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Haruka couldn’t help but smirk triumphantly as she popped open the centrifuge and pulled out a test tube filled almost to the brim with a frothy, bright pink liquid.

Finally, she’d done it.

There were snags along the way, of course, with the biggest being accumulating DNA samples from other members of the house to try and sustain a stable mixture, but after months of tireless planning and experimentation that had seen her lab practically destroyed and then rebuilt by her endlessly frustrated lab assistant no fewer than three times, she was convinced that her labors had finally borne fruit.

“And, oh, what a fruit,” Haruka chuckled, gently tapping the side of the tube with her finger.

Ultimately, the big breakthrough had been using Ryoubi’s DNA as the basis for her serum, which was perfectly fine with Haruka. After all, if she could pass on whatever fascinating quirk it was that caused Ryoubi’s breasts to change sizes whenever she got impassioned, what else more could she ask for, save for her experiment working in the first place?

In truth, she had no way of knowing that what she’d made was actually what she’d wanted. Still, much like “vacation for lab assistants,” “doubt” wasn’t really a word in Haruka’s vocabulary.

Now, however, she just needed to find someone to test it on.

She knew her serum would work, but it just wouldn’t do to grab someone at random and inject it. That was too chaotic, even for her. She wanted, if not needed, someone who struggled the same way she once had, before all of her endless confidence was brought to light. She needed to find someone who’d be willing to open up first, just enough for Haruka to know that they would make a fine addition to Katsuragi’s bouncy, happy family. That’s when she’d inject them and see what happened.

“But how best to get results quickly…?” Haruka muttered, more than a little ticked off that, for as incredible of a breakthrough as she made, she had no idea of when she’d actually be able to put it to use.

That, of course, was hardly for lack of trying. Days before the serum was finalized, she’d put dozens of plans into motion, ranging from postings on online message boards to fliers on college campuses, confident that she’d have a new potential family member lined up for her the instant she put a cap on her research. Each plan was different, and tried to rope in someone that fit her criteria. None of them, however, had turned up with even the smallest results.

As she pondered what else she might be able to do, she was overcome by a yawn, and realized that she’d been working for nearly a full day now, with hardly a moment’s rest. As much as she wanted to push on, to nail down a plan to find a test specimen family member, she realized that she needed rest.

Or, at least, that was the plan.

While packing away the more sensitive materials she was working with, she couldn’t help but notice a rather large selection of toys she’d placed on a shelf near the door with the intent of the girls in the house freely coming and using them as they pleased. The gesture had been met with few takers, and, while those that were appreciated had, combined, tried most of her wares, there was one toy near the end of the shelf that, much to her disappointment, no one had tried yet: a vibrating butt plug designed to look like a particularly long, fluffy dog tail.

Being the brilliant scientific mind she made sure everyone knew she was, there was a lot more to it than that, of course. It did serve its most basic functions admirably, with a bevy of vibration settings that she just knew would work wonders for anyone who used it. But what Haruka was sure to tell anyone who asked was that the tail synced up to its wearer’s brainwaves and wagged to match their level of arousal. Haruka, of course, would never be caught dead wearing it, knowing that the part of a dog ill-suited someone such as her. But, still, it seemed a shame for it to languish on the shelf the way it had for so long. Perhaps she could sell it. Not that she was short on money, but the idea of it going to someone who might love it the way she wished anyone in the house would at least seemed somewhat worthwhile.

She laughed, the thought of the kind of person who might buy such a thing briefly crossing her mind.

“My, they’d make a perfect addition to-”

Haruka froze, her lips curling up into a confident smirk.

Without another word, she took several pictures of the toy, then quickly set about creating a sale page for them online. It was a far more basic idea than many of the others she’d set about, to be sure, and the odds for success were definitely low, especially given the stipulation that the buyer would have to arrange to collect the toy from her. Still, it was just one plan of many, and took almost no time to implement. There was, at the very least, no harm whatsoever in giving it a try.

Worst case, should the buyer not be appropriate, she’d at least make some money in the process.

Not even she, however, could’ve possibly known just how quickly the plan would succeed, netting Haruka a potential buyer barely a minute after she’d fallen asleep for the night.


Daichi stared up at the, frankly, excessively-large mansion doors in front of him, his hands shaking intensely. This deal was already intimidating him to no end, so why did the seller have to live somewhere this...intense?

Normally, he’d have never agreed to this sort of thing. He’d have much rather preferred to buy something so sensitive entirely online, and have it shipped to him in a box that was so discreet as to be suspicious. At the least, he was certain this would be the first and only time any purchase like this would ever involve any kind of physical handoff.

Frankly, if he weren’t so enthralled by the toy, he wouldn’t have even considered buying it.

But it really did sound incredible… If it worked as advertised, he wasn’t sure there’d be a better way to indulge the curiosity that had welled up within him so strongly as of late. He’d long since passed the point of telling himself there was anything wrong or shameful about his desires, not that he’d ever admit them out loud, of course.

Still he just had to know if they were a sign of a fleeting passion, or something far deeper than that.

Put simply, Daichi wanted to be treated like a pet. Something to be owned, to be pushed around and controlled by someone else, and the idea of a dog tail butt plug that synced up so strongly with his thoughts and desires sounded nothing short of perfect for that.

On a far more personally embarrassing note, the idea of something making him feel completely stuffed full the way the listing claimed the plug would, was also, Daichi hated to admit it, endlessly enticing.

Still, as incredible as it all seemed, as he stared up at the doors, which he could swear were growing larger by the second, he very quickly convinced himself it was simply too good to be true, and quickly turned tail to head on home.

Surely, he’d find something else that would be good enough, even if it never quite measured up…

Before he could get much of anywhere, however, he heard the creak of the doors behind him, accompanied by a woman’s smooth, seductive voice.

“Ah, you must be Wan_1, yes? Here about the toy?”

Daichi froze, suddenly completely overcome with intense embarrassment over the username he now desperately wished he didn’t have.

“D-Daichi, actually!” he stammered, too scared to turn around and face the seller, who, going off of her voice alone, didn’t line up with the kind of person he expected to meet today on any level.

He really, really didn’t want to use his real name, but in those moments, anything was better than hearing his username out loud.

“Oh my~! On a first name basis already? How very forward~” the voice teased, painting his cheeks an even deeper shade of red. “I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything less from someone brave enough to meet me here. So many others would’ve considered my deal unscrupulous, you know?”

“I-is that so?”

“It is! The listing for the plug’s just filled with comments about me being a scammer. How cruel! Someone as pure and honest as me being treated with such suspicion!”

“S-sorry to hear that…”

“Ahaha, it’s perfectly fine~ You showed up, after all. All I really need is a single buyer, Wan_1.”

Daichi winced, the seller clearly ignoring his suggestion to use his real name.

“Would you mind turning around? As happy as I am to see you, I promise this exchange will be much easier if you actually look my way.”

“Right, yeah…”

Daichi took a deep breath, then quickly turned to face the seller, freezing up yet again the moment he saw her.

“Such a pleasure to meet you. My name’s Haruka,” she said, waving and winking playfully.

She was stunningly beautiful, the kind of person who could’ve probably found very, very lucrative work as a gravure model or, Daichi shyly thought, a dominatrix, without having to lift a finger. There was something about her expression, an endlessly confident smirk, that seemed almost mocking to Daichi. Still, that only heightened her remarkable allure in his eyes.

“H-hi, I’m Daichi.”

