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Eek! Fairies!

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Dear Diary,

You would not believe what I saw, desu.

Master had asked me to deliver a letter this morning. The letter was addressed to Cocoloo, one of the Platinum Princess candidates and against my better judgment, I flew off to deliver it. I'm Master's steward, who am I to question?

But I winged my way into the city, Master has taken residence in an old hunting lodge in the woods outside of the city. It's not a bad place, but I miss sleeping under my tree in our kingdom desu. There is nothing like waking up, the morning dew cool on your skin and watching the last stars twinkle as if to say goodbye as they fade into the pale blue and soft rose of the morning sky. I feel homesick, but again, I am here for Master so I'm happy desu.

I found Cocoloo easily. I've noticed that she stands apart from the other girls in the academy, I'm not sure if it has to do with her origin in the land of spirits, but I have noticed that she does always seem to have a spell of warding about her. I don't know if she's aware of it, but it doesn't affect a fairy like myself. Silly magic! Take that desu!

But I let the letter float down to her, using my own magic to make sure it arrived to her hands properly, desu. I'm not as good with air magic as Master, but I can do a trick or two. I am still a fairy, after all.

But having finished this task, I flew over to the pastry shop. Master gave me some money to buy breakfast and I think the chef nearly choked when I handed him a coin nearly as big as me! Humans are fun to play with desu. They tend to focus on such insignificant things. He asked where I kept it. I winked at him and told him it was a secret and giggled. It was fun. But the cream puff I bought was yummy. I bought another one for Master and put it away so I could fly back to where Master was awaiting me.

I returned to Master and relayed the details of my morning. Master's face lit up as I explained how I delivered the letter to Cocoloo. I didn't expect the Master to be so... excited about such a simple task but it made me smile desu. I asked what the plans were for the day and nodded softly as Master spelled out the details of our usual training. I sighed, wishing to myself that Master would return to the academy. But I know that Master is not ready for that yet, desu. But I feel like it will come soon.

The day passed quickly. I spent most of the day in "human form", running through drills with Master. All fairies can take a "human form" but most of us do not find it pleasing. Being stuck to the ground is not pleasant when you know the freedom of soaring through the air. Of course, it does beat getting caught in a thunderstorm while flying. I guess being human has its uses. None of the other fairies I know spend as much time in that form as Master does, I sometimes worry that Master is stuck. That would be sad desu!

But as the sun set, I could feel the anticipation rising in my Master. I received my instruction. I was to go to the bridge over the rushing river near the city and wait for Cocoloo to arrive. I was then to lead her to the same glade I met Master at this morning and depart desu. I wasn't certain that leaving Master alone with one of the candidates was a good plan but Master's word is binding, so I did as I was told.

Well mostly. I led her to Master's glade, after making certain that her steward was not with her. Master instructed me to check, I guess the instructions in the letter told her to come alone. I'm pleased to say that she followed them to the letter. I didn't sense her steward nor any of the other candidates nearby. I led her into the woods and fought off the temptation which comes from the will'o'wisp blood that flows in my veins. I felt guilty about that, but I know it is only natural. One of my ancestors was a VERY naughty girl. I giggled as I flew and Cocoloo asked me about it. I told her the truth and she looked sad for a minute, but then perked up as she saw Master waiting in the glade, the moonlight bathing Master in a soft white aura. I heard Cocoloo's breathing stop and her footfalls ceased. I don't blame her. Master is Master. Stunning does not begin to describe it. Royal fairies are so lucky, desu.

Master walked up to Cocoloo and greeted her. I was dismissed with a nod, and the words "I am so glad you came" made me happy. Master doesn't usually open up to anyone but myself and the World Tree. I flew into the night happy. But I didn't fly far, I flew a ways and then turned back. I pulled the shadowstuff from between the trees and wrapped myself in it, hiding myself from sight in its dusky warmth. Being surrounded by the shadows made me homesick again, my blankets back in the Fairy World are all made of the same stuff, it is amazingly warm and soft so we tend to use it. Fairies aren't as flightly as the tales say, desu.

But hidden from sight I cast another incantation then, one to mask the soft buzz of my wings. I frowned a bit as I cast that spell, I am proud of the sound my wings make. I get compliments on it often desu. But to do what I intended, I had to hide from Master. And hiding from another fairy is maybe the hardest thing imaginable. But as I weaved the magic around me, I felt confident in my skill. And when I settled on a branch near where Cocoloo and Master were, I knew that my hard work had paid off. Well, either that or Master was too busy to notice.

The still air brought the words spoken by the pair to my ears. I listened intently, the chatter between the two light and musical. Master was at ease with Cocoloo, but the way Master spoke was so different from how Master and I talk. I know I'm Master's servant, but I am also a friend or so I believe. I admit, I was jealous that Cocoloo was having such... a... good time with my Master. Jealous? How odd! But true. I felt pangs of jealousy that Master had opened up to someone else. I'm a bad fairy I guess, I wanted to keep Master to myself. But I was proud also. My Master was... growing up.

I felt bad watching them so I was about to turn to fly off when it happened. Master leaned towards Cocoloo and as the world seemed to slow down she kissed her. Something inside me got terribly warm as I watched the two girls kiss in the glade below and my wings refused to do as I asked of them as I stood on the thick branch watching them embrace. And then suddenly I was airborne again, winging my way home giddy with happiness for Beth-sama.

I haven't heard her return, but I think I'll turn in early to not embarrass her. I am unsure I'd be able to hide my smile tonight.