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A Letter For WangXian

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To Lan Zhan, Hanguang Jun, Lan Wangji, Laner gege,

Thank you for showing us what true love means. On how to be patient and faithful, to keep on believing that one day he will come by. And if the day come and you find him you need to stand by his side to be his shield and his protector that you need to believe and trust him because true love never doubt. Thank you Wang Yibo for bringing Lan Zhan into life, I hope that your friendship with Xiao Zhan will never end. Looking forward to your future projects. we your fans are always here to support you.


To Wei Wuxian, Yiling Lao zu, Wei ying,

Thank you for showing us how to be a man with a clear conscience, to fight for what you believe is right. Thank you for showing us your unconditional love with the people you care the most. Thank you Xiao Zhan for bringing Wei Wuxian to Life, I know it's hard for you to say good bye to the Character that put's you to what you are right now, your hard work pays off. You deserve everything that you have now. Looking forward to your future drama and shows. Good luck, we your fans are always here to support you.


To WangXian,

You've been thru a lot, in life and in love. you show us how to be strong and that faith and patience bring you to the right person. Thank you for showing us the friendship that turns into love, that love knows no boundaries, that you can conquer and resolve anything if you are with the love of your life, there are a lot of struggles that you have been thru but that doesn't give you the reason to leave each other behind, instead you help each other to be the better person that you can be. Thank you for letting us know your story and for introducing us to Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, they really did great portraying your character, i hope that their bond will be as stronger as yours that I know for sure that you also inspired them with your story.
Now we are giving you back to each other where you can continue your life silently, thank you for sharing your story with us and for inspiring each and everyone. We will miss you, but for sure the stories that you've shown us will forever stay in our hearts that every time we miss you we will just go back to those memories that you leave with us, please do take care in your night hunt with the kids. Hoping that wei wuxian and jiang cheng's relationship will be the same as before. I know that Lan Zhan will take Good care of Lan Xichen while he is in seclusion. Hoping that Lan Qiren will accept Wei Ying totally and each and every one will find peace and contentment in their lives. We cry our hearts out hearing your good bye's but we know that it is time for us to let you go so that you can continue your life on your own and for us to live our life with your memories moving forward. You can now continue your journey, Thank you WangXian.