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TanjirosKitchen uploaded: Making omurice with my sister (Collab with NezukoNation).

“Hello everyone! Today I’m bringing a very special guest that everyone has been waiting for” There is a small pause where the red haired man who appeared to be in his twenties makes a gesture with his hand to someone behind the camera, and immediately after that, a black haired girl with orange hair tips goes to stand next to him, while she greets to the camera with a huge smile. “That’s right! Nezuko is here with us for the first time ever!”.

“Hi! I can’t believe I’m finally appearing on your channel!” She side-hugs her brother who happily hugs her back. “So many of you guys have been requesting us to make a video together, so since your wishes are our commands, here we are!”.

“Yeah, it’s been insane” explains Tanjiro, between chuckles. “For those who don’t know, Nezuko is my younger sister and she has a fashion and makeup channel, so if you aren’t subscribed to her yet make sure to do it now. This video might be a huge surprise for a lot of you guys since we never told our audiences that we actually are siblings, until the other day when Nezuko uploaded some of our childhood pictures to Instagram, and since then people have been spamming our social media asking us to make a collaboration together”.

“I think no one expected it because we aren’t even that similar” says Nezuko “But as you could see in the pictures I uploaded, we always looked totally different as I look like our mom and Tanjiro is literally our dad but with twenty years less”.

Raising his eyebrows funnily, Tanjiro replies “Definitely, and they both love to tell us every single time that people can’t believe they’re near their fifty years old and have six children, but between you and me guys, I’ve started to see gray hairs in both of them, but I’m afraid of telling them”.

“I really hope they don’t watch this video or they will scold us for hours for exposing them to the public when we go to visit them. Anyway! Since everyone know my brother is the best chef of the world meanwhile I, can’t even cook the simplest dish, we decided to bring you an easy and quick recipe that everyone can follow along with no risk of starting a fire like it happened in my recent video”. 

“I watched that one, I couldn’t believe you got distracted playing with your dogs while cooking with oil” he said with a worried face “I also I felt bad for your boyfriend who was taking a nap and almost had a heart attack when he smelt the smoke”. 

“Yeah, and worst part is he didn’t want to let me go to the kitchen again because he didn’t believe me that I wasn’t hurt or anything, so he had to clean everything by himself” Nezuko said with an apologetic face “Babe, if you are watching this, I’m really sorry, I’ll make sure to bring you some of the omurice we are making today”.  

“Alright, don’t worry, today I had planned to talk briefly about how to cook safely with oil, so nothing of that happens ever again to you or to the viewers. So now, let’s get started!”.








It’s only a few hours later that the video is trending in eleven different countries, which isn’t a surprise to anyone since they both have a huge base of supporters on all of their social media accounts, but especially on Youtube with more than ten million of followers each one.  

Tanjiro was a popular youtuber who was especially known for making cooking videos along his cat, Haku, which appeared in every single video watching him cook and asking for food. The cat had an orange fur that Tanjiro religiously brushed to maintain it soft and clean, and had beautiful green eyes that everyone loved to see. His fans had become Haku’s fans too, making Instagram and Twitter fan accounts for him where they uploaded pictures and drawings of the cat. They also said Haku looked a lot like Puss in Boots from the DreamWorks movies, which had given Tanjiro the nickname of Shrek. 

Tanjiro usually joked about how his fans cared more about his cat than they cared about him, but he really enjoyed seeing all the love both him and his cat received, and was surprised to see how many people were willing to watch his almost too boring videos that weren’t as creative as the ones his younger sister made, but his fans assured him that it was relaxing and entertaining to watch his content, even if he didn’t try many new things. 

He actually worked as a freelance photographer but he also loved cooking as much as he loved to take pictures, which had made Nezuko give him the idea of starting a Youtube channel to show his recipes and his adventures with his cat. His channel had become insanely popular after a video called “I cook high quality sushi for my cat” had gotten over 30 million of views, since people were curious to see how adorable the relationship of the youngster and his cat was, and wanted to watch more funny videos like those.

On the other side, Nezuko was a popular vlogger and beauty guru with almost fifteen million of subscribers. Through the past 5 years she had been around Youtube, she had gathered a huge community of fans who loved her dearly for her talent when it came to makeup but also for being a fashion icon, which is why she had gotten a massive support when she decided to launch her own clothing brand. She also made a lot of videos with her boyfriend, Zenitsu, who had a gaming channel that he updated on a daily basis with different series and playthroughs of games.

After dating for 3 years they had decided to move together and fans loved to watch their domestic adventures together, especially in videos where they pranked each other (like when Nezuko faked a story about being pregnant and Zenitsu, believing her, had passed out in front of the camera), and also made weird and funny videos like “Trying different beds at Ikea” or “We review 30 types of pillows so you don’t have to waste money” and “We let our Labrador dog pick our outfits for a day”.

Behind the screen, the three of them got along perfectly. Nezuko and Tanjiro had always supported each other in their careers and had been close since they were kids, as they only had an age gap of one year.

Zenitsu, knowing how close his girlfriend was to her brother, had been really nervous to meet him for the first time ever, but to his surprise they clicked immediately and bonded over their love and care for Nezuko. But even though they got along so well, Zenitsu knew perfectly that Tanjiro, being the protective older brother he was, was always studying him and judging if he was the perfect partner for his sister, so he never had his guard down around him.

That day, Zenitsu is recording a video for his channel called “Fifty questions about me”. Even though he has a gaming channel, his fans wanted to know him more personally which is why he had decided to reply to some of their questions he had gotten on Twitter.

“What’s my favorite game? I like every genre of game but the one I’ve played the most is Final Fantasy, especially Crisis Core and The Zodiac Age. Did I care about my clothes before I met Nezuko? Actually, yes, I have always cared about fashion and that’s one of the first things we talked about when we met. Why doesn’t your girlfriend play any game with you?” He stops at this question to look at the camera “You guys only care about Nezuko right?! Nezuko this, Nezuko that, I thought this video was about me” Zenitsu jokes.

“She has been busy with her new brand of clothes nowadays, which, if you guys haven’t checked up yet, you definitely should because not only it’s unisex but also it’s personally designed by her and it’s really high quality” He looks visibly proud of her while he talks, nothing can hide the fact that he’s so sappy and in love with Nezuko, but it’s not like he’s embarrassed either. He’s claims himself to be the biggest fan of his girlfriend, even though Tanjiro doesn’t agree with him. “But we agreed on playing a game of the preference of our viewers as soon as she’s less busy, so follow us on Twitter and Instagram to send your suggestions of what you’d like to see”.