“So you’ve said!” she giggled, the sound of that alone making him grow weak in the knees. “Mind coming in, Wan_1? I’m sure you’d prefer we don’t make this exchange out on the street. Just think of the prying eyes! So many people, all learning exactly what you’re into with barely a glance...”

Daichi just nodded, too worked up to say much of anything else, or even consider that, given the mansion’s considerable size, there wasn’t really anyone else on the street to see what was happening. Opening the door a little wider, Haruka quickly ushered him inside, then shut it the very instant he’d stepped into the entryway.

The sheer scale and opulence of the room he now found himself in did precisely nothing to calm his nerves, nor did the feeling of Haruka taking his hand in her own.

“My room’s this way,” Haruka said with a mischievous smile, before leading him down a hallway that seemed practically endless to his terrified eyes.

“Right. D-does anyone else live here?”

With each doorway they passed by, his worries only grew, the thought that there could be other people in the house who might see him rattling Daichi to no end.

“Ahaha, you don’t think I live somewhere like this all on my own, do you? There are so many other girls who I share this house with. We’re such a big, happy family~”

“A-all girls?”

“Of course! Every single one of us, all close to our age, too! Ufufu, it’s like paradise here~”

Daichi gulped, terrified that any number of the other girls might see him and find out about his purchase.

“Not that you have to worry about them,” Haruka giggled. “They’re all very, very understanding~”

Haruka’s words did nothing to reassure him, however, and the rest of the walk, carried out almost in total silence from that point, felt endless. It was only once she’d lead him to a room and shut the door behind them both that he felt like he could even begin to breathe again.

Not that the bizarre room he’d been led to helped his nerves at all, of course.

It was, to say the least, a very far cry from the bedroom he’d expected.

“Lucky you~ First time meeting me and you’ve already been allowed to see my lab! That’s a rare privilege, you know?”

“That...that so?” he mumbled, looking around the surprisingly vast, intimidating laboratory with a wide-eyed stare, pausing only once his eyes drifted over the shelf full of what looked to be sex toys, surprised by how out of place they seemed.

“Ahaha, caught your eye? Those aren’t for you, though, sorry~!” she chuckled. “But this,” Haruka approached a nearby desk and grabbed the tail plug he’d seen on the site the night before, along with something else that she slipped into one of her coat pockets, “most certainly is! But, before you take it, mind if I ask you a few questions first? I’d like to know it’s going to someone who’ll appreciate it~”

“Oh, umm…”

“Come now, you’re buying a doggy buttplug from someone you’ve never seen before! Surely, if you managed getting this far, you don’t mind being at least a little open, yes?” she asked, dangling the toy in front of Daichi like bait.

“I...suppose, sure,” he said, nodded shyly. He still wasn’t sold on why he had to answer her questions, but he could see the path of least resistance in front of him: the sooner he got this over with, the sooner he could go home and use his new toy.

“Perfect! Why don’t we cut to the chase, hmm? Why don’t you tell me exactly why you’d like something this...depraved?” she asked, wearing a teasing smile.


“Just a joke, Wan_1! There’s no shame here, not unless you want it~”

“I, umm, well…”

He swallowed nervously. She’d tease him like this for ages if he didn’t move forward, though he wasn’t sure if that was a bad thing or not.

“I just think there’s ummm, something appealing about being treated like, well…”

“A pet?”

Daichi blushed furiously, but slowly gave a nod in response.

“And do you foresee any issues with owning this? I don’t have any bags, you know, so all kinds of people might see you carrying this home~”

“B-but...” Daichi wanted to protest. She’d been so insistent on getting him inside, presumably so that nobody else would see him with the tail, but this ran completely against that.

“I brought a backpack, it’ll be fine,” he conceded, shaking his head. “As for any issues owning it, well...the walls in my apartment building are...thin, so...I can’t really go all out, but-”

“Such a shame, isn’t it?” Haruka said, cutting Daichi off. “Ahhh, how cruel, wanting nothing but to be a poor, sweet little bitch who’s so desperate to be stuffed full,” she paused and winked, “but having to hide all that away from the world, even in the safety of your own home?”

“It’s, well, I don’t feel good about it…” Daichi admitted, pouting slightly. He couldn’t help but feel oddly frustrated, but alarming aroused at her choice of words for him. “But I get that people would look down on me if I went around advertising it…”

“I’d think being looked down on would be part of the appeal,” Haruka teased, smirking. “Even so, wouldn’t it be wonderful to live more openly? To know that everyone around you knows exactly what gets you fired up? Why, in our home, there isn’t a single person who can’t live the way they want to! Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?”

“I, umm…”

“You know, if you lived here, you could wear that as much as you want? You could howl, and whimper, and beg, and live exactly the way you want to, each and every day…?”

“D-didn’t you say it was all girls here though? I’d...stick out…” he mumbled, feeling endlessly shy.

“Oh? That’s your biggest concern? So, if you could live here, with us, and not feel like the odd one out, you would?”

“I mean, even if that was possible, I couldn’t just...drop everything to move. I’ve got my job and…”

“Disregard the logistics for now, that’s all so very droll~ If none of that was an obstacle, would you take the offer?”

Daichi bit his lip and stared straight down, turning her questions over in his head. It had to be a hypothetical, but something about her tone seemed deadly serious about it all.

“Y-yeah, I think I would.”

Daichi looked up toward Haruka, gathering up his confidence to say more, until she pulled him in close and he felt a sudden, sharp stinging feeling on the side of his neck.

He yelped at the shock of it all, and pushed himself away from her and pressed a hand tightly against his neck. He looked back towards Haruka to see her tossing aside an empty syringe.

“What...what did you just do?!” he shouted, the stinging pain not even beginning to subside in the least.

“Me? Oh, well, you see, I just thought it might be nice to give you a little extra freebie with the deal, make it so you’re getting more than a mere butt plug. Not that you won’t get that too, of course, but, like I said, what good is such a fun toy if you can’t use it freely? So, I figured you might appreciate it if I took the steps to ensure you could live exactly the way you want to...”

Try as he might to step further away from Haruka, she stayed on him constantly, leaning in close and whispering in his ear.

“ an adorable, hopeless little bitch~”

Her breath tickled at his ear, and, as goosebumps prickled up on his neck, he felt the sting from the injection work its way deep through his whole body, as though it was happening all over again. This time, though, there was a sense that he was traveling along with it, riding out the sensation as it traveled to his brain, and initial shock soon gave way to a pleasant warmth that sent a shiver down his spine.

It was exhilarating, almost addicting. So much so that he couldn’t stop the adorable little whine that escaped his lips even if he’d tried.

“Ahaha, you looked so shy when you walked in here, as if you were terrified of your own shadow. But, now, that look in your eyes is just so hungry! But...oh? Is that…

Oh my, it is~! See this?”

Haruka pulled Daichi along to a nearby mirror, then turned him to face it.

Just as she’d said, his eyes looked almost painfully aroused, but on top of that...

“Heterochromia! How fascinating, don’t you agree? Such fetching blue and green! I suppose that makes you a rare breed, doesn’t it?”

Now let’s see if you take on Ryouna’s other quirk, hmm? Haruka thought, already giddily happy with the results of her experiment.

“How did they...change like this?” Daichi panted, forcing the question out through his hunger in the face of something that seemed utterly impossible to him.

“Oh, but that kind of title seems too nice for you, doesn’t it?” Haruka asked, completely ignoring Daichi’s question. “No, in your case, they just mean you’re a terribly mixed-up mutt, don’t they?”

