They begrudgingly made sure not to mark the blonde to keep suspicion down.

Dekus hands wandered Katsukis bare chest, brushing teasingly over his nipple before pinching it lightly. On his left side, Shouto traced his abs with a cold hand. Both refused to touch where he actually needed.

"M sorry," he whined as he desperately pushed his hips up into invisible friction. He felt their lips quirk into a smile against his neck.

Deku pulled off of his neck and crawled down, slowly pumping him as he settled between the mans strong legs. The cry of relief and pleasure broke through his lips.

"Shut up," Shouto hissed immediately. It was just past dinner, people would still be awake. Even then..

Bakugou pressed his trembling lips together tightly as Izuku took his cock into his mouth. He bucked up, only for strong hands to press his hips into the bed. He pulled away, elicting a whimper of disappointment.


He went back to his minstrations, taking the others length in and bobbing all the way down towards the cockring.

Shouto took it upon himself to kiss the man to keep him quiet, a hand gripping his chin as he forced his tongue into the others mouth. Katsuki bucked up again, crying out into Todoroki's mouth when it earned him a harsh slap on his outer thigh. He settled his hips back down, not that he had a choice. Midoriyas strong grip held them against the bed, staying to make sure he didn't thrust up anymore.

"So how should we take him?" Shouto asked innocently inbetween hurried, open mouth kisses.

"Dealers choice," Deku said after pulling off the cock in his mouth.

Shouto moved back to hungrily kiss at his neck again, yearning to mark it like he had Deku. He decided to mark below collar level, because it was better than nothing.

"I want to take him," he nipped at his skin, before licking over it to soothe, "how he took you."

Deku nodded a little, grasping Bakugous cock and sucking over the head again as he watched his boyfriends. Katsuki had his head laid back against his bedframe, lip bitten to keep as quiet as he could. After deeming his blowjob tedious, he pulled away and rummaged through Bakugous drawers for the lube. He grabbed it and sat back down, shoving his legs apart.

"Knees up, Kacchan."

He smirked as the other obediently did so.

He put some lube over two fingers, carefully pressing in one, then the other. Bakugou groaned again, so Todoroki decided to make sure it didn't happen again. He blindly shoved two fingers into the others mouth, humming in approval as Katsuki begins keeping his mouth busy by sucking on them.

As Midoriya curled his fingers, the blonde bit down slightly in an effort to stay quiet. Although Shouto took his hand away quickly, gripping his jaw, and lifting it up from where he was marking. "Don't bite me, boy."

Izuku watched in fascination with a little blush as Todoroki sat up. He undid his pants and pulled his angry length out, then began fumbling with the cloth that tied Bakugous hands. He undid them, smugly grinning as Katsukis hand immediately found Shoutos length and began stroking.

"He's nearly ready," Deku noted as he pushes the third finger in, scissoring them as deep as he could.


"Good. Stop there. This is a punishment."

Midoriya nodded meekly, pulling his hands away. He wiped his hand with a nearby box of tissues, sitting up.

"How'd he take you, m? When he couldn't handle being away for a single day, so he snuck into bed?" He said it tauntingly towards Katsuki, though was addressing Izuku.

Izuku flushed a little. "Turn him over, on his knees.."

Todoroki did so, rubbing his hands appreciatively over the others ass as it was presented. Deku crawled infront of him, settling with his crotch in the others face. He undid his own pants, pulling his member out. He rubbed it against Bakugous lips and cheek with a small hum. The blonde leaned forward and took it between his lips, about to bob his head down when Izuku bucked forward.

"Keep that pretty mouth open, Kacchan," he cooed, "you get in a lot less trouble when I use it."

He watched Todoroki breech Katsuki after he put the protection on, biting his lip to quiet himself as he pressed in slowly.

Deku gazed back down. Katsuki was looking up at him, his eyebrows furrowed with a mix of pain and pleasure. Luckily he was muffled.

After Shouto bottomed out and took a little longer than usual to really make sure Katsuki was ready (which was a definite sign that he wasnt going vanilla), he spoke up.

"We need a safe word. Or signal. Something."

"Kirishima," Deku mumbled.

"Not funny," Bakugou growled after pulling his mouth away. That earned him a harsh thrust that made him moan out.

"No-he-" Deku was extremely flushed. Looking between his boyfriends, he hoped they caught on to his stuttering.

Todoroki was the first to catch on, immediately whipping his head around in disbelief. His cheeks immediately flushed as he seen the red haired man standing there in shock. He turned back to Deku, tilting his head.

"Get him," he hissed.

Izuku nodded, fumbling to fix his pants before rushing forward. This seemed to snap the man out of his shock, as he waved his arms in distress.
"Oh my G-is that-I came to-"

"Shut up," Midoriya whispered harshly, glancing out into the hall, as Eijirou had left the door open. He shut the door and locked it, puffing his cheeks as he exhaled.

"Is Shitty Hair in here?!" Bakugou shrieked, pulling the pillows up to cover his face.

Kirishima pointed in a daze, blinking wildly. "Is-"

"Listen," Deku flushed, moving infront of his gaze. "You were right when you asked, okay, there just..isnt any one else involved.."

"You guys are banging?!" Kirishimas eyebrows rose in suprise.

"Be quiet!" Deku sighed. "Yes. And we're in the middle of something. So.." he glanced away.

"We're punishing Katsuki!" Todoroki called with a breathless chuckle, followed by a muffled "fuck you shitty half and half."
Kirishimas eyes widened as Shouto spanked him sharply at that.
"Kirishima, do you want to watch? I bet Bakugou would just love if you did.." Todoroki added as an after thought.

Deku was admittedly a bit surprised when Kirishima immediately nodded. He brought him over slowly, taking his position again.
"Muffle him already," Shouto complained, having been only able to stay still, mostly.

Midoriya nodded, hurriedly taking out his own aching cock. He curled a hand in blonde hair, lifting his head from where he was hiding it.
Bakugous face was red with embarrassment and need, letting his jaw drop for Deku. He looked to Izukus side, Kirishima sitting next to him shyly. He looked like he seen a ghost. Katsuki decided to close his eyes, then.

Shouto immediately began fucking into him, gripping his hips tightly and setting a fast, punishing rhythm. Bakugou immediately erupted into moans, eyes opening with furrowed brows. As he jolted forward with each thrust, it pushed him further onto Dekus own length.
Midoriya ran his hands through the blonde hair appreciatively, biting his lip to stay quiet.

Beside him, Kirishima watched heatedly. His cheeks stayed flushed, a fast growing tent becoming apparent in his pants. He couldnt decide where to focus, eyes raking up every man individually, and then in pairs and all together. He kept his hands to himself, not wanting to do anything that'd get him kicked out. He didnt even touch himself, just keeping his fists clenched by his side.

He watched Todoroki press in deeply, holding himself there. Then he pulled back, thrusting in sharply. Kirishima actually whimpered, earning three sets of eyes to trail to him. He doesnt think hes ever been this horny.
Shouto smirked a bit and then repeated his minstartion, watching Kirishima divert his eyes with lips pressed together to avoid making noise.

He mentally tucked the bit of information into the back of his mind, going back to punishing Bakugou. He quickly reverted to his fast pace, a bit more erratic and rough now. The sound of very muffled moans resonated. Izuku pressed deeper into his mouth as he became close, leisurely rocking his hips into Bakugous throat.

"Kiss him," Todoroki said in a breathless gasp, cheeks flushing a little.
Deku flushed and looked at Kirishima, slowly gripping his chin and pulling him over.

Eijirou pressed forward in time, curling a hand into Midoriyas hair. They immediately enveloped into heated, open mouth kiss. Izuku never stopped rutting his hips softly, opening his mouth for Kirishimas searching tongue. He cried out softly into the others mouth as he came, pushing his hips forward. The red haired man simply pushed his tongue further, pressing into the kiss.

Shouto watched with a blush, thrusting harder a few times before he came, gasping sharply and panting. He could see the small smirk on Dekus lip as he realised Todoroki also came. The two parted their kiss, chests heaving softly. Deku looked down and softly pulled away from Bakugous mouth. Kirishima also looked down as Izuku did so, panicking a little as he looked between them all.
"Is he okay-" he mumbled.

Bakugous lips were prettily red from his mouth being used, tears from the need to come and gagging streaked down his face. He seemed to ignore what the other said, because Todoroki had also pulled away, so he was left with no stimulation. He buried his face in the covers again, thighs shaking softly. "Im sorry," he whined into them.

The two boyfriends shared a short look.
"Think he's had enough?" Todoroki prompted.

Deku thought for a moment, looking over the other. He heaved a dramatic sigh. "Yeah," he decided, before leaning down.
"Kacchan, do you want to come?" He mumbled, gently running a hand through his hair.

Bakugou lifted his head, nodding, "please-"

"Okay, but you were mean to Eijirou today, so I think he should get you off. Do you think that's fair, Kacchan? Any way he wants?"

"Someone just make me cum," he tried to growl the words, but they came out weakly.

Shouto and Deku looked to Kirishima, who looked very put on the spot. He nervously gave a little nod, gulping visibly. He sat for a moment before getting up, cautiously getting behind Bakugou.
He moved the blonde to his side, then onto his back. Eijirou carefully took the cockring off, then started undoing his pants. As he pulled himself out, Todoroki moved beside him, unwrapping a condom. Kirishima watched with a flush as Todoroki rolled it over his (Scarily Impressive) length. He stroked him a few times with his own blush, before guiding him to Bakugous entrance.

Eijirou pushed in slowly, groaning under his breath. He was aware of his gift, so he was careful not to hurt the blonde. He couldnt decide if he wanted to watch Bakugou cooing, or his two other classmates climb atop eachother making out.

"Just fuck me already," Bakugou complained in a whine.

He was beautifully rewarded with his calves lifted, ankles pushed ontop of Kirishimas shoulders as he shoved the rest of the way in. His boyfriends looked over to watch him gasp out a moan, clutching the covers with one hand, his other hand clasping over his mouth.

Kirishima pulled out slowly, pushing in as far as he could right after. He repeated the slow, deep thrusts, biting his lip as he gazed down at the blonde. Katsuki moved his hand off the bed and to his untouched length, stroking himself slowly. He muffled the small whines and moans that were pulled from him with each thrust, back arching off the bed.

Dekus eyes ripped off of the erotic scene beside him as Shouto gripped their hardening lengths together, pumping them slowly. He groaned softly and sat up, pumping his hips forward softly into his hold. He was straddling the others thighs, gazing between Shouto and the two beside himself.

Eijirou was speeding up his pace, each thrust hitting deeply into Bakugou. Having not been able to for quite some time, Katsuki was already close, stroking himself faster as he panted. Deku and Todoroki pressed together in a kiss, working towards their own climaxes.

Katsuki came first, of course, crying out with a hand over his mouth.

"Eijirou!" He'd screamed, his face flushing darkly. It was more powerful than usual, as he'd been denied once or twice before finally getting to come.

Todoroki groaned at the moans coming from his boyfriend, gripping Deku closer to kiss as they rut their cocks into his hand.

Kirishima, at the same time, surged forward to kiss Katsuki. He was suprised at the lightness that came in it, their tongues teasingly ghosting over one another. Eijirou groaned into the kiss as he came, lazily fucking them both through their orgasms. As they parted from their kiss and Kirishima pulled out, their eyes trailed to Midoriga and Shouto.

Bakugou tugged Izuku off of the half and half quirk user, crawling atop him to kiss sweetly as he stroked his hard cock.

So Todoroki sat up quickly and wrapped his arms around Eijirou, kissing rough and heatedly. He returned the kiss eagerly in a haze, hand being guided to Shoutos length to stroke. After a few moments Todoroki pulled away and gripped Katsukis chin, kissing him now. In turn, Deku sat up above them and kissed Kirishima.

The two men with spiky hair kept stroking their classmates, kissing the opposite excitedly.

Deku came as silently as he could, whining into Eijirous mouth before retreating. He moved his lips to Shoutos neck, kissing softly while panting. Eijirou joined on his opposite side and stroked him faster.

"You make such pretty noises when you cum, Shouchan," Midoriya cooed, "cum for me baby."

Shouto moaned with a cracked voice as he did come, hips pumping into Eijirous hand. He buried his face in Bakugous neck, clutching him tightly. Eijirou slowly stopped pumping his hand before pulling off.

Deku crawled over and grabbed the tissue box, everyone grabbing a few to clean themselves. After Shouto recovered and sat up, he blushed the slightest bit.

"So," he mumbled.

"Uhm-I can go now-!" Eijirou announced nervously, quickly fixing his pants.

"Shut up Shitty Hair," Bakugou grumbled, grabbing his shirt and pulling him to lay down.

Eijirou gulped and laid down in the middle of the bed, Katsuki curling into his left side, head on his shoulder. Todoroki mirrored him on his other side. Deku pouted for a moment before grinning, realising where he could lay. He crawled up carefully and laid on Eijirou, head center on his chest and each hand grasping on of his boyfriends.

Deku sat up slightly, leaning to the left to kiss Bakugous cheek, and then to the right to peck Todoroki's lips. He leaned forward the slightest to peck Kirishimas jaw. He settled back down, smiling softly as his boyfriends sat up to peck one another, then lay back and kiss either on of Eijirous cheeks. Eijirou blushed at the intimacy between the boyfriends, taking his turn to lean up slightly and kiss all of their foreheads.

"You did good Kacchan," Deku said in a small yawn.

Todoroki hummed his agreement. "Go to sleep. We have to get up early to prepare him."

Eijirou turned slightly to Todoroki in question, though found the man trying to sleep, so he laid quiet. He supposed theyd wake before him, so he'd see first hand, anyways.

Chapter Text

Eijirou woke to Todoroki's alarm, furrowing his eyebrows in complaint as he tried to recall where he was. As he seen the three ontop of him, he remembered with a small grin. Todoroki got up with a yawn, his back muscles flexing as he stretched. He only hand on boxers at this point, moving towards the bathroom.
"Where you going?" Eijirou complained softly, cold since the others heat left.

"Shower. Want to join, stinky?"

"Can I..?"

"After last night, I'd imagine. Hurry up." He turned the shower on.

Kirishima carefully got from underneath Bakugou, going into the bathroom along with Shouto. He pulled his shirt off and looked back into the room. Deku kissed Bukgous cheek and then slipped into the bathroom, sleepily giving Todoroki a hug. He watched them part and then kiss for a few soft moments before parting.
He was suprised at the small hug and cheek kiss he also recieved before Izuku left.

"Where's he goin?"

"He does personal training most mornings." Tororoki said causally, kicking the door closed. He felt the water before stripping his boxers off.

Kirishima followed his lead, stepping in after he did. He avoided getting his hair wet.
"So what are you preparing Bakugou for..?"

"Hm?" Tororoki looked to him, running his hands through his hair.
"Oh, we're going to put a vibe in him all day."

"Why?" He flushed, raising an eyebrow.

"He woke up Izuku to get a quick fuck," he shrugged. "Just a small punishment.'

Kirishima puffed his cheeks and exhaled. "Shit. Couldnt just spank him?"

"He likes it," Shouto chuckled. "Everytime so far he's been edged."

Eijirou nodded, eyes widening as hes pulled under the stream. His hair flattened and he flushed. He didnt even shower in the locker room, he didn't often let his hair down(literally).
It lay a bit above his shoulders, and he grumbled in embarrassment.

"Thats so cute," Todoroki chuckled, pushing some hair behind his ear.

"Do you it a lot?" He furrowed his eyebrows.

Todoroki snorted. "Well, we're dating.."

"Oh," he blushed, nodding a little. "That's why Bakugou was so mad."

Shouto chuckled, nodding in agreement. "I was a bit amused at Katsukis reaction. But i was worried."


"I hope it goes without saying," Shouto mumbled, "youre free to join us..and if you tell anyone, I'll hurt you," he offered a sweet smile.

Kirishima rose his eyebrows before giving a small nod. "Okay," he nodded, not sure what else to say.

Todoroki chuckled, humming and leaning his back on Eijirous sculpted chest. He could feel Kirishima gulp, wrapping his arms cautiously around the half and half quirked man. His hands rested on his hips lightly, swaying side to side with him. His cock was definitely interested, pressing lightly into the other.

Shouto actually blushed, which was very hard to make him do, as Eijirou guided him to bend over a little. He let his back arch, bracing his forearms against the shower wall. He was always collected, and he was always the dom. Thats just how it was.
But he choked on a small whimper as Kirishima guided his hard length to his entrance, just rubbing slowly against the muscle.

He replaced the teasing with his fingers, pressing his middle finger into Shouto slowly. His breath hitched as the finger curled, his hands balling into fists softly. Eijirou pressed a second finger in, scissoring and pumping them.
Todoroki covered his mouth to keep his small noises quiet, surely other people were awake by now. He cried out in a muffle when Eijirou suddenly began thrusting the fingers harder, rougher into him to get more of a reaction.


"Oh God, yes, yes!"
So, maybe this is why Todoroki didnt bottom, Bakugou thought.
He was definitely a screamer, and Katsuki was sure that every other guy in the dorms had an awkward boner.

The first thing he did was close and lock his door. He really fucking hoped no one would recognize the voice. Bakugou decided that, yes, he definitely is going to get off to the sound of his boyfriend moaning from another man. Especially if he was going to be edged the rest of the day.

"Give it to me! Yes, harder! Yes, yes-dont stop-dont stop-" he screamed from the bathroom. If it was loud to Bakugou, he was sure nearly everyone else could hear.


Breakfast was. Weird. Kirishima and Tsuetsue sat with the three boyfriends, rather casually. The only problem was that everyone heard the mystery persons moans come from Bakugous room, and he couldnt focus enough to answer all the harrassment he got. Especially with a vibe inside of him, the setting spiking every time someone came up to speak to him.

He expected Tenya to lecture him, but the big nerd avoided looking at him like it was a mission. Everytime someone questioned who it was, he was ready to rip their head off.
You must be doing something right.
I'd like to take a turn making her scream.
Except it wasn't him who made Todoroki scream, and he definitely would not be sharing with anyone else. But Deku turned the setting up, so he couldnt explode, only scowl hard enough that he could keep a straight face.

After they got to class, fucking finally, and took their seats, Mr. Aizawa sat up from the floor. Though Katsuki was very thankful that the vibe was shut off when he had to walk.

He sighed, tried to think of something to say, put his hand on his forehead, then shook his head.
"We will not be discussing this mornings events. Put on your costumes so we can return to our drills from yesterday."

He swore that everyone looked at him in the lockerroom as they changed. As if they were trying to decipher how big his dick was. Which was not a good thing, as he was very hard. And he was becoming over sensitive already. He didnt change until everyone but his boyfriends left. They turned off the toy as he changed, but the moment he was finished it was turned to the highest setting. Bakugous knees crumpled as he shakily moaned, pressing his knuckles to his mouth to quiet down.

"You doing so good Kacchan," Todoroki purred. "Can you make it through training for me, baby? If youre good we can make you come during lunch. Would you like that?"

Katsuki nodded eagerly, whimpering as he managed to open his eyes to look up at them.

"Words," Deku hummed, finger hovering over the remote to turn the dial back down.

"Yes-please," he gasped, immediately rewarded with it being shut off for the time being, so they could walk to the training grounds. It was relieving, but he still whimpered at the loss of stimulation.

They both helped him up and made their way to join the others. Aizawa was looking around, raising his eyebrows as they joined late.
"Katsuki. You've been quite the nuisance today. Would you like to volunteer as the hostage?"

His jaw dropped and he scowled, "HEY, JUST BECAUse I," his voice cracked and quieted suddenly as the toy began vibrating, steadily increasing until at halfway.

"Because what, Kacchan?" Deku rose his eyebrows.

"Fine, I'll be the stupid hostage, only because I'll be farther away from most of you." He spat, barely managing to keep his voice even.

Aizawa sighed slightly, looking off of a notecard.
"The hero is Kaminari. The villain is Midoriya. Does anyone neee a recap on the rules?"
He didnt even look up to see.
"Good. Take your positions. Midoriya come see me, first."


Huddled away from the class, Aizawa offered him a small map of the building.
"You have about 2 minutes to decide where or if you want any hidden weapons, escape scenarios, etcetera. I advise, even if youre friends, that you do not go easy. It will help the hero work on problem solving."

Izuku looked through, thinking. Well, a bomb is always a good route, but he could shock it and disable..
"I want some of that," he pointed to a defense item available, before marking a few places on the map.

Aizawa offered him a small remote. "Each click will detonate one. Be careful. If you kill your hostage, you have no leverage. I'll have them set up, and then notify you both when to begin."
He turned away to go do so, before stopping with a sigh as he was called.

"Are they real? I won't really hurt Kaminari or Kacchan, will I?"

He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Just go."


(Begin) he heard through the earpiece he was given. Kaminari stepped up to approach.

Bakugou was tied to the satellite, as hostages do. Only, he had a vibrator shoved inside him, currently on half it's maximum power. But he was told to stay quiet, sit tight, and not talk. No using quirks, no signaling, all of that. Which was hard, because he wanted to squirm and cry out. He held his breath and bit his tongue, shifting side to side. He could hardly focus, he knew they were doing some sort of banter, but he was only focused on now moaning infront of his entire class.

Katsuki flinched and jolts when a loud noise erupts. He looked up to a splatter of red, eyes widening. It took him a few moments to realise it was just some paint or dye that was set off to symbolize an explosions blast.

"I have more," Deku said casually. He'd barely missed Kaminari.
"Each one is closer to your little hostage. I'd choose your next words wisely."

Bakugou scowled as eyes went to him, shifting uncomfortably. As he shifted, the vibrator did aswell-pressing right into his prostate. He gasoed for breath-rather loudly, squeezing his eyes shut. Katsuki pressed his trembling lips together, he would not moan intfront of everyone!
Seeing this, Midoriya fumbled with the remote in his pocket and clicked the off button hastily.

