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Do You Love Being Your Mom and Having Two Very Loving Party Members?

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Ugh...I’ve got a bad feeling about this, Wise thought as she trudged through the thick of the woods, making sure to stay within arms’ reach of the rest of her party so that none of them got lost as the trees closed in all around them.

As for the bad feeling weighing down her every step, she could have listed any number of reasons for why that was the case.

The first was walking right alongside her. No matter what the people running the game wanted to insist, there was no way Masato filled the role of “hero” in the least, his presence inspiring not even the least bit of confidence when faced with even the smallest hint of adversity. Were it not almost perfectly appropriate for the ramshackle game they were stuck in, she’d have believed he’d given the title to himself.

And all of that was to say nothing of his mother complex, which was so severe that it may as well have been the fifth member of their group.

The second reason was the aforementioned target of Masato’s mother complex: his mother, Mamako. She was nice enough, as far as moms go, and certainly a fair shake better than her own, but Wise couldn’t help but be uneasy around just how endlessly positive she always seemed to be. For as kind as she was, Wise couldn’t help but wonder if there was something else there. Even if there wasn’t, though, Mamako undoubtedly marched to the beat of her own drum, and, while she normally couldn’t seem to care less about the more RPG-centric aspects of the world they’d been brought too, Mamako had been unsettlingly determined since hearing the true nature of their quest to investigate the disturbances around town.

The biggest reason that a knot had tied itself tightly in Wise’s stomach, though, was definitely because the cause of the disappearances they were tasked to solve was, it had become clear, very obviously her own mother.

Or, at least, whatever it was her mother was masquerading as now, which was the addendum to her list of worries. It was bad enough having people meet your mother, but when they have to really meet you mother, to see her more carnal desires…

Wise shuddered, hoping against hope that she was wrong about her mother actually being what was waiting for them in the forest.

It didn’t help that the forest was eerily silent, either, with the only sounds filling the void being their feet packing down dirt and snapping twigs as they went deeper and deeper inside.

“ much further are we going to have to go?” Porta whined, clinging tight to Mamako, who pet her head reassuringly.

“Now, now, I’m sure it’s not too much longer, dear,” Mamako consoled, quite literally glowing with love as she lit their way through the trees.

“Guess it fits for someone calling themselves the ‘Queen of the Night’ to be in the darkest part of the forest,” Masato quipped.

Though she’d long since accepted that the Queen of the Night, as she was called by the villagers, was her mother, hearing it from Masato’s mouth made her hate the name, and him, even more.

“Yeah, well, talking about it ain’t gonna get us there any faster,” Wise snipped, picking up her pace to leave Masato in the rear. “And us chatting so loud is just going to give away that we’re coming,” she added, as the group pushed through to the end of a particularly dense thicket.

“Indeed it will, my little Genya,” a throaty voice, laced with forced eroticism answered, punctuated by a throaty, smokey laugh.

Wise’s stomach unknotted itself, flipped over, and knotted up again at the mention of her real name in a voice that was still familiar enough to send a shiver down her spine.

Ah, crap...

Her stomach then decided to imitate a washing machine’s spin cycle as no one in her party said a word, making the forest’s silence somehow even more deafening than before and completely destroying what little resolve she had mustered for when she had to see her mother again.

“H-hi, Mom,” Wise offered, with a sigh.

“Th-that’s your mom?” Masato sputtered, looking back and forth between the short, twintailed redhead to his side and the tall, purple-haired demon in front of him.

Were it up to wise, she’d add “silicone-ladden,” “spray-tanned,” and “clown,” to that list of adjectives.

But, to each their own.

The most striking thing about the Queen of the Night was no part of her body, though. No, the thing that had Mamako covering Porta’s eyes and made it easier for Masato to focus on the heaving chest the Queen so readily displayed was the throne of half-nude NPCs that she was sitting on, each one of a similar, slightly-chiseled build, and each one wearing a smile on their pretty-boy faces that was just a little fake and sad.

She had a type, unfortunately.

“Look, I don’t wanna hear it from you!” Wise snapped, glaring at the hero.

“Yeah, my mom’s got horns and sits on some musclehead boytoys! That’s her! At least I’m not rushing off to go take a nap on her thighs every time something goes wrong like a certain good wittle boy!” she yelled, her face pressing closer to Masato’s, ready for a full-on argument.

“Th-that’s not-”

Masato’s protests at Wise hitting the nail on the head were interrupted by a fireball shooting through the small space between their faces, leaving their noses singed and tingling from heat as the projectile slammed into the ground, vaporizing any surrounding brush before being extinguished by the cold earth.

“Children, must you always be so tiring?” Wise’s mom tutted, drumming her fingers impatiently against one of the NPCs’ biceps.

For a moment, there was silence, and then another fireball, in the form of Wise’s twintails twirling around to stare down the Queen of the Night.

“Are you kidding me?!” Wise screamed, rubbing the soot off her nose. “We haven’t seen each other in how long and you try to off me with a spell?!”

“Oh, calm down, Genya! It’s not like you’d actually die…” her mom sighed, rolling her eyes. “Children are always so dramatic…”

“Besides,” she continued, uncrossing and recrossing her legs in a very slow, very deliberate way that made Wise almost retch, and clearly drew in too much of Masato’s attention, “you’re the one who’s brought such a...quaint...little party with you to see me. It hardly gives the impression that you want any sort of reconciliation at all, dear.”

“Why the hell would I want to patch things up with you?!” Wise spat. “You’re the one who came to me spouting off some nonsense about reconciliation when you roped us into this, as though sucking me into a computer game would somehow make up for all the times you ditched me to hit up host clubs! And then, what happens when we get here? You just do the same damn thing, only this time you’ve abducted your boytoys to make a throne for yourself!”

“I’ll have you know, I’ve never ‘abducted’ anyone. These ‘boytoys,’ as you call them, are here entirely of their own volition,” her mother corrected, looking faux-offended and obviously bored.

“Are they?” Masato piped up, his grip on the sword at his side faltering.

Are you kidding me?! You’re fine with that weak-ass excuse?!

“Of course! I manipulated their AI myself, afterall. It wouldn’t do me any good to have them hate their true purpose in life!”

“That doesn’t sound any better…” Mamako murmured from the back, voicing everyone else’s thoughts.

Except, of course, for Porta, who could only imagine what a “boytoy” was.

“What?! Your big argument is it’s not kidnapping because you brainwashed them first?!” Wise screamed back.

“Oh, come off it, Genya! It’s not like they’re people!”

“So, you wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t NPCs?” Wise asked, narrowing her eyebrows.

The forest was silenced again, her mother’s only response being an even slower, even more deliberate uncrossing and crossing of her legs, an encore performance that, Wise noticed, Masato was all too eager to rewatch.

Come the fuck on, you damn pervert!

Wise wasn’t sure who she wanted to kill more.

“I just think you’re really showing how ungrateful you truly are, Genya.” her mother finally said, as though it explained everything that could possibly be asked about their current situation..

“Excuse me?!” Wise indignantly cried out.

“Well, it seems like I can’t win with you at all! I mean, you and your father complained to no end when I’d spend money on Genya—the good one—at the host club. But, here, I can get as many hunks as I want, and I don’t have to spend a single cent to do it!”

Wise gritted her teeth, trying to ignore a particularly infuriating parental parenthetical, and instead decided to focus on the more mundane, simply irritating remarks.

“You can’t do that, Mom! You can’t just change everything about yourself, call yourself a queen, pretend I don’t exist, and force this whole damn world to bend to your desires!” she yelled, answering a nagging question both Masato and Mamako had about why the Queen of the Night looked the way she did in the process.

“Says who?!” her mother retorted in an equally indignant, challenging voice.

“Shirase, apparently! You’ve gone and made such a big stink that you’ve got the government that’s running this sending people after you, Mom! I know this is just a game, but isn’t that a bit much, even for you?”

“Please...there’s nothing that pencil-pusher can do to me! I’m invincible here! And, even if she could, I’ve put up with far worse from debt collectors in real life!”

“Mom, you could end up in jail over this!”

“Wait, could she really?” Masato asked, instantly ruining Wise’s bluff.

“Of course not, you idiot!” both Wise and her mother yelled back, both of them only getting more heated at their shared response.

“My ‘lovely’ daughter is simply lying to do what all children do best: hold their parents back.”

“Wait-” Mamako tried to interject, only to get cut off by Wise.

“I what?!

“You heard me, Genya! Ever since the moment I pushed you out of me, it’s been one thing after the other with you. Clean me, feed me, hug me, buy me clothes, and toys, help me with my homework, don’t spend so much time at the host club… Just one demand after the other, each one building up to destroy my life!” she rambled, leaving everyone completely speechless.

“All you ungrateful children want is for your parents to give up every last bit of what they enjoy, what makes them them, but I’m sick of it! You don’t even appreciate how good you have it! So, no, I don’t care if I go to jail, Genya! I’m going to take my happiness back, and there’s nothing you, or anyone else, can do to stop me!”

“Ungrateful?!,” Wise snapped, her voice rising to match her mother’s anger. “What, was I supposed to thank you for all the times you missed a school play because you were too hungover from drinking at the host club?! Should have gotten on my hands and knees whenever you’d toss me a convenience store dinner and say you couldn’t cook because the heat from the stove would ruin your makeup? Were dad and I supposed to just overlook that you were too busy with Genya—the host—to go to Genya—your daughter’s—parent-teacher conference? And, come on, we both know you’ve never even once tried to help me with my homework!

Yeah, maybe I don’t have it the worst, but I don’t think you, of all people, can even begin to say I’ve had it good! Especially not when you rope your daughter into some government-run game to try and pay off your host club debts! All you’re doing is what you’ve always done: run away from your problems, without caring how many new ones you make or how many people you hurt in the process!”

“W-Wise…” Mamako whispered, taken aback by her passionate outburst.

“I’ve had quite enough of this! If you can’t appreciate everything I’ve done for you, everything I’ve sacrificed, then so be it. I’ll just take it all back.” the Queen of the Night snarled.