Daichi’s knees went weak at the insult. He bit his lip, desperate to try and stop another hungry little whimper. Even though he did all he could to hold it back, it was all-too clear just how much he loved every word of it.

“A...a really lowly mutt, right?”

“The lowest!” Haruka cackled, more than pleased to see Daichi’s inhibitions slowly melting away. “You’re just a pathetic little mutt who needs a mistress to keep them in check, aren’t you?”

Daichi nodded vigorously, his hair whipping about his face as it grew longer and messier, gradually sneaking down to his shoulders.

“A mutt with dreadfully messy fur, too. Can’t even keep that in check, can you?” she teased, though she was surprised to see his brown hair steadily lighten to a bright, brilliant blonde, as far removed from Ryoubi’s as could be.

Well, I hardly want her to look identical. Besides, there’s something about its unruliness that suits her.

Still, those features…

Haruka smiled appraisingly as she watched Daichi’s face shift. While all his features—like those delicate eyebrows, adorably pink lips, soft, full cheeks, and milky, pale skin—were undeniably similar to Ryoubi’s, Daichi wore them so very, very differently.

Ryoubi was fiery and aggressive at every turn, as if threatening everyone who crossed her.

Daichi, on the other hand, looked painfully hungry. His much cuter visage only making him look that much more pathetic, as if he was just begging to be stepped on.

“Nuh-uh, I’m just a dumb mutt whO-” Daichi’s words were forced to a halt by a strange, tight feeling in his throat, as if a collar had been fastened around his neck. As sudden and stifling as it was, Daichi couldn’t help but love it, wishing it felt just a little tighter, or, even better, that Haruka could put a real collar around his neck. He was almost dismayed when it started to ease up, letting him finally speak once more.

“-Who can’t take care of herself at all~!” Daichi giggled, in a high, playful, and, much like everything else about her, desperately hungry voice. “It’s OK if you wanna punish me, you know! I’d get sooooo angry just seeing someone as useless as me! Ahhhh, I’m suuuch a pathetic girl, right, Haruka?”

“The worst,” Haruka agreed, smiling in delight at just how well her serum was working.

Not that there was any doubt that it would work, of course, But, still, seeing things go this well was nothing short of incredible.

“So why aren’t you aaaangry?” Daichi asked, holding her hands up like paws just as her body was wracked by a tight, squeezing sensation, binding her body tightly as it forced out any trace of the broadness it had possessed. Her shoulders were squeezed inwards and her body felt as if it was being held down, Haruka’s serum cutting away at her once fairly tall stature until she was several inches below Haruka. She was ecstatic that she had no choice but to look up at her impromptu mistress now, noting that her smiles seemed even scarier from below.

Which is why she was nothing short of delighted, of course, when the binding sensation she felt grew so tight that she was forced onto her knees, confident it made her look like even more of a loser dog than she already knew herself to be.

“Owwwww~! It feels soooo good, Haruka! But it’d feel even be~tter if you’d let me know what a bitch I really am! Kick me, spank me, do aaaaanything you want to me! Your mutt’s only good at taking punishment, after all!”

“You’ve fallen so far, so fast. Indeed, you truly are nothing short of pathetic now! It’s remarkable, you know?” Haruka said, smiling despite the biting words.

“So pathetic! That’s why you’ve gotta punish meEEE!” she yowled, trying to sit up and beg, only to fall straight down until she was on all fours.

“Ahaha, too stupid to even stand up straight, mutt?”

“Nuh-uh! I mean, I am, but I got all wobbly, Haruka!” Daichi explained, thrusting out her butt as she lay on the floor, too shaky to even try to pick herself up. “My pants feel suuuuper tight.”

“Ahhh, not merely too stupid, but too aroused, as well? My, you truly are-”

“Nuh-uh, it’s not that! But that feels suuuper good, it’’s…

Sooooo good!” Daichi whined, just before a remarkably loud tearing sound echoed through the lab, her pants simply unable to hold up in the face of her wide, full hips and round, plump butt.

Ahaha, that’s certainly one area where Ryoubi’s always impressed! It only makes sense that you’d come so close to matching hers.

“My, so big!” Haruka said with admiration, smirking. “And to think, you were hiding all that away in such dull clothes. In fact, doesn’t that seem odd to you? A stupid mutt like you wearing clothes?”

Daichi nodded, vigorously agreeing with her every word.

“Strip. Surely you can manage that much,” she ordered, her voice laced with venom despite how upbeat she felt, knowing that showing disdain would excite her pet to no end.

“Yes Ma’am!” Daichi yapped, tugging off the tattered remains of her pants and hastily throwing off her shirt. As unfortunate as it was to no longer be wearing things that had felt so tight and restrictive a moment earlier, the idea that her whole body was now on display only made her feel more pathetic. It was a net gain, in her mind.

“Much better. You’re looking more and more like a mutt by the second~” Haruka cooed. “But, there’s one thing you’re missing, isn’t there?”

“There is?! What is it?! Can you punish me for it?! You’ve just gotta make me your toy!”

“My pathetic, mixed-up mutt-” Haruka teased, smirking as she crouched down near her pet’s full, thick ass.


“Simply isn’t herself-”


“-Without her adorable tail!”

Without another word of warning, Haruka pushed the butt plug against her pet’s tight, puckered hole, forcing it deeper and deeper, her greedy ass easily swallowing the toy whole.


Daichi let out a loud, endlessly satisfied howl. From the moment she’d first seen the plug online, Daichi had fantasized about just how good the plug would feel, how desperate she was to feel like a pet.

None of those fantasies, however, came anywhere close to the sheer, unbridled pleasure that wracked her senses as her wonderful, incredible mistress stuffed her fuller and fuller until finally, the plug was completely inside and she felt just a hair’s breadth away from being overstuffed to the point of breaking.

Instantly, its internal mechanisms started up, and the plug vibrated and pulsed inside of her while her tail wagged happily behind her, a sure sign to Haruka of just how deeply she was enjoying this. Not that she needed it, of course.

“Incredible, isn’t it?”

“It’s sooooo good! It’s my tail! Perfect for a stu~pid, pathe~tic mutt like me!” Daichi agreed, the tail wagging just a little faster as she degraded herself.

She squeezed her now much fuller, thicker thighs together as if she was trying to stop herself from finishing right then and there.

“Incredible, isn’t it? How amazing everything feels as you get closer and closer to your lowest point? Want to know the best part?”

“Uh-huh! I really, reeeally do!” Daichi whined, sticking her butt up in the air and hoping Haruka would get her very blunt message.

“You’ve still got even further to fall!” Haruka spat, smiling as she raised a hand, then gave Daichi’s ass a very, very firm spank.

“Hauuu~! Harukaaaaa~! I’m such a stupid bitch, aren’t I?!” she howled, the sharp sting of Haruka’s palm and the intense vibration of the tail pushing her so far she could hardly take it, while the tail moved faster and faster still. It had been a while since she’d made it, but Haruka was sure she didn’t remember programming it to wag quite as vigorously as it seemed to be doing now.

Daichi sat up like a dog as she spoke, showing off nipples that had grown and stiffened tremendously, surrounded by wide, puffy pink areola that suited her milky, pale complexion to a “T.”

“A stupid bitch,” Haruka purred, “who I can’t wait to taste.”

Haruka pushed Daichi onto her back, before reaching down and biting at her pet’s almost painfully stiff nipples, then vigorously sucked on them.

