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Fair Play

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“Lan Zhan?” mused Wei Wuxian, fingers toying with the Lan Sect ribbon in his hands.


“Do you ever want to try out my role?” He propped himself up on one elbow and looked at his husband. Sweat still glistened across his bare chest from their recent exertions and Lan Wangji’s expression was soft and open.

“Hm.” The sound wasn’t either a negative or a positive.

“What does that mean?” Wei Wuxian asked. “Have you thought about it?”

“Wei Ying wants that?” Lan Wangji met his gaze, his eyebrows raised.

“Hmm.” Now it was his turn to hum noncommittally. “It’s not that I don’t enjoy this. Obviously, I do.” His smile twisted into a bit of a smirk as he gestured between their naked bodies. He could still feel the imprint of his husband’s strong hands on his hips, on his right thigh. Still feel where he’d pounded him until he begged for mercy. “But it feels so good...I might like to make you feel that good, too.”

Lan Zhan gave him a smile, his eyes shining for a perfect moment. “I already feel good,” he said.

“If you don’t want to, that’s fine,” Wei Wuxian hurried to assure him. “But it seems like we should maybe just try it. You might really like it. Or maybe I’d really like...being inside you.” His words went breathy on that last bit, as he truly considered what he was proposing. Suddenly, what had been an idle thought became a real desire. He dearly loved the game of making Lan Zhan lose control and take him by force. But the thought of making him lose control in this way? Taking him apart with his hands and his cock, watching him pushed beyond all coherent thought, all coordination. Wei Wuxian felt a stirring between his legs, and he’d barely caught his breath from their last round.

Evidently his interest showed on his face, because Lan Wangji’s eyes sharpened. “You want this,” he stated.

“Well now that I’ve thought about it I do,” he replied, leaning over the other man, letting his hair trail over his chest. He ducked down and claimed a kiss, pressing his tongue in between those soft lips and tasting him. He pulled back and propped himself back up on one elbow. “What do you think?”

“Whatever Wei Ying wants.”

“No,” he said, almost cutting him off. “No, I want to know what you want. Do you want it? Aren’t you curious?” Lan Wangji’s eyes flicked down momentarily.

“I don’t know,” he said at last. He shifted a little in a way that spoke of some unease.

“What is it?” Wei Wuxian asked, concerned now. Lan Wangji’s brows drew down into a frown. There was a silence. Wei Wuxian chewed on his lip to keep from interrupting. He’d learned that if he really wanted an answer from his husband, sometimes he had to give him time to form words, hard as that was for him.

“Not sure,” said Lan Zhan finally. “The thought makes me nervous. Not now?” The last was said in tones of an apology.

“Oh, no, of course not if you’re not sure!” He leaned down and kissed Lan Zhan, little butterfly kisses across his lips and cheeks and forehead. When he pulled back the frown had eased from his husband’s face. “It was just a random idea.”

“You like the idea.”

“Yes,” he admitted, “but I like lots of ideas. I don’t think I’ve ever not liked an idea that involved you and me and nudity.” He grinned and Lan Zhan echoed with a ghost of a smile. He pillowed his head on his husband’s shoulder, snuggling close to him.

“Spanking,” said Lan Wangji after a few minutes.


“Spanking. You didn’t like it.”

“Oh, you’re right. Yes. That is the one thing.” He kissed the skin under his lips and let himself relax into sleep.

“About what we talked about.” The words came out of nowhere, after a long silence during a trek from one town to another. Wei Wuxian rode Little Apple while Lan Wangji walked alongside. They were headed back to Gusu, but wouldn’t make it that day, so planned to stop at an inn for the night.

“Hmm?” Wei Wuxian asked, half-distracted as he was pulled from his thoughts.

“About switching roles.”

“O-oh.” He looked over, but Lan Zhan’s face was impassive. It had been several days since that conversation. “And?”

“We should try.” Wei Wuxian felt his eyebrows climb up his face.

“Really?” Lan Wangji nodded. “Uh, you’re sure?” The other man’s face didn’t change, but he thought he saw his ears darken in color. It was hard to tell in the light of the evening sun. Wei Wuxian hesitated, not wanting to push and not sure how to really talk about this topic.

“Perhaps--” began Lan Zhan, “--we can start slow.” Wei Wuxian nodded thoughtfully. He caught a glance from his husband and smiled, seeing some of the tightness fade from his face.