Before Wise could even think to ask what her mother was rambling about now, her vision started to blur, and her world span violently for a moment before abruptly snapping to a halt.

When things had settled, Wise could only blink in disbelief at what she saw, convinced it had to be some kind of weird hallucination, that maybe another fireball had passed by her face and the heat had made her delirious this time.

There was simply no way that she could suddenly be staring at herself standing next to Masato.

What in the world...?

Her confusion only grew, as she saw her own head turn and her own mouth start to move, knowing that she was telling her body to do neither.

“I’ve had it with her,” Wise heard her own voice say, in a tone that was strangely pouty, almost needy. “There’s no reasoning with that, Come on, boy, let’s go.”

Wait, “boy?” Why would I ever call Masato “boy?”

Wise wanted to yell out, to say that something was wrong, but, try as she might, she couldn’t force herself to move, to even turn her head, or squeak out even the slightest hint of a voice. Whatever had happened left her a completely neutral observer.

That didn’t stop her, of course, from screaming in her head as she watched her body cozy up to Masato, wrap her arms around one of his, and press her chest against his arm.

Why the hell do I look disappointed?! And why the fuck does he look disappointed?! Don’t try and save it by blushing, you damn virgin!

“B-but what about the disappearances? Mrs. Shirase sent us here to stop her and bring everyone back...” the hero sputtered, filling Wise with the briefest semblance of appreciation.

Yes! Finally, that thick head of yours held onto something important!

It was short-lived.

“You heard her,” Wise’s body said, snuggling up even closer against Masato and looking up at him with wide, endlessly blue eyes. “Those NPCs have chosen to be with her, so there’s no crime for us to solve, right? Besides, we have more important things we could be doing right now back at the hot spring, don’t we, boy?” she asked, a slender hand wrapping around Masato’s wrist and guiding his hand until it rested on her upper thigh, practically under her skirt.

Wise screamed so loud that, had she been able to give her feelings a voice, she was certain she’d have deafened herself and everyone around her.

Unfortunately, though, her voice was still sealed, and no one heard her objections to how incredibly forward her body was being.

C-come on! It’s obvious something’s wrong here, right? Right, Masato?! Come on!

Wise watched her body trip on nothing, sending Masato’s hand even further up her skirt while her hand brushed against his crotch, and watched in real-time as every doubt, every inhibition, and every trace of heroism Masato ever had the right to lay claim to left his body.

“Ehehe...oopsies! I’m such a klutz~” Wise’s body said, in a voice that couldn’t be more fake.

The buffoon tried to stutter out a response, before awkwardly nodding, turning away from the group without a word, and shuffling away, using his free hand to cover the very obvious stain from his very obvious erection..

“M-Ma-kun?! Honey, where are you going?” Mamako yelled out, her voice full of confusion as her son brazenly left her behind in the dark forest at night.

“Masato, what about the villagers? You can’t just let them down!” Porta cried after them, not understanding in the slightest why the situation had changed so suddenly.

Their pleas fell on deaf ears, though, as Masato didn’t so much turn his head to acknowledge them.

Wise’s body, however, did, and turned to deliver a confident, victorious smirk, seemingly right at Wise, before heading off into the night.

I can’t fucking believe it…

Wise’s disbelief was almost insurmountable as she started to feel the vague suggestion of limbs returning to her.

This has to be some kind of joke, right?

Her voice wasn’t quite there yet, but, with some effort, Wise was able to push her head down, to look at her body, despite how heavy and strange it still felt, and the sight of it instantly knotted her stomach all over again.

She wasn’t sure what she’d expected, having already seen her own body wander off into the night with Masato to do-

Don’t think about it, don’t think about it, don’tthinkaboutit!

Maybe she’d thought she’d see a spectral limb, translucent with a blue tint, but even that would be better than the slender, tanned arm tipped with obnoxiously-long and obviously-fake purple nails that she did see.

“Shit,” Wise murmured, her voice finally working again. She couldn’t even celebrate that, though, as the smokey, overly-erotic voice she’d come to despise over the past five minutes filled her ears, and cause a vein to pop on her forehead.

No fuckin’ way…

Her complaints caught in her throat as she looked down further, her feelings growing complicated at the sight of a deep valley of brown cleavage held back by a low-cut, purple dress that was obviously a couple sizes too large for the heaving chest it claimed to support.

I...I certainly can’t complain much about these…

She found her anger again, though, as she looked even further down, under the long legs that, she had to admit, she could see the appeal in uncrossing and crossing, and saw the chiseled, toned bodies that she was using as a chair.

“Oh come the fuck on!” Wise screamed, hopping off of her throne of men. She was so loud that she sent the birds nestled up in their nests for the night flying from the trees, and instantly drew the attention of Mamako and Porta, who finally gave up on calling out for Masato.

“U-uhm…” Porta stuttered, a distressed look painted across her face as she fretted in place.

Mamako, meanwhile, pouted intensely at Wise and covered Porta’s ears.

“Please, it’s bad enough you have to dress so indecently, but I have to ask that you draw the line somewhere! Swearing around children gets Mommy hopping mad!”

Wise bit her tongue, trying to collect herself, and think how to even begin to explain what seemed to have happened to Mamako, who, generally speaking, was frustratingly slow with things like this.

“Believe me, Mamako, I’d never choose to dress like this, not in a million years!” Wise yelled back.

She wasn’t off to a good start.

“And what the he-ck,” Wise’s voice faltered, trying to censor herself at Mamako’s request, “are you all doing here still?!” she screamed, turning to the half-naked NPCs, who were still smiling like absolute idiots at her. “Go on, get! Go chase after her for all I care!”

Wise shooed away the NPC boytoys, who obediently fled off into the forest in the same direction as Masato and Wise’s body, with Mamako’s hands quickly shooting up to cover Porta’s eyes as they passed by.

“Mommy’s a little confused…” Mamako muttered, her cheeks still slightly puffed into a pout.

Wise sighed heavily, and almost impaled her hand on one of the sharp, black horns on the side of her face as she went to brush her bangs out of her eyes.

Really, mom? These are totally overkill...

“It’s me, Mamako. Wise. Or, Genya,” she explained, sighing heavily, “ I guess, but I really don’t like being called that.”

“B-but Wise went off into the forest with Masato! Y-you’re not gonna trick us that easily, Queen of the Night!” Porta said, gritting her teeth and looking more adorable than intimidating, especially as she pointed a finger straight out in front of her, where Wise definitely wasn’t.

“Ma-kun… I really thought he was a better boy than that…” Mamako lamented, nearly sobbing as she finally lifted her hands from Porta’s eyes.

“Yeah, even I did,” Wise grumbled, folding her arms across her chest in some attempt to hide the embarrassingly low cut of her dress. “But, listen, and I need you to really focus on what I’m saying, alright? I’m...I’ I’m Wise. I-I know you just saw Wise walking away with your Masato, Mamako, but that wasn’t me, because I’ve been here the whole time and-”

Graah, none of this is making any sense!

“This is too confusing!” Wise groaned.

Any attempt she’d made at modesty went out the window as she started stomping the ground, fulling embracing the frustration inside of her, as her considerable chest bounced up and down, threatening to jiggle free every time she tried to work one of her heels out of the dirt.

“Mommy thinks she understands,” Mamako said worriedly, walking over to Wise and placing her hands on her shoulders in an attempt to calm her down. “You look like Wise’s mother but...but you’re Wise, right?”

Wise’s stomping slowly came to a halt, and she turned to face Mamako with tears welling in the corners of her sharp, sultry eyes.

“Yes! I don’t know how she did it, but I guess she must have switched our bodies!”

“Then...Wise is Wise’s mom, and Wise’s mom is Wise?” Porta asked, counting off the points on her fingers to try and keep things straight.

“So then Ma-kun didn’t know what was happening when he ran away? It was all just some part of the spell, right?” Mamako asked hopefully.

“Uhm...he...he probably didn’t know about us switching, but...well, he was definitely pitching a tent back there…”

“Oooh, I don’t think I’d want to pitch a tent out here, though. Not when there’s such a nice town with a hot spring nearby!” Porta interjected.

Mamako shot Wise a pout before the both of them turned to face the crafter with wide smiles on their faces.

“O-of course!” Wise stammered.

“That’s right, Porta! Why, Mommy thinks its a good idea if we go back to town right now while we try and figure things out!” Mamako suggested, gently taking Porta by the hand.

“W-what a great idea, Mamako!” Wise added, doing the same to Porta’s other hand, and following Mamako’s lead out of the woods.

“Ehehe, this is kinda fun! It’s dark and a little spooky, but it feels way more comfy this way than when we were coming!” Porta chirped. “Oooh, do you think we can take another bath when we get back to town? We’ve gotten pretty dirty hiking…”

“Of course, Porta!” Mamako agreed, glowing dimly as they continued to push through the trees.

Wise could tell that, as much as she was trying, her whole heart wasn’t in it.

Thinking about the body she’d found herself in, and what her actual body might be doing, she had to admit, hers wasn't, either.


“But, I don’t...wanna go to bed…” Porta protested, letting out a yawn that only reinforced Mamako’s decision to leave her at the inn the group was staying at.

“There there, it’ll be alright. Wise and I have to meet up with Mrs. Shirase, and you’ve had a long night already walking through the forest with us. You need your rest, dear.”

“What if Mrs. Shirase has something important to say, though,” Porta pouted, her puffed-up cheek pressing softly against the fluffy pillow her head was resting against as Mamako covered her with a comforter.

“I’m sure she won’t have anything to say that’s so important it can’t wait until the morning, Porta,” Mamako reassured her.

“If you say so…” Porta grumbled, pulling the covers up towards her face.

Mamako chuckled, before planting a kiss on Porta’s cheek.

“It’s sweet of you to be so concerned for us, dear, it really is. But, everything’s going to be alright. Mommy promises.”

“Okay…” Porta agreed, her drowsiness forcing out any last fight she had in her as her eyelids started to droop.

