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The Anarchy (Tododeku & Kiribaku)

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The blood drip slowly off the blade, while the victim watched in horror. "Please stop," the person begged. The killer was wearing a black mask to hide his face. The wounded man looked at his killer and saw the red eyes and blond hair clinging out under the hoodie. He kneed to the ground right in front of the man, "Well, you see here...I loathe people like you...accused of rape, sexual harassment, and domestic abuse...You fucking make me sick." The killer aimed the blade at the man's neck, and he smiled menacingly. "I love seeing the way my victims beg for their lives. People like you think you deserve to live. They aren't god, and neither I am."


The man looked at the killer in pure despair before asking, "Who are you?" He grinned like a lunatic and slit his throat in a swift move. "I'm the Hollow Death." The murderer watched the man choke on his blood while he cleaned the blood off his blade. He made sure to leave no fingerprints behind. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and it merely made him tsk. 




He pondered on picking up the phone or not. After two rings, he picked up the phone. "What the fuck do you want  Deku ," he asked irritated. "Well, hello to you to Kacchan," Bakugou could hear the sarcasm roll-off in Midoriya's tone. 


"Todoroki-Kun wants to meet up with you," Deku stated. "Fine, tell Half n half that I'll be there." Bakugou hung up the phone and proceeded down his path. He reached their hideout and went inside through the tunnels. He tapped on the door six times, and soon he was welcome by a familiar face. "Katsuki!" Bakugou hugged the red-haired boy back. He kissed his cheek and grinned. "Are you okay?" The boy saw the bloodstains on his lover's clothing. Kirishima inspected his hands and face scanning for any wounds or bruises. "I'm okay, Ei," Bakugou reassured his boyfriend. "You can remove the name. I took care of that bastard," Bakugou informed him, and then he earned a nod from his lover. 


Kirishima pulled away and strolled over to a clipboard and crossed out the name from the document. "You and Shouto are doing a magnificent job of getting rid of these people," Kirishima prompted him. Bakugou rolled his eyes at him. "Where's Icy-hot," he asked. "He's in the war room," an unknown voice interrupted them. He groaned in annoyance when he recognizes the voice. 


"Hey, Midoriya," Kirishima responded cheerfully. "Hello, Kirishima," Midoriya replied shortly. "You're still an asshole, Deku," Bakugou shot back. Midoriya Izuku was wearing his signature black vest over his white undershirt and black pants accompanied by a pair of black gloves. "Don't play with me, Kacchan. May I remind you that Shouto-Kun can beat you in a matter of seconds." Bakugou glared at his childhood friend. Midoriya wasn't one to mess around with unless you wanted to end up lying in your blood. Bakugou knew that Deku was right about Todoroki being stronger than him. 


Bakugou excused himself and walked to the war vault. The atmosphere inside the room seemed way off, but it didn't bother him. Todoroki always brought in that sort of quality wherever he travels. He stepped inside the room and regarded the figure sitting in one of the chairs. "What the hell do you want Icy-Hot," Bakugou asked. Bakugou didn't precisely have a good temper when it came to Todoroki. He didn't even notice Todoroki standing up and striking him right in the stomach. "Again, with these absurd nicknames, Katsuki, you know better than anger me," Todoroki spoke with authority. Bakugou clutched his stomach and groaned. "That wasn't fucking necessary," Bakugou objected with a glare. 


Todoroki rolled his eyes, "Clean your mouth. Your blood is going to stain the carpet." Bakugou wiped the blood away on his sleeve and stood upright. "We might not have a fucking boss to run this place. Stop acting like you run this place. Kirishima, Deku, you, and I run this place together." Bakugou wasn't going to retreat from this dispute. Todoroki laughed at Bakugou's misfired attempt. "Katsuki, hurry up and end your foolishness so we can start on the task on hand," Todoroki told him. 


Bakugou growled, "Fuck off." Todoroki walked forward to the map, which had specific sections highlighted. "What the hell am I suppose to be looking at?" Todoroki made a clicking sound with his tongue in irritation. "How about you shut your trap and allow me to explain," Todoroki replied immediately to the angry pomeranian. 


Todoroki moved a hand through his red and white hair, "Midoriya-Kun is going to face one of the individuals on our list. We need to be there to make sure nothing goes wrong." 


"Can't shitty Deku defend himself?" Bakugou didn't want to waste any of his time with that lame nerd. "Plus, can't you protect him?" Todoroki glared at him, "I can't attend the gathering. I have a different conference to tend to alone." 


"Damn you, Icy-Hot." Bakugou reached forward and grasped onto the collar of Todoroki's vest. "We're all in this together," Bakugou told him. Todoroki remained emotionless, "I have to do this alone. Midoriya was hesitant, but he allowed me. You need to concentrate on your mission. That would be all." 


Todoroki walked out of the war room, dropping behind the file on the table. Bakugou grabbed the file and reopened it up. All the documents collapsed upon the table. He hated staring at paperwork, yet it was essential for the mission. 


Bakugou proceeded his way out of the war room, closing the door behind him. He strolled down the corridor and to his quarters. "Hey, Shitty hair," Bakugou greeted his lover right when he faced down onto the mattress. "Hey! My hair isn't that different from yours," Kirishima justified. Bakugou shrugs and avoids looking up at his boyfriend. "What's wrong," Kirishima asked. He groans and turns to gaze up at the ceiling, "Fucking Icy-Hot wants me to accompany Deku on a mission, while he goes and places himself in danger." Kirishima sighs and remains beside his partner, "You know how unreasonable Todoroki-Kun can be." 


Bakugou pulled out the file from under him, "This is the stupid crap Icy-Hot gave me." Kirishima could see all the crumbled up sections of papers in the folder. He read the report, "Minoru Mineta has a connection to sex trafficking and making disposals on selling women's body parts. Some of the sales included selling women and children to their future masters. Recently there was a rumor that they sliced open their victims. They sell their organs to the highest bidders. Midoriya's mission is to track down the boss and stop them. Todoroki-Kun managed to match the leader to Mineta Minoru. If you two annihilate him, then everyone associated will scatter like mice." 


The angry ash blond boy held back the urge to regurgitate. It made him feel sick when people inspire this crap. "People label us as the bad guys, yet we're helping on taking charge of these sons of bitches." Bakugou didn't understand society anymore. Kirishima placed the papers down on the bed, "Katsuki, you already know the reason why." 


"Yeah, I know. We kill while the authorities focus on maintaining them alive. I don't see the purpose of keeping these psychos alive. They wronged society. They don't deserve to live," Bakugou told him. Kirishima peered down at his hands, "Bakugou? Do you consider that? We're running an underground organization. You and Todoroki murder people while Midoriya and I act as uncover spies. We're operating a mafia for god's sake." 


Katsuki sat up immediately and placed his hands on Kirishima's cheeks. "Hey, I'm sorry I didn't mean to insult you, sweetheart." Bakugou knew Kirishima was right as he couldn't determine people's fates. Kirishima's red eyes soon met with Bakugou's red eyes, "I've been by your side since graduation. That was four years ago. I chose to spend my life with you, Bakugou. I never regretted my decision to be a part of this organization. I'm scared. What if you get injured? What if the plan goes wrong? We live a perfect life when we're not working with this mafia. We live double lives. It was already bad enough when the camera got you with your disguise. My mind won't let me push my fears behind. Promise me you'll be safe!" 


Bakugou could see the desperation in Kirishima's glassy eyes with tears threatening to spill. "My love, I promise you that I'll be okay. You don't have to worry about anything. I love you so much. Remember that I will always come back to you," he reassured him. Kirishima smiles, "I swear that smile always brightens my day. It's like I'm staring at the sun." He blushes at Bakugou's statement and giggles.

"You're such a tease." 

"Only for you, my love." Kirishima kissed his lover sweetly right before they were interrupted by a sudden knock. 


Bakugou groaned in annoyance when he pulled away from Kirishima. The door opened to reveal Midoriya, "Are you even ready for the mission? We have no time to waste." Katsuki growled and walked forward to his childhood friend. "Look, you have no fucking right to take your anger on us. If you have a problem, go take it up to your boyfriend." Midoriya glared up at him and swiftly pulled out a dagger and threw it right beside Kirishima's head. "I have two more daggers left, so I suggest you make the right decision. Next time, I won't miss the chance," Midoriya threaten. 


Midoriya's glare felt like daggers. He was more committed to the organization than he or Kirishima was. Todoroki and Midoriya were one of the most badass couples ever known to live. People faced horrible consequences when crossing them. People were unfortunate and paid with their lives.





Neither of them shared the same wonderful childhood. Todoroki raised in hatred while Midoriya faced the awful truth of the world. Midoriya Inko died in front of her son. A bullet pierced her chest and killed her immediately when she was trying to protect her child. It was declared a homicide, and the police couldn't find her killer. They gave up on the search. Izuku was barely six years when he lost his mother. A foster family took him under their wing. The dark reality came out to him that his mother was murder by an officer. The police were trying to protect the bastard. His foster family was the ones who told Midoriya the truth. He painted the floor in red when he slaughtered the murderer and the people who helped. 


Shouto Todoroki was born through an arranged marriage. His mother went insane after all the abuse she received from her husband. Enji Todoroki never cared about his children. In his eyes, they were a disgrace to the Todoroki heritage. He took favor in his youngest son. Shouto's hatred grew when he received his scar that covered his left eye. He didn't blame his mother. He blamed his father. Every mistake his father made affected the families of many. He watched how the rate of criminals increased each day. While he was living a luxurious life, people were suffering. No one was doing anything to stop them. That was until Shouto murdered them. He was precise and enjoyed what he did. 


Midoriya and Todoroki met when they were sixteen, and both found comfort in each other. They trusted each other with their past. They understood each other and both team up into creating their organization. They were wrong by the reality of the world and the corruption of society. 




Bakugou huffed. "Fine, I'll be out there in two minutes." Midoriya flings the door shut without any response. "You know you shouldn't piss them off," Kirishima warned his lover. He shrugged in return, "They can't do much. I can match up to their strength when I put my mind to it." Bakugou rose up and changed out of his garments and put on his signature black suit along with a kitsune mask. 


Kirishima gave his boyfriend one last more kiss before Bakugou left the room. He wished him luck on his mission. Bakugou wandered towards the exit of the underground tunnels to see Deku waiting on him. "Do you have it?" Katsuki rolled his eyes and nodded his head. 


"Good. Time to get the show on the road," Midoriya replied with a wicked smile. Bakugou was hesitant at this moment when he observed that grin. 


'What the hell is he planning?'



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The Anarchy was known as the destruction factor. The organization dates back to 4 years ago. People didn't fear them and thought that the organization wasn't dangerous. They were proven wrong. The organization marketed outlawed weaponry and poisons. Only a few manufacturers were proficient in making contracts with the Anarchy. Outside the black market, the association has assassinated over 400 people. Headlines and statements articulated about the Anarchy on repeat. Police couldn't locate the origin or identities of the Anarchy. At first, people believed that Anarchy was justice. However, the Anarchy slaughters their victims in gruesome ways. They needed to stop despite possessing no leads to discover their true identities.


Leaked footage spread out recently toward one of the individuals. The killer is associated as the Hallow Death was confirmed to have a kitsune mask, a black attire, and spiky black hair. However, any lead they possessed ended in a conclusion. The Anarchy neglected no trace behind when they attacked, leaving it impossible to investigate. The Hallow Death was the sole lead they ought to regard. 


Toshinori Yagi is the director of the police department and ran multiple institutions. He was committed to both operations and wasn't submerge over the quantity of paperwork. He necessitated a rest from running his business and promoted himself to assisting the police capture the Anarchy. Naomasa Tsukauchi was his second in command on leading the department for when he couldn't.  


The Anarchy was presenting a huge problem. Crimes have plummeted and declined since the Anarchy was born. Toshinori contributed his time inside his facility while studying over the photos from a recent murder. 


'What are you planning?'   Toshinori was interrupted when someone was tapping on the door. "Come in," he called out as he arranged the file back in the binder. Toshinori observed a boy with crazy, messy purple hair enter inside his office. "Hitoshi Aizawa-Yamada," Toshinori asserted his alias with a grin. Hitoshi took a seat in front of the director. "What are you doing here? Do your fathers know you're here?" Hitoshi slid down his seat slightly at the mention of his parents. "Boss, you already know the answer." The black bags under Hitoshi's eyes showed how wearied the boy was. It didn't ease his concern. Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada were overprotective over their adoptive son. 


"I want to partake in the investigation on the Anarchy." 


"If this is about my parents, they don't have to know." 

"Your guardians will murder me if they find out." 


Hitoshi rolled his eyes, "My fathers aren't going to know. I'm capable of doing things myself without their protection." Toshinori rubbed his forehead in frustration. "The operation is dangerous, and it can end up getting you killed," Toshinori warned him. "What would your partner think of your arrangement?" 


Hitoshi sighed, "Kaminari doesn't know about this. I haven't even informed him that this is my occupation. It's too risky. He'll attempt to convince me to decline the proposal. I don't want him getting hurt. Why do you presume that only a selected few know about our relationship?" Toshinori understood the reason and wished that the boy told Kaminari the truth. "I'll let you take part in the investigation. We'll keep this between us and only us." Hitoshi took a replica of the data he needed to analyze for the case. 

"Young Shinsou, one day you're going to have to tell him. Tell him before it's too late." Hitoshi wished he didn't hear his judgemental comment. 


Hitoshi Aizawa-Yamada, age 22, lived in his apartment complex with a loving companion. Hitoshi didn't dare to ask Kaminari to move in with him. He was scared that they were moving too far. Denki Kaminari served along with the police division as one of their digital forensics examiners. He was qualified to regain incriminating date from stolen and damaged appliances. He is a specialist at apprehending how to uncover and restore lost or hidden records. Not many perceived that Hitoshi's undercover alias is Shinsou. Everyone recognized him by his fathers' surname. Shota Aizawa didn't appreciate his determination to follow this profession course, yet he revolted against his view. Hizashi Yamada encouraged him when Shota opposed his preference. Shinsou acknowledged that his father still worried behind his reassuring words. Toshinori, Tsukauchi, his parents, Chiyo Shuzenji, and Nezu knew about his position in the organization. When he wasn't serving, he concentrated on assisting individuals who were striving out on the roads. Hitoshi couldn't put his loved ones in peril as he determined to keep this whole circumstance a secret from everyone. 


Hitoshi glanced at his vacant apartment and sighed in despair. His lover was still at work and would presumably arrive later. Hitoshi decided to force himself to examine the record. 


"Hey, babe. I'm sorry, I'm late." Hitoshi closed the file and shoved it inside his bag when he saw his boyfriend enter his apartment. "I was going to go back to my apartment, but I decided I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend," Kaminari explained. "What did you do this time?" Hitoshi suspected something was up when his boyfriend was squeezing him tightly and close. 


"Nothing's up, Kitten," Shinsou eyed his companion with a solid stare. "Ugh fine, you win. I invited some associates over to review a recent case I received." Hitoshi didn't like having people over. He wasn't much of a social butterfly that would appreciate interacting among any human, except felines. 


"Who are they?" 

"Ochaco Uraraka, Tenya Iida, and Nejire Hado are the ones I invited," Kaminari answered. Hitoshi didn't have sufficient opportunity to oppose right before he heard the tapping at the entrance. Denki glanced at his boyfriend and noticed the startled expression on his features. "Hitoshi, if it makes you uncomfortable. I can ask them to leave," Denki assured him with a concerned expression. Hitoshi felt guilty if he ordered him to make them leave. "No, it's okay. Just make sure you guys don't work too hard," he told him. Kaminari's facial expression alternated from concerned to delight. 


"Thanks, Hitoshi." Kaminari bolted to the entrance and let his comrades inside the warm house. Hitoshi proceeded his route to his room to sleep and avoid any form of socializing. Everyone walked inside the apartment complex, "Come on, we can sit at the table." Kaminari guided them to the dining table while his colleagues were taking their footwear off. 


"You have an amazing place," Hado stated with a lively smile. Uraraka and Iida agreed with her, "Thanks, but it's not exactly my place. Currently, my lover lives here." Hado tilted her head, "Wait, you're not-." Uraraka stopped her before she could even complete her sentence. Kaminari gazed down at his hands on the table and glanced at the door. "Hado, we came here to discuss the case. We aren't going to talk about my relationship." Iida arranged the files on the table for everyone to observe. 


"The Anarchy consists of a small party of four members. Wolfram's crew were the earliest record we received that introduced the Anarchy. The Hallow Death is the one lead we got based on the evidence we have. Right now, I think, that this lead will guide us nowhere." Uraraka placed her file aside and focused on the pictures on the table. 


Ochaco Uraraka, age 22, was dedicated to her commission as one of the greatest detectives around Japan. Tenya Iida served alongside his associate since he operated in the same profession as her. Uraraka was determined to expose the Anarchy and bring them to justice for their crimes. Nejire Hado, age 26, loved her position in the police agency. She was the criminal profiler that enjoys supplying in the missing details. She helps figure out the perpetrator of a crime or how a crime took place. 


Uraraka had a fierce look in her eyes. Iida recognized the expression instantly when he observed it in her eyes. "Ururaka-San, please tell me what you're searching for isn't vengeance. It's not going to bring them back." Uraraka slammed her fist onto the table, startling Kaminari on the opposite side of the table.


"I know that already, Iida! The Anarchy needs to punish for what they've caused," Uraraka told her friend with anger lacing her tone. Nejire placed her hand on Uraraka's shoulder, "Control yourself." Uraraka finally noticed the way her associate was looking at her. "I'm sorry, Kaminari. You welcomed us to your home to work on this investigation." Kaminari waved it off and reassured her that everything was okay. 


Each one of them concentrated on the file, reviewing every piece of evidence that they've collected on the Anarchy. Uraraka wasn't in the mood to chat after her outburst. Nejire and Iida worked on locating any missing details that they may have skipped. Kaminari helped the best he could and centered on working with Uraraka. 


In the other room, Hitoshi made up his strategy for how he'll infiltrate the Anarchy. Shinsou scanned over his copy of the file and studied each photo from every crime scene. He remembered that the Anarchy comprised of four individuals. The Hallow Death was one of them. He wondered why this guy called himself this when he deemed that the name Ground Zero sounded better.


Hitoshi studied the image of the recent murder and noticed the small detail. There were three shadows and not two. He could feel his phone buzz in his pocket and recognized that it from Toshinori. 


  'We believe that we finally found a way to get you into the Anarchy.' 


Hitoshi couldn't contain his excitement for receiving the news. Then the image of Kaminari comes in his head, making Hitoshi's smile fade away. The thoughts of putting Kaminari in harm's way made Shinsou shake. He had to keep Kaminari from knowing. He'll be better off not worrying about his safety. He hoped he was making the right choice. He couldn't bear losing the one he loved. He had to keep him safe, no matter what. 

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Shouto Todoroki isn't one to take carelessly. That's if you want to be ruthlessly murder. He's accountable for the death of 190 bodies and 70 citizens going missing. He doesn't regret his declaration of securing the Anarchy. He and Izuku Midoriya help strengthen the organization to what it is now. However, Shouto harbored secrets from the Anarchy. He couldn't tell them since it didn't concern them.

Shouto did his best to keep those he cherished protected from the Anarchy. He managed to trick everyone since he was the heir of the Todoroki Inc. He despised his old man for the trauma he caused to their family. Touya could have taken the role of being the heir of the company, yet Shouto beat him to it. Endeavor always wanted his youngest son to become the next CEO of the company. The only reason Shouto accepted his role was to continue running the underground organization. Shouto used his father's money to build illegal weapons and toxins. He covered his tracks when he made the transactions. Shouto wasn't going to allow himself to get caught so easily.

Touya Todoroki went off the grid when Shouto confronted him. Shouto knew that it was his fault for Touya leaving. Shouto kept tabs with his older brother, making sure he stood at the sidelines. His family never doubted his sudden company affairs away from the business.

"SHOUTO!" Shouto glared at his father when he was called up to his office. He had to maintain his sanity to avoid butchering his old man. He couldn't be caught destroying the one man he despised. "What do you want, father?" Shouto stood tall against the man. "You shouldn't be getting distracted from your position. You're my masterpiece, not a failure like your siblings," Endeavor scolded.

Shouto snapped, "How about you stop the hell up? Stop treating me like I'm an object you can use. I will never-"


Shouto settled his hand on his stinging cheek. His father laughed at him for even attempting to defend himself. He should've known his father would do this since no one would be watching them in his office. "You better learn better than disobeying against your creator," Endeavor mocked. He placed his hands on Shouto's face and smirked.

Todoroki sighed in defeat, "Yes, father." His father always reacted with violent. One day, Shouto will murder this thick-witted fool.

'I can't wait to see the day you plead for forgiveness.' Shouto forced aside the murderous thoughts and went back to business.

Endeavor didn't deserve the title of being called his father. Shouto couldn't give a flying fuck about his old man. He strolled down the foyer, pondering on how he should destroy him.

"Hey, Todoroki!" Shouto held back a groan from rising when he heard that displeasing voice. Shouto hesitantly turned around to face the tall man, "What do you want, Inasa?"

"By my understanding, I know you're not dating anyone." Todoroki crossed his arms and quirked an eyebrow up. His relationship with Midoriya was a secret to the public, so it wasn't surprising that Inasa didn't know. Todoroki hoped for the best that he wasn't proposing on asking him out. He had no time to get associated with someone like him. "Do you want to go on a date with me?"

Inasa Yoarashi admired Shouto Todoroki ever since they were little. They even dated once when they were in their teens until they broke up and decided to be just friends. Inasa couldn't deny that he was still devoted to his past lover.

Shouto's most consequential mistake in high school was dating Inasa. He remembered how possessive and controlling Inasa was over him. Shouto assumed that Inasa didn't apprehend that he was overprotective. Their relationship was becoming unbearable for Shouto, so he broke up with Inasa. Shouto hated the reminder of their past together. Shouto was happier with Midoriya, despite them not being a thing. Shouto did think that they were together, but his lover denied the status.

Todoroki knew that they couldn't be together since their partnership with the Anarchy was threatening. Bakugou and Kirishima did not know whatsoever on their relationship status. It was a secret and one that couldn't be compromised.

"Inasa, we-" Inasa hindered Shouto by a kiss on the lips. "Please give me a chance," he pleaded desperately. Shouto was still in shock by the unexpected kiss. Shouto's mismatched eyes gazed at Inasa, "Take your filthy hands off of me." He uprooted his hands away from his waist, letting the beautiful boy go.

"Inasa, you have to move on. You're my friend, and that's all we'll ever be." Shouto shuffled pass Inasa with a delicate smile on his face. He didn't understand why Inasa wanted them to be an item again. Inasa watched the beauty walk away from him. He growled and slammed his fist against a nearby wall. "Damnit!"

The employees stared at Inasa, "What the hell are you all staring at?" It made Inasa infuriated that he couldn't have Shouto as his. Shouto exited out the building after hearing Inasa yell at his co-workers. 'He's not going to give up until I accept his offer. I'm not an object that he can easily earn. My father did take a liking in Inasa. What if he forces me to marry him? No, stop thinking that, Shouto.'

Shouto arrived home at his apartment complex. He decided to make himself some zaru soba to keep his mind off of Inasa. He gripped the sides of the countertop when he remembered their break-up.

"Stop, let me go!" Shouto thrashed in Inasa's grasp. "You're hurting me," Shouto screamed out. Inasa shoved the boy against the wall. He was afraid of the towering man. "Face me, you damn slut!" Todoroki whimpered in pain with the sudden tug of his hair. His mismatched eyes revealed his fear when he was facing his ex-boyfriend. Without any doubt, Inasa propelled his arms to Shouto's neck and began to tighten his grip. "Please stop, Inasa! I'm sorry," Shouto begged in mercy. "I'm sorry, my love. You know better than to try to break up with me." Shouto should've known better than to rage Inasa. Inasa released his grasp on Shouto's neck, letting the boy fall weak on his knees. Inasa didn't allow Shouto to have any time to catch his breath as he kicked him right in the stomach. "I'm sorry!" Shouto repeated like a broken record.

"You're nothing without me!"

The sound of his phone ringing brought him out of the distressing memory. He never wanted to relive that memory again. He looked at the caller ID and sighed in relief.

"Hey, Midoriya, is there anything you need?"

"Hey, Todoroki-Kun, are you coming with us on the mission."

Todoroki glanced over to a note on his table, "I'm sorry, Midoriya. You and Bakugou might have to deal with yourselves. I have something to do. Remember that the suspect can't find out your true intentions." He could hear a sigh coming from the other end of the phone.

"Todoroki-Kun, I'm worried about you. After the whole thing with him, you've been busy on your own lately. I understand the protocol of the mission. When we return from the mission, can we talk about a few things? We have to clear them up soon," Shouto wondered if he should tell Midoriya the truth. He knew that Midoriya was going to mention their 'relationship' status. Shouto always used the Anarchy as an excused for them to not become a couple. Little did he know, Midoriya covered up his sorrow by using Shouto's excuse. Todoroki wouldn't allow his fears of being in a relationship to be revealed.

Shouto felt stupid at his poor excuse for being afraid. However, Inasa left a scar in his subconsciousness. The abuse he received Inasa traumatized him and restrained him from trusting others. Inasa told him that he loved him despite the pain he inflicted on him. Love terrified him to his very core.

"Yeah, of course. We'll talk later after the mission." Shouto hung up the phone and finished his zaru soba before leaving his apartment complex. He headed to the hideout to talk with Bakugou about his new mission. Out of the four members in the Anarchy, Kirishima was cheerful and full of life each day.

"If Bakugou arrives, notify him to meet me in the war room," Todoroki ordered Kirishima. "Of course, Todoroki," Shouto walked away from the red-haired boy. Shouto revised the plan and debated whether it would be a good idea to let them handle this on their own. Minoru Mineta remained their primary suspect in the file for illegal human trafficking and selling vital organs on the black market.

"What the hell do you want Icy-Hot," Bakugou asked. Bakugou didn't precisely have a good temper when it came to Todoroki. Shouto groaned in annoyance at the blond's childish nicknames. He managed to catch Bakugou off guard with a strike to the stomach. "Again, with these absurd nicknames, Katsuki, you know better than anger me," Todoroki spoke with authority. Bakugou clutched his stomach and groaned. "That wasn't fucking necessary," Bakugou objected with a glare.

Todoroki rolled his eyes, "Clean your mouth. Your blood is going to stain the carpet." Bakugou wiped the blood away on his sleeve and stood upright. "We might not have a fucking boss to run this place. Stop acting like you run this place. Kirishima, Deku, you, and I run this place together." Todoroki knew that Bakugou wasn't going to back down from the argument. He utterly laughed at Bakugou's effortless attempt. "Katsuki, hurry up and end your foolishness so we can start on the task on hand," Todoroki told him.

Bakugou growled, "Fuck off." Todoroki walked forward to the map, which had specific sections highlighted. "What the hell am I suppose to be looking at?" Todoroki made a clicking sound with his tongue in irritation. "How about you shut your trap and allow me to explain," Todoroki replied immediately to the angry Pomeranian. Todoroki was losing his patience with this guy,

Todoroki moved a hand through his red and white hair, "Midoriya is going to face one of the individuals on our list. We need you to be there to make sure nothing goes wrong."

"Can't shitty Deku defend himself?" Shouto wondered how this guy was still part of the Anarchy. "Plus, can't you protect him?" Todoroki glared at him, "I can't attend the gathering. I have a different conference to tend to alone." Before he could react, Bakugou grabbed him by the cuffs of his shirt collar.

"Damn you, Icy-Hot," Bakugou's crimson eyes met his mismatched eyes. "We're all in this together," Bakugou reminded him. Shouto prevented any emotion from showing on his face.

"I have to do this alone. Midoriya was hesitant, but he allowed me. You need to concentrate on your mission. That would be all." Todoroki walked out of the war room, dropping behind the file on the table.

Shouto went home to prepare himself for the meeting. He finished dying his left side blue. His right side was dyed black. It would be troubling to remove the hair dye. He was glad that he was taking a supposed 'business' trip from the work. He was taking this week off to deal with an underground organization known as the league of villains. He was wearing grey eye contacts and a foundation on his left side. He managed to grab his kitsune mask and his gun.

Shouto exited out of his home, forgetting his phone behind. He knew the location of the organization since he's been there before. He arrived in the area and noticed a blond girl waiting for him. "Hi, you must be Night Flame. Shigaraki told me to escort you inside. By the way, I'm Himiko Toga!" Toga couldn't recognize the boy since he was wearing a mask to cover his appearance.

Shouto followed behind her as they entered the facility. Toga talked over senseless topics of boys she managed to enslave before slaughtering them. Shouto pays no attention to her while he was glancing over his surroundings. Toga stopped in front of two large doors, "Well here's the room, Shagaraki is waiting for you." Shouto silently walked through the doors, and then they closed behind him.

"I've been waiting for you, Night Flame. I admire your work in the Anarchy." Shouto could hear the mocking tone hidden in his words. "Cut the short talk! What the hell do you want from the Anarchy?" Shouto wasn't going to waste his time dealing with this bastard. Shagaraki hid his face behind a human hand. "Take a seat. You must be exhausted from your trip." Shagaraki made a gesture to the chair in front of Shouto.

'This guy completely ignored my question.' Shouto took a seat across from Shagaraki. "I want an alliance with the Anarchy," Shagaraki listed his demand. Shouto held back his laugh, "Pardon me. You must be joking. The Anarchy doesn't undoubtedly accept random requests like those. We're not going to lower our standards for impurities like you." Shouto didn't know that he was tempering the man in front of him over the edge.

Shagaraki growled, "The Anarchy may be one of the elites underground organizations in Japan. However, you can easily fall from the top." Shouto didn't know where this was going. "What the hell are you talking about?" It was Shagaraki's turn to laugh, "I'm implying that you shouldn't think high and mighty. You denied the agreement, so I have no choice. I will destroy your pitiful empire to ashes." 

Shouto stood up, "Your declaration of war against the Anarchy won't work. Your numbers may be high, but it'll never be enough to defeat the Anarchy. I'm through with this meeting." Shouto started to walk towards the exit doors, "You're going nowhere." Shouto turned around to see a shadowy figure step out of the shadows. His eyes widen in shock, "Touya..." Shouto was pin against the wall by his brother.

"Hello, little brother," Touya stated with a glare. He recognized his little brother's voice despite wearing the mask. "Poor little Shouto Todoroki. How does it feel to be betrayed by your brother," Touya whispered in Shouto's ear. Before Shouto could react, he felt a piercing needle injecting into him.

Everything was becoming blurry and dark. The last thing Shouto saw was his brother's menacing smile before everything went black. 

Chapter Text

Eijirou Kirishima blamed himself for letting his boyfriend and best friend go out on a mission. He knew Bakugou was capable of handling himself, yet it didn't ease his worries. "What am I going to do?" Kirishima wandered down the corridors of the unground base. He acknowledged that Midoriya and Bakugou would be diligent with their mission. He couldn't work with Todoroki considering he was M.I.A. and busy with his mission. He couldn't just wait for them, apprehending that Todoroki and Midoriya would be furious that he didn't do anything significant.

Kirishima soon remembered about the list. He could probably cross out a few names and get them out the way. He planned to remove the red dye from his hair for his disguise until his phone buzzed.

Kaminari:  Hey, Kirishima, do you want to join me to get some ice-cream with Sero and Ashido?

Kirishima was unsure of accepting the proposal to hang out with his friends. He hasn't been able to spend equality time with them since the establishment of the Anarchy. He didn't think that it would be an immense deal, so he accepts the proposition.

The red-haired boy exited the underground hideout, barely noticing the red blinking light on one of the monitors. Kirishima made sure no one acknowledged him or even batted an eye at him. Out in public, Kirishima resembled to be a conventional civilian to the public eye.

Kirishima walked down the sidewalk as his vibrant red eyes scanned his environment. He paused dead in his tracks when he regarded a wanted poster on the wall. He knew he shouldn't be worried about Bakugou's wellbeing on the choices he makes.

Kirishima took down the flyer and rammed it inside his bag. He needed to ease his concerns before they swallow him whole. When he finally arrived at his destination, he saw his friends waiting for him. "Hey guys," Kirishima greeted them. He sat down beside Ashido and ordered an ice-cream sandwich.

"It's been so long since we saw you," Kaminari stated. Kirishima rubs the back of his neck. "Yeah, I have been occupied with work." Kirishima couldn't tell them what he's been doing recently. No one could know about the Anarchy. Todoroki and Midoriya made it transparent that no one could discover the truth.

Kaminari smiled that his friend was able to come. Shinsou didn't want to come out in public since he avoided social interaction. "Hey! Have you guys heard about the news on the Anarchy recently?" Everyone turned their attention toward Ashido. Sero was interested in this conversation. "Yeah, I heard that some unknown organization called the league managed to capture one of them." Kirishima dropped his ice-cream sandwich on the table.

"What?" Kirishima pulled himself together when Sero handed him his phone to observe the video. The background was blurry with a person bound to a chair. Kirishima hoped this was a prank arranged on the Anarchy.

"To the fellow members of the Anarchy, I want to discuss a deal with you all. Red Riot, Shadow Killer, and Hollow Death, you all will meet our demands or else." Shouto tapped against the chair in a way only Kirishima and the group knew.

Kirishima saw the screen turn pitch black. He understood Shouto was tapping in morse code. He returned the phone to Sero while Kaminari was staring at his friend. Kaminari noted down the way his friend seemed so anxious during the video. He didn't want to presume his friend associated with these people. Kirishima glanced at the time on his phone.

"I'm sorry, guys. I have to get going." Kirishima walked out of the ice-cream shop, holding his phone-in a death grip. He growled to himself for being so foolish. Todoroki managed to get himself in trouble with the league of villains. Midoriya will be devastated if he finds out about this. He sent a message out to Bakugou, informing him about the situation.

Kaminari watched his friend exiting out of the ice-cream shop. "Kiri was only here for 5 minutes. He should have stayed longer," Mina pouted. "He must be busy with his job," Sero told her. Kaminari remained quiet about the whole scene.

"What are your thoughts, Kaminari?" He turned his attention to the owner of the voice, "Come again?" Mina rolls her eyes at her friend. "Kaminari, you've been blanking out." Sero and Ashido went back to talking to themselves, leaving Kaminari out of their conversation. 

The trio departed ways when they noticed the time passing by. Kaminari walked towards Hitoshi's apartment, "What am I going to do?" Kirishima couldn't be a part of the Anarchy. He refused to believe this since he had no evidence to support his claim. He entered the apartment complex to notice Shinsou sleeping on the floor with a kitty. He chuckled to himself and picked up his boyfriend.


Kaminari lay Shinsou down gently on the bed and walked out of the room. He wondered what he was going to do with the Anarchy business. He knew he would be overstepping the line if he confronts Kirishima about the issue. The Anarchy may cost him his life if he seeks out the organization.

Kirishima rushed inside the passage and went to the control room. "Damnit!" He promised himself that he wouldn't let anyone get hurt. It was going to happen again if he didn't stop it. He hated the distant memory, replaying in his mind. 

"You need to hide right now!" His mother shoved Kirishima inside the closet. "Stay here," she ordered with fear lacing her tone. Her husband stood by the door, "They're inside the house!" Kirishima hid inside the closet, looking through the small gaps. She closed the door of the bedroom to keep them out. She cried when she heard the ringing sound of a gun firing. She needed to restrain herself before they find them. "I know you're in there! Your husband wouldn't back down until I shot him in the heart! YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN HIS FACE!"

"LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!" Kirishima heard the sharp banging on the door. He didn't understand what was going on. His eyes widen when the door fell off its hinges. He watched the man walk inside the room and pinning his mother down onto the bed. "So beautiful!" She screamed when the man started touching her. Kirishima felt his body freezing while he watched. He was petrified of fear to do anything while the man violated his mother. He saw the look in his mother's eyes, telling him to stay hidden. His fists clenched when he attempted to move, but failed.

The man smirked at her, "You're a whore! Where's that ungrateful child?" He glanced at the lady and saw the fire burning bright in her eyes. She was exhausted.yet she got back up. "Stay away from my baby!" She jumped the man who swung her down onto the bedpost. Kirishima heard the loud sound of something snapping. He covered his mouth tightly when he saw his mother's head twisted awfully.

The man shook his head in disappointment, "Such a waste of time. At least I got to fuck her one last time." Kirishima held back the tears from spilling, 'I stood there and did nothing to help. She risked her life for me. This bastard doesn't deserve to live!'

Before Kirishima could do anything, he heard some noises coming from downstairs. The man glared at the sound of footsteps. He pointed his gun at his mother and shot repeatedly. He knew escape was improbable. The police saw the man and fired at him. Kirishima watched helplessly while the scene unfold.

Kirishima wondered if it was safe to come out. The police heard a shuffling noise coming from the closet. They were shocked to see a 6-year-old child with black hair. "Hey, it's okay," one of them said softly. "It's safe to come out. Don't worry," Kirishima ran towards the man's open arms. He hugged him tightly as the tears came down.

Kirishima shook his head, "Get a grip, Eijirou. You can't lose focus." Kirishima hated remembering his past when it came to his parents. He remembered when that officer decided to adopt him and raise him. His adoptive father was part of the police force. He learned to shoot a gun when he was 10-year-old at the shooting range. Kirishima wrote down the morse code.


Kirishima's eyes widen at the location of the building. He knew that building well, "What the hell did you get yourself into, Todoroki?" He pulled his phone out and dialed Bakugou's number. "Bakugou?" Kirishima heard the voicemail playing and sighed. "Bakugou, call me back. We have some trouble down here." Kirishima waited a week before receiving a message.

'Kirishima, we were captured by Mineta's crew. We will be there soon. It better not be bad news. Deku isn't in a good mood right now.'  


Chapter Text

"What the hell are you planning, Deku?" Midoriya rolled his eyes as he walked alongside his childhood friend. "It's nothing to fret about, Kacchan. As long as the procedure goes as plan, there will be no casualties." Bakugou didn't appreciate lingering in the dark when it came to Midoriya's tactics. "Answer the question, Deku. Your plans are reckless and can cause us trouble," Bakugou growled. Midoriya ran a hand through his purple-dyed hair, "You never had a problem before about my plans. What makes now different? I presume it has something to do with Kirishima." Bakugou glared at him, "We aren't like you two when it comes to the Anarchy. You and half n half don't consider who gets injured and don't even doubt the plans. You guys are willing to go down with the Anarchy." Midoriya stopped fiddling with his hair and scowled at his childhood friend. He didn't enjoy listening to this discussion. It was delaying the mission. 


"Have you two ever talked face to face?" The silence confirmed his answer, "You have to speak to him, Deku." Midoriya growled at the black-dyed haired boy, "My relationship with Todoroki-Kun is none of your concern, Kacchan." Bakugou scoffed at Midoriya's reply, "You're such an idiot!" Midoriya turned to his childhood friend and struck him straight in the jaw. 


"Todoroki can take care of himself! He doesn't need me to protect him. He isn't a child that requires his hand to behold. Bakugou wiped the blood away and kept his distance from the purple-haired boy. Midoriya had his hair dyed purple to hide his green locks. Bakugou ran a hand through his black hair. "You're worried about him. Aren't you?" Midoriya glanced down at the ground. "Kacchan, can we just focus on the mission?" He hated talking about Shouto's actions or his relationship. The Anarchy wasn't the organization to engage in relationships. When Midoriya agreed to join the Anarchy, he didn't expect his emotions being mix in. 


Bakugou rolled his eyes, "Fine." Midoriya walked down the alleyway with Bakugou. The blond disliked the black hair dye. He knew he should've got used it. Midoriya noticed Bakugou touching his hair regularly. When they finally reached the building, "Be careful." Midoriya walked away before Bakugou had the chance to respond.


The green-haired boy grabbed his mask and put it on. "Don't panic," Midoriya whispered to himself as he adjusted the earpiece in his ear. He walked forward to the front door. He saw the low-level thugs watching him. They allowed Midoriya to pass through them to meet Mineta. 


Bakugou walked behind the building and saw the ladder. He jumped wall to wall and clutched the ladder, "Fucking easy." He watched his steps as the roof was slippery. He spotted the bright light coming from the rooftop window. He reached inside the silver suitcase to pull out a silencer, "Wait, this isn't mine!" He looked through the window to see Midoriya carrying the other.  


Midoriya didn't realize that inside the suitcase was a rifle. He glanced around to see women, men, and children chained up in cells. The guards were escorting Midoriya down the cells and to the room where Mineta was. The man sat there in his chair with two girls chained beside him. "Nice to finally meet you," Mineta held out a hand for Midoriya to shake. Midoriya shook his hand, "What's with the mask?" Mineta wouldn't lie that he was excited to form a business relationship with the Anarchy. He heard that Anarchy was one of the elite underground organizations in Japan. 


"Mineta, what exactly does your organization does?" Midoriya completely ignores the question. Mineta rolled his eyes and stood up. He tugged onto the chains roughly for the girls to follow. "Why don't you follow me?" Midoriya was reluctant at the command. He followed behind, "this partnership can help each other." Mineta continued to emphasize the advantages of the two working together. Midoriya wanted to laugh at this clown for even considering that the Anarchy would ever partner up with this guy. 


"Where's the rest of your organization? Weren't there four people in your little club?" Midoriya adjusted the collar of his vest. "They're busy with their missions. Time is limited for the Anarchy, so we are always busy," Midoriya explained. "Define the word busy. If we were to work together, why not explain." Midoriya held back a growl from escaping his lips. This bastard has no right to know the plans involving the Anarchy. "Our projects are none of your concern. What is the purpose of this organization, Mineta?" 


Mineta was challenging Midoriya, "Take a seat, Midoriya. I'll show you exactly what this organization does." Midoriya was swept off his feet and into the chair. One of the thugs grabbed a girl out of the cage, "here you go." Midoriya could hear her screams when they tied her onto the metal table. 


Mineta was wearing a white lab coat with a surgical mask. He raised the scalpel and ran the small blade against her abdomen. She shrieked in pain, "Please stop!" Midoriya was horrified at the scene. She was still conscious during the procedure. Mineta extracted out her organs as the girl watched in horror. Midoriya wanted to look away from the scene, but he couldn't. Mineta finished pulling out her intestines as the girl died on the table. 


Midoriya thought it was over until he saw Mineta continue. He dragged the blade down on her skin. He was pulling her skin completely. Midoriya held back the urge to vomit on the floor. Bakugou watched from above. He covered his mouth as he watched. Mineta finally finished and handed the bucket to Midoriya. "We sell organs on the black market. If you haven't caught on, we also engage in sex trafficking. We run the biggest ring of human trafficking." 


Midoriya wanted to shoot this bastard as he forced a smile on his face. "You truly are awful." Mineta didn't catch the statement when he was touching the organs. "Do we have a deal?" Midoriya looked down at Mineta's bloody hand and shook it. "Of course, but first we need to look over the contract." Midoriya needed to stall this bastard. 


Bakugou focused his gun at Mineta, "I might not have my rifle with me, but I'm still an excellent shooter." He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see a fist before everything went black. Midoriya was waiting for Bakugou to take the shoot. He noticed the weird look coming from Mineta. "Is something wrong?" Mineta saw Midoriya open the suitcase before closing it had Bakugou's weapon. He cursed under his breath before turning his attention to the purple-haired male. 


Midoriya heard the door slam open, "What the hell is going on?" The criminal slammed Bakugou down to the ground, "This one was aiming to shoot you." Bakugou growled at the man as the silencer sat on the table. "My, my, you must be the Hollow Death." Mineta's eyes trailed onto Midoriya's mask, "You're the Shadow Killer. You two think that you come in here and kill me." Midoriya grabbed the silencer and aimed it at Mineta's head. "Fine, we came here to kill you. Nightflame sends his regards." 


Bakugou watched Midoriya drop the gun before crumbling onto the floor. He could see the tranquilizer dart sticking out from Midoriya's back. "Lock them up in the cages." The last thing Bakugou saw was Mineta's smirk before he heard the sound of a gun. Everything went black. 


'Sorry, Ei.' 

Chapter Text

Midoriya woke up inside a cell. He tore out the small dart from his back, "That damn bastard!" He punched the stone wall. "Stop doing that," Bakugou spoke as he leaned his head against the wall. "How the hell are you calm about this?" Bakugou looked to the side, "Deku, the plan failed! We're Mineta's prisoners!" Deku was about to swing a fist at him until Bakugou caught him.

"Let go of me," Midoriya yanked his hand back from the blond. "If you've finished with your tantrum, I would prefer to find a way out of this situation." Midoriya sighed and glanced away from him. "Are the bombs set up?" Midoriya massaged his wrists as Bakugou nods his head. "Yeah, half n half advised me to modify them." Midoriya remarks with a single headshake, "When are they set to go off?" Bakugou took a glimpse at his watch and noticed the time. "Crap, we have four hours before they go off."

Mineta tapped his foot impatiently against the hardwood. "How dare they!" He couldn't believe that they attempted to assassinate him in his home. He truly felt wounded by their actions. "Bring them out," Mineta ordered his guards. The girls chained to him, coward at his commands.

Midoriya detected the footsteps approaching the chambers. "Touch me, and I will fucking rip your throat out." The guards were taller and sturdier than Izuku and Bakugou. They laughed at Midoriya's threat. Bakugou turned away when Midoriya attacked the guard. Midoriya wasn't exaggerating when he ripped the man's throat out with his bare teeth.

Bakugou faced his childhood friend to see Midoriya surrounded by blood. "Was that necessary, Deku?" Deku shrugged his shoulders, "I did warn him." Bakugou scoffed at Midoriya, "Clean your mouth." The purple-haired boy wiped the blood onto his sleeve. Midoriya noticed the keys and plucked them off. "I got the keys." He hurled them to the black-haired boy, "Let's get going."


Toshinori gazed upon the monitors, "the league?" The video surfaced in the police agency. He was astonished that the league of villains managed to capture Nightflame. The IP address was difficult to track since Kaminari hasn't checked in. He wondered if this could finally cease the Anarchy. The League of Villains were amateurs and less of a threat to Japan.


Hitoshi walked out of his room to see Kamanari lost in thought. The purple-haired boy knew that this happens rarely. He tapped Kaminari on the shoulder to get his attention. "Denki, are you-" Hitoshi found himself on the ground on his back. "Oh my god, I'm sorry!" Kaminari realizes what he did and helped Hitoshi up. "Hitoshi, please don't scare me like that again."

Hitoshi massages the back of his head, "Yeah, I won't do that again. Is something up? You've been a bit out of it." Kaminari glances down onto the countertop. "We wouldn't lie to each other. Right? You won't keep secrets from me." Hitoshi was uncertain of how to answer Kamainari's question. Kaminari noted down Hitoshi's hesitation to his small interrogation. "You're right, Kaminari. I would never keep anything from you." Kaminari smiles in default, "I trust you."

Kaminari knew that Hitoshi was lying. He knew his boyfriend like the back of his hand. Hitoshi was about to ask Kaminari if he was okay until Kaminari glanced at his phone. "Sorry," Kaminari kissed Hitoshi's cheek before running out of the apartment. Kaminari leaned against the door.

'Can I even trust you now?'

Kaminari walked away from the apartment complex. He decided that maybe he and Hitoshi should spend time apart. He debated whether he should mention this towards Aizawa and Yamada. He shook his head at the option. He walked inside the police agency to see his fellow friends.

Mina Ashido is a Forensic Artist who understands and translates physical descriptions from key witnesses onto paper. She was with a lost little girl. "Don't worry," Jirou reassured the little girl. "Take deep breaths. You have nothing to worry about," the little girl nodded his head.

Kyoka Jirou is a Crime Victims Service Coordinator who provides support and intervention in crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault, abuse, and death. Not only does she arrange for help through finding those in need psychological help or support groups, but she also offers emotional support along with scheduling appointments for victims.

Kaminari used to share mix emotions for the purple-haired girl until he met Hitoshi. He would never trade his kitten for anything the world has to offer. "Kaminari, follow me!" Kaminari noticed Toshinori's blond hair poking out from his office. He stepped inside the chief's office, "Chief, are you okay?" Toshinori took a sip of coffee. "Kaminari, can you track down this IP address?" Kaminari wasn't going to point out that Toshinori ignored his question.

Kaminari glanced at the computer, "Yeah, it might take a couple of weeks to track this IP to an exact location." Toshinori stroked his chin, "Well then, get started on it. You have a week or two."

"Chief, with all due respects, this would be impossible for-" Toshinori shook his head, "You would have enough time if you get started on it. Now, leave my office." Kaminari forced a smile on his lips and took the laptop with him.

'Great!' Kaminari arrived home to his apartment. It felt odd that he wasn't at Hitoshi's residence.  He sighed and opened the laptop. He realized that the device belongs to him. "How the hell did he get his hands on my laptop?!" Kaminari asked himself out loud.

He decided that maybe he could finish this quick. He grabbed an energy drink and prepared himself. He hoped that this wouldn't take longer than two weeks.

'Your PC ran into a few problems. Your PC needs to restart.' Kaminari banged his head against the table. The loading bar was barely 1%. "You gotta be fucking with me."


Bakugou glanced at Midoriya, "Where are the exits?" Midoriya glanced around the corridors. "Kacchan, this is my first time inside this building," Midoriya deadpan. "Plus, we can't escape. They have our phones and disguises. We need to get those back."

"Do you have a death wish? We can replace those things." Midoriya held back the urge from smacking his childhood friend. "Those shitty masks have our location imprinted on them," Midoriya pointed out. Bakugou wondered whose idea it was to have those things imprinted. He remembered that it was something they all agreed on. He never thought that he would end up losing his mask. Midoriya overheard the sounds of hollering, "It's this way."

Midoriya followed the sounds and traced it back to Mineta. He watched from a distance that their weapons, phones, and masks lay on the table. Midoriya needed to come up with a plan for them to escape. Bakugou glanced at his watch to see that they only had three hours left.

