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Bros wear their hats backwards so they can kiss each other goodnight

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It wasn't until Jungkook was awoken by a warm body almost perfectly molded with his front and something hard pressing against his, now stirred in interest, 𝒹𝒾𝒸𝓀, that he had his first actual panicked gay moment.

It was cherry on top of a long day of practice, messing up the choreography, looking at Hoseok's sadistic smile as he calculated the ascending curve of suffering per each take, as he made them repeat the dance over and over and over again.

It was also a long day of watching Jin whisper extremely unfunny jokes to Jimin when he thought nobody (everybody did) could hear. They all laughed anyway, anything to keep their spirits up at this point.

But by far it was the longest day of watching Taehyung's stupidly sexy face, paired with a heated look that could instantly end your monthly subscription to Lucifer’s waterfalls (fancy way of saying it could make you pregnant), all of that combined, merged and carefully mixed with how the man himself generally looks. A walking sin.

And he was trying extra hard to perfect his stage presence for Singularity today. As if there is anything left to perfect.

It’s safe to say Jungkook was exhausted, and probably pregnant.

But the admiration (and pregnancy) in a bro way, of course.
Taehyung is just effortlessly captivating, it’s not his fault he sometimes has trouble directing his eyes anywhere else but him.

Jungkook was also aware he wouldn’t be getting any rest tonight. He could smell it in the air, along with other practice room scents you don’t want to know of.

Basically, something crawled up Yoongi's ass and died.
Maybe it’s stress, maybe it’s exhaustion from overworking himself, maybe it’s just general despair, who knows.

But when Yoongi feels this way, you do not want to approach the man unless you are Jung Hoseok and you’re offering cuddles. It’s kind of a standard procedure now, and Taehyung never wants to invade so he leaves the room he shares with Hoseok to crash on the couch.

Or on Jungkook.

Because sleeping in a room with Namjoon and risking getting inhaled mid-snore is something Taehyung prefers to avoid. He always admires Yoongi for sleeping soundly through that.

What all that means is that he, said man, Jungkook, the poor tired thing, has to room with Taehyung (under him, used as a human pillow), because he is his best bro and would always take him in.

It is not that bad per se, it's just that Taehyung can’t sleep without crushing something between those long limbs, or wrapping himself around the victim like the cutest ball python you’ll ever meet.

And again, given the fact he did not bring his pillow and told Jungkook that 'no, I am not entering that room after almost getting murdered last time, thank you very much' - the thing Taehyung will be all over is very likely Jungkook.

He loves cuddling with Tae, of course he does. They do it so often he almost, almost, got used to constricted airflow, numb arms, hair up his nose, in his mouth, every crevice of his body.

But today had been such an energy draining day, he doesn't know if he’ll be able to handle hundred and thirty seven pounds of dead-weight tangled around him or splayed over him when literally every muscle in his body is sore.

He could never say no to Taehyung though, so he just lifts the covers for him to climb in and hopes to every single god out there including Itztlacoliuhqui-Ixquimilli, Aztec god of human misery, that he gets at least three(ish) hours of sleep.

Jungkook loves sleeping alone.
He loves his space, his covers, his pillow, his freedom to stretch all over the bed like a starfish.
He hates having to share, well, anything.

And that’s why he (successfully) avoids sleeping with clingier members.

But when it comes to Taehyung it’s like his body gets possessed by a cuddling monster screaming ‘hug, protect, squish, caress,-‘


They usually end up sleeping with their legs tangled and Jungkook being the big spoon, his nose buried in Taehyung’s nape so he can subtly (not subtly at all) enjoy being smothered by his apple scented shampoo. It’s what Taehyung’s been using for the longest time now and it’s so deeply engraved into Jungkook’s brain he gets sleepy whenever he smells apples.

He doesn’t have to see Taehyung’s smile to know it is there when he accidentally leaves a small kiss under his ear.

Jungkook just presses him even closer into him, in appreciation of the soft moments they share, which results in Taehyung doing a little almost-asleep-feeling-extra-comfy-thing where he snuggles into the blankets a little more, tightening Jungkook’s hold around him, as if being crushed to death is not enough already.