“Good girl,” Mamako giggled, extinguishing the lamp on the nightstand before tiptoeing to the door, carefully pushing it open, and slipping out into the hallway, where Wise was waiting for her.

As she saw her fidgeting in her seat against the wall, Mamako smiled sweetly at her, reminding herself that, despite how things looked, she’d just left one child to take care of another.

“Porta’s asleep, then?” Wise asked, awkwardly adjusting her legs, which were crossed firmly at the knee, as she tried to fold her arms over her chest without accentuating her cleavage any more than it already was.

“She is, yes.”

“Good. That’s...that’s good. It’s almost time for us to see Shirase, yeah?”

“It is, but…” Mamako put her finger to her mouth, pondering the woman, or, rather, the girl in front of her, “...well, how are you holding up, first, Wise?”

“I-I’m fine, yeah!” Wise sputtered, bouncing out of her chair and, regretfully, finding out that her chest bounced with her at such sudden movements.

As she frantically tried to keep her boobs in her top, Mamako decided to be more direct.

“It’s okay to be having a hard time, dear. Even if it wasn’t your own mother, and even if your relationship wasn’t...even if it was better, it would be hard getting used to suddenly being a grown woman…”

“It’’s...yeah, it kinda sucks,” Wise finally admitted, straightening out the curve-hugging dress she’d gotten no more accustomed to during their walk through the forest, having had to take multiple breaks to, as she put it, “stuff her ridiculous tits back inside.”

“I don’t know what to do with myself at all like this, honestly. The whole time I’ve been sitting here, I haven’t been able to shake how she acted back there, putting on that forced, overly-sexed-up act of hers, ya know? I’ve got that body now, and, when I look down and see,” Wise paused, swallowing back the words “my breasts” before continuing, “my legs, I don’t know if I should keep them crossed, press ‘em tight together, or just kneel on the floor like we do at breakfast to just avoid the problem altogether.

“This isn’t me…”

“It is,” Mamako said, smiling softly as she placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder. “I know it’s hard to understand or accept right now, and maybe it’s something you’ll only come to terms with when everything’s back to normal, but, underneath everything that’s changed, it’s still you, Wise. Your mother can change your body all she wants, even take it from you, but you’re still you.”

Wise looked up at Mamako, not sure what to say. Any response she could think of simply caught in her throat, her doubts struggling to surface against the pure might of the sincerity in front of her.

“But, we probably shouldn’t keep Mrs. Shirase waiting at the tavern any longer, should we? I’m sure she'll be able to tell us more about your mom. And Ma-kun…”

As Mamako started to make her way to the stairwell, Wise stood back for a moment, sorting her feelings out, best she could.

That’s right...I’m not the only one who’s lost something here…

Gaaah, come on, Wise! How can you live with yourself if all you do right now is make her worry, without doing anything at all to make her feel better?!

Get that fat, cottage-cheese ass of yours in gear and get after her!

Harnessing her frustration at herself and her anger at her mother, and turning it into determination, Wise moved herself forward, and followed after Mamako, into the night.


“I must regretfully iinform you both—as my name is ‘Shiirase’—that I have nothing I can share regarding the whereabouts of your mother and your son,” Shiirase said, turning first to Wise, and then to Mamako, before wasting no time in returning to the flagon of ale in front of her.

There was already a frown on Wise’s face from when they’d entered, painted there by the sight of Shirase—or Shiirase, as she introduced herself—looking every bit like the stereotype of a fantasy bard, the pale cleavage creeping up over the open blouse she was wearing contrasting sharply with her plain, serious face, but it only deepened at her iinformation.

“Ah...well, I suppose that’s to be expected,” Mamako said as she awkwardly traced the lip of her own glass, the sadness in her voice painfully obvious.

“Then what are we here for? Hell, there’s a mail system in this game—it’s how we got in touch with you—so why not just send us a message? Why even show up here at all?” Wise spat, glaring at the drink that had, apparently, been ordered for her, despite both of the other women at the bar knowing that she was underage.

“I can iinform you,” Shiirase said, throwing back a drink, “since that is my name, that we are doing our best to locate them. However, it has only been a few hours, and I think most would agree that too small of a timeframe to produce any worthwhile results.”

“So you haven’t seen them at all?”

“We have seen them, of course, but it seems your mother is still possessed of her system-breaking abilities, and, as such, their location hasn’t been able to be pinned down. They are, simply, moving around too much for us to do anything at the moment. Should your mother continue her activities around one, localized area like before, though, then we’ll have something to iinform you of.”

“Riight…” Wise sighed, rubbing at her temple and taking care not to impale her forearm on her horn.

“We have to wait for a rumor, like before, right? Then we can get...what was it…?

A quiz! We’ll get a quiz to find them!” Mamako said, happily clapping her hands together in accomplishment at remembering what she was certain was the right word.

“Should you prefer the iinformation to be given to you in the form of a quest, that can happily be arranged. Either way, it may take another day or two before we have anything concrete to go off of,” they were iinformed.

“Oh dear...that’s a bit too long to go without Ma-kun… And he has none of his things with him…” Mamako fretted.

“As is my namesake, I can iinform you that the Queen of the Night does seem to be taking care of your son, and is even procuring what supplies he is lacking for an extended trip.”

“Well...even in Wise’s body, she is still a mother. I’m sure she can take good care of my Ma-kun...” Mamako pondered, not sounding entirely convinced.

“Another day or two…” Wise repeated, suddenly understanding the appeal of the alcohol in front of her. “What am I supposed to do…?”

“Hmm?” Shiirase hummed, arching an eyebrow in her best imitation of an over-sexed bard and coming miles short of the mark.

“It sounds like she’s already done so much with my body—done so much as me—and now I have to somehow accept that you’re all just going to let her do more, until she finally does something big enough that you can catch her again? There’s really nothing any of you running this can do? You can’t just freeze her character, or teleport her to jail, or anything like that?!” Wise yelled at Shiirase, slamming her fist on the bar.

About the only good thing about this damn body, she thought, is that I’m sure I look exactly as pissed off as I feel right now!

“I believe I iinformed you when giving you the first quest, otherwise I’d have failed at both my name and job, that the modifications made to your mother’s character are on the account level, meaning that there is, unfortunately, nothing we can do to her. Even in a different body, that hasn’t changed. Were the game not in beta, it’s likely that we’d have more tools at our disposal—the developers are already working hard on such measures—but, for now, we have to make do with what we have and leave things in the hands of brave adventures, such as yourselves,” Shiirase answered, frowning slightly at the outburst.

“What am I supposed to do if that doesn’t happen, though? What if she never stays in one place long enough, or doesn’t do anything against the rules? Am I I supposed to stay like this?

And how does it even work when we get out of here?

Am I going to go back to my own body, or...or am I going to be stuck like this?” Wise asked, gesturing to the Queen of the Night’s body.

“Or would I be in her normal body? God, I don’t know what would be worse…

And then there’s all of her debts! Am I going to get out of here, be my mom, and suddenly have to deal with debt collectors coming after me for hanging all over boytoys at host clubs that I’ve never actually been to?”

“Wise, dear, it’s okay,” Mamako said, placing her hand on Wise’s arm. “Overthinking things isn’t going to do you any good.”

“It is my duty to iinform you,” Shiirase said, placing her hand on Wise’s other wrist and moving her hand to handle of her cup, “that Mamako is certainly correct. Please, have a drink. It will help calm you down.”

“B-but I’m underage?” Wise asked, incredulously.

“As things stand now, even with all of your mother’s modifications to her character data, there is no one who would iinform you, even if it were their job, that you are underage as you are,” Shiirase said, nodding at Wise to further encourage her. “Besides, I chose a crisp, sweet hard cider for you that should be quite agreeable, though I suspect you’d find that body capable of, if not accustomed to, far more.”

Wise blinked in disbelief, and turned to Mamako, whose cheeks were already painted a rosy pink from her wine.

“If Mrs. Shiirase says it’s okay, there’s no reason you can’t. And it is legal for children to drink with their parents, so long as it’s in moderation,” Mamako added.


Wise sighed.

Fuck it, I’ve had a long day.

What else could go wrong?

Relenting, Wise gave in, and brought the glass to her lips.

Though the scent of the apple was almost completely masked by the alcohol, as she took her first drink, she found Shiirase’s description of its taste surprisingly accurate.

Though, considering her name, maybe it shouldn’t have been that surprising at all.

It’s so warm… she thought, feeling the liquid flow down into her stomach. The sensation was strangely familiar to her, and comforted her more than she’d have imagined.

“Do you feel better now, dear?” Mamako asked, smiling sweetly at her as a flush entered Wise’s own cheeks.

“Y-yeah… You’re right, I got too paranoid. I’m sure everything’s going to be fine and I’ll get my body back soon.”

“I’m not sure about that,” Shiirase quickly quipped, her remark almost drowned as she took another swig of her ale. Slamming the flagon back on the table, Shiirase continued, louder this time, “But, going back to your earlier worries regarding your mother’s debts, that is, essentially, a non-issue. After all, part of the reason why your mother agreed to the MMMMMORPG in the first place was the heavy compensation we were offering to participants.”

That sounds like her, alright, Wise bitterly thought, her cynicism soon brightening a little as she took another drink of her cider.

Wait a second, didn’t she say something more important there?

“But, with that, I’ll iinform you, as is my obligation, that I feel we’ve exhausted every avenue of conversation we can regarding the Queen of the Night and Masato,” Shiirase said, before ordering another round of drinks for them. “However, I see no reason why the night should end here, should the two of you be alright with that.”

Wise looked at Mamako for a moment, who was smiling happily, glad to replace her empty glass with another, before realizing that, if they wanted to say she wasn’t a kid anymore, she should at least try to act that part a little better.

Eh, I’m sure it was nothing.

“Yeah...yeah, that might be nice,” Wise said, quickly finishing her first cup of cider so that she could get to the second.


“Another one?” Shiirase asked, as the barkeep NPC brought Wise another drink, this time one using whiskey as a base.