Midoriya was about to strike until he felt a cold metal pressed against his back. "You killed Joe," the voice hissed. "Who the fuck is Joe?" Bakugou mentally facepalmed, "the fucking guard." The guard pushed them out from their hiding spot.

Mineta stood up and made his way to Midoriya. "You remind me of this student. I used to know him in high school. His name was Izuku Midoriya." Midoriya's eyes widen at the sudden message. "You fucking bastard-"

"Restraint him!" A guard appeared and took hold of the purple-haired boy. Mineta smirked at Midoriya while Bakugou watched.

"You were reckless, Midoriya. I can't believe you're a part of the Anarchy. The scariest organization in Japan allowed you to join." Mineta fancied the expression on Midoriya's features. "It was challenging to identify you when you have your hair dyed that variation of purple. Wait, I have a hypothesis!"

Bakugou knew that the explosive was in a precise place. He installed it on the most vulnerable part of the structure to make the building collapse. He watched how Mineta's guards were holding Deku back. If he attacked now, it could harm either him or his friend. He weighed out his options and determined to wait for Midoriya's signal. "I'm going to go on a wimp here and say that the Hallow Death is Katsuki Bakugou." Midoriya's eyes widen at the unforeseen observation. Mineta smirked, "That would imply that the Red Riot is Eijirou Kirishima. Your companion is Shouto Todoroki."

Bakugou's thoughts were interrupted by Mineta's conclusions. "I don't know what the hell you're talking about!" Mineta grabbed Midoriya by the chin. "You know what I'm talking about," Midoriya growled at him. Mineta pulled away and lifted the silencer off the table.

"How about I kill you both right now? I could take over the Anarchy. I could extend my operation!" Midoriya glanced at the silencer. "Todoroki and Kirishima won't let you win easily. We're the Anarchy. We don't need worthless partners." Midoriya kicked the gun out of his hands. Bakugou stumped on the man's foot, "Son of a bitch!" Midoriya grabbed his silencer and dispatched the two bodyguards.

Bakugou grabbed his mask and phone off the table, "I'm going to check on the bomb. You deal with that shit bag." Midoriya's expression darkens as he smiles sinfully. "I have three hours. What should I do to you?"

Mineta thought he had the upper hand. He didn't expect the Anarchy to come on top. Midoriya slammed Mineta down on the medal table, "Why don't I give you a piece of your medicine?" The purple-haired boy grabbed a surgical mask and lab coat. Mineta could see the insane look staining those emerald eyes. Midoriya grabbed the scalpel, "Oh~ This is sharp enough!" Midoriya opened Mineta's eye and slowly dragged the blade inside.

"Stop!" Midoriya shushed the purple-haired male. "I'm not done yet!" Midoriya forced his mouth open. He grabbed another blade and cut Mineta's tongue. "Maybe now you'll shut up!"

Bakugou watched the timer on the bomb before heading back to Deku. He only left Deku alone for thirty minutes. He saw Midoriya wiping away the blood from his face. "Is it set?" Bakugou nods his head. "Deku, aren't you going to let the prisoners out?" Midoriya glanced away from Bakugou. "Mineta managed to pull one final trick. He knew that he couldn't win against us, so he filled each room with toxins."

Bakugou saw the angry look on Midoriya's face. He was about to ask until Midoriya put his mask on. "Destroy all the evidence." Deku was the first to walk out of the building. Bakugou glanced down at his phone. He wasn't going to admit to Deku that the explosives didn't have timers. He didn't have the guts to tell Deku that they were trapped here for a week by now. Kirishima's message worried Bakugou as he could think of the worst. Kirishima had some news.

Bakugou turned the devices on when they were far from the building. The building crumbled and exploded. He was glad that this building was away from the city. He walked towards Deku to see the purple-haired boy gripping his phone. Bakugou didn't have to ask when he saw Midoriya's eyes filled with anger.

"They have Shouto! I'm going to make those bastards suffer. They're going to wish that they never got on my bad side." 



Chapter Text

Kirishima worried for the safety of his friends. He felt useless that he couldn't do anything to save either of them. He was terrified of putting the people he cares about in jeopardy. Bakugou informed him over via messages that Midoriya wasn't in a good spirit. He knew first hand how terrifying Midoriya is.

Kirishima didn't anticipate Midoriya to walk inside the underground with tranquility. Bakugou followed closely behind, "Bakugou, you're okay!" Bakugou abandoned the suitcase and ran to his partner. He engulfed Kirishima in a bear hug. "Is he okay?" Kirishima tilted his head to point at Midoriya. "It's best if we leave Deku alone," Bakugou instructed him.

Kirishima pulled away, "I'm going to ask him." Bakugou couldn't accuse anyone other than Kirishima of having a big heart. "Midoriya, are you okay?" Midoriya stopped typing in the location code. "Do you fucking think I'm okay?" Midoriya slammed his fist against the brick wall. The purple-haired boy growled at Kirishima before shuffling away from them. Midoriya barred himself in the bathroom, "Why did I let him go?" The boy drifted down to the ground while clutching his legs to his chest. "I'm a fucking imbecile. I let him leave alone instead of going with him. Don't worry, Todoroki. I'm going to make those asshats wish that they never crossed the Anarchy."

Kirishima peeped at his fiancé, "What happened back there?" Bakugou sighed, "That fucking shitbag knew our identities. We had to eliminate him." Bakugou wondered if this organization was worth the risk. His thoughts were soon cut short. Deku walked out of the bathroom with his green hair on display. The smug look on Midoriya's face gave him up. "What the hell are you smirking about?" Midoriya shrugged his shoulders ignorantly, "It's nothing, Kacchan. I'm going to meet up with a few friends from your unit." Deku made his way towards the door until Bakugou grabbed his wrist.

"Midoriya, are you sure about this?" Kirishima interrupted Bakugou before he could speak. He needed to know that Midoriya wasn't conspiring to do something reckless. "I'm going to see if they didn't evacuate the area." Midoriya slapped Bakugou's hand away from him. "Damnit, Deku! You're acting carelessly! Icy-Hot got captured because he went alone." Midoriya glanced down at the ground. "It's my fault he got captured." Midoriya held a tight fist when he glanced up at his friends. "I told him that I was okay with him going by himself!"

Midoriya ran a hand through his hair, "I'll be back if I find anything." Midoriya strolled out of the retreat. The green-haired boy followed the coordinates that were on a sheet of paper. He stood in front of the building and regarded the door insignificantly open.

'Were they suspecting me to come?'

Midoriya pulled out his silencer and strolled inside. The structure seemed uninhabited, "Where the hell did they go?" He heard footsteps rushing towards him. The blade scratched him on the cheek. "Hold still, Izuku!" Midoriya recognized that voice, "Himiko Toga!" Toga propelled the gun out of Midoriya's hands. "Tomura was right that you'll come after your partner!" Toga grabbed another blade and persevered against Izuku.

Midoriya defended against her swings. She was persistent to beat Izuku while Midoriya was fighting back. He grabbed her hand and twisted it behind her back. "Where's Todoroki," he demanded. The blond snickered in his grasp, "You'll never find him. Tomura had him moved to a warehouse. Dabi suggested that you and your friends would be looking for him. Oh, how correct he was!" Midoriya growled and propelled her into the wall. "I'm not going to ask you again! Where is Shouto Todoroki?"

"Poor little Izuku," she mocked in a childish voice. "Worried for your boyfriend?" Toga was taunting him at his worst. Midoriya didn't notice that he was losing his grip on her. "You should pay more attention to the battle!" Toga thrust the blade into Midoriya's shoulder when she pinned him down.

"Since you're about to die, let me tell you a little secret." Midoriya groaned when she twisted the blade in his right shoulder. "That video was taken in the new location. Too bad that you didn't know that. I heard that the police have someone tracking them down. The guy's name is Denki Kaminari," she giggled at the boy. "I shouldn't be telling you this since we're on separate sides. Well, goodbye, Izuku Midoriya." She grabbed Midoriya's gun to shoot him. The green-haired boy closed his eyes and heard the echoing vibration of a gunshot.

Midoriya opened her eyes to see Toga's eyes cloud up, "Huh?" She glimpsed at the blood dripping from her abdomen. She abandoned the gun and fell onto the boy. Midoriya shoved her off, "You owe us." Kirishima and Bakugou stood at the doorway, waiting for Midoriya to hurry. The green-haired boy stared at her lifeless body.

"Mommy, what's going on?" Inko bends down to look at her 6-year-old son. "It's going to be okay. Don't worry about Mama." She ran her hand through Izuku's green locks. Izuku smiled softly at his mother and leaned into her embrace. Inko hid her fear from her son, "Izuku, let's play a game."

Izuku's face lit up, "Which game?" Inko glanced up at the hostages around her. "The quiet game," she was trying to keep her son calm enough for her to call help. She never anticipated being caught in a robbery. Izuku huffed his cheeks with a smile. He didn't know the situation going on around him. Inko watched the circumstance unfold and called the police. She hung up the phone, "Izuku, you've been-" She turned to see Izuku missing. Izuku was standing in front of the criminal. "Sit the hell down, kid." The man shoved the boy down to the ground. "Don't touch my baby!" Inko shoved the man aside to grab her son. Izuku watched his mother fight against the burglar. Inko took the gun away from the man.


Izuku's eyes widen, "Mommy?" Inko dropped the gun from her hands. Inko glances at her stomach to see the blood dripping from her stomach. She collapsed to the ground with a harsh thud. "MOMMY!" Izuku didn't notice the officer standing from the door. The captives watched with pure shock. "Mommy?" Izuku pressed his hands against the blood to stop it. "Mommy, please stop bleeding!"

"I love you, Izuku." Her eyes fluttered shut, "Mommy, no! Don't leave me!" He hugged her lifeless body. The officer stood guilty at the scene. He accidentally shot her. He shot this boy's mother. Izuku cried when the paramedics took his mother away from him.

"Deku?" Midoriya felt the tears go down his cheeks. "Midoriya, are you okay?" Kirishima noticed the tears going down his friend's face. The green-haired boy gripped his shoulder, "I need to see my dad." Midoriya strolled past Kirishima. Bakugou grabbed his arm. "Hell no! First, you're going to see Shuzenji."

Midoriya sighed, "Fine, let's go see her." He trailed behind the engaged couple. He wondered if he would have the opportunity to have what they have. He was afraid that he was too late. He needed to get to Shouto. He couldn't give up on the small pinch of hope.

Shuzenji only asked a few questions when Midoriya came in with a bloody shoulder. Midoriya had to wear a cast sling. Bakugou knew that this would delay its mission to save Todoroki. He wondered why Midoriya was plotting to see Toshinori. The chief of police would never reason with them, so why was it an alternative?

"How long would I need to keep this?" Midoriya needed to know how long he needed to have this sling. "Roughly around ten days." The green-haired boy sighed, "Thanks, Shuzeji." Bakugou and Kirishima followed behind their friend as Midoriya turns to face them. "I need to get going."

"Deku, what are you planning?" Bakugou glared at his childhood friend. Midoriya rolled his eyes, "Kacchan, I'm getting really sick of your doubtfulness against my plans." Kirishima stood back to give them space. He didn't want to be in the middle of this. "None of this would be happening if you guys didn't keep secret. It's been a week since he went missing. How sure are we that Icy-Hot is alive?" Midoriya punched Bakugou right in the face with his left fist. His right arm was in pain from the stab wound. "Shut the hell up!" Bakugou growled, "I have had enough of your bullshit!" He punched Midoriya right in the stomach.

"Hey, guys, cool down!" Kirishima intervened between two, only to get punched in the face by Midoriya. "You fucking bastard!" Kirishima was on the ground, watching his friends fight. None of this was right because they were fighting in an alleyway during the afternoon. Kirishima grabbed his silencer and pointed it at them. "Stop fucking fighting before I shoot you both!" The two pulled away when they saw the gun in Kirishima's hands. "You two are acting like complete children!" Bakugou growled and pulled away from Midoriya. The green-haired boy wiped the blood off his sleeve. "We can't save Todoroki if you're hiding things from us," Kirishima told him. Midoriya sighs, "I'm going to see Toshinori as myself. I need to find where Todoroki is. I can't lose hope that Todoroki is dead. I have to find him. I have to get going. My dad is going to be pissed." He walked away from the two, leaving them in the dark.

Midoriya went to his apartment complex. He went inside and got cleaned up. He wondered what his mom would think of him right now. He was a complete mess. "I'm sorry, mom. I promised dad that I would stay safe. He made me promise that I wouldn't disobey the law. If you could see me now, what would you think?" He walked away from his mom's alter.

Midoriya got ready to see his dad. He walked down to the police station, 'Dad is going to worried.' He entered the police station, "Hey, Deku!" Midoriya saw Uraraka running to him. She noticed the bruises on his face and the arm sling. "What happened?" Iida noticed Uraraka standing by their old high school friend. "Hello, Midoriya," Iida greeted his green-haired friend. "Is my dad here?" Iida nods his head at his friend's question. Midoriya walks past them before waving at them. "We can talk later. I just have to get something done," Midoriya smiled at them.

Midoriya knocked on the door, "Come in." Toshinori saw his son at the door. When he saw his son, he saw Inko. He remembered meeting Inko for the first time. Izuku's father left them in the dust with no remorse when Izuku was two. When Inko died, Toshinori adopted Izuku and took full guardianship over the boy. He snapped out of his thoughts when he saw the bruises layering Izuku's face. "Son, what happened?" Midoriya shut the door behind him and shuffled to the seat in front of his desk. "Dad, don't worry about it. I'm not badly hurt." Toshinori sighed and rubbed his temple. "Is there anything you need? You rarely come to the police department after the incident." Midoriya gripped his sling, "Dad, that was uncalled for." Midoriya leaned forward and placed the bug on the computer. Toshinori didn't note anything wrong when his son leaned over to hug him. Midoriya sat back at his seat.

"Dad, do you know where I can find Kaminari?" Midoriya needed to get this conversation over. He couldn't handle the feeling of being in one of the places he hated the most. Toshinori lifted an eyebrow at the question, "Son, you know I can't tell you his address." Midoriya sighs, "It's okay, I understand. Kiri wanted to talk to him. It was nice talking to you, dad." Midoriya hugged his dad and pulled the bug off. Toshinori sighed when his son walked out of the room.

Midoriya smirked to himself. He bumped into someone. "Oh, sorry!" Midoriya froze when he looked at the man. He knew this man. He never thought that he would ever see this monster again. He never got to kill this bastard when he disappeared. He remembered his dad telling him that the officer left. He never expected to see this man again.

"I'm Tensei Iida," the man introduced himself. Midoriya held back the growl. "I'm Izuku Midoriya." The man's eyes widen at the name. He bowed his head, "I'm sorry for what happened-"

"Why the hell do you care now?" Midoriya's voice went dark. "You shot my mother. There's no redemption for you. Burn in hell if you think that I would ever forgive you. Be lucky that you're still alive." Midoriya walked away from the male. Tensei watched the green-haired boy walk out of the department.

'Tensei Iida, you earned yourself a place on my list,' Midoriya grinned maliciously. He was glad that he stopped by the office. He only came to the office to gather more information about the police files. He didn't come to find out Kaminari's address. He memorized each profile and knew where to find him.

'I can't wait to see you again, Kaminari.' 

Chapter Text

Dabi watched his brother collapsed onto the ground. He lifted the mask off his face to reveal his identity. "Hm, you weren't wrong. Shouto Todoroki is Enji Todoroki's son and heir to the Todoroki Inc." Dabi laid the syringe to the side, "Yeah, he's the successor to the company."

"What should we do with him?" Dabi needed to know that no harm would befall to his little brother. The purpose he consented to this plan was for him to inherit the company. "Dabi, what we do isn't any of your concern anymore. Just tag along, and nothing will happen to Todoroki." Dabi growled, "That wasn't what I agreed to!" Shigaraki rolled his eyes, "Muscular take Todoroki to the chamber." Dabi was about to protest until he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Dabi, you need to calm down." Twice had to make sure that Dabi didn't do something reckless. Muscular dragged Todoroki's unconscious body to one of the rooms in the dungeon. "We're going to have to move now," Kurogiri told the group. Dabi found himself fortunate that Shouto remained unconscious during transportation.

Shigaraki prepared himself to film the video. Dabi questioned if he made the right decision. He saw the boy stirred in the chair while Mustard was inserting up the camera. "Give me the mask," Shigaraki ordered. Toga and Twice were frolicking around with the mask. He snatched it out of their hands and put it on the boy. "What the hell are you doing?" Todoroki glared at them while pulling at the restraints. "We're going to film a small video." Dabi glanced over to his brother, "Fuck you, Touya." Dabi rolled his eyes and exited the room. He was genuinely surprised that Shouto was Night-Flame.

Todoroki moved his gaze upon the camera. 'Bastards!' Shigaraki stood beside Shouto, "To the fellow members of the Anarchy, I want to discuss a deal with you all. Red Riot, Shadow Killer, and Hollow Death, you all will meet our demands or else." Shouto focused on his tapping to make sure Kirishima, Bakugou, and Midoriya got the message. He wasn't completely useless. He needed to find an escape route from his captives.

Shigaraki exited the room and pulled Toga aside for her mission. "Give our guests a warm welcome. I'm sure that the Anarchy is going to start searching for their lost member." Toga giggled, "Of course, Tomura. I'll make sure they enjoy their time." Toga skipped away from Tomura with a bright smile laced on her face. She couldn't wait to surprise Izuku. She memorized the first time that she fell head over heels for him. She followed him home one day and discovered his identity. She had an obsession with the green-haired boy. She cherished each memory of Izuku. She couldn't wait to see him again. Her thoughts were cut short, "Toga, are you sure you don't need extra muscle?" Toga glanced at the man holding onto her arm. Toga could spot the hint of worry in Twice's voice. She didn't rely on Twice's facial expressions when Twice hid under the mask.

"Twice, I'll be fine. You don't have to worry about anything." She wasn't going to worry her friend that her life was at risk. She was willing to die for the league. Twice was afraid that Toga would act recklessly and get herself killed. "Please stay safe," he begged. "Bye, Twice," she pressed a kiss on Twice's forehead. She exited the building and headed off to complete her mission. Twice didn't know that this was going to be the last time he'll ever see Toga again.

"You shouldn't starve yourself," Dabi stated. Shouto glared at his brother, "You shouldn't care, Dabi." Shouto refused to hold any conversation with his brother. He noticed the growing tattoos covering his brother's body. Endeavor would've been angry if he saw. Dabi rolled his eyes, "You're still my brother, Sho." His brother walked forward to push the black bangs from his face. "You look completely different without the scar or the red and white hair." Shouto took the opportunity and head-butted Dabi.

"You little shit!" Dabi punched Shouto right in the stomach. "You remind me so much of dad, Touya!" Dabi growled at his little brother. "Don't fucking compare me to that bastard!" Shouto couldn't contain his laughter, "You remind me of him. Isn't that why you dyed your hair red and got tattoos? Did Father upset you again?" Dabi didn't hold back his punches. This bastard was taunting him. "You're just like him, Touya!"

Dabi stopped when he got a good look at his brother's bloody face. "You're our prisoner. You better show me some respect or else." Shouto rolled his eyes at him. "Respect?" Shouto chuckled, "Don't make me laugh, Touya." Shouto's gaze darkens, "You don't deserve respect. When I get out, I promise to give you a slow and painful death." Dabi scoffed, "Trust me, Sho. I'll be the one killing you." Shouto growled as he watched Dabi stroll out of the room.

Todoroki spent three weeks in captivity. The league achieved to capture him and use him as ransom. The public didn't know about Todoroki's disappearance since he was on a 'business' trip. The league decided to utilize him against the Anarchy, perceiving that they wouldn't fight back. The League of Villains accelerated the Anarchy out of the spotlight and dominated over them.

"Wake up sleeping beauty." The cold, icy water splashed onto Todoroki's skin, waking him up immediately. He glared at Shigaraki, "Kill me already, you damn bastards." Todoroki couldn't feel his body anymore. He admitted his head to settle down to view the ground. "We still need you," Shagaraki taunted him. He jerked Shouto's hair back to glance at him.


"What the hell do you want from me?" Shigaraki smirked at the boy sitting in front of him. His plan was coming up perfectly. Dabi was the essential piece of his game. "I wanted to talk." Shouto rolled his eyes, "Why should I talk?" Shigaraki lifted the blade from the metal table. "I'll be the one asking the questions," Shigaraki stabbed Shouto in his left leg. "You're worthless associates killed Toga." Shouto laughed, "Good for them!"



"Who are they?" Shouto rolled his eyes at Shigaraki's question. "I don't have to tell you anything." Shigaraki twisted the blade, "This is a fucking easy question! JUST FUCKING ANSWER IT!" Shouto bit down on his lip harshly. "Fine, I'll tell you!"



"What are their names?" Shouto glared, "Come closer." Shigaraki sighed and went close to face the boy. Shouto spits at Shigaraki and then head butts him, "Fuck off." Shagaraki growled, "You little shit!" Shouto was determined to reveal no information about the Anarchy to them. He promised himself that he wouldn't give in to the pain and let them win. 

Chapter Text

Kaminari focused on the desktop, laying in front of him. He ignored the incoming messages and calls. He wasn't sure if he was ready to deal with Hitoshi. He loved that boy more than anything, but he couldn't trust him. Kaminari questioned if he would able to get past the mainframe. For the week, he's been relying on energy drinks to keep himself awake. Kaminari glanced at the messages from Hitoshi. Kaminari debated if he should at least respond to him.

Hitoshi: Hey, are you okay? You weren't at my apartment with Mochi. You've been acting weird since last week.

Hitoshi glanced at his phone, 'Another missed call.' He rubbed his temple, thinking why Kaminari would be avoiding him. He was at the store picking up treats for Mochi. Toshinori hasn't given him any details about his mission. He knew their hands were tied. He decided that he should at least pay a visit to Kaminari's apartment to see if everything is okay. He needed an explanation for Kaminari's sudden disappearance. It's been a week since they last spoke. He wondered if Kaminari finally figured out his secret. His decision was final that he would visit Kaminari.

Kaminari finished his last energy drink, "Goddamnit!" He was halfway through the coding until the power shut down. He knew it wasn't raining, so why was the power out. Power outages rarely happened in his building. He heard the window shattering in the kitchen. He grabbed the metal bat off the ground and walked towards the kitchen.

'Get a grip, Kaminari." Kaminari took a deep breath and swung the bat. He saw the black-figured catch the bat in mid-air. Kaminari growled and kicked the criminal in the stomach. The bat was discarded on the floor when Kaminari started to fight back. The villain pinned him down onto the tile floor. "If I were you, you better calm down." Kaminari's eyes adjusted to the light and gasped. "Familiar?" Kaminari recognized that mask.


19-year-old Ochaco Uraraka rushed inside the police station with tears rushing down her face. Kaminari was volunteering at the station to finish his community service punishment. "Uraraka, what's wrong?" Kaminari approached her, "Uraraka, why is there blood on your clothes?" She collapsed into Kaminari's chest. "They killed them! They killed my parents!" She repeated the same words like a broken record. "Who killed them?"

"The Shadow Killer did!"


Kaminari couldn't believe that he was facing the murderer. He never thought that the Anarchy would ever come after him. He never trained to prepare himself for this type of situation. "You're going to do a small favor. You got it?" Kaminari glared at the criminal, "You killed Uraraka's parents." Shadow grabbed Kaminari's golden locks before slamming his head against the floor. "I didn't come to make small talk with thick-witted fools. You think that you can speak to me like that. You're an insufficient pawn in my game." Kaminari's vision blurred from the pain coursing through him. "What the hell do you want from me?"

Shadow smirked, "I heard that you're close to finding one of my partner's location. I need you to give me that information." Kaminari scoffed, "Let me go, and I'll give you the flash drive."

"Finally coming to your senses," Shadow lets go Kaminari's arm. Kaminari went to the fridge to grab an ice pack. His head was pounding from the blow. Shadow rose and crossed his arms. Kaminari walked to his laptop, "I couldn't find the location yet. I still need time to crack the coding." Shadow tsked at the boy, "How long?"

Kaminari looked at his desktop with the ice pack pressed against his forehead. "A couple of hours." Kaminari noticed something odd with the criminal, "Is your shoulder okay?" Shadow rolled his eyes, "I was stabbed in the shoulder by a psycho killer." Kaminari nods his head and sets the ice pack aside. He was typing right away to find the coordinates. "Why did you kill Uraraka's parents?" Kaminari needed to know the truth. He couldn't this question, invade his mind.

Midoriya adjusted his face mask, "I wasn't responsible for their death." Kaminari couldn't see behind the face mask since it covered half of the boy's face. Midoriya twirled a strand of his purple hair, "I was there at the wrong time. I didn't realize that the loan sharks would come after them."

"Loan Sharks?"


18-year-old Izuku Midoriya didn't think that he would witness Uraraka's parents shaking at the harsh knocking on the door. Uraraka was in the bathroom to hear the sounds. "What's wrong?" Midoriya didn't understand what was going on. "You have one year to bring in my money!" Midoriya froze at the sudden detail. He wondered how far in debt was the Uraraka family in.

Midoriya glanced to see Uraraka's father, "Don't tell Ochaco any of this." The green-haired boy nodded his head. Uraraka walked outside the bathroom and barely noticed the change in the atmosphere. Midoriya kept his word and said nothing at the dinner table.

Midoriya failed to realize his fatal mistake. He spent one year working on the underground organization. His mind forgot about the money sharks until Todoroki mentioned it. "Midoriya, be careful. Here's the address of where those killers would attack next," Midoriya grabbed the slip of paper. His blood rushed cold when he ran out of the passage. He knew that address and hoped that he wasn't too late.

Midoriya knocked on the door, "Please open the door! It's Midoriya!" He heard no sound coming from inside. The lights were on, so he rushed to the windows. He couldn't see anything beyond the curtains. He wasn't going to let this stop him. He ran back and ran forward into the glass. His eyes widen at the scene, "Ms. Uraraka, Mr. Uraraka?" Their bodies lay lifeless on the floor, "Oh god!" His hands were covered in their blood when he checked their pulses.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Midoriya's body froze at the familiar voice. Uraraka walked into the living room to see the hood figure wearing a kitsune mask. "It's not what it looks like," Midoriya turned to face the girl. "You killed them!" Uraraka dropped to the ground and hugged his parents' corpses. Midoriya couldn't reveal his identity to her. He ran out of the house. Uraraka watched the killer run out of the house. She ran after the boy, determined to catch him. Midoriya disappeared into the crowd. 


"What do you mean that you didn't kill them?" Midoriya wondered why he was revealing this information to Kaminari. "Her parents didn't want her to know how deep in debt they were." Kaminari nods his head softly and continues working on his desktop. Midoriya spent a decent amount of time taking in his surroundings. This guy could be a valuable asset to the Anarchy, except Kirishima would probably protest against it. "Hey, can I ask you another question?" Midoriya rolled his eyes, "You just did." Kaminari laughs nervously. "Who's this guy you're finding?"


"You're going to rat us out if I tell you." Kaminari rubs the back of his neck, "I know you guys are the bad guys, but I admire you guys. You guys act above the law, so there's a reason why the police are after you guys. The Anarchy is powerful, and I do wish you guys luck." Midoriya was surprised by Kaminari's words. People weren't big fans of the Anarchy, and this took him by surprise. Midoriya looked forward, "Night-Flame. He's known as Night-Flame." Kaminari remembered that name.


"I hope you do find him." Kaminari pulled out the flash drive. "His coordinates are on this drive. I wish you luck." Midoriya takes the flash drive from Kaminari. "I know your boss might get you in trouble, so give him the location." Kaminari nods his head at Midoriya's orders. "Well, see you later, Chargebolt. I'll come back if we need your help. Don't tell anyone about this. It's best if no one knows." Midoriya exits out, and then the lights flickered on. Kaminari leaned back into his chair, "What did I just get myself into?" 


Amajiki took photos of the crime scene. He was a Crime Scene Technician. He has skills needed for using a camera and knows the proper procedures in collecting specimens. Tokoyami walked onto the scene in his lab coat. He was from the morgue that helped identify the way the person met their demise. Uraraka glanced at the corpse, "Her name was Himiko Toga." Iida reached into her pocket to pull out a small piece of paper. "She was a part of the League of Villains. Do you have any thoughts, Uraraka?"

"You remember that video? If she's connected to the league, the Anarchy is planning their next move." Uraraka stood back to allow Tokoyami to examine the body. Uraraka glanced up to see the broken security cameras. "Do you think that we can get Kaminari to look into this?" Iida glanced up to where Uraraka was pointing at, "I think we can." The two detectives returned to the police department to plan their next move.


Kaminari prepares himself to leave his apartment when he received a message from Iida. He saw that familiar purple hair. "Kaminari-" Kaminari pushes past him, "I have to get going." Kaminari closed the door behind him. "Kaminari, please listen," Hitoshi held onto Kaminari's wrist. The boy looked at Hitoshi's eyes, "Hitoshi, I need to get to work." Kaminari pulled his wrist away from his boyfriend. He walked away from Hitoshi.


Kaminari arrived at the station and noticed Uraraka. He promised Shadow that he wouldn't tell Urarakak the truth. "Kaminari, do you think that you can find any footage on this drive?" Kaminari chuckled, "Of course, this is my specialty." He took the flash drive from Uraraka and took his laptop out. "Done," Kaminari pulled up the footage. Urararaka, Iida, Kaminari watched the fight between Toga and Shadow. "She was fighting one of the members from the Anarchy." Uraraka clenched her fists when she recognized that figure. Iida watched Toga pounce on Izuku before stabbing him in the shoulder. Kaminari noticed Toga stopping and collapsing on top of Shadow.

"There are the other two members from the Anarchy," Iida pointed out to the two figures appearing from behind. Hollow Death was holding onto a weapon while Red Riot walked forward to the camera. The video view soon turned black. "We need to find them soon," Uraraka told them. Iida agreed, "We need to stop them." The Anarchy and the League were dangerous and unstoppable. Lives would be in jeopardy with these two organizations running around. 

Midoriya walked inside the base, "I'm back." Kirishima looked at Midoriya and sighed. He was glad that his friend didn't get hurt. Bakugou was annoyed, "Where the hell did you go, Deku?" Midoriya set the flash drive down onto the war table. "I know where Todoroki is." Bakugou raised an eyebrow, "Where did you get this from?" Kirishima's eyes widen when he notices the small lightning bolt sticker on the flash drive. "I had some help. Toga mentioned that someone from the police department was tracking down the IP address on the video. I decided to visit him," Midoriya explained.


"You went to see Kaminari," Kirishima pointed out. Bakugou growled, "Damnit Deku, I told you to leave them out of this." Midoriya rolled his eyes at his childhood friend. "I didn't hurt him. Plus, it's not my fault that he's a hacker. He helped me find Todoroki's location. I wasn't going to let the opportunity slip past me. I need to find him." Bakugou stood up and grabbed Midoriya's collar. "Look here, Deku! I know that's a shitty lie. You told him something. Didn't you?"

"I told him what happened to Uraraka's family." Midoriya shoved Bakugou off of him, "Plus, it's none of your concern for what I do outside the Anarchy." Bakugou was frustrated. He didn't want any of his shitty friends to be involved. He wouldn't admit that he was worried about his friends back at the station.  


"Either way, I think it's time we expand the members in the Anarchy." Midoriya knew that Kaminari was a possible candidate. Bakugou remained silent at Deku's words. Midoriya was planning something, and he had no say in this.

"Right now, we should focus on our strength on the attack. We're going to get Todoroki back," Kirishima told them. Midoriya turned to the red-haired boy, "We'll attack in two weeks." Midoriya needed this cast-off, but he had to wait for two weeks. The three members of the Anarchy couldn't hold back their thoughts.

'Don't worry, Todoroki. The league will suffer for their actions.'

'What is Midoriya/Deku planning?' Kirishima worried for his friend. Bakugou was slightly worried about the future. He hoped that Deku doesn't do something reckless. 

Chapter Text

Hello everyone, sorry. This isn't a chapter. It's more like a informational author's note on the story, "The Anarchy." I need a few things cleared up on the story. I have this posted on wattpad. This story is on wattpad & Tapas. Well, here's the things I have to state about this story.  I do apologize for the timeline of the story being a bit confusing. 


Here are a few minor things I want to point out about each character in the story:

Shouto  Todoroki
•A.k.a  Nightflame
•He has Philophobia (fear of falling in love and emotional attachment). He's afraid of love after what happened with Inasa.
•He dyes his hair black and blue. He covers his scar on his left eye with make-up.


Izuku Midoriya
√a.k.a the Shadow Killer
√The explanation to his name hasn't been revealed yet. I'm planning on revealing why Midoriya chooses that name. 
√He dyes his hair purple. 
√He liked Shouto but hides it. 
√He is actually friends with Uraraka and Iida. 
√He's a lawyer.

Eijiro  Kirishima 
°a.k.a Red Riot 
°He dyes his hair blue. 
°He's distant to his friends. 
°His adoptive father is a cop. 
°Happily engaged with Bakugou.

Katsuki  Bakugou
~a.k.a The hollow death?
~Bakugou's name is going to change.
~He's known to get punched a lot by Shouto and Midoriya a lot.
~His back story is going to be revealed soon and so will  Midoriya's
~He's a bit  'nice'  to Deku. 
~He dyes his hair black. 
~He loves the rifle that Kirishima got him. 
~Happily Engaged with Kirishima.

Ochaco Uraraka 


-She dislikes the Anarchy more than anything. Especially the Shadow Killer

-Single. She thinks that she doesn't have any time to date

-She's 22 years old


Tenya Iida

👓 Detective 

👓 Iida dislikes the Anarchy for the damage they caused and a few personal reasons. 

👓 Single. He's afraid of putting someone in danger.

👓 He's 22 years old


Touya (Dabi) Todoroki

He does not have scars instead he has tattoos. 

He dislikes his little brother, Shouto. 

Works with the league of villains. 


Hitoshi Aizawa-Yamada

-a.k.a Hitoshi Shinsou

-He's dating Kaminari. 

-He's a spy/agent for the police department. Well, he's a part of the FBI. 

-He's determined to bring the Anarchy down. 



Denki Kaminari 

+He's dating Hitoshi. 

+He suspects his boyfriend is hiding something from him. 

+He a part of the police force. He specializes in hacking in technical devices, tracking, and finding stolen or missing digital documents. 


Time for the actual information that will be used later in the chapters. Well, the important facts will be checked with a ☑️:

1. Todoroki and Midoriya are not dating. Midoriya wants to be in a relationship with Todoroki, but Todoroki is unsure. Shouto still needs time to recover fully from the abuse he endured with  Inasa .☑️

2.  Inasa  will reappear in a future chapter. Probably soon

3. Bakugou and Kirishima are engaged. ☑️

4. Bakugou is technically friends with Kirishima's friends.

5. Bakugou works for the police despite running an underground organization aka the Anarchy. ☑️

6.  Shinsou  will make an appearance soon. I have plans for  Shinsou . ☑️

7. Bakugou's alias is going to change soon. His name will change from the hallow death to something else.☑️

8. Midoriya is still friends with Uraraka and Iida. He's been a bit distance to them.

9. Uraraka's anger and hatred towards the Anarchy will be revealed along with everyone else's. ☑️


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Chapter Text

Midoriya wandered down the corridors of the hideout. He was preparing himself for the battle. He was going to make the League pay for their actions. He knew that the League would underestimate them for the number of members in the Anarchy. 'I can't wait to see their faces.' He was determined to make the League pay. He wasn't going to let this go carelessly and let them wander around. He was going to put an end to the League and slaughter them all.

Kacchan had to report back to the police station since he did have a job there. Kirishima was at work, leaving Midoriya alone. The green-haired boy walked inside the war room to see the picture frame by the table. He neglected that he left this here. It was the picture of his parents and himself. He remembered how Toshinori worried for him after Inko's death. Midoriya knew he should have never distanced himself from his adoptive father. He questioned if he could ever restore the bond they had. It was his mistake that they weren't close anymore. Midoriya knew that he wasn't the only one that missed Inko. Toshinori lost the love of his life. Midoriya glimpsed at his phone on the table and took a deep breath.

Midoriya: Dad, can we spend time together when you're not busy?

Midoriya set his phone down onto the counter. He needed to tell Bakugou and Kirishima his plans for the expansion. Midoriya removed the arm strap when he realized that it was finally time. He promised himself that he would tell his friends about his plans. First, they needed to save Todoroki. Maybe, this was his chance to tell Todoroki the truth.


Kaminari assembled his items and headed to the station. He had to give Toshinori the flash drive considering the due date was approaching. He knew that this was drifting their relationship apart. He sighed to himself, 'Can I even trust you anymore, Hitoshi?' He wondered if he was overreacting. His phone hummed against the wooden table. Kaminari rolled his eyes and walked over to the table.

Hitoshi: Can we please talk?

Kaminari read the message and wondered what he should do. He asked himself if he could trust Hitoshi. He glanced at the picture frame on his desk. It was a reminder of his and Hitoshi's first date. He loved his insomniac boyfriend, so why couldn't he talk to him. He ran a hand through his hair and ruffled his hair.

'Why am I so stubborn?'


"Dad, I don't even know what I did wrong." Hitoshi looked for his guidance. Yamada invited his son to accompany them for tea. Aizawa glanced at his son, "Hitoshi, you understand that Kaminari isn't someone you could easily read." Hitoshi settled his head against the table, "I know, dad. He's been ignoring me for three weeks now. I can't help but worry about him."

"Give him some time," Yamada joined the conversation. He set down the three cups of tea onto the table. "Thank you," Aizawa kissed Yamada's cheek. Hitoshi rolled his eyes at the sudden affection if parents were exhibiting. "Papa, I'm worried about him." Yamada chuckled, "Son, give him some time." Hitoshi sat up and planted his hands against the teacup. "Yeah, I guess you're right." Hitoshi wondered if Kaminari was planning to break up with him. He didn't want to lose his Pikachu.


"Hitoshi, maybe we should move off this topic. You've been muttering for the past few minutes." Aizawa took a deep breath, "Hitoshi, can you explain why you were at Toshinori's office three weeks ago?" Hitoshi didn't anticipate his father to ask him this question soon. "Dad, it was nothing." Aizawa scolded, "You're putting your life at risk with this job of yours." Aizawa didn't approve of the career path Hitoshi chose. Yamada lingered quiet, knowing that he couldn't interfere. Aizawa was protective of his family and never wanted them to get hurt.

"Dad, I told you thousands of times! I'm satisfied with my job. I'm old enough to make my own choices. Why can't you trust me?" Hitoshi didn't notice that he raised his voice at his dad. "Hitoshi, don't you dare raise your voice at me!" Yamada sighed, "Both of you need to calm down."


"Onii-chan, stop arguing," Hitoshi looked over to his sister. Eri was taking a bite from her apple, "Imouto, you're taking their side?" Eri rolled her eyes, playfully, "Of course not, I don't want to get in trouble." Eri threw her apple away, "I'm going to get going." She kissed her papa's and father's cheek before slapping Hitoshi behind the head. "That was unnecessary," Hitoshi rubbed the back of his head. Eri giggles, "Don't argue with dad then." She walked out of the house. Eri attended a public junior high school that was nearby.


Yamada shared a glance, "Aizawa, Hitoshi is right. We shouldn't tell him what he should do. We should support him. Hitoshi, you need to understand that we're your parents. You can't stop us from worrying about you." Hitoshi nods his head. 


"I'm sorry, Dad." 



Bakugou growled, "What the hell do you want, Round Face?" Uraraka rolled her eyes at his absurd nicknames. "Toshinori wanted me to tell you to be ready for tomorrow." Bakugou looked at her, confused. "What the hell are you talking about?" Uraraka rolled her eyes, "You're the best shooter in this department, so we're going to need you on the mission." Bakugou was one of the best shooters in the department. "What mission?" Bakugou rarely came to the station since he was always busy with running the Anarchy.


"You need to pay attention more, Bakugou. Toshinori has the coordinates to find the League and the Anarchy. Kaminari managed to find the location. Toshinori is giving us until tomorrow to prepare ourselves." Bakugou needed a moment to process the information. If Toshinori requested him, he couldn't deny the order. "Ugh, I have to work with you, damn extras." Bakugou walked away from them as he maintained his composure. 


"Bakugou!" Bakugou groaned, 'Why are these extras bothering me already?' Bakugou turned around to see Sero and Kaminari walking towards him. "What do you want, Soy Sause-Face?" Sero laughed at the nickname. Everyone at the station was used to Bakugou's ridiculous nicknames. "Are you ready for the mission?" Kaminari glanced around at his surroundings while thinking about Hitoshi. "I'm ready for anything. What about you, Dunce Face?" Bakugou was still angry with Deku for involving Kaminari in their plans. Kaminari realized that Bakugou was talking to him. "Oh, I'm not a field worker like you guys. I'm staying behind in the department."

Kaminari glanced down to the ground, "I gotta get going." Kaminari walked away from them. Bakugou watched him leave before returning his attention to Sero. "What's up with him?" Sero sighs, "He's having relationship problems." Bakugou tsked, "He shouldn't be here if he's going to sulk around." Sero rolled his eyes at his friend. Bakugou walked out of the police department, thinking about Kirishima. 'Deku better have a plan. There's no way I'm letting Kirishima gets hurt during the mission.' Bakugou was needed back at the station tomorrow. 


Kirishima finished dying his hair blue. 'I'll admit that it feels weird to dye my hair this way.' Kirishima's spiky hair was down instead of up. He was ready for the mission for tomorrow. He glanced at the mask sitting on the counter, "Maybe it's time to try something different." He grabbed a mask that covered his mouth and nose. He adjusted the mask on his face to see the designs of sharp teeth showing.

He walked into the war room to see Midoriya studying the layout of the building. "What are you doing?" Midoriya jumped and threw a dagger at Kirishima's direction. The blue-haired boy dodged the blade before it could hit him. Midoriya sighed, "Don't sneak up on me." Midoriya turned back to the layout and let Kirishima look at the blueprint. "This is the layout of the building. There are approximately 14 rooms, so we need to hurry." Kirishima glanced at the layout and knew that time was limited.

"Do you have a plan or not?" Deku glanced back to see Kacchan walking into view. "Your dad has the coordinates of the building. He's preparing to attack tomorrow and demanded that I go with them. You're down a player, shitty Deku." Deku growled in frustration, "I didn't expect Kaminari to hand over the flash drive early." He tugged on his purple hair and ruffled it. "God fucking damnit," Izuku slammed his fist against the war table. "The police are enough trouble already." Midoriya needed to think of a plan to save Todoroki. He wasn't going to let the authorities or the league win. "Kacchan, do you think that you can delay the mission?"

"Yeah, I think I can." Bakugou wondered where this was going. "I need you to distract them. Kirishima will look for Todoroki, and I'll deal with the League. We're not going to let the Anarchy lose. We need to show them that we're dangerous. We'll attack tomorrow," Midoriya walked out of the war room to collect a few items.

"My first mission without you," Kirishima said. Bakugou strolled over to Kirishima and pulled the mask down. "Stay safe," Bakugou smiled slightly. Kirishima smiles and pecks a kiss on Bakugou's lips. "I need to get ready for tomorrow." Bakugou wished tomorrow wouldn't come soon.

The next morning, Bakugou noticed Midoriya wearing a faceguard that covered half his face. "What's with the changes, Deku?" Midoriya glanced at his childhood friend, "My old mask makes it difficult for me to see, so I need to change it." Midoriya grabbed three daggers and hid them in his black shoes. "You better save Half n Half." Bakugou walked out of the hideout. 


Todoroki growled, "I'm not telling you anything!" Shigaraki's temper was getting out of hand when it came to Todoroki. He was persistent against Shigaraki's torture. Shouto was lucky that he was alive. He ignored the numb feeling coursing through his body. Shigaraki dragged the blade down Todoroki's leg. Todoroki bit down the scream when Shagaraki twisted the blood. He was lucky that he was sitting in the chair.

Todoroki noticed that Shagaraki was silent. 'What the hell is he planning?' Shagaraki smirked at Todoroki, "I'll be right back." Todoroki watched Shagaraki leave the room. Todoroki felt droplets of water dripping on his head. 'Don't tell me this is his plan.' Todoroki laughed to himself that Shagaraki would choose to do this. Shagaraki walked inside the room with something in his hands. "Hold still," Shagaraki placed the metal neck brace on Todoroki's neck. "Get this off of me!" Todoroki could feel the sharp points cut his skin if he tried to move his head. Shagaraki watched the water stream down onto Todoroki's head. Todoroki couldn't move his head when the water dripped down onto his hair.

Todoroki shivered, "You fucking sadistic bastard!" Todoroki couldn't give in to this and let Shagaraki win. He couldn't sleep, or he'll risk cutting his neck open. Shagaraki left him alone with the water running. Shouto tried to ignore the drops of water hitting his head. 'Give up! At this rate, you'll die!' He felt drowsy, and the last thing he heard was Dabi yelling out his name. 

Dabi took the neck brace off before Shouto fell unconscious. 'Crap, he's freezing.' He picked up Todoroki and took him to the room. He undressed his brother from his wet clothing. "Damnit, Sho, you better not die on me." He cleaned the wounds and wrapped them in bandages. He covered him in blankets to keep him warm. "What the hell was I even thinking?" He was angry with himself. He let his jealousy and envy cloud up his mind to realize his mistakes. He glanced at the time to see that it was 3 p.m. Dabi heard the alarms ringing inside the hideout. "The hell?" Todoroki's breathing was shallow, and his skin was regaining color. He couldn't leave his brother alone.


Midoriya strolled forward to the front of the building. Twice and Mustard looked at the boy. "Get the hell away from here," Mustard glared at the boy under his gas mask. Midoriya glared at them, "I guess there's no use of trying to talk this out then. Let me introduce myself," Midoriya pulled his gun out. "I'm the Shadow Killer, and you guys took someone from me!" Midoriya didn't give them time to react when he shot Twice in the head. Mustard watched Twice fall and turned to see Midoriya slicing his neck open with the blade. Mustard choked on his blood as Midoriya laughed.


Kirishima followed Midoriya inside the building. "Go ahead, Kirishima. I'll deal with them." Mr. Compressed and Magne surrounded the two. Midoriya pointed his gun at them. "Run now!" Kirishima memorized the layout of the building and started to look for Todoroki.


"You could fight me," Midoriya suggested. "Or you can join the Anarchy." Midoriya didn't notice the figure behind him. He turned immediately to see Muscular's fist. He crashed into the floor with the gun sliding towards Mr. Compressed. "We're loyal to Shagaraki. We're not going to disobey his orders to join you."


"Fine, your choice," Midoriya grabbed a dagger from his boot and threw it at Mr. Compressed. The villain shot Midoriya's hand, but it was too late. The blade slashed the villain's neck. Midoriya tore a piece of fabric from his shirt and secured it around his bloody fist. He kicked Magne right in the chest, knocking her into Muscular. Midoriya grabbed his gun and aimed it at them. 


Kirishima heard two final gunshots, 'I hope Midoriya is okay.' He continued running before he kicked down the door. He saw an unconscious Todoroki on the bed. "Crap, Todoroki!" He rushed to Todoroki until someone grabbed him. They were pressing a white cloth against his mouth. "Stop, let me go!" Kirishima fought back and punched Dabi. "You're strong," Dabi said. The villain pinned Kirishima onto the ground, "Or maybe you're weak. I'm going to have-" Kirishima watched the villain fall on him. Todoroki was looking at Kirishima, "You needed help." 

Todoroki was wearing a different pair of clothing. "We have to get going," Kirishima helped Todoroki up. The two-headed out through the backdoor. "Where's Midoriya?" Todoroki looked at Kirishima. The blue-haired boy was carrying Todoroki since Todoroki could barely move in his condition. 


Kirishima let Todoroki down to send out the signal for Midoriya to hurry out. Midoriya heard the gunshot. He had to hurry out. He exited the building through the back and saw Todoroki in Kirishima's arms. "We have to hurry." Todoroki looked pale in Kirishima's arms as he was starting to lose consciousness. Kirishima had to drive them back.


Midoriya could hear Todoroki's shallow breathing, "Please, stay awake, Shouto. You can't die." Midoriya held onto Todoroki tightly. He couldn't lose the person he loved dearly. 

Chapter Text

Shuzenji was reviewing over her documents when she heard the banging sound on her door. "It's open," she set aside the hospital files. She would have never expected to see the members of an elite organization walk inside her office. "We need your help," Midoriya told her. She didn't ask any questions while checking Todoroki vitals. "What's his name," she demanded. "His name is Shouto Todoroki." Midoriya watched Shuzenji work on Todoroki. "Is he going to be okay?" Midoriya needed to know that Todoroki was going to be okay. Kirishima knew that Shuzenji was unable to recognize. He wasn't going to blow their identities. Shuzenji was glad that no one was present in the building except them. She wondered if she should call the police or not. "What happened to him?" She knew this was Enji's heir. She wondered how this boy got injured in the first place. The purple-haired boy sighed, "We found him inside the League's warehouse. We didn't expect to see the Enji's heir trapped. We brought him here because you're the only one that wouldn't rat us out." Midoriya couldn't let her find out the truth.

Bakugou stood outside of the warehouse with the rest of the unit. He noticed the recent message from Kirishima.

Eijiro Kirishima: We're at Shuzenji's clinic. Todoroki is currently resting while Shuzenji is monitoring his vitals. She hasn't ratted out our location. Stay safe on your end.

Bakugou smirked to himself, 'Toshinori is going to be pissed.' He followed behind the team when they regarded the dead bodies on the ground. He stepped away from the group when he saw someone crawling to the back. He strolled over to the limping body. "Where do you think you're going?" Bakugou watched the man point a gun at him. Bakugou tsked, "Deku should've killed you. I guess you managed to survive against his attack." Muscular's eyes widen at the information. 'This guy is a part of the Anarchy!' Bakugou could see the realization in the man's cold eyes.