Only, it was the wrong remote. Four more splatters erupted, the last one dangerously close to Katsuki. He immediately clicked the other remote.

"I didnt even do anything!?" Kaminari shrieked in fear.

"Im getting impatient." Deku said quickly, to cover for himself.

Watching in the opposite building, Todoroki willed away a laugh. He definitely knew what had happened. Kirishima offered him a goofy, knowing grin.

"I'll take his place!" Denki cried out in desperation.

Izuku rose his eyebrows, humming in thought.
"Okay..go untie him."

Kaminari quickly surged past Deku, crouching beside Bakugou to undo the bounds.
"Are you okay?" He mumbled after glancing at the blond.
He was sweating and flushed, breath hitched and panting lightly. Deku had turned it back on as Kaminari approached.

Midoriya looked straight into a camera as Kaminari had his back turned. He held out the small remote, and very dramatically clicked it.
Red dye burst over the both Bakugou and Kaminari.

"Kaminari has not only died, but the victim is also dead." Aizawa announced.

"Oh my God! That's so dirty!" Kirishima cackled.

As splattered, Denki jolted at the initial sound. He'd had his arm on Katsukis to help him up, and when spooked, he sent a jolt of electricity through him.
Everyone gasped slightly at the scene of Katsuki being electrocuted.
Though unbeknownst to them, he shorted out the vibrator, sending it into its maximum setting.
So Bakugou cried out immediately, clutching to the other blond.

Deku dropped the weapon remote, immediately surging over. Denki stared in a panic, believing they were moans of agony. Which they partly were.

"Midoriya bring him to recovery girl." Aizawa said quickly through the speaker.

Izuku quickly scooped up his boyfriend, who clutched to him shakily, tears of overstimulation running down his cheeks. He buried his face in Dekus neck, not exactly loving that everyone was probably staring at him in worry.
Midoriya jumped off of the building and towards the school entrance, being careful to not hurt himself as he landed. Once he pushed through the doors, Izuku shoved into an empty bathroom.

"Please-please let me-" Bakugou hitched.

Deku nodded a little, shoving Katsukis pants and underwear down as he kissed him. He took the cockring off first, gripping the boys length and stroking it.
He was albeit suprised that Bakugou came after a few measly pumps, crying out probably louder than he shouldve in a school restroom.
Deku kissed him through it, slowly grabbing the base of the toy and pulling it out. It vibrated madly, and there wasnt a way to stop it, so he simply crushed it in his hand to break it.

Katsuki slumped against him as Midoriya slowly redressed him, just reverting to tossing the mangled, unrecognizable toy in the trash.
"M gonna bring you to recovery girl anyways, okay?" He mumbled, picking him back up softly.

Bakugou just nodded a little, holding onto him as he walked down the halls being carried after cleaning him. Izuku pushed into the nurses office and sat Katsuki down on the leather bed thing.
Recovery girl tsked at the red dye he got on it.


"He was just a little dehydrated and exhausted, now you two should get back into class. This is the second day in a row, Bakugou, I dont want to see you again."


"DON'T YOU IDIOTS FEEL SORRY FOR ME," Bakugou shouted as he arrived some time later, upon seeing them all look worriedly for any news on him.

Aizawa cleared his throat, looking over and raising a single eyebrow at him. A silent signal to shut up.
Katsuki grumbled and took a seat in the back. His scowl lessened when Todoroki came over, kneeling infront of him. Bakugou shifted uneasily. He didnt want anyone to look over and see.

"Okay?" He asked in a monotone.

Bakugou nodded.
"Kaminari said you looked like a mess before he even laid a hand on you," he mused.

"About that," Deku mumbled, clearing his throat. Todoroki rose an eyebrow at him.
"Denki shorted it out," he said simply, letting Shouto figure out the rest.

He had an 'ohhh,' moment, before nodding. "So you weren't hurt?" He mumbled.
Katsuki scowled, shaking his head. He didn't exactly want to talk about it infront of his class.

"Yo Bakugou!" Kirishima called, giving his big grin and then a thumbs up.
"Glad to see youre good, dude!"


At lunch, the trio made their way to Bakugous room, even if Katsuki didn't need release anymore.

"You broke it?!" Shouto complained, frowning.

"It wouldnt stop!" Deku cried out in excuse, shaking his hands.

"Shut up, nerds." The blond grumbled, laying on his back with his arms crossed behind his head.

"You're not off the hook," Shouto reminded.

"What?! After last night and pikachu?!"

"Well," Deku mumbled, elbowing Todoroki slightly. "I think he's learned..especially since he had to endure people questioning about you this morning," he finished.

"Yeah!" Bakugou threw his arms up in agreeance.

"Okay," Shouto rolled his eyes.

"Why don't I get to fuck you?!" Bakugou further complained, with a slight pout in his scowl.

"Because of how everyone acted this morning," he said simply, looking down at his nails.
"I don't like the attention it causes, I can't help how loud I am."

"Tch," he sat up. "I liked it, though."

"Well someone is going to put two and two together one of these days, and Im not urging that to happen faster than it may."

"So is Shitty hair going to keep joining us? It was fun but I'm starting to get jealous."

"Kirishima isn't a part of this relationship," Todoroki noted. "He won't be with us all the time. But I do think we should discuss how open we are."

Deku sat on the bed, giving a small nod.

"I think I'm okay with us fucking other people, but I want to know about it. and they gotta know we're dating," Bakugou decided.

"So should it be strictly all together..?" Deku mumbled in question.

"Just dont sneak around. Shouto here was in my bathroom, loud as hell, so at least I knew what was happening. Coulda stopped it," he shrugged.
"Don't expect you to group call before you lay someone."

"Can we put some people off limits?" Todoroki suggested.

They nodded.

"No Ochaco for Deku," he said immediately, Bakugou nodding in approval.

"I wasnt going to!" He whined defensively.

"Good," Shouto shrugged.

"Im gay," Todoroki noted. "I know youre both bi, but I dont want you guys to do anything with girls. If we cant share, we shouldn't do it alone."

Deku thought for a moment before nodding in agreeance. "That's fair. But do you think we can uhm. Include people more often?"

"Who you eyeing?" Bakugou growled, crossing his arms.

"N-no one Kacchan! I-I just like to watch.."

"I think we should wait a little while before we do again." Shouto spoke.
"I don't want us all to only be looking for a new sex partner..I was hoping to bring you guys on a date, actually.."

Bakugou almost sneered at the cheesy idea, but Izuku lit up happily, so he stayed nuetral.
"Not in public," is all he commented.

"Yes, in public." Todoroki crossed his arms.
"There's a fair, and we're going. Say it's as friends, if you want. It's not as if polyamorous relationships are super common. We'll just look like..bros."

"Don't say bros." Bakugou shook his head.
"Right," Todoroki nodded immediately.

"Is it in town all weekend?!" Izuku grinned.

"Yes," Shouto smiled a little, running a hand through his untamed, green mane.

"Ueghhh, why cant we just order pizza and cuddle?" Bakugou whined, laying an arm over his face.

"Because I've never went to a fair and I'd like to go with my boyfriends," Todoroki pinched his side.

"Aweee, little IcyHot is opening up," Bakugou smirked as he lifted the arm off his face. He'd squirmed when pinched.

"You little-" Todoroki squinted, crawling over him on the bed and tickling his fingers into the blonds sides.

Bakugou puffed his cheeks to contain himself, but it only lasted a moment. He burst out in laughter, squirming and bucking to try to get away. Though to no avail.
"Deku-" he gasped in his laughter, shaking his head. Todoroki grinned down as he watched his boyfriend giggle and arch.
"Help!" He laughed out.

Midoriyas eyebrows rose. Oh man, I'm super ticklish, I cant go get myself caught too. He puffed his cheeks as he thought for a moment.

Todoroki gasped in suprise when he was pulled off, Izukus arms holding him flush against Midoriyas own chest by looping underneath his armpits. Fully immobilized from the waist up.
His eyes widened more when Bakugou got up, smiling sadistically while crawling over. He wiggled his fingers tauntingly, hovering over Todoroki's sides.
"Say sorry," he cooed.
Yet he didnt utter an apology, so instead he was attacked with tickles.

Chapter Text

The boys walked up towards the beginning of the fair. It was a friday evening, coming to an impossibly promising night. They wore casual clothes, varying indifferently. Katsuki wore a muscle shirt and basketball shorts, of course. Then there was Todoroki, in a simple, light blue button up paired with black jeans. Midoriya wore black sweats and a light grey tee shirt, a comfortable hoodie to protect himself from when the sun left and everything cooled.

As they gazed up they seen a ferris wheel, and leading up to it were rows of games; dart throwing, ring tosses, cotton candy stands. The whole pizazz. They decided to come after dinner, so the sun was barely set, lanterns and fairy lights dimmly showing the way of the path.

"What do you want to do first, Shouchan?!" Deku asked excitedly, tugging on his arm.

He looked around, walking forward with the boys. "Let's just go from one thing to another?" He offered, unsure.

"Oh ho ho," Bakugou grinned. "Ten bucks I beat both of you on that," he cocked his head in the direction of a game. The point of the game was to hit as hard as you could, and try to make the ball rise to hit the bell. Above it read: NO QUIRKS.

Todoroki rose an eyebrow. "We'll see."

Deku followed the two, grinning as he watched them pay a coin to take a turn, then giving his own coin.
Katsuki went first. He lifted up the padded hammer over his shoulder, then slammed it down as hard as he could. The bell rang once, loudly. Katsuki was strong, but he was also lean-in order to better blast himself midair. He snickered, obviously satisfied with himself. The small booth owner pushed a small stuffie over to Katsuki as a reward.

Todoroki went next. He hit the bell twice, making Katsukis jaw drop.
Shouto earned a normal sized cat plush.
Before he could yell about how the game was rigged, Deku went. It hit the bell, then again, and again. And honestly, they lost count.
The booth owner blinked a few times towards Midoriya, before just giving a slight nod. He went into the back of his tiny booth and brought out a very large shark stuffie.

"Deku cheated!" Bakugou frowned.

"Uh-uh," the old owner gruffed, "this here thing cancels out a quirk. That there's justa strong boy."

"Here Kacchan! You have this!" He offered the giant stuffed animal.
Bakugou looked around awkwardly before he took it.

Midoriya grinned proudly, taking them towards the next game. It was a ring toss, Todoroki being pushed up to try first. He squinted to analyze the objective, deciding that he just had to catch one of the 3 rings be was given on the bowling ball pin-things. He took the rings and hummed, looking back at his boyfriends with a small smile before tossing. He made two of them, so he was handed a medium sized..what was this? A llama. He cleared his throat and nodded, handing it to Deku.

"Let's get pictures," Deku insisted, gripping both of their wrists.

Bakugou let out a noise as he was insistently pulled towards a small photo booth. He was pretty sure there was no way everything would fit, but they all piled inside anyways.
Deku stepped in first, followed by Shouto and then Katsuki. They all half stood awkwardly, trying to figure out how to all sit in a 2 person booth. Todoroki sat down in one corner, pulling Izuku down aswell. The blond squinted, huffing a little and sitting on their laps.

Shouto pressed the button to take pictures, a bit too early. They all shoved at the giant stuffies to try and get all their faces in, limbs flailing as they tried to get situated.
"It's taking pictures!" Deku noted quickly, trying to grin for the next one, as did the others.
The two sitting decide to both turn and kiss either of Bakugous cheeks in time, leaving him angrily blushing in the very last picture taken.


They all grab their copy of the pictures taken, quickly tucking them safely away.
"What's that?" Todoroki asked, pointing to the ferris wheel a bit away.

"There's no way we'r-"

"Looks fun," he hummed, before turning to see what Bakugou was saying.

"Let's go," he grumbled, leading the way to the ferris wheel line.

Midoriya grinned at how quickly Katsuki changed his mind. He also seemed a bit less adament about being seen, linking his hands with one of each of the boys.


"Next!" The conductor called, looking to the three boys who stepped up.
"Cant take those up," he shook his head, offering a basket to set the giant plush toys in. They sat them inside before crawling into the next open cart, glad it had enough room for them all.

After a little bit of getting situated, the ride slowly took off. Todoroki sat in the middle of them, watching interestingly as they went up higher and higher. They all linked hands again. No one could see them, it felt like they were completely alone. Their heads lay on either shoulder. As they reached the highest point, the wheel came to a subtle stop.

"We're at the top!" Deku grinned.

"I mayve slipped the old guy a few coins," Katsuki admit.

"Awee, Kacchan."

"Shut up, nerd."

Todoroki chuckled breathlessly at their dynamics. He tilted his head up and looked at the stars that had began peeking in the bruising sky.

"I like this time of night," Bakugou mumbled.

"Why's that?" Shouto hummed, looking to him.

He was quiet for a few moments, before pointing vaguely infront of them. "Its reds and oranges from the sunset, but still blue daylight behind us." Like you. But he wouldnt say that.

Though he didnt have to, Todoroki understood after a few moments, smiling and kissing the blonds forehead.
"Nerd," Katsuki grumbled, only slightly flushing. Sentimental stuff was weird.

It was contently silent as they just existed. Soaking in eachother presence. No judging eyes or cameras.

"I want to put up our pictures," Shouto mumbled eventually.
"I don't..want to have to hide you guys."

"But the press-"

"I don't care," he shrugged softly, staring forward still.
"The sooner they know the sooner it'll be brushed off as old news. Might as well start early.."

Deku nodded after a few moments of consideration. They both looked to Bakugou after, who was focusing forward to think about it.
"Can we wait? Just a little longer? No one even knows I'm into dudes. Much less two."

"Okay," Shouto nodded, squeezing his hand softly.

"I do like the date.." Katsuki grumbled hesitantly. "But dont you nerds get all mushy on me!"

Izuku chuckled a little, giving a small nod. "Can we get funnel cake?" He prompted as the wheel began moving again.

"What?" They both questioningly looked to him.
Dekus jaw dropped. "You've never had funnel cake?! Oh my gosh. We have to get some when we get off!"

As they got off the ride and retrieved their prizes, Midoriya pulles them along excitedly. Of course there was a stand for them, so Deku quickly pushed money their way and got some.
The two followed curiously to a small bench, looking over the fried, powder sugared treat. Midoriya sat across them both, breaking off a piece and trying it himself. Shouto followed suit first, nodding a little as he ate his bite.

"Is it edible?" Bakugou asked for confirmation.

Todoroki elbowed him softly, breaking off another piece and holding it to Katsukis mouth. After a moment he allowed himself to be fed.
"It's good," Shouto hummed to the green haired man.
Bakugou nodded in agreement, the three taking another bite and enjoying the carnival delicacy.

"What should we do next?" Shouto prompted.

"Its Kacchans turn to pick!"

They turned to him. He rose his eyebrows and looked around. "M. Some kinda game. We should do all of them. I want more prizes."

"You just want to win!" Deku cried,

"So! Im going to win! Im gonna get the biggest plush youve ever seen Deku!"

"Awe," Todoroki chuckled, pinching his cheek to tease.

"Tch," he crossed his arms, pointing his nose the opposite direction. "I don't want them, Im giving them to you nerds.

"Awee," Deku teased further, grinning.

"Dammit Deku!" He glared. Though the glare held no malice, it was more of the squint you gave when embarrassed. Even his familiar cry of the phrase held a different tone. Perhaps endearment.

He very much did go to every game with the other two men. Some games they all tried out, competed. Others, maybe only one or two of them thought to try, cheered on excitedly by whoever watched.

"Yes!" Deku cried in accomplishment, throwing his arms up to hug them both.
It was a dart game, and both of the other two somehow hit a balloon target with every dart they were given.
His eyes widened when they were both handed a decently large plush.

"I don't think we can carry anymore.." he laughed awkwardly, looking down at the giant pile of fuzz and fur beneath them all.

"It is getting pretty late," Shouto hummed in agreement. "We dont want to miss curfew."

"Since when do you care about curfew?" Bakugou rose an eyebrow.

"Well, I think we have done everything here. Maybe twice."

"We should go to the park!" Deku grinned, bouncing on his heels excitedly.
Bakugou rose an eyebrow, followed by Todoroki shrugging and nodding.


To keep their numerous prizes clean, they carefully sat them all in a pile, setting on the play area with slides and whatnot. The three migrated towards the merry-go-round, sitting down.
"Hold on, nerds." Bakugou grinned.

They both scrambled to do just that, looking to Katsuki to see what he was planning. He also moved securely, before putting his hand out and using some small blasts to push them in circles. Just to tease, he span a little too fast, enjoying the dizzy giggles he heard behind him.
He retrieved his hand and let the playground equipment steadily slow itself.
After it was slow enough to crawl around, the blond made his way back over to them.

Deku and Todoroki lay beside eachother, hands intertwined as they stared up to the swirling sky. Katsuki laid his head on Dekus stomach, turning onto his back to join them in watching the stars blur by slowly. A hand intertwined into his hair, softly running through it, just playing with the blond locks. He didnt realise he let his eyes close until they reopened to hearing a voice.

"I get next date," Deku hummed.

"Yeah? Where you bringing us?" Shouto asked, turning his head to face the other.

"Well I can't tell you yet. Let it be a suprise." He grinned. They pressed forward and kissed for a moment, before looking back at the stars.

"Can you name any?" Shouto mumbled.

"No," Deku shook his head.

"Dang. Me either," he snorts.

Bakugou sat up quickly as he seen a flashing light, quickly identifying it as someone with a flashlight.
"Hey kids! Parks closed!" The ranger called out, though it was obvious he wasnt sure where they were.

Deku rose his eyebrows, moving to stand and apologize.
"No!" Bakugou hissed, tugging Deku down to crouch along with him and Shouto.

"We cant sneak back our prizes! He'll take them!" Midoriya complained.

"My apologies," Shoto said after standing, the light being shined into his direction. He covered his eyes as it shone over his face.
"We'll be going."

"Ts almost curfew, boys. Best be gettin home."

"We're adults," Shoto chuckled, then led the others to retrieve their belongings. So adult-y of them to grab giant stuffed animals.

"Hey, youre those kids at UA." The man noted, grinning. "Ah dont worry, I wont say nothin. Just go along."
Shoto paused before giving a little nod, helping carry the stuffed animals.


Barely managing up the stairs, they tumbled to Dekus room, as it was closest. After they got in they dumped the heaps of prizes.
"We got so many giant ones!"

"Cause we're amazing," Bakugou shrugged with a grin.
"Now how do we distribute? At this rate we'll each have 2 big ones, but that's a bit'd take up my whole bed."

"Let's seperate them into piles of whos is whos," Todoroki offered, laying atop the fluff.

"Im not sure which is which!" Deku frowned.

"Doesnt matter, we won some for eachother anyways." He smiled a little.


In Bakugous corner was a giant pink shark, and a giant white teddy bear. He also had three smaller items, being a necklace, small bunny stuffie, and black bear.

Todoroki possessed 2 giant stuffies aswell. A giant stoned banana and green cat(with a witch hat!) He also had a necklace, a small duck plush, and a worm on a string. Weird.

Deku hugged his giant llama and giant yellow bear, bracelet adorning his wrist. In his lap sat two more plushies; one a small red dragon and the other a panda.

"I still dont know where I'm expected to keep these.." Bakugou squinted at the big plushes.

"Cuddle them!" Deku grinned.

"Yes, instead of sneaking into bed with me." Todoroki chuckled.

"What! I didnt know that was allowed," Izuku frowned.

"Youre not complaining," Katsuki squinted to the IcyHot hero.

"I get up earlier, and it is so hard to find the will when youre atop me so peacefully."

"Hello!" Deku waved his arms. "I want to cuddle!"

"Now?" Shouto rose a brow.

"Well, anytime. But yes, now would also be great!"

" is late. Is everyone ready to sleep?"

"Can we put on a movie?" Bakugou suggested. "Not an All Might movie-" he said after Deku nearly jumped to grab one. He snorted as the boy groaned and sat back down.

"I have a Netflix," Todoroki offered, taking the remote after it was handed to him.

"We have to put all the stuffies away," Katsuki shook his head. "Not even one big one will fit between us all."

Midoriya nodded in agreement and carefully began setting them aside. He got up afterwards, trailing to his wall and finding a free tack. He put the photobooth pictures of them up above his dresser.

"I call middle!" Bakugou chided as he flopped victoriously into the center of the bed.

They all settled in under the covers, scrolling to find a movie. After a long while they decided to play some new comedy. Movies were greatly affected by quirks, especially action movies.

"Lights," Katsuki grumbled. His jaw dropped when Shouto carefully aimed an icicle to flip the switch.
"Youre such a princess," Shouto sughed teasingly.

"Lazy, but impressive." He hummed, tilting his head up and kissing the mans cheek. "Am not."

Upon a small, obvious whine, he turned his head and kissed Dekus cheek aswell, 3 times, for good measure.
"N you are," Deku hummed afterwards.

3 things were learned about how the boys watched movies.
The first: Midoriya always fell asleep before halfway through.
Secondly: Todoroki was very invested and serious about watching, as he was with everything.
And most suprisingly: Bakugou tended to speak quite often throughout. Shouto had actually expected this to be true about Izuku, and that Bakugou would be irritable if he did so.

"Haha holy shit, Shouto, babe, half and half-" he nudged him for good measure.

"Youre gonna wake Deku," he mumbled, just pecking his cheek and turning his attention back to the movie.

"Yeah but did you see how he-"

"Love, I'm watching the same thing." Shouto grinned a little, raising his eyebrows at Bakugou.

"Yeah but-"

"Shh," he chuckled, leaning closely so their noses touched. "Just watch, Katsuki."

