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how long can we be touch-and-go?

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Yoongi has a problem, a big one - he got fired today. When he went to work this morning it didn't even go through his mind that it could be his last day. 


Usually, if something goes wrong in his life he has only himself to blame for it, but not this time.


It was a day at work like any other. He had a project due this very evening that he was not even halfway through and way too many rude customers asking if there is a chicken in the chicken sandwich. A normal day at the local cafe. Just Yoongi trying to survive his university while paying bills and eating sometimes.


But one especially rude customer who left him irritated and the manager telling him to stay to the closing hour made Yoongi snap. He couldn’t stay in, being bossed around, and then submit the project two minutes before the deadline. Yoongi promised himself he won't be doing it like this anymore, he made sure to schedule it so he wouldn’t forget and also turn it in, in time. 


“Yoongi,” his manager said with an angry tone as Yoongi was nearing the door after refusing to stay any longer. It’s not his fault that half of the staff don’t care about their shifts, “If you will leave, you’ll be fired. Don’t make me do it.”


Yoongi’s shoulders sag, “Come on! I was supposed to leave at this time, I have classes to pass!”


The manager shook his head with a laugh, “Well that’s life for you. Get back behind the counter, the list of orders keep growing.”


And that’s what got Yoongi to just turn around and leave. He is working purely so he can keep studying without making his parents’ already hard financial situation even worse. He wasn’t asking for an evening off work to go to a party or to lay around, he has work to do.


He still has a salary that they need to pay him for the hours he worked this month, so he isn’t completely out of money but he is in trouble. Finding a job in the middle of the school year isn’t easy, especially since Yoongi has classes every day, meaning he can work only specific shifts.


But he can’t just give up and do nothing.


It’s been a couple of days since Yoongi lost his job and frankly he is starting to feel anxious. On one hand, just a couple of days while looking for a job is not so bad but the fact that nobody called him back makes him feel hopeless. On the other hand, those couple of days he spends at home could be bringing him money if his manager wouldn't be a bitch.


“I’m sure you can find something soon,” Namjoon assures him, seeing how stressed Yoongi is as he scrolls through job offers. “Right?” Namjoon asks for support from Hoseok and Seokjin, who immediately nod in agreement.


Since Yoongi doesn’t have much to do after classes anymore he invites his friends over, so he can at least have some company. They are all trying their best to help him, sending him job offers they see walking down the street, cheering him on and buying him a beer.


Yoongi takes a deep breath, closing his laptop, “I hope so. I tried selling a couple of beats I made but nobody seems to want any at the moment.”


“Do you maybe have something to sell to help yourself financially just a little bit?” Hoseok asks after a while of them just looking around each other, thinking of a way to help Yoongi.


“Not really. I don’t buy things I don’t need.” Yoongi answers with a pout, pulling a hoodie over his mouth so he can hide his pout.


“Did you try selling feet pics?” Jin asks with a proud grin on his face to lighten up the mood.


Yoongi squints at him, “One more joke like that and I’ll kick you out.”


Jin holds his hands up, “There is no shame in trying.” He murmurs, avoiding Yoongi’s hard gaze.


Usually, Yoongi enjoys Jin’s humor and often joins in on the joke, it’s what they bond over. But right now he is too stressed to find anything funny, especially when it’s in the subject of finding a job. They end up steering away from the subject, talking about projects and classes, giving Yoongi a chance to forget about his problems for a while.


The longer Yoongi stays unemployed the more he thinks about actually selling photos of his feet, maybe hands, he has nice hands. It might sound ridiculous but he decides that a little bit of research that nobody will know about won’t hurt anybody.


Yoongi sits in front of his laptop with a warm mug of tea and starts digging. His search history soon starts to get weirder and weirder as he dives deeper. There are some funny things but also creepy and scary, stories of people who had a bad experience somehow sound more believable than the one told about those who enjoy selling such things as nudes and photos of their feet.


However, it somehow isn’t discouraging, more like fascinating. Yoongi starts to see more and more posts of people who sell their scent, linking the same website. His curiosity wins with the logic of not licking an unknown link from a forum comment. His computer doesn’t die instantly but his mind surely does. The website is real, it’s neatly made and seems to be full of people selling or trying to buy scent.


Yoongi’s eyes turn to the corner of the screen. 4 AM. His eyes snap wide open and he curses under his breath, looking in the direction of his window. Surely, it’s dark outside and he didn’t even realize as the time passed, leaving him still fully clothed at 4 AM.


He has an 8 AM class, which leaves him thinking for a moment if there is any sense in going to sleep at this point. But he is smarter than this, he knows better than this. He turns off his computer, takes a quick, hopefully, quiet shower and falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.


Life becomes more and more stressful, Yoongi has the slowly thinning bank account on his mind at all times. His friends seem to also run out of ideas and job offers to send him, and there is still not a single call back.


Hard situations call for desperate solutions.


It doesn’t take Yoongi that long to find the website again. The signing up process feels weird, almost shameful but it doesn’t ask for photos, so that’s good. Yoongi tries his luck and signs up under a fake name, hoping nobody will try to check that later.


The process of actual scent selling is weird, so weird Yoongi almost backs off. Somehow, Yoongi didn’t question the way you have to give your scent to somebody when he first heard about the website, and nobody ever mentioned how it’s done.


From his understanding, the seller sends a well-sealed article of clothing or other material to the buyer, who then can accept or deny the seller. 


Please, fill out the descriptions of your scent in a way that leaves no confusion to your potential clients. — he reads in the instructions. 


And here he stumbles upon a problem.


Yoongi truly thought he won’t need much knowledge about his scent but the website asks for a very detailed description and to be honest, Yoongi doesn’t know what he even smells like. He used to be able to smell himself when his scent was changing during puberty but after he got used to it, he had no idea. Plus, back then he was too young to care to search what he smells like. So he needs help.


It’s the most embarrassing thing in life, more than the time when Hoseok walked on him watching hentai or that time he cried to Namjoon about his favorite hoodie being forever lost after a one nightstand. Yoongi has no idea even how to ask about something like this in a way that won’t raise more questions from his friends. The only problem is that he isn’t sure if his friends even know enough smells to be able to name his.


So he does the only reasonable thing he can think of to avoid talking to them — he calls his mother.


“I wish they could just rub their screen and smell it,” Yoongi mumbles to himself, thinking how amazing of a concept are scented pages of perfume adverts.


He keeps his phone by his ear with his shoulder, both hands on the keyboard, ready to write down everything. He knows his mother, she’s very precise when doing anything so he hopes she knows exactly what Yoongi’s scent is like.


“Mom!” He says the second he hears a loud noise on the other side, probably their TV playing too loud, as always.


“Yoongi-ah!” She says happily, a little surprised, “Is everything okay?”


Yoongi smiles to himself, “Does something have to be bad for me to call you?”


His mom hums and Yoongi hears her walking, “You don’t call too often, I just got worried.” Her tone sounds a little attacking. “What is it then?”


Yoongi sighs, “I’m calling because I have a question.”


“A question?” She asks, sounding intrigued.


There is some rustling and Yoongi can imagine how she gets comfortable, a smirk on her face. Maybe asking his mother wasn’t a good idea? Sometimes Yoongi forgets how his mom loves a good laugh and will use every opportunity to roast him.


“Yes, mom, a question.” Yoongi rolls his eyes with a smile.


“I heard that eye roll,” she says. “What’s the question?”


He decides to get straight to the point because he will never ask the question if they will continue the bickering, “What do I smell like?”


“Are you still smoking?” She asks instead of answering but Yoongi already knows where this is going.


“No mom, I’m not smoking.” He answers truthfully. He stopped smoking over a year ago and he can’t stand the smell now, so he surely won’t continue.


“Then you smell good.” She says, in a sassy tone.


Yoongi whines, knowing well she's playing with him just to have some fun, “I’m asking for real.”


“You should know how you smell?”


“Mom, I beg you—”


“Are kids bullying you because you smell weird?” She saying, completely not caring if Yoongi is speaking.


Yoongi takes the phone into his hand, his shoulder starts to hurt as so does his neck, “I smell weird?” He almost screams, bringing his shirt to his nose, trying to smell anything. “I do?”


“You smell like cypress, mainly,” she says calmly, completely dropping her act. Yoongi almost drops his phone, trying to reach to his computer before he will forget.


“And what’s my middle tone?” he asks, looking at the next scent related window.


“Your middle tone?” his mom asks, sounding suspicious. “Should I be asking why do you need this knowledge?”


“Better not,” Yoongi says as a matter of fact. “So, middle tone?”


She hums, “I would say vetiver.”


“And my base notes?” He asks as she’s still finishing.