"I'm the Hollow Death. You captured one of my friends and used him against us. You're lucky that I can't shoot you." Bakugou wasn't scared of this guy. Muscular smirked, "I can shoot you right now. Shagaraki will be proud if I kill one of the members of the Anarchy." Muscular pulled the trigger on the gun, "What the hell?" Bakugou watched the villain struggle with the gun. "Aren't you going to shoot me?" Bakugou laughed at this man's emotionless expression. "You're pathetic. You're making me waste my bullets on worthless garbage like yourself." Muscular's eyes widen when Bakugou shoots him, "Deku owes me a drink."

The blond walked away from the body. "Toshinori, they're all dead. It's best to call the morgue," Bakugou advised to the chief. Toshinori sighed, "The Anarchy is always one step ahead of us." Bakugou watched the chief walk away from the scene. The blond rubbed the back of his neck, 'I wonder what the chief would think when he finds out that Deku is a part of the Anarchy. I need a drink right now.' Bakugou watched Uraraka punch the brick wall, "Round-Face, what the hell are you doing?" He saw the tears lining up from her brown eyes. Bakugou grabbed her fist to stop her, "Stop, you're going to hurt yourself!" She turned to Bakugou and fell into his chest. She cried into Bakugou's chest while gripping onto his shirt. Bakugou wasn't going to pull away from her when she's vulnerable. He hugged her back, "It's okay, Round-Face. I'm here if you need someone to talk to."

'I wonder if this has something to do with her parents. She probably still blames Deku for murdering her family. I've never seen her cry like this before since their funeral. I wonder how she's dealing with everything. She's been keeping everything bottled up. I didn't get along with Deku's friends, but Uraraka was my friend. How many people have suffered because of us? Uraraka wasn't allowed to know the real reason her parents died.' Bakugou tightens his grip around Uraraka's waist, "I'm here for you."

Uraraka built her metal walls around her heart to protect herself. She remembered how happy she was back in school. Deku and Iida were always there for her. She counted on them. Her friends didn't need to worry about her. She lied to hide her feelings, 'Shut up, Ochaco! You need to make sure your friends are happy! If you let them in, they'll think that you're a dysfunctional girl. If you were never born, mom and dad wouldn't be struggling! It's your fault! It will always be your fault.' She wished that she wasn't so worthless.

She glanced up at Bakugou to observe the hint of regret in his eyes. "I need to get going," Bakugou told her.


Todoroki's eyes fluttered open to see the ceiling, 'Where am I?' He glanced around at his surroundings. He remembered that Kirishima and Midoriya brought him here. "You're finally awake," Shouto sat up to look at Shuzenji. "How did I get here?" She quirked an eyebrow at the boy, "You don't remember?" Shouto shook his head, "Everything seems like a blur."

"Two dangerous males brought you here," she explained. Todoroki nods his head, "Where did they go?" Shouto was confused. "They didn't say anything. They just left once they dropped you off." Shouto nods his head. He lay down on the bed, 'They made the right choice to drop me off.'

Todoroki left the hospital later that day, 'I'm glad that Shuzenji couldn't recognize me. It's been three weeks since I was held captive. The dye probably washed out of my hair.' Todoroki headed back to his apartment to find some clothes. He noticed his phone on the table counter, 'No wonder where I left that phone at.' He picked it up to see a few messages on there.

Old Man: Where the hell are you?

Old Man: It's been two weeks! Where the hell are you? You better not be avoiding your father, Shouto.

Old Man: Touya said you've been doing drugs. You're in trouble when you come to the office.

Shouto glanced at the date and realized that the message was just now. He knew that he would have to confront Endeavor soon. He heard the knock at the door. He walked over to the door and opened it. He didn't expect a green-haired boy, "Midoriya?" The green-haired boy buried his face into Todoroki's chest, "I had to see you again." Shouto noticed the blush staining Midoriya's cheeks, letting his freckles stand out. Midoriya extracted himself from the hug and allowed Shouto to close the door. "Is that all you needed?" Todoroki leaned against the door as Midoriya glanced down at the ground.

"I wanted to talk." Midoriya had to tell him. He couldn't keep his emotions buried when he almost lost Shouto. "I love you, Shouto." Shouto froze at the mention of those three words. He never thought that he would ever hear those words again.


"Who would ever love a monster like you?" Endeavor's words echoed. 12-year-old Shouto held back the tears when his father yelled. "Why do you hate me? What did I ever do to you?" Shouto collapsed to the ground and covered his cheek. Tears were threatening to fall from his mismatched eyes, "You're a disgrace! A repulsive freak."

17-year-old Shouto smiled, "I'm glad that we met." Inasa grabbed Shouto's hand, "Yeah, I'm happy that I found you." Shouto leaned his head against Inasa's shoulder with a bright smile. Inasa watched the boy admire the stars, "You're beautiful, Shouto." The boy giggled and allowed Inasa to hold him. "Sho, do you love me?" Shouto pulled away from Inasa, "Why are you asking? We've been dating for five years. Why wouldn't I love you?" Inasa placed his hands against Shouto's cheeks. "I love you, Sho. I love you more than anything." Shouto loved this boy. He didn't know that Inasa was leading him in a spiderweb. "Don't you love me?" Shouto saw the worry and anger lacing Inasa's eyes, "O-Of course!" Inasa grabbed Shouto's chin to face him. "Then say it," Inasa's voice sounded harsher. Shouto bit down the whimper, "I love you!"

18-year-old Shouto hid inside Inasa's closet. "Where the hell are you? I'm sorry, I hurt you. You know that you shouldn't make me angry. I promise that I won't hurt you." Shouto held tightly onto his sweater, 'He's lying! He's going to hurt me again. I need to leave, but he'll find me.' He wished that he didn't accept Inasa's offer to move in with him. Shouto hugged himself, "Leave me alone!" Inasa was banging the door of the closet, "Open the door, Shouto. You're making me angry!" Shouto ran to the door and opened it. Inasa slapped Shouto across the face. "You better listen when I speak to you." Shouto hugs himself, "Let me leave!" Inasa tsked, "You've been spending so much time with Midoriya. What did I tell you about speaking to him?"

"Don't you love me?" Inasa forcibly grabbed Shouto's wrists, "Say it right now!" Shouto shook his head, "No, I don't love you! LET ME GO!" Inasa lifted Shouto to his feet and shoved him against the wall. "What the hell did you, whore!" Shouto felt Inasa's hands around his neck, "I love you, Inasa! I love you!" Inasa smirked, "Promise that you wouldn't leave me!" Shouto didn't know what to do, so he nodded his head. "I love you, Sho. I can't let you. You mean the world to me. I'm teaching you that you should never disobey me. No one would ever love you as I do."


"Todoroki-Kun, breathe!" Todoroki glanced at his friend to see his concern. He felt like he couldn't breathe. "Follow me," Midoriya slowed down his breathing for Shouto to follow. He didn't think that Shouto was going to have a panic attack. Todoroki didn't notice that he was on the ground holding a death grip on his shirt. He was scared of love. He didn't want the abuse to start again. He loved Inasa, and he hurt him. 'Midoriya wouldn't harm me as Inasa did. He was different.'

"I'm sorry," Todoroki glanced at the ground. "Please don't hurt me," Shouto's voice sounded small. Midoriya shook his head, "I won't hurt you."

'He'll hurt you.'

"Todoroki, I'm not like Inasa or your father."

'He's lying.'

"Todoroki, I know you're afraid. Inasa can't hurt you again. I won't let them hurt you again. I promise you that I would never hurt you. I love you."

'Inasa loved you, and he hurt you. Can you trust him? Inasa promised that he wouldn't hurt, but he did.'


Midoriya grabbed Shouto's hand, "Todoroki, I will never hurt you. Don't you remember what happened? I wasn't going to let him abuse you again. Can't you remember?"


20-year-old Shouto wasn't allowed to leave the apartment unless it was for work. Endeavor made sure that Shouto stood by Inasa's side. Shouto was trapped. He wasn't allowed to speak to any of his friends. "I told you to stay away from them. Did you fucking see how Midoriya was looking at me at the office? He doesn't work there, so why was he there!" He threw a lamp at Shouto. The boy dodged and watched the lamp shatter. He tried to run, but Inasa was faster. Inasa grasped Todoroki's neck, "You're worthless, slut. No one is going to save a freak like you! No one is going to love you as I do!" Todoroki's tears stream down his cheeks, "I'm sorry!"

Inasa stopped when he heard knocking, "Todoroki? Is everything okay?" Todoroki recognized that voice. "Help me, Midoriya!" Inasa punched Todoroki across the face, "Shut the hell up!" Midoriya heard the screaming and yelling coming from the other side. He tried to open the door, "Don't worry, Todoroki!" Midoriya ran back and crashed into the door.

His eyes widen when he saw Inasa grabbed Shouto's shirt with his hand raised in the air. Shouto looked terrified while sporting a few bruises. "Get your hands off of him!" Todoroki watched the two fight, 'He's helping me. Why are you risking your safety to save me?' Midoriya took the beating, "You think that you can take my Shouto away from me!" Inasa was on top of Midoriya as he punched the green-haired boy. Todoroki saw the frying pan on the stove. He swung it behind Inasa's head, knowing him out.

Midoriya tied Inasa onto the chair while Todoroki was grabbing the first-aid kit. "Why didn't you tell anyone?" Todoroki pressed the cloth against Midoriya's busted lip, "It didn't matter." Midoriya hissed as Todoroki wiped the blood away. "Todoroki-"

"Why did you help?" Midoriya saw the tears lining up, "You're my friend, Todoroki. I couldn't let him hurt you. You didn't deserve any of that. How long has this been going on?" Todoroki glanced down, "T-Three years." Midoriya hugged Shouto tightly.

"He's never going to hurt you again. I promise you. I will never let him hurt you again."


Midoriya looked into Todoroki's mismatched eyes, "I promised you that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you again. I won't hurt you. I would never hurt you. I love you, Todoroki." 


Chapter Text

Todoroki never had a traditional childhood. If he could describe himself, he would say cold and reserved. Social interaction wasn't one of his best skills that he should've developed when he was younger. He barely recognized his siblings. He grew up in a separate environment than his siblings. He was a victim of child abuse from his father. He remembered the sweet voice of his mother when she hugged him tightly. His mother loved him so much, but it didn't stop Endeavor from taking her away. She couldn't handle the abuse and poured boiling water down Shouto's left eye.

"The kids are becoming more like their father. I can't look at them anymore. I can't handle it anymore. I want to leave and run away."

Shouto wished that he didn't overhear her conversation. His father refused to pay for any private tutors for Shouto. Todoroki had a difficult time handling school with a constant amount of bullying. He struggled with his self-esteem and doubted himself. He could hear the cruel words of his classmates uttered when he walked inside the classroom. He attempted to ignore the words, but he believed every word they said.



"Useless, bitch!"

10-year-old Shouto stared down at the ground, trying to hide the tears. He yelped when one of his classmates tugged on his hair. "Aw, look, he's about to cry." He was shoved to the ground, "Gonna cry to mama? Oh, wait, your mama left you." They surrounded the fragile boy in a cage. They blocked any form of escape Shouto had, "Please, let me leave." His tormentors laughed at his pity attempt to escape.

"Didn't you hear him? He told you guys to leave him alone." One of the students cursed under their breath, "Look, Yoarashi, why don't you join us? Don't you believe that this freak deserves a good beating?" The kid strolled over to Yoarashi as the kid huffed, "The only freaks here are you guys!" Yoarashi didn't encourage violence, but he was willing to get troubled for this boy. He slammed his fist against the bully's abdomen and knocked him off his feet. "If anyone comes near Todoroki, you will have to answer to me." Todoroki watched the bullies run away from the area and then glanced at the giant.

"Come on, let's get you out of here." His voice sounded soothing and gentle like his mother's. He saw the extended hand, "Why did you help me?" Yoarashi lifted Shouto effortlessly, "It was the right thing to do. I'm Inasa Yaorashi. You're Shouto Todoroki, right?" Shouto nodded his head to confirm his name. "Do you want to be friends?" Shouto wondered if that was the right choice to make, but he accepted the offer. "We're going to have so much fun together!" Todoroki couldn't help but smile at this boy's amusement. "You should smile more," Yoarashi said. Todoroki blushed at the comment, "I-I don't usually smile." Yoarashi chuckles, "You're adorable." Todoroki grew flushed at the compliments and covered his face to hide his burning appearance. He made his first friend.


13-year-old Shouto watched his best friend play with his lunch. "Yoarashi, you're going to choke on that if you don't slow down," Shouto commented. Yoarashi was attempting to slurp his noodles down before Shouto could. Yoarashi choked on his noodles while Todoroki was giggling. "I told you," Shouto teased. Yoarashi rolled his eyes, "You need to learn to live a little, Todoroki." Shouto rolled his eyes at him, "Nah, I wanna live. Plus-" Shouto's mouth was stuffed with noodles. He choked on the noodles and attempted to swallow them. "You jerk," Shouto grabbed a spoon of his zaru soba and shoved it between Inasa's lips. Yoarashi was busy laughing to notice Shouto's attack and ended up coughing on the noodles. Shouto stopped laughing and focused on his friend. He smiled to himself as one thought invaded his mind.

'I'm friends with a goofball. No, I'm  in   love  with a goofball.'


Shouto was 14 when he shared his first kiss with Yoarashi. They were hiding under the blenches to avoid their classmates. Shouto giggled at Yoarashi, "You're too tall, Inasa!" Yoarashi hit his head against the bottom of the benches, "You're a little shit, Sho." Shouto was about to run until he tripped, "Be careful!" Inasa held onto the boy before he falls to the ground. A light rosy blush covered Todoroki's cheeks when he saw how close they were. "Are you okay with this?" Shouto looks into Inasa's eyes and smiles softly. Yoarashi pulled Shouto close to his chest before kissing him. Shouto never imagined his first kiss to be with someone he loves dearly. When they pulled away, Shouto buried his face into Yoarashi's chest. Shouto wondered if this was love.

Inasa wouldn't hurt him. He trusted Inasa.


17-year-old Shouto noticed something wrong with Inasa. His behavior changed drastically, "Inasa, what's wrong?" Yoarashi ignored his questions and would glare at every friend Shouto had. After the mountain trip, Todoroki wasn't allowed to see his friends often. Inasa got jealous when Todoroki was talking to his friends. Shouto was spending the night at Inasa's house, "Yoarashi, you're squeezing me." Shouto was trying to focus on washing dishes when Inasa started getting handsy. "Inasa, stop, I'm washing the dishes." Inasa ran his hands down Shouto's waist, "Take a break. We barely get any time together since you've been applying for college."

Shouto giggled, "What's up with you?" The boy turned around to face Yoarashi and smiled up at his lover. "How about we spend some time together?" Shouto smiled, "What do you have in mind?" Todoroki yelped when Inasa picked him up, "I have a few suggestions. Can we-" Shouto cut Inasa off by kissing him.

"Take me away."

Shouto woke up the next morning with warm arms around his waist. He looked up to see Inasa's sleeping face, 'I can't believe we did it.' He leaned his head against Inasa's chest and listened to his heartbeats. He pried himself out of Inasa's grip and grabbed a separate sheet to wrap himself in. Shouto hopped into the shower and washed. 'Last night was amazing. Yoarashi didn't hurt me." Shouto giggled to himself. Shouto finished his shower and didn't see Yoarashi inside the bedroom. He strolled down the foyer to see Yoarashi in the kitchen. Yoarashi made a traditional Japanese breakfast for them. "Hey, beautiful," Yoarashi wrapped his arms around Shouto's waist. "Hey, yourself," Shouto replied. "Sho, can I ask you something?" Shouto glanced at his boyfriend's unusual expression, "Sure, you can ask me anything."

"We're about to graduate, so I was asking if you would like to move in with me. Since we're attending the same colleges, I thought it would be a good idea. Would you like to move in with me?" Shouto smiles and kisses him, "I would love too." Shouto didn't believe that Inasa would hurt him. He loved him, and Inasa loved him back. He didn't know that Endeavor spoke to Inasa. He didn't know that they were stringing him up for disaster. Inasa held onto the boy and kissed him sweetly. He truly loved this boy and would do anything for him. He looked into Shouto's mismatched eyes, "I love you, Shouto." Shouto smiled at the three words and leaned his head against Inasa's chest. He wished that he didn't say those three words. He didn't know that they were leading him to a trap. Still, he told Inasa those three words.

"I love you too, Inasa."


18-year-old Shouto rolled his eyes at Bakugou, "You're overreacting, Bakugou." The blond-haired boy growled, "Icy-Hot, get through your thick head that he's hurting you. He doesn't love you. He's fucking hurting you."

"He only does it because he loves me," Shouto crossed his arms at the blond. After graduation, the motion for the Anarchy was beginning. Bakugou and Todoroki were cleaning up their base. Midoriya and Kirishima were busy gathering supplies for their hideout. Bakugou laughed, "He's screwing with you, Half n Half. It's domestic abuse right there. Stupid Deku is worried about you. He's afraid that he did something to you since you've been avoiding him." Todoroki glanced down at the ground in shame. "Wait, don't tell me that Baldy is controlling you." Todoroki's silence confirmed his answer, "Half n half, I may not like you, but I know you don't even deserve that. Just leave him." Todoroki shook his head, "No, you're lying! He does love me!" Bakugou grabbed Todoroki's wrists, "Are you fucking listening to yourself? He's fucking hurting you! He's manipulating you into thinking that he loves you. Do you even feel safe around him?"

Todoroki yanked his wrists out of Bakugou's grip. "Leave me alone. I don't need your advice or criticism against my relationship." Todoroki bit down the truth of his feelings. Inasa loved him, and he loved him too. He couldn't be wrong.

'He  loves  me, right?'


19-year-old Shouto was terrified of love. Inasa continued to abuse him both mentally and physically. Shouto's self-esteem shot down and was self-conscious about his appearance. He didn't go outside often to avoid the stares. "They're going to judge you, Sho. It's best if you stay inside and wait for me to come home." Shouto nods his head, "Okay, Inasa." Inasa walked towards the boy and set his hands on his cheeks, "I love you, Sho." Shouto's lip quivered, "I l-love you too." Shouto was unsure of his words and closed his eyes, waiting for Inasa to hit him. He didn't notice Inasa's disappointed expression. He felt a light peck on his lips before he opened his eyes. Inasa rubbed his hands against Shouto's cheeks, "I'm sorry, Sho."

Shouto was confused by the apology. He didn't know why Inasa was apologizing. "Go rest," he continued, "I'll bring us some cold soba from your favorite noodle store." He walked out of the apartment, leaving Shouto alone. Shouto spent the day resting from his bruises and waited for Inasa to come home. Inasa stayed true to his word and bought them some cold soba.

Inasa was abusive, but he didn't go past those lines. Inasa didn't force him to sex with him unless Shouto wanted it too. He would always wake up to Inasa, holding him close while cuddling. Shouto felt like he didn't know Inasa anymore. He missed the Inasa from when they were younger. He wondered where it wrong. Endeavor didn't care about Shouto's sexuality, but why did it feel like he was involved?


20-year-old Shouto wasn't allowed to leave the apartment unless it was for work. Shouto was trapped. He wasn't allowed to speak to any of his friends. Something snapped in Inasa when he came home. Shouto tried to ignore his insults. "I told you to stay away from them. Did you fucking see how Midoriya was looking at me at the office? He doesn't work there, so why was he there!" He threw a lamp at Shouto. The boy dodged and watched the lamp shatter. "Inasa, please stop t-throwing stuff!" Inasa growled and made his way towards the shaking boy. Todoroki tried to run, but Inasa was faster. Inasa grasped Todoroki's neck, "You're worthless, slut. No one is going to save a freak like you! No one is going to love you as I do!" Todoroki's tears stream down his cheeks, "I'm sorry!" Todoroki choked against Inasa's grip and tried to get him off.

Inasa stopped when he heard knocking, "Todoroki? Is everything okay?" Todoroki recognized that voice. "Help me, Midoriya!" Inasa punched Todoroki across the face, "Shut the hell up!" Inasa dropped Shouto onto the glass and cut him. Shouto felt the small shards digging into his palms. He screamed when Inasa punched him again.

Midoriya heard the screaming and yelling coming from the other side. He tried to open the door, "Don't worry, Todoroki!" Midoriya ran back and crashed into the door. His eyes widen when he saw Inasa grabbed Shouto's shirt with his hand raised in the air. Shouto looked terrified while sporting a few bruises.

"Get your hands off of him!" Todoroki watched the two fight, 'He's helping me. Why are you risking your safety to save me?' Midoriya took the beating, "You think that you can take my Shouto away from me!" Inasa was on top of Midoriya as he punched the green-haired boy. Todoroki saw the frying pan on the stove. He swung it behind Inasa's head, knocking him out.

Midoriya tied Inasa onto the chair while Todoroki was grabbing the first-aid kit. "Why didn't you tell anyone?" Todoroki pressed the cloth against Midoriya's busted lip, "It didn't matter." Midoriya hissed as Todoroki wiped the blood away. "Todoroki-"

"Why did you help?" Midoriya saw the tears lining up, "You're my friend, Todoroki. I couldn't let him hurt you. You didn't deserve any of that. How long has this been going on?" Todoroki glanced down, "T-Three years." Midoriya hugged Shouto tightly.

"He's never going to hurt you again. I promise you. I will never let him hurt you again." The boy cried into Midoriya's chest. Midoriya helped him when he was at his worst.


Shouto loved Midoriya, but he was scared. He was scared of getting hurt again. He looked at the green-haired boy in front of him, and he was speechless. Midoriya watched Todoroki choke on his tears, "Midoriya, you shouldn't love me. I'm poison." The green-haired boy shook his head. "You're not poison." Shouto held a grip onto his sweater, "You don't understand, Midoriya." Midoriya reached to grab Todoroki's hand, but the boy pulled away. "You're afraid of letting people know. I'm not going to beat you as Endeavor and Inasa did. Todoroki-" Todoroki interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. "Midoriya, please leave," Shouto clenched his hands against his sweater. "If that's what you want, then I'll be going." Todoroki glanced up at the boy, "I need time to think. I'm sorry, Midoriya."

Midoriya kissed Todoroki's forehead, "I understand. Take all the time you need." Todoroki watched the green-haired boy leave his apartment. He stood up and went to his closet to pull out the picture frame. "Why can't I move on?" Shouto knew he should've thrown the box away, but he didn't have the courage. He gently put the box inside his closet before standing, "I have to do it." He had to face the person that tormented him. He needed to know why Inasa hurt him.

Todoroki was ready to face Inasa. He wasn't going to back down. He walked out of his apartment, determined to get answers. Each stepped he took weighed more with fear, 'I can do this. I'm not going to back easily. If I want answers, I can't let my fear consume me.' He remembered Inasa's apartment and felt the memories hit him. He never thought that he would return. He never thought that he would ever have the courage to stand near this place. He couldn't let his fear get the best of him. He had to confront his past and let go. Todoroki took a deep breath, 'Here's goes nothing.'

Todoroki knocked on the door and heard the door opening. Inasa was shocked to see his past lover standing in front of him. Todoroki glanced up and smiled softly.

"Hi, Inasa." 


Chapter Text

"Hi, Inasa." Shouto stood in front of Inasa. He wasn't going to back down, "It's been a while since we last spoke." He didn't see Inasa frequently unless it was at the place where they work. "I didn't expect you to be here," Inasa admitted. "Me neither, but here I am." Shouto glimpsed at his old home, 'It appears that nothing changed.' Shouto catches the sounds of talking happening from inside. "Oh, you have company." Shouto glimpsed at Inasa, 'Is he dating again?' Inasa nervously chuckles, "I didn't anticipate you to visit any time soon." Shouto moves back, "I apologize for intruding." Shouto was about to leave, and then someone came to the door. "Shouto, honey, it's been a long time since we last saw each other," Inasa's mother said. "Come in," she tugged on Shouto's arm. "Yoarashi-san, I don't think that's-"

"I insist," she continued, "The whole family is here." Shouto turned pale when he heard Inasa's mother say that. "Mom, I don't think he wants to be here," Inasa said. She shook her head, "Shush, Inasa." She smacked Inasa behind the head, and Shouto laughed. Inasa rubbed the back of his head, "That wasn't necessary." Shouto forgot what he came here for when Inasa's mother dragged him to the living room. "You sit there," she ordered. Shouto sat down on the sofa and glanced around. She shuffled back to the living room and handed Shouto a cup of tea. He thanked her before setting his teacup on the table. He saw Inasa exit the house through the back door and excused himself. Inasa was sitting on the grass, observing the night sky. "Todoroki, you shouldn't be here," Inasa stated. He regarded the dual-colored boy alongside him. "Doesn't being here remind you of all the shit I did?"

"Inasa, you don't want me here?" Yoarashi sighed, "I'm surprised that you're able to stand in the same area as me. Why are you even here?" Todoroki sat in front of his past lover, "I loved you. I love you even though you hurt me. I want to know why you hurt me." Todoroki swallowed his fear as Inasa didn't know how to react. "Todoroki, you need to leave." Todoroki shook his head, "I'm not going to leave until I know the truth!"

Inasa grabbed his wrists, "I didn't love you, Shouto! I never did!" He saw the tears dwelling from Shouto's mismatched eyes. He let go of Shouto's wrists, "Y-You told me that you loved me. You lied to me." Inasa wanted to tell Shouto the truth, but he couldn't. Shouto wiped his tears, "You're a heartless bastard. I fucking hate you!" Shouto stood up and started to walk away until Inasa grabbed his hand. Shouto was shocked when Inasa pulled him close. Inasa had his arms around Todoroki's waist and kissed him. Todoroki returned the kiss and wrapped his arms around his neck. Inasa pulled away, "I lied, Shouto." Inasa tightens his hold around Todoroki's waist. 

"Your father," Inasa whispered when he tore away from the kiss. Shouto's eyes widen at the sudden detail. He realized the position they were in and removed himself. He hated that he still harbored feelings for his past lover. 'What the hell am I doing?' Shouto had a hand pressed against his lips before looking at Inasa. "Why did you kiss me?" Inasa rubbed the back of his neck, "I didn't want you to leave. It was wrong of me to kiss you without your consent." 

"What do you mean by my father?" Shouto didn't understand what Inasa meant. His father didn't care about his relationships, "My father wasn't around as often." Inasa sighed, "Do you remember the day we went to the mountain?" 


Todoroki giggled in excitement, "I can't wait!" Inasa smiled at Todoroki's gleeful mood, "When you told me that you've never gone mountain climbing, I thought you were lying." Todoroki rolled his eyes, "My old man never took my family out." Todoroki was packing for their trip up the mountain. "Your old man is an asshole," Inasa admitted. Shouto rolled his eyes, playfully, "You think I don't know that already?" Inasa chuckled at his lover's commentary. "We should get going before it turns dark." Shouto smiles and hands Inasa their bag, "I have everything we need packed." Shouto was happy to try out new things with Inasa. They've been together for three years. 

Inasa pecked a short kiss on Todoroki's lips, "Let's go." The trail to the mountain was an exciting trip for Shouto. Inasa enjoyed seeing the bright smile Todoroki had. His smile fell when he remembered what Endeavor told him. He shook his head and pushed it aside. He wasn't going to let it ruin their date. Shouto found the edge of the cliff and set their things down. "This is the place, right?" Inasa nods his head and allows Shouto to set up the blanket on the ground. He helped Shouto set up the things with a small fire lit in front of them.

The two sat together on the blanket, "I'm glad that we met." Inasa grabbed Shouto's hand, "Yeah, I'm happy that I found you." Shouto leaned his head against Inasa's shoulder with a bright smile. Inasa watched the boy admire the stars, "You're beautiful, Shouto." The boy giggled and allowed Inasa to hold him. Inasa remembered Endeavor's words and glanced at the boy in his arms. He had to do this to protect Shouto and his mother from Endeavor.

"Sho, do you love me?" Shouto pulled away from Inasa, "Why are you asking? We've been dating for five years. Why wouldn't I love you?" Inasa placed his hands against Shouto's cheeks. "I love you, Sho. I love you more than anything." Inasa was afraid of hurting him, but maybe Shouto would understand. "Don't you love me?" Shouto saw the worry and anger lacing Inasa's eyes, "O-Of course!" Inasa grabbed Shouto's chin to face him. "Then say it," Inasa's voice sounded harsher. Shouto bit down the whimper, "I love you!"

Inasa pushed aside the heartache, 'You're doing this for Sho. Remember what Endeavor is putting on the line if you don't follow his orders.' He could remember Endeavor's words clearly and wished that the man had a heart. Endeavor was heartless when he told Inasa to follow his orders.


"Crush his spirts, Yoarashi. Shouto has a duty to run this company. I want you to hurt Shouto and make sure he stays in line. He has to learn to be more obedient towards orders." Inasa gripped the edge of his seat, "Endeavor, sir, I would never hurt Shouto on purpose. I don't care about your interests, so don't fucking think that I would easily obey your orders." Inasa wasn't going to hurt the one person that he cherished.

Endeavor smirked, "You seemed to care a lot about Shouto. That's why you're the perfect candidate to break Shouto. Shouto is like his mother and appears to have a big heart just like her. I want you to burn his love and crush it into ashes. I propose we make a deal, Yoarashi." Inasa wished that he was home with Shouto instead of this. Endeavor pulled out a photo of Shouto's mother, "If you fail to follow my orders, she'll die. I can easily roll it out as an accident. If you tell Shouto or anyone about this, Rei will die immediately. Your family is next on the list if you think of going against my orders." The lives of others were placed on Inasa's hand and forced him to decide. Shouto needed his mother. He was doing this for Shouto.

He hoped Shouto would understand.


Shouto stood frozen at Inasa's confession. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, "You're lying. You have to be lying!" Inasa shook his head, "I'm sorry, Shouto." Inasa had to be lying. Shouto didn't want to believe any of this. "He made you choose between hurting me or killing my mom. You were trying to keep her alive for me. I never connected the dots that she died in the same year we broke up. I-I killed my mom. I choose to leave with Midoriya that night. I-If I never did, she would've been alive." Shouto collapsed to the ground. "She's dead because of me."

"I couldn't tell you the truth. Endeavor would've killed your mom and my family if I told you. I had to hurt you to show him that I was following his orders. When you left that night, it was too late. Endeavor noticed that the changes and the distance set between us. He found out that we broke-up and had Rei killed. I couldn't tell you because of the guilt and angry I felt. That day when I asked you out, I was planning to tell you the truth. I didn't have the chance when you were avoiding me. I tried to stop it from happening, but I was too late. The doctors said that she died from an overdose from her medication pills."

Shouto felt his tears slip down his cheeks, "I never got to tell her goodbye. The last time I saw her, she was so happy that she was going to go home after my 20th birthday. She died two months after my birthday. We broke up one week before her death, and now she's gone. She's dead because of me." Inasa sat down in front of the weeping boy and wiped his tears away.

"It wasn't your fault, Sho. You didn't know what he was planning. It was my fault. I should've told you the truth, but I was terrified. He would've killed her before you could have the chance to confront him. I had to hide it from you. I tried to ignore the pain that I inflicted on you, but I couldn't. I hurt you so fucking much. I hated that I hurt you without blinking an eye. Each time when I hurt you, I regretted it so much. When you left that night, I was terrified of the outcome. You wouldn't answer my messages. When he found out, he killed your mother. I'm so fucking sorry. I know that would never be enough to bring her back or to rewind the pain I inflicted on you."

Shouto was at his most vulnerable state when Inasa finished. He didn't know that Endeavor was part of the reason his mother was dead. He remembered the doctors telling his family that she died from an accidental overdose. He didn't know that this was an act of foul play. His father killed his mother. Shouto hugged himself tightly as he cried. Inasa held his arms out as he knew that he would be the last person Shouto would ever want to hug. Shouto didn't care anymore as he hugged Inasa tightly. He felt numb with feeling, "Why did she have to die?" He held tightly onto Inasa's shirt, "She didn't deserve to die!"


Todoroki spent a week with Midoriya after breaking up with Inasa. He ignored Inasa's calls and then noticed a missed call from Natsuo. He and Natsuo didn't have a close sibling relationship, so it was odd that Natsuo was calling him. "What's wrong, Natsuo?" He could detect the sounds of crying on the other line and realized that Fuyumi was crying. "Sho, you need to come to the hospital," Natsuo's voice sounded broken. "Natsuo, what's wrong?" 

Midoriya was in the kitchen, preparing lunch when he heard something dropping to the ground with a loud thud. He walked into the living room to see Shouto on his knees while covering his face. Natsuo's words repeated in his head. 

"Shouto, Mom died today." 


Inasa rubbed Shouto's back while the boy continued to cry. He wondered if it was the right choice to tell Shouto the truth. He didn't care that Shouto was staining his shirt in his tears. He stayed by the boy's side and comforted him. Shouto couldn't hold himself up anymore and let his mask fall. Everything hurt inside of him, and the pain wouldn't go away. Inasa wasn't going to pull away unless Shouto was ready to stand on his two feet.

Inasa knew that Shouto deserved to know. Inasa was hurting him to protect him and his mother. He chose to leave Inasa. He didn't know that his mother was going to die because of him. If he stayed, maybe his mother would still be alive. It was his fault. He had no one else to blame except himself. He didn't deserve to live when his actions killed his mother. He didn't deserve to be happy. He didn't deserve Midoriya. The green-haired boy confessed to him, and Shouto chose to push him away. He didn't deserve to be loved. 

Shouto wished that he didn't know the truth. He didn't expect it to hurt him so much. He felt numb with feeling as he tried to process everything. At this moment, he didn't care that Inasa was holding him. He didn't think that the truth could be dangerous. 

Chapter Text

He ran until he couldn't anymore. He didn't remember where he was. He was terrified of what was waiting for him back home. He was doubtful he could even name it his home. He was anticipating him back home. He was only 6-years-old when they informed him that she departed. He wasn't going to return home to see that monster. He was determined to run from the Shadow. The little boy felt the drops of water scattered onto his face. He could see his silhouette walking in his direction. He was searching for him and determined to find him. He dropped inside the puddle of water and gasped when he saw the glass shard impaling his skin. He bit down the whimper and picked himself up. He had to keep running from the Shadow.

Mother warned him to stay away from the shadows. "Stay away from the shadows," she continued, "They'll kill you without any remorse." The boy wondered where he was going. He didn't recognize these streets. People were eying him with concern, "Do you see that boy?" He stared at his palms to see the blood dripping from his hands. He pushed through the growing crowd, eager to escape from the Shadow. He ignored the shard of glass, impaling his palm.

His blood went cold when he heard sharp footsteps. He wasn't going to let him go. He turned the corner and hid among the boxes of the vacant alleyway. He feared the shadows lurking among the night, 'I can't stop now! I have to run before he finds me.' He tried to make his appearance seem smaller when he heard the heavy footsteps.

"Where the hell are you, boy?" He covered his mouth to hide his heavy breathing. He had to restrain himself before he finds him. He wasn't going to let that bastard succeed. The man regarded the traces of blood drenching the concrete floor. He saw the man approaching him, "Too late, little one-" He pulled the bag clean off and grasped his neck. The man traced his hands onto the shard of glass. The man was on his knees when the boy watched him fall. "Paint the floors with your blood." He dug the glass into the man's neck before yanking it out. "Monster," the man choked out. "You're just like your father," the man laughed when the boy kicked him down. He looked at his hands to see the fresh layer of blood lacing his hands. It took him a moment to realize his mistake and felt the hand grabbed his bloody wrist. "Look at the mess you made, son."

His fear overcame him, "You're becoming just like me." The man's manacing smile haunted him, "Now that your mother is gone, you can join the family business." He shook his head, "I'll never be like you." His grin grew and howled in laughter as the boy struggled against his grip. "Who said you had a choice." The boy screamed in horror when his father slammed his head against the cold concrete floor.

"Get the hell up," his father slammed his leg into the boy's stomach. "No one wants a pathetic, useless boy!" His father grasped his hair and dragged him down the hallway, "NO, PLEASE STOP!" No matter how many times the boy pleaded, his father pay very little of his rants. This boy was going to become a killer like himself.

The boy stared at the white walls that screamed at him, "SHUT UP!" His father isolated him from the others and kept him busy with training. When he turned 12, the boring white walls' screams became normal. He was numb with feeling when he slit her throat open. He returned home to see his father throwing his tantrum.

'One of the most feared leaders is throwing a tantrum. I could kill him, but I would become the killer he wants me to be. I won't let him know that his successor will betray him.' The boy lost his sense of identity when his father locked him up. He wondered why he's still here. He had the chance to run away from this. He could escape, but his father would track him down.

During dinner, the boy ignored his father's ambitions about the organization. "I have a surprise for you," the boy quirked an eyebrow at his father. The boy followed carelessly into his room to see a lady tied onto the chair. "Her name is Mitsuki Bakugou," he yanked the brown bag off her face.

The boy's eyes widened, yet he caved into his stoic expression. "What would you like me to do, father?" The man was surprised that his son was accepting the role. His grin grew, "I want you to kill her when she wakes up." His father walked out of the room and returned with a gun and mask. The boy took the silencer from his father, "What is with the mask?" His father smirked, "A killer can't reveal their identities unless they want to die." He unclicked the back of the mask and put it on his son.

He turned back to see the lady wake up, "Wait, let me go!" The boy counted to 3 while smiling under the mask. "One, Two, Three." The silencer was barely audible when he pulled the trigger. Her lifeless body slumped against the wooden chair. "Good work son." His father glanced to see his son's sinister smile. "Son put the gun down!" The boy shot his father in the leg, "You're not my father." He turned his back to the man and walked away from him.

"You fucking, child! You better come back. I own you." The boy laughed. "YOU DON'T OWN ME ANYMORE!" The boy shot his father right in the eye and watched him drop the ground.

"Mama told me to watch out for the shadows. I will choose who I will be." Every step he took got heavier when he heard his father's words. "GOOD JOB, SON. YOU'LL BE THE SAME KILLER I WAS. YOU'LL BECOME THE KILLER THAT LURKS IN THE SHADOWS, WAITING TO STRIKE. YOU'LL SOON LEARN THAT YOU WON'T FEAR ANYONE EXCEPT YOURSELF!"

The boy wished that he didn't believe every word he said. He wanted it all to be a lie, but the world didn't work that way. He will soon learn that there's no way to escape the darkness. 


Chapter Text

Midoriya worried for Todoroki when he requested him to leave. He remembered how vulnerable Shouto could be when it came to love. He should've known that Todoroki wasn't ready for relationships. 'I'm a fucking idiot. Todoroki is still recovering from his past relationship. What if he assumes I'm compelling him into a relationship?' He was willing to give Shouto time to think over his confession and would understand if Shouto denied his affection. He arrived at the retreat and noticed Kirishima talking on the phone with someone. 

"Bakugou, you're behaving like a complete idiot! We promised that we wouldn't go off on our own!" Midoriya has never witnessed this side of Kirishima before. Kirishima was known to be calm and collected one in the organization. Midoriya pondered if it was the right decision to get involved. He knew surprisingly little about the situation, so he wasn't going to be much use.

"No one wants a pathetic, useless boy."

Midoriya clutched his green curls and attempted to calm himself down. He couldn't breakdown while Kirishima remained in the room. He couldn't exhibit weakness, or they'll use it against him. He couldn't comprehend why he was suddenly paranoid over his friends. He trusted the Anarchy, but everyone hid their secrets. They were running from their past, and now it's catching up with them. Midoriya was running his history.

Kirishima set the phone down to notice Midoriya clutching onto the table. "Midoriya?" He approached the boy to see Midoriya's eyes spaced out, "Hey, calm down!" Midoriya tried to cool down his breathing, "Shut up!"

"You're just like your father!"

Kirishima didn't apprehend why Midoriya was behaving this way. The red-haired boy grabbed Midoriya's wrist to face him, "Midoriya, calm down!" Midoriya's snapped out his trance and focused on Kirishima. "I'm sorry, I didn't know what got into me." Kirishima nodded his head, "It's fine."

"Why were you arguing with Kacchan?" Kirishima glanced towards his phone, "Katsuki is stubborn and decided to head out of town to complete a mission." Midoriya used to think about the time before when the Anarchy was in order, 'Things are changing, and I'm unsure if that's a good thing.' Kirishima sighed, "I thought he'll learn his lesson after the accident with Mineta and the league. We're not indestructible. I don't want anything to happen to him." Midoriya understood what Kirishima was talking about, "Kacchan can be stubborn, just like Todoroki."

"Midoriya, what's bothering you? We're not supposed to keep secrets from each other. If we try to run from our past, it will catch up with us." Midoriya sighed, "I told Todoroki how I feel about him."

"Midoriya, did he?" Midoriya shook his head before Kirishima could finish the sentence. "Todoroki isn't sure of his feelings. He told me to leave after I confessed. I'm going to let him have some time to think over everything. I don't think he's ready to be in a relationship, Kirishima." Kirishima placed his hand on Midoriya's shoulder, "That was manly, Midoriya."

The green-haired boy sighed, "I think while Bakugou and Todoroki are out of commission. We can start recruiting new members of the Anarchy." Midoriya left out the part that he was going to search for Shigaraki and Dabi. Kirishima nodded his head, "I'll see what I can do." Midoriya hugged his friend, "Don't worry about Kacchan. He's the toughest pomeranian I know." Kirishima returned the hug, "Thanks, Midoriya." The green-haired felt his phone buzz in his pocket. "I gotta see this," Midoriya pulled away from the phone and glanced at his phone.

Dad: Of course, son. You can come over to the department.

"I have to go see my dad. I'll see you later, Kirishima." Midoriya walked out of the hideout, 'Kirishima, I agree that we shouldn't have secrets. Why can't I tell anyone the truth? I'm running from my past, and my time is running out. Shigaraki was part of the league, which means that dad is alive.' Midoriya strolled down the sidewalk and entered inside the station. He avoided everyone's gazes and found Toshinori looking through is files. "Hey, Dad," Toshinori smiled at his son. "Young Izuku-"

"Dad, do you think he's alive?" Midoriya closed the door behind him to see his father's position straighten up. "What makes you say that, Izuku?" Midoriya clutched his shirt, "Tomura Shigaraki is running his organization! Dad, don't you think that he could have survived?"

"Izuku, are you feeling well?" Midoriya scoffed, "Dad, I'm not joking around. All for-" Toshinori slammed his fist against his desk. "We don't utter that name here! He won't come back for you because you're going to leave Japan!" Midoriya shook his head, "No, I'm staying in Japan. You don't control me anymore. I'm not a child anymore." Toshinori placed the ticket in Midoriya's hands. "I can't risk letting you get hurt, Izuku." 

"I can make my choices," Midoriya didn't understand why his dad was choosing to send him away. "I'm not giving you a choice, Midoriya." Midoriya pushed away, "I DON'T NEED YOU GIVING ME ORDERS! YOU'RE NOT MY FATHER!" Midoriya saw the pain and guilt lace Toshinori's expression. "Dad, I didn't mean that."

"Midoriya, I need you to leave." Midoriya bit his bottom lip, "Dad, let me-" Toshinori cut him off, "You've said it enough, Midoriya. You want to escape your father, but you're acting like him." He opened the door behind Midoriya, "You can leave. I won't stop you." Midoriya walked out of the station with his head down, 'I keep forgetting that I wasn't the only one that lost her. I'm going to find All for one and kill him. First, I need to find Shigaraki.' 


Shinsou stood in front of Kaminari's door with his fist raised to the door, 'Will he even respond?' Kaminari avoided him for a month by now, and Hitoshi felt guilty. Hitoshi was busy preparing for his mission. The hardest part was catching one of the members and proving his loyalty. He didn't know how he'll find one of the members since they were secretive. He missed his blond boyfriend and wondered if he could do anything to repair their relationship. He couldn't lose the one he loved just because of his job. Kaminari was worth everything to him. He prepared himself to knock on the door until his phone buzzed.

Toshinori: Young Shinsou, can you please report to the station?

Shinsou sighed, 'I guess I'll come back later, Kaminari.' He turned his back to the door and heard someone talking on the other side. He overheard Kaminari's voice coming from the outside, and it sounded like he wasn't alone. "You need to stop coming in like that. You're going to give me a heart attack," Kaminari joked. Shinsou pressed his ear against the door to catch another voice response. "I need your help with something." Shinsou didn't recognize the voice, but it sounded so familiar. "Sure, what can I do for you?" Kaminari sounded surprisingly cheerful. Shinsou knew his father would hit behind the head for eavesdropping on other's conversations, but his curiosity got the best of him. Shinsou knew all of Kaminari's friends, and none of them matched the person's voice.

"I need you to find a man of the name Tomura Shigaraki and Touya Todoroki." Shinsou recognized one of the names. Touya Todoroki was the eldest son of the Todoroki empire. "Why is the Anarchy interested in them? Isn't Shigaraki a part of the league?" Shinsou covered his mouth to hide his gasp. Kaminari was talking to one of the members from the Anarchy. 


The Shadow Killer adjusted his mask to cover his mouth. He abandoned the old look that included his kitsune mask. He couldn't let his past hold him back. The black gloves on Midoriya's hands hid his fingerprints. He was aiming to get back at the league for capturing Todoroki. Kaminari didn't understand why Shadow would return to his apartment complex. Kaminari knew he would get trouble for not reporting him to the police, but he was terrified of betraying the Anarchy.


Kaminari hacked into the security system to find the two men that Shadow described. The Shadow Killer remained quiet during the procedure. Kaminari scanned each footage taken in the last 24 hours to find them. Soon he found a match, "Is this your guy?" Shadow inspected the image, "Yeah, that's him." The Shadow Killer wrote down the last seen address, "You're going to need to erase the evidence." Kaminari understood Shadow's orders, "Good luck finding your person."


"Thank you for your help, Chargebolt." 



Bakugou hid his face behind the face mask. He wasn't going to change his costume since Deku beat him to it. He was furious when he saw Todoroki heading towards Inasa's house. 'Damnit, Icy-Hot, you're picking at deep wounds. Inasa isn't going to let you if you go back to him. I hope you make the right choice.' Kirishima was infuriated when he told Kirishima that he's going at this mission alone. He loved Kirishima, but he couldn't let him get hurt. He dyed his hair black for this mission and kept his mask and gun in his bag. 

"Kirishima, I'll be fine. You don't have to worry about anything." Bakugou was on the phone with Kirishima, "Bakugou, you're behaving like a complete idiot! We promised that we wouldn't go off on our own!" Bakugou sighed, "Ei, I'll be fine. I can handle this alone. I'll call you back if I need back-up." He exited the bus and glanced at the street names to figure out where he was going. He noticed a small little girl crying in the corner, "Hey, are you lost?" Bakugou used his kindest voice he could muster up. He wasn't known to be kind and gentle, but he was different when it came to kids. He remembered shitty hair telling him that they could adopt kids. Bakugou couldn't wait to marry the love of his life. 

The little girl looked up at Bakugou, "Please, don't hurt me!" Bakugou saw the fear lacing her blue eyes, "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. Are you hurt?" Bakugou saw the multiple bruises on her body. She looked to be about four. "Please, don't take me back. Mommy and Daddy hurt me!" Bakugou nodded his head, "I won't take you back if you don't want me to. I'm an officer." Bakugou pulled out his badge to show the little girl. She pushed back a strand of her blond hair, "O-okay." Bakugou wiped away the little girl's tears from her red eyes.


"I'll protect you."  



Shinsou didn't anything coming from the apartment. He ignored the buzzing phone when he walked out of the building. He wondered if he should report this to Toshinori. He didn't expect someone to grab him and pull him into an alleyway. Shinsou threw the first punch to see the figure catch his fist, "Wrong choice!" The silhouette twisted his arm and threw him to the ground. Shinsou kicked the man off his feet and grabbed the silencer. He pointed the gun at the figure. "Who are you? What do you want from me?"


The figure growled, "No one touches my gun!" He pulled out a dagger from his boot and threw it at Shinsou's hand. The purple-haired boy dropped the gun and gripped his hand. He glanced up to see a fist punching him in the face. It knocked him off his feet. The silhouette picked up the gun from the ground and pointed it at Shinsou. "I'm the Shadow Killer. You are in no position to ask questions. Why were you listening in to my conversation?" Midoriya's green eyes glared down at the boy in front of him.


Shinsou noticed that the boy was short and petit from where he was standing. He remembered how Toshinori warned him about the dangerous ones from the Anarchy. He wasn't to show fear to the guy, "I was walking past when I heard you guys mention a Todoroki. Of course, I was curious." Midoriya growled, "I hate eavesdroppers. I could kill you right now." Shinsou shook his head, "I won't tell anyone if you could do me one thing." Midoriya lowered his gun and gave the purple-haired boy a chance to speak.


"I want to join the Anarchy." 

Chapter Text

All for One knew that Todoroki was the easiest to break. He was simple to manipulate and believed everything. No wonder Midoriya took an interest in the heterochromia male. Shouto was an excellent example that Midoriya was too soft. Love was a weakness, a disease that makes you weak. He wasn't going to permit his son to become ineffective just because he fell in love. He knew that his son was a part of the Anarchy since his alias was evident. The Shadow Killer represented Midoriya's greatest fear and displayed his weakness. Midoriya was terrified of becoming like his father. The green-haired boy didn't realize that he was already on the track to becoming just like him. That was until he got distracted by love and revealed his weakness. Shouto Todoroki was his weakness. He had to get rid of Midoriya's weakness.

He kept tabs on Midoriya's friends and family to make sure none of them stepped out of line. Todoroki didn't have a chance with Midoriya because of Todoroki's history with love. It was tempting not to kill the boy already for being a problem. All for One had cameras installed in their homes to keep a close eye on them. He couldn't stop Midoriya's love confession from happening. Todoroki asked Midoriya to leave, and he was soon left alone. All for One switched the footage to see Todoroki observing an image of him and Inasa.