That night at the inn, however, Wei Wuxian didn’t try anything. He pulled Lan Wangji down on top of him and spread his legs, silently begging for his “every day.” He may have imagined something in his husband's shoulders relaxing at that. At any rate, he soon forgot all about anything other than Lan Zhan inside him, shaking him apart with pleasure.

He didn’t forget entirely, though. He daydreamed quite a bit on the next day’s journey and soon had a plan. When they arrived home at the Cloud Recesses they went through all the whirlwind of activities they always did upon return: greeting people and receiving news and gossip (all Cloud Recess gossip was officially news, as gossip was against regulations), bathing and changing to fresh clothes, checking on the rabbits, etc. Lan Wangji left to pay a visit to his brother in seclusion. Lan Sizhui was away with Wen Ning so Wei Wuxian settled into the jingshi to lazily poke through their mail and wait for his husband to return.

It was after dark when Lan Wangji returned, and Wei Wuxian greeted him with a hungry kiss. He slid his hands into the other man’s robes, teasing across his nipples through his inner layer. “Mn,” said Lan Zhan, his eyes darkening. Wei Wuxian grinned, never tired of his husband’s easy desire.

“Come to bed,” he purred, already pulling him across the room. He released his hand to fall across the bed’s surface, pulling his robes loose as he did, trying for an alluring pose. It seemed he succeeded well enough because Lan Wangji was soon crawling over him, kissing him deeply and parting his robes with warm hands. For a time everything was soft moans and the rustle of cloth as they bared each other, hands and mouths teasing across their bodies.

When they were naked, Wei Wuxian rolled Lan Wangji onto his back. He kissed his way down his husband’s body, pausing at all his favorite spots, the desire rising in his core with each new lick and kiss pressed to some new square of skin. He finally reached the rigid cock lying against Lan Zhan’s belly, taking it into his mouth with reverence and a deep appreciation. He believed he’d become very effective at pleasing his lover this way, though it nearly always ended with Lan Wangji wrenching him away so he could push him down and take him.

But this time he let his hand trail further down as he sucked at that thick cock. His hand caressed Lan Wangji’s balls, squeezing lightly, and then kept going, to stroke the sensitive skin behind. Lan Zhan hissed at the touch, his hips rising, and he took advantage of that movement to slip his hand lower. His thumb continued to stroke against the tender skin behind his balls, but his forefinger brushed his puckered opening.

Lan Wangji’s body tensed, his breath catching. Wei Wuxian let his cock fall from his lips and looked up at him. He circled his finger around the ridged hole, watching his husband’s response. Lan Wangji’s lips were parted and his breath came in short pants. His frame held more tension than it usually did when they made love, but he met his gaze steadily. Lan Wangji nodded, very slightly, and Wei Wuxian’s lips curved up.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” he said. Another quick nod. Wei Wuxian brought his hand up to his lips and sucked at his fingers to moisten them before returning them to circle Lan Zhan’s hole. His husband’s eyes fluttered closed.

He lowered his head again and mouthed at his cock, kissing and licking as his fingers teased his rim. Slowly he sensed the muscles in the thighs bracketing him relax, Lan Wangji’s hips beginning to move in a slow rhythm. Now Wei Wuxian moved down, kissing down to the base of his cock, then continuing, over his balls. He sucked first one and then another into his mouth, winning a grunt from above. He slid his body down the bed, pushing the hanging sac out of the way, laving his tongue across the sensitive skin below. He heard Lan Wangji’s breath growing louder, more ragged. He pushed his hips up, thighs up, trying to reach lower with his tongue. Lan Wangji grabbed onto his legs behind his knees and pulled them up to his chest. Wei Wuxian sat up and reached for the bolster from the end of the bed, shoving it under his lover’s buttocks. Then he bent back down, bringing his mouth finally to Lan Zhan’s entrance.

The first touch of his tongue to his rim made Lan Wangji gasp. He ran his tongue in a full circle, then flicked across several times. The hips above his head jerked. He paused, panting and waiting to see if Lan Wangji would protest or push him away. But nothing came, and he continued to hold his legs to his chest, so Wei Wuxian extended his tongue again.

He took his time, not hurrying in any way, just laving over the pucker with his tongue and lips in a long, obscene kiss. He heard his husband’s breathing grow faster and faster the longer it went on. When he finally pressed the tip of his tongue into the center, finally wriggled it just the tiniest bit inside, he heard something like a soft sob, quickly stifled. He pulled back, stretching his neck and shoulders. “Alright?” he asked.