He continues with the next question. “Was my first impression of Tanjiro good?” Zenitsu gulps “So… More like my impression, I think his first impression of me wasn’t good. I saw him for the first time ever when I met her whole family and that day, I was so nervous and I was sweating so crazily that Nezuko didn’t even know how to make me relax”.

“So we were in front of the door of her parents’ house having a discussion because I was acting all coward and didn’t want to face her family, when the door opened and Tanjiro appeared to greet us, and” He panics again while remembering the situation “I freaked out so much that I started screaming with all my lungs and I think the whole neighborhood was able to hear me. And then he also got scared of me so he screamed too and it was a whole mess… So, it took us a moment to actually talk to each other. Anyway! Next question” Quickly, he grabs his phone again.

 “Would you make a collaboration with FeralBeast69?” He pauses at this one. Zenitsu knows why he’s being asked this, FeralBeast69 is also a gamer and the top Twitch streamer, so people would be interested to see them in a stream together. “Being honest with you guys, I don’t have anything personal against him but the guy screams so much, that I think I’d lose my hearing if I had to stream with him. Like, he’s even louder than I am and I think he’s kind of… Uh… Overrated? Don’t be offended guys but he’s kind of boring, and recording his streams without a shirt is weird, I don’t know why he does that. Anyway, next question”.

He has no idea that a few hours later after the video is uploaded, this answer would bring him so many problems.








There is no one in the gaming community who doesn’t know FeralBeast69. He hasn’t been around Twitch for too long but he quickly became one of the most popular and most watched streamers, with an average of two hundred thousand of viewers per day. What makes people so attracted to his streams is, not only his angry moments while playing video games that made the situation funny for everyone watching, but also the fact that he was so sincere and so sharp tongued that you always wanted to hear his opinion on any matter.

There’s also the strange fact that he’s always showing his torso in his streams. Most exactly, he did it during his rage moments, when he was losing a game after trying so many times and seemed to be about to break the keyboard. Actually, he had done that a lot of times now, but for his viewers this was something normal about him, so it was only people outside that circle that didn’t understand his behavior.  

“Alright guys, I just got a tweet from Mr. Beast telling me that he’s willing to donate me ten thousand dollars if I play Fortnite on today’s stream. Really? You guys want me to play that fucking game that much?” He had been getting requests from his fans to play the game for months now, it had been the game that had brought a lot of streamers to Twitch, but Inosuke, who had been around since before the game became a huge hit, found it too boring and he never lost his time with things he didn’t want to do, not even for the views or money.

“It’s so fucking boring, it’s the most boring shit on the planet dude. Why do you guys like it so much?” He reads the live comments he’s getting “Some people agree with me and don’t want me to play something I don’t want to. Other people just want me to play it for the rage moments. Ha! You guys only want to catch my reactions to make money with the compilation’s videos of Youtube. I mean, I don’t care about that, but nope, I won’t play this game, sorry Mr. Beast. Try better next time”.

Inosuke changes the music he’s playing while he continues to talk with his fans. As a huge j-rock fan, he’s always recommending to his viewers different bands and songs he likes, and also reacts to bands he never heard of during the streams. “Cynicalture” by Frederic, his favorite band, is playing while he answers to more of the comments.

“When are you going to bring your mom for another stream?” He reads “Oh, yeah, I also had a lot of fun playing that VR game with her so I want to bring her again but for some horror game, maybe something simple like Slenderman” He laughs while he imagines her freaking out.

“Have you watched Trueno’s new video where he talks shit about you? What?!” He gives it a thought “Who the hell is Trueno?! I’m going to fight him” Everyone in the live chat urges him to go and react to his video.

“Okay, I’m gonna do it because I never miss the opportunity to fight someone, even though I don’t even know this guy” He stops the music to search for his channel, and once he finds it, he clicks on the most recent video.

Inosuke watches as a familiar face behind the name “Trueno” introduces himself as something he can’t remember. Monitsu? That must it be. He knows he had seen that guy before but doesn’t remember when or from where. Then, he hears him mention a name that he perfectly knows and that’s when he realizes.

“Wait, what?” He can’t believe what he’s hearing “This guy is NezukoNation’s boyfriend?! Holy shit” He pauses the video to talk “I know you guys would have never imagined it but I’m a huge fan of Nezuko and she’s one of the few youtubers I actually watch. Also, I got her new merch, her hoodies are so high-quality, dude, let me show it to you” He stands up from his gaming chair and disappears for a couple of minutes, only to reappear wearing a white hoodie with some drawings.

“I really wear it all the time. So yeah, I really like to watch her videos even if I don’t understand about clothes and makeup (and I never follow the DIY videos either) but why the hell is she dating this stupid guy?!”.

Then he reminds a video he has watched a few days ago “Oh, right, I heard Nezuko’s brother is also a youtuber and they made a cooking video together, so I watched it and man…” Inosuke grabs his own head, exasperated “Her brother is so boring. I can’t remember his name, it was… Uh… Gonpachiro or something like that. Anyway, he was trying so hard to be funny but it was rather embarrassing to watch. I swear to God, if Nezuko wanted to collab with me we’d actually have fun but I have no idea how she manages to have fun with them”.

Inosuke goes back to the video until he finds the part where the blond guy is talking about him, clearly uninterested in what he had to say about him.

“He called me loud and boring?! What the hell” Angry, he tosses his headphones to a side “Listen, Monitsu, the only one who is boring is you, I can’t even finish watching this video because you have bored me to death. And picking Final Fantasy as your favorite game is so fucking lame, dude”.

“And not only you but your friend is also fucking boring. Like, cooking videos? Is he my grandma or what? Actually, not even my own grandma would do something so boring. I bet he can’t even play fucking Animal Crossing” He continues “I challenge you both to play something against me and see if you’re better than me!”.

He talks some more time about how he was the best gamer and how he wasn’t scared of nothing and no one before going back to his game. He’s aware that soon everyone would be talking about this on social media, and that a lot of people would be angry at him for his comments, it was something that already had happened in the past. But it’s not like he cares; after all, it wasn’t him who started the confrontation. It was Zenitsu who asked for it, and also it was probably Tanjiro’s fault for being so boring.