Todoroki was still in love with the man that brought him so much pain. He could use this to his advantage and use it against the boy. Inasa Yoarashi was the man in the photograph that represented Todoroki's weakness. Todoroki was stuck in the past and couldn't move past from his past lover. He could keep this boy in line if he talks to Yoarashi. Midoriya didn't need any distractions, and once he gets what he needs. He'll crush the Anarchy under his feet and leave only the ashes behind.


Inasa was Todoroki's rebound. He couldn't let go of his love for his past lover. He wished he wasn't so weak. His heartstrings tangled into millions of knots that kept him bound to his past. He couldn't let go of the past and his feelings for Inasa. He knew that Midoriya deserved so much better than him. Love was no longer an option for Shouto to chose. No one would want a broken boy as their partner. He didn't deserve to be loved by anyone. The past was bound to repeat, and he couldn't deal with the pain any longer.

"Who would ever love you?"

His father's words echoed in his mind and played like an old record player. He tried to ignore his words, but he couldn't. His old man repeated the same sentence non-stop to make sure Todoroki accepted it. He couldn't forget the sentence that caused him so much pain.

"I love you."

He didn't trust that sentence that caused him so much pain. He couldn't handle the lies and the stupid things they say. He didn't understand how someone could ever love him when they caused him so much pain. The old scars remained on Todoroki's body and held him back from moving on. He didn't know that he loved Midoriya when the pain was crushing him into pieces. Todoroki needed a savior, but who could save him from the pain. He built his walls too high to prevent himself from getting hurt again. He was drowning in disbelief, and it was eating him up. The memories blinded him from looking forward. The past reminded him of his mistakes and trapped him in metal chains. He didn't realize that he was forcing the chains to hold him back. He couldn't let of his past that bounds him to Inasa.

Todoroki didn't realize that he was the reason he couldn't move on. He was holding onto the past and struggling to let go. Todoroki wasn't letting go, and he wished his heart spoke clearer. He needed to let go, but how could he let go when the past held him back. He hid his feelings away and pretended that he wasn't hurting. He didn't have the courage to leave it behind. Midoriya tried to help him realize that the past couldn't hurt him any longer. He wondered how he could let this go when the chains grew thicker. He couldn't stop the memories from pulling him back. He loved him, and that held him back. He wished his mind wasn't struggling against the darkness and let him move on. He couldn't think properly.

He wanted everything to stop. He didn't want to feel this pain anymore. He wanted to be with Midoriya, but why was his mind struggling to accept this. He needed to stop! He needed to break out of these chains and find peace with himself. Todoroki accepted Inasa's confession and realized that he had to break out of the endless cycle. He couldn't let his father control his life. It was his life to live, not his. His heart was telling him to end this cycle and accept his past. He was confident that he was capable of accomplishing his goals.

"You think you can move on? No one will love you. You're useless, unworthy to be loved by anyone. Midoriya pities you! He doesn't love you! You're willing to believe everything anyone tells you."

Todoroki tried to hide these thoughts from affecting him. He needed to move past this and accept his past. He couldn't do that if he let these chains bound him to the past. His heart was telling him to move past this while his mind was struggling to follow. Right now, he was struggling to let go of his feelings for Yoarashi. He forgets everything he promised to himself. His walls crumbled into pieces as he held onto Inasa. He couldn't stand on his feet when it came to Inasa. It wasn't easy for him to move past his feelings. His friends would yell at him for thinking that he could still love the man that caused him so much pain. He promised himself that he wouldn't fall back into Inasa's arms, but he lied.


Todoroki held onto Yoarashi's jacket as Yoarashi rubbed his back. He never wanted anyone to see him at his worst, but right now, he didn't even care. Shouto finally pulled away to see Inasa's concern lacing his eyes. Inasa wiped the tears away from Shouto's eyes and looked into the boy's mismatched eyes, "We can't change the past. Nothing I can say will ever heal the pain I caused you." Todoroki wished that his mind was betraying him. Shouto was unsure if he was ready to let go of Inasa.

Todoroki choked on his tears, "Why does it hurt so much?" Inasa never wanted to hear Shouto say this in that tone. "I love you still," Shouto admitted. He looked into Inasa's eyes, "I-I can't hate you. I should hate you for everything you did to me, but I can't!" Yoarashi wished that he told Todoroki the truth instead of hurting him. He was an idiot to think that Shouto was going to be okay. Three years of abuse broke Shouto down and kept him from moving on. Shouto relied on him to help him pick up the pieces, but he was the one that caused him this pain. Shouto was suffering from his past, and he had no one to help him.

Right now, he wanted to forget the pain. He wasn't thinking clearly. Shouto looked into past lover's eyes and then kissed him. It caught Inasa off guard when the boy climbed onto his lap to kiss him. Inasa pushed Shouto away, "Sho, stop. You're not thinking straight." Shouto shook his head and bit his bottom lip, "No, I want to do this." Inasa grabbed Shouto by the shoulders and shook his head. He didn't believe that Shouto wanted this.

"Sho, look me in the eyes and tell me the truth." Shouto looked up, "I want this. Please, just once." Inasa could see the tears threatening to spill. Todoroki was forcing himself to believe that he was okay with this. "You're not in the right mind to make this decision. I know you don't want this. I know that you want to stay the hell away from me. You don't want this. Tell me the truth, Shouto." Shouto choked on his tears and covered his mouth, "I don't want to feel this pain anymore." Shouto couldn't handle it anymore. He wanted it to go away. He didn't want to remember every shitty thing that happened to him. He wanted it to go away. "Sho, I can't take the pain away." Todoroki looked down in shame, "I understand." Inasa stood up and held a hand out for him.

"Come on, my family probably already left." Todoroki looked at Inasa's hand and took it. They walked inside to see Yoarashi's family members getting ready to leave. They didn't realize how late it was since they were outside talking. Todoroki saw Yoarashi's mother walk over to them, "Todoroki, honey, your eyes are red and puffy." Yoarashi's mother placed her hands on Todoroki's face. "It's nothing, Yoarashi-san." She nods her head and then kisses his forehead, "You look exhausted. Please get some rest." She hugged Shouto, and the boy returned the hug. Ms. Yoarashi's hugs reminded him of his mother's hugs. He bit down the whimper when she pulled away. Inasa closed the door when they left the house, "Sho, if you want me too, I can escort you home. I know you don't want to be here."

Todoroki could see the guilt lacing Inasa's facial expressions. "You don't have to worry about me. I can take care of myself," Shouto admitted. "I know you can. I don't want anything happening to you." Shouto grew flustered at Inasa's words. He hated it when people thought that he needed protection. He was Night-Flame, one of the most feared killers in Japan. He could protect himself. He was capable of taking care of himself.

Todoroki couldn't trust himself around Inasa. He wanted to leave despite his fears. He didn't know why he was afraid of being alone with Inasa. He should've learned that he was picking at old wounds. It made his heartache. He wanted Inasa to hold him and tell him that everything is going to be okay. His mind flashed to Midoriya. The green-haired boy saved him from all of this and helped him at his worst. He wondered if he deserved to be with Midoriyam, or was he destined to fall back into Inasa's arms. Midoriya's confession echoed in his mind and wondered if Midoriya did love him. His heart was telling him to go with Midoriya, but his mind was telling him something different.

Right now, he wanted to go home and think over everything. He wasn't in a positive mindset to decide who to choose. His head hurt so much, 'I should've never to see him. I can't rid of this feeling. Why couldn't life be easier?'

Todoroki started walking towards the door, "I'm going to head home." Inasa grabbed Shouto's hand and pulled him close. "It's dangerous out there," he protested. "I can protect myself." Inasa hugged him, "You're stubborn, Shouto. That isn't going to stop me from worrying." Shouto saw how close they were and kissed him. Inasa forgot about everything when he pressed the boy against the door. Shouto moaned each time Inasa nibbled on his neck. "You're beautiful, Sho." Shouto grabbed onto Inasa's shirt tightly and wanted more. He didn't realize how wrong this was. He should've known this was wrong, but he didn't care. He wanted it all to go away. Before he even knew it, they were heading to the bedroom.

Todoroki woke up with his back against Inasa's chest and his arms around his waist. He sighed in content when Inasa buried his face in his neck, 'Last night was a mistake.' He let Inasa touch him again like before. He felt sick to his stomach. He promised himself that he wouldn't fall back into Inasa's arms, but he lied.   

Chapter Text

Midoriya heard footsteps outside Kaminari's apartment. 'Someone is eavesdropping on my conversation. I hate eavesdroppers.' When he finished his chat with Kaminari, he noticed a figure heading out of the building. It was the same building where Kaminari lived, and it seemed that he was in a hurry. Midoriya strolled behind him and then forced him into the alleyway. The purple-haired boy threw the first punch to see Midoriya catch his fist, "Wrong choice!" Midoriya twisted his arm and threw him to the ground. The green-haired boy wasn't fast enough to dodge Shinsou's kick. He was on the ground and saw Shinsou holding his gun.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?" Midoriya growled, "No one touches my gun!" He pulled out a dagger from his boot and threw it at Shinsou's hand. The purple-haired boy dropped the gun and gripped his hand. He glanced up to see a fist punching him in the face. It knocked him off his feet. Shinsou held onto his bleeding hand when he looked at the silhouette figure. Midoriya pointed the gun at Shinsou, "I'm the Shadow Killer." Midoriya could see the recognization of the purple-haired boy's expression. He knew who he was. "You are in no position to ask questions. Why were you listening in to my conversation?" Midoriya glared at the boy in front of him, 'Did this guy ask for a death wish? Then again, I shouldn't keep meeting Kaminari in his apartment complex.'

Shinsou noticed that the boy was short and petit from where he was standing. He remembered how Toshinori warned him about the dangerous ones from the Anarchy. He wasn't to show fear to the guy, "I was walking past when I heard you guys mention a Todoroki. Of course, I was curious." Midoriya growled, "I hate eavesdroppers. I could kill you right now." Shinsou shook his head, "I won't tell anyone if you could do me one thing." Midoriya lowered his gun and gave the purple-haired boy a chance to speak.

"I want to join the Anarchy."

'Did he know that I was looking for extra members? I didn't mention any of this to Kaminari. Kirishima wouldn't tell exactly anyone about their organization. How did this guy know?' Midoriya saw the phone on the ground and the glowing light on his phone. Shinsou cursed to himself when the Shadow Killer smashed his phone against the cold concrete floor. "Why were you texting Toshinori? Did you know him or something?" Shinsou could tell that the name meant something to the criminal when he said it that way. "Toshinori is a friend of my parents," Shinsou explained.

Midoriya couldn't list him as a threat since Kacchan was also involved with the police department. He had to play his cards right and decide whether he could trust him or not. He didn't know who this purple-haired boy was or why he was eavesdropping on his conversation. He could kill this boy right now or think about his offer about joining the Anarchy.

"Why do you want to join my organization?" Shinsou was wrapping his bloody hand in cloth once he pulled the blade out. "I heard that the Anarchy was short on members. Isn't the league working against you to overthrow your organization? I'm offering my skills to help you defeat the league. I want to fight by your side and the rest of the group." Midoriya bit the bottom of his lip as he was unsure if this guy was telling the truth or not. He couldn't trust everyone he meets. Shinsou was right that the Anarchy needed more members. He pulled his phone out and dialed Kirishima's number. He didn't give Kirishima any time to speak, "Red Riot, prepare yourself. We're going to have company tonight."

Shinsou gulped when he saw the Shadow Killer approach him, "You're going to have to wear this. I don't exactly trust you, so I can't tell you the location of the hideout." Shinsou allowed Midoriya to tie the bandana around his eyes, "I'm going to grab your hand, so try to keep up." When they started running, Shinsou tightens his grip on Midoriya's hand.

Midoriya stopped when they arrived at the hideout, "We're here." He shoved Shinsou inside and closed the door behind them. "You can take the blindfold off," Midoriya instructed. Kirishima was wearing an identical mask-like Midoriya's except his had sharp teeth. Shinsou took the blindfold off and saw another member from the Anarchy with blue hair and a sick mask. He knew that there were four members of the Anarchy, but there weren't any pictures of the Anarchy.

"This is Red Riot," Midoriya introduced the purple-haired boy to Kirishima. "Why are you named Red Riot if your hair is blue?" Kirishima chuckled, "Because my hair is red-" Midoriya kicked Kirishima in the leg, "Riot, please don't expose yourself." Shinsou could tell that the Shadow Killer was suspicious. "I thought there were four of you guys?" Midoriya rolled his eyes, "The Hollow Death is out completing a mission by himself. Night-Flame is out of commission until he gets back."

Shinsou nodded his head, "I'm Shinsou." He didn't see a point on revealing his name since he didn't know any of their names. He knew that one of them had red hair outside of the Anarchy, so he kept that in mind. He didn't have his phone with him since Midoriya smashed it. Kirishima didn't think anything was odd with the potential member. "We should let him join, Shadow." Kirishima looked over to see Midoriya thinking about the offer. "Riot, I don't exactly trust him. We can't have a member betraying us."

Kirishima grabbed Midoriya's wrist and pulled him to the side. "Midoriya, we don't have time to think over this. Remember that you suggested we find new members to join the Anarchy. If he doublecrosses us, we'll deal with it. We'll make sure Shinsou stays in line and respects the code. Don't let your paranoid get the best of you." Midoriya knew that Kirishima was right about this. The green-haired boy remembered about his birth father and the league and knew that he didn't have a choice. All for One could be alive and planning to strike soon. They needed to ready for anything that could happen.

Midoriya had to take the risk and knew what he had to do. Midoriya walked over to Shinsou and pinned him against the wall. He pulled his dagger out and held it close to Shinsou's neck, "You're lucky that we don't kill you right now. Red Riot and I decided to let you join our organization. However-" Shinsou felt the blade dig into his neck, "If you betray us, we'll kill everyone you know and love. I'm not someone you should take very lightly. Step out of line, and I won't hesitate to kill you."

The purple-haired boy thought about Kaminari, his friends, and his family. He couldn't back out of this now, and it was too late to run. He was in their territory, "I won't!" He needed to complete his mission and defeat the Anarchy at their own game. He could do this and achieve his goal. They will never suspect a thing.

Midoriya let go of Shinsou and smiled, "Welcome to the team." Shinsou didn't have enough time to react when Midoriya punched him in the face. "Dude, seriously!" Kirishima was eating a bag of potato chips when he saw Midoriya punch the new member. Midoriya rolled his eyes, "I'm going to leave this guy where I found him. I'll see you later." Midoriya picked up Shinsou's unconscious body and headed towards the door. "Hey, wait, are you eating my bag of potato chips?" Kirishima hid the bag behind his back, "Nope, you should get moving. That guy may wake up soon."

Midoriya knew those were his potato chips, 'I'll get you back later, Kirishima.' The green-haired boy stepped out of the hideout and dropped Shinsou in an empty alleyway. "God, you weigh too much." Midoriya heard his phone ring and saw the familiar caller ID. "Ochaco," he whispered to himself. He didn't expect Uraraka to call him anytime soon. He barely spoke to his old best friend. He walked away from Shinsou and answered the call, "Hey, Uraraka."


Uraraka glanced at Midoriya's number and wondered if she dared to talk to him. She should've never let their friendship drift apart after what happened. She needed to be honest with herself. She pressed the call icon and waited for Deku to answer.

"Hey, Uraraka." Uraraka sighed in relief that Deku answered her call. "Hey, Deku. Are you busy?" She wanted to hang out with her friend again and catch up on old times. She remembered how her, Iida, and Deku would always go to the cat cafe to talk. "No, right now, I'm free. Why?" Uraraka smiled to herself, "I wanted to ask if you want to meet up at the cat cafe with Iida." She didn't love Midoriya as lovers would. She loved Midoriya as a friend. He was always there to help her and cheer her up. She was grateful that she met Midoriya back in high school.

"What do you say?" Uraraka hoped Midoriya accepted her offer to hang out, and then there was a moment of silence. She was about to apologize until Deku answered immediately. "Yeah, sure! Sorry, I got a bit distracted."

"I guess I'll see you there!" Uraraka hung up the phone and held it close to her chest. She glanced over to the side of her office and looked at the file. She remembered Iida telling her to take a break from overworking herself. Maybe this time, she could take a break and hang out with her old friends.

She didn't tell anyone about the Shadow Killer's appearance. She recalled seeing the boy's fluffy hair and how it reminded her of Deku's. She felt the sickening feeling course through her. 'No, Deku couldn't be a part of the Anarchy. He wouldn't hurt a fly. Nonetheless, kill someone.' Uraraka refused to believe that her friend could be a part of one of the most dangerous groups in Japan.

Uraraka grabbed the file on her desk and opened it. She read the first line, 'The Anarchy made their first appearance four years ago.' That was when they graduated, and Midoriya started behaving differently. 'I want to believe that Deku isn't a part of the Anarchy. His dad was the chief of police, which explains how the Shadow Killer always had a step ahead of them. Toshinori would never suspect his son to be a part of the Anarchy. He had an alibi, one where no one would suspect him. The Anarchy was beating us, and we didn't know. Deku was always hiding something because he's a part of the Anarchy.' Uraraka knew what she was talking about. She couldn't deny it, but she needed evidence. Still, one thought remained on her mind.  

'Midoriya is the Shadow Killer.'


Midoriya didn't know that Uraraka found out the truth. He forgot that Uraraka was one of the best detectives in Japan. He believed that she would never catch up. Midoriya was losing his grip and didn't realize that Uraraka would soon find out. He had a lot on his mind and could barely focus on anything. Still, he wasn't going to lose against his father. All for One was out there planning his next move. Right now, he was going to meet up with his old friends. First, he needed to remove the purple-dye from his hair. He wondered why Uraraka wanted to meet up now.

'Did she know?'


Midoriya didn't realize that someone was watching him. All for One was planning his attack against the Anarchy. He was going to crush the organization under his feet, and no one would be able to stop him. Midoriya was no longer in control. The Anarchy will crash and burn, and everyone will remember who defeated the Anarchy. All for One was playing them into a trap. They were a part of his game that they couldn't escape. His son was going to lose, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. 

Chapter Text

Todoroki woke up with his back against Inasa's chest and his arms around his waist. He sighed in content when Inasa buried his face in his neck, 'Last night was a mistake.' He let Inasa touch him again like before. He felt sick to his stomach. He promised himself that he wouldn't fall back into Inasa's arms, but he lied. He tried to close his eyes and fall back to sleep. He didn't want to think about anything. Everything went black when he closed his eyes.


"Why can't you move away?" Todoroki saw his younger self with a bandage around his left eye. "I don't-" The little boy shook his head, "Don't say that you don't know!" Todoroki noticed the tears spilling from the boy's right eye. He glanced down at the wooden floor, "I don't know!" Todoroki felt the chains restraining him from freedom. "Look at what you have become. Are you satisfied, Todoroki? Do you think she's happy? You're torturing yourself! Let go of your past!" Shouto couldn't look up at his younger self. The tears spill down his face when he heard footsteps walking away. "I can't let go!" Shouto's words echoed in his head. He couldn't let go. He was holding onto his past. The chains grew thicker around his wrists. He was refusing to let go of his past. His heart grew heavier at the thought of letting go of his past. He was bound to the past, and his mind was refusing to let go.

Todoroki saw the floor change into something different. A mirror appeared under him, and he noticed that he was younger, "Get up, Shouto! You're never going to accomplish anything if you lay there helpless." Todoroki trembled when he heard his father's voice. He couldn't face his father after all those years of abuse. He managed to glance up to see his father's glare. "You're just as pathetic as your mother." Todoroki attempted to cover his ears to shut him out. "Shut up!" His old man grabbed his wrists to look at him, "You're worthless! Useless!" He kicked Shouto down. "You will never amount to anything! Stop thinking that you will ever move on! You will never-"

Shouto caught his fist, "Shut up!" He swung his fist against Endeavor's face, knocking him off. Shouto stood up, "Fuck you!" Shouto eyes widen when he saw his figure changed into Midoriya. "Why did you hurt me?" Shouto's put his fist down when he saw the bruises on Midoriya's skin. "You're just like your father," Midoriya told him. Shouto ran to Midoriya's side, "Midoriya, I didn't mean to hurt you!" Midoriya coward away from Shouto, "Don't touch me!" Shouto witnessed the fear lacing Midoriya's emerald eyes. Midoriya disappeared when Shouto attempted to hug him. "This isn't real! I'm dreaming!" Todoroki refused to believe any of this, but it felt real. "Like father, like son. You're bound to make the same mistakes your father made," the voice shrieked. "Your father abused you! Your first lover swore that he wouldn't hurt you, but he hurt you! What makes you think that Midoriya won't hurt you?" Shouto felt the voice defeating him under his words. He felt like he couldn't breathe. He was drowning in his past. His thoughts were crushing him, and he knew his life didn't matter. His father held his life in his hands and controlled him.

"You're poison, Shouto!"

Shouto wanted to wake up from this nightmare. He couldn't escape in his dreams when his past followed him everywhere. "You hurt everyone you touch!" Shouto fell to his knees and gripped his hair. He didn't want to believe these thoughts, "No, I wouldn't hurt him!" The room was filling up with water as Shouto closed his eyes tightly. "You're drowning in your past, Shouto. Do you really deserve to be happy?" Shouto saw the water surrounding him and held his breath from drowning. "Who will save you, Shouto? Do you think you can ever love again? Just give up." Shouto felt the chains grow around his wrists, bounding him to the ground. "I'm not going to give up!" The water was draining away, "I'm not like my father. I will never be the person he was." Shouto needed to confront his past and prove that he could move past this. He wasn't going to give up.

"You don't deserve to be happy!"

Shouto's vision turned dark, and then he realized that he was on the cold tile floor. "No one will love you," Inasa's words echoed in his head. "You're worthless, slut. No one is going to save a freak like you! No one is going to love you as I do!" Todoroki's tears stream down his cheeks, "I'm sorry!" Todoroki choked against Inasa's grip and tried to get him off.

Shouto was reliving his past, and it was crushing his confidence. He looked Inasa in his eyes and saw the pain lacing his eyes. The memory replayed with the same events happening in the same order. Inasa stopped when he heard knocking, "Todoroki? Is everything okay?" Todoroki recognized that voice. "Help me, Midoriya!" Shouto didn't have enough time to react. Inasa punched Todoroki across the face, "Shut the hell up!" Inasa dropped Shouto onto the glass and cut him. Shouto felt the small shards digging into his palms. It was the same events replaying from that day Midoriya saved him.

Midoriya heard the screaming and yelling coming from the other side. He tried to open the door, "Don't worry, Todoroki!" Midoriya ran back and crashed into the door. His eyes widen when he saw Inasa grabbed Shouto's shirt with his hand raised in the air. Shouto looked terrified while sporting a few bruises.

Midoriya saved him.

Shouto smiled at the memory until he heard the hospital alarms. He saw his mother's lifeless body. He walked closer to her body to see the smile on her lips. "Shouto, you need to move on. Please, you deserve to be happy. You have to let him go. You have to let go of your past," Shouto saw her standing in front of him with a smile. "Don't be scared to love again." Shouto let the tears slip from his face and dropped to his knees. He felt his mother's hands on his cheeks, "Shouto, I love you. A mother's love will never die. I might be gone, but I'll always be with you." Shouto glanced to see his mother's smile, "I miss you so much!"

"It's my fault that you're dead!" Rei shook her head and wiped her son's tears away, "It wasn't your fault, Shouto. You're not the reason I'm dead. Don't blame yourself for your father's mistakes." Shouto hugged his mother tightly, "Sho, you deserve to be happy. Don't be afraid of falling in love again. You're not your father. Don't let him tell you how to live. You are you. No one can take that from you." Rei stood up, "I will always be by your side." Shouto watched his mother walk away from him. He felt the tears spill down his cheeks as he didn't want her to go. He grabbed his hair and screamed in his head.

He wanted everything to stop. He didn't want to feel this pain anymore. He wanted to be with Midoriya, but why was his mind struggling to accept this. He needed to stop! He needed to break out of these chains and find peace with himself. Todoroki accepted Inasa's confession and realized that he had to break out of the endless cycle. He couldn't let his father control his life. It was his life to live, not his. His heart was telling him to end this cycle and accept his past. He was confident that he was capable of accomplishing his goals.

"I love you, Shouto."

Shouto looked up to see the familiar green-haired boy. He was smiling at him with the same smile that cheered him up. "I won't hurt you, Shouto." The green-haired boy's words echoed in his head. "Todoroki, I know you're afraid. Inasa can't hurt you again. I won't let them hurt you again. I promise you that I would never hurt you. I love you." Midoriya was always by his side. Midoriya was his savior. "I promised you that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you again. I won't hurt you. I would never hurt you. I love you, Todoroki."

Midoriya was willing to save him from his past. He wouldn't hurt him like Inasa, and his father did. Midoriya was different from them. He wouldn't hurt him as everyone else did. Maybe he could move on. Midoriya was holding a hand out with a bright smile on his lips. "I won't leave your side, Shouto. Trust me when I tell you that I won't hurt you." Midoriya was standing in front of him, "I won't stop loving you. You deserve to be happy. Don't let your past hold you back. It might be hard, but I'll be there every step of the way."

"Can you trust him?"

Shouto wanted to move on. He didn't want his past holding him back any longer. His past couldn't hurt him any longer. He was Night-Flame, and he never backs down. He saw Midoriya standing in front of him, but this time someone else was standing beside him. Night-Flame's signature blue and black hair, "You're me, Sho. Our old man deserves to suffer, not us. Let go of the past. There's nothing to be afraid of when you have Midoriya by your side. You two are stronger together. Don't let your past chain you down. Midoriya isn't like Inasa or Endeavor. Choose the right choice for the future. Don't let the past bound you to them. You're stronger without them holding you back. Think about the person that's always been there for you when you had no one. Midoriya loves you."

Shouto wiped the tears from his face away. He wanted to move on. Shouto saw the chains around his wrists, holding him down. Night-Flame disappeared, leaving Midoriya standing there. He was holding his hand out for Shouto to take. He was willing to wait for Todoroki. Shouto needed to break out of these chains. His past couldn't reach him anymore. He wasn't afraid anymore.

"He's going to hurt you!"

"No, he's not going to hurt me."

"You can't run from your past, Shouto."

"No, my past will always remain a part of me. However, it's a chapter of my life that's ended. I won't let it hold me back. I deserve to be happy. I'm not afraid anymore."

"He'll leave you."

Shouto shook his head as the chains weaken, "I won't forget his promise. He was willing to wait for me." Todoroki wasn't going to let these chains hold him down anymore. He deserved to be happy. He wanted to spend it on the one person he loved.

Todoroki broke out of the chains and grabbed Midoriya's hand. He chose Midoriya. He wanted to be happy. Midoriya saw the smile on Todoroki's face, "I'm glad you chose me." Todoroki smiled as he let the tears run down his face. The tears running down his face were tears of joy.

*****Dream Over*****

Todoroki woke up and saw Inasa in the same position. He removed Inasa's arms from his waist and got up. 'I'm sorry, Inasa. I have to go.' Todoroki got dressed and walked out of Yoarashi's house. He remembered to leave a note behind for Inasa to find. He strolled down the sidewalk with a smile on his face. He needed to find Midoriya and felt free. He didn't have the chains bounding him. The memories couldn't blind him now as he smiled to himself.

He refused to let the memories hold him back. 'Midoriya isn't like Inasa or Endeavor. I won't let my past scare me anymore. I deserve to be happy. He won't hurt me like them. I trust Midoriya more than anything. I want to be happy again. I have to let go of my past. It won't hurt me anymore.' Shouto let his smile grow on his lips as he hurried to find Izuku. One thought remained on his mind, and he wasn't going to hide it anymore.

'I love you, Izuku.' 

Chapter Text

Midoriya joined them at the cat cafe with a bright smile on his lips. Uraraka didn't trust that smile after her discovery. She wondered who else was working for the Anarchy. There were four members of the Anarchy, and Deku was one of them. Deku sat down in front of them, "Hey, Uraraka and Iida." She couldn't let Deku know that she was on his trail. "Hey, Deku!" Iida greeted Deku back with a smile, "It's been long since we've hanged out." Midoriya chuckled nervously, "I've been pretty busy. Sorry, I haven't been talking to you guys."

"What's been keeping you busy, Deku?" Midoriya noticed the hint of suspicion in Uraraka's voice. She was questioning him. "I've been busy dealing with a few new cases I received from the office." Midoriya wasn't going to let her beat him at her game. They were playing on separate sides of the board game. Iida could feel the atmosphere in the cat cafe growing thicker with the tension, "Guys?" He didn't understand what was going on. Midoriya turned his attention to Iida, "Sorry, it's been long since I've seen you guys." Midoriya ignored Uraraka's glare, "What have you guys been doing?" Midoriya needed to change the subject from him. Uraraka was acting strange enough as her mood changed.

"The case we're working on is about the Anarchy," Iida informed him as Midoriya nodded his head. "What's your opinion on the organization?" Midoriya hummed to himself before answering the question, "I think you guys should arrest them. They're killing off the population and threatening the citizens' wellbeings." Midoriya wasn't going to tell them the truth about the Anarchy. Uraraka was on his trail, and he needed to shake her off. "They're not above the law, so they need to go," Midoriya finished.

Uraraka was shellshocked at Midoriya's view. She didn't know if she could believe any of Midoriya's words since he could be the Shadow Killer. Midoriya wanted to throw her off his trail. She wasn't going to fall for Midoriya's tricks and fail at her mission. If Deku wasn't going to talk, then she needed to find the other members of the group.

The green-haired boy was about to start up a conversation with Uraraka until he heard the doorbell chirp. Iida noticed Midoriya turning pale as he stared at the door. Midoriya's hands trembled in fear when he was staring at the man. Uraraka saw the same look on Midoriya's face and followed his gaze to a man at the door. "We need to get out of here!" Midoriya's fear washed away from his face as he stands up.

'No, this can't be happening.' Midoriya saw the smirk on his father's face. He couldn't believe that he was still alive. He killed him, so how could he be alive? He suppressed those memories from his past and tried to control himself. He was terrified, and his friends could see the terror in Midoriya's eyes.


"Good work, son." Midoriya held back the growl as his father was smiling at him with pride. Mitsuki's body slumped against the wooden chair. Kacchan would have been furious with him for killing his mother, but maybe he could know the feeling of losing someone so dear. The silencer in his hands grew heavier, 'I could kill him right now. I can't let this fear hold me back from accomplishing my goal.' All for One shared a concerned look for his son when Izuku turned the gun to him. "Son put the gun down!" Izuku shot his father in his leg, "You're not my father!"

"You fucking, child! You better come back. I own you." Izuku laughed. "YOU DON'T OWN ME ANYMORE!" Izuku shot his father right in the eye and watched him drop the ground.

"Mama told me to watch out for the shadows. I will choose who I will be." Every step Izuku took got heavier when he heard his father's words. "GOOD JOB, IZUKU. YOU'LL BE THE SAME KILLER I WAS. YOU'LL BECOME THE KILLER THAT LURKS IN THE SHADOWS, WAITING TO STRIKE. YOU'LL SOON LEARN THAT YOU WON'T FEAR ANYONE EXCEPT YOURSELF!"

Izuku wished that he didn't believe every word he said. He wanted it all to be a lie, but the world didn't work that way.


"Deku, what's wrong?" Uraraka pushed aside her investigation when she saw her friend stood up. Midoriya saw his father smirking at him, "Can we just leave?" Midoriya stopped talking when he fell back into someone's chest, "Hello, son." Izuku's blood turned cold when he turned around to face his birth father. All for one was wearing an eyepatch, "It's nice to see you, Izuku. I'm happy that we bumped into each other." Each word sounded fake to Izuku, and he knew the true meaning behind his words.

'How did he know I was going to be here?'


6-year-old Hikari was living on the streets of Kamino for about a month. She didn't want to go home to face her father's temper or his mother's addictive drinking. She roamed down the streets, rummaging for something to eat. She hugged herself in her oversized sweater to keep in the heat.

She was terrified that her father was searching for her. Kamino wasn't a glorious place to live. People lie when they say that they adored living in the city. She couldn't handle the pain any longer and collapsed to the ground. The tears slipped down her red eyes as she hugged herself. She didn't want to feel this pain any longer. "Hey, are you lost?" She glanced up to see a young male with crimson red eyes looking at her with concern.

The black-haired male approached her as if she was a wounded animal. "Please, don't hurt me!" Her sleeves slid down her arms to show the bruises and scars she received from her parents. "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. Are you hurt?" Hikari was unsure if she could trust this man. She knew her father had connections, 'What if he sent him to get me?' Fear laced her expression, "Please, don't take me back. Mommy and Daddy hurt me!" The black-haired boy's eyes furrowed when he heard her say, "I won't take you back if you don't want me to. I'm an officer." The male pulled out his badge to show her that he was from the police force. She pushed back a strand of her blond hair, "O-okay." Bakugou wiped away the little girl's tears from her red eyes.

"I'll protect you." Bakugou held onto the little girl as she nodded her head. "What's your name?" She wondered if she could tell him her name. "I'm Hakari," she introduced herself.

Bakugou carried Hakari through the alleyway as he needed to push aside his mission. He couldn't endanger a child's life because of his mission. He didn't come to Kamino to make new friends. He came to Kamino to get some revenge on the MLA organization. Kirishima would have screamed at him for trying to find the group, but he had to do this. He wondered if he could reschedule the mission because of the child in his arms.

Bakugou carried the small child in his arms until he heard a giggle echoing from a distance. "Curious," Bakugou hid the little girl behind him when he turned around to face the lady. "Ah, you're the Hollow Death. It's impossible to forget you after what you did." Bakugou chuckled dryly, "Where're the extras?"

Curious glared, "They're not here, right now. You're lucky. You should've never come back after killing the boss' daughter in cold blood." She pulled out her blade and ran towards Bakugou, "The boss will be proud if I kill you now!" Bakugou grabbed her wrist from stabbing him and glanced back at Hakari. "Run!" Hakari stood in fear when she saw the lady stabbing Bakugou in the leg. Bakugou didn't see the other blade in Curious' hands. "Fuck!"

Bakugou shoved Curious off and yanked the blade out of his leg, "You fucking bastard!" She made a reach the knife and cut Bakugou's cheek. Bakugou pulled a knife out of his leg and fought back. Curious knew that Bakugou would kill her if she lost. Bakugou ignored the pain in his leg as he fought back, "I'm not going to let you win!" Curious giggled and noticed the child standing behind Bakugou. She grabbed Hakari and held the blade against her neck, "Make one move, and I will kill her!"

Bakugou growled, "Let her go! She's not involved in this! She's innocent, so please let her go!" Curious pressed the blade against her, "You didn't care that you killed those minors. Why do you care now?" The Hollow Death was heartless while Bakugou had emotions. That's what made them different. "What kind of bullshit is Re-Destro feeding you!" Bakugou dropped the blade on the floor and placed his hands behind his back. She rolled her eyes, "You're the threat, Hollow! You need to die, and I'll make sure your death is slow and painfully."

"Then kill me! LEAVE HER ALONE!" Hakari's tears were running down her cheeks as she was terrified. "Maybe you will know how it feels to lose someone!" Bakugou couldn't move, or Curious would kill her. "Please help me, Katsuki!" Bakugou saw the fear in her eyes while Curious was pressing the blade into her neck. Bakugou needed to do something, but what could he do? He took a deep breath, "I give up. Just let her go." Bakugou was willing to turn himself in to save Hakari's life. He couldn't let her die. "Let her go," Bakugou demanded as Curious shook her head.

"You need to learn that you can't save everyone." Bakugou didn't have enough time to react when he saw Curious slicing her neck open. Hakari's body drops to the cold concrete floor as her eyes clouded up. Curious laughed at Bakugou's expression, "We can't leave any witnesses behind." Bakugou's vision filled with red as he pulls his gun out from his pocket. "Go rot in hell, you bitch!" Bakugou shoot Curious in the head and watcher her body drop to the ground.

Bakugou stumbled over to the two bodies and covered his mouth. He promised to protect the little girl. She lost her life in a young life. "I-I couldn't keep my promise." He was angry at himself and picked up the blade from the floor. He stabbed Curious's lifeless body repeatedly, "She didn't deserve to die!" He glanced down to see that smile laced on Curious's face. "Even in death, you're a fucking monster." He stood up and looked at Haraki. He went to the little girl and hugged her lifeless body. "I'm sorry that I couldn't save you. You didn't deserve to die this way. It's my fault you're dead. You didn't get the chance to be happy. I'm so fucking sorry!" Bakugou barely noticed the blood lacing his clothes when he called the police.

'I couldn't even protect her. I wasn't able to save her from Curious. I'm useless. If Kirishima was in Hakari's position-' Bakugou shook his head at the thought. He couldn't lose Kirishima. He needed to get rid of Re-Destro and the MLA.


Bakugou didn't know that the MLA was planning something far more sinister. All for one was bringing in the Anarchy's worst enemies for the war. Re-Destro couldn't wait to crush the hollow death and destroy everything he ever loved. Shigaraki was looking forward to killing a certain red and white boy. Chisaki was ready to get revenge on Red Riot for ruining his plans. Each organization had its reasons to attack the Anarchy. They were preparing for the war against the Anarchy. They didn't know that the Anarchy started growing.


Midoriya stood in front of his father with a glare in his eyes. He wasn't going to let All for One win this fight. All for One saw the fire burning in his son's eyes, 'I'm not going to let you win, father.' All for One smirked at his son, 'The Anarchy will burn to ashes, and I'll be there to watch your downfall.' 

Chapter Text

Bakugou glanced at the flashing lights of Kamino as he walked alone. He made sure to get rid of his blood-soaked attire after summoning the authorities. He ran a hand through his black hair and headed back to the hideout. He wanted to spend his time cuddling his fiance, but Kirishima was at the base right now. Kirishima didn't warn him that they were going to have some visitors. He saw the anonymous figure inside the hideout. He pinned the purple-haired male against the wall with a knife up to his neck, "Who the hell are you?"

Shinsou didn't have any time to process what just happened when the black-haired male was on him. "Who the hell are you?" Shinsou growled back to show that he wasn't playing around with this guy. Bakugou scoffed, "Are you mocking me?" This guy had the grace to mock him, despite knowing nothing about him. "Do you have any clue who I am?" Shinsou looked at the male to see how familiar he was. He was wearing a face mask that was different from his kitsune mask. "No, I have no fucking clue who you are!" Bakugou growled, "I'm the Hollow Death." Shinsou froze at the name. He was one of the guys that he had to avoid. Shinsou chuckled nervously, "That's hard to remember. Why not change your name to Ground Zero or King Explosion Murderer?"

Kirishima walked into the room to see the scene unfold. "I didn't know you were going to be back soon!" Kirishima rushed over to the two and pushed them away from each other. "Shinsou, can you please excuse us?" Shinsou nods his head and walks into the war room.

Kirishima turns to Bakugou, "I'm glad you're safe." Kirishima was adjusting to seeing the newest member of the Anarchy. Todoroki was out of commission for a while, but the red-haired boy made sure to warn Todoroki. He forgot to inform Bakugou about the situation. "How was your mission?" Bakugou's smile faded under his mask. "Turns out it was a dead-end," Bakugou told him. He wasn't going to let his lover worry about the accident. "Is everything okay?" Bakugou ran a hand through Kirishima's blue hair, "Yeah, everything's okay."

Shinsou didn't think that he was going to encounter the Hollow Death anytime soon. It seemed that the Hollow Death and Riot were in a romantic relationship together. He hasn't met Night-Flame and wondered about this guy's personality. Red Riot was the only person he felt comfortable around since he wasn't violent like the rest of them. Still, he couldn't trust any of them.

"Hey, Shinsou, you can come on out!" Shinsou exited the room to see the black-haired male sitting in a chair with his arms crossed. "You're the recruit," Bakugou was uninterested with this guy. "What special skills do you bring to the Anarchy?" Kirishima spoke up before Shinsou could, "He's a part of the police department! Shadow said that we needed more people to infuriate the department." Shinsou froze at Kirishima's words, 'Wait, he's a part of the police force? I've never seen him around the station.'

Bakugou eyed him suspiciously. "I've never seen you around the office before." Bakugou stood up and invaded his space, "How sure are we that we can trust this extra?" Bakugou smirked, "If he's a member of the Anarchy, he has to complete the ceremony." Kirishima reached out to grab his boyfriend's arm, "Don't you think we should wait for Shadow?" Bakugou shook his head and pulled away from the red-haired boy. "Riot, all of us had to do the ceremony. He's not an exception. We should always follow tradition." Kirishima bit down on his bottom lip and glanced down at the ground.

Bakugou glared, "You can refer me as Ground Zero. I like that name, so I'm going to steal it." He grabbed the clipboard resting on the countertop and turned to face the purple-haired male. "All new members of the Anarchy has to kill one of the people on the list. Let's see what unlucky soul you have to kill." Shinsou couldn't believe what he was hearing. Bakugou smirked at the name on the clipboard. "You have to kill Tensei Iida. I'm going to be there to make sure you complete the mission." Bakugou placed the clipboard on the countertop. "You have two days to kill him. If you back down, I will kill you and him." Bakugou flashed a smile at the boy. "The Anarchy isn't shit and giggles, so understand that we don't fucking play around. "You're lucky that Icy-Hot isn't here, and that I was here instead." Kirishima decided to speak up, "Ground Zero, Shadow said that he was going to be out of commission for a while." Bakugou growled, "I swear to fucking god! Ugh, Riot stay here with this extra. I'll be back later." Bakugou walked out of the hideout and headed home to get the disgusting dye out of his hair.

Bakugou walked out of his apartment and strolled down the streets. He remembered where baldy's address like the back of his hand when Icy-Hot told him what happened. He didn't trust that bastard after the pain he caused Todoroki. He knew about Deku's crush on Todoroki. Icy-Hot was oblivious when it came to romantic after breaking up with Inasa. He knocked on Yoarashi's door and waited for the bastard to answer the door.

"Bakugou, what are you doing here?" Bakugou ignored the man's words and walked inside. "Where's Icy-Hot?" Bakugou noticed the hickeys layering Inasa's neck and held back the urge to vomit. "He left before I woke up." Bakugou's eyes widen at the information, "Oh god, did you two fucking-" The blond-haired male rubbed his temple, "All of you guys are so fucking frustrating!" Bakugou wondered where the hell Todoroki could have gone. "Where did Icy-Hot go?" Inasa shrugged his shoulders, "I have no clue." Bakugou tsked, "This was a waste of time." Bakugou was ready to walk out until Inasa grabbed his arm. "Bakugou, can you tell Shouto something for me?" Bakugou scoffed, "Fine, make it quick before I change my mind."

"Tell him that I'm sorry about last night. I felt like I was taking advantage of him." Bakugou sighs, "I'll tell him that. I need to get going." Bakugou pulled his hand off and walked to the door. He glanced back at Inasa, "I might not know your guys past together, but don't mistake me as an idiot. I don't know your reasons for abusing him, but you hurt him. He might forgive you, but there's no redemption for you." Bakugou closed the door behind and continued walking. He wondered where Todoroki went.

'Everything is becoming unbearable to handle. I can't tell Kirishima, or he'll worry. Shitty Deku invited a new member to the organization, but he didn't consult any of us. He's doing something on his own. I have no idea what's he's planning. Hakari's death is still on my mind. I couldn't do anything to save her from Curious. It was my fault she was dead. I'm going to fucking kill everyone from the MLA. They are going to pay. However, right now, I need to focus on finding Icy-Hot and dealing with Shinsou.'


Midoriya stood in front of his father with a glare in his eyes. He wasn't going to let All for One win this fight. All for One saw the fire burning in his son's eyes, 'I'm not going to let you win, father.' All for One smirked at his son, 'The Anarchy will burn to ashes, and I'll be there to watch your downfall.' All for One smiled at his son, "It's been a long time since we spoke, Izuku." Midoriya glared at the man in front of him. He didn't trust this guy. "What the hell do you want," Izuku growled.

"Midoriya, that's not a proper way to greet your birth father." Iida knew that Midoriya came from an adoptive family, but Uraraka didn't know. "Wait, I thought Toshinori was your father," Uraraka told Midoriya. She wondered why All for One had an eye-patch on his left eye. "No, Toshinori is my adoptive father." Midoriya glared at his father, "Why are you here? Don't you have better things to do?" All for One laughed, "I wanted to see my son again."

'He's playing the same act again. He's making me seem like the bad guy. I fucking hate this son-of-bitch. He has something planned if he came here to see me. What the hell are you planning, Father?'

"Well, I don't want anything to deal with you." All for One frowns and then lends closer to Izuku's ear. "You should show me respect, boy." All for One stands back and smiles, "I just wanted to see my son again." He hugged his son tightly before whispering in his ear, "I hope Todoroki has been treating you well. Such a shame if something would happen to him." Midoriya's eyes widen at Todoroki's name. His father pulled away and walked out of the store with a smile. Midoriya stood frozen, "I need to leave. I'm sorry, guys, but I have to cut this short." Midoriya left the money on the table and ran out of the cafe. He saw All for One walked into the corner of an alleyway. "Why the hell were you following me?" Midoriya's father continued walking, ignoring Midoriya's comments. "Turn the fuck around and face me, you fucking coward!" All for One stopped in his tracks and held back his laugh.

"How the hell do you know about Todoroki!?" All for One turned around to face his son. "You always had your mother's eyes." He walked deeper inside the alleyway as Izuku ran after him. "Stop fucking avoiding the question and answer it!" All for One stopped and smirked to himself. "I've been keeping tabs on you, Son. I had to make sure you never stepped out of line. Todoroki's a perfect example of a distraction for you. He'll be your downfall, so it's best if I kill him now." Midoriya's eyes widen, "Don't you fucking touch him!" All for One smirked, "You're in no position to demand anything, Izuku." He walked to his son, "You're going to follow my instructions carefully. I won't repeat myself, so open your ears." He circled his son, "I wonder how Todoroki would look under my feet." He looks so lovely." Midoriya snapped and threw a fist at his father until he caught his fist. "You're protective of your little crush. What if-" Midoriya yanked his fist away, "FUCKING STAY AWAY FROM HIM! I WON'T LET YOU HURT HIM!"

Midoriya threw another fist at him, and then All for One twisted his arm behind his back. Midoriya groaned in pain, "He's your weakness, Izuku." Midoriya growled, "He's not my weakness!" He kicked his father back and then slammed his fist against his face. "Don't you fucking dare come near him!" All for One wiped the blood from his mouth, "That makes me want him more!" Midoriya couldn't catch the fist from slamming against his cheek. "You're weak, Izuku! Just like your fucking mother!" Midoriya dropped to the ground, "You're going to follow my instructions carefully if you want Todoroki to be safe." Midoriya saw the gun pointing at his head. "Fuck you," Midoriya knew he couldn't do anything except listen. Midoriya's eyes widen at his father's words, "I'll be watching, Izuku." He disappeared into the darkness, leaving Midoriya destroyed.


 Todoroki walked down the sidewalk with a smile on his lips. He pulled his phone out to call Midoriya. He needed to tell him the truth. He couldn't wait to see his future boyfriend. He looked at the message on his phone and smiled to himself.

Midoriya:  Hey, Todoroki, I have something to tell you. Can you meet me at the hideout?

Todoroki didn't find anything wrong with the message and made his way to the hideout. He walked inside to see Midoriya sitting on the counter with a small smile on display. "Midoriya, I have something to tell you." Midoriya hopped off the countertop and walked over to the boy. "I hope it isn't too late. I love you, Midoriya." Midoriya's heart crushed at Todoroki's confession. Todoroki watched Midoriya's smile crumbles into ashes. Todoroki reached out to hug Midoriya, and then Midoriya slapped his hands away. He scoffed, "Are you sure, Todoroki? You're crazy to think if I would ever love you!"

"Midoriya, you-"

"I fucking lied! I never loved you!" Shouto looked at Midoriya in disbelief. "Midoriya, what are you-" Midoriya pushed Todoroki away, "I fucking said that no one will ever love you. I was using you! I never loved you!" Todoroki's eyes filled with tears, "Midoriya, you promised me that you wouldn't hurt me!" Midoriya scoffed, "Why would I ever love you? I was using you for my own gains."

Todoroki felt his heart break. Midoriya felt his heart ache when he saw Shouto cover his mouth as he was crying. Midoriya needed it to sound as real as possible, or AFO would find out. It took everything in his body to not comfort the weeping boy. "Todoroki-" He stepped forward to comfort Shouto until Bakugou stepped in.

"Kacchan-" Midoriya stepped forward to grab Bakugou's arm, and then Bakugou growled. "I heard fucking everything!" Kacchan looked at his childhood friend with disgust. "Stay the fuck away from Icy-Hot," Bakugou growled at his childhood friend. Todoroki wiped his tears away, "No, it's fine." Shouto's eyes were glossy and filled with tears threatening to spill. "You can go fuck yourself, Midoriya." He walked out of the hideout. Midoriya looked at Bakugou, "Kacchan, I can-" Bakugou interrupted Midoriya by slamming his fist against his jaw.

"Save your fucking excuse for someone that would care." Bakugou walked out to follow Todoroki. Midoriya dropped to his knees and cried.

"I hope you're fucking happy, Father!" 


Chapter Text

Midoriya threw another fist at him, and then All for One twisted his arm behind his back. Midoriya groaned in pain, "He's your weakness, Izuku." Midoriya growled, "He's not my weakness!" He kicked his father back and then slammed his fist against his face. "Don't you fucking dare come near him!" All for One wiped the blood from his mouth, "That makes me want him more!" Midoriya couldn't catch the fist from slamming against his cheek. "You're weak, Izuku! Just like your fucking mother!" Midoriya dropped to the ground, "You're going to follow my instructions carefully if you want Todoroki to be safe." Midoriya saw the gun pointing at his head. "Fuck you," Midoriya knew he couldn't do anything except listen.

"I want you to break Todoroki's heart. Tell him that you would never love him." Midoriya scoffed, "I'm never going to do that. Even if you threaten my life, I will never hurt Todoroki." All for One laughed, "You care so much about that boy. It's truly disgusting that you have committed yourself to love a broken soul." Midoriya growled, "Don't you fucking talk about Todoroki that way." His father laughed as he was mocking his son. "Who said you had a choice?"