“Are you in a hurry? Let your mother finish speaking.” she clicks her tongue. “It’s musk and cashmere wood but when you are moody it’s muskier,” Yoongi hums, typing everything in, “So it’s always musky.”


Here it is, a jab she was waiting for. Yoongi can feel how proud of herself she is, and honestly, he smiles. “Miss you, mom.”


She hums, “Enjoy your dodgy business and eat well.” She hangs up before Yoongi can deny being involved in anything suspicious.


Yoongi finishes typing in answers into the sheet with a smile on his face. He likes how his profile looks like and he is quite proud of his description, it’s very woody and quiet on a darker side. Suiting for his personality and hopefully sounding interesting enough for somebody to contact him.


He bookmarks the website and focuses back on finding a job.


Now he feels double sad, not only is he getting little to no response about work but also his inbox on the scent selling website is completely empty. He had a couple of views on his account but nobody seems interested enough to contact him.


He passes all his exams thanks to all of the free time he has, so life seems a little more positive. 


When the month is nearing the end and his bank account seems to be drying out faster and faster, he gets a job offer. Yoongi, desperate for a job takes the position of a waiter in a restaurant people would surely not recommend as a nice place to work at and starts working the very next day.


The atmosphere in the place is awful, employees who are there longer try to make him do things they should be doing, the manager is very passive-aggressive and the clients think they can call you over like a dog only because the coffee is here a little more expensive. But he gets tips and can take them home with him, so he decides to ignore the rest.


Yoongi works as much as he can, wanting to rebuild his ruined bank account, getting some savings in case something horrible like this will happen again. He has little to no time to talk to his friends or to check what’s in the plan for the next semester but he finally needs to, the new semester is nearing.


But there is a time when one needs to check their email and hope that no professor tried to contact him. Luckily for Yoongi, no such thing happened but he has a new email, just one. For a moment Yoongi looks at the address with confusion, wondering if a spam email got into his inbox. When he opens the email he locks his phone in a panic, looking around if somebody saw his screen.


It’s from the scent selling website.


Yoongi forgot about that account, moved on with his life and his new job. At first, he wants to ignore the email but his curiosity wins and he opens the email once again when he is back home. It’s a simple notification that Yoongi has a message on the website, very anticlimactic, so he decides to check what kind of message he got. He surely won’t respond, he is no longer desperate but he wants to see.


Yoongi opens the message too excited to wait even a second longer for the website to fully load. It’s quite short but straight to the point and Yoongi read it from the beginning to the last dot a couple of times. For no reason, he just wants to read it.



I really like the description of your scent! I’m looking for a woody alpha whose scent is easy to determinate to protect myself from annoying alphas! Nothing creepy! (Now you probably think it’s something creepy). I’m interested in some kind of subscription if that would be possible.


PS I will pay the full price for a sample.


I hope to hear back from you,



Yoongi can’t stop reading the message. Quite frankly, he is for some weird reason interested in the matter. Hours later Yoongi sits at his desk, lying to himself that he is actually finishing the project he needs to present the first day of the new semester while he thinks about the message, reading it over and over again.


When he made that account he was just desperate for money but now, he wants to do this mainly because he’s curious. Plus it seems like this omega needs help and if he can help by sending him a piece of clothing then why not? But what would he send?


Instead of working, Yoongi gets up from his desk and goes to roam through his wardrobe, looking for anything he doesn’t wear but wouldn’t be ashamed to give to somebody. He does it almost mindlessly, already knowing he decided on agreeing even though he still didn’t message this person back.


So Yoongi leaves the mess on the floor, still thinking about what he could send off, and goes to message back. 


It’s harder than he thought it would be. He doesn’t know if he should just tell that he is interested or if he should be more professional. He doesn’t even know what a full price is, he never really thought about it while making this account.


He ends up sending probably the worst of his drafts.



are you still interested? i’m in




He doesn’t have much time to drown in his embarrassment because soon a red dot appears next to the inbox - a new message.


This time Yoongi is nervous to open the inbox. The message back is as informal as his, which makes him feel a little bit better.


really?!?!?! I’m still interested, YES!!! omg I was losing hope anyone would agree!!! can we arrange the sample? what’s your price? do you want me to send it through paypal or to your bank account?


Yoongi almost laughs at the number of questions, then a second message comes in.


sorry, I’m just really relieved. The new semester is coming and I don’t want this to continue.


They arrange everything, from the price that Yoongi takes out of his ass and the omega argues it’s too low, to the address of his PO BOX, which is actually a very smart idea. Yoongi was a little worried about the costs of delivery but thankfully omegachimmy is also living in Seoul.


The omegachimmy, who Yoongi keeps on calling like this because he has no idea how to call this person, has one weird request that might be why nobody wanted to make a deal with them. They want Yoongi to receive their clothes, wear them to soak them and then send them back. It makes sense, it’s easier to get a scent on you while you are wearing clothes rather than rubbing a shirt on you.


Yoongi doesn’t mind that, he won’t need to buy new clothes to send away because he has nothing he can send away without being ashamed of it. But he still needs to send a sample and he needs to do this the next morning. He decides to part ways with a simple white shirt he stopped wearing around a year ago and he knows he won’t start wearing it again.


He goes to sleep in the shirt, warning the other about it - just in case they would find it unhygienic, but they see no problem.


The next morning Yoongi sends the sample by a delivery service, just so it can be done quicker. By the afternoon he gets a message from ommegachimmy, who agrees to the deal. It’s fast and Yoongi doesn’t have much time to sit and think about this situation. He works from the afternoon to the late-night hours and had no time to check his phone again until he was changing from his waiter’s attire.


where should i send the courier? i can give you my po box password. i use it only for this anyway


It seems like the most logical idea, so he agrees. The next day he picks up a whole package from the PO BOX. He wasn’t ready for this and he has no idea how he will scent this all in a short period but he will manage.


His client, he decided to call them that, their username is too long, simply tells Yoongi to wear those clothes, sleep in them.


When Yoongi opens the package a sweet, but calm scent hits him. The combination of fruity and flowery scent takes Yoongi to a garden on a warm, spring day. He can’t tell exactly how it smells like, he isn’t as talented as his mother, but he can smell lilies of the valley and apples. There are other smells under those, he knows them but he can’t quite put a finger on them. He finds himself enjoying this scent. He truly isn’t thinking forward, even for a second he didn’t wonder about the other’s scent until it’s taking over his senses.


The package is mainly full of very soft, high-quality hoodies, sweaters and a couple of shirts. And again, for the first time, Yoongi wonders who the person is but he pushes his curiosity away - it’s an anonymous exchange for a reason.


Yoongi sleeps like a baby with the sweet scent around him. He decided to put some of the clothes around him in bed, hoping to get them all scented quicker this way. Yoongi takes off the shirt he slept in and packs it. At first, Yoongi is contemplating if he should wear one of the hoodies on a night out but he changed his mind, afraid to stain or rip it. Each night he sleeps in a different shirt that was sent to him, leaving the sweaters and hoodies on his bed for days until he is sure they are all soaked in his scent.


He sends the clothes back just a day before the new semester starts and a couple of hours later his bank account is much bigger than he anticipated. Yoongi wasn’t expecting to get paid for each article of clothing separately and it leaves him worried for the other’s bank account. Even if his bank account got must bigger in a couple of days, he still goes to work as much as possible. Sure, he has an additional income right now but it can be over at any time now.


Yoongi doesn’t want to be nosey but he is very intrigued with his client and he can’t get the scent out of his mind, even if it’s gone from his apartment. He feels bad about it, their relationship is purely business, but his brain doesn’t want to forget the way the scent made him feel content and warm.


He doesn’t want to even acknowledge it to himself but he is impatient for the new set of clothes he will need to scent.


The first day back at the University is a pure nightmare. Yoongi has a hard time focusing on anything the professor says, his mind just shutting off and the break wasn’t even that long, to begin with. His friends are done with him by the end of the third lecture he spent on zoning out or asking them what’s going on, especially Namjoon who looks close to snapping his pen in half.


“Are you tired?” Seokjin asks as they walk out of the building.


They have an hour before their next class will start and nothing to do and what better way of killing time than going out to eat? They go to a fast-food restaurant they visit only because Hoseok has a discount there. But the food isn’t the worst and Yoongi is too hungry to care what they will be eating.


“Is it the new work?” Namjoon joins Seokjin.


Yoongi fixes the strap of his back, maneuvering between an ocean of people rushing both ways, “No, I’m just out of it today.”


They eat slowly while talking about what they heard about their new professors, what they expect from classes this semester. The place is packed, with more and more people coming in, looking for a place to sit, Yoongi can barely hear Hoseok from the other side of the table.