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Tanjiro’s finally resting at home after a long day of work when he gets a text from his sister telling him she and Zenitsu are on their way to visit him. He’s used to their sudden visits at any moment and for no reason, so he doesn’t know if the reason of their arrival is an emergency or not. More than that, he’s trying to figure out why he’s getting so many mentions of people linking him to the same Youtube video over and over. He still hasn’t watched it but he suspects Zenitsu and Nezuko have something to do about it.

A few minutes later, the couple get to his apartment and don’t even wait for him to open the door since they had their own key (because, in Nezuko’s words, you never know if Tanjiro’s planning on lock himself down to focus in a certain task and then decide to ignore them for days).

Immediately, Tanjiro knows something is up when Zenitsu breaks in yelling non sense and Nezuko appears after him, trying to shut him up but failing miserably.

“Tanjiro!” Finally, he’s able to understand his words through the panicked screams “I’m ruined! I really am ruined!”.

“You are not” Exasperated, Nezuko rolls her eyes and makes Zenitsu sit in the couch of the spacious dining room.

Used to this kind of situations, Tanjiro doesn’t even need to blink before he’s bringing some tea for his guests and smiles at him peacefully. “Zenitsu, why don’t you relax and tell me what happened? It will be fine”.

“It’s FeralBeast69! Inosuke Hashibira!” He exclaims, while he grabs the cup of hot tea.

“Feral… What? Sixty-nine?” He has no idea what he’s talking about, but the whole thing already sounds ridiculous.

“Yeah, FeralBeast69 is a really famous streamer” Explains Nezuko for his boyfriend who’s still mumbling about his own possible death. Haku, who had been looking at them curiously since the moment they got to the apartment, goes to lie down on her lap and purrs when she scratches his head. “He watched a video of Zenitsu where he called him loud and boring and, well… He replied to him during his stream. So, now, there’s an army of angry fans who want to kill Zenitsu”.

“It’s my end! I wasn’t even serious about my comment and I didn’t even imagine he would watch it but” He looks at Tanjiro with huge eyes “He did! And now both him and his fans are going to kill me. It’s the end of my career!”

“Well, I don’t think it’s that bad” Trying his best to not chuckle, Tanjiro replies “But honestly, Zenitsu, only you would want to insult a famous person in front of millions of eyes”.

“Boring and loud aren’t even insults, I just said I didn’t like his content and people attacked me. Honestly, he overacted, he’s too dramatic” At this, Nezuko glares at him, but her boyfriend doesn’t even notice it.

“Zenitsu, you also called him overrated which was stupid. But actually, you also have to do with this, Tanjiro” Says the girl.

“Me?” For the first time in the night, Tanjiro is surprised “Why even? I don’t even know who he is”.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, but it turns out he’s my fan” She smiles, clearly entertained by the situation “So he knows about you too. And he called you boring and even compared you to a grandma. I have to say, I don’t exactly disagree with him”.

Both guys are angry now, but Nezuko ignores them as she grabs her phone to search for the video of FeralBeast69. The guy had a channel where he only uploaded a selection of some moments of every stream, and the video where he talked about Zenitsu and Tanjiro already had a million of views.

Tanjiro is incredulous. He has no idea why he has gotten in this trouble now, it’s not his fault Zenitsu doesn’t know how to shut up sometimes. But now he has beef with a guy he has never seen before and… Oh.

For the second time, Tanjiro is speechless, and not because of the video itself, but because the mad guy in the screen is incredibly pretty. The anger in his chest dies immediately when he sees a doll face with long eyelashes and thick eyebrows, and eyes so green and big that not even Haku could beat him.

“Wow, he’s beautiful” he mumbles under his breath, dumbfounded. And for a second he forgets they there watching the video in the first place.

“Tanjiro, that’s not even the point! Can you stop being gay for a second?” Zenitsu grabs him by the shoulders and shake him “This guy humiliated us in front of millions, millions of people! He called you a grandma!”.

“Uh… Yeah, right” He blinks and forces himself to react “So… What do we do? Do we contact him?”.

“My brother!” With a huge grin, Nezuko hugs him “I knew you’d use your brain. Truly a business man”.

“Me?” He is confused now. He hasn’t even used his brain. He’s just wondering if he can get to know more of that pretty guy.

Zenitsu seems to be as confused as him, as he stares at both of them back and forth but at least he’s looking less terrified than before.

“Yeah, I thought about it and this is the best way to fix Zenitsu’s dumb mistake. He said he wanted to challenge you but I don’t think it’s a good idea to have this guy against us. Besides, I really like him, I’d love to collab with him. That’s only, of course, if you guys are willing to stop acting stupid and talk to him face to face without picking a fight” Without erasing her smile, Nezuko looks at them.

Immediately, Zenitsu exclaims, “Babe! You’re such a genius! What would be of me without you!” He grabs his girlfriend by her waist to smooch her cheek, while Nezuko replies something about not saving his ass for a second time, but she still smiles at him.

Tanjiro ignores them, lost in his thoughts. Ten minutes ago, he would have never considered making a video with someone who wasn’t his sister or his brother in law. Besides, Inosuke and him probably had nothing in common so it was hard to imagine them together in a video. But when he remembers again those huge and bright green eyes, he decides he has nothing to lose anyway. So why not?








“Hey, baby? Shinobu and Mitsuri are here, they want to see you” Kotoha tells Inosuke who is busy eating his fourth bowl of food.

His aunt, Shinobu, appears through the front door followed by her wife, Mitsuri. They both greet him warmly and Inosuke lets them compliment him for his hair and about how good he eats as if he wasn’t used to their pampering every time they see each other. But truth to be said, he loved being spoiled by his mom and his two aunts, so he didn’t even feel the need to complain.

“Hi, Inosuke! How are you doing today?” Mitsuri asks. Mitsuri, who is married to his mom’s sister, is also a youtuber. She was a popular beauty guru and a couple of times she had brought Inosuke to her channel to record makeup videos. Inosuke didn’t like the feeling of having heavy makeup on him, but when it came to the people he loved, it was impossible for him to say no, so he usually would let Mitsuri use him as a model for every one of her creations.

Inosuke replies with the food in his mouth, so no one can really understand him.