“Oooooh~! That feels su~per good, Haruka~!” Ryouna giggled, her body shuddering in pleasure as her owner’s suckling grew more intense by the second.

Just as delicious as hers… Haruka thought, not willing to take her mouth off of her treat for even a second.

And...oh my, growing already?

Haruka smiled to herself as she groped and teased the breast her mouth couldn’t attend to, admiring the way it swelled up beneath her grasp. It was a sensation she was intimately familiar with by now, having spent many, many nights getting Ryoubi fired up enough to experiment with the unique quirk that made her chest grow from a tiny “A” cup to something far closer to Haruka’s own proud, full, heavy breasts. Even so, it was a sensation she’d never tired of, loving the feeling of weight building beneath her as she caressed soft, supple flesh that swelled within her palm. Haruka couldn’t say, however, if Daichi would share that trait. And who knew how long it would take for the ridiculous mutt to calm down enough for that to become clear?

Haruka popped the mutt’s nipple out of her mouth, chuckling at how much redder her suckling had made the poor girl’s areolae. As tempting as it was to keep her there, pinned down with her massive chest hanging out in front of her, Haruka had other plans for her.

“My~ Perhaps you’re better suited to being a cow than a mutt! Such a splendid pair of udders~”

Her pet’s eyes lit up at the thought, getting her so excited she could scarcely reply with anything more than a pathetically cute, “Mooooo~!” as her tail did its best to speed up beneath her, struggling valiantly between her plump buttcheeks and the floor.

“Ufufu, how easily you slip into the role~ I know that you won’t object to getting back on all fours for me, now will you?”

“Uh-huh! I’m a stupid pet, so, no matter what breed I am-”

She quickly shuffled into the position asked of her, raising her ass as high up as she could.

“-Nothing suits me better than this!”

“Ufufu, that might be the smartest thing you’ll ever say~” Haruka chortled, smirking as she crawled on top of her pet and smushed her own wonderfully soft chest against her back.

“Mistress Haruka’s sooooo soft~ Everything about her is amazing!” Haruka’s pet squealed giddily. “But I bet she’d be even better if she was rougher with her stu~pid mutt! If she insulted her more, or spanked her, or treated her looower than dirt~!”

Though her pet couldn’t see it, Haruka scowled furiously at the suggestion that she had any room for improvement whatsoever.

“My worthless, stupid, pathetic little mutt?” Haruka asked, forcing some semblance of sweetness into her voice—though it did nothing to bely just how fiery her pet’s remarks had made her feel—as she reached around her pet and softly squeezed at her breasts.

“Yes, Mistress Haruka?”

“Did I hear incorrectly, or were you criticizing me?

Haruka’s squeezing grew a little firmer, more focused.

Her pet’s eyes lit up.

“I was! I’m so worthless I don’t even know my place and need to be punished for it!”


Haruka giggled, pinching her nipples tightly between her fingernails.

“Such an honest girl~” she giggled. “An honest girl who really needs to learn her place!”

The ever-present venom in her words came rushing to the forefront as Haruka pulled her hands away from her pet’s dangling udders, before bringing them back down quickly and firmly, slapping her breasts around without a lick of hesitation.

Her pet almost exploded with pleasure.

“Hauuuuuu~! Punish me more, Mistress Haruka! I’m such a worthless mutt~!”

“Pets need permission to speak, mutt! Is that clear?”

“Wan, wan!” her pet cried out, her tail wagging almost impossibly fast as her mistress continued her assault.

“My, a pet as base as you hardly deserves a human name, do you?”

Her pet shook her head, smiling giddily.

“Haaah, good girl~ So eager to submit! But, still, lowly as you are, I simply must have something to call you. After all, I own you…”

Haruka froze for a moment, a perfect name coming to her in mere moments.

“Listen well, mutt. As of today, your name won’t be whatever you were when you walked in here. No, from now on, you’ll be my wonderful little bitch, Ryouna. Understand?”

“Ryouna, Ryouna! Ohhhh, it’s so perfect for such a useless mutt like me! Haaah, thank you Mistress Haruka!”

Ryouna’s cries were so loud, so ecstatic, that her poor tail, so spent with trying to keep up with her excitement, completely gave out, sputtering to a halt before drooping limply downward.

“Awww, Mistress Haruka…” Ryouna pouted, looking every bit the sad pathetic mutt she was, “my tail stopped working…”

“Yes, I can see that very clearly,” Haruka chided, scowling as she gave her pet’s chest another particularly rough slap.


“Perhaps you’re too useless to even be a dog, hmm? After all, the tail itself rejected your slutty little mind...”

Haruka smirked as the tail seemed to whir back to life for an instant, before quickly falling limp once more.

“And I assure you, that was no cheap toy. Simple as it was to create, there’s nothing in this room that doesn’t live up to my exacting standards. If you weren’t such a worthless bitch, I’m sure that you and that tail would’ve had a long, happy relationship.”

Ryouna let out a sad, pathetic little whimper, though it was more than clear to Haruka just how much the insults delighted her.

“Still, I don’t think either of us have had our fill, have we?”

Ryouna shook her head vigorously.

“At least you’re spirited,” she scoffed, picking herself up off the ground. “I’m sure I can find something that even you couldn’t break.”

She let her words hang in the air as she considered the shelf that housed so many of the toys she’d worked on to spice up the already steamy relationships in the house, when her eyes settled on something that she’d made on a whim, knowing full-well that it wouldn’t find too much use in the day-to-day life of her housemates.

Now, though, was its time to shine.

Haruka wasted no time snatching up the pink sleeve from the shelf, then made her way back to her pet on the floor. She ground her heel into the small of her back, and clicked her tongue at the mutt’s attempt to see what she was doing.

“Now now, that’s no way for any pet of mine to behave,” she sneered. “I’m certain that you’re curious, but isn’t it more fun if you don’t know what’s happening?”

Ryouna whined in response to Haruka’s question as the scientist kneeled down next to her again, resting her pillowy boobs on her back.

“Much better,” Haruka praised her dog, which filled Ryouna with a sense of pleasure that was only compounded by the sensation of something warm and wet sliding its way over her dick, before tightening around her.

“Hauuu?!” Ryouna barked in surprise, trying to look down under her body to see what was happening, but only seeing her considerable chest, still marked from Haruka’s punishment, hanging and obscuring whatever it was that felt so good.

“Don’t worry, my little pet~ Just relax and enjoy the show,” Haruka whispered in her ear, sending goosebumps down her neck.

Haruka tightened her grip on the sleeve she’d slid over Ryouna and started to move it up and down, jerking her pet’s dick along with it.

“Well, feels good, right? Maybe a bit too slow right now,” Haruka said, knowing from how her pet was thrusting her hips in time with her movements that she couldn’t have had any complaints, “but we’re just getting started.”

“Hauuu?” Ryouna questioned, her bark more of a pant than anything as a fire churned deep in her burgeoning womb and her mind grew hazy.

“It’s quite an ingenious, albeit simple, toy,” Haruka started to explain, squeezing the sleeve down against the mutt’s cock tighter as she quickened her pace. “The material is designed as such that it is, essentially, self-lubricating, though, much like with an actual human, it helps to go slow at first.”