Seokjin went to the bathroom some time ago and doesn’t seem to be coming back for a while, Namjoon ate out almost all of his fries by now. It’s almost time to go back when Seokjin finally squeezes his way to their table.


“Hyung!” Namjoon almost screams, collecting his trash, “What took you so long?”


“Ate something bad, huh?” Hoseok says, scrunching his face.


Seokjin look at the three of them, visibly confused and then his eyes land on Yoongi, “How did you get out without me seeing you?”


Yoongi scrunches his brows, “What?”


Seokjin opens and closes his mouth, pointing at the bathroom, “You were in the toilet!”


Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi exchange a loot of concern, “No, I wasn’t.” Yoongi says slowly, following after his friends.


Seokjin rushes after them, throwing away his cold food, “Don’t make an idiot out of me!” He screams.


“I’m not! I wasn’t in the bathroom!” Yoongi argues.


“I smelled you!” Seokjin stops his foot, “I’m not crazy, I know your scent!”


Namjoon rubs Seokjin’s back, “Maybe it was somebody who smells similar.”


Yoongi and Hoseok nod to that, “Possibly.” Hoseok says.


“Yah! It was Yoongi!” Seokjin lowers his voice when people start to look at them. “I’m sure it was you.”


Yoongi decides to ignore it, knowing that they won’t go anywhere with it and the last thing he wants it Seokjin challenging him for a fight.


“Are you sure it was Yoongi?” He hears Hoseok ask Seokjin as they sit down in the lecture hall. His eyes are big and he is covering his mouth the way he does when something is very funny or interesting.


“I swear to God,” Seokjin whispers back, “I wouldn’t be standing in the bathroom for half an hour if I wouldn’t be sure.”


It is a little weird that Seokjin mistook his scent with somebody else but it’s not like he believed they would be able to describe it.


Seokjin doesn’t drop the subject for almost a week, begging them to tell him how they tricked him like this.


So, work is hard and tiring, Seokjin keeps spamming him to tell him how he left the bathroom and he has way too much homework submitted after the first week. But there is one good thing, user omegachimmy asks him for another package of clothes and Yoongi can’t wait to pick them up.


Yoongi feels like a child on Christmas as he holds the package secure in his hands. He can’t get back home soon enough. As he opens the package he wonders if the other person is also happy to get the clothes back, if they enjoy Yoongi’s scent as much as Yoongi enjoys theirs.


It’s a completely different set of clothes and Yoongi starts to see a pattern. It seems like this omega enjoys big clothes, probably want to look cute. There are also some more sexy pieces, like a sheer white shirt that shimmers pretty under the sunlight. Yoongi wonders what kind of a person they are if they are shy, do they go out? What are they studying?


Yoongi wonders if he ever walked past them but just never paid enough attention.


Seokjin is back on his bullshit the very next week and Yoongi starts to think there must be something in his fries.


“I smell you,” Seokjin says, looking Yoongi dead in the eye.


Yoongi lifts his hands in defeat, “Okay?”


“No.” Seokjin says, turning his head around frantically, “I mean it, I smell you somewhere.”


Yoongi just shakes his head, shaking a look with Namjoon. Seokjin quickly realizes they are all ignoring him so he drops the subject, though he keeps glancing around now and then.


Hoseok finishes his sketch, due in a couple of hours, while eating a burger directly over it. Yoongi keeps zoning out, thinking about the sweet scent still lingering on his sheets. Namjoon and Hoseok share a shocking look at some point, looking around just like Seokjin, who throws them a silent “I told you so!” but Yoongi doesn’t smell anything weird, so he focuses on stealing their food.


“You all good?” He mumbles, throwing them a sleepy gaze.


He switches off as soon as they nod, not wanting to get deeper into their weird ideas.


His eyes wander around the people sitting nearby, not paying attention to what he is looking at until his eyes stop at a very handsome guy sitting just a couple of tables from them. Yoongi’s eyes open a little wider as he takes in the plumpy lips, fluffy, rosy cheeks, ashy blond hair and the small hand that keeps running through them. The man has soft but sharp eyes that disappear into small crescents when he smiles.


Yoongi feels like he has been enchanted by the beauty.


“Who’s that?” He murmurs, hitting Namjoon with an elbow to get his attention.


“Who?” all three of them ask, their heads snapping up, looking around.


Yoongi lowers himself, scared to attract the attention of the handsome man, “Ashy hair, pretty face, bright smile.” he almost whispers.


His friends not so discretely turn into the direction of the other man, who must have sensed eyes on him because he looks right back at them, smiling softly. Namjoon nods to him, making the handsome man wave to him and go back to his conversation.


“You know him?” Yoongi sits straight, feeling betrayed.


Namjoon shakes his head quickly, “No! We just know each other from passing by.” Yoongi glares at him. “Really! I don’t even know his name.”


For the rest of the meal, Yoongi can’t stop himself but glance at the pretty boy sitting not so far from him. He gets caught multiple times and each time the other smiles at him. Yoongi sucks in his breath when the handsome man and his friends get up, ready to leave.


It feels like a goodbye, he starts regretting being a coward and not walking up to ask for a number. The handsome man seems to be holding his gaze, smiling at him as he walks past, two of his friends, one with long, wavy hair and the other with a deep blue on their head, next to him. Yoongi feels like the world is in slow motion, his heart skips a beat.


Seokjin head snaps up, “I smell it.” He says, almost a growl, breaking Yoongi’s moment, as he looks around frustrated.


“I think one of the alphas who walked past smelled similar,” Hoseok says, looking after the three men who just left.


“Yoongi, did you smell it?” Seokjin asks desperately.


Yoongi shakes his head slowly. He didn’t smell anything out of ordinary, he thinks. But the more he thinks about it the more he thinks he was able to smell himself. It wasn’t strong, it was delicate, barely there. He sniffs himself, trying to determinate if he joined on the hallucination or if he simply smelled himself for a second.


Namjoon waves him off, “He was completely hypnotized, he has no idea what just happened.” Yoongi opens his mouth to argue but Namjoon doesn’t let him speak, “Don’t let yourself be too hopeful. You aren’t the only one who likes him and heard from one or two friends that he came back taken.”


Now Yoongi is just confused and a little sad, “He is from our department?”


Namjoon nods for Hoseok to speak, seeing how he seems to really want to say something, “I know one of them! Jungkook! He’s cool.”


“Which one is Jungkook?” Seokjin asks, not really looking like he cares to know.


“The one with a baggy black shirt and long hair!” Hoseok says, making very exaggerated hands gestures, “He has nice tattoos.”


“And who’s the pretty one?” Yoongi asks.


Hoseok shrugs his shoulders, “Ask yourself.”


Yoongi is on the lookout for the handsome man, always looking around himself but he can’t see him anywhere but he sees his friend, the one with blue hair. Each time he sees the mop of blue hair he hopes he is with him but so far, no luck. Yoongi starts to be the one asking if they can go eat at the same fast-food restaurant almost every day.


In the meantime, he keeps his deal with the omega smelling like a spring garden. Some clothes he starts to recognize, they become familiar. Sometimes he gets new things, sometimes with the price tag still attached. He starts to be able to smell himself on the clothes he is scenting, separating his scent from the sweet smell of spring.


The scents mesh nicely together, creating a smell that reminds Yoongi of an early summer evening near a forest, with a sunset hanging over the trees.


Sometimes, in the last hours of night, Yoongi finds himself chatting with the anonymous omega. They never go deep and always keep away from any subjects that relate to their lives. Yoongi finds it a nice way to forget about his problems. It’s easy to talk with them, even joke a little.


Yoongi grows attracted to this stranger and wishes they could meet offline. He finds himself fascinated with the idea of them, not thinking about their appearance. On multiple occasions Yoongi types in and deletes his curious questions or his ask for a meetup.


His friends start to be aware of Yoongi’s change of smell and he is surprised it took them this long. Yoongi doesn’t always have time or feels like taking a shower in the morning and in the early stage of scenting he can smell the spring on himself. Yoongi assumed a long time ago his friends simply decided to ignore it - he was wrong. They just never realized.


They tease him, betting if Yoongi is seeing somebody from work or decided to get himself a secret friend with benefits. They are far from the truth but Yoongi finds it better this way.


Yoongi finally sees the handsome man, after almost a month of looking around wherever he went. It’s not how he planned it.


He actually ran into the handsome man as he was leaving the bathroom, almost getting hit by the door straight in the face.


“Oh my God!” he hears somebody scream as he barely jumps away from the door. “I’m sorry!”