They ended up asleep after the movie. Unmoved, Midoriya had his head on Bakugous chest, arm stretching over both boys to hold Todoroki's hand. Katsukis head was nestled into Shoutos neck, the half and halfs own head laying atop the blonds.

Chapter Text

Bakugou stood infront of the class at the little podium. He'd shooed Aizawa out of the way. Eraserhead just sighed, unamused as he allowed Katsuki to do whatever it was. The blond had his hands loosely in hie pockets, just pushing his chin into the air and looking down at the class.

"Im dating Deku and Todoroki. If you have any problems with it let me know and I'll happily kick your ass."

"Okay thank you for that-" Aizawa said quickly. He ushered him away and back to his seat.

Bakugou sat between his claimed boyfriends with a scowl, daring anyone to so much as look over or whisper. They avoided looking altogether, knowing the smallest thing would rile Katsuki. Deku smiled a little and linked his hand into Bakugous. Todoroki did the same on his other side.

They had finished the hostage negotiations last week, so it was something new, today. They were all given their costumes, and moved to the lockerrooms to change. The trio made their way in aswell, the eyes of the other men darting away from them all.

"I already knew," Kirishima mumbled to whoever he was speaking to, giving a small shrug.

"Right uhm, Congrats!" Denki said unsurely to them, nudging Bakugou.
"I bet all the girls are cryin! Three of the most eligible bachelors, all taken at once!" He grinned.

"Har har," Katsuki rolled his eyes. "I don't care about them."

The three mostly stood by the doorway, standing together as they waited for everyone to finish changing. They all piled out one by one, before the only people left were them. They all changed into their costumes, before quickly following to their training.

"Today, class, we're working on team work. More specifically, decision making in consideration of your back up."

He called the teams, and ran them through the scenerio. The run down was: there's a pressing situation with a group of villains. Time may be running out, and your backup will be 2 more minutes. Through you may not be able to help by yourself.
Some people waited for their backup, while others distracted to keep them at bay. The three boys didnt participate today, as there was too many people. Tomorrow they were to.

They met again at lunch, sitting all together. That morning, they'd honestly felt a bit. Put off. Like everyone was avoiding them, and they should feel awkward or ashamed. But as the day wore on, they just simply realised the reason they had told their classmates anyways. To..openly be together. To not care if someone judged. So, at lunch they sat closely together. Deku and Todoroki sat on one side, Bakugou sitting across them.
Midoriyas hand loosely stretched over the table to hold Katsukis hand, using his other to carefully eat.

"So what are you guys expecting of class tomorrow?" Shouto asked, looking to his boyfriends.

"I think the distraction technique is good!" Deku smiled.

"Yes, I think it's one of the only options..there certainly are situations in which going in alone is benefit in it." Shouto nodded, before looking to Katsuki.

"Tch," he pushed around at his food, "then they'd get away. Real life, villains arent gonna stand there and chat. They get away as fast as they can. I'd chase them down."

"Well they wouldnt let you!" Deku frowned, "1 versus 2 or more is no good way to go about it..theyd take you out Kacchan!"

"Nah, I'm strong as fuck,"

"Language," Shouto grumbled.

"-Id easily take them out. I dont need back up. If I couldn't take them, I'd put up a hell of a fight to follow. Let my backup know where theyre goin, at least."

"Pull that and find yourself dead." Shouto shook his head, "you cant be so hotheaded in the real world. Good luck to your back up." He exasperated, taking a bite of his food.

"Well..I agree with Shouchan! I don't want you dying or getting badly hurt because you don't want some bad guys to get a headstart!"

"Oh please." Bakugou shook his head. "I can carry my own. Besides, you wont always have back up available. You have to do what you can."

"But if they are available!"

"Then they shouldve been helping sooner. If i get hurt, it's on them. Tch, 2 minutes. Where are they? Heroes should be mobile, and fast. You and Todoroki could get across town in 30 seconds. Can't barely name a pro who would take 2 minutes. The fuck are they doing?! Stopping for some fucking shitty coffee?!" His hands sparked slightly, making Izuku hiss and pull his hand away.

"Language Katsuki!" Shouto scowled his eyebrows together sternly, looking around at the eyes on them from the blonds outburst.

"Whatever," he grumbled, going back to his food. "You know I'm right."

Todoroki sighed a little, shaking his head.
"You make some good points, but there are plenty of reasons theyd take a few minutes, Kacchan..what if there was another attack far away! We just dont want you to get hurt once we're all out there.." Midoriya elaborated timidly.

"I won't," he insisted. "So don't worry your little heads."
He took a moment to unclench his jaw and look up at them, offering a tint, reassuring smile. He was hotheaded, but he didnt want his boyfriends to be put under his rage, or felt as if he was directing anger towards them. Just the topic.

"So stubborn," Shouto hummed. "Your determination is very attractive, Katsuki. But it does worry me."

"And your worrying is very sweet, but unneeded." He countered, taking a last bite of his food and getting up to put away his tray.

"I dont want to hear it when he fails his run tomorrow," Todoroki grumbled, following with Deku giving a knowing chuckle and nudging him.


"Yo IcyHot!" Bakugou called.

Todoroki turned around to see the blond walking alongside Izuku. He paused in his step to fall in along them.

"You arent busy doing nerd homework to hang are ya?" He teased, taking the bicromial mans textbooks from his arms and stacking them along with his own and apparently Dekus, that he'd also grabbed away.

"That's a lot!" Shouto frowned. "I can carry my own, I'm sure."

"Nuh uh," Bakugou moved away as he tried retrieving his books back.

"Is this about the bell game?" He quirked an eyebrow.

Bakugou rose his eyebrows, jaw dropping a little, before putting his nose up and ignoring the question. The two along him laughed softly.

"If we go to my room I can sit and talk with you both while I do 'nerd homework," Shouto insisted.

"Deal!" Midoriya grinned.

They entered Todoroki's room, books being sat aside besides his own. He pulled out one textbook and a pencil, carefully setting things around him to begin. Bakugou flopped on the bed, rustling papers around him. He looked up and rose an eyebrow.
The blond grinned guiltily and rolled a little away.

Deku half sat beside him, leaning on his arm. "Why do you always lay so ungracefully?"

"Shouto, your boyfriend is bullying me."

"Handle your own boyfriend," he teased, not looking up to them as he began to carefully write out problems.

"I forgot say thank you for outing us all infront of class!" Deku grinned. "It wasnt the most traditional, but I guess we arent either!"

"I don't know what else you expected," he noted. "Anyone say shit to either of you?" He looked between them.

"No," Midoriya smiled a little, shaking his head.

Bakugou looked to Todoroki for confirmation that he hadnt gotten any harrassment, either.
"Shouto?" He called to get the mans attention.

He looked up, raising his eyebrows. "Hm?"

"No one being an ass about us bein together right?"

He blinked his heterochromic eyes, opening his mouth for a moment before dutifully shaking his head no and going back to his work.

"Good," he nodded once, laying his head back onto the bed.


"How much work do you havee?" Izuku whined after 2 minutes of boredom.

He sighed. "This, and two more pages."

Deku groaned softly in disapproval. He turned on his side to face Bakugou. "And it's Monday."
The blond nodded in agreement.

Midoriya hummed and pressed forward, kissing him softly for a few moments. They pulled away and grinned a little.
"I like kissing you whenever I want," the green haired man mumbled.

He grinned a bit more and sat up, moving off the bed and over to Shoutos side. He squatted down to his level, leaning in and kissing him once he looked over in question.
Shouto paused at the suddenness, but kissed back softly before pulling away.
"I'll take longer if you interrupt."

"Awe, can't you do some later?" He pouts for extra convincing.

He paused, as if thinking as he looked over his writing. "Well it's calming. I enjoy it."

Deku frowned, taking his chin and turning his head to face him. Bakugou sat up on an elbow.
"What do you need calmed for?"

"Well, uhm. School can be stressful," he shrugged, gingerly moving his chin away.

"Bullshit," Bakugou scowled, sitting up fully.
"You dont stutter. What's wrong? Who's ass should I kick?"

Todoroki scowled a little, leaning into his book and paper and trying to focus on it instead.
"Shouto." Bakugou said in almost a growl.

"There's nothing to do about it!" He nearly shouted, hand tight around his pencil.

He breathed for a moment, closing his eyes as Deku softly kissed his temple. "You dont have to tell us.."

"Bullshit!" Bakugou pushed himself to stand. "Tell me who the bastard is! I'll shove my fist so far up his-"

"Kacchan!" Izuku scolded, standing up fully beside Todoroki.

"Im not fucking around!" He growled his yell, hands bursting into high flames.
"No ones treating either of you like that!"

"Stop." The sitting mans voice rang clearly and sternly.
"Katsuki I can take care of myself. It's been dealed with as much as it can. If you're going to throw a tantrum do it somewhere else, I wont have you burn my room down."

The blond slowly heaved his chest, forcing his hands to flicker down into nothingness. He opened his eyes after a few moments.
"Fine. Dont want me to do anything, then fine. It just pisses me off."

Deku let out a small breath he'd been holding at the tension. He pursed his lips and cautiously put away Shoutos homework as allowed. Then he crawled into the bed beside him and wrapped his arms around Todoroki in a hug. The other man laid his head against Izuku.

Bakugou clenched his jaw for another moment before grumblingly crawling in aswell. He moved to his other side and kissed his temple, wrapping him in his own hug.
"M sorry. I know I'm ridiculous sometimes. I just. You seem upset. And no one should make you upset."

"You just care about me. Thank you, but I am a grown man."

"Barely 18," Bakugou grumbled.

"I can still deal with it.."

"You dont have to alone," Deku mumbled. "Just tell us and we'll help however we can.."

"Ts fine, you both," he shook his head.

Bakugou grumbled a little more, burying his head into Shoutos neck. He kissed his shoulder, hand moving and interlacing with his own. He grunted as someones phone went off, opening an eye to watch Deku look down at his phone screen after taking it out. He mouthed his apology and stood up, walking a few feet away ad he answered.

"Right now?--No that's okay!--yeah-yeah, I'll be down as fast as I can--really?-okay--ill see you in a few."
He turned back around and frowned a little.
"Sorry, it's All Might..I'll try to be done as fast as I can!"

Katsuki nodded, shooing him off. "Come back in one piece. I got him."


Midoriya ran down the steps as fast as he could to get to the location he was meeting All Might at. He entered the room and closed the door behind him, looking to his weak form.

"Young Midoriya," he began, letting out a breath.
"There's a pressing matter we need to discuss."

"Yes, you told me Mr All Might, Sir!" He moved over and sat across from him.

"There's no easy way to say it, kid." He clasped his hands together, forearms resting against his knees.
"You really need to get out of cahoots with those two young men."

Deku immediately furrowed his eyebrows and sat back a little. "Why would you say that?"

"Im sorry, kid." He shook his head, "it's bad news. Your life-itll be living hell."

"How?" He frowned.

"Endeavor isn't happy about it at all. Based on your past encounters with him already, and his prejudice towards me..itll be ugly. Mix that with the press, the other students..villains, even."

"I don't care what people think," Midoriya scowled a little, crossing his arms. "I respect your opinion, sir. I know youre looking out for me. But I'm not sacrificing my happiness and relationship for-for the press?"

"Midoriya. Please, for once, listen to what I'm telling you. Endeavor isn't a kind man."

Chapter Text

Izuku Midoriya wasn't sure what he was supposed to do. He was sure he could deal with Endeavor if it came down to it, or he was confronted. But should he tell Bakugou?
Deku figures that Shoutos father was the one discouraging him. In the end it felt like it was all on him. Endeavor hated Deku. He just knew it as fact. Todoroki was supposed to hate him, too, and rise up to be the bigger hero than him. He supposed that wasnt possible if they were dating. Still. Shouto wouldn't break up with both of them because of it, would he? Or just Deku?

Everything seemed so against them all dating. He just decided he would have faith in his own feelings. He stopped walking as he realised he had made his way back to half and halfs room. He opened the door, taking in the scene of his two boyfriends laying together, lazily kissing sweetly. Izuku smiled softly and closed the door behind him, crawling into the bed. They pulled away to welcome him back, pulling Deku between them. He hummed and laid between them, smiling as his cheeks were kissed.

"You werent gone very long," Shouto hummed, pinching his side.

He squirmed away from the touch, rolling onto Todoroki. He sat up, half straddling him and leaning down to kiss him shortly. Bakugou cuddled up to their sides and watched with a hum, hand trailing up Dekus thigh softly.

Midoriya leaned forward and pecked the blond before setting his hand aside.
"No funny business."

"Awe," Bakugou laughs after pecking back.

Izuku smiled softly, eyes trailing back to Todoroki. He pursed his lips a little and leaned down, hugging him whilst laying atop the man.

"Youre sweet," Shouto mumbled into his hair, kissing his temple the best he could. He'd loosely wrapped his arm around the One For All successor, rubbing over his back. Though his other arm was claimed by Bakugou, huddled up to his side. For someone who is so adamant on not showing vulnerability, Katsuki really liked to cuddle.
"Youre sweet too," Todoroki hummed, running a hand through blond hair.

Deku pulled back from the hug a little, more so laying his head on Shoutos chest. He smiled slightly, as he faced Bakugou, who seemed very content with his hair being played with. He pressed forward and kissed his forehead.
"I wanna nap," he mumbled after laying his head back down.

Katsuki sat up a bit and pulled the comforter overtop Deku, then getting up and dimming the lights. He lay back into Todoroki's side, happy that the hand replaced to brush through his spiky hair. He looked up at the man underneath Midoriya.
"You napping too?"

Shouto shook his head a little, "why don't you put on a movie quietly?"

He rose his eyebrows when Bakugou shook his head.
"I just wanna lay n talk with you."

Shouto smiled a little, nodding. He pushed the hair out of Katsuki's face where it always lie.


When Izuku woke up he was still laying atop one of his boyfriends. He still had his eyes closed, slowly coming to. Though he could tell he was laying on the blond, as they were quietly talking and he could feel the vibrations.
He whined and thrust his hand limply out the cover, his eyes still shut in sleepiness. Shouto took the hint and linked his fingers with the others. He chuckled a little, even.

"Wake up baby," he mumbled, sitting half way up and pressing a kiss into his forehead.
"Dinner is soon, m glad we didnt have to wake you for it. You looked so sweet."

Deku opened an eye to look at him, gladly deciding this is the best way to wake up. As he sat up slowly on Bakugou he yawned, covering his mouth a little. The covers fell off of his shoulders and he smiled down at the blond sleepily. In his more awakened state he also recalled the days events, which lessened his mood a tad.

"Icyhots arm fell asleep so we rolled you onto me." Katsuki explained.

Shouto sighed, shaking his head. "You're not going to be able to sleep right tonight, mister." he pinched Dekus side softly, making him twitch away at the tickle from it.

"Okay mom," he grinned, very much enjoying the look of betrayal that flashed over Shoutos face.

"Hmph. I'll freeze you."

"Kacchan will melt it," he retorted, looking to the male beneath him, as did Shouto.

"Hey, I'm not in this." He put his arms up, as Todoroki squinted playfully.

"Come on, let's get ready for dinner."

Midoriya got off of the blond and stood, stretching. Bakugou followed suit, whispering "such a mom." Below his breath.

"Can we go out?" Izuku asked innocently.

"Like where..?" Shouto rubbed the back of his neck.

"Pizza!" Bakugou grinned, butting into the conversation.

Midoriya arose his eyebrows at the burst out.
"Sure-yeah- pizza?" He looked to the bicromial man.

Todoroki nodded a little after a moment. "Okay, sure.."

After running around one anothers rooms to slip on jackets and more casaul clothes, they set off. Deku held onto one of Todoroki's arms, Bakugou walking alongside them with his hands clasped on the back of his neck. It was a short walk to a little pizza place nearby, the sun set over the horizon by the time they got there.
It was a cozy ma and pa joint, with the classic checkered floor and wooden tables.

They decided on and ordered a meat lover pizza before taking their seats, all three evenly spaced to look at one another.

There was little talk until the food came, then the silence was less heavy, as their mouths were full. Izuku didnt like the shift their relationship seemed to take, when a few days ago they were giddy just to be in one another's presence. He didnt have much experience, but wasnt the honeymoon phase supposed to last longer?

When the bill came Shouto passed his credit card over. Though the receptionist gave it back after a try or two.
He pursed his lips, shaking his head a little and reaching into a coin pouch instead. He ignored the other boys offers to pay, handing over the amount before heading out with them.

He had the same steely look he often acquired during battle, or just their first year. His father cut him off, Midoriya realised, taking the IcyHot heros hand into his own to soothe him.

"Thought you guys were loaded," Bakugou said casually. Deku quickly shot him a look. Katsuki threw his arms up. "What! Is money taboo?"

There wasnt a reply for some time, Todoroki just kept his eyes forward. Deku pulled his hand up and kissed the back of his hand.
"All Might tell you?" He exasperated.

Midoriya paused in his step before giving a small nod.

"You guys not telling me something?" Katsuki half glared.

"It-" Izuku went to explain, before falling silent. Maybe Shouto didn't want Bakugou knowing. Much less him. I shouldn't tell Kacchan without permission. But he's too stubborn to let up.

"What?! If he knows then I have the right!" He turned to Shouto. They all stopped in their stride.
"Ever since he left he's been up your ass! Obviously something happened!"
He almost seemed insecure, as if the thing they were keeping from him involved himself.

"My Father is the one who's giving me hell," Todoroki admit, expression untelling.

"I'll kick his ass!" Katsuki growled. "And what, he doesnt like you bein with the competition?!"

"Basically," he shrugged a little, continuing to walk. The others fell into pace with him quickly.

Bakugou knew Shouto hated his tantrums so he just scowled at the sidewalk and thrusted his hand into Todoroki's.

"Maybe he's right." Shouto mumbled as they neared the UA building a minute or two later.

"Shouto-" Deku frowned, looking up at him.

"It hasn't even been a day and it's not going good!"

"No, it's been a week." Katsuki scowled, "it's only been a day since we told people. I dont give a shit what people say. They can say it to my face! I dare them!"

Todoroki sighed as they got through security silently to enter the campus.
"You guys both want to be the top hero. So do I. Isn't that going to fuck us up?"

"No!" Deku shook his head, "I would be so happy for either of you!"

He looked to Bakugou for back up. "I'd be a bit jealous, and that's mushy, but me too," he said with disgruntlement.

Shouto nodded a little as they headed back to the dorms. "Sorry. I dont want to break up or anything.."

"Neither do we," Deku mumbled, bumping into him softly.

They were silent until they made their way to Todoroki's room again. Shouto sat on the edge of his bed and pulled his side table drawer out. From inside, he retrieved the pictures from their first date. He lay on his back and look at them. Bakugou crawled up and lay atop him, his head on Shoutos chest to look up at the series of photos, too.

Izuku sat up against the headboard to look aswell, grinning a little.
In detail: the first picture of the series had them all sitting, Bakugou awkwardly on their knees and trying to figure out how to adjust the stuffies.
The second picture Todoroki's hand was on Katsukis cheek, pushing him onto Midoriya. Bakugous own hand was on Shoutos cheek aswell, pushing oppositely to try and position. Izuku looked at the camera then, seeing it was taking pictures.
The third, they all were in the same position, but forcing a quick smile.
And lastly, Midoriya and Shouto were kissing Katsukis blushy cheeks.

"We can't take pictures for shit," Katsuki laughed breathlessly.

"Cause you brought the giant stuffies in," Shouto noted.

Prompted, Deku reached off the side of the bed and retrieved the giant green cat with the witch hat that Shouto had. Bakugou reached over and grabbed it, holding it into the air above him and Todoroki. He looked up as much as he could at the man, tilting his head aside to see him. He brought the cat down to Shoutos face and booped it against his nose a few times, each accompanied with a kissy noise.

"How lovely," Shouto shook his head, a small goofy grin adorned on his face. Bakugou really was a nerd, but he'd never tell him, because he loved it.

"I cant believe youre kissing other men," Deku teased, hands in his lap as he grinned.

"Please, you two are handfuls enough."

"What's his name!" Midoriya grinned, gesturing to the cat.

"Oh, uh. I dunno. Did you name yours?"

"Of course!" Deku frowned. "Didn't you guys?"

They both shook their heads. "Well name him!"

"Does it have to be good?"

"Whatever fits."

Todoroki stared up at the cat Katsuki held up for him, looking very thoughtful in what he was to name it. He suddenly perked up a little.
"Witch cat."

Bakugou laughed and held Witch Cat to himself as he did so. Meanwhile Izuku shook his hands. "You got to think of a real name! Maybe like a pun! Like, Purrgatory"

"Nah, Witch Cat." He decided, if only to keep the pout playing on Dekus lip.

"Okayy.." he came along, moving onto his side and throwing a leg over the two boys.

"What about your banana? Let me guess, Stoner Banana?"

Todoroki shook his head, thinking. "Jeff."

"What! I give up!" He giggled a little, moving a hand down to link hands with Shouto.

They lay there making names for their first date prizes, Bakugou shamelessly holding Green Cat and offering little advice as he stroked its soft fur. The two underneath and beside him playfully bickered on how to name the stuffies.

Katsuki fell asleep after some time, leaving the boys to quiet down after they realised. Deku smiled and leaned up, kissing his boyfriend contently.

"All Might doesn't think it's a good idea either," he mumbled.

Shouto shook his head a little, slowly. "I don't care. He can cut off contact or cut off my credit cards. I don't know why I let him get to me anymore. No one is going to make me leave you two."

"Thank you," Deku nods a little, putting his head onto Todoroki's shoulder. "I felt like it was my fault. Like it'd be easier if it were you and Kacchan. Your father hates me."

"Hey," Todoroki frowned, leaning down as much as he could and kissing his forehead. It earned him the green haired mans gaze back up toward him.