“Yeah, why not?” Wise said, her voice as warm and bubbly as she was feeling.

“To think, you were complaining about being underage not an hour ago, and now…” she kept her eyes trained on Wise, watching as she practically pounded back her latest drink with a giddy smile.

“Well, I’ll iinform you that you’ve certainly given Mamako and I some stiff competition, that’s certain.”

In truth, Wise had managed far more than just that, getting through more than twice what the other two had managed so far. Still, as fun as it was to tease her, Shiirase didn’t quite want to put an end to her streak, so she kept that information to herself.

“Mommy thinks she’s had even more than us!” Mamako remarked, cheerily sipping on her fourth glass of wine.

Mamako, however, had no such inhibitions and, as always, barrelled right on through anyone else’s to be overwhelming honestly.

“Eeeh? And what’s wrong with that?!” Wise bellowed, her words slurring slightly as her temper revealed just how deep into her cups she truly was.

Shiirase waved her hand, ready to brush away Mamako’s comment, but she was beaten to the punch by Mamako’s own hand, reaching out and ruffling Wise’s hair.

“Ufufufu, nothing at all, dear! Mommy loves a girl who’s honest about what she likes, after all,” Mamako giggled.

The shock of her words, and being petted, completely disarmed Wise, who blushed as she ordered another drink, this time choosing rum.

Oh-hoh… Shiirase thought, side-eyeing the two of them as she drank her own ale.

It seems Wise may be settling into adulthood better than anticipated...

Noticing that Wise was only growing more fidgety as Mamako, whose hand was currently hiking up Wise’s dress and caressing her brown thigh, became steadily tipsier, Shiirase decided she’d reached her stopping point for the night, and threw back the last of her drink.

“Well, then, I must iinform you that, having shared with you everything we currently know regarding your situation, and enjoyed a casual night of drinking, I will be taking my leave,” Shiirase said, standing up from the bar and putting on the garish, overly-large hat she’d kept by her stool.

“Awww, really? But it’s so early?” Mamako pouted. “Mommy hasn’t had a girls’ night out in ages…”

“Unfortunately, I have other matters I must attend to. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any developments, though. Have fun, you two...”

“Th-thanks,” Wise stammered, more than a little confused by the remark, but her hands were full with Mamako, who seemed to be demanding pets as she planted her head in Wise’s lap and looked up at her, still pouting.

Shiirase simply nodded as Wise began to stroke Mamako’s hair, only letting the smirk she’d been hiding inside show as she turned toward the door.


“It’s just so nice to finally have a woman my own age to travel around with ~” Mamako giggled, her bubbly laugh almost painfully loud as she and Wise rounded the corner to the hallway outside their room, where Porta was trying to sleep.

Your “own age” is a bit of a stretch any way you look at it, Mamako… Wise thought, unable to muster much cynicism as Mamako clung tightly to her and nuzzled a surprisingly full, soft cheek against her forearm.

Mamako continued giggling as she broke away from Wise, and did a little twirl before starting to open the door, before instantly sobering.

“Oh, dear…

Little Porta’s sleeping in there, isn’t she?” Mamako asked, a slight pout on her face.

“Y-yeah…” Wise answered, more than a little confused at Mamako’s questioning.

“But...Mommy doesn’t want to go to bed yet… Mommy was hoping the two of us could talk for a bit longer…”

Wise swallowed hard, some part of her knowing that what Mamako was talking about was definitely more involved than talking.

Of course, Wise hardly had any need for instincts to tell her that, be they her own or her mother’s. Mamako had practically been throwing herself at her for the last couple of hours now, and she was certain that, were the tavern not staffed and patronized by NPCs, the two of them would have been kicked out before Shiirase had even left.

What Wise was grappling with the most, though, as she felt her heartbeat quicken, was just how readily she wanted Mamako in return.

She’d tried to dismiss it as the sex-crazed cravings of her mother’s body running amuck at first, but, as the night had worn on, she started to doubt that the heat in her loins was entirely unrelated to her own desires, and she couldn’t deny that she felt her assuredly-skimpy panties moisten at the sight of Mamako’s pouting face in front of her.

“W-well,” Wise started to say, unable to fight back her own thirst, “we did pay for two rooms when we first got here…”

“Oh!” Mamako cheered at a considerately quiet volume as she closed the door. “That’s right! Ma-kun was going to stay there!”

Wise felt a tinge of guilt at Mamako saying her son’s name, knowing that, her own feelings aside, there seemed to be nothing else in the world even nearly as important to Mamako as Masato was.

“I guess we shouldn’t let it go to waste, then,” Mamako chirped, apparently completely unfazed.

“S-sure,” Wise agreed, turning to the door across the hall from Porta’s room, and watching as Mamako motioned for her to go in first.

I-it’s going to be okay, Wise told herself, suddenly very nervous about how much her hips swayed when she walked, certain that Mamako was also very much aware of it, too.

Mamako’s...well, she’s just about the sweetest person you’ve ever met. Hell, no “just about” about it, she flat-out is. I’m sure it’s just been awhile since she’s really gotten out like this, especially with Masato always hanging around…

No, dammit, scratch that. I’m starting to sound like my freakin’ mother.

“Oh dear, would you mind lighting the lamp?” Mamako asked, briefly clouding the room in darkness before she cracked the door open enough again to illuminate the path to the table.

“Sure thing.”

It’s just that...well, between Shiirase and me, she probably doesn’t get to hang out with other moms.

I mean, I’m not a mom, but I’m in mom’s body, so…

Aaargh, this is so damn confusing!

Wise swore some more in her head as she fumbled with the matches, the alcohol she’d downed still having a noticeable effect on her.

Though, truth be told, it was nowhere near as much she’d expected, most likely due to her mother’s modifications to her body. Afterall, she’d seen enough to know just how little it took for her mother to get sloppy and make ill-advised decisions—usually with money.

“There we go!” Wise spat, finally getting the lamp lit, filling the room with a warm, orangish light.

“Good job,” Mamako purred, her voice soft in Wise’s ear as her breath tickled against her neck.

Wise had no idea when she’d gotten that close to her, and couldn’t even begin to wonder before she felt a pair of soft, warm lips press against her ear as a pair of arms wrapped around her neck.

“H-hey, wh-what are you…?!” Wise stammered, unable to reconcile how shocked she was over what was happening and just how good it felt feeling Mamako’s body pressed against hers.

Feeling more conflicted than she ever had, Wise fought off the urge to let Mamako carry on, and stood up, trying to ignore the twinge of regret as Mamako’s grasp loosened.

“Just giving a reward to a good girl for doing a good job,” Mamako giggled, her voice still light and airy, though, as Wise moved past her towards the bed, she could still smell the wine on her breath.

I wonder if her lips...still taste like it…?

Wise didn’t have to wait very long, though, as Mamako wasted no time in clearing the distance between them, approaching Wise with a ferocity she hadn’t even seen her show towards the monsters that had attacked them as she pushed her down to the bed, and wrapped her lips around Wise’s own.

S-soft! Sweet!

The scent of Mamako’s breath filled Wise’s head as their lips locked, and left her feeling tipsier than any of her drinks had as she pulled away.

“But, Mommy guesses she should say ‘a good woman,’ instead,” she tittered, staring down at Wise with eyes that sent her heart beating against her chest.

She’s...she’s so close… Wise thought, staring up at Mamako with wide eyes as she suddenly became acutely aware of just how heavy she felt on top of her, despite how soft the thighs straddling her own were.

“Ma-Mamako, sh-should we really be-” Wise started to protest, until the brunette pressed one of her slender, fingers against her purple lips.

“Mommy will stop if you want her to,” she started to say, surprising Wise with just how sincere her voice and expression looked, “but...Mommy’s itching to go…”

As Mamako finished her sentence, she hiked up her skirt, revealing a pair of lacy, black panties that were completely soaked through, the excess juices already starting to trail down Mamako’s milky white thighs.

Holy SHIT!

“Only if you want it, though,” Mamako repeated, letting go of her skirt, though, at that point, the image was already engraved into Wise’s mind.


Wise paused as she looked into Mamako’s thirsty, amethyst-colored eyes, and could tell just how much she was holding herself back.

“It’s’s not really me, though,” Wise continued, turning her head away as she felt the bitter feelings she still had for her mother bubble to the forefront.

Before the feelings could fester and longer, though, she felt the warmth of Mamako’s hand cradle her cheek and turn her gaze back to her.

“, it’s you that Mommy likes, Wise.”

The two women stared at each other for a second, before Mamako leaned forward, wrapping Wise’s lips in another kiss.

“Even if,” Mamako explained, pulling away for only a couple of seconds as she kissed Wise deeper and deeper, “your body-


-is different-


-it's still you.”

A thin thread of saliva snapped between their lips as Mamako pulled away.

“Maybe we got to know each other better because of what happened, but...Mommy wouldn’t have gotten like this,” Mamako paused as she grabbed Wise’s hand and pulled up to her breast, letting her feel just how stiff her nipples had gotten, “if it wasn’t you in that body. When Mommy met your mother….well, Mommy was hopping mad at how wrong she was, and how terrible she was to her own child. There’s no way I would want to be with her…”

Wise could feel how heavily Mamako was breathing and how fast her heart was beating, although all that information was hard to process over just how soft and full her breast was and how rock-hard her nipple was.

“S-so even if I...if I was…’me’ again...”

“Mommy’s thought about that body…a lot…” she admitted, her cheeks flushing, and not from the alcohol.

“You’ve always been so pretty, but this body-


-has so many-


-wonderful things too…if you’ll let Mommy show you…”

Mamako’s face hovered above WIse’s as she waited for her answer, her puffy lips, swollen from all the kissing, parted slightly.

“I’ve...I’ve thought a lot about you, too…” Wise admitted. “So…”

She nodded, and her heart skipped a beat as Mamako’s eyes lit up.