“Let him finish his meal first, or he’s going to choke up” Shinobu chuckles. Unlike Mitsuri, Shinobu wasn’t a public figure as she hated to receive attention. But like Inosuke, she also had a hard time to say no to her wife, so once in a while she featured on Mitsuri’s videos. Still, she was a busy business woman and she enjoyed her privacy a lot, so people barely knew any details about her.

“Oh, Kotoha, you’re leaving?” Mitsuri asks to the woman who is distractedly looking for her bag.

“Yeah, Yuko and I wanted to have dinner outside after her job, so I’m leaving now, it’s getting really late” She looks in a hurry but her eyes, as green as Inosuke’s, warm up when she talks about her girlfriend. They had been dating for five years now and Yuko was basically like a second mom to Inosuke, but for now they still hadn’t gotten married, which was a surprise for everyone around them. But they were so happy with their relationship that it was no difference for them to get married or not, although, it was a possibility in a soon future.

“Alright, have fun then, we will take care of Inosuke for you” Shinobu jokes, as if they weren’t talking about a twenty years old man.

“Hey! I can take care of myself!” Inosuke exclaims, almost spitting his rice while he complains loudly.

Kotoha chuckles and then leaves the house, making sure of kissing his son’s forehead before that.

“So, Inosuke, I think you’ll be really happy to hear this” says Mitsuri, while she takes a seat in front of him. Basically, Mitsuri was like a manager for Inosuke, since he couldn’t care any less about contracts and business matters, so she took care of that job for him. Every time someone wanted to collab with Inosuke or maybe wanted to sponsor him, they’d contact Mitsuri and she discussed the details with Inosuke. It was a wise move, since both her and Shinobu had a good eye for business so they helped Inosuke to get as many good chances to promote himself or gain money as possible.

“Remember NezukoNation? Guess what, she contacted you to make a collab with her!” She said.

“What?!” Inosuke chokes up with his food and starts coughing violently. Mitsuri hurries to pat his back while Shinobu runs to the kitchen to bring him a glass of water.

“T-thank you…” Inosuke finally calms down and immediately gets excited again “She wants to collab with me?! For real?!” He then remembers how he basically had insulted her boyfriend and his brother, so he is surprised she wants to hang out with him now.

“Yeah, Nezuko emailed us to say that she’s sorry for what Zenitsu did, and that she really wanted you to meet him and Tanjiro to resolve the dispute and to become friends. She also said this could be beneficial for everyone”.

“Oh, with all of them?” Inosuke considers the idea. He really wanted to meet Nezuko and to be her friend, but he doesn’t know if he can’t stand to be in the same place as the other guys.

“I agree this can be beneficial for you, too. You’ve seen how tense are things in the fandom, so it might be better if you give yourself a chance to meet them and to apologize to them”.

“What?! I did nothing wrong; it was that Monitsu guy who started it” Inosuke crosses his arms and snorts. It wasn’t his fault after all, he just had defended himself.

“Yeah, but the whole thing was petty, you could have handled it better but then you guys made things worse on Twitter” Intervenes Shinobu “Also, you went after that guy, Tanjiro, who had nothing to do with this. You should apologize to him for that”.

“But you have to admit his videos are boring. Why the hell does he has that many subscribers?”

“Inosuke, are you perhaps scared of losing against him and that’s why you don’t want to meet him? I see how it is, then it can’t be helped. Mitsuri, tell the girl that Inosuke is too scared to do the collaboration”. Says Shinobu with a smile. Matsuri plays along by nodding and grabbing her phone to send some messages.

“Shut up!” Angry, Inosuke stands up. Apparently, Shinobu’s plan had worked out.  “Tell her I want to collab with them then. I’ll make sure of destroy them in some game and they’ll regret this” He laughs loudly, while Shinobu praises him for his bravery and Mitsuri can’t hide her giggles anymore. But it was decided, there would be a collaboration.








A few days later, they finally are going to meet each other at Inosuke’s home. They had decided to gather there since Inosuke’s home was the biggest but they don’t really have something planned to do. Since Nezuko isn’t sure of how things would go once they were face to face, she doesn’t hold many expectations; things could go either really well or really bad, like, with a visit to the hospital, so she decides it’s better to not tell the audience about this meeting beforehand.

Still, she’s excited about meeting Inosuke. She always watches his videos at home and loves his particular humor, even though Zenitsu doesn’t understand it. In another circumstances, where things weren’t as tense as now, they could probably film makeup or gaming videos together, or maybe even a mukbang one.

They’re waiting for Inosuke to open the door of the house, feeling nervous and mostly worried. Zenitsu thinks he’s too young to die now and there, Tanjiro fears getting into a fight with the guy, because his face is too pretty and he wouldn’t want to harm it. Oh my god, he thinks. What if he’s naked like in his stream? Where is he supposed to look at? And if…?

He’s having an inner debate when the door opens violently, and the three of them jump. Zenitsu starts praying.

In the doorway, there’s a, thankfully, very dressed Inosuke with a frown and a threatening face. “Hey, you!” He points at Zenitsu.

“M-me…?” Says Zenitsu, looking desperately around him.

“You are dead. Bring it on!” And he looks ready to punch him in the face right there.

Tanjiro, reacting quickly, grabs his friend by the arm and hides him behind him. “Hey, no need to fight!”.

Before something else can happen, Nezuko intervenes “Hi, Inosuke!” She smiles at him nervously, trying to save the situation.

Strangely, it works. When Inosuke looks at her, he relaxes and screams “Nezuko!” He lifts the girl off her feet and suddenly they’re laughing like they’re best friends and they know each other since forever.





“What the hell?” Zenitsu mumbles to himself and to his friend, but Tanjiro is as speechless as him. The earlier situation is put aside when Inosuke, excitedly, makes everyone enter to the house while Nezuko and him can’t stop chatting.

Soon, the four of them are hanging out in the kitchen of the house. Besides Inosuke, no one else was at home, so the guests get comfortable quickly. Between screams, more threats, more reconciliation moments, everyone forget they were supposed to hate each other.

Zenitsu doesn’t cease to feel scared around Inosuke, but at least he feels protected when he sees how Nezuko and him don’t stop to talk to each other excitedly and Inosuke is clearly not angry anymore. Tanjiro, on the other side, needs a second to adjust to the sudden change of behavior he had seen on the boy, but once he does, he realizes how nice of a person Inosuke actually is. In the outside he looked intimidating, but after sharing a few words he immediately starts trusting him.