“I suppose, considering your inclinations, I could have just gone this fast from the start,” she considered, smirking to herself as her pet’s humping grew more erratic, more carnal, “but this is my first real test of this toy, so I figured I’d do things properly. We don’t really have a lot of girls here that are equipped to take advantage of everything this toy has to offer, sadly. Oh, and let me assure you, it is a real joy. After all, the insides are designed much like my own. Why, it’s almost as though a lowly bitch such as yourself is actually fucking her master! Her own bestial desires having grown so uncontrollable that she’s finally given in to her most base instincts!”

Ryouna’s thrusting grew more furious at this, and Haruka’s grip tightened even more, partly because both of them were getting fully into their roles, and partly because, as the heat in the mutt’s womb became a raging inferno, her painfully hard cock was changing as well, leaving less and less for the onahole to grip.

“Haah, thrusting your hips so wildly… You really are putting on quite the show, you know? You just can’t think of anything other than desperately fucking me, can you? So desperate to copulate, even though you’re probably well past the point that you could, though that does nothing to dull that base, animal instinct, does it? Why, if someone were to walk in right now, they’d be hard pressed to think you were even human!”

Ryouna could hardly take it anymore, and thrust her hips harder and harder, slamming her pelvis violently against the onahole, desperate for the release that was so close now.

Right as the mutt was about to lose herself, the door to the room flew open.

“Oh? A visitor?” Haruka chuckled.

But the mutt was too far gone. She didn’t even register what was happening. Ryouna simply slammed her hips forward one last time, and let out a loud, reverberating howl as her juices splattered on the floor.


“WHAT THE FUCK?!” the shrill voice standing in the doorway shouted, realizing that, somehow, her kicking in the door to her housemate’s lab was somehow one of the more mild things happening in the house.

“Ah, if it isn’t Ryoubi! Such perfect timing~! Are you excited, mutt? Someone else gets to see you at your most depraved~”

“Yeah yeah! Mistress Haruka, do you think she’ll punish me, too?!” her pet giddily cried.

“Oh, I think you two are going to be quite the pair~”

Haruka licked her lips, eager to watch these two really get to know each other.

“The hell’s going on, Haruka?!” Ryoubi shouted, turning away from the both of them as her cheeks started to heat up.

She’d always had quite a temper, but even so, seeing her quite as worked up as she seemed to be now was a rare treat, in Haruka’s eyes. It was almost impressive that her anger hadn’t already inflated her adorable little boobs.

“You’re bringing strangers over so you can fuck ‘em, huh?! Selling sex toys online and bringing a bunch of friggin’ pervs into our house?! What the fuck are you thinking, Haruka?!” she screamed, furiously balling her hands into tight fists.

“Ohhhh, did you hear that, Mistress Haruka? I’m a ‘friggin’ perv!’ Useless tra~sh!”

“I-I didn’t call you trash, dumbass!”

“And now I’m a ‘dumbass,’ too!” Ryouna squealed, further dampening her thighs in delight.

“Ufufu, you most certainly are,” Haruka cooed with a smirk, gently petting her mutt’s messy hair.

“Ryoubi, dear, how did you hear about my plans for the afternoon? I don’t remember telling anyone about this...”

“So, you’re owning up to it?! That you’re selling sex toys out of your room?”

“No reason to hide it!” Haruka giggled. “I’ve been caught red-handed~”

“Katsuragi told me!” Ryoubi yelled. “Said you were selling that dumbass tail you kept trying to get us all to wear. It’s fine if you wanna make a quick buck, but why the fuck did you bring people here for it, huh? A-and why’s that girl wearing it right now?”

Haruka giggled.

Though the tail had sold remarkably quickly, considering Kat’s habits, she wasn’t too terribly surprised to hear that she seemed to have stumbled across its online listing.

“You answered that yourself quite a while ago, no? I wanted to fuck her.”

“No friggin’ way that’s the whole story!”

“My, how perceptive~! Ufufu…

“It’s hardly like I was hiding things. After all, I wasn’t doing anything unbecoming in the least! I just wanted to fill out our house a little more, make it an even bouncier, happier paradise~ And you’re certainly both of those things, aren’t you, my little pet?”

“Yeah, Mistress Haruka makes me super happy! My boobs got soooo big and bouncy, too!” Ryouna barked, grinning.

“Wh-what are you saying, exactly?” Ryoubi stammered, taken aback by everything she was hearing.

“That I’ve got big, stu~pid, worth~less udders for you to slap around!” the mutt cried out.

“Not you! Shut up!” Ryoubi harshly cut her off.

“Hauuuu~!” Ryouna howled, clamping her legs together and nodding enthusiastically.

“What I’m saying,” Haruka elaborated, her lips curling into a confident smile, “is that I tinkered with my mutt’s DNA and personality a touch. Just enough to let her really embrace her passions~”

“Cut the crap, Haruka. You wanna act like a mad scientist? Fine, whatever, I don’t give a shit. But there’s no way you can do something like that!”

“How harsh~! I’d think you’d have seen enough of my handiwork to know that I’m a very capable scientific mind. And, to think, I even used your DNA in this particular experiment! I’d have imagined you would be flattered? Why, you and Ryouna here are practically sisters!”

“My...DNA? And what the fuck do you mean by...sisters?” Ryoubi nervously asked, slowly turning back to face the two of them, her gaze focusing on Haruka gently petting the blonde girl at her feet.

“Exactly what I said,” Haruka purred, grabbing her pet by the chin and gently lifting her head to face Ryoubi. “I’m sure you’ll agree there’s quite the resemblance. Right, big sis?”

“I don’t… What the fuck...?” Ryoubi muttered, her eyes fixed on the perverted blonde gazing up at her with big, bright blue and green eyes, just like her own, only flipped.

It certainly caught her attention, but her shock was caused by far more than just her eyes. After all, while heterochromia was rare, it didn’t prove anything on its own. But, the close she looked at Ryouna’s face, observing every detail of her features, the more she realized that it was one that she’d seen many, many times before.

If Ryouna’s expression didn’t look so thirsty, and was instead pressed into the same aggressive scowl that Ryoubi wore so often, she was certain that their faces would be nigh-on identical.

“Ah! We match!” Ryouna squealed, bounding away from Haruka and giddily wrapping her arms around Ryoubi’s legs, rubbing her soft cheeks against her calves. Her tail, once drooping so sadly, now wagged like crazy behind her, given a remarkable second wind.

“Sis~ters! We’re sisters, Ryoubi! I didn’t know I had any sisters, but now I do!”

Ryoubi felt dizzy.

This just couldn’t be real.

The way this girl she’d never met before in her life looked so damn familiar, and how she used her name so warmly, as if she’d grown up calling her by it.

That unbearably curvy, naked body pressed up against her own, with a particularly perverted buttplug so shamelessly on display

It was all too much for the fiery girl to bear.

“Get the hell offa me!!” Ryoubi yelled, kicking the blonde away from her with surprising ease. As she tumbled back to the ground, tail still wagging behind her, she let out a delighted howl, just like the one Ryoubi had heard before she’d kicked the door in.

Ryoubi froze, twitching a little as Ryouna stuck a finger between her legs, and rubbed herself without a care in the world.

“My~! I know you enjoy giving all of us hell, but treating your very own sister so coldly! I didn’t know you had it in you,” Haruka teased, wearing an expression that did a terrible job of looking even half as shocked as she was pretending to be.

“Big sis Ryoubi haaaates me~! Hauuuu…

I’m a worthless mutt whose own family thinks she’s trash~!”

Despite the downbeat nature of her words, Ryouna couldn’t have sounded happier with her treatment.