Working so deftly that Wise could hardly believe it, the brunette quickly slipped the curve-hugging, purple dress that she was wearing off of her, tossing it into the corner as WIse wondered just how that could happen when she was being straddled.

“How…” Wise murmured, only to be met by a soft chuckle above her.

“Mommy used to have a lot of fun before she settled down, you know,” Mamako giggled, her voice light and airy as her hand traveled down the curve of Wise’s collarbone and cupped her breast.

“Buuut...Mommy thinks none of it compares to you,” she said, her fingers gripping hard into the soft, yielding flesh as she leaned down for another kiss.

Sh-shit, she’s really good at this, Wise thought as Mamako’s fingers masterfully kneaded at her breasts, getting more and more eager the more they squeezed.

Is she really that into them?

“Oh!” Mamako exclaimed, pulling away to give Wise a chance to catch her breath. “Mommy’s being too greedy, isn’t she? probably haven’t even had a chance to look at this body yet, have you?”

Why would I want to? It’s just my mom’s…


She made her body this, but I guess it’s not hers, is it? At least, not the mom I remember…

Swallowing hard, Wise shyly nodded, then looked down at the large, voluminous breasts that Mamako was happily cupping, like she was the assistant on a gameshow presenting the grand prize.

It took Wise’s breath away to see just how full they looked in her hands, and how alluring the dark skin that she’d so readily degraded as being a spray tan was contrasted against Mamako’s own, pale complexion. She couldn’t speak much for how they were before, but Wise was surprised to see how natural her areolae looked, spreading out a little unevenly across her chest in a color that was far darker than she’d ever have expected—frankly, Wise was prepared to see a jarring, bright pink that contrasted far too much with the skin tone she’d chosen. Even her nipples, broad and almost-painfully protruding thanks to Mamako’s touch, weren’t what she would have thought was to her mother’s taste.

“They’re nice, don’t you think?” Mamako asked, squeezing Wise’s chest together and giving her a look at just how soft and pliable her chest was, all while sending little jolts of pleasure through her body.

“Y-yeah,” Wise breathed, watching as the brunette’s fingers sunk into her breasts.

“B-but,” she started to ask, having to fight back a moan as Mamako’s fingernails brushed against her nipples, “what about you…?”

“Oh? You want to see Mommy?” Mamako asked, taking her hands off of Wise’s chest and, instead, grabbing her hands.

Wise swallowed hard at both the hungry look in the older woman’s eyes and the sight of her breasts gently falling down against her body.

Wait, is she actually older than me like this?

“Then why don’t you help get Mommy there?” she pressed, giving Wise no time to think as she leaned forward, pressing her chest against Wise’s as she guided the thin, tanned fingers behind her, to the zipper on the back of her dress.

Holy shit, Mamako! Wise thought, her nose drowning in Mamako’s sweet scent as she stared down the luscious, pale valley in front of her. The sight was so much that she was hardly cognizant of her fingers touching the cool metal of the zipper and slowly guiding it down, gently curving over the arch of Mamako’s back.

In fact, Wise had hardly remembered to breath, only doing so once Mamako slowly raised herself back up, the hair that trailed to catch up only making the brunette look all the more mesmerizing.

“Almost there,” she chuckled, guiding Wise’s hands down to her hips.

Fuck, so that’s what they mean by child-bearing! Wise marveled, having to swallow a bit of saliva, lest she start drooling.

“Now just pull it up off Mommy,” Mamako continued, her voice far deeper and more sultry than Wise had ever heard it. “Don’t worry, Mommy will move with you.”

All Wise could do was nod as she lifted her hands up.

WIth as clumsy as everyone in their party had thought her, Wise was dumbstruck by the sight she saw next.

As Wise’s hands moved the dress up, Mamako raised her arms, and then dropped her body, a thin layer of fabric being the only thing separating the women’s skin as she slid down, her momentum making disrobing her far easier than Wise had expected.

The dress now free, Wise let it drop to the floor as she felt the weight and softness of Mamako’s breasts, only made more apparent by the stiffness of her nipples, as they brushed down to thighs.

Before she could even ask what she was doing, Wise felt a tug against her groin, and looked down to see Mamako, her head now pressed against her crotch, biting the skimpy purple thong she was wearing and deftly pulling it off of her.

“M-Mamako!” Wise gasped, completely caught off-guard, and more than a little embarrassed by the sight of her returning to her position above her, thong still between her smiling mouth.

“Just another little trick Mommy learned long ago,” Mamako chirped, letting Wise’s underwear fall to the ground.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, looking down at her body before giggling softly.

“D-do you not wear a bra?” Wise asked, certain that she’d seen her in one at some point.

“Hehe...Mommy guesses the game must have known what we were doing and taken it off for us… The same thing happened to you, too,” she offered.

Yeah, but it wouldn’t be out of character for mom to set herself up without a bra. Hell, she’d let herself poke out all the time back when she used to actually be at home…

Hey, wait a second, who the hell do they have programming this game that that’s a feature, though?! I’ve never had my bra come off with my clothes before! Is it just because of this? Or did some pervert developer code in some kind of chest size requirement?!

“Oh dear,” Mamako mused, “did you get all breathless looking at Mommy?”

Snapped away from her growing doubt in her country’s government, Wise looked up at Mamako, and could hardly even manage a nod.

She was breathtaking.

Wise had already known that, of course. She hadn’t been traveling with Mamako long, but it didn’t take much to see that there were few women, regardless of age, that could compete with her.

That was the impression she’d gotten seeing her in her regular, albeit slightly unusual, everyday life. To see her now, though, wearing only a pair of skimpy panties in the bedroom as she straddled her naked body...well, it had a slightly different effect, to say the least.

Seeing her like this, Wise wouldn’t hesitate to say that she was perfect. She knew that, by one measure, she was looking at a woman twice her age, but neither her old body nor the modified one her mother had created looked nearly as impervious to the passage of time as Mamako’s did.

Mamako was still human, though, and a mom at that. Wise could tell that gravity had pulled at her ample bosom, giving it a sag that was hardly fair to call as such. Her breasts, while not perky, were full and round, and possessed an air of heaviness to them that made them irresistible, the type of chest that hands, let alone eyes, could hardly help themselves from being drawn to. Like her own, Mamako’s areolae were broad and dark, something Wise realized was likely a result of her pregnancy, though, seeing how delicious they looked, her nipples hiding inside a pool of alluring brown, she’d never consider that a blemish. And while her smooth, milky complexion was unbroken across her body, the faintest hint of thick, blue veins were visible, though Wise couldn’t help but feel they gave her chest a sense of vitality that it would otherwise lack without.

“They’re nice, right?” Mamako asked, gently running her hands across her bosom before lifting it up slightly, and letting it fall, seemingly well-aware of just how much it would rile up the girl beneath her.

“Bu~t, yours are just as good as Mommy’s, too,” she continued, dropping her body down once more until her pale, soft breasts were smushed against Wise’s own, the contrast in skin tones creating a captivating sight, like the foamy white art on top of a dark latte. The only constant was the color of their nipples, and Wise could already feel Mamako’s starting to rise to meet hers, Mamako’s body apparently every bit as eager as Wise’s was getting.


“Yours are so-”

Wise’s compliment was cut off as Mamako wrapped her lips around hers, pale pink intertwined with deep purple. Wise gasped into Mamako’s mouth as her tongue slipped inside, her tongue dancing around her own, until Mamko pulled back, and the brief, satisfied look on her face reformed into a pout.

“Mommy wants you to appreciate how you are, Wise,” she scolded. “No matter what body you’re in, it won’t do if you can’t find the good to love.”

Looking down, it was still hard for Wise to focus on anything more than the weight she felt against her body and the woman it belonged to, but, as much as she hated to admit, she realized that the body her mother had made was no slouch either.

No matter what body, huh?

She focused on Mamako’s words as she tried to imagine what this situation would be like if she were still in her normal body: how much heavier Mamako would be on top of her, how much taller she’d be, how Wise’s smaller, perkier breasts would feel with their stiff nipples poking up into soft flesh that hid away Mamako’s own…

Wise couldn’t help but let out a contented sigh at the image. It was comforting, really, not just knowing that Mamako could see that body that way, but that Wise was able to at least think of it with that sort of enjoyment too. Maybe it really was just the Mamako’s own maternal power, but, somehow, anything put next to her seemed all the better and all the more enjoyable.

For now, though, Wise had to admit that she was thankful for the body she had, and the experiences it was giving her.

And, for Mamako’s part, she wasn’t about to let those experiences stop.

“It looks like you understand now, right?” Mamako asked, before leaning down for another kiss, her tongue striking out more aggressively than before as she sucked on Wise’s as though she wanted to eat her whole.

“Y-yeah. You can show me more…” Wise desperately breathed when she pulled away, more than ready to offer everything she had, no matter what body it was, to the older woman.

“Don’t worry,” Mamako tittered, her lips still glistening from the kiss, “Mommy will.”

“After all, with all you’ve done for Mommy, how could she not repay the favor?”

Before WIse could ask what she meant, Mamako shifted down slightly, then took hold of her hand and guided it over her breasts, past her smooth, slightly round tummy, and down into her panties. She let her hand go there, leaving Wise’s fingers to forge their own path, and gazed deep into her eyes before giving her sultry look that was equal parts inviting and challenging.

Holy shit...has Mamako always had this side to her?! Wise wondered, still absolutely thrown by the gap between the good-natured, clumsy Mamako, and the absolute fox that was now expectantly looking down at her.

Also, wow, what is this, a landing strip? I never expected Mamako to have shaved, but it’s pretty well trimmed down here… Even with us being out on the road a couple days, she’s hardly stubbly at all…

As though she could read her mind, Mamako chuckled softly and said, “Mommy works ve~ry hard to keep things clean, you know?”

“Y-yeah,” Wise said, swallowing hard.

“Why don’t you follow it a little lower?” Mamako offered, her invitation practically a purr.