“Mn.” The syllable sounded slightly strangled, and he pressed his smile back to the wet hole. Little by little he worked his tongue into his lover’s body. Wei Wuxian was surrounded by wet, sloppy noises and soft flesh. Growing greedy, he shoved the whole length of his tongue into the loosened pucker. Lan Wangji’s body jerked, one of his legs slipping free of his grasp and crashing down on Wei Wuxian’s head.

Cursing under his breath, he poked his head up between Lan Wangji’s legs. His husband looked flushed: red covering his upper chest and climbing his throat. He had a hand pressed to his lips, which looked wet and bitten. Wei Wuxian felt his cock throb at the sight. He hadn’t paid any attention to his own desire until now, so focused on pleasing Lan Zhan, but an incredible surge of wanting climbed his spine.

“Lan Zhan,” he breathed. His husband’s eyes focused on him, and he could see how lost he was in desire. Lan Wangji was normally so focused, so intent, that the only time he got this vague look was in the deepest throws of passion. Only when he was close to climax or when they were on a second or third round did his eyes grow hazy like this. His eyes were pleading, but unfocused. “You want me to keep going?” he asked, hoping that was right. Lan Wangji nodded eagerly. “Okay,” he said, grinning. “Okay.”

He reached down and touched Lan Wangji’s entrance with his fingers, teasing with his thumb. He pressed his thumb barely inside, just feeling the soft, wet inner tissue against the pad of his thumb. He watched the widening of his lover’s eyes. He started in surprise when Lan Wangji pressed back against the touch, silently asking for more. Wei Wuxian obeyed, slipping his thumb into his passage, the slickness of his saliva easing the way. Lan Wangji’s breath came fast and shallow as he slowly eased his thumb in and out.

“Does it feel good?” he asked, unable to keep quiet any longer. Lan Wangji frowned. “Weird?” A nod. “But a little good?” He remembered his own feelings before he had grown used to being penetrated this way.

“Mn.” He exhaled, grateful Lan Wangji didn’t seem to dislike it. He pressed a little deeper, moving his thumb around against the tight ring, pressing into the muscle. After a time, Lan Wangji looked up at him. “Your mouth...” he said, looking hesitant. But Wei Wuxian only grinned.

“Oh, you want my mouth back there? You liked that?” Lan Zhan’s eyes widened and he nodded. “Okay,” he agreed easily. “But let’s move so I can reach better.” He removed his thumb from his hole with a soft pop. “Can you get on your knees? Facing away?” Lan Wangji did as he’d asked, positioning himself on all fours. Wei Wuxian moved up behind him and kissed the round swell of his ass, sucking a little, just because he so rarely had the opportunity. Then he parted his cheeks with both hands and pressed his mouth in between.

This new position let him get far more contact with Lan Wangji’s body, using his lips and tongue at the same time. He licked deeper and deeper into him, feeling the flesh soften and open the more he mouthed at it. He sucked at the rim, feeling his lover shudder under him. Lan Wangji lowered himself to his elbows, his face pressed into the soft pillow. Like this he seemed freer to respond, losing some of his inhibition, and Wei Wuxian thrilled to hear soft muffled moans and gasps.

He pulled back, stretching his jaw, and substituted his index finger. By now Lan Zhan’s body was relaxed enough that the single finger slid inside easily. He pressed against the walls of his passage, letting his husband get used to that new feeling, before he added a second finger. Now Lan Wangji moaned for real, the sound surprised out of him. Wei Wuxian chuckled softly to himself as he worked his fingers in and out. He pressed down, feeling for the knob inside, the place that felt so good when Lan Zhan pressed against it in him. It took him a little while to find it, but he knew when he did because of how Lan Wangji choked. He stroked against it relentlessly, thrilled at the groans that echoed from his husband’s throat.

This was everything he’d imagined: more even. His heart raced just from the knowledge of how he was affecting Lan Zhan. “Lan Zhan,” he moaned, thrusting with his fingers. “I want to know what you sound like when my cock goes in. I want to know what you sound like when I’m fucking you.” Lan Wangji’s only response was a long drawn-out groan, distorted by the pillow against his mouth. Wei Wuxian panted for a minute, having to concentrate in order to get control of himself. The urge to mount Lan Zhan right now was so strong, but he had to wait. He reached down and stroked his cock, closing his eyes.

