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Day #23 - Exhaustion

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Nick had never been so tired in his life.

He knew that when he was a kid he had looked after his sisters, and now he'd seen photographic evidence as to how small he'd been when he had done so, he had really had no idea how he had managed to do that.

This was different.

Surely as an adult he should be more equipped to deal with this sort of thing. He knew that kids tended to have a lot of energy, so maybe it was that that had got him through his childhood, or maybe he had just got old, he didn't know which was the case, but he guessed it didn't really mater this was torture.

He had no idea whether he had ever been this tired in his life…and he had been special forces. Surely some mission or op or training had been worse than this? He had been Force Recon! This couldn't be worse than that.

When the piercing cry rent the air once more, he felt like crying himself.

"I'll go." Kelly said, leaning over to kiss his husband on the cheek. "You sleep."

Nick had meant to say that he would get the next one, but he suspected he was asleep the second after he'd formed the thought.

Kelly smiled as he got out of bed and slipped towards the nursery they had built on the back of the cabin.

"Hello, little bear. Daddy's here."