Wise couldn’t help but feel nervous and out of her depth. Mamko had always been good at making Wise feel like a little girl, but in this context…

Trying not to let her doubts consume her, Wise went along with Mamako’s advice, and followed the trimmed patch of hair down between her legs to the soft, wet lips that had been staining her panties the whole time.

As her fingers brushed past Mamako’s swollen clitoris, the older woman let out a deep, throaty moan, one that seemed to catch her off guard, even though she’d led Wise to her most sensitive spot to begin with.

“Oh my…” Mamako chuckled. “It’s been so long since Mommy’s had another woman touch her there...”

“B-but you’re married, aren’t you, Mamako?” Wise asked, trying to match her hand to Mamako’s movements as she started to grind her hips, eager to feel her fingers against her lips.

“He’s always so busy,” Mamako explained, pouting.

“Ma-kun and Mommy hardly see him anymore. Besides, it’s just not the same. Your fingers are so slender, Wise. Mommy can feel them between her, all eager to come in for dinner.”

Mamako tittered as she pressed her weight down more on Wise’s hand as though, to borrow her own analogy, she was opening the door wide open for her.

Mamako is really into this, huh? Wise thought. My fingers are so wet from her, I can feel them sticking together as she rubs against me. And now she wants more? Hell, I’ve never stuck my fingers inside-

-No, scratch that, don’t worry about that! I-I’m sure everything will be fine as long as I go slow, right? I just have to curve them up and press them in, that’s all!

...I think…

Trusting that Mamako was still guiding her, Wise lifted the tips of her fingers, and heard Mamako moan again in response. She pushed up as Mamako pressed down, and she felt Mamako part for her with surprising ease, her body surrounding her fingers with a wet, warm tightness as she slid inside.

Mamako moaned at feeling Wise’s long, slender fingers churning her insides.

“Haaah, Mommy loves it… Wise is so cute, being so careful and considerate while she’s inside Mommy. But, it’s okay. You can do whate~ver you want with Mommy, darling,” Mamako reassured her as she arched her body back, guiding Wise’s fingers into a position that felt even better for her.

“But it’s not fair for Mommy to be the only one to feel good, right? Poor Wise has gotten all hungry, too…”

As Wise found herself getting a little more sure with her fingers and working to make her movements more assertive, she looked down to see Mamako’s own hand brushing over her tummy as it made its way to her crotch.

It was hard for Wise to see everything like she used to, considering how much bigger her chest was, but her view was clear enough to see that her crotch, unlike Mamako’s, was completely smooth, save the goosebumps that prickled her skin as Mamako’s fingers drew closer to her vagina.

“Such a sweet-looking flower,” Mamako commented, her touch sending a shiver deep down Wise’s spine.

“Y-yeah?” Wise panted, wondering how anything could possibly feel that good.

“Of course! But Mommy guesses Wise hasn’t seen it yet, has she?”

“N-no. I hadn’t really seen my old one, either…” Wise admitted, acutely feeling the gap in the two’s experience levels.

“Well, that just won’t do,” Mamako said, pouting as she grabbed hold of Wise’s wrist and guided her hand out of her panties.

Wise could only focus on the sticky, glistening fingers that were trailing juices down to the sheets as Mamako stood up and, in one fluid motion, took off the panties she was wearing.

Holy shit, she’s soaked! Mamako’s dripping!

Her senses were overloaded at the sight. Despite being trimmed, what pubic hair Mamako did have was damp and sticky, clumping together above her lips, which were swollen, thick, and endlessly alluring, the slight brown on the edges only serving to accentuate the rest of the pink.

She hardly even noticed that Mamako had grabbed hold of her thighs until she started to pull her body up and towards her.

“Wh-whoa!” she stammered, pressing her hands against the mattress to try and steady herself.

“There there,” Mamako reassured her. “Mommy won’t let you get hurt. She just wants you to have a clear view.

“Wh-what do you me-”

As Wise looked up at Mamako, though, her question was answered.

With her head down on the bed and her crotch up towards the ceiling, she could clearly see over her breasts, and now had a clear, unobstructed view of herself.

The first takeaway, one that was fairly obvious, was that there were no tan lines on her body at all. Wise’s mom had chosen to make her whole body that same, dark color. For some reason, though, Wise was finding it harder to be upset about the choice. She was, somehow, getting more accustomed to skin tone and, though she’d never admit, was even growing to appreciate it.

Right between her legs, though, was the “sweet-looking flower” Mamako had been in awe of. Wise wasn’t an expert on such things, and was hardly the type for romantic language, but she could vaguely see why Mamako had such a reaction to her vagina.

Crap, I’m soaked, too!

Much like Mamako, Wise’s lips were also glistening, coated with the same kind of thick juices that stuck to her fingers. Unlike Mamako, though, Wise’s mom, either through her own biology or through her modification of her character, had a much more uniform color to her vagina. While it wasn’t as bright as Mamako’s was at any point (which, frankly, Wise was okay with—it would have been too jarring a contrast, otherwise), it was still firmly on the pink side of things. Her lips also didn’t stick out as much, but Wise wasn’t sure if that was normal or if Mamako’s were simply the result of all the fingering.

Holy shit, I’ve been fingering an older woman...and now she’s got half of me in the air, making me look at my own pussy. What the hell is even going on?!

While Wise was very glad for everything that was happening, she had to admit: it was a lot.

W-wait, why-

“-Why are you getting so close?” Wise gasped.

“For a taste, of course,” Mamako answered, her face already so close that Wise could feel her breath against her lips, and so close that Wise could do nothing to stop her as her mouth closed around her lower lips.

Wise’s hands immediately went to her mouth as she tried to stifle her moan.

Shit, her mouth is so warm!

Wise could see the smile is Mamako’s eyes as she grabbed onto her hips, pushing her up closer towards her mouth as her tongue started to dance across her labia.

H-how is her tongue so soft?! Was it like that when it was in my mouth?

She only grew more embarrassed as Mamako started to eat her out more vigorously, her cheeks flushing to a deeper, redder hue as the older woman started making loud, wet, smacking sounds.

“Mommy knows she shouldn’t slurp her food,” Mamako said, pulling away from Wise’s pussy for a moment, “but Mommy can’t help herself! Wise is just so~ tasty!”

Before she could a word in, Mamako was back at it, causing Wise’s hips to buck as her tongue parted her lips and slipped inside her body.

Inside! Mamako is in me!

Wise completely lost it at this point, the sensation of the older woman’s tongue wriggling around inside her proving far more than she was prepared to deal with, to say nothing of how Mamako was using her nose to tease her clit, all while pushing deeper inside. She couldn’t think at all anymore, and surrendered to the pleasure, not even realizing that, at some point, her hand made its way back to Mamako’s pussy, and was stirring her up purely on instinct.

The small inn room was quickly filled with the sounds of sultry moans, one set deep and another airy, and wet, erotic slaps and slurps as the two women went at each other, neither wanting to stop until the other was completely satisfied.

They matched each other perfectly now, riding the waves of pleasure that were rocking their bodies, and escalating their actions in sync. Mamako would squeeze at Wise’s chest, pinching her nipples gently, while Wise started to tease and bully Mamako’s clit with her thumb. Wise would slide another finger inside, filling Mamako up, while the older woman would shift down, taking Wise completely by surprise as she forced her tongue right up her tight butt.

S-so much! Her tongue is filling me up so much! Oh, God, what would her fingers feel like in there?

Wise couldn’t help but wonder just how much of those thoughts were because of her mother’s tastes and how much of them were her own desires.

Ah, who the hell cares? It all feels so good!

“Oh dear...Mommy’s—ngh—starting to reach her limit, dear…” Mamako panted, Wise’s juices clearly trailing down her chin, each exhalation sending an unbearable, teasing pulse of pleasure as the breath hit her swollen clitoris.

“M-me too,” Wise moaned, now soaked to her wrist from Mamako, whose grinding against her fingers had only grown more aggressive.

“Mnh...then let’s—ahn—finish together, darling~”

Mamako’s voice was a mix of teasing, seductive, and caring all at once, a combination that nearly took Wise over the edge right then and there. Thankfully, Mamako was more than prepared to give her the extra push she needed, and quickly switched targets, latching her mouth once more onto her pussy and shoving her tongue deep inside her eagerly waiting lips as she ground her nose against her clit.

Haaah, she’s filling me up so good! My ass felt fantastic, but this is so damn amazing!

“Don’t—haaah—turn away,” Mamako scolded, as Wise’s head started to roll against the mattress, the pleasure becoming more than she could take. “You need to see—mmh—what a wonderful woman you are.”

Another shock jolted through Wise’s body as Mamako reached down and grabbed onto her horns, her firm grip keep her head steady and leaving her unable to look away from the sight of Mamako passionately eating her out.

Sh-shit, even these feel good?!

It took all the concentration WIse could muster to force another finger up inside Mamako, leaving only her thumb, which was still furiously working at her clit, free.

“M-Mommy’s—ngh—really full now, Wise!” Mamako moaned into Wise’s pussy.

Fuck, she keeps doing that and it feels so amazing! Just cum already, Mamako! You’re gonna break me if you keep this up!

“I—ahn—I want it so—mmh—bad!” Wise moaned back, curling her fingers up to hit Mamako’s sweet spot.

Mamako seemed to have a similar idea, though, and quickly moved back from her pussy, plunging her tongue in to stir up Wise’s butt once more.

N-no, wait, maybe it’s my ass I like more! was the last thought Wise was able to have before her whole world shook and her senses dulled from overstimulation.

It was though time around her had slowed; everything felt so surreal and floaty. It would almost be poetic, it occurred to her later, were the sight in front of her not her own pussy, lips quivering and entrance convulsing, squirting down onto her, spraying a stream of warm juices that, considering how much Mamako had already drunk, she was surprised she had in her.

Down at her side, she could feel what she assumed was something very similar, as a flood of wet juices splashed harshley against her wrist, and she felt Mamako’s pussy squeezing down aggressively against her fingers, as though it was trying to wring out as much pleasure as they could from Mamako’s stuffed insides. She could also feel the older woman’s weight against her more clearly now, and her breasts heaving against her back as she moaned heavily.

