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Spider’s Courtship

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Consuela had the same two spiders guarding David to take him to his new residence. His new residence turns out to be his house. He wasn’t sure how they knew where he lived since he always saw them at Joshua’s place but he was thankful at least for the familiarity.

His house, as Consuela said, was web free. David can see other spiders going around the neighborhood, weaving web over the other houses or probably looking for more people.

Taking a deep breath, David enters his house. The two guard spiders stay outside because they were instructed to show David where he could get supplies and where the boundaries were that he could walk freely.

Entering his house, David can see it stayed exactly the same, since he left to visit his father. It seemed like the spiders never came inside since nothing was disturbed.

That’s a small miracle. David wasn’t sure how or what to do if the spiders trashed his place. Since everything looked exactly how he left it, he only needed to stock up on food.

Walking outside, David approaches his guards. “Hey um, everything looks good but I need to get more food so can we head toward the store?”

The two spiders looked toward each other and nodded in his direction. The silver orb weaver from before, approaches David and bends down, allowing David to climb up. It makes easier travel since they wouldn’t allow him a car or other vehicle.

Riding into town, David can see other spiders taking down webs and cleaning up any destruction they caused before. How can they do that and why are they cleaning up? It doesn’t make sense.

“Hey, c-can I ask you something?” He asked the silver orb weaver. The spider lets out a chirp and nods his head. “Why are the others cleaning up their web and the town? Wouldn’t you want to make more webs and not bother with cleaning up?”

They arrived at the supermarket when David finished his question. Letting him off, the spider turns toward David, making chirping sounds that he couldn’t understand.

‘This was going to be difficult’ thought David, remembering that Consuela seemed to be the only spider so far that could speak English.

The silver orb weaver seemed to get distracted trying to answer his question. The other spider that accompanied them, also makes chirping sounds and they communicate back and forth.

Maybe David should stop asking questions if he can’t communicate with them. Is there a way for them to communicate with him?

The two spiders stop and the silver orb weaver turns back toward David. “L-lure…” the orb weaver seems to whisper.

“W-what?” David wasn’t sure if he heard right due to how low the spider answered.

The spider shuffled a bit and repeated in a much louder and clearer voice. “Lure…”

“Lure..” repeats David.

The spider nods, chirping once more. “Lure p-prey.”

“Lure prey? How?” David was astonished. So the other spiders can learn to speak but with difficulty. This was unheard of but considering how big and quickly they took over and killed everyone. These weren’t normal circumstances.

The spider tries again, “Lure prey. N-no s-s-pi-id-er. L-ure.”

‘Lure prey no spider’ what can that mean? What prey exactly are they trying to lure. So far it seems like people and animals are prey to these guys.

A thought gets whispered into David’s head but he doesn’t want to continue that train of thought but it sneaks in. The spiders are cleaning their web to lure prey thinking there were no spiders. They are cleaning to show no proof they are here. If someone were to come investigate, they would easily come into town, not thinking about spiders making it easy for the spiders to get them.

“Oh my god! You're setting up a trap!” David says out loud. The spiders nod and chirp in agreement, finally the human understands.

These spiders were much smarter than he thought. What was in that toxin that mutated these spiders to be this powerful. How far can these guys go?

In this moment, David realizes how lucky or cursed he was to be in this situation. Lucky, that he still lives and they are allowing him to live among them but cursed that he will witness the end of humanity if he doesn’t warn the military or the world at this point.

But what can he do? He has already accepted his fate. What can one man do? These guys aren’t going to let him go without being accompanied by one spider to watch over him.

He also doesn’t want the spiders to die either. These were magnificent creatures that he loved as a child. He would need to talk to Consuela on her plans since she seems to be the one leading these spiders.

“Once we finish shopping, can you take me to Consuela afterwards? I have some important business to talk to her about.” He asked the silver orb weaver.

The orb weaver examines David but nods after a moment in agreement.

David sighs in relief that he would take him to her. He needed to know the fate of the world. Maybe he can influence her decision for it. Only time will tell.