Yoongi’s brain freezes as he sees the man he was looking out for standing right in front of him, the door handle still in his hand, “Did I hit you?”


He looks cute, his eyes are wide open, he holds his hand on his chest. The hoodie he wears seems very familiar to Yoongi but he can’t say why.


Yoongi shakes his head, trying to find his voice back, “No, I’m- It’s fine.” He laughs awkwardly.


“This is embarrassing.” The other laughs lightly, still standing in the door. They must look ridiculous. “Not the impression I wanted?”


Yoongi’s eyebrow rises in question but the other seems to catch up to his words as he quickly steps away from the door, “I need to be somewhere. Sorry once again.”


Before Yoongi can stop him, ask for a name or a number or say any of his pick up lines he was rehearsing in front of a mirror the other is gone. Yoongi is left confused, a strong scent he recognizes around him.


There is a moment, a split second where Yoongi’s brain recognizes the man in front of him, but it’s gone before Yoongi can fully grasp it. Did they meet before? This irritating feeling of losing a thought sticks to him for the rest of the week and he tries to grab onto it, he tries to find answers. 


Yoongi doesn’t know why he let Seokjin persuade him into going to a party but he already regrets it. Not only did Seokjin not tell him it's not a party only for their major but he also manipulated Yoongi into wearing an outfit that seems like way too much for a party in an apartment.


Yoongi feels a little overwhelmed with the strong scent of arousal in the apartment when they got there, way later than the party started at because Seokjin hates the slow beginning of parties.


"Ah," Seokjin says, taking a deep breath, "This is what I'm talking about."


Yoongi scrunches his face in disapproval, looking out for the rest of his friend group, he needs to get away from Seokjin. The last thing he wants is to see Seokjin get down with somebody right in front of his innocent, sober eyes.


Finding the rest of his friends happens to be hard, considering how small the apartment is. People seem to be in a very good mood, laughing and screaming. Yoongi isn't even sure if there is any music playing at all.


For a second he catches a sign of a very familiar white shirt, shimmering in the fairy lights but he loses it when he almost steps into a very drunk girl, trying to dance, her friends laughing hysterically. He tries squeezing his way into the direction where he saw the shirt, not sure why and what for. It's probably his curiosity. Yoongi gives up pretty quickly, his mind catching up to his actions, realizing how creepy it must be to follow around this person, no matter if it is omegachimmy or not.


Yoongi feels more and more curious about the owner of the sweetest, most delicate smell he has ever come across but he doesn't want to overstep the business part of their relationship. His brain is stuck between being interested in the person who's smell he got attached to and the pretty guy from his department.


Finally, after what feels like ages Yoongi catches a glimpse of Hoseok and Namjoon. They are squeezed in the kitchen, Hoseok is pouring what seems to be yet another round of shots, Namjoon's eyes are glued to his hands, making sure nobody is slacking off on drinking. Yoongi stops in his tracks as he is squeezing his way to them when he sees a tall guy with wavy hair that he associates with one particular person.


Jungkook, if Yoongi remembers well, has a big smile on his face, chin resting on Hoseok's shoulder, staring at the shots with Namjoon. Yoongi whips his head around but there is no sign of the cute boy he can't stop thinking about.


"Hey," He screams to them as he finally manages to get to them, "Pour me one." He says to Hoseok, he nods at Yoongi, already looking for an empty glass.


"This is Jungkook," Namjoon screams into his ear, leaning over and pointing at Jungkook, who smiles at Yoongi, waving his hand, almost fully covered by his big, baggy long sleeve.


Yoongi nods to him, sending him an awkward smile, "Yoongi." He points at himself.


Yoongi is more than sure he can hear Seokjin's laugh in the back, "Where is Seokjin?" Hoseok asks confused, turning around, over-pouring a shot in the process.


Namjoon and Jungkook both try to save the situation, jumping to save the shot "Hobi!"


Yoongi waves his hand, "Somewhere. He’ll find us if he’s gonna get bored with flirting."


"You lost your friend?" Jungkook asks, taking the bottle away from Hoseok, who is still looking around.


Namjoon is the first to react, "Seokjin?" Jungkook nods, "No, lost is the only word you can’t describe Jin with." He laughs at his own joke.


Yoongi looks with one eyebrow raised at their exchange, feeling like he is interrupting something. Jungkook laughs loudly, making Namjoon blush and Yoongi wants to go back to Seokjin right now.


"Let's drink!" He says, breaking what feels like a very electric moment between the two.


Jungkook nods, ducking his head, "I need to go find Jimin soon." He says before quickly downing the shot. Yoongi almost chokes on the vodka. "I don't want any dumb alpha to annoy him."


"Who's Jimin?" Hoseok asks, and Yoongi tries his best to look as uninterested as one can be.


Jungkook looks at them for a moment, a little confused, "Ah! I forgot for a moment we aren't friends!" He laughs.


"Yah! Jungkook-ah!" Namjoon says, clearly offended, which makes Jungkook smile shyly while he mumbles and an apology.


“Who is he?" Hoseok bugs in, clearly not aware of the silent flirting happening right in front of him.


"Jimin!" Jungkook's eyes snap back to him, "He's my friend! A short one." He puts his hand to his chest, "Well," He looks confused and then raises his hand a little higher, up to his collarbone, "This short."


Namjoon laughs loudly, "The blonde one?"


Jungkook nods happily, his hair bouncing, "Yes!"


Yoongi can't stop his smile at Jungkook’s cuteness, he is exactly Namjoon’s type. Masculine but still naturally cute. They would match well, two soft alphas who could crush you with their bare hands but probably never will. Yoongi laughs to himself, watching Namjoon's smitten gaze glued to Jungkook.


"Jimin," Hoseok says to Yoongi, slapping him on the back way too hard.


Yoongi throws him a questioning gaze, too invested into the little romance blooming right in front of him. It's cute, annoying but cute.


"Who's that?" He asks Hoseok, looking around.


"The cute omega you like," Hoseok says proudly, way too loud as well.


Yoongi puts a palm over his mouth, checking if Jungkook hears Hoseok but they seem to be stuck in their flirt, "Why are you this loud?" He almost growls through his teeth.


As soon as Yoongi drops his hand Hoseok pats Jungkook on his back, making him turn around. Namjoon throws him an annoyed glare, giving them the fakest smile they have ever seen on him.


"You can stay here with Namjoon, Yoongi here," He points at Yoongi as if they might not remember who he is, "Can go get Jimin!"


Jungkook looks unsure, "That's a good idea!" Namjoon bugs in, his smile becoming more genuine. "He's an alpha!" He points out the obvious. "Yoongi is a very nice guy, he can even walk Jimin home."


Yoongi is shocked, frozen on the spot. He has no idea what to say right now. He doesn't want to say no and first of all it sounds rude, second of all it loses him an opportunity to meet the handsome guy. But he also sees no real sense of them pushing him towards a taken man.


"Ah, I'm not sure," He scratches the back of his neck. "We don't know each other. I don't want his partner to be mad."


Yoongi can see Namjoon's hand on the small of Jungkook's back and the way Jungkook seems to lean into the touch, he sees Hoseok proud smile and he feels nervous.


"Partner?" Jungkook asks, his head tilting to the side before something clicks, "Ah! No," He laughs, "That won't be a problem."


Hoseok pushes Yoongi away, "So? Should our Yoongi go take care of Jimin?" He asks the other two, who both nod with too much enthusiasm.


"Guys," Yoongi tries. "He doesn't know me."


Hoseok keeps pushing him backward, making Yoongi walk over multiple feet.


"Jimin makes friends easily!" Jungkook screams, waving at Yoongi with a big smile.


Yoongi grabs onto Hoseok's forearm, "Hoseok, go with me." He almost begs."I can't just walk up to him."


Hoseok seems to ignore him, looking around and pushing Yoongi. His eyes lit up as he starts pushing Yoongi to move quicker, still backward. Yoongi hits the couch unexpectedly, yelping as Hoseok pushes him to sit.


"Jungkook sent you some company," Hoseok says, turning his head to Yoongi's left where somebody is sitting. "Bye!"


Yoongi looks to his side to see a very confused looking, but still beautiful, Jimin who keeps his eyes on Hoseok’s back with knitted eyebrows, "What?" He asks, more to himself than to Yoongi.


Yoongi clears his throat, moving to the side to give Jimin more space, turning to face him more directly, "Jungkook is busy flirting with my friend." He starts, wanting to explain himself.


Jimin's mouth snaps open in shock, "Namjoon?" He asks in disbelief.


Yoongi nods, surprised that Jimin knows who Yoongi has on mind, "Yeah?"