He also needs a moment to adjust to the fact that Inosuke is even prettier in real life, his green eyes shine even brighter and his smile is contagious and pure. And to his own surprise, the guy was actually shorter and smaller than him. In fact, Inosuke has to lift his head in order to look at him in the eyes.

“Alright! My mom prepared a lot of food for all of us before she left, so let’s eat before it gets cold” Inosuke exclaims, and starts eating before anyone else. The others, sitting around him, are too surprised at his speed for eating to even react.

“What are you looking at?!” Inosuke says when he sees how the others aren’t eating like him “Ig gere ew monkewy on my fase?” Says with his mouth full of food.

Both Nezuko and Zenitsu look at him in confusion, but to their surprise, it’s Tanjiro who understands him “Oh, he’s asking if there’s a monkey on his face”.

“Yeah!” Inosuke finally swallows his food “Dig in!”.

The food is really delicious, Inosuke’s mom had prepared a lot of variety of dishes for the guests, so they start eating feeling thankful while they talk about what they are going to do later. Soon, Inosuke finishes all his food and he looks at Tanjiro’s dish, who is busy looking at him with curiosity. He then starts to steal his food and expects him to get angry at him, but Tanjiro doesn’t.

He tries to annoy him in other way “Are you scared at how much I eat?! I’ll finish your food too!”.

“Oh, go ahead” Tanjiro replies with a soft smile, and hi puts his own dish in front of Inosuke “You really eat well. It’s satisfying to see you eat”.

“Uh…” Inosuke is surprised. Usually, people feel weirded out when they see his eating habits, but this guy not only understands him when no one else can, but also wants to cook for him? Definitely weird. But he shrugs and doesn’t make any comments while he continues to eat his food.

“Inosuke!” Exclaims Nezuko, in sudden realization “You need to try Tanjiro’s food, he can cook any food of the world, anything you want”.

“I don’t think I can cook any food in the world” Tanjiro says, but he feels happy with the compliment.

“Really? Can you bake any kind of cake?” He looks at Tanjiro with excited eyes.

“I’m sure I can follow any recipe you want” Tanjiro smiles at him.

“And any difficult Japanese dish, like katsudon?”.

“Katsudon isn’t hard to make, but yes, I can do it for you” He replies.

“Wow, Gonpachiro! I underestimated, I take it back, you are not boring at all!”.

“Food is enough to convince him of anything?” Zenitsu mumbles to himself.

“Thank you, Inosuke, I also think you are an interesting person!”.

“I am! I’m awesome!” He laughs loudly at his own words and Tanjiro and Nezuko join him, while Zenitsu feels like he’s inside of a cult.  








After their meal, they decide to start streaming for Inosuke’s Twitch channel. All of them announce the news through social media and only a seconds later, thousand and thousand of fans start freaking out and are talking about the event everywhere. Soon, their names are trending on Twitter.

“Hi guys! FeralBeast69 here” Inosuke greets to the camera like he usually would do “So, like you read on our social media, today I decided to bring some people that you know very well. Nezuko, Tanjiro and Zenitsu are here with us!”.

The mentioned guys greet to the camera at the same time “Hi there!”.

“Wow, thousands of people are watching us already” Says Nezuko while she reads the live chat.

“Oh, yeah, they are here because of me, aren’t I awesome?” Inosuke brags.

“Uh, actually, they are here because of Nezuko, you moron”.

“How did you call me, Monitsu?!”

“I told you my name is Zenitsu, not Monitsu!”

“Hey guys, not again” Tanjiro tries to calm them down.

“Do you also want me to fight you, Gonpachiro? Bring it on!” Suddenly, they’re discussing even though the stream is already on.

“It’s Tanjiro” Patiently, he replies to him.


“Wrong, you’re almost there though”. They had been trying to make Inosuke get their names right during the whole meeting, but the only name he could perfectly remember was Nezuko’s. None of them knew if he actually couldn’t remember them or if he was just messing around, but while Zenitsu wanted to murder him, Tanjiro was strangely entertained by the situation and really wanted to hear him say his name.

“Anyway! Today we are letting our fans decide for us what game to play. We’ll play anything you guys want!” Nezuko stops them.

“Oh, look, they want us to play Danganronpa. I’ve never played it, that should be fun” Zenitsu says after reading the comments they’re getting.

“Oh! I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews about this game. Let’s play it!” Nezuko agrees with her boyfriend.

“What is it about?” Tanjiro asks, who isn’t the biggest fan of video games.

“It’s an adventure game, we need to solve really complicated mysteries and murders, I think our fans want us to break our brains”.

“What?! Let’s not play that stupid game, it’s too boring. We should play an action game that doesn’t involve too much thinking” Inosuke intervenes.

Before Nezuko or Zenitsu can reply to him, Tanjiro says something with apparent empathy “I see” He frowns, worried, and then looks at Inosuke “You don’t want to play that game because you are scared of not being able to solve the murders, right? It’s too much effort. Don’t worry! We can play something easier”.

There’re a few seconds of silence where Nezuko and Zenitsu look at each other, scared. Zenitsu wonders if his friend has a desire of being killed, but Nezuko knows her brother is actually sincere about wanting to make things easy for Inosuke. Still, she doesn’t know how he’s going to react.

“What?!” Inosuke screams, standing up “That’s not true! I’m not scared of a stupid mystery game. Let’s play it right now!” While screaming passionately, he takes off his shirt to show his determination “I’ll solve all the puzzles by myself! I don’t even need your help!”.

“Oh, great! I believe in you, Inosuke! We can solve them together” Tanjiro cheers him up while Inosuke laughs crazily and continues to yell nonsense.

Nezuko and Zenitsu can’t close their mouths, what did just happen? How is Tanjiro so capable of dealing with Inosuke when they just met a few hours ago?

The rest of the stream continues with no problems, but it’s mostly Nezuko and Zenitsu who are playing the game and solving the mysteries by themselves. On the other side, Inosuke and Tanjiro pretend like they understand what’s going on, but truth is, none of them is smart enough to solve even the simplest puzzle.

“So, guys” Nezuko says “We already saw how the murder went and we collected all the proofs, I think we all agree the person who killed Sayaka is Leon, right?”.