"He doesn't hate you. He sees you as a worthy opponent. He probably respects you, secretly, behind all the envy."

Izuku chuckled softly at the thought, pecking Todoroki's lips a few times in thanks. "Do you want to move Kacchan? He's in a weird position."

Shouto nodded after a moment, carefully moving Bakugou to half lay on Deku, on his stomach instead. "He really likes Green Cat," he noted.

Todoroki nodded in agreement, sitting up and stretching for a moment. After he felt a bit more limber he laid back down beside the two, sitting up on his forearm to look at Izuku across the sleeping blond.

"You think he wants a kitty?" Midoriya grinned.

"I dunno. Maybe he'd cuddle any stuffie? Why?"

"We could get him one!"

"Well..let's keep an eye out, okay? Make sure he's an animal person, first. But that sounds sweet, Izuku."

Chapter Text

"Alright, class. We have enough students for two sets of teams left. Let's see.." he looked down at his notepad lazily, giving a little grin as he read over the list.

"Hero on ground 0, Katsuki Bakugou. His back up, Shouto Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya."
He immensely enjoyed the look of suprise on everyones face. Made it completely worth it.
They took their places wearily.


"Bakugou. There are five dangerous, wanted villains. They may take months to resurface, and theyre getting away with robbing a bank after blowing it up. Your back up will be 120 seconds. What do you do? Go."

Ahead of him, five of his classmates took their pretend places aswell. Froppy came out of the building first, jumping far off into the make shift city. Then came Tenya, carrying a bag full of fake money as did they all. He, of course, was also fast as shit. Ochako, Momo and Tseutseu also ran off, all scattered.
Bakugou stood shock still for a moment, all of them running for it individually. He growled and rushed in immediately, determined to stop at least some of them.

He had an earpiece in his ear, as did his boyfriends. They shouted something about waiting, but he ignored it. He burst himself into the air with his flames, giving a little smirk, as he could see almost all of them. Katsuki shouted his war cry as he often would, first surging forward on Tenya, who's engines would surely stall if he tried to speed up. He tackled him to the ground as he landed on the mans heels.
Katsuki struggled to hold Iida with his arm behind his back with only one hand, but managed to get out the tape that meant he captured a villain.

"Awe man!" Iida cried out after he was 'immobilized,' "I'm just kidding, Bakugou, you.." he rolled his eyes and stopped speaking when Katsuki blasted back off.

The next furthest away from scene was Ochaco. He had to blast through his grenade cuffs to get as high in the air as her, before snatching onto the antigravity hero and wrapping her in tape aswell. Easy.
So next was..Froppy! She was going to get away! Fuck. He used small blasts to get him further along as he gradually fell through the air, trying to find her.

"Wuh oh," she ribbits as a shadow got larger on the ground with Bakugous descent.
Sue jumped onto the side of a building and hid in it's shadows. He probably couldnt fall and hang onto the building. Right? He was coming in hot.

Bakugou definitely couldn't. But he seen the direction she had gone into. He barely landed without crashing into the road, using a quick blast to land soft.
Katsuki whipped his head in multiple directions to look for her, spotting the bright white money bag on her back. She was on a building?!
Upon being seen she jumped opposite from him, only to be pursuited fast. As he gained on her hopping, Bakugou pulled the tape back out, giving a final blast with his opposite hand. He wrapped her mid jump, smirking as they landed.

He put a finger on his earpiece.
"I got three of em. Theyre running, I'm sure you can get the other two."

"Noted. We got the first two a minute ago. Was waiting on you to stop being a hardass and finish alone." Shouto replied.

Bakugou huffed softly, letting his panting die down as he blasted himself back to the front of the city.
"Dont look at me like that! We got them all!"

His boyfriends had their arms crossed. "Yes thats true," Todoroki started.

"But it wouldve been easier and possible if we did it together." Deku finished.

Bakugou looked to Aizawa for back up. "Theyre right, Bakugou," he turned to the class, the 'villains' rejoining as they unstuck tape from their clothes.
"We have one more team, but the point of this whole exercise should be clear. Sometimes it's hard to sit and 'do nothing.' But unless there is immediate danger, you need to wait to handle a group of foes with more than yourself. Katsuki, that was wreckless. You're lucky I didnt allow the villains to do anything but run."

"We still win, right?"

"You will get half points, as you did take out 3 in almost under 2 minutes, but Midoriya and Todoroki get full points."

Katsuki groaned and sat on the stupid bench and looked at the stupid ground. His boyfriends sat on either of his sides.

"We told you," Shouto grumbled, leaning back against the metal bench.

"Kacchan you could of got hurt! We talked about it!" He shook Katsuki's arm.

"Yeah but I got three!"

"You got three bank robbers who didn't attack you. Good job. Really Katsuki?!" Todoroki squinted.

"What was Frog gonna do? Lick me? Please. Tenya couldnt attack other than maybe martial arts, and I'd beat him easy. Ochaco too."

"You cant count on the villains being your classmates in the future," Deku frowned, bumping his side softly.

"I know, but they were, it's different.."

"Well you can't expect to know what to do in the real world if you dont take these seriously," Shouto scolded. "So grow an imagination or something, Katsuki, we shouldnt have to tell you this anymore."

"Okay, fuck!" He pushed himself up to stand, crossing his arms.

Deku put a hand on his elbow softly and pulled him back down. Katsuki sat down with a grunt.
"So this is where we talk about feelings," Deku mumbled, nudging him. He also pointedly looked to Todoroki.
"Shouto, go head."

He sighed in a grumble. "We already told him! Were just. Worried, okay? This training and internships is the only experience or practice we get before youre allowed to go out and do whatever. And I don't want you to act so recklessly and get hurt because you use your advantage of knowing us all too much."

"Kacchan," Deku mumbled after.

"I know," he huffed. "Im just trying to show off and win. If that means using my knowlege then I will, y'know? If its a stranger I'd be more cautious."

"Youre supposed to treat this like it's real, and that they are strangers."

"Okay." Bakugou grumbled softly.


"Fine, I will.. sorry."

Shouto smiled a tiny bit and linked their hands together, squeezing Katsukis softly.


"I wish it was friday," Izuku complained against Shoutos chest.

"It's only Tuesday," Todoroki mumbled, running a hand through his hair. "What are you so antsy for?"

"That's when our date is gonna be! It's my turn, remember?"

"You gonna tell us what it is yet?" Bakugou pleaded, crawling over.

"No way Kacchan! It isn't anything fancy, but I like suprises!" He grinned.

Katsuki grumbled, sighing softly and looking over Midoriya. Deku squirms a little bit under his stare, just a little self conscious. His cheeks tinted and he let his eyes close when Bakugou leaned forward to capture him in a kiss. Yeah, they kissed often, but it was usually either fast pecks, or hurried. So it was nice when it was just slow. The blond put a hand on his jaw to deepen the kiss a little, tilting his head.

When Bakugou pulled away, Deku felt almost drunk from the kiss. His head turns when Shouto guided his chin softly over to himself, the heterochromic male taking his turn to kiss Izuku. He enveloped himself in this kiss instead, relishing the hot mouth that attached to his neck at the same time. His attention faltered back to the kiss when Todoroki lapped into his mouth. The green haired man opened his mouth more and pressed his own tongue toward the others, groaning softly.

He whimpered when both stimilations left him, though happily watched with lidded eyes as both mouths instead meet together. Shouto kissed Bakugou lazily before trailing his lips down to his jaw, pressing soft kisses. Deku grinned and sat up a bit off Shouto to join him. He kisses Katsukis neck on the other side, suckling a hickey. He was very proud of the bruise, quickly moving to make more. The small groans coming from Bakugou were more than enough motivation to not stop.

"Fuck," Katsuki grumbled, pulling away from the eager mouths.
"Dont mark me," he blushed, his lower lip pouting, "I told Kaminari I'd beat his ass at Mario Kart today."

"Awe," Deku frowned, kissing over a mark. "When?"

"What time is it?" He mumbled, finding it hard to focus as they still idly left soft pecks.

"Mm, 5." Todoroki answered after taking a moment to see.

"Fuuuck," Katsuki grumbled, carefully pushing himseld to stand. "I've got to go," he said apologetically.

Deku sat up and gave him a small kiss. "Fine, but you better win."

Bakugou grinned and gave Shouto a parting kiss as well. He shouldered his bag and picked up his jacket. The blond gave a small hand wave as he exited the room, door closing behind him.

Izuku turned back to Todoroki. He was straddling him, so he sat back again. Shouto hummed and pulled out a book to pleasure read. He glanced up at Deku after he finished a page, raising his eyebrow.
Deku pressed the book down, flat onto Shoutos chest, kissing him for a moment. Todoroki gave a small smile after he parted the kiss, picking his book back up to resume.

"Pay attention to mee," he whined after another minute.

Todoroki's eyes darted back up to Midoriya. He sighed softly and put the book down on his chest. "You're almost too affectionate," he taunted, putting his hands over the boys thighs.

"Well-! Before Kacchan left..then you just!" He huffed softly, putting his hands overtop Shoutos.

"Well, I knew that's what Katsuki wanted. Is that what you want to do?"

Izuku nodded slightly.

"Then you have to tell me that, Nerd." He chuckled, moving his hands up behind Izukus back, pulling him down to kiss him lightly.


"Did you just red shell me bastard?!" Bakugou screeched, helplessly waiting as the other players passed his spinning kart.

"Dont be so cocky," Denki shrugged. He was laid back against his headboard, legs crossed as he casually kept winning.
Katsuki was the opposite. He sat at the front of the bed, leaning forward in concentration as he raged about his losses.

"GoddAMMIT." he sat the controller aside angrily as he was left in 7th place rather than the 1st he'd had. He was a pretty big sore loser, crossing his arms and waiting for the next match to queue.

"I told you you couldn't beat me," the electric hero noted. He reached over and grabbed his drink, downing some of it.

"You cocky bastard!" Bakugou whipped his head around accusingly.

"Hey, I'm just chillin."

Katsuki scoffed. "Why are you so..'chill'?"

He blinked slowly before chuckling. "Really?"

"Really what?! What's that supposed to mean, huh?!"

"Nothing, jeez, I just thought it was obvious. You could use some."

"Some what?" He glared.


"When you pressed me against the shower door I swear I almost died," Deku mumbled against his ear, hands trailing up his shirt and tracing his abs.

"We have some origin story," Shouto chuckled breathlessly, hands tracing over Izukus bare hips.

"I want.." Midoriya mumbled, blushing into the crook of Todoroki's neck.

"Tell me," Shouto said sternly, pressing his hips up. He smirked when Deku shakily rolled his hips down against him.

"Use me," he managed. "Use my mouth.."

Shouto groaned softly and sat up, flipping them over so he was overtop of Midoriya. He pinned his hands up over his head, dragging his hips slowly over Izukus. Todoroki smirked in bemusement at the small whine he worked out of the man below him.

He sat up a little and pulled his own shirt off, leaning down and licking a stripe up Dekus chest.


"The fuck?" Bakugou sneered, looking over the weird contraption that sat infront of him.

"You cant be that oblivious dude!" Denki laughed. "It's a bowl."

"Cant eat cereal out of it."

"To smoke out of?" Kaminari rose an eyebrow.
Katsuki was still drawing a blank, so he continued.

"Oh. Right, I knew that," Bakugou said sternly, rubbing the back of his neck.

"..sure Bakugou. you want some?"

"Well I've never thought about it." He blinked. "Maybe I should ask Shouto and Deku."

Kaminari chuckled, giving a small shrug.

"What are you laughing for?!"

"Huh? Nothin, just didn't think you needed permission." He shrugged again, peeking to make sure his door was locked before opening a window.

"I dont!" Katsuki growled. He watched the other grab a lighter and press it to the opening, taking a hit.

Denki gave him a funny look as he held his breath, reaching his head out of the window a tad to exhale.
"Well here," he pressed the weird contraption to Bakugou. "You don't have to, dude, but it'd help you chill out."

Katsuki clenched his jaw as he held it. He furrowed his eyebrows as he looked over it cautiously. He wasn't even sure how..

"Look, put your finger here when youre inhaling with it lit, then let go and when you stop lighting it, an inhale the rest. If you want. No uh, not peer pressuring." He trailed off awkwardly.

He gave him a small squint. Bakugou refused the lighter and instead carefully lit one of his fingers to use its flame instead.
He took a really small hit, barely managing to clear it before he pushed it away and began coughing. Kaminari watched in amusement.

"Fuck-" cough, "what the fuck?" Cough, "that's horrible!"

The other blond just smirked a little and took a big hit, mostly to show off. He didnt hold it as long, just exhaling out of the window quickly with his own small cough.
"Give it a minute," he explained, setting the bowl aside. "If you like the feeling you can hit it again."


Shouto gasped as he ruts softly into Midoriyas eager mouth, gripping his hair to keep him in place. God, the way he looked up at him.. Todoroki pressed his entire length down Izukus throat, holding him there and closing his eyes at the feeling. The hot, constricting throat spasmed beautifully around him.
He opened his eyes, watching Dekus eyes slowly lid as his air was cut off, before opening up in his shaky gasps as the man above pulled away.

He kept his mouth open obediently even as he gasped for air, drool dripping down his chin. Deku was quick to suck around the others cock as it was shoved back into his throat. Instead of holding in place, Todoroki gripped his hair almost painfully tighter, savagely beginning to thrust into his wanting throat.
"God, you like that?" Shouto barely managed to growl as he panted.
"You want me to use you like this?"


Bakugou laid flat on his back on Kaminari's bed. He'd stared up at the ceiling fan, now rubbing the lights out of his eyes. He collapsed his arms to his sides afterwards, slowly letting a lazy smirk form.

Denki peeked over to him as he did so, chuckling a little. "Do you want some food?" He asked knowingly.

"..fuck yeah," he sat up slowly, exhaling.
Katsuki followed as he trailed towards a mini fridge.

He bent to look at the contents. "I got some soda and pie."

"Yeah," Bakugou nodded slightly.

As he ate some pie, Bakugou nodded more to himself. "This slaps," he nodded again, "I'm so mad at you."

"What did I do!"

"Didn't give me some earlier. Cmon, man."

Denki laughed a little, "Sorry. I can hook you up whenever you want."

Katsuki nods. Nodding just, felt right. "Dude.."

"What?" He snorts.

"I bet fucking like this also slaps," he nods.

"Oh." Kaminari blinked, looking back to the phone game he was previously playing. "Uh, I dunno. Probably."

"Dude what? You smoke this much and you havent tried? I figured it out easy." Bakugou turned his head to look at him.

"Not everyone has two boyfriends," He teased.

"Oh my God you're right," he sat his pie down. "Im going to go fuck my boyfriends."

"T M I DUDE." Denki blushed furiously, crossing his arms. "Besides, you probably shouldnt."

He stopped from where he'd began standing. "Why's that?"

"Well. You're high," he shrugged. "I don't think it's really right for a sober person to take advantage of someone under the influence. Boyfriends or not, in all seriousness."

Bakugou blinked so he could take in all of what was said. "Shit. Yeah." He slowly sat back down.

"I mean, if they were high too, I dont know how that works. Probably fine. But I don't know they'd uh, be up for it."


Deku hurriedly swallowed and licked up the cum, panting slowly dying down. He lapped up the last bit before lifting his head to look up to Todoroki.
"Thank you," he managed in a hoarse voice.

Shouto blinked once before smirking down at Izuku. His hair was a mess and he still had drool messily down his chin. A blush covered his cheeks and he just looked thoroughly wrecked. That was probably one of the best experiences Shouto had ever had. And he was thanking him?
"Why do you like that so much?"

"I," he flushed, "I like being choked.."

Todoroki smirked at the new information given to him. He moved forward and pressed Deku onto his back, getting inbetween his legs. He pressed his rapidly recovering, still spit soaked member against the smaller males entrance.


Denki held his breath. He analyzed the others face, way too close to his. How his lips parted to allow his tongue to dart across them, and the way his red eyes were watching Kaminari's own trembling lips.
"Bakugou-!" He cried in panic when the other pressed forward to kiss him.

Katsuki paused and pulled away quickly, cheeks flushing just a tad. "Sorry, I thought you wanted-"

Denki had fell back on his arms in his rush to move away, chest heaving slowly. "You're with Todoroki and Deku!" He said worriedly.

"Well we-" Katsuki cleared his throat, sitting back down from where he'd risen on his knees.
"We have an open relationship."

"Oh-uhm..a-are you sure?" He slowly sat back up, fear of reprecussions subsiding.

Bakugou nodded, crossing his arms with a small huff. "Look, we dont have to do anything."

"No, I want to!" He assured quickly, before carefully lowering his voice to a normal tone. "I just didn't want you to make a mistake.."

"As long as you dont make it weird," Bakugou shrugged.

Chapter Text

"Like this," Katsuki grumbled, pressing his lips back into Kaminaris. He kissed slowly, hand tangled loosely into his hair. Bakugou tilted his head to demonstrate, opening his mouth to get Denki to deepen the kiss.

He nervously pressed his tongue into the others mouth, met with the fire heros own pushing into his. After a few moments of getting a feel for it, Kaminari pressed forward more. He'd confided in Bakugou that he wasnt really sure how to kiss, 'practice makes perfect,' the other had responded.

Katsuki fell onto his back as Denki pressed forward. He was kissing a bit more eagerly, if not quite rough. Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows and gripped him closer, Denkis arms curling under his hips and holding them up against his own.

"Fuck-" he panted when Kaminari pulled away, his hot mouth pressing kisses into his jaw. He curled a hand in his hair and held him close. Katsuki decided that everything did feel a lot better while high.

Kaminari dragged his hips against Bakugous, groaning shakily into his neck.
"I want you," he panted, grinding their erections together.


Izuku gasped for air as the hands left his throat, instead putting his own hand over his mouth to muffle his moans.
Todoroki fucked him slow. He pressed deep, brushing against Midoriyas prostate with every thrust. Before he finished gasping Shouto would cut his air off again.

He looked amazing like this, Todoroki had decided. Hands desperately gripping at the sheets, thighs shaking around Shoutos hips as his back arched off the bed. His face reddened and eyes rolled slightly back. When Todoroki pulled his hands away he watched Dekus chest heave. He cried out when he initially gasped, climaxing at his flood of oxygen.

Shouto leaned down and put his forehead against Izukus shoulder, pressing in deeper and releasing his own climax. He gasped slightly and panted when he finished, clutching his arms behind Dekus back. After a moment he kissed softly at the freckled skin, slowly pulling out and sitting up.
"You did so good," he mumbled in appraisal, leaning down and kissing him softly.

Deku sniffed and nodded a little, closing his eyes when Shouto brushed the tears away. "Are you okay?"
He nodded again, opening his eyes and giving a small smile. He didnt trust his voice yet.
"Was it good..?" Shouto asked worriedly.
Midoriya nodded once again, leaning over and kissing him for a moment. Todoroki kissed his forehead and nodded, getting up to get a rag and clean them.


"What?" Bakugou managed, not able to focus completely on the others words with the stimulations distracting him. He was slightly sure on what he heard, but he was high, and very unfocused.

"M not saying it again.." Denki mumbled, sucking a hickey.

Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows and sat up on his elbows, face flushing.
Kaminari backed off a little, sitting up aswell.
"You like me?" He slurred, trying to scowl but he wasnt sure that he was.

"Well-yes-kinda-but- but we can keep- i know youre with them," he struggled to excuse.

Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows in thought, rubbing over the new hickeys on his neck.

"I know you dont like me," Kaminari's even voice said slowly, "but I can live with just a one-off.."

"Uhm," Katsuki squinted at him and ran his hands through his own hair, gripping the locks. He couldn't necessarily think clearly. Well, he sort of could, but he kept losing track on what was real and how much time was passing.


Todoroki squinted at the hallway light as the door creaked open. He seen Bakugous silhouette slowly disappear after the door was shut behind him. The blond came into view as he crawled into the bed. He smiled weakly at his two boyfriends that lay cuddling, both barely awake.

"Hi Kacchan," Deku mumbled raspily.

Bakugou blinked slowly, swaying where he half sat up. He was just sleepy, now.
"What's wrong with," he snapped his eyes back open when Todoroki shot up to keep him from falling over.

"It's nothing, what's wrong with you?" Todoroki furrowed his eyebrows, keeping his hold on him.

Katsuki shook his head a little. "M fine,"

There was a silence for a minute after he replied. Todoroki finally pinpointed the smell and pieced it all together. He hit Bakugou upside the head softly.
"Stupid," he grumbled.

"Shouchan!" Izuku frowned at the hit, unharming or not. "What'd he do?"

"Kaminari got him high," Shouto huffed a little. "I don't care, but you should've made him walk you back, or something."

"I care." Midoriya glared, sitting up. "You shouldn't be getting high!" His voice broke a few times and he cleared his throat.
He was immensely suprised when they both turned to look at him.

"Well how was I supposed to know?" Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows.

Shouto sighed and sat up, turning the lamp on. His eyes trailed over and he frowned slightly at the newer hickeys.
"Have fun?"

Bakugou sighed and ran his hands through his hair, just resting his head in his hands. He shook his head a little in response. "Nah."

Shouto frowned slightly a ran a hand down his back. "Why not?"

"Ugh," Katsuki lifted his head back up. "I guess Kaminari has a crush on me or something."

"So you made out?" Shouto squinted, hand retracting.

"No-" Bakugou sighed, rubbing his hands over his face. "After he told me I left. I wouldn't do anything with someone who wants to take me from you two.. I feel bad though."

"Well..okay..." Todoroki started, "you didnt do anything wrong, Katsuki."

Bakugou nodded tiredly and crawled inbetween the two of them, fumbling lazily to get beneath the covers. Shouto ran a soft hand through his hair before reaching towards the light.