"Why if I don't follow your orders?" All for One smiled, "If you don't follow my instructions carefully. I'll kill him myself." Midoriya's eyes widen at his father's words, "I'll be watching, Izuku." He disappeared into the darkness, leaving Midoriya destroyed.

Bakugou looked at his childhood friend in disgust. "Stay the fuck away from Icy-Hot," Bakugou growled at his childhood friend. "No, it's fine." Shouto's eyes were glossy and filled with tears threatening to spill. "You can go fuck yourself, Midoriya." He walked out of the hideout. Midoriya looked at Bakugou, "Kacchan, I can-" Bakugou interrupted Midoriya by slamming his fist against his jaw.

"Save your fucking excuse for someone that would care." Bakugou walked out to follow Todoroki. Midoriya dropped to his knees and cried.

"I hope you're fucking happy, father!" Midoriya covered his eyes. He never meant to hurt the one he loved. Todoroki finally told him those three words that Midoriya wanted to hear. Todoroki was never going to forgive him for what he did.

"I'm so fucking sorry, Todoroki."


Shinsou couldn't believe that his mission was to kill Iida's older brother. He glanced at the boy beside him while the day was growing darker. "How long have you been a part of the Anarchy?" Shinsou found himself comfortable with Kirishima since the blue-haired boy wasn't like the others. Kirishima glanced at the purple-haired boy while he was adjusting his mask. "Oh, I'm one of the original members of the Anarchy." The two were hiding behind the house watching through the window. "Why was Tensei Iida was on the list?" Kirishima didn't mind the questions since he didn't suspect anything wrong. "Shadow was the one that added him to the list. I don't ask questions about the names," Kirishima answered.

"How did you even get involved in this stuff in the first place?" Kirishima glanced at Shinsou and sighed, "Ground Zero accepted the offer to join the organization by Shadow and Night-Flame. I have to make sure nothing goes wrong." Kirishima watched the lights in the house flicker off. "Riot, why don't you get him to quit?" Kirishima laughed dryly, "We all have a prize on our heads. We can't just quit. People tend to have the wrong opinion about us since we kill people. We don't kill innocent citizens because that's against our code. We kill bad people instead of bringing them in." Kirishima walked forward to the back door and picked the lock. "If this guy was on the list, then there's a reason behind it."

Kirishima opened the door and handed Shinsou the gun. "Make it quick," Kirishima reminded him. The red-haired boy wondered if he could trust Shinsou with their secrets. He noticed that the sun was setting, and it was turning dark soon. Shinsou entered the house with the gun in his hands, 'Can I do this? I could take him down. He doesn't seem to have any weapons.'

"Shinsou, you're going to need to hurry. We can't let Tensei know that we're here. He's still an officer at the office." Shinsou shook his head, "No, I'm not going to do it." Kirishima laughed dryly, "My patience is running short with you, Shinsou. I don't enjoy people underestimating me." Kirishima took the gun from Shinsou and walked inside the house. Shinsou was trailing behind Kirishima, trying to get him to listen. "Duck!" When the gun sounded, Kirishima pushes Shinsou out of the way. Tensei stood there in front of them, holding onto a pistol.

"Who the hell are you?" Tensei recognized one of them being a part of the Anarchy. "I'm calling the cops!" Kirishima grabbed the dagger from his pocket and threw it at Tensei's arm. Tensei's hand was pinned against the wall as it was bleeding. "tsk, tsk, I can't have you doing that." Tensei glanced at the pistol on the floor as Shinsou was holding the gun.

Tensei grabbed the dagger from his hand and slashed Kirishima's cheek. "Shinsou, shoot him!" Kirishima knocked the knife out of his hands and tackled him to the ground. Shinsou held the gun in his hands, 'What do I do?' Shinsou didn't know what to do. He couldn't shoot Riot, or the rest of the Anarchy would be after him. Shinsou couldn't kill Iida's brother. Tensei took the opportunity and slammed his head against Kirishima's. Kirishima fell back into the wall and saw Tensei picking up the gun. Shinsou had his gun pointing at Tensei while the male was holding the pistol.

"Put the gun down, or I will shoot," Tensei warned him. Kirishima glanced to the side to see a can of hair spray, a box of cigarettes, and a lighter sitting on the nightstand. Tensei was focused on Shinsou to keep his focus on Kirishima. The blue-haired male needed to act fast, or Tensei would kill them.

"Hey, Tensei, heads up!" Tensei turned to see Kirishima holding a can of hair spray and a lighter. Shinsou watched in horror when Tensei caught on fire. Iida's brother screamed in agony as he was on fire. Kirishima adjusted the mask on his face and stood up. He watched Tensei's body drop to the ground. Kirishima sighed, "Thank god, I'm wearing gloves." He set the items aside and grabbed his gun from the floor. He shot the lifeless body to make sure Tensei wouldn't survive. "If Ground Zero asks, you killed him." Shinsou was shocked, "Why? Why aren't you going to rat me out? I couldn't even shoot him."

Kirishima placed a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry, the pain you feel will soon become numb. You can go home, Shinsou. I'll tell him that you completed the mission. You're finally a member of the Anarchy." Kirishima didn't have the heart to tell him that there was never a ceremony.


Shinsou walked inside his apartment to see the lights on. "Hey, Hitoshi," Kaminari said. Shinsou didn't expect to see Kaminari after a month. "What are you doing here?" The purple-haired boy wasn't in the mood to deal with anything right now. "Hitoshi-" Kaminari reached to touch Shinsou until the purple-haired boy slapped his hand away. "You avoid for me a month, Denki! You come back thinking that the past month would go away!"

"I wasn't avoiding you," Kaminari protested. "What the hell were you doing the past month then?" Mochi hissed at Shinsou's tone. Kaminari stepped forward, "Hitoshi, I've been busy working on the case." Shinsou rolled his eyes, "Really? You're going to fucking lie to me?"

"You want to talk about lying, Hitoshi? Do you really want to talk about lying?" Kaminari stepped forward, "You've been acting strange lately! You were the one shutting me out!" Shinsou slammed his fist against the wall, "Why don't you fucking just leave then, Kaminari? I don't need you holding me down!" Kaminari's eyes filled with tears, "If that's how you feel then. You don't have to worry about me stepping in your way again." Shinsou didn't realize what he said until he spits it out. He watched Kaminari turned around and grabbed his coat. "Wait, Kaminari-"

"Don't!" Kaminari yanked his hand away from Shinsou. "You wanted to be alone, so guess what? You can be alone now without me stepping in your way." Kaminari walked out of the apartment, leaving Shinsou alone. The purple-haired boy slid to the floor as he grabbed onto his hair. "What have I done?" Hitoshi covered his eyes as he was crying. He felt a furry ball of fur rub against his legs. He glanced up to see Mochi rubbing her head against his leg.

"I'm such an idiot. I deserve to be alone."


Kirishima walked inside the hideout to see Midoriya on the ground. "Midoriya?" He ran up to the weeping boy to see the tears in Midoriya's eyes. "I promise him that I wouldn't hurt him! I hurt him! I betrayed his trust, Kirishima!" He held a tight grip on Kirishima's jacket. "Midoriya, what are you talking about?" Kirishima worried for his friends since Midoriya rarely showed emotion. Midoriya pulled away and wiped the tears away. He laughed dryly, "Isn't it a bitch when you promised the person that you loved the most that you wouldn't hurt them?"


"I lost sight of what I had. I could've stopped Inasa from hurting Todoroki. I could've been there for Todoroki when he needed a shoulder to lend on. I envy you and Kacchan. I was afraid of telling him how I felt. I promised him that I wouldn't hurt him."

"Why did you hurt him then?" Kirishima looked at his friend with concern. He never saw this side of Midoriya before. "What's the point? I lost him. He'll never forgive me for what I said." Kirishima shook his head, "What did you tell him, Midoriya?"

"I told him that I didn't love him," Midoriya's voice breaks at his words. "I love him more than anything. It hurts so much!" Kirishima hugged his friend, "Why did you tell him that?"

"I was doing that to protect him." Kirishima pulled away to look at his friend. "What do you mean by that?" Midoriya bit the bottom of his lip and stood up. He glanced around the hideout to make sure there weren't any cameras. Kirishima followed behind his friend before Midoriya turns around, "Have you ever heard of All for One?"

"Yeah, that old tale of some corrupted boss that was obsessed with power. He almost tore down Japan and almost brought it down with him. Why are you telling me about this?" Midoriya sighs, "He had a son. All for One is my father. I thought he died, but he's back. I don't know what he's planning, but he's already set his mind on destroying the Anarchy. He threatened to hurt Todoroki if I didn't tell him that I never loved him." Midoriya glanced down at his hands, "He's winning, and he knows it." Kirishima shook his head, "No, we're not going to let him win! Midoriya, we can't quit! Together we can defeat him!" Midoiya had a small smile on his lips, "You're right."

Kirishima smiled, "Nothing can bring the Anarchy down. You can't keep this hidden from us. After we take your father down, you'll tell Todoroki the truth." Kirishima heard his phone ring and glanced at the caller ID. "Who is it?" Kirishima showed Midoriya the screen. "It's an unknown caller ID," Kirishima answered the number and pressed it to his ear.

Kirishima dropped his phone when he heard the news. "Kirishima, who was that?" Midoriya saw the fear in Kirishima's eyes.

"It was Bakugou. There's been an accident."


Todoroki didn't know how long he's been running. Midoriya's words repeated in his head like a broken record. 'Why did I even trust him? I thought he was different from everyone else.' Todoroki didn't notice that he ran out into the road. He turned his head to see the image of a car coming at him.

Bakugou saw Todoroki running out onto the street. 'Crap!' Bakugou ran behind Todoroki and pushed him out of the way. Todoroki was shoved to the ground, aside from the road. "MOVE ICY-HOT!" Everything went deathly silent when the scene unfold. His mismatched eyes watched in horror, "Bakugou!" Multiple cars stopped when Todoroki ran to Bakugou's body.

"Bakugou, keep your eyes open!" Shouto held onto the blond's body. He was falling in and out of consciousness. "Someone, call the ambulances," Todoroki yelled out. "Please!" Shouto glanced down at Bakugou, "Don't die on me, Bakugou!" Shouto could hear the faint sounds of an ambulance coming.

"I'm so sorry, Bakugou. Please don't die." 

Chapter Text

Bakugou saw Todoroki running out onto the street. 'Crap!' Bakugou ran behind Todoroki and pushed him out of the way. Todoroki was shoved to the ground, aside from the road. "MOVE ICY-HOT!" Everything went deathly silent when the scene unfold. His mismatched eyes watched in horror, "Bakugou!" Multiple cars stopped when Todoroki ran to Bakugou's body.

"Bakugou, keep your eyes open!" Shouto held onto the blond's body. He was falling in and out of consciousness. "Someone, call the ambulances," Todoroki yelled out. "Please!" Shouto glanced down at Bakugou, "Don't die on me, Bakugou!" Shouto could hear the faint sounds of an ambulance coming.

"I'm so sorry, Bakugou."

Bakugou coughed, "Don't blame yourself, Half n half." Todoroki shook his head. "You need to conserve your energy." Bakugou laughed weakly, "If I fucking die, tell Kirishima that I love him." Todoroki watched the ambulance arrive as the paramedics loaded Bakugou on the stretcher.

Todoroki saw someone watching the accident from a distance. "Sir, are you coming with us?" Shouto turned her head to see one of the paramedics looking at him. "Yes, of course," Todoroki answered. He turned back to see the man disappearing among the shadows.

'Who was that person?'

Todoroki joined them inside the ambulance and noticed that his phone was missing. He didn't remember where he left his phone. He was sure that he had it with him. He couldn't call anyone until an hour passed when someone finally allowed him to call someone. His mind flashed to Midoriya and felt the tears resurface.

"I fucking lied! I never loved you!"

Midoriya's rung in his head like a broken record, 'He was lying to me this whole time.' Todoroki rubbed the tears away, 'I should have never trusted him.' Todoroki was ready to love again, but Midoriya tore him down.

"You're worthless, slut. No one is going to save a freak like you! No one is going to love you as I do!" Inasa's words yelled at him as it was forcing back his old memories. "Sir, are you okay?" Shouto looked at the lady as she was waiting for her phone. Shouto nods his head, "Oh, I'm sorry." Shouto's hands tremble as he calls Kirishima's number.

'I should've listened. I should've known that the past was bound to repeat.' Shouto took a deep breath and pressed the phone close to his ear. 'I wish that I never trusted him. It was a mistake to think that he was different. I should have never told him that I loved him. It left me vulnerable to his tricks. He's dead to me.'

"Who is it?" Shouto focused back on the call and told Kirishima to come to the hospital. His mind wandered back to that person he saw at the accident.

'Who was that person? Why were they at the accident?'


Kirishima heard his phone ring and glanced at the caller ID. "Who is it?" Kirishima showed Midoriya the screen. "It's an unknown caller ID," Kirishima answered the number and pressed it to his ear. "Kirishima, I'm so sorry." Kirishima heard Todoroki's panic on the other line of the phone. He didn't understand what he was talking about and was about to ask until Todoroki cut him off.

"There's been an accident, Kiri. B-Bakugou got hit by a car. I'm sorry that I had to call you on a different phone. I'll see you at the hospital." Todoroki didn't give Kirishima any time to respond. Kirishima's eyes widen at the news as he heard the sound of the phone line going silent. Kirishima dropped his phone when he heard the news. Midoriya looked at his friend with concern. "Kirishima, who was that?" Midoriya saw the fear in Kirishima's eyes.

"It was about Bakugou. There's been an accident." Midoriya's eyes widen, "What do you mean, Kirishima?" The blue-haired boy wiped the tears from his eyes, "Bakugou's at the hospital. I need to go see him." Kirishima grabbed his jacket and headed towards the door until Midoriya grabbed his hand. "Kirishima, you need to change out of those clothes. Plus, you have the hair dye in your hair." Kirishima nods his head and heads to the shower that was inside the hideout.

Midoriya watched his friend walk away and wondered if this was his fault. He sighed to himself and knew that this was partially his fault. Bakugou was running after Todoroki when Midoriya told Todoroki that. 'I'm such an idiot.'

The ride to the hospital was eerily quiet as both boys had nothing to say to each other. When they parked, Kirishima ran out of the car. Midoriya had to catch up with the boy as Kirishima was asking for Bakugou's room number. Kirishima was impatient and refused to wait for Midoriya. He grabbed Midoriya's arm and dragged them to the elevator.

Todoroki was talking to the doctor when Kirishima and Midoriya walked forward. "How's Bakugou doing?" Kirishima watched the doctor disappear inside the room. "Bakugou is going to be okay. It's a miracle that he survived." Kirishima sighed in relief, "What exactly happened?" Todoroki glanced away from them. He rubbed his arm, "It was my fault. I didn't look both ways when I crossed the road. Bakugou pushed me out the way before the car could hit me." Kirishima hugs his friend before pulling away, "I'm going to see Bakugou." The red-haired boy walked inside, leaving Todoroki and Midoriya alone in the hallway. Midoriya saw Todoroki rubbing his arm as he avoided looking at him. He needed to speak to Todoroki. He took a step forward and looked into Todoroki's mismatched eyes. He decided maybe he could ask if Todoroki got hurt.

"Todoroki, you didn't get-"

"Why do you care?" Todoroki glared at Midoriya. "Last time we talked, you told me that you hated me." Midoriya shook his head, "Todoroki, I had too! It was to keep you safe!" The green-haired boy grabbed his hand and refused to let him go. "Keep me safe from what," Todoroki questioned. Midoriya bit the bottom of his lip.

'Are you willing to put Todoroki's life on the line? All for One is still out there. He'll come after Todoroki.' Todoroki scoffed, "Of course, you wouldn't tell me anything. Save you lie for someone else who would care." Todoroki pulled his hands away from Midoriya. He turned his back to Midoriya and walked away.

'Please, don't let him leave. Don't let him go! Show him that he means the world to you!' Midoriya's fist clutched, "Todoroki, wait!" Todoroki turned around to see Midoriya with tears glistening from his emerald eyes, "I-" Midoriya couldn't tell Todoroki about All for One or his life would be on risk. He wanted to tell Todoroki the truth. He couldn't lie to Todoroki, but he had to keep him safe. He hoped that Todoroki would understand. "Please, stay safe." Midoriya stepped forward and grabbed Todoroki's hand. "You can hate me all you want, but I'm doing this to keep you safe. I will take him down. I l-love you, Todoroki! I never meant to hurt you!" Shouto's eyes widen, "Midoriya, stop playing with me!"

Todoroki pulled away from him, "Do you think my feelings are just a game now?" Midoriya shook his head, "Todoroki, I'm-" Todoroki pulled away from him. "Can I even trust you anymore? You keep changing your answer! Tell me the truth for once!" Midoriya took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

"Todoroki, can we talk in private?" An unknown voice joined the conversation as the two turned around to look at Yaoyorozu. Todoroki didn't think he would ever see Yaoyorozu again. Jirou was standing beside her side. "We need to ask you questions about the accident."

"Why? It was just an accident." Jirou bit the bottom of her lip, "This might be hard to understand, but the accident wasn't an accident." Shouto's eyes widen, "What are you talking about?" Yaoyorozu walked forward to Todoroki and placed her hand on his shoulder. "It's best we talk about this in private." 


Midoriya watched the three leave the hallway. He sighed, 'I should've told him.' Midoriya walked up to the door to see Kirishima holding onto Kacchan's hand. He wondered if he'll ever get the chance to be with Todoroki. His mind wavered off to Jirou's words, "The accident wasn't an accident." Someone was targetting Todoroki. He turned away from the door and headed out of the hospital. All for One was going against his back. He growled at the thought, 'You fucking bastard.'

'You fucking lied, All for One!'


"I'm extremely disappointed with you, Natsuo." All for One walked around the white-haired boy. Natsuo scoffed, "You think I would hit my brother." Natsuo worked for the Meta Liberation Army. No one in his family knew about his small-time gig. He was shocked that Re-Destro decided to partner up with the League and the Shie Hassaikai. All for One requested him to kill his little brother. The plan took a wrong turn when the blond got hit. "Your brother is a problem in my operation." Natsuo growled, "You told Midoriya that you wouldn't hurt him! Why the hell are you ordering me around to kill him!"

Shigaraki glared at Natsuo, "Don't yell at my master!" Kurogiri decided to keep his mouth shut as he watched them bicker. Natsuo turned to Shigaraki and flipped him off. "Unlike you, I love my family except for my asshole father." All for One grumbled, "You're supposed to follow my instructions carefully and not fuck it up!"

"I don't follow your orders. I work for the Meta Liberation Army, not for you!" Dabi watched All for One slap Natsuo across the face. "You don't have a choice. You will follow my orders," he growled. Dabi watched in silence as he bit down on his tongue. He couldn't say anything, or it would jeopardize his plan. Natsuo placed a hand on his cheek, "Of course, sir." Natsuo knew he couldn't win this fight. He walked away from the group with his head down in shame. Dabi stood up and followed behind his brother. "Nats, are you-"

"Fuck off, Touya." Natsuo glared at his brother. "They're planning on killing Sho. Are you going to let them do that? We promised mom that would stay-" Dabi cut his brother off. "Mom's dead, Nats!" The two brothers stood in silence outside the warehouse with their eyes glaring at each other.

"Low blow, Touya. She'll always be by our sides. You're the one who let her go!" Natsuo's glared at his brother's turquoise eyes as the cold breeze blew fast through their hair. "I didn't let her go," Touya protested. Natsuo shook his head, "If you didn't, then you would have helped Sho. Don't you fucking remember how hurt he was when Inasa hurt him or when Dad fucking dragged him to the training room! I fucking tried to help, but I was too weak! I can't return home when all I could remember is Shouto's screaming in pain or Mom's cries! I was so close to killing Shouto. I promised him mom and Yumi that I would keep him safe! We all promised to make sure Sho wouldn't get hurt!"

Dabi saw the tears glistening from Natsuo's grey cloudy eyes. "Nats, we don't have a choice." Natsuo shook his head, "No, we all have a choice. I'm not going to follow All for One's orders. I quit. I will go against everything Endeavor believes in, but I will never hurt Shouto or our family. We're lucky that we still have each other. You envy Sho." Dabi shook his head, "I do care about you guys. Nats, I'm trying to protect us!" He reached out to his brother until Natsuo slaps his hand away.

Natsuo laughed dryly, "Lie to yourself all you want, Touya. Your friends kidnapped Shouto. I know he's a part of the Anarchy." Natsuo smiled at his brother. "Are you happy?" Natsuo circled his brother, "You claimed that you were protecting him, but you hurt him! You're acting like him!"

"Don't fucking compare me to that bastard," Dabi grabbed onto Natsuo's shirt. The white-haired boy glared at him, "You will always have his red hair. You're worse than me. If you cared, you would have stepped your foot down. You never cared about us, Touya. You are just like Endeavor." Natsuo shoved his brother and walked away from him.

Dabi stood there in the freezing weather as the moonlight shined over him. "I'm just like him. I should have said something instead of hurting you guys. Now it's too late," Dabi told himself.


The shadow figure gripped the phone in her hands as she pushed back a strand of her white hair. She took a deep breath before glancing at the phone in her hands. She walked deeper into the shadows as she grabbed her phone. She looked inside her checklist and smiled to herself. She checked off the first thing on the list.

'Plan One: Steal Todoroki's phone.' ✔

Chapter Text

'The accident wasn't an accident.' Jirou's words echoed in Todoroki's mind as the male couldn't stop thinking about it. Yaoyorozu tried to lighten up the mood during the car ride, but Shouto responded with small replies. "Todoroki, are you sure you're okay?" Jirou kept her mind on the road as she asked the bi-colored boy. Todoroki sighed, "Yes, I'm okay." Yaoyorozu turned back to face her friend, "Todoroki, you just watched Bakugou get hit by a car. That's not something you can easily forget. Plus, what happened back there with Midoriya." Shouto glared at his brunette friend, "Yaoyorozu, I'm fine. I don't understand why you're concern now. You never cared before!" Todoroki wasn't going to worry any of his friends. Yaoyorozu was taken back by Todoroki's response.

Yaoyorozu looked at her friend in disbelief. "Don't you dare blame me for-" Todoroki cut her off before she finished her sentence. "I fucking asked you for help, and you told me that I should give him a chance. I told you that I needed help, but you told me that I was overreacting!" Jirou didn't understand what was going on. Her girlfriend, the one in the driver's seat, had tears glistening from her eyes.

"Guys, come on. Please try to-"

"You had a choice, and you choose to stay with him! Don't go blaming me for you being so gullible!" Jirou focused on the road as the two argued back and forth. Todoroki laughed dryly, "You did nothing to help me. You didn't care because you liked him before you met Jirou!" Yaoyorozu glared at her friend, "It's not my fault that you chose to act so weak! He took advantage of you, and you did nothing."

Todoroki shook his head, "I was scared, Yaoyorozu! What the hell did you expect me to do?" Jirou could hear the despair staining Todoroki's sentence. "Wait, what do you mean by that?" Jirou glanced back to see the tears in Todoroki's eyes, "It's nothing. Let's forget this conversation ever happened." Jirou glared at them and took her eyes off from the road, "You can't avoid the question, Todoroki. What happened?"

Yaoyorozu looked at her girlfriend, "Just a horrible accident that happened five years back." Jirou scoffed, "Yaomomo, we told each other that we weren't going to keep secrets from each other." Yaoyorozu raised her hands in defense, "Kyoka, it's not my story to tell. If you want-"

"JIROU, THE ROAD!" Jirou glanced back at the road to see the truck coming out of nowhere. She turned the steering wheel immediately as Shouto watches the panic on his friends' faces. Jirou manages to take control of the car and continued to drive. "That was close," Yaoyorozu laughs nervously. "I suggest we stop arguing before we end up in an accident." The couple agreed with Todoroki's suggestion as the sun was going down.

Jirou didn't bring up the accident as she could tell that the subject was serious. Her mind wandered back to the distance memory when they were in high school.


16-year-old Jirou watched Yaoyorozu walking inside the classroom. She wasn't smiling whatsoever, "Yaoyorozu, are you okay?" Uraraka beat Jirou before she asks the same question. She glances up at the brown-haired girl, "Yes, of course." She faked her smile, "Why wouldn't I be okay?" Uraraka shrugs her shoulder, "You're my friend. I should care about your wellbeing." Yaoyorozu walks to her seat and sits down. She was looking down at her bruising hands.

"Todoroki, I thought you were going to be late." Iida's voice sounded from his seat as Bakugou scoffs. "Shut up, Four-Eyes," Bakugou tells the black-haired male. Jirou glances forward to see 16-year-old Todoroki walking inside with the same bruises on his hands. Jirou focused her attention to the front of the class when Aizawa entered the classroom. She stops writing down her notes when she heard someone crying. "Yaoyorozu, go to the office." She turns her head to see Yaoyorozu's hand covering her mouth as she was crying. She stands up and looks at Todoroki. "Todoroki, I'm sorry." She hurries out of the classroom, leaving everyone silent.

Todoroki avoids everyone's gaze as he was quiet. He didn't know what to say to ease their worries. 'Something happened,' Jirou thought to herself. When the bell rung, Todoroki disappeared out of the classroom. She noticed Midoriya hugging Todoroki as the red and white-haired boy returned the hug. She continued walking until she saw Yaoyorozu hugging herself. She gathered all her courage and approached the teary girl. "Yaomomo, what's wrong?" Yaoyorozu looks at the purple-haired girl, "It's nothing." Jirou shook her head, "You were crying in class today. You're not okay. Something's wrong-"

"I can't tell you," she blurted out. Jirou eyed her friend with concern, "What do you mean by that?" She shook her head. "I can't tell you, Kyoka. I'm sorry," Yaoyorozu told her. "I know it has something to deal with, Todoroki. You both walk inside class with matching bruises on your hands." Yaoyorozu's eyes blinked with tears.

"Say anything you will fucking get it worse than your friend here."

Yaoyorozu feels the tears resurface and roll down her cheeks. "Did someone hurt you guys? Did Todoroki hurt you?" Jirou wanted to help her friend out.

"Oh come on, Shouto. You're overreacting. You know what, let's go out tonight, my treat."

"Hey, he told you to stop!"



"He didn't hurt me, Jirou." Yaoyorozu needed to pull herself together. She couldn't let her friend see her so broken. She stands up when she hears Nezu calling her name. "I need to get going. My parents are here to pick me up." Jirou nods her head as she watches her friend walk out of the room. She watched her disappear inside the office.

'What happened?'


Jirou's mind focuses back on the road as she parks in front of the police station. She exits the car with her two friends. Todoroki never thought that he would ever be here again. It was unsuddenly by the memories that returned. He kept his stoic, neutral expression to cause any concerns. "Todoroki, how's Bakugou doing?" Todoroki looked at Uraraka, "He's doing okay. Kirishima and Midoriya are with him."

Uraraka nods her head, "I thought Deku was speaking with his father. Then again, he seemed to be in a hurry." Todoroki's winced at the mention of Midoriya's name. He didn't want to think of Midoriya right now. "Midoriya and I aren't on speaking terms right now, Uraraka." Todoroki wasn't going to sugarcoat it. "Well, come on. We have to show you something that we saw on the traffic security." Todoroki followed behind Uraraka to one of the rooms. "I'm hoping if you recognize the car or person inside it. The picture of the man in the car is a bit blurry to see. We would ask Kaminari to help out, but he's busy eating ice-cream."

Todoroki's eyebrow lifted, "What do you mean by that?" Todoroki was confused about why Kaminari would be busy eating ice-cream than to come to work. Uraraka sighs, "Kaminari and his boyfriend broke up after an argument, so they're spending some time away from each other." Todoroki nods his head in understanding as he focuses on the screen in front of him.

'Natsuo.' Todoroki knew well who owned this type of car. 'Why was he planning on killing me? Did Touya put him up to this?' He held back the growl as he needed to deal with the League. "Do you recognize anything from the video?" Todoroki shook his head at Uraraka. "No, I don't recognize him or the car. I'm sorry." Uraraka shook her head, "It's okay, Todoroki. Well, I should let you go. It was nice to see you again. You've been pretty busy working at your dad's company. If anything changes, I'll make sure to call you." Todoroki nods his head before walking out of the room.

'I guess I'm going home. I need to speak to Natsuo about this. He should be home since he promised Yumi that he wouldn't leave her alone with that bastard.'

Yaoyorozu glanced at her ex-friend and took a deep breath. Todoroki was her best friend in high school before the accident happened. She never wanted to remember that night again. "Todoroki, can we talk outside?" Todoroki snapped out of his thoughts to see Yaoyorozu standing behind him. The red and white-haired boy sighed, "Of course." Yaoyorozu walks outside with the boy following her.

"Does Jirou or anyone know?" Yaoyorozu shook her head, "I couldn't tell her what happened. I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone about that night. I'm guessing that you didn't tell anyone either." Todoroki nods his head, "Yes, I did." The two stood in silence as they were standing behind the station to talk in private.

"Todoroki, how are you able to deal with it? I still have nightmares from that night." Todoroki glanced away from her, "I'm used to it." I try not to dwell on it." Yaoyorozu shook her head, "Todoroki, you shouldn't bottle up your emotions. I promised you that I wouldn't talk about it, but we can talk about it between each other."

Todoroki shook his head, "Yaoyorozu, why do you even care? We're not friends anymore. You made that choice back ago." Todoroki turned around to walk away until Yaoyorozu grabbed his wrist. "What could I have done? Did you prefer it if Inasa was there with you instead? He wouldn't have done anything! He was obsessed with you!" Todoroki glared, "Shut up."

"Todoroki, I wanted to spend some time with you. I invited you to go out since Inasa rarely let you go out. That night-"

"Shut up, Yaoyorozu!" Yaoyorozu shook her head, "You're allowed to feel things! You're human, Todoroki! You can't push everything away and expect it all to go away." Todoroki tried not to think about it. "Did you even tell Midoriya or Yoarashi? You were dating Yoarashi at the time, and you didn't tell him." Todoroki avoided meeting her gaze, "You didn't tell him what happened?" Todoroki's silence was Yaoyorozu's answer as she lets go of Todoroki's wrist. "You lied the whole time about-"

"Yaoyorozu, can we please stop talking about it?" She saw the tears threatening to spill from Todoroki's eyes. "I've been through enough today. Can we just-" Yaoyorozu interrupted him before he could finish his sentence. "Todoroki, you're allowed to feel! You can't keep it bottled up! The nightmares won't go away unless you say something about it!"

Todoroki flinched, "Yaoyorozu, I-I can't let it hold me back." Yaoyorozu shook her head, "You pushed everyone away when it happened."

"I was afraid, Yaoyorozu!" Yaoyorozu saw the tears running down Todoroki's cheeks. "I'm afraid that everyone would pity me. Everyone has high expectations for me. I can't let them see me break down. That's not who I am. My father-"

"Fuck your father, that asshole can't touch you anymore! What people think of you doesn't fucking matter! You're allowed to feel for god's sake! What happened that night should've been reported to the police, but your father stopped it. He didn't care that you got hurt! No one cared because you said nothing. I couldn't tell anyone about it, but I had to cope with it. Inasa had a right to know. You lied to him."

"I know you're hurting."

"I'll hurt your little friend if you do anything funny."

"His voice still rings in your head. Doesn't it?"

"Hey, he told you to stop!"

"It still hurts," Todoroki admits. He let his walls crumbled as Yaoyorozu hugs her friend tightly. "I try to ignore it. I can't stop and think about it. I need to move forward." Todoroki pulled away and wiped the tears away. He needed to hold himself together.

"You try to forget that it never existed. It will always be a part of you. Your past will never go away. It still haunts me that I wasn't able to do anything. I tried to do something, but I couldn't. I'm so sorry for being so weak!" Yaoyorozu didn't care that she was crying in front of Todoroki. "Each night, I wonder if I could have done something to stop them, but I was scared!" Todoroki looks away as he tried not to cry again. "I'm sorry, Yaoyorozu. I forgot that I wasn't the only one that got hurt."

Yaoyorozu shook her head, "I didn't get hurt! You got hurt!" Todoroki shook his head, "I'll be okay." Yaoyorozu didn't believe him. She couldn't trust that smile on Todoroki's lips.

"Todoroki, you can't okay. No matter how many times you tell yourself that. I know it's a lie." Todoroki glances away from her, "I have to go." She nods her head. "I guess I'll see you around." Todoroki starts to walk away until Yaoyorozu spoke up. "There's been reports of him. We've been keeping it a secret from the public. I just thought you wanted to know." She walked inside the station, leaving Shouto alone.

Todoroki took a deep breath. 'You're Night-Flame. No one can hurt you again.' Todoroki walked away from the alleyway. He needed to see Natsuo about the accident. He wasn't going to focus on what happened back then. He wasn't going to let anyone find out. Yaoyorozu promised that she wasn't going to say anything. He trusted her with their secret.

"You're so beautiful."

"Let her go!"





Chapter Text

"There's been reports of him. We've been keeping it a secret from the public. I just thought you wanted to know." She walked inside the station, leaving Shouto alone.

Todoroki took a deep breath. 'You're Night-Flame. No one can hurt you again.' Todoroki walked away from the alleyway. He needed to see Natsuo about the accident. He wasn't going to focus on what happened back then. He wasn't going to let anyone find out. Yaoyorozu promised that she wasn't going to say anything. He trusted her with their secret.

"You're so beautiful."

"Let her go!"





He flinched at the memories of the accident. He hated that he couldn't do anything to stop it. They promised that they wouldn't speak of it again. It's been five years since it happened, but it felt like it happened yesterday. Todoroki lied to Yaoyorozu that he hasn't been thinking about that night. He remembered the night clearly and wished it never happened.


"Oh come on, Shouto. You're overreacting. You know what, let's go out tonight, my treat." 16-year-old Todoroki shook his head, "Yaomomo, I'm not joking around. I love Inasa more than anything, but sometimes he's a bit obsessive." 16-year-old Yaoyorozu giggles, "He loves you, Todoroki. You two don't attend the same high school, so that might be a reason why he's worried." Todoroki nods his head at his friend as he smiles. "I don't think I'll be able to go out anywhere," Todoroki's smile faded away. "Todoroki, it'll be okay. He seems to trust me since our families are business partners."

"Plus, your father is an asshole. We're still teenagers, so let's rebel against his rules!" Todoroki smiled at Yaoyorozu's proposal. "It sounds like a plan," Todoroki told her. Yaoyorozu smiles, "I'll meet you at your house at 6."

Todoroki arrived home to hear someone arguing. Touya never backs down from a battle, even one he couldn't win. He ignored the arguing coming from the living room and went to the kitchen. Fuyumi was eating an apple as she was making dinner. "Hey, Sho," Fuyumi greeted her little brother. Shouto smiles, "Hey, Yumi." He sat down in front of his sister, "Father forbids Touya was seeing from seeing Keigo. I don't have the energy to stop them after a long day at work."

"Oh, Yumi, I'm going out with Yaomomo." Fuyumi raises an eyebrow, "Sho, you're one of the gayest people I know. I know you're not straight. Plus, you're dating Yoarashi." Todoroki rolled his eyes. "We're hanging out as friends. Also, I thought dad wasn't homophobic." Todoroki knew his father was abusive, not homophobic. Fuyumi shakes her head, "He says that Keigo is a bad influence to Touya."

"Well, I'm-"

"A fugitive has escaped the custody of the police department. I suggest everyone take the precaution of watching out for the man. He wanted for manslaughter, attempted murder, human trafficking, and a few more listed items. If you are to encounter this man, please leave the area immediately and call the police."

Fuyumi glanced at the news to the picture of the wanted man. "Are you sure you want to go out tonight?" She turned her attention to see her little brother texting Inasa. "Huh? Yeah, sure. I highly doubt that we'll encounter that man. You worry too much, Yumi. What are the possibilities of even seeing that guy?" Fuyumi sighed, "Fine, just make you have your phone." Shouto chuckles and grabs an apple from the basket. "Don't worry, Yumi. What are the odds if we see that guy?"

Shouto didn't know how wrong he was.

Shouto walked inside his room and glanced at the time. It was about to be time to head out and meet Yaoyorozu. Todoroki needed some time away from everything since Inasa was becoming a bit possessive. He didn't tell Inasa that he was going out tonight.

"Hey, Yaomomo," Todoroki greeted his friend. "Let's go!" She tugged on her friend's arm as they went to a diner. "There are not that many people out tonight," Todoroki commented. "Yeah, I know what you mean." Yaoyorozu didn't have any time to watch the news, and Todoroki had forgotten to mention it to her.

Inside the diner, they took one of the booths in the corner. "Why did you choose this place?" Yaoyorozu smiles, "I didn't want anyone catching us hanging out. We do have some pretty popular parents, so there's a reason we have to hide." Todoroki nods in his head and notices some man watching them from across the room. He was watching them closely as it sent a chill down Todoroki's spline. "Todoroki, is everything okay?" Todoroki turns to face Yaoyorozu as she was concern for him.

"A fugitive has escaped the custody of the police department. I suggest everyone take the precaution of watching out for the man. He wanted for manslaughter, attempted murder, human trafficking, and a few more listed items. If you are to encounter this man, please leave the area immediately and call the police."

Todoroki's eyes widen at the image on the screen. He turned to see that the man was smirking at them. "Yaoyorozu, we have to get out of here." Yaoyorozu didn't know what was going until she saw where Todoroki was looking. "T-Todoroki is that-" Yaoyorozu went pale as she noticed that the waitress and cashier weren't there. Todoroki saw the growing smile on the man's face as he stands up. The man walked out of the diner as Todoroki takes his phone out.

"We have to get out of here." Yaoyorozu nods her head. "They're not answering," Todoroki said as his phone wasn't picking up any signal. "Do you think he has a signal jammer?" Todoroki goes pale as he couldn't spot any of the workers. The people inside the diner were staring at him and Yaoyorozu. "Why are they staring at us?"

"It doesn't matter. We have to get out of here," Todoroki grabbed Yaoyorozu's hand and headed out of the diner. Yaoyorozu followed closely behind until she stopped in her tracks. Todoroki didn't recognize the man.

"You're so beautiful." Todoroki covered his nose at the smell of his cigarette. Todoroki stepped back when the man tried to step closer. "Can you please stay away from me?" Todoroki felt the man's hand trail down his cheek, "I said, stop!" Todoroki pushed the man away until he grabbed his wrists. Yaoyorozu stepped forward, "Hey, he told you to stop!" The man scoffs, "I told you, Giran. They weren't going to come."

"Wait, who are-" Yaoyorozu felt someone pick her up. "Let her go!" Todoroki recognized the man from the news. He didn't think they would see this guy. Yaoyorozu struggled against the man's hold as she started screaming for help. "No one is going to hear you from here." Giran placed his hand on her mouth to stop her screams. "Leave her alone! Yaoyorozu, run!" Todoroki made a move to help Yaoyorozu until the guy behind him slammed him to the ground. Todoroki hit his head against the ground as he felt someone dragging him by his legs.

"Stop!" Todoroki felt numb as he couldn't focus clearly. Giran had Yaoyorozu pinned against the dumpster. "TODOROKI!" Yaoyorozu was terrified of what was going to happen. She felt a wet towel pressed against her mouth. She felt dizzy, and then everything went black. "What should we do with them?" Giran ran his hand down Yaoyorozu's body, "What if we have some fun with this one? Look at her body." Todoroki sat up and then saw them undressing his friend. He saw that Yaoyorozu wasn't conscious at all. They did something to her. He couldn't let them touch her or harm her in any way.

Todoroki slammed his fist against the man holding Yaoyorozu down. Giran growled, "Spinner, grab him!" Giran grabbed Yaoyorozu, who wasn't making any moment. "I'll hurt your little friend if you do anything funny." Todoroki saw Giran holding a blade up to Yaoyorozu's neck. "Leave her alone. Please, let her go." Todoroki stopped fighting as he couldn't let his friend get hurt.

^^"You want to be a hero, boy," Giran said as he smirked. "Would you rather take her place instead?" Todoroki knew what they were referring to as he glanced at Yaoyorozu. He couldn't let her get hurt. He rather let himself get hurt instead of his friend. He bit down the whimper, "Y-yes, I'll take her place. Please don't hurt her." Giran placed his hands against Todoroki's hips as he whispered, "Just relax." Todoroki tried to hold back the tears as he felt cold hands trace down his body.^^

^^Yaoyorozu was fighting against the sleep as she opened her eyes to see Todoroki pinned against the dumpster. She covered her mouth as she saw what they were doing to him.^^ She grabbed her purse and pulled out her pepper spray. "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Giran covered his eyes as Yaoyorozu sprayed them in the eyes. "Grab her," Giran commanded as Todoroki slid down to the cold floor. His body felt numb. He couldn't do anything as he watched.

Spinner grabbed her wrists. "Poor choice," Yaoyorozu growled and kicked him in the stomach. "We might as well have some fun with you. Your friend felt amazing." Yaoyorozu's eyes filled with tears when she heard Spinner tell her that. "SHUT UP!" She punched him right in the face. Spinner fell to the ground as he groaned. Yaoyorozu grabbed the knife and held it in their direction.

"Stay there," she said, "or I'll stab you!" Giran smirked, "Little girl, do you want to know the reason we targetted you?" Yaoyorozu watched Spinner stand up, "We were planning on selling you to some buyers. However, we decided to have some fun first. You were going to be first, but your little friend decided to take your place." Yaoyorozu couldn't believe what she was hearing. She didn't realize that she was slightly undressed. She glanced over to Todoroki to see the boy covering his mouth. He was trying to hold back the tears as he was undressed.

Giran stepped forward, "Say anything you will fucking get it worse than your friend here." Yaoyorozu's eyes went wide as they walked away. She ran to Todoroki and hugged him. "I'm so sorry," she cried.

Giran smirked, "NO ONE WILL LOVE YOU, YOU WORTHLESS BITCH!"Todoroki's eyes widen at Giran's words before he disappears into the shadows. Yaoyorozu was hugging his friend tightly. She saw that they were alone in the alleyway. "I'm going to call-" Todoroki shook his head, "I'll be fine. Let's just get home." Yaoyorozu shook her head, "Todoroki-"

"No, Yaoyorozu! Can you promise me you won't tell anyone!" Yaoyorozu shook her head, "Todoroki, you were just r-" Todoroki interrupted her before she could finish her sentence, "I let them. I let them touch me, Yaoyorozu."

"Todoroki, they pressured you to let them. At least, let us tell our parents." Todoroki nods his head and attempts to stand up. "Todoroki, let me help." Yaoyorozu helped her friend get dressed. Todoroki hugged himself, "Todoroki, we have to tell them!" She could see how Todoroki was basically shaking and stumbling on standing. Todoroki wanted to throw up and hide away from everyone. His body felt numb and dirty.

Yaoyorozu helped her friend stand as they headed to Todoroki's house. She was afraid that Todoroki was going to past out. "Yaoyorozu, it h-hurts." Todoroki could barely stand on his feet. "I'm sorry, Todoroki. I can't find our phones." Todoroki nods his head. "Todoroki-"

"I don't want to talk about it. I'll be fine." Yaoyorozu stopped in front of Todoroki's house and walked inside using the front door. She didn't see anyone until they noticed Endeavor in the living room with her parents. "Where the-" Yaoyorozu's mother stopped at the sight of Yaoyorozu's rugged clothes. "Sweetie, what happened?" Yaoyorozu glanced at Shouto and helped him sit down on the sofa. "It's nothing," Todoroki spoke up. Yaoyorozu shook her head, "Todoroki, what they did to you wasn't-"

"What the hell happened, Shouto?" Todoroki flinched at his father's voice. "I-it was nothing," Todoroki couldn't tell them the truth. "That doesn't explain why your clothes are like that!" Yaoyorozu saw the fear in her friend's eyes, "We saw the escaped convict. He-" Yaoyorozu felt the tears rush to her eyes. "Did he touch you?" Yaoyorozu's father grew furious as he walks over to Todoroki. "You did nothing," he yelled in Shouto's face.

"Dad, stop!" Yaoyorozu grabbed her father's arm. "I wasn't hurt! Todoroki was the one who got hurt! He sacrificed himself to keep me safe. They violated him!" The room went silent as everyone was speechless. Endeavor started laughing, "I thought it was something serious. Boys don't get raped." Yaoyorozu saw her parents' remaining silent. Her blood boiled at Endeavor's words, "Momo, honey, let's get you home." Yaoyorozu shook her head and glared at Endeavor. "Go fuck yourself, Endeavor."

Todoroki's eyes widen, "I'm staying a night over, Mom." Yaoyorozu wasn't going to leave her friend alone with this monster. Yaoyorozu's mother sighs, "We'll be back tomorrow morning with a bag of your clothes, sweetie." Yaoyorozu nods her head and watches her parents walk out of the traditional style house.

Endeavor laughed, "Yaoyorozu, what kind of non-sense has Shouto been filling your head?" Yaoyorozu glared, "Don't you fucking try me. You won't hurt my friend." Todoroki kept his mouth shut as he didn't dare to stand up to his father. Endeavor ignored Yaoyorozu's comment as he rolls his eyes. "Despise me all you want," he said, "I don't want to hear of your foolish, girl."

"Also, don't get any smart decisions if you want to tell the police. I'll make sure that it never gets out. Shouto is strong enough to move past it. Isn't that right?" Todoroki glanced down, "Yes, sir." Yaoyorozu felt helpless. She grabbed Shouto's arm and dragged him to his room.

"You shouldn't have said anything!" Todoroki looked furious at his friend. Yaoyorozu was speechless as she saw Todoroki glare at her. "I don't need you fighting my battles for me!" Yaoyorozu shook her head, "Why are you letting him walk over you!"

"It's none of your business, Yaoyorozu! I didn't ask you to fight my battles for me! I didn't ask for your help!"

Yaoyorozu didn't speak to Todoroki that night. She helped covered the bruises on Todoroki's pale skin before she left for school. She wondered if it was best if she never talked to Todoroki again. It didn't help when she broke down in class. She couldn't get rid of the memory of Todoroki. Those guys raped him to protect her. How could she call herself his friend if she let that happen to him?

It didn't help that visited Todoroki's house and saw Inasa yelling at Todoroki over something. She was wrong. Todoroki was right about Inasa. She could see the fear in Todoroki's mismatched eyes. She ran out of the house when they saw her. She wondered if she believed Todoroki, then they would've never been at the diner.

Life just enjoys screwing with them.


Todoroki covers his mouth as he tries to hold back the tears. He couldn't focus on the past right now. No matter how much it hurts. He has to be strong, but it hurts so much. 

Chapter Text

Todoroki covers his mouth as he tries to hold back the tears. He couldn't focus on the past right now. It hurt him so much. He tried to push the memories behind, but it was impossible. He took a deep breath and wiped his tears away. He focused on the traditional style Japanese home in front of him. Each stepped he took weighed more with fear. He never thought that he would ever have the courage to stand near this place. He grabbed the house key from under the mat and opened the door.

Todoroki saw the pictures on the wall of his family. Endeavor wasn't present any of the photos since he was always busy. Todoroki never considered him as family. Touya and Natsuo were like two peas in a pot since they got along pretty well. He was close to his sister, Fuyumi. Touya was rebellious and protected them from Endeavor. Natsuo did the best he could to protect them when Touya moved out. Fuyumi wanted to keep the family together, but it was impossible. Shouto never wanted to worry his siblings about him. He never told them about the accident. He let them touch him. Still, it felt like he lost a part of himself.

'I'll be okay.'

Todoroki knew that was a lie from the moment he told her. He was lying to himself to hide the truth. He tried to ignore the pain he felt. He remembered the way they touched him as if he was a toy. Their cold hands traced down his body as they raped him.

'Todoroki, are you okay?'


He should hate Midoriya, but he couldn't find it in himself to hate him. After the accident, Midoriya hugged him despite not knowing what happened. Todoroki wanted no one to know about the accident. He was afraid that people would pity him. Endeavor made it clear that no one would believe them.


"Yaoyorozu, go to the office." She turns her head to see Yaoyorozu's hand covering her mouth as she was crying. She stands up and looks at Todoroki. "Todoroki, I'm sorry." She hurries out of the classroom, leaving everyone silent.

Todoroki avoids everyone's gaze as he was quiet. He didn't know what to say to ease their worries. His pencil was trembling in his hand as he tried to control himself.


Giran's words echoed in his head as he tried not to cry. He felt dirty and used as a toy. They didn't care about the pain Todoroki felt. If Yayorozu didn't wake up, they would have continued. His eyes were filling up with tears as he felt so fucking dirty. His body didn't feel like his anymore. He took a deep breath and focused on his work in front of him.

When he heard the bell, he was ready to leave class until he saw him. The green-haired boy stood in front of him with a bright smile shining on his face, "Hey, Todoroki-Kun!" Todoroki would smile, but he couldn't right now. "Hey, Midoriya." Midoriya's smile faded when he saw the look in Todoroki's mismatch eyes. He grabbed Todoroki's hand as the red and white-haired boy followed behind.

"Todoroki, are you okay?" Todoroki tilted his head to the side, "I'm-" Midoriya shook his head as he tightens his grip on Todoroki's hand. "Don't give me that whole 'I'm fine' crap." Midoriya was his best friend and probably knew Todoroki better than anyone. Inasa had a reason to be jealous of Midoriya since the green-haired boy had a massive crush on his best friend.

Todoroki sighed, "I'm okay, Midoriya. You have nothing to worry about." Midoriya laughs, "Todoroki, I can see right through you. Didn't anyone tell you that the eyes are a window into the soul?" Todoroki raised an eyebrow, "How do you know this?" Midoriya smiles, "You're adorable." Todoroki didn't catch that when he got distracted.

"Huh? Did you say anything?" Midoriya shook his head and sighed, "I saw your hand trembling in class after Yayorozu's breakdown. She apologized to you before she walked out. Did something happen yesterday?"