“Yeah” Zenitsu answers “It’s an obvious thing, Sayaka wrote his name in her dying message and…” But he can’t continue because Inosuke interrupts him.

“No! It wasn’t Leon! It was the protagonist of the game”.

“What?” Nezuko asks, confused “That’s impossible. Why do you think so?”

“Because…” There’s a moment of dramatic silence “Because my gut tells me so”.

“You’re just going to listen to your gut?!” Zenitsu exclaims.

“Actually” Intervenes Tanjiro, with a serious expression “It’s true, it was the protagonist. Maybe he got amnesia and he can’t remember what he did”.

“Right!” Inosuke agrees. Nezuko and Zenitsu facepalm.

And then, Inosuke and Tanjiro can’t stop talking to each other about their crazy theories with no solid evidences, so they don’t play attention to the game, and some time later, they completely forget about the stream so they don’t even realize that Zenitsu and Nezuko already solved the mystery. Then, Tanjiro tells Inosuke about some chocolate cookies and Inosuke drags his new friend to the kitchen without even saying something to the audience or to Nezuko and Zenitsu.

“Uh, sorry about that guys!” Nezuko apologizes to the audience watching them, none of them can’t believe that Tanjiro and Inosuke had bonded so fast when they had completely different personalities “They left to the kitchen to bake some cookies, but let’s continue with this stream, shall we?”.








The four of them exchange numbers and promise to keep in touch often, already excited for future collaborations together. Even Zenitsu wants to bring his new friend to his channel, and is no longer scared of him.

“Hey, Gonpachiro! I’ll go to your apartment this week, I wanna try more of those cookies” Even though Inosuke likes Zenitsu and is the biggest fan of Nezuko, for some reason he can’t stay away from Tanjiro, and feels a strange sensation of disappointment for having to say goodbye to him.

“Sure thing, you can come to visit me any time” Tanjiro replies with a big smile “I’ll send you the pictures of my cat that I promised to send you later”.

A new friendship between all of them is formed that day, a friendship that goes beyond the cameras and that no one expected to happen, but it’s a pleasant surprise.

Later that night, Zenitsu and Nezuko are resting at their home while they talk about the fun day they had and about how surprised they are to see Tanjiro being so close to Inosuke. Sure, the guy had a bright personality and befriended everyone quickly, but he seemed especially happy to be around Inosuke. They had never seen him being so talkative and loud with someone, usually, he was a calm person.

“Hey, babe” Frowning, Zenitsu talks while he’s reading some tweets of their fans “What’s… InoTan supposed to be?”.








On the other side, Tanjiro had been texting Inosuke since the moment he got home to send him pictures and videos of his cat as he promised to do. But soon he realizes Inosuke hates texting, so they end up calling each other to talk properly.

They talk about everything and nothing, about their lives, their jobs, their interests and Tanjiro makes a lot of bad jokes, the type of jokes that would make Zenitsu and Nezuko roll their eyes because they are really, really dumb, but for some reason Inosuke finds them funny. Actually, he seems genuinely interested in everything Tanjiro has to say, and equally, Tanjiro is fascinated to learn more about Inosuke behind his passionate behavior and his lively comments.

It’s almost four in the morning when Inosuke finally ends his call and he get to his bed, feeling a new kind of happiness he has never felt before, and it’s really nice.









Two days later, while Tanjiro is editing a new video for his channel, he gets a call from Inosuke.

“Hey, Gonpachiro!” He deep voice greets him “I’m going to your apartment now”.

“Oh, alright” He replies, and since he is used to Nezuko and Zenitsu going to visit him without a warning, he isn’t weirded out “I’ll wait for you”.

“I know you said I didn’t need to ask your permission to visit you. I mean, I wouldn’t ask you for permission anyway. I can go to anywhere whenever I want” He starts laughing and Tanjiro can’t help smiling too “But my mom said that it was rude to do that when I never went to your house before”.

“That’s nice of her, but seriously, you’re fine. Remind me to give you some cake for your mom later. Oh, also, I should tell you,” He thinks for a second “I know you are excited to meet Haku, but if you… Uh, how do I say this? If you are too loud when you meet him, he could get really scared of you”.

“What?! You think I don’t know how to act around cats?! Don’t worry Gonpachiro, you’re about to see a natural cat whisperer” And after that, he ends the call.

A few minutes later, Inosuke finally gets there and Tanjiro can’t stop laughing when he sees her trying his best to be silent. Inosuke literally looks like he’s in pain when he whispers a small “hi…” and then proceeds to tip toe through his apartment, looking around for the cat.

“There he is, under the couch” Tanjiro says, pointing it out.

Tanjiro is excited for this meeting too, so while Inosuke gets on his knees to look under the couch, he grabs his professional camera and starts taking pictures.

“Hi, Haku!” Inosuke greets the cat, nervously “My name is Inosuke Hashibira! Nice to meet you!”

Haku seems interested in him, so he slowly gets close to him to smell his hand. He seems to figure out that Inosuke is a good person and decides he can trust him, because he starts waggling his tail lazily and lets himself to be grabbed by Inosuke.

Then, the two of them look at each other in the eyes from really close, as if they were comparing who had greener eyes. For some reason, Tanjiro’s heart kind of jumps when he takes more pictures of the scene, and wonders himself how can something so simple be so beautiful to his eyes.

“Ha! He loves me!” Inosuke ruins the moment by screaming and making a fearful Haku run to hide under the couch again.

“Oh, no…” He mumbles to himself, feeling defeated.

Tanjiro dislikes to see him sad, so he comforts him “Don’t worry, he’ll open up to you eventually. Your first meeting went really well, so it’s okay. He’s just scared of every stranger” He explains.

With that, Inosuke’s feeling happy again “Well, I’ll make sure to come every day until I become his favorite person ever! And then you’ll be his second favorite human” He laughs proudly.

“Alright, I don’t mind” He replies with a huge smile “I’m really happy to see him get so much love, I don’t know a lot about his past, but since he’s such a fearful cat, I think he had a rough life until now”.

“You rescued Haku from the streets?” Inosuke asks him.

“Yeah, a year ago. He was so, so small and malnourished when I found him. He was so hungry that he wouldn’t stop biting my fingers, thinking it was food” Tanjiro remembers when a nostalgic smile “And his fur was damaged, so the vet thought he was attacked by some dog”.

