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Keeping Secrets

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"Have they left?"

"Yeah, they fled after I called you "mutant chicken girl"."

"That sort of hurt."

"Sorry, Ermina, but... we have to make it look real or they'll never leave us in peace." the dark-skinned girl said softly in the sitting room of the house they rented in the Spirit World.

"I don't know why we don't just let them know about us..." the golden-haired girl said.

"Cause they'll never let us live it down."

"But Grenda, I love you. I hate fighting with you." Ermina whispered, tears welling in her crystal blue eyes.

"Don't cry, honey," Grenda replied, stepping over and wiping the tears away, "it will only be until graduation."

"But that could be YEARS!" Ermina exclaimed, pouting.

"I don't think so, we're getting close to being our real ages again, I think graduation will come soon." Grenda said, hugging her lover to her.

"But what if it doesn't... what if we have to pretend to hate each other..." the angel said, tears falling once again, "what if..." she begins, but her words are muffled as Grenda kisses her.

"No more what ifs, we're alone... the others think we're fighting and even that brat Yucie won't..." Grenda begins, but stops cold as she hears a gasp behind her.

"Ermina! Grenda! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" the brat, I mean Yucie's voice cries from the doorway.

Grenda smirks at Ermina, "I seem to have been wrong." She turns in Yucie's direction. "We were making up, until you..."

"Making up? It looked more like making OUT to me!" the startled Yucie nearly hollers.

"Hush, hush... I can explain everything..." Grenda says, as Ermina shakes her head.

"I think we're busted, Grenda darling." the angel says.

"No, I have..." Grenda starts.

"You have a story, like... the ones you told us about the kobolds, right?" Yucie accuses. "Don't lie to me Grenda, I've known you too long now, I can tell when you're lying... I may be slow, but... I'm NOT stupid."

"I told you we were busted, Grenda." Ermina says, giggling at Yucie actually having the upper hand on Grenda.

"I know! I could cast a forget spell!" Grenda says.

"NO!!!!" the other two girls shout in unison, knowing that Grenda's spells, other than the ones involving lightning and thunder, usually have really bad effects.

"But..." Grenda begins.

"No, honey," Ermina says calmly, "we're caught and we need to face the music."

"Fine, I'll let you have this dance then," Grenda says, almost cruelly.

"This is not the time to fight, my love." Ermina scolds.

"I won't fight if you promise to make up with me regardless," Grenda teases.

"You got it," Ermina says smiling at the dusky demoness. "Now Yucie, um... how do I put this..."

"You and Grenda are dating!" Yucie says.

"My god, the girl is dense." Ermina thinks to herself. "Yes, Grenda and I have been 'dating'."

"How long has this been going on?" Yucie asks.

"Um, remember when we sang the song as part of the Platinum curriculum?" Ermina asks.

"You mean... right after we got the crystal flower from Heaven?" Yucie says.

"Yeah." Ermina replies.

"Wow, you've been hiding this for 2 years?" Yucie says, stunned by the revelation.

"Yeah..." Grenda replies, "and we'd still be if you weren't such a busybody!"

"I was worried about you two, you were... exceptionally mean to each other today..." Yucie says.

"Yucie, you have a huge heart and we love you, but..." Grenda says, "sometimes..."

"I get that a lot." Yucie admits.

"Well, now what?" Ermina asks, "should we let Cocoloo and Beth in on our secret as well?"

"Why not?" Grenda says, "Yucie knows and it isn't fair to make her keep secrets from them."

"We know..." a voice from the doorway says softly causing the three girls to turn and look. Cocoloo and Beth are standing there.

"Belbel gave away your secret a while back and...well... I don't keep secrets from Cocoloo," Beth says. "We're very happy for you, and have been for a long time." Beth smiles at the two girls while Cocoloo rushes Grenda and hugs her.

"Why am I always the last to know?" Yucie asks aloud, causing her friends to laugh out loud at her. She scowls at the other girls, "don't answer that!" She warns as the other four girls smile at her knowingly.