“I-I didn’t…”

Ryoubi tried to calm herself down, realizing she was more than a little ticked off with herself for how she’d treated the girl. Her temper had always been fierce, but, having no idea what else Haruka had been up to with her, she couldn’t help but feel an intense pang of guilt over her own treatment of the blonde.

Resolving to not let her fire get the better of her, Ryoubi shook her head, bit her lip, and knelt down by the girl, then gently rested a hand on her head.

“Sorry, Ryouna.” she said, smiling softly. “I don’t hate you, or think you’re trash, or any of that. I get heated too damn easily, and I was pretty surprised to hear about...all of this, but I’m not even angry with you, I promise. Hell, if I’m pissed with anyone, it’s her.” Ryoubi spat out that last word, scowling at the scientist who smiled and waved back at her pleasantly.

“Huh?” Ryouna piped up, her voice devoid of its usual giddiness, catching Ryoubi’s attention once more.

“That’s no good at all, Ryoubi! If you’re my sister, you should know better than anyone how worthless I am! I’m useless, and terrible, and a dumb mutt, and you should get suuuuuuper angry with me!”


Ryoubi twitched a little, her hand instinctively raising off the blonde’s shoulder as if merely touching her had suddenly become tremendously unappealing, like she’d infect Ryoubi and turn her just as…whatever-it-was as Ryouna.

“Yeah! That’s it! You’ve gotta feel like everything about me is worthless and disgusting~!” Ryouna beamed, her good mood instantly renewed.

“Look, I don’t-”

Ryouna pouted, prompting Ryoubi to quickly adjust what she was about to say.

“Just, gimme a sec while I give Haruka hell, OK?”


“What exactly would you want to give me trouble for, hmm?”

“For...for doing all this shit, Haruka!”

“Please, all I did was give you a very enthusiastic sister! I wouldn’t have expected you to turn your nose up at her just for her particular...interests...”

“It’s not that, dumbass!” Ryoubi huffed. “I’m just pissed ‘cause you can’ can’t just…”

She looked down at Ryouna, pausing at the sight of her giddy smiling face.

“Just what?”

Ryoubi bit her lip.

She didn’t know what she could say that wouldn’t seem dismissive of Ryouna, and not in a way she thought she’d be into.

“You and I are family, no? In fact, you’d call everyone in this house family, wouldn’t you?” Haruka asked.

“Yeah, of course I friggin’ would! You don’t even need to ask. You know that.”

“I do~! You, me, every single one of us in this house, we’re all so very important to each other. And our family grows all the time, and not once have you rejected anyone who’s turned up to live with us.”

Ryoubi clenched her teeth, realizing exactly what Haruka was getting at, and seeing exactly how misguided her anger had been.

“So, she’s staying with us, then?”

“I imagine you’d give me hell if I put her out on the street, no?”

“You’re damn right I would!”

Ryoubi managed to smile at that, her cockiness returning with little difficulty.

“Same DNA or not, if Ryouna’s living with us, then...then she’s family, no matter what.

So maybe she’s a dumbass, and she wants to be called a worthless mutt or whatever the fuck, but she’s my sister. Even if I just met her, I’m gonna treat her like it,” Ryoubi grinned, speaking without a lick of insincerity.

“Hauuuu! Ryoubi knows I’m worthless! She knows I’m terrible garbage!”

Ryouna picked herself up, and hugged her sister’s legs once more.

“H-hey! Calm the fuck down! You start going to town on my legs or some shit and we’re sticking you in a doghouse, got that?” Ryoubi spat, surprisingly pleased to see her sister light up at the scolding.

“Ufufu~ What a wonderful pair you two make,” Haruka purred, pleased that this particular experiment had become an incredible success. “I just know that, in your hands, Ryouna’s going to be a very happy bitch.”

Ryouna let out another delighted squeal, happier than she ever could've possibly seen herself being when she shyly left her apartment earlier that day.


“Eheheee, you’re such a good doggie!” Minori giggled, rubbing Ryouna’s belly as she lay on the floor, holding up her hands like paws.

“Wan wan~!”

She simply yapped in response. She’d have objected to being described as “good” if she could, but she was a simple mutt, so human speech was above her.

“So, uhhh…”

Homura stared wide-eyed at the mutt, whose particularly skimpy panties were very proudly on display. She wasn’t quite sure what to make of her, but at least she, and Minori, seemed to be having a good time.

“What’s up, Ryoubi? She, uhh…she a friend of yours?”

“Whatever the hell you’re thinking…” Ryoubi started, grumbling as she rubbed at her temple. It would be incredibly difficult, but she wanted to at least try and stay calm while she explained the situation to all the other girls she lived with. “...Just keep it to yourself for a damn second, got it?”

She wasn’t doing a particularly good job.

“I wasn’t gonna say a thing!” Homura protested.

“Now now, calm down Homura.” Asuka said, smiling as she gently rested her hand on her wife’s.

“But I really wasn’t-!”

Asuka knew Homura would quickly grow obstinate if she kept this up, and that that would only tick off Ryoubi even further. So she planted a kiss on Homura’s cheek, quickly reducing her shouts to a tiny, adorably flustered grumble.

“Love you, Asuka…”

“You too, darling...”

Confident she’d quelled a potential fire, she turned her attention back to Ryoubi, still smiling.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk about?”

Ryoubi nodded at Asuka, and mouthed a silent, “thank you,” while Minori continued to happily play with what was, as far as she was concerned, her new pet.

“Look, this is kinda difficult to say,” she began,before getting ticked off by the sight of Haruka smirking at her from across the room, right next to a giddily smiling Katsuragi, who seemed to know exactly where this was going.

“Ahhhh, screw it! What the fuck am I acting all demure for?!” Ryoubi yelled before gesturing at her sister.

“See this mutt?!” she asked. “This is Ryouna! And I know you’re probably all thinking a million shitty things about her considering her...everything…

But she’s my sister, got that?! And if you want any damn proof, just look into her eyes. She’s a friggin’ stupid bitch, but it’ll still be clear as day that we’re family.”

“Stu~pid bitch!” the mutt barked, apparently learning just enough human speech to gleefully insult herself.

Most of the girls looked more than a little surprised by Ryoubi’s words, to say nothing of Ryouna’s, but nobody said anything, deciding it was best to let them let everything out first.

“She’s gonna live here from now on, and if anyone has a problem with that, or her, or any-fucking-thing, you’re gonna have to take it up with me, got that?” he growled.

“Ahaha, no need to get so heated!” Yozakura said, smiling softly. “You know we’d never have any problem with-”

“But if you diiiid~” Ryouna started yapping, picking herself up just enough to look at all the other girls, her heterochromia making itself known to everyone else in the house, “you don’t have to take it up with big sis! You can just take it out on me! Let out all your frustrations, tell me I’m a stu~pid, worth~less waste of space!

Spank me, kick me, spit on me! Do whatever you want, and make it hurt!”

“Y-yeah?” Yozakura stammered, not quite ready for the barrage she’d just received.

“Yeah! Don’t show me aaaany mer-”

“Shut up, dumbass!” Ryoubi snarled, giving her sister’s ass a far-too-firm slap.


“Puppy!” Minori cried out, hugging Ryouna tight and petting her head gently.

“Don’t worry, it felt su~per good!” Ryouna grinned, giving in to the smaller girl’s embrace.

As Ryouna’s words all but left her once more, giving way to a series of whines and barks which Minori happily giggled at, Ryoubi went back to addressing the room.