"I-" Deku started, still sitting up in the bed. The two men looked to him in question.
He pursed his lips and just shook his head. "Goodnight Shouchan, Goodnight Kacchan.."

Todoroki gave him a small smile and turned the lights off, mumbling his goodnights as he settled back in. Izuku laid down aswell, resting his head on Katsukis arm that wrapped around him.


Midoriya turned and looked back at the clock. It was almost midnight, hours after theyd laid down. Yet he couldn't sleep. He was too restless, physically and emotionally. He exhaled slowly, deciding to carefully get up. He didnt want to wake the others. He managed to slip on some sandals, silently exiting in his joggers and sleeping tee.

He wasn't sure where he was going. He'd just planned on taking a walk to tire himself out a bit. Thoughts raced through his mind almost too fast to process. He stopped infront of the door to a student weight room. Sighing, Izuku opened the door and found himself infront of a punching bag.

He lazily rapped at it, distracted by his thoughts. He felt like his head was pounding, the worry and stress threatening to spill out of his ear. He couldnt even come to peace with any of it, or find a good solution. Deku groaned in frustration, clenching his eyes shut as he did so.

His eyes split open when he heard a thud. Looking down at his outreached fist, he realised he took his frustration out on the bag, that now lay on the ground broken.
He stared at it for a few moments before just shouting in anger, kicking it across the room. He whipped around and grabbed a rack of weights, easily throwing it across and into the wall aswell.

He stood panting, staring emotionless at the dented walls before just closing his eyes. He sank down and pulled his knees to his chest as he sat on the floor, burying his head away.

What the fuck? I never.. I dont get mad. Or wreck shit.

He lifted his head to look at the mess, his stomach somersalting this time. Oh no. He buried his head into his hands and groaned. He knew that a staff member was definitely on guard and on their way to see who the fuck is wrecking shit. Deku didnt want to face anybody, but he wouldnt run off, because then alarms would sound due to the culprit being unknown and possibly a villain. So he waited.


"I cant hang out after classes," Deku mumbled awkwardly as lunch ended.

Shouto rose an eyebrow. "Why? It's alright, but what do you need to do rather?"

"Uhm!" He tensed nervously, looking away to think of an excuse.

"Hey I know that look," Bakugou squinted, nudging into him. "What is it?"

"I got detention," Deku mumbled, visibly shrinking down.

Katsuki barked out a laugh and ruffled his hair, pulling him into a small headlock to mess it up. "Yeah, right! Deku got a detention!" He cackled, in no way believing it.

"Kacchan!" Izuku shrieked kicking uselessly to try and pull from the hold. When he was let go he frowned a little bit at the table. "I'm serious.. "

Todoroki pursed his lips as stood, all three heading out of the cafeteria. He linked hands with Izuku.
"What'd you do?" Bakugou questioned, arm slung over his shoulders.

"I dont want to talk about it!" He frowned, ducking out of their holds and turning down a different hallway.

Shouto frowned a little and looked to Katsuki, sharing a look a confusion with him. They linked arms lazily as they walked.
"He wasnt in bed last night," Todoroki noted after a few moments. "I woke up really late and he was gone. He was back before I got up, though.."

Bakugou thought it over for a few moments. "He probably got the detention for breaking curfew?" He guessed.
"He was probably taking a walk, IcyHot, don't worry about it."

"He only takes walks at night when he's worried," the other frowned in retaliation.


Detention was long. If it was cleaning or grading then Deku wouldve at least had something to focus on. Instead he just sat silently at a desk, avoiding Aizawas glare. He'd made it very clear he did not want to be there, either.
"I'm leaving," Eraserhead grumbled after only an hour, standing.

"But I still have 2 hours," Deku spoke up.

"Not my problem," he picked up his bag. "I'll send whoever is in the lounge down, I guess."
Izuku sighed and slumped down in his seat. He had detention tomorrow, too, and he wasnt looking forward to it.

"I AM HERE FOR A DELINQUENT," All Might said cheerfully as he slid into the room. He spurt blood as he puffed into his weak form, barely lifting a hand to point a finger to Deku.


"Young Midoriya," All Might shook his head, just slowly going to the teachers desk and sitting. He put his head in his hand.
"What's the excuse?"

"Well i-" he faltered. He didn't really have an excuse, only an explanation. "I trashed the weight room.."

"That was you?" He rose his head before sighing. "Should've known. What's got you so worked up? That's no exercise I've ever seen."

"No-no offense sir-I dont-You wouldnt-"

"Relationships?" He guessed.
Izuku gave a small nod.
"Look kid, I won't lie and say Im a love guru. But throw it at me, maybe I can help. Just, nothing you wouldn't tell your mother."

"Well we uhm-last night-Kacchan-but-" he sighed. He wasn't sure he would tell his mother.

"Listen, whatever it always boils down to talk to them."


"I'm not doin this for 2 hours, go talk to them." He said tiredly.

"R-really?" He rose his eyebrows. He decided to go before the other changed his mind.
"Thank you All Might, Sir!" He said hurriedly as he left.

"Kids," he mumbled to himself, shaking his head. "Young love.. Didnt even falter at the warning of the two biggest pros.."
He said idly as he thought over it, going through Aizawas things curiously.


Deku checked Todoroki's room first, finding it empty. So he went on to Bakugous, pausing infront of it. He paced slightly as he thought. What was he even going to say? He just exhales slowly to calm himself before turning the doorknob and letting himself in. He closes it behind him before stepping into the room to see the men inside it.

Bakugou sat on one side of the bed, and Todoroki sat on the other. Though between them was a second head of blond hair. All three eyes turned to him as he'd entered.
"Hey Deku, youre back earl-"

"Izuku!" Shouto shouted.

But everything sounded like Deku was underwater, the blood rushing in his ears almost defeaning.

The blonds had both stood up aswell, Kaminari taking a step back cautiously.
Shouto had a strong arm around Midoriyas shoulders, holding him back as best he could. He'd surged forward towards Denki immediately after seeing him. He couldn't even think.

"What is the matter with you?" Todoroki growled as he struggled to keep Deku away. He knew the other could easily get past if he wanted, so he was at least thankful he wasnt that determined to rip the blond in half.

"Get off of me!" He shouted, "I dont want to hurt you Shouto."

"You're not hurting anyone," he growled back, shoving Izuku away.
Midoriya stumbled back harshly and hit into the wall, denting it in the slightest.

"What the fuck Shouto?!" Bakugou yelled, surging forward and shoving him slightly.
"I was getting him away!" Todoroki sneered, shoving Bakugou back.
"Really?! Because you also fucking choked him!"

At the mention, their eyes flicked back to Deku. But he wasnt in his original spot against the wall, rather stomping past them. Bakugou and Shouto both scrambled to grip at Deku, but their holds fell too weak.
Izuku gripped Kaminari, who was left confused and a bit terrified at the other end of the room, by the shirt. He ignored the curses and yells that were directed towards him, just dragging the electric quirk user to the front of the room.

He opened the door and quite literally tossed Kaminari out before slamming it behind him. He closed his eyes and let out a slow exhale as he leaned back against the door. When he reopened his eyes, his boyfriends had their arms crossed and had matching glares directed to him.

"What the fuck?" Shouto demanded, gesticulating towards the door.

Dekus adrenaline wasn't pumping anymore, the weight of his actions settling in, instead. He faltered to reply, eyes tearing up quickly as he fumbled to think of what he even came here to say.

"No, No fucking waterworks!" Bakugou shouted, "You don't get to go all Hulk and then cry about it! What the fuck has gotten into you?!"

Shouto shot Katsuki a glare, walking over and pulling Deku into a small hug. Midoriya immediately clutched onto him and buried his head, hiccuping small sobs. Todoroki carefully looked over his shoulder to Bakugou.

"Obviously he isnt over last night," Shouto noted passive-aggressively.

"What the fuck did I do?!" Katsuki threw his arms up in defeat.

Izuku pulled himself away from the hug quickly, fists clenching by his sides. "I dont want an open relationship!" He yelled out to them both, eyes shutting with the intensity.

They both paused a little, before looking back to him as he continued.
"It sounded fine but I don't like it! And-and not only that but apparently you two do fucking drugs?" He looked at them accusedly. "Was it never going to come up?! So you wouldnt tell me?" His voice cracked slightly.

"Hey-" Shouto squinted. "We dont just 'do fucking drugs.' Yeah, I've gotten high a few times but it's not some dark daily secret."

"I dont have to ask you two before I do shit anyways," Bakugou sneered.

"Well maybe you should." Deku sniffed, crossing his arms. "That's not something small, Katsuki."

"Stop-just- stop." Shouto held his hands up to either of them, taking a slow breath. "Yelling isnt gonna fix shit."

Chapter Text

"Why dont we start at the beginning," Todoroki suggested slowly.

When both men beginning yelling out questions and accusations he put his hands back up.
"You guys are childish!" He scowled. "Sit down."

They begrudgingly did so, sitting a foot or so away. Shouto turned around to face them.
"I think the beginning is when Bakugou came into the room," he reassured.

"Then Deku spoke and I asked what the fuck happened," Bakugou gestured to him.

"Katsuki I told you already."

"I asked him to, can we move on?" Deku said impatiently.

"No!" Bakugou sneered, pulling Izuku over by his shirt and shoving his face to Todoroki's.
"He has stressed veins showing on his face still and his neck is bruised."

Shouto frowned slightly as he looked over the said items. "Isn't that bound to happen?"

"No you idiots! You could've killed him! You're not supposed to actually choke him, there's a safe way to do it!"

Both men quieted down and Katsuki released Izuku so he could sit again. "Okay," Todoroki mumbled, giving a small nod. "You're right, I shouldve looked into it."

"Then you said Kacchan was high," Deku added after, crossing his arms.

"What's your problem with it?" Bakugou glared.

"Do you even know what it does to your body!? You're a UA student! A Pro Hero doesn't do drugs!"

"Izuku.." Todoroki said cautiously, "it isnt a habit and you cant get addicted as far as I know..but if it's really a big deal to you, I think we should all agree to not smoke?"

"He's never even tried it!" Bakugou threw his arms up. "He has no clue."

"Well we're not making him get high for the decision." Todoroki squinted.

"You tried it once and now youre acting like this!" Deku furrowed his eyebrows. "You smoked one time and, what, now it's all you want to do?"

"I would just like the option to do whatever the hell I want!"

"Look, no one is controlling eachother here. But some ground rules and expectations in a relationship is a good idea." Todoroki exasperated.

"Fine. Get high all you want, but dont you dare come around me when you are." Izuku decided, crossing his arms.

Bakugou groaned slightly. "Whatever. Why don't you have any fun before youre pushed into #1?"
Deku didnt reply, just huffing.

"And for what happened just now.." Todoroki trailed off. He and Katsuki looked to Midoriya.

"Why the fuck was he in here?!" Deku shouted helplessly.

"Language," Shouto rolled his eyes. "Izuku you went overboard. We were discussing last nights events, and I put up certain boundaries between Katsuki and Kaminari.."

Deku frowned in his scowl, staring at the ground. "I already said what I needed to about all of that."

"Okay," Shouto shrugged. "No open relationship, then."
He looked over both of them. "Anything more than a hug will be cheating. If one of us doesnt want it, it's not happening."

Deku nodded a little in agreement. They were all silent for a few moments.

"Do we need to talk about the shoving?" Todoroki prompted, looking between them.

"It was just in the heat of the moment," Bakugou grumbled.
"You," he looked pointedly at Shouto, "Can take Deku to Recovery girl, so people dont think we're fucking abusing him. Marks around his neck," he trailed off in a growl.

Todoroki pursed his lips and gave a little nod, taking Izukus hand and making him follow. They exited the room silently.

"You handled that all wrong," Shouto shook his head as they walked. "What got into you?" He furrowed his eyebrows, looking to Midoriya. "You don't..attack..or get angry, really.."

"I was jealous," he mumbled weakly. "And afraid, I guess. Kacchan has always been good friends with Denki.. I was mad he tried to take him away.."

"But Katsuki left," Shouto frowned, nudging his side softly. "Obviously he values our relationship more than an easy lay.."

They walked down a few more halls in silence.
"I promised my mom," Deku mumbled. He didnt look over to see Shouto raise his eyebrow in question at the abrupt phrase.
"I know it sounds stupid. I told her I'd never do anything that'd prevent me from being the best hero I could be. I promised myself, too."

"That's very sweet. And smart, Izuku.. But do you really think, everything else aside, that you have a better shot at being pro than someone who takes time to themselves relax and have fun behind closed doors?"

"Well- but-" he paused and thought for a few moments. "No," he decided, watching the floor as he walked.


"I want to try it," Deku mumbled a bit later as they all sat in the room once more.
"Kacchans right, I don't want to be a hypocrite.."

They both looked at him curiously.
"Are you sure?" Shouto mumbled.

He nodded a little. "But I want to be in here with you guys. And I don't want the smoke kind, just cause lung damage.."

"There's a different type?" Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows.

"Edibles," Shouto informed. "Anyways, I think it should wait for the weekend.."

Deku gave a little nod before he stood, exhaling slowly. "I'm going to apologize to Kaminari.."

"Do you want us to come..?" Shouto offered.

Izuku shook his head and headed to the door, leaving silently. His stomach felt awful with regret and anxiety. He didnt want to strain his friendship with Bakugou. And although they arent close, he still counted Denki as more than a classmate. He supposed he'd just explain himself. Yeah, honesty is the best policy..
As he reached the others dorm room, Deku took a long breath to calm himself.

He knocked on the door carefully, meeting the blonds eyes when the door slowly opened. He noted they were a bit red, and they widened when he seen it was Midoriya. Deku half expected him to close the door in his face. Instead, he just stepped out of the way slowly to let him in.

Kaminari sat at the top of his bed by the window, curling his knees to himself as he grabs the blunt he'd hidden away. Izuku watched him light it and take a slow hit.

"You always smoke this much?" Deku asked awkwardly.

"Not usually," Denki rasped, exhaling and analyzing the red and white at the tip of his roll up.

Midoriya just nodded a little, shifting awkwardly. "Came to say sorry," he mumbled.

"I deserve whatever you planned on doing," Kaminari shrugs casually, still not looking to him.
"Pretty pathetic of me, huh?" He feigns laughter.
"Acting on a stupid crush only after they're unavailable." He just shook his head to himself and took a longer drag.

"M sorry," Deku frowned a little, looking at the ground. "It's really not your fault.."

"You dont have to stay," Denki finally looked to him.
"You've apologized."


Izuku walked slowly on his way back. He decided the last 24 hours were some of the worst. But mostly he was mad at himself. He'd acted worse than Bakugou. Deku was the one who would always slow down and get them to talk about it, because Katsuki was a hardass and Shouto was stubborn. But here they were.
Izuku shook his head.
They talked about it, and besides recovering hurt feelings, everything was alright. He just needed his headspace to believe so, too.


Midoriya opened the door and looked at his boyfriends. They lay beside eachother, Shouto writing in a notebook, presumably for homework; Katsuki was laying on his side, playing some phone game. They looked over as the door open and closed.
"How was it?" Shouto asked as he looked back down at his notepad.

Izuku shrugs as he walked over, sitting by their feet. He decided he had to say something, given the eyebrow raise.
"He just seemed sad about Kacchan.."

Shouto was quiet for another minute, but not entirely focused on his work. He twiddled with his pen absentmindedly as he tried to re read and re read the last paragraph. Though he found he wasn't paying much attention, so he wasnt grasping the information. He just sighed and sat his pen down, looking up to Midoriya. Deku had his hands clasped in his lap as he sat at the other end of the bed, looking down at his thumbs quietly.

"Come here," he mumbled evenly.

He watched Deku look over as if unsure he was speaking to him. The freckled man paused after nearly surging forward.
Shouto frowned softly and moved his notebook, holding out his arms reassuringly. Izuku fell into his arms like a lump, wrapping his own hands behind his back in a soft hug as he laid on Todoroki's chest.

Katsuki begrudgingly turned his phone off and looked to them. He was still iffy about the whole situation. He knew everything was supposed to be forgiven all the way around, but it didn't stop him from being bothered.
One of his closest friends liked him. So now they can't have a bro night. Or..hang out, really? Sure, they could, but was it going to be the same? Katsuki didn't exactly care too much about others feelings and shit, but what if it hurt Denki more if he tried to brush it off?
And then with his boyfriend going fucking Hulk on Kaminari.. Well, just everything.

He realised he'd been staring at them for a few moments now, eyebrows furrowed in concentration and worry. Deku carefully moved off of Todoroki to bury himself into Bakugou, instead. He held him tightly, hiding his face in the blondes shoulder.
Katsuki tensed at the suddenness, before slowly relaxing. He found his arms gripping softly around Deku before he could pull himself away.
Fine, he thought. I wont fight this. I wont fight them. He didnt want to lose me.

"Something else I need to apologize for," Katsuki mumbled as he threaded through Izukus hair. There was no response, only even breathing; so he continued, staring forward.

"I was such a dick to you. Forever, really," he admit, voice nearly cracking.
"I'm just like that, really, but especially towards you.. You just. You're better than me," he feigned laughter.
"You're so good at being nice, I swear I thought that was your quirk. And at making friends.."
He trailed off as he ran a hand softly down Izukus back. He was blushing in spite of himself, knowing Shouto was looking to him as well.

"And you were so determined to be a hero. But. But you didnt have a quirk," he pursed his lips a moment as he looked into the green mess of hair.
"I knew if you ever seen anyone in danger you'd try to save them, quirk or not. It's something I've always admired. But, fuck, it scared the hell out of me. It still does.. I couldn't say that, then, though. So I just..tried to discourage it, I guess. It's not a good excuse, and it doesn't change anything. But I thought I would tell you..M uh..Sorry.." he finished with a small gulp.

Katsuki waited for a reply. Something, anything.
"Deku?" He mumbled, trying to shift to look at him. He moved his shoulder softly to get him to sit up, only answered with an asleep 'mmph-' noise of complaint.

Bakugou blinked before carefully relaxing him back so he wouldnt wake the boy. He sighed and closed his eyes. Did that mean he had to say it all again, another time? He only opened his eyes to turn his head after Shouto gave him a small cheek kiss.

"Thats sweet," Todoroki smiled a little. "I'm sure he would've loved hearing it."

"I dont want to again," he frowned in complaint.

"Katsuki, youre pouting," he smirked, immediately met with a scowl instead. He kissed it into a little grin, though.

"What should we do about dinner?" Shouto mumbled against his lips. "I think we missed it."

"Hm...leftover pizza?" He prompted.

"That's in my room. Do you want me to get it?"


"Deku," Shouto mumbled softly by his ear, kissing his cheek softly a few times before he opened his eyes.

He sat up with a small squint, stretching atop Katsuki before cuddling back into him, fully planning on going back to sleep. He was disturbed by a small poke in his side.
"Eat first," Bakugou gruffed.

"Not hungry," he hummed sleepily.

"Cause you're half asleep," he grumbled, sitting up.

It also made Izuku sit up, who looked very upset about that. Katsuki smiled a little and gave him a small kiss. "I have to shower. Cuddle IcyHot."

He slid Midoriya off of him as he stood, running a hand idly through the mess of green before he moved to collect some clothes. He stepped over and gave Todoroki a quick kiss as well before leaving for the showers.

"M really not hungry," Deku mumbled as he laid on his stomach beside Shouto. He looked up at him.

Todoroki was reading again. Nerd. Though he looked over at his boyfriend. "Did you have breakfast and lunch?"

Izuku nodded, so Shouto gave a little shrug. "Okay. Just don't make it a habit.."
Then looked back to his book. He seen Midoriya open his mouth to speak, so he closed his eyes for a moment.
"Are you going to interrupt my reading to get off again?" He quirked an eyebrow down at him.

Deku opened his mouth in shock and offense, then closed it, because yes, that was part of the plan. He just broke into a small grin and moved towards the heterochromic man. Shouto chuckled and sat his things aside as Deku straddled him. Midoriya swore he looked up at him like he held the stars before he kissed him.


Same time, mens showers.

Yes, he showered down here, okay? The water pressure is great and he doesnt like change.
Bakugou ran his hands through his wet hair to rid any excess bubbles. He always took quick showers, doing what he had to and getting out. Katsuki didn't understand how people could sit and think. He turned off the water and rubbed his face, reaching for his towel. He lazily wraps it around his waist and steps out of the stall.

The lights were low, so he knew he should be alone. Surely anyone else planning on showering would turn them on. Bakugou goes to his pile of clothes and pulls on his boxers after drying. Dropping the towel, he grabs his t-shirt and pulls it over his head. He felt a gust of wind from fast movements behind him, his hair sticking on its end.


Katsuki coughed and spat out blood, the heaving making his chest and stomach ache with pain. He gripped his chest as he sat up, looking around in confusion. The last thing he remembered was feeling someone else nearly hitting him. How long had he been down here? How long has he been out of it. He shuffled over with a low groan and found his phone with his things.


Shouto reached blindly for his ringing phone as Izuku kissed eagerly at his neck. He fumbled to pick it up, and seen in was Bakugou. He answered quickly and put the phone to his ear.
"Katsuki?" He asked in confusion. He'd only been gone 30 minutes. Well, he only ever showered for 10, but Todoroki both lost track of time and figured the blond needed to take time to himself.

'Please,' the voice on the other line rasped weakly, 'come get me.'

Upon just hearing the first word, Shouto sat up quickly.
"We're on our way, do you want to stay on the phone?"

Deku seemed to get the message, quickly rolling off of Todoroki and fumbling to put his shirt back on. The two of them didnt even put their shoes on, rushing down to the showers Bakugou was in.
They pushed open the door and turned the lights on, looking around worriedly. Shouto ended the call as he seen Katsuki.