He returned his mouth to Lan Wangji’s hole, pressing his tongue deep inside, all the way, wiggling it around to hear the echoing choking sound from his throat. He replaced his tongue with two fingers again, once more finding that spot and stimulating it. Leaning down he licked at the rim stretched around his fingers, then slid his tongue in next to his fingers. A third finger now, eased by more saliva, and Lan Zhan’s hole was looking properly stretched. He smirked to himself for a moment, considering how much kinder he was being to Lan Wangji than he had been to him during his first time. If he were truly fair, he would have forced his way in with barely any preparation. And his cock wasn’t nearly as thick as Lan Zhan’s so even then it wouldn’t be as bad! But they truly hadn’t known much then, and he wanted Lan Wangji’s first experience to be more pleasurable than his. Well, his had been pleasurable, eventually. But showing Lan Zhan how good this could feel was the entire point.

“Lan Zhan,” he said, still working his three fingers in and out. They were starting to feel too dry, despite the loosening of the muscles around them. “Do you want me to fuck you?” Lan Wangji groaned, but it sounded like an affirmative. “Yes?” he asked, pressing his fingers once more into that knob.

“Mn!” Wei Wuxian’s face split wide in a grin. He pulled his fingers free and moved to get the vial of oil they kept nearby now. He dribbled some onto Lan Wangji, sliding his fingers back in to spread it around, before coating his own cock. Moving closer behind Lan Zhan he touched the head of his cock to his slick opening. He watched a shiver travel up his husband’s spine and chuckled.

“Ready?” he asked. A bob of Lan Wangji’s head was the response. “Just try to relax,” he instructed as he began pressing into him. He was surprised by the difficulty at first, as he struggled to get through the tight ring, but then all at once the pressure eased and he was inside. Just that, just having the head of him in his husband was so intense, with the squeeze of the rim around him—the hot, wet softness enveloping him. He pet his hand down Lan Zhan’s spine, willing him to relax. “Does it hurt?” he asked.

“Nm.” Lan Wangji shook his head and pressed back, making Wei Wuxian gasp as he slipped deeper. He let himself press on, leaning against Lan Wangji as his hips rocked forward slowly. A long moan escaped him.

“Oh, Lan Zhaaan. You feel so good. Ugh, I understand why you want to do this all the time.” Lan Wangji let out a strangled sound from beneath him, but whether it was a response to his words or simply a reaction to what he felt, Wei Wuxian couldn’t say. His hips stopped, his cock all the way inside. He paused to pant for breath, then shifted very slightly a few times, to let Lan Wangji get used to the feeling of being filled. “How is that?” he asked, starting to feel adrift without any feedback from his partner.

A low groan emanated from Lan Wangji’s throat. Wei Wuxian bent over his back, to get as close to him as possible and pressed several kisses to his skin. “Hmm?” he encouraged.

“Alright,” said Lan Wangji. He could hear how out of breath the man under him was, could see the way he gulped at the air.

“If you don’t like it, I could stop,” Wei Wuxian offered, a fear piercing his chest.

“No!” That was the most distinct thing his husband had said yet and he had to laugh at the force of it.

“Oh,” he replied, still grinning. He shifted his hips back a little and then snapped them forward. Lan Zhan cried out softly. “So you like it.” He snapped his hips again. And then again, each time drawing back a little further before driving in, enjoying the forced-out sounds Lan Wangji made in response. Focusing on the reactions of the man under him reduced his attention to the amazing feelings in his own body. Otherwise, he suspected, he wouldn’t last very long.

He was still moving slowly, each thrust distinct, with a pause for breath in between. He wanted to savor this, to enjoy each sound his husband made, every tremble he felt in his thighs and shudder of his spine. The more he moved the easier it became, Lan Wangji’s body relaxing around him, opening up for him. Very gradually, he sped up, the impulse, the need driving him becoming harder to refuse. He leaned back, upright again, holding onto Lan Wangji’s hips tightly and driving into him steadily. He aimed his thrusts upwards, not going too deep, and was rewarded with a strangled, loud cry. “Oh, there?” he asked, teasing. And he did it again, and again, loving the high-pitched gasps each thrust wrung out of Lan Zhan.

“Lan Zhan,” he panted, his breath quickening as the movements of his hips did. “I’m going to come in you. I’m going to fill you up. But I want you to come first.” He thrust several more times. Lan Wangji’s sounds now bled into each other, a steady stream of involuntary utterances. He couldn’t tell if the man under him even heard his words or not. He reached down and felt for Lan Wangji’s cock, felt it hard and slick. He pumped him with his hand, letting the thrusts of his hips drive the cock through his fingers. He looked up and saw Lan Wangji gripping the bedclothes, fingers white as he held on for dear life. His hair spread out around his shoulders, half-obscuring his face from sight. This was what he’d wanted, to see Lan Zhan driven beside himself, gasping and wrecked, desperate for release.