Yoongi wishes he could be able to tell what Jimin smells like but with all of those people stuffed into the small space, he isn't able to tell apart any smell. He tries to keep his eyes on Jimin's eyes but it gets too much when Jimin makes direct eye contact with him, still clearly shocked with the information.


His eyes drop to Jimin's chest, realizing what he is wearing. Yoongi feels weirdly disappointed to see the white, sparkly shirt on Jimin. Somewhere deep down he wanted to see who is his client, but it looks like the shirt isn't that special.


"Where did you buy this shirt?" Yoongi asks, unable to stop himself. "It's really nice."


Jimin smiles, relaxing a little, getting more comfortable on the couch, turning to Yoongi, "Thank you." He smiles at Yoongi, making his heart pick up its pace. "I didn't buy it."


"Oh," Yoongi nods, "That's a very nice gift."


Jimin smiles at him, shaking his head, "Not a gift. I made it."


Yoongi looks at the shirt and then back at Jimin's face, finally making a connection that makes his stomach drop. This is ridiculous! This can't be the same person. Yoongi has no idea what to do with this information.


"It's a hobby," Jimin says proudly, unaware of Yoongi's internal panic.


Yoongi laughs, "It looks amazing."


They sit in silence for a while, with nothing to talk about. Yoongi keeps on nibbling on his bottom lip, his eyes looking everywhere but at Jimin. He tries to find any other explanation, tries to see anything in the shirt that would tell it apart from the shirt he scented multiple times by now.


"What's your name?" Jimin asks finally, trying to break the awkward silence.


"Yoongi." He says stiffly, wishing he would get more alcohol into his system. "And you are Jimin."


Jimin nods, laughing, leaning a little closer into Yoongi's direction but going back to his place a little too quickly for Yoongi to be able to smell him, "That's right."


Yoongi fiddles with his fingers, trying to calm himself down. He has many questions but he fears as soon as he will ask any questions Jimin will freak out or think he is a creep selling his scent online. Yoongi is scared of both of the options for various reasons so he just tries to move on and find something to talk about it.


"Why are you all alone here?" Is what he asks, automatically facepalming himself, making Jimin laugh loudly, "Sorry, that was very alpha of me.”


Jimin nods, still laughing grabbing onto Yoongi's arm, "Haven't heard that tonight." He says, clearly teasing Yoongi.


The touch feels almost flirtatious but Yoongi quickly cuts that thought.


"Sorry." He says sheepishly.


"But it's true." Jimin says lightly, smiling sweetly,‘’I’ve been bored the whole night.’’ There is something in a way Jimin says it that makes Yoongi believe it might be a proposition, an invitation to flirt.


Yoongi almost says something about him being too pretty for sitting here alone but he stops himself, "Well, now you have me. It's better than nothing." He tries joking, Jimin's hand on his arm almost burning.


Jimin nods, smiling while biting on his lip, turning his eyes away from Yoongi, "Wish I knew before I would have a company like you."


Yoongi wants to ask why but he can't get the question out of his mouth. The more he sits there the more he realizes that the possibility of Jimin not being the same person as omegachimmy is very slim. So slim Yoongi starts to wonder if Jimin could recognize his scent if they were outside.


Jimin stretches, jawing and looking around. Yoongi cringes, wondering if it's so awkward that Jimin is trying to run away, "I'll go to look for Jungkook. I'm tired."


Yoongi doesn't stop Jimin as he stands up, doesn't say that he was asked to walk Jimin home. He simply can't get the words out, stuck in his spot on the uncomfortable couch. Somebody sits next to him but he doesn't care, he keeps his eyes firmly on the ground, feeling like the biggest loser on the planet.


Yoongi probably lost his only chance to even speak to Jimin, to make a good impression. Now it's done, it’s over, Jimin ran away, looking for help to get out of the conversation with awkward Yoongi. Usually, he isn't this awkward, a little bit yes, but not like this, to the point people run away.


Somebody stops right in front of him and Yoongi gets ready for them to want his place on the couch, lifting his eyes only to see Jimin biting on his lip awkwardly.


Jimin smiles at him, pulling on his earring, "I can't find Jungkook."


Yoongi stands up right away, sending Jimin a small smile, "I’ll walk you home, okay?"


Jimin agrees easily, following him out of the apartment without any further questions. There are definitely fewer people in the apartment now but the people that are still there aren't slowing down on drinking and screaming.


As soon as they close the door behind themselves the world feels way too quiet. They walk down the stairs in silence, keeping a distance between each other.


"Did you had a good night?" Jimin asks as they leave the building, trying to match Yoongi's steps.


Yoongi shrugs, "It was boring."


Jimin hums, sighing, "Mine too." He giggles, "I got all dressed up for nothing to happen."


This gets Yoongi's attention, who finally looks at Jimin, already finding him looking back at him with a smile, "Yeah." He says, not sure what else he can say.


It's the truth, Jimin looks amazing and he is surprised but also happy that nobody bothered him. He just can't understand why wouldn't they bother him, why wouldn't they try and talk to him if he looks so pretty. The fact that Jimin is sad about the lack of attention makes him believe that it can't be a person who pays an anonymous alpha to get their scent all over their clothes.


"But the night isn't over just yet," Jimin says lightly.


Yoongi looks up at the sky, dark and starless, "Looks like the end for me."


Jimin just hums again, smirking at Yoongi. He waits for Jimin to say something, he can see that there is something at the tip of his tongue but in the end, they keep walking in silence.


"Are we even going in the right direction?" Yoongi asks after a while of them walking slowly in silence.


A cold wind hits them, carrying Jimin's scent into Yoongi's direction. Yoongi can feel his heart in his throat when his brain can automatically recall the scent. He knows this scent. The longer they walk the more often their shoulders brush, hands touching and lingering close to each other.


His knees buckle a little and his palms begin to sweat. Yoongi has no doubts that this is the exact sent he baths in each time he gets new clothes to scent. It's not how he imagined meeting the mysterious omega. He isn't sure if he is excited or simply nervous but no matter what, he can't just ask Jimin out. He can't imagine himself just telling Jimin that they have a weird deal.


Yoongi is so lost in his thoughts he doesn't realize when or how they make it to Jimin's apartment. Suddenly he is pulled into a stop, Jimin's giggles shaking him out of his thoughts.


"Hi," Jimin laughs as Yoongi looks around confused, "Are you back on Earth?"


Yoongi nods, eyes stuck at Jimin. With the wind behind Jimin, pushing his scent towards him, Yoongi is able to detect his scent under Jimin’s. it's faint, barely there and it's probably because it's been a while since Yoongi had that shirt in his hands.


"I think," He says after a moment. He can't get used to smelling his scent on a person.


Yoongi wonders if they smell similar if Jimin can smell himself under Yoongi's nervousness.


Yoongi's eyes grow bigger as Jimin takes a step closer, "Thank you for walking me back home." He says sweetly.


Yoongi nods, swallowing so loud he fears Jimin heard that "No problem."


"I meant it," Jimin says.


"You meant what?" Yoongi murmurs, feeling like he wants to take a step in Jimin's direction but not knowing if he can.


Jimin keeps his hand on Yoongi's elbow, smiling at him sweetly. Yoongi bites on his lip, not knowing what to do or what is expected from him. If he would be drunk he would probably kiss Jimin, but he isn't. He is completely sober, nervous and still confused with what he found out today.


Afraid to address any of it.


"When I said the night is not over yet." Jimin giggles, moving closer, much closer. bolder.


Yoongi doesn't move back, eyes stuck on Jimin's, as he smiles at Yoongi knowingly. From this proximity he can clearly smell his woody scent mixed with Jimin's, creating the smell he loves so much. He knows Jimin is leaning in and he is aware why.


Yoongi wants it, he wants to close the space between then and taste Jimin's sweetness on his lips but something is stopping him. It feels wrong to rush like this. He wants to get things figured out before they will move forward. Jimin is both of his crushes in one person . Goddamn it!


His eyes are closing on their own, his head tilting down, making decisions on its own. He can smell Jimin's scent stronger than ever, mixed with the warmth of his body, his breath on Yoongi's lips. Yoongi was wondering who this omega who got him smitten with their humor and character is if they would like him back or if they would care to even look his way?


Now, with Jimin right in front of it, he feels nervous, he doesn't want to rush it. Yoongi wants to take him to a nice cafe, talk, and laugh. He doesn't really know him. He has no idea what Jimin is studying, what he likes to do or even as simple thing such as how old he is.


He wants it but he doesn't want it at the same time.


Yoongi feels Jimin's hands on his chest, bunching up the material into his fists, pulling Yoongi closer, "What's wrong?" He hears Jimin asks in a soft whisper.