He was just leaned back lazily against a bench as he sat on the floor. Bakugou looked up at them with a small squint from the light. His eyebrow, cheekbone, and lip were all split in the middle of bruises. Though his knuckles were scraped and bruised, so he must have put up a fight.. Either way, the two standing in the doorway rushed forward immediately.
"What happened?" They both demanded worriedly, trying to help him stand.

"Ow, stop-" Katsuki grumbled weakly as he winced. "My ribs hurt."

They backed away a tiny bit. Shouto pursed his lips and crouched down, carefully gripping his chin to look at him.
"What happened?" He asked again.

Bakugou blinked a few times and looked around. "What?"

"He's concussed," Todoroki mumbled as he stood.
"Go get Recovery Girl."

Deku stood there for a moment before quickly running off to do so.

Shouto sighed softly, shaking his head as he looked over Katsuki. He cautiously lifted his shirt, noting that there wasnt any major bruising, so at least his ribs weren't broken. He put his shirt back into place before resting his forehead on Bakugous shoulder.
"You'll feel better soon," he mumbled, softly taking his hand

Chapter Text

"He shouldn't be in classes for the rest of the week," Recovery girl explained idly as she looked over his sleeping form.
"Concussions are a very serious thing. I trust you two can help him catch up and look over him. He's told to me previously to keep him here in the case something happens..He can go up to his room in the morning, after breakfast. Keep him on bedrest."

"He'll be fine after a few days right?" Deku frowned, holding Katsuki's hand softly.

"Will he remember what happened?" Shouto asked.

"He will be fine," she assured, "but his memory is very hazy right now. Some people never remember the causing event at all, I'm afraid. Time will tell."

"But who-"

"Midoriya, you need to worry about your friend, not go after who did it.. But as far as that goes, UA does have security cameras. More likely than not, they caught the student who attacked Bakugou entering..though for safety reasons, the student will not be openly penalized."

"What?" Shouto scowled slightly. "So he's not even allowed to know?"

"I'm afraid UA cant disclose any of's almost curfew, boys. I'm sorry I can't let anyone stay in here."

"Well thank you for everything," Shouto mumbled as he stood, brushing hair out of Katsuki's face.

Deku reluctantly stood aswell, hand releasing Bakugous and instead linking with Todoroki's. They left silently beside eachother, going back to Katsukis room to sleep in there.
"What if he doesnt remember who it was?" Midoriya mumbled as they crawled into the bed.

"Shh," Shouto said softly, kissing his forehead. "Go to sleep Izuku..We'll see him first thing in the morning."


They stood in the doorway, looking at his sleeping form.
"I dont want to wake him.." Shouto frowned.

Deku looked up at him and pursed his lips. That makes one of us. He walked over and took Katsuki's hand, sitting on the edge of the low bed. Bakugou opened his eyes at the movement, squinting softly up at him.

"Hi," Izuku mumbled, wearing a worried smile.

"My fuckin head hurts," he grumbled, closing his eyes again.

"Do you want to get breakfast?"
He shook his head gruffly.
"Do you want us to bring you some?" Shouto offered afterwards.

Bakugou opened his eyes again, groaning and trying to sit up. He managed to do so, slowly, achingly, with a groan. He threw the covers off him. "I'm not a baby, let's-class-" he rubbed his eyes.

"No," Deku mumbled, "You're not going to classes til Monday.."

"Fuuck," he grumbled, just laying back down. "Just leave me to die."

Shouto sighed and just stood up. "Im going to go get him some breakfast.."

"IcyHot," Katsuki mumbled roughly.
Todoroki turned back around and rose his eyebrows.

" 'mere."

He pursed his lips and walked over to Katsukis other side. Bakugou glanced over to Deku before pulling Shouto down so he could whisper to him.
"Why is he here?"

Todoroki pulled away and furrowed his eyebrows, looking up at Midoriya. He just took a step away before shaking his head, leaving to get his breakfast.
Deku sighed and put his cheek against Bakugous chest. "You scared me," he mumbled.
Katsuki just scoffed.

"You don't remember, do you?" He frowned, lifting his head to look at the blond. "I just know if you did, we'd have to hold you down from go killing whoever it was.."

Bakugou looked at him hard for a few moments before scowling and looking away. Midoriya frowns.
I guess either way he seems ashamed for losing. Or seeming weak. I dont think he'd tell us if he did know who did it.
"I'm just glad you're okay.." he mumbled. Deku leaned over and kissed his forehead softly, before softly nosing down and pecking his lips.

Bakugou moved a bit away, eyebrows pinched together. He looked up as the door re opens, Shouto coming in with a tray of food. Todoroki sat on his other side and put his tray in his lap. "After breakfast do you want to go to your room?"

Katsuki pulled his hand from Izukus to begin eating, but mostly pushed the food around.

"Huh?" He looked up.
"Do you want to go to your room after breakfast?" Shouto repeated.

"Oh. Uhm. Yeah." He gave a quick nod.

He ate idly, but barely at all, leaning towards Todoroki but not looking up from his tray. Silence was heavy in the air.

"Now go on you two, you'll be late to home room," Recovery Girl shooed as she walked back in.

"But," they both protested.

"Well I'll write a pass for one of you to bring him to his room, but hurry, now."

They looked at one another, trying to silently decide who got to do so.
"IcyHot," Bakugou decided for them, linking his hand with Todoroki's.

Deku gave a little nod, just kissing Katsuki's cheek, then pecking Todoroki. He shouldered his bag and said his cya's before exiting.


"I'm fine to walk," Katsuki insisted again, taking his arm off of Shoutos shoulder.

"Katsuki..are you still mad at Izuku?" Todoroki frowned as they headed slowly down the hall.

Bakugou paused for a moment, shaking his head. "I don't know how to feel. I just never thought,"

"He'd get angry?" Shouto finished, chuckling. "It's suprising, I know..But it's over with, you should try and move forth.."

"How can you say that?" Bakugou stopped, looking at him with a genuine frown.

Shouto furrowed his eyebrows as he stopped aswell, looking at the other.
"What are you talking about Katsuki?"

"He-" Bakugou gestured, before just burying his hands in his hair to hold his throbbing head.

"Let's get you to bed," Todoroki mumbled after a moment, wrapping an arm softly around his waist and guiding him.

As they got to the bedroom, Bakugou unlocked it and made it to his bed. Shouto put a cold rag over his head and sat next to where he lay.
"I have to go to class.."

"Can we talk for a second first?" Katsuki grumbled, his jaw clenched.

That was definitely the first. Which was worrying, so Todoroki nodded and leaned forward to listen.
"Yeah, what is it?"

Bakugou sighed, clenching his eyes shut and wiping at them furiously.
"If youre going to side with him I dont want to date either of you!" He just shouted.

Todoroki flinched back at the yelling, trying to swallow the lump in his throat after the words settled in. "Katsuki-" he mumbled weakly.

"No, Shitty Deku can't do that and then pretend everything is fine! And you can't pretend it's okay. Just. Get out.."

Shouto stared at him for a few moments before he stood up. He gave a little nod, opened his mouth to speak, then closed it. He couldn't force a single syllable to pass his lips. His chest ached. He wanted to run out of the room and cry his heart out, punch through the wall and sleep the rest of the day. But he never did. He just turned stiffly and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him softly.

The walk to class was a long, lonely one. He was good at burying things deep inside. But tears betrayed him, silently spilling over only to wiped immediately. If you didnt see his wet eyelashes and flushed eyes, you wouldn't guess he was crying at all. So he took a few moments outside of homeroom to breathe, to will away the tears and erase any sign he was upset. He entered the classroom and looked around.

His heart panged as he seen Midoriya. Is this how it's going to happen? He has to tell him? He took a small inhale and walked over.

"Hey," Izuku smiled softly.

"Deku-" Shouto mumbled. How do people do this? Midoriya furrowed his eyebrows in concern.


"I need you to check on Katsuki this week.." Shouto mumbled.

"What?" Kirishima gave him a goofy grin. "I love the guy but he's got both of you two to do that."

"No, uhm," Todoroki gulped. "He actually, uhm- we're not.." He looked away and wiped the tear that threatened to spill before looking back.
"Can you?"

Eijirou gave a little nod after piecing it together, looking down for a moment.
"Sure..M sorry."

"Sure," Shouto gave a small nod. "Uhm, I think just going to check on him at lunch and bring him his food..then have him call you if he needs anything will be fine.."

"Dont worry about it," Kirishima pat his back.


"Come in."

Eijirou turned the doorknob and entered the room. He walked over and sat the lunch tray beside Katsuki.
"You feelin better?"

"Physically," He shrugged.


Bakugou just shook his head a little. "You understand why, right?"

"They didnt tell me anything." Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck.
"Deku looked really beat up about it."

Katsuki scoffed, shaking his head again. "Good."

"Bakugou-" Eijirou frowned.

"He's lucky I loved him," Katsuki shook his head, picking at his food and staring at it.
"I wouldve killed anyone else."

Kirishima puffed his cheeks. "I have to go get lunch.. do you want to tell me what happened after the rest of ny classes..?"

Katsuki just shrugged. His chest still panged at the memory. He didn't look up or reply as Eijirou said bye and left. He just found himself in the memory that wouldnt stop running through his mind. He teared up once again at the scene playing in his mind.
Because he did remember. And it fucking hurt.

A powerful fist struck into his ribs, making him keel over in the loss of breath. Katsuki whipped around as fast as he could, jutting out his elbow to catch whoever it was in the jaw, hard. But before he made contact, he stopped his attack and took a step away.

"Deku?" He asked accusingly. "That fucking hurt!" He growled in complaint.

But Bakugou soon realised it wasnt an accidentally-too-hard playful hit.
Midoriyas fist reeled back as his other curled in blonde hair, landing a hard punch into his cheekbone.

"Izuku stop!" Bakugou shouted, shooting small flames towards him as a warning. "I dont want to hurt you!"

There was a resonating, echoed chuckle. "Fucking faggot," he whispered, lifting his knee harshly into Bakugous stomach.
"I'm Deku, huh?"

Katsuki shook his head and buried it into his hands, hiccuping sobs. He didn't want to remember.
And Shouto didn't care.
Are you still mad?
It's over with, try to move on.
Like it was nothing. No big deal. So now he was just alone. So utterly alone. The worst part is he should have seen it coming. And he didn't even blame Deku. Yeah, maybe Katsuki thought he deserved it, but he wasn't going to stay in an abusive relationship.


Bakugou blinked a few times before he opened his eyes fully. He supposed he'd fallen asleep after his embarrassing sobbing episode.

"You didnt eat any lunch," Kirishima frowned.

Katsuki looked down to see the tray was sat aside now. He just shrugged lazily.
"What time is it?" He managed. His voice felt strained, foreign and just fucking broken. It pissed him off.

"Afternoon classes just ended. About 3 hours til dinner..I just came to check in on you."

Bakugou gave a little nod. He watched Eijirou stand awkwardly, and realised he was going to leave. Right, I'm just a chore that Shouto pushed onto him.

"Stay," Katsuki asked quickly before he turn to leave. "I'm really bored," he said. I'm really lonely.

Kirishima sat back down and grinned. "Sure thing, dude. I just know I get described as loud and I didn't want to give you a headache."

"I can deal with a headache," Bakugou shrugged.

"Do you want to talk about whatever Deku did that has you mad?" Eijirou offered.

"No," he shook his head a little. "I dont want to think about it right now."

"Well, how can I keep you entertained?"

Bakugou pulled him over and kissed him. He kissed him because the overwhelming reality that all of the love he gave and recieved was suddenly gone. He kissed him because he couldn't dwell when he had a tongue down his throat. He kissed him because it somehow justified what Deku did.

They kissed hard, rough, eagerly, because Katsuki was mad at the world and anything slower would leave room for regret or sadness.

Though Kirishima pulled back with a small pant, his eyebrows furrowed.
"Are you in the right headspace for-"
He lost track of his words momentarily as Bakugou pulled him back down, kissing deeply again.
"Bakugou," Eijirou frowned as he sat up again.
"I definitely want to keep going, but are you sure?"

"Yes, shut up." He huffed, pulling the man back down and wrapping a leg around his waist.

Soon enough Katsuki was huffing small moans into Eijirous shoulder, biting down to keep himself quiet. The redhead marked at his throat as he thrusts in harshly, taking every hissed command of 'harder,' and 'deeper,' and putting them into reality.
When they came Bakugou held him in as deep as possible, even though the blond was bucking his hips and nearly crying at how big he was.

Kirishima pulled out, still panting, and looked down at Katsukis form. Jesus, he thought, it was like Bakugou was trying to get me to destroy him.
And in return Katsuki ripped Eijirou to shreds, aswell. He bit and clawed down his shoulders and back as if he hated him. The whole thing made Kirishima feel like the blond was just pissed and wanted to feel pain.

"Im going to go," Kirishima managed when he ripped away from the thoughts of such.

"Whatever," Bakugou grumbled, just wiping himself off with a tissue and pulling his boxers back on. It was easy to get used to 24/7 cuddles, and so hard to go without any.

Eijirou left after dressing, leaving Katsuki alone once again. He pulled his covers back up and swallowed the lump in his throat that was already back. He was tearing himself down in any way he could, because he just didnt know what else to do. He stared blankly at the nightstand infront of him before deciding no one could make him lay here for 3 more days.

Bakugou pulled on some basketball shorts and carefully opened his bedroom door. He sighed softly and began walking. He passed Dekus room, and he passed Todoroki's room, avoiding them as if a glance would alert them of his presence. He ended up knocking on a different door instead.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, trying to sound less suprised.

"Want to hang out?" Bakugou tried.

"Katsuki," Denki furrowed his eyebrows, turning around and looking into his room.

Bakugou looked past his shoulder and made eye contact with 2 heterochromic eyes, before he looked back at Kaminari.
"Nevermind," he managed, turning around and quickly heading back into his own room.

"Wait," Denki called, though it was to no use. He pursed his lips before slowly shutting the door, looking down at the ground.

He moved back over to the bed and sat beside his nightstand again, silently going back to rolling Shoutos blunt.
"What'd he say?" Todoroki mumbled after a few moments.

Denki shook his head a little. "He just. Wanted to hang," he shrugged.

"Shit," Shouto forced a chuckle, "maybe he wanted you after all." It was a joke, but the thought dug deep underneath his skin. He seemed so fine last night. He wasn't even that mad about Izuku trying to attack Denki. If anything he understood, because he was as hotheaded as Midoriya had been. So why break up over it?

"No," Deku had said defiantly, shaking his head as he stepped back. He pulled his hands away when Todoroki grabbed them.
"What'd he say?!"

"What? No, I, I can't- we cant-" he looked around the classroom at the curious eyes that looked to him, his chest heaving softly.
"It's your fault!" He cried out, eyes clenching shut and spilling tears. "I don't want to do this without Kacchan!"

"Here," Kaminari's voice ripped him from the not so distant memory. He looked down to the rolled blunt being offered to him. He nodded a little and took it, cursing his hands for being so shaky.

Chapter Text

Kaminari opened the door to Bakugous room, closing it with his foot was he walked over. He silently sat the tray of dinner beside him.
"Hi," he mumbled.

The other blond didnt look at him. "Why was shitty half and half in your room?" He asked after a few moments.

"He was buying from me.." Denki cleared his throat. "He's really upset, y'know.."

"I don't care," Katsuki mumbled, curling into the covers as he moved onto his side.

"What happened?" He asked softly. "With..everything? I mean, I heard you were hurt and all..but also with Todoroki and Midoriya..Shouto told me, but you seem more upset, it has to be something else."

"Tch," he huffed. "What'd he tell you?"

"Well. Just that you havent forgiven Deku for the other night.. Are you really upset about it?"

Bakugou furrowed his eyebrows and finally looked at Denki. "Of fucking course I am."

"But all he did was try and hurt me, I kind of deserved it," he rubbed the back of his neck.

Katsuki paused for a few moments before scowling. "That's not what I'm mad about."

"Oh," he gave a little nod, clasping his hands together. "That's what Todoroki thought."

"He was lying," Bakugou shrugged in dismissal, though the information didnt set quite right with him.

"What are you mad about then?"

"Because Shitty Deku-" he faltered, looking away for a moment. "He's the one who attacked me."

Denki furrowed his eyebrows and leaned away for a moment in disbelief. "What?"
There was no response. Kaminari watched the usual scowl and stone cold look on Katsukis face waver and tremble as his eyes wettened.

Denki shook his head, "I'll kill him," he growled.


"Well we can't violate our non disclosure policy," Mr. Principal rubbed his chin, legs kicking softly off his office chair.
"But if his quirk manifested into another student or faculty member.." Nezu hummed softly as he thought.
"Well Bakugou is a very hot headed young man. Maybe we should ask him who he believes attacked him, then explain."

After looking around the room for any objections, he gave a big, calm grin.
"Great!" He jumped off his chair and crossed his arms around his back, walking around the room.
"Let's not waste any time, his home room teacher can bring him down to my office. Mr. Aizawa," he prompted.

Eraserhead sighed as he stood up. "Alright."


After finding his room empty Aizawa sighed. Shaking his head, he reluctantly knocked on Shoutos door instead. When he opened it, Aizawa squints at the smell of marijuana. He shook his head again, pinching the bridge of his nose.
"Where's Katsuki?"

"He should be in his room.." Todoroki mumbled.

"Well he's dangerous in this state. Do you know who he thinks beat him up?" He deadpanned. They could write him up for violating the policy later.

Todoroki blinked a few times. "What?"

"Look, the kid who beat him up has a quirk that makes him look like someone close to you, so it looks like your mom beat you up or something. Do you know who he thinks it is?"

Shouto's eyes widened as he pieced it all together.

"Time is of the essense, he is probably on his way to roast them." Aizawa urged.

"Deku!" Shouto said quickly, "It's Midoriya-"

"That won't end good," Eraserhead sighed, shaking his head, "where would they be?"
His head whipped towards a loud, rumbling crash.


"Denki!" Deku cried out in confusion, barely escaping his electrifying touch.

He shouted in frustration, nearly blinded with rage as he surged towards Midoriya again. Izuku jumped up mounted himself high on the opposite wall, keeping himself there by sheer force. "Kacchan what are you doing?!"

Katsuki wiped furiously underneath his eyes. "That sounds a lot like what I said!" He shouted, blasting himself up towards Izuku.

Deku pushed himself away, narrowly missing getting snatched up. He landed in the middle of the room, between them both. "What are you talking about?!" He pleaded.

They both ran towards him and he closed his eyes. He didnt want to hurt them, but his instincts weren't going to let him fry to death. As they both came close, each of his arms shoved both boys away from him.
The contact with Denki was enough to send shocks through Deku, his chest spasming in contractions. The contact with Bakugou was enough to leave a red, hand print shaped burn on his forearm. Either blond crashed loudly through the walls on each side of them, almost breaking completely through and effectively dazing them.

The shock left Deku to fall onto his back, gasping for air as his skin tingled. He weakly tried sitting up on his elbows, tears prickling at his eyes. Not from pain-but hurt. Betrayal.
The door slammed open, but Midoriya couldnt see it. He just silently hoped it wasnt someone else pissed at him for a still unknown reason.
He could barely keep his eyes open, seeing two faces peering down at him worriedly before his vision went black.


"No! It was- it was him!" Bakugou shouted, eyes tearing at the possibly of it not.

"Katsuki, we have video evidence that places the other student in the showers with you, and Mr. Midoriya not being near the scene." Mr. Principle calmly explained.

"But I," he gulped roughly, looking down at the desk.
Beside him, Denki and Shouto stared at their laps.

"For the matter of attacking your fellow student.." Nezu trailed off.
"I'm afraid a three day off-campus suspension for both of you is in suit."

Bakugou gave a gruff nod and wiped angrily at the tears still swelling.

"You will both be escorted to your rooms for essential items, then escorted off of the property."

"Can I see him first?" Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows.

"I'm afraid that would be highly inappropriate," he paused, "I don't believe Izuku will press charges or file a stay away agreement. But if he does, you'll both be traferred to different classes and placed in other dorms and lunches..any attempt to contact Mr. Midoriya under those circumstances while on school grounds would result in explusion.."

Two school guards walked in after being signaled, standing behind Kaminari and Bakugous chairs.
"Katsuki, I hope you'll use this time to rest your head. Please follow the faculty members to your dorm rooms."
They both stood to get their things. Bakugou caught Todoroki's eye, both men teary. Shouto looked away from him immediately.


Todoroki made his way slowly to the nurses office, rubbing his hands together in worry. He pushed the door open, taking in the scene. All Might sat next to a barely awake Deku, speaking to him softly.

" -dn't get back together-" he was saying, before looking over to Todoroki. He stood up and gave him a little nod as he seen the man. He exited swiftly.

Shouto sat next to Izuku and looked at the ground, softly taking the boys hand into both of his own. "How do you feel?" He mumbled.

"Ill be fine," Deku answered after a few moments. His hand softly grasped Todoroki's back.
"I'm spending the night to make sure.."

"Did they explain everything?" He asked, finally looking up to him.

Midoriya nodded before resting his head back, looking up at the ceiling.
"I understand why Katsuki broke up with us," he mumbled. "And I'm no stranger to his fury. I..I dont really hold anything against him or Denki. I would do the same."

"He got suspended," Todoroki informed, staring at their interlaced fingers.

They were quiet for a few moments before Shouto hesistantly spoke up.
"Did you mean it?"

They both knew what he was asking.
I dont want to do this with Kacchan!
The reality was more painful than if they would have broken up for another reason.
Izuku didn't respond right away.

