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Spider’s Courtship

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David from a young age was fascinated with spiders. Like all children who found a certain animal interesting or insect, in this case. He learned the basics of spiders and wanted one for a pet.

Luckily his dad, John, knows Joshua who owns an exotic spider farm.

For his 13th birthday his dad gave him an orb weaver which he named spidey. He wasn’t good at naming so spider it was. Sadly orb weavers live for 12 months.

David made his dad hold a funeral for Spidey, his first pet spider.

Years pass by, David is now 23yrs and works with Joshua at his spider farm. He oversees the spider’s cleaning and feeding while Joshua does everything else.

David’s favorite spider is an orb weaver named Consuela. She is big for her species and David fell in love with her at first sight. He oversees her care and when Joshua leaves for errands, against Joshua’s rules, takes her out and plays with her, as close you get with a spider.

David would hold her in his hands, put her on his shoulder, or let her walk all over him. He would give her the best crickets and give her special treatment over all.

David’s vacation was coming up. He was taking a week off to visit his Dad who lives out the state. When he returns, everything changed.

A chemical waste spilled into the river, where Joseph hunts for crickets to feed the spiders. The spiders eating the crickets, grow bigger and kill Joseph and his parrot before escaping and spreading all over the town of Prosperity.

When David returns, the whole town is overrun with spiders but luckily he made it to the mall where a small group of survivors are taking shelter.

The spiders using a tarantula to bust open the doors to the mall are managing to break through. Chris, one of the townspeople and leader of the group, wants to use the mines to escape for the mines are connected to all over the town.

Wade, the mayor, locks the mines and escapes leaving everyone behind.

Chris tried to signal the army, using the radio tower on top of the mall but it didn’t work. They managed to use a forklift to pry open the door and everyone makes it to the mines.

At this point, David is freaking out. He only left for a week to visit his father and once he comes back, hell breaks loose on the town. The spiders he loved as a child are now going around killing and eating people. He knew once they are caught, there is no escaping.

Sadly, the mines are home to a colony of spiders. They pick the survivors one by one. David is left by himself trying to hide and survive. He lost sight of the others but he doubts they lived.

He was going to be next. David didn’t know what to do. He doesn’t know the layout of the mine, he has no weapons or anything useful on him, he can see people inside the webs and he can hear the spiders all around but doesn’t know where exactly they are. He is screwed.

David should just accept his fate at this point, being killed by the things he once loved. David thinks about Consuela, the female orb weaver he took care of. He wonders if she is out there.

As David complements these thoughts, he doesn’t notice a spider watching him and slowly creeping closer but it’s too late. David is quickly wrapped in web and dragged off.

David tried to struggle but he knows it’s useless. Spiders have a thick web that make it impossible for their prey to escape. He was going to die, not right away but without any hope of escaping.

The spider drags him deep into the mines where the head female spider will consume him for herself.

David is left hanging on the ceiling awaiting his fate. The spider that put him up, walks away in a hurry. David can hear footsteps approaching. An enormous female orb weaver approached. Her exoskeleton was black and grey with some orange marking around her eyes.

David recognized her. It was Consuela and she has grown huge. She seems to be the queen of the spider army terrorizing the town.

“Consuela?,” murmured softly David. She seemed to have heard because her head snaps up and looks towards David. David tried to shrink down but he currently can’t move. Shit.

Consuela starts to walk over and hovers over David, clicking her jaws together. ‘This is the end for me’ thought David as he shuts his eyes waiting for the end.