Yoongi braves himself to open his eyes and his heart stops. Jimin looks even more beautiful up close like this, his hooded eyes shimmering with something that Yoongi can't name but it makes his stomach set on fire.


"You know who I-" he asks, stopping as Jimin nods with a soft smile.


Jimin moves a little closer, their noses almost touching, "I thought you kept looking at me because you knew."


Yoongi's eyes grow wide at the realization, "You knew it was me?" He whispers back, not wanting to break the peaceful feeling of the silent night.


Jimin shakes his head, "Not at first." Yoongi must look very confused because Jimin explains further, "You probably don't realize how strong your scent is." He says, his breath stuttering a little, "That day you kept glancing at me, I thought you caught me."


Yoongi can't believe his words, "Why did you never say anything?"


Jimin moves away, laughing. Yoongi wants to reach for him, pull him closer once again.


"You are cute." Jimin says, avoiding eye contact, "Why would a cute guy want to date somebody who buys scents." He whines.


Yoongi’s heart picks up, "Oh my!"


Jimin's cheeks are red, melting Yoongi's heart, "I was about to make out with you! You broke the mood." Jimin keeps whining.


Yoongi finally calms down, "Maybe we should get to know each other first?"


Jimin nods, coming back closer, bringing a soft smile onto Yoongi's face, "What do you want to know?"


"What's your major?" Yoongi asks from the top of his head.


"Interior design." Jimin answers, stepping a little closer than he should during a friendly conversation, but Yoongi doesn't mind.


"How old are you?" He asks, his heart picks up when Jimin steps closer, once again letting Yoongi breath in his scent.


"Twenty," Jimin answers with a smirk.


Their noses are touching and Yoongi can no longer act like he isn't feeling the tension between them. Jimin rubs their noses together, biting his lips.


"And you?" Yoongi whispers in a deep voice. "Do you have any questions?"


"Yoongi," He says, making Yoongi's stomach explode with butterflies. Yoongi hums, waiting for the questions, their eyes locked. "Would you come upstairs to get to know me better?"


Yoongi takes a sharp breath in, surprised by the boldness of Jimin’s request. His mind goes blank as their lips meet halfway in a heated kiss. Yoongi pulls Jimin closer by his waist, drawing a satisfied hum from him. He can't stop the smile when Jimin's scent overtakes his senses.


Jimin kisses him like nobody ever before. He feels wanted, he feels like he makes Jimin feel things just like Jimin makes him feel. All his senses are buzzing with excitement as Jimin pulls him upstairs to his room.


Yoongi still feels a little stiff, unsure about their actions as Jimin kisses him again, door to his room locked behind them.


"Ask me a question." Jimin says, breaking the kiss, "What do you want to know?"


Yoongi looks into Jimin's eyes, feeling like he is drowning in the soft scent of Jimin, "Who's your favorite artist?" He asks, trying to even out his breath.


Jimin unbuttons his jeans, using one hand to lightly encourage Yoongi's hand to slide under the material. Jimin smiles at him, throwing his arms around Yoongi's neck, kissing down his throat.


Yoongi pushes his hand, touching the swell of Jimin's ass as delicately as possible with the limited space between the fabric and his body. His heart is racing as the smell of slick hits him, his finger's coming in touch with the wetness coming out of Jimin.


"Push inside." Jimin murmurs into his neck.


Jimin whines as soon as Yoongi starts to massage his entrance, spreading his slick around. Jimin stands more firmly, spreading his legs and pushing his ass into Yoongi's hand.


"I like Arctic Monkeys," Jimin says, breathing loudly.


Yoongi pushes his finger inside, making Jimin hold onto him stronger, "Do you wanna lay down?"


"Is that another question?" Jimin shakes his head, taking a deep breath, "Don't stop."


He is a little worried about Jimin when he starts shaking, his sweet scent becoming stronger with each thrust of Yoongi's finger.


"You smell so good." Jimin moans into Yoongi's neck, "Can't believe you’re here."


His words go straight to Yoongi's groin, making his member twitch in his jeans. Jimin's warmth and scent make it hard for him to control himself, to take it slow.


It's Jimin who pushes them on the bed, climbing on top of Yoongi with his jeans wet. Yoongi groans loudly when Jimin sits on him, slowly moving his hips up Yoongi's member. Their clothes are off soon after.


For a moment they just observe each other, slow hands traveling all over. Yoongi kisses Jimin gentle wanting to give him more than just sex. Jimin giggles prettily under him, gasping and whining when Yoongi keeps on teasing him, praising his body.


When Yoongi finally enters Jimin moans so loudly, somebody bangs on the wall next to the bed. Yoongi freezes for a second, worrying they will get in trouble.


"Move, Yoongi." Jimin hisses, digging his nails into Yoongi's back.


So Yoongi moves. First slowly, enjoying the tightness of Jimin, listening to sweet, short whines he draws out of Jimin whenever he pushes the right spot. Soon it's not enough for both of them. Jimin starts being louder as Yoongi starts thrusting into him harder, their skin slapping painfully loud in the silence of the apartment. The bed squeaks whenever they start to move more rapidly, making both of them laugh.


Yoongi never would have assumed that he would feel so confident and light being in bed with a beauty like Jimin. He makes him feel right, makes him feel like he does just what he needs, like there is nobody else who can do it as good as Yoongi.


“Shit,” Jimin curses, laying relaxed under Yoongi as he continuously slams into him, “You smell so much better like this.” 


Yoongi can just grunt in response, feeling too much and too intensively to speak but he can say the same about Jimin. He smells way better in real life, more intense, lust adding to the mix of warm, sunny scents.


Yoongi's name falls out of Jimin's lips like he wants to remember it forever, in slow moans and quick, breathy whines. When Yoongi finally comes with a deep moan muffled by Jimin's skin he expects to feel some sense of guilt creeping on him. Instead, he feels the warmth of Jimin's body, soft kisses pressed into his skin and soft hands helping him come down from his high.


The next morning Yoongi comes face to face with the handsome guy with blue hair who throws his a deathly glare on his way out of the apartment. Jimin laughs at his red face as they eat breakfast, completely comfortable and content.


"We talked a lot online." Jimin points out when Yoongi wonders out loud why he feels so comfortable.


It makes sense, in a way, so Yoongi just accepts it and keeps on munching on breakfast. He isn’t used to breakfast after sleeping with somebody and he hopes it’s different because it wasn’t a one nightstand. Yoongi once again finds himself wanting to ask, to get things clear but unable to get the words out of his mouth. 


Jimin keeps on talking happily, completely relaxed. Yoongi listens to everything Jimin says, even if most of the names and stories don’t really make sense to him. He doesn’t want to overstay but it’s hard to even think about leaving this apartment. He dreads the thought of Jimin’s scent becoming weaker. 


“So,” Yoongi says, making sure he took everything, “I should get going.” 


Jimin nods, smiling at him awkwardly. He looks adorable in a big, fluffy white sweater, pulling on the sleeves as he is watching Yoongi check his pockets. 


Yoongi steps closer, pulling out his hand to shake Jimin’s but changed his mind, trying to hug him. There is an embarrassing moment of them trying to hug, almost colliding their heads together. Jimin is stiff and so is Yoongi. They try and laugh it off but it dies pretty quickly.


Jimin waves Yoongi away as he closes the door behind Yoongi. The whole way home Yoongi thinks about the cringy goodbye and all the ways he could make it better. The last night started horribly and it also ended on the same uncomfortable note.


Yoongi spends the rest of the day laying in his bed, mourning over the awkwardness between him and Jimin. He should probably take a shower but he doesn’t want to get rid of Jimin’s scent even if he feels gross after last night.


Last night - his heart picks up whenever images of Jimin laying under him pop up in his mind. He starts to feel like he truly went about this whole thing the wrong way, that he ruined it for himself and not by being awkward and not talkative but by agreeing to sleep with Jimin right away. 


Yoongi thinks that Jimin deserves an apology, for many things. The only way he can contact Jimin is the cursed scent website and he isn’t even sure if Jimin will enter it again. The thought of Jimin looking for another alpha to buy from makes him angry and sad. He feels like he failed. 


Upon logging on the website Yoongi sees that he already has a message from Jimin. He opens the message after taking a deep breath, ready to see something hurtful.


hi?? could we hang out today? i want to talk to you about something


The message is from five hours ago and this itself makes Yoongi feel nervous. He hopes that whatever then the conversation is about will happen, even if Jimin just wants to ask him to keep everything between them a secret.


sorry, i wasn’t online! we can talk if you still want to talk


He doesn’t move from his computer, refreshing the page and hoping Jimin didn’t give up on him just yet. Yoongi feels pathetic sitting at his messy desk, wishing the guy who he has a double crush on will respond to him. Yeah, he might not know much about Jimin’s personal life but he liked his personality for a while now and it feels bad to end their light chat like this.