Todoroki gulped down the lump in his throat. Sure, he agreed to the polyamorous relationship, but it was never strictly that for him. For Deku maybe, but his original plan was to only have Midoriya. He always had some thoughts and feelings for Bakugou, but. He didnt want to just say it, but not as much as for Izuku. He didnt expect either of them to be poly. Hell, he didnt really know he was. He just knew if he could only have one, he would take Midoriya. He felt like shit for it, he knew it wasn't fair. But he suspected the same thoughts ran through Midoriyas mind, but only for Katsuki.

"If Katsuki said no, would you have broken up with me?" He rephrased desperately, finally looking over to Izuku.

"I can't answer that," Deku shook his head, eyebrows furrowed in apology.
"I just- please understand-" he took a deep breath.
"I don't think it's fair. If we stayed together I would still love Kacchan, and I don't want to put you through that.."

Shouto gave the smallest nod. Yeah, he understood. They've always been friends. Sort of. Theyd always have more history. He knew Midoriya was right. It wouldnt work if it were just the two of them. Dekus loyalty to Bakugou was unmatched, and would tear them apart. He knew Deku was right. So why did it hurt so fucking bad?
"He loves you, too," he sniffed. Kaminari told him so.

"Shouchan, Im s-"

"Would you date just him?" He asked quickly, cutting him off. He was grasping for straws, looking to Deku pleadingly. "Tell the truth. Please."

"I haven't thought about it!" Izuku cried out.
"I just want both of you, can we please leave it at that?"

"No," Shouto sniffed, pulling his hand from Izukus.
"I would date you alone. That's-that's what I planned when I asked you. I'm sorry, I care a lot for Katsuki but it's the truth. I, I-I can't. I need to know."

Deku looked up at him as he stood, shaking his head. "Why?"

"I need to feel wanted, Izuku!" Todoroki cried out, tears finally passing the brim of his eyes.
"At the end of the day, you and Katsuki know you love eachother. I don't have that security. Who the fuck is looking out for me? Sometimes I, I feel like I'm just spectating you two. So what am I even doing? Please just-don't waste my time? Don't keep me in the middle if youre going to toss me aside for only him one day?"

Chapter Text

Shouto sat on his bed. He was finished with his homework, which was aggravating. It was a good, thorough distraction. But now he was left empty handed on a Friday night. His throat dried as he thought about having to avoid Midoriya all weekend. It was supposed to be their second official date. He didn't appreciate his mind reminding him of it.

There was a lot of tenseness between the three of them. Himself and Deku, for the argument from last night. Deku and Bakugou, for obvious reasons of attacking and the memories of so. Himself and Bakugou, for misunderstanding and attacking Izuku. How were they expected to bounce back from that? He was ripped from his worries when Kirishima gave a small knock on his door before coming in.

"Hello." Todoroki said, putting his finished work sheets away.

"Hey," Eijirou mumbled, his eyebrows furrowed. He sat on Shoutos bed, a little away.
"So Bakubro is gone until Tuesday?"

Todoroki gave a little nod, looking down. "Yeah,"

"What are you guys going to do?" He asked after a few moments.

"I dont know," Shouto shook his head, eyes looking down into his hands.

"I'm sorry," he offered, awkwardly leaning over and giving him a small hug.

Todoroki wasn't inherently affectionate, but he leaned into Kirishima for a few moments. When they pulled away slowly, heterochromic eyes searching Eijirous. Shoutos eyes closed softly as he pressed forward, capturing the redhead in a soft, tender kiss.

He paused in his place. This was the same as when he tried to comfort Katsuki. But so different. Bakugou was hurt, he was angry and he needed a void to fill with pain and distraction.
Todoroki was hurt, but he was just broke, and needed the void filled with light touches and promises Kirishima couldn't keep.
Eijirou pulled away a moment after it started, watching Shoutos eyes widen with the reality of his actions.

"It's okay-" he said quickly, cheeks flushing. "I just dont want you to regret anything.."

"Please," Shouto nearly choked out.

His lips were nearly immediately found latched together again, a hand cupping his jaw. He didn't miss the way Todoroki still teared up. Eijirou allowed himself to be pressed back softly, feeling the fire and ice user straddle him. He was sat up on an elbow, kissing lightly, passionately.
His hands trailed up underneath Shoutos shirt as he laid fully back, ghosting up his sides.

He softly sat up and moved Todoroki onto his back instead, moving next to the boys ear.
"Let me take care of you," he mumbled softly, kissing softly down his jaw.

Shouto being a screamer wasn't a problem, this time. His moans were soft breathless gasps as Kirishima moved inside of him. It was gentle and something akin to making love, only that it wasnt. He kept one hand tangled in red hair, his other wrapped around his back.

When he climaxed, Todoroki sobbed out softly, holding Eijirou closer as he reached his own finish. They parted with a soft kiss as Kirishima rolled to the side.
Shouto shifted to grip onto him dazedly. He laid his head on the mans chest, staring off at the wall as his breathing evened out. He sniffled. Was it wrong to pretend it was Katsuki or Izuku taking care of him? He felt for them both immensely, but they had such a short time together. They might just be three horny teenagers, but Shouto wished they would have done this just once.

"Thank you," he mumbled.


[New Message]
12:03 [Katsuki💥❤] hi

Shouto stared at the notification that lit his phone. It illuminated his dark room, so he sat up to look. Upon seeing who it was from, he unlocked his phone.

12:05 [IcyHot❄🔥] Hello.

[Katsuki💥❤] Im sorry.

[IcyHot❄🔥] I know. There's no way you would've known.

12:06 [Katsuki💥❤] do you think Deku would take my apology

12:07 [IcyHot❄🔥] I don't think there's a single thing you could ever do to make Izuku not forgive you.

12:07 [Katsuki💥❤] thanks
[Katsuki💥❤] i fucked up

[IcyHot❄🔥] Me too.

12:08 [Katsuki💥❤] you didnt do anything
[Katsuki💥❤] wym

12:09 [IcyHot❄🔥] I got really upset with Midoriya. I'm still thinking about things.

[Katsuki💥❤] what are you thinking about

12:11 [IcyHot❄🔥] A lot.
[IcyHot❄🔥] Our relationship.
[IcyHot❄🔥] I asked Izuku if he would ever be with me, without you.
[IcyHot❄🔥] Not that I want that, exactly.
[IcyHot❄🔥] But, he broke up with me after I told him you left us both.
12:12 [IcyHot❄🔥] He couldn't, or, wouldn't, answer.

12:12 [Katsuki💥❤] m sorry

12:13 [IcyHot❄🔥] At the end of the day you two know, indefinitely, you love eachother.
12:14 [IcyHot❄🔥] But I don't get that security.
[IcyHot❄🔥] I have a right to be upset about this, right?
[IcyHot❄🔥] I feel like it was always only you two, even when I was there.
[IcyHot❄🔥] Like I was witnessing something beautiful, watching the gears first start to turn.
12:15 [IcyHot❄🔥] But I wasn't part of the equation, just a spectator.

12:15 [Katsuki💥❤] 😂😂 Stop playin
[Katsuki💥❤] are u fr???
[Katsuki💥❤] god half n half do u have a brain behind thst pretty head of hair
[Katsuki💥❤] much less eyes
[Katsuki💥❤] i dont wanna hear ur whining about it
[Katsuki💥❤] Deku was always up your ass
12:16 [Katsuki💥❤] i stopped that ferris wheel at rhe top for u
[Katsuki💥❤] i snuck into ur bedroom to cuddle almost every night
[Katsuki💥❤] damn now im missin ur oblivious ass
[Katsuki💥❤] u do know love isnt always saying ily right
[Katsuki💥❤] screenshot and call me mushy and be damned
12:17 [Katsuki💥❤] but its the small shit
[Katsuki💥❤] u prolly overwhelmed Deku a lil bc the word love means a lot to him
[Katsuki💥❤] its a strong confession for him
[Katsuki💥❤] and bad timjng

12:19 [IcyHot❄🔥] Thank you for that.

12:19 [Katsuki💥❤] i tjought you were analytical
[Katsuki💥❤] shouldnt u b able to tell that shit

12:20 [IcyHot❄🔥] I thought you were a U.A. Student.
[IcyHot❄🔥] Shouldn't you be able to spell things out?

[Katsuki💥❤] there he is
[Katsuki💥❤] fuxkin nerd
[Katsuki💥❤] can i formally ask you out now

[IcyHot❄🔥] Hm.
[IcyHot❄🔥] Yes.

12:21 [Katsuki💥❤] nice

[IcyHot❄🔥] Well?

[Katsuki💥❤] wut

[IcyHot❄🔥] Formally ask me out, Bakugou Katsuki.

[Katsuki💥❤] say-sike-rn.png
12:22 [Katsuki 💥❤] Todoroki Shouto, u handsome oblivious bastard nerd, wanna not miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime n say yes to datin me?

[IcyHot❄🔥] How very formal. Yes, either way.

12:23 [Deku🍆🍑💦💦🔥😫] yay!!!!!
[Deku🍆🍑💦💦🔥😫] who changed my name!!

[IcyHot❄🔥] changed @AllMightsFave 's nickname from [Deku🍆🍑💦💦🔥😫] to [Deku😁❤]

[IcyHot❄🔥] Since when is Deku in this chat? @ligma420

12:24 [Katsuki💥❤] i maybe added him
[Katsuki💥❤] so we could sort shit out
[Katsuki💥❤] i think it is workin
[Katsuki💥❤] so would u two make up alrdy so i can videochat u nerds

12:26 [Deku😁❤] i'm sorry shouchan.
[Deku😁❤] kacchans right about the love stuff. I actually already talked to him about it.
[Deku😁❤] id still love to take you both out tomorrow if you'll have me.

12:28 [IcyHot❄🔥] Okay.
[IcyHot❄🔥] But it's late, so the date better be later in the day if you want me to function properly.
[IcyHot❄🔥] Especially if Katsuki is really going to make us all call right now.


[IcyHot❄🔥] hold on dude fuck



[IcyHot❄🔥] I swear to duck Bakugou


[Katsuki💥❤] bruh

Shouto looked up with a timid smile as Deku finally got to his room, closing the door behind him and sitting on the edge of the boys bed. Midoriya answered the next call.

"Oh see, Shitty Deku even picked up," Katsuki grumbled, unaware that Todoroki was beside him.

Shouto scooted over and put his head over Midoriyas shoulder to look into the camera.
"Hi Katsuki."

Katsuki flinched as he looked back down at his phone, giving a nervous grin. "Heyyy."

The two beside eachother chuckled a little, watching as Bakugou walked with his phone in his hand.
"Where are you?" Shouto quirked an eyebrow.

"Home," he seemed to open the fridge, grabbing out a waterbottle. He proceeded to his room, where he finally sat still on his bed.
Bakugou propped his phone up on his nightstand so the boys could see him easier, mid torso up.

"Oh," Todoroki mumbled as he watched, grabbing Izukus phone and doing the same, but further back so he could see them both.

"You guys are like grandpas," Bakugou barked a laugh.

"What!" Deku pouted.

"So bad at internet stuff," he commented offhandedly, both of them just nodding shamelessly in agreeance.

"Yes, what was that picture you sent me?" Shouto asked curiously, tilting his head.

"My dick?" Bakugou rose an eyebrow.

"No, jesus, I know what dick pics are. The weird plant thing. It said, like..say sike?" He furrowed his eyebrows.

Katsuki just heaved a long sigh. "It's a joke.."

"A meme!" Deku offered helpfully, grinning that he knew of the word.
"Wait, Kacchan sends Shouchan nudes?"

"To piss him off," Bakugou shrugged.

"I was in public!" Todoroki's cheeks flushed.

"Shut up you guys stuck a MALFUNCTIONING vibe in me all class!"

"It wasn't malfunctioning."

"Don't change the subject!" Bakugou grinned devilishly. "You're a voyuer."

Izuku looked between them in confusion. "What's that?"

"Shouchan likes the idea of getting caught while he's getting off," Katsuki summarized.

"No I don't!" He defended quickly. Which was a tell tale sign he does, because Shouto doesn't defend.

"Then why'd ya scream so shamelessly loud in the shower?"
Izuku laughed softly behind his hands at the remark.

Todoroki's mouth just hung open in utter defeat. He huffed a little as he closed it, not missing the way Bakugou and Midoriya exchanged looks through their screens. He flushed dark at the thought that they already had something planned.


"You're so pretty Shouto, look how hard you made my cock." Bakugou said in a husky, lust filled tone. The phone screen broadcasted Katsuki sitting on his bed, further away so they could see his lap.
He was indeed very hard, gripping at his angry length and slowly stroking as he watched.

In turn, Bakugou watched his phone screen intently. He could see the way Todoroki's thighs shook as Midoriya gripped at his cheeks, mouth pressed hotly against his hole as he tongue fucked the man. He had his hips up in the air, hands tangled in the sheets as he tried his best to keep his eyes open enough to watch Katsuki on the phone.

"Zuku please," Shouto sobbed in a beg, earning a harsh spank from the green haired man. Bakugou groaned at the sight, though Deku flushed and pulled awau, unsure if that was an okay thing to do.

"Again," Shouto croaked in his fluster, face red and mostly hidden from Katsuki.
Midoriya seemed relieved, and further turned on. He pressed two fingers into the man as he spanked again, watching with lidded eyes as Todoroki mewled and pushed back.
That's when the door opened.

"God, youre such a slutty bottom bitch aren't you Shouto?" Bakugou unhelpfully said, unaware of the situation.

Both men had whipped around to see who the fuck it was, scrambling to look decent as they did so. They both turned, covers pulled up to their chests. Endeavor stood in the doorway.

"Midoriya!" He shouted angrily, surging forward.

"Mr. Endeavor, Sir, please I-!" Deku squealed, quickly pulling up his boxers. He was yanked up by the hair, scrambling to stand as he was pulled to his feet. He stumbled along before he was shoved out of the room, door slamming loudly behind him.

Bakugou had quickly fixed himself, watching the scene though his phone with wide eyes.
He watched Todoroki cower underneath the covers that hid him. The older Todoroki's eyes snapped to the phone, grabbing it and chucking it across the room. The call disconnected, leaving Katsuki to stare wide eyed at his blank phone screen.

Chapter Text

Deku stood outside of the door. He was only in his boxers, but he wasn't going to leave yet. He watched a few dorm doors open a little and peek out at the slamming. Midoriya ignored it, pressing his ear to the door.

"-fucking clothes on!" He heard Endeavor growl.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Shouto cried out, "Get the fuck out!"

"Shouto put on your clothes and pack your shit." He sternly commanded.

"I'm 18, I dont have to do what you say."

"In the schools eyes, I'm still your guardian, you're just a student. You're coming home."

"In the laws eyes, I don't have to stay with you either!"

"Well you're not staying here getting your dick wet with the competition. I've revoked your dorm rights."

"Then the staff will make sure I leave! Get the hell out! I'd rather die than spend a single night in that house with you!"

Deku heard a resonating noise, then silence. He realised it was someone getting slapped. He stood worriedly for a moment, wondering if he could decipher who it was. If Shouto was the one hit, he would surge in. But no more noises were heard. After about a minute of silence, Endeavors voice, right beside the door, sounded.

"Don't forget your end goal Shouto."

"That's your end goal! Not mine!" He screamed out with more emotion than Izuku thinks he's ever heard Shouto display.

The older Todoroki ripped the door open, sending a look that could kill to Midoriya as he walked past. Izuku just glared back, going into the room and closing the door gingerly behind him. He looked over at Todoroki, about to speak before there was a small knock on the door.
Deku grunted and pulled sleeping pants on before he answered it. Aizawa peered behind him into the room.

"The two of you get decent so I can come in and discuss."

They made quick work of pulling on their clothes before opening the door again. Aizawa only stepped in enough to close the door.

"I imagine the yelling and slamming was your father, Todoroki. So I'm guessing he let you know."

Deku sat on the bed beside Shouto, looking over to him. The heterochromic hero nodded as he stared at his lap.

"Unfortunately, the school does see him as your guardian sti-"

"I know," Todoroki mumbled in interruption.

"There was no violence, was there? You can tell me. I will have to report it, of course."

Midoriya turned his head to Shouto in question. The other student just shook his head.

Aizawa waited a few moments after the initial answer before giving a nod. He sighed, "you have until 10 AM tomorrow to move all of your belongings out. I'm sorry. This is permanent, as of right now."
He stood as he spoke, giving them both a pursed lips, forced smile before he left.

After the door closed, Todoroki ran his hands through his hair and over his face. "You can go to bed, if you want. I've done this before. I'll talk to you in the morning, yeah?"

Deku blinked a few times before shaking his head. "No way. Where are you even going to put everything? Or stay?"

"Well." He paused for a few moments. "I don't know. I'll figure somethin out."

"You can.." Deku put a hand on his chin in thought, before pulling out his phone and sending a message.
"Your clothes will fit in my dresser, and the rest of your stuff will fit in my dorm. "

"I cant stay in the dorms," Shouto frowned.

"At my moms house," he said slowly afterwards.

Todoroki's mouth opened slightly in surprise before he grinned and pressed forward, kissing Izuku for a moment.

"Let's move everything, and then we'll walk there." Midoriya hummed.


"This will piss my dad off so much I'll be in the dorms by Monday," Shouto laughed as they walked, suitcase lugging behind him.

"For sure," Izuku agreed with a grin. "And if not..I'm sure we can stay as long as we need.."

"Call Katsuki. He's probably royally pissed and confused."

"Shit, youre right," Deku scrambled on his person to find his phone. "I should've texted him way earlier."


1:02 [Kacchan] screaming-hamster-meme.png

1:04 [Kacchan] Shitty Deku?

1:05 [Kacchan] is everything okay?



1:40 [Kacchan] fucking answer me

"Oh no, I didnt see or hear Kacchan text or call." Deku frowned.

"It's okay," Shouto insisted, taking his phone and calling Katsuki.


Bakugou answered immediately, and was put on speaker phone. "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED-"
Todoroki immediately turned down the volume.

"It's okay," Shouto said calmly. "My Father revoked my dorm privileges. We're on our way to Izukus house."

"Well what the fuck took so long?!"

"I had to move all of my shit," Shouto rolled his eyes, sleepiness invading his voice and attitude.

"We'll text you when we get there," Deku promised.

A sigh was heard through the reciever. "Okay. Im e-fucking-xhuasted. Be safe."

"We will!" Midoriya promised, the call ending.


[Deku ❤💦] we're here. You can go to sleep now

[Kacchan] ok
[Kacchan] endeavor totally ruined my boner

[Deku❤💦] well dont expect anything from us to get it back
[Deku❤💦] im sleepy

[Kacchan] go to bed

[Deku❤💦] goodnight!!!

[Kacchan] goodnight Deku

[Deku❤💦] Good Night Katsuki.

[Kacchan] goodnight IcyHot


Izukus mom had to hold back squeals of a mixture of nervousness and excitement as Todoroki joined them at the table.

"It's so good to finally meet you!" She blurts out in a grin.

Shouto couldn't help the polite smile that quirked onto his lips. That's where Deku got all his sunshine.
"No, miss, it's an honor to finally meet your acquaintance. I apologize for the circumstances it happened under. Thank you for allowing me to stay."

"Of course. I'm not too up to date on the pro heros, but I have heard some things about your father..You're always welcome here."

"Oh, I dont want to impose," Shouto began,

"It's no trouble, really," Miss Midoriya insisted.

Deku laughed slightly as he watched the interactions. His mother was so kind, but Shouto was so polite. This would go on all day if he didn't step in.
"Breakfast looks so good! You didn't have to make all of this!"

"Oh it's been so long since I've gotten to cook for someone else Izuku! I couldnt help myself!" She smiled beautifully.
"Besides, youre growing boys, or dare I say men!" She reached over and pinched his cheek.

Todoroki watched with amusement as it happened, his green haired boyfriends cheeks going red. It made him long for such things with his own mother. He pushed the thought away, instead indulging in the amazing meal infront of him. She'd been so courteous to make a brunch, knowing they'd miss breakfast, and lunch would be too long to go without anything. It tasted so amazing, Shouto almost felt a flash of jealousy.


Izuku watched from the doorway as his mother and Todoroki interacted. He was fussing over something to do with grocery shopping with her as they exchanged recipes. Apparently Shouto couldn't let her live down from the delicious meal, and wanted very much to know her secrets.

"Allow me," Shouto offered as the tea pot began steaming in its high pitch. She gave him a small, thankful smile before her eye caught Deku watching them.

As he was noticed, the Midoriya boy walked over, passing his mother her cup of tea. She blew over her cup as she took a seat at the table.
"Come here Izuku," she smiled, scooting over so he could take the seat beside her.

He returned her grin and sat, Todoroki leaning against the counter nearby.
"Where are you boys heading?" She asked excitedly, noticing that they both had changed into button up shirts.

"Izuku won't tell," Shouto smiles a little.
"Some mystery date."

"Oh, he'll tell his mother!" She grins, leaning over so he could whisper to her. He shot a glance back at Shouto before leaning into her and quietly telling.

She leaned away after he did, grinning as bright as ever. "Well that's sweet," she hummed.
The doorbell rang and she looked over towards the door. "Oh, is that Katsuki!"

"Should be," Deku nodded, squeezing her hand before he walked to the door. He opened it, Bakugou indeed standing there.
He had on a black button up, the first 2 buttons undone to show the necklace from their first date that he still wore. His sleeved were pushed to his elbow. He had on black jeans with a chain, aswell.

Contrastedly, Izuku wore a white short sleeve button up, with a small dotted print. It paired with some dark cargo pants that cuffed at the bottom. Shouto wore khaki colored pants and a light blue button up, the sleeves neatly folded to reach his elbow.

"You know it's funny," Izukus mom said after trailing over to the three.
"I always thought he would be with one of you!"

Deku flushed darkly and tried to start ushering his boyfriends out of the door immediately. They didn't budge, instead listening closely with matching smirks.