While he talks, Inosuke’s eyes starts filling with worry and there’s a small pout in his mouth.

“Oh, no, it’s okay! As you can see, Haku’s a big boy now and he gets a lot of love and food. Maybe too much, but it’s hard to not spoil him” Tanjiro reassures him.

Inosuke mumbles something with a voice so small that Tanjiro can’t hear him.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch that” he tells him.

“Nothing!” He says, but Tanjiro is confused when he sees a blush on his face, however, he doesn’t insist.

After that, Inosuke hurries to open the backpack he had brought. When he heard Tanjiro didn’t have any gaming console and that he had never played basic games like Call of Duty, he couldn’t believe it. That’s why today he brings everything with him, and he also plans to teach Tanjiro a lot of new things.

But also, he enjoys how Tanjiro praises him for the simplest things he does, so he expects to impress him with his gaming skills.

So, Inosuke teaches him about his favorites games and gets all the compliments he wants, but then later is surprised when he gives the console to Tanjiro who’s playing for the first time ever and, after a few questions and poor tries of explanation from Inosuke, Tanjiro’s playing very decently, and Inosuke has his mouth gaping because there’s a tall handsome boy sitting next to him who is interested in playing the games he likes and that cooks for him exclusively.

On the other side, Tanjiro tries to teach him about a chocolate cake recipe, he brings all the ingredients and shows the steps very clearly so the shorter guy can learn, but soon realizes that Inosuke isn’t even paying attention to the explanation and is just salivating with the smells and the mixing, so he just lets him be and gives him the spatula filled with chocolate so Inosuke can lick it before he eats the final result by himself.

Suddenly, the day is over and they’re both disappointed. They both feel like time runs too fast when they’re together, when they still have many things to talk about and there’s still things to discover about each other.

Inosuke says goodbye to Haku (who’s finally comfortable around him) before leaving, and he promises to Tanjiro to make plans later. Tanjiro waves his hand at him while he sees the boy getting to his mom’s car, who came to pick him up (Tanjiro finds this adorable, he’s not going to lie) and then goes back to his home.








After that, they continue to hang out often. They also see each other with Nezuko and Zenitsu and record collaboration videos together.

For example, they made a “Spicy food challenge” for Tanjiro’s channel, which was fun for them to record since Inosuke, who swore to be the best at handling spicy sauces, was the first one to lose even though he didn’t want to admit it, but his tears and red face said it all, and the others, worried that he might pass out, obligated him to admit his defeat.

After it, Inosuke was acting so depressed because of his failure that they actually had to stop the filming, and Tanjiro had to spent at least one hour trying to cheer him up (it finally worked when he promised him to play a game with him later, where Tanjiro obviously would lose, but at least Inosuke would feel happy after winning again).

However, it’s mostly the two of them and only them who see each other often. So often that fans start making questions about it in every video they make, and in every social media especially if they uploaded a selfie of them hanging out, which kind of gets annoying for everyone.

Even Nezuko would constantly get questions about them during her live videos and she usually avoided answering them, but since people wouldn’t stop bringing the topic up over and over, she finally had answered saying she wasn’t aware if Inosuke and her brother were dating or not, since that was their own business, and then asked them to please stop asking it every time, because it was getting annoying.

It wasn’t very often that you’d see Nezuko losing her patience in front of her fans, but when it came to the people she loved and wanted to protect, she wasn’t scared of speaking her mind.

Because of that, Nezuko and Zenitsu decide it’s better to not question their friends about it. Even though they do have doubts about what their relationship is (even when they meet with Tanjiro, the boy can’t shut up about Inosuke, Inosuke did this, Inosuke said that), and they also see how during Inosuke’s live streams on Twitch, the boy loves to talk about the thing he does with Tanjiro. “Gonpachiro told me I’m great at this game, so today I’m playing it in front of everyone!” and “Kentaro made me try this dish and now I can’t stop eating it!”.

So, Nezuko and Zenitsu are both annoyed at how oblivious Inosuke and Tanjiro are, and are also annoyed at their fans who are always spamming their accounts talking about the topic, but still, they decide that for the moment it’s better to let them figure things out by themselves. That’s the best thing to do, right? They can’t be that stupid after all.









Except because they are that stupid, and maybe even more than they had considered, Nezuko and Zenitsu realize when one day, Tanjiro goes to their home because he’s in the middle of a crisis.

Kaoru, their Labrador dog is trying to get Tanjiro’s attention by bringing him his favorite toys and putting his head on his lap, but Tanjiro, distractedly, limits himself to pet the dog and continues to rant about his problems.

“Guys, I don’t know” He’s saying, worriedly “I never considered my feelings towards Inosuke until everyone started to talk about it. But it hasn’t been that long since we know each other, you know? It’s only been like two months”.

“But are you sure you haven’t considered it before?” Nezuko asks him, while Zenitsu is deadly looking at his friend. He’s trying to not snap, but the situation is so exhausting to him that he admires his girlfriend’s patience to deal with him so nicely.

“Yeah. I mean…” He gives it a thought “I know I like him. As a friend. He’s a really nice person and” While he talks, Zenitsu feels a vein on his forehead is about to explode “He is pretty, of course. His eyes are really pretty, don’t you think? And his smile…” He struggles to find the correct words “Well, it’s like he smiles and my heart goes boom, boom”.

There’s a moment of silence.

“Your heart what?” Nezuko asks him, incredulous.

“Yes, it goes boom, boom” Tanjiro imitates the sound by bumping his fist against his chest “But I don’t know if that actually means something. He’s just really pretty so of course I feel like that around him”.

“Tanjiro” Zenitsu finally talks “Remember the other day? You were hanging out with us and suddenly left because Inosuke wanted to show you the new game he got”.

“Uh, well” Dumbfounded, Tanjiro says “Yes, but that’s because I always see you guys, so…”.

“Yes, but that’s no the point. The point is that you love being around him, and would drop anything you’re doing to go and see him. So, I think that answers your questions”.

“Maybe, but does that mean I want to date him? I’m not s—” But before he can continue his sentence, Zenitsu grabs him by the collar of his t-shirt and stars yelling at him.

“You idiot! You moron! You already fucking know you are in love with him, you want to grab his face and kiss him in the mouth and do all that gay shit with him, so why are we even doing this!” He screams while Nezuko tries her best to separate them, but Tanjiro listens at him with huge eyes, not used to see him snap at him.