Jimin responds way later into the evening, just when Yoongi is losing hope.


can i come over? tae is really mad at me for the last night


The message brought the heat to Yoongi’s cheeks, his heart beating faster. Will he stop being shy about having sex with Jimin or will he keep acting like a virgin? Yoongi hopes the speed of his response isn’t showing Jimin that he was waiting for hours for him to reply to him.


Jimin is knocking on his door sooner than Yoongi assumed he would show up. Looks like Jimin truly meant it when he said that he will be there shortly. Yoongi hopes the pep talk he gave himself is enough for him to not make it as awkward as it was this morning.


Jimin looks as shy as Yoongi feels as he enters the apartment. 


“Hi,” Jimin says, pulling on his earring.


The way Jimin acts stresses Yoongi out, his shyness makes him feel nervous and uneasy. He can’t pull his gaze away from Jimin’s eyes, yesterday’s fire still lighting under his warm gaze.


“Do you want to drink something?” Yoongi asks, trying to shake himself off, running away even just a few steps ahead of Jimin.


“No, thank you,” he hears Jimin say quietly as he follows Yoongi into the small living area.


His apartment isn’t much, just enough space for him and his friends to relax together. He points Jimin to the couch, taking a sit on the opposite side on an old armchair, giving Jimin a tight smile.


The whole situation starts to feel more like he is about to get scolded than a friendly conversation with a crush. Jimin changes his position a couple of times, giggling awkwardly and pulling on his sweater, the same one he wore this morning.


“This is awkward,” Jimin says, changing his position again.


Yoongi chuckles dryly, scratching the back of his neck, “Yeah.” 


They sit a very tense silence, avoiding eye contact at every cost. Yoongi starts sweating uncomfortably, biting on his bottom lip and pulling on skins around his thumb. He thinks this a perfect opportunity to say many things he wishes to say, but he wants Jimin to be the one to start speaking. Yoongi is afraid he will say something opposite to what Jimin wants. 


“I wanted to talk to you,” Jimin says in a calm, quiet tone, instantly getting Yoongi’s attention. “Because the way we split ways this morning really wasn’t sitting well with me.”


Yoongi’s heart is beating fast at that, fearing the reason, or more like fearing it’s a bad reason.


Did I-” He wants to ask but Jimin cuts him off, giving him an apologetic smile.


“Wait, I want to finish or I’ll chicken out.” Yoongi nods, squeezing his lips shut. He hides his hands between his knees, not knowing what to do with himself while Jimin looks at him with those soft, hazelnut eyes.


“I’m sorry if it will make you feel weird in any sense,” Jimin mumbles, blushing, “But I really like the alpha I met online.” Yoongi nods, his heart skipping a beat. “And I’m not good at the whole giving signs thing.” He laughs, making Yoongi feel a little relaxed, even if just for a second. “Especially since you happened to be really handsome.”


Yoongi smiles at him, trying to stay calm when deep down he wants to scream and beg Jimin to let him take him on a date, just one so he can fix his image. 


“I don’t really know how I should take what happened the last night,” Jimin tells honestly. “I’m not sure what the awkward goodbye meant because it was all good, right?” He says, a little faster, gesticulating. “Like you woke up in my bed and ate breakfast with me, we had a nice time.” 


Jimin takes a deep breath and Yoongi wonders if it’s his time to speak. He is already making a whole speech in his head, ready to assure Jimin that there is nothing wrong.  


“Is it weird?” Jimin asks, Yoongi hums in a question, not really understanding what’s weird. “That I was buying your scent? Did it weird you out?” 


Yoongi shakes his head, “No, no!” 


Jimin lets out a frustrated sigh, “You wanted to shake my hand as a goodbye.” He whines, falling back into the couch, “It tripped me out so badly.”


“I didn’t know what to do,” Yoongi says in his defense.


The atmosphere becomes lighter as Jimin starts laughing, his face red, “You don’t think I’m creepy?” 


“We don’t kink shame here.” Yoongi jokes, not really thinking before he says it.


Jimin gasps, “I don’t know if you are joking or being serious!” 


“Joking, joking!” Yoongi laughs as Jimin pouts at him.


He feels much lighter now, although he is still sweating so hard he probably has a wet stain on his back. Jimin doesn’t give him time to start panic again when the laughter dies down.


“So, are we good?” Jimin asks, smiling at him.


Yoongi nods, “What kind of good?” He wants to know what he is standing on.


“I mean,” Jimin says, his voice similar to the way he spoke to Yoongi last night. “I’m feeling really good today.”


Yoongi feels his face heating up, “If you are trying to flirt I will let you know what I’m bad at it.” 


Jimin rolls his eyes, “I thought so.” 


The conversation shifts naturally to something similar they are used to from their simple conversations online. It feels nice and Yoongi smiles a lot, laughs at Jimin’s cheesy jokes. Yoongi takes Jimin out for late evening ramen near his apartment, not sure if it means something.


Jimin doesn’t stop being funny even as they are eating, telling him surely an overexaggerated story of his roommate sitting him down for a rundown of their rules, which clearly includes no loud sex. It manages to make Yoongi almost choke on his ramen both because it’s funny but also because of the pure embarrassment he feels while Jimin calmly recalls them being loud.  


Yoongi doesn’t even realize when they are starting to hang out a lot. It’s always a great time when he is around Jimin. They often cuddle up while talking about their day and it feels very domestic. So domestic Yoongi starts to feel a little scared, a little unsure. The subject of their night together isn’t brought up anymore and Yoongi starts to fear that he got friendzoned.


“And what?” Seokjin asks, baffled. “You just lay there?” 


Yoongi nods, nursing his beer. He has been keeping this fear to himself for a long time so he decided to reach out for a piece of advice from his friends. He left out the night they slept together out of it, summing it up as “something once happened between us”.


They are sitting in Yoongi’s apartment, Jimin’s scent very obvious in the space. He has been coming around a lot. They are watching movies, cooking, reading and cuddling, a lot of that last one. But other than that, nothing happens. Yoongi isn’t even sure if Jimin is still flirting with him or if he is just teasing him in a friendly manner.


“Hands to yourself?” Hoseok asks, looking almost scared. “Like, you lay there and talk?” 


Yoongi sighs, “He scents me a lot, tells me he likes how I smell.” He mumbles, picking at the label of his beer.


All three of his friends make a painful noise and it makes Yoongi want to cry for some reason.


“Sorry Yoon,” Namjoon pats him on the shoulder, “Looks like you got friendzoned.” 


“Big time,” Seokjin adds, not really helping to make Yoongi feel better.


“So it’s a lost case?” He asks, hoping to get a little bit of hope.


Hoseok looks at him with a tight smile, “Maybe Namjoon can ask Jungkook?” Before Yoongi can protest, not wanting Jimin to know he wants them to be more than friends, Hoseok tries to save his plan. “He can just ask Jungkook if Jimin is talking about you! Right?”


“It won’t hurt to ask.” Seokjin agrees. “Maybe he is waiting for you to grow some balls.”


“Excuse me?” Yoongi snaps at him, “My balls are-”


“Okay,” Namjoon stands up. “I’ll go ask Jungkook I don’t want any flashbacks to Yoongi’s balls.”


“Ew!” Hoseok laughs, throwing a pillow at Seokjin who wiggles his brows.


“My balls are okay!” Yoongi screams, getting completely ignored. 


He worries for the rest of the week. Each time he sees Namjoon his heart picks up nervously. Whenever Jimin speaks about Jungkook he fears that he got exposed and Jimin will confront him about this growing feeling he has for Jimin.


Yoongi tries his best to not show any sign of sadness when he is with Jimin, but he feels bad soaking in the comfort of Jimin’s embrace in his bed when he is more than sure their feelings for each other aren’t the same.


One of those evenings, when Jimin and Yoongi are watching a movie, cuddled up on his couch like a fucking couple, Yoongi’s phone buzzes. Jimin hands him his phone from the coffee table, going back to watching.


got the news 


Yoongi furrows his brows at the message from Namjoon, not really understanding the context. He sends Namjoon a couple of question marks.


kookie said jimin cried yesterday about u not liking him 

have a great night x


Yoongi stiffens as he reads the messages, his heart skipping a beat. The proximity of Jimin’s body is suddenly too much for him to handle. He stares at the back of Jimin’s head, trying to calm down his stuttering heart. 


