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- Has tried to plan it down to the last little detail because it has to be perfect
- Emphasis on "tried"
- life is not going along with his plan
- Fancy dinner? You get the flu.
- Perfect ring? Delivery error. Never arrives. Must reorder. Ugh.
- Just wants you to be his fiancee already dammit
- okay plan ... What letter is this up to
- Brings the ring everywhere when he finally gets it just waiting for the opportunity
- Ends up blurting out "Marry me" during a makeout session between meetings
- Will give you the perfect wedding or someone will pay


- Also needs this to be perfect
- He's dreamed of this for over a decade fr
- Makes the ring himself
- But when to ask???
- It just never feels right and you deserve the best
- Takes a walk with you
- You end up at the ginkgo tree
- Automatically goes down on one knee and asks then and there
- It was perfect.


- Man loves to sweep you off your feet
- wants you to m e l t when he proposes
- debates a public proposal so everyone knows you're his
- University event? During a lecture?
- Hmmm. No. Too common.
- Dinner? No, still needs something to kick it up a notch
- Finds and takes you to a butterfly garden
- Proposes with a ring in the shape of a butterfly
- Feels like he could fly away when you say yes


- Boy has wanted to marry you almost from the beginning.
- Super spontaneous so he doesn't really have a plan.
- You two are nomming chips and taking a walk
- Pulls a chip in the shape of a heart
- Stops walking
- "MC... "
- Gets on one knee, holding out the heart-chip
- "Will you be my MRS. Chips?"
- 100% serious but still so Kiro
- Feeds you the chip via kiss when you say yes