“Look, I know how weird this has gotta seem, but all this stuff makes her really happy, so if you’re comfortable with it, just...I dunno, try to do stuff like what she mentioned. If you’re not, toss her to me, or Haruka, or someone, and we’ll take care of things. She’s not exactly high maintenance; spank her ass and call her a mutt and she’ll be satisfied.”

Trying to fight back a blush, Ryoubi cleared her throat, waiting for anyone else to speak.

“Damn, hottie, you shoulda told us you had a sister! Especially one as hot as her! And, damn, she’s bigger than you, huh?”

“Fuck off, Kat! You know that’s not...always true…

And look, we only just met, so it’s not like I’ve been friggin’ hiding her!”

“Oh-ho?” Kat said, grinning as all sorts of incredible ideas ran through her head at the thought that someone had been brought to the house without her involvement whatsoever. Casting her gaze towards Haruka for a moment, she was all too happy to be met with a knowing smirk, before she quickly turned back to face Ryoubi.

“Well, doesn’t matter how or why she ended up here, family’s family. I’ll set her up in a room next to yours. That OK?”

“Thanks Kat, I appreciate it,” Ryoubi replied, softening for a moment.

“You don’t have to go that far!” Ryouna yapped. “I don’t need a bed or anything! You can just give me a pen outside, or a doghouse! Ohhhh, if you have a basement, you can just keep me in one of the cor-HAUUUUU~!”

Her giddy request was cut off by an even giddier howl, as Ryoubi slapped her boobs around.

“Shut up, mutt! Play with Minori!”

“Ehehe, silly puppy!” Minori giggled, going back to petting her without a care in the world.

“Give her a room, Kat, with a bed and everything.”

“Ahaha, got it!”

“I think she’s cute, honestly!” Asuka smiled, watching Ryouna and Minori playing happily.

“Her tastes are a little different, of course, but if that’s what makes Ryouna happy, then I think it’s wonderful. I’m sure we’ll all do our best to make our home a place where she can be totally at ease.”

“Gah, you’re a friggin’ angel, y’know that?” Ryoubi grimaced, touched by Asuka’s sincerity.

“Thank you!” she beamed. “But, it’s clear to all of us that, in your own way, you’re being so sweet, too, Ryoubi. You’re working hard for your sister, aren’t you?”

“Ahaha, well…” Ryoubi laughed, rubbing at her neck, flustered by the sudden compliment.

“I’m with Asuka,” Yozakura said, smiling. “We’ve all got things that we’re into, and nobody’s ever judged anyone else for any of it. We’re just not that kinda family. So, it’d be pretty darn mean of us if we acted like this was somehow a bridge too far. Ryouna’s not hurting anyone else, so nobody’s going to shame her for any of that.”

“Besides,” she added, “She and Minori seem to be getting on great already, so I just know she’ll fit right in.”

“Mmm...I wanted to say that I didn’t really get it...and maybe I still kinda don’t...” Homura piped in, her gaze cast toward the floor. “Y’know, I spent my whole life hiding myself away. I was sure that everyone’d hate me if I lived the way I wanted to...”

She picked herself up, a cocky grin soon adorning her face as she turned toward Ryoubi and her mutt of a sister.

“...But you all treated me like family without a second thought ,and put all those worries to bed, so I’m gonna do the same for you, Ryouna. You wanna be garbage? We’re gonna make you the happiest damn garbage in the world, you hear?”

Ryouna, still on the floor as Minori vigorously petted her, froze at what she just heard.

“D-did I say something wrong?” Homura asked the silent room, blinking confusedly.

The blonde, scruffy haired piece of trash was, to put it lightly, conflicted. It sounded like they’d be more than willing to treat her like the bitch she made it clear she was; to step on her, and call her garbage, and oh-so-many other wonderful things.

But they were being so damn nice about it all, too…

Ah well! Ryouna thought to herself, before letting out a happy little whine.

I’m just a stupid loser dog! And now I’m going to be every~body’s stupid loser dog!

“Haaah… Shit, I was worried I really screwed up!” Homura let out a sigh of relief as she snuggled in close to her wife, who was all too happy to wrap her up in a warm, soft hug.

“Ahaha, you’re a dumbass, Homura,” Ryoubi laughed, buoyed by the tanned girl’s constant enthusiasm.

“Yeah, I try.”

“But, really, thank you. I owe you all so, so much.”

“You don’t owe anyone anything,” Haruka spoke, still wearing an arrogant, teasing smirk. “Besides, I’m sure Ryouna here will provide us all with more than enough entertainment to make up for any hardships that could ever arise.”

“Yeah!” Kat cried out, standing up and drawing everyone’s attention.

“This is gonna be everyone’s house no matter what! There are no fees, or conditions, or any of that crap! If you’re happy, I’m happy, and, if you’re not, then I know we’ll all be here to pick each other up and get a smile back on your face!”

“Damn, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you even try to be sweet!” Ryoubi mocked. “You almost sound admirable, Kat.”

“And, God, having fun with a pair of sisters sounds so damn good! Uhuhuhu, my bed’s been feeling awfully lonely lately, y’know? Oh, and I don’t even mind if she sheds! My bed’s open for aaanybody!”

“Yeah, that’s more like it…” Ryoubi sighed, though she smiled at Katsuragi instantly going back to her usual, predictable self, and continued grinning, even as Katsuragi joined Minori and started petting Ryouna.

Though, Katsuragi’s pet’s were far lower on her body…

I think this will work out after all… the two sisters thought in unison, their similar expressions not going unnoticed by Haruka, who couldn’t help but grin in satisfaction at her efforts.


“So, my sweet little Ryoubi…” Haruka purred, moving in a little closer as the two of them strolled through the largely empty park, “you seem to be adjusting well.”

“Cut the ‘little’ crap, or pretty soon there won’t be a damn thing about me that’s small,” she snapped, glaring at the soft chuckle that came from Haruka’s lips.

“Nothing but that temper of yours, at the least. If anything, I’d say you’ve been more fiery than ever!”

“Yeah, well, someone seems to like that, so I guess it’s kinda stuck. Friggin’ pain in the ass.”

Ryoubi ignored the excited whine she heard at that, and proceeded to talk right over it.

“But, yeah, if you mean that I’m adjusting to having Ryouna around, things are going well. Took a bit, of course. Damn mutt kept me up all night the first few days she was with us, but she’s a good girl, as much as she hates to hear that. I...y’know, I guess I love the stupid bitch. We complement each other well.”

Despite the anger, she seems to be smiling a little more as of late… Haruka noted, with a smile as she observed that, even through the insults, Ryoubi wore an upbeat grin as she spoke.

“Hey, mind if we take a seat for a little while?” Ryoubi asked, pointing to a nearby bench. “I just wanna make sure I get everything out right.”

Haruka simply nodded, and the two of them slowly made their way to the bench, Ryoubi tightly clutching the leash in her hand all the while.

“Is something the matter?” Haruka asked, softly patting at her thighs. “If it puts your mind at ease, you could always rest your head here, you know~? I’ve heard I’m a very comforting presence.”

“Who the fuck…?” Ryoubi mumbled, swallowing her question just a little later than she’d have liked to.

“Hibari,” Haruka answered, not bothered by Ryoubi’s phrasing in the least. “Yagyu says I put her on edge, but I think she likes the thrill of it all~ Even she won’t stop telling me how soft I am when she puts her inhibitions aside. Oh, there’s also your sister, of course. Though I provide her with a veeery different kind of comfort.”