Giran placed his hands against Todoroki's hips as he whispered, "Just relax."

"I don't want to talk about it," Todoroki said. Midoriya saw the tears glistening from Todoroki's mismatch eyes. Endeavor's words echoed in his head when Yayorozu told them the truth. His father didn't care that they raped him. Todoroki covered his mouth as he couldn't control his tears.

Midoriya saw the tears running down Todoroki's face. He pulled his friend into a hug, "It's okay. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to talk about it." Todoroki nodded his head against Midoriya's shoulder as he was crying. Midoriya never wanted to see his friend so vulnerable. His blood boiled at the thought of someone hurting his crush. He might not be Todoroki's boyfriend, but he would protect his friend no matter what.


"What the hell are you doing here?" Todoroki stood frozen in his tracks as he was afraid to turn around. He took a deep breath and turned around to face his father. He wasn't a child anymore. Endeavor couldn't control him anymore. "It's none of your business," Todoroki said. He turned around to face his father. "I know what you did to mom." Todoroki glared at his father. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"You killed her," Todoroki growled. "Who's been filling your head with this nonsense? Your mother died from an overdose." Endeavor crossed his arms as he towered his son. Todoroki laughed dryly, "I know you, old man. You have so much money at your disposal. You paid the doctors to hide the truth." Endeavor laughed, "He told you, didn't he? Even if it's true, what are you going to do?"

Todoroki glared, "I'll kill you myself." Endeavor shook his head at his son's ambitions. "Shouto, I thought you would learn better. I thought your mother's death would you put you in your place. You have much to learn. You have no right to make those threats." Todoroki growled, "What the hell are you talking about?"

Endeavor smirked, "Don't you remember the accident that happened when you were 16. You came home that night with Yaoyorozu. I was the one who sent them after you. I paid them extra if they-" Todoroki interrupted his father before he could finish his confession. "No, you're lying!" Endeavor held back a laugh as he watched his son. "Have you wondered how they found you and Yaoyorozu?" Endeavor circled his son while Todoroki had tears glistening his eyes.

"Why?" Todoroki held back the tears and tried to stand tall against his father. "Why me? How can you be so heartless and let your son get raped?" Endeavor didn't care that he broke his son. Shouto thought that he was free from his father's control, but he was trapped. His father was playing him like a game and didn't care what the consequences would be. "You were getting rebellious, Shouto. You needed to learn your place. You were already dating Yoarashi, so it wasn't going to be much of a problem. You must be used to getting fucked by a guy. You were overreacting that day by making false accusations. Don't tell me that you're still acting like a baby about it? Get over it. You're not weak, Shouto. I raised you to be a perfect machine."

Todoroki's confidence dropped as he felt the tears roll down his cheeks. "Do you hear yourself?" Todoroki glared at his father, "You have no idea what I went through that night. You forced me to hide the truth from everyone. I was traumatized after that night. You didn't fucking care because you planned it! I'm still human! You forced Inasa to hurt me, knowing that I loved him! I loved him, and you destroyed it! You ruined my life! Fuck your legacy!" Todoroki didn't care that he was crying right now. He had the right to feel emotions and express them.

"I will never follow your orders. You hurt Touya. You hurt Natsuo. You hurt Fuyumi. You killed mom. Mom is dead because of you! You corrupted Touya. You abused Natsuo and Fuyumi. You treated everyone like a game! You aren't going to hurt anyone anymore!" Endeavor shook his head at his son. "You're pathetic, Shouto. I expected so much better from you. You could've avoided getting raped that night if you would've left your friend behind. You chose to let them fuck you and use you like a toy. You're responsible for your mother's death. You should show me respect. They were your weakness, Shouto. You shouldn't blame me for your actions, Shouto." Todoroki slammed his fist against his father's face. "Shut the hell up!" Endeavor might be taller than him, but Shouto wasn't small anymore.

"You don't understand anything. You don't know how it feels to be me. Mom's death wasn't my fault. It was always your fault. The difference between us is that I have a heart. You don't care about anyone except yourself." Endeavor growled and swung his fist in Shouto's direction. Shouto dodged his punch instead, his father, threw him against the wall. The photo frames behind him dropped to the ground beside him as he looked up at his father.

"You think you can defeat me in a fight."

Todoroki smirked at his father, "I know I can defeat you. I'm not pathetic." Shouto grabbed a shard of glass from the floor and ran into his father. He stabbed his father in his side with the glass shard. Endeavor howled in pain, and then he slammed Todoroki's head against a vase. Todoroki dropped to the ground as his vision became blurry.

'Focus, Shouto. You can't past out right now.'

Todoroki stumbled into the kitchen to grab a kitchen knife. He should've brought his gun, but he left it behind in his apartment. He had to hurry before Endeavor attacks. He overheard his father's footsteps as Todoroki grabbed the knife from the drawer. Endeavor held the shard of glass in his hands, "You're insane, Shouto. I should kill you for stabbing me. Did you know that your mother struggled when I murdered her? She knew better than to fight against me." Endeavor didn't care that he was bleeding from his side. "I won't hesitate to stab you. I would be doing the world a favor if I killed you."

Endeavor laughed, "It won't bring your mother back. No one will love you." Todoroki growled and ran towards his father. He stabbed his father in the stomach as Shouto gasped. His father dropped to the ground in pain. Todoroki's eyes trailed to the glass shard that was sticking out from his stomach. He pulled out the glass shard and walked over to his father. He ignored the pain as he smirked. "How does it feel to be defeated by me?" Todoroki grabbed the handle of the blade and pressed it deeper into his chest. Endeavor growled, "You're insane. You're going to prison."

Todoroki laughed, "You're not the first person I've killed. Well, since you're about to die. I should just tell you." Shouto smiled at his father's expression. "I'm Night-Flame. I'm one of the members of the Anarchy. I've murdered countless of lives." Todoroki grabbed the shard of glass off the ground and glared at Endeavor. "How does it feel to know that your perfect son is a murderer? No one will miss you," Todoroki smiles.

"I'm cutting the strings. I'm not your puppet," Todoroki hovered the shard of glass over Endeavor's left eye. "Son, stop!" Todoroki stabbed him in his left eye. He left the shard of glass in his eye and watched Endeavor take his final breath. Todoroki tried to stand, but couldn't as everything was becoming too blurry. His hand reached behind his head and saw the blood. He noticed the puddle of blood surrounding him as everything went black. The last thing he heard was the door opening and a blurry figure rushing towards him.

"Shouto! Yumi, we need an ambulance!"

'Natsuo? Yumi?'

"Don't close your eyes, baby bro! Everything is going to be okay! Hurry up, Yumi! He's losing so much blood!"

"You can't die, Shouto."

'I'm so tired.' 

Chapter Text

Dabi stood there in the freezing weather as the moonlight shined over him. "I'm just like him. I should have said something instead of hurting you guys. Now it's too late," Dabi told himself. He should've stopped his brother and apologized, but Natsuo was right. It was his fault that Shouto got hurt.

"Don't listen to him. Your brother was always so foolish. I will send Giran and Spinner out to kill him." Dabi growled, "Dare lay a hand on him, and I'll kill you myself." He turned to face All for One. He wasn't afraid of Shigaraki's master. All for One laughed, "How about we talk? I'm sure that we can come to an understanding. Don't you want to learn what I have in store for Japan?"

"Fine," Dabi trailed behind as All for One led him inside his office. Dabi sat down in front of the man, "Why are you targetting the Anarchy?" All for One smirked, "I thought we came to talk about the plans for the future." He scowled, "I know very little of your intentions. I can't trust if I barely know anything about the league."

"Your little brother is Night-Flame, a potential lover to the Shadow Killer. The Shadow Killer is my son, Izuku Midoriya. I have a score to settle with him, and it requires your brother. After I kill my son, I will murder the rest of his organization." Dabi's eyes widen at the information, "You can think twice if I'm going to let you lay a hand on my baby brother. Shouto has already suffered enough."

"Ah, Touya, you seem very protective of your little brother. You were the one who hurt him, remember? Did your little brother tell you what happened to him?" Touya didn't understand. "What are you saying?" All for One laughed, "It's hilarious! I'm surprised that you haven't heard it from Spinner or Giran."

"What did you do to Shouto!" All for One smiled, "I didn't do it. Your father was the one who paid them to do it." Dabi held back the growl at the mention of his father. If he was involved, that means something did happen. "Endeavor paid them to teach your brother a lesson. Unfortunately, Giran decided to have different plans. Spinner agreed to Giran's choices and disobeyed orders. They decided to have some fun with your little brother, except they didn't speculate the girl to fight back. They didn't rape the girl since your little brother offered himself up. Giran and Spinner had such a pleasant time detailing how pleasing it was to fuck your little brother."

Dabi covered his mouth. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. "My little brother was raped! You're insane! I will never help you destroy the Anarchy. You can fucking forget it." Dabi stood up. "Where the hell are you going?" Dabi glared at the man, "I've made my choice." All for One laughed, "You know too much, Dabi. I can't let you leave now that you know the identity of the Shadow Killer."

Dabi laughed dryly, "I'm not scared of you, All for One." He pulled out his gun and aimed it at him. "I'm done with your bullshit." All for One smirked, "Then leave, I won't stop you. You can't stop me. I always get what I want." Dabi walked out of the office and exited the warehouse.

He choked on his tears as he tried to stop the tears. Natsuo was right. He didn't care about no one except himself. He promised mom that he would protect his siblings from his father, but he forgot. Shouto, oh his precious, sweet, innocent, brother didn't deserve any of the pain. How could Shouto keep quiet about this? He remembered how distant Shouto was when he was 16. He barely ate or left his room. He remembered how Shouto was rarely there. He would stare out. He was there physically, not mentally. He should've paid attention to his little brother instead of hurting him.

However, he needed to talk to Natsuo and apologize. He knew where his brother was going to be. He needed to tell them the truth. He wasn't going to let anyone hurt his little brother. He planned to make Shouto tell them everything. He was going to make Giran and Spinner pay for what they did. His father stepped over the line.

'I'm going to make them pay for what they did to you, Shouto.'


The shadow figure gripped the phone in her hands as she pushed back a strand of her white hair. She took a deep breath before glancing at the phone in her hands. She walked deeper into the shadows as she grabbed her phone. She looked inside her checklist and smiled to herself. She checked off the first thing on the list.

'Plan One: Steal Todoroki's phone.' ✔

She noticed that her brother was looking at with teary eyes. Every sense in his body wanted to run towards her brother, but she couldn't. She needed to keep her distance from Shouto. She started to walk away from the scene as she heard her little brother's cries for help. She was relieved that Shouto wasn't hit. She took a deep breath and prepared herself for tonight.

She didn't know why All for One asked her to steal her little brother's phone. She wanted to protest, but ultimately she knew that she wasn't going to win. She held onto Shouto's phone and wondered what he wanted his phone. 'Please, don't be dragging Shouto into this. He doesn't deserve to suffer anymore.' She had very little hope that All for One's plan wasn't harmless. All for One was planning something.

Fuyumi walked down the alleyway, holding onto Shouto's brother. She needed to deliver the device to All for One. She took a deep breath and entered the warehouse to see Spinner and Giran. She didn't trust the two since they always laugh or snicker when she walked past them. They acted like they were hiding something from her.

"Hey, dollface," she mentally groaned. "What the hell do you want, Giran?" Giran smirked, "Don't you have a little brother?" She raised an eyebrow, "Why does it concern you? It shouldn't matter if I do have a brother or not." Spinner was holding back from laughing. "You are Fuyumi Todoroki, so that means you're related to Shouto Todoroki." She glared, "Stay away from my brother, you sick bastard." Spinner started laughing as Giran stepped forward. "You know, your little brother is something-" Fuyumi slammed her fist against his face. "Don't fucking try me. Leave my family alone before I kill you myself." Fuyumi turned around and started walking away. She closed her eyes and pushed the thought back. She knew that Giran was insane. She wasn't going to let that bastard near him. Her baby brother might be an adult, but he was still her baby brother.

She wanted to push aside the thought that Giran was obsessed with Shouto. She didn't understand why. Still, she wasn't going to let that bastard get anywhere near him. She walked down the hallway and stopped in front of All for One's door. She could hear the faint sounds of two voices coming from the room. She was about to press her ear against the door until she heard footsteps.

"What are you doing?" Fuyumi turned around to see Shigaraki glaring at her. She never crossed paths with this psychopath since he was AFO's successor. She heard of the rumors that Shigaraki murdered his family in cold blood. She regained her composure, "I complete All for One's mission that he assigned to me." She took the phone out of her pocket and smiled. "He requested that I steal Shouto Todoroki's device."

Shigaraki rolled his eyes, "I'll give it to him. Giran and Spinner have been requesting to talk to you. It's getting very annoying." Fuyumi sighed and handed the phone over. "Now, go see what those asshats want." Fuyumi made her way to where Giran and Spinner were at, "Look who's back!" Fuyumi rolled her eyes, "What do you want?" Giran had a bloody handkerchief cloth pressed into his nose. "I want you to do me a small favor." Fuyumi sighed, "What do you want?"

Giran smirked, "Tell Shouto I said hi." Fuyumi glared, "Leave him alone. You need to stop with your weird obsession over him. He doesn't need a low-life like yourself messing with him." Fuyumi turned around and was about to walk away until she heard Giran's words. "Your brother is a dirty slut. He isn't a pure and innocent boy. He's a-"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Fuyumi glared at him. She turned around to face them as Spinner held back his laugh. "Hm, sweet little thing never told you what I did to him." Fuyumi growled, "What did you do?"

"How about you ask him yourself?" Fuyumi glared and walked out of the building. She wondered what Giran was inferring too. 'He's a dirty slut.' Giran did something to Shouto, and her little brother is hiding it. She made a note to ask her brother about it. She needed to know what Shouto was hiding.

'What are you hiding, Shouto?'


Natsuo thought about his conversation with Touya and sighed. He should have never told him that in the first place. Touya wanted nothing to do with their father. Natsuo stayed behind in his childhood home with Fuyumi and Shouto to keep them safe. Shouto moved out when he was going to live with Inasa. Shouto refused to move back home when he and Inasa broke up. Natsuo respected Shouto's decision. He always asked himself why he never left home. He wouldn't lie that he stayed for Fuyumi. Fuyumi was willing to give their broken family a chance to repair. Natsuo knew that her hopes would turn into ashes.

He was unsure if he was ready to deal with his father's tempers. He notices a familiar set of white hair walking in the same direction. He knew it was Fuyumi by the streaks of red hair mixed with the white. "Yumi!" Natsuo saw his sister stop and turn to face him. Natsuo ran up to her and smiled, "Hey, sis, I didn't expect to see you walking around this late." Fuyumi rubbed the back of her neck, "I just had a lot on my mind." Natsuo raised an eyebrow, "What's been bothering you?" Fuyumi bit the bottom of her lip. She could tell Natsuo about it and play it off. Natsuo had a right to know.

"Natsuo, do you think Shouto is hiding something from us?" Natsuo smiles softly, "Everyone has secrets, Yumi. We-" Fuyumi shook her head and interrupted her brother before he could finish his sentence. "That's not what I mean, Natsuo!" She rubbed her temple. "Y-you remember when we heard about that man, Giran, who escaped prison when Shouto was just 16." Natsuo didn't know where this was heading. "Yeah, what about it?"

"I-I think something happened to Shouto. He went out the night that Giran was on the news. Shouto acted differently after that night, Natsuo. He wouldn't eat or talk to us unless we forced him too. He would force himself to smile and pretend that we didn't hear him cry the night before." Fuyumi didn't want to believe what she was saying. "Shouto would flinch at the slightest touch. Y-you, don't think that he was-"

"Fuyumi, we don't know that!" Natsuo shook his head. He didn't want to believe what she was saying. "We have to ask him. We can't just say this stuff if we have no proof." Fuyumi looked down and nodded her head. "Okay, Natsuo, we'll ask him." Natsuo sighs and nods his head, "Let's head home before dad gets there."

The two stood in front of the house, and Natsuo walked forward to the door. He was about to make a joke until he heard a smash from inside. Natsuo opened the door and couldn't believe what he saw in front of him. Fuyumi froze in horror at the scene in front of her.

"Shouto!" Natsuo rushed to his little brother's side and pressed the cloth against Shouto's stomach. "Yumi, we need an ambulance!" Shouto was barely unconscious when he saw his siblings. Natsuo saw that Shouto was awake. Fuyumi snapped out of her trance and grabbed her phone. Her fingers were trembling as she called for an ambulance.

"Don't close your eyes, baby bro! Everything is going to be okay! Hurry up, Yumi! He's losing so much blood!" Natsuo's hands were stained in his little brother's blood as he tried to stop the bleeding. Fuyumi heard the phone ring before someone answered, "Hello, we need an ambulance right now. My brother is losing a lot of blood."

"Hello, Fuyumi. We should talk later." Fuyumi's eyes widen, and then they hung up. "Natsuo, they hung up!" Natsuo cursed to himself. Fuyumi dropped her phone and ran to her brother's side. "You can't die, Shouto. Fuck! If we wait, he'll bleed out! I'm driving him to the hospital." Natsuo picked up his little brother's body as Fuyumi grabbed the keys. "What are we going to do with the body?" Natsuo glanced at the body, "We don't have time to think over this. He's going to bleed out if we don't do anything."

"What the hell is going on?" Dabi stood in the doorway and saw Shouto in Natsuo's arms. Shouto was bleeding as he was losing consciousness. "What happened-" Dabi saw Endeavor's body on the ground. "He's losing a lot of blood. We need to get him to the hospital," Fuyumi explained. Touya nods his head, "You two go ahead. I'll deal with the body." Fuyumi didn't say anything as Natsuo agrees with Dabi.

"Natsuo, Fuyumi, we need to talk when this is over. I-it might be difficult to listen to, but you all need to know the truth." Natsuo sighs. "We'll talk later, but we'll talk when Shouto is there," Natsuo said. Shouto could barely hear anything going around him.

Fuyumi started the car while Natsuo sat in the back with Shouto. He was trying to keep Shouto from closing his eyes. "Hang on!" Fuyumi passed the speed limit and ignored the traffic lights. She wasn't going to lose her brother because of the law.

Fuyumi stopped in front of the hospital. "Take him inside. I'll deal with the police." Natsuo picked up Shouto and carried him inside. "Help! We need help!" Natsuo wasted no time putting Shouto onto the stretcher. Natsuo lied the best he could to the doctors when they asked what happened. He knew that Shouto killed Endeavor. Fuyumi joined him inside after explaining to the police for speeding.

Touya joined them as he changed out of his bloody clothes. Natsuo didn't get the chance to change his clothes. He was covered in Shouto's blood as he waited to hear the doctor's words about Shouto's condition.

"Nats, Yumi, we need to speak." Natsuo shook his head, "If it's something concerning Shouto, we'll speak when he wakes up. Shouto has a lot of explaining to do."

Fuyumi glanced at them and sighed. She pressed her head against the wall and wondered. 'Shouto, what are you hiding from us? We're supposed to be a family, but we're drifting apart. Why can't we be a family again?' 


Chapter Text

Todoroki woke up inside the hospital. He didn't remember how he got here. The last thing that he remembered what seeing Natsuo and Fuyumi arriving at the last moment. He tried to sit up, but he felt the stringing pain course through his stomach. "Doctor said that it's best if you stayed down," a voice spoke up. Todoroki recognized that voice clearly, "Natsuo?" Todoroki glanced to the side to see Natsuo sitting in the chair. "How long-"

"Two days," Natsuo answered shortly. "We need to talk, Sho. It might be hard for you to hear." Shouto shook his head and sat up despite Natsuo's words. "Why should I listen to anything you say? You hit my friend with a car." Shouto narrowed his eyes as Natsuo glanced down, "I work for the Meta Liberation Army. The leader of the league demanded to have you killed. I couldn't go through with it. Touya was there, and they could've killed him. I know that you're Night-Flame. Dad would've been upset except he's dead." Shouto's eyes widen at Natsuo's words, "What happened to the body?"

"Touya took care of it. You managed to give all of us a fright. You almost got yourself killed going against dad." Shouto shook his head, "It didn't concern you, Natsuo. You could've let me die there if I'm bothering you so much." Natsuo grabbed his little brother's hands, "Sho, I want to know the truth." Shouto looked confused, "What-" Natsuo interrupted his little brother he could finish his sentence. "I want to know if you were rape or not!"

Shouto didn't expect his brother to ask that question. "W-what are you talk about?" Shouto pulled his hands away from his brother. Shouto was shocked to hear his brother ask him that. "Natsuo, are you okay? That never happened to me." Natsuo shook his head, "Sho-"

"I thought you said we were going to ask him together." Shouto glared at Touya as Fuyumi stood beside him with coffee. Touya slid the door close and walked inside. "Shouto, I know what happened. It's best if you tell everyone the truth." Shouto shook his head, "Nothing happened!" Shouto held onto his bed sheets tightly. Fuyumi placed the coffee cups down. "His name was Giran, wasn't it?" Shouto froze in fear at that name.

"H-How?" Shouto managed to get one word to come out as he felt like he couldn't speak. Since the accident, he wanted to avoid every mention of it. Endeavor forced him to keep it a secret. He didn't want anyone to know about the accident. He tried to pretend that it was just a nightmare, but he couldn't. He hid his emotions away since he was busy with Inasa. Yoarashi never questioned Shouto's mental health when they first made love. Shouto just wanted to get rid of the feeling of being a dirty toy.

"Shouto, Giran is a part of the league. I left the league when I found out the truth." Fuyumi and Natsuo were also shocked by the news. Touya had no regrets about leaving the league. All for One crossed the line, and he is going to pay. Fuyumi decided to ignore Touya's words and walk forward to her little brother. "This isn't the safest place to be talking about this. However, I don't care anymore. Giran wanted me to send you a message. He's obsessed with you." Shouto gripped his hair and shook his head. "Shut up! He can't hurt me now! I-I can protect myself. I don't need anyone's help." Shouto pulled his hands out and glared at his siblings. "How can I trust you guys, if you've never done anything to protect me in the past!" Shouto let the tears run down his cheeks, "Touya and Natsuo, you both tried to kill me. Fuyumi, you betrayed me. You never fucking think how it felt. If you want an answer, yes, he did rape me. Dad wanted no one to know. You know what hurts the most is that I was just a toy, not a real person! He paid Giran to follow us. I was trying to protect Yaoyorozu, but they-" Shouto covered his eyes as he tried to speak.

"Sho, you don't have to-" Shouto pushed away from Natsuo. "No, you all wanted to know the truth. Dad paid for them to hurt us, but it went too far. Dad told me that boys don't get raped. He told me that I should've been stronger than that, but it hurt so much. I tried to pretend that it never happened. It's been five years since it happened, and I still haven't moved on." Shouto wiped the tears away. "Shouto, it wasn't your fault. I should have never left you guys alone. I-I promised mom that I wouldn't let anything horrible happen to you. I should've protected you guys, but I failed. Nothing I can say can ever make you forgive me, and I understand fully," Touya told them.

"Shouto, did you tell anyone about this?" Shouto glanced down and shook his head, "No, I haven't told anyone." Shouto couldn't face his siblings after telling them the truth. He never wanted to remember that moment in his life. "Shouto-" Shouto cut Natsuo off as he glanced up. "Just leave. I want to be alone right now." Shouto laid back down and pulled the covers up. The three eldest Todorokis accepted their little brother's request and walked out of the room.


"We should've never asked him," Fuyumi pointed out. "It doesn't matter now. We just need to make sure that Giran stays away from Shouto. Which means, no more lying and keeping secrets." Touya rolled his eyes and agreed as Fuyumi didn't protest. Natsuo sighed to himself, 'It doesn't matter what promises we make. It changes nothing. All for One isn't going to let us go. He's ready to destroy the Anarchy and whoever was involved. If we want to beat All for One, we have to find the leader of the Anarchy.'

Dabi walked away from his siblings. He needed to find All for One's son. He remembered the name that the boss told him. 'The Shadow Killer is my son, Izuku Midoriya. I have a score to settle with him, and it requires your brother. After I kill my son, I will murder the rest of his organization.' All for One shouldn't have been so careless.

'Izuku Midoriya, we're going to meet soon.'


Shouto glanced up at the ceiling and sighed to himself. 'I shouldn't have told them to leave. I'm just afraid of telling them everything. They don't deserve to worry about me. Why do I have to be such a fucking burden?' He covered his ears to stop these negative thoughts, 'Why does it hurt so much?' He remembered the pain he felt after the accident.


Todoroki covered his eyes in the shower as he hugged himself. Giran's words echoed in his head. He didn't care that Shouto was begging for them to stop. He just kept going until Yaoyorozu stopped them. Todoroki traced his hands down to his sore skin. He kept scrubbing to get rid of the filth from his body.

"Why won't it come off," Todoroki yelled out. He didn't care that his father was inside the house. Fuyumi and Natsuo weren't home while Touya was with Keigo. Todoroki exited out of the shower when the water turned cold. His skin felt sore from scrubbing over and over. He walked to his room and changed into his clothes. Shouto didn't say anything about the accident to Fuyumi or his siblings.

"Hey, Sho, do you want some breakfast?" Shouto shook his head, "I'm not hungry right now. I'm going to head to school already." Shouto smiled at his older sister. "Are you sure, Sho? It's cold soba," Natsuo intervened. Shouto shook his head, "I'll be fine." Natsuo didn't say anything as he thought, 'Sho never turns down cold soba.' He decided not to question it. Shouto walked out of the house. Inasa stood outside with a huge smile, "Hey, snowflake."

"Inasa? I thought you were at Shiketsu," Shouto told him. He closed the door behind him to give them some privacy. "I came to see if you were okay. You didn't answer my messages last night." Shouto froze at the mention of last night. "Can we talk about it later?" Inasa nods his head as he pins his boyfriend against the wall. "Okay, beautiful." Inasa pulled away and pressed his hand against his cheek, "Sho?" Shouto's palm stung as he looked up to see the handprint on Inasa's cheek. "I-I'm sorry!" Inasa turns away, "Let's get going." Shouto nods his head and follows behind his boyfriend. He didn't mean to slap his boyfriend. It just happened automatically.

"Are you going to hit me if I try to kiss you?" Shouto stood by the gates of Yuuei when Inasa asked him. He shook his head, "N-No, I won't." Inasa smiles softly and presses a kiss against Shouto's lips. He pulled the boy closer and grabbed him by the hips. Shouto felt his heart beat faster as his body wanted to pull away. He didn't want to hurt Inasa again. He tried to calm himself down as he pulled away from the kiss. "I-I have to get going." Shouto moved Inasa's hands from his waist and walked through the gates. He had to tell Inasa, but how? He didn't know Inasa would react.

His day managed to stay stable until he went home. Inasa was waiting for him at his front steps. "Inasa-" Yoarashi interrupted the boy before he could finish his sentence. "Inasa, you're hurting me," Shouto tried to pull his wrist away from his boyfriend. He could see the anger lacing Inasa's facial features. "Inasa, stop," Shouto dropped to the ground as his cheek stung. "What? You're allowed to slap me for no reason. You've been acting so dramatic. A birdy told me about your little friend, Izuku Midoriya." Shouto stared at his boyfriend as he raised his hand to hit him. "It was an accident, Inasa!" Oh, how he wished his siblings were here right now.

Shouto covered his cheek as he was crying. Inasa was furious at him for today. He didn't have the strength to stand up and defend himself. He was weak. He couldn't do anything except let it happen. Inasa was about to slap him when they heard a knock on the door. "Get up," he ordered. Shouto stood up and pressed his hand against as his cheek. "Yaoyorozu, what do you need?" Todoroki looked at the door to see his friend. Yaoyorozu narrowed her eyes at Inasa and smiled, "Oh, I came over to work on a project with Todoroki. I hope you don't mind." Inasa sighed, "I have to get going either way." Shouto looked down when Inasa walked out of the house. Yayorozu dropped her school bag on the floor and ran over to Shouto.

"Todoroki, why was he hitting you?" Todoroki froze at her question. 'Did she see what happened?' Todoroki shook his head, "It's okay, Yaomomo." She shook her head. "That wasn't okay, Shouto. He shouldn't hit you." She moved Shouto's hand to see the handprint on his cheek. "He was just angry. He's never done this before." Shouto forced himself to smile to prevent his friend from worrying. She sighs and nods her head. "Have you told him about last night?"

"N-No, I told you already. My old man doesn't want anyone to know." Yaoyorozu shook her head, "It doesn't matter what he said. He shouldn't force you to hide this. Your father offered huge amounts of money to my parents to pretend nothing happened. We need to tell someone." Shouto shook his head. "I don't want to talk about it anymore. We can't change the past, Yaomomo. Why can't we just forget about the accident?"

"Do you hear yourself, Shouto!" Yaoyorozu needed her friend to listen. She never uses Todoroki's first name unless she was serious. Todoroki saw the tears lacing her eyes, "How can you forget about it so easily? I just watched Yoarashi strike you with a hit. I watched you get rape in front of me! Endeavor, fucking yelled at you in front of me. He threatened to hurt us! Does any of that seem okay to you?" She held a tight grip on her shirt as she tried to control her tears. She felt useless when she watched this happen. "I couldn't do anything except watch! I can't understand what you're feeling. I know it's much worse than what I felt."

Shouto didn't know how to respond. He learned to hide his feelings and pretend that everything's okay. However, right now, he wanted to cry and hideaway. He was terrified of telling Yaoyorozu the truth. He was vulnerable right now. "Yaomomo, I was trying to protect you. You heard my old man. Boys don't get-" Shouto stopped before he could say the r-word. He felt like he couldn't say that word.

"Shouto, you aren't okay. What your father said was wrong! He had no right to say that. Why do you let everyone stump over you?! Why do you have to act so submissive and pretend?" Todoroki growled, "I'm not submissive! I can stand up for myself!" Yaoyorozu shook her head, "How fucking sure are you? You let Yoarashi hit you! You let your father do that to you!"

"You have no fucking idea how it feels to be live my life! You can pretend all you want if you know how I feel! Why don't you fucking leave! I don't ever want to see you again! You're the reason I was there in the first place. You didn't believe what I said about Inasa. It was your-" Yaoyorozu glanced at her stinging palm and turned her attention to Shouto. The boy in question had a hand pressed against his cheek. "Todoroki, I didn't-"

"Get out," Shouto's voice sounded small. "Please, just leave," Todoroki wouldn't look her in the eyes. Yaoyorozu shook her head and reached her hand over to touch her friend. "Todoroki, please-"

"You want to know how I feel right now." Todoroki glanced up as tears ran down his cheeks. "I feel so much pain right now. You don't understand the pain I have to deal with every day. His words echo in my head, and I can't stop thinking about it. You don't know how much it hurts me to think about it. Are you satisfied?" Todoroki stepped forward, "You call my father horrible for abusing me. What do you have to say for yourself?" Yaoyorozu didn't know what she could say. "I don't ever want to speak to you again. You need to learn to mind your own business! I don't need your help!" Yaoyorozu nods her head as she looks down, "Okay, I understand."

Yaoyorozu walks to the door and stops. "Wanting no one to know the truth. Does that mean you're pushing everyone away? You are choosing to distant yourself from the people that do care about you. I hope it makes you happy. Maybe you do deserve to be alone," Yaoyorozu closes the door behind her.


Todoroki wiped away the tears from his eyes. He needed to focus on recovering, not remembering those horrible memories. It was his fault that his and Yaoyorozu's friendship ended. He should have told her the truth instead of telling her to leave. He hid his feelings and pretended they never existed. He lied to Inasa, his siblings, and his friends. They had a right to know the truth. He couldn't hide his past anymore. Endeavor was dead. He no longer held him down by his chains. Maybe he was finally free from his father's control.

Except this was the beginning. The war isn't over yet. This was only the beginning. 

Chapter Text

Dabi couldn't stay at the hospital for too long. He needed to search for All for One's son. He remembered the name that the boss told him. 'The Shadow Killer is my son, Izuku Midoriya. I have a score to settle with him, and it requires your brother. After I kill my son, I will murder the rest of his organization.' All for One shouldn't have been so careless. He just needed to find the boy and talk to him.

'Izuku Midoriya, we're going to meet soon.'

The sounded familiar to him and then felt someone grab his arm. "Touya, you can't leave." He could see the hint of mischief in her eyes. He didn't question it as she drags him back to Natsuo in the waiting area. "We need to make a plan to make sure that Shouto doesn't go to jail." Dabi glanced around to see no one in the waiting room except them. He sighed, "I'm going to burn the house down with Endeavor's body inside."

"Isn't that considered arson?" Dabi rolled his eyes at his brother. "Of course, it is! I don't see you coming up with a better plan." Natsuo sighed, "Fine, you can burn the house done." Fuyumi remained silent as she was glancing at Shouto's door. "Does it make us horrible people for letting that happened to Shouto? We should've protected him instead of letting that happen to him. We let him suffer alone. We could've done something, but we were so selfish. We never consider the pain Shouto was going through. We were so blind to notice Shouto's pain." Natsuo placed his hand on Fuyumi's shoulder. "Don't say that, Yumi. We can change the past."

Dabi ran a hand through his black hair. 'I guess we're all to blame for what happened to Shouto. We should've protected him. Dad, you fucking bastard, you will never hurt Shouto again. He didn't deserve to suffer. I hope you go to hell, you bastard.' Natsuo walked up to his brother, "Touya, Fuyumi thinks that we should check up on Sho." Dabi sighs and follows behind his siblings. He didn't want to see Shouto cry again. His little brother could hide his emotions easily and had no problem with lying to them. Shouto was reserved and rarely showed emotion to anyone, including his family.

"Hey, Sho," Fuyumi greeted the boy. The boy in question glanced at his siblings and wiped the tears away from his eyes. "Hey, Yumi," Shouto replied. He sat up to see his siblings while Dabi stood by the door. "Are you okay? I'm sorry that we forced you to answer our question. We needed to know the truth." Shouto bit the bottom of his lip and sighed. "It's okay. It doesn't matter anymore. It's been five years, so I should be fine!" Dabi tsked, "You liar. Do you enjoy lying to yourself, baby brother?" Shouto narrowed his eyes at older brother, "I have no clue what you're saying. Why does it matter to you so much? Didn't you want to get rid of me?"

Dabi stepped forward and grabbed Shouto's shirt. "You're my baby brother! I'm supposed to care for you, Sho. I was selfish, okay! After-" Shouto interrupted his brother by slapping his hand away. "You feel pity for me, don't you? You don't fucking care about me! How am I supposed to believe that you've had a change in heart?" Shouto didn't believe the shit that Dabi was selling. Dabi could see the anger lacing Shouto's mismatched eyes.

Shouto laughed dryly, "I looked up to you, Touya. You were my big brother. Mom said that you would protect me from Dad. Then you left me alone. I was alone. Yumi and Natsuo tried so hard to protect me from Dad, but he would hurt them!" Natsuo didn't know what to say. Fuyumi remained quiet as she listened to their conversation. Shouto glared at his eldest brother, "Mom felt like she trusted you, but I guess she was wrong. I can't blame you for everything. Not everything was your fault. I have never blamed you for everything. I blame myself for thinking that I could live a happy life. That dream was hopeless because I was trapped. I thought I escaped when I moved out of the house, but I was never free from the chains that hold me down. I lived with Yoarashi, and I was happy. I might have been working for Endeavor, but at least I had Yoarashi. Then Inasa hurt me. I thought I was free, but I never was. Dad forced him to beat me each fucking day! The person I loved so fucking much-abused me, then I escaped. Dad had Mom killed because of me! I hated myself because it was all my fault! I should've died. I don't deserve to be happy. I don't deserve to live!"

Shouto had tears running from his cheek as he tried to stop. He was pathetic. He could hear his father's harsh remarks and bitter laughter when he pushed him to his limits. He felt warm arms surround him and noticed the familiar black hair. Dabi was hugging him tightly as if he was to disappear. Shouto wanted to pull away, but he didn't. He hugged his brother tightly and cried into his chest. He couldn't tell that Dabi was crying too. Natsuo joined the hug when he saw the look Dabi gave him. Fuyumi joined after seeing her brothers hug each other.

Todoroki didn't care that he was crying. His siblings were there for him. Dabi didn't pull away from the hug. He was afraid of losing his little brother. He never wanted to hear his little brother say that. Dabi hated himself for behaving so selfishly. Fuyumi pulled away from the hug and watched her siblings. Natsuo watched his sister exit the room and didn't say anything. Shouto pulled away and wiped his eyes. "You didn't have to do that." Dabi was sitting beside Natsuo on Shouto's bed, "I wanted too." Dabi glanced at his little brother, "I quit the league. I couldn't handle them hurting-" Dabi cut himself off. He couldn't let his brother worry. He's been through enough already.

"What do you mean?" Shouto looked confused, "You quit the league?" Dabi sighed, "All for One told me about Giran and you." Shouto froze at the name. "H-How did he know?" Dabi glanced away, "Giran, he would brag about it. All for One mentioned that Giran would make these comments about you. I don't want you to worry. You need to recover." Dabi stood up, "Come on, Nats. Sho needs to rest." Natsuo exited the room before Dabi could follow behind.

"What aren't you telling me?" Shouto attempted to stand up but fell back into bed. Dabi shook his head, "Giran is coming for you. Stay safe, Sho." Shouto growled, "I don't need you to fight my battles for me. I can protect myself!" Dabi smiled, "I'm doing this to protect you." Shouto watched his brother walkout.

'All for One? Who's he?'

Shouto kept his questions to himself and growled. He had to wait before he could recharge from this hospital. 'Giran' That name haunted Shouto as he needed to forget those memories. He knew that Dabi was right. He hasn't moved past the accident. He had to let go.


Dabi glanced at Natsuo and didn't see Fuyumi. "Where's Fuyumi?" Natsuo sighed, "She's not here. She told me that she needed to head to work." Dabi raised an eyebrow, "Hey Nats, is Yumi working for him?" Natsuo shook his head, "I don't think so. Either way, I have to get going. Re-Destro wants to talk to me. Good luck with your plan." Natsuo walked away from his brother. Dabi knowledged his brother's work with the Meta Liberation Army. Natsuo was the only one that's capable enough to get information from the league since Dabi quit.

He still needed to find All for One's son. He exited the hospital while searching for any information on this Midoriya kid. He was shocked at the realization that this kid was Toshinori. He couldn't touch Midoriya because the police would find out. Midoriya had a good alibi. He was the chief's son, so no one suspects him. 'This guy is smart. The Shadow Killer murdered my friends, so I'm going to kill him. All for One wouldn't be able to hurt Shouto if he kills Midoriya first. I need to kill him first. I have-'

"Breaking news! Enji Todoroki has been missing for 24 hours now. A report has been filed to the police to find Enji."

Dabi growled at the news. He needed to deal with this now, or they'll find the body. He walked inside the house to see the body on the ground. "Fuck!" He needed to hurry before the police arrive to check out the house. He grabbed the gasoline cans from under the sink and covered the inside of the house with the fuel. "I hope this will do it." He lit the match and dropped it on the ground. He exited the house and watched the flames consume the house.

Dabi was sure that no one would find out the truth, except he forgot about the security cameras.


Natsuo walked down the lobby of the hospital when he heard a voice. "You, white-haired bastard!" Natsuo turned around to see a fist punch him. "Bakugou!" A red-haired male ran in to hold back Bakugou. 'Bakugou. He was the one I hit on accident. Wasn't he the guy that killed Re-Destro's daughter?' Bakugou glared at him. "We need to talk in private, extra." Kirishima was trying to tell them that they're going to get kicked out of the hospital. Natsuo glared, "Fine, let's talk."

Kirishima took a deep breath and walked out of the hospital with Bakugou and the white-haired male. Bakugou didn't care that he was on pain meds when he pinned Natsuo against the wall. "Why the hell were you trying to kill Icy-Hot?" Kirishima was about to step in and stop them until Bakugou growled. "Don't Kiri. This bastard tried to kill one of our members." Kirishima's eyes widen, "What?" Bakugou didn't hear Kirishima as he had Natsuo pinned to the wall.

"I'm from the Meta Liberation Army. The leader of the league wanted Shouto dead. I couldn't go through it. I could've stopped the car, but you jumped in the way." Bakugou glared at him, "Give Re-Destro and that bastard a message from Ground Zero. I will fucking murder them!" Natsuo glared, "Fine, is that all?" Bakugou let go of Natsuo's shirt. "Get out of my sight," Bakugou growled. Natsuo walked away as Kirishima grabbed Bakugou's hand.

"The league is working alongside the Meta Liberation Army. What are they planning?" Kirishima grew worried when he heard Bakugou say that. The league might be bringing together all the organizations that they've defeated. "Katsuki, you don't think that the-" Kirishima stopped himself as Bakugou punched the wall. "We can only hope that the Shie Hassaukai aren't involved. The Shie Hassaikai is one of many Yakuza groups that ran the criminal underworld in Japan." Kirishima glanced down, "They're aiming at the Anarchy. They're trying to knock us down. We have to beat them before they take us down."

Bakugou didn't know to respond as he didn't have an answer. Deku was right. They needed to recruit more members for this fight. However, one thought remained on Bakugou's mind.

'Why did Deku seem so calm about this? Did he know this for a while? What is he hiding from us?'


Fuyumi watched her brothers hug each other and smirked. She walked out of the room, not realizing that Natsuo saw her. She left the hospital building and heard her phone. She pulled it out and answered the phone. "Don't worry, sir. I'll be there soon. They're distracted right now." Fuyumi heard the other line go dead. She arrived at the hideout and entered inside.

"Hello, All for One," she greeted the boss. All for One smirked, "Phase two of the plan will begin soon. We'll leave Todoroki alone. First, we're going to let the Shie Hassaikai have their fun. Red Riot is their target. Ground Zero and Red Riot are connected, so let's take one of them away." Fuyumi smiled, "As you wish, All for One. Should I inform Overhaul?" All for One shook his head, "No, stay in the dark. Your family cannot know that you're working for us. I have plans for the Anarchy."

Fuyumi took a deep breath. "What are your plans for Shouto?" All for One smirked, "I'll leave that to Giran. He's been complaining that he wants to see him again. I want you to make sure that no one gets in his way." Fuyumi snickered, "That'll be easy. I can't wait for you to take the Anarchy down."

"After I get rid of the Anarchy, I'll take down the rest of Japan. I will recreate this place in my own image." 


Chapter Text

"We have gathered here on behalf of the Todoroki family to honor the death of Enji Todoroki. He was a beloved father to his family and a wonderful friend to those who knew him." Shouto sat uncomfortably in his seat while hearing the pastor praise his father. His father didn't have friends. He had business partners, and his family hated him. The funeral was set four days after the accident, which wasn't enough time. Todoroki wanted to stay home instead of going to his father's funeral, but he was a Todoroki. All his siblings there to set a perfect image for the press to see. Touya was the first to be called up on stage as the male didn't want to be there.

"Hello, I'm Touya Todoroki, Enji's eldest son." Touya didn't feel like saying anything about his father. God, he could tell that his father was laughing at him beyond the graves. "He was a wonderful father." Touya smiled sadly as the press was eating his bullshit. The Todorokis agreed to keep the truth a secret from the public. Touya glanced down, "He was always busy with work. He made sure that we had food, water, and a home. I am grateful that he was my father, and I'll truly miss him." Touya walked off the podium and felt like throwing up. Shouto snickered, "What's wrong, Touya? Was lying too much for you?"

Touya shoved his brother off his seat. "Shut it, Sho." Shouto wouldn't lie that today was the best day for him. He wouldn't miss that bastard. Fuyumi stepped forward and smiled, "We lost our mother a few years back, so we are indeed sad that our father passed away. He was always there for us when we needed guidance." Shouto felt a tap on his shoulder and saw Touya point to Natsuo. Shouto glanced at his white-haired brother to see Natsuo pretending to vomit. Fuyumi glared at her siblings' behavior and growled. "Natsuo loved his father more than anyone, and that's challenging Touya and Shouto." Natsuo, Shouto, and Touya glared at their sister as she smirked. Shouto saw anger behind Fuyumi's words. She walked away from the podium as the pastor came back.

"Enji Todoroki will never leave our hearts, and his memories will continue to live." Natsuo went to the bathroom to vomit after hearing his siblings' words. Shouto glanced at the guests to see them placing white roses on Endeavor's alter. Shouto grabbed a bottle of white wine. The funeral home was holding a reception for their father. Shouto wouldn't lie that no one here truly knew Endeavor. Shouto served himself a cup of white wine and took a sip. He noticed the chief of police at the reception and sighed when he saw Midoriya. He stepped back and spilled his drink on the person behind him. "Inasa!" Shouto didn't realize that Yoarashi was standing behind him. "Hey-"

"How are you here?" Inasa shook his head at Todoroki. "I was one of his associates, remember." Todoroki felt embarrassed and noticed that everyone was watching them. "I'm sorry for the drink," Shouto apologized. Touya watched from a distance and remembered that this was the guy. He was about to step in until Natsuo grabbed his arm. "Touya, calm down." Touya sighed as Natsuo was holding his brother back.

Shouto wondered if he should tell Inasa the truth. 'He needs to know the truth. I have to learn to let people in and help. I can't close myself off on everyone. Inasa might have hurt me in the past, but I can't keep holding onto that pain. Yaoyorozu was right. I have to tell him.' Shouto took a deep breath and spoke softly.

"Inasa, can we talk in private?" Inasa had a few paper towels pressed against his wet shirt as he looked at Shouto. Inasa nodded his head, "Of course." Shouto smiled and followed him outside the building. Fuyumi watched from a distance and growled, 'This bastard!' She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Keigo. "Hey, Fuyumi, you seem tense." She glared at the male, "Go bother someone else." She walked away from Touya's boyfriend. Midoriya watched Inasa and Shouto walk outside of the building.


Todoroki glanced down, "If I tell you, you wouldn't think differently of me, right?" Inasa could tell that Shouto was shaking as he was hugging himself. "You remember that day when I slapped you." Yoarashi frowned, "Yes, I do. I'm sorry for hurting you." Shouto shook his head, "N-No, that's not what I'm saying. A day before, did you hear the police report about Giran?"

"Yeah, I did. Why are you asking me this?" Yoarashi saw the tears running down Todoroki's cheeks. Todoroki couldn't hold back the tears as he needed to tell Inasa the truth. He managed to get this far. He couldn't back down now and push it aside. "Todoroki, why are you crying?" Yoarashi looked lost as he watched the boy in front of him was crying. "Yaoyorozu and I went out that night to hang out since I was stressed out. I didn't think that Giran would come for us. He wasn't alone. He had a friend helping him out that damaged our signal. I was terrified, but I had to protect Yaoyorozu. We walked out of the diner, and it just happened too fast!" Shouto needed to control his tears as Yoarashi felt sick. He didn't want to assume anything yet.

"Shouto-" Shouto interrupted Inasa before he could finish his sentence. "N-No, let me finish." Shouto could feel his voice breaking. "Giran grabbed Yaoyorozu while Spinner slammed me against the floor. They were about to rape Yaoyorozu unless I-I took her place." Yoarashi wanted nothing more than to hug Shouto when he heard this. "They raped you?" Shouto couldn't face him as he nods his head. He couldn't trust his voice. "It hurt so much. They didn't care about the pain I felt." Yoarashi grabbed Shouto's shaking hands, "Why didn't you report this? Your dad-"

"My dad is the reason why I didn't say anything. He made sure that the police wouldn't believe us. I couldn't tell you. I had to pretend that everything's okay." Yoarashi shook his head, "Your father can burn in hell. You're allowed to feel too." Shouto glanced down, "He admitted that he was the one who tipped them off. He paid for them to follow us. He-" Shouto stopped mid-sentence as he hugged himself tightly. "I knew that he hated me so much, but why did he have to do that? He didn't care that they did that." Inasa watched the boy fall apart as he couldn't do anything. He never paid attention to Shouto's expressions. He should've done something. It was all his fault. It was his fault that Shouto went out that night. He was the one who was angry for nothing. Shouto deserved to be happy.

"Yaoyorozu was right. I pushed everyone away because I couldn't stop my past from recurring. I was afraid that it would happen. I was scared of my past." Inasa placed his hands on Todoroki's cheeks, "You deserve the world, Shouto. You deserved to be happy. Don't let your past hold you back. I can't give you the happiness that you deserve." Todoroki looked up to see the sincere look in his eyes. "I did love someone else. He told me that he loved me. Then he lied and broke my heart." Shouto pulled away as Inasa pulled him back. "It was Midoriya, wasn't it?" Shouto was awestruck at Inasa's words. "How did you know?"

Inasa smiled gently, "He loves you, Sho." Shouto laughed dryly, "No, he doesn't. He told me that he loves me, and then he lies. I told him that I loved him, and then he crushes my heart. He said no one would love me. He didn't care about me." Todoroki felt the tears slide down his cheeks as he remembered Midoriya's words. Inasa shook his head, "Sho, why would he tell you that he loves and change soon after? You need to ask him. You need to know why he changed his answer. Something or someone is forcing him to lie to you. He's hiding something from you. I think he does love you." He wiped Shotuo's tears away, "Trust me." Shouto returned the smile as Inasa pressed a kiss on his forehead.

"Okay, I trust you, Inasa."


"DEKU!" Midoriya jumped at the sound of his childhood friend's voice. "You have some nerve coming here." Toshinori was speaking to Natsuo and Touya when he heard the commotion. "Midoriya, my boy!"

"Sorry, Kacchan!" Midoriya walked away from Bakugou as he went to his father's side. "This is Touya and Natsuo Todoroki." Toshinori motioned to the two males as he continued, "This is my son, Izuku Midoriya." Midoriya noticed the glare in Touya's eyes. Touya smirked to himself, 'He looks nothing like the boss. At least, I found him.' Midoriya smiled, "Hello, I'm Midoriya." He didn't suspect anything wrong with these two. Well, he could tell that Touya was Dabi.