He drops his phone behind himself, trying to get comfortable once again but he can’t. He has no idea what to do with his hands and legs. Jimin must have sensed that Yoongi is hovering behind him because he turns his head to Yoongi, sending him a questioning look.


“Nothing, nothing,” Yoongi says quietly, almost shyly. “Keep watching.” 


Jimin knits his bows together but he turns around and focuses back on the movie. After a while of Yoongi still not cuddling him he moves backward, his hand searching for Yoongi’s to drop it over his waist, where it usually lays. 


Yoongi can’t relax, his scent surely spiking with nervousness. Jimin runs his thumb on the back of Yoongi’s palm but it makes Yoongi even more stressed. When Jimin intertwines their hands, something he does sometimes when he plays with Yoongi’s fingers, Yoongi needs to take in a deep breath.


Jimin turns his head to Yoongi once again, their hand still locked tightly. Yoongi’s eyes snap to the TV. His arm is hurting from keeping his body up for a long time. He can feel Jimin’s eyes on him and it takes everything in him not to look back.


“Hyung,” Yoongi hums, trying his best to look at the TV, “What’s wrong?” 


Yoongi keeps his eyes firmly on the screen, “I told you, it’s nothing.”


Jimin pulls on his hand, “Hyung, look at me.” He whines.


Yoongi can’t keep his eyes away from Jimin, not when he asks him for it so nicely. He regrets his decision as soon as their eyes lock. Their faces are very close, closer than he is used to. Jimin rubs his thumb around Yoongi’s, looking all cute and concerned. 


“What happened?” He asks sweetly.


Yoongi’s mind gets stuck on their thumbs, dancing around each other faster and slower, and then faster once again. Yoongi can’t stop the thought that their tongues moved like this against each other once. Fuck. His eyes stop at Jimin’s lips, full and pink, Jimin’s tongue poking out to wet them. 


“Tell me, hyung.” Jimin whispers, his hot breath ticking Yoongi’s lips. 


He misses those lips on his so much. There is a fire starting at the pit of Yoongi’s stomach, fueled with Jimin’s sweet voice. Yoongi squeezes Jimin’s palm, sending him a warm smile.


“Everything is fine,” Yoongi assures Jimin, fighting the urge to lead down and kiss him. 


Jimin’s thumb circles around Yoongi’s in a slow but strong motion that somehow feels sensual, his eyes dropping to Yoongi’s lips. Jimin moves, laying on his back and it’s all Jimin needs to do for Yoongi to break. 


This time the kiss starts slowly, a shy touch of lips. Yoongi can feel Jimin’s smile, his teeth pulling on Yoongi’s bottom lip. Yoongi sighs, connecting their lips more firmly, drawing a sigh out of Jimin. Jimin drops Yoongi’s hand, cupping his cheeks and pulling him closer. Yoongi kisses him deeper, their tongues sliding together as he pulls Jimin against his body. 


Jimin hooks his leg over Yoongi’s hip, sucking on Yoongi’s tongue with a sweet moan. It’s too much but not enough at the same time. Yoongi feels touch starved, wanting Jimin closer. The touch is familiar yet so new after so many months, it’s like coming back to the best place on earth. 


Jimin is pushing him into the couch, getting comfortable on top of Yoongi, a wave of lust rushing through his whole body. Jimin kisses him with so much enthusiasm, warm hands sneaking under his shirt, making Yoongi moan into his mouth. 


Suddenly, Yoongi freezes, a realization hitting him like a brick. This is the wrong way to go about it, they are making the same mistake all over again. Jimin senses the shift in Yoongi, pulling away. Yoongi can see the fear in his gaze when their eyes meet.


“We should talk first,” Yoongi says, trying to calm his breath.


Jimin bites on the inside of his cheek, “About?” He moves a little down Yoongi’s hips to sit on his lap, his hands on Yoongi’s chest.


Yoongi swallows loudly, “Us, talk about us.”


“Oh,” Jimin takes away his hands from Yoongi’s chest, hiding them in his sleeves, “In what sense?” 


Yoongi tries sitting up the best he can with Jimin still in his lap, “I just don’t want to get my hopes up if after this we will go back to acting like nothing happened.” He says as softly as he can, trying his best to not sound attacking. He wants them to have this conversation calmly.


“Your hopes up?” Jimin asks, his eyes searching something in Yoongi’s expression.


Yoongi decides to bite the bullet and just pour it all out. He wants to believe Namjoon wouldn’t send him that text if he wasn’t sure. 


“Yes, Jimin, my hopes.” He chuckles, “I still like you. To be honest, I just like you more and more but nothing ever moved since we started hanging out more.” 


Jimin hides his face in his sweater paws, whining, “Oh God.”


“What?” Yoongi tries to pry away his hands so he can look into Jimin’s eyes, “What is it?” He feels a little anxious. 


Jimin keeps his face hidden, shaking his head whenever Yoongi tries to gently move them away. Yoongi wasn’t expecting any certain reaction but Jimin refusing to even look at him makes him feel very scared. 


Instead of looking at Yoongi, as he asks Jimin, Jimin hugs into his chest, making them both fall backward. Yoongi strokes Jimin’s hair, giving him some time in case he wants to say something.


“Sorry if it makes you uncomfortable, I just wanted you to know.” He says softly, trying his best to ignore Jimin’s sweet scent becoming stronger. “I guess I was expecting us to become something after you said you liked me, then Namjoon told me-” He stops himself, taking a deep breath.


“It’s okay, Jiminie.” He assures him, running his hand up and down his back, “We can still be friends.”


Jimin hits him on the arm, lifting himself to a sitting position. He has an angry pout on his complete red face, “Friends? Take that back.” He almost growls.


Yoongi looks at Jimin’s cute face with an open mouth, his heart stuttering at the cuteness, “Do you need air?” He asks, genuinely concerned.


Jimin hits him again, “It’s because of you I look like a tomato.”


“I didn’t do anything!” Yoongi says defensively. 


“You can’t just say you like me!” Jimin whines, “I thought you don’t like me!”


“I don’t like you? You don’t like me!” Yoongi points at Jimin.


Jimin opens and closes his mouth, “No?” He says, a little higher, “I was giving you signs all this time and you were blatantly ignoring them!” 


Yoongi lays down completely still, looking at the ceiling, “Signs?” He repeats dumbfounded. “He was giving me signs.” He says again.


“I’m still here.” Jimin whines, pulling Yoongi by his shoulders to sit up.


“What signs?” Yoongi asks after he comes blank from searching thought his memory for any time Jimin might have given him a sign.


Jimin looks at him like at an idiot, “I’m here literally almost every day, cuddling and scenting you. I’m flirting with you all the time.” He says with an angry pout.


Yoongi nods, “You were right, you are very bad at the sign game.” 


They keep bickering for a while until Jimin kisses him and demands a date and a status of Yoongi’s boyfriend and Yoongi gives him all of it straight away. For the most time of their ramen date, Jimin jabs at him for not seeing his oh so amazing and clever signs and Yoongi just lets him, finding great joy in Jimin’s proud face. 


Everyone knows that they are a couple before Yoongi can fully process it. As they lay in bed that night, Jimin laughing at a funny video Yoongi can’t stop looking at him, smiling to himself. Sure, he is still annoyed that both of them were just dancing around each other, thinking the other lost interest, wasting time. 


It wasn’t truly a waste of time. They know each other well know, without the stress of dating. They are comfortable in each other’s presence and Yoongi doesn’t feel the need to act cool, fearing that the other person won’t like him. With Jimin everything seems to fall into place when it should.


“Yoongi,” Jimin whispers as Yoongi is slowly drifting away, with Jimin close by. Yoongi hums in response, ”Can I bring you some clothes to scent?” 


Yoongi nods, giving him a tight smile, “Send the money to my account.” He mumbles, almost asleep.


“Can I suck your dick instead?” Jimin asks sweetly.


Yoongi’s eyes snap open, “Do you want to pay now?” 


Jimin kicks him under the cover, laughing, “I hate you.” 


“You love me,” Yoongi says, closing his eyes back with a smile on his face. Jimin hugs him, taking a deep, slow breath.


“Maybe I do,” Jimin mumbles into Yoongi’s neck as he is falling asleep, with Jimin’s hand slowly rubbing his tummy.


If somebody would tell Yoongi a couple of months back that he will lose his job and it would be the best thing that could happen to him he would call them crazy. It feels like it happened ages ago and now it feels like a way lesser problem than it felt like right at that moment. But maybe it’s because now he knows the outcome.


He never really thought about it when his grandma used to tell him “Everything happens for a reason.” but he needs to agree on that one. 


Yoongi is excited to know what the future holds for him, with Jimin by his side. He hopes his life will forever smell like a beautiful garden.