"That gravity girl was very nice but I remember Izuku speaking about you two so much! After he told me he was bi I had the thought! Now look at you three," she laughed softly as she teased.
"Oh Izuku, I'm not that embarrassing!"

He gave her a look of desperation, cheeks flushed darkly. She snapped a photo immediately.
"Okay! Go have fun! Come back safe!" She was the one ushering them out now.


Going out to a fancy restaurant went better than expected. They sat at a circular table, so they could all see one another. The dinner was amazing, but most of all, Izuku was glad it wasn't awkward. Especially since it was his first time seeing Katsuki in person again. Especially since this was the first time they all had to make conversation alone. That was what he was most nervous about. But he realised, as he laughed softly at one of Bakugous crude jokes, that this is why they were together. Because they got along how it mattered, and enjoyed each others company.


"Come on," Izuku grinned, leading his boyfriends along as they walked after dinner.

"What are you doing?" Shouto chuckled, watching him head towards the beach.

The two taller males follow either way, skeptical or not. Eventually they stopped before the shoreline, sitting in the sand where Midoriya plopped down.

"This place means a lot to me," he explained as he looked around it, turning to look at Katsuki and Shouto.

"It used to be shit," Bakugou remembered.

"I cleaned it up, the summer before I started U.A."

"What?" Shouto rose an eyebrow, looking to him. "There was so much."

"It was part of my training. I wanted in so badly. And if I hadn't gotten in.. I don't know where I'd be, now. Not with you two. So that's why I enjoy remembering my training. It brought so much good in my life."

Shouto gave a small smile and pulled him into a side hug, kissing his forehead from the side. Katsuki grumbled that it was mushy, so Deku gripped him closer for a little group hug. The blond huffed a little but ultimately held them both.
The two at his sides relaxed against him, hands intertwined with his as they looked over the sea and into the starry sky.

Their heads pick up off his shoulders when he moved to stand. Izuku earned himself two very confused looks when he started kicking his shoes off and unbuttoning his shirt.

"We are not fucking here just because Sho-" Katsuki stopped when flicked in the arm, holding the spot accusingly.

"We're skinny dipping, Katsuki," Shouto told him easily as he stood, beginning to join Deku in his loss of clothes.

"It's gonna be cold!" Bakugou frowned.

"You have a fire quirk! And the sun just set!" Deku laughed, fully pulling the last item of clothing off of his body that wasnt his boxers.

Bakugou pouted slightly when the two mostly stripped down men ran towards the water until they fell into it.
Fucking fine. He rolled his eyes and tore his own clothes off quickly. After working his nerve up for a moment, he ran in towards them.

"It's so cold!" He wailed angrily.

"Not after you go under," Todoroki insisted.

Bakugou looked over the man who spoke. His mouth went sort of dry. Shouto was beyond hot. It was easy to forget when youre around him so often, but moments like this..whew. His toned torso shone with wetness as they currently stood in waist high water. The way his hair was all fucking wet and fucking flowing and shit and god he wasnt even cold anymore.

His eyes moved to his childhood friend with the same appreciations. It was hard to remember how fucking strong Deku was. He always wore jackets, and he was a bit shorter than himself. Not to mention his personality and face still mostly matched that of when he was a teenie freshman. It was just hard to see him as cute and innocent when all of his rippling muscles were showing, flexed and tight to keep his body warm as they stood in the chilling water.

"Whatever, I'll survive," Katsuki replied with a smirk.

"Thank you for joining us," Deku grinned, leaning over and kissing him for a moment.

Bakugou grinned when they pulled away.
"I'm suprised this tight ass joined!" He teased as he grabbed Todoroki. Using the way the water made everything weightless, Katsuki lifted Shouto up and had the man wrap his legs around his hips, his own hands up and behind Todoroki's back.

"Bug off," Shouto grinned a little, leaning down and capturing his lips.

"Hold you breath!" Bakugou said quickly when they pulled away.

Shouto gasped and covered his nose as he was flung from Katsuki into the deeper water, kicking his legs to get back up and break surface. He spat water at Bakugou and laughed.

"Ew!" The blond laughed, splashing.

Deku squeaked as he was caught directly inbetween a war of splashed waves, covering his face. Yeah, it was probably a bit too cold. Whatever.
Deciding he wasn't just going to stand this abuse, he casually used One For All a few percents to send crashing waved over them both. It effectively gave him time to paddle away, giggling.

"No fair!" Katsuki cried as he surfaced, that being the first time he went under.

"We can't use our quirks!" Todoroki whined in agreement.

"Gosh," Deku grinned, looking between them. "Sorry."

They shared a dangerous look, making Midoriyas grin pale off of his face. He ran for his life, which apparently meant nothing, because FUCK running underwater, it wasn't possible. He dove under, carefully opening his eyes to try a d navigate away. His cheeks puffed full of air deflated in suprised as his ankle was snatched, body lifted upside down out of the water as if he were a prize bass.

"Shouto!" Deku whined, looking up at him from his current place in the air.

He only grinned mischievously. Katsuki found his spot beside Todoroki, and grabbed one of Izukus hands. The smaller man lit up.
"Kacchan is saving me!"

Then Shouto grabbed his second ankle, and Katsuki grabbed his second wrist. He dangled between them like a bridge, getting the impression that he was not being saved.
The two carefully waded into deeper water, before beginning a count.

"One," Shouto said, both men rocking Dekus body left.

"Two," Katsuki laughed out, his hanging body rocking right.

"Noo!" He cried out in pleaded realization, his body rocked back to the left.

And as his body swung toward the right, they released his limps. Izuku gasped a lung full of air as he unceremoniously flailed in the air before dropping in the water.

They weren't just going to get away with it, though. He used his fall to his advantage, diving deeper. Midoriya squinted through the water until he seen pale legs, hearing laughter above him. Got him.
Katsuki let out an undignified screech as he was tugged under, hand reaching out to grip Shouto. By doing so in his fall, he pulled the other man under the water with him. Deku laughed underwater as he pushed humself back up, watching the other two resurface aswell.

"Truce-?" Shouto said immediately, an eyebrow raising.

"Under one circumstance?" Deku answered easily.

When the Todoroki's eyebrow raised higher in silent question, Deku went on. Not verbally, but still. He held out his arms and made a kissy face. He bathed in the glory that was the chuckle Shouto released at this. But still, the man swam forward, wrapping his arms around Midoriyas neck and kissing him.


"Cute," the man taunted, camera lenses shuttering quietly to capture the scene.

"Do you think this will be enough?"

"Surely He'll be pleased."

Chapter Text

"I have a last minute suprise," Izuku grinned as they began to head off of the beach.

"How can you possibly?" Todoroki shook his head in disbelief.

"Oh shush. Just keep following."

Eventually they stopped infront of a hotel, eyebrows quirked at Midoriya.
"I expected the dorms to be an option," Deku explained, leading them inside. "I'm not going to fuck either of you in my moms house or Katsukis."

"Hey-not compalining," Shouto insisted quickly.

After they got their room card they made their way to it, slight excitement creeping up at the thought. The room door was pushed open instantly, only to be closed behind them just as fast.
Deku gripped both boys by their shirts, leading them to the bed. He sat down on the bed, roughly pulling Bakugou into a hard kiss. It was short lived as he shoved the blond down infront of him instead.

Katsuki dropped to his knees as guided, immediately working Midoriyas pants off. As he did so, Izuku had Todoroki sit beside him. He captured the mans lips in his own, hand kneading his thigh and slowly moving towards his crotch.
Shouto knew what Bakugou was doing when he heard Deku groan into the kiss.

"God I've wanted this," Izuku mumbled as he moved his lips to Todoroki's neck.
"No distraction," he gave an open mouth kiss,
"No interruptions," he nipped softly,
"All night."

Izuku now gripped him through his pants, stroking him through the layers. "You're so pretty Shouchan," he whispered as he pulled away to watch him arch and squirm underneath his touch. "I'm finally going to fuck you tonight,"
He groaned just at the thought, hips bucking slightly into Bakugous mouth. He surged forward again to suck at Shoutos neck.
"I want you to scream my name until you can't anymore."

Shouto shivered, watching with lidded eyes as pulled away, both hands curling into Katsukis spikes. He hadn't realised that Izuku was fucking into Bakugous throat as he spoke so dirtily.

"Look at me," Midoriya panted in a growl, gripping the blond hair and tugging upwards. He had him pulled as far as he could, his cock down the others convulsing throat.
Red eyes looked up as much as they could, his cheeks flushing nearly as dark.

Izuku tugged Katsuki off, drool dripping down his chin as he panted.
"Tell Shouchan how much you love it."

Bakugou got so flustered from the instruction that his eyes closed. His hair was gripped tighter, making him wince softly. He reopened his eyes and they moved to Shoutos multicolored ones.
"Love it," he managed.

"Tell me what you love about it," Shouto said further, leaning forward in lust to listen.

"I- I like when Deku makes me listen and just uses me-"

"What else Kacchan?" Todoroki hummed.

"I want to ride you," he admit with another wave of fluster.

Izuku groaned and lifted Katsuki up, clashing their lips together. He could nearly taste himself, which fueled his arousal. He pulled away and kissed at Katsukis jaw, speaking lowly.
"Shouchan is so big, Katsuki. Is that why you want to ride him? You're so slutty, Kacchan. Do you think you could do it? Be a big boy?"
Bakugou nodded frantically, gripping the green curls tightly close as Izuku bit his neck.

Deku pushed him onto the bed, eyes hungrily looking at ever bit of his skin as he pulled Katsukis clothes off. After he was left naked, Midoriya pulled away, leaving the blond cold.
"Show us how much you want it, Kacchan."

They both watched heatedly. Bakugou sat back on his arm, legs spreading shamelessly. He moved his hand up and sucked over two fingers until they were generously covered in spit. They trailed back down, slowly shoving in.
"Please," Katsuki gasped, curling the fingers.

Shouto watched with a clenched jaw, hands shakily unbuttoning his shirt. He definitely knew that less than a minute of fingering himself wasn't enough to prepare, but Todoroki had to gulp and clench his fists to stop himself from surging forward. Katsuki sounded so wanton and desperate, and Shouto wanted him to regret begging.
"You need to wait," he insisted.

"Dammit IcyHot," he gasped, plunging a third finger in.
"If you dont fuck me into the mattress in the next minute, I swear to god,"

Shouto just growled and finally surged forward, shoving Bakugou onto his back. He pinned both hands against the mattress, panting as he looked over the pleased look on Katsukis face.
"What happened to riding me?" He growled, one hand moving to replace where Bakugou was prepping himself.

He immediately shoved three in harshly, beginning to quickly pump them in and out, reaching much deeper than what Bakugou could've himself. Katsuki's breath hitched into moans, wrists straining against their holds.
"Please-I want you-" he sobbed a beg, legs spread impossibly far.

Todoroki was shoving into him in less than 10 seconds later. He buried himself to the hilt in a single thrust, letting Katsuki clutch onto him and cry out.
"I told you to fucking wait, you teasing slut," Shouto growled into his ear, one hand on his hip and the other pulling back to slap Bakugou.

Deku had to grip his cock as the scene played out in front of him. He loved when Todoroki would act so dominant, but tonight he knew he had to have the bichromial man underneath him instead. The way he'd screamed for Kirishima..he wanted to cause that. He wanted him to scream his name. He gripped himself harder at rhag thought.

Shouto started fucking into the blond bruisingly, sitting up to get the best angle. Katsuki couldn't reach him from where he lay on his back, so he was left to rock and jolt at each fast, rough thrust. His hands curled back, on either sides of his head to clutch at the covers like a lifeline. Bakugou screamed out the obscenities you'd expect Bakugou to scream out.

"Fuck me harder, IcyHot!"

"Yes-Right there you stupid bastard!"

Except maybe they were more moaned than shouted, and it wasnt a scowl that adorned his face. And, he cowered and flushed when he got an equally demanding reply.

"Shut the fuck up!" Shouto yelled in a sneer, pounding as hard as he could into the stupid spot Katsuki wanted.
"Is this what you fucking wanted?! You love getting fucked into by my cock?!"

Bakugou cried out his answer of "yes"es and his thanks and his apologies. He finally clutched onto Todoroki when he leaned down to bite at his neck. His hands curl behind Shoutos back, nails digging in as he cried out his release. Shouto's pace didnt even hesitate, still pounding in as mercilessly as requested. Katsuki decided it was a hell of a way to ride out his orgasm.
Todoroki pulled out right as he's about to come, stroking himself and moving so that his cum landed in striped over Bakugous face. He panted softly as he slowly stroked through the afterglow, before slumping back down.

"Jesus Shouto," Deku blushed, looking over the definitely wrecked Katsuki.

"Sorry," he offered as he panted, leaning back on his arms and letting his head fall back.

"I'm still fucking you," Izuku confirmed.
"If Kacchan is good, he can join afterwards." He said, looking to the man.

"Jesus hell," is the only thing Katsuki offered at first. "We'll see if I recover enough."

Midoriya chuckled a little, sliding himself over to Todoroki. He crawled over the man and kissed him, humming as his hand trailed down. He felt Shouto gasp into the kiss as he pushed two fingers in, curling and scissoring them.

Izuku didn't fully prepare him, knowing the other preferred that. And he couldn't say he minded. Instead of pushing in or readjusting their position, Deku sat up with a small lopsided grin. Both men looked at hin curiously.
Izuku sat up, grabbing Shouto by the waist to guide him.
"I realised what Kacchan said was true," he mumbled against his ear as they stood.
"When he caught us in the showers.." he bit his lip for a moment, "and you fucked my face while talking to him..but I liked it, too. I want to get caught."

To say Shouto shivered was an understatement. It was only a moment later that he understood why Midoriya was telling him all of this. The green haired man pushed the balcony doors open of their hotel. They were only on the second story, so any late night joggers would definitely see of their attention was alerted.
"I know you're a screamer, Shouchan," Deku licked at his neck from behind.
"But do try and contain yourself."

Shouto tried. But after only half a minute of the brutal pace he couldn't stand it anymore. Todoroki sobbed out a moan, surely heard for blocks.
"Shh," Deku cooed in his ear as he presses as deep as he could, holding himself there. He stood behind the other man, his chest to Todoroki's back as he pounded into him.

"Oh," he whined as Deku bucked deeply.
"God," thrust,
"Please," thrust, thrust, thrust.

Deku went back to his fast pace, his hand reaching up and cupping over Shoutos mouth. His head laid back against Izukus shoulder as he was muffled, cheeks blazing at the publicity. His other scarred hand gripped Todoroki's hip.
Todoroki's own hands gripped Midoriya tightly. One hand was curled back in his hair, and the other clutched Izukus forearm.

"Imagine if someone saw us," Deku gasped in his ear, knowing he couldn't reply.
"I bet they'd like it. I bet they would watch us like Kacchan is. I wouldn't blame them. You take cock so well Shouchan. Such a good boy for me."

Shouto cried out louder under the hand as he came. His hips stuttered, trying to meet Dekus erraticating thrusts as he clenched around his cock. When Midoriya came a minute after him, he pressed in deep to finish inside the male. He panted and put his forehead on Shoutos back, moving his hand off of the others mouth. Todoroki stayed in place, still.

Someone below them stepped out of their shop, looking over and gawking.
"All right! I'll take what he's having!"

They both flushed and went inside, closing the door behind them. Bakugou looked over them both (cum cleaned off his face) with a little flush.
"What does Kacchan want to do now?" Shouto hummed as they joined him on the bed, very aware that he was hard again.

"I don't give a fuck," he grumbled.

"I think you know exactly what you want," Deku cooed, leaning over to kiss at his neck.

"F..maybe," he groaned.

"You have to tell us, Katsuki." Todoroki mumbled against the opposite side of his neck.
He tangled a hand in both of their hair, hundreds of fantasies he's had scrolling through his mind, trying to decide. He nuzzled into Dekus kisses as he decided.

"I want to fuck Shouto while you ride him," he groaned softly, enjoying the bite that was left after he admit.


10 minutes later found him deep in his fantasy, so fucking glad he just voiced it. He'd have to do so more often. God, they had to have been fucking for like an hour now. It was bloody perfect. They way they moved was fucking perfect. He could tell how overstimulated the man he was fucking was. To add on, he had the stimulation of Deku on his cock.

Izuku was a whole nother story. Katsuki remembered the first time Shouto fucked him, offering to let the smaller man ride. Midoriya had covered his face and bounced softly, muffling all his moans.
Now he watched, entranced, as Deku lifted and snapped his hips nearly all the way up as he eagerly fucked himself. He rolled his hips and ran a hand through his hair as he gazed down at his moaning lover, who could all but grip on for the ride.

This time they didn't get back up for more, or kiss at necks. They cleaned up very lazily before they passed out together in the giant bed. Sleep came quickly to them all as they'd cuddle under the comforters.


"Goodmorning handsome," Deku grinned, laying atop Shoutos chest as he opens his eyes.

"If you hurry up, sleepy head, we can shower with Kacchan, and then get hotel breakfast."

Todoroki sat up with a small groan, definitely still sore. He cupped Izuku close to him, giving him a sleepy kiss. They both got up, Deku taking a moment to watch the other stretch. He hummed and led him into the big hotel bathroom. They opened the curtains to enter with Katsuki, glad that there was definitely enough room, and they were all under the waters spray.

"Mornin," Katsuki greeted Shouto, making a point by pinching his ass. Todoroki jumped a little.

Deku ran his hands through his hair to make sure it was completely, eyes trailing downwards as he hums.
Ah fuck it.
He dropped to his knees and gripped them both at the base of their cock, looking up for approval. It was very obvious they weren't exactly expecting that, but something of it's nature. He was encouraged by a hand from each man in his hair.

He stroked them both in time, slowly as they were getting hard in his hands. He moved to Shouto's length, Katsukis still in his other hand, and sucked at the tip for a moment. Before he could completely relish in the feeling, Deku would pull away and repeat his minstrations to the other man.
He couldn't suck them both at once, so he was taking turns. Though it seemed to aggravate them both a tad, if anything. If there was one thing Izuku could never deny, it's that he really enjoyed giving oral. Blowing both of his boyfriends at once sounded amazing.

Instead of enduring the short amount of teasing from one to another, Katsuki pushed his cock further into Dekus mouth the next time. The blond gripped his hair and bucked a few times into his throat.
Todoroki pulled him off roughly after a few moments, guiding his lips quickly back to his own aching length. Shouto also fucked his face, groaning as he tightened his hold in the wet green strands.

They took turns abusing his throat until either of them came, which they pulled his head back to do so on his face, even if the water washed it away soon after.
They groaned softly and kissed eachother before Izuku was pulled back up.
It was safe to say that his his heart skipped a beat when they both sank to their knees to return the favour.


"I need a new phone," Todoroki sighed as they walked from the hotel.

"Let's go get one!" Deku smiled. "There are shops near here."

"But didn't" Bakugou rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oh he's a baby," Shouto huffed. "He does if so often, I keep coins saved up for when he does. Still, it's not nearly as much.."

"Well once we graduate you wont need a student card!" Izuku smiled. "It's not that far off."

"I don't even want to think about graduation," Katsuki shook his head.

They swat at him as they entered a small electronic shop. The choosing of a phone was fairly simple, as Shouto was always to the point. They went to the front so he could pay.

The cahsier mindlessly scanned the barcode, about to tell them the price. As she looked up, her eyes widened and she smiled nervously. Katsuki gave her a little glare. He knew Todoroki was pretty and widely known, okay? And he was having money trouble, which meant that maybe Shouto was looking towards the modeling gigs? He wasn't sure how he'd cope with the jealousy, especially since they're still secret.

He realised he'd zoned out, as the transaction was over now. He shot a last glare at the shop worker, who was going towards the business phone quickly. Whatever.
Shouto looked back to see what Katsuki was looking at. He squinted his eyes before the phone she was hurriedly speaking in a quiet voice into froze over. Bakugous jaw dropped, and so did hers. Todoroki just ushered his boyfriends out quickly.

"We need to go, now." Todoroki warned.

"Shouchan!" Deku furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, "what's wrong?"

"Give me your phone," he held out his hand, and when it was handed to him, he quickly opened up an internet browser. He looked at the front page of 'Todays News' scanning over it quickly.

"TODOROKI SHOUTO!" a woman yelled, causing all of their eyes to rip up. Behind her, suddenly countless camera crews appeared, all of them rushing towards the teens.

They were surrounded in seconds, backed up against the shop wall. Shouto had seen this happen to his father too many times, he'd known what was coming. He also knew they definitely couldnt get away now, and any wrong wording or spout of anger would have the headlines.
"Dont say anything." He muttered into each of their eyes.

Different voices screamed different questions, directed to one of them or all of them.


Todoroki let them all scream out their questions, just leaning casually back against the shop window. Seeing they had no reactions to work with, the reporters got agitated, and all quieted down.

Shouto cleared his throat, simply, and began walking through the now stunned crowd. Bakugou and Deku followed closely. They must have thought that the students would give immense reactions, distressfully answer questions and either break down or get angry. But they seem to have forgotten how Endeavor handled these situations, and that Shouto was his son. It might've been the only good thing the younger Todoroki learned from his father.

As they put some distance between themselves, Todoroki pulled up the news again, to see what the fuck was going on.


In the first picture, fellow U.A. Student Bakugou Katsuki(left) is seen holding Endeavors son, Todoroki Shouto, up in the water and sharing a rather intimate kiss.
The second picture features fellow classmate and U.A. Student Midoriya Izuku(left) being hugged by Todoroki Shouto(right) as they share their own kiss.

The picture did indeed show both of those.

The speculation is that they're in a polyamous* relationship, and was trying to keep it under wraps so the press wouldn't catch wind.

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Call in and talk to Reporter John Doe at 222-2222 or send in a letter at
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*a mutual relationship between 2 or more people.