“Do you like it?” he gasped, thrusting hard.

Lan Wangji gulped and panted but then gasped, “Yes. Yes.” Wei Wuxian drove into him harder, faster, losing all self-control now. His hand squeezed Lan Zhan’s cock tight, and he struggled to keep them both from collapsing. He could feel his climax was near, could feel the pressure building and gathering right there… Then it was too late, it was over and through him, liquid fire up his cock and then surrounding him. He stuttered his hips, gasping as he spilled into Lan Zhan. He kept moving, a broken rhythm to wring every ounce of pleasure out of him, every last drop. His hand still surrounded Lan Wangji’s cock but he was lost in himself for the moment.

After a time, after waves of pleasure passed over him, he found himself draped over Lan Wangji’s back. The man under him held them both up, his limbs trembling slightly.

Wei Wuxian pressed eager kisses to his back, his shoulder, then began working his hand in earnest, jerking him and willing him to come. Lan Wangji’s hips rocked in reaction, sending aftershocks of pleasure through his cock. He felt himself growing soft already, surrounded by the messy heat of Lan Zhan’s passage. And then everything seized up around him and heat covered his hand as Lan Wangji came with a gruff moan. It went on for a while, his whole frame shuddering and jerking under and around him. It felt to him, in that moment, like they were one strange creature, one body, shaking itself apart.

They collapsed together, messy and clumsy. Both painted in fluids and sweat. Wei Wuxian half lay on Lan Wangji’s back, face pressed to his hair, panting. He still felt aftershocks of his climax every once in a while, his thighs trembling and weak. After a moment ,he began trailing his hand over Lan Zhan’s back, gathering beads of sweat and drawing arcane symbols lazily. Lan Wangji lay motionless, as if dead except for his heaving breaths. Eventually, Wei Wuxian gathered up the mass of his hair and swept it aside so he could press his lips to his neck, his upper back.

“Alright?” he asked. A weak nod relieved him somewhat. Still, he was used to Lan Wangji being energetic in the wake of sex, at least to some extent. He never lay completely still like this.

“Lan Zhan,” he whined, pressing closer, trying to burrow under his lover and get him to look at him. “Kiss me, Lan Zhan.” He pressed sloppy kisses to the other man’s neck and the bit of cheek he could reach. “I did all that work, don’t I deserve a kiss?”

Then Lan Wangji finally moved, turning his head towards him and rolling partly onto his side. Wei Wuxian took advantage immediately, sliding under him, wrapping an arm around his waist and kissing him. It was awkward and confused, but they wrestled with each other until finally Lan Wangji was on top of him and kissing him soundly. Something clicked into place in Wei Wuxian’s chest, warmth and contentment spreading through him. Now this was right, Lan Wangji kissing him hard into the bed. It was comforting in its familiarity after so much that was new.

“I love you, Lan Zhan,” he whispered as soon as their lips parted. He felt the puff of air his husband expelled at that and saw the curve of one corner of his lips.

“Love you too, Wei Ying,” he said, and his voice was hoarse and raspy. Was that from so much moaning and crying while he fucked him? The thought sent a thrill to Wei Wuxian’s gut.

“Did you like it? Was it good?” he asked, eager and needy and not caring at all. Lan Zhan’s lips parted in a smile.

“Mmm,” he agreed. Then kissed Wei Wuxian again.

“Not that I want to do it all the time. I like you better on top like this,” he babbled in between kisses. “I’m really glad we tried it, though. I loved feeling you like that...seeing you like that.” He saw the tips of Lan Wangji’s ears coloring pink. “I loved the noises you made,” he continued. Lan Wangji kissed him firmly and deeply to shut him up.

They lay together for a long time, kissing lazily when they wished. Their sweat cooled and their bodies grew sticky. And then, during one long kiss, Wei Wuxian felt a solid length against his thigh. “Lan Zhan!” he cried in surprise. “Are you getting hard again?”

“Mmn,” answered Lan Wangji, continuing to kiss him passionately.

“And what are you going to do about that?” Wei Wuxian asked, shifting his leg to press up against him.

“Revenge,” said Lan Wangji and he grabbed Wei Wuxian’s leg and pushed it up, thrusting his cock against his exposed backside. Wei Wuxian shrieked and laughed, struggling weakly and futilely in his husband’s grasp. He sighed and gave in, resigned to suffer his fate. He couldn’t think of anything he’d rather do.