And it may sound gay to someone out there, but they make sure that they always say no homo dude, like the chill bros they are. What happens before bed happens in the dark therefore nobody sees therefore it’s not homosexual or to be mentioned.

But of course the extensive amount of cheese and softness couldn’t go unnoticed by other five band members, and it wasn't like they never commented on it either.

Nobody exactly knew what subtle meant in this household. Or minding your business. They were all up in each others business. Businesses. Like businessmen.

They wouldn't even notice at first probably, if it wasn't for Jimin pointing out that Taehyung doesn't do cuddling that intense with anyone else and Jungkook is, well, Jungkook (followed by an offended gasp on Jungkook’s side).

They all collectively jumped them one morning (after having a whole meeting in Namjoon’s room the night before, Hoseok even drawing a plan of embarrassing them) and started teasing them for their touchy habits, trying to see how long it would take for Jungkook to beat them all up.

Surprisingly, a little over ten minutes.

And one would expect that the teasing would make them (the straight bros no cap) annoyed, have them become a little distant, maybe be more subtle about the physical part of the friendship.

But no, their bro-bond (Jimin gagged hearing Taehyung say that out loud) is way too strong for that.

It was so hard getting Jungkook to break out of his shy little bubble when group was freshly formed, but ever since Taehyung managed to reach in there and drag him out limb by (puberty-struck, dangly, hormonal, prepubescent) limb, their connection just kept growing.

Actually, they became even more obnoxious since the day the teasing started.

And it was not only the constant cuddling, it's that they would not shut up about each other.

„Hyung, it’s totally okay and platonic to comment on how plump Taehyung's lips look if I am his best friend. It's like, in a bro way, I'm not gay or anything but if I was a girl, and I'm only saying if I was, which is very unlikely haha, I would probably enjoy kissing him. Like seriously, his future girlfriend is lucky. I don’t even have an upper lip.“

Yoongi facepalmed and internally screamed (externally exhaled through his nose a little louder), trying so hard not to smack Jungkook straight on the head.

The oblivious motherfucker.

Anyway, after the already mentioned horrendous day of practice, Taehyung showed up in Jungkook's room wearing nothing but an oversized shirt (probably stolen from Jungkook weeks ago) and a pair of boxers.

Coming straight out of the shower he took in Godknowswho’s room, he looked ready to smother Jungkook with his stupid apple scent and his stupid long legs and his stupid soft hands and his stupid excuses for not going back to his and Hoseok's room to get his own stupid pillow.

And of course Jungkook gives in as soon as Tae tiptoes to the bed and whines in an incomprehensible language, something akin to “should’ve uh pants, cold”.

They are bros and Jungkook can sacrifice his sore muscles some more if it's for his best buddy that is cold, half naked and not gonna lie, kind of cute.

The covers open for a moment, a cold breeze hits Jungkook’s naked torso, and he even feels a little relieved when Taehyung isn't the clingiest octopus right away (but keeps the respective two inch distance between them).

That lasts for a whole twenty seconds before Jungkook himself thinks ‘well fuck It’ and inches closer to Taehyung, sneaking his hands around his waist, pulling him closer to his already warmed body.

Taehyung cold, must make warm, gotta hug, mmm cozy; and other things the two neanderthal braincells in his skull are chanting right now.

Regardless of how much a night of unbothered sleep would benefit Jungkook in times of promotions and intense practice almost every day, sleeping wrapped around Taehyung is somehow always an option he would pick over any other.

How exactly that happened, he doesn’t know. How exactly his brain decided it would unleash an unlimited serotonin supply whenever his friend let himself be wrapped in his embrace, he doesn’t know.

What he does know is that the older gets so warm, feels so safe and familiar, it relaxes Jungkook immediately.

He can sense Taehyung's pleased smile when he pulls him close, and can’t help but smile himself even if the cold feet and hands are stealing all of his body warmth.

He lets out a relaxed sigh when he feels Taehyung’s breath evening out after a few minutes of gently sliding his warm hands over his tummy.
He’s already asleep.