“Yeah yeah…

But I guess I wanted to ask: why me? I don’t need to know what you did to her, mind you. As far as I’m concerned, she’s my sister and she’s always been, but you said you...did something with my DNA that made her that way, right? So, why mine, and not anyone else’s?”

“Ahaha, are you sure you’d like to know?” Haruka giggled. She knew she wouldn’t like the answer.

“Mm. If you don’t mind telling me, that is.”

“No, no, it’s no trouble at all! Quite simply, I’m fascinated by those breasts of yours,” Haruka said, smirking as she gently poked at her nipple.

“What the fuck, Haruka?!” she yelped, moving her hands over her chest. “What, you wanted to make her...small?”

She said the last word so softly it was practically inaudible, though Haruka knew exactly what she was saying.

“Only part of the time!”

Haruka punctuated her admission with a playful wink.

“But, I just find it incredible how drastically your body changes based on arousal. You go from being so cute and perky to picking up so much volume you almost give me a run for my money! I wanted to see if I could transfer that delightful little quirk to someone else, that’s all.”

“That’s really it?!”

“I am rather partial to your eyes, as well!” Haruka offered.

“Guh, you’re almost as pathetic as Ryouna…” she grumbled.

There was a soft giggle by her feet, but both girls completely ignored it.

“Besides, if you wanted to test that, you couldn’t have picked a worse person for it. I don’t think the mutt’s ever not been turned on. She’s excited every second of every minute of every friggin’ day.”

“Ahaha, my plan was flawed in some respects, yes. I’ve thought that myself, actually. Though, at this point, I honestly hope she doesn’t ever lose that delightfully pathetic side of her, even if it does mean I’d be proven right.”

“Yeah, look, I...I don’t wanna know if it worked either. She’s a piece of trash but, I dunno…”

Ryoubi shook her head for a moment before smiling once more.

“I want her to keep feeling this damn good. I never want her to be anything other than herself.”

“Indeed. Besides, I can hardly claim my experiment wasn’t a wonderful success in so many other ways.”


“I also rather admire how fiery you are; how much you liven up any room you’re in. I suppose that’s what I really wanted Ryouna to be: someone who would never stop being spirited.”

Ryoubi chuckled to herself at that, and smiled softly at Haruka as she picked herself up from the bench and brushed off her skirt.

“Yeah, that’s one part you got very right,” she said, holding out a hand to help up Haruka, who took it with a smile.

As if a switch had been flipped, her smile very suddenly gave way to an aggressive scowl, and she tugged firmly on the leash in her hand.

“Oi! dumbass! We’re going!”

“Wan wan~!”

Ryouna, who was laying on the floor by their feet, barked happily, her belly turned toward the sky.

“Too stupid to understand human speak today? Is that what I’m dealing with, huh?”

Her sister just let out a playful howl in response.

“Heh,” Ryoubi chuckled, amused despite herself by her sister’s embarrassing behaviour.

For as little as she herself understood it, there was almost something admirable about how she lived quite as openly as she did.

“Whatever, stupid bitch. You’re at least smart enough to walk, right?”

The doggy tail she so proudly wore, even in full, public view, struggled valiantly against her skirt and wagged faster and faster as she picked herself up and started “walking”—on all fours, of course—along with them.

“Careful, Ryoubi,” Haruka teased. “That’s the third one I’ve made for her since she moved in. If she breaks any more, she’ll be severely punished for it.”

She leaned in closer to Ryouna as she spoke, which, as expected, made the tail wag faster yet.

“Such a shame Ryoubi objected so strongly to the outfit I’d picked out for you. Now that would have been truly exciting...”

“It wasn’t my veto,” Ryoubi interjected. “Dumbass here said it’d be more embarrassing for her if she wore normal clothes, besides the tail. Said some shit about how if people saw her in normal clothes, they’d think she was ‘some poor, sweet girl who’d fallen from grace and become a stupid useless piece of trash.’ I dunno. She wants what she wants.”

“Yeah! It’s like gap moe!” Ryouna spoke up. “But, instead of that, people might think I’m at least a little decent before they really see what’s going on! Then they’ll all glare at me and think I’m awwwwwful~!”

“Oh, finally learned how to form words?”

“Uh-huh! Just for a little bit, sis! Then you can go back to treating me like a stu~pid mutt!”

“Well, that won’t be hard,” Ryoubi spat, grinning. “You’re always a worthless mutt, no matter what.”

“Wan wan~!” she happily yapped.

“So, what’d you wanna say?”

“I wanted to tell you that I love you both tons!”

Ryouna, sitting on her hands and knees on the sidewalk, wore such a warm smile that, for a brief instant, Ryoubi forgot exactly what kind of person her sister was.

It was a very brief moment, of course.

“Ahaha, friggin’ stupid mutt,” Ryoubi laughed.

“Is that so?” Haruka asked, smiling. “Not that—and don’t let this get to your head—we don’t love you as well, but why the sudden sweetness? It’s quite the jarring change of pace for you.”

“Yeah, I love you, too, Ryouna. Not that you wanna hear that from me, right?”

“Hmmmm…” Ryouna pondered, trying to scratch at her ear with her foot like the bitch she was.

“This kind of affection feels sorta weird, but I guess it’s not the worst!

But, really, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for everything! My life was so boring and quiet before I met you, but now I’ve got an amazing sister and a really wonderful family! Every day’s been so much fun!” she yapped.

“Ahaha, I didn’t do a thing, mutt! That’s all on Haruka.”

“Nuh-uh! Mistress Haruka’s amazing, too, but you were so cool telling everyone in the house all about me and sticking up for was so nice to see!”


Ryoubi’s voice dropped, surprisingly touched by her sister’s sincerity.

“And it got them all to see that I’m aw~ful, use~less, garbage! That’s the most important part of all!”

“Stupid fucking mutt…” she sighed, given a very sudden reminder that this was still, undeniably, her sister.

“Indeed, she’s quite the wonderful big sister, isn’t she?” Haruka pressed, wearing a teasing smirk.

“Uh-huh! She knows exactly how to get me really, rea~lly excited~!

So, thank you both soooo much! I didn’t think I’d ever get to really show the world how much of a bitch I am, but now everyone sees me for me!”

“Of course, Ryouna,” Ryoubi said, smiling as she leaned down and gently petted her sister’s head. “I’ve always got your back, got that? If you wanna be treated like this, I’ll always do everything I can to make sure you’re happy, every single day.”

“And I as well, of course. You may be a mixed-up mutt, but you’re ours,” Haruka added, knowing the emphasis would excita Ryouna to no end.

“So, let’s get going, huh?” Ryoubi asked, stretching out her tired limbs and yawning. “Dinner should be ready soon.”

“Ohhh! If we get there fast enough, can you use me as a chair again?! Your fat butt on my back was amazing, sis!”

Ryoubi’s smile gave way to an extremely harsh glare.

“Who the hell gave you permission to speak, huh, dumbass?!” she shouted, for the whole park to hear. “You’d better beg really fucking hard, mutt, or my ‘fat butt’ isn’t going anywhere near you! You got that?”

“Hauuuuuu~!” Ryouna howled, holding up her hands like paws.

What a perfect pair, Haruka thought, smiling as she walked behind the sisters and joined them in ignoring all the stares they were getting.

Although, as they neared the exit, she couldn’t help but notice the juices running down Ryouna’s thighs, glistening the twilight and revealing that, of course, she was all too aware of all the attention they’d drawn.

And she couldn’t have been happier for it.