“O-oh my,” Mamako breathed, falling down onto the bed next to Wise, leaving her lower half to drop, clearly unbothered by how much they’d both stained the sheets.

“Wh-where did you even learn half of that?” Wise asked, trying to sound as incredulous as she could, though she was too tired, and too consumed by the afterglow of her orgasm, to sound anything other than impressed.

Next to her, Mamako chuckled sleepily.

“Mommy’s had a busy life, you know? Never underestimate a mother~”

“Y-yeah, I guess so…” Wise agreed, wondering if she would have been able to weather even a quarter of Mamako’s thirst if she were still in her own body.

Moms really are something…

Wise rolled over onto her side to face Mamako, and was completely unsurprised to see the brunette smiling warmly at her, even as her eyelids struggled to stay open.

“There there,” Mamako cooed, before rapping a slender arm around Wise and drawing her head in towards her chest.

At this point, after all they’d done, Wise didn’t even try to act tough or fight what her natural instinct, her true desire, really was.

She leaned into it, her nose filled with an intoxicating perfume of flowers, sweat, and sex, and nuzzled her head against Mamako’s bare breasts, careful not to skewer her with her horns.

She smells so nice… Wise thought as she drifted off, only vaguely hearing Mamako chuckle as she pet her head, while Wise, subconsciously, suckled at her ample chest.


“M-Mamako? Wise?” Porta called out as she knocked on the door to the room across the hall, her voice echoing slightly in the empty hallway.

“A-are you two okay?”

She’d already spent a minute knocking and calling out to them, trying to get their attention.

What a couple of sleepyheads…

Were it not an MMMMMORPG with a friends list that tracked player locations, Porta would be worried that something had happened to them last night, but, as she checked her list once again, she saw that they should still be in the same inn she’d slept in the night before.

She’d even used an item to scan the room behind the door, and, while its information was simplistic and limited, it confirmed there were two people in the room they’d rented for Masato.

Alright, Porta, time to get serious!

Psyching herself up, the tiny girl took a deep breath and raised her arms into the air, her petite hands balled into fists.

“WAAAKE UP!” she yelled, then slammed her fists down against the wooden door, rattling it in its frame.

She stood there for a moment, practically holding her breath as she listened for any response from the other room.


Which, of course, was hard to do, considering how much her hands now stung.

She slowly pulled them away and started rubbing at them, alternating left and right, unsure of which needed soothing more, when, finally, the door opened—just enough for Porta to see a tanned face outlined by horns.

“Wh-what’s going on, Porta?” Wise stammered, a blush clearly visible on her face.

“What’s going on? It’s almost ten and you two are still being total sleepyheads!” the small child scolded, putting her still-aching fists on her hips and puffing up her cheeks. “What did you two do with Mrs. Shiirase last night that you’re both so tired, anyway?”

Porta just stared at Wise, trying to figure out why her face had gone from dark, to red, and then to pale, and why her eyes had gotten so wide.

“N-n-nothing! W-we just talked! Just talked about my mom and Masato, that’s all!” Wise said, in a voice that even Porta knew was far too loud for what she’d asked.

“Hmm,” Porta hummed, getting the impression that something was a little off.

“You’re gonna tell me what you all talked about, then, right? I’m part of this party too!”

“O-of course!” Wise stuttered, shifting strangely behind the door, so that even less of her face was showing. “J-just...after we’re up and have had breakfast, okay?”

“Alright…” Porta agreed, bearing against Wise the full might of a skeptical child.

“Oh, but you two need to hurry up! The inn stops serving breakfast soon!” she added, before turning and heading off towards the stairwell.

“R-right,” Wise sighed, closing and locking the door once more.

Putting a hand against the heart thumping against her full chest, Wise looked to the bed, where Mamako was still happily dozing, and still extremely naked. Though, the latter could also be said of Wise.

Shit, that was close…


“Oh,” Mamako exclaimed, sliding her two holy swords back into the bag around her arm, “looks like we got them!”

It had been almost a month now since Wise had switched places with her mother, and, while she’d be lying if she said that not much had changed, she still had to admit that most of those changes were for the better.

“Yeah! No problem,” Wise boasted, fanning off the smoke wisping up from her finger, the aftereffect of a particularly potent fire spell.

The most obvious plus, at least as far as life in an MMMMMORPG was concerned, was that, although Wise didn’t have access to any of the obscene stats her mother had given herself as a result of hacking the game, she still had access to all the ridiculously overpowered buffs the game itself had given her, just like, Wise suspected, every other mom in the game.

That’s right; no more being silenced for this girl! Ever!

This meant that, when paired with Mamako, there seemed to be little in the game that could let out a breath fast enough to even think about opposing them, let alone even get through to harm them.

Sure, Mamako was still unfamiliar with a lot of the conventions of RPGs, but as far as she was concerned, Wise was a pro, and was more than happy to back the older woman up with the ridiculous arsenal of spells she now had access to.

Of course, while one overpowered mom was already a lot to deal with, two overpowered moms were entirely too much, and left poor little Porta struggling to keep up at times.

“Way to go!” Porta chirped, scurrying in from the previous room in the dungeon. She’d just finished picking up all the gems that had dropped there, and was now met with a room that was practically flooded with brightly colored blobs. It was hard work, but she set off about the floor, pocketing everything she could grab into her bag, all while hopping to and fro like a small rabbit.

“My my,” Mamako cooed, smiling sweetly at the sight. “LIttle Porta has been working so hard lately! I wonder what has her so motivated?”

“She has! She’s been really amazing!” Wise said, raising her voice so that she was sure Porta could hear it. She’d been making it a point lately to make sure Porta heard whenever either of them praised her, because, unlike Mamako, Wise knew full-well that the reason she’d been working so hard was from just how formidable the two of them were.

“Ehehehe…” Porta chuckled to herself as she stuffed more gems into her bag.

Wise had to admit, she was more than a little jealous of her seemingly-endless stamina.

Hang in there, Porta. It’s a lot, but at least we don’t have to go out to earn money as much as we used to.

“What are we going to do with all these gems?” Porta asked, her voice full of awe as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

“Oh my,” Mamako said, clapping her hands together happily, “Mommy thinks there’s a lot we could get with this many gems! New clothes, and lotion, and food… Oh, and one shop back in town even has new shampoo!”

A part of Wise twinged in pain at Mamako’s suggestions for such luxury items, but, then again, it wasn’t like any of them were in need of a stat boost.

“Really?!” Porta chriped, hoisting her bag over her shoulders.

“Really,” Wise chimed in. “And, that’s not all! I noticed they just added in a new bakery as well!”

“Ooooh!” the petite girl cried out, practically bouncing with excitement. “We’ve gotta stop by there then! Do you think they have cream puffs?”

“I’m sure they do! And, for being such a good girl, we can even get you two,” Wise laughed, unable to resist as she lightly ruffled Porta’s hair.


Ha, guess I kinda see why Masato was always doing this sort of thing…

The one downer in the past month, the thought made Wise realize, was that they’d still heard nothing about her mother or Masato. In fact, neither Wise nor Mamako had heard a peep from Shiirase—or Shirase, Shirasse, Shhirase, or whatever she was calling herself—since that first night in the inn.

“Oh!” Mamako yelled out, instantly drawing Wise and Porta’s attention, the two worried that, somehow, something had slipped through the dungeon unscathed.

“Ahaha,” the brunette giggled, realizing that all eyes were on her, “Mommy just got a message, that’s all!”

Wise and Porta both let out sighs of relief.

“Ooooh, who’s it from?” Porta asked, eyes wide.


After a few seconds of fumbling with the menu, Mamako’s own eyes lit up.

“It’s from Mrs. Shiirase! She says she’d like to meet all of us at the café in town as soon as we’re free!”

Huh, that’s convenient, Wise thought, trying to convince herself that, for as many shady goings on as there were in the game, monitoring her thoughts was beyond the scope of even the government’s best scientists.



Despite the wide grins the three had worn as they travelled out of the dungeon and made their way back to town-

“To be frank, I must iinform you that we don’t have much new on your son and mother, respectively.”

-Shiirase did little to keep them going.

“Nothing? After all this time, my mother hasn’t done a single thing out of line?” Wise asked, folding her leg over her knee. “Impossible.”

“Oh my,” Mamako added, “maybe that means my Ma-kun has been a positive influence on her.”

“Oooh, maybe that was his plan all along!” Porta chimed in, as she sipped away at an enormous, brightly-colored ice cream soda.

Gah, poor kid. She’s so upbeat and optimistic…

It’s cute, but she totally got the wrong idea about Masato at some point, huh?

“Well, have you even seen them at all?” Wise asked.

“Actually, we’ve been seeing an increasing amount of them lately.”

“Uhm...that’s a good thing, then?” Mamako asked. “And that means you’ve been able to give Ma-kun the care packages I’ve left with you every week, right?”

“I regret to iinform you that, as per standard operating procedures, I, as well as the rest of the administration staff, have been keeping our distance from the Queen of the Night-slash-Wise until such time that she commits an infraction of the terms of service. So, no, none of your thoughtful, delicious care packages have been delivered as of yet.”

Hey, wait a second…

“Uhm, but, if you’ve seen them,” Porta started to wonder, “then you should do something, right? Or is it like when the police sometimes let a bad guy go so they can catch them with more of their bad friends later on?”

“Oh dear...Ma-kun hasn’t fallen in with a bad crowd, has he?” Mamako fretted.

“The problem,” Shiirase started to iinform them, “is that, due to the heavy account and character modification by your mother, there’s a lot of data that is, for lack of a better term, blurred, and rendered completely untouchable by us.”

“Uh-huh,” Wise grunted, knowing that Shiirase had completely lost the other two a few words into her explanation.

“So, even though we are aware of rule violations committed by her, there is no way to attach strikes to her account. It was our hope that, upon switching bodies with you, we’d be able to rectify that mistake should she commit any new infractions. Unfortunately, though, we’ve found no evidence to suggest that occurring at all.”