"Nice to meet you, Midoriya." Touya shook Midoriya's hand as the green-haired boy saw the challenge lace in Touya's turquoise eyes. Natsuo wondered if he should say anything since the handshake was taking forever. "I'm Natsuo!" Natsuo interrupted the two as Touya pulls his hand away from Midoriya. Natsuo sighed to himself when Midoriya walked away from them.

Bakugou grabbed Midoriya's arm, "We need to talk, Deku." He glared at his childhood friend as Midoriya gulped. He could only assume the worst. Kirishima followed behind the pair. Bakugou stopped when he stepped outside. He saw Inasa kissing Todoroki's forehead as the boy had tears running down his cheeks.

"Step away from Half n half, baldy." Bakugou pushed the two apart as Bakugou grabbed Inasa's shirt. "Leave him alone. He doesn't need you hurting him again." Todoroki stepped between them, "Leave him alone, Bakugou." Shouto glared at the blond. He noticed Kirishima and Midoriya standing behind. "What's going on?" Todoroki pushed the two away as he turns his attention to the blond. "Bakugou, leave Inasa alone. He didn't do anything to me." Midoriya grabbed Shouto's arm, "Todoroki, you were crying." Shouto shook his head at Midoriya, "No, I'm fine."

Midoriya didn't trust Inasa around. "Wait, why are you guys inside?" Inasa didn't say anything while he was standing beside Kirishima. "I needed to have a word with this damn nerd. What the hell were you doing?" Todoroki rolled his eyes at the blond, "I was talking to Inasa." Bakugou scoffed, "Can you even trust him?" Todoroki glared, "Of course, I can!"

"Don't you dare, Kacchan!" Bakugou turned to face Inasa, "Hey, Baldy, tell anyone, and I'll kill you in front of everyone." Todoroki couldn't stop Bakugou as Kirishima finally realized what Bakugou was about to do. "How about you join us? Deku's been looking for recruits, and I dominate Icy-Hot's ex-boyfriend."

"Bakugou, don't. We-" Bakugou cut Todoroki off, "Shut it half n half." Bakugou glared at Todoroki. "What are you talking about?" Todoroki shook his head, "Stop! Bakugou, you're going too far." Bakugou shook his head, "I'm Ground Zero. I used to be the Hollow Death." Inasa laughed nervously, "Nice joke-"

Bakugou pulled his gun out, "Yeah, I'm not joking." Kirishima grabbed Bakugou's arm, "Why the hell do you have a gun!" Bakugou let Kirishima take his gun as Bakugou introduced everyone. "That's Red Riot, the Shadow Killer, and Night-Flame," Bakugou pointed to everyone. Inasa couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Shouto, that's not true, right?" Shouto glanced down, "Y-yes, I'm Night-Flame."

Midoriya growled, "What the hell, Kacchan?" Bakugou scoffed, "That's what you deserve, Deku. You're hiding shit from us." Todoroki stood between the two, "Stop fucking yelling!" Todoroki couldn't believe that Bakugou told Inasa about the Anarchy. Inasa was having a rough time processing everything. Kirishima wished he had popcorn right now. "I want to help you guys in any way I can." Todoroki froze as he turned around to face Inasa. "Inasa, you don't have too. You can pretend that you never heard anything."

Inasa shook his head, "No, I want to help. Either way, I'm sure that your friend isn't going to let me walk away." Bakugou smirked, "Well, would you look at that? We have a new addition to the Anarchy." Midoriya glared at his childhood friend and then at the new guy. "If anyone finds out, I'll kill you."

Todoroki turned to Midoriya, "Midoriya, why are you recruiting people?" Kirishima wondered if this was the best place to be talking about this. Midoriya sighed, "It's nothing." Bakugou laughed, "Then, who's All for One?" Midoriya froze at Bakugou's words.

"There's something you're not telling us," Bakugou said. Todoroki stood with Inasa and Kirishima as he watched Midoriya. "Midoriya, what are you hiding from us?" Todoroki stepped forward as Midoriya made a fist. "He's my father. He's the reason I lied to you." Todoroki froze at Midoriya's words. "He's planning an attack on the Anarchy. I'm sorry, Yoarashi, but you're now a part of the Anarchy."

Todoroki grabbed Midoriya's wrist, "How long have you knew about this?" Midoriya saw the anger in Todoroki's eyes. "Todoroki, I couldn't let you worry." Midoriya pulled his hand away as Todoroki glared. "We're supposed to trust each other! It doesn't matter if I would get worried." Inasa placed a hand on Todoroki's shoulder, "Shouto, you need to calm down. You're not in the right-"

Todoroki slapped his hand away, "I'm not a fucking baby. I don't need you or anyone protecting me!" Shouto glared at Midoriya. Midoriya grabbed Shouto's wrist before he could hit him, "Todoroki, you need to calm down. I had to do it, or he'll hurt you. I couldn't let him kill you." Todoroki pulled his hands away, "Inasa was right." Todoroki didn't know how to reply. He didn't need anyone to protect him, but Midoriya was doing it to protect him.

"Midoriya, I'm sorry," Todoroki apologized. Midoriya shook his head, "You don't have to apologize. I should've told you guys earlier. We're a team." Midoriya smiled as Todoroki returned the smile. Todoroki hugged Midoriya, "Please, don't keep secrets. We can do this together." Inasa smiled at the two while Bakugou scoffed. "Can we get going, love birds?" Todoroki pulled away and felt a blush rise his cheeks. Midoriya turned bright red and pretended to cough.

"I need to go back inside. I'll see you later, Sho." Shouto nodded his head and watched his friend walk away. "We need to get going. I'll tell you guys everything." Shouto nodded his head. Bakugou and Kirishima started walking forward. Midoriya grabbed Todoroki's hand and walked behind the group. Todoroki didn't say anything as Midoriya was holding his hand.

For once, Todoroki was happy. 

Chapter Text

Todoroki didn't pull his hand away from Midoriya while they were walking to the base. He wondered what this meant for their friendship. They arrived at the hideout shortly, and then Midoriya pulled his hand away. "First things first is that I do love you, Shouto." Midoriya glanced at the boy to see the small blush on his cheeks. Kirishima dragged Bakugou's arm away to give the new couple some privacy. Shouto glanced down, "I love you too." Midoriya smiled, "I'm sorry that I lied to you." Shouto's head perked up, "Why did you do it, and what changed your mind?" Midoriya knew he couldn't avoid this question for long. He couldn't continue to keep secrets from Todoroki. His father couldn't scare him anymore. All for One isn't going to win this battle. He might think he'll win, but Midoriya isn't going to let him. He had Todoroki by his side.

"The leader of the League is my dad. He threatened to have you killed if I didn't follow his orders. I was afraid of losing you, Shouto. I lied to protect you from him. I didn't want anything to happen to you. You were already going through enough. I thought I was protecting you, but seeing you cry is something I never want to see. I don't care what my father tells me to do. I'm not going to let him win. We're stronger together. I should've never tried to handle this alone. I have you guys. I trust you guys." Todoroki nods his head as he tries to process everything Midoriya said. "He knows our identities, doesn't he?" Midoriya shook his head, "I don't think he has any idea who Kirishima and Bakugou are. I don't want to say that he does or not."

"That doesn't explain why you're recruiting more members for the Anarchy. It's dangerous to do this." Midoriya sighed, "I know that, Todoroki. The League is regrouping, and we're only four members. Yoarashi knows all our identities and understands the risks. I managed to get Kaminari on our side, and then there's Shinsou." Todoroki raised an eyebrow, "Shinsou. I've heard that name before." Shouto remembered meeting someone named Shinsou.


"Hey! Watch where you're going!" 19-year-old Todoroki rubbed his head as he glanced up at the purple-haired boy. "Sorry," Shouto apologized and stood up. He was supposed to be with his boyfriend and father. He wondered why he had to attend this charity event. Everyone was dressed up in elegant dresses and wore expensive clothing.

"Aren't you Todoroki's kid?" Todoroki rubbed the back of his neck, "Yes, I'm Shouto Todoroki." The boy grunts, "I'm Shinsou. Wanna get a drink?" Shouto tilted his head, "I have to get to my father and-" The boy interrupted Shinsou before he could finish his sentence. "It's not going to take long. Let's hurry to the mini bar," the boy insisted. Shouto didn't trust this guy. He wasn't sure if the name Shinsou was even on the guest list. Shinsou ordered them drinks and handed Shouto a glass. Shouto didn't know what was in this drink, despite watching the bartender make it. Shouto took a sip and coughed lightly. The aftertaste of the fruity drink was left in Shouto's mouth as the boy coughed. "Was it too strong?" Shouto shook his head, "N-No, it's okay. I'm not much of a drinker."

Shinsou led Shouto to the booth in the corner. Shouto didn't say anything as he was drinking. He didn't know why he accepted the drink from Shinsou. "Hey, you're still awake?" Shinsou didn't anticipate the drug was too powerful as he glanced around at the guests. Shouto glanced up at the boy, "Yes." Shinsou could tell that the boy was tired. "Can I ask you a few questions?" Shouto's mind was too foggy to think as he nods his head.

"Is your father involved with the League?" Shouto didn't know why he couldn't think. He shook his head, "N-No, my father isn't involved with the league." The aftertaste of the drug was taking effect as Shouto felt sick. "Hey, Todoroki, do you want to come with-" Shinsou was interrupted before he could finish his sentence.

"Hey, who are you?" Shinsou cursed under his breath when he noticed a tall male at their table. "Sho-" Shouto glanced at his boyfriend, "Hi, Inasa!" Shouto giggled as Inasa glared at the purple-haired boy. "What the hell did you give him?" Shinsou shook his head, "Dude, I didn't do anything. I didn't even realize that he was drunk." Shinsou backed away and exited the building. Shouto saw the boy leave as he mumbled the name under his breath. Everything went back afterward.


"His name was Shinsou, and he had purple hair, right?" Midoriya nodded his head and gave the boy a confused look. He didn't remember telling Shouto his name, so how did he know? "Why? Does it seem familiar?" Shouto nods his head, "I met him a few years back at a charity event. He drugged me and started asking questions about the League. Inasa-"

"Wait!" Midoriya stopped before Todoroki finished. His blood boiled at the thought of someone poisoning Shouto. "Shinsou drugged you!" Shouto sighed, "It's okay, Midoriya. Nothing bad-"

"No! None of that is okay. He might have had his reasons, but he shouldn't have done that!" Todoroki placed his hand on Midoriya's cheek, "You don't have to worry about it, Midoriya. Either way, I believe that Shinsou might be involved with the police force." Midoriya laughs, "Yeah, right. Shouto, I would've known since my dad is the chief of police." Todoroki shakes his head at his friend and turns away to think.

"Your father is paranoid since your birth father is All for One. There could be a possibility that he's keeping secrets from you." Midoriya stopped to think and remembered a faint picture of Kaminari and a boy standing together. Kaminari knew who Shinsou was. "I think I have someone that can tell us who this bastard is." Todoroki smiles at Midoriya and then kisses his cheek. "Good luck, Izuku. I need to get back home before my siblings start asking more questions." Midoriya blushes and places his hand on his cheek. He watched Todoroki walk away, but he stopped him. Midoriya slams Shouto against the wall and kisses him.

Todoroki's eyes widen before they closed. His hands were on Midoriya's cheeks while Midoriya had his arms around Todoroki's waist. Midoriya always wondered how it felt to finally have the boy of his dreams in his arms for a long time. The green-haired boy pulled away to see a bright smile on Todoroki's face. He returned the smile, "I love you, Shouto Todoroki." Shouto blushed bright red and glanced down. "I love you too, Izuku Midoriya." Todoroki pulled away and exited the hideout. He couldn't stop the smile from appearing on his face.


Midoriya, on the other hand, had to dye his hair purple again and find his mask. He needed to speak with Kaminari and ask him questions about Shinsou. He didn't trust the purple-haired boy after learning those small details. He stopped by Kaminari's window and was about to enter until he heard arguing on the other side.

Kaminari glared at Shinsou, "I have no clue what you're saying." Hitoshi sighed and glanced up to face his ex-boyfriend. "I overheard you and one of the members of the Anarchy talking." Kaminari scoffed, "Wow, you're going to accuse of speaking to someone dangerous as them." Shinsou shook his head, "Kaminari, please don't lie to me. They're dangerous people. We need to put them away."

"We're not the dangerous people you think we are." Kaminari and Shinsou looked at the balcony door to see the Shadow Killer leaning against it. "How the hell did you get here?" Shinsou glared at the male as the boy took his mask off. "You can't turn me in, Hitoshi. No one will believe you." Kaminari gasped as he recognized those freckles and green eyes. "You're Toshinori's kid." Midoriya smiled, "Hello, Kaminari." He turned to Shinsou, "I'm one of the original members of the Anarchy. I'm not the dangerous one here. The Anarchy doesn't kill the innocent, only the horrible people." Shinsou wasn't buying any of Midoriya's crap as Midoriya continues.

"You might not believe me, but we do follow a code." Midoriya sat down on Kaminari's desk and crossed his arms. "Honestly, I'll answer all your questions if we can come to a compromise." Shinsou thought it over and decided to agree to Midoriya's conditions. "Who's is the other members of the Anarchy?" Midoriya lifted his finger, "I won't reveal the identities of my friends if they prefer not too." Shinsou rolled his eyes, "Why did you and your friends create the Anarchy?" 

Midoriya smiles, "The Anarchy has no rules to follow. We all had problems that we needed to resolve. Don't you-" Shinsou interrupted before he could finish. "Why was Tensei on that list," Shinsou questioned. He needed to know why Iida's brother was on that list. He couldn't let the thought go as he needed to know. Midoriya chuckled, "He's the reason my mother is dead. He shot her and died in front of me." Shinsou shook his head. "There must've been a reason-" Midoriya slammed his fist against his cheek, "Listen here, you weren't there to see. Toshinori told me that he was sent away after the accident! They were hiding the truth, and they didn't remove his badge!" Kaminari held Midoriya back, "Midoriya, calm down! Why are you here?"

Midoriya stopped and sighed, "I need you guys to side with the Anarchy. We need to end the League." Shinsou didn't know what to say and saw his ex-lover stand forward. "I accept your offer," Kaminari told him. Midoriya sighs in relief as Shinsou rubs his cheek. "I'll help to make Kaminari doesn't get hurt." Kaminari rolled his eyes at his ex-boyfriend. Midoriya rubs the back of his neck, "This isn't going to be easy, but I'm glad that you're on our side." Midoriya exited the building as Shinsou didn't know what to do. He couldn't tell the chief that his son was a part of the Anarchy.

"You know, you can't tell the chief." Shinsou glanced back to see Kaminari. "You couldn't tell me the truth because you were spying on them," Kaminari continued. Shinsou glanced down, "Yeah, I thought I was protecting you. I didn't want anything to happen to you. I was afraid of losing you." Kaminari smiles softly, "You'll never lose me. I know right now it's complicated, but I'm willing to make it work." Shinsou smiled, "I'm glad that I don't have to keep this secret from you anymore."

"We're in this together. You don't have to do this alone." Maybe things were finally looking better except All for One wasn't alarmed at all.


Fuyumi stood in front of All for One, "Master, don't you think that we should start planning the attack?" Fuyumi betrayed her family for nothing. She wanted her reward for her assistance. All for One hummed, "Fuyumi, you shouldn't worry. I have everything under control. I know how my son thinks. He thinks that he'll defeat me because he has Todoroki by his side. You should-"

"Sir, aren't you worried that your son is going to defeat you?" All for One growled, "Are you questioning my authority?" Fuyumi gulped and shook her head, "Of course not, Master!" All for One smirked, "Good. Either way, I've already initiated the beginning of step three." Fuyumi looked at him in disbelief, "Master, you skipped step two-"

"I do not need to continue that step. I have found it unnecessary. I will not let the Anarchy win." All for One was determined to defeat the Anarchy no matter what. He smirked to himself as Fuyumi grew worried.


Kirishima walked downtown to search for Yaoyorozu's house until his phone buzzed. He saw that a message from Todoroki and stared at it confusingly.

Todoroki: I need you to go head here. Hurry up!

Kirishima adjusted the mask on his face as he hurries to the location. He didn't understand why Todoroki would send him this message. He remembered how Bakugou wanted to come with him, but Kirishima reassured him that he could do it by himself. He arrived at the location and noticed that he was standing in a vacant alleyway. "Where am I?" Kirishima glanced around to look for Todoroki. 'Where is here? Shouldn't he be here already? Wait-'

"Well, well, if it isn't Red Riot?" Kirishima froze as he heard that taunting voice. It sent shivers down Kirishima's back, and then the boy turned around. Overhaul stood in front of him with a menacing look as he was wearing a plague doctor's mask. "Overhaul? How did you-" Overhaul cut him off as he pulled a gun out. "Let's just say that your little friend isn't coming."

Kirishima's face filled with horror when he saw Overhaul's smile. "What the hell did you do to him?!" Overhaul's eyebrows lifted, "Oh, I didn't hurt him. I'm working with the League. The boss promised me that I could have some fun with you. You did ruin my organization by your meddling!" Overhaul started cackling, "However, I can just kill you now! After I kill you, I'll remove your mask and find out who you are. I'll kill all your family and friends. I'll bathe in their blood and cherish it forever!"

'He's crazy! I need to get out here, or he'll shoot me.' Overhaul growled and aimed his gun at Kirishima's head. "Listen to me, you worthless piece of shit!" Kirishima heard the click of the gun. "You know, I thought your little band of members wouldn't intervene in my operations. However, you proved me wrong. Maybe I should kill you right now. You've been a pain in the ass for a long time." Kirishima glared at him, "None of it would've happened if you didn't try to kill Eri!" Overhaul growled at the red-haired male. He couldn't see beyond the mask.

"You aren't in the position to demand anything," Overhaul yelled out. Kirishima pulled his phone out from behind him and carefully sent out his location to his friends. "What the hell are you doing?" Overhaul grabbed Kirishima's hand and saw the phone. "You fucking-" Kirishima's phone dropped as the sound of Overhaul's gun going off. 

Chapter Text

"You aren't in the position to demand anything," Overhaul yelled out. Kirishima pulled his phone out from behind him and carefully sent out his location to his friends. "What the hell are you doing?" Overhaul grabbed Kirishima's hand and saw the phone. "You fucking-" Kirishima's phone dropped as the sound of Overhaul's gun going off. Overhaul glared at the red-haired boy as he was holding onto the weapon. The gun was pointing up into the sky as he glared at Overhaul. He wasn't going to allow this bastard to get the upper hand. "I'm not going to let you win, Overhaul." Kirishima wasn't going to let go of this weapon and allow him to shoot him.

"You underestimate me, Riot. I know your weaknesses," Overhaul growled. "Same here, I know your weaknesses." Kirishima stomped on Overhaul's hand and twisted his arm. The weapon fell from their hands when Kirishima pinned the villain down. "How the hell did you know I was here?" Kirishima needed answers to how Overhaul could've found him. He wouldn't lie that he was terrified of the criminal in front of him. He remembered what Bakugou told him earlier.


"Ei, you need to keep away from them." Kirishima laughed, "Bakugou, you worry too much. I doubt that the Shie Hassaikai would find me. Todoroki trusts me to talk to Yaoyorozu and try to recruit her." Bakugou sighs and leans against the wall, "Kirishima, it isn't safe. Let me do it. Ponytail would listen to me." Kirishima shook his head, "Don't worry, I got this. Don't you trust me, Katsuki?" Kirishima placed his hands on his fiance's shoulders. "I promise you. I'll be back." He kissed his boyfriend's cheek and exited the hideout.


Bakugou had doubts about the Anarchy. Kirishima knew that he was worried about his safety. He wondered if Bakugou was right about this. He wished that he could quit this job, but they were in too deep. Kirishima wanted to have a future with his boyfriend. He wondered if things would've been different if they never joined.

Overhaul smirked, "It was pretty easy. One message is what it takes to separate you from the group." Kirishima growled, "What did you do to my friend? Where is he?" Overhaul laughs as Kirishima twists his hand. "Don't fucking play with me!" Overhaul stops laughing and focuses on the boy standing above him. "We did nothing, yet. You know, the boss knows that your leader has a plan to take us down. It isn't going to work. Any celebration you guys had about defeating us will never work. Boss wants you guys destroyed. Starting with you."

Kirishima's eyes widen, "What are you planning!" Kirishima couldn't believe what he was hearing. How would this bastard know their plans? Midoriya told them everything about All for One. How could the Anarchy lose? They had the upper hand unless someone-

Kirishima heard rapid footsteps behind him and quickly dodged the attack. He stood back to see a black hooded figure wearing a black jumpsuit. He could tell it was female by the shape. "You're late," Overhaul growled. The female helped the criminal up. "The boss says that you're taking too long. You could've got this done if you haven't been wasting time." Kirishima watched the interaction and glanced over to the weapon on the ground. He needed to get out of here and warn the rest of the Anarchy.

"You're coming with us," the girl glared at him. Kirishima shook his head and adjusted the mask on his face. This girl's voice sounded oddly familiar to him as he glared at the girl. "I'm not coming with you," Kirishima replied. Then she smirked, "You're coming with us by force." Kirishima defended himself from her punches as she was wearing brass knuckles. He didn't realize that she was distracting him from the real threat. He felt an electric shock go through him as he collapses on the ground.

'They got me, how?' Kirishima couldn't stand as his body felt paralyzed. Chisaki was holding a taser gun in his hands. "You should've paid more attention to your surroundings," Overhaul mocked. Kirishima glanced at the girl to see her pull her mask off. Kirishima's eyes widen as he recognized the white-haired girl in front of him. It was Todoroki's eldest sister, Fuyumi.

Fuyumi approached the boy and tugged the mask off. "Ejirou Kirishima. You were at the reception earlier. Surprising, isn't it?" She had a menacing smile on her lips when Kirishima tried to speak. "Why are you doing this?" She leaned closer to Kirishima's ear, "I want to destroy my little brother. I stole his phone and messaged you. I plan to destroy the Anarchy. However, taking down my little brother is my priority. How lovely is it to know the truth?" Kirishima couldn't respond as everything goes black. Fuyumi noticed that the red-haired boy was unconscious. All for One's plan was finally coming together. She glanced to the side to see Kirishima's phone lit on. She noticed someone was calling Kirishima's phone. She smashed the end of her heel against the phone. She wasn't going to tolerate any of these distractions.

She turned her back to them. "Hey! Aren't you going to help me?" She glared at Overhaul. "I have some important matters to attend to, so I'm going to let you handle this. Take him to All for One. He'll deal with the boy." Overhaul laughed, "And what if I don't listen?" She turned back to the male and slammed her fist against his face. "Disobey his orders, and I'll kill you myself. Don't worry, if you're smart enough, you'll understand." She smiled sweetly at the villain and released her grip on his shirt. Fuyumi walks away from Chisaki as she was going to meet her little brother.


"Fuck!" Midoriya watched his childhood friend pace around the hideout. Kaminari and Shinsou were adjusting to the change in atmosphere after discovering who Ground Zero was. Inasa remained quiet in his seat. Bakugou was worried about his boyfriend when Kirishima's phone went offline. Shinsou wondered if they were going to meet Night-Flame soon. He was the only member of the Anarchy that they haven't met. "Fuck this! I'm going out there to find him." Midoriya stepped forward and grabbed his arm. "Kacchan, you can't go out there without a plan." Bakugou pushed his friend away, "Don't fucking dare try to tell me what to do!"

Midoriya glared, "I'm not telling you what to do! You need to be reasonable!" Bakugou shoved him away, "I swear to fucking god if you don't let me go, I'll beat your ass in front of these extras." Midoriya sighs and steps aside, "Fine, go ahead, but you're risking your life and Kirishima's. Are you ready to deal with that? His blood will be on your hands." Bakugou stops halfway close to the door. He hated to admit it, but Deku was right.

"Fine," he continued, "Do you have a better plan?" Midoriya smirked at his childhood friend. He remembered what Todoroki told him.


"Natsuo is working for the Meta Liberation Army. He has the closest connection to the League. He'll be able to get you guys inside their base. Dabi will be there to aid you guys in the battle. We need to defeat the League no matter what." Midoriya glanced up at his boyfriend, "And what about you?" Todoroki sighs, "I need to talk with someone. However, don't worry. I'll be there soon to help you guys." Todoroki smiled at his boyfriend as he kisses Midoriya's forehead. Shouto wasn't going to tell Midoriya that he had doubts about this plan.


"We'll attack tomorrow," Midoriya told them. Midoriya was confident that they would come on top. He didn't realize that his plans were going to crumble into pieces. All for One was making his final moves to destroy them. None of them realized that All for One was listening in to their plans. He smirked to himself as he knew their plans.


Todoroki needed to deal with someone. He had doubts about his sister. He was going to talk to her. He needed to know the truth. He remembered the anger that laced Fuyumi's eyes and then at the reception. She was watching him. He hated the thought of his sister betraying him, but he had to do it. His sister could be a threat. Fuyumi waited for her little brother as they were outside an alleyway. Todoroki recognized the location because it was where the accident happened. He didn't understand why his sister would pick this place.

"I told you didn't have a phone," Fuyumi started. "Natsuo said that you wanted to meet me here, but I'm unsure if it was truly Natsuo who sent me that message." Todoroki glared at his sister as Fuyumi giggles. "What gave it away?" Fuyumi made herself look innocent and sweet as if she didn't do anything. "You were watching me. You knew who I was and didn't seem so surprised about it. Your lies weren't enough to cover your facial expressions, Fuyumi."

Fuyumi pouts, "You surely are father's masterpiece. Too bad that you found out my identity." Todoroki couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wanted his sister to deny this. He couldn't believe that his sister was against him. She was working for the enemy. "You know, it would've been better if you said it earlier. I've already taken down one of your friends. The red-haired one." Todoroki growled, "What the hell did you do to him!" Fuyumi giggled, "I let Overhaul take care of him. He was thrilled to know that he got the chance to get revenge."

Todoroki recognized the name when Bakugou was telling them about them. Shie Hassaiki wanted Kirishima dead. Fuyumi pulled out Todoroki's phone, "It was simple. I lured him in using you as bait. All for One wants you all destroyed. However, he made a deal with one of your pursers."

"What are you talking about?" Todoroki saw the growing smile on Fuyumi's face. "You know what I'm saying. He misses you so much, Shouto. Bragging how beautiful you cried and moved under him." Todoroki felt the color fade away from his face as he shook his head. "No, no, no," Shouto repeated countless times. Fuyumi approaches her little brother and places her hands on his. "Yes, my baby brother. Just let him love you. I promise you," she whispered. Todoroki pulled away from her. "You're insane! Why are you doing this!" The tears were falling down Todoroki's eyes as she seemed unfazed. Todoroki dropped to the floor while he was trembling.

Fuyumi pushed a strand of her hair back and approached her little brother. She grabbed Shouto's wrist and pulled them to her chest. "I envied you, Shouto. Dad always gave you the attention and left me behind to deal with you. I hate you, Shouto. I want you to pay. I want you to suffer, Shouto. You're the reason that mom is dead. You're unlovable. You deserve to suffer." Shouto couldn't face his sister as she told him this. He didn't want to believe any of her awful words.

"Face me, you coward," Fuyumi throws her brother down. Todoroki felt small under her. She was tearing down the walls that he rebuilt. He couldn't back to reliving the past. He couldn't let her get the best of him. "No, you're lying." She glared at Shouto's sudden confidence and then laughed. "Poor, native Shouto. You think that you'll win. You will always be a tool. Watching you suffer will be the best thing in my life." Todoroki needed to stop shaking as he couldn't let his sister win.

Todoroki threw the first punch in Fuyumi's direction as the girl dodges the blow. "You're scared, aren't you?" She grabbed Shouto's hand and felt him trembling. "Don't worry," she continued, "He'll take good care of you." Todoroki shook his head, "Fuyumi, this isn't you." Fuyumi giggles, "You never knew me, Shouto." She slammed her fist against Shouto's stomach. She threw him down to the ground and smirked.

"My, my, how delightful is this?" Shouto froze at that voice. He never wanted to see this guy again. He turned to see Giran standing there with a smirk on his face. "Nice to see you again, my beautiful doll." Shouto felt his blood go cold when the man approached him. "Fuyumi, please, let me go!" His sister smiled down on him. "He'll take good care of you." Shouto shook his head as tears ran down his cheeks. "Fuyumi, please!" Shouto couldn't move when Giran stood in front of him.

"Don't worry, little one. I'll take good care of you." 

Chapter Text

"My, my, how delightful is this?" Shouto froze at the sound of the man's voice. He never thought he'll ever see this man again. He turned to face the man. Giran was standing there with a menacing smile on his lips. "Nice to see you again, my beautiful doll." Giran eyed Shouto with a lustful look as Shouto remained terrified. He felt his blood go cold when Giran was approaching him. "Fuyumi, please, let me go!" Shouto was downright begging for his sister to let him go. She was holding onto his wrists tightly to keep him from escaping. His sister smiled down at him. "He'll take good care of you, Shouto. He'll love you and care for you like a pet." Shouto shook his head as the tears ran down his cheeks.

His sister was crazy and insane to think that any of this was okay. "Fuyumi, please!" Shouto couldn't move when Giran was crouched down to face him. "Don't worry, little one. I'll take good care of you." Shouto felt like he was frozen to the ground as Giran was smiling at him. Giran placed a hand on Shouto's cheek as the boy trembled. "You're still so beautiful," he purred into Shouto's ear. Giran wouldn't stop trailing his warm fingers against his cheek. Shouto could point out the distinct smell of smoke coming from him. The red and white-haired boy could see the growing smile on Fuyumi's lips while she was watching. She never cared about him. He thought his sister was someone he could trust. She was always there for him. He couldn't believe that it was all a lie. She used him for her own benefits. Shouto needed to focus on the situation in front of him. However, Shouto didn't know what to do. He was trapped, and there was no opening for escape. Maybe he should give up. There was nothing he could've done.

"Get a hold of yourself, Shouto!"

Shouto tried to ignore the words that were encouraging him to fight. He couldn't fight against these two. He was vulnerable under their hold. He couldn't escape as he was shaking terribly. Every thought of fighting seemed pointless to him, as giving up sounded like the right choice. Fuyumi managed to destroy without even laying a hand on him. She was working for the league and managed to lead him into a trap.

"Shouto, you're stronger than this." 

"Don't give up!" 

Todoroki recognized that voice as it sounded like Midoriya. Midoriya wouldn't have wanted him to give up and let them win. Midoriya's words were a reminder that he wasn't the weak little boy they knew. He couldn't let his sister win this war! He couldn't let this bastard use him against as if he was his plaything! He could fight and escape this nightmare with a smile on his lips! Midoriya's words were a reminder of how strong he is. He wasn't a child that anyone could take advantage of anymore! Midoriya believed in him. Shouto wasn't afraid! He wasn't going to let his fear get the best of him. He was Night-Flame. Night-Flame was never scared of anything, and he always wins.

Shouto closed his eyes and allowed Giran to touch his cheek before he opens them again. When he saw the burning fire rising in Shouto's eyes, Giran's pink eyes widen at the display. Fuyumi hasn't noticed the sudden change in Todoroki's behavior. Shouto glares at the man as he stops trembling. He needed to get a grip on himself and not let this guy bring him down. "You don't scare me anymore," he continues, "I'm not the little boy you used to know." Shouto smirks, "I'm stronger than that." Fuyumi barely had any time to react when Shouto slams his fist against Giran's throat. Shouto took off running down the alleyway, in an attempt, to get away from them. He needed to get away as quickly as possible. He heard their footsteps trailing behind him. He wasn't going to give up without a fight.

Midoriya was the only thought on his mind as he couldn't fail. He wasn't going to let his past haunt him any longer. If he gets caught, then the Anarchy would have to continue without him. He remembered Midoriya's words before he left the hideout.


"Midoriya, are you sure this is going to work?" Todoroki's question had a few hesitances as he was unsure if this plan was going to work. He shouldn't doubt his partner, but this plan was dangerous to accomplish. Midoriya glances at his boyfriend and smiles sweetly. He pointed over to the small, hidden speakers in their hideout. "Don't doubt my plans, Shouto. He won't win." Midoriya hands Shouto a small sheet of paper as the boy takes it without no question. Todoroki looked at the note and then up at his boyfriend. He nods his head, "Okay, I trust you, Midoriya." Thanks to Midoriya's paranoid. Midoriya found the hidden speakers placed in the hideout. He should've known that his father would plan something like this. Midoriya knew his father like the back of his hand. Midoriya knew his father had bugged their hideout. He couldn't find any cameras, only hidden speakers. "Do you think he's going to win?" Midoriya shook his head as Todoroki waited for his response. "As I said before, he has no clue that we're coming."

Midoriya taps his fingers against the table and then takes Shouto's hands in his. "I know it might be dangerous, but we're going this together." Todoroki frowns, "You're so strong, Izuku. I don't know if I'll be much help. I'm terrified that-" Todoroki didn't have the chance to finish his sentence when Midoriya cuts him off with a gentle kiss. He pulled away and looked into his mismatched eyes. Todoroki looked at his boyfriend with awe as Izuku smiles at him. "Shouto, don't doubt yourself. You're the strongest one here. Don't let your fear get the best of you," Midoriya reminded him. Midoriya hugged his boyfriend tightly as he knew what he was putting at risk. Shouto trusted his boyfriend and promised himself that he wasn't going to give up. He was willing to fight to win this war.


'Don't worry, Izuku, I won't fail you.'

Fuyumi growled, "Stop fucking fooling around! Go after him!" Giran was trying to stand up after getting hit in the throat by Shouto. Shouto was attempting to buy time by distracting them. Fuyumi rubbed her eyes, impatiently, "God damnit, I'll do it myself." Fuyumi runs away from the scene as she follows her brother down the alleyway. She wasn't going to fail her master's orders. She was lucky that the sun was setting and the night was upon them. Shouto ran into a dead end as he heard Fuyumi's footsteps. He wasn't going to be able to escape. He sighed to himself, "Izuku, I'm sorry." He turned around to see his sister.

Fuyumi glared at her little brother, "If you come calmly, I promise me that Giran won't hurt you." Her eyes soften as a genuine look of concern replaces Fuyumi's angry expression. Shouto shook his head, "You think I'll fall for your tricks, Fuyumi. I thought I could trust you!" Fuyumi looks down with a small frown taking over his expressions. He couldn't trust his sister. She never cared about his wellbeing. Shouto wasn't going to fall for her tricks. Fuyumi raises her hands to show Shouto that she wasn't holding any weapons. "You have every right not to trust me," Fuyumi said sadly.

Shouto saw the look in her eyes. He glanced away from her, "I can't trust you, Fuyumi. You tried to give me away to Giran. Y-You know what he did me. I'm not going to become his little plaything. I won't let the league win! You are either with me or against me!" Todoroki glared his sister as he needed to remain on guard. Fuyumi stood in front of her little brother with a small smile. "Then I guess we're playing on the opposite side." Shouto didn't have enough time to pull away when he felt an electric shock course through him. Shouto didn't have enough time to pull away, but he managed to grab his phone from Fuyumi's pocket. It wasn't going to be good enough. He threw his phone to the dumpster. Everything was becoming dizzy as his body felt heavy.

'Good luck, Izuku.'

Fuyumi didn't notice that Shouto took the phone and threw it. She was busy whispering a few things into Shouto's ear. "Don't worry, baby brother. Everything will be okay," Fuyumi whispered in her little brother's ear. Shouto dropped in her arms as she runs a hand through his hair. "Everything is going to be okay," Fuyumi whispered sweetly. She didn't realize that Shouto had a small smile on his lips. Fuyumi was sure that the league would win the war. All for One's plans were going just the way he wanted it too. All for One was going to win, and there will be nothing that they could do to stop it.


Midoriya paced around the base waiting for Shouto to return. He should've told Shouto to stay behind instead of going out by himself. Kacchan was already concerned for Kirishima since the red-haired boy went missing in the last few hours. Bakugou glanced at him and laughed, "You're worried too." Midoriya shot a glare at Bakugou, "Shut up." Midoriya walked away from his childhood friend, "Tell Kaminari to track down Todoroki's phone." Bakugou rolled his eyes, "Do it yourself, Deku." Midoriya decided that he shouldn't argue with him, or they'll waste time.

Midoriya walked to the war room inside the hideout and noticed Kaminari on his computer already. Shinsou was wearing a mask that covered his mouth. Midoriya knew they were going to need more help. He turned to Kaminari, "Kaminari, I need you to track down Todoroki's phone." Kaminari didn't question any of Midoriya's intentions. Kaminari grabbed a paper and wrote down the location. "His phone is at this location." Midoriya glanced at the note and grabbed it from the table. "I'll be back."

Midoriya left the hideout as he needed to make sure that Todoroki was okay. He arrived at the location and didn't see Todoroki. He called Todoroki's phone and noticed the phone inside the dumpster. 'What the hell?' Midoriya saw the messages sent to Kirishima. He remembered the small detail that Todoroki lost his phone. Someone else had Todoroki's phone and led Kirishima to a trap. He heard his phone ringing in his pocket. He pulled his phone out and growled when he saw the message.

'I plan on seeing you soon.' 

A picture of Todoroki tied up to a chair was attached to the message. Midoriya wondered if Todoroki intended to get captured. He took a deep breath and remembered the plan in his head. He hesitated when he formed their plan. Now there's no going back. Todoroki could handle himself. Midoriya hopes that Todoroki will be safe. He walked away from the alleyway while thinking about the next step of their operation. He was going to save Todoroki soon. He wasn't going to let Todoroki suffer under the hands of his father. All for One was using Todoroki and Kirishima as bait.


Todoroki glanced at the small note in his hands. Midoriya was encouraging him. 'Todoroki, promise me that you'll stay safe. I trust you to follow the plan. Don't worry about anything else. I have it cover. I plan to get the police involved. I'm hoping the police and the Anarchy can come to a compromise. Kacchan doesn't know about this plan, yet.' Todoroki was going to follow the plan, and he wasn't going to fail. Midoriya clenched a fist to his side as he smiles at his boyfriend. Midoriya plans to tell the rest of the group, but first, he was going to meet with the police force. He was doing this to stop All for One. They had to take the risk, even if it means putting their lives at risk. All for One wasn't going to win because Midoriya has already outsmarted him. No one knew the real plan except for Todoroki and Midoriya.

Chapter Text

Fuyumi carried her little brother back to where Giran was. She could see the way that Giran was looking at her little brother. "Carry him," she continued, "We have to head back to the base." Giran groaned, "Oh come on, Fuyumi, I've waited so long. His skin feels so smooth, and he looks so delicate in my arms." Fuyumi glared at the man. "You can have fun with him after we take him back to the hideout." Giran sighs and follows behind the girl while carrying the boy in his arms. Fuyumi glanced back at her little brother and ignored the feeling of guilt coursing through her head. "So, Fuyumi, why are you helping the league? Wouldn't you like to help your family?" Fuyumi's guilt washes away as she smiles at the rapist behind her. "Of course I want to help my family," she smiles darkly before continuing, "I want the best for them." Giran laughs, "Is this what you had in mind?" Fuyumi turns to face them and places her hand against his cheek. "No more questions, Giran." She led them inside the hideout and glanced around to see if she could spot anyone.

"Ah, Fuyumi, you're back," Shigaraki said. Fuyumi notices Shigaraki walking inside the room. Giran was tying Shouto against the chair as he was following Fuyumi's instructions. She smiles at Shigaraki, "Hello, Shigaraki." Shigaraki's eyes narrowed at the girl as he despised that girl. He couldn't trust this girl. She seemed to have no emotions when it came to her family. She claims that everything that she's doing it for her family. Shigaraki was comfortable with anyone that All for One allows in the league, but Fuyumi was different. The aura that she sets off inside the hideout was sinister. There wasn't any way to explain how he feels around the girl. Fuyumi raises an eyebrow at Shigaraki before looks down. "You know, Shigaraki, there are a few things that we need to talk about."

Shigaraki didn't like the way Fuyumi said that.


Natsuo glanced around, "Where the hell did I put my phone?" Natsuo was searching inside the building. He couldn't remember where he placed his phone. He knew that he shouldn't be here since he wasn't on good terms with All for One after failing to follow directions. He wasn't going to kill his brother to show his loyalty. He would rather put his life in danger instead of his little brother's. Dabi would agree. He stopped in the middle of the corridor when he overheard someone talking from the other side of the room. He knew that he shouldn't be sneaking around since he was on his brother's team now.

Natsuo pressed his ear against the door and listened. "Shigaraki, you have to convince Re-Destro to get rid of Natsuo before he finds Kirishima and Shouto." Natsuo recognized that voice, and it belonged to his eldest sister, Fuyumi. He didn't understand why his sister would be here. Fuyumi told them that she wasn't going to get herself involved. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kirishima was the red-haired boy that he met at the reception. Natsuo didn't know why Fuyumi was doing this. She was working against them. Did everything that he knew about his sister was a lie? She was driving their family apart instead of bringing them together. Was this her plan?

Natsuo turned his back away from the door and exited the building. Fuyumi was planning to get rid of him. He wasn't going to stay any longer to find out what she meant. He needed to find a way to contact Dabi. He had doubts that even Touya didn't know about Fuyumi's plans.


Dabi crossed his arms, "You need our help?" Keigo was standing behind Dabi as he wondered why his boyfriend was so tensed. Bakugou glared at the couple. "Look, extras, we need your help to defeat Deku's dad. Half n half and Shitty hair have gone missing in the last 24 hours, so it pains me to say it. However, we're going to need all the help we can get. Are you-" Dabi cut Bakugou off before he could finish his sentence. "What do mean that Sho has gone missing? Why didn't you tell us?" Keigo placed a hand on Dabi's shoulder, "Calm down, hot head. Let him explain." Dabi sighed, "Okay, we'll join you." Dabi saw Bakugou's eyebrow raise before shaking his head. "We plan to attack tomorrow night. We'll meet you at this location." Dabi took the slip of paper from the blond-haired male.

Bakugou exited the apartment complex as Dabi closes the door behind him. "Touya, are you sure you want to do this?" Dabi glances down, "It's for family. I'm sure that I've earned the worst big brother award," Dabi chuckles. "I have to do this. Shouto's still my baby brother. I let so much bullshit happen to him. The league is going to pay for taking my little brother." Keigo smiles softly, "If you're going, then I'm going." Dabi shakes his head immediately at his boyfriend's statement. "No, you're going to stay here. You can't fight my battles for me. I have to do this-" Keigo places a finger against Dabi's lips and shakes his head. "You don't have to do this alone. We can do this together."

Dabi smiles and kisses his boyfriend. Keigo used to work alongside Endeavor before the bastard passed away. Keigo managed to keep the contact stabled between the Todoroki family when Endeavor died. "Okay, we'll do this together. Promise me that you won't get hurt," Dabi whispered. Keigo realized that Dabi was scared. He was scared that someone was going to get hurt. He reassured him with a smile. "I promise you," Keigo whispered in return.


Uraraka glanced at the screen in front of her while Iida looked over her information. "Uraraka, are you sure?" Iida didn't want to suspect that Midoriya was the Shadow Killer. He wondered why he chose to stay late at the office while Toshinori was in his studies. Uraraka reassured him that it was okay. "Look, Iida, I don't want to suspect that Deku is a part of the Anarchy. However, we can't roll it out quickly." Iida shook his head, "You're talking about Midoriya here. He's the son of the chief. Wouldn't his father have a clue about it?" Uraraka laughs, "That's it," she continues, "Deku-Kun has the perfect cover. Why would Toshinori suspect that his son is a part of the Anarchy?"

"He doesn't need to stress more." Uraraka froze at the sound of the voice and glanced at the door. Midoriya was standing there with a mask in his hands. "I didn't suspect to see you guys here. However, I think this is the best time to tell you guys the truth. If I tell you the truth, you can't tell my dad." Uraraka couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her theory was correct, which meant that Midoriya killed her parents. Tears filled her brown eyes as she slaps Midoriya against the cheek. "You killed my parents!" Midoriya shook his head, "I didn't kill them. Your parents didn't want you to learn the truth."

Uraraka couldn't understand what Midoriya was implying. "What are you saying?" Iida didn't want to interrupt since he was still in shock. "That night when you invited me to dinner," he continues, "You went to the bathroom. You had no clue about the loan sharks that came when you weren't there. They threaten your parents. All the money they borrowed from them was catching up to them. They wanted you to have a future. Even if it meant they weren't going to be a part of it. I could've done something to help them, but I was too late. You might think I'm a monster, but I'm not. I lost my mother when I was so young. She died in front of me because of an officer. The Anarchy was supposed to help this sorry world. We didn't kill anyone that didn't deserve to die. We did what the police couldn't do. We are justice, but we're murderers."

Midoriya glanced down and ran a finger down on the designs of the mask. "Now, we're in huge trouble. I can't do it alone. I need your guys' help and help from the police force." The room went quiet as Midoriya puts his mask on. "It's okay if you reject my offer." Uraraka grabbed Midoriya's arm and turned him to face him. "Tell us everything." Midoriya saw the small smile on Uraraka's lips. He returned the smile and adjusted the mask on his face. "No one can know anything about the identities of the Anarchy. Understand?" Iida and Uraraka nodded their heads as they agreed.

Midoriya took a deep breath, "My birth father is out to destroy the Anarchy along with Japan. He knows that I'll try to get in his way, so he's after me. He managed to capture Todoroki and Kirishima. He's trying to lure us in by using them as bait. I plan to outsmart him, but I need more help. I need your guys' help." Uraraka needed a moment to think of a way to respond to that information. "We'll help you if you answer one question," Iida said. Midoriya didn't suspect Iida to say anything since he remained quiet the whole time. "Did you have any plans on killing my older brother, Tensei?"

Midoriya didn't know how to respond to his question. He knew that he wasn't the one that killed Tensei, but he knew who committed the crime. He couldn't lie to them. He could lose their trust if he tells them the truth. He glanced down at the ground, "Yes, I did have a few plans on killing Tensei. However, I didn't kill him." Iida wanted Midoriya to at least lie to save himself, but he didn't. He chose to be honest and straightforward with him. "You could've made up a story and say that you didn't. Why tell the truth?" Midoriya knew that Iida was right, but he couldn't lie to his best friends. "I need you guys to trust me. If it means telling the truth, then so be it." Iida looked at Midoriya with a sad look, "Do you know who killed him?"

Midoriya couldn't tell Iida that he knew who killed him. He shook his head and decided to lie. Iida didn't need to know who was responsible for Tensei's death. Iida deserved to mourn for his loss, but right now wasn't the best time. "No, I'm sorry, Iida. I don't know the identity of the killer." Iida nods his head and says nothing. He wasn't sure if he could trust his voice to speak. He was angry that Midoriya didn't know who killed his brother. Tensei deserved justice. His life wasn't meaningless or disgraceful, so why would he be on Midoriya's kill list. Was Tensei keeping secrets from him?

Midoriya could see the mixed emotions appear on his friend's face. He couldn't do anything to reassure him that everything was okay. He didn't know why his brother was dead. He wondered if Tensei told them the truth about the accident back then. "Iida, it's okay if you don't want to get involved." Iida shook his head, "No, I want to help you guys. I mean, we are like a team again." Uraraka brightens up, "Just like before." Midoriya was glad that his team was on his side instead of being on the opposite side.

"It's good to have you guys on my side," Midoriya smiled at them. Uraraka had doubts about working with the Anarchy, but she had to help. All for One was planning something big, and Deku needed their help. She wasn't going to let anyone die on her watch. Iida returned the smile as he was ready for the upcoming fight. Midoriya stopped smiling when he was looking behind them. Uraraka and Iida turned around to see Toshinori holding a gun. He was pointing the weapon directly at Midoriya. Toshinori didn't know who the Shadow Killer was. He had no clue that the Shadow Killer was Midoriya.

"Give me one reason why I shouldn't shoot you point-blank." Toshinori's gun clicked as Midoriya stared at his father. Midoriya couldn't reveal his identity to his father. He took a deep breath and hoped that Toshinori would understand. He needed to talk to him. Why was he so scared to tell him now? 

Toshinori glared at the green-haired boy. He couldn't tell who the person behind the mask was. He could see that the boy was stuck on his question. "Chief-" Toshinori interrupted Uraraka before she could finish her statement. "Why the hell are you here?" Midoriya shook under his gaze. He needed to focus, or his fear would tear him down. Toshinori never rose his voice at him. He always spoke with tranquility and calmness. He needed to say something, or his father would shoot him.

Midoriya's fists clenched as he focuses his gaze on his father. He couldn't show him that he was scared. Toshinori didn't know who he was. He wouldn't hesitate to shoot him if he made any wrong moves. He needed Toshinori to be on his side. The Anarchy needed the police to be on their side. Midoriya couldn't give up. Todoroki and Kirishima's lives were at risk. He couldn't let his fear get the best of him. He couldn't fail them. Toshinori noticed the change in posture from the Shadow Killer.

Midoriya glanced down before meeting his eyes as a small smile appears on his lips. He knew that the criminal was smart to keep his distance away. Toshinori didn't understand why Uraraka and Iida were talking to the villain. There were so many questions to ask, but not enough time. Toshinori noticed the villain taking a few steps forward while holding his hands up in the air. Midoriya needed the chief to think that he wasn't the threat. He needed to warn them about All for One. Midoriya stood in front of the blond man and pressed his finger against the weapon. Toshinori noticed that the boy's eyes were a shade of emerald green. It looked so familiar. He couldn't place his finger on where those eyes came from. Midoriya hoped that his father didn't recognize him. Toshinori could see the small smile on the villain's face.

"We need your help." 