“Zenitsu, leave my brother alone now!”.

 Zenitsu finally lets his friend go, ready to see Tanjiro getting angry at him and even maybe punching him, but to his surprise, Tanjiro is very silent and waits a few seconds before finally speaking.

“You are right” He answers “I think my feelings for him are clear”.

“Really?” Now it’s Nezuko and Zenitsu who are surprised.

“Yeah…” And then, he suddenly looks determined “In fact, I’m going to go right now to his house and I’ll confess”.

“What?!” Nezuko says “Right now?! Isn’t it too sudden? Why don’t you think about what you want to tell him first?”.

“No, it’s better if I just go and tell him what I feel. Okay, bye guys! Thank for listening to me!” And like that, he’s gone.

Nezuko and Zenitsu are left alone in silence, too shocked to even talk. “Is it a good idea to let him go?” Nezuko finally asks. Zenitsu shakes his head, not knowing what to reply.









While this happens, Inosuke is at home doing a stream for his fans where he is playing The Sims. He’s just barely creating his character which is a guy with familiar red hair and red eyes, and a dark skin.

“Uh, I know this is a random character but…” He frowns while looking at the screen “Why do I feel like I’ve seen this person before? Anyway” He continues, and while he’s focused in the screen, all his fans in the chat are freaking out because it’s clear to them that his character is based on Tanjiro, but Inosuke doesn’t even realize “Oh, I know what he’s lacking. Where is the forehead section?” And just then, he gets a call from Tanjiro.

“Kentaro! What? You are outside? Wait, let me open the door for you”.

Tanjiro waits for him outside of the home panicking because he has no idea what he’s about to tell him, and even worse, he doesn’t even know if Inosuke is going to reciprocate his feelings, then out of nowhere he isn’t sure if it was a good idea to come there. But it’s too late to regret now, because Inosuke opens the door and his deep voice and his huge smile greet him as always.

“Gonpachiro! I didn’t know you were coming!”.

“Yeah, you see, I…” Tanjiro stutters pathetically, but Inosuke doesn’t even realize the state the guy’s in.

“I’m doing a stream right now! Wanna join me?”.

“A stream?” Well, he didn’t expect this but it would be too weird to reject his invitation now, so he ends up agreeing. A few minutes later, he’s in front of the camera greeting Inosuke’s fans.

“Hello everyone, I’m here again” Says. In the past months, he had been joining Inosuke during his streams a lot of times. Most times, he just saw him playing his games and limited to chat with Inosuke, but just being around him was enough for him to have fun.

“Let’s play The Sims together! I’m finishing with my character; you can create yours after this” Inosuke goes back to finish his job.

“Wait a second” That’s when Tanjiro realizes “Is that me?” He asks pointing at the character Inosuke’s making.

“Uh…” He contemplates it “Well… Yeah, I think it’s you” He looks as confused as Tanjiro.

“You were making me unconsciously?” He doesn’t know what to do with this information.

“It’s not my fault!” He defends himself “I guess that I suddenly thought of you… And I decided to recreate you. Anyway, don’t misunderstand!”.

“I won’t” Tanjiro replies with a soft smile. He lets Inosuke finish his job and waits for his turn.

“Alright, my turn now. I’m going to create your character then” He says confidently.

“Okay, here, look at my face, you can copy it” He shows his side profile to Tanjiro, but the guy was already working on it since before Inosuke spoke.

“No, I don’t need your help, I have your face memorized” And he goes to customize Inosuke’s sim in a very detailed way, as if it was a perfect replica of the guy.

Inosuke, for once, can’t seem to close his mouth. He watches in silence how Tanjiro recreates his appearance in a very exact way, and without having to consult to Inosuke who’s dumbfound and sitting next to him. In the live chat section, no one can believe the situation either.

Inosuke reads how an account called “zxuwer” tells him “SON, HE’S GAY FOR YOU! CAN YOU PLEASE NOTICE” and another account, “LUVPlLLAR” says “TELL HIM TANJIRO!!!”.

Inosuke blushes furiously while he reads the comments. Of course, he had been getting comments like these for a long time now, but he wasn’t sure of how to feel about them, so he just ignored them. But now, that Tanjiro is sitting next to him, and everything seems so evident and so obvious, he doesn’t know what to do with the weird things he’s feeling in his stomach.

“Tanjiro…” The mentioned guy freezes when he hears Inosuke saying his name for the first time “Do you like me?” Inosuke whispers in a small voice, unsure.

But Tanjiro hears him clearly “If I like you?”.

“Yeah…” Inosuke avoids his eyes and swallows loudly “When I’m with you… I just” And he mumbles some nonsense that just sounds like weird noises and something like “fuwa fuwa”.

“SoIwaswonderingifyoulikemetoo?” Inosuke says without even breathing.

As always, it’s only Tanjiro who can understand him. “Yeah, I like you too” And he smiles at him sweetly.









After the video of the stream is uploaded, later that day, it gets to five million of views in a couple of hours. Everyone is euphoric and the word “InoTan” is trending on Twitter.  

When Nezuko and Zenitsu find out about this they almost cry out of relief, they didn’t know how much longer they could stand those pining idiots. But also, they are genuinely happy for them. Although Zenitsu doesn’t know how to survive now that Inosuke and Tanjiro can’t keep their hands off each other and he has to be a witness of all of that.

There’s a small part of him that regrets having to be friends with such idiots, but mostly, he’s really, really proud of them.










“So, you actually know my name, don’t you?” Tanjiro jokingly asks Inosuke after they finish with the stream.

“Of course, I do!” He replies “Well, at first I really didn’t remember it, I just thought you were the boring brother of Nezuko, but then later I just was messing around with you. And apparently you bought it!” He let out one of his weird laughs.

“Yeah, maybe I did” Tanjiro says, and he’s laughing too “But who would have said that you’d end up dating this boring guy, huh?”.

Inosuke makes a pause. “Does that mean we are dating?” He looks at him with hopeful eyes and a small blush on his face.

Tanjiro can’t contain himself when he sees the boy he likes so, oh so much act like that, with a shy side of him he never showed to anyone else. So, he bites his bottom lip before pulling Inosuke towards him and kissing him, as he hears the sound of his chuckles.