“And you can’t just retroactively flag her now that she’s got my body?”

“We cannot. Both of your data is fairly jumbled. It is why, I regret to iinform you, we still are uncertain as to what will happen when you leave the game.”

“S-so, you mean Wise in the real world might be like Wise now?” Porta asked, looking up at her with a concerned look.

“Don’t worry,” Wise comforted the smaller girl, petting her on the head. “I’ve gotten pretty used to being like this, you know? It wouldn’t be too bad if I stayed this way. Besides, I’d still have you and Mamako to help me, right?”

“Yeah!” Porta beamed, smiling broadly before going in for a scoop of ice cream.

“You certainly do seem to be quite accustomed to you mother’s body,” Shiirase quipped, attracting a harsh glare from Wise.

Meanwhile, Mamako watched on, a faint glow emanating from her, which Wise tried to ignore.

“So,” the older woman spoke up, “Mommy thinks she gets it.”

The whole table braced themselves.

“You can’t put those infrared thingies on Wise’s mom because she’s her now, and because she hasn’t done any more, you can’t do anything at all?”

Well, barring the one glaring misunderstanding, that’s pretty close…

“But, wait, since you know she’s done all that crap before, couldn’t you just do something to her outright? Why do their even need to be flags on the account?”

“Unfortunately, resources are spread pretty thin, as we are still in beta-”

Crap, here it comes.

“-so our player review system is currently only set up to utilize automatically generated flags to dole out predetermined punishments. The system checks for rule violations, tags the account, and a correcting action is issued in accordance with infraction. As such, we have no way to manually add flags, or even change the status of accounts.”

And there’s the completely wild excuse, right on time.

Jeez, you can really tell it’s a government running this game. There’s so much bureaucracy and red tape, it’ll be a miracle if it ever actually releases.

“Mommy totally doesn’t understand, now,” Mamako pouted, sipping her cup of green tea.

We’re all gonna get headaches if this continues.

“Alright, then,” Wise carried on, “if they aren’t breaking any rules, what are they doing now? You said you’d been seeing them a lot, right?”

“Indeed,” Shiirase responded, taking an irresponsibly large forkful of chocolate cake and cramming it into her mouth. “As for what they’ve been doing, we’ve mostly observed them engaging in perfectly mundane outings, as one would expect of children their age.”

Oi, watch it there…

“Does that mean they’ve been going on dates?” Porta asked, her question draining the color from both WIse’s and Mamako’s cheeks.

“O-oh dear,” Mamako stammered, “Mommy’s not sure she approves of Ma-kun being with such an older woman… But if she’s in Wise’s body, then are they the same age…? At the very least, he should have come to introduce her to his mother by now…”

“D-dates?” Wise said, in turn, unable to manage saying much more, though her mind was racing a mile a minute.

Dates?! You’re kidding, right? Hell, I’ve never even been on a friggin date of my own, so where the hell does she get off going on dates when she’s in my body?! And with Masato, of all people?!

“Yes,” Shiirase confirmed. “It’s actually quite sweet. If you’d care to see…”

With a few swipes of her hand, working away at some menu that none of them could see, a blank window popped up in front of them, displaying, in large, foreboding text, “NO SIGNAL.”

That seems a bit much…

Before Wise could make a comment, the image shifted to show a fairly idyllic town, focusing on what was, as far as Wise could tell, the main street.

“Hmm...I don’t know that place…” Porta hummed, scooping up the last, soupy remnants of her drink.

“I can iinform you that it’s a fairly large town a continent over, though its name is of little importance. We’ve seen them in several towns such as this over the past few weeks,” Shiirase said, in a hushed voice.

They simply nodded as the clip continued, showing Masato and Wise—or, rather, Wise’s mom in her body—leaving what appeared to be a crêpe shop.

“Oh my, Mommy hopes Ma-kun isn’t ruining his dinner with sweets too often. And think of the cavities!”

Though there was no audio, the two of them seemed to be chatting happily, smiling and laughing, before they started to dig into their food, the smiles on their faces never fading.

Shit...I’d always just assumed Masato was hypnotized into going off with her before, but...well, even if he was, they both seem pretty happy now…


The camera followed them as they found a bench and sat, looking every bit like—and it pained Wise to think it—a young couple in love.

Around the time that Wise’s mom held out her crêpe for Masato to have a taste, only for some cream to stick to his nose, which she quickly leaned in to lick off, Shiirase cut the feed.

In other words, not quick enough to preserve Wise’s sanity.

That’s my friggin body! Come on, that’s totally embarrassing! Who even does that anymore?!

“Gosh, those looked yummy! Can we go there sometime?” Porta asked, breaking the silence.

Wise went to open her mouth, then looked at the small girl, whose face was still smeared with whipped cream.

Oh, Porta, the mess you’d make with one of those crêpes…

“Maybe we will, Porta,” Wise finally said.

“Oooh, that would be nice,” Mamako chimed in.

“Returning to the matter at hand,” Shiirase coughed, “the other footage we have is much the same. I could play it back for you, but there’s little new for you to see, truthfully.”

“Ma-kun seems to be getting along with Wise’s mom very well, then,” Mamako said. “Though, Mommy’s not sure all of that is appropriate for a high school boy…”

“Yeah...those two have really seemed to find a groove,” Wise sighed, crossing her legs again.

“Oh? I thought you, in particular, would be more upset about things,” Shiirase commented, glancing at Wise.

“Well, I mean, I was for a bit, yeah? But, I dunno...the more I watched them goofin’ off like they were just a couple of average kids, the less irritated I felt. It’s uncomfortable, yeah, seeing my body do all that stuff, but...I’ve just never seen mom smile that much before, ya know?”

Shiirase folded her arms over her chest, and appeared to be deep in thought for a moment, before simply nodding.

“And, Mamako, what about you?”

“Mommy’s still hopping mad Ma-kun hasn’t introduced his girlfriend to me, but she’s glad that he seems to be happy…”

“Then, I suppose there is no harm in simply letting them continue being a couple. We’ll check, of course, that nothing major happens like before, but I’ll give the order to drop the day-to-day observations. As long as that is okay with you, of course?” Shiirase asked, looking to Wise.

“Eh? Wait, why am I the one who has any say in this?!”

“As I’ve iinformed you, the intricacies of our disciplinary system being what they are, there are currently no flags against your mother. As such, if you, the victim in this instance, wish to no longer pursue any further actions, we have no reason to continue on our end.”

“You’ll just...drop everything? Simple as that?”

Shiirase shrugged.

“At this point, we’re considering it a learning experience, and reforming our system accordingly. If you wanted us to continue, we would be able to enact some kind of punishment once we’ve developed a system to accommodate manual action against players. Otherwise, we’ll consider the case closed.”

Wise sat there for a moment, thinking as she drank her coffee.

“What about the stuff with my body in the real world, then? You were pretty cagey about that earlier.”

“And I still will be,” Shiirase admitted.

You gotta be kiddin’ me…

“As this is the first system of its kind for transporting people into a game, nothing like what happened to you has ever happened before, and we do not even know by what means your mother was able to accomplish what she did. So, I regret to iinform you that none of us on the administration team know what may happen when the game is over.

Wise furrowed her brow, and added more sugar to her coffee.

Sure would be nice if anyone in charge of this harebrained scheme knew a damn thing about it…

As she finished her coffee, she couldn’t help but notice that everyone’s eyes were expectantly watching her, and, as much as she’d like to think it was her chest they were gawking at, she knew it was her response they all wanted.

“They do seem happy…” she murmured.

“What about you, though, dear?” Mamako asked, placing a hand on her arm. “You need to do what will make you happy.”

Wise looked at Mamako, who was looking at her with concern, and then to Porta, who offered two determined nods in agreement.


Wise sighed.

“I’ve kinda gotten used to life like this, if I’m being honest. Yeah, I’m pissed seeing my mom goofing off in my body, and I still miss it, but...her body, or the one she made for herself, isn’t all that bad.”

“I’ve noticed you’re still adhering to her fashion sense, even,” Shiirase teased.

“Yeah, yeah,” Wise groaned. “I just feel like I’ve got a lot to show off, so I might as well flaunt it. Probably the same sorta thing my mom was going for, but...well, it works.”

“Mommy’s a pretty big fan of it, too,” Mamako added, clinging tightly onto Wise’s arm, her soft chest pressing against her.

Shiirsase, meanwhile, cocked an eyebrow, while Porta stared, looking just a little confused.

“Hehe,” the smaller girl giggled, her cheeks a little red even if she didn’t know why, “they’ve been getting like this a lot lately, Miss Shiirase! Sometimes it kinda feels like they’re both mommas! Mama-san and...and…”

Porta trailed off, unable to think of anything else.

Jeez, she’s so cute, I can’t even hold her saying something that embarrassing against her.

A tender look on her face, Wise reached over and ruffled the smaller girl’s hair.

“That’s alright, Porta. You can call me whatever you want.”

Porta’s mouth stretched into a wide grin at that.

Shiirase looked at the sight in front of her, and nodded to herself before standing up.

“Hey, where are you going?” Wise asked, turning everyone’s attention towards the government worker.

“It seems as though there’s no more work to be done here,” she explained. “Unfortunately, as this game is still in beta, there is a great deal of work to still be done, and I must be going.”

“Really? Are you sure you don’t want to stay for supper?” Mamako asked, still clinging to Wise.

“I do appreciate the offer, but I must respectfully decline,” Shiirase said, making her way to the door.

“I will iinform you, though, before I go,” she continued, “that, should you head to the port town to the east and take the boat there, you will find yourself in the same town that the Queen of the Night and Masato visited.”

With that, Shiirase left the café.

“A port town to the east…” Porta murmured.

“The same town?” Mamako asked.

Wise looked down at their confused faces, sighed, and then smiled at her companions.

No, that’s not quite right…

She smiled at her family, a faint, warm glow starting to emanate from her.

“How about we set out to get some crêpes, then?”