Chapter Text

"Dad, you don't think that he'll come back?" 12-year-old Izuku Midoriya mumbled to his father. Toshinori chuckles as he joins his son on the couch. "Son, you don't have to be afraid. I promise you. That bastard will never hurt you because I'm protecting you." Midoriya smiles at his adoptive father, "You're my hero." Toshinori's heart fills with joy at his son's words. However, Izuku's smile soon fades away as he looks down. "What's wrong, Izuku?" Midoriya clenched his fists, "It's hard to forget what he did." Toshinori could see the tears fill Midoriya's eyes. "What if he comes back and hurts you because of me?" Toshinori shook his head, "Izuku, I will never let anything hurt you. He's gone, remember. Are you still going to your therapist?"

Midoriya glances down, "I don't understand why I have to go. It's not going to work." Toshinori sighed, "You need to give it a chance." Midoriya knew better than to argue with his father. He didn't want All Might to label him as useless and broken. Toshinori never told him if his father was still alive or not. Midoriya wished that his father wouldn't shut him away. However, there was nothing he could have done to change it.


"We need your help." The Shadow Killer waited for the chief to respond. He could see how shocked his father looked. He couldn't back away now. His fear wasn't going to stop him from completing his goal. Todoroki's and Kirishima's lives were at risk because of All for One. Toshinori couldn't believe his ears when he heard the Shadow Killer talk. He sounded familiar. He couldn't place his finger on it. Still, his mind wandered back to the Shadow Killer's words. He didn't understand why they would even come to them for help. They were wanted fugitives from the law. It was a foolish decision to think that the police would help criminals. The villain should've known better than to walk inside the police station. He couldn't help but laugh at the villain. "Why would we help you? I should arrest you and lock you away for your crimes." The Shadow Killer was foolish to think that the chief of police would help the Anarchy.

Midoriya should've known that his dad wasn't going to agree with him. He knew that they were fighting on separate sides. "All for One is back." Toshinori froze at the sound of the name and glared at the green-haired boy. "Hisashi Midoriya is dead. He died a few years back." Midoriya flinched at the sound of his last name. Uraraka and Iida connected the dots as Hisashi must be Midoriya's father. Midoriya glared, "He goes by All for One." Midoriya hated the reminder that he shared the same blood with that maniac. "He managed to stay hidden from the public until now. He captured two of my friends," Midoriya's fist clenched. Toshinori tsked, "Why should this be any of my concern? Your little organization deserves to pay for all the pain that you've caused." Midoriya held back the urge to shout out and unleash his anger. He couldn't lose focus on his mission.

Midoriya's green eyes met his father as he shook his head. "Taking down the Anarchy isn't his only goal. He's planning something much bigger. Taking us down is his first step because he knows that I would try to intervene. All for One is planning to destroy Musutafu after he defeats us. You might think that we're criminals, but Musutafu is our home. We aren't the villains here. We might kill, but we never kill the innocent. I know that would never change your opinion about me. Believe whatever lies about me, but I need your help this once. All for One is working along with the Shie Hassaikai, the league, and the Meta Liberation Army. You might hate me, but we need to work together."

Toshinori glared, "How do you know all of this?" Midoriya couldn't tell him that All for One was the one who told him all of this. Toshinori would think that he was working together with the monster. "When you run one of the dangerous organizations in Musutafu, word gets around. All for One has already captured two of my friends. I know about your little spy. Shinsou and his lover joined our fight." Toshinori shook his head, "How can I trust you that you're telling the truth?"

Midoriya could tell that his dad was suspicious. He needed to earn his truth or some of it. He couldn't fail now. "Why would I come here if I know that I'm a wanted fugitive? I didn't come here to turn myself in. I think things through before I act." Uraraka stepped forward, "Chief, we can't put the lives on many on the line because we refuse to work alongside the Anarchy. We might be on opposite sides, but the Anarchy is trying to help us. We're going to need their help. We have to help them, or people will lose their lives and homes." Urarakak needed to convince Toshinori to join sides with Midoriya. Midoriya was good at hiding his emotions, but she could see how tense the boy was. She could tell that Midoriuya didn't want Toshinori to know the truth. She would've been terrified if she was one standing in Midoriya's position. Midoriya silently thanked the brunette girl that she was helping him without exposing his secret.

Toshinori knew that Uraraka had a valid point, but he couldn't truth the Shadow Killer. If he had a choice, he would've arrested the criminal. However, Uraraka was right. Izuku's life was at risk. All for One could target him next. He sighed in defeat that he had no choice except alongside the Anarchy. They needed to work together to defeat All for One. Izuku needed to stay safe. He promised him that he would protect him.


Toshinori hugged Izuku close to his chest. He promised that he would protect Izuku. Inko would've wanted him to watch over him after she passed away. He didn't imagine that All for One would come back and take him away. He thought that he lost him until he heard knocking on his door. 12-year-old Izuku Midoriya stood in front of his door with tears rushing down his cheeks. "Izuku, what happened? Why are you covered in blood?" He noticed the bandages wrapped around Midoriya's wrists as some of the blood wasn't his. He failed to follow his promise to Inko.

"He wouldn't stop. I-I hurt him," Izuku cried as his hands were trembling. Toshinori shook his head as he hugged the boy. "Everything is going to be okay. He can't hurt you anymore," Toshinori whispered. "I promise that I'll keep you safe." Midoriya nodded his head against Toshinori's chest as he believed him. Toshinori couldn't fail him. He couldn't lose him again and fail Inko.


Toshinori sighed, "Okay, I accept your deal. What's your plan to take All for One down?" Midoriya was surprised that the chief agreed to work alongside the Anarchy. Midoriya had a small smile on his lips. Everything was coming together. He wasn't going to fail and let All for One claim the win. He was going to take this bastard down.

'Don't worry, Todoroki. Everything is going to be okay.'

Bakugou growled at his childhood friend, "What the flying fuck, Deku!" Midoriya shushed the blond as Bakugou was aggressively pointing at the door. "Kacchan, I didn't tell you because I knew you were going to react this way." Bakugou sighed and rubbed his eyes, "Damnit, Deku. Did you really think that it was a bright idea to invite the chief of police, my boss, here?" Midoriya shrugged his shoulders, "Kacchan, we needed their help." Bakugou growled, "You fucking idiot!" Midoriya wondered how Toshinori hasn't heard them arguing outside the war room. Bakugou sighed at his childhood friend, "Ponytail and her girlfriend already agreed to join our group to fight. Don't you think that's enough?"

Midoriya shook his head, "We need all the help we can get. Not that many people would prefer to get involved with us. We need to start preparing for tomorrow. We can't waste any more time." Bakugou sighs, "Does he know?" Midoriya shook his head. "I haven't told him yet. I can't tell him." Bakugou should've known that Deku would chicken out. Still, he needed to focus on the plan. Deku explained his part separately from the group since Midoriya knew that the others would disagree.


"Hey, chief," Shinsou said uncomfortably. Kaminari kept quiet as he was sitting beside Shinsou. Shinsou avoided looking at Iida as the guilt was killing him. Toshinori sighed as he saw a few of his workers there. Yaoyorozu and Jirou weren't sitting that far from the rest of the group. Inasa glanced down at the table while thinking of a way to get Yaoyorozu from glaring at him. "Sup, chief, how-" Dabi slammed his foot against Keigo's foot as they were sitting down. Toshinori saw Natsuo and Dabi and realized that they were both Todorokis. "Natsuo and Touya Todoroki," Toshinori said as Dabi smirks. "Nice to see you, Chief." Dabi didn't know that the chief of police would be there at their meeting.

Toshinori didn't have any time to speak when the door opens to reveal a blond-haired male wearing a black mask. Toshinori recognized the male as Ground Zero, except he had blond hair. He guesses that the blond-haired male didn't have any time to dye his hair. The blond walked forward to the table. He places his hands against the table, "Listen, here, extras. You are to follow his plan." He pointed to Midoriya as the boy walked inside. Only a few of them knew that Midoriya was the one under the mask. Bakugou glared at the green-haired boy, "Our lives are in your hands, dumbass."

'Great! Kacchan is going to guilt-trip me if someone gets hurts.' Midoriya walked forward to stand by his childhood friend. "We can't have any casualties. I can't promise you all that this is going to be easy. All of you agreed to stand in the same room as us. No one's identities are to be exposed." Midoriya saw the Todorokis relax at his statement. It was hard not to focus on Todoroki when his siblings are sitting over there.

Natsuo sat up as he rests his hands against the table. "Shadow, we have a few things that might become an obstacle." Midoriya turned his attention to the white-haired boy. "What is it?" Natsuo took a deep breath, "Our sister, Fuyumi, is working for those bastards." Dabi didn't say anything as he was trying to find a reason why Fuyumi would betray them. Midoriya took a deep breath as he tried to focus on his plan. He couldn't stop thinking about when Todoroki told him that he was going to meet up with his sister. He made sense when he connected the dots. Fuyumi led Kirishima into a trap using Todoroki's phone while taking Todoroki down too.

Bakugou tsked, "Should've known that Halfie's sister was a bitch?" No one could hear Bakugou's mumbling as he picked up that habit from Deku. Midoriya took a deep breath. "Fuyumi might be our problem, but she's not the main problem. We need to focus on the larger picture." Midoriya's anger grew in him. "All for One is the main problem. He has the Shie Hassaikai and the Meta Liberation Army helping him. We need to be ready for tomorrow. There's no going back once you enter the battlefield." Midoriya needed to continue as his fears were getting in his way.

'What if I mess up? What if Todoroki and Kirishima get hurt? What if Todoroki gets hurt because of me?' He hated that his mind was filling up with these thoughts. "Toshinori, I need you, Uraraka, Iida, and the rest of the police force to attack from the front." Bakugou walked forward and placed the picture of the structure on the table. "Natsuo, Dabi, Hawks, Yaoyorozu, and Inasa, I need you five to take the west wing. Shinsou, Kaminari, Jirou, and Ground Zero, I need you four to take on the south wing." Bakugou tsked, "What about you?" Midoriya smiles softly. "I have a score to settle with All for One," Midoriya said. "Follow the plan as I instructed. We can't fail. We only get one chance." Bakugou sighs as he couldn't argue against Midoriya's plan. They needed to take down All for One. 


Midoriya calms down his nerves when everyone left. Bakugou walked inside the war room to see Deku looking down at the structure. "You're lucky that the chief doesn't know where the base is. You could've-" Deku interrupted Bakugou before he could finish his sentence. "Kacchan, I'm putting everyone's lives at risk. What if I fail them?" Bakugou sighed and sat down on the table. "Deku, you need to stop worrying about it. I'm going to only say this once, so you better open your goddamn ears."

Bakugou took a deep breath, "I have faith in you, Deku. I know you won't fail us. It pains me to say it, but I know that you'll come up on top. Don't doubt yourself. I trust you." Midoriya looked at his friend in awe, "Thanks, Kacchan." Bakugou tsked as he rolled his eyes. "Shut it, you shitty nerd. You acted like you needed a pep talk." Bakugou smacks him behind the head as Midoriya smiles at his friend. "Get some rest. Tomorrow will be our last chance to save them. I hope those extras realize the trouble they're getting themselves into." Midoriya nods his head, "Everyone will be giving it their all." Bakugou smirks, "You bet they will. I have to get going. You better get some rest, Deku."

Midoriya watches his childhood friend walk out of the base. He rubbed the back of his head as a small smile was plastered on his face. He glanced at the picture on the war table and glared. "Tomorrow is my final battle. Don't worry, Todoroki. I will save you. As for All for One, I will fucking kill him," Midoriya told himself. He wasn't going to let anyone die on his watch. He knew that he was taking risks, but he didn't care. Tomorrow, he will give it his all. He wasn't going to let that bastard win the final battle. This was their final strike. 

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Warning: Mentions of past Child Abuse. You can skip to the ***. Ages from the past memory mentions are this: Touya (13), Fuyumi (12), Natsuo (9), Shouto (6)


Shouto giggled as the six-year-old was running around the garden. 12-year-old Fuyumi watches her little brother playing around as Mama was doing her hair. "Fuyumi, I know that you're too young to understand, but I need you to watch over Shouto and Natsuo. I need you to protect them when if anything happens to me." Fuyumi glanced at his mother. "What are you saying, Mama?" Rei placed her cold hands against Fuyumi's cheeks. "I need you to watch over them. Your father, he's going to hurt us. He's going to try and stop me." Fuyumi couldn't comprehend anything her mother was saying. Rei knew that she shouldn't be playing so much responsibility on Fuyumi, but she was the eldest sister. She didn't want Touya to get hurt. Fuyumi smiles, "Okay, Mama. I'll protect them." Rei returned the smile before it fades away. She stood up, "Watch over, Shouto, honey. I'm going inside." Fuyumi could tell that her mother was trembling. In the corner of her eye, she saw her father watching them through the window.

Fuyumi couldn't sleep that night. She shot up from her sleep when she heard her little brother screaming. She ran down the corridor and stopped dead in her tracks at the scene. Rei was attempting to ice a burn on Shouto's left eye. "Fuyumi, I didn't-" Natsuo and Touya ran in to see the scene, "Mom?" Natsuo rushed to his little brother's aid. "Mom, you're going to make it scar!" Shouto's cries grew louder as the pain was becoming unbearable for the little boy to handle. Fuyumi felt as if someone froze her feet to the floor. She couldn't move at the scene that she witnessed. She never thought that Rei would hurt them as Dad did. She lied.

"What the hell have you done!" The Todorokis turned to see their father standing at the doorway. "Enji-" Endeavor slammed his fist against Rei's cheek. "You insane lunatic! YOU HURT MY MASTERPIECE!" Natsuo was begging for them to stop fighting. Shouto needed more attention. "Leave her alone!" Touya ran in to stop Endeavor from punching her. "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!" Endeavor slammed Touya into the wall as if Touya weighed nothing. Touya slammed his head against the hard surface of the table. "TOUYA!" Natsuo saw his brother drop to the ground while clutching his head. His attention returned to his mother as Endeavor punches Rei countless of times.

Shouto clutched Natsuo's shirt as the white-haired boy screamed for him to stop. "Fuyumi! We need an ambulance!" Natsuo tried to get his sister's attention as Endeavor smacks me against the face. "No one will be calling anyone! Shouto will be okay." Natsuo watched his father tower over him as Natsuo shook his head. "NO, SHOUTO NEEDS MEDICAL ATTENTION! YOU HURT MOM AND TOUYA!" Fuyumi didn't know what to say. Rei was curled up into a ball as she cried. Touya was unconscious from the blow to the head. Natsuo was hugging Shouto's fragile body close to his chest as he refused to let the boy go.

"Enough of your foolish behavior, Natsuo!" Natsuo flinched when his father raises his hand. Endeavor smirked to himself. His children were under his control because they couldn't do anything against him. Endeavor took Shouto to the hospital to deal with his severe burn. They never saw Rei again. "None of you are allowed to make any contact that with that woman." Touya glared at his father while Fuyumi and Natsuo stayed quiet. Shouto was inside his room resting. Natsuo couldn't say anything as he held back the urge to scream at his father. Endeavor didn't care about them.

"Fuyumi, I want you to make sure that your brothers stay in line." Fuyumi felt his glaring eyes pierce through her soul as she nodded her head. She didn't want to be alone with this monster. "Dad, you're hurting them. You-" Endeavor stood up and placed his hand against her shoulder. "Do you want them to take your brothers away? If I get sent away, you can say goodbye to your brothers? Don't you want to protect them?" Fuyumi stared at his father and slowly gathered up her words. "I-I want to protect them." Endeavor smirked, "You will take your mother's spot in this family. You will make sure everything is in order or else. Understood?" Fuyumi looked down and nodded her head.

"Fuyumi, look up at me and use your words," Endeavor's voice grew. His hand tightened around her shoulder as Fuyumi whimpers. "Look at me when you're speaking," he demands. Fuyumi held back the urge to cry when she looks up to face her father. "Yes, father, I understand," Fuyumi answers. She could tell that Endeavor's grip was going to leave bruises behind. She couldn't stop the small tears from dripping down her pale cheeks. "Stop crying," he demands. Fuyumi couldn't control her tears as Endeavor forcibly grabs her chin. "Stop crying and get to work. You'll never amount to anything, you whore!" He slapped Fuyumi against the face. "Get out of my face!" Fuyumi ran out of his office with tears drowning her vision.

***If you skipped the memory, this is where the chapter begins***

Fuyumi tapped her fingers against the table as the distant memory flooded her mind. She managed to keep her mind on All for One's speech. She could tell that the boss was angry. She kept her thoughts to herself since it was foolish to doubt the man in charge. She ignored Giran's unnecessary comments while Overhaul was ranting about his win. They haven't won yet, so why were they celebrating a battle that hasn't started? Everyone quieted down when All for One slammed his fist against the table. "I want all of you to be ready for tomorrow. My son is planning to lead an attack against us. He thinks that he'll have the upper hand, but he's wrong. I've already won." No one dared to correct the boss as they haven't won yet.

Fuyumi kept her doubts to herself. Her trust varies when it comes to All for One's plans. There was always a flaw in his schemes. She was determined to fix those flaws. She didn't care what she had to do. She was going to take them down. She ignored the awful memories of her past. She didn't need those memories to bring her down. They might be her family, but she had to take them down. Shigaraki didn't question his father since he believed every word he said. "I want you to make sure that you kill every single one of them." She glanced over to see that Overhaul and Giran weren't there. She had a feeling that something horrible was going to happen. She stood up until she felt someone grab her wrist. "Where do you think you're going so soon?" Shigaraki could tell that Fuyumi was having second thoughts.

"Sit down. We should talk about our next plans. Don't you have any plans?" Fuyumi saw the smirk resting on Shigarak's lips. He was stalling. He was buying them time. Her eyes narrowed at the male in front of him. She took her seat and returned the smile. "Of course," she continued, "What do you plan to do when All for One doesn't need you anymore?" All for One wasn't in the room. Fuyumi smirked as Shigaraki glared at the girl.


"Wake up already!" Kirishima's body trembled as Overhaul pour the freezing water over his body. "Let me go," Kirishima weakly said. He couldn't get rid of the feeling of betrayal when Fuyumi lured him into a trap. Fear coursed through his body. He wished that he went with Bakugou. Could've things ended differently? Overhaul grabbed Kirishima's hair and tugged it back. "Listen to me, you bastard!" Kirishima glared at the male. "What the hell do you want from me, Overhaul?" He smirked as he saw a challenge in Kirishima's eyes. "I didn't know that you were a child social worker. How does that even work? You run an underground organization with three wanted convicts."

"That doesn't answer my question, Overhaul," Chisaki growled and slammed his fist against Kirishima's stomach. Kirishima tugged his hands roughly from the chains that were holding him up. Kirishima watched the man as he laughed. "I always wanted to have my revenge. I can't believe that I can finally get what I want. After I finish with you, I might go after your fiance, Bakugou." Kirishima growled, "Leave him out of this!" Overhaul laughed as he walked over to the side of the room. "You want to know something. We only need to take down your lover and All for One's son."

"What did you do to Todoroki!" Overhaul placed a finger around the blade in his hand. "He's spending time with Giran. That man always bragged that he managed to fuck that boy when he was younger." Kirishima froze at Overhaul's words. He wasn't implying what he thinks he was saying. "What do you mean by that?" Chisaki could see the look on Kirishima's face and smirk. "What I mean is that Giran got to fuck your friend against his will." Kirishima felt sick. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kirishima shook his head, "You're lying!"

Overhaul had to be lying. The villain could see the despair lacing Kirishima's face. Kirishima refused to believe anything the villain was saying. He was trying to throw him down. Overhaul smirked when he noticed the denied. He could tell that the red-haired boy didn't want to believe the horrible truth. "Oh, I'm not. I'm surprised that your friend hid it. I mean, Giran and Spinner bragged that his father paid them to teach Todoroki and his friend a lesson. He said that Todoroki begged and cried like a beautiful slut!"

"Shut up!" Kirishima slammed his leg against his chest. He couldn't move his arms, but he could move his legs. "Don't you fucking talk about my friend that way!" Overhaul smirked, "You're a horrible friend for not realizing the truth. Either way, he's having an amazing time with Giran." Kirishima's eyes widen at the sound of that name. He tugged his wrists against the chains. "Leave him alone! Please!" Overhaul smirked, "You're trapped, Kirishima. You can't demand anything. Either way, your time is coming to an end."

Kirishima glared at the man standing in front of him. 'I need to get out of here. If Todoroki is here, then I have to help him. He didn't deserve to lose Midoriya this quick. I won't leave anyone behind. I just need to find a way out of here.' Kirishima saw the blade in Overhaul's hand, "Any last words?" Still, Kirishima needed to worry about the current situation.

"Fuck you," Kirishima hissed. Overhaul shrugged and was about to knock on the door until he heard the knock on the door. "Overhaul, your assistance is needed." Overhaul growled when he turned to see Spinner. He sighed and placed the blade on the table. "I'll be back," Overhaul said. He walked out of the room with Spinner. Kirishima let out the breath of air that he didn't realize he was holding in.

"I need to find a way out."

****Warning: Mentions attempted Rape/Non-Con elements. As in attempted. Do not think that something involving actual descriptional rape will be written in this chapter.****

Shouto woke up inside a bedroom with his wrists tied to the bedpost. 'Where am I?' Shouto tugged his arms and noticed that they were tied down. The cuffs were cutting into his skin when he tried to pull out. "Hello, beautiful," a voice said. It cut Todoroki's thoughts off when the red and white-haired boy saw Giran leaning against the door. "Stay away from me!" Shouto was vulnerable under this man's gaze. He couldn't move or try to defend himself. Giran approaches the boy as he grabs Shouto's legs. "Stop!" He felt as if he was 16 again. He was pathetic as he couldn't do anything to stop him. Giran noticed the tears dwelling Shouto's beautiful, heterochromia eyes. "Aw, don't cry, my sweet doll," he placed his hand against Shouto's cheek.

Giran couldn't see the burning flame in Shouto's eyes. 'Giving up? You made the right choice, little one.' Giran traced his hand against Shouto's legs as the boy whimpers. "Please stop," he begs. Giran shakes his head and goes in to kiss Todoroki's neck. The red and white-haired boy tugged on the cuffs as he couldn't stop him. He was terrified. Shouto trembled as the man was touching him. "Your body misses me. You miss me," he whispered against Shouto's ear. Shouto could feel his hands reach his lower region. He screamed and kicked Giran right where it hurts. The man groans as he pulls away from the boy. Shouto tugged sharply against the cuffs as he reaches towards his hair.

'My wrists are killing me, but I'll deal with it later.' Shouto grabbed the hairpin from his hair and worked on the cuffs. He opened one of them and grabbed the lamp that was on the nightstand. Giran growled and wrapped his hands around Shouto's neck. Shouto needed to focus. He slammed the lamp against Giran's face as a shard of glass gets stuck in his cheek. "You little bastard!" Shouto could see the blood trailing down the male's face. Shouto struggled to unlock the other cuff as Giran threw the boy against the ground when he unlocked the cuff. Shouto whimpered as blood trailed down his wrists. He glanced up at the man and saw the pure anger lacing his face.

"Give up," Giran growled. The fire was burning bright in Shouto's eyes as the boy growled. "Never!" He runs towards the man and slams his fist against his face. Shouto wasn't going to let his fear get the best of him. He wasn't going to lose. He promised Izuku that he would be okay. Shouto was going to win. He wasn't going to lose against this bastard. He heard screaming coming from the other room. It sounded like Kirishima. Giran noticed that Shouto was distracted. He grabbed the shard of glass from the ground and stabs Shouto's hand. The boy pulled away as he holds his hand close to the chest. He grabbed the shard and pulled it out. Shouto needed to focus on the threat in front of him.

"I'm never going to back down. You're never going to make me give up. I'm not yours. I don't belong to anyone. You're wrong to think that I'll let you win. You aren't the winner. You will never win!" Shouto glared as he was ready to fight. He wasn't going to lose. Izuku's waiting for him. He trusted him to be strong. Shouto wasn't going to be this guy's toy. Giran thought he was going to win, but he was wrong. Shouto is going to win. Shouto was going to make sure of that. 

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Midoriya adjusted the earpiece as he took a deep breath. "Are you guys ready?" Toshinori was about to answer until the others beat him to it. "Of course we're ready, you dumbass," Bakugou answered. Midoriya knew this would be their final attack. Their only chance to defeat All for One and win the fight. He hoped that Todoroki and Kirishima were okay. He knew that Bakugou was on edge because of Kirishima. They couldn't screw this up, or it would end badly. "Ground Zero, are you waiting at the south wing?" Bakugou tsked, "Yeah, I am." Bakugou glanced over to Jirou, Kaminari, and Shinsou. "Remember, we won't get another strike. There's a chance that they know we're here," Midoriya reminded them all. The green-haired boy knew this would be their last chance to defeat All for One. Todoroki and Kirishima were counting on them to succeed. He wasn't going to fail.

"Wait, where are you?" Midoriya could hear Uraraka from the other line. "Don't worry about it." Midoriya didn't need them to worry about them. Midoriya watched the building in front of him as the guards were lining up. He could see the shooters standing by the windows. "There's no going back," Midoriya said into the earpiece that Yaoyorozu made for them. "Shadow, how are we going to get past them?" Midoriya could hear the concern coming from Uraraka. "Don't worry, Uraraka. I have all of that under control. Well, more as Ground Zero does." The chief of the police was hesitant when it came to working with the members of the Anarchy. However, they had to work together. He pushed aside their differences and focused on the task at hand. Luckily, Bakugou interrupted his thoughts as he spoke up.

"I always have to do something," Bakugou tsks. He clicked the button as soon as Midoriya said go. Everyone watched four guns go off as Bakugou had them set up to fire off. Bakugou needed to buy time for other groups. His group and Dabi's group needed to get inside the building while Deku does his. Bakugou hated that he didn't know what Deku was planning. Bakugou found it a thrill to watch the men at the window shoot at nothing. Bakugou took the opportunity before yelling, "Eat this!" Bakugou watched the smoke bombs going off into the windows.

"There now's it's our chance!" The groups separated into their separate areas. Bakugou and his group headed towards the south wing. Time was running out. Midoriya watched the groups disappear as the plan said. Midoriya watched the smoke fill the sky and took the opportunity. Midoriya entered the building through the vents as he had some unfinished business.


Bakugou led his group inside the south wing. "Remember to stay on guard, shitbags." Jirou rolled her eyes at the blond as Bakugou adjusts his mask on his face. "Bakugou, there's no point to be wearing a mask. Why are you trying to hide now? Doesn't the chief know?" Bakugou growls and mutes the earpiece. He turns his attention to the purple-haired girl. "The chief doesn't know who I am. I don't plan on revealing my identity to my boss. Either way, this isn't the time to ask me shitty questions." Kaminari glanced at them, "Bakugou, we know yours and Midoriya's identity. Why can't we know about Night-Flame or Riot?"

Bakugou growled, "It's up to them if they want you guys to know." He sighed to himself as he was thinking about Kirishima. Shinsou remained quiet as he was on guard. He noticed something roll out in front of Bakugou as Bakugou growls. The blond's eyes open as he sees the smoke bomb go off. Thick clouds filled the hallway as footsteps were rushing towards their direction. Bakugou covered his mouth as he yelled out for them to follow him.

Bakugou stepped into another area of the building and saw the elegant designs printed on the walls and floors. "Nice to meet you again, Bakugou." Bakugou saw Re-Destro sitting at his seat. "Hey, asshat, where's your daughter," Bakugou teased. Re-Destro cracked his glass under his hand. "If I could recall, you killed her. Now, I'm going to kill your love." Bakugou laughed, "You're killing the person I love because I killed your daughter. That's a fucked up father and daughter relationship."

Re-Destro's jaw clenched as he pissed off. Bakugou took his mask off as he glares at the man. "I'm surprised that you would team up with these low-lives. However, I'm not that surprised anymore. It shouldn't be a shocker that you would go that low just for me." Re-Destro growled, "Have it your way." Bakugou's smirk faded away when he saw the growing smile on the villain's face. Re-Destro pulled out a remote. "This remote is connected to the building's weakest support. If I press it, everything in this building will crumble onto everyone inside. Are you sure you want to put Kirishima's life on the line?"

Bakugou growled, "You're insane! You're willing to get rid of everyone, including your team. Honestly, I'm touched. I didn't think you'll that far to get revenge." Bakugou let his hand reach into his pocket as Re-Destro laughed to him. "If it's the price I have to pay, then so be it!" Bakugou should've known that he would go this far to get back at him. He needed to find Kirishima. He couldn't waste any more time with this bastard. "Sorry, Re-Destro, but I have better things to do!" Bakugou smashed the spare smoke bomb onto the ground and ran out. He could hear Re-Destro yelling. He decided to deal with the bastard afterward. He needed to find Kirishima.

"Bakugou!" Bakugou could hear Kirishima calling out his name. He ran in the direction the sound was coming from and saw Kirishima. He ran towards the red-haired boy as the boy returned the hug. "How did you get out?" Kirishima pulled away and turned to face the rest of Bakugou's group. "They helped me out. We need to find Todoroki." Bakugou could see the concern in his lover's eyes. Shinsou wouldn't lie why Todoroki would be here. "Why?" Kirishima's eyes filled with tears, "We just need to find him. Come on, Bakugou. We need to find him."

"Guys, we have company," Kaminari said. Bakugou turns to see Re-Destro and Overhaul. Kirishima could see Chronostatsis and Mimic standing behind Overhaul. "We have some unfinished business with you two," Overhaul growls. Kirishima stands up and glares. Bakugou wouldn't lie as he could see the anger lacing Kirishima's features. The red-haired boy held a gun that Jirou gave him. Kirishima wasn't going to waste any time. Bakugou stood by his side as the rest of the group stood alongside them.

"Let's get this over with."


Todoroki glared down at Giran, "You will never win. I'm not the same person I was back then." Shouto didn't care that his left hand was bleeding. He wasn't going to lose. Giran could see the burning fire burning bright in Shouto's eyes. He needed to put that fire out. "You're pathetic! No one will love you, you filthy slut! You're mine!" Shouto shook his head as his eyes were glossy with tears. "No, I don't belong to you. I belong to no one. I'm not the same 16-year-old boy you knew. I'm not scared of you anymore." Shouto wasn't 16 anymore. He wasn't going to let anyone step on him anymore. Shouto wasn't going to let his fear control him any longer. "I won't let you win," Shouto declared. Shouto was confident that he was going to win. He could do this. He had a green-haired boy waiting for him. He wasn't going to let Giran break him as he did those years ago.

Giran laughed, "Your speech is meaningless! It changes nothing!" Shouto could notice the air in the room change as Giran's demeanor change along. Giran takes off running towards him as Shouto watches the male pull out a blade. "Don't worry, little one! I'll teach you how to behave!" Shouto dodges the weapon and falls onto the bed. Shouto couldn't lose focus, or Giran would get the upper hand. Shouto slams his foot against Giran's chest, knocking the man away from him. Shouto heard the sound of gunshots coming from the outside. Shouto could tell the sounds were coming from outside the building.

Giran couldn't hear the commotion going on from outside. He kept his focus on Todoroki. The red and white-haired boy focused back on Giran as he needed to hurry. Midoriya needed his help. He couldn't any more time. Giran slammed his fist against Shouto's cheek when he tried to stand up. Shouto fell to the floor and whimpered at the pain coursing through him. "Give up, doll?" Giran smirked as he watches the boy attempt to stand up. Shouto shakes his head and glances back at the maniac. "No," he panted before continuing, "I will never give up. I won't let you win." Giran growled and kicked Shouto right in the side, causing the boy to whimper. Shouto needed to get off the floor, but everything felt sore.

"You think you have a chance to win? I broke you!" Shouto struggles to stand up and uses his hands as support. Shouto glared, "You think I'll give up? I will never give up on the likes of you!" Giran tsks, "Have it your way." Giran held the blade as he walks forward to the boy. Shouto glares at the man and ignores the pain going through his body. Shouto runs towards him and knocks the weapon out of his grasp. "You won't win!" Shouto's mismatched eyes looked into Giran's menacing pink eyes. Giran smirks, "I love it when they fight back. It makes me miss the way you moved under me. You're lucky that your friend was there. You're pathetic." Giran's words distracted Shouto as the male slams his head against Shouto's.

Shouto fell to the floor with a loud thump. "Pathetic," Giran's words echoed. Giran grabbed a handful of Shouto's hair and tugged on it harshly. Shouto tries to free himself until Giran twists his right hand behind his back. Shouto bit down the scream as his hand continued to bleed. Giran heard a blast from outside and smirks. "Your friends are here." He leaned close to Shouto's ear and whispered, "How about we make this quick?" Shouto started to protest as the male throws him down on the bed. The boy found himself vulnerable when Giran held down his wrists. Giran moves his hand to Shouto's hair and tugs it to the side. Shouto tries to pry him off and notices the handcuffs laying to the side.

Shouto tries to reach for the handcuffs until the pressure of Giran's lips met his. He enjoyed the way the boy was struggling against his hold. Giran smirked to himself as he kissed the boy. Shouto forces himself to kiss back as Giran smirks. He was glad that the boy was finally giving up. Giran traced his lips down Shouto's creamy neck as Shouto grabs the handcuffs. He springs into action. He managed to cuff one of Giran's wrists against the bedpost. Shouto moves off the bed as Giran growls. "You little bastard!" Shouto stands up as he ignores Giran's yelling. "How does it feel to be outsmarted, Giran?" Shouto smiled at the man. "You lose."

Todoroki walks to the door and stops. "I would kill you. However, you deserve something worst than death. I know that the league is planning to take down the Anarchy, but you lost. We will never lose." Todoroki walks out of the room, leaving Giran behind. He ignored Giran's comments as he wasn't going to let Giran's words get him down. Shouto rips a piece of his shirt and wraps it around his right hand to stop the bleeding. Shouto walked down the hallway as he didn't know where he was. He needed to find Midoriya. He had to be here.

'Don't worry, Midoriya. I'm coming.' Todoroki was interrupted as a girl stood in his path. "Fuyumi, move." Fuyumi stood in front of him with a gun in her hands. She glared at her little brother. "I suggest you give up." Todoroki laughed, "You think I'll give up?" He wasn't going to give up. He was ready to fight even if it meant fighting his sister. "I will never give up," Todoroki reminded her. She smirked, "then so be it."


Dabi didn't suspect his group to go against the Eight Bullets. He couldn't remember all their names as he was going against Hojo. "Where the hell did these guys come from?" Natsuo shrugs his shoulders as he dodges the blade in Rappa's hands. "How about you all stop talking and fight?" Hawks sounded a bit irritated as he didn't want his boyfriend to get hurt. "Wow, Hawks is acting seriously," Natsuo joked. Hawks glares at the white-haired boy. Yaoyorozu nods her head as she and Inasa were fighting Tabe and Setsune. "You talk too much!" Dabi couldn't dodge the male behind him as he was trapped. Rappa held Dabi in a tight grip as the black-haired boy growls.

"Your sister said that you and your friends would come," Rappa stated. Dabi growled, "Where the hell is Shouto?" Dabi ignored the grip that Rappa had on him. Rappa laughed, "You should focus on your fight. No one is going to help you." Dabi glanced over to see Hawks fighting against Sakaki and Nemoto. They were trying to stop Hawks from helping him. Dabi cursed to himself as he didn't bring his gun. The chief of the police didn't want them to kill anyone. Natsuo was pinned to the ground by Tangai. "You all lost!" Dabi could see Katsukame approaching him with a gun.

Dabi was about to give up until he heard his little brother screaming. He slammed his head against Rappa's, causing the man to lose his grip. "Natsuo, now!" Everyone heard a gunshot as Natsuo was holding a gun. The white-haired male shot Rappa as he turns the gun on Tangai. "Toshinori said no-" Hawks interrupted Yaoyorozu as he pulls out his gun. "He's not our boss! We can't lose this fight. We will do whatever it takes to take them down."

Dabi hears his little brother scream and glances back at Hawks. He saw the look on his face that reassured him that he had this under control. "Go, Dabi!" Dabi nods his head and runs. He needed to help his brother. Hawks didn't need his help. Natsuo was there. He trusts the two to come on top. He stopped in the middle of the hallway to see his sister fighting Shouto. He ran behind his sister and tackled her down. "Hey, sis," Dabi hisses. Shouto sees his older brother fighting against Fuyumi.

"Run, Shouto! I got this!" Shouto saw the look on his brother's face. He nodded his head and runs. Shouto could trust that his brother had this. Dabi turned his attention to Fuyumi. "Time to settle this, Yumi," Dabi growls. "You might be family, but you're going down." Fuyumi smiles, "I think the same way, Touya." Dabi and Fuyumi glared at each other as Shouto was far from them.


Midoriya glared at the male in front of him. "Hey, son," All for One said as he stood in front of him. Midoriya's fists clenched, "You're going down, All for One." All for One smirked as he could see the anger on Midoriya's face. "This is the end for you," Midoriya stated. "It's time to finish this. I should've made sure you were dead." All for One laughed, "Then what are you waiting for. Come at me with all you got, Izuku. Show me that you're going to win." Midoriya smirked, "It'll be my pleasure." 

Chapter Text

"Guys, we have company," Kaminari said. Bakugou turns to see Re-Destro and Overhaul. Kirishima could see Chronostatsis and Mimic standing behind Overhaul. "We have some unfinished business with you two," Overhaul growls. Kirishima stands up and glares. Bakugou wouldn't lie as he could see the anger lacing Kirishima's features. The red-haired boy held a gun that Jirou gave him. Kirishima wasn't going to waste any time. Bakugou stood by his side as the rest of the group stood alongside them. "Let's get this over with," Kirishima said. He needed to help his friends out. Bakugou stood by the red-haired boy, "Come at us with all you got, extras!" Overhaul goes after Kirishima as the boy dodges his blows. Bakugou went against Re-Destro as he needed to get that remote. Shinsou, Kaminari, and Jirou fought against Mimic and Chronostasis.

"We got this," Kaminari yelled out. Shinsou nods his head as he takes the blond's hand, "Yeah, we won't let you win!" Bakugou smirks at his teammates, 'We got this. We won't lose.' Bakugou signals for his group to fight as Kirishima and Bakugou take on Overhaul and Re-Destro. The villains weren't going to win. "Jirou, now!" Kaminari and Shinsou had the two males restrained as the guns were on the ground. Jirou pulled out the tranquilizer gun and shot Mimic and Chronostasis. "Heck yeah!" Kaminari and Shinsou high-fived as they tied the two villains together with a pair of handcuffs that Shinsou brought along.

Kirishima smirked, "You won't win." Overhaul growled and tried to shot Kirishima until the red-haired boy knocked the weapon out of his hands. "I won't let you win! You fucking bastard," Overhaul hissed. The red-haired boy wasn't going to lose. He wasn't going to give up. He was determined to win this fight. Kirishima grabbed Overhaul's arm and twisted it behind his arm. "I never want to see you again!" Kirishima slammed Overhaul's head against the wall harshly. Chisaki was out of commission. Kirishima smiled to himself that they were winning the battle. He turned to see Bakugou dodging Re-Destro's blows. He knew that Bakugou got this under control.

Bakugou dodged this blow and laughed. "You won't win! We've outsmarted you bastard!" Bakugou knew that his group was going to win. Re-Destro growled, "Enough!" Bakugou stops as the villain glares at him. "You all want to win so badly! How about I make it harder?" Bakugou couldn't move quickly when the man pressed the glowing red button. Bakugou could feel the ground shake below his feet. 'The weakest side of this building is the south side!' Bakugou didn't think Re-Destro would act so carelessly. He was becoming reckless. "Bakugou, what's going on?" Bakugou turns to sees the ceiling and walls shaking. He focuses his attention on Kirishima as the ground was shaking. "Fuck! We need to get out of here!" Bakugou glances back to see a part of the ceiling collapse onto Re-Destro as the man was laughing at him.

Bakugou watched the man meet his despise as he steps back. Overhaul's assistants take the key that Shinsou dropped and escaped along with Overhaul. None of the group was focused on the three as they were running. Bakugou sees the blood spreading onto the floor and starts running. The blond tried to warn everyone through the earpiece, but the device wasn't responding. He cursed to himself. "We need to find everyone and warn them!" Bakugou held onto Kirishima's hand as they needed to warn the rest of the groups.


"High five!" Natsuo slaps Hawks' hand as Yaoyorozu tied up the remaining villains. Hawks was about to comment until he felt the ground shake below his feet. Natsuo stops celebrating and turns to the male. "Did you feel that," Keigo asked. Natsuo nods his head and notices the cracks into the walls. He didn't understand why the walls were shaking. "The building! It's going to collapse," Natsuo yelled out. Keigo didn't have any time to respond when he hears the explosion coming from the other side. The ground shakes violently as the cracks were growing. "We need to get out of here!" Natsuo presses the button on his earpiece as he needed to warn everyone else. He couldn't hear anything except the static. "I can't reach them!"

In the middle of their conflict, Natsuo glances back to see that the Eight Bullets were missing. "They escape! We-" Hawks shook his head. "No, we need to get the hell out of here!" Hawks knew that they were going to become a problem soon, but everyone's safety was the main priority. "We have to get going! This building is going to fall! We need to find an exit and quick!" Natsuo nods his head and follows behind the group as they need to hurry. Natsuo decides that it's best not to argue with Hawks as they started running. They needed to leave the building before everything falls apart. Yaoyorozu hoped that Shouto and Jirou were okay. She hated the idea that she and Jirou were on separate groups. Natsuo hoped that Shouto was okay. Hawks hoped that Dabi understood that the risks grew higher than before.


Dabi had Fuyumi in a headlock, "Fuyumi, stop this! I know you! You wouldn't hurt us. Why are you doing this?" Fuyumi growls as she bites down on her brother's arm. "You wouldn't understand!" Dabi pulled away and covered his bleeding arm. He didn't think his sister would bite him. Fuyumi glares at her older brother. Dabi shook his head as he tried to approach her. "Yumi, what wouldn't I understand? You used to tell me everything. You were my little sister. We had each others' back." Tears dwell Fuyumi's eyes as anger fills her eyes, "Shut the hell up!" Dabi dodged the blow as he needed to find a way to get the upper hand. Dabi wanted his little sister back. He didn't want to fight her, but he had too. Fuyumi wasn't going to give up. He needed to put an end to this soon, or she'll win.

Fuyumi stopped when she felt the ground shake. Dabi could feel the ground shaking under him. He didn't understand what was going on. Dabi pressed the speaker on the earpiece to see if he could hear anything. All he could hear was static. He could tell something bad was happening. Fuyumi could see that Dabi was distracted and hear the sounds of the walls breaking. "Touya, watch out," Fuyumi screamed. The ceiling was crumbling over Touya, causing the black-haired boy to freeze in shock. Fuyumi ran forward and pushed her brother out of the way. Dabi couldn't process what happened afterward when he saw his sister's bloody hand showing out from the debris.

"Fuyumi!" Dabi rushed over to his sister and tried to remove the blocks of cement that were crushing her body. "Fuyumi, please!" He pulled his sister out as he sees the blood staining her clothes. "Yumi, don't close your eyes," Dabi said as he brushes her hair back. He couldn't hear her heartbeat. He refused to believe that she was dead. He couldn't lose her. She may have been the villain, but she was his little sister. He hugged Fuyumi's body close to his chest as he cried. She couldn't be dead. She shouldn't be the one to die. It should've been him. Her eyes were pale as her skin lost color as the color red painted her body.



Natsuo stopped when he saw his sister in Dabi's arms. He covered his mouth as tears ran down his cheeks. Hawks approached his lover and saw him hugging Fuyumi's body. "It should've been me. She would've been alive if she didn't sacrifice herself." Hawks was about to comfort his boyfriend until the ground started shaking harder. "Dabi, we have to leave." Hawks went down to his knees and closed Fuyumi's eyes. "She wanted you to live. We have to leave." Dabi nods his head as he grabs Hawks' hand. Natsuo ran forward with his group as he couldn't look back at Fuyumi's body. He couldn't believe that his sister was gone. She was still their sister. Dabi and his group hurried to find the nearest exit as the ground was breaking. They didn't know how much time they had to escape. Dabi stopped his tears as he ran forward with his group. Hawks held onto Dabi's hand tightly.


Midoriya was the first to land the punch before his father could. All for One growled and slammed Midoriya against the wall. "I taught you better than this, Izuku. Your mother would be ashamed," All for One taunted him. "Shut up!" Midoriya ran forward and slammed his fist against his father's chest, "You knew nothing about her!" Midoriya wasn't going to let his father win, but his emotions were getting in his way. He couldn't think as his father was taunting him. He was mocking him for being a failure. "You're weak," All for One hissed. He grabbed Izuku and threw him through the window as the green-haired boy found himself in the lobby area. He wasn't inside All for One's office anymore. The taste of copper rested inside Midoriya's mouth as the boy wiped the blood away. He tried to stand as his palms were bleeding from the glass. He could tell that the glass cut his face. He noticed the blood trailing down his cheek and that his clothes were ripped.

All for One stepped out of his office, "Giving up, already, Izuku?" Midoriya growled and returned to his fighting stance. He couldn't lose now. He could hear the faint sounds of gunshots going off from the outside. He tried to ignore the sounds as he needed to focus. Midoriya ran towards his father, aiming a fist at All for One's throat until his father smashed his fist into Midoriya's stomach. The boy coughed up blood and tried to remain focused. All for One was making it impossible for him to land a blow. All for One grabbed Midoriya's green locks and slammed his head against his knee. Midoriya drops to the ground as everything was spinning. "Your moves are making you reckless, Izuku. I taught you so much better than this. I'm ashamed to have you as my son. I might as well put you out of your misery."

Midoriya saw the blade in his father's hands. He shook his head and glared at him. "I won't let you win!" All for One was surprised that Izuku was still conscious. He could tell that Izuku was holding on a thread. He smirked, "You were always a foolish child!" Midoriya dodged his blow as he slams his foot against his father's chest. "There's a line of hope. You think I'll give up. I have come so far to give up. I won't give up on the likes of you. I'm done holding back. I wouldn't let you win. I won't fucking lose!" Midoriya picked up the blade and rushed forward. He could do this. Todoroki was waiting for him.


The one boy that he wanted to cherish life with. He couldn't let that go. He wasn't going back on his promise. He needed to be there for Shouto. He couldn't lose the one person that he loved. He couldn't hurt Shouto as everyone else did. He couldn't hurt Shouto again. It wasn't an option for Izuku.

All for One growled, "I have had enough!" Izuku managed to stab All for One in the chest with the blade. He thought that he won until he heard the sound of a gun going off. He stepped back as his hands went straight to his stomach. All for One smirked, "You think you can kill me so easily. You're such a foolish kid. You should've thought better." Izuku's shaking hand reaches for his mask and pulls it off. He shook his head, "I wasn't the only foolish one here." All for One didn't understand what he was saying until he heard rapid footsteps behind him. He turned just in time for Shouto to stab him in the throat. "Three daggers," Izuku said. He had three daggers with him. Shouto had the final dagger with him. All for One choked on his blood as Shouto had tears running down his cheeks. "It was all Izuku's plan," Shouto stated. He pulled the blade out and watched the man drop to the ground. All for One didn't understand. How did they defeat him? He knew everything. How? How could they know?


Midoriya smiled as he placed the note in Todoroki's pocket. "Follow the plan, Shouto. I promise you that everything will be okay." Todoroki glances at the note as his eyes widen. He nods his head softly and exits the base with the note in his hands. He wondered if Midoriya knew what he was doing. He was going off to meet Fuyumi but remembered the plan. He wasn't going to fail. The Anarchy wasn't going to be defeated, because they already won.

'Todoroki, I know this is going to be hard to understand, but please follow the plan. I know it's dangerous, but I need you to find a way inside the league's hideout. Here's the plan: I will take on All for One and if something happens. I need you to be there to land the final blow. No matter what happens. You need to kill him. Don't worry about me. I trust you to finish the plan. Kacchan and Kirishima would be angry with me if I told them. They would call it 'suicide' for thinking about this plan. However, I know I'm risking so much, but I have too. I love you, Shouto. I might not get the chance to say it again. Don't worry about me. I need you to focus on the plan. Good luck, Shouto.'


All for One laughed to himself, "You all were so smart!" Todoroki growled as All for One choked on his blood and laughter. Todoroki heard the front doors slam open, as the police stood there shocked. Todoroki glanced forward to see what they were staring at. Izuku had blood trailing down his lips as his skin was going pale. "Good job, Sho-" Todoroki watched in horror as Midoriya fell.

"IZUKU!" Todoroki ran to his boyfriend's side as he saw the amount of blood that he was losing. Toshinori raised his hand up for his troops to fall back as he told Uraraka. Uraraka made sure the police force stayed outside as the building was becoming unstable. Toshinori ran inside as he saw his son. Toshinori didn't say anything as he saw Todoroki. "Son, you can't close your eyes!" Toshinori saw Midoriya shaking his head. "I don't know if I can. I'm sorry," Midoriya apologizes. Toshinori saw the mask in Midoriya's hands. "I never got around to tell you that I was the Shadow Killer. I'm sorry that I lied. I couldn't hurt you." Midoriya's tears went down his cheeks.

"We need to get out of here!" Toshinori glanced up to see Bakugou and his group and Dabi's group. Shouto looked at them as Bakugou runs towards them. He picked up Midoriya's body. "We don't have any time to waste. The building is going down!" Bakugou needed them to get out of the building. Kirishima helped Todoroki up as they headed towards the exit.

"You fucking nerd, you better keep your eyes open!" Midoriya didn't respond as his eyelids felt heavy. The feeling of sleep was drowning him. He wanted to sleep. They ran out of the building as the building collapsed. Bakugou placed Midoriya down as Todoroki helps put pressure on the wound. Midoriya smiles at his friends, lover, and family. "I'll miss you all," Midoriya said weakly. Todoroki shakes his head, "No, Izuku, keep your eyes open!"

"You fucking nerd, don't fucking close your eyes!" Midoriya wonders if he could sleep now. He could hear his friends screaming his name out. He wondered why his body felt so numb. All he could hear was Todoroki yelling his name out before he closed his eyes. This was it. He failed to keep his promise, at least Shouto was safe. He should've been stronger.

"I'm sorry."